Worldwide freeze ordered on Olint assets


Today the Olint liquidator was sucessful in obtaining the supreme court in Jamaica to order a worldwise freeze on Olint assets.

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  1. Application made for Olint Assets to be frozen worldwide!!

    Jay, that should read second application for Mareva granted.

    Why was the first one not granted? For them to sell Braemar and move money for certain ‘preferred’ clients?

    hahhahaa…..Somebody batting real hard to see the big man emails a road.

    It can happen…simple….make sure if you bat for it you can handle it???

  2. Jay,

    does have anything on the ‘new’ development?

  3. Jay,

    Was it justice Donald McIntosh who granted that? (first non-rhetorical question I’ve ever asked here)

    Just Curious.

  4. @floridian

    It is as I explained. The liquidator is Olint. If he asks the court to freeze his funds then the court will grant it. Not a difficult concept to grasp, really. The owner of the funds (the liquidator acting as Olint) is simply petitioning or asking the court to freeze its own assets so as to prevent anyone else such as former owners from misappropriating the funds. Obviously it is ‘easy’ to get such an order.

    On the other hand… if you as an Olint investor asks the court to do such a freeze you have a much higher bar to overcome. Otherwise I could say feel aggrieved at Buffet because I believe he scammed me and ask the court for a Mareva injunction against him and Berkshire Hathaway.

    The point is you as an investor and Olint have an adversarial relationship… you may know that DS and Olint scammed you but the court is a neutral party and in essence you have to prove it to the court. Also the court is even more hesitant if the other party is not there to defend themselves. Simply put courts will not routinely grant those injunctions in cases like yours.

    Now see why you need good counsel… this is a job for counsel to have explained to you… further as I explained if counsel moves like Seaga to have the company put into forced liquidation, the liquidator makes the bag, not counsel. So counsel has a self interest not to go that route but to try and litigate.

    It is up to you to seek knowledge before and not after. Your counsel may not always provide the best advice since sometimes the best route may be disadvantageous to counsel. This is general advice for any counsel that you may hire.

  5. liquidator paid usd200,000 of our money today……..for what????????

  6. why has the liquidator not gone after tci fx?

  7. has there been a board appointed to work with the liquidator? on what basis were they selected?

    what is their purpose ……can someone answer?

  8. mr liquidator , i know u read this blog… much have u been paid so far?

    walker do u know?

  9. Nonco you are back!

    Having removed several ‘good counsel’ from assisting the co-conspirators I understand what you say.

    Some counsels calamity shall continue long after David Smith is faded from public memory.

    I will ask you this though great sage. If the legal system in Jamaica is even ‘near genuine’ why was a sale of Braemar completed? Huntley Watson himself said the buyer’s counsel found that it belonged to OLINT yet the sale was completed. It is our legal system that legitimises such real estate sales…is it not?

    Things move faster as the ‘discovery’ in other cases draws very near…noticable Nocotec? I heard little in the way of predictions from you there. Hallmark broken into for about the third time since the Olint theft became more widely realised.

    Excuses for the Jamaican judicial system are fine Noco…to each his own opinion. But it seems that the Liquidator et al moved to get something done that was done over a year ago. Tthe fact that the liquidator follows the same strategy months after can not discount those who used it before.

    Suffice Nonco…to say….many things are close to the chest free info short nowadays and their are some ‘occurances’ that you may or may not be aware of in the case.

    Do not worry….it can be fully revealed in a jiffy if the time is deemed to be ‘right’

    By the way…Congrats to Price, TCI Football, the Kia Dealership and what might be left of Swanntrowbridge…for dispite several ‘breakins’ into Hallmark these entities seem to be doing very well in not being violated…they are only few steps away from each other in the complex…who built that complex again Nonco…..predict the obvious…it keeps you in demand Nonco…


  10. Nonco, just quickly I ask your opinion here (although one can only reasonably expect the

    If Mr. Wildish (On TV and in print ‘media’ Suntci??) says TCI Fx had no connection with smith other than Ds being trader…then why do his balance sheets clearly show TCI FX – OLINT and why does Jenny douglas refer to TCI Fx Olint to Jacob Martinez?

    just curious

    The Liquidator says Olint TCI is something different from Olint yet the www is splattered with documents to the contrary…I will check in from time to time for your wisdon Nonco

    A Bovell on the committee? A Ross as a commissioner? A Marks as a….

  11. It is as I explained. The liquidator is Olint.


  12. I have a company that has nothing to do with OLINT but for posterity I shall write OLINT all around my balance sheet….hahahaaa

    Of course at the time the gang new not that my balace sheet would be on the www for all to see.

    Oh dear..what else is to be flushed…down?

  13. What about the other names on the balance sheet Floridian? Oh I just put them up. Upstanding one and all…paper trail clean as a whistle…oh Judith and Arthur Jones? Different Judith and Arther Jones Nonco…not to be confused with the Judith and Arthur Jones that put up bond for Deacon to be free.

    And their are no directors of financial institutions listed as putting money with me…no fools here.

    Anyway its just a balance sheet Nonco not the Privy Councils opion of me that is plasterred on the Internet.

    We clear Nonco?

  14. Oh I have no connections to Jamaicans on a boat fishing. i know the Bahamian but I don’t like fishing ok!

    noncooooo! It is going to get swift. Smith said his Consels said five years. Good luck to you Deacon.

  15. Who are the leaders in the private or public sector that we can hold up to our children and say, here is someone to emulate?

  16. The office of prime minister carries high prestige, part of which comes from the sheer weight of the constitutional power and the sense of mystique that goes with the job. Prime ministers have to be careful how they spread themselves around, lest they diminish the potency of the office and the title.

    This is one case in which Mr Golding’s handlers should have advised him to be circumspect.

    Bruce Golding
    Tue 11/28/2006
    To: David Smith


    I must express our thanks for your support in our efforts, especially toward the staging of our recent conference. It was a tremendous sucess and has significantly boosted our campaign. your assistance went a far way in making this possible.
    I had a brief word with peter (Bovell) sometime ago and express the hope that we would be able to meet. I hope that we will be able to arrange to do that.

    [I will be in Providenciales early 2009]

    Kindest regards

    Bruce Golding

    [My handlers will be back tommorow after their day at the beach]

  17. Legal Document(s)

    Greg Vernon Bear Stearns.

    Tue 10/16/2007 7:56 AM


    I don’t want you to go through any “new” trouble with your attorneys in getting a letter describing your situation in the check fraud. all that I’d like for you to do is to find an “existing” letter…i.e. One that you’ve already submitted to the Turks FSC. Please find one of those, scan it and e-mail it to me. That simple.

    Greg Wrnon

  18. perhaps the TCI FSC could send the Privy Council opinion asit has been on the Internet for years for everyone including the TCI FSC to see?

  19. For deacon?

    ISAIAH 43:2: “When you pass through the waters I will be with you, and through the rivers they will not overflow you. When you walk through the fire you shall not be burned, neither shall the flame kindle upon you. How quickly we tend to forget God’s promises and resort to panic when difficulties confront and seem to threaten God’s immutable word that cannot be altered or become obsolete.–9

  20. Red Pppeee, How yu do.

    Did God create the plaintiff or the defendant or both?

  21. little by little the noose tightening…

    Jay Worldwise or worldwide for the title.?

    • Lol Did I write Worldwise 🙂
      Thanks for correcting that. Guess thats maybe the next one coming ie Freeze on Worldwise assets.

  22. Nocotec:

    I have a very good grasp now what you meant when you said that the loss of money to Olint is driving some folks mad – as in Crazy.

    Pardon me lecturer, but I am the slow kid in the class.

    That said, maybe you could try to avoid painting with such a broad brush.

  23. The money transferred from Panama to an account in Cayman was marked “payment on account”.

    Mr. Liquidator, are you going to fall for that? That is Olint funds and since we have established that the funds were “co-mingled” Mr. Smith should be made to account for those funds.

    You are being paid Mr. Liquidator. Do your job.

  24. Mr. Campbell:

    Please do not ignore information you receive anonymously….there are lots of good samaritans out there. It might be coming from Nocotec.


    Deacon, protectors say thrice is not enough to deny..

  26. interesting now what is this?

    Jay? AML?

    • Mr. Jacob Martinez is the president and possible owns it. They are an IB of FXCM. FXCM sign-up for accounts for the above company is possibly indicating they are UK based. Ya right, UK based with a Lake Mary address and phone number.

  27. Olint Assets frozen .. reported in the Gleaner

  28. 14-year lonely battle against Finsac, that albatross around the necks of Jamaicans.

    I was further elated by Mr Crawford’s declaration, “I consider it a serious and critical obligation to the (former CNB) shareholders and the people of Jamaica. I intend to tell the whole story without malice, and without prejudice. There is much to be disclosed.” Kudos to Mr Crawford for taking that position.

  29. “The business was then moved to David Smith’s homeland – the Turks and Caicos Island (TCI). ????”

    David and Tracy Smith’s belongership like those many Jamaicans who have is obtained illegally.

    “Hylton said the liquidator has found that more than US$49 million has been moved out of accounts belonging to the Smiths.”

    Does that sound like them?

    Defendant David Smith is on bond in Turks and Caicos, on fraud and money laundering charges. See Exhibit 1. Wayne Smith is David Smith’s brother, Edith Smith is his mother.

    B. David Smith one of the defendants has not been served because of evasive behavior in the Turks and Caicos Island.

    What you think John Doe?

  30. Mr. Crawford never moved on.

    Ehh Nonco?

  31. Critics round on Hague for staying silent about trip to corrupt isles

    ….refuses to disclose reason for his visit to Turks and Caicos

    William Hague, the shadow Foreign Secretary, was attacked yesterday for refusing to say who he met or what he did during a working visit to the Turks and Caicos Islands a year before widespread corruption was uncovered there.

    The Caribbean country reverted in August to its old status of a British colony ruled by a governor appointed by the Foreign Office after members of the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee returned from a visit with disturbing reports of corruption and intimidation. The Turks and Caicos prime minister at the time, Michael Misick, resigned and is now facing a criminal invesigation.

  32. His flight was paid for by the Conservatives’ largest donor, Michael Ashcroft, who has significant business interests on the islands.

    i wonder who paid for Mr. Golding’s trip?

    Tracy Smith will know she was sitting right in front of Mr. Golding when he said he was glad he had not heard any reports on Jamaicans behaving badly in TCI.

  33. The Independent has repeatedly asked for details of the people Mr Hague met on the islands.

    At least we don’t have to ask..we have the solid evidence.

  34. “William Hague suggests to the public that he is fit to be the next Foreign Secretary. We have a right to know who he met, besides the Prime Minister, Michael Misick, and what he was up to in the Turks and Caicos.”

    Yesterday Mr Gapes said: “What has Mr Hague got to hide? If he went there on a fact-finding mission and met people who do not wish to be identified, and if that had led to action to deal with the abuses that our members later identified, it would be reasonable for him not to say who he met. But he did not call for any inquiry or suspension of independent rule on the islands.”

  35. Leading article: The virtues of transparency

    “very happy” to give a media interview to clear up the uncertainty…

    And silence, it would appear, is contagious.

  36. Clear up Certainty

  37. Someone said that the mother of the stupid is alway pregnant. So who can blame PissedOf on the number 4 bus from trying to eat a food from whoever is willing to give it to her?

    Ahhh. But shouldn’t she have deleted her real email so that we can’t see what she looks like on face book?

    Well if people are going to do business with her they might as well see who they are dealing with:

  38. ANTIGUA – Bird flaps at US senators over IMF blockade
    Published: Wednesday | December 9, 2009

    Last week eight, United States senators, including the senior Republican on the Banking Committee, Richard Shelby, introduced a resolution asking that American representatives at the World Bank and the IMF be instructed to prevent any loans to Antigua and Barbuda.

    The senators have asked that until the twin-island state compensates victims of the US$7 billion fraud allegedly committed by Sir Allen Stanford through his Antigua-based bank and until the government cooperates with the United States, it should not get any financial assistance from either institution.

    The resolution was laid a week ago, but to date there has been no vote on it.

  39. Applications for Interim Freezing Orders by Olint TCI Corporation Limited

    Applications were made in The Supreme Court of Judicature of Jamaica (“the Court”) on 7 December 2009 by Olint TCI Corporation Limited (In Compulsory Liquidation) for the following Interim Freezing Orders.
    Interim Freezing Order against David Smith, Tracey-Ann Smith and Gilbert Wayne Smith
    Interim Freezing Order against Olint Corp Limited

    Two things I need help with (remember I’m the slow kid in the class):

    1. Why does Olint TCI request a freeze of Olint Corp assets alone?
    2. Why does Olint TCI not request a freeze of Olint TCI funds in the TCI?

    Now remembering that I took the short bus to school, I must point out that Nocotelecturer is again wrong. Nocotec wrote:

    The owner of the funds (the liquidator acting as Olint) is simply petitioning or asking the court to freeze its own assets so as to prevent anyone else such as former owners from misappropriating the funds. Obviously it is ‘easy’ to get such an order. …..End quote….

    Olint TCI did not request a freeze of its own funds. Because Olint TCI is in liquidation, NOT Olint corp.

    How does Olint TCI, an entity registered in another country, petition the Jamaica court to freeae Olint Corp funds? Doesn’t that put Olint TCI in the same position that Nocolecturer pointed out that Floridian would be when he said:

    On the other hand… if you as an Olint investor asks the court to do such a freeze you have a much higher bar to overcome……

    Granted that it is a good move, albeit a little late.

    Now, having read the latest update (update 3) put out by the liquidator, it appears that OLINT TCI, in compulsory liquidation, will not consider payout to creditors of Olint Corp who did not have statements or contracts with Olint TCI. Therefore, how can Olint TCI freeze Olint Corps creditors money to repay Olint TCI’s creditors?

    Please remember folks, and lecturer sir, that I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer. KISS…Keep it simple stupid!

  40. One set was in the vests smartypants Deacon…had you figured that out yet?

    You going to put him through it Friday?

  41. BRITAIN – Minister voices UK’s stance on Turks and Caicos

    Britain had said its action would last at least two years and follows the conclusion of a one-man Commission of Inquiry, which reported that it had found “clear signs” of corruption in the government.

  42. Deacon you care to take a guess how it was with you at the Opening of the Italian Village…hint..Range Rover.

  43. (1)
    Interim Freezing Order against David Smith, Tracey-Ann Smith and Gilbert Wayne Smith
    Interim Freezing Order against Olint Corp Limited

    The question you posed can be asked against item 1 as well.

    The liquidator is getting a freeze against the assets of the owners of Olint TCI and they also owned Olint JA (it is one of their assets). The point is that the courts are freezing the assets of the owners since they were in a position to misappropriate the funds of Olint TCI and thus those funds are in fact Olint TCI’s funds.

    Say you left a company and before you did you transferred money to your own account. With the appropriate proof, banking records etc… The court would readily freeze those assets since it is the company’s money.

    But say you are an investor in the company and you believe the company and its owners are guilty of fraud… Much higher burden for you to prove to the court, right?

    However this illustrates a point that those who filed or did not file lawsuits failed to get. Olint JA investors are now disadvantaged versus those who directly invested in Olint TCI. As I pointed out earlier they should have forced the liquidation of Olint JA then they would have been the ones in TCI getting a freeze on Olint TCI funds.

    First to courthouse often has an advantage.

  44. Makes sense Nocotec.

  45. ‘An incestuous affair!’

    Attorney accuses Finsac of insider dealing

    Olint connections as per what is now accepted as standard in any current news story in jamaica.

  46. David you ever see such foolishness?

    John Wildish
    Tue 9/25/2007 2:09 PM


    its not just Jamaica gone currency trading crazy inturks too. Look at the sort of foolishness i get.

    all the best

    john d

    Ontario Canada


    Tue 6/12/2007 10:37 AM

    Say no more. T&CI is Jamaica made new again.



    How can DS move US$49M when it was a ponzie and only US$13M could be found by the liquidator ???

    What is the freeze in Jamaica freezing

    Wjere did the US$214,????,??????.?? figure come from in the freeze order.

    GOD HELP ALLLLLL the perpetuators of this OLINT crime!!!!!!!

    nuff gunshot and retribution fi dem and dem pickney and dem pickney pickney !!!!!

  48. THEY think OLINT members are going to walk up on walking stick one by one and cry inna microphone about the great injustice re the OLINT matter in 10 years time.

    GET THE BODY BAGS READY to find them one by one washed up on the palisados strip


    2) DAVID SMITH AND TRACY ANN SMITH (or assignee)


    DAVID SMITH AND TRACY ANN SMITH, c/o Misick and Stanbrook, Leeward Highway,
    Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands (“the purchaser”); and

    The Company has negotiated the purchase is the registered propreietor of a parcel of land located on North Caicos, Turks & Caicos Islands, registered under title number 50102/103, Sandy point, North Caicos (hereafter called “the property”) being a parcel of approximately 10 acres of undeveloped beachfront land.
    Title is presently in the name of the Crown but the Turks & Caicos Islands Government (“Government”) has approved the Transfer and the purchase price and government has sent the company the Transfer Deed and a treasury reciept voucher to pay the fees and purchase price into the Treasury and to arrange the registration of the Transfer at the Land Registry.

    It isnnoted that there is a Turks & Caicos Islands Government encumberance on the Property, in the amount of $2,422,250.00, that has been registered against the Property and that protects, for a period of ten years, the government discount on the property in the event of the sale of the Property to anon Belonger withing ten years.

  50. The Company has been established for the purpose of owning, developing and marketing, operating managinging, leasing, selling and financing a resort and residential development on north Caicos, TCI together with all ancilliary infrasturctuture works and other activities (“the business”)

    SMITH Directors


  51. From: Ece Wilson
    Friday, february 02, 2007 8:33 AM
    Purchase of 60400/30, Chaulk Sound

    Dear David,

    please find attached the draft Agreement for Sale for your review, recieved from the Vendor’s attorney yesterday. Please let me know of any questions you have or changes you wish made on the draft contract.

    Please note that there seems to be some confusion over the closing date- the Vendor’s position is that closing is to occur on 27 February, while Rex Messam indicated to me that closing is to occur on 17 March. could you please confirm your understanding of the closing date, and advise whether you will be in a position to close on 27 February, as requested by the Vendor.

    Please also advise how you wish to take title to the property.

    Finally, I can confirm that we have recieved the deposit of $47,000 in the Stewart transaction, and have also recieved Mr Stewart’s authorization to transfer that deposit to this transaction.

    Thanks David, I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Kind regards,

    Eve Wilson

  52. Home truths

    He deploys the very wealth on which the tax status is disputed to finance the Conservative Party, taking particular interest in the concerted electoral campaign in marginal constituencies.

    “Cameron needs to be very, very careful. Ashcroft, Goldsmith, the Bullingdon Club, etc., will come up to taunt him time after time betwixt now and the election. He can’t escape the Bullingdon Club, even through the suppression of the infamous pictures (because they are on Google), but he can escape Ashcroft and Goldsmith. I advise him so to do.”

  53. Hague reveals details of his trip to Turks and Caicos

    Tory foreign affairs chief met no opposition leaders in visit to troubled ex-colony

    It is now clear that unlike the committee members, he did not meet any opposition politicians or other critics of Mr Misick’s administration during his brief visit. But his statement yesterday added: “The Conservative Party takes the need for political reform in the Turks and Caicos extremely seriously. We therefore fully supported the Government’s decision to take action against corruption in the Turks and Caicos and have called for urgent reform in the administration of the Islands. William Hague had a recent meeting in London with the new premier of the Islands, Mr Galmo Williams, to discuss progress towards reform.”

    Mr Hague’s stopover on Turks and Caicos was part of a six-day tour that took in Iceland, the Falklands, Belize, Brazil and Panama. He was flown out for free by Lord Ashcroft’s company, Flying Lion, but paid for his accommodation.

  54. I found the Dec 9 Letter “What type of Society are we Building?” by John Wildish stimulating.

    Although I respect his ardor and I share many of his perplexities about the current political situation, I think Mr. Wildish’s premises are wrong. The choice to be made is not between Capitalism and Socialism, that choice was clearly made and joyfully embraced by the entire Western World, once and for all, at the fall of the Berlin Wall.

  55. Floridian:

    Are you playing with all marbles?

  56. There is no way I could be a revealing as you Tafari. You and nonco have the market cornered on solid helpful information for victims. Maybe more well developed and closer connections.

  57. Alright joke aside..what nerve got touched today Tafari?

    As one of the most vocal bloggers against Smith and the gang you are still allowed the ‘priveledge” of being able to post on the junior blog.

    That is one hell of a feat for you have spewd some well deserved vitriol on Smith.

    i asked you to ID the owner of the IP…what happened there?

    Asked you about a name of a lawyer ..what happened?

    Post questions to me on the junior blog and I will answer you there.

  58. Floridian:

    Go back to the “junior blog” and see the latest. You are sure to have a good laugh.

  59. Floridian:

    They say you should not judge anyone until you have all the facts.

    Well, my friend, that is advice I am taking to heart.

    When Nocotec said that some people are ripe for the next scam, I understand now what he means.

    Even today, it appears there are those who CHOOSE to remain sheep for the slaughter. This is very sad to the point that it almost brings me to tears – literally.

    Nocotec, we disagree only now only on the “greed” issue. In my humble opinion, there is nothing greedy about investing in a good opportunity – well, providing there are no thieves like DS out there. For instance, with a well diversified portfolio, some will be risky and high yielding, while others would be lower yielding (under 10% lol) and less risky.

    But stupidity! Oh yes. Stupidity indeed. It is said that you can fix almost everything. But you can’t fix stupid.

  60. Scotiabank Canada …you can’t get enough ehh? Tell them they use the drip…he wanted to play in the big leagues so don’t hide their ‘rules’ from him.

    NY NY Soon on Tic Toxic?

  61. “Lawyers say victims will likely recover only about 10 percent of the money they claim to have lost. The final tally of Madoff’s theft is unclear. A court-appointed trustee says he’s identified $21.2 billion in losses so far from 2,300 customer accounts. “

    1 year later, fallout from Madoff’s massive fraud

  62. ring ring, ring

    Hello Please, dis is Floridian, who is dere?

    This is Belview mental hospital, we have been reading your blogs and by the looks of it you will be needing a bed here soon.

  63. Ask the “Doctor” at Bellvue to work the anagram out for you.

  64. 5 hrs 44 mins is not an immpressive time if you did.

  65. @Jedidiah

    we have been reading your blogs …”thanks for the tip” the IP address confirms that.

    good for you.

  66. Watch the environment – IMF
    Published: Friday | December 11, 2009

    The environment, however, has changed radically in the 27 months the Government has been in office. Like all governments, this administration has had to face the scrutiny of the press with a glare that is, perforce, more intense than when it was in Opposition. Jamaica finds itself in a deep economic crisis and the Government’s management has been called into question.

  67. Jamaica will fall into ruin if these so-called mothers, wives, girlfriends and guardians don’t confront their male relatives and say, “Enough is enough.” We are going to see a country where our young men are going to be an endangered species. It is full time law-abiding Jamaicans to unite and take back our country from these thugs. I know a lot of mothers won’t agree with me. It is hard, I know, for a mother’s love to cease from the child she carried for nine months.

    Robin Hood society?

  68. Political parties will always need financial contributions, but the taint of corruption and the possibility of influence peddling must be removed from them. All political donations must be declared openly, and made public, so that if public policy veers suddenly in any particular direction, the source of the influence may more easily be detected.

  69. Ponzi schemes take hold in T& T

    By Juhel Browne

    Friday, December 11, 2009

    There are many Ponzi scheme operators in Trinidad and Tobago like US securities scam artist Bernard Madoff, who are getting away with crimes because they ‘seem to have the protection’ of local authorities, says Opposition Senator Wade Mark.

    “Some of them should be in jail right now but they’re wearing jacket and tie and appearing to be decent citizens,” Mark said.

  70. ring ring, ring ring

    Hello this is Sherlock Homes, of how may I be of assistance?

    Hi this is Belview Metal Hospital, have you located the subject yet sir, as you know the former patient of Bellvue managed to escape their facility, and it appears he may be on this blog. He has multiple personalities and operates under many guises and names. Sometimes he slips up and says “we” instead of I. But he is only one.

    I think I am getting close, thanks for the tip.

  71. Embrace capitalism

    In talking to many prominent Jamaicans, including political and business luminaries, I hear one matter being repeated frequently. This lack is mentioned over and over and over in our discussions.

    They seem to think that Jamaica lacks capital; it is as simple as that, our leaders believe that the nation has a lack of capital. They have even gone so far as to approach the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to try to bring relief in this area.

    I am, etc.,


    Let us clean up our Trash we left behind. We teach children this at camps. After the Olint issue is resolved properly then we can put forward concepts of Capitalism and Socialism (haven’t that term in a while).

    If one rushes to the starting line of the Tour de France with a seat pole but no bicycle seat then one will face difficulties further along.

  72. A spare change of Spandex in lieu of any other solution is a reasonable idea…but it will not plug the problem… in the long…run?

  73. Sherlock will solve the anagram for those who have difficulty.

  74. I notice sherlock has not been contracted to return any stolen money…what a waste.

  75. I assume that as in most of the civilized world, “receiving stolen property’ is a crime in Jamaica. Or is it?

    Well then, it is now known that members of the two political parties as well as senior police officers received money stolen from Olint investors. What is the “fraud squad” doing about this Nocotec?

  76. No congratulations Nonco? Merry Christmas.

    What deacon did say something bout his best team says at least what 5 years……The Best have to be schooled by someone Deacon.

  77. A Turks and Caicos Islands-based investment scheme that promised returns of up to 15 percent per month took in US$220 million from approximately 6,000 investors in a 27-month period from April 2006 until it ceased operations in July 2008, financial newsletter OffshoreAlert has reported.

    Of the amount raised, $154 million – or 70% – was paid out in redemptions, stated Joseph Connolly, as liquidator of OLINT TCI, in his first interim report to the TCI Supreme Court dated August 6, 2009. As a result, “there will most likely be a significant deficit” for creditors, he added.

    Ok…Of the 220 mil, about 154 or 70% was paid by to investors….That leaves 30% or 66 mil or so…

    Of the 66 mil, the liquidator has 13 mil….That leaves about 53 mil…..

    Of the 53 mil, DS recently moved 49 mil…..If that can be recovered, that leaves 4 mil……

    Of the 4 mil, NCB issued checks for about 1 mil…Well that may have already gone to pay lawyers and the two drivers he still has in the TCI…

    So that leaves us still 4 mil short….

    If the money in the caymans is recovered, well, something is not see, the money in the Caymans is more than 4 mil…and then there is the account in Via Espania at that bank with the elaborate lobby…marble all over…

    You see, my numbers are telling me that there a lot of folks that has not put in claims to date. That could be the Olint Jamaica investors or just folks who still believe that DS will come through for them.

    The numbers don’t add up Mr. Conolley…

  78. Mr. Liquidator sir, ,if you say the funds were comingled, then you have backed yourself into a very cute little corner….you see, you should start counting at 600 million.

    You can expect a fight to prove that the money you freeze from Olint Corp really belongs to Olint TCI…

    Wow…what a mess…..

    Floridian, is your lawyer looking at this?

  79. According to OffshoreAlert, when funds raised by OLINT’s operations in Jamaica and elsewhere are taken into account, the total investors’ principal that went into the OLINT scheme could be as much as US$1.2 billion.

    What is the plan? To freeze Olint Jamaica funds and give all the frozen loot to Olint TCI?

    Why is there no action in Jamaica?

    Am I missing something here? Or is there something more sinister going on in the land of ganja and corruption?

  80. US$1.2 billion. WOw!

    There is no way that he could have spent all that money….We need to look a little harder…..

    Today my sources indicate there are between 750 and 900 million still hanging around……Still a few hundred million short if that 1.2 number is correct…

    Or is it that the 800 mil number all that is left?

    But if he has access to that money, why would he not just make it available to the liquidator and get the charges dropped?

    Eh Floridian? What’s going on?

  81. 1The liquidator said:

    An imminent distribution is unlikely, as there are still more claims to be received, processed and verified. (Olint had approximately 6,000 investors who invested approximately US $220 million).


    More claims to be received so how does the liquidator know of the 220 mil figure? Remember he also said that he has no records from Olint TCI.

    Something fishy!

  82. Tafari

    Can you or anybody explain to the blog what the US$ number in the freeze order mean ????

    Where did they get those figures from????

  83. He will need to reconstruct Olint TCI’s financial records in order to see if the claims are valid and since David Smith has been uncooperative in providing the financial records and the company database, for him to do so, he’s taking him to court to get this information.


  84. Mr. Connelley:

    Do you edit your updates for inconsistencies? Or is that by design?

  85. You know what’s laughable? You are ragging on the liquidator and hinting about inconsistencies in his reports, yet you have consistently spelled the liquidator’s name incorrectly!! His correct name is “Connolly” (as opposed to the many derivatives of his name that you have presented within a few posts….”Connelley”; “Conolley”; etc.)

    If you think you can do a better job than the liquidator, then maybe you should apply for the position…god knows you seem to have the available time, although the requisite skills be elusive. Lookie here, you are no position to question the liquidator’s effectiveness. In fact, you have NO standing as far as even having the ability to submit a claim to the liquidator, since your claim is that you invested through a feeder club (although the data I have support that your ran a feeder club yourself).

    You seem to be oblivious of the fact that the liquidator has relied on previous work done my PWC and a lot of the preliminary data originated from that engagement. You are also lacking basic understanding of the arduous task faced by a liquidator trying to put the pieces together from limited data due to poor recording keeping (something even Olint themselves admit to) and the fact that pertinent information are nowhere to be found.

    Given the above facts, I readily accept your recent pronouncements that…. (A) “Pardon me lecturer, but I (Tafari Francis), am the slow kid in the class” and (B) “that I (Tafari Francis), am not the sharpest knife in the drawer. KISS…Keep it simple stupid”. Maybe the latter acronym show read…KISIVD (Keep It Simple, I Very Dumb)…..

    Your postmortem of the Olint saga is silly. Why try to appear smart after the fact? Where was this “burst” of deductive reasoning skills when you made the “go” decision to invest (through a feeder club?), in a ponzi scheme?

    I guess the foregoing shows how LAUGHABLE your constant indecipherable gibberish comes across to the average reader of this blog. And to think you are asking Floridian if he is playing with all his “marbles” LOL. You said you will be going to Jamaica soon,….please watch-out for Three Card Monte guys; although that might be a step-up in degree of cons that you are predispose to fall victim of……. again!!! 🙄

  86. Hey Floridian:

    The village idiot is trying to be relevant again…something about spelling….

  87. I just need to let you know how my boss’ name is spelled. And if you think you could do a better job that he can, why dont you……


    I get it!

  88. Stay around here long enough and you ah know all who is who….

  89. Floridian:

    For a while there I thought it was the TCI FCU sergeant…..

  90. Could still be Floridian, because them ah in ah de same camp….

  91. The money is big…”Cash Cow”….

    Defend your big pay-day guy…..

    How much of the 1000 hours were paid for being on the blog with the PR?

    “Creditors” want to know.

  92. Tafari, looks like I’ve touch a nerve or two? Why you keep giving me all these hats to wear? First, I was Wayne Smith…follow by TCI FCU sergeant and lastl but not least, one of the liquidators. I can only wear one hat at a time. O.K, today I am the PR person for the liquidator.

    Creditors? How about suckers? Hahahahhaha……..aaaa. US$45 grand invested in a Ponzi 6 months after it crashed…cool. What a buffoon.

  93. Thought I touched your nerve with that elaborate essay just to say that his name was incorrect….Ha ha you.

    Now you will be permanently ignored. Go back to your hole in the basement..

  94. Teef from teef mek God laugh…..My grandma used to say.

    So we a go leh the Jamaican polititians dem keep what they got just to mek things happy in heaven…

  95. A letter to the NFA…..Big people correspondence….start the ball rolling on the Olint demise.

    So it ah go…..

  96. Guys,

    Any lawyer on the blog?

    I was speaking to a guy last week, who claims he got out of Olint before it crashed, with a few hundred thousand dollars profit, and he was laughing at all the ‘investors’ who lost everything, saying that they were either fools or greedy not to have taken their gains.

    However, if there were no real gains being generated from the ‘trading activity that he ‘invested’ in, then he actually profited from the ‘investment’ of the people he was laughing at.

    Isn’t there a case to be made that he must return his profits because thy were not real gains but the proceeds of criminal conspiracy?

  97. A number of people who went in early made good profits, but the Liquidator’s report shaows clearly that not only was there no trading in the first 7 months, but even when trading started, it operated at a loss, even though people were being paid ‘gains.’

  98. Additionally, the operators of feeder clubs, including many pastors, find it convenient to hide behind the statement “waiting on my trader.”

    However, an investigation should be done to see how many of the investors’ funds that they took were actually deposited with Olint and what they did with it.

    Additionally, aren’t they themselves guilty of fraud when they took investors’ money after January even when they knew or should have known, that there was a problem with the scheme?

  99. Cally:

    I’m no lawyer, but I’m sure you know the answer to the questions you posed. There is the issue of clawback of illicit gains, but given the fact that Olint investors are spread over diverse geographical regions, enforcing this would be slim to none. Also, figuring out the guilty parties will also be a challenge, since the financial statement on Olint/Olint TCI is in such a disarray or non-existent. If you look at Cash Plus, we have heard anything related to clawback and I suspect it will not even be issue with Olint.

