CashPlus Loot located !!

The liquidator Hugh Wildman is reporting that his team  has located just about US$25M ($J 2.2B) in a overseas account owned by Carlos Hill and his brother Brethram Hill, and that the funds have been frozen.

In a gleaner article published today, Mr Wildman is reported to have said that investors could indeed have a merry Christmas if all goes well. This is indeed a big breakthrough by Mr Wildman and his team.

Recall Carlos Hill had reported(declared) that he had assets of only $111m, but with this find plus the fact that the liquidator is looking at Panama and DR for more funds, investors sure seems to have something to smile about.

Mr Wilman is reporting that he has claim of $J5B, so this find of US$25 of $J2.2B could see those investors getting back something in the order of  44 cents on the dollar. This could be less as with lawyers fees and other related cost this figure may really by 30 -35 cents on the dollar

No doubt there seems to be some hope for CashPlus investors.

For more details see reports.

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  1. Cashplus bungling ?

    Valerie Neita is on NNN saying the source of the information which lead to the Dubai account cannot be located.
    He was sent to Dubai on a ticket paid for by the the liquidator and was to return to Jamaica, he not been seen or heard from since.

    Interesting, very interesting.

  2. Now that is interesting…

  3. It was noted in the interview that the “source” was recently fired by the bank in Dubai. He is a Somalian who is a resident of Canada.

    No reason was given for him being fired, however this now just adds to the drama.
    As it relates to the accounts, only one a/c number seems to have been noted, however more than one account seemed to have been mentioned.

    This is getting really interesting.

  4. The joke could be on the liquidator… For Cash Plus investors sake… I hope this latest revelation is not true…..

    Jay we need a story on the additional charges…

    Interesting to note.. the arrest and subsequent additional charges comes from “complaints” the police have been received…..

  5. @ JD, yes it appears that another 15 complaints where made to the police regarding them being induced to invest in CashPlus ponzi scheme.
    I think we need a copy of the new set of charges.

  6. J$29 Billion ~= $US$414 (2007 $) ~= $US$326 (2009 $) invested in Cash Plus!!!!

    …”Meanwhile, documents submitted to the Supreme Court by Hugh Wildman, Cash Plus Liquidator, revealed that Jamaicans locally and abroad pumped J$29 billion into the investment scheme.

    It was previously thought that Jamaicans had lost about J$5 billion in the scheme.”……

  7. Wildman backtracks ?

    While I have been provided with information that as much as US$25 million may be held in Dubai, that has yet to be formally established,” the release stated.

    It is therefore wrong to say that accounts have been discovered at Julius Baer (Middle East) Limited,” the release also stated.

  8. “Mr. Wildman has shown himself to be a person of violent and ungoverned temper,” said Ferguson, adding “he has also demonstrated utter contempt for lawyers, judges and the courts and indeed the entire legal system.”

  9. In defence of his client, lawyer, Dwight Horsford said the allegations that Wildman prevented the FBI from investigating a possible fraud involving the now defunct First International Bank were unfounded and designed to tarnish his reputation by some members of the bar association in Grenada….

  10. Corruption is a way of life on ganja island mon…..We put the fox them fe watch the hen house…nutting nah gwan…

  11. De us dollar ah reach 200 dollar mon…we ah fe jus print more dollar…nutting nah gwan

  12. Man fe thief dem people money mon….de politition dem jus a fe spend de people dem own thief money pon de election dem…..

    den de politition them nuh accept no charges gainst de thief… we ah doit…nutting nah gwan

  13. man fe blog fe years bout a certain thief thing mon…man no hah nothing vested in the thing mon….mon fe say he fe blog cause he fe love the people dem mon….den man fe call the people dem thief and greedy mon…so we a doit…nutting nah gwan

  14. nutting nah gwan….

  15. Corruptions charges unsubstantiated

    Mr. Horsford said Mr. Wildman’s arrest is not linked to the investigation which was carried out into the operations of Capital Bank International.

    “During the interview after he was arrested, they fielded questions about First International Bank which was an offshore bank and the allegations are that when he was DPP he somehow maneuvered to prevent the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigations from the United States) from investigating the bank and some of its cooperators.

    They also showed him letters, one of which he drafted which was requesting assistance of an attorney from the US Justice Department to assist the board of the regulator, the Financial authority, in pursuing their own investigation into one of the offshore banks,” said Mr. Horsford.

    He said this cannot amount to an objection or manipulation of powers on Mr. Wildman’s part.

  16. Would it surprise anyone to find that the fox is a partner of Carlos Hill or David Smith?

    Or that the prime minister has a relative with over a million in Olint?

    Or that the police dem a take money from Wayne Smith?

    Nutting nah gwan?

  17. Tafari, nine posts in a row? I notice you have nuff mouth when Nocotec is not around. Yesterday, everyone was waiting for the rumble from Costa Rica and in true form, you were a no-show. Now you know that Nocotec gaan a supermarket, you pop your head out from under that rock and making silly post…AGAIN. O.K, keep it up. If you make ONE, just one more post I’m going to call Nocotec.

    ……Nocotec, ….Nocotec…..Nocotec

    Damn, where is Nocotec when you need him…..

    If I were you I would change the nick back to Napoleon or even Julius Caesar. I hate to make this comparison, but you look like you start loose some marbles like our friend Floridian. Ahhhh bwoy, what losing ones “investment” in Olint can do to some people.

  18. Stupid buoy…nutting nah gwan……Read the articles. Thiefing corrupt bastards. You and Nocotec…never invested, have no vested interested, but trying sooooo hard to shape the direction of the outcome…..Thiefing buoy…How much David Smith ah give you?

  19. Even man who been seen in DS bedroon with a briefcase ah blog…..

  20. News articles are stupid posts now…oh they don’t support a particular view…right idiot?

    You know why you are an idiot? because you lack the capacity to accept ANY opinion or fact that doesn’t align with your position or genda…You and Nocotec both. So intolerant. But why?

    I had Nocotes say once that all these news articles and people still didn’t want to believe that DS was running a ponzi….

    Now news articles about a crook is not worthy of a second look because he is one of your corrupt pals, right? Nutting nah gwan…

  21. Mike D…what is the D for? Dummy?

  22. While I have been provided with information that as much as US$25 million may be held in Dubai, that has yet to be formally established,”


    A little backdoor dealing a start? Nutting nah gwan….

  23. “We talking about a substantial amount of funds”

    “Divine intelligence”

  24. Nutting nah gwan…..

  25. “We think that if the Hill brothers were to cooperate with us…….”

    Nutting nah gwan

  26. “Based on what the market is saying now…….”

    Nutting nah gwan

  27. This blog needs a resident shrink!!!!!!

  28. It needs someone to police you Jamaican corrupt bastards too

  29. Maybe I could the job?

  30. Big news out of Jamaica.

    In latest developments, the Jamaica government today announced that it has appointed Mr. Allan Stanford as liquidator for Olint.

    Mr. Stanford said he is taking this responsibility very seriously. He intends to collect every penny donated to the two political parties.

    He said that as liquidator he intends to execute his job with the utmost integrity…

  31. The report claims that Mr. Wildman was instrumental in the coverup of the bribe money scandal affecting the NNP government.

  32. Failed offshore banks? Nutting nah gwan…

  33. Tafari Francis

    Now I see why you did not invest in OLINT because you know that jamaicans are by nature corrupt bastards and DS is a jamaican THUS……DS is ……


  34. Wow! How you glorify your corruption….Hey just go print more Jamaican dollars…That’s ho it works. Print new bills and pay back all the investors….

    Then say that is …..clever

  35. Thieves are heroes in Jamaica…clever!

  36. Shocking new developments:

    Prime minister Golding today announced that it has appointed Bernard Madoff as Chief Financial officer in his government. Mr. Golding said in his announcement that Mr. madoff will restore direction and integrity to the nation’s failed financial industry….

    Good new for Jamaica guys. Hey Nocotec….what next? They will appoint you attorney general? Oh…you already have that connection and your backdoor rout to the failed investment schemes….

    How about you Mike D? Govenor general maybe?

    Hey someone needs to clean up the mess right? And you guys here are the most selfrighteous bunch I have ever met…SO how about making the sacrifice…along with Wildman and Madoff and Stanford, for your country?…..

  37. route…

  38. The victims are greedy and stupid and the thieves are clever….

    Good stuff!

  39. Mike D mi nuh carry fren.

    Indictments. problema. The SN …cocaine…..uh oh westmoreland man.

    A lot of old time blogers ‘come back’ they were always around. why the new bumminess? Easy man ..sekkle.

    Foote in mouth disease.

    Lost money? mi never lose no money yet…but nuff peoplegoing lose offa mi true dem seek antics.

    How yu do L&LL everything cool?

    Good, good.

  40. Rat race.

  41. Nicolas Henry
    10/10/2009 12:15 AM
    all the people that invest in the so called get rich quick schemes simply was looking to get something for nothing. They blame evreyone but themselves. One thing my father taught me that became part of me. You must take responsibilities for your own actions and The choices you make today shall determine your future tomorrow.

    So true Nicholas so before you seek to rob people and then condemn them and blame them let those ‘smart’ teef understand that they should take responsibility. Yes true talk Nicholas.

    A little misdirected but tru none the less…as you shall see.

  42. Wallace Souza arrested.

  43. Floyd Seymour to stand down
    PDM LEADER Floyd Seymour has announced he is to quit the top spot – citing “exhaustion” from “destructive” factions within the Party.

    The father-of-one, who has held the position for the last four years, said he is tired of fighting those with “ulterior motives” and that the time has come to concentrate on the two most important jobs of all – being a parent and a husband.

  44. NOOOO Tafari

    You are the CLEVER and HONEST one not to invest a cent with those corrupt bastards AKA jamaicans.
    they are not clever thy are just corrupt

  45. Watch out DS! Come straight DS! Dem a come, dem a come dem a come dem a come an uuno can’t hide DS. dem a di Holy Angles……………………………………….

    There fore there is nothing hidden that shall not be made known nor concealed that shall not be revealed!

    You mighty ones who do His bidding, who obey His word!

    dem a come dem a come dem a come and DS can’t hide from dem…………………………………………………………

    Dem know where DS hide him loot and under which name…………………………………………………………………………

    Dem a come sem a come dem a come, and DS plan get mash up in Jesus name!

  46. Prime Minister Gordon Brown may have to pay back some of his expense claims, the BBC understands.

    The BBC’s political correspondent Iain Watson said it is “highly likely” that Mr Brown will have to pay back cash.

    Whitehall sources have indicated “the majority” of MPs will either have to justify their claims or pay money back.

    Several MPs announced that they would stand down from office, after the publication of hundreds of claims earlier this year.

    Mr Brown is among possibly hundreds of MPs due to receive letters this week from the auditor appointed to investigate expense claims.

  47. live and let live you too are an idiot…

  48. The Sunday Gleaner captures the cost and elegance of the Minister of Tourism Edmund Bartlett’s New Kingston office. Based on the state of the island’s economy, should a cap be placed on the expenditure for public-office renovations?

  49. TWO DAYS before the findings of the contractor general’s special report on the Mabey Johnson bribery case are to be tabled in Parliament, anti-corruption advocate Professor Trevor Munroe believes Member of Parliament Joseph Hibbert could find himself in big trouble.

  50. Yvonne’s dilemma: FSC fingers Hands Across Jamaica boss

  51. The hastily called ‘Protect me’ meeting with JLP functionaries on the Sunday was the prime minister’s response.

    Deacon…nuh one a your protector dat?

  52. Bruce’s magicians … and the role of government

    I have been publicly noting the observed tendency in the Golding Government to appoint ‘magicians’ to get done the job that should be done by a professional, high-performance civil service.

    Deacon David Smith where your magicians deh?

  53. Brand Jamaica

    Let us look closely at this business of branding and the excitement around Brand Jamaica which seems to have gained mystical proportions in the media following on the successful performance of the Jamaican track and field athletes at Beijing Olympics, and more recently at Berlin World Championships. There is somehow this idea that Brand Jamaica embodies a kind of mystique wherein anything Jamaican will be sold on the global market. And true enough, there is such a thing as brand excellence which is built up in a particular country or region of the world, based on experience and proven utility in the marketplace.

  54. Vision?

    However, an obviously fuming Coke categorically denies the claims brought against her, stating that none of her companies is dealing in securities, taking deposits, or carrying out any kind of monetary exchange.

    This is the ONLY time were one should be compelled to follow the Prime Minister Yvonne. Clearly Puppetmaster has not introduced him/her self to your hard drive or credit card or bank account.


    Not a time to be on the loose. I would not have stuck my head around that corner not even to ‘peek.’

    But then again there are marbles and then there are marbles.

    Right Mike D?

    Want to distrract Puppetmaster from others?

    Thanks 10 million. I won’t complain

  55. Some scams are only slightly more subtle than the bogus letters I get. The one I am about to relate might have succeeded because it was premised on: 1) the idea that the Jamaican Government has no scientific advice available to it; and 2) the belief that all Jamaicans have swallowed the Concrete = Development Kool-Aid. A little while ago, some con man who must consider himself a genius, managed to get the prime minister to unwittingly embarrass himself in public.

  56. The headlines of the Gleaner of Monday, October 5, 2009, states “Dudus has company.” I did not see Christopher Coke having a company and the extradition request as being related. As I read on I saw that “company” referred to similar extradition requests including some big names. I then thought of the “reasoned logic” behind naming Christopher Coke and not naming the rest. I still think it is discriminatory. Just name everyone.

  57. The Big Question for the month.


    Think about it.

  58. One is surprised that Ernest Smith, a Government MP sees no conflict in handling the defence, should it come to that, of Joseph Hibbert, who in the normal course of events of any self-respecting government would be charged for breaches of the corruption prevention act.

  59. “So far, there has not been sufficient evidence to proceed with one”……March 26, 2008 by Meg Munn, Minister for OverseasTerritories

    Its similarity to the statement issued now is frightening:

    “…, has so far given us no cause for concern”.

    Let me remind the powers that be:

    Circumstantial Evidence:

    Sir Robin Auld’s Commission of Inquiry has been able to reveal that EVERY major project or contract that it looked at in depth, handled by Michael Misick’s government, appeared to have had a corrupt component.

  60. george watson
    10/11/2009 3:48 AM
    The media has not asked any questions about the project, says Maxwell, but what questions do the media ask of the prime minister? As far as the media is concerned I view them as a public relations arm of the government in power and they refuse to hold Mr. Golding’s feet to the fire.They are behaving somewhat like the American media when Bush announced that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. If they had a vigilant press then, the whole fiasco would never have happened.
    If you really want to know what the people think, read these comments, although I have written several to them and they never publish them. Because I am mostly critical of the administration I am always careful to go by their guidelines.
    I first thought that it was because of space but when some articles have 11 comments and I write one and it is not published and some have 80-odd and climbing, what am I to think?
    Is it because I am not genuflecting at the prime minister’s feet? I don’t know why I am even bothering to write this because I would be very surprised if it is placed.

