Olint’s David Smith in Jail

There is news that David Smith is now in a TCI jail following being arrested again. It is understood that his wife was also arrested but released on bail.  It is understood that she is pregnant.

According to reports available the additional charges are in relation to the Management of OLINT TCI but no details were forthcoming from the Police.

This the latest twist in the David Smith and OLINT saga which sees OLINT having failed to pay Investors from at  least January 2008.  His offices and home was raided in the TCI in July 2008 and  funds held buy OLINT and  David Smith and Wife in the USA frozen that same month. He as then arrested and charged in February 2009 for fraud, uttering false documents and again in June 2009 on similar related charges.

The OLINT liquidator has effectively declared OLINT to have been a PONZI and have been asking the victims to come forward make state their claims.

The report is this time carried in on Radio Jamaica and  in the Jamaica Gleaner

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  1. Jared, Joey, Wayne, Neil, Noel, and more……are you ready to RUMBLE!!! Money was transferred to a US platform….Feds get involved….Deacon better join the choir and take a deal. Full disclosure will be required. Tap dance with US and you will feel the full force of the law.

    • The Cash Plus Liquidator today 7th October located @5 million US belonging to cash Plus in Dubai banks
      also other funds located in Panama and elsewhere
      Do you think that Olint Liquidator can do the same

    • What happened to the http://www.olintja.com website? All traffic to that website is now being redirected to a Facebook page that has been set up for supporters of David Smith.

  2. … (munch, munch, munch) … and what of Knee Deep Joey … me not no lawya, but … I are thinkin’ how US$200mio wired out … an’ nuh money laundering alarm bells raised … Keyser Soze to de worl’ …

  3. The man from the desert must be one of Floridian many “Friends”…….the untouchable in Floridian spere of influence. Hey Popcorn man, what is your take on why Floridian is silent when it comes to the Cool one?

  4. Looks like Money Laudering Charges were among the new ones levied against Mr. Smith!!


    …… “Mr. Smith and his wife Tracey were taken into custody by detectives on Monday night.

    He was later slapped with 14 additional charges including money laundering.” ……..

  5. how do i make state my claim? who to? where to? etc. etc. I guess people are not claiming cause no info on procedure published. The liquidator needs to publish those info as well so people can be clear on the matter.

  6. HMM.

    No bail for the next month, well the chickens are coming home to roost.
    David Smith is going down, I just wonder what about PB, JI and other who were just a part of the conspiracy as David was.

    This is certainly a positive development, as I believe that David should not get away with this grand deception.

    Just taking a break from my break.

  7. Hahahahahaha check this comment from the Sports Paper

    9/30/2009 1:40 PM
    I have very good advise for Govt Shaw. If you want to clear your bad debt of whatever billion it is then you should ask people to pay taxes on the amount of time the word recession is used in their conversation.

    Persons who are arrested should also pay GCT on their fines and bail bonds. By now the budget would have been covered and surplus would be there for you and your colleagues to take vacation in france. I know the country must progress but what more can we give.

  8. The folks in the TCI are going to make an example out of David Smith. He no longer has the former premier to back him and all his “loyal” friends have left.
    As dem seh, him goose cook.

    The sad thing is the Jamaican authorities is not assisting the TCI with their investigation and seems to have no interest in the case, not even to go after those who fled to Jamaica with their “thread bag” full of greenbacks.

    Well, thats how things work a yard.

  9. It’s not MAYBE the niece got £3000….It is REALITY

    It’s not MAYBE the funeral expenses were paid for

    It is REALITY

    It’s not MAYBE the Olint emails and the Olint campaign

    It is REALITY

  10. Jay

    Is that Mrs Golding beside peter Bovell in the picture on http://www.olintja.com?

  11. All things MUST come to an end!!!

    David Smith with his arrogance thought he owed no explanations and no money to OLINT stakeholders. He was living the life of a king. He even had the time to engage in conjugal relationships with his equally demonic wife, thus resulting in a pregnancy.

    The above behavior of both David and Tracey occurred while most OLINT stakeholders battle to survive in these harsh economic times.

    God is alive and well and will not permit the demonic behavior to continue for much longer.

    Tonight, I reach out to some of the other co-conspirators:-

    Sterling, USIMO, MZ Holdings, I-trade Fx, MTI and Hallmark Bank etc.
    Confess your sins so that your punishment will be lightened. Refrain from surrounding yourselves with a legal team of attorney’s who are happy to take their exorbitant retainer fees and then bail from representation, when criminal charges begin to get filed.
    Case in point would be David Smith “dream team” who are no where in sight !!!!

    You all know which number to call and which agency to co-operate fully with. Failure to do so WILL result in travel restrictions at points of entry and indictments.

    Govern yourselves accordingly.

  12. Political ‘donor’ Arrested Again


  13. OLINT update – Smith’s lawyer to pursue bail


  14. But these senior judges have now left the House of Lords and are therefore independent of Parliament.

    This separation brings the United Kingdom into line with many comparable modern states. It means the Supreme Court becomes the final pillar in the constitution: Parliament creates laws, the government and public bodies use those laws – and the Courts monitor their application.


  15. Fujimori sentenced for corruption

    Fujimori, who is already serving prison sentences for crimes including ordering killings by security forces, was in court for a fourth and final trial.