    As to the guy who withdrew all his funds before the crash, I wouldn’t be surprised if he was alerted by “insiders” to the imminent demise of Olint before it became public knowledge. Certainly, based on published email(s), a number of people knew before hand that Olint was on its last leg in the 4th quarter of 2007.

    My take on the feeder clubs is that a “significant” portion of the investor’s money never made to Olint, period. Most of those funds were diverted to pay encashment, “management fees” or simply stolen by the operators of these Feeder Clubs!! The big question is how much was diverted? Is it $5M, $10M, $20M, $50M, $100M+ Millions?

  100. Frank interview with the Prime Minister to be aired

  101. On Sunday, December 13, a timely, frank and insightful discussion programme with Prime Minister Bruce Golding and veteran journalist, Ian Boyne, will be aired on national radio and television networks.

    The one-hour programme called, A Conversation with the Prime Minister will cover a range of issues that are pertinent to moving the country ahead despite global economic concerns.

    The Prime Minister made himself available for this discussion, in keeping with his accustomed style of ensuring that the country is informed on matters of national importance. The programme comes just ahead of government’s critical meetings with the team from the International Monetary Fund.

    The issues to be discussed will cover the economy, the upcoming agreement with the IMF, the reasons why Jamaica had no choice but to go to the IMF, and other issues of national importance.

    Major media houses have provided prime time to air the programme starting with radio stations Love at 4:30 p.m.; RJR 94 at 5:00 p.m.; NNN 90.7 6:00pm; Bess 100 and Roots 96.1 at 6:00 p.m.; Newstalk 93 at 7:00 p.m.; KOOL 97, IRIE and Power 106 at 8:00 p.m.; Hot 102 at 8:30 p.m. and KLAS 89 at 10:00 p.m. The programme will also be aired on television stations starting with TVJ and PBCJ (cable) at 5:00 p.m. Love follows at 5:30 p.m. while CVM closes the list at 9:00 p.m. The programme will also be available as a pod cast on the JIS website from 8:00 p.m.

  102. That interview with the PM was a joke. Ian Boyne gave the PM a kid gloves interview!

  103. Should Floridian interview the PM?

  104. The capture of the men should come as welcome news to the operators Hallmark Bank & Trust, as their building has been broken into at least twice over the past six weeks ago by unknown assailants who, on the previous occasion, took away a safe with mostly documents.

    Talk about re-inventing the wheel!

  105. @Cally and floridian
    Have you read the translation of the Nag Hammadi texts also known as the four Gnostic Gospels? Would love to hear your insight especially on The secret Book of John. Hogwash or plausible? Biblical or heresy?
    Bless up.

  106. Only Thomas.

  107. Commiserations Nonco?

    Red P, People talk at lot of Jesus while the teefing goes on. When the big iron gate creaks a lot of finding Jesus with mout shut goes on. Changes to that are not expected.

    For those on that journey savour it.

  108. Think people steal a lot out of greed? Check how rapid dem teef to stay out of free accomodation and free meals…

    Best of luck Red Ppppeee.

  109. I just went over and had a look at the #4 bus, and noticed that activity has picked up.
    Some poster named “pissed” seemed to have come up with a new scheme and people are beginning to get excited about it.

    Its Melaluca scheme, I hear its some type of multilevel market scheme. I must admit that I don’t know much about it, but once I see it being branded about on that bus I know some people once again in for a rough ride.


  110. Guess what!!

    Our good friend Tafari is now making enemies on the #4 bus.

  111. Jay:

    Making enemies there the same way you did. I am now the big man trying to keep them from making money. I understand now your frustrations with that blog. I understand now why Nocotec paints anyone who disagrees with him as ripe for a scam.

    Did you see that Tafari is now the big man trying to keep money out of their pockets on the Mo. 4 bus?

    I laughed so hard……..

    I still don’t think they are greedy – just infinitely stupid!

  112. Jay:

    Here is a sincere what if for you…..

    What if DS was using the Usimo et al accounts for pay-out of funds from investors funds coming in…BUT, he was actually trading ( ) funds on hand on the various platforms? …Sort oof like what the mini ponzis were doing?

    What if this guy now has more money hidden that everyone thinks?

    What if this guy is waiting to see how much time he will get, and opt to keep, say, US $ 200 mil if he only gets 5 years or so?

    That would be the ultimate con .now, wouldn’t it?

  113. Jay:

    And what if some bloggers are part of this elaborate con? What if they are going to share the spoils with Smith?

    What if the conspiracy theory about Mr. Chin paying to bring down Olint really true?

    And what if some bloggers with initials are really blogging as part of their job? What if olint investors are actually paying indirectly for these folks to come on here and redicule olint investors?

    Wouldn’t that be cool?

  114. What if?

  115. Cameron attempts to end rumpus over Ashcroft’s tax status

  116. @ Tafari,

    I see now that you get the message.
    I have said before that those folks are so gullible, that they will fall hard for the next available scam that comes their way.
    If someone comes to you and say they have found a new way to make some money one should first ask themseleves.

    1. Why is he telling me how to make money.
    2. If it was that good he would go make all the money and not tell me, whats in it for him.?
    3. Human by nature are selfish, so if making money is that easy ie no investment, why is he telling me, sounds fishy.
    4. Normally when you hear about a new money making system and people really start to promote it, its usually at the end of the line ie the system is about to stop making money. The new kids on the block are who the money is going to be made from.

    The #4 bus is pathetic, these guys band together around any and everything and anyone who tries to help them is branded as ” d big man” dem nuh want d likkle man eat food.

    I read the blog today and shook my head in dismay, saying here we go again.

  117. Jay:

    But I believe one thing…they are all true christians because they work miracles on that blog – they have me agreeing with Nocotec.

  118. The grand daddy of Multi-Level-Marketing schemes is Amway. These schemes are not strictly classified as pyramids because they do sell products but effectively they are… They require recruitment of new members to make any real money. Additionally most require continued purchasers by the member.

    Amway was sued by one of the States and forced to reveal that the average member makes some where in the vicinity of $80 per year. These schemes preach that you can get rich but the reality is that only those at the top of the pyramid can. The rest make little to no money and many actually are out of pocket buying products.

  119. @ Nocotec,

    I am at a loss as how “sane” people could become entrapped once again in a pyramid scheme.
    Can you believe that our friend Tafari over over on the #4 creating stink telling them its a scam and people are accusing him of not wanting them to make money.

    I really feel sorry for these folks, but I am not sure I should.

  120. @Jay

    As I have said before some folks are just fodder for scams. It is the way of nature, there are predators and ‘predatees’.

    I personally know one person that got scammed of 6 figures… I tried to warn him and delayed him for 2 weeks to see if he would reconsider but he got mad at me… Sent the money and got scammed. At the time he was also planning to invest in Olint but got scammed in this other scam which is the only reason he did not lose money to Olint.

    He then got hooked up with one of those pseudo pyramid schemes… That did not work out. He is now on to the the 2nd pseudo pyramid scheme and in trying to recruit me told me he will be a millionaire in 6 months.

    Some folks are just predisposed to be the prey in life’s jungle.

  121. Jay:

    It is ok to feel pity…Just never ok to hate.

  122. The calamity that triggered FINSAC
    (The Olint man speaks)

    Mr Wildish what caused the Olint Calamity ?

  123. Mr. Wildish seems to be ascending to journalist and financial analyst.

    This is surprising as it would have followed suit that the recently vacated senate seat would have been his as reward for his ‘work’ in the Olint theft.

    Who knows? Deacon may replace Ian Boyne.

  124. No sorry,
    Deacon not available he said they wanted him to run a seat in Chaulk Sound.

    I wonder how Lillian Boyce felt about that?

  125. Wait

    Deacon said in the Observer he had nothing to do with that government so how could they speak about him running in Chaulk Sound?

    The Trials are going to be interesting and truly frank.

  126. Deacon always says he is anxious to get started…

    Then one foggy Christmas eve Santa came to say….

  127. Hey Floridian:

    The jamaica supreme court has reportedly ordered David Smith to ” immediately disclose with full particularity the nature of all such assets and their whereabouts and whether such assets are held in its own name or by nominees or otherwise on its behalf and the sums standing in any accounts…”.

    Now can the TCI police detain DS and force him to comply with the Jamaica court order?

    If no, then why did the liquidator Mr. Conoley, Connolleyyyy, Mr. Conellie, Mr. Conulleiiee (like it f345ing matters) not seek such an order in the TCI?

    What is the name of this game?

  128. The TCI court does order the following with regards to Olint TCI:

    The Company, its directors, officers, employees and agents shall provide the Liquidator with such information as the Liquidator requires in order that the Liquidator should be able to properly discharge his function under this Order and as an officer of this Court.

    Now since DS has allegedly refused to cooperate with the liquidator (who by the way is making a killing) isn’t David Smith in contempt of court?

    Why does the court not order this guy locked up until he turns over the records and discloses where all this money is hidden?

  129. Hey, a warrant could be issued for DS, Tracey, Wayne, Floridian and the rest of the bunch.

  130. Gwan den nuh.

  131. The story is told of an attorney who died and appeared at heaven’s gates.

    St. Peter asked him, “what did you do for a living son?” He answered ” I was an attorney”. St. Peter looked through the book and then asked him “how old were you when you died son?” he responded ” I was 57 St. Peter”.

    St. Peter looked at the man with a puzzled look on his face and said “my son, according to your billing records, you were at least 200 years old when you died”.


    Mr. Konnelliey, you and your team are really getting old quickly.

  132. Mr. James, of the firm James and Company, was charged on August 14 by Fraud Squad detectives.

    He is accused of defrauding his clients of more than $20 million in a real estate deal.

    The complainants, who are based overseas, made a report to the Fraud Squad in June after the attorney failed to refund them the US$230,000 they allegedly gave him.

  133. The jamaica court order allows David and Tracey and Waune to US $1500.00 per week for their living expenses:

    “Nothing in this order shall prevent the defendents from each expending up to US $1500.00 per week on their ordinary living expenses from a current accoun or other source the identity of which has first been notified by them in writing to the claimants’ attorneys”.

    Isn’t this a crock of shit? US $3000.00 per week for Tracey and David Smith – while their creditors have nothing.

    Hey Wantmymoney, you pissed yet?

    Folks, the jamaica court didn’t order a freeze. In fact, the court provided a legal loophole for the three to withdraw US$234,000.00 per year of the stolen money for their own use.

    Do the math guys……

    I knew there was something going on…

    These people are laughing all the way to the bank…every last one of them.

  134. The Jamaica court order also allows the 1st defendant (DS) to use money from an existing account to pay legal fees to defend the claim.

    Well, let’s say he hires an attorney for 2 million US dollars. Floridian, yuh nah go geh a cent!

  135. Floridian:

    Were you aware that NCB is the second defendant named in the interim freeze against Olint Corp (Olint Corp being the first)?

    I thought that NCB had closed the accounts of DS and issued checks?

    Smoke and mirrors? Mr. Chin hiding money for DS?

    Hey Nocotec, what is the account number?

  136. Money? I think you miss a lot of things…

    Anyway, happy holidays.

  137. What really a gwan?

    Why would the liquidator name NCB in the lawsuit?

    Wasn’t it Mr. Chin who went to the TCI and made threats to get Olint shut down?

    What a circle of deception….Next thing you know we will hear that Floridian still working for DS…

  138. Nonco, is pride? Or you just can’t bring yourself to say it?

    Anytime Nonco…

  139. Genuine Advice;

    Don’t dis my employer Tafari your naivete shows…

  140. Floridian:

    One never know what twist and turn this Olint thing will take next.

    Prime Minister, priest and pimp all involved.

    Give this thing another two years and at 245 mil Us a year, plus legal expenses (which would be millions) plus the bribe money, Floridian nah go see a dime…except that Floridian already know how him bread a butter…..

  141. Right Sirach?

  142. Alright DS get beat at his own game…what’s the big deal? When unno on top (with no real competition around) it is pure laughing and giggling.

    When your hype runs out what? Clam up in chaulk sound? The mother of all quiet?

    And then vex?

    it’s the season to be jolly..whahappen? Last Christmas eve was casino…there is still one left…Players Club is not the only casino…..don’t be a spoil sport…

    Perhaps next time if you feel you’re ‘on top’ you might want to just stop and think and check. Am I playing a game with myself? Am I truly competitive? Or is it a little too much cool aid.

    Not one ace even played yet.

    Good luck to you Tafari.

  143. O.k your ‘King’ is not King of All…many are shocked at that …many disappointed I’m sure of that! ….but be gracious with it man. Good time to reflect too. Look in that mirror…the one without magnification.

  144. Tafari and the rest,

    Let me tell you something. The arrogance of the so called mighty never ends. After thousands of Jamaicans continue to suffer without representation in the theft the concern remains if Tracy will have full hospital facilities come January. No travel. What a wickednesss!

    Recall all, “Long time me no travel commercial?”

    Tafari you know how many people are financially devastated on the eve of some stiff austerity?

    And Nonco the greed thing? Check yourself some people tried to help DS the one who used to drool all around the place.

    The Smith’s and gang have damaged Jamaica….Tafari you think any internet list out there is the complete list? You want to see the complete list on www don’t it?

    Oh what a rat race…

    You know what they hate even more than a beating in their own rat race Tafari?

    Show them you were never interested in it.

    Even now they love limelight and show.

    You pity dem?

    Jack Mandora…

  145. Like two million or so other Jamaicans, I have been thinking about the impending return to the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Our experience of the 1980s left nearly everyone critical of the IMF, more than that, scores of people were badly hurt when structural adjustment robbed them of a livelihood.

    Far from being successful, IMF prescriptions have been spectacular failures with many countries reneging on their ‘agreements’ in the face of damaging conditionality which threatens to push them to the brink. We have come to recognise that conditionality is an integral part of IMF lending.

    When rumours surfaced earlier in the year that Jamaica would be seeking an IMF loan, it was flatly denied by Government. Then, rather shamefacedly, the finance minister announced that Jamaica would indeed be returning to the IMF. For several months, we have heard about continuing negotiations with the IMF. I would love to have been a fly on the wall at that first pre-briefing meeting held in Washington, DC, between the IMF staff and the Jamaican team. As I understand it, such a meeting is held for the IMF staff to propose the policy strategies necessary for a country to achieve its programme goals.

    Special circumstances

    One is not quite sure at which point negotiation begins but, as is expected in a genuine negotiation, one of the bargaining chips has to be the special circumstances of a member country. Jamaica, a country on the edge of itself, experiencing a soaring murder rate, battered by high unemployment and crime, taxed to the hilt, dealing with a national debt that drains most of every dollar earned through export, deserves special consideration. One expects that during these negotiations the parties would be seeking to solve the chronic balance of payment problems without instituting measures that would be destructive of national prosperity and inimical to a peaceful society.

    What ever happened to the TCI Government Deacon?

  146. Great sage Nonco,

    Pick up again..predictions don’t have to be on olint can redeem yourself.

    How about this one? In 2010 you are going to see more smiling pictures of Usain than even the last two years! Even in World Cup.

    PR going fill you belly. Pity it can’t pay light and water bill.

  147. Floriddian

    you are well informed and deep thinking do you know where they got the $ figures that were quoted in the Jamaican freeze order come from . The figure was quoted to the cents !!!!

    Please help me to understand

  148. Nocotec Nocotec:

    You can’t do that to me. Just when I need a lecture for upcoming exams, the lecturer nah show.

    What is up with money still at NCB? Who told the liquidator that there is money still at NCB?

    Did Mr. Golding ask Mr. Chin to hide Olint money until the IMF negotiations end?

    Comeon Nocotec. A lecture is in order.

  149. Just when you need an inside man, they go quiet.


    I would exchange every post you ever made to hear what you say about this.

  150. Was the court apprised of the fact that DS hasn’t had gainful employment in more than 5 years?

    How about a court order for this man to get a job to pay back investors instead of a court order to go ahead and use up the stolen money?

    Did golding call the judge too?

    David Smith will be credited as the man who saved the Jamaican economy. How can that be you ask? Well, he is remaining silent at the request of the government so that they can get their IMF deal done.

  151. To put out everything right now would only hurt Jamaica.

    Jamaica needs no more problems God knows they have been enough.

    Still always amazed at what the country is willing to settle for…slavery alive and well just that Massa looks a little different and not as exposed.

    the smith’s don’t come to court…don’t want to place hand on the bible I’m sure.

    No one sues the Feeders? Interesting.

    The more laughable parts? the elites and academicians, Doctors, Lawyers etc. sticking heads in the sand while dutty trousers man looks at them all as he strolls past the beach.

    The World Class dem that spoke of hiring DS hahahahahahahahaa…

    Anyway aside…Red Pppee pray for Jamaica serious…for it is NOT in capable hands. And that includes much more than the political directorate.

  152. Driver of the Year RSI?

  153. $10,000 US to the first person to make ‘MOTTY” speak about Olint (other than swiftly denying e-mail that are not his) and mention that Commissioner Charles Ross is currently being sued.

  154. The same money that was stolen from you came back to you in the form of a Christmas Card or a Calendar.

    If that is the type of development the country wants..who are we to say no


    $10,000 US to the first person to make ‘MOTTY” speak about Olint (other than swiftly denying e-mail that are not his) and mention that Commissioner Charles Ross is currently being sued


    Know nothing about Jamaica……But when you read these articles, you sure learn alot about the status quo



    You can disprove that. You were at the meeting…………….

  157. Monitor IP…Constantly moniter and counter……

  158. Articles from the Sun have a stricking similarity with another popular comics. This thing should get to court.

    DS has had the opportunity to ‘clear’ his name under oath. So has Wayne. They have directly avoided this. No gag order nothing. They got help to clear their names but have worked against that.

    Ask Olint member Allen Hutchinson to make a statement.

    Statements from Smith carry little if any validity. I challenge anyone to blog here and say otherwise.

    Isn’t the IMF deal to be done tommorrow anyway? Is the Sun impling

  159. that Smith has something to do with that?

  160. Oliver Smith is the umpteenth in a long line of ‘distiguished’ lawyers for David Smith. What happened to them? Have they completed their due dilligence on the source of their fees?

  161. The commission claimed that OLINT was a full-fledged financial service operator, while the company claimed that it was a mere financial club. The battle was fought all the way to the law lords in the British Privy Council.

    Huntley Watson

    Mon 1/5/2009 9:44 AM
    To: anthony gifford, Oliver A. Smith

    Cc: David Smith, Tracy Smith

    Cc: Mark Stephens
    Sunject: RE: Olint

    Dear Mr. Watson

    For your information, please see attached letter recieved from the Privy Council confirming that the Respondent will be withdrawing from the Appeal.

    Happy New Year


    Nisha Aggarwal

  162. Judgement HCV 0817/06

    To: David Smith

    Dear All

    We have recieved communication from the Attorneys General’s Department to effect that they wish to send a joint letter to the Cheif Justice (signed by all the lawyers involvedin the matter) requesting her to afford Hon Justice McIntosh additional time away from other judicial functions to focus on writing this judgement. We had earlier taken the approach as indeed have the other lawyers involved that it is appropriate that we do not appear to be attempting to influence or pressure the Judge. all of us have heard the rumours swirling about this matter of national sensitivity as indeed have the public and as much harm may now be occuring from the delay as will move from satisfaction that the evidence and law is being fully reviewed.

    Accordingly, as 6 months have passed it may now be appropriate through transparent means to make a request of the Chief Justice to facilitate the learned Judge by allocating her some more time away from Circuit.

    Please let us have your comments in particular those of Queens Counsel having regard of course to the wishes of the Client which Ms Gordon will as usual communicate.


    Huntley V Watson

  163. Lee Oakley
    Fri 9/21/2007 5:23 PM
    To: Yana Smith


    I came in late last night sorry for taking so long to get back to you. As I told you if I got any information I would pass it onto you. Getting information can be tricky but this is the low down. I made my final request for an encashment 2 days ago, I had to do my withdrawals over 3 months in order not to raise any suspicions. An enquiry was done as to the state of all the accounts and the picture is this. The club now has a total of 31 million in there combined bank accounts and 5 million in there brokerage account. they are seriously running low on cash, a check of the brokerage account alone states of the last 8 months 6 has had losses. for example the brokerage account started out the year with 85 million and now its down to 5 million!

    We also looked at the total deposits he has taken in and it stood at 350 million. Now with profits the book value of the club is over 910 million on paper. that means the total assest on hand is around 4% of what he is sending out in his statements. the whole thing is such a joke.

    Last year there was not a problem because deposits were exceeding the withdrawals. Now it has changed, for e.g. the last 2 months the DEPOSITS were 3 million and 1.5 million respectively. Total WITHDRAWALS were 15 and 20 mil. So that means the net payouts, to be generous, are around 15 million per month, the net assets are 36 mi. now based on that they may be able to pay out for September and maybe October but after that I really don’t know what will happen, and I am not staying around to find out.

    Another thing I found interesting is that 2 months ago 8 million was transfered to a middle eastern bank account that is not a client. Also as I told you over msn last week the majority of the emplyees don,t know what is happening in the club. they are under the impression that things are A Ok.

    Now to be quite blunt dont tell anyone this information and guard it with your life. I still know people with money in the club and would like to inform them before the revelation. If the cat gets out of the bag there will be panic and the most Olint could do is to try and quell people’s worries by telling them some tale, because they certainly will not have the money to pay out even 10% of there accounts. I would advise you to ask them for a direct deposit in to your bank account because they are having serious problems with the other overseas accounts.

    I am so serious about not telling anyone the specifics that you cannot even tell Aron just ask for an encashment quietly. Say hello to Aron and the kids for me. also i have made plans for the trip to Belgium, the total cost for the week will be U.S. $7000 including airfare and hotel accomodation. I will send the itenery over to your office tommorow because you have to sign off on ot before I can send it back to the travel agency. Bye for now.


  164. promo items

    yana smith

    Mon 11/6/2006 12:10 PM

    Hi Dave

    Look at these items and let me know what you think.


  165. the crowd wants to see details of middle east accounts…to craven

    Let Deacon ponder it. While the meter runs…

  166. Cashless Christmas for Cash Plus depositors

    Bertram Hill II just draw from your Olint account and pay the people.

  167. Wildman told a press conference yesterday that he has assembled a legal team to marshall the efforts in Dubai to reclaim the US$25 million.”If we can get our hands on this money, the depositors of Cash Plus could have a merry Christmas,” Wildman asserted.

    Jamaica’s golden boy said they could have a merry Christmas. So why yare you spreading rumors Floridian?

  168. Give credit to the TCI though. They at least appointed a company with experience in accounting and financial matters the job of liquidator.

    Jamaica appointed Hugh Wildman.

  169. Well, we felt the liquidator had jumped the gun on this one, when he had raised Jamaican hopes on may defrauded Jamaicans concerning the US$25M in Dubai.

    Having just read the liquidator statements concerning the uncooperative nature of the hills, I believe they are too soft on these crooks.

    The prosecution should go for extremely long prison sentences not only to send a message that this type of activities will not be tolerated.
    In turn all senior managers of CashPlus should have had their assets frozen, as they as far as I am concerned are co-conspirators in this affair.

    I say Carlos Hill bail should be immediately revoked and he be carted off to jail, until he is willing to cooperate with the court order.

  170. Are you righted Jay? Do all those things to the Hills and then them spill beans? Jay are you a Jagan?


    You in one of the emails? Then deny it. Whappen quiet?

  171. Why are the courts so hesitant to enforce their judgements with regard to these financial crimes?

    Can you imagine an alleged murderer on bail and failing to cooperate with investigators who aretrying to find the body?

  172. Jay:

    I saw something last night that makes me question the sanity of one Dr. Chrisopher Walker.

    What do we know about thihs guy?

    • He invested and lost US$2.5M with Olint.
      What do you think is wrong with him, that would not have also affected anyone losing that amount of money.

  173. Whaddat Floridian?

    Me nah mix up in none of that rascla+ mess dread. Emails? Nah..never happun…

  174. Banton…sometimes the ‘best’ is only a pose for the ‘lest.’

    Think and Nonco?

  175. Lawyers seh dem want meck a money…sound familiar? Yeah injunction a come to dem….yes don’t believe the hype.

  176. I am just curious to know if this bredda understands what Buju means to Jamaica in terms of his dultural icon status.

    Bwoy ‘World Class’ advisors not short in Jamaica..and when them and them backers recite resume and then you look at the facts….ay bwoy.

    ‘World Class’ services in demand on the international stage…sekkle dung.

    Wha wi call dem…’DAYMARE’

  177. This lawyer ever defended a client in a Federal Case?

    Sage Nonco…we need you back….don’t feel no way that ou proven wrong after so many months we don’t hold it against you…we knew how it would go from the start.

  178. joke…don’t study the utter rubbish that MOTTY talk a daytime.

  179. I’m certain I read months ago that a ‘World Class’ took credit for Air J divestment.

    Pride ..foolish pride makes Air J not be closed down at a cumalative cost of Billions. If you even lease one aircraft to that company you are in the money.

  180. Political Analyst, Kevin O’Brien Chang, says Jamaica’s economic crisis is due mainly to external factors and the Government should therefore not be judged on that basis.

    Deacon since you left Jamaica and went to TCI you get a new name, ‘external factor’

  181. Carlos and Olint member Bertram Hill must be ‘internal factor’

  182. Two weeks ago Parliament gave approval for a private placement offer to raise $1.8 billion for the airline.

  183. ‘Govt. going to karreck the ills of the past’

    Campaign money from Olint going to be paid back Deacon! Australian model Deacon!

    Eternal father say you too teef. A new election campaign sponsored with the stolen money of the people of Jamaica facilitated by David smith et al through the Olint fraud.

    A next Deacon?

  184. The lie that Jamaica has been living?

    Haven’t this haven’t that…but mother of all conference get paid ….

    deacon you and your gang bring crosses on jamaica

    the days of recklessness will soon be over Deacon…

    “Daddy where that money came from?” “Shhh..” Who paid for your Calendar?”…”Shhhh”…..”that’s not right Daddy”

    “Clawback Daddy…”…..”Daddy?” …”yes dear” …”the JPS meter reader is here…”

  185. Knowing what we know today, is it possible that the infamous David Smith letter was really a fake? I remember when I first questioned it I was called an “olint insider”.

    To date, however, we have seen almost every email message David Smith ever wrote but we have never seen that letter.

    So it is very possible that the letter was indeed a fake – except that the guy wrote the letter and was planning to keep all that money to himself.

    Over 200 Million US dollars located to date….Or so I am told. Olint nah broke. David Smith just teef!

  186. Jay:

    If what I am seeing is true, it might be more than bennies on the dollar…dimes maybe?

    Again, except the liquidator decide there is a select few who can get the money back.

    because regarding that freeze against Olint Jamaica, the liquidator is in a quandary.

    The liquidator posted a statement claiming that he was advised by his legal counsel that he is not to consider statements from Olint Jamaica investors who did not have statements from Olint TCI.

    This was done right before he then filed a suit to freeze Olint Jamaica money……….to pay Olint TCI investors.

    Are people in Jamaica just stupid? Do they not see what is happening here?

  187. Nocotec:

    I kno that Mr. Chin wants you to look out for the stupid investors. So can you please tell Mr. Chin that there is a fraud going on on top a fraud here? Fraud piled so high it is beginning to stink.

    Well, don’t tell Mr. Chin a thing if he planned it that way, eh? The man have enough on his plate right now.

  188. Nocotec:

    Today I move to the front of the class….I coined a new phrase – Legal Fraud.

    Mr. Lecturer, yoou haven’t told the class why NCB still hiding money for the thief….legal fraud?

  189. David, happy new year to you, your dear wife and family. I am still hoping to get the info on the fx trading by Australia in dealing with their debt problems. Also, I had given Daryl the necessary information to have the thing activated, and he advised me that he had sent you an email in that regard. I’m told you might be here next week. I would like to see you as I have two persons who would like to meet with you. Please let me know. Regards. Audley.

    Hi Mr Shaw,

    Unfortunately I am just seeing your email, I will find out how you can get Information on the Australian Govts fx trading and let
    you Know.

    Also My schedule is a little crazy right now when I have a bit more time I will let you Know.

    Also Congrats on the mother of all conferences.

    God Bless


    ——- Original Message ——-
    From : Audley Shaw[]
    Sent : 11/11/2006 11:01:13 AM
    To :
    Cc :
    Subject : RE: fx trading

    It was a pleasure meeting you and your dear wife. I’m glad that you shared your knowledge and concerns with me. A friend of
    mine is keen on investing and would like to talk with you or better yet, he wants to meet with you if possible. He has asked me
    to fly over with him to see you when it is convenient to you. Please let me know.

    Regarding the Australian model of fx trading to help with public debt, is there any published information on it? Please let me
    know. I’d really like to learn more about it.

    Thanks again for our meeting as I now have a better grasp of the issues.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Kindest regards and compliments.

    Audley Shaw

  190. Diaspora Bond? diaspora want their Olint interest.

  191. Talk Jamaica Talk….Talk MOTTY talk

    Damned Ediats.

  192. Deacon David Smith

    “Because somebody is involved in politics doesn’t mean they’re a leader. Leadership is distorted in Jamaica simply because we are not addressing the majority.”

  193. No IMF agreement until next year

    Having had it fully explained weeks ago by Ralston Hyman MOTTY continued the refrain, “I don’t know about that”

    MOTTY who was off the mark earlier this year trying to cast doubt on the authenticity of “certain emails” has seemingly let the “We the people of inalienable rights” curiously rest for a while….for the Nation of “the pursuit of happiness” has long ago confirmed the emails…

  194. Anyway..hahaha..



  195. Them don’t even have the moral authority to tie them shoes lace….and their technical competence is more than questionable there too…

  196. JFJ berates Gov’t over unfulfilled promises

    HUMAN rights watchdog Jamaicans for Justice (JFJ) yesterday berated the Government for failing to fulfil pre-election promises

    Pre election promises? That is for David Smith et al…no one else.

  197. The Government, said Cummings, should reassess its strategy of positive spin, even when the reality on the ground suggests differently.–says-JHTA

    “Talk Jamaica Talk..”

    What a complete scam…

  198. Minister Tufton, I see you point, put you X beside the head yes.

  199. Jamaica:

    I have a suggestion……

    You should apply for the British to take over Jamaica, go back into statehood.

    Then you could have Euros as your national currency ..Think about all the new scams you could run with that!..

    Then you bring back DS and have him trade Forex for the government……Ideas! Ideas!

    Make Nocotec minister of finance and Floridian could be minister of lawsuits against best friends or something like that.

  200. Talk Tafari..Talk Talk…hahahahahahahaahahaa

  201. MOTTY all you sponsor lose money in Olint but trying to get out of the mess through ‘connections’

    When DATLIGHT shine on them wha dem a go do?

  202. Sponsor is one of Buju betta fans too.

  203. block block

  204. Aha Floridian:

    I knew you would like that one…..Knife too sharp too close to your throat?

  205. Why blocking

    always need a crutch?

  206. British takeover with Euros….Sound like a DS idea. ‘World Class”

  207. Just complete the following Homework and you can get a big contract:

    Spell the following:

    1. Spell MAT
    2. Spell CAT
    3. Spell RAT
    4. Spell BAT

  208. Just say, “The Worldwide Recession” ten times and you are well on your way to an appointment of a position of power.

    Jay take care all the best. Too much blocking like the other bus. So take care.

    Something must have happened today I don’t know but some bloggiers acting miserable.

  209. Rice and flour saved fro tax…protect local industry yes..cassava…talk talk talk….it makes us believe in our own percieved greatness…

    Take care Jay.

  210. Nick Clegg’s team has yet to repay a £2.4m donation from a fraudster with tenuous UK links before he was jailed here.

    But voters, braced for tougher cuts in living standards than yet admitted, do not look at the rich and see job creators. They see blameworthy greed, and demand fairness

  211. See one of deacon Law firm Tafari…run go research

  212. After the budget…..

    Are there any Labourites left?

  213. Big loss Floridian. I feel your pain………Don’t go for the rope just yet…Hang in there (pun intended).

  214. Tafari Francis Said:
    I have a suggestion……
    You should apply for the British to take over Jamaica, go back into statehood.
    Then you could have Euros as your national currency ..Think about all the new scams you could run with that!..

    Dude the more you speak up the more you show your ignorance. How come you said you were a big time budding currency trader? lol

    I suggest you complete floridian suggested exercises at

    Big time currency trader has Britain with the Euro… how you figure currency pairs and make all your great calls… lol

    JA go back into statehood… lol… Hint… The United STATES of America is the one that does states…

    A oh by the way, another hint…. There is a reason why it is the United Kingdom… and oh, while you are at it, can you tell us which country uses the Pound for its currency… lol.

    LOL… man that post was funny… One post with such glaring errors from the guy who claimed he has now moved to the head of the class? That class must have some real dunce bat…

    Ooops… forgot… you must not have graduated from the class that invested money with DS, who claimed to be generating an average of 50 % profits from FX trading each month …. and you thought that was a plausible claim. Your appalling lack of basic knowledge continues to amaze.

  215. Got you on the move again…..See, we now know what it takes to get you out of the closet Mr. Lecturer….

    When we touch a nerve that is somewhere on your index finger, we know we are right.

    You are becoming quite the puppet Mr. Lecturer…..Ignorance? We say what we want to say…everytime! LOL

  216. You didn’t relay Mr. Chin’s message though. Keeping that one close to the vest?

    And oh! The IMF made a decision………………..

