Olint Liquidator schedules meeting – Latest update.

The liquidator of Olint has schedule meetings for defrauded investors  next week, February 8, 2010 at the Jamaica Conference Center.
He has indicated that the only persons who can attend are those who have filed a claim and have been contacted by the liquidator via email or otherwise to confirm their attendance.

Many persons are suspicious, as they have indicated that the liquidator would have had their files and be as such would have been aware if there are a bonafide investor or not, so why the need for these pre-conditions.

Some people have asked me the following questions?
1. Are persons from the Inland Revenue Dept going to be on hand
2. Will agents of the fraud squad going to be on hand
3. Will ‘investors” be identified on arrival at the center i.e. will John Doe be required to prove and then sign that he is in fact John Doe.

I have no idea what is likely to taken place at the door or inside the venue itself.
One question investor should seek an answer for is, what has happened since the expiration of the injunction that was filed in the Supreme court which sought to froze DS accounts.
Was there a second injunction filed and if not why not. Also since if one was not done, have the funds been since moved to a number of other offshore accounts



A new Olint group has been formed to “protect” the interest of Olint investors.

The groups website which is still under construction can be found here.


Further update – Feb 9, 2010

The liquidator has stated that the only persons who are likely get back anything, would be those investors who deposited funds directly to Hallmark Bank & Trust Limited in the Turks and Caicos Islands between the period April 2006 and July 2008 and had entered into a Private Club Members Agreement with Olint TCI.

On the other hand those persons who were forced by David Smith into signing the Private Club Members Agreement with Olint TCI would be left penniless.
This is a very cruel blow to Olint investors who had gathered at the Jamaica Conference Center hoping to hear some good news on their money.

There are some unanswered question

What was the real purpose of this meeting?
Why did the liquidator need to come to Jamaica to tell the investor in Jamaica that they would receive nothing?
Is there a hidden agenda?

I suppose these questions will be answered in the next couple of days.


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  1. Another question investors should seek an answer to is: What prospects do the liquidator have for locating more of the money David Smith has hidden away? If none, a petition should be made to the court to wind up the winding-up process.

    You see, the only one getting paid right now is the liquidator. And he is not getting pennies. The liquidator stands to make millions and the longer the process, the more of the pennies he will take -yes take.

    • May his years be few, and may a good man take his place.
      May his children be left fatherless and his wife a widow.
      May his family know what it is to beg for food and feel what it is like to be evicted from their homes.
      May creditors take away his property and strangers get everything he has worked for.

      • Psalm 109:8-12 is a fitting request for David Smith and his gang.

      • Do not wish ill of anyone….

      • me would a like to add dis one to di list Watching! Is about man dat use secret society like Masonic Lodge to slow down justice and twist de law, you know wid dem foot signals and hand motions pervert justice!!!!!! Solomon give it to we, mek it go out wid power!!!

        A soundrel and a villain who goes about with a corrupt mouth, who winks with his eye, signals with his feet, and motions with his fingers, who plots evil with deceit in his heart – he always stirs up dissention.
        Therefore disaster will overtake him in an instant: he will be suddenly destroyed without remedy!!

        me wonder if King Solomon a speak do truth.

  2. Tafari

    You sure the only one getting paid is the Liquidator? What about the PR and the protectors? DS does not have to be the one to pay. Others ‘everyhing’ depends on cover. They will pay for it.


    1. Connely is not American. the IRS is American. HM Revenues and Customs? hehehe.

    2. Edwards had said no one had come forward so did Green. that is a LIE. The handlers ,may have adjusted the plans. But they were caught red handed.

    3. As long as is not John Teef and Jane Bandoodle what is there to fear? so many Jagans have things to hide?

    Or is just bright an sensible wi bright so…

    Want cake and nyam…..want to get money but want to fren with Smith….fraid a blacklist hhahahaha…..look in the mirror G.

    KJagans are essentially insecure…image means a Lot…sometimes more than hollywood. People want to say they got back their money for the least effort…PIPDREAM. Stay without the money and keep the ego…..don’t worry the whole society and it ills been exposed through Olint.

    It was always transparent anyway but most did not know it was obvious.

    Now where is that Christmas Calendar?…hmmm

  3. monkey mussi tear it up

  4. Ministers are expected to be there. They ‘lost’ too.

  5. Amen

    Surely Ministers who operated feeder clubs would have paid their taxes.


  6. Are they trying to find more people to put more fraud charges on Olint. Every time the case is approaching they put on more charges. Tired of the injustice ah idi…ot thing that.

  7. Interesting ACOM. Yes ‘interesting’ the battle for Olint scarce spoils marches on.

    Without going in to the whole document …I have a question:

    Why is the starting point of the Olint ‘dilema’ to be sold as when they arrested David Smith? Long before he was arrested in TCI he choose not to pay people while he and his wife freely accessed other people’s funds for themselves?


    One ‘Committee’ with persons and facilitators…now another with persons in irefutable material connections outside of the regular card carrying member….and the Liquidator….who gets paid on his own demand…

    Very Interesting.

    Spin it Deacon….all hands on deck….Time for some fresh information…

  8. Looks like the poker championships are on.

    One says Deacon is coperative (what a connection) the other says Deacon is not.


  9. ACOM not listing the source of their legal advice?

    Interesting…not transparent…only interesting.

  10. Both these ‘committees’ obviously do not mention that there is a court judgement against the ‘gang’ already.

    How that suggests innocence?

  11. “That we erred along the way is irrefutable”

    Is that an apology trying to peek out? hahhahaaha

    Sounds like a campaign.

  12. So if certain communications are to be believed (and I have no reason to doubt the authenticity) then what is happening is that ‘some’ Olint ‘investors’ and contractors can access Deacon while others can not?


    This would deserve a closer look. Of those who have ‘access’ to Deacon Smith what common thread runs through them?

    What exactly is the criteria for ‘Access”

    Any ideas Cricket Pal?

  13. here is the letter in its entiretiy. What is your take on it Noco

    Memo from ACOM to Olint Members – February 5, 2010 Page 1
    Association of Concerned Olint Members (ACOM)
    It is high time that we aggressively influence the process that will ultimately result in our recovering
    as much of our money as possible, in the shortest time possible from this date, and at the lease
    possible cost to all and sundry who purport to be able to help us recover. If the truth be told, we
    have betrayed ourselves by our own in-action in this matter in which we all have a vested interest.
    It is now time for action… our action!
    We being concerned Members of Overseas Locket International, a Panamanian Company,
    and/or Olint Corp a Jamaican Company, have evaluated the sequence of events that has transpired
    since the fateful decision by the Turks and Caicos authorities to arrest Mr. David Smith and freeze
    our assets in July 2008. We have noted that since then the TCI legal machinery has not been able
    to establish Mr Smith’s guilt or innocence.
    We have realized, very late in the day, that while David Smith and our money have been under
    attack for almost two years, we as concerned Olint Members with a vested interest in the
    unfreezing and disbursement of our money have done absolutely nothing but sit by and see our
    assets daily dissipate and more recently, consumed by those who claim to be fighting for us. We
    have been reminded that all that is necessary for evil to thrive, is for good men and women to do
    nothing. Accordingly we have formed ourselves into the Association of Concerned Olint Members
    (ACOM) and our mission is very simple. We are concerned about recovering as much of our
    money as possible as soon as possible, regardless of what it takes to achieve this legitimate goal.
    We are of the opinion that obtaining Mr. David Smith’s voluntary co-operation is of paramount
    importance, and as such, any overt hostility towards him by the Liquidator or anyone else could be
    counter-productive to our best interest. Regardless of the personal negative or positive feelings of
    individual Olint Members to Mr. David Smith at this time, ACOM is committed to neutrality
    towards Mr. Smith and an unswerving support of justice and fair-play on the part of the legal
    It is against this background and with the clearly outlined aim and objective of recovering as much
    of our money as possible in the shortest time possible that ACOM now commits to all Olint
    Members to work relentlessly towards the achievement our goals.