  61. Yvonne’s dilemma: FSC fingers Hands Across Jamaica boss

    coke fuming

    However, an obviously fuming Coke categorically denies the claims brought against her, stating that none of her companies is dealing in securities, taking deposits, or carrying out any kind of monetary exchange.

    “We are certainly not taking any deposits from anywhere, so I don’t know why they find it necessary to list us,” she said.

    [I don’t want to burden you with my problems, but to say the financial situation is grave is an understatement. My members are not in any position to assist with any type of financing of payment as they have suffered gravely from the financial setback of the Foreign exchange trading debacle. Many have suffered from having investments in more than one club, not recognizing the link between most of the clubs and have been totally wiped out.

    My family and I have suffered in so much that even my car has been repossessed and while my personal debts pile up, I have had to strive to afford the bare necessities just to survive.

    I cannot honestly tell you that I will be able to pay you by a certain date anymore because everything upon which I had been depending has dried up. However, I am not unmindful of the debt and will as soon as I am able, do my best to make good on payment.

    I have not forgotten, but thanks for the reminder.

    Yvonne O. Coke]

  62. Colin Brown (
    Tue 7/15/08 10:05 AM

    Nothing too new, cloudy and dark as what D-silver alluded to, what i cannot get is which part is cloudy whether it be olint/banks/or oanda. waiting on concrete info, not soup, gimmi couple days, i’m a little unsettled but not in my spirit, this thing I feel will pan out eventually. Just hang tight. I will not post anything negative, dont want to be responsible for mass hysteria, I will only post concrete and if its really bad I will only give heads up offline, too much spies.

    Hold Tight

  63. Colin Brown (
    Fri 7/18/08 3:59 PM

    Sis in law just gave me heads up after talking to wilshaw 5 mins ago.

    Not Bright.

    ALL and I mean ALL assets are frozen everwhere

    He cannot trade

    He is given a stipend $!00 US/day/head for living expense

    It is definately money laundering investigation

    He has lawyered up and will not talk about the business to anyone, not even close friends

    He will not disclose how much is in the fund

    He will not disclose anything

    There is no telling when the investigation will end, could be months or years

    He is depressed, dejected, fedup

    Thats all I got my friends, as bredda Floridian seh, A so me get it, A so mi give it. i am terribly sorry to be the harbinger of bad news folks, I was rally hoping for something different.

    Re: Not Bright‏

  64. It is possible that because we check out things from our “sources” and post them on these blogs, then that is how people have been monitoring Olint’s next move. The investforlife blog has been monitoring us and the speed at which they post things suggests that they might be paid to work full time on their blog.


    Classic flashbacks ehh RED P! Memory lane…idiots at their finest.

    You have not seen nutten yet…time for money….

  65. enni meeni minnie mo….take the money out of the accounts and keep uder the matress ehh?

    early Monday morning?

    ennie meenie miney…

  66. memory lane

    RedP – thanks for forwarding. O4Life – thanks for the warning about the other blog. Thanks too for the vigorous defence you raised on teh other bus.

    Floridian – did olint_investor indicate what the game plan was?

    I will temper some of my comments on the blog as I don’t want to provide fodder for any one with malicious intent. I will take the opportunity to rant here.

    I will say though that the reports in the press today leave me really angry. How could he throw away $100K away per night gambling while he knew the state of the funds and that so many people were hurting?!. Was the fun for a night really worth it? It shows a blatant disregard for the club members, especially those who have been consistently defending him.

    He has betrayed the trust of not only us, some distant faceless club members, but apparently even the trust of some of those close to him. We will forgive, but he will need to show that he is worthy of our trust.

    Anyway, I’m in to joining forces off the blog for us to discuss our options as a group. I know we will not all agree on the way forward, but we will have to concede to the majority rule.

    Night all.
    God bless

  67. Guys
    Good evening to you all.
    I have been on the road all day and I still have not gone on the blog (#4 bus).
    But I heard Nation Wide news with Cliff Hughes. I really wonder if Cliff takes pleasure in being the first out with negative news from Olint.

    Anyway, Redp, you ask me if I know anyone who has Davids ear’s, who David trust, etc.
    The answer is yes, but not directly. My former boss introduce me to him once via phone discussion, so we haven’t had a chance of meeting in person.
    Anyway. he is a Minister of religion (Church on the Rock), used to be a prayer partner for David while he was living in Jamaica.
    Unfortunately, it now appears that David is far removed from him (literally and otherwise), but I don’t think he is beyond reach (spiritually).
    I understand that at church this Sunday (Jul20), he (Minister) couldn’t even talk to my former boss about it, because the stories coming out were heart breaking to him.
    I think however, that they are not giving up on him just yet, so I guess we can only wait when that time comes, whenever.
    Other staff members that I know speak to him on occasion, but not for long. David is still positive that he will bounce back from this, but I don’t know if this is still the case now that the news is out that the US authorities are investigating Olint/MayDaisy for money laundernig.

    Anyway, on the note of posting “things” on the blog, I like you RedP thinks that the persons on the investforlife blog are really working for somebody, probably the US govt or somebody who have a vested interest in seeing the demise of David/Olint.
    Their main talk is for people to sue Olint, put the club in receivership, and then that’s the end of the club.
    Guys, we just have to be careful what further sensitive things we post. It done gaan bad already, so let’s not make it any worse. If bad things fi happen on its own, then so be the case.


    time for the politicians emails ehh Red P? what you think? 3:15 a.m Coming up? or going down?

  68. dehustle 1 (
    You may not know this sender.Mark as safe|Mark as junk

    Mon 7/21/08 9:45 PM

    Thanks for the update
    Just to clarify
    *us forming lobby group has nothing to do with lawyering up
    I agree mass lawsuits a a waste of time unfortunately we can’t prevent
    other club members from doing so
    I just feel we really need as members to unite & start getting some
    concrete info so we can make informed decision re way forward

    * its as clear as day that the other blog is a well organized
    operation its definately not the case of a Kevin merely hosting a
    blog as a hobby but a full time job with news reporting (paying for
    nationwide clips etc )
    The FSC “think and Check’ media campaign clearly also included the
    internet as these guys Jay john Jason etc were pretty much at every
    investment blog until they killed it and when they couldn’t kill ours
    they formed their own with a similar name and even then they still
    seem very fixated on what happens on number 4 bus
    my 2 cents
    Security In The Lobby‏

  69. Classic visions

    I don’t want to burden you with my problems, but to say the financial situation is grave is an understatement. My members are not in any position to assist with any type of financing of payment as they have suffered gravely from the financial setback of the Foreign exchange trading debacle. Many have suffered from having investments in more than one club, not recognizing the link between most of the clubs and have been totally wiped out.

    My family and I have suffered in so much that even my car has been repossessed and while my personal debts pile up, I have had to strive to afford the bare necessities just to survive.

    I cannot honestly tell you that I will be able to pay you by a certain date anymore because everything upon which I had been depending has dried up. However, I am not unmindful of the debt and will as soon as I am able, do my best to make good on payment.

    I have not forgotten, but thanks for the reminder.

    Yvonne O. Coke

    Red P unno know who you teef money from?

  70. Money safe in A accounts?

  71. Think and Check..”time wait on no man”

  72. 007 Red P! hahahaha

    From: Tricia G (
    Sent: Tue 7/22/08 7:51 AM

    Don’t worry rabbit, tricia is not my real name, used to throw off people.
    And I am a man (got u – smile)

  73. ________________________________________
    Date: Wed, 23 Jul 2008 10:56:17 -0700

    I know Peter Bovell tooks majority of his personal funds, but some of Bovell family still has alot up there (factual)….Mahfood’s got $3m…J.Issa took some in xmas but not a huge amount and still has alot with DS. This is all factual as well!!

    I may ‘personally’ know all these people 😉


  74. From: Tony Stark (
    Sent: Thu 7/24/08 12:30 PM

    Funnily enough, I’m sure about that deal…cause both the Range Rover and the BMW M5 that Wayne drives…where both bought from the same owner…and for that same reason, I would have to doubt them taking a ‘loan’ to buy both of them. Plus the previous owner of those vehicles is ‘well rumoured’ to be in the pharmacist business 😉 as well…and has had his run-in’s with the law here & o/seas. That’s why I know that rinsed, dirty $ floating around in ‘O’

    I would think that deal would be a transfer of funds from one a/c to another….but who knows, maybe they did take a loan…LOL!

    Red Ppppppppeee The laugh out loud (LOL) crowd can laugh at some sad things…who (LOL) last laugh best. Never forget that ehh Red P???

  75. From: Colin Brown (
    Sent: Thu 8/21/08 9:21 AM

    You know I was talking with my neighbour this morning. She told me she has a patient at wits end, this poor lady sold her townhouse and put all the funds in olint using the returns to live. She is now renting, september is around the corner and she cant find school fee for her only daughter. She is near destitute.

  76. She told The Sunday Gleaner that she had no idea why the regulator had fingered her companies as Ponzi schemes or unregistered financial schemes, and that this was not the first time it has happened.

    I don’t want to burden you with my problems, but to say the financial situation is grave is an understatement. My members are not in any position to assist with any type of financing of payment as they have suffered gravely from the financial setback of the Foreign exchange trading debacle. Many have suffered from having investments in more than one club, not recognizing the link between most of the clubs and have been totally wiped out.

    My family and I have suffered in so much that even my car has been repossessed and while my personal debts pile up, I have had to strive to afford the bare necessities just to survive.

    I cannot honestly tell you that I will be able to pay you by a certain date anymore because everything upon which I had been depending has dried up. However, I am not unmindful of the debt and will as soon as I am able, do my best to make good on payment.

    I have not forgotten, but thanks for the reminder.

    Yvonne O. Coke



    Speaking to David Smith

    To: David smith
    From: Bruce Golding (
    David, I must express out thanks for your support in our efforts, especially toward the staging of our recent conference. It was a tremendous success and has significantly boosted our campaign. your assistance went a far way in making it possible. I had a brief word with Peter (Bovell) sometime ago and express the hope that we would be able to meet. i hope that we will be able to arrange to do that. Kindest regards, Bruce Golding.

  78. “not recognizing the link between most of the clubs”

    Should we have pedigrees for all investments?

    I think yes.

    Who is she most associated with, Smith or Loiten?

  79. Olint! In fact she had a US$11 million law suit against Olint.

    ….”Smith and Olint are also facing legal suits from Yvonne Coke, head of the not-for-profit group Hands Across Jamaica for Righteousness for US $11 million; from businessman Michael Sean Belcher for US $ $800,000 plus profits and doctor Christopher Walker US $2.5 million plus interest.

  80. THE JAMAICAN Government is yet to say whether it will press ahead with plans to honour United States Congressman Charles Rangel, despite his being at the centre of a major tax-evasion investigation.

  81. @floridian
    Red P unno know who you teef money from?

    LOLOLOLOL So now I am a thief?? Hmmmm… yet you are the one posting stolen e-mails? hahahahaha Go check yourself guy, prayin for you still!! 🙂 🙂

    JAY!! Beg yuh do!! Dont shut down the blog, floridian might get withdrawal symptoms!! LOL Him nuh know seh there is life beyond the blog. 🙂


  82. Mr Conelly?

    April 2, 2007
    Mr. Stephen Savage
    Misick and Stanbrook
    Dear Mr. Savage Re: Olint TCI Operating Agreement
    We have now had a chance to review the Operating Agreement and procedures with Greg Hurd of this office and David Smith.
    Regrettably we think neither of our firms was up to speed when we meet last week. In particular the writer was at least one iteration behind!
    Here as we understand it now are the salient facts:
    1. Olint TCI does not operate in the Turks and Caicos Islands. It has no place of business here, no bank account and does not recruit clients here. All persons committing funds to the Club are non-residents of the TCI. Consequently there is no requirement for Olint TCI to be licensed here and this issue is not part of your remit;

  83. floridian, on October 12th, 2009 at 3:17 am Said:

    THE JAMAICAN Government is yet to say whether it will press ahead with plans to honour United States Congressman Charles Rangel, despite his being at the centre of a major tax-evasion investigation.

    Not as yet…If he is convicted, he will become a national hero in Jamaica.

  84. Source of Funds spreadsheet (Jonathan C.)
    Wed 4/4/2007 11:57AM
    Type Date Num Name Memo Account Class Clr Split Amount Balance

    Deposit 03/16/2007 Olint TCI Corp Ltd.:Source of Client Funds Required Dunn Cox CLIENT FUNDS 1 – US$ FCIB US$ Client 1291316 99,995.00 99,995.00
    Deposit 03/19/2007 Olint TCI Corp Ltd.:Source of Client Funds Required Leonid Dvosis CLIENT FUNDS 1 – US$ FCIB US$ Client 1291316 149,995.00 249,990.00
    Deposit 03/19/2007 Olint TCI Corp Ltd.:Source of Client Funds Required Alexandrea Chin CLIENT FUNDS 1 – US$ FCIB US$ Client 1291316 132,080.00 382,070.00
    Deposit 03/20/2007 Olint TCI Corp Ltd.:Source of Client Funds Required D. A. Tony Williamson CLIENT FUNDS 1 – US$ FCIB US$ Client 1291316 105,706.89 487,776.89
    Deposit 03/20/2007 Olint TCI Corp Ltd.:Source of Client Funds Required Gary Gregg CLIENT FUNDS 1 – US$ FCIB US$ Client 1291316 94,995.00 582,771.89
    Deposit 03/20/2007 Olint TCI Corp Ltd.:Source of Client Funds Required Courtney A. Kzembe CLIENT FUNDS 1 – US$ FCIB US$ Client 1291316 89,995.00 672,766.89
    Deposit 03/21/2007 Olint TCI Corp Ltd.:Source of Client Funds Required C & M Meats CLIENT FUNDS 1 – US$ FCIB US$ Client 1291316 99,995.00 772,761.89
    Deposit 03/21/2007 Olint TCI Corp Ltd.:Source of Client Funds Required Daniel Kesonen CLIENT FUNDS 1 – US$ FCIB US$ Client 1291316 172,631.20 945,393.09
    Deposit 03/21/2007 Olint TCI Corp Ltd.:Source of Client Funds Required EZ Cash Loan Services CLIENT FUNDS 1 – US$ FCIB US$ Client 1291316 99,995.00 1,045,388.09
    Deposit 03/21/2007 Olint TCI Corp Ltd.:Source of Client Funds Required Dwight Anthony Williamson CLIENT FUNDS 1 – US$ FCIB US$ Client 1291316 99,995.00 1,145,383.09
    Deposit 03/22/2007 Olint TCI Corp Ltd.:Source of Client Funds Required Lewfam Investments Corp CLIENT FUNDS 1 – US$ FCIB US$ Client 1291316 100,001.70 1,245,384.79
    Deposit 03/26/2007 Olint TCI Corp Ltd.:Source of Client Funds Required EZ Cash Loan Service CLIENT FUNDS 1 – US$ FCIB US$ Client 1291316 139,995.00 1,385,379.79
    Deposit 03/26/2007 Olint TCI Corp Ltd.:Source of Client Funds Required CLIENT FUNDS 1 – US$ FCIB US$ Client 1291316 169,980.00 1,555,359.79
    Deposit 03/27/2007 Olint TCI Corp Ltd.:Source of Client Funds Required Kirk Anthony Scott CLIENT FUNDS 1 – US$ FCIB US$ Client 1291316 109,980.00 1,665,339.79
    Deposit 03/27/2007 Olint TCI Corp Ltd.:Source of Client Funds Required Capital & Credit Securities CLIENT FUNDS 1 – US$ FCIB US$ Client 1291316 97,035.08 1,762,374.87
    Deposit 03/27/2007 Olint TCI Corp Ltd.:Source of Client Funds Required Graeme J. Hill CLIENT FUNDS 1 – US$ FCIB US$ Client 1291316 99,995.00 1,862,369.87
    1,862,369.87 1,862,369.87

  85. “He was sent to Dubai on a ticket paid for by the the liquidator and was to return to Jamaica, he not been seen or heard from since”.