  217. But just to show you that you don’t know it all Mr. Know-It-All, here is what “statehood” refers to…………..

    Associated Statehood between these six territories and the UK was brought about by the Associated Statehood Act 1967. Under the Act each state had full control over its constitution (and thus internal self-government), while the UK retained responsibility for external affairs and defence. The British monarch remained head of state, but the Governor now had only consititutional powers, and was often a local citizen. Many moved to change their flags from modified versions of the Blue Ensign, to unique designs with three, St. Vincent, St.Kitts-Nevis-Anguilla and Grenada adopting blue, green and yellow flags


    Mr. lecturer, shouldn’t you do a little research before you come to class?

  218. The Euro is believed to be counterfeit proof so you Jamaicans wouldn’t be able to print more…and more…and more…get it Nocotec? Imagine the scams you could run with that….

    Damn. I hate it when I have to break it down for the lecturer…

    You are supposed to be teaching the class Mr. lecturer….But it worked anyway…..Didn’t realize you were that slow though….

  219. How did Floridian put it? Your slip a show……………..

  220. Well, Noco maybe not counterfeit proof….Just easier to detect….

  221. Tell us about the money at NCB nah? You want to talk about statehood, right?

    Talk about corruption hood…Talk about your negotiations to raise money to pay the people in Barbados…


    “The Jamaican authorities and an IMF staff mission have reached agreement on the key elements of a program that the IMF would support with a loan under a Stand-By Arrangement (SBA). We will remain in close contact with the authorities over the coming days as they finalize their economic program in a Letter of Intent, which would then be reviewed by IMF management. The current timetable envisages that the IMF’s Executive Board would consider Jamaica’s SBA early in the new year. The SBA under discussion is for a SDR 802.5 million (about US$1.3 billion) over 27 months.

  223. “….and other weaknesses in the economy…….”“

    The program seeks to resolve the problem of an unsustainable debt position currently at over 130 percent of GDP and other weaknesses in the economy. Key to its success will be implementing a credible medium-term fiscal framework and a pro-active debt management strategy to put the debt-to-GDP ratio on a clear downward path.

  224. Good news Jamaica..Now all we need id for Smithy to throw in a little something and we are set…

  225. Mr. Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), issued the following statement today in Kingston at the conclusion of his visit to Jamaica:……………………………………….

    “On the monetary policy front, the successive interest rate increases observed this year, seeking to stabilize foreign exchange markets and to reduce inflation expectations, have been timely and appropriate. Developing a framework for consolidated financial sector supervision should also be given a high priority, especially in terms of assessing aggregate vulnerabilities of banks and nonbank financial institutions..

    “aggregate vulnerabilities”……What a sweet was of saying “total corruption”

  226. way..

  227. The International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) Caribbean Regional Technical Assistance Center (CARTAC), in collaboration with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Jamaican Financial Services Commission (FSC), is sponsoring a three-day regional meeting on understanding and combating unregulated investment schemes. Seventy Caribbean participants are gathered in Montego Bay to discuss pyramid-type unregulated investment schemes.

    That was October 29, 2008…..

  228. I have a suggestion…

    Get governments to stop accepting money from these schemes….That’s a start.

  229. December 12th, 2009
    Dear Clients,
    We would like to apologize for the delay in communicating with you as promised, but this
    was as a result of changes that were mandatory regarding our database host. The process
    of changing the host was much lengthier than we anticipated but was necessary to ensure a
    reliable and affordable service. The legal activity has also intensified and we are doing
    our very best to stay focused on our objective which is, to at all cost, pursue and recover
    our clients’ funds. Again we apologize for the lack of communication and the uneasiness
    and anxiety this may have caused.
    We would like to reassure you that we are working diligently, everyday, to resolve this
    situation. We have been working with our attorneys as well with other agencies in several
    different jurisdictions to fully investigate and to understand what has transpired with our
    clients’ funds after they were sent to the trader’s accounts. The Company, F1
    Investments, Inc., its Directors and Employees have also been interviewed and
    investigated as part of a due diligence and investigative process by Pinkerton Detective
    Agency USA, Inc. the largest security services provider in the world. This audit revealed
    and disclosed that our clients’ funds were not used to personally enrich the financial status
    of any of the above-mentioned personnel, but were mishandled by the persons to whom
    they were entrusted.
    For our Platinum Fund clients, the case against Ingrid Loiten and the Maydaisy
    Corporation is continuing fairly well. We are working through our attorneys to resolve
    this matter in the earliest time possible without having to be subjected to the duration and
    ordeal of a trial. As mentioned in previous communications a trial date had been set for
    July 1st, 2010 in the United States Middle District Court of Florida. On November 2,
    2009, a mediation meeting was held with Ingrid Loiten (via teleconference) and her
    attorneys with a court appointed mediator in Orlando, Florida. This meeting unfortunately
    ended without an agreed settlement. On November 23, 2009, Ms. Loiten should have
    attended a court-ordered deposition; however, she has yet to attend and continues to resist
    the court’s mandate. We will continue to press our case through the Florida Courts for an
    expeditious resolution to this matter. Our attorneys are, however, at this time scheduling
    depositions for I-Trade FX and their past employees for the months of December, 2009
    and January, 2010.
    For our Gold Fund clients, we have been actively monitoring the Turks and Caicos
    Courts action against OLINT. However, with the continuous delays, we are now
    positioning ourselves to take action in terms of a claim against OLINT. In addition we
    will be submitting a claim to the liquidator in order to ensure we are positioned for any
    payouts that may occur in the future. Unfortunately with this case we have been
    experiencing a “rolling delay” that makes it very difficult to determine any timelines.
    These have been very difficult times for all stakeholders in F1 Investments, Inc. We have
    all suffered personally from the inability to recover funds from these traders and we are
    deeply regretful for the hardship that this situation has caused. We are doing our very best
    to recover from this situation and we would like to again ask for your patience and
    understanding as we work through each of these issues. We are doing our very best to
    focus on what is important, i.e. the recovery of our clients’ funds. We therefore ask for
    your prayers and support to help us achieve this goal. Any other way will cause the
    redirection of our efforts and detract from what is important to all concerned. Should you
    have any further questions, suggestions or comments please email us at
    Thank You,
    F1 Customer Care Department

  230. Dear david,

    Please do the check to Stock & Securities Ltd. and I will contact Wayne on Thursday to arrange collection or delivery.

    Thanks again v. much for your help

    Best Wishes, Chris B

  231. Hurry Hurry Deacon…

  232. Back to the same circle.


    What happened to PIP UNIT?

  233. Need money badly, even $1000 US would help so much. Wish mi could just tek some of dat out of OLINT money in NCB. Floridian u cant help someone in need?

  234. Mi tell you last Christmas seh mi stop dole out money to Smithy victims…

    You think is charity a run?

    call him fi yu money.

  235. Or call Key Person 1 or Key Person 2 fi yu money…a Mandeville she deh.

  236. give me there email

  237. It’s on the World Wide Web..

  238. Review and Recommendation
    Fri 8/17/2007 12:33 PM

    To: Wayne ‘doope’ Smith

    My Friends,

    Just a review of our activities and some recommendations:

    Total Received: 293,000.00
    Overseas : 100,000.00
    Kingston : 193,000.00

    Original Allocations:

    Key Person 1 : 100,000.00
    Key Person 2: 88,000.00
    Westmoreland : 65,000.00
    St. Bess 1 20,000.00
    St. Bess 2 20,000.00

    Total 293,000.00

    Key Person 1: 106,000.00
    Key Person 2: 88,500.00
    Westmoreland: 45,000.00
    St. Bess 1 : 14, 992.50
    St. Bess 2 : 11, 227.00

    TOTAL 265, 719.50

    REMAINING : 27,280.5

    Due to the need to immediately respond to several tv ads being run by Key Enemy ( that is the opponent of Key Person 2) I have allocated the remaining 27,280.5 to Key Person 2 and sent it to cover the response ads.
    I have also matched the figure for Key Person 2.

    However, due to extensive acts of violence and intimidation Key Person 2 will need to focus vast resources on security, transportation and relocation of loyal persons on and before the big day.

    Key Person 2 is of the view that another 60,000.00 would be adequete. Key Person 1 is also now the target of Key Enemy. Key Enemy has given large amounts to the opponent of Key Person 1. So Key Person 1 will need some further help as well. Back to school requests are also being made of them in large numbers.
    Between recent and present contributions made to the other three( St. Bess & Westmoreland) I am also matching their numbers above.

    The two big concerns now are our two Key Persons.

    Please discuss and let me know as soon as possible.

    Time is now of the essence as we have only 5 working days remaining and a Hurricane coming.


    P.S. Extreme Confidentiality is Critical in all cases but especially for Key Person 1

  239. Shotta see you Olint funds… Say thanks to Deacon and the Doope.

  240. Time is now of the essence as we have only 5 working days remaining and a Hurricane coming.

  241. Deacon lives in a TAX FREE environment.

  242. Let’s say I own a cansino, I have a client come in and need some services. The client love my services so much that he does not have time to gamble but wants to gamble.

    I have another and special service that takes care of that. I have Guido, an associate of my other company come and do the gambling for my client. As we know the house wins most of the time.

    But there is a problem, the client’s money is not his money and some of the clients’s client is mad.

    What to do when some of the client’s clients is causing untold damage?

    What to do, what to do?

    We have Rico running loose in the U.S. and causing chaos.
    Procedes of Crime Act 2007 in JA is DOA.
    The cansino no longer functions in TCI.

    What to do, what to do?

    Hey, popcorn man, can you give us an ending?

  243. While there is no doubt that the operator of Ponzi schems cream of a portion of the funds gather for themselves, much of the funds are dissipated and will never be recoverable.

    In most cases involving Ponzis especially those that have run over few years, persons involved that have been burnt hardley every are made whole.

  244. Greetings all, I’d just like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very merry, completely blessed, joyous and safe Christmas. Please remember the reason for the season cuz its all about Him and what He has done for us. Give thanks in all circumstance even if the times dem rough.

    May God bless you all immensely and pour out uncommon favour upon you in 2010.
    Be blessed.
    Love and Peace

  245. Happy Kwanza Red PPppppeeee!

  246. I wish everyone a merry christmas…..i trust that the new year will see us getting back something from Olint.

    I started the year hopeful and i end this year less optimistic but still harbouring HOPE that 2010 will bring us some dollars in our pockets.

  247. The American girl said the injured were taken to the nurses station and the nurse was not there!

    Interesting to watch the Spin on this one…

    Praises no one seems to have been seriously hurt…

    The nurse was not there…can you believe that?

  248. You can just bet Hugh Cliff going interview ‘nurse’ and play back the tape for ‘nurse’.

  249. Yesterday was a horrible day for them contradicting themselves one after the other….ehh Deacon?

    Well the three at the airport should try avoid the contradictions ..although with them…anyway..

  250. The passenger seh, them teck the people to the nurses station and the nurse nuh deh deh….Time for Danville to take charge of the nurses station.

  251. The passenger from Los Angeles said the nurse was not in the station. Then another ‘media house’ said there is a KPH boothe.

    Deacon some similarities to your style of PR …


  252. I suppose if she retracts her statement she could get a likkle ting…ehh Deacon?

  253. IRS targets Stanford investors who have avoided paying taxes

    DALLAS — The Internal Revenue Service wants the names of U.S. taxpayers who have foreign accounts with companies owned by indicted billionaire R. Allen Stanford, according to court papers filed Wednesday.

    The IRS asked a federal judge to order the court-appointed receiver now running Stanford’s companies to identify American investors who held foreign accounts in Stanford entities from 2002-08.

    The agency said it has evidence suggesting that some the former Texas financier’s investors were underreporting their income or evading taxes.

    The government has accused Stanford in civil and criminal charges of running a $7 billion Ponzi scheme

  254. US District Court Judge David Godbey has ruled in Texas that accused fraudster Allen Stanford and his attorneys were in contempt of court in their attempt to collect additional proceeds from Lloyd’s to pay Mr Stanford’s defence costs.

  255. `It is absurd that the Government of Antigua and Barbuda is standing in the way of helping victims, while also holding out its hand for funding,` Shelby said in a statement Tuesday. `This resolution makes clear that the United States will not accept such behavior.`

    The comment comes as the Securities and Exchange Commission`s inspector general said in a recent report that regulators in Antigua obstructed the agency`s probe into Stanford`s activities.

    `As long as the Government of Antigua and Barbuda holds assets of Stanford that are not available to the U.S. receiver, it should not receive any funding from the U.S. or the IMF and World Bank,` Isakson said. `The injured American families deserve no less.`

  256. `It`s unbelievable that a government so intertwined in the allegations against Mr. Stanford has the audacity to ask for money from the IMF and World Bank. Not only was one of Antigua`s regulators allegedly a part of Mr. Stanford`s ponzi scheme, but the Antiguan government has taken over more than 250 acres of Stanford`s property and they have refused to work with the US court appointed receiver. Antigua shouldn`t see a dime of money from the US, IMF or World Bank until the victims of this fraud have first been helped,` said Vitter.

  257. LOL… Is that the same Vitter guy who was on the DC Madam’s list… conservative bastion of family values… while married and seeing prostitutes… lol

    And is he speaking about the same country that lost to Antigua about internet gambling and simply refused to honor the court decisions and judgments… simply ignored the decision. Very funny. These guys have balls…

  258. “Get Lester Bird in my office immediately!”


  259. At least Antigua got some cricket assets ….ehh Nonco?


    It was executed a little ‘cheaper’ in Jamaica……

    “Do you rememba …ole Marcus Garvey….Do you Rememba…old Marcus Garveeeyyyyy”

  260. Antigua, which had knighted Stanford, recently moved to rescind the honor while its governor general last week announced plans to shore up the island’s financial laws and slammed Stanford for embarrassing the country.

    Nonco…wha dat? Reverse?

  261. The major blow that the economy has taken had its genesis in events that were external to Jamaica — events that have brought some of the world’s richest nations to their knees.

    Somebody’s lying…

  262. Chief Magistrate Ivan Walters has set January 25 as the date for the start of extradition proceedings against former head of the Antigua and Barbuda’s Financial Services Regulatory Commission (FSRC), Leroy King, according to a report on United States law enforcement authorities have requested King on charges of helping disgraced Texan billionaire, Sir Allen Stanford, cover up an alleged US$7 billion Ponzi scheme.

  263. Riddle me dis Riddle me that …..

    DS, Sanford and Lee Chin took peoples’ money …….
    All three cannot pay back the money ……. DS and Sanford were Ponzie schemes………………………………. what was Lee Chin??????

  264. Live&letlive:

    “We” do not want to talk about the Lee Chin fiasco on this blog. Stick to Olint and you’ll be ok.

    Forget who invested in Lee Chin…they made a great investment choice and they are proud to lose their money to a great man like Lee Chin.

    So leave Mr. Chin alone and stop being provocative…..

  265. Sirach:

    Another year has ended and we are still waiting on the smoking gun you promised over and over again.

    David and his best friends seem to be good at making promises.

    But the liquidator says that you have nothing to recover since you recovered your initial “investments” in previous payouts….They may even be looking to you and Dr. Walker for clawback.

    Merry Christmas.

  266. Come and Clawback anytime..ready fo courts..bring your checkbook…and a toothbrush….the change of clothes is on nthe house.

  267. Clawback, that term…finally you have reached there…you’ve come along way baby…when you take little steps it is good….when you going to get to ‘damages’

    Good for you Tafari…I encourage you to keep working on others cases…it is crucial for you.

  268. Although this year there is no ‘CLAWBACK’ Christmas

    Have a merry one…next year is Clawback time.

    All the best. And Happy New Year when it comes.

  269. Some of you were ‘missing’ for a while….anyone went to the demonstrations…or tied up otherwise?

  270. And condolences to Charles and Natalie Ross of Florida whose house is in foreclosure.

    Don’t forget to keep di tikkle dem under the Matress right Noco?

  271. Streling can’t pay a mortage? Strange …

  272. MOTTY says, “What is it he is afraid of?”

  273. Tafari I put the question to you, “What is it?”

  274. You know it was a ponzi…you know you got back what you put in…so I ask of you, why the lawsuit? Playing games? Or is it a DS strategy? Cause you know you have nothing to get…..

  275. There are different stratas of investors…there are those that had private meetings with DS in his bedroom….

  276. Why would DS invite someone into his bedroom to have a meeting? I put that question to you….

  277. A picture taken at the Broward courthouse looks a lot like a picture taken in the TCI….wow…stunt double?

  278. Try move the money out of America with Judgement from the United States Court standing over it….yeah man fe..fe…fe

    Tafari you gave the liquidator permission to take pay out of your money? Really….

    To much braniac and best and brightest ehh Nonco?

    Merry Christmas…Casino tonight Deacon? Only Cassablanca still standing now…

  279. How it feel to have the advisors proven wrong again and again and again and again?

  280. Tafari, Season’s greetings fro the United States Securities Exchange Commission (SEC)
    Hi David,

    Thanks for the email and the chat today. Because it is a TCI FX Traders account, your request needs to reference only TCI FX Traders. Something to this affect.

    Please divide the $20,000,000.00 USD Deposit into 2 accounts. One with $914,823.60 and the balance to be in a separate account for Market Traders Institute, Inc. to have Limited Power of Attorney for Trading Purposes only, as outline in the signed ItradeFX Limited Power of Attorney.

    Once I get that I’ll give you a call and allocate the Money.

    See you next week.


    Jacob N. Martinez
    Market Traders Institute, Inc
    Toll Free: 1-800-866-7431
    International: +1-407-740-0900
    Fax: +1-407-740-0201

    —–Original Message—–
    From: []
    Sent: Thursday, January 11, 2007 4:03 PM
    Subject: RE: FW: Bonds

    Dear Jacob,

    I hope all is well. I just wired $20,000,000.00 to Itradefx.

    The break down is as follows:

    TCI Fxtraders – $914,823.60

    Olintcorp – the balance

    All the best

    ——- Original Message ——-
    >From : Jacob Martinez[]
    Sent : 11/28/2006 2:10:10 PM
    To :;;
    Cc :
    Subject : RE: FW: Bonds

    Hi David,

    Please see the email below from Juan about the visit to Venezuela. Can you
    make it at that time? Talk to you soon.


    Jacob N. Martinez

    Market Traders Institute, Inc


    Toll Free: 1-800-866-7431

    International: +1-407-740-0900

    Fax: +1-407-740-0201


    From: Juan Fernandez []
    Sent: Tuesday, November 28, 2006 2:03 PM
    To: Jacob Martinez
    Cc: MTI_Mauricio Passaro
    Subject: RE: Bonds

    Hi Jacob,

    We would be happy to meet with you whenever you think it appropriate. It is
    important to note that at this time there is no indication that the bond
    issue will take place anytime soon. We are heading for presidential
    elections this sunday and as a result all attention is focused on this
    event. I would recommend that you plan you trip for the following week and
    keep in mind there are no assurances that a bond issue will take place in
    what is left of 2006.

    When we spoke to Jared about the Venezuelan exchange market we also spoke to
    him about taking positions (Long/Short) in the Bolivar ( Bs)/ dollar ($)
    market. This is an additional subject we can discuss upon your visit. I
    would recommend that you consider coming from Wed. ( 12/6) on of next week.

    Best Regards, Juan


    De: Jacob Martinez []
    Enviado el: Martes, 28 de Noviembre de 2006 01:01 p.m.
    Para: Juan Fernandez
    CC: ‘MTI_Mauricio Passaro’
    Asunto: Bonds

    Hi Juan,

    My name is Jacob Martinez with Market Traders Institute and a friend of
    Mauricio Passaro. I’m writing you today to try to arrange a meeting with
    you or someone within your company to discuss the purchase of the bonds.

    Please contact me at your earliest convenience via telephone or email.

    Thank you.


    Jacob N. Martinez

    Market Traders Institute, Inc

  281. You will get no such judgement in Broward courts. Olint was a ponzi do you not get that? Papers will be served on 6th street downtown Ft. Lauderdale showing your withdrawals…..

    So why you a throw money after money you already got back? If I were Nocotec I would calll you greedy and stupid….

    A ponzi…No trading..he just gave you a statement showing what he hoped to get from other people to give you. You got back your money and more dude…What else do you want? More of other people/s money?

  282. Tafari, Merry Christmas from the SEC

    Jacob Martinez
    Wed 8/16/2006 7:09 PM
    To: David Smith
    Cc: Issac Martinez; Jared Martinez

    Hello David,

    Thanks for the call today…First let me practice my Jamaican…”Whagwan mi doopes?” “every-ting criss and all tings blessed”.

    As a quick recap and to continue today’s conversation, I tried to call you to explain this; however your phone went straight to voicemail. I know it has been one obsticle after another in getting your managed account opened, however, now that ItradeFX is up and running, we have more leway, as long as it is falls within US law. With that being said, after our conversation today we spoke with our compliance officer and unfortunately MTI will not be able to accept the money and transfer it into Itradefx or another Financial Institution on your behalf. However, MTI can accept the money if Services are to be rendered by MTI for Olint. Here are 2 alternative options that you can do to transfer the money out of Hallmark Trust ASAP and to get your account opened with ItradeFX (within 5 days from today) As you will see, both ideas involve training more Jamaican Clients on the Forex.

    Idea 1

    As MTI is rapidly approaching 400 trained students, as agreed upon last month, we are seeing that the Olint Corp Club still has many members that would like to be trained on the Forex and usethe Olint Payment Method. Therefore, you could wire $1million (or more) to Market Traders Institute today to train another 400 students (or more). Then I can fly out to you with the Itradefx account documents as soon as tommorow if necessary, just let me know your schedule (as I am now a Legal US Notary Public) and can notarize all necessary documents. As the money is coming from Hallmark Trust, the account will need to be opened as a trust account. Please look page 23 of the attached account document and let me know if it meets your criteria with Hallmark. Once we have a complete or partially complete Itradefx account application, you can wire your money directly to Itradefx for your account to be opened (can wire by the end of next week). Since you’ve already passed compliance for the UK, we don’t forsee any issues with US compliance.

    Idea 2

    Wire $1 million to Market Traders Institute so another 400 Olint Corp clients can get trained on the Forex and take advantage of the Olint payment option. Simultaneously MTI can facilitate opening a US bank account for you, this way you cn open your managed account at ItradeFX as a company Olint Corp account verses a Trust Account. then you can transfer the money from Hallmark into your US bank account and make any necessary transfers to ItadeFX account from your US bank account.

    Call mewhen you read this so we can further discuss. We see the light at the end of the tunnell.

    Market Traders Institute Wire info:

    Name of Account: Market Traders instituyte Inc.
    Company Address: 250 S. Park Avenue Suite 605 Winterpark, Fl 32789
    Bank: Bank of America – Winterpark Florida, USA
    Bank Address: 250 S. Park Avenue Winterpark FL 32789
    Account No: 0054 9656 6700
    Swift/ ABA No.: BOFAUS3N

    ItradeFX Wire Info:

    Beneficiary: I Trade FX LLC
    Beneficiary Account: 008981013891
    Fedwire ABA : 026009593
    Bank: Bank of America
    Bank Address: 250 S Park Ave. Winter Park Fl 32789


    Jacob N. Martinez
    Market Traders Institute, inc
    International: +1-407-740-0900
    Fax: +1-407-740-0201

  283. Jacob Martinez
    Wed 10/31/2007 9:06 AM
    To: David Smith

    Hey David,

    We never heard back from the guys in trinidad. Can you please speak with them. Unless you want us to go alone, (which I hope not) then we are in a stand still.

    Call me soon so I can come out. You don’t answers the phone. Lol.

    Talk to you soon.

    Jacob Martinez
    Vice president
    Tel: 407.740.0090

    Red headed stepchild at the airport Lol Lol.ggg

  284. Dude LOL …Duuuude….

    Awsome don’t you think Deacon?

    Secured Judgement already duuuude. Call Deacon with your maths and ask him.

  285. Just a ponzi Duuuude…hahahahahha….

    Slip a scrape di gung now Tafari…like you a PR for Deacon now….thought you hated him?

  286. You can explain what Deacon’s interest rate policy was all about and the what when why…..that’s Deacon et al’s problem…

  287. You ID the IP address yet? You want help?

    Help dem nuh Jay…

  288. I know it is especially painful at this time of year. But the truth is the truth. No court will give you any judgement when they see that you already recovered your funds from a thief.

    PR for DS? Yeah sure. You are as delusional as my great grandpa….But I guess it helps to have a little hope.

    File a million lawsuits (to get there you need to file two more, right) if it makes you feel any better. You already got what you put in. You have nothing more to get Julio…..NOTHING!

    Do you think that a court in the US will give a Madoff “investor” a judgement against Madoff funds when it is determined that that “investor” received more that they put in? Nah Jose….Nah happen.

    But if it makes you feel better to file lawsuit after lawsuit before different judges in the 17th then go right ahead. Like I said, Merry merry!

  289. And Mr. Belcher:

    They is no hate here…not even for Nocotec – or you.

    There is a whole lot of “pissed” but no hate. But I am sure that if hate was measured in lawsuits, you are full of it eh?

  290. Merry holidays Jay….What have you been up to? Did the big boys invite you over for some cake?

  291. 800,000 grand plus profits dude? Did you not hear? THERE WERE NO PROFITS…IT WAS A PONZI…DUH!

  292. “The calls I received from David Smith in October in which he explicitly stated that he had the support and protection of The Prime Minister of Jamaica and Jamaica’s Minister of Finance”……..

    Do you have the recordings? I would love to hear them.

  293. Tafari, can you explain to the rest of us why an individual that has invested in a ponzi scheme and gotten back at least the sum he invested, would go through the trouble of initiating lawsuits for the phantom profits? All the individuals I have seen in the position of coming out ahead when the ponzi collapsed tend to ride off quietly into the sunset.

    Can you share with us how you came by the information that Floridian got back more than he invested and does that make sense to you that someone in that position would be on a blog day and night calling Deacon, Deacon…..? To most of us, Floridian is teetering on the edge of insanity, so if he is ahead of the game, why go through all this hassle?

  294. Teat Dear:

    Do your own homework. Find out what was the relationship between the two.

    I have not the answer to the question WHY…you have to ask that of Michael……or Nocotec – he might say greed.

    Then maybe you could do a little research or just read one of his most recent posts. Have you not noticed that the lawsuits were filed in Broward County Florida and not in the TCI where “deacon” is? Mr. Hopeful is hoping that he can get at the money in the US. HINT: That is why the liquidator says that the money in the US belongs to a few – to keep little Michael there from getting hos judgement against it….

    As to HOW I get my information, let us just say that you should not let that concern you too much.

  295. Test:

    Riddle me this. Why is someone who is ahead of the game still claiming “profits” in a lawsuit after knowing that there were no profits?

    Did you say “teetering on the edge of insanity”? Dude why do you answer your own questions?

  296. Mr. Rowe is doing another David Smith on you dude.

    Why are you throwing away your money? How about you just send that money to the suffering Olint victims?

  297. Dude….Duuude….Merry Christmas dude….chill out duude …like blackwell just chill.

    Felice Navidad….nerves a fray and you nuh relevant..not to me….

    Sure you want nufff recordings and tings….yes massa I going run and prepare them jus for you…..Mira!

    Study me to your hearts content…hate?…could care less…

  298. Test

    Study me…and not Smith? Co conspirator? Den what you here for? the con gong already…(the first con).

    Not a Co conspirator? Then why study me? Tafari might say the word ‘lame’ but outside US circles the word is pathetic.

    But if it eases insecirity to make claims on me go ahead….could care less…

  299. Can’t find the recordings on your own?

    The word for that is PITY…

  300. Test:

    On the brink or in the drink?

  301. Look real good next time you take the long walk to the North Wing..Get off on the third floor…..follow the black line…..

    I will be the one looking at you, wondering – “what on earth”?

    • Tafari

      Is that the North Wing of Bellevue Hospital (psychiatric Ward) or the Broward County Court house? We know you were both visiting scholars of the hospital at so time or the other 🙂

  302. Judge Bowman nah joke. Please take your medication before you stand before him. This gibberish nah go work.

  303. Rothschild serious too. You go there with unintelligible bullshit and you will get kicked out faster than Nocotec at a DS dinner.

    Rowe should tell you that but I am sure he doesn’t care….How many will scam you dude? Did you not read what Nocotec said? Don’t throw good money after bad….

    How will I be entertained here if you jump off a cliff?

  304. Test:

    Ha ha ha…Soooo funny…

    Tafari would never lose it over Olint. Tafari has a well-diversified portfolio. Tafari nah put US $800,000.00 in Olint. Tafari nah mortgage his house, car and wife to “invest”.

    However Test, were you a spoiled child? Did you just ask and had everything given to you? Comeon, volunteer some information; share something for a change.

  305. Hey Jay:

    Whappen to the freeze? Dem release the money to DS again? De 21st done pass bro.

  306. Tafari

    More info from me…you greedy…if you insist.

    Smith is dishonest a liar and a theef. The day he stole from certain people he also added certified Stupid.

    If you want to defend a theef who am I to disuade you. You are free. Try to Malign someone who stole nothing from you and who has no interest in your life?

    Interesting. Not spectacular yet interesting.

  307. Tafari, hold back to the confident calm cool exterior you tried to portray in the past…this emotional jealous side is unbecoming even of an idiot….shape up and ..anyway

    You find the ID for the IP yet?

  308. Floridian:

    Here you go forcing me to agree with Nocotec again. You are stupid.

    David Smith is indeed a thief and a liar.

    I am not against you…why would I be? I am only pointing out what is clear – what you already know.

    David Smith set out to defraud. All evidence to date shows that he was NOT trading FOREX. In fact, I may have traded more FOREX in the past year than David Smith did all his life.

    To think that you will recover your thousands after you already got back most of what you put in (if not more than) is not only stupid but greedy.

    You have nothing more to get. I saw the numbers and it doesn’t look good for you./ In fact, the liquidator is considering clawback.

    And to think that you were once one of David Smith’s inside men. If I were you I would not allow my greed to block my view. There may actually be a warrant for your arrest soon Mr. Michael Sean Belcher.

  309. Deacon Smith is the holdup. He is so boring. Why not come out with it like Tafari and say it was just a straight Ponzi and there is no money to get?

    That is where I would like it to go…so it can start.

  310. So you file your lawsuits in the US hoping that the US courts will give you first preference to the money? You should slap your attorney for giving you that advice.

    The liquidator is now Olint TCI…remember that. Your lawsuits do not list Olint TCI…You list Olint corp as your defendant. Why is that? Oh don’t answer that.

    Plaintiff Belcher, Sean
    Plaintiff Dunn, Brian
    Plaintiff Henry, Mark
    Plaintiff Hunter, Winston James
    Plaintiff Ross, Frances Ross Rowe, David Patrick Retained
    BarID: 373575
    Plaintiff Ross, John Patrick
    Defendant Hallmark Bank & Tr Ltd
    Defendant I Trade Fx LLC
    Defendant I-Trade Fx Intl Inc
    Defendant Jij Inv LLC
    Defendant Martinez, Isaac
    Defendant Martinez, Jared
    Defendant Mastercard Intl Incorp
    Defendant Matercard Intl LLC
    Defendant Misick, Michael
    Defendant Overseas Locket Intl Corp
    Defendant Profesisonal Forex Assn Inc
    Defendant Smith, David
    Defendant Smith, Wayne
    Defendant Trowbridge, Brian
    Defendant Turks & Caicos Islnads Inv

    Nice try Michael. Meet you at the Burger King on the Third Floor. Park accross the street – did you know that the Judge owns that parking lot? $5.oo per hour parking then he throws out your case. Or you can park in the garage on 3rd Ave and cross over…..But I will be there watching. Just watching.

  311. Floridian, you tell lies now? Tafari never said there is no money to get. Tafari has said from the beginning that the guy is a thief. A thief hides the stolen property. I have always advocated searching for the stolen money – wherever it might be. You heard that one from your good friends on this blog dude.

  312. That could also help the many ‘members’ who are facing other charges explain their Olint balances.

  313. Hey Floridian:

    You should hire Hugh Wildman. He would have found many more millions for you by now. LMAO!

  314. Ok. After this class is out for the remainder of the holidays.

    Your “OLINT BALANCE” ….well…

    Take 800,000 and first minus 123,000.00

    Then take that balance and subtract…you get the drill…

    But remember ALWAYS disregard the “profits” or “gains” section of the statement. That never happened. So just keep subtracting everything you got from what you put in….Oh….you never put in 800,000? Oh, start lower then. You are a smart student..I’m sure you got it now.

  315. Hey, your co-plaintiff still in the reserves?

  316. Just watching so when I come right up you won’t say hi?

    In Jamaica there was’ watching’ too …i went right up to say hi and the bastard was so frightened he nearly crashed the Bimmer on the way out.

    I think some cases abound against the Liquidator etc.

    What i am saying is I’m always ready to say hi upfront bring it…don’t be shy.

    What charity would you suggest money be given too? Perhaps I teachj you a life lesson Tafari.

  317. Can you find cases against the liquidator Kanally or something like that?

  318. Why don’t you place some actual accounts up? that was done long time ago ask Jay.

    When the settlement arguments first began it was a different tune from what you sing.

    Tafari hack or something nuhh? I want to encourage you but are so of the mark….serious….you want help to try and discredit people? Why not just ask them to help you?