  14. Memo from ACOM to Olint Members – February 5, 2010 Page 2
    In order to achieve this, there must be:
    a. A determination as to whether or not the TCI court-appointed Liquidator for Olint
    TCI satisfies the criteria that will be set out by the majority of Olint Members, and
    consequently, whether or not he has the confidence of the majority of Olint Members.
    b. The appointment of a Liquidator who has the confidence of the majority of the
    estimated 10,000 Members, and who is able to secure the co-operation of David Smith,
    regardless of the outcome of his trial. We believe that such a person must be selected
    within the next 30 days. This Liquidator will then, according to law, be ratified by the
    competent court with applicable jurisdiction
    c. A duly constituted Creditor’s Committee representing the widest possible cross-section
    of Olint Members and reflective of the levels of personal exposure in Olint, and will
    clearly outlined duties and responsibilities will have to be appointed without delay.
    d. With the co-operation of David Smith, a sound determination of the quantum of
    available funds must be made. In the absence of an upheld conviction, or at worst,
    rigorously substantiated suspicion of Mr. David Smith’s involvement in crimes of
    money laundering, drug-smuggling, arms-smuggling, human-trafficking, or any other
    such short-listed crimes, any court would be severely challenged in presenting adequate
    grounds for forced disclosure of Mr. Smith’s confidential financial information. The
    TCI Court’s apparent inability and/or unwillingness to convict Mr. Smith of much
    lesser crimes seems to suggest that any disclosure of confidential financial information
    by Mr. Smith in the near future will have to be voluntary.
    e. A supervised pay-out of much-needed funds to Olint Members as early as possible in
    In light of the foregoing objectives, the following is to be noted:
    1. Mr. Joseph P. Connolly who we understand to be the appointed Official Liquidator of
    Olint TCI by the court in the Turks and Caicos Islands now intends to hold a meeting in
    Jamaica on February 8, 2010, for among other things to lure and solicit Jamaicans to give
    him power beyond the limit given to him by the Court in the Turks and Caicos Islands.
    2. Mr. Connolly, who to date has been paid in excess of seventy million Jamaican dollars
    (J$70,000,000.00) over the last six months, from monies that rightfully belong to Olint
    Members, has demonstrated that, with the backing of the TCI court, he has the ability to
    extract additional huge sums of money for his ‘services’, even when his four-man Olint
    Creditors’ Committee, apparently arbitrarily appointed by an undisclosed process, declines
    to approve further payment.
    3. It would further appear that, given Mr. Connolly’s payment record, and without prejudice
    to any percentage claim by him to monies that he ‘finds’, and given his potentially selffulfilling
    prophetic indication that “… there is no likelihood of an early distribution to
    claimants”, Mr. Connolly is on target to continue indefinitely to make significant inroads

  15. Memo from ACOM to Olint Members – February 5, 2010 Page 3
    on the hard-earned funds of Olint Members, while we the Members continue to endure
    the pain and suffering caused by the decision of the court that appointed Mr. Connolly to
    freeze our assets, apparently indefinitely.
    4. It would appear from the words of Mr. Connolly himself, that having fully explored the
    financial potential of the jurisdiction assigned to him by the courts, and having determined
    that that potential is approximately US$13,000,000.00, he has now set his eyes on what
    appears to be a significantly larger financial jurisdiction with a potential of a minimum of
    5. We have sought preliminary legal advice which indicates that the jurisdiction that Mr.
    Connolly has now sought to include Olint Corp and Overseas Locket appears to be
    beyond the jurisdiction given to him by the TCI court. To solve that problem, he must lure
    the Jamaican court to his side.
    6. In order to achieve this, Mr. Connolly has made a masterful move in retaining the services
    of Michael Hylton, QC, a powerful, well-positioned and multi-connected attorney in
    Jamaica, who coincidentally is the same attorney that fought for National Commercial
    Bank (NCB), against David Smith, Olint Corps and by extension, Olint Members, and got
    paid by NCB to do so all the way to the Privy Council, even after he had long defeated his
    ‘enemy’. Now this same Michael Hylton who successfully fought against Olint Members
    has been retained to fight, ostensibly, for Olint Members. The question is, do we really
    believe that? Let us examine the facts.
    7. Mr. Connolly is appointed by the Turks and Caicos Court and as such has rightly
    described himself as an “officer” of that court. That makes Michael Hylton an Agent of
    Mr. Connolly. Do we believe that Mr. Hylton’s fees, chargeable on our funds, are not
    cheap., and we would want to know what Mr. Connolly has agreed to pay him.
    8. It is the view of many that Mr. Connolly breezed through the Jamaican court system with
    the help of his well-positioned, potentially conflicted, high-profile attorney and that he has
    reached the stage of convening a meeting for February 8, 2010. We would now want to
    know how the Jamaican court could have granted Mr. Connolly an asset-freezing order
    against Olint Corp and its NCB bank accounts, and against David Smith and Tracy-Ann
    Smith, without first clearly establishing Mr. Connolly’s jurisdiction over funds owned by
    entities other than Olint TCI, and specifically, assets of Olint Corp, a Jamaican company,
    and Overseas Locket, a Panamanian company.
    9. Mr Connolly himself in his copious communication on his website specifically outlined the
    limitations of his jurisdiction established by the TCI Court. Whether that is true or not,
    does not directly affect Olint Members, because it is one thing to get permission from the
    Jamaican court to freeze assets and to hold a meeting in Jamaica for the declared or
    undeclared purpose of legitimizing an initiative on which he has already embarked. But it is
    quite another thing to get Jamaicans to give power to Mr. Connolly as an Agent of a foreign
    court to act on our behalf in ways that to date, clearly do not reflect a commitment to
    protect our best interests.

  16. I got an email from ACOM but you don’t even know who to trust. Where did they get my email address??????

  17. Memo from ACOM to Olint Members – February 5, 2010 Page 4
    Let us now move from questions to definitive statements.
    10. As far as we are aware his appointment does not give him jurisdiction over Overseas
    Locket or Olint Corp Listen to what Mr. Connolly himself has said in his Update #1 on
    June 12, 2009, “Please be aware that this appointment relates only to Olint TCI
    Corporation Limited (“Olint TCI”)which was incorporated in the Turks and Caicos
    Islands on 18 April 2006. It does not include Olint Corporation Limited, Overseas Locket
    International Limited or any other entity incorporated in Jamaica or elsewhere that may be
    linked to David Smith and Tracy-Ann Smith, the shareholders of Olint TCI.”
    11. In an apparent attempt to get his hands on a much larger pool of funds than the one
    initially assigned to him by the TCI Court, Mr. Connolly has aligned himself with Mr.
    Michael Hylton, QC, the victorious conqueror of Olint Corps, its leaders and Members in
    his epic battle against us. Mr. Connolly has retained Mr. Hylton, presumably at Mr.
    Hylton’s reputed market rates, without first discussing the matter with his appointed fourman
    Olint Creditor’s Committee. As a matter of fact, when Mr. Connolly breezed through
    the Jamaican court with Mr. Hylton by his side, the four-man Creditors’ Committee was
    not even represented.
    12. By extension, Mr. Connolly has failed to seek permission from the majority of Olint
    Members or to consult with us on the subject of the appointment of Mr. Michael Hylton,
    who even on the surface of things is clearly open to the accusation of representing a conflict
    of interest.
    13. This four-man Creditors’ Committee appears to have been used as a tool of procedural
    convenience as creditors are required by law to be represented. But clearly, (a) in as much
    as this Creditors’ Committee was appointed under questionable circumstances, (b) in as
    much as their decision not to approve additional payments to Mr. Connolly was treated
    with scant regard and over-ruled by the TCI court at Mr. Connolly’s request, (c) in-as
    much as they apparently did not challenge Mr. Connolly using the Jamaican court to
    infiltrate what he considers to be a more lucrative market than the one assigned to him by
    the TCI court when it would have been their duty so to do, and (d) in as much as this
    Creditors’ Committee was never mandated by the majority of Olint Members, and has
    never communicated to the majority of Olint Members, we deem them not to be in our
    best interest and as such, must be replaced.
    14. We the Members of Overseas Locket and Olint Corp have never invited Mr. Connelly to
    act on our behalf and have not been given an opportunity to even determine if he could
    possibly act in our best interest. We can therefore only evaluate his past unsolicited
    performance and determine that he is not competent to act in our best interest.
    15. We are also of the opinion that the possible conflict of Mr. Hylton and person or persons
    associated with him should be brought to the fore and an opportunity given to all persons
    to determine if he should have been retained in the first instance and/or if his retainer
    should now be terminated.
    16. As far as we also know, Olint Corp has not been subject to a Creditor’s winding up or a
    Member’s winding up or a Compulsory winding up by the Jamaican court, and there is no
    basis on which, as far as we are aware, that the order made in the TCI, appointing Mr.
    Connolly, can properly be extended to include Olint Corp.