    The charges relate to a scandal which brought down his government in 2000.

    During the trial, Fujimori, 71, admitted that he had illegally tapped the phones of journalists, businessmen and opposition politicians.


  16. Wake up and smell the coffee – EVERYTIME there is a court case coming some more charges are dropped on DS….coincidence????

    Where r these charges coming from….from the ones solicited right here from this blog?

    WHY would u deny bail to DS when he has been attending every single court case while the prosecution has failed to put forward a case…..yes i am pissed that i can’t get my money but this trial shld take place fairly in COURT!!

    To those who are making charges and dragging out this case give urself a clap….u r dragging out this case and guess who will benefit the LIQUIDATOR!!!!!

    How much has the LIQUIDATOR been paid already!!???

  17. Anyone can make a charge even if they know its not true…..it still has to be proven in court…

    So guess what they will perhaps levy another 50 charges if they r able to convince persons to come forward…

    It is hard to believe that after 2 years the prosecution has not been able to put forward a case as yet….look how quickly stanford and madoff were dealt with in contrast!…..why is it taking soooo long….

    there has been a lot of resources put on this case and still the prosecution is still without a case…why??

  18. Joy comes amid suffering.

    David Smith must serve his time for robbing so many people. Such a pity his wife is pregnant.

  19. boy, wantmymoney, your name says it all.

    You se de youth DS could a solve dis whole situation if him did a pay we our money when we wantmymoney.
    DS could not, so problems bruk.
    now DS not saying where de money de!
    de federales no look like dem find de money!
    de liquadator no look like him find de money!
    and di more dem a dig di more charge dem drop.


    i would a se what unno should a call unno self is wheredimoneyde? For dat is de question. wheredimoneyde, or should i se where dimoneygone?

    charges or no charges/ case or no case/ conviction or no conviction…… de real question is wheredimoneyde ?……….cause nuff man dat a read dis ya blog WANTMYMONEY!

    mi nar lie, mi talk to one youth just now and one chiny man dat is 65 years morgage him house and tek all him cash and put it ina Olint! di old man a sit down now a wait one year a bawl and hope dat smith a tell him true. di old man put 750,000US$ wid smitty and look what smitty do him.

    now what unno have fi se bout dat wantmymoney?

  20. Wantmymoney

    bway it would look like DS has paid of the tCI gov/[judge / police /liquidator.

    WHY CAN’T They start a court hearing for this man?
    Something is wrong!!!!!!!

    john Doe is the eddiat from the TCI police people read his blog and note the times.

    who is covering for who???????

  21. jedidiah

    Mi lose nuff money too….time de dem go to trial…mi don’t trust dis liquidator….u check out him bill dem…

    why r there always charges RIGHT before a trial…and then WHY is the prosecution always begging for MORE time…


    The blog is linked with the prosecution/police/ liquidator……thats why there is always a call for us to submit a claim….

    This TCI liquidator want to nyam out what is found (so far) of mainly Jamaican Olint money!!!!!

  22. Also why are they locking up DS……he has attended all the court cases…..drop the crap and start the damn trail!!!!

    The prosecution was supposed to submit their evidence 30 days before the case…..hmmmm…no evidence so conjure up some more charges!!!

    Prove me wrong John Doe….has the prosecution submitted the evidence required 30 days before the oct 26th date….u never cover that sort of info because it is not in your interest….is it????

  23. Charged in June…right before the court case….coincidence???….then CASE POSTPONED.

    Cmon lets get it on now….start the trial!!!!

  24. …”john Doe is the eddiat from the TCI police people read his blog and note the times”…..

    ….”The blog is linked with the prosecution/police/ liquidator……thats why there is always a call for us to submit a claim”…

    Both of you guys are morons….I think you have both took leave of your senses (if you ever had any). No wonder the ackee farmer con L&LL and sell him a bad batch of ackee 🙂

    BTW, if any of you guys are interested, I have an island I would be interested in selling to either or both of you. 360 degrees water view, land fully submerged but can be “raised” if so desired. Price USD$40 Million……look like you are both ripe to be conned again.

  25. wantmymoney…could’nt have sd it better myself….I have always maintained, how can you liquidate a man’s assets when he has not been found guilty???
    Say for instance, DS is found not guilty on all counts and therefore reacquires all his assets, what then, if the liquidator already dispersed his funds?
    This whole thing is BS and the whole country of Turks and Caicos sounds like some

  26. wantmymoney…could’nt have sd it better myself….I have always maintained, how can you liquidate a man’s assets when he has not been found guilty???
    Say for instance, DS is found not guilty on all counts and therefore reacquires all his assets, what then, if the liquidator already dispersed his funds?
    This whole thing is BS and the whole country of Turks and Caicos sounds like some likkle country district!!!

  27. MikeD
    I have heard that “The only thing worse than an idiotic statement is responding to one….. ” i will heed this advice.

  28. Rebel,

    A blog is supposed to support and encourage a full range of views…..welcome!

  29. unno is right is time for de matter to hit de court!

  30. Injustice , injustice, to……………………… Free the …….. man . Government tek too……. long. What the sense ha teking ppl money and give it to some …… liquidator. The law is not to protect the people in dis yah case. Gross injustice , Justice delay is justice deny. The people will take the law inna dem hand. Save the people mista justice it’s too long now.