  319. Tafari please put up some Olint TCI statements so we can get going. Jamal ..into the light.

    I would do it but not right now. This was done a while back but I will do remedial work with any slow learner. After all it’s the season.

    Have some sympathy and consider first before putting up any person’s account that is facing extradition or other cases.

  320. Even floridian knows mercy although that can change immediately.

    IRS and others lurk the sites…hell Scotia Canada head office never even takes a break.

  321. New Year will be nice up time..the names in feeders and the ones who think they are hidden.

  322. Come Tafari inspire me..let’s see what you can do…

  323. Perhaps the judge shouls be asked about the parking lot in chambers.

    Borman..hmm where have I heard that name? Oh yes how can I forget.

    The statements to TCI fraud …where is that file?…oh yes…Check. about a hand held micro scanner? Basic for Christmas.

  324. Tafari,

    January Tafari! Discovery! I would not have eased but they were polite and respectful but ‘like sand through the hour glass’ so are the days of their lives.

    What a concept like Discovery Tafari. You ask for what you have already and the tide goes out on a potential liar. Got bathing suit on? or not?

  325. You should hire Hugh Wildman. He would have found many more millions for you by now. LMAO

    Deacon should have hired the best like Gifford, Finson, Watson, Nunes hell even Dunn Cox….of course the best of the best Courtenay Barnett was taken by Tracy Smith.

    What happened to their accounts Tafari?

  326. Please don’t use the rope dude…You can rant and rave but you already got your money…speak to that.

    There are NO profits for you to get dude. NO profits. The guy was running a ponzi and stole much of the money for himself. So now you want to sue to recover other people’s money too? Greedy and stupid Nocotec?

    Like Test said, you should be happy to just walk off into the sunset. But no…you is big man too…gonna spend more money to sue in US…..well sue in TCI nuh.

    You done get yuh money dude. Go be crazy somewhere else.

  327. firstly only I can define my money. Ponzi? Told this blog long time about that. Members of ponzi with extradition requests….yeah requests with an s no typo.

    Certain law firms in Jamaica were early out in TCI sueing….not for clients….for themselves.

    To choose where to sue or not depends on a lot of factors …all kinds of payments from american institutions domicile etc.

    Some people just don’t rate certain islands…because smith sought refuge under dem frock a nuh my problem …foolish on their part …what to do? give out nipple bokkle fi feed dem? bib?

    Plus David and Tracy Smith have abosolutely zero claim to legitimate paperwork to live and reside in TCI So they not going to always be there.

    You get mighty bossy with suggestions Tafari…remind me of someone….A wha meck you feel you can tell mi whe fi do? Check again ..that spaceship no airworthy.

  328. Sunset? Only teef love talk bout walk off into sunset…

    Sunset?….watch to much movie…play vidoe games too I suppose…that’s why you going to grow up fast…

  329. Back to the bottom line Floridian. You have nothing more to get. Stop being greedy…You greedy little man.

    You got your money. Your statement is only worth the paper it is written on. You had your payouts. You had your premier account getting 16%. Now go off into the sunset like I said or clawback a fi goh hurt you more badder.


    Why be greedy man? There are guys like Wantmymoney and RedP who nah geh nuttin yet. You done get back all yuh money sah!

  330. Here is another “mighty” “suggestion”. Why don’t you just call the man and ask for a change? You have his number. You used to chat with him every weekend. You were one of his premier clients. You visited his house…you went into his bedroom. Man I have relatives that visit my house and don’t go into my bedroom. You guys were pretty tight. He gave you back all your money and some from other people too. So why you going crazy now? Some other arrangement gone bad?

    Discovery January…Things have a way of coming out. You blogging? Well, David Smith talking too…

  331. Floridian:

    Please don’t let me put your business on here…..I know you love putting other people’s info here…But me nah go do you that – – – YET!

  332. Test:

    Ask the question again! The one about folks who already got back their money…

    Hey Floridian! You didn’t answer Test.

  333. Floridian:

    You hoping for help from the SEC? What will you tell them when they ask you about your prior relationship with the defendant?

  334. Don’t need help. Most who read here have learnt that already…some take more time I suppose.

    Put up anything and everything you want about what you think you know about me…lie if you want too…you cyan change the price of rice for me.

    Anyway I said Fe Fe Fe yto that a thousand times already.

    Look the readers here know this by now…no of you get ant ratings at any level from me. Test it if you wish…but know I flex at any level.

    Ask me anything SEC whoever make my day but best to ask when in court …Ready?

  335. I have some nice surprises for you. The Jagans on the blog know this. But patience. Gwan blow up yourself like a ballon.

    Soon all here will see what private detectives and law enforcement aspire to be when they grow up…

  336. Hope everyone had a happy Christmas holidays.
    The new year is just around the corner and still no sight of the Cash Plus or Olint money.
    Yr 3 of the wait about to start, see time flies quickly.

  337. Tafari Francis seems to be misguided on a number of points.

    Mr. Belcher and several others have sued in the USA because of the civil proceedings filed in the United States.

    Further, OLINT money has been frozen in the USA .
    Therefore it is very reasonable for parties to seek protection in the jurisdiction where they reside.

    In addition, many attorney’s have been retained to represent their clients in the USA. I wonder why David Rowe Esq. has been singled out? Indeed the one of the largest lawfirms in the USA, Foley and Lardner, has recently joined him in litigation against David Smith/OLINT.

    In 2010 most of the legal proceedings will be in the USA and not in the TCI courts, whether Mr. Tafari Francis likes it or not.

    The facts pled in the lawsuits for Mr. Belcher and others do not accomodate clawback action which is theoretical at best !!! It is not supported by any current litigation.

    There are at least 10 US based lawfirms involved in litigation against OLINT. They are all entitled to their attorney’s fees. Incidentally, the Liquidator has already paid himself his substanial fees out of OLINT’s money.

  338. We are being told some bullshit that just because the company has been found guilty in the U.K. and just because the UK government is going to make the company pay the Jamaican government 5 million pounds in compensation for the corruption of our officials, and just because the said corrupted official is, by his own admission, Joe Hibbert, M.P. for East Rural St. Andrew, all of that doesn’t mean that Joe Hibbert is totally compromised and should resign immediately, or resign yesterday, whichever comes first…..

  339. “If you believe Jim Brown just burned to death, by accident, in his jail cell, you’ll believe in the tooth fairy,” said the lawyer.

  340. And despite a letter circulated over the signatures of Ms. Babsy Grange, and others, arguing that Blake could not get a fair trial in the United States, the Minister of National Security and Justice allowed the proper action to be taken unhindered.

    Vivian Blake was defended with some amount of passion. According to his promoters, every imaginable human right was being traduced by his extradition. Will they reverse their positions and decry his wickedness now that he has pleaded guilty?


    Like all of you, this Government wants only the best for Jamaica. So before we make choices, we carefully weigh the options, and then do what we truly believe to be right for Jamaica.

  341. Travellers said they smelled smoke, saw a glow, and heard what sounded like firecrackers. At least one person climbed over others and jumped on the man, who officials say was trying to ignite an explosive device.

    “It sounded like a firecracker in a pillowcase,” said Peter Smith, a passenger from The Netherlands. “First there was a pop, and then (there) was smoke.”

    Smith said one passenger, sitting opposite the man, climbed over passengers, went across the aisle and tried to restrain the man

    The blocking pasengers and sheep had obviously ‘moved on’

  342. Tue, 5 Feb 2008 11:34:19-0800

    Please review this adjusted letter and give your advice to us. If the letter is acceptable then we can get it signed by Huntley and delivered to the FSC. Please prepare a copy for me to deliver to the minister this evening as well. Thanks Wayne.

  343. For the Liquidator at Christmas…

    21. That I also informed Mr. Hylton that after the Cease and Desist order was issued against the Claimant bt the FSC in about March 2006, ALL funds were transfered to Olint TCI from Overseas Locket. This information is extremely confidential and is not in the public domain.

    22. Further, i shared confidential details relating to the relationship between Overseas Locket International, Olint TCI and their bankers – Hallmark Trust Company. Hallmark Trust is a trust company in Turks and Caicos Island. that the arrangements in writing are now as follows:

    a. Hallmark trust would take over ALL of the customers and club members of Olint TCI.

    b. Olint TCI now hasone client, Hallmark Trust

    c. the Claimant will continue to ervice and provide club member care and customer service to all club members.

    23. That Mr. Hylton asked me to provide him with copies of the documents evidencing this new set up and I did this on my second visit to his office. I provided him with copies of the following documents copies of which are attached and marked “D.S.2”

    24. That this information is extremely confident and pertinent to our operations, and none of this information is in the public domain.

    25. That I also informed Mr. Hylton of the pressure the Claimant came under from the financial institutions and brokerage houses, as it wsas felt that the Claimant and its afiliates were in competition with these traditional investment houses, and, that I eventually left Jamaica for fear of my life. In addition to the Defendant, I specifically made reference to Peter Bunting (aka ‘Key Enemy’) of Dehring Bunting and Golding, and that it was my belief that the latter was the one to instigate the raid on my offices.

    32. That my fear is not limited to the hearing for the injunction but is in relation to the entire proceedings, trial and witness statements. That i have a real apprehension towards being cross-examined by Mr. Hylton at a Trial, knowing that some of the information and my answers are already within his direct knowledge. And, that his questions could be framed based on our discussions and information already in his possesion. This would provide NCB with an advantage.

    33. That if I had known and had foresight that Mr. Hylton would be acting for NCB a month after our meetings, I would not have met with him, nor would I have had disscussions or disclosed to him what I did.

    …….Nunes, Scholefield, Deleon & Co.

  344. “As far as he was concerned David had made it clear that he was finished with Olint Jamaica and that the entity was to be wound up”

    4. …We should also require that Club Members sign off on a disclaimer – refusing FSC protection.

    6. Structures should be implemented to restrict the possibility of any new club’s being formed by the Club Members by requireing them to sign declarations that they will not accept funds on behalf of persons who are not Club Members. Failure of Club Members to sign would result in immediate expulsion from the club.

  345. Hmmm… I guess JA politicians are not unique in having ponzi scheme operators seeking influence with them. The difference in the USA is that they have public financing disclosure laws.

    Shortly after the scandal broke, the Florida Democratic Party returned $200,000 in contributions from Rothstein and his law firm. The state Republican Party gave back $150,000, and Gov. Charlie Crist returned $9,600 that Rothstein and his wife, Kim, had donated to Crist’s campaign for the U.S. Senate.

    Rothstein’s office is filled with photos of him with politicians from around the country, including former President George W. Bush, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, Arizona Sen. John McCain and California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. He was also close to Miami Dolphins great Dan Marino and many South Florida business and community leaders.
    Scott Rothstein: Florida Lawyer Charged With $1B Investment Fraud

    Another victim of the recession: Ponzi schemes
    Increase in collapsed scams as $16.5 billion disappears like smoke in 2009

  346. Response to various newspaper publications – namely Ralston Hyman published in Sunday Observer November 4, 2006

    There have been a number of newspaper publications and comment which may be considered borderline defamatory. these include a comment by Peter Bunting which labeled Olint “a scam operation” as well as other publications by well known journalists, the latest of these being that of the journalist which labelled David a “Renegade trader”. It has been suggested that wherever these occur, scorching letters of reproach be sent, advising them of misinformation and journalistic irresponsibility.

    The meeting ended at 8:45 pm

  347. I GILBERT WAYNE SMITH, being duly sworn to make oath and say as follows;

    1. I am the acting Chief Executive Officer of Olint Corp Limited and my address for the purposes of this matter is at Shop 25A, 31 Dominica Drive, Kingston 5 in the parish of Saint Andrew.

    …As Chief Executive Officer of the Company I am directly responsible for the day to day management of the Club and I am accordingly authorized to make this Affidavit on its behalf and do so in relation to matters within my own knowledge.

    Perhaps a lawyer one day doope may be Deacon. These are not wily machinations. Doope is very clear about it.

  348. So many sworn affidavits seem to be at odds with the liquidators arguments…hhmm

    3. All the members of the Club as at or around March 30th, 2006 elected to transfer their club related activities to a similar Club operating in the Turks and Caicos Islands and no new members have joined the Club.

    GWayneDoope Q.C.

  349. Yow Dave, attached below are the affidavits the one from Lisa and the others and the one we discussed….check it out properly I feel sey it wicked….I man feel sey mi a goh study law.

    Deacon every one of the pleadings were struck down….every one.

  350. TCI Bank and Due Dilligence
    Brian Trowbridge []

    Wed 10/31/2007 1:47 PM
    To: ‘GWayne Smith’; David Smith


    I still do not have the requested materials

    1. account number and value of 10 biggest accounts

    2. statistical breakdown accounts less than $25,000, 25-$50,000 to $100,000 and over $100,000

    3. Copy of Olints anti-money laundering policies and proceedures.

    4. Evidence of trading activity (2-4 months of trading statements)

    TCI Bank is geting a little concerned and so am I

    Also we note that no new business is coming through us. This is a breach of our agreement and puts you in jeapardy of being ‘offside’ with the FSC and TCI Bank. It in effect means that these is no KYC being done by Hallmark! This could lead to a number of very serious issues.

    David we need top get together ASAP
    I will call you


  351. Since the inception of MTI (Jamaica) a number of their participants have organized currency trading corps, and have been offering either guaranteed returns on a monthly basis or some significantly high returns with as much as 25% per month being reported.

    Let me remind you , that most persons who have done the MTI course, have been trading for at most fifteen months, and are likely to have, only relatively modest funds under management meaning any trading activity will expose them to relatively minimal risk for the possibility to make good percentage gains, but management of risk and emotion become increasingly critical as the trade fund grows. Manageing money involves quite a bit more than good technical analysis it includes proper equity or risk management, and disciplined psychological approach. A trader becomes better equipped to manage any funds under his control when he’s had the benefit of operating within a well managed environment, to inculcate a the necessary force of habit for proper wealth protection procedure.

    Secondly, I can state categorically that a currency trader can not predict a return for some upcoming period, and if any attempt to deliver this will force a trader to neglect the key trading rules that sucessful traders consistently practice. Now it is not my intention to be knocking anyone’s business, however it would be remiss of me, playing a role in the establishment of this opportunity for our people, to watch their successes decline. I can no longer turn a blind eye to the development of these irresponsible brokers whose approach appears founded on aspirit of greed.

    Traders such as myself are known as speculators, and our goal is to observe the values of one currency against another and buy or sell as necessary to realize a profit. The techniques used to predict how one currency will revalue relative to another, never empowers one to make a precise determination, there is always the risk of incorrect forecast. As Jared Martinez, the CEO and President of MTI and a man international acclaimed as the world’s foremost expert in currency trading, has attested to time and again, any trader who could be sure of the future movement of one currency in respect to another, even to the extent of the minimum measure, could organize and trade, and earn significant riches from the single trade.

    More and more we are witnessing the emergence of currency traders who in an effort to attract investors are guaranteeing monthly returns and promoting significantly high returns. As it is impossible to predict any rate of return their strategy is based on covering the shortfall of any month themselves. Let me demonstrate the danger that this presents. Let’s assume the guaranteed return is 15%, if the shortage after a month is the 15% then to compensate and achieve the 155 for the following monthwould require earning 32.25% on the funds under management. If anything were to go wrong in the third month, we can see where things could spiral out of control.

    Insert —{hahahahahaahahahahahaa..that is the maths at its best…no concern for the fact that if the ‘shartrage’ is not reported to the ‘client’ then that is fraudulent misrepresentation…hahahahahahahahaahaha….just forgot to mention that small part and move ahead to month three I suppose..hahahahaha.

    The premise flows easily one the decption of false repoting is hurdled easily problem….hahahahaahaha

    .teefing and deception is natural to them as a decent person would wake a mawnin use toilet, brush teeth, bathe and fix breakfast}


    For the first 8 years of my career I traded based on fundamentals and this requires a solid background in economics. My training in this field was accomplished with sucess for my first degree in Finance. I have completed 2 of 3 levels of my chartered finacial analyst accreditation, the highest financial qualification achievable.

    {Like the Finance Phd’s who taught the classes…hahahahaahaaahhas}

    As I thought to futher established my trading strategy, I studied technical analysis and have employed this knowledge for the last 5 years. I have had good success over my 13 year career {NO DOUBT THERE..chi ching..}

    and hope to benefit many more for years to come.

    {You and your family have made that desire abundantly clear}

    My advice to you is to give careful thought before deciding to move on to another group and not allow greed to overcome a sense of responsibilty, especially when the consequences can be so dire.

    {preaching to the mirror ehh? hahahahaahahahaah}

    If however you decide to pull let me now take this opportunity to thank you for participating in Olint and for the faith that you placed in me.

    {Dear John….hahahaahahaha}

    May God bless you and most of all Jamaica.

    {Cause you have nothing to get from me unless I need you for a sheild}


    Author: Gilbert Wayne Smith.

  352. Perhaps Jamaicans have much to learn from the Nigerian doctor who reported his son.

    Officials said he came to the attention of U.S. intelligence last month when his father, a prominent Nigerian banker, reported to the American Embassy in Nigeria about his son’s increasingly extremist views.

    CNBC’s Erin Burnett reported in Abuja, Nigeria, that family members had told her that Abdulmutallab’s father had told embassy officials in a letter that his son had spoken of “sacrificing himself.”

  353. Lee Oakley? Jewel 2 Sell?

  354. Cricket pal?

  355. Cricket Pal you what is david and Tracy smith major concern right now? you would not believe.

    Their arrogance now no bounds.

  356. Nuff baby come into this World with little more than a pan, some hot water, cloths and a midwife Smithy…

    ‘Charity’ she said….bright

    Up in Orlando is the most modern of facilities and the Doctor…. is on the house…

  357. Garth, on December 27th, 2009 at 7:20 pm Said:
    Tafari Francis seems to be misguided on a number of points.


    Tafari may be misguided on a number of points but Tafari is sure that Floridian recieved many payouts from David Smith and that Floridian (like many other investors) is not entitled to 800,000 “plus profits”.

    Did you guys not get the memo that David Smith was running a ponzi scheme?

  358. Sean Belcher files suit against David Smith et al…..

    How friends turn on each other.

  359. Floridian:

    Do you know why some feeder scams are so quiet? Because when you try to expose a scam, yo have to be sure that you are clean. A trial has a way of revealing both sides of the coin.

    I once knew a guy who had a coin with two heads…

  360. Tafari, look behind you… not on the ground….no..not in the ..your middle stump is on South Canp Road….

  361. “A trial has a way of revealing both sides of the coin.”

    I think you are trying to speak about a thing called ‘Transparency” with your statement but I can be sure.

    Yes there are many Trials in the making with many plaintiffs….I’m sure a lot of transparency and full hundred will be revealed there. The one above is about damages as a judgement has already been made…

  362. Deacon has stated he wants to ‘clear’ his name. . Other Defendants (named and yet to be named) may have similar hopes.
    The courts are the best place to do that. Don’t you think?

    Saying one thing and doing another is a personal choice.

  363. There was one who was going to run into court to lead by example. Then retreat…youthful exhuberance?

    ‘Not in my…Legal team?’

  364. So what will you say when you are asked about your relationship with the defendant? How will you respond to the question “Mr. Belcher, please tell the court how much you put in….how much you took out…..what’s the balance?…..”

  365. Injunction on former Olint boss’ assets expires

  366. For all the accounts in Olint? Audit everybody? If you want…even those whose names don’t show anywhere public yet…

  367. Or maybe refer to the Olint crews own assesment earlier this year….it was certainly ‘not negative’

    Tafari both the leg stump and the off stump are enticing to the bowler. The batsman may wish to stay at the crease depending on his character…..But the rules of the game are such that with middle stump out of place and no bails to be found that the batsman must head to the pavillion….”quack quack…”

  368. Tafari why not just put account details up on the web….I can do it if you want…

  369. I wonder what the liquidator would ‘charge’ for things like that…

  370. The 21 day injunction, which was issued by the Supreme Court on December 7, expired on Monday.

    And the costs associated with filing the injunction? Paid for by whom?

  371. Haven’t heard you curse out David Smith in a while Tafari…wha happen?

    Turn defense counsel?

  372. Confident in your side? then why evade serice of process…into the light? You could sue your accuser for Costs if you are so confident.

    Who will be a myrtle rigby to run from process server? Edith Hutchinson?

  373. Representing Jamaica at a diplomatic level and blocking the course of justice? Oh I see….membership in Olint not withstanding ehh?

    Sounds like a patty shop thing to me.

  374. OLINT starts foundation with US$1m to help needy Jamaicans

    Tuesday, December 04, 2007

    Foreign exchange trading club OLINT last Tuesday announced that it had established a foundation to help needy Jamaicans, especially children with special needs, and poured in a whopping US$1 million to demonstrate its commitment.

    At the same time, OLINT founder David Smith appealed to his club members to donate to the foundation, reminding them of the benefit of giving.

    Jared Martinez of United States-based Market Traders Institute, presented his pledge of J$10 million towards the OLINT Foundation to OLINT founder David Smith last Tuesday at the announcement of the OLINT Foundation at the Mona Visitors’ Lodge on the University of the West Indies campus in Kingston.

    Smith’s appeal was quickly answered by Jared Martinez of Market Traders Institute out of the United States who pledged J$10 million to the foundation during his address at the well-attended function at the Mona Visitors’ Lodge on the University of the West Indies campus in Kingston.

    Martinez described the founders of the OLINT Foundation as “ordinary people doing extraordinary things”.

    Tracy Ann Smith, board member of the OLINT Foundation and wife of David Smith, said that the mission of the foundation fully embodies and reflects the desires that she and her husband share.

    “The OLINT Foundation is committed to the improvement of the lives of all Jamaicans through contributions to health, education, community development and social development, with an emphasis on children with special needs, that is our mission statement,” Mrs Smith said.

    She explained that the foundation was formed due to the overwhelming requests for assistance that continue to pour into the OLINT office.

    “We thought it best to formalise our arrangement of giving through the establishment of this foundation,” she said. “This way, we will have a dedicated team to seek out the most deserving and give them support.”

    The OLINT Foundation board will be headed by Betty Gordon and will include Edith Smith, Rev Dave Spence, Dr Paul Gordon, Nicole McLaren, Mary Dixon, Paulette Kirkland and Francis Hill.

    Guest speaker Michael Missick, premier of the Turks and Caicos Islands, said that the foundation had his and his government’s support.

    “People matter, good people matter, and I am happy that this foundation has been established,” said Missick. “We appreciate the efforts of David and Tracy and how greatly they have contributed to the economy of Turks and Caicos in the short time they have been there. Jamaica’s misfortune is indeed the good fortune of Turks and Caicos having gained these model citizens.”

    David Smith, in his address, spoke of the motivation for his philantrophy, saying that he was inspired by Joan Duncan, the founder of Jamaica Money Market Brokers, where he worked for 10 years.

    “Joan Duncan had a great impact on me, she always used to say the people we serve are most important and we must help them,” said Smith. “I want to continue that dream of Joan Duncan.

    “In five years, OLINT has positively impacted the lives of so many people, and I want to say thanks for believing in David Smith and sticking by OLINT,” Smith added.


  375. Hey Tafari ,floridian had a good suggestion. Instead of you keep asking others about their Olint investment and what others do…

    You should start the ball rolling. Post your Olint account transaction history… tell us if you were running a feeder club… And while you are at it give us all your personal details that you like to request from others. Be sure to also post the proof of your statements.

    I am sure everyone will agree that you will be putting your money where your mouth is.

  376. Bitch I never asked anyone for their transaction history. I have Floridian’s statements…Chose not to post it.

  377. Started this blog to help investors….Save them from ponzi scams…Here is a man who got back his initial deposit from Olint and is trying to get other people’s money too……

    But Nocotec, you will ignore that. Again, what was the purpose of starting this blog?

    Yeah right!

  378. Yeah Floridian..I “turn defense counsel”…Know why? You a big a thief as David Smith…

    David Smith is now irellevant…Except in as much as he is required to provide the hidden money – and go to prison. The company is not Olint TCI in Liquidation…Connoley is now the man I look to for my money…well, and you.

    Dude you already got your money back. Take that fake statements and wipe your ass.

  379. floridian, on December 29th, 2009 at 1:56 pm Said:

    Tafari why not just put account details up on the web….I can do it if you want…

    Nocotec again you display your idiocy. Floridian refers to HIS account information. You see, I have his info; he does not have mine.

  380. The Court ordered that:

    1. The Defendant whether by itself or by its servants or agents or otherwise howsoever from disposing of or transferring, charging, diminishing or in any way howsoever dealing with its assets or assets in its name or held on its behalf or on behalf of the Claimant, wherever situate, and from withdrawing or transferring any funds from its accounts or accounts in its name or held on its behalf or on behalf of the Claimant, wherever held, save in so far as the value of such assets exceeds the sum of US$49,114,814.00 and J$2,000,000.00 for 21 days from the date of the order.

    Wow Floridian! Look at them big numbers…Why not file suit in Jamaica? Money frozen there too….

    They say thief from thief makes God laugh….Boy you have the whole of heaven cracking up……

  381. However, the Observer is in a position to take care of itself. We want to help the large numbers of people who have put money in these schemes and who may not be able to protect themselves, in the event the schemes should fail.

    That is why we have published several articles warning the public about the dangers of investing money without receiving full and complete information about the schemes and their operators. We see this as the duty of a newspaper which has its readers’ interest at heart.

    In fact, we must ask why was the previous administration so reticent about the lack of information by these schemes, some said to be in operation for as many as five years? Why the conspiracy of silence?

    The current Government is a new one but we expect that it will move with dispatch to get the investment schemes to operate with transparency by providing audited figures on which sound judgement can be based. In this respect, we note the similar call by the Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica and the Jamaica Chamber of Commerce.…S_ALL_ABOUT.asp

  382. Correction…
    1. Irrelevant…
    2. The company is NOW Olint TCI in Liquidation…

  383. Tafari, someting over yah so fi yu? You Sure??….

  384. “Connoley is now the man I look to for my money…well, and you.”

    Seek and you will find out….

  385. I believe DSmith had good intentions….i believe that!

    That however is irrelevant now… i just want my money as fast as possible….

    This has gone on long enough… fear is that in March….another delay and another new date announced…..why is this dragging out like this????

    Is this liquidator effective??? He is effective in getting big bucks…..500,000 i am told already….

  386. Tafari, If you really understood this Olint issue you would understand that this is not the forum for the type of communication you seem to attempt.

    The blogs and lawyers and liquidators and police whatever is not where the real communications back and forth take place.

    It’s mainly in the papers. Can you read between lines? How are you with anagrams?

    If you knew what was really happening you would know that a prescription can free you from your ailment.

    Many have been cured to date. Some Jagan some not. There is no prejudice.

    If is my fenda you seek for some issue I would be the last to disaude you.

  387. BTW There is no need to correct spelling here for the blogs are a pastime…the game is not here…

  388. Wantmymoney for the length of time you have been with the blogs I wonder if you may not have just begun like Tafari.

    March is a hearing…and Deacon has been the one stalling.

    Enough said. With that Tafari you can have free reign of this blog and demonstrate your prowess to Me, Wantmymoney and others. I’ll check back now and again to read the wisdom…

  389. Noco

    Decipher this simple one for Islam’s Superman please:

    “Fat War is Lois”

  390. All the best for the New Year bloggers and readers….hahaha

  391. Wantmymoney, on December 29th, 2009 at 9:46 pm Said:
    I believe DSmith had good intentions….i believe that


  392. floridian, on December 29th, 2009 at 9:59 pm Said:

    Tafari, If you really understood this Olint issue you would understand that this is not the forum for the type of communication you seem to attempt

    Well Floridian, it seems that it IS the PLACE for you to put everyone’s personal information and correspondence but when it is your turn, suddenly it is not the place.

    To be going after other people’s money makes you a thief. But we should already know that. After all, before he cut off your payouts, he was your best pal. How many Olint “investors” had his cell number and visited his home?

    You Sean Michael Belcher was in bed with David Smith….Now you are going crazy because you have no more payouts to get?

  393. Another one gone. Help them Deacon.

  394. UGI Finance in liquidation

    Blythe was not available for comment, with the company saying he was ill and out of office.


    Tafari, You are not short of numbers for your support group.

  395. James has set a timeline of no longer than nine months to wrap up the liquidation process and pay out to creditors.

  396. You had money there Tafari? You have a Matress? I know another finance house that wont make it past Jan 2010.

  397. The gibberish may impress the few gullible “stupid greedy crazy” “investors”. But it won’t impress the judge. Hope you take your medicine before you com to court.

  398. Floridian:

    Meet me anywhere in Broward….you pick a time. I have some papers for you….

  399. OK Massa I will just meet you my Lord.

    You want to serve me? Need Help? Just contact one of my reps in Broward. When the PM wanted to sue Brady and them had no problem making contact…how come you have a problem Tafari? Bib and Nipple bottle?

    After Kingston trust mi you no want meet me in Broward…at no time.

  400. Take your own advice and take ‘some papers’ and wipe your as………b

  401. And your mouth while your at it.

  402. We’ll I never. Never seen so many gigglers with big laughing not so long ago get so miserable like ole fishwife.

    The police, liquidator, commentators said no money for victims….even the Provo crowd put on this ‘sorry for suckers’ face…no their grounds infected.

    They came on the radio to lie….they threatened suit and ran….

    Tafari, something under your craw for sure….you and I know what it is aye? Don’t go get a stroke like the reknowned lawyer….or get begging for a job like the one who said “going about it the wrong way”…..or the one who’s defense to injunction was adesparate frightful “I will claim for my cost!

    Let Smithy encourage you to start giggling again ..just like before….for your calamity has not yet even STARTED…

    Jay take it easy…the other blog seems to be up so I’ll be reading over there..

  403. Funny stuff…Thought you were the brave man to just walk right up?

    Thought you were a little B

  404. Anyone can sit at their keyboard in their little hole and write whatever they want….

    Prove you to be a punk..and a thief!

  405. Affected parties will file papers and injunctions too…Lawyer all over the place in Broward…from Plantation to Davie to Pompano to downtown ….Lots of them downtown. Even ponzi ones…

  406. What’s up here? Something must be pinching a nerve. So confident yet so frustrated?

    OK you have ‘proven’ some things for yourself….happy now little one?


    Pathetic …

  407. Nonco, Jay, John Doe

    Tafari stated currsing out David Smith and then well…is where ‘Tafari’ is now…cursing instead the defrauded….

    This has come before and will be played out many times again…ask Leachim Semaj or the others who spoke early out about what would happen to a large number of investors in the schemes.

    A lot of people too said they had never invested ‘no sah’ and then saw their names listed etc…..Is just insecurity that….some many other instances of it over the past 21/2 years.

    Sadly without help I now believe quite a few of the Smith’s victims and even some of the employees etc. might ‘loose it’

    Many lessons for Jamaica but let me mention only one
    When you lie and you giggle etc. and think you are smart… not..ok? It’s just stupid and as transparent as can be. So before you toot you own horn in any endeavour…think and check.

  408. If you ‘lost’ money in Smith family’s Olint or any affiliated feeder etc. the list of culprits is quite long…

    Tafari, /try as you may I am not one of them.

    You will find that some are easy to spot and some a littler harder. Deeper in the background.

    One clear giveaway is them being ‘positive’ and or having benefitted in ‘other’ ways and also holding assets that they are well aware was placed in their ownwership with criminal intent.

    Rrrr…Go get em’ Tafari.

  409. Someone said on t his blog:

    The facts pled in the lawsuits for Mr. Belcher and others do not accomodate clawback action which is theoretical at best !!

    Notice I said someone……

    Now is that what we are banking on?

  410. Floridian:

    You know what though, nothing changes the fact that you got yours.

    Why you trying to get more? Now that is greed…and a little disgusting thievery….

    So you can say what you want here little man…you are equal to David Smith….Or maybe a little below him on the scale of disgust.

  411. las vegas
    Jacob Martinez
    Wed 9/5/2007 11:46 AM

    Hey David,

    Call me when you get this so we can talk about vegas.

    Talk to you soon.
    Jacob Martinez

  412. Rockfort selling to Germans now?

  413. Smithy, a dat bring pon Jamaica? MARTINEZ???

    Really Smithy? Tan deh bwoy mi nuh start yet.

  414. Rockfort selling? Migration?

  415. David Smith is you bring the ‘swine flu’ dem to rob Jamaica.

  416. block block? Those Docs to sensitive?

  417. The people dem want to see the evidence. Nuff of them a suffer.

  418. Mex dem a get ancy Deacon….Good.

  419. That’s why unnu musson teef Jamaican people.

  420. Account Holder Name: Olint TCI
    Account FX59372
    Mailing Address: David and Travy Smith Rex Messam House (upper)
    Country: Turks and Caicos Islands

    Print Client Name: David Smith
    Date: 5/7/2007

    Print Joint Client Name: Tracy Ann Smith
    Date 6/7/2007

  421. Jacob Martinez
    Mon 3/26/2007 10:56 AM

    Hey David,

    Thanks for picking me up at the cricket match. I waited at the airport and you never showed up. I felt like a little red headed stepchild whose candy was just stolen. Lolol.

    Actually, I was going to fly down this week and see you for a little business and pleasure.

    Call me when you get this and I’ll call you when you wake up…at about 3pm lol…

    Talk to you soon.


    Jacob N. Martinez
    Market Traders Institute, Inc.