    LMAO……………What interesting stuff.

    I see Nocotec hasn’t been on in a while. Guess he took that free trip to Dubai…..He knows EVERYTHING so maybe Wildman took him at his word.

    Or maybe Wildman is the “person high up in government with ties to Olint” that Nocotec is protecting….

    Hey, the water is so muddy on ganja island, who really knows?

    Maybe you could blog in from your room in Dubai Noco…let us know.

  86. Carlos Hill is challenging the liquidator to publish the evidence?

    That boy Carlos’ arrogance is astounding and trumped only by deacon David Smith’s own.

    When unno pay in full plus the massive restitution for the hell you have caused then….and ONLY then…out of our possible charity we MIGHT entertain your ramblings.

  87. Floridian:

    It is a tangled mess. I don’t trust the liquidator any more than I trust that thief CH.

    Heck…I am challenging the liquidator to publish the evidence…This gyu has a history of blowing hot air at the moon…..

  88. RedP, on October 12th, 2009 at 4:52 am Said:

    Red P unno know who you teef money from?

    LOLOLOLOL So now I am a thief?? Hmmmm… yet you are the one posting stolen e-mails? hahahahaha Go check yourself guy, prayin for you still!!

    Well, are you a thief?

  89. The emails are on how dem come fi be teef?

    Red P the piece of land with the govt. etc work out fi yu?

    Good man.

    • Just curious Floridian: WTF does the above have to do with Olint. Where do you draw the line? I do think what you indicated above is relevant to the debate of Olint or any of the other investment schemes.

      You need to think carefully before posting stuff on a public blog that could potentially be deleterious to other individuals. I’m just trying to understand your motivation as it relates to RedP. Most people blog with some expectation of anonymity, so why publish emails which could potentially defeat that possibility? Where are you going with this? Dude, maybe its full time you grow up!

      BTW, could you give me a heads-up when next you get anywhere near an airline?

  90. Red P draw the money out of the A account today! hahahaa….

  91. God bless you Red P as christian you would not deny your own emails. Many will deny all the way tpo prison.

    Set the example early as possible yes.

  92. Red P suppose you see some real big man email? You could manage it?

    Time for certain stolen money to find its way to its rightful owner. Neatly.

    What you think Red P? Don’t get too serious with it man..hahahahahaaa

  93. Cost accounting Red P. Time wait on no man.

  94. @ Tafari

    Well, are you a thief?

    Ask floridian star, him supposed to can tell you. LOL


    Red P draw the money out of the A account today! hahahaa….

    LOLOL I WISH!! lawks mi woulda love to get back my stolen money, nuff ppl need help. And no, having come to a formal agreement over 9 months ago concerning forced land acquisition they have yet to sign off and settle, dem is as bad as Olint LOL. If a nuh laugh mi will dead. Thank God Jesus bring me through all these trials iyah.

  95. What a tangled web….

  96. hahaha I like it Red P. I like your sense of humour. Ask floridian.

    A lot of noise meck today. Don’t waste breath forward some money. Patience a get thin. don’t listen Deacon Smith big chat bout me….it can only cause you trouble.

    some time to think about it….go ahead…sure

    Mi case….cause when mi come back…not going be in a nice mood anymore.

  97. Red off tommorow…review lots of bank accounts mabe shift some things around…you know catch up for the poker championships.

    Ehh Red P?

  98. Pun intended Cynic?

  99. Can’t wait Floridian…..Suggesting you have been in a nice mood lately? Can’t wait to see your not-nice mood…..

    • Huh? Tafari And Floridian a fren now 🙂

      I guess you don’t remember when you label the mon a homo. Even yesterday you say the man was in DS bedroom with briefcase. Hahahahahaaaaaaaaaa!!

  100. @Red P

    And no, having come to a formal agreement over 9 months ago concerning forced land acquisition they have yet to sign off and settle, dem is as bad as Olint LOL. If a nuh laugh mi will dead.

    You nuh ask for help Red P..people change argument and start act ‘propa’ when they see the power of the computer. It’s an interesting phenomenon…to behold it is priceless.

  101. Tafari..Craven. What price would you put on certain emails? Tracy Smith? Issa? Stewart?

  102. Wow this is interesting. All of a sudden I am popular! 🙂

    Must be all that olint money I stole and DS being my best friend and all seeing as I bailed him about three times. LOL Maybe I’ll fly down to turks in my lear and go look up my good buddy and ask him where the rest of the mo is so I can help buy the next election. Spesh like how me and the politicos are tight. Of course maybe we’ll go hang at the casino and laugh about how we made people suffer including much of my own family!! Heck and forget that the highways gonna cut right through part a my business, maybe I’ll just buy the whole damn highway, that would be cool. I’ll name it RedP 2000!! hahahahhahahahaha

    Aaah sah

    Sorry to tell you my friend floridian, you have the wrong guy. I dont know what your beef is, but if I am a tief, rob anyone, if I know smithy personally or even met him, if I have ever been to Turks, if I know what goin on wid alla this crap and I know weh the mo deh, all I can say is put up or shut up. All now me a wait fi di full 100 like everyone else but the silence is deafening.

    Peace Bro

  103. Why so touchy Red P? Where is the sense of humour?

    I know you did not bail Smith…Jones /Northstar et al did that. That in itself is one of the biggest ironies…more on that at a different time. ‘Jewel to sell?’

    But I like how you have come out with a stance. Sounds like you are making a declaration to investigators….hahaha

    You want the real culprits to get ‘popular?’

  104. Brown to repay £12,415 expenses

    Downing Street confirmed he would repay the money, largely for cleaning and gardening, EVEN THOUGH the claims had been within the rules at the time.

  105. hahaha if i am under investigation thats news to me!! LOL Maybe when they finish with me they can help me find all the folks who have stolen from me!! 🙂 Maybe I could rent a toll booth after. 🙂

  106. “But I think they also have to understand where public opinion is on this and, in order to bring closure to this, I think MPs will need to bite on this particular bullet, however painful.”

  107. Many will receive letters from an official investigator who has been looking at MPs’ claims dating from the past five years, the BBC has learnt.

    The MPs will be asked to justify their claims, and may be asked to provide further evidence to back them up.

    In an interview in the Daily Telegraph, Gordon Brown has said he thinks “the worst offenders” should be prosecuted.

    “Some cases will end up in the courts, where someone’s done something very wrong we’ve got a duty to deal with them most severely.”

    “If there are questions to be answered then I hope every member of Parliament answers them.”

  108. It followed widespread public disgust after their expense claims were published in the Telegraph.

  109. Smith apology for expenses claims

    Ms Smith apologised “unreservedly” for claiming the cost of films
    Former home secretary Jacqui Smith has apologised in the House of Commons for breaching expenses rules.

    Ms Smith said she accepted the findings and apologised to the Commons and to her constituents.

  110. Yeah Mide Dummy…we are friends. We are going hanging out later..wanna come?

  111. Mike d:

    Wasn’t that you with the briefcase?

  112. Has anyone seen the court order appointing Hugh Wildman as the liquidator?

    Has anyone seen ANY court orders relating to Hugh Wildman as liquidator of Cash Plus?

    The Olint liquidator appointment order gives the liquidator pretty wide authority with regards to Olint TCI.

    Folks, do you trust Wildman with that free reign of your dollars? Really! Do you?

  113. To: Colin Brown ; Tony Stark
    Cc: Very Positive ; Billy Glave ; Floridian ; Jcan ; Jenni Rich ; Lots Ofmoney ; Overchill ; Pat Patricia ; patricia tyson ; RSI ; Sentry Investments
    Sent: Fri, 18 Jul 2008 3:25 pm
    Subject: RE: Not Bright
    RedP, with what I just read. all the folks who claim to have sources saying this and that, means its obviously unreliable since he’s not even communicating to close friends. Probably that’s why he “wrote” that letter to his wife 🙂
    Like Leaving babylon said, at the very minimum some correspondence should after 3 days be released by O. nothing detailed or elaborate but something for crying out loud.
    He’s living off $100/day….what!!!!!!

    Would all these top lawyers take the case if he were a fraud? or are they just going to cream the last off whatever is left.
    just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse on a Friday evening.

    Fw: Olint-for-life‏

  114. From: Tricia G
    To: Colin Brown ; Floridian
    Sent: Saturday, July 19, 2008 1:37 PM
    Subject: Olint-for-life

    I just spoke to a consultant a while ago, and he has substantial sums invested, now at risk
    I can tell you, when I say that people are still in shock with this revelation, it is major.
    I understand that not even xxxxx xxxxxxx knew what was going down, but because David has been able to trade his way out of the problems before, they just left him to do his thing.

    I also heard that when arrangements were put in place to wire funds to Jamaica, it is from then that these recent problems in TCI came to light, and you know the rest. Remember when Cliff Hughes said that the story he heard, was that siginificant sums were to be wired to Jamaica from TCI, and the TCI authorities were alerted to that as being suspicious transactions. next thing you know, his offices and home was raided.

    It is possible that because we check out things from our “sources” and post them on these blogs, then that is how people have been monitoring Olint’s next move. The investforlife blog has been monitoring us and the speed at which they post things suggests that they might be paid to work full time on their blog.


  115. Cash Plus liquidator’s announcement described as premature

    A premature move… that is how Attorney, Delano Franklyn is describing the recent revelation by Cash Plus liquidator, Hugh Wildman that funds from the Carlos Hill led failed ponzi scheme may be stashed away a foreign bank account.

  116. These new charges are all ploys to buy more time……everytime there is a case coming up there is another round of charges…..each charge will require work and preparation….hence we can expect more delays again i am sure…congrats prosecution…..drag it out and nyam out olint money along with the liquidator.

    How much has the liquidator been paid so far!??????

    We need this to come to an end!!!

  117. Wantmymoney:

    I say they charge him with a million charges, have him facing life behind bars….That’s the only way you will see a penny.

    If David Smith was facing one charge and say, two years in prison, he wouldn’t give up a penny. Now, facing the rest of his life with no casino, no whores and no jet, he will give up the money he has hidden

    You should be thanking the people charging him.

  118. So Jay:

    What is your opinion of Wildman now?

  119. Wantmymoney:

    Need this to come to an end? Call david Smith and tell him to give up the money he has stolen.

    It would come to an end really quickly.

    Wouldn’t that be fun?

    Dude you are hopelessly dumb…..

    • Let’s see:

      Wantmymoney invested in Olint in 2006;

      Tafari invested in Olint in April 2008.

      Wantmymoney brought 4 cars and 3 houses from his investment in Olint.

      Tafari got zero from Olint and invested AFTER the crash of Olint.

      Wantmymoney wants to ride the gravy train some more, hence the need to have DS case now to an end as quickly as possible and DS freed.

      Tafari is “angry, very angry” that a Jamaican con him out of his money!

      Now, base on this quick analysis……..who is the one that is hopelessly dumb?

      Tell you what; I’m putting all mymoney on Tafari 😉

  120. No comment on Vision Increase S.A Mrs. Coke?

    Cliff Hughes having problems? It’s a ‘currency trading’ company that put money in Olint.

  121. “I did not request an interview to clear up”

    Hughes: Simply, have you or any of the companies you are associated with accepted deposit monies with OLINT?

    Coke: No.

    floridian: So why sue Olint for $11 million? Deacon pay you?

  122. Jay have a good upcoming few days..

  123. Jay how you think the Hibbert thing going to go tommorow?

  124. I have been busy and not been able to post regularly. Checking in and watching watching Tafari has been amusing but he is now become like Brittany Spears. At first he was funny but then you realize he has problems… in short he is a nut case… so at that point it is not real funny, it is like watching a pathetic nut case unravel.

    Guys does not like Jcans… but he can overlook that for 10% per month… loses his shirt in a ponzi scam so his feelings come to the surface. He believes the ponzi operators and has huge percentage of the money hidden. Wildman announces he has found C+ money that CH hid… Tafari is happy so he rejoices because he believes this vindicates his belief. Tafari forgets that he dislikes Wildman… he is reminded that he does. So he switches tune and says Wildman is going to take the money. Then he hears that Wildman may not have actually found the money, so he switches again…

    The loss in these ponzi schemes have pushed some folks over the edge… they are all over the place as they try to cope… some days they are optimistic, some days depressed. Some days they feel hopeful, some days they feel all is lost. This makes them stray all over the place. They often blog like this… with unrelated, all over the place nonsense. Pathetic really.

  125. Nocotec:

    I still wonder what your motive is.

    You have NEVER invested in these schemes nor do you know anyone who did….

    You claim that your only motive is to educate the masses.

    Yet you call them stupid and greedy…some kind of education….

    My position on Wildman never changed…He is a man cut of your cloth it seems. Whether he finds money or he continues to be crook and blowhard as previously reported, my positions are supported. These positions are not mutually exclusive.

    So you may be a God on this blog, block me again like you did before, and have a few idiot followers on here like MikeD…But you are transparent….

    What is tafari’s position?

    1. Money is stolen and hidden…Nocotec says no – all the money gone. Tries to explain how the money dissappeared – Tafari vindicated.

    2. Wildman was clouded in suspicious corruption in Grenada- Nocotec says no – news reports supports Tafari.

    3. Tafari says great if Wildman finds money (not that folks wil ever get back all if he has anything to do with it) – Nocotec says Tafari has no right to be happy if money is found? I didn’t get that one.