  18. Am I boring you guys yet? One more page after this.

    Memo from ACOM to Olint Members – February 5, 2010 Page 5
    17. The Jamaican court to-date has not determined that Overseas Locket is an associated
    company to Olint TCI or that it’s Members are to be considered creditors, unsecured or
    otherwise of Olint TCI.
    18. As far as we also know, Overseas Locket is has not been subject to a Creditor’s winding up
    or a Member’s winding up or a Compulsory winding up by the Panamanian court, and
    there is no basis on which, as far as we are aware, that the order made in the TCI,
    appointing Mr. Connolly, can properly be extended to include Overseas Locket.
    19. From what we have seen the notice from Mr. Connolly requiring persons to provide
    information does not require him to treat the information as confidential or to prevent him
    from providing that information to anyone at all who may or may not have injurious
    intentions to and and/or all Olint Members.
    20. It appears to us that before anyone provides information to MR. Connolly or any other
    appointed Liquidator, we must require an assurance as to user and storage integrity, and if
    proper conditions are not guaranteed, no information whatsoever should be provided to
    Mr. Connolly and/or his agents. We are concerned that information already provided or
    that may still be provided to Mr. Connolly without these guarantees may be used for
    purposes which are inimical to the best interest of those who provide the information.
    1. We advise that, with respect to the advertised meeting on February 8, 2010, all persons
    proceed with extreme caution, and take such steps as are necessary to protect and preserve
    their best interest and financial well-being.
    2. Olint Members now need to determine whether someone other than Mr. Connolly, and
    someone with better qualifications specific to this delicate case on hand, would better serve
    our best interest at this time.
    3. Having already been held to ransom for more than 18 months, maximum recovery at the
    least cost and in the shortest time must be our unswerving commitment
    4. Ideally, the meeting with Mr. Connolly ought not to take place on February 8, until most of
    the fundamental concerns raised in this communication have been satisfactorily addressed.
    However, as it seems unlikely that at this stage the Court will postpone the meeting on
    February 8, Olint Members attending are advised to at best, reserve their decision to vote
    on the appointment of Mr. Connolly and Mr. Hylton as our Agents in Liquidation until all
    concerns raised in this communication have been satisfactorily addressed. We have been
    forced to wait for 18 months. Extending our wait by 1 month so as to ensure that as much
    of our money as possible will be returned is a very sound investment.
    5. ACOM is in touch with Mr. Smith, and we believe that we will be able to secure his cooperation
    in achieving the objective of making as much of our money available to us in the
    shortest time through the mediation of a qualified Liquidator that has the confidence of
    both the Olint Members and Mr. Smith. Three such persons have already been shortlisted,
    and if Olint Members decide to postpone their verdict on Mr. Connolly’s request for

  19. Ok last page. Enjoy chewing on it.

    Memo from ACOM to Olint Members – February 5, 2010 Page 6
    validation on February 8, 2010, the most qualified alternative Liquidator will be presented
    to the Olint Membership for your approval or disapproval before presentation to the Court
    for ratification.
    Association of Concerned Olint Members (ACOM)
    ACOM is in the process of building a website. The URL is http://www.acomaction.info or
    http://www.AssociationofConcernedOlintMembers.info Our Email address is
    A Steering Committee from the concerned Olint Members present at the two meetings held so far
    consists of Mr. Courtney Murray, Mrs. Joy Charlton, Dr. Godfrey E. McAllister, JP, Mr. Jermaine
    Nicholas, and Gregory Hamilton, None of these hold elected positions. If the majority of OLint
    Members accept the recommendations of ACOM’s Steering Committee to defer any decision on
    the appointment of Mr. Connolly as our representative, a general meeting of ACOM will be held
    no later than the first week in March, and at that meeting, formal elections will be conducted.
    During the interim, Olint Members with whom we are in contact will be kept informed and all
    such Members are requested to advise all other known Members to visit our website for updated
    Your commitment of Support is Critical
    As an initial indication of your support of the process on which we have now embarked,
    please email your intent to participate to ACOM.Action@gmail.com and place
    “SUPPORT” in the subject line. We are all in this together and the support of every
    Member is critical to the speedy resolution of this impasse that has already lasted too long
    May God’s richest blessings be enjoyed by you and your family and on those that depend on you.
    He has kept us so far. Now that we have decided to shake off the ashes and to involve ourselves in
    the process, we know that we can achieve all things through Christ who strengthens us. Any Olint
    Members have been committed to using proceeds from our investment to the honour and glory of
    God. That we erred along the way is irrefutable. But, having confessed our errors, our God is
    faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.
    – 30 –
    PS: Please read the Jamaica Observer of February 5, 2010. We have an article in there. For your
    convenience, please surf to: http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/business/Olint-Friday–edit-_7390600
    This Email was sent from a ‘none-reply’ source. All email communication must be sent to
    ACOM.Action@gmail.com. Please clearly indicate the subject matter in the ‘SUBJECT LINE’.

  20. through the mediation of a qualified Liquidator

    floridian for mediator! hhahahahahahaahaha

    It is deacon and others who are in desperate need….this letter seems to take the opposite (pun intended) view.

  21. BTW biggest sale day for all three major newspapers tommorow.

    But what would I know?

  22. What a spending….trough have $$ again!

  23. “since the fateful decision”

    David Smith decided to pay select persons an entities and not others. No mention of that ‘fateful decision’

    fraught with…what’s that smell?

  24. “…on the hard-earned funds of Olint Members, while we the Members continue to endure
    the pain and suffering caused by the decision of the court that appointed Mr. Connolly to
    freeze our assets, apparently indefinitely.”

    Admonishing David Smith? Pass the blame….buck stops nowhere?

    caused by who?

  25. @ Ter,

    This new group seems to still believe and David Smith innocence and that there are large sums of money sitting in some account just to be “had”.

    I am not sure I can agree with that, and what took them so long to get started.
    Seems like they are over 2yrs late in their quest to “recover” their monies.

    • @jay- “I am not sure I can agree with that, and what took them so long to get started.
      Seems like they are over 2yrs late in their quest to “recover” their monies.”
      You are absolutlely. A day late and a dollar short as my dad would say.
      And I have to agree with you on the 1st point. Otherwise they would not be stating that they want a non adversarial with DS so as to find all those funds. I do believe there is a lot more money than what has been discovered.

  26. Just went through the Olint Association website, and I cannot believe that people are so delusional .
    It seems they are prepared to wait until David Smith says he stole their money before they believe.

    Just look at the names of the people on the steering committee, who no doubt has been scammed and continues to drink “Koolaid”

    They still believe in David Smith and not the liquidator, amazing !!

  27. Supm nuh right. I smell a whale. Question. How dem get mi email address? Who is they? Why all of a sudden dem a run dung ppl? Look like more pr to me. No koolaid for me please. Strictly the occasional whites.

  28. Jay:

    I especially like the part about protecting their financial well-being.

    I loved coolaid as a child. But as an adult I understand the need for vitamin C so I stick to lemonade.

    Here is something you may not know jay. David Smith is directly involved in this steering whatever it is. My feeder club guy informed me weeks ago that David Smith has said that he has the money to pay out and that he will not let the liquidator get his hands on the money. He also said that DS said he will begin to fight back. You see, he knows that he has these fools in Jamaica who still believe and he is now using them.

  29. I do however agree with them that the longer the process takes, the more of the money the liquidator will take.

    Darn if you do and darn if you don’t here because the liquidator is duly appointed by the court to recover funds owed to Olint TCI creditors.

    By their attempts to slow down the process, these olint investors may be doing exactly what they hope to prevent – helping the liquidator to take more of the money.

  30. Am I reading this ACOM email correctly? Seems they are saying on the one hand that they are not legally part of Olint TCI, yet the are saying the Liquidator is depleting their money. I’m confuse……

    Since they are saying that ….

    “We being concerned Members of Overseas Locket International, a Panamanian Company, and/or Olint Corp a Jamaican Company”…..

    then why doesn’t DS pay out from his Olint funds not tied to Olint TCI?

  31. BRITAIN will surge ahead with TCI elections next year – but warns there will not be a return to the same political model as before the UK takeover.

    “How many is under consideration but it would not be characterised as a heavy presence.


  32. A Steering Committee from the concerned Olint Members present at the two meetings held so far
    consists of

    Mr. Courtney Murray,

    Mrs. Joy Charlton, Dr. Godfrey E. McAllister, JP, Mr. Jermaine
    Nicholas, and Gregory Hamilton

    2This four-man Creditors’ Committee appears to have been used as a tool..”

    Fwd: Brandon Murray/Brancourt Sports RE: Carder Park, Portland
    Brandon Murray [brandon@brancourtsports.com]
    Sent: Tue 8/29/2006 9:34 Pm
    To: dsmith@kasnet.com


    Got your message from Courtney [Murray]. I sent this attachment to Tracy Ann’s e-mail on Aug 18th. Forwarding it to you just in case you didn’t get it.