  422. Happy new year all!!

    lets hope that in 2010 it will all end!! David believe it or not there r a few of us “idiots” that believe that u r not all bad…..pls do the right things this year.

    i hope march will be finally meaningful…..the truth needs to come out once and for all!!

  423. “The truth is incontrovertible”

  424. Boy Tafari…

    If we follow you, this blog is full of Slime,

    from Noco, Jay and the rest of them with their ulterior motives and not being clear on why they running the blog, To Floridian and the money he got back and now the extra he’s going after.

    Looks like NOBODY on this blog innocent in this olint thing eh??

  425. the Cynic

    Tafari bring some balance to the blog! though i don’t always agree with him – its good to have some more objective info on the blog…..too many persons have axe to grind and secret ulterior motive.

    Mine is simply – “i wantmymoney”.

  426. Cynic:

    It is what it is….Don’t shoot the messenger.

    In the meantime, what’s your status?

  427. Happy New .eer Tax year to all Jamaicans.

  428. MikeD:

    How do you propose to pay out the 49 million? A select few again? Based on competing legal arguments? What did counsel say?

    How many hours did you work over the holidays? Guess you didn’t sleep…..Chi Ching!

    • Huh? I’m at a loss for words……what do you mean by the above? You are not suggesting that I am now a member of the Liquidator Team or THE liquidator himself? Bwoy Tafari you are either on something or coming off something….either way you’re smoking some powerful shi@!! You need to layoff the crack pipe for the New Year!!

      Let’s see … From Village Idiot >>to>> Wayne Smith >> to >> Some Sergeant in the TCI Fraud Squad >> to >> One of the Liquidator Team Members. I’m slowing moving up the proverbial food chain…I need to go now and run-up my “billable” hours. 🙄

      BTW, why are you picking on our friend Floridian? I wonder if it just a matter of envy, since Floridian can file a lawsuit against Olint and you cannot. Since your claim is that you invested through a Feeder Club/Pig, you have no dibs on whatever funds are leftover after we finish milking the little that is left of Olint money!

  429. Innocent sir!

    Just a lowly gambler who gambled and lost.

  430. Wantmymoney

    Happy new year !!!

    even if DS run off with your $$$ no fret no worry you are going to get it back many fold because the brother’s heart is clean

    Nuff respect

  431. Floridian:

    Dem people say the feeder club you were running was a ponzi too…true that?

  432. Cynic:

    You do not have to be a follower..You could just look at the facts yourself….See what I see?

  433. Wantmymoney:

    Do you know something that I don’t know? “heart clean”?

  434. Feeder club operators benefitted in “other” ways. Of course they did my good friend. While the masses were getting back 10% of their own money per month, feeder operators were getting as much as 21%.

    And they were not filing lawsuits while they had a direct link to DS..while they had drinks with DS at the casino. They all had their mini ponzis running. From Florida, to Jamaica to London.

    Now even their attorneys find it necessary to come on this blog and plea in their defense – by the way, I suggest you save it for the Judge.

    The reason for the lawsuit, in at least that one case, is that the folks who trusted you with their money needs to see some action. But you didn’t tell those folks that you already got back more than the money you put in, did you?

    So you file a lawsuit and you blog day in and night out, even posting other people’s emails online. But you were a feeder club operator who exchanged emails with David Smith…..To date, however, you have not posted any of the correspondence betwen you and David Smith. It would be great to see the ones where you requested encashments. How about that treat?

  435. It is a new year and all affected parties are hoping for this to come to an end.

    For me, a good resolution would include David Smith making available all records of transactions between him and his mini ponzis; Public disclosure of these documents would be just great.

    I think that is the angle that the liquidator is playing. Hpefully the TCI court would stop monkeying around with David Smith and hold him in contempt until he releases everything he has relating to Olint TCI.

    My good friend, I am told by reliable sources, was living it up” with the encashments he received from Olint – the ones he requested on behalf of his “clients” but never paid them. Now he is scared for his life and, it appears, going crazy…filing lawsuits, staying up at night blogging…..

    Is that a pro bono lawyer or did you use your last encashment to pay that lawyer?

  436. account

    Jacob Martinez
    Thu 5/24/2007 10:23 AM

    Hi David,

    Apparently FX Solutions needs the answers to come directly from you and this attached form signed before we can start trading.

    I’ll call you soon.

    Also they need to know the exact names of people who will be trading the account, so please put in the same email that you are aware that these people will be trading your account and if they have questions the below named people are allowed to call the dealing desk for the help.

    1. Jacob Martinez
    2. Jared Martinez
    3. any individual designated by Jared Martinez or Jacob Martinez


    Jacob N. Martinez
    Market Traders Institute, Inc.
    Toll Free: 1-800-866-7431
    Tel: +1(407) 740-0900
    Fax: +1 (407) 740-0201

  437. Feliz año nuevo

  438. No emails from Sean Belcher, major feeder club operative to David Smith, swindler?

  439. You don’t like the thousands of Jamaicans who were swindled to see that it was Jared and Jacob trading the money?

    Why would that truth bother Tafari?

    Tafari why don’t you file a case in Jamaica heehehehahahaa

    How about one cursing of David Smith as you used to do…come on even one cursing of David Smith….we have not had that from you this long while..hahahahahaa….

  440. That truth doesn’t bother Tafari one bit…..

    The truth that bothers Tafari you refuse to discuss… your mini ponzi.

    Let’s discuss the truth of your encashments. The truth about you getting back more than what you put in and still filing suit to get more, by trying to block funds in the US.

    Let us discuss truth about your email correspondence with David Smith….All truth is good… you not agree?

  441. How about you post some of those emails here as well? That would be fair, don’t you think?

    Tafari has nothing to hide…see? My real name is right here…no Harbourshark, Sirach, Floridian to hide my true identity…..Open book.

    We all know already that DS is a thief….But who else a teef?

    Do the people who gave you their money know the truth Mr. Belcher? Do they know that you been taking out as you wish? Do they know that you are putting up a big smoke screen filing lawsuit to get what you already spent?

    Why you going mad? You fraid they go kill you if they find out? Eh buoy?

    You feeder club ponzi operators need to pay people their money because much of people’s money never made it to Olint….You kept looking at that fake statement showing “gains” while you spent the people’s money.

    Mr. belcher, you spend so much of your time, years actually, talking about full hundred. Just covering your own ass little man. But they are going to find you….Oh yes they will.

  442. Has anyone seen the new book by Jared Martinez ” Forex Trading Secrets”.

    Tafari – No, he did not explain how he worked with David Smith to steal your money.

    • No, Jared did not steal it, he basically washed it. He should be better know as “THE CLEANER” for doing a dry cleaning job. It depends what was agreed upon between Smith and Martinez, but the word conspiracy does come to mind.

      Question: Who is going to write the OLINT novel/epic? How many thousands of pages will it be? OLINTJA has close to a thousand pages already. Remember that the IMF has OLINT in the top 10 money scandel in the world.

  443. Jay:


  444. Jay needs FOREX trading tips from Jared Martinez…..Interesting development.

  445. There is no word on whether an application will be made to extend the injunction freezing the assets of former Olint boss David Smith, his wife Tracey-Ann and brother Gilbert Wayne Smith.

    The 21 day injunction, which was issued by the Supreme Court on December 7, expired on Monday.


    So what happened? Did Mr. Liquidator secure a court order to grab the 49-plus million US dollars at NCB?

    How about the rest at the Brokerage house? What’s the word Jamaica?

  446. There was a hearing scheduled for December 28 in the Jamaica court regarding the Olint freeze…any word from Jamaica on any further ruling from the court?

    Or is it a secret? We know the IMF stuff a gwan and unu nuh want the thing dem get out….But give we a bite nuh….

  447. Comeon Jay..what a gwan? Or maybe you are too busy reading Martinez’s book to check up on other things….

  448. No one knows whats going on here, the media could only confirm the expiration of the court order on the freeze but no word on if a new order was requested.

    By now David may have “moved” to move the remainder of the cash before another court order is issued.

    @ Tafari,
    Just happen to see Jared book on sale in a book store in Jamaica last week. Sale clerk said no one was buying it. lol May get people like yourself to buy . 🙂

  449. Jay:

    Since you indicated that you read it, Idecided that I may want to take a read myself. Couldn’t find it anywhere…maybe you could send me your copy…

    On a serious note though, the court orders indicated that a date was set for a follow-up hearing – 28 December at 10 I think. It appears there is no way to check the Jamaica court docket online.

    Someone should really check and make that info available. I’m not sure that the media can be relied on to do any form of investigative reporting….It may never get reported unless it is handed to them in a press release.

    • Tafari Francis, on January 5th, 2010 at 6:02 am Said: “……It may never get reported unless it is handed to them in a press release…..”


      They capture the information from this blog………. 🙂

      There is no such thing as “Investigative Journalism coming from the Jamaican media, unless of course you are willing to pay for it! Then again, such reporting could potentially result in your sudden demise, depending on the target of such reporting!!!

  450. theCynic, on January 1st, 2010 at 9:47 am Said:
    Boy Tafari…If we follow you, this blog is full of Slime,
    from Noco, Jay and the rest of them with their ulterior motives and not being clear on why they running the blog, To Floridian and the money he got back and now the extra he’s going after.
    Looks like NOBODY on this blog innocent in this olint thing eh??

    LOL… In blog jargon Tafari is a classic Troll. Usually the best response is not to feed the troll. Note that he does not contribute anything really useful. He likes to give off airs like he has sources…. Lol… But you will notice the sources are tidbits from the blogs.

    In the classic mold of a troll he has a problem with everything and everyone… Jamaican, the blog creator, nocotec, jay, mikeD, floridian, the liquidators and on and on… with virtually no exceptions he has had a problem with the blog and almost everyone… lol

    For the most part we know the relevant info about Olint and he adds nothing new. I generally ignore him.

  451. Nocotec:

    You can think of me as the mechanic in a garage full of FUC$*D-up cars……

    I diagnose the problems..sometimes using the latest electronic gadgets.

    And you know what they say of opinions…they are like assholes. Everyone has oone; yours stink Nocotec. Notice how since I’ve been around your lies and bullshit lectures don’t go unchecked? Notice how everyone knows now why you set up this blog? Notice how everyone knows that you are full of it?

    Just keeping them honest Nocotec…..Don’t hate!

  452. A thorn in your side….I know it is painful that your lies and twisted lectures no longer go unchecked. You loved it when no one questioned you or called you out…….

    Interesting that you “generally ignore” Tafari when most of your posts references Tafari..

    Tafari didn’t make you a fake. He just calls it.

    Stay in check Nocotec…..

  453. I hear Daryl is in such fear for his children he is now using the government helicopter to pick up his children from Hillel Academy.

    Maybe he should really think about talking to his friend David Smith to start paying people back their OLINT money.

    Heard the Germans left and are not planning to return.
    No buyer for Shell !!!! Joey is very angry.

    What next for Jamaica !!!! 2010 is looking very bleak.

  454. Lisa,

    Paying back what money?
    More than 90% is gone, used “splurted” on expensive stuff.

    The little that is left is depleted at a rate equivalent to what the receiver charges per hour.
    Once no money is left he will stop working, and the only person who would have benefited is the receiver and Olint lawyers.

    Sad but true.

  455. Jay:

    Reports are that David Smith is telling the big boy feeder club operators that he is keeping the money hidden to protect it from the liquidator. That’s how thieves operate…they use a little truth to sell their lie.

    Most of the money IS gone. But we must ensure that after all is said and done that he and his wife doesn’t have a penny to buy bread. They have had no meaningful employment for the past five years or so (except if you consider stealing meaningful employment).

  456. @Tafari

    LOL… Dude let me help you figure out how irrelevant you are… look back at the blog and others will remember the old blogs… Jason and myself were the most hated and most challenged bloggers. At that time I responded to almost every piece of nonsense posted on the blogs because the schemes were still active and the nonsense needed to be counteracted.

    There is no need to respond to your nonsense since the schemes are long dead. What would be the point? 🙂 Because I ignore it makes you feel you won… sometimes we need to leave you with some dignity.

    Additionally you can gain a lot of insight into someone subconscious thinking on some issues by looking at their posts overtime… LOL… Look back at the blog.

    This has been your blog interaction with me… I offer you some free therapy… you respond by putting homosexual argument to me… Are you gay nocotec, you asked. You spent your time with just about every other post urging me to respond and acknowledge you… I ignore you… then when I respond your are elated that you got me to notice
    you 🙂

    When someone brings up, out of the blue and completely unrelated to the topics… homosexual questions… it is indicative of their underlying issues and or fantasies. 🙂 Think about it… why would that otherwise jump into your mind… and why would you be so fascinated with me paying attention to you… Sorry to disappoint you but I do not play that and am not a switch hitter 🙂

    Did you notice how after that I ignored you even more… All you can come up with is old stuff from now years back on the blog… these guys worked for the banks that were jealous of DS… lol. hehe someone still pushing that line. Dude every now and then when I have the time I like to mess with your brain.

  457. Still ignoring Tafari Nocotec? That’s a long ignore this time…wow you are stupid. You should look up the word ignore. See what it means. Hint: It is opposite to what you do….

  458. And Nocotec, you are a lying son of a bitch. You consistently lie…Please review every post by Tafari and post a statement by Tafari that these guys were jealous of David Smith.

    You have to twist the truth and tell lies to discredit me? Why is that? Seems like Tafari has hit the nails on the head…Boy I really woulded you. See, now everyone knows who you are..a fake.

  459. That should read..I really wounded you….

  460. Tafari Francis, on January 6th, 2010 at 1:15 pm Said:
    …..”And Nocotec, you are a lying son of a bitch. You consistently lie”…

    Tafari, pronouncements like these only seek to reinforce much of what was just said above by Nocotec. Maybe it’s a small islander way of speaking, but it does come across to us macho Jamaicans as rather effeminate…along with calling a male “Dear”.

    Let the “tracing” begin………….:-)

  461. Deal with the lies MikeD..not the reaction to the lies..How about that?

    Or these lies acceptable? Is that a way of life foe some folks?

  462. Alas Tafari… you poor pathetic sap… lol. When I have time I like to mess with your mind. You have not read enough of the blog to realize that when I am choosing to ignore you, it does not mean you are winning 🙂 … Just that I am ignoring you. Instead of taking it as such, you insist in making me let you feel like a poor pathetic sap.

    Let us see now… So you are saying that you only read tidbits of the blog to pickup the nonsense about me, Jay, the blog start up etc as us been on hire from to the banks blah blah… that we had a job to do from the banks and we just also happen to be right about DS and Olint…

    But that you did not read enough to know that these accusations came and were started by people who back then thought DS/Olint was legit but the banks were jealous and fighting DS and that is why we hires of the banks were blogiging against DS who was just doing God’s work and trying to help small man… and that big man do not like small man to get rich blah blah… lol

    hehe… I suppose you want us to believe you did not get this nonsense from the blogs…. but you have your sources and this is how you independently came up with the idea… lol. Very funny dude.

  463. Nocotec ignores Tafari again for all to see….Something is deep under this guy’s skin….like needles.

  464. LOL… here is a clue dude… when someone says he generally or usually ignores you…. This means that he does not totally ignore you but he may respond to maybe 1 out of every 100 of your demands for a response or posts 🙂

    Here is something else for your brain to ponder if it can… how come your delusional brain thinks you are under my skin and that you pose a challenge to my logic and posts on the blog… which is why you believe I generally ignore you.

    Yet when I post a response all you can come up with are responses revealing sexual fantasies… like… are you homosexual… bitch… f&kd… wounding you… needling you… where are you when you are needed…. i finally got you to respond which was my plan… you are not ignoring me…i really hate that guy…

    Shall I go on dude… Your posts are revealing your inner man and are obviously no challenge to me… now can you understand that when I do not respond to you though it hurts your feelings… it just that I am choosing to ignore you, not that you are a challenge.

    Or maybe you want to hear me say… I don’t swing that way… I don’t play that… I don’t like you like that… can we just be friends… I only play with women… Damn dude 🙂

  465. Wow….Way out!…

    Ok That’s it…you are officially off my radar.

    Now onto more important things…anyone out there heard about another attempt by David Smith to wire-transfer 2.5 Mil US from Jamaica to a Belize bank?

    A not-so-reliable source indicates that the request was not honored.

  466. Tafari lost that round. 🙂

    • He always loses….he lost through DS and now thru Nocotec……what a loser 🙂


      But, this is soooo entertaining I would hate to see the end.

      Tafari, could you put Nocotec back on your official fantasies, sorry…radar?


  467. This blog has been of tremendous support to multiple parties involved in the OLINT ponzi scheme and the investigation thereof.

    It has also proven useful to express to David Smith and his family that they are not going to get away with organising and executing the largest Caribbean ponzi scheme.

    It is well known that David Smith and Tracey Smith BOTH knew their was no foreign exchange trading activity and that they were operating a ponzi scheme.

    Their response or lack thereof to the requests by investors for a disbursement of their invested funds followed by legal statements released by their Attorney’s was very telling.

    Further poor advice was given by the attorney’s, Oliver Smith and Courtney Bartnett to Tracey Smith, advising David and herself to get pregnant.
    The thought process was to be able to plead for leniency from the court on behalf of Tracey Smith who is scheduled to give birth in February 2010.

    The above mentioned callus, arrogant , deceptive acts by David and Tracey Smith will on the contrary not be tolerated by all the prosecutors involved in the case. The deceptive act of getting pregnant in an attempt to receive a lenient sentence from the Court, happens to be the ultimate insult to the victims of the ponzi scheme and will not be viewed lightly.

    It is imperative as the investigation enters it final phase for any member of the public with accurate verifiable information to blog the same.

  468. Tafari,

    You are correct. David Smith tried to transfer the money from Sterling Asset Management.

    The judicial “stop” order prevented the transfer.

    When he is sentenced, the Judge needs to be reminded that this man has transferred most of the remaining funds to Belize and Panama, and to ensure to give him a long enough sentence with the option of decreasing the duration by returning ALL the remaining stolen investors money via wire transfer into an escrow account.

  469. How many Jamaicans who had us passports made a killing from Olint.
    Well you can report them to the IRS as not having paid taxes on their earnings and actually make some money from your efforts.

    Who is laughing now.

  470. Can’t you see ? look carefully –

    Lots of people “forgot” to report. There will be clawback, but not by the liquidator. It could be years, but criminal tax cases are a death sentence.

    Lets see, post all account info on your domain, then make a court case so the source of the information is recorded. Then work tirelessly to promoting the the site as a crusader.

    Now that is a real 10% !

  471. So is someone going to throw our friend under the bus? Or, with cases in US court, is he already under the wheels?

  472. Jay:

    Residents of the US who do not hold US passports are likely to be deportation after being convicted. A conviction for tax fraud could find these resident aliens on planes being escorted to their native homelands by federal agents.

    If the TCI court gets DS to turn over those transaction records, the IRS will have a firld day with those folks. From doctors to lawyers to laborers in South Florida, most of them Jamaican nationals, but many others from other caribbean islands too, may be facing tax evasion charges.

  473. Unknown,

    It is imperative as the investigation enters it final phase for any member of the public with accurate verifiable information to blog the same.

    The blog is for the weaker less incriminating information. The more incriminating solid proof needs to go public at the appropriate time. Shock effect…no time for the usual giggling…just drap dung one time…no cost to the taxpayer…

  474. If the TCI court gets DS to turn over those transaction records, the IRS will have a firld day with those folks

    DS is not needed for anything…he is not rated…well only by those who are in the same boat as him.

  475. I have pointed out many of the tax issues on the blog previously.

    Some points to note. Whistle blowers are entitled to a percentage of the amount of tax recovered by the irs… like 10 %.

    However make sure your house is in order if you want to be a whistle blower… Take the recent case with the Swiss giant UBS,,, the only guy going to jail is the whistle blower for his crimes though he still will most likely be getting hundreds of millions when hen he gets out of jail.

    THIS IS IMPORTANT… and can be used to nail those that fled to Miami etc with folks money but may also cause you problems…

    US Residents (holders of green cards) and citizens are required to report all their global income on their tax returns. That means if you have a green card and live in JA or have business or investment income in JA, you are supposed to file US tax returns and include your JA income… some income will be exempted and have no taxes due assuming you paid taxes in JA etc…

    Further if you are a passive investor in a scheme and you get statements showing that you have gains… you are required to report this on your return and pay taxes on the gains. Taxes are due on income when earned (reported on the statement) which is not necessarily the same as when you withdraw or receive it.

    If it later turns out that the gains were false because this was a ponzi scheme… after Madoff the rules were made more favorable to investors … you can amend the past 3 years returns to account for these false gains. This is the type of stuff about which you would be well advised to consult with a tax professional.

    It is almost certain that those running feeder clubs were not reporting this income on their taxes… further since most of them took part or all of your money before giving any to Olint… they had real gains which should have been on their taxes… for them there are no returns to amend to get back false gains.
    And if they took all your money and then claimed they did not… this is one way of getting back at them… for failing to pay taxes on that money they stole.

    The other issue is that for some professionals like lawyers… they can be disbarred for cheating on their taxes or tax evasion.. your lawyer messes with you (even if he does not), you can report him if he had investments or other income overseas he evaded taxes on… in JA it is common for attorneys not to pay taxes on all their income… your attorney messes with you and he did not report all his income from his cases in JA… you could potentially get him disbarred or otherwise sanctioned if he was guilty of not reporting all his worldwide income as I described above.

    The general point is that most likely many of these feeder clubs ran afoul of tax laws but many investors probably also did.

  476. “DS is not needed for anything”

    I take it you have all transaction records for Olint TCI and Olint Corp……Darn…how close were you to this guy?

    If you do have those records, you could just turn them over…please…

  477. a ‘please’ you deh pon now….

    Noco I read you last comment so issues missing…think a little bit deeper. I only check the blogs once in while but if I get the time I will add to you comment for some fundamental issues are not even mentioned.

  478. One more thing….

    Noco with human traficking issues abounding here the tax ‘scare’ as it were could not be the most serious of issues. But scare them off if you wish.

  479. No hope of getting our money back I see

  480. @floridian

    Issues of alleged human trafficking… like that of a fascination with political contributions to the JLP and PNP have no direct bearing on the recovery of money. If the parties did nothing wrong they may have a moral obligation to return the money but no legal one. If alleged human trafficking is true, it could result in prosecution but from the alleged info so far even that is unlikely.

  481. I just used that as one example Nonco. By the way Nonco…what will it be? Congratulations or Commisserations? You still have not answered…you said it could not be done…

    Pride got your tounge? If so you are truly a Jamaican.

  482. Nonco don’t feel no way. Nothing new under the Sun. Let me help you. When you don’t want to answer the question …take a page from a ‘thinking’ person ….when backed into a humble corners..lonely….get defiant

    Say, “I don’t know bout that” then take another caller…

  483. haw haw haw haw haw….

  484. “I don’t know bout that” practice…for that cock going crow many times…

  485. @floridian

    Congratulations or Commisserations? You still have not answered…you said it could not be done…

    Too much riddle… what are you talking about?

  486. ‘What are you talking about’ …is close enough to “I don’t know bout that’….next caller then….”Oh we lost him…sorry about that…”…haw haw

  487. I just want to say I agree with Harry Jones, instead of chasing down the little guy who needs every dollar to survive in these rough times, why has there not been any progress in capturing the assets of those who had a hand in the situation this country is facing.

  488. Can someone tell me how much longer Jamaica will have to suffer from the effects of corrupt politicians?

    Is there any hope for our country?

    Imagine we live in a THIRD world country where we have our hands outstretched begging the IMF ” a money” and yet we have politicians such as Daryl Vaz and his wife being flown to a private party on Pigeon Island for New Year’s Eve !!!

    Now tell me what is wrong with that picture? The man is not even the Prime Minister yet but he gets to fly on the JDF helicopter like the PM.

    It makes me quickly realize that the ” road is not even” for us.
    The same characters got off with their investments in OLINT and now are the leaders of our country.

    My poor husband is unable to cope and has fallen into depression.
    I am working like a dog and we still can’t recover from OLINT !!!

    Daryl as the Minister of Information, when are you planning to announce what are the Governments plans to recover what is left from the ponzi schemes that plagued Jamaica- OLINT, Cash Plus, Worldwise… come to mind?

  489. I did hear about that Helicopter ride, makes no sense to me.

  490. @Lisa

    Today’s Sunday Gleaner has several articles on corruption. Corruption is a major problem for JA.

    However corruption has nothing to do with your losses in Olint, C+ or any of the other ponzi schemes. This attempt to link the 2 is merely an attempt to deflect from your own responsibility.

    It was greed and stupidity that led folks to lose money in those ponzi schemes. There were numerous sources and information available pointing out that these were scams… for anyone who cared to listen or read them. If you invested it was because you chose to ignore them.

    The gov regulator (FSC), finance minister (Omar), prominent businessmen, business organizations, blogs and several others all continuously warned against these schemes. Yet investors all chose to invest, some their life savings and or borrowed money. Why did they?

    Not meaning to single out RedP but his response is an illustrative example… the bloggers that were warning he did not know personally… and so he decided he would not trust or believe them. This begs the question… Did he or the investors know DS or CH personally?

    The answer then becomes clear… You don’t know the bloggers or DS…. Greed makes you believe the guy you don’t know but who promises you fantastic pie in the sky riches… but not the guy you don’t know who says his scheme is a scam. Greed led to stupidity.

    It is not politicians or corruption. Investors were willing to believe DS claims that he could consistently over multiple years generate profits averaging 50 % per month… compounded that is approaching profits of what, 13,000 per cent per year?

    Unfortunately if you chose to believe that, your money is totally gone or you may be lucky to get back pennies on the dollar. Blaming others for the error will not get it back but may help make the pain easier to bear.

  491. Nonco, why have none of the many politicians who seem to have been ‘scammed’ by David Smith not filed any suit against him and the co conspirators?

    Why no public statement from them?

    Nonco….Only saying “David Smith should burn in hell” up at Hillel Academy shows a lack of understanding of what is to come.

    what about the so called ‘prominent businessmen?’ Prominent where Nonco?

    Doctors, lawyers, professors, law firms, Oxford University…and on and on.

    Heed Nonco….and remember …the Matress…

  492. You think because one can pay a few PI firms fee’s that mean Prominence?

    ‘Come si’ dat.

  493. Deacon…you want to roll without your team for 5 minutes?


  494. @floridian

    1. E.g., You Olint investors loved to defame MLC but he is a prominent businessman.

    2. Filing a lawsuit against Olint will be a waste of money for some. A lawsuit should have been filed in JA to put Olint into forced liquidation.

    3. In any case, how many total lawsuits have been filed?

    4. Why the fascination with politicians… excuse me but it is the typical mentality as in JA… is politician responsible for everything… there is no personal responsibility… is the politician dem rob me up… and see there now how come they are not behaving different from all the other investors that don’t file suit or say anything either.

    5. Can you tell me which politician held your hand and forced you to write a check or send a wire to some dude claiming to be making 50 % / mth in profits over several years?

    6. Sorry but you have sole responsibility for being dumb enough to believe something so ridiculous. Politicians are not to blame for your losses.

    7. You gave your money to DS and he had a small group with him that were criminally responsible for running a ponzi scheme.. That’s it period.

  495. Something tells me you never knew of Leeching when he had nothing.

    On politicians…I just wondered if so many of them ‘lost’ money why they do not get it back? After all it might reassure the public that they would be able to protect the country’s funds in the event that someone wanted to scam the public purse.

    fascination? … sekkle. If they were as ‘stupid’ as any other Olint investor..then that is it…period.

  496. To have been ‘Finsacked’ and ‘Olinted’ is surely a trend…no doubt…I won’t deny that Nonco.

    But to run the finances of an entire country…that is a different matter.

  497. In an atmosphere of ‘no room for failure’ a track record is not to be discounted.

  498. And with the accusation that you are a ‘protector’ of David Smith….

    The silence has been beyond deafening.

  499. Irrespective of the amount of money spent…

  500. Nonco…I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt for now. Why? Because I know you do not know the half.

    If any ‘stupid fascinated fool’ should wake one day feeling that they have cured their condition and become ‘SMART’ they can be made aware that they are mistaken.

    Easier to do what is required. But then again It is known….. the role pride plays.


    Dear Club Members,

    Please be advised that you may make wire margins to Olint St. Kitts using any financial organization authorized to do so. For example one may go to your local bank and ask that the appropriate arrangements be made. These organizations are not agents on behalf of Olint Corp St.Kitts, so when you choose to use their facilities you act on your own accord. It therefore becomes very important that you walk with the wiring information and instructions.

    Your passport information, name and address must be sent to us before wires are sent off. PLEASE PHONE OR EMAIL BEFORE SENDING OFF WIRES!

    The relevant wiring information is as follows:

    Correspondent Bank: Wachovia, New York

    Swift Code : PNBPUS3 NNYC

    ABA : 026005092

    Beneficiary Bank : First Caribbean International Bank Providenciales Turks & Caicos Islands.

    Swift Code : FCIBTCGP

    Beneficiary : Hallmark Trust Limited

    $US “Trust” Account# 1291316

    (for temporary incoming client funds)

    Address: P.O. Box 656

    Tropicana Plaza

    Leeward Highway


    Turks and Caicos

    Reference: Name of Sender: ON BEHALF OF OLINT CORP ST. KITTS

    For those of you who wish to do so, payouts may be wired directly to the accounts at your cost. You must however provide us via e-mail with the relevant account information. Our e-mail address once again is:

    You may also have access to the use of credit card facilities, which permits us to make transfers directly to your credit card. Please consult us directly if you wish to make use of those facilities.

    We may also upon your instructions have transfers sent to you using the facilities of licensed financial institutions. Again please consult us directly if you wish to make use of those facilities.

    For more information please feel free to e-mail us at

    Thank You.

    Olint Corp St. Kitts

  502. Olint bankrupt, only US$3m in local accounts.
    Posted on January 31, 2009 by jay

    It has been confirmed that the local accounts which Olint held at NCB and which they were told could be closed by the UK based privy council only contained US$3M.

    Given this new piece of information and what we have already received from TCI , it can now be confirmed that Olint investors will most likely remain as broke as they are today, as no “payout” is likely now or in the future.

    I guess most of us already had come to that conclusion based on information that has been slowing leaking out.


    It was widely reported that NCB closed the Olint account/s after the privy council ruling. However, it had come to this writer’s attention that NCB sought to keep the account/s open after fighting to close the account/s.

    As strange as that was to me, it appears even more sinister now that it is discovered that there is not 3 million, but over 20 times three million US dollars sitting in Olint accounts at NCB as late as December 2009.

    To date we have moved from “Olint bankrupt, only 3 million in local accounts” to “David Smith withdraws 20 million from local accounts” to knowing that there is still over 100 million US dollars in various accounts in Jamaica in the names of Olint and David and Tracey Smith.

    But why the smokescreen? Why does NCB take the case all the way to the Privy Counsil, gets a favorable ruling to close Olint accounts, then decide to keep the account/s open? It was even reported the day after the ruling that NCB had contacted Olint’s lawyers to arrange to “immediately” close the accounts.

    This blog, which has claimed to be a “source” of much Olint information, has elected to remain mum on the issue after first reporting that there was only 3 million dollars in local accounts and later set up a new thread stating “David Smith withdraws $20M from local accounts” based on a article….

    It is my opinion that there is something very fishy going on behind the high-up scenes in Jamaica regarding David Smith’s Olint, NCB and the Jamaica government.

    Remember there were unconfirmed reports that the Jamaica prime minister visited DS in the TCI? Well, this story was never confirmed but is not necessarily untrue. At the time of the report, I, in all naivety, suggested that his decision to meet with DS could be considered prudent considerin the extent to which his countrymen were involved in Olint/Olint TCI. I see now that it may not have been the actions of a concerned leader, but that of an involved, corrupt polititian.

    When Jay wrote that “it has been confirmed” that the NCB accounts contained only 3 million dollars, I wonder if he wasn’t deliberately fed this mis-information – or maybe he was deliberately feeding us this misinformation?

    To date, there has been no investigation opened in Jamaica into Olint, David Smith, Tracey Smith or Wayne Smith. A company and its operators who allegedly stole millions from Jamaican nationals. Yet, somewhere in Jamaica, I’m sure, the local police is investigating a man for stealing five dollars from his neighbor.

    Again I ask, what’s going on Jamaica?

  503. Trading on our behalf will be David Smith and a team of currency traders located in Orlando, Florida.

  504. The Minister of Finance, Audley Shaw said he sees no reason to take issue with Transparency International’s 2009 Corruption Perception Index which suggested increased corruption in Jamaica.

  505. Olint FX Trading claims explained

    It is interesting to look back at Olint trading claims breaking it down to see what was being claimed. This is worthwhile since even now some, notably among them is Tafari, still claim that there was nothing impossible or wrong with the claims. These folks say that the fact that DS was a crook does not make such returns impossible. In other words what was wrong was the man, and such returns are entirely plausible and possible.

    1. The propaganda was spread that DS was an FX trading genius. Of course there was no real evidence presented. The first warning sign.

    2. Only 20 per cent of investors money was at risk… Only 20 % was being used to trade. This 20 % used leverage to control a much large amount. Leverage of 50 to 1 and maybe larger… so 1 million was used to trade 50 million or more.