  31. Prosecution,

    We are tired of waiting!!…..stop dragging this out…Liquidator….don’t eat out Olint money!!

  32. DS’ incarceration is a tragedy for Jamaica.Ds ‘inability to produce the public’s
    money may expose him to decades of liability.I expect him to start naming names soon!

  33. Fascinating , after all that water under the bridge many still cling to hope ……

  34. Yes L&LL David smith did try to buty out the Police. He always wotks with the buyout first that is why so many buyables are quiet in Jamaica.

  35. What a lot of ‘complaints’ about David Smith’s jailing.

    Where were the complaints for the victims and their families?

    You know yourselves

  36. What you going to do when Smithy reach you know where?


  37. HIs Funds Rebel?

  38. SUNRISE – Sunrise Commissioner Sheila Alu announced Wednesday she has been working with the FBI for the past four years in its investigation of politics, contracts and bribery in Broward County.


  39. At the risk of being labeled an agent of the State/Government (TCI), has it occur to the geniuses such as Wantmymoney and L&LL that these new charges might be linked to “recent” activities, such as the movement of funds to evade and conceal their true ownership/source? Maybe the fact that the wife has now be charged after all this time give some indication as to the series of events leading up to these new charges. Questions for the geniuses: Does the new charges (necessarily) affect the final outcome of you getting back you money and/or trial dates……hmmmmmm

    I sincerely apologize for calling you guys’ moron. Yes, you are all geniuses; deserving of no less than the Nobel Prize in Buffoonery (newly created category just for a cultic Olint investor)!! Imbeciles……………..

  40. But we would suggest that he has missed a great opportunity and must be somewhat worried about his credibility, after priming the nation for what turned out to be much ado about nothing.


  41. I found this article and the comments very thought provoking.
    What has our island home become? The time span of 40yrs has resulted in our island gem being reduced to a comparison in many circles of being on par with Haiti !!!
    Is there any hope for Jamaica? That would be my next question?

    Frank Levy says:
    September 29, 2009 at 9:15 pm
    The arrest and incarceration of David Smith is indicative of the criminality of Jamaica and a few prominent Jamaicans.

    Why should Americans visit Jamaica, a country with daily gun violence, Narcotic “Dons” and Ponzi schemes such as OLINT?

    Jamaica is a dangerous country under the control of a Government of which at least four members in the cabinet are known to be closely aligned to narcotics and gun smuggling.

    America will not tolerate the situation for much longer!! I foresee the current Jamaican Government ending their term of office in scandal and shame.

    Roland Henry says:
    September 29, 2009 at 1:08 pm
    I am a proud American with Jamaican heritage and over the past 2years I have not been comfortable with the idea of travelling to Jamaica, which has always been dear to my heart.

    As I reflect, I have come to realize that Jamaica has become a lawless land where Government Ministers of Government and Members of Parliament are said to be involved in taking bribes from corporations. Not to mention their alleged involvement in the trafficking of guns and narcotics.

    How can a Government harbor an alleged murderer,thug and intimidator? We all know that if this individual is handed over to the US Federal authorities, he will share vital sensitive information which will most likely implicate other members of the Government. Let us face facts, the Government really does not care about this individual’s legal rights. Instead they are trying to conceive of a plan that will protect their own interest.

    American citizens are the target for murder and violence in Jamaica. My cousin a “returning resident” moved to Mandeville and was slaughtered like a goat, because he was thought to have money since “him come from foreign!!!”

    Recently a British diplomat was murdered in the typical Jamaican barbaric method. That tells me there is no respect for life, foreigners and persons who are in Jamaica trying to uplift the society.

    What will it take for the Jamaican Government to conform with international laws and to embrace a true Governance style of transparency?

    Probably, a downgrade by the US State Dept. to a category C with travel restrictions to the island would be a good start.

    So the answer to the question: “Are American citizens safe in Jamaica?” is NO.

  42. With fifteen districts, a budget of $500,000 every four years could provide us with a much better chance of electing honest men and women who were not obligated to campaign contributors.


  43. I heard David Smith was arrested again and denied bail. is this true? I also heard his wife was arrested but was allowed bail because she was pregnant. is this true?
    Will there be trial? and should David be found guilty what is the maximum sentence he would receive?


  44. Mutty Perkins turn defense lawyer for Hibbert…meanwhile

    U.S State Department is very very peeved over the antics of the Jamaican ‘government’

    “the dut it tough”

    No ambassador appointed! Statement from them expected tommorow.

    Fool fool perkins….Soon you will be retired. Your employers going on a ‘vacation.’

  45. MikeD
    re that land you have for sale please send the volume and folio #s sounds ideal for a water park…………

    • So sorry pon di riva….you move to slowly. Wantmymoney and L&LL pool their remaining resources and brought the property sight unseen!!!

      I wouldn’t sell it to you anyway, you appear to be up too high on the IQ scale 🙄

  46. Good sense has prevailed…lets see what other antics will come before Oct 26th….

    Has the prosecution put fwd their evidence…….

  47. Mr Hibbert received relatively modest advance payments in his own name both in cash and through bank accounts here in the UK. In addition, M&J made a payment to Mr Hibbert’s niece, a Faith Jadusingh, of £3,000. There was a payment to cover the UK based funeral expenses for Mr Hibbert’s mother. Additionally, Mr. Hibbert received monies via his National Commercial Bank account in Jamaica.