    It is probably better if you send 75% of the total so that I don’t have to bother you again until the field is ready to be handed over.

    For main field and practise area, 75% would be $3,504,000.00

    For just the main field 75% would be $2,605,500.00

    I can pick up a cheque from someone or you can send funds to one of the following accounts:

    RBTT Liguanea Branch – 0501300013897 – Accnt name – BranCourt Sports

    NCB -May pen Branch – 561038538- Accnt name – BranCourt Sports

    Call me to confirm @ 393-3516. Hard to reach you, but I understand.

    Thanks Mr. D


    Note: forwarded message attached

  33. Andrica Senoir

  34. Registrant:
    Doxa Management Group, LLC
    care of Network Solutions
    PO Box 459
    Drums, PA. US 18222

    Domain Name: DOXAGROUP.COM

    Administrative Contact, Technical Contact:
    Doxa Management Group, LLC

    care of Network Solutions
    PO Box 459
    Drums, PA 18222

    Record expires on 07-Jan-2011.
    Record created on 07-Jan-2005.

    Domain servers in listed order:


  35. Our clients are serious investors. They aren’t interested in gambling with their money, and would rather interact with an actual person instead of a call center.


  36. A Steering Committee from the concerned Olint Members present at the two meetings held so far
    consists of Mr. Courtney Murray, Mrs. Joy Charlton, Dr. Godfrey E. McAllister, JP, Mr. Jermaine
    Nicholas, and Gregory Hamilton,



  37. A God Pickney Dem Seh!
    Part 2 – “Shut Up!”
    by Godfrey E. “Uncle Godfrey” McAllister, Ph.D., JP
    Copyrighted and owned by A God Pickney Dem..
    Permission required for reproduction in any form, medium, format or forum.


  38. Sometimes i wonder how Uncle Godfrey of the Olint list never seems to make it to Chester Francis Jackson’s prized guestlists..Dahhllaings..

    everyone else with Olint is there….in one capacity or another…

  39. How Connelly or ACOM could not select a DPP as Chairman of any ‘committe” is ‘bafffling’??

  40. LETTER OF THE DAY; More church involvement needed in JDX programme


  41. Jay:

    I read the bulletin put out by this so-called group of olint investors and I couldn’t stop laughing.

    Their big claim iseem to be that Olint Panama and Olint Jamaica is not affected by the TCI Court Order. Yet they call for a a liquidator that they approve, to look after their interest.

    There are so many contradictions here it scares me. It appears that reports that David Smith withdrew the the money from Jamaica to pay lawyers were wrong. Here is the money at work.

    Sidebar: Nocotec: you were wrong. The sum quoted was US dollars not Jamaica Dollars as you indicated.

    The language in the Observer article is also eerily similar to that which was quoted to be a few weeks ago by my feeder club guy after he returned from the TCI.


    The new trustee body is certain that the funds are intack and point to the fact that a gag order has been placed on Smith, preventing him from disclosing any information on the whereabouts of investors’ money. They maintain that Smith may well be vindicated and that in no way has he participated in any chicanery or knowingly duped his investors.

    Open question to you Mr. Steering committee: Why has David Smith not paid you in over two years if Olint Jamaica and Olint Panama are not bound by the TCI court freeze? Why only now that the Jamaica court acted are you ready to do something?

    This is no steering committee. This is a group of Coolaid-drinking, Bible thumping David Smith Die-hards (who by all indication will share in the stolen spoils with their master) fighting back now that the liquidator is going after funds in other jurisdictions – funds that were not frozen this past two years – funds that David Smith was using to pay two drivers and a gardener in the TCI – funds that the Smith family and their cronies hoped to share after this is over.

  42. They say they are in contact with David Smith. So said the Duke of Earl as well.

  43. All Exclusive.

  44. The trough full as reported by the Herald.

    Others publish saintly reviews of David Smith…consistently.

    Trough full!……Napoleon? Snowball? Just outside the perriphery….but always ever present.

  45. Meetings will no longer be held and instead a committee of pigs will run the farm.

    “Napoleon is always right.”

    The animals, though cold, starving, and overworked, remain convinced through psychological conditioning that they are better off than they were when ruled by Mr. Jones. Squealer abuses the animals’ poor memories and invents numbers to show their improvement.

    The animals, overhearing the conversation, notice that the faces of the pigs have begun changing. During a poker match, an argument breaks out between Napoleon and Mr Pilkington when they both play the Ace of Spades, and the animals realize that the faces of the pigs look like the faces of humans and no one can tell the difference between them.


    Even ‘Old Major’ experienced the scam of Olint. Poor fellow.

  46. Later, Napoleon and his pigs are corrupted by the absolute power they hold over the farm. To maintain their popularity with the other animals, Squealer secretly paints additions to some commandments to benefit the pigs while keeping them free of accusations of breaking the laws

  47. Chapter 8—which contains the last mention of food in the form of Fagin’s dinner—marks the first time Oliver eats his share and represents the transformation in his life that occurs after he joins Fagin’s gang.


  48. tafari …even the speakers daughter…so many…so much talent for a transparent committee.

  49. Golden Locket.

  50. So they are in contact with David Smith …Well, I have questions for him too. Why has he not paid out? Only 13 million frozen in TCI and he ha all the rest os the money right? And according to them, Olint Panama and Olint Ja are not affected right? So why are poor people broke and hungry and still waiting for their money oh ye Christian man?

  51. …trying to buy off various individuals to try and make the situation go away.


  52. See you guys at the meeting later

  53. On the matter of immigration, some members believe that there is an obvious bias towards expatriates. One member told the meeting that he has been operating businesses in the Turks and Caicos Islands for the past fourteen years, and he and his wife are still on work permits. According to the member, it appeared as if advance immigration status, in some cases is based on contacts within Government.
    “That goes back to the fact that, years and years there has not been a set of rules, and that everybody lives within. The rules vary depending on who you know and who know you, and I hope the Commission of Inquiry may resolve some of that,” the said.


  54. Tafari and Floridian

    These people might be Kool aid drnkers !!!!!

    but they are doing somthing about getting their money back
    They are not afraid to put themselves up for public ridicule in an effort to get their money back !!!

    WHAT ARE WE DOING ?????/ Chating crap behind fake names on a blog and pointing fingers at everybody !!!!!

  55. …trying to buy off various individuals to try and make the situation go away.

  56. L&LL

    Have you heard that DS himself will be there to address the members?

  57. The time change to 1:30 PM may be to facilitate this.

  58. Last minute time change. Oh Dear members must adjust their schedules last minute. Many won’t be able to do this. Oh well….so it go.

  59. They are not afraid to put themselves up for public ridicule in an effort to get their money back !!

    What a Spin L&LL. “they “could not stop the public ridicule. They come around after the revelations of their secrecy.

    Ask the PM.


    Everbody with proof of deposit and ID was allowed into the meeting this morning

    Even an OLINT statement is proof of Deposit

    One and all we can go to the meeting at 1.00pm TODAY

    NO NEED FOR CLAIM just come !!!!!


    NO NO DS WILL NOT BE THERE stop the rumourmongering !!!

    David cannot leave TCI they have his passport remember he is in bail !!!!

  61. Floridian said
    What a Spin L&LL. “they “could not stop the public ridicule. They come around after the revelations of their secrecy

    I do not understand how was serecy going to help them they said in the letter that for their approach to succeed they will need nuff people in the program

    What are you saying to L&LL?

  62. The members secrecy …pan river….some members like the Pm and Cabinet and Senator one dem used to say oh what a shame people have lost…


    Not even a tape recording of DS at the meeting riva?

    DS not ‘in’bail …althougth it rhymes with ‘in jai’. He lives right by the Sea….leaving TCI is not so difficult especially when your cronies have private transport…

  63. Pon di riva!

    Remember as all Olint members you can request a $15,000 US ‘change’ for a helecopter to carry yu from riva to the meeting.

    After all a nuh your money a spend…a smaddy elase own…

  64. What wi live fi see.

    “Key person” can niether get their own or provide water for smaddy….’Key Enemy’ is proven…

    One more DPP on the list makes a hat trick….

    And the Liquidator will confirm that all the emails on the www are TRUE….

  65. Public ridicule? Nonsense. The idiots who were doing the ridiculing are just that – idiots. The shame is on the scammers. There is nothing to be ashamed of if someone stole from you.

    That said, these people are allowing themselves to be fooled again. David Smith is using these people. He does not intend to pay a penny of the loot he has hidden away. He is just trying to complicate the process.