    3. Thus 80 % of the investors money was ‘safe’. It was not at risk. Supposedly used to allow so much leverage. For the prudent investor this would have begged the question… why don’t I just keep my 80 % ‘safe’ in my bank and you trade the 20 % 🙂

    4. Supposed returns were averaging 10 % per month. Some schemes like MayDaisy guaranteed 20 % per month.

    5. Let us do the Math…
    Invest $100.00
    Only $20.00 is used to trade. $80.00 is not used.
    For a return of 10 % the account balance needs to be $110.00 at end of month
    This means the $20 must become $30 or $10 profit is made on $20.
    This is a return of 10 / 20 or 50 % each month,
    Schemes like MayDaisy claiming 20 % / mth needed to do 100 % each mth 🙂

    6. 50 % per month compounded approaches what… like 13, 000 per cent per year. lol.

    6. This was believed by folks and no amount of contrary info would make them believe otherwise. Even many die hard believers now find it astounding they used to believe such nonsense… but astonishingly some still think the claims are plausible.

  506. It is still possible today, to earn monthly 10% returns on a sustained basis trading FOREX.

    Not only is it possible, it is done by traders, including Tafari (and I assume Jay) every month.

    I do not recall anyone EVER claiming that David Smith was making 13,000 % anually. That would be as preposterous then as it is now stated. It was my understanding then, that the “Trader” (thief) was “AT ANY ONE TIME” leveraging only 20% of funds. That is NOT the same as only 10% will EVER be traded so I could keep the balance in my posket as is being stated by Mr. fiction.

    Everyone knows that you can have 10 dollars on a platform and only leverage a percent of that 10 dollars on any one trade. And indeed everyone knows that you can have 20 trades running on one or multiple platforms at the same time.

    Again, the operator of this blog is either deliberately twisting the facts or is completely mis-informed. If I were a betting man, I would bet that he is deliberately twisting the facts to fit his agenda.

    But why?

  507. It can be quite fascinating to study folks behavior. When you do this you often notice similarities… this is why profiling of certain behaviors can often be used to detect future patterns.

    Tafari and floridian display several similarities, even though they are often on about different things and Tafari will often go after floridian. 🙂

    1. Like pit bull dogs when they grasp an idea they will not let go and will twist everything to fit the idea even if it is demonstrably incorrect.

    2. This led them to invest in Olint because no contrary ideas could twist them off the idea that 50 % a month trading was possible. Grasp an idea and never let it go is the mantra.

    3. Groups like politicians are given some special symbolism. They fail to understand these groups are made up of just everyday individuals and some are ok and some are not… the group terminology does not describe everyone… many are dunce just like them… some are brighter.

    4. They stick to their allegiances… In JA politics rule some people above everything else… E.g., some people need a lawyer… if they are comrade or labourite… the lawyer has to be comrade etc. Group think then takes over.

    5. For some instead of the lawyer filing to force Olint into liquidation… where the liquidator will then make most of the fees… they choose to litigate themselves… they will make more fees this way. In the other scenario the liquidator like the Madoff liquidator, litigates against culpable parties. However this seems ok because kindred minds are made to believe they are going against the other party and we know labourites are no good …lol

    6. The articles I saw said $20 million was transferred by DS. I do not recollect it saying US… I know Tafari likes to mix up currencies… but J $20 is about $US 220,000. Nice money but quite a bit different from the former.

    7. The case with NCB and Olint was not DS v Olint but Olint v NCB. It was to close Olint accounts… not DS personal accounts. There is a huge difference… obviously if Apple closes its bank accounts it does not mean the bank also closes Steve Job personal accounts… Why is that hard to grasp?

    8. Throwing out US $100 million is out there makes some feel better… they will get back their money… it does not mean it is true.

    9. The fact that no one sought to liquidate Olint in JA and thereby move to freeze any personal accounts of DS has nothing to do with the banks or the gov or any politicians.

    10. The fact that NCB let the case go to the privy council was to get settled law for the bank… to allow the bank to preemptively close such accounts like Olint in the future. The banks closed the accounts of Olint which had US $3 million. Accounts, if any, held by DS was not covered by such an order.

    11. Blaming banks for keeping any personal accounts open makes no sense… it is up to defrauded investors to get any such accounts frozen and seized.

  508. Interesting to wonder why even now, some find it necessary to spread misinformation….The number is up to 13,000% per year. By the end of 2010, it will be 9999929999999999% per year.

    It that really necessary? Don’t answer that folks. But it must make this individual feel so great to say, “you were all fools” or he is just a part of something bigger…..or both..Any guesses?

  509. LOL…

    Look at post # 5 on the other blog as recent evidence…

    When you join the club you were told only a certain amount was being used for trading the rest was 100% secure. Where is that rest of money?

    If you cannot perform elementary math stay away from investing and definitely stay away from complex investments…

    A failure to understand basic math is why you cannot grasp the reality of the claim. Not that the math is wrong.

  510. Elementart math…Understanding investing..understanding leverage…..

    Understanding period!

    In any given trade, one can choose to leverage the entire amount on the platform, or just a small portion. Experienced forex traders typically leverage only a portion of the available amount on any INDIVIDUAL TRADE….The rest of the money is still there and can be treated the same way on another trade…..

    I have not seen it stated anywhere that OLINT only traded 20% of funds at hand or of the funds on a platform. Have you? If so where? Please post it and prove me wrong.

    However, the point may be mute now because the guy was not trading at all. That said, why is it so interesting now to post another lie Nocotec?

  511. lol… hahaha

    Was that not one of the reasons near the end that DS changed the Olint contract… and the new contract skipped any illusion that some of the money was ‘safe’…

    So now you have switched from challenging the math as wrong… to challenging the 80 % was supposed to be safe… this was being pushed, among others, for DS by columnist and all over the blogs…

    Much of what DS did as I and others used to point out was just propaganda… meaning it did not have to be written down specifically but the propaganda was pushed and because investors in droves believed it, they invested.

    If you look back at the blogs for example… you will see as in my quote above, many investors believed the propaganda that 80 % was ‘safe’… I heard it online and offline.

    The point is like you, they did not understand that believing such a thing meant they were in fact believing the guy was making 50 % profits each month.

  512. Nonco,

    Would you like to see me as Minister of finace?

    Ok that you have answered that….

    What makes you want Shaw?

    Nonco….Would you like to see me be crime Tzar in Jamaica?


    It is a widespread talked about and blogged view that Deacon must be brought to Justice AND appropriately punished.

    But it is action that speacks now..not a bag a mout.

  513. It was stated on this blog that only 20% of the money held in Olint was ever being traded while 80% was being held in escrow.
    While I did not see a Olint contract, that was the information present by Olint investors on this and other blogs.

    As stated above, when David recognize that he was going to be in deep brown stuff, he changed the contract and threathen to expel anyone who did not sign the new contract.

    This new contract offered no such protection, but since David was a forex trading wiz, people really did not care, he was giving them 10% per month on average.

    Many including our friend TF quickly signed the new agreement, virtually handing David Smith the “80%” that was being held at the bank, without asking any question.

    Of course their was no 80% in the bank, it was merely a ploy that DS concocted with his lawyers to have investors sign other their money to him.

  514. @Jay

    The dude is like a pit bull dog… when he grasps something… no matter how bad he will not let go 🙂

    In response he is trying to tell me how fx and leverage and limits work. This was not my point. My point is folks believed 80 % of their money was safe and did not understand that by believing that they also believed in 50 % a month profits.

    Maybe 1 % of Olint investors actually had any clue about fx trading… and that 1 % did not really understand it or they would not have given their money to DS.

    Risking 20 % on each trade means you can take 5 trades to lose it all… though 20 % of the declining balance on sequential trades would extend the amount of trades.

    Of course ponzi scheme investors have a mindset that investments cannot have losses, only gains… so averaging 10 % returns each month with never a month with losses seems normal.

    The propaganda and the interpretation in their minds meant they thought 80 % of the money was safe and the dude was generating 50 % profis.

  515. @floridian, Said: Would you like to see me as Minister of finace?

    Don’t you understand that the JA parliamentary system (based on the Westminster model) has this as a flaw…

    Ministers and cabinet members are parliamentarians.

    In the US system the cabinet is appointed and confirmed by the Senate. This means that the President can, if he chooses, appoint folks with relevant business or technical expertise to be Treasury Secretary or any of the other positions.

    Which really skilled or qualified person in JA wants to go through the nonsense of running for parliament or becoming a ranking member of the party… and in any case, even if you did you would not be successful in the system… it goes to those who did the most for the party or paid their dues.

    This means that ministerial positions never have a chance to get really skilled people… only those who have given their dues… picking out Shaw is only about your political persuasion.

  516. It is true that much of what DS did was “just propoganda”. It is also true that you pointed that out. And that is typically what con-men do. They mix some truth in with the lies in their story. So it is 50% people thought now?

    Now look, everyone knows now that the guy is a liar and a thief. It has been long established that the “detractors” were right about DS. But what of the “detractors”?

    Why would it be necessary for you to be making up new profit margins for Olint at this late stage? Earley on in the blog, you said it was 110% per year. Now your fuzzy math has it at 13,000%. WOW! But again I ask, why? Not making any accusations now…just asking why….Why?

  517. Nonco,

    What should happen to the fraudsters, co conspirators and beneficiaries?

  518. @floridian, Said: What should happen to the fraudsters, co conspirators and beneficiaries?

    I have said it several times before. DS had a small group of co-conspirators. DS and these folks should face criminal sanctions… these include fines and prison… the mix and time determined by factors such as cooperation.

    I believe I was the first on the blogs to advocate claw back for folks that got back more than they invested. Donations to political parties should be returned but the parties have no legal requirement to return it any more so than a casino, an exotic dancer or any other business that received any Olint money does.

  519. In response he is trying to tell me how fx and leverage and limits work. This was not my point. My point is folks believed 80 % of their money was safe and did not understand that by believing that they also believed in 50 % a month profits.

    Folks did believe that 80% of their money was “safe”. (Folks also believed that DS was a master trader). You just can’t see the forest throughthe trees.

    On any given trade, if you only leverage 20% of the funds, the other 80% is “safe”. And that is the point that was made.

    You wrote: 3. Thus 80 % of the investors money was ’safe’. It was not at risk. Supposedly used to allow so much leverage. For the prudent investor this would have begged the question… why don’t I just keep my 80 % ’safe’ in my bank and you trade the 20%. Your contention is that DS said that 80% of the funds was traded. You are wrong. Again. But why at this late stage, do you find it necessary to spend time writing misinformation on your blog?

    By changing your numbers now, you are also saying that your earlier math was wrong, thus agreeing with me. So what is it? Was your math wrong then or wrong now?

    What was that about NCB and the Olint account?

    You also wrote: 10. The fact that NCB let the case go to the privy council was to get settled law for the bank… to allow the bank to preemptively close such accounts like Olint in the future. The banks closed the accounts of Olint which had US $3 million. Accounts, if any, held by DS was not covered by such an order.

    11. Blaming banks for keeping any personal accounts open makes no sense… it is up to defrauded investors to get any such accounts frozen and seized.

    But it was reported, for example here:

    NCB’s General Legal Counsel, Dave Garcia, on Thursday night confirmed that the funds in the accounts had been turned over to OLINT.

    This is not true. An Olint (not DS) account at NCB has a balance in excess of 50 million dollars.

    So why do you now address this post so urgently in an apparant attempt to discredit the post? Why? If you say why, at least we will understand.

    So David Smith was a thief and a conman. So he lied and had stupid greedy investors dump millions into his ponzi scheme. All facts. All stipulated. All agreed.

    What’s your angle Nocotec? The cocomamy story about being a good samaritan just trying to help greedy stupid investors didn’t work then and won’t work now. Even the stupid greedy investors can see that. So are you going to come clean now? Come on man. Like Floridian said, your slip a drag in de mud.

  520. “Why would it be necessary for you to be making up new profit margins for Olint at this late stage? Earley on in the blog, you said it was 110% per year. Now your fuzzy math has it at 13,000%.”

    Dude you need to go back to primary school 🙂

    And your memory forgets what it wants…

    You said 10 % / mth is 120 % per year… I and others attempted to educate you that 10 % /mth is actually 213 % returns per year for most people because most people were rolling over.

    One more attempt… here is the math 🙂

    80 % of the money was (supposedly) in escrow… 20 % was being traded. This 80 % (not working) plus the 20 % working resulted, when recombined with an annual gain of 213 % return in the investors pocket.

    However for DS to achieve this… parking 80 % in escrow… trading only 20 %… and paying 10 % per month on the total… He DS would in fact be generating 50 % per month on the amount traded… which is like 13,000 % per year when compounded.

  521. Earlier in this thread you also said, in a response to Floridian, that Olint TCI (the liquidator) was succesful in obtaining the freeze court order because Olint TCI liquidator is now Olint.

    You were wrong then too……

    Should I go throughthe blog and point out how many times you were wrong/lied?

    I am being kind by saying that you were wrong because because I know that you love to lie.

  522. LOL… hahaha

    Whenever the logic gets too much for your little brain… it resorts back to … nocotec what is your angle… I know, it is not to help investors…. so what is it? LOL

  523. Lol hahahahaha

    Whenever there is an incontrovertible fact placed on this blog, it resorts back to “well you were stupid and greedy to believe (what is it up to now 99,999,999% per year).

    So what is the reason for all the lies Nocotec? The stupid crazy greedy investors still want to know.

  524. You are back … After I told you in no uncertain terms I was not interested in being a part of your fantasies… I was officially off your radar 🙂

    Can you point out which… “incontrovertible fact placed on this blog”… you have introduced on the blog. Are you really dumb enough to believe the nonsense you post and to think that there are others that don’t know it is nonsense… well except a blogger or 2 that actually still believe in DS… which in of itself explains there mental level or their collusion.

    Here is some news for you dude… the sensible folks see you as the blog mascot 🙂 Seriously, you really should try to educate yourself to the point of being able to grasp basic concepts.

    The stuff you keep posting was aired and discredited way back. The fools that believed it, at least did so before it was proven that Olint was a ponzi… stuff like nocotec works for the banks and his motive is blah blah was done to death… lol… in that case they swallowed the propaganda that was being actively fed.

    In your case it is amazing that you can be so pathetic to actually at this point not only be regurgitating the nonsense but that you actually believe it. LOL…

  525. Hey Tafari… you have been on to me all along… wow, you are so smart. You knwe that 10 % per month is possible. I have been trading and making 10 % per month but I have been lying all along… you know why… because I am bad minded and did not want others to be successful like me. I really don’t like to see the small guy get rich.

    Thanks for pointing out my lying ways … you have reformed me. As part of my reform here is what I will do for you… send me as much money as you can find and I will trade it for you and give you 10 % per month. I know you lost it all to DS but see if you can find some to borrow. This will be an easy way for you to rebuild and get rich really fast.

    Lol… I bet you would believe that… my belly hurts… lol.

  526. Tafari:

    As a seasoned FX Trader, could you help out the village idiot for a moment? I’m trying hard to put my hands around this concept of leverage and the issue of the 80% being “safe”. Firstly, when a Trader put their 20% at risk, what does “leverage” mean in this scenario? Maybe you could use some simple numbers, let’s say $100 total on the platform and work from there. That is, Trade 1 only $20 is put at risk and $80 is safely tucked away somewhere. Now using “leverage”, how much in reality is being put at risk and why is the concept of “leverage” used? Is it in fact a system where even though you put up $20 for a trade, in theory, you are using $100 (5:1 leverage?) for the trade? In this latter scenario, does the $80 margin difference result in the ability of the FX platform operator to have a “margin call” if the Trader is wiped out during that trading session, i.e., is the Trader really putting $100 at risk? Put another way, is the leverage a one-way thing, only benefitting the Trader? This is the gaps that exist in my attempt to understand this whole concept of leverage when used in conjunction with FX trading.

    Secondly, what would prevent a Trader from wiping out the entire sum on a platform through a series of N distinct trades over time T, if all the trades results in a total loss of the 20 % that is put at risk for each trade? Please, keep your explanation as simple as possible for the village idiot!

  527. Tafari:

    While you are busy typing the explanation of leverage, I realize that I omitted one point in my last post. It seems to me that the issue of 80% of the funds in a trading account being labeled as “safe” is really a bogus concept, if indeed this is implemented on a “per trade” basis. Maybe you can incorporate that point in your pending explanation of leverage.

  528. @MikeD

    Man you give Tafari homework… him busy Googling, right now 🙂

    After him answer, mi will help him out 🙂

  529. No Nocotec….I have more faith in Tafari’s skills than you do!! After all, one doesn’t earn 10 % per month doing FX Trading without having a full understanding of “Leverage” at their finger tip. I think the delay in response might be attributable to Tafari’s inability to break complex financial matters into terms that idiots like me can understand. As such, Tafari have to edit many drafts of the explanation to make it straightforward….hence the delay. 🙂

    The only disappointment possible might be his decision to ignore my request, since he has stated in the past that he would ignore any future comments directed at him from me. I’m a little bit optimistic though, since he said you were off his radar, but has since had a change of heart and is now responding (selectively) to your comments…..I hope he does the same as far as I am concern. We will see, as I am anxiously awaiting his expose on leverage. 🙄

  530. Bloggers all…see who has their panties in a bunch? Now ask why…….

  531. I will keep it simple stupid!

    When you make a forex trade, part of your account balance is earmarked as the initial margin requirement for that trade. On each indivisual trade, it is possible to leverage only so mush so as to put 20 or 30 or 40 percent of your account balance at risk – ON EACH INDIVIDUAL TRADE…I do it all the time. At no one time do I put the full amount of my balance on the platform at risk.

    Is that simple enough for you? Now back to the question at hand. What’s up? I have 10% of my earnings for you if you will answer that. Why do you have your panties in a a bunch? You are wrong and I am right….No amount of lectures or number-twisting will change that.

    But of course, we will get another 99999999999% bullshit story as a follow up, won’t we.

  532. By the way, the liquidator is in Jamaica….any word on the planned meeting with Olint investors?

  533. Tafari:

    Is that it??? I understand putting only a percentage (10, 20, 30 or 40 %) of your account balance at risk. Where does the “leverage” part come in? Or even if there is such a thing in this context? Your explanation only seems to expound on a type of stop gap measure.

    You can fund you account on a continuous basis (technically keeping the X% in your bank account at any one time, excluding any transaction cost, if any), so there is still a disconnect in my mind about “risk amount” and this concept of leverage. In the strict financial sense, leverage has some amount of inherent risk/rewards and involves some level of “borrowing” (use of other people’s money) to use for the purchase of something else, which could increase (or decrease) in value over time for sole benefit of the person involved in leveraging. Your explanation above doesn’t seem to entail any level of risk to you the trader (apart from coming out a loser on a trade). So, what are you leveraging? You care to explain further, since I’m still not getting it?

  534. Tafari

    where can we find the liquidator ????

  535. LOL…

    MikeD you caught the expert off guard… hehehe. You give him basic question and it mash him up. Reminds of the dude who used to brag in his little district about how he was the island’s best with a flute… hehe … he chose an instrument that few played so he would not be tested.

    One day a band came to the district and a member played the flute… everyone rushed Tafari… yow Tafari let off and show the yute them what you can do… Tafari, stammered and was like… oonu could out out of order eeeh… oonu want want big international flute player to perform and don’t give him notice…. hahaha

    See how when him under pressure his inner man come out… Mi rebuff him and tell him mi only play with woman… now him off bout panties… yow mi don’t play with man in a panty star… only with woman. lol… damn dude.

  536. Tafari Francis, on January 11th, 2010 at 6:32 am Said:

    (lest we take our eyes off the ball)

    Edited by nocotec. Exact repeat of previous post (posted 3 times). Link is same post.

  537. @Tafari

    Do not post the exact same post twice and especially not the same day…

    You may refer to a previous post by copying and pasting the link like so

    We know you are doing this in an attempt to mask your lack of a most basic concept in trading for which you claim you are making 10 % a month… sorry we all know that is what you are trying to evade.

    Repeating the same nonsense does not make you any more correct. Stop being such a complete idiot. The herald article is no longer online but my recollection was it did not say US $20 mil. Jamaica 20 mill is about US $220,000.

    Idiot, an order to close Olint’s accounts is not an order to close private accounts of DS, if any. Further you have not offered proof that DS’s private account(s) were with NCB, it may or may not have been… I do not recollect seeing a name of the bank where the 20 mil was at. Someone on the blog proffered he may have accounts somewhere else that he was trying to move… that is also unverified.

    Idiot, like you, many folks in JA were suckered by the lure of quick riches. It appears that some politicians and even prosecutors were also suckered. Prosecutors appear to have had money in Olint… suckered like you… This may have influenced them from prosecuting…. this is not the same as being bribed not to… if so, the charge would be malfeasance or equivalent. We covered this on the blog.

    Repeating your nonsense will not help you… If you know all this stuff why don’t you file a lawsuit in JA? Or in Grenada or do like floridian and file in the USA… Alas you are just a hater… you hate floridian for filing his suit. At least he tries to do something about it which is to be admired… though he appears to let some unrelated issues side track his goal.

    All you do is invest and then chat nothing but nonsense.

  538. Before you ‘buy’ into any new scheme just remember who asked you to ‘buy’ into Olint.

    And remember the Matress…

  539. It is easy for our political leaders to call on God but they must be reminded that the Bible tells us that “by their fruits you shall know them”. If Mr Golding is serious about God and the nation, then we should expect to see the manifestations of that commitment in the way the country is governed. The prime minister needs to be reminded that God and values are bound up together, and that the absence of core moral values in political life is anti-religious and anti-God.

    I honestly believe that Mr Golding is sincere in his call for God to help the nation, but it seems to me that the biggest part of the call is missing – the call for national confession, repentance and reconciliation.

  540. The real cause of poor policy and mismanagement is Jamaica’s political culture. It is a culture of raw tribalism with inadequate honesty, civility and patriotism. It is characterised by the ideological extremes, consorting with criminals (local and international such as Marc Rich), a tolerance for violence for political ends and a willingness to put the possibility of short-term political notoriety ahead of the good of the land they profess to love.–2010_7321363

  541. Peter Bovell wrote:
    Hi all,

    I thought I’d send this out to my friends and business associates to
    quell any uncertainties regarding a rumor that is circulating that has
    come to my attention.

    I remain an account holder of Olint. I have not withdrawn any funds
    other than normal. I have NOT closed my account with

    I am not a director, nor shareholder of Olint. I am not representing any
    FX Trading company that is competing with Olint.

    I remain a very good friend of Mr. David Smith, and he and I are on
    cordial speaking terms are per usual.

    I have not given anyone any opinion or advise regarding Olint as I am
    not a financial advisor.

    My position therefore with Olint remains unchanged.

    Thanks for your attention:


  542. Fwd: Documents
    Gregory K Vernon []
    Sent: Sun 6/10/2007 3:50 PM
    Cc: David Smith; Peter Bovell

    Attached are the documents Bear Sterns FX are requesting in order to establish a FX account.

    Greg Vernon

  543. Tafari Francis, on January 11th, 2010 at 6:32 am Said:
    (lest we take our eyes off the ball)

    edited by nocotec. exact repeat of previous post. link to post inserted.

  544. Blocking…how so sensitive today? Something happening?

  545. @floridian

    Posts are not blocked. WordPress has its own algorithms that block posts it thinks are spam or junk. It will also hold posts for release from anyone it detects as a new blogger.

    Multiple links in a post will cause it to be blocked. When posting links, copyright laws allow fair use… see how Google news posts links to articles… you may post a brief summary or brief excerpt from the article along with a link to the original article. Posting all or substantially all of an article is a violation of copyright law by you.

  546. The JIS said the Government will not go ahead with the IMF deal unless it receives 100 per cent participation from investors.

    Their failure would cost the country the US$1.3 billion it needs to plug the balance of payment gap created by the loss in foreign exchange revenues.

    The Government has unveiled plans to use US$40 million from the IMF and multilateral funding agencies to create a Financial Sector Support Fund.

    The JIS said the Fund will provide money to eligible financial institutions, which may be affected by the issuing of the new bonds under the Debt Exchange Offer.

  547. Deacon you have been cleared for entry into the US. Good any day except Thursdays.

  548. And also congrats Deacon. Olint is front and center on that prestigious list.

    You outdid yourself!

  549. Wow it has been a while since I have looked at the postings here. It is funny to see that the deniers are still in denial and Nocotec an Jay are still trying to educate but alas it remains a futile endeavor. Ha, folks are still hanging on to the hopes of recovering some money.

    • Big man long time since we have seen a post from you. Yes we still trying to save people like Tafari from himself, but yow d man head tuff iyah. 🙂

  550. A mi bredrin Deacon…yu neva know dat?

    giggle giggle giggle…

  551. MikeD you bowl Tafari with a simple question… Thought the man said he was now big time trader making 10 % a month 🙂

    It illustrates what I said earlier… maybe 1 % of Olint investors had any understanding of fx trading and of that 1 %. like Tafari, they really did not understand.

    Read on to understand the basic concept of leverage.

    1. This misunderstanding led them to be confused by the concept of leverage as it applies to investment trading.

    2. They were easily misled into believing that 80 % of their money would be put in escrow and thus safe… which as I pointed out meant they in effect believed DS was making gains of 50 % per month on his trades.

    3. Leverage in investment trading is not a real difficult concept to grasp. You are borrowing money, typically from the broker to make trades. Usually there is a fee and or interest charges. Borrowing or the use of leverage can magnify gains but most novices do not understand it can also magnify losses.

    4. These 2 simple examples illustrate the concept. An investor deposits $100 with his broker. He makes a trade and has a profit of $1. This means he had a gain of 1 %. If he loses $1 similarly he has a loss of 1 %.

    5. Now say the investor deposited the same $100.00. Now he borrows 10 times his deposit from the broker. He now has $1000 to trade. He makes the exact same trade as above and has a 1 % gain. He has now made $10 ( 1 % of $1000). This really means that he has made $10 on his original $100 investment… or he magnified his gain to 10 %… less any fees and interest.

    6. The same principle applies to his trading losses. A 1 % loss will be magnified to 10 %.

    7. The concept of 80 % is safe is not the reality though this what investors understood or the propaganda spread. An investor may place stop limits with his broker. This just means he tells the broker if my trades start to lose money, limit my losses to $20 in this example. If my losses get to $20 close the trade, take the $20 and leave me with $80. In other words such a trade has a theoretical maximum loss of 20 %… 80 % is safe for THAT trade.

    8. However as seen from the example above all you need to wipe out the entire $100 is 5 such trades with a $20 loss. The 80 % is not actually in escrow but is still at risk over multiple trades.

    This is the basic principle but of course DS was not even trading.

  552. Nocotec:

    Thanks for that overview!!! Actually, it was pretty clear and concise. My only dissappoint is that Tafari could not explain it and as we now know, he, like most Olint Investors does not understand the basic concept behind leveraging. I have heard many times Olint investors telling me that Olint is able to pay in excess of 10% per month due to “leveraging”. When asked to explain how leverging works in the Forex World they quickly try to change the subject or ignore you…… Tafari 🙂

    You let me down Tafari and to think I was expressing to the “Professor” my great confidence in your ability to school me on leveraging. Never again!!

  553. They can’t even get this Jagan home.

    How about that Nonco?

    They need a real bonafide card carrying Olint diplomat like Allan Hutchinson of the TCI.

  554. Nonco is the govt like an Olint investor?

    However, according to Mr. Chung, the odds were against the Government as it did nit have much move to maneuver because of the country’s current fiscal situation.

    “The truth is, it’s more important to have this IMF agreement under our belt and have some assurance that we access to the funds because things are getting a little sticky,” he said.

  555. Are Olint investors the only people who don’t have access to funds?

  556. Chung was an Olint investor too Nonco.

  557. So was Charles …and so on and so on….

    What a lot of simpletons….fram tap to battam.

  558. The Haitian links also have a calamity through Earthquake on top of their Olint worries.


    Olint investors come in all types..beyond humans …all monkey too I’m told. Even monkey should know it’s better to fly ‘commercial’ in these times.

  560. Deacon, you might go down in history as the most destructive element in Jamaica’s existence.

  561. Jay:

    To date, my average “gain” from overall trading iis 14.27%). When taken on a monthly basis, my lowest month was around 3%. My highest month was 21%. There were individual trades where I lost, including one where I neglected to put in my stop.

    Now if your friend David Smith and a hotshot trader, and not a bloddy thief, it is possible that he could have earned better “gains” than a simpleton, no understanding leverage, greedy, stupid investor like me, don’t you think?

    Well, what are your gains? You are a self prefessed Forex trader right? And you are not stupid and greedy and crazy and you understand leverage so I would assume that you are a much more successful trader than I am.

    By the way, I am now trading with my house money so-to-speak.

    So what of it Jay?

  562. All Cash Plus’ Bertram Hill III

  563. XL Capital noted the increasingly negative outlook for offshore financial centres in a filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

  564. @MikeD

    You mean you actually expected people that also invested in Olint to actually have had a clue about fx trading 🙂

    Think about it like this… if you know anything about a topic and someone comes along and makes a ridiculous claim… you know right away it is ridiculous, right…

    However you could say take a stop watch to an Amazonian tribe that had never seen a watch… show them how you stop and start it… then make them run the 100m and time them. Then start bragging how you have got a guy back home in JA named Bolt… he is fast like lightning… he runs the 100m in 2 seconds. Many of them would believe you.

    However try the same with Jcans … we know about track… we would laugh you to scorn out of the room.

    People with no clue can be made to believe ridiculous claims…

    Take our friend Tafari… what is his latest claim… is he saying his total gain over time is 14 %… gains to be meaningful need to be annualized… 14 % a year which is plausible… Or is he saying I am making 14 % a month… if so, do the math… with his play play house money he will be rotten rich soon :-).

    How long have we had the blog… at 14.27 % per month… Tafari just needs to get $42,000 together and go to work… let it compound.. he will make a Million in 2 years. He is wasting time blogging… If he spent that time trading his gains would be even higher…. probably make the Million in a year … I might even send him some money to trade for me:-)

  565. Bwoy Tafari, the more you open your mouth, the more you show yourself to be a amateur . I have never posted about my investment prowess on this blog and have no plans to do so.

    We (authors) provided in the about us section disclosure which would help people understand where we were coming from when we sought to dismiss the myths of kool aid drinking investors, about David Smith and others forex Ponzi scheme.

    It takes years of experience to become and expert at anything including investing or speculation (which forex really is). But then again you seem to be able to become an expert at most things in a relatively short period of time.

    I recall you saying you where an expert marksman after only a few weeks of training and awarded so medal of the sorts.
    When people start to believe the unbelievable, then very few is in any position to help them. I believe you are there or very close to being their, so seek help before you shoot yourself in the head.

  566. Jay wrote (in the “about us” section of this blog)

    I am not associated with any company in the financial sector.
    I am investor who has interest in real estate, the stock market and I do trade forex

    Tafari wrote:

    Jay…….You are a self prefessed Forex trader right?

    To that Jay wrote:

    Bwoy Tafari, the more you open your mouth, the more you show yourself to be a amateur . I have never posted about my investment prowess on this blog and have no plans to do so.


    Now why these guys insist on twisting the truth and telling lies is now beyond me.
    First, Tafari did not say that Jay posted about his “investment prowess”. But Jay now has announced to the world that Tafari said so. LIE!

    Then Jay posts about things he knows nothing about. Expert marksmanship badges in the US army. Just google it or ask anyone who graduated basic training you idiot.

    There is also an Expert Infantrymans badge (which I earned TRUE BLUE bythe way). And any US infantryman would know what I talk about. Empire Base camp Panama…hoooah!

    So why do they continue with the lies and deception you ask? I’ve been asking the same thing. No answers from “the authors” yet though.

  567. Now Jay:

    You and your pals love numbers. So I gave some numbers and I asked of your own Mr. Forex trader.

    Instead of a simple answer which would more than likely prove me right (because you are not a stupid, greedy, crazy, expert olint investor) you chose to go on about expert and lie in your implication that Tafari said you claim to have trading prowess.

    Just give the darn numbers. What is YOUR average monthly gain Mr. self professed forex trader. In case you missed what you wrote earlier, here it is again…..

    I am not associated with any company in the financial sector.
    I am investor who has interest in real estate, the stock market and I do trade forex”

    United States Army

    US Army marksmanship badgesThe United States Army issues marksmanship badges for expert, sharpshooter and marksman qualifications. Suspended from it are component bars that indicate the specific weapons the soldier is qualified for. Only three marksmanship badges are authorized for wear at one time, and each may only have up to three component bars.

    Component bars are authorized in the following weapons (listed with exact inscription): Rifle, Pistol, AA Arty, Auto Rifle, Machinegun, Field Artillery, Tank Weapons, Flamethrower, Submachine Gun, Rocket Launcher, Grenade, Carbine, Recoilless Rifle, Mortar, Bayonet, Small Bore Rifle, Small Bore Pistol, Missile, and Aero-weapons.

    The Expert Infantryman Badge, or EIB, is a military badge of the United States Army. Although similar in name and appearance to the Combat Infantryman Badge (CIB), it is a completely different award: while the CIB is awarded for participation in ground combat, the EIB is presented for completion of a course of testing designed to demonstrate proficiency in infantry skills.

    The EIB was first created in October 1943. Currently, it is awarded to U.S. Army personnel who hold infantry or special forces military occupational specialties. To be awarded the EIB, the soldier must complete a number of prerequisites and pass a battery of graded tests on basic infantry skills; usually the testing phase is the culmination of weeks of training. The EIB test is administered on average once per year with pass rates usually near 30 percent, depending on the unit conducting testing.