    This was scrutinsed by the court. Mutty Perkins says where is the evidence?

    Question: How is it the Ghanian press publishes the document and the Jamaican Press does not?


  48. Only one night Smithy? There will be many more. Well…

  49. America not going to play like that Deacon. Who provide the bond payment? Same old same old?

  50. Wantmymoney you happy ehhh?

  51. Let’s raise the stakes.

    Jay you not going to shut the blog off?

  52. 5.madwithdavid said
    September 28, 2009 at 3:48 pm
    Fellow bloggers seems like all have given up hope, but we need to make sure the liquidator make anyone who was associated with David Smith bankrupt.
    Joey for example was a major player and made millions of US$ from Olint operations before he cut ties.
    That US$200M which was being banded about was real, but guess what only a few player made the most of that.
    According to the liquidator documsnts companies associated with Joe Issa took out over US$147M and considering the fact that he only put just around US$250K, he made a killing.
    The liquidator therefore needs to go after Joey. Seize and sell his Cool business and get investors money, he cannotg be allowed to get away scotch free.

    Joey is a big fish and he needs to be reeled in

  53. 10.pissed off said
    September 8, 2009 at 2:20 pm
    Does anyone know how to contact Lewfam!!!!!!!!!! I am unable to contact them by phone or by email…….help…………help………help…….me money gawnnnnnnnnnnnn….

  54. rabbit out of hat? You don’t see nothing yet.

  55. Shazzam!

  56. Floridian,

    How is the selfish one Sean Walker – still writing letters requesting that aid be withheld from jamaica – to put millions of jamaicans thru more suffering???

    • Who is Sean Walker? I think you are combining the first name with the last name of two different individuals (Michael “Sean” Belcher & Dr. Christopher Walker). I know you don’t believe me, but that what do you expect from a Olint moron 🙄

  57. MikeD,

    The whole jamaica heard both individuals constantly on the breakfast club speaking with “Uncle Tony.”…they’re r like one in the same…(since u need it spelt out to u)

    No comment though on the Walker letter requesting that aid be withdrawn from jamaica land we love though eh….that’s of no concern to you MikeD….i see why u have an affinity to the word moron…….it suits u! 🙂

    • Touché Wantmymo-ron!! It’s good to see that you have a sense of humor….cool. Now was it Sean Walker that wanted the Aid withheld or Christopher Belcher? Which one? You are confounding me now. Listen, Walker was just trying to help out the Finance Minister when he stated that aid should be withheld. We all know we do not have the ability to repay US$1.2 Billion, even at zero interest rate. Did you notice the recent increase in taxes and cut in civil servant jobs? Just a precursor of what is in store for us should the IMF loan JA money. If you don’t believe mi, ask Sean Walker.

      Let me ask you this: Do you really believe that the blog administrators work for the TCI police or you were just joking? You need to warn me ahead of time when the jokes are coming mon.

      BTW, where is your sidekick tonight? He must be back on the night shift doing his PLC programming gig….bwoy I hope that it’s not a mission critical thing involve with those machines…god help us.

  58. I believe you work closing with the TCI police and the prosecutors. I also believe that u r Floridian/sirach/harbourshark and several other aliass that u use….u r either sean or chris i am not sure…but i believe its sean….

  59. O.K, so now I’m Sean (or Chris) ……hahahahahahahahahahah………hahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. You are a funny person.

    I guess you are new to this Blog. You should read some more. We all have different personality and you can decipher by reading the posts.

    What happen to the number 4 bus? That might be the appropriate place for you to post, even though I notice that all the diehards Olinters have vanish or the few remaining have started singing a new tune, hence your presence on this train (Refugee? or Deportee?).

    Out of curiosity, what is your prediction as far as the outcome of the trial in TCI?

  60. I have been on this blog for over a year…..

    No prediction….My hope is for the truth to come forward once and for all….. the prosecution needs to come forward once and for all and stop this damn foolishness!!!

    Are u denying my statement abt who u r?

  61. MikeD

    I love a sharp shooter like you.

    Please answer theese questions for me the simple minded

    What is holding up the case in TCI against DS why can’t this man be tried in a court of law?

    What is the outcome of John Wildish and the liquidation of TCI traders. They went to court to seek liquidation from Nov 2008.?

    ps the land you sold us was not so good for yam farming toooo tooo wet but the oil and gold prospectors seem quite excited LOL LOL

  62. heheeh look if I were to write a letter to IMF no money would come forth. Laugh if you want. You want me to write one?

    Him get bail yesterday…enjoy your brief elation nuh?

    If anyone here does not think that the IMF and the U.S.A. State department don’t know about the stolen Olint funds being used to elect a ‘government’ in their own backyard from the first payments were made then i really can’t help you.

    But I have a piece of swampland good for development if you are interested.

  63. unno want visit merica…unno wan carouse with Martinez and i trade/MTI you want diplomatic passport..you want change from citizen to resident….and you don’t take any time to study history and politics and even get an inkling as to how the U.S.A works?

    You want Belongership in TCI and you deal with Misick dem….and you don’t even consult an expert on Britain?