    4. Tafari reads the news that Wildman may have either been telling lies or spoke too soon, or blows too much hot air, Tafari says “see” – Nocotec says, nah Tafari, you have no right to be happy that money was found but dissappointed (or vindicated) that this guy is as dumb as Nocotec.

    Good stuff.

    Who would not be angry Nocotec, that this guy stole their money and then find out that the money went to the two major political parties in jamaica, and that the Jamaica government is blocking any investigatiion into the thief’s activities?

    Oh..that would be you Nocotec.

    Your motive didn’t quite hit me as genuine.

    Come again?

  126. Reports are that you Nocotec, has a friend and a relative that withdrew large sums from Olint just before the crash (somewhat at your urging). That you and yours had inside information very close to DS.

    That makes the rest of us stupid right?

    I am still here because I lost money…stupid me. But you know what motivates me to come back to the blog.

    Nocotec, you wake up every day, manages this blog, blogs extensively, yet you have nothing vested in any of these schemes..Come again?

    You are involved in some way or you just don’t have a life…..And since you claim that you have transferred millions of dollars, well, that leads one to thinnk that you are up to something…..but what would that be?

  127. Reports are that you Nocotec, has a friend and a relative that withdrew large sums from Olint just before the crash (somewhat at your urging). That you and yours had inside information very close to DS.

    That makes the rest of us stupid right?

    I am still here because I lost money…stupid me. But you know what motivates me to come back to the blog.

    Nocotec, you wake up every day, manages this blog, blogs extensively, yet you have nothing vested in any of these schemes..Come again?

    You are involved in some way or you just don’t have a life…..And since you claim that you have transferred millions of dollars, well, that leads one to thinnk that you are up to something…..but what would that be?

    Inquiring minds want to know….

  128. Nocotec:

    remember the loooooooong dissertations you wrote to convince me (and other readers of course) that Olint’s money has dissappeared?

    Why were/are you so passionate about the Olint/ponzi clubs goings on?

    tell us…You tell us everything else…..

  129. I have a ten dollar bet open to any one that Nocotec will go on a tangent and talk about everything else except his motive…..

    What is your motive guy?

    My motive is that as a fool, I invested in a ponzi scheme and I am hoping to recover my money.

    Your motive is?

  130. Guy does not like jamaicans…

    nah…Guy does not like corruption.

    Overlooks that for 10% a month….

    Nah…… he discovered the corruption after he invested.

    You are wrong wrong wrong…Still, I am puzzled……why why why?

  131. @Tafari

    Dude you need therapy to help you deal with your loss.

    You have never been blocked on the blog by anyone. WordPress has built in logic that attempts to block spam and idiocy and will sometimes automatically hold a post until an administrator releases it… This has happened to you frequently.

    Your accusations are a couple years too late 🙂 They have been repeated from the beginning of these blogs against myself and the few others that pointed out the idiocy of investing in obvious ponzi schemes. The behavior is easily explained… people doing stupid things usually have to attack those pointing out the stupidity in order to justify to themselves that they are correct. Read up on cognitive dissonance which I used going way back on the old blog…

    Like many persons that invested, you have your own sense of reality. You twist stuff to fit in your obviously incorrect viewpoints. You think, if no one responds to your idiocy, then it must be correct… typical nut case… And when anyone responds you continue the idiocy.

    Examples… You are fixated on what you believe is the fact that DS has much of the money squirreled away… You believe myself and others have said he has none hidden… Patently false, yet you are fixated on this… What I have consistently said, is that in these schemes most of the money goes back to other investors… The operator often has money he attempts to hide but this is usually pennies on the dollar though it may be significant to him/her.

    Take the case of CH & C+… If it turns out there is actually $25 mil hidden, it is pennies on the dollar of the money lost but would still be a huge sum for CH.

    Anyway dude I know you are having mental issues and the blog is a form of therapy for you… So I do not take your idiocy personally… Feel free to keep on posting.

  132. … (Ras) tafari … breddren … Puncie and me feel sey yuh ah smoke too much commercial (i.e. corrupt) herbs which part yuh de … definitely affecting ur brain / thought processes … we want to recommend that yuh switch to Jamaican organic before its too late …

  133. Nyammin…sounds good….But I won 10 dollars….

    Nocotec did just what I expected. Won’t tell us who he is working for…why he set up this blog…why he is so passionate (passionately wrong most of the time) about this Olint thing…why spend so much time blogging about this.

    he just won’t….At least we all know why Tafari is in need of help…why Tafari is crazy, why Tafari needs help…

    What about you Nocotec?

  134. Nocotec:

    I wouldn’t know how much of the money DS has hidden away nor do I propose to. Fact is, the guy is a thief…and thieves don’t just give back the money.

    So, he has SOME money hidden. What is wrong with the position that an effort be made to find the money?

    Why do you so passionately disagree that someone who lost money to a thief would want to recover it? What’s in it for you?

    I must be truly crazy cause I just don’t get it….

  135. And why do you stand on the pulpit “pointing out the stupidity”? That makes you feel better than others?

    You are a sick person!

  136. Pennies on the dollar or not…Should we just forget about it so you and DS could split it? Eh?

    Bet you would like that…..

    My position has not changed since my first post.

    And the question remains…what is your motive?

  137. Nyaming:

    I might smoke the organic stuff and start swindling mih bredrin, and start thiefin like crazy, and start bribing mih politition them….

    Nah..mih ah go smoke dih buds them from mih backyard….

    Easy dread!

  138. And who is Puncie? Your imaginary friend? That organic stuff nuh good buoy….

  139. Nocotec wrote:

    Examples… You are fixated on what you believe is the fact that DS has much of the money squirreled away… You believe myself and others have said he has none hidden… Patently false….


    How does he know with such certainty how much money DS has hidden? Patently false?

    What is the dollar amount he has hidden Nocotec?

  140. The exact dollar amount? Help us out here…Lots of investors read this blog…give us a number…you seem to know.

  141. Or you could just give us another dissertation about how crazy Tafari is…..

    Here we go….

  142. Complete with examples Nocotec….

    Everything except telling us your motive…..

  143. Here is a guy that knows everything…even knows what people will think in the future and why…You are good….

    Dude you spend so much time calling folks greedy and stupid and crazy…..but why? I can’t get it…

    Pardon my curiousity…maybe it is the Olint money got me going crazy for real Noco….

    I tell you what….just tell us why and we will all be mentally healthy again….deal?

  144. Tafari Francis, on October 13th, 2009 at 9:56 am Said:
    ….Dude you spend so much time calling folks greedy and stupid and crazy…..but why? I can’t get it……

    Maybe if you lay off the crack pipe YOU WILL FINALLY GET IT!!!

  145. leave you and you disintegrate. There are marbles and there are marbles.

    Olint is ponzi (popular choice well advertised) Well if you put a list of the investors (the real list) in braille and close your eyes a read the amount of cocaine your hand would symbolically pass over is in the tons (or tonnes if you prefer). Any brightalec moonlighting idiot knows that.

    So how it a go go? Usually united States law enforcement claims that money for themselves and any innocent ‘investors’ have to love up that.

    Civil Rico? Yeah ..decent approach.

    Teef from teef? electronically through their banks…I have to rate that ..if you transfer money behind a teef drug dealer back they not going run to authorities and talk about it.

    Detractors? PR people…late to the game by now who is who must understand they been frisked behind the scenes long befoire a little idiot like Smith came to any prominence.

    New Governor TCI? People of high esteem saying he has been influenced. By whom? Who cares?

    The ‘movements’ outside this blog is what shows true sentiment and feeling. Storm Coming?

    Storm coming?

    book coming? Offers on the table…we’ll see.

    So why do so many rush to say ponzi? because the masses will always remain the masses.

  146. Ponzi might sound harsh to some buy it is simply the lesser of total calamity. Take a hint from the gleaner today.

    JCF lists drug finds

    It’s been playing out months now.

  147. @Tafari

    Dude I know you are having mental problems and appear under serious stress but here a some clues.

    Each time you post and attempt to use the juvenile tactic… I bet he does not respond but will do blah blah..

    Have you noticed yet that I simply ignore this. Yet you keep having the illusion of winning a bet with yourself. This is a juvenile tactic aimed at getting the other person to debate a topic with a false premise.

    Did you see some of the old emails that floridan posted? Did you notice that those emails were accusing us at investforlife (myself included) of conspiring with the ‘dark forces’ against Olint and DS? Yet you persist in your idiotic notions that we are somehow aligned with the interests of DS?

    Dude, don’t you feel like a crazy person. I hope in your state that you do not have access to guns and sharp objects etc… It seems like you may harm yourself.

  148. No Nocotec:

    Do you notice that you make references of being accused of this and that but refuse to address the issue at hand? What is your motive?

  149. I am here, let’s chat….

    tell me what motivates you, who are paying you, what your story is…cause you claim it is not because you invested in Any of these clubs, right?

    just a little conversation…no dissertations and psycho-analysis necessary….Just two guys having a chat..let’s see who is crazy

  150. False premise? nah you are on drugs…. Same question over and over…what motivates you to blog….to actually establish the blog on the olint issue….

    That’s the question….It hasn’t changed….See, I know who you are.

    Pull your mask off Nocotec Mr. I know it all…

  151. Oh the twists and turns..So you are smarter than everyone….No one will ever figure you out because if confronted, you could just say that it is another Olint crazy…right?

  152. Wrong…I am not going away (until you block me again)…..So here I am..ready to answer any question you ask honestly.

    What is your motive…All investors want to know…tell then nuh?

  153. If I may..being on drugs (even metaphorically) is not the issue here per se with OLINT…it is the transhipment of illicit drugs across boarders and the pain and assache that so many are going to feel about it after the fact.

    Can Noco and Tafari agree on this one (pun intended) small (no pun intended) point (pun intended)?

  154. Back to vacation while you ponder these things.

  155. Diversionary tactics….

    Nocotec… I see that instead of telling us what a gwan, you try to convince everyone that tafari is crazy….

    That is the oldest trick in the book. A man of your great talent should know that your diversionary tactics are transparent….

    So how about it you fraud?

  156. Two Ghanaian ministers who lapped up the Mabey & Johnson largesse have lost their jobs and other public officials in that country are expected to get the axe soon. The Ghanaian government dispatched its attorney general to the UK and she recently returned home with witness statements, transcripts and other pertinent documents as they seek to get to the root of the bribery scandal involving the English bridge-building firm. Criminal proceedings are expected in Ghana where the matter is being taken very seriously.

  157. Hush-hush

    4. Yet another case of fraud at a financial institution has been allowed to blow quietly away. Too many employees of these institutions are pardoned and let go after they have committed a wrong. Seems the institutions prefer to hush things up as they feel publicity of this nature is bad for business. The sad thing is that these wrongdoers are never punished and survive to steal again.

    emails wait on no man….things might come out…when they are least wanted.

  158. @Tafari

    LOL… Most people can tell a nut when they see one. Tafari’s asks his own questions and also answers them… But then asks them again… LOl…

    Lets see.. This is Tafari’s conversation with himself.

    Nocotec, what is your purpose for blogging? I know that you answered it numerous times already but I am not buying it. I know who you are and I know your motives. So, Nocotec what is your purpose for blogging. Come on, answer it again. I will not believe you again but… come on answer it again.

    Dude… lol … everyone can recognize a nut except the nut.


  160. Everyone can also spot a fake Nocotec….

    The man with the noble purpose of educating the dump, stupid a nd greedy masses.

    Right…and I have a bridge in New York I would love to sell you….

  161. Nocotec:

    I do hereby stipulate that I am just another Olint Nut…

    Ok. Now that we have that out of the way, how old are you? because it would take a million years to know everything about everything.

    So teacher, God, however you would like to be called ( saw an earlier blog where you suggested you had to “punish” someone for a comment) so I guess God would be preffered…

    So God, how long have you been around the earth?

    You are such a fake….Tell the blog why you feel the need to invest so much in this blog.

    Even the crazy, greedy, dumb folks deserve that much of the know-it-all being…..


  162. Being a ‘know-it-all’ is a form of bullying even if that is not the intention.

    The know-it-all has an opinion on everything regardless of whether they actually know anything about the subject or not. You know the type: something is self-evidently true purely because they happen to think it.

    Know-it-alls are bombastic, opinionated and bad at listening.

    What the know-it-all lacks is the humility to say: “I do not know enough about this to form a proper opinion”, or “You may be right because you have more experience in this area than I do”.

  163. Know-it-alls are on set on ‘transmit’ most of the time. They are not up for receiving input from others. They want to be the ones giving out, transmitting their pearls of ‘wisdom’.

    What they don’t know isn’t worth knowing and when they do learn something well… according to them, they knew it already.

    The know-it-all may be a highly intelligent person but their know-it-all attitude makes them narrow minded and less and less able to learn as the years roll by.

  164. Sound like anyone we know?

  165. Nocotec:

    How did NASA find the correct trajectory to hit that crater on the moon?

  166. Ok…..when you are done, exactly what time of the day or night did David Smith (or) Floridian, impregnate David’s wife?

  167. Hate to say but I think Tafari is not all here….he is not the only one.

    The person who is Harborshark/sirach/floridian is having his own challenges…..he poses as several persons…..spends all day on the blog….for the last 2 years…..that is not a well person.

  168. Wantmymoney:

    Injured as I am right now, I can only watch the TV and blog about my money……

    Would you like to come spend some time with me? You could empty my bed pan.

  169. Wantmymoney:

    Maybe Floridian withdrew his twenty million dollars just before the crash…the guy may never have to work again and has the time to blog…

    Why does that make him crazy?

  170. Everyone on this blog has a motive…..mine is to get back some money…..

    But its hard to understand how a person who did not invest a red cent in Olint spends soo much time on the blog…..I believe this blog is a part of the team trying to prosecute DS….

    I know DS and don’t wish him any ill will….but my loyalty is to my money…..if we ever get some back..

    • O.K, here comes the MORON again. You know, you sound very familiar, Olint-For-Life?

      And to think I was putting mymoney on Tafari as the dummy (see prior post)…never again!!!

  171. Wantmymoney:

    Tafari is not all here but you are….You who still think that David Smith is a man of God and who believes that the court is out to get him and they are charging him just as a delay tactic….

    Right…..I am not all here….You are all somewhere out there dude….

    Don’t worry, while I was on the crazk and weed and crazy, I saw david Smith . he peomises 80 percent interest if you just wait another 30 years for your money.

    He says you shouldn’t be so impatient…..

  172. Sorry Tafari…..I have a job that takes up a lot of my limited time….my sixth sense tells me use shld spend less time on the blog and perhaps visit a shrink to assist you with ur problems.

  173. Wantmymoney are you did you just agree with me? Wow!

    Ok, I cannot understand why/how someone who did not invest a red cent in olint spends sooooo much time…even created this blog, to spend years blogging about Olint.

    So all day I have been asking why.

