OLINT Feeder Club Members: File your claim against the respective Club

The Liquidator of OLINT TCI as issued an update in regard to feeder club members. In essence it is directing to investors who invested in investment/feeder clubs, that in turn invested in OLINT, to  file a claim againts that club and not against OLINT TCI.

If you are a member of a feeder club or investment club that invested in Olint TCI Corporation Limited (“Olint TCI”) between the period April 2006 to July 2008, please note that your claim is against the feeder club or investment club and not Olint TCI.

The feeder club or investment club would in turn have a claim against Olint TCI and is required to submit its claim to the Official Liquidator of Olint TCI in accordance with the requirement shown in the Update section of the website.

Source:  Feeder Clubs

That letter

Sometime in June/July 2009 before the August 5, 2009 court case, a statement attributed to Lewfam was issued and can be seen below. The reason for our questioning the authenticy of the statement will become clearer soon

Dear Member,

At this time our situation has not changed. We still await realization of one of the options that we have been pursuing.

As you may have noted, the media has been issuing releases stating that OLINT TCI was audited and is being wound up as per order of the Turks and Caicos courts.  OLINT TCI is a separate organization started by Mr. David Smith in the Turks and Caicos Islands and does not concern us in any way.

Our funds are in OLINT and located on the trading platforms NOT in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

We trust that at some time our funds will be released and Mr. Smith will have an avenue to make payouts.

Please be reminded that the next court date will be August 5th, 2009. Through the Caribbean Currency Traders Association (CCTA) a lawyer has been appointed to watch proceedings on our behalf.

As always we ask you to please continue to pray for the following:

1. Relief for many members who are undergoing hardships at this time;

2. The successful completion of the negotiations;

3. The early resolution to the situation involving our trader’s funds and for him and his family’s well being.

The Management and Staff

LewFam Club

Note: (Emphasis(bold) added)

The lines in bold are very strange and seem to indicate the confusion or denial.

It is almost difficult to believe that such a statement could be attributed to Lewfam.  Lewfam and OLINT were in court together on matters relating to the FSC Cease and Desist order. They lost the appeal in December 2007, and shortly thereafter OLINT payment problems developed.

Lewfam should have been aware the OLINT Jamaica had become the “customer care” arm as mentioned in the Court Documents in the OLINT vs NCB mattter. Therefore to  to say that the issue surrounding OLINT TCI does not concern Lewfam is simply unbelievable and  leaves one to wonder if this is nothing more that a mischievous hand at work.

Here is a statement from another document in the public domain attributed to the OLINT boss.

…after the FSC raid in Jamaica I formed Olint TCI, and the club members of Overseas Lockett International, were transferred to Olint TCI and the Claimant remained the customer service arm of Olint Corp TCI and Overseas Lockett….

If that statement is true, then something in that letter does not add up.

However one thing is clear and seems beyond question is that Lewfam had funds invested in OLINT and therefore investors should have from long looked at their options to recover their funds.

Head the Advice of the Liquidator

The bottom line  is ivestors in investment clubs/Feeder clubs such as SGI Holdings, Lewfam, Wealthbuilders, UWIN, F1 Investments etc if they have not done so should heed the advice of the liquidator.   It has been long argued that these feeder clubs were responsible for allowing to OLINT to flourish by a conduit of funds ,  ‘bypassing’ the cease and desist order put in place by the FSC.  Apart from the clubs there were individual investors who acted as what is now term “Pigs” and the allowed sub investors, “piggybackers”, to invest through them. They also should file claims against their pigs.

Interestingly such advice has already in given to many investors but the question remains how many have actually initiated action or can afford to do so.

The option of filing a simple complaint with the particulars with the fraud squad in Jamaica, the FBI in the USA or local security forces in the respective territory is still an option.



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  1. If you transfered funds from Olint to a new Olint TCI account in TCI the Liquidator does not recognise you as a client to retrieve those funds even though Deacon gave you a Olint TCI letterhead on your statement.

    Wantmymoney, On a different note thankfully the argument is well under and over the ego’s of persons who have money to pay.

  2. Anyway Wantmymoney I will leave the blog. Happy? I’m sure if you are it’s because you know not what ‘s coming.

    Sufgfice to say the Blog has served very good ppurpose Jay. I’ll congratulate you but you won’t know for what for a while longer.

    Good luck.

  3. BTW Wantmymoney you always got it wrong on the ID’s. In time you’ll see that.

  4. This is going to be interesting, and no doubt the liquidator is saying what we have been advocating on this blog for sometime now.