    Have you not noticed that for almost two years nothing was being done? Then as soon as they started to move against the money hidden under other entities names, there is a concerned movement (that just happens to be in contact with David Smith).

    Are you people really that stupid? Nah. Not possible.

  66. Ralston Hyman should be the Liquidator…as long as he did not travel on DS private jet.

  67. Update from the meeting…..

    That http://acomaction.info/ group is delusional

  68. Olint liquidator meets investors
    2010-02-08 13:04:48 | with audio | (0 Comments)

    The first of two meetings convened by Olint liquidator Joseph Connoly is now underway at the Jamaica Conference Centre.

    The other is scheduled to start at 1.30 p.m.

    The meetings are being held with Olint investors to update them on the progress being made to recover their money from the failed investment club.

    A team of security personnel was instructed to keep the media outside the meeting area.

    However, not even tight security could block the simmering anger, which burnt its way into the Jamaica Conference Centre.

    Long before the first meeting ended, two female investors left obviously furious.

    Asked if they had got any word when their investment would be forthcoming, one of the women angrily responded saying no.

    Only the liquidator has been paid, she fumed.

    We queried whether any additional information had been forthcoming at the meeting.

    The investor said the meeting was informed of the involvement of the United States in the probe.

    Another investor, Ainsley Blair, who is also the president of Immigration Consultant Services, corroborated the woman’s claim that the US authorities were involved.

    Mr. Blair who is scheduled to attend the 1.30 p.m. meeting told The Gleaner Power 106 News that many US citizens have lost substantial investments in Olint.

    He says he for example had invested US$15 million in the David Smith- led company.

    Mr Blair revealed that a portion of the US$15 million were from Americans who had entrusted the funds to him to investment.

    He disclosed that the US authorities had enlisted his help in reclaiming the funds the Americans had lost.

    Mr Blair says he felt obligated to help the United States as he had invested the money of some US citizens in Olint.


  69. John Doe that group is not delusional. They are well orchestrated and backed by powerful handlers.

  70. “He had a feeder arrangement for friends and family who could not get into OLINT, resulting in his account balance being US $ 23 million dollars.”

  71. CEO Gilly Doopes not at the meeting?

  72. …disappointment with the Jamaican authorities in their lack of will to pursue justice because of the political involvement.

  73. The JCC also reiterated its call for Prime Minister Bruce Golding, Minister of Finance Audley and the wider government to put in place the strongest possible team with proven expertise, experience and implementation ability to lead the country’s economic programme.


  74. Nationwide for ACOM


    Newstalk 93FM thanks our listeners for their continued support throughout the past year. We are in the process of redesigned our website and updating our content. Please bear with us durng this time.

  75. Napoleon and Squealer running Manor Farm.

  76. Foridian

    Guess what David Smith was not at the meeting


  77. done that argument about the private plane

  78. the liquidator now says he has only $10M what happened to the rest. ….. of the $13M………

  79. Hello

    The liquidator appointed. Some people but we do not know exactly what these people will have to do.for us

  80. The first of two meetings convened by Olint liquidator Joseph Connoly is now underway at the Jamaica Conference Centre.

    The other is scheduled to start at 1.30 p.m.

    The meetings are being held with Olint investors to update them on the progress being made to recover their money from the failed investment club.

    A team of security personnel was instructed to keep the media outside the meeting area.

    However, not even tight security could block the simmering anger, which burnt its way into the Jamaica Conference Centre.

    Long before the first meeting ended, two female investors left obviously furious.

    Asked if they had got any word when their investment would be forthcoming, one of the women angrily responded saying no.

    Only the liquidator has been paid, she fumed.

    We queried whether any additional information had been forthcoming at the meeting.

    The investor said the meeting was informed of the involvement of the United States in the probe.

    Another investor, Ainsley Blair, who is also the president of Immigration Consultant Services, corroborated the woman’s claim that the US authorities were involved.

    Mr. Blair who is scheduled to attend the 1.30 p.m. meeting told The Gleaner Power 106 News that many US citizens have lost substantial investments in Olint.

    He says he for example had invested US$15 million in the David Smith- led company.

    Mr Blair revealed that a portion of the US$15 million were from Americans who had entrusted the funds to him to investment.

    He disclosed that the US authorities had enlisted his help in reclaiming the funds the Americans had lost.

    Mr Blair says he felt obligated to help the United States as

  81. Was anyone at the Liquidator meeting that can provide an update?

    The ALATE … err ACOM group appear to be a bunch of jokers. Look like they are from the live&letlive camp.

    It seems like most all Olint investors had mental issues going on… so many seem to have such nutty ideas… 🙂

    This ALATE group still seem to have issues with NCB and they mention US $240 million… I guess that is the wire that NCB had rejected… LOL

  82. Interesting that this blog has not started a thread stating that a new group ACOM has been formed….no interest eh?

    John Doe,

    I am asking that the blog considers this…..

  83. Congrats Dad. DS Junior?

  84. Let the PI’s search for a middle name.

  85. “No one can become really educated without having pursued some study in which he took no interest. For it is part of education to interest ourselves in subjects for which we have no aptitude.”

    “A play should give you something to think about. When I see a play and understand it the first time, then I know it can’t be much good.”

    “Most of the trouble in the world is caused by people wanting to be important.”

    T.S. Eliot.

  86. As if to confirm the cynicism shared by Blair and Brown..


    “cynicism shared by Blair and Brown”….Shot of Class Gary Spaulding…certain writing professrors would be proud.

    Don’t get swell headed though…nice little shot though. Fi real.

    “An editor should tell the author his writing is better than it is. Not a lot better, a little better.”

    T.S. Eliot

  87. “Blair and Brown” what a ffit

    Neatly guided to the boundary by the batsman eluding the crashing fielders..tatoos and all.

  88. J’can gov’t should seek to extradite Smith says investor

    Not everyone saw things that way however, as another investor suggested the whole thing was a witch hunt against Smith.


    “Human kind cannot bear very much reality.”
    – T. S. Eliot

  89. “It is in fact a part of the function of education to help us to escape, not from our own time – for we are bound by that – but from the intellectual and emotional limitations of our time.”

    T.S. Eliot.

  90. This Eliot quote provides a new thread Jay…if you have the vision:

    The years between fifty and seventy are the hardest. You are always asked to do things, and you are not yet decrepit enough to turn them down.
    – T. S. Eliot

  91. Where is the money ? Olint Meeting update.

    Members of alternative investment scheme Olint were left fuming and with little hope yesterday as they emerged from a meeting aimed at updating them on efforts to recover their money


  92. Jay:

    I see you are up early worrying about your millions in Olint.

    Didn’t you hear that there is 240 mil US sitting in a bank in Jamaica waiting?

    Didn’t you hear that David Smith has all the money just waiting for the bad people to get off his back so he could pay out?

    Did you not hear that the TCI police will announce that this whole investigation was a mistake and apologize to DS?

    Did you not hear?

  93. Not everyone saw things that way however, as another investor suggested the whole thing was a witch hunt against Smith.

    The above was the statement from an alleged Olint investors.
    Rathid, even to today people continue to defend this crook.

    Jamaicans are indeed strange people, after all gunmen and druggist are given “bigs up and hi5’s” all the time.

  94. I sit here and I wonder what it might be…..

    How is it that these same people will hurry to press charges against a man who stole ten dollars…or chase down a purse-snatcher for a purse with two dollars, but believe in a man who stole everything they have.

    It can’t be just greed or stupidity. There has to be a word for it…and if there is not, someone should coin a phrase to describe this condition.

  95. There is the other side of the coin. There are those who have gone completely out of their minds over this loss. I call them functional lunatics. They blog day and night and post the most meaningless gibberish.

    This guy David Smith has really damaged many lives.

  96. Olint anger

    Liquidator IDs US$10m, but trustee creditors to get preference on claims

    BY JULIAN RICHARDSON Assistant business co-ordinator richardsonj@jamaicaobserver.com

    Tuesday, February 09, 2010

  97. “Hallmark/Mastercard for federal trial.” Stepping up in life Deacon. This day in history.

    Front line Official!

  98. Money is just material Tafari. When you bout loss is prison a di loss….outside a few feeders upstate no big loss don’t teck place yet.

    • Boy, floridian, judging from your statement, look like Mr Smith, Major Lewis, Higgins, Loiten, Strachan, etc TIE for MVPs then, cause NONE of them SEEM to have suffered any losses yet!

  99. When Olint was being ‘promoted’ the instruction never to state that Olint promised 10% per month was explicit.

    The 10% per month mysteriously reappears.