    Where we part ways is the ill will thing….This thief should suffer till death (after he tells where the money is of course).

    You know DS? Why not call him? I need my money, you want your money..You know this guy dude? And you did not say so all the while?

    Lets give him a call…he could give us both what “pennies on the dollar” he has hidden……

  174. Hey Wantmymoney:

    Mental problems……You still believe dude that DS will come through for you…..Mental problems dude?

    Right now I would rather be crazy – completely nuts, that so darn stupid.

  175. LMAO…..

    Mike D:

    You were what?

  176. Nocotec won’t tell us what his motive is…except that Bullshi% about wanting to educate the masses (who he calls dumb and stupid and greedy) about the pitfalls of investing in ponzis…..

    So I make him squirm knowing that everyone is now wondering…..

    That gives me a good laugh…

    But you wantmymoney…..You are from another planet….

    Do you know that even the feeder club operators (even those that were running their own little ponzis) are now flodding to TCI to file claims? They are finally getting it that this guy was a crook…I mean even the church folks..

    yet you wantmymoney, still thinks that DS is on the up and up…You still think that they are just out to get him.

    Dude you are S T U P I D!

  177. flooding…………

  178. Blah Blah Blah.

    How much time must we say why was the blog created and the usefulness that it has served. Look at the #4 blog almost comatose a blog where only supporting views were tolerated.

    This blog has provided a wealth of information to the general public which most people have found to be very informative.
    Those who have questioned the purpose of the blog have been those who have found a channel to express themselves while at the same time getting information from other.

    That’s as much as I will say for now.

  179. Jay:

    We should start a blog about global warming….Then, we could say that we are each individually vested.

    But for someone who has no vested interest in Olint, to form a blog and spend years …YEARS, blogging about an issue that doesn’t affect them in any way is suspect….especially when the stated reason is ” I just want to educate the masses” while calling the masses you intend to educate “stupid” and ” dumb” and “greedy”.

    That’s like telling me to invest in David Smith’s new club….

    We are not all fools….You know what the motive is…just waiting for youu to break the news…

  180. SO it’s Blah blah blah until you block me again…

  181. big up Jay

    politricks..pity the full hundred can’t come out here. But big up Jay. something tells me you won’t be let down. is a very informative blog too.

    do not knock the number 4 buss to hard ..they did thier best.

  182. Did I say DS is on “the up and up”……i really don’t know. what to believe……’

    I want a trial now not stalling tactics by the prosecution…. to be begging persons to come fwd after 2 years is pathetic!

    I believe u guys are VERY dishonest….u really are telling me you no active role in the prosecution case against DS…. give me a break….u have a MOTIVE….and thats why ur analysis only encourages one set of views

  183. heheheheeehheehheee

  184. A hand in the prosecution of DS? never crossed my mind..but which guys are you talking about?

    Active role…..

    hey guys, you have been calling me crazy all day……..This guy is either cookoo or he is onto something….

    Go on wantmymoney….what else do you have to say?

    remember you said you know DS..(so how is it you just don’t go to him for your money?)

  185. Active role…..

    TCI police?

    I called the TCIFCU in July 2008 and I remember Mark Knighton directed me to this blog…

    So I guess you could be onto something…When was this blog started? let me see…March 2008? And Olint was shut down when?…July 2008?

    Hey wantmymoney, you could be on to something who knows…

  186. Nocotec:

    Earned $1100 today trading FOREX…..using a strategy I learned less than a month ago.

    Average 13% in the past 6 months….

    Got an analysis of my rtading? Like why, how……

  187. So Jay:

    Coming to think of it, why did a police investigator direct me to tihs blog?

    • Jay said:….”This blog has provided a wealth of information to the general public which most people have found to be very informative”……

      yuh caan read?

  188. Very informative indeed…what is the MOTIVE of the founders of the blog…Can you read Mike Dummy?

    • Tafari:

      Since you like to ask questions: I have one for you; talking about motives:

      Do you know Hugh Wildman personally? You seem sort of fixated on him and Jamaicans. What are YOUR motives?

      Why were you discharged from the US army? Was it for medical (psychiatric) reasons?

  189. this blog has done a good job of educating people about DS and CH and the likes.
    the motive i would think was to let people see what DS CH and the rest were up to so as to stop them, i wish i had found it earlier!

  190. Hmmmmm. Tafari run gaan……. as usual when confronted with relevant questions/facts he crawls back under his little rock. I didn’t even get to ask him about the validity of his preposterous claim that he made some time ago about graduating from Princeton University. Not to mention the question about what country he is from. Hmmmmmmm.

  191. Mr Golding said the allegations against Joseph Hibbert, a technical officer at the time of the alleged incident, would not damage the reputation of Jamaica in the international community. ??????

    What Planet is that?

    ..and with credibility already ‘skulling’ school so much again????

    Let us trade away our debts like the so called ‘Australian model”…then divest Air Jamaica in a jiffy and throw in a IMF deal to boot…

    This is serious. Not a joke still. Concerned Jamaicans should be worried. no joke.

  192. Tafari,

    Why would Knighton direct u to the blog? why does the blog always have numbers directing u to where u can make claims? why do the authors always jump on those with differing views from theirs?

    All radio interviews by walker directed listeners to where………..this blog!!!

    no one has answered how much conolly has been paid soo far? Have we ever seen a thread like that…..NO……why……because it does not line up with their MOTIVE!!!!!!

  193. MP`s Woes Worsen

    Misleading title from the Observer as usual. exactly who’s woes really worsen?

    Must be Deacon Smith’s own.

  194. AUDREY Marks, chief executive officer of bill payment company Paymaster, yesterday took the stand in her billion-dollar lawsuit against Caribbean conglomerate GraceKennedy in a case based on intellectual property rights and copyright infringement.

    So many ‘olinters’ in the news recently hmmmm

  195. tafari, wantmymoney looks like someone sent everybody not to this blog but to the Observer to sign in.

    Wonder if there is some motive? Soon have all King of Queen and Countess of Baron and all and sundry.

  196. wantmymoney

    Yes or No? Is this the same Joe Hibbert?

  197. In fact, Golding maintained that the “allegations are no more than allegations and refer to a period prior to this administration coming to office. There is no allegation of any improper conduct since the 11th September 2007 when I was sworn in as prime minister and proceeded to constitute a government,” Golding said.

    Impropriety has a date factor? I see. You know the greatest polarization in Jamaica is not green or orange. It is not uptown and downtown. it is not public sector and private sector.

    It is simply a moral problem Jamaica faces. And the clearly conflicying views of what should simply be right vs wrong.

    If your ‘right’ is in clear violation of my ‘wrong’ where are we going to get to together? Not the promised land.

  198. If someone’s ‘right’ contravenes someone else’s ‘right’

    there can be no progress. might as well split the island into two states geographically with two new constitutions and let people choose where they want to live. And I’m not talking a pakistan/india warfare.

    England (the enslaver)sees a ‘wrong’. Ghana (the enslaved) see’s a wrong. Jamaica seeming to see no wrong? What happened on the trip? Someone got brainwashed. Was it Bakkra?

  199. the Ghanian diaspora particularly in england must be thankful for a forthright defense of their moral position by the hokme government.

    Jamaicans in the diaspora must face the music head on.

    …And we want to get money from diaspora? and entice them with two year old video on the great opportunities in investing in the bauxite industry?

    Mercy. No shame?

  200. Wantmymoney?

    We (Jamaica) can’t show the slave master (Britain) that we have higher moral standards than they do?

    in 2009!

    No representative in the british court yet Ghana had.

    We (Jamaica) can’t show Ghana (the people who rounded us up and prepared us for voyage) that we have a higher moral standard than they do?

    God help us.

  201. We can read in the press that patting on the back is talking place already for what?

    dievstment of Air J? the April Budget? The IMF agreement?

    we have turned into a laughing stock!

    Deacon pray for them….and pray for yourself….because you are wrapped up long time.

  202. All the diaspora feel it as them say, “yes that’s how Jamaicans are…we were right all along..”

    Lip service to Marcus Garvey we pay.

    Oh yes we can run fast.

  203. Europeans traded glass beads for Gold with Africans.

    Was it legal? Sure it was.

    Was it admirable? Was it honest?

    What say you Wantmymoney?

  204. “I just came back from Turkey and saw a letter on my desk from the auditor general about someone in my ministry who generates fictitious bills, gets them approved and signs off on the approvals, collects and lodges the cheque. $21 million has been identified in that one so far,” Shaw told members of the business community attending the forum.

  205. The report has recommended that Hibbert be charged for corruption, perjury and for breaching the Contractor General’s Act.

    Christie said Hibbert “was never authorised” to receive money from Mabey and Johnson.

    Jay, can someone provide an answer? Is this Maybe and Johnson bridge person, MP for East Rural St. Andrew the same Joe Hibbert mentioned here:

  206. A wonder if Deacon know?

  207. Large up Deacon, “you are kept abreast” these big guys and minister’s spending accountability is your domain.

    Large and in Charge.

  208. Wantmymoney:

    You will find the information here. It tells how much was approved by the court as compensation to the liquidator..

    It also tells what David Smith was doing…..

    Check it out….

    If you are still not convinced, my name is Jimmy Swaggart…send me ALL your money and you will go to heaven.


    Here is the site Wantmymoney….

  210. We expect that, as is demanded of senior officers of the constabulary, Mr Chuck, if offered the job, would not be averse to undergoing a polygraph test, as a signal of his integrity and trustworthiness for the post. In fact, anyone who feels he is up to the task should be willing to similarly tested.

  211. “But Golding said Jamaica’s reputation would not be tarnished by the Mabey and Johnson scandal.”

    Eye of the beholder?

  212. Deacon? Did you bribe people so you could continue to “ply your trade?”

  213. Only a fool would take you up on such an offer Deacon.

  214. “I have deliberately, purposefully not sought to enquire,” he asserted.

  215. The cat is out of the bag.

    This blog is a very useful forum for those seeking, or seeking to share information regarding the Olint situation.

    But because this blog helps many in this way does not mean that it was established for that sole purpose.

    While the folks on “the number 4 bus” were blindly following and giving their money to David Smith, the creators of this blog were blogging there trying to warn of the dangers.

    The creators of this blog were right. David Smith was running a ponzi.

    The creators of this blog were also actively working to shut down David Smith’s organization. Remember the FSC raid?

    But to understand the passion of the creators of this blog, one will first have to know who the players are. One will have to go back further and find out what motivated the FSC raid.

    There is an old saying that there is only smoke where there is fire. Well the rumors that the banks were behind it seems on the surface to be just the ramblings of crazy Olint diehards. And though it may be true that these diehards were desperately looking for anything to hold onto at the time, there was much truth to that rumor.

    The link?

    The blog creator N worked in the banking industry.

    The irony here is that the blog creators were right all along. But they set out to discredit Olint and David Smith. But was it with noble intentions?

    Not nearly. David Smith was able to wiggle his way out of Jamaica and set up business in the TCI and continued to receive deposits from Jamaicans who were withdrawing all their money from the banks.

    These “investors” were also taking loans against their homes and businesses (financed by the banks) to dump into Olint. This further put the banks’ investments at risk.

    So the creators of this blog set out to discredit DS in every and any way they can. They tried on the Number 4 bus but were rejected and blocked by the operators of that blog.

    So here we are today.

    Ironic again that this writer feels inclined to make this declaration:

    The creators of this blog were right all along. David Smith was running a ponzi which was bound to fail and distress investors.

    But their motive was not the stated noble intention of educating the masses as a public service. This blog operates in the interest of its creators. It has beeen used as an investigative tool to gather information and as a forum to discredit Olint.

    So although this blog serves as a great forum for information sharing and gathering for those vested in this Olint fiasco, it serves a more sinister purpose –

    In the interest of full disclosure this writer must also state that had he discovered this blog earlier (than July 2008) he may not have invested in Olint in March of that same year.

    This writer admires the passion of the operators of the blog and feels thankful that this forum exists but denounce its sinister nature.

    There has been numerous times througout history where the educated and/or wealthy few convince themselves that they are acting in the interest of the masses. They profess to know what is good for the masses because the masses are too “stupid” to know what is good for them.

    In this case, the few were right. But let the masses beware.

  216. @ Tafari Francis,

    You are indeed a piece of work. Look we have allowed all bloggers free reign on this blog to share their views.
    We have NEVER blocked someone because their views differ from us, however we have always asked for bloggers to operate in a professional manner and post with using profanities or post that could be regarded as slanderous.

  217. Where there is slander, there is a lie.

    There is no lie in my last post. However, I agree wholeheartedly that I am a piece of work.

  218. Where there is slander, there is a lie.

    There is no lie in my last post. However, I agree wholeheartedly that I am a piece of work.

    A piece of work indeed! What a tangled web of deceit.

    So I take leave of this blog. I hope that everyone finds what they are looking for.

  219. The creators of this blog were right. David Smith was running a ponzi

    come back with that again? look smith has no shortage of defense lawyers.

  220. If your slip keep scrapping the ground it will tear.

  221. Is it the same Joe Hibbert on the email from Ian Moore? (why is there seemingly no answer forth coming to this question?)

  222. That should be libelous vs slander in my last post.

    Tafari , continue with your search for the Olint loot and I sure which you luck as you will need lots of it.
    You guys wasted some much time defending david smith, that he used the 9months he asked for, to hide whatever was left in the Ponzi scheme after most of the money was handed over to one major player who has already been named in receiver report.

    He has no major assets to be seized and sold and the chance of finding the “hidden loot” is very remote, so you corner dark.

    Good luck however in your quest. 🙂

  223. @ Floridian,

    Listen, what difference does it make. The man is obviously another corrupt public official like Kern Spencer, who does not have the decency to call it quits after he obviously was bribed.

    Our politicians have “sold” us out for pennies on the dollar virtually assuring that we never really get value for money, but instead take on business deals that they are likely to benefit from even if detrimental to the country.

  224. Enjoy the rest of the ride folks…It was fun.

    • They say if you can’t stand the heat you should get out of the kitchen (or something to that effect). Well, Tafari have heeded that advice and so have retreated to that little rock from whence he came. I knew you were a wuss.

      I guess you have lost your free internet connection privileges at your brother-in-laws basement. Yes, your free ride is over, but knowing you, you are probably on the prowl for another free ride somewhere else. Sorry the Olint thing did not work out for you.

      I will be on the lookout for your new Nick as you attempt to sneak onto the train once again without paying and causing all sorts of mischief on your quest for finding your missing Olint loot. RedP will be praying for you…..Godspeed!

      Now there will be no other “Ivy League intellectual scholar” [sic] on the blog to pick on anymore? Wait,…..Wantmymoney…..where are you?