    Finally someone seemed to have the balls to let Olint investor know that without going down this route, the chances of $0.10 on the dollar had moved to zero, since they failed to act.

    We await the move of firms like LEWFAM based on this latest development.

  5. Investforlife writes:

    The option of filing a simple complaint with the particulars with the fraud squad in Jamaica, the FBI in the USA or local security forces in the respective territory is still and option………

    More than two hundred complaints have been made to the fraud squad in Jamaica. To date, Jamaica reportedly does NOT have an open criminal investigation into Olint and David Smith. Why is that? And why is it called the “fraud” squad? Is that where Jamaica manufactures its fraud?

  6. I feel se a should a record de words of de Most High for de authorites a yard, i do dis because if what Napoleon a say is true, dis is truly a disgrace pon yard:

    Administer justice every morning;
    rescue from the hand of his oppressor
    the one who has been robbed,
    or my wrath will break out and burn like fire
    because of the evil you have done-
    burn with no one to quench it.

    As i see it: DS need to turn man and stand up and tell de people de truth, all him a do a hide behind good paster man and call prayer meeting an ting like dat. But DS even with all dis; DS and de truth no dwell together! DS him a blame everyone else but not himself. DS a probably all a blame de investor for invest with him now.

    Look pon de foolishness DS a tell de Major Neil’ unno must see dis when unno read de letter dat Major Neil a write fe him investors. Major wake up; wake up Major, de youth DS no give unno de full hundred, and yu a believe him, and print de words DS a give you as gospel.

    Major Neil which trading platform you a talk bout dat all dis money on? One a heaven?

    Major Neil what “avenue for DS to make payments” you a talk bout? through DS church?

    Major Neil you ne realize dat de money we give DS, DS tell us it was on OANDA, and DS show de big investors statements from OANDA, for like 750 million US$……BUT…….it appear dis all mek up by DS.

    DS must turn man and tell him investor and de authorites de truth.

    Dat is dat!

  7. I simply can’t believe that people are still sitting down waiting for something to happen and their monies magically returned to them.

  8. Welcome to Jamrock!! No problem man everything will wuk out!
    Yes people are still waiting for the money to return

  9. @ Napoleon/Tafari

    It is not us that are blocking your posts… Incidentally I happen to be the one that released them… It seems that WordPress is gaining artificial intelligence and is beginning to figure out which bloggers usually make no sense 🙂

    We do not block posts, in a few cases bloggers have been asked to restate their posts in a different way…. When JD started the blog, we made it open unlike others… The free flow of information works well in our case because we have always had a small but dedicated group of bloggers that challenge any nonsense posted… This has sometimes led to spirited debates.

  10. @ Napoleon/Tafari: More than two hundred complaints have been made to the fraud squad in Jamaica. To date, Jamaica reportedly does NOT have an open criminal investigation into Olint and David Smith. Why is that? And why is it called the “fraud” squad? Is that where Jamaica manufactures its fraud?

    It seems that you have some issues with Jcans… And since you mentioned something about monitoring of elections in Grenada, it is reasonable to infer you may be from Grenada….

    Your issues with Jcans apparently disappeared when one Jcan, DS, was offering to pay an average of 10 % per month. 🙂

    Let us see if we can get this straight… There was at least one feeder club based in Grenada, right? This meant that club and some Grenadians were defrauded by Olint, right? So have you and others filed complaints with your local version of the anti-fraud squad?

    Have they started an investigation for fraud committed against their residents? Have they prepared an extradition request for DS? If not, why not? Is it maybe because it makes no sense to bring charges against an individual who is facing criminal charges in another country where if he is convicted he will have to serve out his time in prison before he can be extradited….

    So maybe it is not such a good idea to bring charges against someone facing those same charges in another country and then put the case on the shelf while you await the outcome of that trial and then if he is found guilty wait maybe 10, 15, 20 years or whatever the length of the sentence he serves…

    Then you dust the charges off, ask for his extradition and then bring your charges… Or maybe if he is acquitted of the charges in another country, it might not be such a good idea to try him in your country as it will be hard to get a conviction when the person has been acquitted elsewhere of essentially the same charges.

    I guess you did not think it through, right? Once he fled Ja to setup operations in TCI after the JA FSC raided him, the nature of the case and how he would be prosecuted took on a different complexion.

  11. There is already not going to be any significant sum found by the liquidator… Good luck to those expecting their feeder club or pig to file a claim with the Olint liquidator. From way back on the old blog, I warned about the folly of investing with feeder clubs and ‘pigs’… as if it was not folly enough to invest in a ponzi scheme, some insisted on compounding the folly.