    You want to teef people money and you don’t even go look at the Trident submarine base when you visit Scotland?

    You take lessons on the U.S.A. from Perkins? Go ahead you free.

    Annuit cœptis.

  64. Mr. Golding has always been encouraged to try to explain Olint on his own voilition. So too Mr. Shaw. Only Vaz had the guts to state clearly that the emails are authentic beyond doubt.

    Courtney Murray has yet to apologise for lying to the Jamaican people on national radio. He is encouraged to do so.

    Smith? Deacon? problemas….many druggist on the Olint/Hallmark list….rhetorical questions can be the hardest to face…

    The legal team?…collecting monies from Smith that don’t belong and never did belong to him?….they must know…

  65. Deacon you forceripe. Mix up certain people name on list with serious fugitive? And you green and don’t know the ways of this World! Who the %$£& tell you fi do dat. Bright.

  66. How easy was it to identify who’s who in this blog after just 2 days in the lockup

  67. Wantmymoney

    “How is the selfish one Sean Walker – still writing letters requesting that aid be withheld from jamaica – to put millions of jamaicans thru more suffering???”

    How you so naive son????

    I dont condone Belchers tactics, however ………..

    Let the Govt tek that IMF money, den you will start to see Jamaican people really suffer.

    As MikeD stated:

    “We all know we do not have the ability to repay US$1.2 Billion, even at zero interest rate.”

    Fool you dont see what a come down the pipe for you country???


    Jamaica soon end up just like HAITI. Long live the Oligarchs………..

  68. Who condone’s David and Tracy Smith et al’s tactics?

    Good luck to you.

  69. Wantmymoney

    you sure is not Edith Goffe? hahahaha

    What you make ‘Shame and Scandal in the family” in today’s Observer?

  70. Shame and scandal in the.

    It is said that many in high places are upset, to say the least, over the Olint financial debacle which, they say, is the biggest homegrown case of its kind to hit the islands. Some feel there may be even more charges to come, especially since most of the dough has not been found. And the news says David Smith is behind bars in the Turks and Caicos Islands! Mrs Smith just missed it.


  71. Ready, aim, fire

    There is talk that the watchful eyes of the IRS, DEA and FBI have their sights set and locked in on the target. People say this one is the bull’s-eye.


  72. Mr Smith said that his client no longer fears for his safety since he has been walking around free for months with no further threats.

  73. I hope everybody fight valiantly to restore everyone…full resoration…I advise it.

  74. Lawd have mercy Deacon the Belongership thing going to bring spotlight on to Gordon ‘Butch’ stewarts Belongership…mercy Deacon and your clients extradition…mercy Deacon

    And Chester Stewart and Marvin Wong lawd mercy Deacon….and that is the surface.

  75. how come no mention in the article of Tracy Smith’s lawyer Courtenay Barnett?

    He must be going about it the right way nowadays…

  76. http://www.olintja.com

    October 2, 2009.


    The recent refusal by the Golding administration to secure the arrest of Dudus Coke is actively destroying
    the bi-lateral relationship between the US and Jamaica.

    There is a possibility of the United States halting the processing of US visas both immigrant and non-immigrant visas while this crisis continues.That would not be an American over-reaction to what could only be described as very bad behaviour by the Jamaican Government.

    Perhaps the the United States AID projects will be severely cut back.The USAID administration of Justice project has poured millions of dollars of direct aid into the Jamaican Government’s coffers.This might get the message accross.

    Probably an unscheduled visit by a US naval vessell into the port of Kingston might restore our senior legal officers to sanity and some sense of public responsibility.Edward Seaga built an impeccable relationship between the USA and Jamaica.Twenty years after his departure Bruce Golding has destroyed the relationship.There will be no version of the Rockefeller Committee in this
    Golding administration.If The US cuts its diplomatic presence in Jamaica, I wonder what impact that would have on Kingston real estate values?

    As most foreign affairs professionals will tell you bi-lateral relatinships are easier to destroy than to build.

  77. So do we have an October Court date set? Does anyone know what the Liquidator is actually getting paid or how his compensation is structured? BTW – Don’t forget Luis Sola from Panama who is also a Olint/DS co-conspirator and advisor. Luis is the owner of the Bertram boat dealerships and one of Panama’s super rich
    http://www.motorboating.com/motorboat/features/article/0,12696,1648482,00.html .

  78. BTW – Luis (Louis) was often mentioned by DS as his accountant.

  79. Former Minister of National Security, Dr Peter Phillips, is urging the government to launch a systematic campaign to identify the major players in organised crime in the country, drag them before the courts and strip them of their wealth.


  80. He argued that the effective utilisation of the POCA demands the preservation of international partnerships.

    “It is also going to require that you work closely with your international partners, with forensic accounting, and the tracing of property, even into foreign jurisdictions. That also requires will and, of course, those partnerships are two-way partnerships,” he said.

  81. Millions of dollars have been seized from criminals but the official data show that only a fraction has so far gone to the Government, with a sizeable portion unaccounted for.


  82. The inexplicable ministerial arrangement in the Ministry of Finance did far more harm than any good it might have had the potential to do. While it might well have improved the ministry’s financial management and accounting capabilities, the damage inflicted on the credibility, authority and respect for the minister of finance had a corrosive effect on the public’s confidence in government’s economic stewardship. This was particularly unfortunate during a period of unprecedented economic uncertainty. Further, these arrangements highlight the Government’s failure to realise that the skill it really needed to create the change it had promised was macro-economic expertise and not accounting skills.