  225. Is that a yes Jay?

  226. Jay if corner dark then why not shut down the blog?

  227. “Governments like to boast that they formulate plans and give them to the IMF,” the former prime minister of Jamaica said at the Observer’s Monday Exchange meeting of reporters and editors this week. “That’s not true. At best the plans are formulated between the IMF and the government and when it is all over the IMF tells (them) ‘write it up and put your signature’.”

    Jamaica is expected to have the fourth lowest growth rate and fourth highest inflation rate of developing countries in the western hemisphere within five years according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

    Bwoy Jay ‘Corner Dark’ look like a Universal ailment….afflict all the fools. No discrimination.

  228. Mutty Perkins says he thinks Mark Shields has left Jamaica. hhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahhaahhahaahahaha

    Good one Mutty!

  229. “I just came back from Turkey and saw a letter on my desk from the auditor general about someone in my ministry who generates fictitious bills, gets them approved and signs off on the approvals, collects and lodges the cheque. $21 million has been identified in that one so far,” Shaw told members of the business community attending the forum.

    Just got back from Turks?

  230. Mr. Hibbert’s niece and another woman are also said to have received money.

    “I think that the convention of the Westminster system demands that anyone so implicated to step down until he has cleared his name as MP and all governmental responsibilities should be given up until he has cleared his name and therefore in a position to reestablish public trust and confidence,” Dr. Ashley said.

    Former Jamaican representative for Transparency International, Beth Aub, believes Mr. Hibbert should have stepped down long ago.

    “Of course he should. In fact Mr. Hibbert should have done that a long time ago when there was even a chance that his continuing in the party was going to smear the party,” Ms. Aub said.

    Is it the same Olint Joe Hibbert Jay? Yes or No?

  231. What a lot of drugs being caught all of a sudden?

    This is the biggest cocaine find at the airport in recent times.

    Meanwhile, the narcotics police say they have detected an increase in cocaine trafficking through the airport.

  232. LOL…

    Man that Tafari dude was was one deluded and deranged fellow. That long delusional post he made today… He also posted it under the following nicks… Floridian, Mike D, WantmyMoney, live&letlive… I guess he was trying to make it look authentic 🙂

    However WordPress detected the fraud and held the posts 🙂

    Recall how he often complains we are blocking him…false. Recall how I said he reappears as different bloggers…. When he has made a fool of himself… But he soon does again. In any case WordPress kept holding his posts for release because he tries to disguise himself as different posters. Notice how he claims to have crawled away again.

    That dude is seriously delusional and needs psychological help.

  233. Rickway
    10/14/2009 2:45 PM
    It leaves me very disheartened to see the response of our political parties to the challenges this country faces. While no individual prime minister or even a party can prevent individuals from being corrupt, where the rubber hits the road is what happens when this is detected. So far what we have seen is that our governments rather than facing down corruption are more willing to attack witnesses and persons like Mr. Christie while they protect their cronies.

    This has kept happening over and over again. Mr. Golding is protecting Mr. Hibbert, Mrs Simpson-Miller protected her several wayward children, Mr. Patterson protected too many to mention.

    When will this all end? where is the change that was promised? How can leaders hope to command respect when their integrity have been stripped from them. When you look in parliament these days its like looking at a prison line-up. Our parliamentarians are spending more time in court defending themselves than minding the nations business. This is a disgrace!!!

    Sue (Montego Bay)
    10/14/2009 3:00 PM
    Mr Prime Minister, the other scandals was prior to your time and you left no stone unturn in getting to the bottom of it…please do the same as i and many other young individuals who admire you are losing confidence. That statement is beneath you, come again, PLEASE!!

    jam 2
    10/14/2009 3:14 PM
    J, i agree with your advice to Winston A.

    And Winston now that Mr Golding has found out about this die hearted PNP (at the time) what do you think he should do now? answer that!!!!

    Is the PM expecting us to believe that because the actions were not commited post sept 07 then it is ok? Mr Golding has lost his moral compass if ever he had one in the first place……………It is now manifestly clear that his true intention having left to form the NDM was to attain power, all of those words were just hot air!!

    10/14/2009 3:37 PM
    I am not sure I understand the PM comments. Is he saying the fact that it happened before his govt came to power absolves him of the responsibility to take action? By saying allegations are no more than allegations is he saying they are not true. Perhaps the AG could advise him that the parties allocuted to the fact of their conduct by stating what they did this is the basis od their guilty pleas, they have to reveal all that they did. This then elevates theire remarks from being mere allegations. As to identities the prosecution has a right not to disclose the identities of co-operating witnesses for fear of reprisals it is the basic fact of our jurisprudence.

    John Smith
    10/14/2009 3:47 PM
    Previously, The Observer team seemed rather eager to report the findings of Mr Christie, our strident Contractor General particularly in previous “allegations” of corruption. Now they seem rather disinterested. I do wonder whatever happened to that enthusiasm..? On another note, Mr. Golding may want to be a bit more measured in his barely covered attempt to defend his former minister. He has been showing some propensity to leap to the defence of criminals these days. Not good for the country at all mi fren Bruce.

  234. travel warnings on the horizon.

    The international investment climate is picking up and Jamaica Trade and Invest must be in a position to exploit investment opportunities.

    Jamaica Trade and Invest has been rebranded back to Jampro Ken Chaplin.

  235. Natty says:
    October 11, 2009 at 9:49 am
    Thanks Herald. We will never get this information from the gleaner and not in a million years from the observer. You have been very balance and objective on corruption and I must applaud you. The media is so laid back and nonchalant on the current admins corruption. It is heartbreaking and the country needs an intervention. Bruce and Dudus seems to be the 2 biggest dons in the caribbean.

    PB says:
    October 11, 2009 at 8:34 am
    Indeed the Golding administration is questionable. How can a prime minister be in bed with criminals ,who are responsible for selling and providing guns to criminals who go into urban and rural districts and kill innocent men, women and children? We jamaicans who live in the US are extremely greatful to the United States government for exposing the sophisticated link between political gunmen and the politicians. We are also praying that the day will come when the heiarchy of the political directorate will be extradited alongside the compatriots the dons and strong men for the party to stand trial for importing guns into that small beautiful island to kill our people. Jamaican Politicians from both side of the fence you must cut ties with gunmen, treat all Jamaicans equally. Why award political gunmen all the contracts , why do you continually allow people in the garrison communities get water and electricity free? Take note , Jamaicans know that you are all in bed with the gunmen , how else could crimes be committed in such a brazen way and the perpritrators are not caught.’ Remember the international community is watching you ,YOU WILL BE EXPOSED’.

  236. Nocotec:

    I regret that I have to come back to address your bullshi#

    Attack attack but you speak not to the truth in the post. Are you the only one entitled to making long posts?

    I posted under those names just having a little fun with those guys….

    The truth is the truth is the truth. But your motive is exposed..Told you I would.


  237. fools can get boxed in. Eureka!

  238. Deal with A, B, C ? What about dealing with O(lint?)

    Once him face O he must step down. And certain ‘waiting in wings’ replacements mouth just have to water from a distance.


  239. Nocotec,

    Sorry to disappoint you i am certainly not Tafari…..

    Any feedback on the claim that the prosecution is a pitiful set of jokers who are literally begging persons to come fwd and after 2 years have nothing on DS.

    Further more they are deliberately DRAGGING OUT THE CASE by putting fwd charges that they know will take time to prepare a response……POOR!!!!!!!!!!

    We want this trial to start NOW….PROSECUTION STOP THIS FOOLISHNESS!!!!!

  240. Tafari

    U really a try to post as me???? ……….i agreed with the comment that u need help….this confirms it….b proud of urself and stop acting like a loser

    Anyway ur analysis on the motive of the administrators is accurate….

  241. Tafari is not acting like a loser, he is a loser, just hope he does not do something as stupid as far does and demand the Gov give him his Olint money or he will hold unto Air Jamaica. lol.

    @Wantmymoney re motive of blog are you the real want mymoney or Tafari. 🙂

    You guys really have not a clue, your ability to analyze a situation is woefully lacking resulting in very poor decisions making process.
    There are no ulterior motives and I will continue to say that to those who are willing to listen.
    You still believe DS has you money and don’t want to give it back?

  242. Jay,

    I think there some money….but guess what…i have moved on if it comes its brawta….i just want this case to start and get going….its taking tooooo long…..

    I guess u have no issues with this incompetent prosecution!!

  243. Congrats to Wildman….he seems intent on getting money for investors…..Conolly seems interested in his own pocket and keeping this money outside of Jamaica….

  244. Kevin O’Brian Chang..just when did that party EVER have moral high ground?

  245. OVER THE last 12 years, Jamaica has been one of the United States Government’s most active extradition partners since the two nations signed the treaty in 1991.

    According to the March 2004 International Narcotics Control Strategy Report, published by the U.S. Department of State, “Jamaican authorities are receptive to and co-operative with U.S. requests for extradition, and are working with U.S. authorities to accelerate the extradition process.”

  246. Mr. Wildman has acknowledged receiving the document but expressed disappointment as he said it only contained all of the Cash Plus properties now in the control of the authorities.

  247. POLICE Commissioner Rear Admiral Hardley Lewin yesterday argued that the biggest obstacle to Jamaica’s security is the social and political facilitation of organised crime and warned that the country’s efforts at dealing with the nagging problem will not yield fruit if we continue to tolerate criminality.

    “Perhaps the biggest obstacle to the control of organised crime is the tolerance of it, or worse, its social and political facilitation.”

    Arguing that dons are winning the loyalty of communities, the commissioner said we need to ask where the money the dons are using in that effort is coming from.

    “You are seeing this kind of thing replicating itself all over Jamaica,” he said. “Check every August, see how many back-to-school treats they have… it is working for the hearts and minds and souls of the communities, and those members of the communities who are not so licky licky and can see through the act, who resist, they are threatened, and through fear they buy in and. cut the State out.

  248. IT HAS not reached the level of fisticuffs but it appears the police commissioner and the Government are on a collision course over who should shoulder the blame for the current crime level.

    A day after a senior government official told The Gleaner that the Bruce Golding administration was unhappy with the leadership of the police force, Rear Admiral Hardley Lewin has hit back while seeming to point the finger at the political directorate.

    The commissioner also told the media that there were many people who would love to see his back. He said these persons exist in politics, business, the police force and even the media, but noted that he was happy to have detractors.

    Meanwhile, Lewin listed breaking the back of organised crime, the nexus between crime and politics, a breakdown in community and family values and poor leadership as issues that needed to be addressed if Jamaica were to experience sustained reduction in crime.

  249. Mr. Wilmot Mutty Perkins: What part of beyond a shadow of a doubt don’t you choose to understand?

    The OCG (Office of the Contractor General) has conclusively determined, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the holder of Birmingham, UK, Barclays Bank Plc. and Kingston, Jamaica NCB accounts, into which Mabey and Johnson made several illicit payments, is none other than Joseph Hibbert.

  250. There is another worrying matter about this order and some other extradition requests. For the extradition request to be valid, the defendant has to commit a crime in Jamaica and the USA, then how come Dudus has never been charged for any of those serious crimes of drug trafficking and gun trade in Jamaica? The police have a question to answer.

    An attempt to search for the minutest technicality or squabble over interpretation and procedure or fear of partisan political fallout to deny an extradition order might appear to run counter to the spirit of the treaty and might have serious consequences for the viability of the Jamaican state as a place of law and order.

  251. Hibberts Campaign for 2007 General Election financed by money stolen from OLINT investors.

  252. Fact.

  253. Mabey and Johnson alleges that a total of £94,434.62 was paid directly to Hibbert, together with an additional aggregated sum of £10,652.12, which was allegedly paid “… to people apparently linked to Hibbert, including his niece, and in respect of travel for Hibbert and other officials” – all for a grand total in direct and indirect payments of £105,086.74.

    Examples of payments:

    £5,000 paid on November 5, 1998, on account of Mr Hibbert’s mother’s funeral expenses. Mr Hibbert’s mother passed away on November 1, 1998.

    £2,000 which was paid allegedly at Hibbert’s direction on January 6, 2000, to Hibbert’s friend, Janice Chase, to help her redecorate her flat.

    £500 was paid to Hibbert’s niece, Faith Judusingh, allegedly for funeral expenses in respect of an unidentified person.

    Hibbert, in receiving and accepting any sum of money or benefits or gifts or commission from Mabey and Johnson, was not, and was never, authorised to do so.

    The records of the ministry do not indicate an awareness on the part of the Ministry of Works of Hibbert’s receipt of any funds, payment amounts or benefits whatsoever, from Mabey and Johnson.

    Officers of public bodies of the Government of Jamaica, when acting in an official capacity, are expressly forbidden by applicable and published GOJ regulations and staff orders from accepting any gift, gratuity, benefit or commission from any other person.

    Although Hibbert has denied receiving any cash payments from Mabey and Johnson, the evidence shows that two cash payments totalling £2,000 were allegedly made by Mabey and Johnson to Hibbert in July 1998 while he was in the UK.

    More News E-mail this story Print this Page E-mail the Editor

  254. Floridian

    Remember that PNP got OLINT investor money too but in true Portia Style they took the money and LOSS….

  255. By approximately 3000 votes for a difference of millions of dollars? You nuh shame. Should have been a landslide then.

    That is very telling….rather laughable..but it’s not a laughing matter for the publicity of the alliance has cost the entire country. When the travel advisory kicks in and the big man dem start bark pon government they will know……which ‘god’ is to be served.

    We should do the math …approximately what ? help L&LL….about US$4000 per one vote?

    World class?

  256. Money in my pocket but I just can’t get no love?

  257. Follow the yellow brick road? To much pothole? Look to the North Star.

  258. I heard for very VERY reliable source that Deacon was shocked to see the Misick government go down…the hearty laughing stopped with a jolt. then the complaining….start back the &%$$ laughing clown…we nuh instruct no one to stop yet.

  259. Deacon have full backing out of certain corners and a tell grandma and auntie dem as a big horsesatring man seh a big man a fight him down…all while hima steal them money…..

    Badness and bad word talk …yeah….Lve dat Deacon…a dat we love

    You make yuor bed…lie in it.

    You going to be as close to us as you know who is close to you know who..hahhahahahaa

    And I’m looking forward to it Deacon. You know that more than anyone.

  260. Once good sense finds its rightful place you can L&LL all you want. But not before. MAKE NO MISTAKE.

    How the song go L&LL ? Sing it nuh? “not one a my seed shall sit on the sidewalk and beg your bread” yes Bob Marley.

  261. Get jiggy wid it.

  262. Hallmark trust and Mastercard …Cocaine Banking?

    Ay I see that other site is down…anytime that has happened in the past when it comes back it gets more and more revealing….ay L&LL

    enni meeni miney moe….”Worries in the dance..” different artist L&LL Frankie Paul.