  568. And Jay:

    Can you explain how you were able to verify that David Smith had only 3 mil in local accounts? After you do that, exlpain how you were able to verify that he withdrew 20 mil (17 mil more than the 3 mil you first verify). Or are you just blogging lies to suit your mood?

  569. Truth against lies. The truth wins everytime.

    Getting too close…we must discredit him….even if it takes a bunch of lies.

  570. @Tafari

    Should we just officially rename you Moron? 🙂

    I know you are the guy that thinks the English currency is the Euro… but…

    The Jamaican dollar and the US dollar are not the same… Ok moron…

    When subtracting dollar amounts be sure you are using the same currency.

    The $20 million figure was from the Jamaican Sunday Herald which from my recollection did not specifically state US dollars. Since the currency in JA is J $ unless otherwise stated, it is assumed J $ are being discussed. Moron, J $20 mil is US $220,000. J $3 mil is about US $ 33,300 but I recollect the amount at NCB as US $ 3 mil.

    Moron the accounts at NCB with 3 million were Olint corporate accounts. I know a simpleton like you cannot understand that a corporate account for Olint and a personal account for DS are not the same thing. The accounts now in question are DS personal accounts not Olint accounts. At least we have not seen anything to the contrary.

    Unless there are legal proceedings to force the bank to reveal the account info, JA privacy laws do not allow bank account info to be revealed. Even if the accounts are for a criminal purpose. This would be why the Herald article did not reveal the bank for the alleged 20 mil. There is precedent where the bank manager leaking the info was fired and bank forced to pay the wrong doer millions in settlement.

    Curiously… what is stopping you from bringing suit to force the banks to reveal any account info for DS? There are not that many banks in JA… just name each one and they will respond to the court whether they have accounts are not… this is sometimes done in the USA… get a judgment and then serve it on each bank in the person’s home area… the one with an account for the debtor will respond with the account info.

    Do that instead of making nonsensical posts on the blog 🙂 The more you post the more everyone understands why you got suckered… After a few rounds of this everyone just starts ignoring your posts and start to let the moron think he won… you know the game… give you a letter to deliver which just says to the recipient… SEND the FOOL along 🙂

  571. Bwoy Tafari,
    Thank goodness for google and Wikipedia.

    You are the only one on this board posting investment (forex) gains to prove that David Smith could make 10% per month (I would not even post the 50% as worked out by Nocotec based on the 80/20 rule that Olint said it had).

    You have stated your gains and have sought to prove that David Smith could indeed make the gains he said he was making, at the time you invested.
    No other trader in the world has made anything close to what DS was said to be making including the best out there, but yet you still hold true to the belief that it can be done.

    We have said before its possible to make 10% or more on a single trade, but what was improbable is making a consistent figure trade after trade and month after month.

    So using your logic, if I make 10% on each trade and I have 10 trades per month I could make 100% per month.

    You would therefore go on to say well if I can make that on a monthly basis then its possible to make 1200% per annum ( on a non compounding basis, ie I take the profits each month)

    If we now choose to use the figure on a compounding basis, and over say a three year period ,you really see how crazy the number looks which makes the claim completely ridiculous.

    But I am sure Tafari still believes it can be done.

  572. If Jamaican privacy laws does not allow bank balances to be reveales, how did this blog verify that there was only 3 million dollars left in local accounts? Unless this nblog is jamaican banking officials?

    As I said Jay, I have lost on single trades but to date I have not had a single month trading in the negative. My numbers are accurate. What are your numbers Jay?

  573. Tafari Francis, on January 13th, 2010 at 4:34 pm Said:…..”If Jamaican privacy laws does not allow bank balances to be reveales, how did this blog verify that there was only 3 million dollars left in local accounts? Unless this blog is (operated by) jamaican banking officials?”….

    There you go again with your conspiracy theories. Let me help you out. The number was reported in one of the Jamaica newspaper and secondly, there are a number of possible ways that the bank balance could have reached the public domain. One possibility is the number could have be part of a legal document the bank files with the courts (see NCB legal documents which had a summary of Olint’s bank balances throughout a certain period…link available somewhere on this site). The number could have been leaked from an internal NCB source to the media (happens all the time), the lawyers involved from either side could have inadvertently release the information to someone, who eventually passed-on the information to the press, etc., etc.

    Anyone of those scenarios is possible, right? Or is it that it does not fit neatly with your farfetched theories? Or is it that your ability to formulate possibilities is severely handicap? Whatever the reasons are why you fail to offer other alternatives, clearly speaks volumes about your inadequacies (beyond the ones already alluded to by Nocotec of course). 🙂

  574. @MikeD

    LOL… Dam I walked right into Tafari’s trap… now he knows I work for the bank… lol.

    What a moron… In the same post I asked him, why he does not use legal proceedings to get the bank info…

    Olint and NCB were involved in legal proceedings and some of the bank info became public…

    Yet the moron wants to know how we got it 🙂

    I suppose he also thinks the reporter for the Herald works for the bank too… he has no idea how they may have got bank info… lol

    This guy is a rare find 🙂

  575. What legal proceedings are going to get ANY info in Jamaica? The place is a cesspool of corruption. Nice to say that Nocotec, but the more you write, the more I realize that you are as corrupt as David Smith. Guess you were just pissed off that he was stealing more than you were. To this date, no one knows your game….

    Mine is an open book. There is no con here, no lies, no attempt to deceive or corrupt. The more I point out your lies, the more you attack. Tells me I am on the right track and I am having the time of my life reading and realizing how you squirm. The other asshole is always there with you when I so correctly point out the corruption in you system….he is like a puppet. So are you….I can get you going anytime. And although you profess to ignore me, you mention “Tafari” evary post you make.

    Of course you can’t ignore me….of course you can’t. Know why dumbass? Because the truth offends. And from your tirade, you are deeply wounded.

    So a nerve is being pinched each time and there must be a reason. So again, what’s your game? Cut the l;ectures, just tel;l what your game is…that’s what the people want to know. Attacking Tafari does not make you any less a conman, and it doesn’t make Tafari wrong. You cannot to date post a single lie from tafari. But time and time again, I prove you to be a liar.

    So dumbass, what’s your game? In one post, the bank information is beyond reach of the public, in another it is available to the entire public very easily….You manufacture whatever truth makes your story for that post right?

  576. Blocking again…..Can’t let the truth get out, right? So you attack then you block…

    • Nocotec:

      Is there any way to disable the AI feature of WordPress? It only seems to be blocking Tafari & Floridian…I wonder why? Damn, I would pay anything to see the algorithms it uses to screen these individual’s posts. It must be a very painful process when it does allow the other thousands of posts from these two individuals to filter through its rather sophisticated routines 🙂

      Please, see if you can find the most recent “blocked” post from Tafari. I’m sure it contains many words of wisdom, laced with a plethora of factual details yet to be revealed to the blog…the suspense is just killing mi.

  577. If I can interrupt the passa passa for a moment, on a more serious note, in light of the devastation in Haiti, for those of you in Jamaica who are in a position to help, please read the following-from the salvation army–

    Below are practical steps local Jamaicans can do AND send strong prayers for Haiti’s resilience and recovery.

    The Azan family will assist to get containers to ship the donations to Haiti, and they will be received and distributed by the Salvation Army in Haiti.”

    We have set up relief depots at 16 Asheinheim Rd and, 15 Old Hope Rd and the Salvation Army headquarter warehouse at 3 Waterloo Rd. we are also working with the Office of Disaster preparedness.

    We are seeking any assistance as Haiti needs all the help that they can get. Please call me at 383-2926 or email me at for further information.

  578. @RedP

    Good post.

    The Salvation Army and the Red Cross are always good starting points to make donations. Generally in the early stages of a disaster cash donations are best.

  579. @MikeD

    I had already released it. That dude is such an unbelievable moron 🙂

    How idiotic do you have to be to think your posts are being deliberately blocked when you are able to immediately make a 2nd post and it goes through… LOL… that guy kills me. When I have some down time like now, I have some fun seeing how escapees from the asylum think.

    When I read the post I was laughing how the AI works so well sometimes …lol

    It is so amusing… I release it and it responds… post restored from TRASH… hehehe… now pending… Approve?

  580. Nonco the asylum in New Kingston? Those patrons are at the Quad nowadays. I have not been here for a while so had to skim through the comments quickly.

    Red P how you do? Azans helping that’s good they took a blow with Olint. Olint people have been steady in the press throughout the calamity…albeit not mentioned as Olint ‘victims???’

    On a different note…Noncoooo! how you do. So a real money laundering Ponzi seems to be coming to an end. What a relief for it has just been Olint Olint…ehhh?

    Any predictions Nonco? Come on take the plunge.

    At least this one unravels faster than the Smith’s…in that the talk is sure….negative REAL returns so there will be a consistent chipping away your principal depending on the particular bond you are on.

    That is upfront and can be appreciated.

    I have a confession Nonco…I fell asleep in the presentation….even if he started to speak as ‘fast’ as PJ does I don’t think I could have made it to the end. Ian Boyne could not have done a better llulaby himself.. I’m sure..

    Not to worry for you know I just run the background checks to get the details that are needed if at all…ehh Nonco?

    Anyway..predictions Nonco? The $400 million? What’s up? First come first serve? First 400 mil under the Matress and the others get the wooden spoon?

    ‘Most recent Convert$$$…what will they say? Olintian? Your money…yesterday..hehhe

    Mike D, Jay…jay how you do?

    Question: Does the Matress provide negative returns? My thought on it is that even the Matress can not discard inflation numbers (whether real or imagined)

    ‘Late$$T convert’ would agree I’m sure. They other analysts would pause first (thinking about their cocktail dance cards) and then ignore the answer.

    Another ‘feeder club’ in trouble? Anyway we just must get the IMF money. Everyone knows that.

    After all …if the trough is to be empty…what was the scam for?

  581. TheTrough will be filled again with loans!…the trough is being filled again!…..Yippeee….

    $nouts at the ready!

  582. WANTED:

    Experienced $nouts who have loyaly supported the cover up of OLINT.

    Patriots need not apply.

  583. Bakkra system lives again…hurrah hurrah…Bakkra system lives again …hurrah hurrah….

    Cocktail circuit on the move …hurrah hurrah….nepotism gets a boost hurrah hurrah…

    I had an earlier post blocked…all original…no paste….bring it up nuh? Come on…just for laughs?

    Dashing through the trough….with a snout thay has been so dry…through the trough we go….hehehe

  584. What’s up AS? “The war is over…??

    blocked two since morning? Awww….how such touchy today…no yet in control?

    Jay the IP? have you reconised who it belongs to yet? I notice that one never gets answered.

  585. Deacon, your not the only monkey that does not like to fly ‘commercial’

  586. Bondholders…time to ‘move on’

    hurry the 400 mil can’t go all around…especially to non loyalists.

    For instructions on how to apply the vaselinre see

    The ‘silent’ partners may be silent but the manaqgement style is a perfect match.

  587. I wonder what mosr recent convert will say on the topic: “aggregate demand for the Matress”

  588. The Haiti earthquake has hit so close to home. So sad. My next-door neighbor in Florida lost his father and my daughter’s classmate lost two cousins and her grandmother is missing.

    So sad.

  589. By the way…

    Jamaicans often forget we are in an earthquake zone… Port Royal 1692… Kingston early 1900’s.

    Some seismologists expect now that Haiti has had its ‘big one’… the pressure on the plates may now shift west… and that JA in the coming decades will be on tap for its big one.

  590. Nocotec:

    I suggest you go to the number 4 bus and ask for some prayers and pray that does not happen in Jamaica. Although one can expect that the structures in Jamaica would better withstand an earthquake than those in Haiti, the devastation of a shallow 7.0 in Kingston would still be great.

    Earthquakes are no joke. I remember a slight tremor shaking my building in CA and the lamps, bookshelves, everything in my room fell to the ground. It felt like the floor was being pulled out from under my feet.

    We should all pray for the survivors in Haiti. There is already so much suffering there.

  591. @ Tafari.
    One thing I am sure off, is this marks the end of the gun for ganja trade. (well at least for a while)
    I weep for the many lives lost in Haiti, and also weep for the hundreds killed in Jamaica by guns coming from Haiti.
    Its a pity that those guns smugglers were not just the only one killed.

    That being said, I believe that there may a good coming out of all of this, and while many may believe it harsh to say, Haiti needs rebuilding from the ground up.

    Haiti needs investments that will lead to job creation, growth and development of the country and I believe that the disaster in some way opens the opportunity to build the social infrastructure to support this kind of investment.

    I say No to re-building of a palace in a country as poor as Haiti, yes to a parliament building and residence for the leaders, but even more importantly, yes to building of suitable infrastructure for Haiti residence including hospitals, health clinics, fire service and suitable homes.

  592. @ Floridian,

    The GOJ has effectively defaulted, but the were between a rock and a hard place and had no choice.
    Now if they are given the breathing space as a result of this debt swap, whats the next step to grow the economy.

    Thats what missing, it cannot be a 2-5 yr plan, it has got to be much longer than that.
    The fact is these guys have not a clue.

  593. We have been on this inevitable path for a while now… the last gov to balance the budget was in the 1980’s… however we did not like the medicine so they were exiled from gov for like 18 years…

    In JA we have not learned that It is not the politicians or the party, it is about the policies. The failure of the banking system in the 90’s doubled the national debt and put us on this path… the failure to follow tough measures… like balanced budgets… meant this was inevitable.

    It is not rocket science… try this out in your personal life and it ends the same, in bankruptcy or default. First Double your debt… then do not live within your means… no balanced budget. This means more borrowing each year to pay your expenses, thus ever adding to your doubled debt. See where you end up…

    In the end the fix becomes much tougher than if the tough balanced budgets or low deficits of the 80’s had been kept up by the new govs. We would be doing much better today. Postponing tough decisions only makes it worse in the end.

  594. Jay:

    Harsh though it sounds, I must agree. I too pray for all those affected bu this very sad situation in that country.

    I do also believe that Haiti, as a culture, must purge itself of the direction of the Voodoo practice and seek a different spititual direction.

  595. @ Nocotec,

    They have a name for economic policies in Jamaica, its called Voodoo Economics.
    Now we need the IMF to monitor us, and keep us in line, so we can meet the very targets we set for ourselves.

    I guess when PJ said “tata & adios , it really meant the end of fiscal prudence and monitoring of our economic indicators, hence the reason we are where we are today.

  596. Conroy….ask Deacon…you want to meet me? Provo? Deacon house? Deacon can fill the blanks you seem to seek.

  597. looking good Mr. Jones suits you.

  598. steve rising and steve schwartz….yes

    Deaco you leave Conroy in the dark without telling him the runnings?

    Cold as ice Deacon …as per usual.

  599. lighthouse of faith 40 rosemont Cresent, Montego Bay.
    JMMB Montego Bay
    1347293 Citibank n.A.
    Account 36022738 Unit 19 Montego Bay Shopping Center

    First Assembly 6 seaboard Falmouth P.O

    Fresh Bread Ministries Intl, Fairview shopping Mall

    2010 Deacon…let them come and speak in tongues…

  600. Sophia McDonald-James 51 Aspects, 1 Throwley Way, Sutton, UK, SM1 4FD

    Citibank N.A. 210000 Acct 36022738

    Taneille Davis Dorceshire Hill, St. Vincent….

    Lynval Watkis Jamaica Defense Force Air Wing, Kingston Jamaica.

  601. Pastors..How about some rousing sermons this Sunday? Sabbath keepers too…

    hmm..not ready as yet?

  602. When you hear the sound of the higher man seeeyyyy…Babylon yu trone….

  603. (v) Special Purchaser Considerations

    Where a purchaser can enjoy economies of scale or obtain synergies when the acquired operation is combined with other existing business operations, that purchaser may be willing to pay a premium over and above the indicated value of the target entity. Each additional purchaser can enjoy such synergies and economies of scale in differing degrees, and will therefore be willing to pay a different price for the same business. We believe that synergies will arise for OLINT with the aquisition of HMT in the ‘group’.

    Given our determined value range of US$3.4 to US$4.02 million we believe that there is a significant level of premium in the vendors’ asking price of US$6.5. This level of premium is considered excessive and at any rate, conventionally, should be no more than 20% of the indicated valuation. When imputed at 20% special purchaser premium, the bank’s purchase consideration would be in the range of US$4.08M – US$4.82M.

    Duhaney Smith
    RODES Enterprise Limited

  604. There is a preferred shareholder in Hallmark who will be bought out using retained earnings prior to close.

  605. The purchase price for the Shares will consist of Six Million Seven Hundred Thousand United States dollars (US$6,700,000.00) to be settled in the form of cash.

  606. Jay:

    Let me run this by you.

    In July 2008, I spoke to an investigator of the TCI FCU regarding the Olint situation. In that conversation, the gentleman said to me that Hallmark bank was up for sale but valued at less than half-million US dollars. He insisted that the “bank” was not a bank at all but a from for illegal activities.

    Needless to say I looked into his claim ad discovered that it wasn’t all true.

    Do you know why that sergeant would find it necessary to share this false information?

  607. IMF and Jamaica reach an agreement !!

    The International Monetary Fund (IMF) says the agency has reached agreement with the Jamaican government for a US$1.25 billion loan under a 27-month stand-by arrangement.

  608. Fitch Downgrades Jamaica’s Local Currency Ratings to ‘C’; Outlook Remains Negative

    Fitch Ratings today downgraded Jamaica’s long-term local currency rating to ‘C’ from ‘CCC

  609. Re the Haiti project: Our company is registered in Panama. Haiti is ripe, other clubs are already making moves. I’d like to move forward with this.

    Frantzler Dume.

    Watch out for scams!

    Evidence of potential fraud has already surfaced.

  610. Lewfam guys: where did they go: WE NEED TO START A BLOG CALLED: lets find Lewfam: they have to do better than that>>

  611. You need a list of Lewfam investors to get going.

  612. Sheron Cameron-Dunn 11 Swallowfield Ave.
    Marcel Reid A2- 4 Patrick Manor
    Lennox Kirby Summit Road, Morant Bay
    Devon Harbajan …
    etc. off you go.

  613. Earthquake in Venezuela
    2010-01-15 13:47:15 | (0 Comments)

    There has been an earthquake in Venezuela.

    An associated press article reports that the earthquake was moderate and shook eastern Venezuela. Officials said there were no immediate reports of injuries or damage.

    The U.S. Geological Survey says the quake had a preliminary magnitude of 5.6 and was centered 25 miles (40 kilometers) west of Carupano, Venezuela.

    Hi David, Please see the email below from Juan about the visit to Venezuela. Can you make it at that time? Talk to you soon.

    Jacob Martinez

  614. 2010…

    The entire Kindom to fall because of Pride…? I have no doubt…do you?

  615. Friday lead attorney and former National Security Minister K.D. Knight declared that two ministers in the government have plotted with the Crown’s star witness, Rodney Chin, to set the outcome of the trial.


  616. In a dem time wid indictment floating all bout? You don’t even want a picture wid dem. When the photo op time comes better to hightail it.

    Well in Jamaica it will always be monkey see monkey do…

  617. In August 2009, the UK suspended the constitution of Turks and Caicos for what they told the international community was a period of two years. However, in a press release in November, the UK announced to the world quietly on a Saturday, that the UK presence would be permanent.

    By the UK alleging that nearly every single resort developer is corrupt, the international community has cowered and fled or has been run out of town by the UK.

    The UN has already declared UK’s invasion of the islands’ autonomous constitution to be illegal and have called for a withdrawal.

    Democracy International, please find out the real reason why UK suspended the citizens’ constitutional right to trial by jury, for the entire population. The UK states that the people of Turks and Caicos are not fit to serve on a jury panel. Why have the people of Turks and Caicos lost all rights to vote on leadership, judiciary, health care — all democracy has been lost.

    Did you say ALL developers Hayden? Stunning

  618. Assistant Commissioner of Police in charge of Operation, Rodney Adams said no decision has been taken on the future of the Chalk Sound Police Station, which many people have speculated would soon be closed as a result of its high operational cost.

    A number of persons have contacted The SUN expressing concern that a possible closure of the police station could result in increase in criminal activities in the Chalk Sound and adjacent communities.

  619. Pure criminal live a Chaulk Sound.

  620. Haiti online donations blocked over fraud concerns

  621. Fraud can hurt people who are not directly involved.

    But if of course you are not a ‘fool’ but actually a simple idiot who should never be in carge of anything you would not know the full hundred on fraud…

  622. The bar has been raised.

    Ms Foster-Hylton asidE, do we have any hurdlers? Or bereft of talent and overdose of PR?

  623. …and of Jagans President Wade?

  624. Jamaica in ‘default’

    Cents on the dollar. Never heard your warning Nonco.

    Move on…

  625. ‘Driva Bruce’ and his passengers
    Published: Sunday | January 17, 2010

    Ian Boyne
    The Bruce Golding government last week unveiled one of the boldest, most hopeful and far-reaching attempts to deal with Jamaica’s seemingly intractable debt albatross.

    In a speech which has been widely hailed as being inspiring, thoughtful and confidence-building, and which led pre-eminent newsman Cliff Hughes to hail him as “a politician with 19 lives”, the prime minister signalled that the reports of his political death were greatly exaggerated. The ‘Driva’ is back at the controls! And many of his formerly anxious and jittery passengers are casting off doubts about the authenticity of his licence.

  626. “To believe Boyne is to believe Port au Price will host the Garammys next week”

  627. Default
    Boyneipedia (noun)

    What the Golding address to the nation demonstrated was that his administration was seriously and systematically tackling some of Jamaica’s gravest economic challenges. It demonstrated that the Government could summon the boldness, fresh thinking and decisive actions needed to pull the economy from the earthquake-like mountain of debris under which the economy has been trapped.

  628. Remember, too, that the credit-rating agencies have lost much credibility and clout since the US sub-prime crisis and the subsequent global financial meltdown. Not only did they fail to see the collapse of certain key financial institutions coming, but they were complicit in misleading people and consorting with those who had much to gain from their casino-capitalist schemes.

    It was a pleasure meeting you and your dear wife. i’m glad that you shared your knowledge and concerns with me. A friend of mine is keen on investing and would like to talk with you or better yet he wants to meet with you if possible. He asked me to fly over with himto see you when it is convenient to you. Please let me know.

    regarding the Australian model of fx trading to help with the public debt, is there any published information on it? please let me know. I’d really like to learn more about it.

    thanks again for our meeting as i now have a better grasp of the issues.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Kindest regards and compliments.

  629. …the banks realised that to resist the Government’s offer would not be in their best public relations interest. It was a deal which, for all practical purposes, they could not refuse.

    He’s outdone even his own Capital Blu interviews on this one…..Run wid it yes….what else you going to run wid?

  630. “There are times when it threatens to roll back on us. There are times when we feel we can’t push any more. But if all passengers lend a hand, we will push that bus up that hill and when we get to the brow of the hill, we will find that pushing the bus becomes easier, and it will gather enough speed that it will be able to start the engine. After that, we will have to run fast to catch it.”


    I see what you mean Ian Boyne

  631. This is not to say that the Government is a great bunch. The party now forming the Government has made its own sterling contribution to the state of the nation, both from previous governance and from opposition.

    Judith Bloomfield []
    To: David Smith
    Tue 8/22/206
    Subject: Outstanding Fees re Olint St. Kitts

    Hi David,

    The total outstanding fees to Sterling Asset Management for May (adjusted) and June 2006 is US$102,396.61 as per attached invoices. Kindly settle same as soon as possible either by cheque or wire (instructions on invoice0.



  632. Finsac Enquiry chairman’s link to Century National
    Chairman of the FINSAC Commission of Enquiry and former Appeal Court judge Justice Boyd Carey could find himself in a serious tangle, if charges that he and his wife Beverly had business transactions with Century National Bank, including an unpaid $1.7 million debt owed by Bev Carey & Associates (1985) Limited, are proven.

  633. Oh Nooo…I don’t believe it

    that if they fail to participate “your bonds will be illiquid”.

    Or they may face the menacing power of the state to pursue “fiscal or other measures including taxation” against those who don’t participate.

  634. In 2010 we need to stand up for what is right. We also need to do what is right. And we need to know our rights. At no time should we allow anyone to trample them. At least we need to lodge a protest indicating that we know that our rights have been violated or that something unethical has been done. When we allow it to slide and adopt the ‘mi cyan do nutten bout it’ attitude, we become a part of the problem rather than a part of the solution.

    Go Deh wid it yes…

  635. On Taxes….one email…not even two….the howl and shreik …from HWT …oh oh…

    hehe “Get in my office NOW!” Oh dear…

    Think and check…

  636. Only one…not two or more…

  637. 2010 Deacon.

  638. Dem up in age now too…Lawd jesas..nebuelizer, drip…viagra….

    You cold as ice Deacon.

  639. One entity owes the BOJ in the region of $9 billion.

    What ?????

    Mi case Deacon..

  640. Queries on the IMF package
    Published: Sunday | January 17, 2010
    Edward Seaga

    While the amount to be saved is targeted to be $46 billion, as a result of the lower interest payable the new scheme, there will be a corresponding reduction in taxes to be collected on the interest earned by the bond holders.

    Taxes due on the new basis will be $11.5 billion less than previously. The net gain to Government, therefore, will not be $46 billion as stated but $34.6 billion.

  641. john wildish says:
    January 17, 2010 at 8:52 am
    The country has gone bankrupt, and is renegoiating its debt with its creditors so as to bring down its interest rates. Ha ha ha

    the holy scripture says, he that covers his sin shall not prosper. The sin of 1993 remains covered to this day, and our leaders march on without God’s blessings. All the letters written in Jesus name to the PM remain unanswered on the PM’s desk!

    The stripping must continue, do you not see, the people who take the offer will have tied up their money and it will be left at the mercy of devaluation.

    Now if God is right in that in the same way you treat others you too shall be treated, the nation is about to experience with its assets what it has done to Don Crawfords assets.

    the money is tied up, the dollar devalues and the real value is stripped.

    and God sits there laughing as he says in Proverbs 1vs28

    well i ask you where is the truth to be found in the land of jamaica?

    John Wildish

  642. Chapter 5

    1 Set not thy heart upon unjust possessions, and say not: I have enough to live on: for it shall be of no service in the time of vengeance and darkness.

    2 Follow not in thy strength the desires of thy heart:

    3 And say not: How mighty am I? and who shall bring me under for my deeds? for God will surely take revenge.

    4 Say not: I have sinned, and whet harm hath befallen me? for the most High is a patient rewarder.

    5 Be not without fear about sin forgiven, and add not sin upon sin:

    6 And say not: The mercy of the Lord is great, he will have mercy on the multitude of my sins.

    7 For mercy and wrath quickly come from him, and his wrath looketh upon sinners.

    8 Delay not to be converted to the Lord, and defer it not from day to day.

    9 For his wrath shall come on a sudden, and in the time of vengeance he will destroy thee.

    10 Be not anxious for goods unjustly gotten: for they shall not profit thee in the day of calamity and revenge.

    11 Winnow not with every wind, and go not into every way: for so is every sinner proved by a double tongue.

    12 Be steadfast in the way of the Lord, and in the truth of thy judgment, and in knowledge, and let the word of peace and justice keep with thee.

    13 Be meek to hear the word, that thou mayst understand: and return a true answer with wisdom.

    14 If thou have understanding, answer thy neighbour: but if not, let thy hand be upon thy mouth, lest thou be surprised in an unskilful word, and be confounded.

    15 Honour and glory is in the word of the wise, but the tongue of the fool is his ruin.

    16 Be not called a whisperer, and be not taken in thy tongue, and confounded.

    17 For confusion and repentance is upon a thief, and an evil mark of disgrace upon the double tongued, but to the whisperer hatred, and enmity, and reproach.

    18 Justify alike the small and the great.

  643. The teachings are applicable to all conditions of life: to parents and children, to husbands and wives, to the young, to masters, to friends, to the rich, and to the poor. Many of them are rules of courtesy and politeness; and a still greater number contain advice and instruction as to the duties of man toward himself and others, especially the poor, as well as toward society and the state, and most of all toward God. These precepts are arranged in verses, which are grouped according to their outward form. The sections are preceded by eulogies of wisdom which serve as introductions and mark the divisions into which the collection falls.


  644. Jimmy Cliff – I can see clearly now

  645. Sunday, Church, a waters and a serenade…

    Freedom is not a simple thing.

  646. David Smith I beg of you..please give this guy the people’s money back. He is losing his mind….and the people dem looking for him to collect that 800 thou “plus interest”.

  647. Begging? You in government Tafari?

    47 years independence…time to stop beg and rely on criminals…enough now it stains the Jamaicans who evolved from that decades ago.

    Put dung dat Tafari….all when criminal beg settlement we just laugh after dem and seh galang a prison yu a go and I will pay for your ticket…

  648. We no negotiate wi teef nirther beg dem nor grovel…there are plenty people (documented) to wear that cap.

    If it fit…den wear it.

    Rob the people of Jamaica and then negotiate? Who is you? Sick a dat…under heel for you.

  649. Nonco

    Full circle again like a dawg a chase im tail….right roun and round…begging something from David Smith?


  650. hahahahaha

    Deacon them ‘begging’ for you to pay out some more.

  651. I see you have lost you mind now…Begging for DS to pay you before the poeple kill you for their 800 thousand “plus interest”….Big joke. The joke is on you Mr. Pig Ponzi operator.

  652. I see you have lost you mind now…Begging for DS to pay you before the poeple kill you for their 800 thousand “plus interest”….Big joke. The joke is on you Mr. mini ponzi…

  653. Emotional today…any rationality on the horizon?

    Counsel your flock Deacon.

  654. If it is so emotional now I asure you it is early days…

  655. Clearly you don’t understand the IP Address ting….your own choice of words seal your crypt.

  656. Hey

    Leave my blog name alone -“iwantmymoney”

  657. Nonco

    You stitch up the Matress today? You don’t want no ‘dust mite’ nyam out the money.

    There comes a time even Struss-Kahn get tired to say “global economic recession”

    Deacon…you have negatively affected the lives of every Jamaican on the planet….even those of your own faithful Compadre$.

  658. What Deacon seh…”dem protect me!”

  659. Weh gone bad a mawnin can’t come good a evening …

  660. “…you are going to have a serious crisis on your hands…”

    Isn’t ironic?

  661. Enjoy MLK Day..

  662. in 2010….it will all end…..

  663. Jay, Floridian, Tafari,

    why you no open a new blog fi inform di yardie dem what a go on wid the govenment paper. Dem a invite everyone turn it in dem note and reissue de note dem fi much lower rate and much longer time. You think di Ja dollar a go fly again?

    100% compliance is required, with di note business, you also pointed out pon dis blog dat a local bank owe di BOJ 9 billion dollars, a which bank could dis be? i beg uuno fi find out dat fi me!

    Dat bouy DS cost me plenty and if mi recall correct him did a reissue all di papers out a Hallmark and from dat is one delay after di other.

    keep up di good work!

  664. guys
    what happened to the freeze order ??? Was it renewed and what did it achieve???

  665. Live&Letlive:

    The Liquidator has posted a “NOTICE OF MEETINGS OF OLINT TCI CLAIMANTS
    To Be Held at Jamaica Conference Centre
    Duke Street, Kingston, Jamaica
    On 8 February 2010”

    I’m sure you will get all the info you need. Don’t forget though, there is a criteria for attendance.Only big ballers like Floridian can get in.

  666. I would give 10% to be a fly on the wall at that meeting but only the pigs are invited.

    Sirach: Please take notes. We have so many questions when you get back.


    Meeting of unsecured creditors

    At this meeting you will be asked to vote for representatives to serve on an unsecured creditors committee that would liaise with the liquidation team with respect to future conduct of the liquidation.


    It appears that the liquidator has no intention of expediting the liquidation process. All the money the liquidator has frozen to date goes to a specified group. So this committee will be doing what? Liaising with the liquidator…

    Jay, you were right. When this liquidator is done, every penny will be gone.

    Well, except if Nocotec is wrong and DS has 200 mil or so hidden somewhere. But then, the liquidator will just stretch out the process to use up most of that too.


    Hey Floridian:

    Fill out this proxy form nah..You know the name. I promise ah go ask bout yuh 800 thousand plus interest.

  669. @Jedidiah

    These reactions, Israel disclosed yesterday at a Gleaner Editors’ Forum, were from investors who use government paper as collateral for other loans. She said customers had reacted favourably to the prospect of their bonds losing significant value.

    “People were calling and writing emails to find out how do we bring in our old bonds and what’s the procedure for getting the new ones. I was so pleased to see the overall reaction to this initiative,” said Israel, who is also president of the Jamaica Bankers’ Association.

    Israel said customers, while acknowledging the initiative would reduce income earned from interest, admitted it would result in a sustainable sector as well as a future for their children.

    • wha happen when di exchange rate start to fly trough di roof?

      sustainable future will come when di nation start concertrate on production and not consumption, when Ja’s factories look like Ja’s cars den di island will have no trouble.

      was it RBTT dat owe di billions floridian?

  670. Charles Ross, who currently runs investment firm Sterling Asset Management, is budgeted to be paid $7.5 million.

  671. A temporary freeze order is usually issued for among other reasons to prevent the defendant(s) from being able spend or hide the funds when there is real risk that such a move is being made, is imminent or there is real danger

    This is meant to give the plaintiff time to better identify the location of funds and or to prepare a case to the court as to why the funds should ultimately be given to the plaintiff… while preventing possible hiding or loss of those funds.