  83. Deacon?

    But we do contribute to international illegality and immorality because of our role in human and drug trafficking and the trade in small weapons that go with it. Our more misguided people violate the immigration procedures of other countries and the laws of those countries, including their criminal laws. This does harm to our reputation as a people and a country. International reputation is an intangible, but very important, yet under-appreciated asset for goodwill, friendship and special relations with other countries.


  84. Reports are that the government has sought answers from the US government on the identities of a number of unnamed co-conspirators in a Grand Jury indictment alleging that Coke committed several counts of drug trafficking and gun-running offences. But under US laws, the prosecution can withhold the names of informers.


  85. KerenHappuch
    10/4/2009 6:43 AM
    Some people have no comment on Dudus because he can destroy them in his testimony in the US. So they have to remain silent.
    Sorry for Bruce, but him too stubborn. And his advisors have to be a joke.

  86. Deacon..The Mayor gets a ‘NO’

    Sometimes I wonder Deacon if you really believed the hype and could not forsee.

  87. The latest release of contracts from the Contractor General (OCG) endorsed by the National Contracts Commission (NCC) during the month of August 2009 shows an award of a contract for $2.7 million to Incomparable Enterprise for lease of heavy-duty equipment.


    ????? . Someone is a fool. It’s not me Deacon.

  88. Sharon thomas says:
    October 4, 2009 at 1:07 pm
    If Bruce Golding does not extradite Dudus then they will have no authority to extradite anone else and both he and the minister of justice can just resign. i would like to know why one set of laws is being applied to Dundus and another to the 19 persons who were extradited last year.

    j forrest says:
    October 4, 2009 at 1:06 pm
    he was tried in the us court already. usa think that they own the world , that is why they have to look over their shoulder at all times. dont send dudus to the state let them come here and tell what they know. it could be me next .

    M.K M says:
    October 4, 2009 at 11:27 am
    It is not strange that this govt has dithered on this topic. It has asked the US govt a question for which it knows, they will not receive a response. Which police reveals the source of its information, when that information was obtained from an informant. Bruce playing games with our lives. Let him face the music and if he is innocent he will be home in a jiffy

    Mark says:
    October 4, 2009 at 7:45 am
    This Government just dont understand the real world or they dont care. Is it that they intend to do whateve it takes to keep them in power. You can a man of alleged corruption continue to get government contracts. sigh……………..

    Deacon Smith…..Deacon Smith

    Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

  89. Dudus has company – Extradition files reveal prominent names – State says papers not ready for signature
    Published: Monday | October 5, 2009

    While Les Green and Glenmore Hinds, both assistant police commissioners, said they were unaware of whether the US State Department has an interest in any persons other than Coke at this time, The Gleaner understands that at least 15 people have been extradited by the Jamaican Government since January.

    Deacon…..Deacon……Deacon Smith…


  90. Ghosts from beyond the Political Grave


  91. Observer powers past The Jamaica Gleaner

    Zacca left his post as deputy chairman of Gordon ‘Butch’ Stewart’s ATL Group of Companies at the end of September after an 18-year stint at the organization.

    At the time of his departure, it was stated in a release that Zacca had left the company to pursue his own business interests.


  92. Can anyone one say how much the liquidator has been paid so far?

    I hope this will not be as bad as the cash plus debacle with PWC NY making excessive claims.

  93. @ Wantmymoney.

    In his interim report I recall he had submitted an invoice for in the region of US$187K

  94. Is there any info on how many claims there are from different countries?

    BTW – Is there a list of feeder clubs and their jurisdiction? I heard of a few very exotic ones.

  95. gillygan
    10/5/2009 9:28 PM
    why the government don’t start the FINSAC inquirey and let the nation and the world including the IMF see and hear what the world’s greatest finance Minister did to the Jamaican economy? Only then willl Davis realise that he is just a old bag of mouth. So so mouth.

    Yes Charles (OLINT) Ross needs to get on with the finsac thing. Who appointed Ross to the finsac commission?

  96. Hypocrite
    10/4/2009 9:23 PM
    Well said. Wignal and others like him in the print and electronic media are paid pipers. Mark Wignal need to say something about David Smith arrest because he wrote several article defending David Smith and several articles bashing Cash Plush. See di ipocrite dem a galang deh!

  97. For starters, the Jamaican Constitution needs to be rewritten if this country is to truly experience a paradigm shift. Bruce Golding, the NDM-ite made that his cause célèbre, his political mantra and that was what endeared him to so many Jamaicans who wanted a politician who would dare to think outside the box. Well, poor Bruce is now boxed in, having tremendous difficulty deciding between his posterior and his elbow. Civil society needs to join the fray and save the day.


  98. IMF warning – US think thank says most countries worse off after IMF agreement
    Published: Tuesday | October 6, 2009

    Arthur Hall, Senior Staff Reporter
    Weeks before Jamaica completes its application for a US$1.2-billion standby agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), a United States think tank has issued a dire warning about the latest impact of the fund on developing countries.