  263. Email Article Print Article
    Oct. 15, 2009 – Dellis Cay and Dr. Cem Kinay: The Final Curtain Call
    When an actor finishes his performance, applause is usually expected. Not this time. Dr. Kinay’s performance in the Turks and Caicos Islands is leaving in its aftermath a lot of anger and tears, and his reputation in complete tatters.

    A tragedy unfolding in a beautiful Caribbean setting.

    Contrary to the attempts by Kinay to save face and to continue to attempt to mislead the public by saying that the Dellis Cay project is on “hold”, it is not.

    It is a complete wreck.

    Neither is Dellis Cay the victim of the adverse publicity that came in the wake of the revelations unearthed during the oral hearings of the Commission of Inquiry held by Sir Robin Auld, pointing to Dr. Kinay’s probable involvement in the bribing of government officials.

    Supreme Court documents are revealing that Dellis Cay had allegedly stopped paying some of its vendors months before the oral hearings even started.

  264. Mr Floridian,

    I enjoy your posts. Out of curiosity, do you think that deacon reads these posts? If so, then did you invest in Olint at one time? And loose money? Because it seems by your writing, that you are exacting revenge by your continual taunting of Smithy. Not that it’s bad, i detect the rage. If you have been cheated, I can see where it is theraputic for you. Just curious. Thanks for your reply -Ter

  265. No ‘loose’ money for it is there (don’t each his own must locate it)

    Deacon used to read me and came on to speak but then ran (THYSHA) is his password and his URL from Provo was correct for his house on Chaulk Sound.

    David and his family are trying to get away with a crime. People have died (don’t ask do the work)

    He tried to buy a government. They will destroy Jamaica.

    You love Jamaica Ter? This is not a joke there are things YOU can see and things you will never know but Jamaica is in a very serious crisis never seen before in it’s history.

    I will fight for Jamaica…many more will do everything in their power to stop me. I will Slew Dem.

    You can not know what is therapeutic for me my dear freind.

    You don’t even know exactly what is happening even though you yourself are very close to some seriously evil people.

    Nothwithstanding the Smith issue most of you are sheep who believe it or not have been taunted all your life. What information can you share Ter? You have been on these therapy…sorry i mean blogs for over ayear now…seems it does somrething for you to be here. Nice to know.

    Learn about Jamaica before you call Mutty from Foreign with solutions…hahaha….if the foundation is flawed. why would anyone want to live an entire life not understanding the realities they live in? There is no real sucess in a twilight zone.

    Waiting to hear some helpful info from you Ter…ball in your court? Joke you know this is one xxxxx don’t play games….

    • ” Learn about Jamaica before you call Mutty from Foreign with solutions…hahaha….if the foundation is flawed. why would anyone want to live an entire life not understanding the realities they live in? There is no real sucess in a twilight zone.”

      That paragraph RIGHT there….. warms my heart!

  266. Ter

    There are a million questions i could ask you but one question will cover many:

    And it’s universal your agenda or side does not matter.

    “Are you so naive that you really believe that whoever is the Prime Minister of Jamaica is the ultimate head of the country?”

    If so, do you know Jamaica? Or do you just float around here for a lifetime?

  267. Revenge? hahaha…who drew first blood? Oh Ter if you are ‘with’ them I pray for you. Pick up your pants and try to run from them…you must be sore by now.

  268. look at how they have deacon as poppy show. he still wearing the grean and blue polo shirt. and he is a image vanity man…look what they bring him to.

  269. And then ad infinitum the veranda intellectuals speak to the why Jamaica can not progress….what a vicious circle…round and round.

    Ter you want me run Jamaica? hahahahahaaa Oh what an eye opener John Public would see.

  270. Ter I wonder if you can stomach some emails from some real movers and shakers in the country?

    You think you could handle it? Yu belly meck of steel?

    Let me know.

  271. Floridian,
    yes I love JA. No I was not born there, but my family that I deeply love, live in JA. Its a beautiful country with great people. We have contimplated many times to return home. No disrespect to you via, question. But I must say that by your reaction to me, I have hit a nerve. My appologies. You must be dealing (in some sort of ministries as you have stated) with the outcries of the general masses and the affluent. I wish you well in that endevour.
    You said- “if you are ‘with’ them I pray for you.” No I’m not, but we could still use the prayers, we have lick our wounds and have moved on.

  272. Because of the great work on the blog, I come to keep up on info and try to contribute info for the benifit of all.


  273. BTW do you think Deacon reads this blog? and if so why do you believe that.

  274. Ter

    I have heard many talk about ‘move on’. When drugs and guns are part of Olint there is no option t5o choose move on on your own. You can set it in your mindset but ‘moving on’ is not within your personal remit..whether you think so or not.

    Deacon read the blogs? Never thought of at least not recently….he is wrapped up the Saga moved on and passed him long time. He has to just float and wait.

    Look 40,000 per day average on

    So when people say move on and I told you so…they can be seen through completely. Why are they so insecure? I don’t know.

    ISP’s rarely tell lies. Jamaica ia an image place. comes from the British class system model…minus the fabian socialism part.

    Some have grown upo in it and even when everthing can be seen many still believe they know something the dutty trousers man don’t know.

    Uptown in Ja is largely an embarrasment and of course Downtown Ja is a catastrophe.

    Ter were your parents uptown or downtown when they left Jamaica? Just curious.

  275. Jay could surely tell you all the TCI ISP’s who are on. If you ‘program’ into Flow or C&W etc. Then you can get the name on the account, adress, phone contact etc.

    You would be surprised how many who swear ‘move on’ are around. Nuff Tapanaris too. Smile.

    In Fl a lot using comcast and other providers.

    Why you ask Ter?

  276. There are other ways to know if he reads Ter. But you have to think and figure out that for youself.

    I’ll give you a hint though:

    “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

  277. floridian right bout one thing, Jamaica in one big problem and it nar even bout DS. But truth is problem have a way a pop when nobody expect, and mi no think dem even see it.

    Truth said DS sit down wid man and se, you money safe, mi would a neva lie to unno, mi a christian and is god mi trust, you know uuno big man him have money wid me, me a trader from JMMB fi 8 year, mi only mek half percetage a month but mi use 20 times leverage, in front a god di money de, unno no trust mi? you think me woud a lie to you? you think me would a mislead you? das how di youth DS talk………..
    DS is one ratid smooth talker, man tek dem life savings and give DS, dem morgage dem house and give DS, dem sell dem business and give DS, dem borrow money from dem family and friend and give DS, man stop what dem a do and run fi help DS, dem a se him a di buffet of the carribean, dem a se him a de bolt a di money world.

    DS him just suck up di praise, DS him love walk wid big man, in di paper wid serena williams, at events wid big politican, all dem him fool up. Hi a go on like one super star, and ask honest man fi pray fi him. Him all have meeting wid big big church man fi take dem corn……

    De whole time DS realize is lie him a tell dem same man and foolishness him a talk.

    Now DS a run round and se, de corn de but unno hafi wait fi dis and dat to finish den me a go pay unno.

    ha ha ha ha………….what jedidah say……..ha ha ha ha…… since DS ignored my advice and would not accept my rebuke………..i will laugh at DS disaster, i will mock when calamity over takes DS, when calamity over takes DS like storm, when disaster sweeps over DS like a whirld wind, when distress and trouble overwhelm DS……ha ha ha ha………ha ha ha ha……..

    floridian laugh wid di Father…… dis is what di Father a do to DS, for DS him reject di advice of di Father and would not accept di rebuke of di Father!

    DS di Father say, no lie!!!! dis a di living living truth!

  278. To Floridian

    No sir/mam, My parents were neither uptown or down. My wife is from Clarindon. Would that be downtown? Either way I do believe I married the most beautiful woman from all of Jamaica.

    You said- “When drugs and guns are part of Olint there is no option t5o choose move on on your own. You can set it in your mindset but ‘moving on’ is not within your personal remit..whether you think so or not.”

    Forgive my denseness, but could you elaborate?

    If you mean, because we keep coming back to this blog and the web sight, it is because I more or less need to because I will need to file “theft loss” with the IRS. I am an honest man so I reported everything to the IRS. The accountant tells me that I will have to prove my case, so I document the news leads. So…hopefully not all is lost.

    NOTE****BTW thanks for your contributions. You will never know, by my words, how grateful I am for this blog and people like you, nocotec, Jay, and the rest (whether the language is good or harsh to one another) . I have google olint, david smith, bla bla and I haven’t come up with nearly as many news article as I have through this blog. Everyone here has made a difference in the life of a foolish American and his family. Unfortunatly in the school of hard knocks, you get the test first and then the lesson second. Thank you one and all.


  279. Do not misunderstand the metaphor Ter. There are uptowners and downtowners alike coming from Clarendon. I think you may have missed the point and some issues spark a lot of emotion in Jamaica and hamper honest constructive discussion.

    this is one of many reasons that we all as Jamaicans are stuck in a circle moving on one spot. The word for it is one I use on the blogs alot. It is called insecurity.

    So strong is this yoke on us that one must agree with an Observer blogger who said Jamaicans are the best at taking failure and washing it off and turning it into (self praises) Gold.

  280. Even DS is a good example of this. When he was not paying even 10 cents his defense was “Listen to me. I trade hundreds of millions of dollars!”

    A defense like that has no charge on a person who carries no insecurity but some are moved by such chat right down to their full calamity.

    Many people are more concerned with their names on the World Wide Web for all to see than the fact that they MAY have lost most of what they have.

    The system in Jamaica teaches uptowners a lifetime thinking that is “You are special”…”you are better” for no particular reason more than you are uptown. It goes farther in saying “look at dutty trousers man in the ghetto (another emotional term)” ….”Do you want to be a sufferer like dutty trousers man?”

    If not then you must fall into line in order to perpetuate the uptown /downtown system. If you do not then dutty trousers man life shall you live for the end of days.

    It is called using fear to keep a status quo. Obviously the status quo is very important to many so they defend it by monitoring a well oiled system.

    In truth I pity them. Now Ter you must understand Jamaica, Status quo, system and other constructs.

    To say you pity uptown is one of the most annoying things they can hear because they believe that they are living greater than any one else in all the World. this system is Golden to them. They defend it fiercely and in many instances will kill to preserve it.

    They do not want theirs to go abroad to wash people clothes and tidy people house. You with me Ter?

    Many uptowners are upset that they are not able to access substatial amounts of there money that is with Smith. But given the choice they will let such anger subside in order to preserve the ‘precious’ system for that sysem is how they eat their regular “food”

    you know the vernacular when I use the term ‘food’ Ter? Ask mummy or daddy if you are unsure.

    You see Ter this ‘system’ is bsed largely on farce and self praise. To show that you are an idiot just like any other dutty trousers bwoy in putting money in Smith is like a wieight unmeasurable on their shoulders.

    So pathetic statements like “I only put in what I could afford to lose” abound.

    For anyone including a Prime Minister to admit that they are intellectually no better off than dutty trousers man is in itself a nightmare and bangarang in one.

    So silence id deafening….you understand Ter?

    Smithy wanted nothing more than to be accepted as a full player in this system. The devil hol’ im. He believes in the vanity. You see Ter when year in year out you have raised to believe in such a system such an affliction can not be cured just so overnight.

    Sounds horrible ehh? There is hope for there is a ‘majic’ PRESCRIPTION that when applied shall cure all.

    Medicine costs money though…for we live in a real World. The staff on the Left and the staff on the right would like the rights to the medicine so they bid for it. In frustration some say, the medicine is not does not exist.

    The medicine is very Real.

    It can cure the most chronically afflicted with immediate results. Gather your apron and your mop…it is time to get to work.

  281. Ter

    let us take a second look at the statement “I only put in what I can afford to loose”

    On the surface it is standard veranda intellectualism used to pass the evenings in cool uptown beofre rest is taken and the system is reset again upon arising the following day.

    But let us examine it a little closer. What creates the statement? What is the motivation behind it? Before A FEW names of Olint investors were to be found on the World Wide Web the statement was often “I told people not to money in that”

    So the statement evolves…it grows if you will. Insecurity. Fear that you will be revealed. shame and embarrasment as a card carrying full member of the sytem.

    So we get “I only put in what i could afford to loose” or similar versions of the same rubbish.

    It is called “Spin” Ter. in 10 or so words the message communicated is “o.k. I put money with Smith but I am still better than dutty trousers man.” alternatively “I confess (now that I know or strongly suspect I will be rrevealed later on) that I gave Smith money…BUT I am still smart and so reserve the rights to all previous status to which I have bestowed upon myself”

    You see how pahetic they are Ter? Well Ter let me ask you this.

    Do you think that if persons of the like control all aspects of control of the Jamaican society that the country will ever make any progress?

    Under what presently obtain that is and will continue to be akin to racing Usain with a ball and chain around your foot (Read: Mind).

  282. For more on Spin Ter see: Jamaica Observer and Jamaica Gleaner and also listen to Wilmot Mutty Perkins daily lecture series on ‘ethics and accountability.’

    ‘All men are created equal as long as the court cases are heard after a term of office has ben completed’

    Homework Question:

    You have any idea how much money the system rewards some of these radio shows Ter?

  283. When you say you have, “licked your wounds” Ter you must realise that such a statement MAY be viewed as “I want it all to disapate and nothing happen because I am and agent of the system”

    Now that is fine you are free. However this particular case involves very very powerful state apparatus of the government of The United States of America. they take their national security interests very seriously.

    They owe uptowners nothing. Trust mi. So it is advisable to position yourself well behind any line of demarcation that you have set.

    Peeking out because you ‘fass and love suss’ (games that the system worshipers teach their children…king of a local version of smakes and ladders…ask you parents to explain that Ter…time and space don’t permit here)…can cause a problem or a best a serious headache when the locomotive comes barrelling through the station.

  284. Ter

    Jamaica will not be healed by tweaking the system. It has to be overhauled. But Jamaica is first and foremost a political ‘animal’ if you will.


    Mr. Golding has for many years now spoken to this. However his very rise to power of that high office was largely a function of the criminality of David Smith and Olint.

    So credibility was not lost after the rise to power. Credibility was acyually squandered before. You see credibility…is the hardest thing to attain and the easiest thing to loose.

    It is a pity that our currnt Prime Minister seemed somewhere along that long and winding road to have lost nerve.

    Someone or some people or entity got it into his head that the lofty ideals he often spoke of would not take him to victory. Whether such a theory is true or not is largely academic. The issue is that he took the wrong road. Why would anyone steer him down the wrong road? Because they are worthless.

    Why would he not expose them? because they are vindictive.

    So whose bed should he lie in? His own for he made his choice long ago.

  285. Ter send mi a new keyboard from foreign nuh? You nuh see the old keyboard a struggle.

    • Floridian,

      Thanks for the english discussion. Verry interesting. From time to time I have to call my wife to the computer to translat the venacular of the Jamaican bloggers. Your discussion was enjoyable and thought provoking. Thanks -Terry

  286. So Ter

    When you read that such and such is losing credibilty and MUSt act now or such and such will seemingly lose credibility down the line if not this or that…

    You will be well on your way in the beginner’s course on SPIN.