    Sekkle down Motty.

  100. Cynic how much money you would pay to stay out of prison?

    See….money a just material.

    Olint investors in all cells incarcerated and waiting

    How much money Cynic?

    Red Ferrari can’t drive inna prison

    Not even a session and some drinks

  101. Cc: bt@swannlaw.tc; Duhaney Smith
    Subject: Outstanding & Further Matters – HMBT

    Dear Colin,
    Was a pleasure speaking with you earlier. Here are the matters that I wish to follow up on from our recent visit:

    i) Correspondent Banking relationship. – We understand that discussions had been initiated with Deutche Bank, and we are interested in knowing the extent to which this had progressed, if any at all. Do let us know whether there was contemplation to approach any other US bank and if so which. Would there be any past matters that would pose a challenge to securing such a relationship with any major US bank? DB IS MOVING ON OUR CORRESPONDENT BANK REQUEST BUT VERY SLOWLY. WE WILL START TO EXPLORE OTHER POSSIBILITIES IN EARLY APRIL IF NO MOVEMENT. WE HAD SOME CONTACT WITH WACHOVIA AND REGIOS A FEW YEARS AGO

    ii) Certificate of Good Standing FSC, TCI. – We requested that a CGS be secured from the regulators ideally up to the end of January 2008 for the bank. (We have one from the Registrar of Companies dated 12 December 2007, which refer readers to seek independent confirmation from the FSC for the banks other regulatory obligations.) I WILL FOLLOW UP ON THIS

    iii) Outstanding Litigation Horizon Bank Int. – We would wish to have the considered opinion of the defendants attorneys as to the likely outcome of the subject suit and any indication of a timeline to conclusion of the case. WE HAVE STARTED DISCUSSIONS TO SETTLE BUT THIS WILL TAKE AWHILE AS WE DO NOT WANT TO PAY MORE THAN WE HAVE TO. WE PRPOSE THAT ANY AGREEMENT LIMIT THE EXPOSURE OF HALLMARK TO SAY $150,000 INCLUDING LEGAL COSTS

    iv) Re Lockhaven Financial Limited. – Can you arrange independent confirmation from the attorneys, of any pending or threatened litigation in relation to Lockhaven which is a subsidiary of the bank. YES NONE IS THREATENED OR PENDING BUT I WILL GET LETETR CONFIRMING

    Generally – Please advise of the progress that has been made towards completion of the audit for the year ended 31 July, 2007. WE ARE INCHING TOWARDS COMPLETION OF THE AUDIT NO DATE YET BUT I WOULD EXPECT BY END OF APEIL FOR SURE

    As advised I will send a copy of this email to Brian who I understand is not well. Brian let me we wish you a speedy recovery; we need you fit and sound.
    Looking forward to hearing from you, and to seeing you soon again.

    Glenford McLeish

  102. David and Wayne,

    Just dropping both of you a quick note. My attorney is here in Jamaica visiting with me and they are very very heavy attorneys who specialize in Banking, Hedge Funds etc…Its a firm with 600 attorneys and 50 of them are in the top lawyers of America ranking. They have immense banking relations and I will find out about Wachovia. I have a few suggestions if you guys can make 15 minutes to hear me out. Though you say that the brokerage due diligence is non negotiable I think you should have an excellent US attorney with weight. I am willing to introduce you if you feel the need.
    Here is the law firm in NY http://www.eapdlaw.com please go through the site to see their breadth of expertise.

    The Citi Bank wiring out to 6,000 + clients is easy and I have been given the go ahead by Citi Private Wealth Management Division/Smith Barney. They are willing to do demos to show the fluidity of the system. The fee is negotiable and wires can reach to the clients in 1-2 days from execution. They can perform 500 manually ie faxed wire instructions or 1000+ online PER DAY with no issues. Once we give them the demographics of where the wires will go…ie 80% Caribbean, 10% Western Europe, 10% North America etc…This will eliminate your need for NCB, if you wish.

    This would greatly reduce exposure to NCB etc, ease stress on your back end office and ease stress on the clients and reduce your costs significantly. These stresses can be eliminated and should be as soon as possible.
    Have Micheal get in touch or just drop me a line.


    Next door
    BSL Capital Ltd
    BSL Group Ltd
    1A Braemar Ave
    Kgn 10

  103. Seivista, LLC. Miami, Florida US

  104. Seavex International Corp

  105. Hermiston ADCO Inc. 7 Mongiraud Street Castries, St Lucia


  106. Trinidad and Tobago’s Finance Minister Karen Nunez-Tesheira said persons responsible for the disappearance of billions of dollars from Colonial Life Insurance Company (Trinidad) Limited (CLICO) and CL Financial could face charges if a forensic investigation currently taking place turns up credible evidence which could stand up in a court.


  107. What is jamaica’s Finance Minister doing about the Olint investigations?

  108. Process for surrendering a Green Card

    Anyone wishing to abandon LPR status should visit the embassy between the hours of 1:00 and 3:00 pm on Mondays or Thursdays and meet with a US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) agent. No appointment is necessary and the only things the applicant must bring to the embassy are the Green Card they wish to surrender and a secondary form of identification, such as a passport or driver’s licence, to verify identity.


  109. It is a story of the recklessness, ineptitude, insensitivity and callous disregard for the citizens of the country by an administration which seemed more intent on satisfying special interests than on preserving the very backbone of a nation, namely the small and medium-sized business operators.


    With Betty Ann Blaine

    Tuesday, February 09, 2010


  110. Due Diligence

    Brian Trowbridge [BT@swannlaw.tc]
    Mon 10/15/2007 2:19 PM
    To: ‘GWayne Smith’
    Cc: David Smith


    I do not have the information i requested.

    In a short time this is going to become an issue with TCI Bank

    Also I notice that we are not getting any new funds!?

    Hope all is well and you have returned to work after election victory!!


  111. And to us is born- Damian, all of 9+ lbs, the demon from hell whose birth was not conceived out of love but out of preparing for a plea deal with prosecutors, thanks to the advice of the Smith team of crooked lawyers- Courtney Barnett and Oliver Smith.
    This demon is the most recent addition to the Smith family.
    While we languish and suffer at the hands of David and Tracey and the rest of the Smith clan, they are having passionate sex and procreating demonic species. They are apparently preparing to star in the Omen 5. It would be a blockbuster hit for Hollywood. The proceeds could be used to pay back those of us who bought into the Smith propaganda and deception. It would allow us the opportunity to at least have sex with our husbands on Valentines Day, since most of us no longer are capable of seeing our respective partners, since the collapse of OLINT.

    Tracey you still deserve a long prison sentence and the same is true for you David.

    You and family are all going on a one way ticket to hell and remember this:
    “What is done in the dark comes to light eventually”. Time is not on your side and your arrogance for law and order is simply mind boggling.

    “Deacon” Smith on Sunday make sure to ponder on these words:
    For everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted. (Luke 14:11)



    The Association of Concerned Olint Members (ACOM) has secured from Mr. Joseph Connolly an unequivocal denial that he has any ambitions to become the Official Liquidator for Olint Corp, a Jamaican company, and Overseas Locket International, a Panamanian entity. Mr. Connolly also reiterated that his jurisdiction is limited to Olint TCI, TCI FX, and definitely to Turks and Caicos Islands.

    Based on specific admissions by Mr. Connolly that he is unsure of the exact amount of money currently under the control of several entities, including a New York Trading platform and Panamanian accounts, we have good reason to believe that there is substantially more monies available to be pursued by Olint members than he led us to believe.

    ACOM is therefore inviting all Olint Members, independently of Mr. Connolly, to continue to do all in our power to ensure that as much of our monies are returned to us as soon as possible, at the least possible cost. All Olint Members, whether secured or unsecured creditors according to Connolly’s distinctions, are being encouraged to register without delay on the Association’s website http://www.ACOMAction.com

    SIGNED: ACOM Steering Committee

  113. Lord G- yes you Anthony Gifford!!!

    We have not forgotten the fact that you and your crony Attorneys in Jamaica scampered of with over US$2.0 million dollars in legal fees in an attempt to defend the Smith family.

    You are a target and at the next ACOM meeting I will raise the issue to have us prepare a lawsuit against you personally, Huntley Watson, Tavares –Finson and Samuels Brown. There will be strength in our numbers and yes we have evidence of how much you were paid and by what source.
    We demand that all legal fees paid to you and your team, get repaid within 10 business days to an escrow account that will be set up by the ACOM Committee.