  99. Carlos Hill has broken the terms of his bond and is mow ‘missing’

    This breaking news comes against the background that Chief Justice Ward allowed David Smith to walk free one day after his bond was revoked.

    Also the revelations by the Jamaica Gleaner yesterday that some ‘prominent’ persons in Jamaica have had extradition requests sitting down in Kingston for some time now.


  100. If you are hearing us Carlos turn yourself in. It’s the right thing to do. (wink)

  101. Floridian,

    when you say Carlos Hill is missing What do you mean???
    I and many other people saw him this morning in a place he is often seen

    Who says he is missing ???

  102. Was that the number 4 bus?

  103. pon riva

    yes maybe you are right he’s probably at the pharmacy buying some hair cream with other people’s money.

  104. Edith says she feels threatened by PM’s comments


  105. Floridian

    This was your entry

    Carlos Hill has broken the terms of his bond and is mow ‘missing’

    This breaking news comes against the background that Chief Justice Ward allowed David Smith to walk free one day after his bond was revoked.

    when I asked you about the source of your info you tell me stories about the mans hair cream

    Brother who are you ??? Are you a trouble maker???


  106. Cash Plus money found in Dubai, around 25mil US maybe more. Investors are expected to get money hopefully soon.

    Wish this was the case with OLINT. But since is pure teefing politician and top man involved we not likely to get any justice soon.

  107. Trouble for WHO?

  108. @ Shotta just got confirmation on those millions found in Dubai. The information came via a tip, and the authorities acted on that information and located the funds.

    There is more elsewhere.

    • Did he fill out a (legal) asset disclosure form identifying all know assets? Hmmmmmmmmmm, if true, there should be some (more) serious charges facing Mr. Hill.

  109. Best you ask David Smith or Carlos Hill that.

  110. Jay is Carlos currently in violation of the terms of his bond or not?

  111. Carlos had “declared all” his assets which were said to be in the region of J$100M. He further stated he had no assets “hidden” overseas.

    Now whether or not it was a “legal” declaration ie asset forms completed, I am unsure.
    What I know is that this latest find proves he is a lying thief who has sought to ensure that “duped” investors does not get any money back.

    Les Green check Switzerland and Cayman Islands, as well as in Germany funds are there also.
    It has taken a long time to find the funds, but its good that some has been found.
    That’s just over J$1.6b

    • Jay:

      Listen to the clip from the Hugh Wildman about the scope/requirement of the disclosure. This was a disclosure to the “Courts” and not something one should take lightly. But again this is Jamaica we are talking about.

      It is interesting what immediate sanctions the Courts will take. Maybe they should revoke his bail?

  112. Cash Plus unearths funds for investors
    2009-10-06 18:20:59 | with audio | (0 Comments)

    The liquidator of the investment firm, Cash Plus Limited, has unearthed US$25 million that Carlos Hill and his brother Bertram are believed to have deposited in a Swiss bank in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

    Hugh Wildman told a press conference today that he has assembled a legal team to marshall the efforts in Dubai.

    Mr Wildman says a team of English lawyers in Dubai has been engaged to assist in reclaiming the funds on behalf of depositors of Cash Plus.

    He says the legal team has succeeded through the English courts to serve legal notice on the bank freezing the $25 million.

    This has been made possible through the English laws under which one of two branches of the bank operates.

    Mr Wildman says one of branches in Dubai is located in the financial centre and is akin to an offshore bank.

    He says after serving the injunction on the bank, investigators have located Carlos Hill and also served the court papers on him.

    Hill was also served papers for his brother Bertram who resides off the island.

    Mr Wildman says his team has a good idea of the assets which are located in Jamaica, but is still unclear on those hidden abroad.

    He says his team has good reason to believe that the US$25 million is not the only amount, which has been concealed overseas.

    Mr Wildman says the bank in Dubai which appeared to have been in breach of English laws as it is not a deposit taking entity, has been putting up some resistance to the efforts of the legal team in that country.

    He disclosed that there are two breaches of the banks in Dubai, one which operates under English jurisdiction and the other under Arabian laws.

    The Cash Plus Liquidator says the attorneys are going after the branch, which operates under English jurisdiction.


  113. “….this latest find proves he is a lying thief”

    If anyone here ‘needs’ new info to prove that Carlos Hill and david Smith dooped investors then there is not much that can be done to help such persons.

  114. Further update.
    Cashplus Liquidator to recover US$8M from aborted sale of Drax hall to CashPlus Ltd.

    So today the liquidator is eying $US33M for cash plus investors. (Dubai plus Drax Hall)
    That’s US$20M more that Olint 🙂

  115. Jay

    Would this not mean that Carlos Hill is in contempt? If so would he not have violated the terms of his bail?

    If he is in contempt or in violation would he not be placed in custody?

    I suppose the headlines tommorow will be along the lines of “Carlos Hill Held”

    You think so Jay?

  116. Isn’t there one investor alone with US$7 million in principal?

  117. Then there is David Smith and OLINT back in the news. Seems there are now $67 million in claims and only $13 million in liquid assets. He and his wife were taken back into custody on September 28 when purported new evidence was uncovered. They have since been granted bail. When, inquiring minds want to know, will this little ugly mess be cleared up? And once again, where in that financial hay stack is our former Premier, Mike Misick?