  287. Politics 101 Ter…

    Who pays the piper calls the tune…simple enough

    remeber the Payor need not be the owner of the money he pays a greenback is a greenback…stolen or otherwise.

  288. Under the Olint bridge Ter? You seen this?

  289. Olint always on their minds.

    Diplomacy – especially at the national executive level – has its place.

    But there are times when it just doesn’t pay to skirt around certain issues.

    We are talking about Police Commissioner Rear Admiral Hardley Lewin’s speech reported in yesterday’s edition.

    According to the commissioner, we need, as Jamaicans, to collectively find the will to break the linkages between organised criminal networks, our politics, businesses, communities and the police force of which he is in charge.

    We endorse his speech, of course.

    However, the sad truth is that, delivered as it was in the abstract, it lacked the potency that would have served our country’s leaders so well at this time. As the speech stands, there was nothing in it that would compel this administration to address the question that is on everyone’s lips about the status of the USA’s extradition request for Mr Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke.

    Fast-forward to Messers Kern Spencer and Joseph Hibbert, the members of parliament for North East St Elizabeth and East Rural St Andrew respectively. What on earth are they still doing in Parliament?

    Don’t see a mention of OLINt Ter? don’t worry the whole theme surrounds Olint.

  290. For we have seen enough to know that unless named and shamed – repeatedly – some of us will never acknowledge, much less repent and turn away from the wicked ways which threaten to ultimately engulf all of us.

    look like a Piper is going to be fired. Although rare this happens from time to time.

    A state department travel advisory is NOT what one pays so much money to obtain.

  291. Pressure on local doctors from onlookers

    However, according to Dr. Wright, the pressure of treating a Government minister may have resulted in his doctors making an incorrect diagnosis.

    “When you’re dealing with people like a Minister you tend to have people standing over your shoulder and everybody wants to be a doctor and the doctors who are making the diagnosis are under severe pressure to do something now.

    Mr. Nelson will continue to be monitored by his doctors

  292. Senior Magistrate Judith Pusey ordered the warrant after Mrs Haughton Cardenas failed to appear before the Corporate Area Criminal Court to answer to fraud charges.

    Her attorney Terrence Ballentyne submitted a medical report and told the judge that his client was abroad receiving treatment for a long list of ailments.

  293. … that how you do it,” he said.

  294. Fraud Squad get active recently ehh?

  295. OPPOSITION SPOKESMAN on national security, Peter Bunting, on Wednesday disagreed strongly with senior Government minister, Karl Samuda, that the Financial Investigations Division (FID) should remain in the Ministry of Finance and the Public Service.

    “I am just very nervous about prosecutorial agencies being under direct political control,” he cautioned, adding that the “Constitution went to great lengths to ensure the independence of the director of public prosecutions’ office”.

    In contrast, Samuda, who is the minister of industry, investment and commerce, said he was not offended by a policy decision which gave a minister authority over an agency such as the FID.

    Davies pointed out that the FID did not report to the minister, but to the financial secretary in the Ministry of Finance.

    I think that should Read: “Davies pointed out that the FID did not report to the Minister but the civil servant who reports to him.”

  296. Same old same old?

    “JTI is to be rechristened Jampro,”

    Let’s change the promotional video that was made only two years ago encouraging diaspora memebers to invest in the bauxite industry. It’s amateur…seriously.

  297. Government member of Parliament Clive Mullings argued that it would be useful to hear further deliberations on the question of the executive having some influence over a prosecutorial agency.

  298. Texas tycoon and cricket impresario Allen Stanford beaten up in prison

    Mr Stanford was taken to hospital with concussion after the fracas
    Allen Stanford, the indicted Texas tycoon and cricket impresario who bankrolled the Twenty20 game, has suffered two black eyes and a broken nose in a punch-up in prison.

    The flamboyant financier, who lived a life of luxury with private jets, Caribbean homes and a castle in Miami, had asked to be moved from the privately run prison because of conditions there. He complained that he was being held in a cell with up to ten other men with no air-conditioning and even, for a spell, no power. He asked to be moved to a federal prison 40 miles away in Houston.

  299. He asked to be moved to a federal prison 40 miles away in Houston.

    What a change. He asked? Have you seen the Panorama interview with Lester Bird? Stanford used to talk to people like David Smith.

  300. To: David smith
    From: Bruce Golding (
    David, I must express out thanks for your support in our efforts, especially toward the staging of our recent conference. It was a tremendous success and has significantly boosted our campaign. your assistance went a far way in making it possible. I had a brief word with Peter (Bovell) sometime ago and express the hope that we would be able to meet. i hope that we will be able to arrange to do that. Kindest regards, Bruce Golding.

    Marcus Mosiah Garvey stands out in history as one who was greatly committed to the concept of the Emancipation of minds. Garvey who was born in St. Ann became famous worldwide as a leader who was courageous and eloquent in his call for improvement for Blacks. He sought the unification of all Blacks through the establishment of the United Negro Improvement Association and spoke out against economic exploitation and cultural denigration.

  302. The present is best

    Golding was not bothered by the critique and took time out during his presentation at Wednesday night’s Courtney Walsh Award for Excellence to defend the move and debated that he does not believe the 23-year-old would be able to maintain his standards forever and must be recognised while he was on top of his game.


  303. ‘Gov’t must act now!’
    PSOJ, JCC worried J’cans could lose hard-earned money to alternative investment schemes

    Tuesday, December 04, 2007

    Saying that they were gravely concerned about the safety of the life savings of Jamaicans, two of the leading private sector organisations have issued a joint statement urging the Government to address the uncertainty surrounding the operation of alternative investment schemes.

    The umbrella Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica (PSOJ) and the Jamaica Chamber of Commerce (JCC) yesterday said the Bruce Golding-led Government should act “quickly and decisively” to ensure compliance with the law by the alternative investment schemes.

  304. Richie
    10/16/2009 7:11 AM
    I will call again for the resignation of Bruce Golding. What an utter disappointment!

    Bruce Golding is not the visionary leader he purports himself to be.

    He has acted cowardly since becoming prime minister.

    There is nothing that is written to say he should continue to be prime minister.

    Resign now and get out of the way. There are more capable people in Jamaica.
    10/16/2009 7:15 AM
    It is just a sad time to be a Jamaican, right now with all those “GOONS” in control of the land taking our tax money and getting rich as we pay the price with our lives for their incompetence and reluctance to make Jamaica a better place.
    They find that its more profitable for them to run the country in this manner and to them Jamaica is a small business that can go under at anytime so they are taking all that they can while they can , Its sad .
    People we have to take on the responsibility of fixing our country and not leave it to incompetent and reluctant politicians

    10/16/2009 6:14 AM
    Bruce Golding has been given a golden opportunity to chart a new course for this country and as usual, he has bungled it. Both he and Simpson Miller are the two worst leaders this country has had. I don’t know which one is worse, but they both make you so angry, youre fit to be tied.

    Lewin’s speech just happened to be his swansong before he accepts that position in Bermuda.

    Alfred Buckland
    10/16/2009 5:11 AM
    The comissioner is afraid of retribution, afraid for the lives of himself and his family, plain and simple self preservation, we can not blame him for this, what is being revealed is that his hands are tied by politicians, what a thing eh?. Jamaica ruled by garrisons?,
    can Jamaica imagine this ?, this is definately crimminal behavior by the ruling party, there is no justification for protection crimminals unless the consequences of upholding the law are greater than being percieved as incompetent, and in cahoots with organized crime.
    Sadly this relationship may never be broken, and the alleged don will now rise to even greater heights in crime , as the governments stance will be percieved as an endorsement of his preseidency,
    I an ashamed to be a Jamaican.

    Frederick Whyte
    10/16/2009 5:46 AM
    Mr Editor you are right on target. We expect the Commissioner to act, not to tell us what we already know
    The JLP leaders should demand the resignation of Kern Spencer and Joseph Hibbert?

  305. Dem slaughter Perkins today.

    Justice should manifestly be seen to be done….except for Hibbert hahahaha haw haw haw haw haw haw!

    Mutty only you could see a living picture of an email and try to deny it….the FBI can attest to the emails legitimacy hawhawhawhahw

    Another Piper under pressure….call some new tune.

    Don’t worry the Olympics/world Championships of prize giving coming Monday….you can ride that for about a week and a half while Rome burns.

  306. Usain?

    You are only 23yrs.

    That’s not too young to Think and Check.

    Try nuh race no car…you and Asafa team up and buy a formula One outfit instead….World Class…Run from NO CLASS To the Worl.

  307. To Floridian

    You said,
    “Ter send mi a new keyboard from foreign nuh? You nuh see the old keyboard a struggle”

    lol…If it will help keep you speaking my kind of english, give me an address and the keyboard will be on its way. smile


  308. Palm Beach County man sentenced to 24 years in prison for $44 million Ponzi scheme

    Michael Riolo pleaded guilty to charges involving two Coral Springs-based companies

    WEST PALM BEACH – A federal judge on Friday sentenced a suburban Boca Raton man who pleaded guilty to running a $44 million Ponzi scheme to more than 24 years in prison.

    Instead, new investors’ money was used as payouts to old investors, they say. In all, Riolo paid out almost $30 million in investment “profits” to earlier clients.,0,7526354.story

    Total Investment =$44M
    Total Payout= $30M
    Missing Funds= $14M

    Percent of Total payout= (30/44)*100 = 68 % (~70 %)
    Olint = (154/220)*100 = 70 %

  309. Weston man indicted, accused of running $20 million Ponzi scheme

    A federal grand jury in Pennsylvania has indicted a Weston man on dozens of fraud and money-laundering charges, accusing him of taking $20 million from investors in a Ponzi scheme to pay for a lavish lifestyle.

    Sean Healy, 38, was released from a Harrisburg, Pa., jail after posting a real estate bond. His 55-count indictment was filed today.,0,7366672.story

  310. KSAC turns to gambling for survival
    2009-10-16 17:37:

    The Kingston and St Andrew Corporation (KSAC), wants Prime Minister Bruce Golding’s support in its pursuit to get a lotto licence to help finance its budget.

  311. There are things to be thankful for:

    Deacon Smith gave the stolen Funds to politicans and cleargy and God fearing churchgoers.

    Surely men and women of the cloth will return the funds to the rightful owners.

    We must give thanks for that.

    If they were to backslide and not do the right and Christian thing we could also give thanks. For it would be the complete and utter end of certain institutions operating in Jamaica for all time.


  312. Have you seen the light? Can I get an Amen?

    “Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants; electric light the most efficient policeman.”
    –Justice Louis Brandeis, Supreme Court Justice, 1933.

  313. The agriculture minister was adamant that the money paid to Mr Hill, over a 15-month period, is reasonable compared with similar contracts for other divestment exercises.

    Surely a Phd. would show examples to support his argument. come on teacher you know better than that.

  314. TCI still ‘grey listed’ for low quality anti-money laundering controls

    By Camilo Thame Business co-ordinator

    Friday, October 16, 2009

    The Turks and Caicos Islands still fall way below the standard for financial centres with high-quality anti-money laundering controls, having only signed four tax information exchange agreements (TIEAs). They need 12.

    TIEAs help disclose assets that have not been reported in home countries and also enable tax authorities to access information about persons who are seeking to evade payment of tax.

    Information that would typically be relevant in such investigations include information regarding bank accounts and beneficial ownership of companies or trusts established in non-Organisation for Economic Corporation and Development (OECD) jurisdictions.

    Interestingly, the Turks and Caicos Islands, where lead principal of Olint, David Smith, has been charged for fraud, theft, false accounting and uttering false documents, only signed their first agreement in July, according to the
    OECD’s website.

    Smith was first arrested last February and then again in September, when he was slapped with an additional 14 charges.

    Deacon, we must thank you for dragging not only the ‘others’ but in particular Mastercard Corporation into the mix.

  315. Only signed in July? what a slow pace. Perhaps we have not been encouraging enough.

    O.K. Point Taken.

    Fix is coming up.

  316. Shame on us. We should not hold back…

  317. David Smith impersonator?/ Copycat Chat.

  318. Turn your head Deacon? We going force you to view what you caused. Pastor yu tu.

  319. deacon claim no association with Misick. Deacon what abot the meeting with Shaw, robertson ans Misick and you?

    In the court someone not swimming with trunks on. The tide is heading out.

  320. The receiver overseeing R. Allen Stanford’s businesses announced Thursday that he is suing two former employees of the Texas financier’s capital management firm for more than $11 million.

    In papers filed in federal court in Dallas, receiver Ralph Janvey said the money should be returned to investors the government alleges were defrauded in a $7 billion Ponzi scheme. Janvey said the payments were for three months work and came from revenue “not generated by legitimate business activities.”

    The payments were made in November 2008, three months before the government filed federal charges against Stanford and his top officers.

    The announcement comes a day after Stanford was seen bleeding from his mouth during a criminal court hearing in Houston. Stanford has been jailed without bond following his June indictment.

    Olint employees quiet ehh?

  321. came from revenue “not generated by legitimate business activities.”

    came from revenue “not generated by legitimate business activities.”

    came from revenue “not generated by legitimate business activities.”

  322. Confusious Jones Joke: “Better to bleed from the mouth than from the ass”

  323. ‘Put hotel construction on hold’

    Janet Silvera, Hospitality Jamaica Coordinator

    One of the island’s former tourism ministers, Ambassador Frank Pringle, feels that the construction of any further hotel rooms here are to be deferred temporarily until the global economy returns to normal.

    “At this time, when none of the hotels are viable because of the current international economy, all new buildings should be deferred so the present investors are not competing against new ones,” he told Hospitality Jamaica.

    Quick to point out that the last thing he wanted was to stop investment, Pringle noted that the country needs an occupancy level of at least 70 per cent across the board to be viable, and at the moment it is half that figure


    They should pay some monetary compensation for their sneering. Don’t you think?

  325. They had lots of help besides the economy and their own irresponsible actions. It is typical bad boy stimulus/response behavior when one’s own actions causes your own demise: Blame it on the other guys and claim you are the victim.

    And it sounds suspiciously like Cem and Company want to sue the world for defaming them and not the lack of buying their overpriced and unneeded tourism product in a country that is on the brink of destruction at the hands of their corrupted masters. That maybe they spent the money poorly.

  326. Dellis Cay, the multi-million-dollar development that is planned for the Turks and Caicos Islands, is in receivership.

    The SUN can confirm that Trinidad and Tobago Unit Trust Corporation (TTUTC) has appointed a receiver to Dellis Cay, Turks and Caicos Islands

  327. Duabi Bank says they have no Cash Plus money. So the guy took the liquidator money to allow himself free travel

  328. Former Cash Plus boss back in court

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