    In other words the liquidator generally would use the freeze time to find out if there is money and where… and if located prepare a case to get the court to release it to him eventually. ..

  672. The FSC guy on the radio 106 says TCI has been fast….

    Rohan Barret….”don’t understand what has happened in Jamaica….languishing…”


    Ralston…ask him the questions…late$t Convert

    hold on …fitzalbert live….

  673. Australian model Tafari

  674. The other commissioner Charles Ross, who currently runs investment firm Sterling Asset Management and Worrick Bogle, are set to earn $7.5 million.

    To date, payments of $1.9 million have been made to Mr. Bogle, $1.8 million to Justice Carey and $1.6 million to Mr. Ross.

    PNP wants assurance if no conflict of interest with FINSAC Enquiry

    Not a huge burden

    Meanwhile, one of the Commissioners of the FINSAC Enquiry believes too much is being made of the compensation that he and his fellow commissioners and others are receiving for their work.

    Charles Ross contends that the $80 million budget is only an estimate of the overall cost of the enquiry and, in any event, is a very small figure, in the broader national context.

    “The estimated cost is 0.01% of last year’s [national] budget so it’s really, in the grand scheme of things, not a huge burden. We were offered a rate of compensation and we accepted it. The compensation was not discussed at the time of engagement at all that was something that came when the administration was putting a budget together, we were offered compensation and we accepted it,” Mr. Ross said.

    Sterling Asset Management
    International Limited
    30 DeCastro Street
    Road Town

  675. But House speaker Andrew Holness would not have it and pointed out that the debate was highly anticipated and therefore no excuses could be accepted.

  676. Tafari,

    hahaha…Glad to see you can have a sense of humour.

    I vote for you on the committee.

    Careful though for if you make a decision that affects people’s money without their permission then you are heading down a ‘David/ Tracy-Ann Simone Smith’ path.

  677. Gibson mind you get buyout…not wise on this one…

    You want to know bout F1? You sure?

    F1 want things to come to light?

  678. Even inside the simulator flies abound…

  679. hi floridian

    the newspaper says the liquidator will be meeting with the olint investors in Feb

    do you have anymore info to share with the blog on this meeting


  680. 80 Million could do well for a commission of Enquiry into Olint. The total Olint ‘losses’ are larger anyway.

    Hell….you could even can an Olint enquiry if the courts wern’t …uh hum…cough ..cough….bia$ed.

    A lot of the enquiry set up would not have to be drastically changed …just some ‘seat’ movements….you go up there …ok you go down there etc. Impartial and commanding authority then you could use it or a template of it to look into Finsac…which needs looking into too….as said before albeit a lesser catastrophe…materially and otherwise…

  681. If an Enquiry even suggested that £5 million be paid out to the victims of say for instance Finsac….then a seemingly larger monumental problem would arise….how to collect the money.

  682. FORMER Cash Plus boss Carlos Hill is to return to the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate’s Court on April 7 to answer to a number of fraud charges stemming from the collapse of the multibillion-dollar alternative investment scheme.

    Hill’s co-accused, his brother Bertram Hill and Cash Plus’chief financial officer Peter Wilson, are also scheduled to return to court on the said date to answer to a charge of conspiracy to defraud.

    Resident Magistrate Judith Pusey extendfed bail for the three men when they appeared before her Tuesday.

    In addition to 15 counts of fraudulently inducing people to invest, Hill is also facing four counts of fraudulent conversion, four counts of obtaining money by false pretence and one count of conspiracy to defraud.

    The men were arrested and charged in April 2008 following complaints by several investors in the unregulated investment scheme.

  683. LIQUIDATOR MEETING -There is always something that happens right before a court case .

  684. Gordon Brown ‘to give Iraq evidence before election’

    Gordon Brown will be called to give evidence to the Iraq Inquiry before the General Election, the BBC understands.

    The prime minister had been due to appear before Sir John Chilcot’s inquiry after the election – due by June at the latest.

    But he has been under pressure from opposition parties to explain his role before voters go to the polls.

  685. I am confused why is it that every time there is a court case coming up we have something that seems to be set to throw off a full and final trial date.

    March 3 is here now – lets get this thing on once and for all!

  686. My gosh

    Somebody faxed me the notice and said DS might be a teeef but why is the A/hole trying so hard for us to put teet in the court case against DS

    JOKE Potential benefisheries of trust fund ……Which fund ……..which trust how much money is in this fund $13M minus his fees of $13.5M LOL LOl ………..This Conolley/ liquidator man better not Mess wih frustrated people …….. His would not be the only body to wash up from Kingston Harbour……..

    I hope this liquidator brother is walking the straight and narrow


    Why cant we prove that we are depositors and upon hearing the “facts” in the meeting from Mr liquidator then we submit a claim

    Come on buddy straighten up and fly right

  687. START A NEW HEADINDG the emails on the topic of the meeting is coming in fast and furious

    Come investforlife get the blog buzzing with

    the Notice of meeting of unsecured creditors and

    Notice of meeting of ptential beneficiaries of trust fund

    mek the blog roll!!!!

  688. Wantmymoney:

    Are you suggesting that the judge and the liquidator are conspiring to drag this thing out so as to use up all of the pennies found so far?

    One would imagine that the liquidation process and the criminal matter would not be intertwined on a level to encourage such conspiracy except in as much as the liquidator uncovers additional instances of fraud, theft, money-laundering or other such crime. In that case, one would imagine that the liquidator would turn over the evidence of such acts to the investigators.

    However, it does appear that the liquidator, the judge and the prosecutor sleeps in the same bed. And one would hope that they are not sleeping in the same bed as David Smith and his gang of thieves. But one never knows….

    The meeting in Jamaica would be an interesting one. The liquidato has set the tone for t he meeting. There is no indication that the process is anywhere near its end. In fact, it appears he is setting the stage for the beginning of the process.

    The question that should be put to the liquidator is, based on all the evidence you have to date, what would you say is the potential for recovering more funds? If the answer is “little to none” as I expect it would be if answered truthfully, then the liquidator should wrap up his work and immediately distribute the pennies.

    If this does not happen, the only one getting paid is the liquidator.

    But once the process is over, DS should have to hide, he and his crooked family, mother, father, wife, children et al, from process servers (and whatever else whomever – or whoever, I could never tell the difference- else think is appropriate) for the rest of their miserable lives.

  689. live&letlive, on January 22nd, 2010 at 7:19 am Said:

    My gosh

    Somebody faxed me the notice and said DS might be a teeef but why is the A/hole trying so hard for us to put teet in the court case against DS///////////////

    Help me out here guys…I am not a very smart man..just a stupid greedy crazy olint Investor….

    Whay is this guy saying? That he, or the person sending sending the email, doesn’t want the court case against DS to have “teeth”? I don’t get it. Someone steals from you and you want them to get away with it? Is that what I am hearing?

    Is that the same mentality or state of mind that caused the folks in Jonestown to drink the coolaid? Isn’t that the state of mind of people in those cults in Utah which causes them to allow 70-year old men to rape their 10-year old daughters?

    Dis David Smith pass out something for folks to drink> Did I miss that part of the “contract”?

  690. floridian, on December 16th, 2009 at 10:52 pm Said:

    Oliver Smith is the umpteenth in a long line of ‘distiguished’ lawyers for David Smith. What happened to them? Have they completed their due dilligence on the source of their fees?


    That is the single funniest post ever made on this blog. I missed it earlier and felt it was necessary to post it again.

    I once asked what happened to Lord Gifford and the rest of the dream team. does anyone know why the dream team stopped dreaming?

    ha ha ha ha …

  691. Tafari

    calm down calm down……

    dont start preaching the rape of ten year old daughters by 70 year old men no need for that !!!

    Because DS trick us does not mean the liquidator is a good guy !!!!!.

    From you can prove you are on the list of investors why should you file a claim and get special permission to come to a meeting that is designed to give info.

    Give me the info and let me take it from there!!!

    L&LL is right not because we are desparate that means this brother is going to box us in a corner

    Alll the man was saying is the Liquidator better know what he is doing and we hope he is not trying to F…. us to help DS or some other sick bastard..

    We are tired of the JOKES being played on us soooo he had better not try to pull any funny moves

    calm down !!!

    I want to see him keep club members out on Feb 8th.

    Ha Ha Ha

    Dem might give him two upper cut to deliver to DS from them with love

    hail up L&LL!!!

  692. Law school

    Lawyers stop working when money stop flowing !!!!

  693. Lesson II

    Lawyers need to be able to prove beyond doubt that funds used to pay them are legitimate.

  694. hhahahahahaa

    Anthony Levy, “by their works you shall know them”

    for REAL counsel

  695. pon de riva:

    It appears you are pon di weed too.

    It is quite clear from what the brother said that he does not want a case against DS to have “teeth”.

    Liquidator good or bad, it is David Smith who first swindled folks. DS is the devil in this game. I can hardly imagine that even at this late stage, there are those among us who would trust DS over the Court appointed liquidator.

    And even while this is somewhat of a cash cow for the liquidator, and quite naturally he would like to see it last as long as possible, we must keep our eyes on David Smith. The guy is a very gutless thief – willing to see people suffer while he hides the little money left.

    So i take it guys that you have not filed a claim. Well my advise to you is, keep trusting that DS will pay you back. Do not file a claim please. That just means that whatever the liquidator has left over to distribute,more will come to me.

    Again I beg all you stupid jamaican feeder club pigs, please do NOT file a claim. Please do not file a claim. Keep believing that DS will come through. Those of you who have filed claims, I beg of you to withdraw your claims now. Ds will come through for you. More money for me….Darn idiots!

  696. People

    Do not listen to the passionate ones above eg Pon Di Riva Tafari & Floridian

    It is best to get into a situation where we act based on facts and not because we are forced or cornored.

    Desparate acts give desparate results

    The Liquidator has to talk to us before we file claims

    Suppose claim filling is not the best approach after we have heard some fact then what do.?… Watch DS skip off in the sunset

    Filling a claim cannot be a prerequisite to hear the facts.

    that is an action for the informed …..

    I do not even think it is legal to make such a pre condition .

    We should get legal advice asap

  697. patience

    has floridian told you to file a claim? Has floridian told you not to go to your meeting?

    Tip: You freeee

    or maybe some other type of chain is there?

  698. I am told the tax men are VERY interested in the feb mtg…..many persons r being assessed already.

  699. I am very distrustful of the liquidator…..he seems to only want money….

    we need the case to get going…..too much of our money is being used to pay this liquidator.

  700. Tax cases in Ja about the Olint issue means end of the Empire on a dime…pun intended….or a 10 cents if you prefer.

    Pawns need to consider what their handlers require of them on this one.

  701. But…with ‘shartrage’ of options and flaws in the talent….

  702. hahahahaa

    Want…the tax ‘people’ hehehe…need to watch keenly the first goal on this clip.

  703. ..and the second..

  704. Tafari said

    Liquidator good or bad, it is David Smith who first swindled folks. DS is the devil in this game. I can hardly imagine that even at this late stage, there are those among us who would trust DS over the Court appointed liquidator.


    All I was saying is this liquidator does not come over well he sounds like another devil in the same game OR the main devil in another game.

    why cant he talk to us and then we can make claims.

    for example what is this trust fund!!! that we are to benefit from?

    do you know??

  705. Fraud losses ‘cost the UK £30bn a year’

  706. Rusal launches $2.2bn share sale in Hong Kong

    The sale had been delayed twice because of concerns about the company’s huge $16.8bn of debt.

  707. Live and let read:

    How about you go to the Olint TCI in Liquidation website and get that information yourself? Why would you prefer to have another blogger read it and report it to you?

    The company you invested in has been in liquidation for months. Have you bothered to contact the “new” company and find out what is going on?

    Something is very very wrong with the majority of Olint investors.


    You have to forgive me. I could not understand that there are people that stupid in the world. I feel your pain..I understand your frustration. They are indeed stupid!

  708. Brighty Tafari

    Don’t stretch me too much. I am not bright and I am not easily insulted. yes I am stupid soooo

    Please answer these questions

    Why must I make a claim to qualify to be in a meeting with the liquidator who says in the press release and on the same website you speak of THAT the meeting is to give us information .

    SOOO why would I make a claim before I get the information


  709. Floridian

    the liquidator has a complete list ……check him for it

  710. hahahaha

    The Liquidator does not have the complete list with correct spellings the ‘hidden’ members and the feeder lists….trust mi…

  711. Plus the translation of the lists….not even many Jagans can do that…

  712. Just like bank accounts..there are lists and hey…there are lists.

  713. Interesting sub list there….Senator? Congrats…..Fresh motion to debate OLINT?

  714. Perhaps an Ambassador….from beyond the patty shop circle is needed to represent Olint ….members?

  715. How about a F1 list….

  716. Shocking!

    Stranded – US denied Jamaican nurse passage from Haiti

  717. While being hopeful of the success of the JDX, there are other pertinent observations that need to be recorded. First, the programme represents a default by the Government of Jamaica on its sovereign-debt obligations, call options notwithstanding. A call option gives the issuer the right to repurchase the security before maturity. It does not give the issuer the right to exchange the security for new securities with diminished terms, i.e. lower interest and extended maturity. With the option of having their securities encashed with accrued interest or retaining existing securities on existing terms being effectively denied to wealth holders, it is effectively a default.

    In denial of the reality of default, it has been posited that the exchange is at par i.e. $100 of new securities for $100 of old securities. This is somewhat disingenuous. It is readily apparent that longer maturity and lower interest coupons will unambiguously lower the present value of the stream of returns from the security. The value to the wealth holder is diminished.

    The second observation is that the transaction is, as described by Standard & Poor’s, coercive. There is an ‘invitation’ for people to participate. But while this suggests that participation is optional, the invitation letter also says that in fairness to the volunteers, steps will be taken to ensure that the non-volunteers are no better off than the volunteers. This is ominous. What exactly does it mean?

    In OLINTspeak it is called ‘blacklisting’

  718. There is widespread and growing rejection of the spiritual message and authority of the Church by leaders and people while wanting the material benefits of its ministry. This is not only the height of hypocrisy but, ultimately, is unrealistic.

  719. floridian said

    Stranded – US denied Jamaican nurse passage from Haiti

    Floridian you or this nurse would have wanted a person with a visa to live and work in jamaica to get preference over her as a Jamaican citizen to get on the plain out of Haiti to Jamaica????

    This woman is not a first second or third class American citizen she is not an American citizen at all.

  720. The nurse is a hero for Jamaica and others…she deserves to travel on a Jamaican Diplomatic Passport!

  721. Live:

    Do NOT make a claim. Do NOT contact the liquidator. Do Not do anything at all. Please!

  722. Floridian:

    That is a very interesting list. Saw a few names not before seen on the other lists – names I KNOW should appear.

  723. Wantmymoney, on January 22nd, 2010 at 7:03 pm Said:
    I am told the tax men are VERY interested in the feb mtg…..many persons r being assessed already


    “Given what has already been hinted at — including what was in a brochure issued by the Ministry of Finance — there should be a clear statement that there will be no penal measures brought against anyone who elects not to participate,” he said further.

    “Some people just cannot participate because they need those cash flows. And if they don’t participate, they should not be punished in any way, whether by adverse tax action or anything else.—-JAN-24—PROOFED-

  724. Floridian

    Nuff names missing from ur list….

  725. Ask Deacon about his lists.

  726. Who is missing? hahaha

    Roll Call….3:34 a.m Eastern

  727. If a politically exposed person like the Former Premier, actually has engaged in a public corruption scheme, then the scheme\’s illicit proceeds could become the target of forced collection proceedings. This result might especially occur if a foreign politically exposed person laundered the illicit proceeds by making investments in the U.S. or otherwise parked assets there.

  728. Bank: BANK OF AMERICA
    FLORIDA 33131

    ABA NO: 026009593
    Swift Address: BOFAUS3M

    ACCOUNT NO: 1901052070


  729. Question:

    Would Charles Ross be given time off 9with or without pay) from the commission of enquiry to deal with his olint cases abroad?

    You seen Mildred on a list Wantmymoney?

  730. Is that a “9” up there or is it a “6”??

  731. Trip to Providenciales
    Sent: Tue 2/26/2008 4:29 PM
    To:;; Charles Michael Harris; Martin Beek

    Departure @ 5:30 same day pm from Ft Lauderdale to Kingston.

    Luggage restrictions are :

    1 typical carry on luggage (fits in overhead bin of commercial aircraft) OR preferably a small soft duffle bag (no more than 18 inches long) OR a garment bag to be hung in the aircraft. You may also bring along a laptop.

    Please arrive @ General aviation NMIA for departure out of Kingston nlt 45 minutes before departure to clear immigration.

    In copying Mr Delroy Lindsay pleas type in the address above for Sheltair in and your address in Florida for directions. Please arrive 30 min prior to departure.

    Please contact me if anyone needs more info etc.

    Best Regards

    Richard A. Lee

    Wantmymoney, Is Delroy Lindsay going to testify at the Commission of Enquiry? Pop over to the Pegasus after the Liquidators meeting perhaps?

    Tax assess…..even the newly appointed Senator?

  732. Lead by example?

  733. AJ says FINSAC commissioners carrying too much baggage

    Luggage restrictions are :

    1 typical carry on luggage (fits in overhead bin of commercial aircraft) OR preferably a small soft duffle bag (no more than 18 inches long) OR a garment bag to be hung in the aircraft. You may also bring along a laptop

  734. hahahaha

    What says AJ? (no pun intended)… dem travelling wid Grip and Trunk etc…..Titanic

  735. AJ what say you? At 30,000 feet when dem open dem tin pan wid steam dacta fish and roast Turbit in the first class cabin …”there was an overwhelming odour..”

  736. To strong for Nonco and others…

  737. Jazz Festival to cost government US$450,000

    “The JTB has provided sponsorship of US$150,000 (J$13.3 million) towards the event and has committed an additional US$300,000 (J$26.7 million) to offset expenses associated with public relations promotion of the event… in Canada, USA and the United Kingdom,” wrote deputy director of tourism Jason Hall, in response to Observer queries.

    The amount represents a 10 per cent reduction of sponsorship and commitment over last year, which was criticised by stakeholders including the opposition People’s National Party utilising public funds for private gain.

    “This year is no different despite the recession,” he said, adding that JTB collaborated with the event organisers to extend the festival to one week in order to maximise the financial benefit to Jamaica.

  738. Tafari

    I was expecting an explaination not more instructions

    The question was why should I make a claim before I hear what the liquidator has to say.

    Is it logical or legal that I must submit a claim to be considered qulalified to post a mere quesion to the liquidator……..That liqiudator is living off MY money or has he forgottein that by his own findings DS was operating a Ponzie SOOOO every cent he gets paid is money stolen from people!!!!!!

    Why must qualification to attend the meeting be tied to claim and not proof of membership and/or deposit ??


  739. Live:

    Do you not have a brain? Answer your own question. File or not file a claim is our business. You want an explanation? Ask David Smith.

    So why should you file a claim when you know that David Smith will come through for you? With your huge dose of the cool-aid, why are you even asking stupid questions here?

  740. You know Live, I know someone who went to the TCI to visit DS. He says he asked DS what he should do and DS suggested he not file a claim. Says he ntends to pay out this year.

    I guess his luck at the casino will be better in 2010.

  741. Rynnie loan??? Players Club closed.

    Deacon says go to Jazz festival and live with your loss..

  742. tafari

    What does DS paying out this year have to do with Live’s question.

    Wi done know that DS cannot pay this year or the next !!!!

    The question is about the liquidator pushing us in a spot before he explains things to us

    Why can’t you take the emotions out and look at the thing maan

  743. Pon de crack:

    Why does my “explanation” matter? File claim or no file claim. That is a personal matter……..

    • Listen….I’m the only one on this blog that is allowed to say who is on crack or not. That label is already reserved for YOU…O.K?

      You are a walking contraction. All of sudden you start sounding like a detractor and calling you fellow investors stupid (& greedy?). How did you come by this God complex so quickly? I also saw where you stated that if these guys do not file a claim, then that will leave more money for you…WHAT? You can’t even file a claim, since you invest through a feeder Club. Bwoy, Tafari, you fool-fool bad….moron

  744. Better still, why do you not call the Liquidator and ask him?

  745. Pon de stuff:

    Tell me this…It has been months since a liquidator was appointed. Olint TCI (David Smith’s company for those of you who drank the coolaid) is no more. The new company (for want of a better term) is Olint TCI in Compulsory liquidation).

    Have you and Live and let DS keep the money contacted the new company to find out what is its mandate and operating procedures (so to speak).

    Have you talked to the liquidator? Have you read the court documents? Do you understand what the process is?


    If you feel put on the spot by the liquidator, by all means do not cooperate with him.

    I have my own feelings about the liquidator. I have expressed them here. But I do not ask bloggers here ( you do not even know who these people are) to tell you what a third party thinks and how you should act based on what this blogger thinks about what you feel about this third party.

    Do you get it now? Do you now finally get how crazy you sound?

  746. Thanks Tafari

    I have been calling the liquidator but the number is always busy. Thought a real genius like you was on the line.

    Love your spin on my question. But if in my question you see that I an waiting for DS to pay then I guess you will see anything !!!
    Thanks or the response anyway

  747. Tommorow is D (efault) day.

    Nonco the Matress?

    Stricking similarities to David Smith…same ‘management’ style…..sign here under duress…

  748. Same people?

  749. Better Deacon…for he can’t PRINT money…

  750. 350 billion borrowedin two years? Plus the Olint theft? Hundreds of millions of US$…

    All the major overseas missions in Jamaica increasing immigrant fees…

    Chi Ching!

    Can they see something ‘we’ can’t see?

    How much a Belongership/PRC cost again Deacon?


    5 One of the co-authors of this paper, Brian Wynter, was Executive Director of Jamaica’s Financial Services
    Commission (FSC) until December 2007; he was not involved in preparation of this section of the paper.
    Sources for this section include FSC press releases and public notices, court documents, FSC presentations in
    CARTAC (2008), and newspaper accounts.

  752. If necessary, the government intends to
    strategically exercise call options embedded in existing bonds in support of the debt

  753. When? If one does not want the jdx and wants to cash out immediately when?

    Get paid in J$ after the exchange rate burst the stratosphere? or before?


  754. “If you owe somebody money, they cannot touch your pension savings to settle,” explained Martin about the latter.

    Values to teach the nations children I’m sure…

  755. Why Distressed Debt Exchanges Are Tantamount To Defaults

  756. Do you know how much the liquidator has been paid so far…….US700,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Conolly u r a greedy pig!!! thats why u r here to get more ppl to sign up so that u can milk some more money……

    what have u done to deserve all of this money when we r here suffering!!!

  757. Live:

    Why no anger towards David Smith? You and wantmymoney wants to curse me and the about misdirected anger….

    Go fight your “poor people hero” David Smith. You idiots drank so much of the coolaid that to this date you can’t see who swindled you.

  758. Right before EVERY court case there is some action organized to try and stall the proceedings……lets get on with the trial….


    Stop trying to tief our money…..what the hell have u done to deserve to earn 700,000??????

    U tell ppl there is only 13m yet stil u r in ja to drum up support to get ur hands on the “other funds”.

    U have no interest in anyone except urself……

  759. Tafari…..r u the liquidator???? i cursed no one except him…interesting!!!!

  760. Why r u holding a forum….and forcing ppl to send in a claim before they can enter….

    U don’t think ppl smell a rat????

  761. PPL look back at my posts….i said nothing to Tafari….i only “cursed” the liquidator…..yet still Tafari said i cursed him!!!!!


  762. Sounds like a question directed at the party.

  763. At the meeting you will be asked to vote for representatives to serve on a Potential
    Beneficiaries of Trust Fund Committee that would liaise with the Liquidation Team with
    respect to the future conduct of the liquidation.

    There are so many ‘leaders’ in our society who are/were OLINT members not most of which are in both the upper and lower houses. No shortage of lawyers, plastic surgeons, bankers and economic advisers to governments as well as finincial ‘analysts’ and of course ‘journalists?’

    Any suggestions Wantmymoney?

    Let us have some mock nominations:

    1. Motty ..from the ‘I don’t know about that’ talk show.
    2. Hugh Cliff …from the farsical news network
    3. Ralston ‘latest convert’ Hyman.
    4. Dennis ‘see no evil speak no evil’ Chung
    5. Duhaney ‘RODES scholar’ Smith.

  764. hahahaa

    I nominate one more for now….how could I forget

    ‘Key Enemy’

  765. “Let me emphasise that the association knows and understands the importance of having this enquiry done in a fair and transparent manner. However, now that it has started, it would appear that certain individuals would rather it not proceed,” said Yola Grey-Baker, a spokesperson with the association.

  766. I would truly say that I have NEVER heard of someone saying that there should be no inquiry. Perhaps someone has said so. I would disagree with such a position.

    But after two years of lobbying as is claimed, and at great expense to have persons who have at ANY time recieved material benefit from CNB and /or persons being in default on a mortage and/or being sued in matters related to the Olint fraud is truly untoward the people of Jamaica.

    Furthermore for a Commissioner, former Appellate judge to say clearly that they were not aware that ‘Finsac’ was such a political issue…well….I will say this: I would not want presiding over me in court who had no understanding of ‘runnings’ inside the society in which the court is domiciled for surely that would be like ‘drawing staws’ in the hope for justice.

    ‘Finsac’ (and the term is used braodly here to represent the meltdown and all its attendant offshoots)is steeped politics and political policy, have and have not and other facets of the country’s socio-political ‘trends.’

    Many Jamaicans lambasted the Commission of Enqiury in Turks and Caicos.. Yet many of them want this Commission to continue under the existing set up.


    Yes to the Commission….but let it be credible..not least for Yola and the group.

  767. Perhaps this is why our justice system is the way it is…the justice them don’t know what a gwan out a road

    Sadly, I think everyone done know what a gwan out a road and it is ‘other factors’ that they choose not to admit to…

  768. The Government has lost all credibility with the investing public and, in like manner, as we are probing the loss of a generation of entrepreneurs, we will certainly need to be probing the loss of a generation of investors in government securities.

    As unacceptable as the cut in interest rate is, because of poor financial management and planning, it is tolerable; what is beyond tolerance is the clamping down of investors’ funds for at least another four years. It is being publicised as a voluntary exercise – we are given no option, but are mandated to sign the form even though the cash-flow implication may wreak havoc on our personal finances – almost like signing a suicide note … or else!

  769. Enquiry is relevant, says Finsac’d entrepreneurs

    Of course it is relevant…that’s rhetoric.

    But it begs the question why something of such relevance was set up to become irrelevant?

    and the cost to do so…

    Wake up Jamaica…wake up or lower your standards and expectations…to the ground…hahah Nonco and then what? Move on then…

  770. BTW

    The liquidator has no rights to the assets in the United States.

    I know the attacks are coming…but you have to just live with that brother…

  771. I dont know what it is but supm doesnt sit well with me. Think very very carefully before filing a claim in order to attend this liquidators meeting. Supm jus dont feel right bout dis. Do as you are led.

    Hey a question popped inna mi head yessiday, I wonder if Mr Simmit gave anything to Haiti relief? Surely him muss have a two cent to spare.
    Likl more.

  772. The man asked Perkins if the threat of ‘penalty’ was a bad thing (In reference to the option of telling the govt, no__)…hear Perkins “I don’t know”

    hawhawhahww hahahahaahahahahahaha

  773. Worse still are the veiled threats being thrown around to those investors who do not ‘voluntarily’ agree. Are we in Cuba or Venezuela, or is this Jamaica, land we love? The honourable thing for the Government to do would be to really ask investors to accept the lower rates while disclosing, fully, whatever penalties will apply to those who don’t, and the reasons why.

    Grouping all who don’t comply as ‘freeriders’ shows that the Government has become so far detached from its people who elected them. What about the thousands who had earmarked those funds at maturity for special reasons? How do they now accept the Government’s ‘ultimatum’ of extended maturity rates up to many more years?

  774. LETTER OF THE DAY – Why demolish the FINSAC enquiry?

    The truth will set us free!

    I am, etc.,

    G. Anthony Levy

    So why does OLINT have to be on the commission Mr. Levy? See the signed foreclosure documents above.

    Say Olint and then ask each and every question you have asked in the your Letter of the day.

    I liked all your questions but one in particular has a special ring to it…

    Olint: Is it because special interests want to conceal the truth?

  775. What does MZ stand for? The Liquidator might know.–Butch_7362538

  776. Owen James is and Olint ‘member’ nuh? Yes…Check.

  777. Mr Obama and Mr Golding have three years to climb out of the inherited morass and pursue their own agendas.–2010_7362372

    Begging three years editor?

  778. Immediately after assuming office Olint investors could not access their funds.

    “..Government has had to compromise on what it was elected to do and clean up the mess left by its predecessor. ”

    The Observer suggests an Olint clean up time now? Hooray!

  779. THE Opposition People’s National Party (PNP) yesterday cautioned the Government to ensure that the pending agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) was more than an optimistic wish list, warning that the country could be left in a worse state because of miscalculations.

    fx trading
    Audley Shaw [
    Sent: Sat 11/11/2006 11:01 AM

    It was a pleasure meeting with you and your dear wife. I’m glad that you shared your knowledge and concerns with me. a friend of mine is keen on investing and would like to talk with you or better yet, he wants to meet with you if possible. He has asked me to fly over with him to see you when it is convenient to you. Please let me know.

    Regarding the Australian model of fx trading to help with the public debt, is there any published information on it? Pleas let me know. I’d really like to learn more about it.

    Thanks again for our meeting as I now have a better grasp of the issues.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Kindest regards and compliments

    Audley Shaw

  780. Bondholders…how does it feel to join the Olint ‘fools’

    Nonco where yu deh?

  781. I know where you are Nonco…just kidding.

  782. Wednesday January 16, 2008

    Last night, the Finance Ministry neither confirmed nor denied the talks. Instead Minister Audley Shaw reffered queries to regulators.

    “I personally have not been a part of such discussions, so I am unable to comment,” acting executive director George Roper told WEDNESDAY BUSINESS, when asked about the tone of the discussions.

    High-Level discussions

    “With regard to our club’sactivities being regulated, we are pleased to report to you that over the past months, we have been having discussions at the highest levels with the Government of Jamaica,” said Smith. “We are very confident we will reach mutually beneficial conclusions in a very short time”

    Smith, in an earlier email to club members on December 27, three days after the Supreme Court threw out Olint’s lawsuit against the FSC, assured investors that they would be unaffected and that they were members of Olint TCI operating “legally within the Turks and Caicos jurisdiction”, and not Olint Corporation Limited, the Jamaican entity.


    By signing the agreement, Olint’s club members become Hallmark ‘customers’ with Olint as the ‘investment manager’. Acceptance is conditional on adequate ‘know your customer’ disclosures by club members.

    Both Olint and Hallmark have their registered offices at Tropicana Plaza, Leeward Highway, Providenciales. The document specifies , however, that Hallmark would have no say in how Olint operates.

    PricewaterhouseCoopers Ltd
    Abacus House
    Tropicana Plaza
    Leeward Highway
    Turks & Caicos Islands

  783. As a result he said the deadline for the debt exchange initiative will be extended.


    One week to clarify EXACTLY what punative measures await those ‘toe’ the line.

  784. and those who don’t…

  785. IMF board review of letter of intent delayed
    2010-01-27 08:56:25 | (2 Comments)

    Jamaicans will have to wait until next week to hear whether the International Monetary Fund (IMF) will approve the government’s request for a US$1.25 billion standby arrangement.

    The executive board of the IMF was expected to review Jamaica’s application today but this has been postponed to next week Wednesday, February 3.

    Finance Minister Audley Shaw made the disclosure while closing the debate on the government’s economic programme in Parliament last night.

    An approval is expected to pave the way for a further US$1.1 billion in loans from multilateral agencies.

    Mr Shaw also announced that the deadline for completion of the Jamaica Debt Exchange initiative, which came into effect last week Monday and should have closed yesterday has been extended.

    He noted that there was no negative development, over the last week.

    As a result he said the deadline for the debt exchange initiative will be extended.

    Mr Shaw told members of the House of Representatives last night that the finance ministry has received several requests from retail brokers, to extend the submission deadline to allow them additional time to work with their clients.

    The ministry is now assessing the response to the initiative and expects to release a preliminary report today.

    The new date for closure of the initiative is expected to be announced today following the preliminary assessment.

    The finance ministry will then submit the preliminary report to the IMF for circulation to the board, in advance of the meeting now set for next Wednesday.

  786. Olint used to ‘delay’ delay’ too

    Blacklisting, threats, intimidation, delay not money..teef

    Classic Olint

  787. No credible info, change change story, blame game

    Classic Olint

  788. This Liquidat one cetor is a fraud !!!!!

    He is trying to get claims is not trying to get one cent he FOR us.

    What a hell when March comes and they are still chatting crap….. the aim is for DS to walk free and them ( liquidator and his friends) to keep most of the money that is left after DS joke out the thing

    We gave our money to a man that cannot give it back and now we are trying to get it back from a man that wants to keep all he can find. the more he finds the the mooooore he wants ….

    what happened to the freeze order ?????


  789. Well we did not hear much about forex ponzi scheme in Barbados, I wonder if this was a Olint Feeder club.

  790. Jay is it true that you can’t get any money off a ‘Liquidator Claim’ unless you can show a copy of a police report?