    What were you thinking when you took this case? That you could come to Jamaica and continue to rape its citizens by exhibiting continued colonial arrogance and charge legal fees when you KNEW the Smiths were damm thieves and the source of their funds were from ill-gotten gains such as the Ponzi scheme as well as from narcotic smuggling.

    You are a disgrace and you should renounce your birthright and your so called “Lordship” inherited status.

  114. Lisa, When did you “know” that DS was a dam thief?
    do you believ that it was or should have been before Lord-G knew?
    just a question

  115. Lisa,

    Lord etal haffi eat a food to, afterall everyone was taking as much as they could

  116. Lisa,

    I am assuming you are a member of ACOM.
    I am hearing that this group was formed soon after Connolly set sights on Olint Jamaica accounts.

    Is it true that they were working silently with Smith to secure money from his local accounts?
    Is it true that the made their move as the thought Connolly was trying to get his hands on those little funds and they were unprepared for that?
    Is it true that they are just a bunch of self serving folks, who only now are looking for support after their efforts to get their hands on the monies failed.?

    Why are you blaming the Lord and his crew, for defending Smith, when you and your gang was the very one saying ” dem a gee d man(Smith) a fight”.

    Never trust a lawyer, they typically are only trying to secure their own skin.

    That new membership agree that you all were coerced into signing in 2007, was the one drafted by lawyers to ensure that you were separated from your cash.

    I wish this group luck, as they certainly will need a lot of that.

  117. Jay why do you believe Lisa is a member of ACOM ????

    Jay you said:
    Is it true that they are just a bunch of self serving folks, who only now are looking for support after their efforts to get their hands on the monies failed.?….

    what proof do you have to support your claim made above ….
    Do you know these people?????? ……..

    Why dont you come to the meeting in early March and we will vote you in as an honest director of ACOM ….
    This is just a steering group ……….We can all vote to replace them if we want .

    Come along we will vote for you

  118. Jay

    All of a sudden you a erite bout “everyone”:-)

  119. Jay

    All of a sudden you a write bout “everyone”:-)

  120. “That new membership agree that you all were coerced into signing in 2007, was the one drafted by lawyers to ensure that you were separated from your cash.

    Jay what kind of an allegation is that? Do you really think that lawyers who depend on their carrers would create documents in the furtherance of fraud???

  121. @ Pon di Riva,

    Go ahead and give us an update when you have had your March meeting.
    I believe the group is delusional and I really expect that this will be an effort in futility.

    Can you answer any of the questions that I asked?

    • Pon Di River look like one of the of the ACOM Steering Committee member. Sometime you have to give these guys some rope to hang themselves. Wouldn’t be surprise if WantMyMoney turns out the be one of the key ACOM organizers 🙂

  122. Tracey/David,

    I hope all is well with you. I have been trying to get both of you and no luck. I havent heard anything about this wire and the guy that is freaking out about his money, the same guy that David called is still lingering. He is now accusing me of conspiring with david to steal his money and wants to sue. This is a real crisis that I have been warning you guys about.

    My position is now that 1. I do not intend to sue anybody over anything. 2. I cannot afford him to sue me because my career and business is my reputation. I also cant afford to pay him out. David I am in a very tricky situation – I need you to pay this wire. I have been waiting a longtime for it to go, been told by sasha it had gone and it hadnt and been told it was coming. The cash is not my cash I am requesting, peopel have requested money two months after me and David gave them – because they were concerned. I now have my career to think about so I am imploring you to send it for me. It will be ugly for me and for the fund if this ASS starts filing suits and making complaints. I have tried my best to calm him down for almost 4 months.

    I am loyal to you Dave and have taken a lot of risks by my faith in you.I am grateful for all the prosperity I have received though God and your trading, this is why when I sent the bills for the three St Lucian IBCs for you and wayne to pay and it wasnt , i went ahead and paid them personally, i figured it was the least I could do. Now I need you to please find the money – it is not a huge amount to you but it is to me -and please send it asap

    I am counting on you this time.

    God bless

    drum drummond wrote:
    Tracey – this was the wire details email

    thanks again

    drum drummond wrote:
    Date: Fri, 22 Feb 2008 09:58:41 -0800 (PST)
    From: drum drummond
    To: Richard Lee , david smith ,
    Hi everyone,
    I hope all is well. Dave I cannot imagine the pressure you must be under with the recent couple months and I hope and pray that its not getting to you and that it will be resolved. I will pray that it is.

    I had a real problem over here and Sasha and Michael could not help me.I had tried to get you Dave but couldnt. I had requested a payout for a guy I had done a favour who I had let put money on my account. the request was for US$325,000 from My MD Consultants Acc#11002037 to my MD account (which is attached). This is a while now (6-7 weeks)I have been waiting on the wire, the guy was a bit panicked and asked for his money – i said no problem and requested it. Over a week ago, Sasha had confirmed that wire had gone off and I told him so. Then this week Sasha informed that it had not gone off – I am not sure what happened – but even more upsetting, she could not send wires for that amount anymore. My guy waiting on the money is now in full panic, thinks I am screwing him around and is generally freaking out. I have taken 75,000 of my own money and sent it just to calm him down but I need to pay this guy out in full and see the back of him. I am really hoping that you guys can help and Richard was kind enough to assist as I had mentioned it to him with him going over to Turks.

    I hope and pray that something can be arranged so that a wire can be sent to my account so I can pay him.

    many many thanks


  123. From: drum drummond [mailto:drumdrummond@yahoo.com]
    Sent: Wednesday, August 16, 2006 1:31 AM
    To: Joseph Issa; ‘Kris S. Astaphan’; ‘scott benjamin’; reach.jodi@gmail.com; Eleanor Brown; dav smith; david smith
    Cc: ‘Kris S. Astaphan’; peterbovell@kasnet.com
    Subject: RE: Guaranteed Fund

    Dear All,

    I have had some discussions with Peter, Jodi and Kris individually and have come up with the following strategy/ies, subject to the group’s agreement.

    1. Everyone seems agreed that the 50/75/90 % portion to be guaranteed by bonds seems to be a good mix. I don’t know if Eleanor agrees with this but we would like to hear her opinion as she may have a fresh insight into this.

    2. The limitation of redemption of the funds to a minimum of a year seems to be the most appropriate (and by this I assume that we mean the portion of the fund guaranteed by bonds) though Kris had pointed out that the 90% option for a year only gives 10% to be traded for a year and not a lot of room to manoevre. Perhaps as this option would be more geared to the institutional investors, a 2 year minimum redemption period could work here. Just a thought.

    Also. I think before Jodi drafts the quasi-prospectus, we need to pin down redemption limitations for the traded aspects of the investments ie monthly, weekly, quarterly etc.

    3. It might be the most practical strategy to send the funds for start-up for the first month to Jody to register the Fund. retain legal counsel, start a website etc before we finalise the shareholding, work out an investment portion , then organise wires by each shareholder etc so instead it might make sense to have the initial 15-20000$ sent to Jodi by next week and work out the rest while the registartion process is going on (Jodi has an initial budget for the first month working on or finished I believe).

    4. Jodi has undertaken to draft a prospectus to be sent out with gaps to finalised/filled in or agreed by the others as we go along.

    5. Jodi will also let us know what we need in terms of documentation for each shareholderdirector though we should have a good idea and most of that from the Island growth registration process – it is only Scott which will need to get everything in terms of paperwork from scratch -I believe – and we can start that process this week for him.

    6. I think it makes sense to deal with the office issues and administration during the first month or while or after the registartion and structure process/issues are done – in other words as the next priority. But the team can let me know what they think about that.

    7. I think that between Kris, Eleanor, Jodi and myself we will have an idea about the back office a la Cayman organised by month end – hopefully.

    Lastly, when we have agreed on any terms vis. using Market Traders in terms of accounts or trades ( assuming we go that way) we can fine tune that in the form of an agreement. I am sure between Jodi, Eleanor, Kris and myself we get that finalised with them

    Hope I havent missed anything or got anything wrong but please feel free to jump in any time with ideas or comments.


    Drum Manley Drummond

    48 Constant Spring Road,
    Kingston 10
    Tel. (876) 920-1002, Fax (876)920-1008

  124. Tracy-Ann Smith
    Chalk Sound,
    Turks & Caicos Islands.


    April 28th, 2007

    ADCO Fund Managers (ADCO)
    7 Mongiraud Street
    Castries, St Lucia
    Attention: Evan Hermiston

    Dear Mr. Hermiston

    RE: IGF # 2 Ltd.