    TCI Net News, come on back. I miss you, even if you don’t appreciate my sense of humor and writing style. There’s room for everyone’s news and views in a free country.


  118. We urge the FCO to decide which one of the two following course of events it wishes to see unfold this coming week.

    1) To release to the public FULL (not partial) copies of the contracts that have been undertaken on behalf of the public, for the Construction and Servicing of the new Hospitals, including information as to who are the true beneficial owners of the various entities involved.


    2) The TCI Journal will offer, and move forward with, an effort to co-ordinate legal action on behalf of TCI citizens and residents to demand of the Supreme Court that a group of INDEPENDENT experts review these contracts on behalf of the TCI public, as it appears that representatives of the Crown in the form of the Attorney General and others may be in a position of conflict and not acting in the best interest of the general public with respect to these matters.


  119. @ Mike I have listened to the tape, yes a full and complete disclosure is required within 7 days.
    I guess after than he can be arrested and more charges added.

  120. what ever happened to Mark Sheilds? I’m sure he could get to the bottom of all this crime. Has he been snatched up by some other country? Our loss I suppose.

  121. “If there is no compliance, they will be held in contempt of court and subject to imprisonment,” Wildman added.

    Hills’ cash found – Liquidator says investors could have a merry Christmas


    • Boy, if Mr Hill could ‘hide’ so much in such a short time… imagine Mr. Smith who has basically had 2 years longer than Mr. Smith to hide assets!

  122. William Massias, majority shareholder in Capital Solutions Limited, is selling off all but nine per cent of the asset management and financial advisory firm in a deal said to be worth about US$4.6 million (J$409.4 million).

    A deal is expected to be struck by November.

    “Capital Solutions is in the final stages of negotiations with Mark Anderson Jones to purchase 85 per cent of the shares of the securities dealer company,” said Vanceta Ramsay, chief executive officer (CEO) of Capital Solutions.


  123. Wildman speaks like he had to hide from the Jamaican courts and court officers and media.

    Note well the Mareva injuction request against Smith was denied by McIntosh.

    Wildman is making it clear that the Mareva injunction from Jamaica and the English law firms were crucial.

    America then…simple all dirty laundry in the land of the free…who don’t like it? Tough.

  124. What is the difference with Olint? Well clearly the first difference is the granting of a Mareva injunction.

    Trying to find him since last week? Was the brother’s travel documents held?

    Does not look good on the Jamaican courts at allllll.

    interesting why did MacIntosh deny the mareva injunction request…..maybe we asking in the wrong forum….perhaps even that might be considered in the American courts.

    Oh yes let me not forget….there was another ‘factor’ at play…It’s in my diary scheduled to ‘Karrec i’ What’s that boy name again? oh yes how could I forget.

  125. Thanfully most learned lawyers don’t understand computers. For if so they would not do as they often do. Patience, timing is everything. There does not look like there will be any laughing in certain corners…and there won’t all the way to the bank in certain corners either….

  126. It lock….one can always resign early on one’s own voilition.

  127. Batter up? heheheheheehehehheeheee Patience heheheh hahahahahaaaahahah

  128. The Olint money will be found..eventually. Inside surces reveals that the Connolly is on the right track to find about 80 mil hidden in three countries…..I said all along that DS is a thief. No thief pays back all the money to depositers.

  129. WIldman should take over as liquidator of olint. He seems to be doing a damn good job! Worth every penny of his fee!

  130. mk, olint for life, davesin, Rob, wantmymoney, winston niney all of them will probably say “I told you DS was a theef”


  131. What a argument on mutty about finsac. The Two owners of Eagle should call in and clarify for those who don’t know how it go….starting with mutty himself.

    Call delroy….who flew in private from MIami to metet with smithy mutty.

  132. RSI OLINT is different. The Mareva was sought but denied…and had been ‘leaked’ shall we say? hehehe

    So Wildman’s approach followed largely approaches long taken with Smith….different case? Different runnings….Certainly….serious indictments flowing from Olint.

  133. floridian

    The liquidator’s spoke with Carlos Hill yesterday. That story about Carlos Hill breaking the terms of his bond and is now missing ……. You stated that as a good reason why David Smith should not get bail……Now the blog sees that that was just a desparate lie….

  134. Several time earlier this year unno ask for ceasfire in ‘good faith’ unno get it and den come wid pickney argument. The early hollaring went to bellylaughing to giggleing to oh run go pharmacy go buy depends. hardears.

    Not only olint I know bout.

    anyway do wha you a do….NO MORE CEASEFIRE so you must learn to multitask. Think and check. Make no mistake.

    Listen some music this time while you set yourself proppa…

  135. Let’s not wait nuh longer every minute is on the clock.

  136. Next electon vote Carlos Hill and David Smith as Minister of Finance , fi sure dem put money into people pocket. I guess Carlos have the balance of money invested in Olint. But the system doesn’t give people a change , the loop hole are there in the system and when it gone bad the government try to correct .

  137. Breaking News!!!

    Tension between USA DEA and Jamaica
    The Justice Ministry has asked for a bunch of information on Dudus case.
    1. Name of witness
    2. Tapes of recording
    3. Transcripts
    4. What agreements were made between witness and DEA for them giving testimony against Dudus.

    DEA says they will NOT be providing anymore information. This is getting hot !!!

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