    This serves as letters of instruction to inform you that in the event of my death all shares in the captioned IBC which are administered by ADCO are to be transferred to my husband, David Smith, in accordance with my testamentary wishes.

    Yours truly,

    Tracy-Ann Smith

  125. Jay

    We were delusional when we gave DS our money so it might be best we be delusionl when we try to get it back

    lol lol

    The ACOM has nothing MOOORE to loose so why not try ……….

    It is best to go down trying

    When DS is brave to say the MONEY IS GONE OR when they are convinced by other means that the money is gone then ACOM will move move to your phase……

    And you can laugh and say I told you so


  126. ACOM has said they are ‘working’ with David Smith. That is the most foolish confession yet.

    You know how many people are trying their best to wash away their camraderie with David Smith?

    You think they don’t have good reason to kneel and pray for that?

  127. Saying “If I go to jail no one will get paid” displays a total lack of understanding by the subjects.

    Following David Smith? …Happy travels.

  128. Test

    I am not on the steering commitee but i will work with any group who is trying to get back some of my money and if that will NOT happen then i will work to put DS in jail… What in that is so offensive to you guys …..

    AOCM is the first attempt the club membership has made to get involved .. in the resolution of this crisis

    What is the crime in that..

    Ofcourse people can doubt that the outcome will mean we get our money back BUT why make the ACOM steering group look like criminals before they start.

    If you have facts about ACOM share them we will listen But this vilifying the people is not cool

    That for me makes NO sense since you do not have another plan that you have shared with us

    I love blogging with you guys but I would love to get my money back even more……
    Peace .

  129. Live & Letlive.

    Check my latest comments under the new thread. Man don’t be like a sheep .

  130. Jay
    Your comments still do not show me what you are doing to get money or DS in jail

    We are ALLLLL already sheep…
    when a man have my money that is all the slaughter I need……lol

    Until I get some money from whatever honest source including working like a dog I will not be in a position to roar like a big lion like you

    I might just have to be a sheep

    MY Pride is not my concern now my money is ……

  131. The cover up will be fully explained soon. Not one character left out.

    Pride? L&LL pride is for whom seek to secure ‘promise’

    Decades of image building about to crash down. Pride? …If is that you call it…sure.

  132. You see L&LL ‘money’ ‘dollars’ attracts all kinds…even some you think would not be greedy to want more.

    Well connected across seas they set up their little ‘piece of the action’ in the usual ways…believing that their associations are ‘proof’ fool.

    BTW..they hate to loose….yes they carry lots of pride. What else do they have carry when you think about it?

  133. ‘Fight of fomer friends’

  134. Lodge? Mason? Dishonest? Corrupt?

    Ask the Smith’s about Lodge.

  135. JDX? Stay deh…you ever about ‘self above all others’??

    Self Serve? The performance speaks for itself.

  136. Joseph Smith [ja.smith@cwjamaica.com
    Sent: Wed 6/13/2007 4:27 PM
    To: dsmith@kasnet.com


    REMEMBER to personally call and handle the North Manchester person. He will be very grateful. You can become as close to him as you know who is to the present man in that high office.


  137. You clear on the lodge thing now? You know about human beings who have ‘Worshipful Master’ to be smaddy?

    Clear now right? You know what is ‘Water Bwoy’ etc.



    Masonic Messenger?

    At 97 per cent compliance, the Jamaica Debt Exchange (JDX) is among the most successful debt swapping initiatives in the world, according to Bank of Jamaica Governor Brian Wynter.


  139. Claudette Crooks, president of Money Masters Limited, was not amused when The Gleaner contacted her recently.

    The financial analyst was dismissive of the content of the email.

    “Anybody can send an email and circulate whatever garbage they want to circulate,” she said.

    Any Comic can do the same:

    Claudette Crooks, president of Money Masters Limited, told CBR yesterday that her clients participated willingly in the debt exchange. She said there was a ‘nationalistic’ sentiment that ran through the efforts to move the country forward.

  140. McLaren explained that with the level of participation from the financial institutions and the support from the individual bondholders, it is likely that those persons who did not take up the exchange offer may be either still unaware of the issue, or living overseas

    Same McLaren was asked about Olint fraud while in London and after a substantial pause replied, “Good Question.”

  141. I DON’T KNOW if both sides of the House know how disillusioned people on the street have become. Perhaps parliamentarians live in some kind of insulated capsule which forces them to hear what they think they’re hearing, with the result that they seem to be giving answers to questions which were not asked.


  142. Hoffmann and Dr. Kinay lose appeals

    After four days of hearings, the Court of Appeal comprising President and Justice of Appeal Edward Zacca, QC, and Justices of Appeal Elliott Mottley and Richard Ground, ruled that the Final Report of the Commission of Inquiry was written within the terms of reference and that the Commissioner Sir Robin Auld did not act unfairly in relation to either Hoffmann or Dr. Kinay


  143. Plillip Phinn has almost finished paying in Full. He’s way over 50%….Sue them and they pay.

    Question: Can any theef speak about a Gentleman, or what it takes to be one ?


  144. @ Pon di riva

    Can you tell me if it up to David Smith or any particular group to choose a liquidator in a matter which is before the courts ?.

    When a company is liquidated, I understand that it is no longer yours and you do not have any more control over it.

  145. I would summarize Rothstein’s emails, but they’re just too interesting from top to bottom to reduce.


  146. These e-mails, if indeed they are genuine, are eye-popping in their absolute nuttiness. This is not the work of serious people. Just what the hell was going on over there. The money must have been so good that the grown-ups must have closed the door to their offices every day when the wages were deposited in their accounts and chuckled that they are working at wacked out facade of a legitimate law firm.

    Rothstein Emails Detail Villegas’ Role as Number Two at RRA

  147. ACON is Murray?


    Hope all is well. I need to speak toyou regarding football field/Mr. Murray in Portland.

    I have been trying to call you. When you have a moment, give me a call (h) 905-3215 (c) 381-4112

    Daryl Vaz

  148. The United Nations (UN) Special Rapporteur on torture and other cruel, inhumane or degrading treatment or punishment is due to arrive in the country on Friday.

    What about the United Nations Olint Account?


  149. PRESS RELEASE – Connolly’s Feb 8 Meeting

    Mr. Joseph Connolly, the Turks and Caicos Court-appointed Official Liquidator of Olint TCI and with jurisdiction limited to Olint TCI and the Turks and Caicos Islands, travelled to Jamaica with his high-flying entourage in tow to announce to Olint Members that most of us have absolutely nothing to recover from Olint, and that a few of us can look forward to about 5 cents in every dollar on a date yet to be determined.


  150. That website is as overcrowded as Kingdom Investments one. Flashing lights etc. The ‘Liquid Joe” cartoon with Camel’s in the background must have some deeper meaning that passed me by.

    Looks like no one has sued Kingdom Investments yet for the other feeders sued have been paying. No need for Smith’s stolen money.

    DS,”If I go jail no one gets paid”

    Another debunked lie from a full time liar. Loved by many, Benefactor of the mighty, but a thief and a liar none the less. Full Stop.

    Some feeders get one letter and pay out. Phillip Phinn has all most paid in full. Principle, Interest plus 3 years damages.

  151. Jenne Oversaw FLPD and Security for Rothstein; Rosenfeldt Hit for Campaign Cash.

    Think about that for a second. A man pulling off one of the great Ponzi schemes in Florida history had Jenne, a disgraced sheriff and felon, overseeing active Fort Lauderdale police officers to protect him. It’s just so Rothstein.

    The suit also lays out an alleged “scheme to funnel cash out of RRA to use for political contributions.”

    But the political contributions are right there in front of everyone, including the feds, as big as life. And this is serious stuff, cutting right to the heart of our democracy.


  152. Watch that one Jay…watch it closely.

  153. Virgil Starkwell says:
    Strong Post indeed to start out another F-U Friday.

    The campaign contributions appear to be a slam dunk. Hard to imagine that charges will not be filed shortly against Rosendfeldt, Adler and Lippman.

    Why involve the mother of your children boys? This is not how real men operate. Tsk Tsk.

    And it’s stupid because now the Feds are going to squeeze you nice and tight, leaving you no choice to plead out in consideration for letting your respective “better halves” out of this mess that you involved them in, probably without their actual knowledge.

    That was ill advised boys because now you have no leverage, and life is all about leverage.

    Do the Honorable thing on behalf of your wives and children, and plead out.

    You’ll at least go out as Men.

  154. No wonder I’m so damned restless. a year has passed and we have not had a word from Connelly or the group of persons we elected to represent us. At least, some sort of update so we can escape the private hell that David has put us in. Was there an update that I missed

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