    Most of these clubs/pigs were running their own ponzi schemes. To illustrate… Say DS is paying 10 % per month… The club has 10 investors with $1000 each month. They expect a return from DS of $1000 each month… Why would they give DS the full $10,000… They simply took their cut and may have paid some redemption requests from funds that they held and did not give to DS… with the expectation that they had all these great returns accumulating in Olint.

    This is a version of an old insurance broker scam and shows why you should never invest your money with unregulated entities and those that do not have mandatory independent audit requirements.

    Insurance brokers have in the past fraudulently run what amounts to their own insurance company… They sell policies underwritten by ABC Insurance. Instead of remitting the policy and premiums to the insurer, they do not. If there are claims they pay them. This can work for years… if a claim too large for them to cover is not filed.

    The fix… Brokers have to be licensed and maintain escrow accounts… Accounts and files are required to be audited by the insurer on a regular periodic schedule.

    In essence these ‘pigs’ and feeder clubs were doing a version of this… To file a claim with the liquidator would expose them… So most of them will not file… As we have stated on the blog previously, unless you are a direct investor with Olint/Olint TCI… You will not have any claims against Olint… Claims are against the feeder club or ‘pig’.

    Nothing unusual here… If you invest in a mutual fund that buys shares of Microsoft… if Microsoft committed fraud to inflate its stock price… Even though you indirectly own shares of MS, you have no direct claim against MS but the Mutual fund does on your behalf.

  12. The probability that DS will be prosecuted in another jurisdiction other than TCI is low… with the possible exception of the USA, if he is acquitted.

    Remedies outside of the TCI will likely be solely through civil lawsuits. As we have seen only a handful of such suits have been filed so far. It appears at least one of these suits is being influenced by partisan political motivations. As such we may never know if there was any undue material political influence on the eventual outcomes… why Olint was never prosecuted and survived for so long.

    A reasonable observer of the Olint time line, not motivated by trivial political partisanship, would conclude that any significant influence by any governmental body or gov individuals would have occurred prior to the 2007 change of gov.

    The previous article on the blog outlines the events of the FSC raid on Olint and Lewfam… and apparent statements to the media by a former head of the DPP followed by a letter of clarification by a high ranking official of the FSC.

    There are legitimate questions surrounding the raid, the sequence of events and subsequent follow up or lack thereof. In the interest of fact finding and to possibly improve procedures for the future, these questions deserve answers. In the absence of some kind of commission of inquiry, appropriate lawsuits are often the only way to discover these answers.

    It should be noted that the former DPP was appointed by a former administration so that such inquiries may not fit the agenda of folks with a political motivation.

    Questions like these deserve answers…

    1. Were any officials charged with prosecuting for the state invested in Olint?
    2. If so, did these officials recuse themselves from any decision on whether to further the investigation and or whether to prosecute or not prosecute.
    3. What was the nature of the evidence discovered at the time of the raid?
    4. Was a decision taken not to continue the investigation? Olint turned out to be a ponzi scheme. If a decision was taken not to continue the investigation or prosecute, what were the reasons?

    These and others are the real pertinent questions as to why Olint was allowed to continue and flourish thereby defrauding many of millions more.

    If you have hired legal advisers, possibly at great cost, you are entitled to competent and unbiased representation in your best interest. If you feel that the representation is being driven by or influenced by political motives, you should document this carefully and bring it to the attention of your council.

    If your efforts at recovery are unsuccessful and you believe the quality of your representation was so influenced, you may have recourse to file a complaint with the appropriate bar association. Of course this is not legal advice and so you should consult your own legal adviser before proceeding with any action.

  13. Here is something else to ponder about the feeder clubs and ‘pigs’…

    A general definition of a ponzi operation… It is a scheme in which the operator(s) promise returns, which are often unusually high or behaves in a dissimilar way to like investments… The operator(s) do not require investors to recruit new members as part of the scheme.

    Generally a pyramid scheme… promises abnormally high returns… Usually no real product or investment generates these promised returns… Investors are required to recruit new investors.

    Olint was from the start a combination of the 2 schemes. Note that Lewfam was raided by the FSC at the same time as Olint and that they had operations in the same building. From very early on Olint had folks recruiting new investors… These folks earned a percentage of the returns of any new investor. Lewfam was the original arm carrying out that operation.

    The growth of additional feeder clubs and ‘pigs’ after the FSC raid caused this pyramid like nature to explode. These feeder clubs and pigs were recruiting new members while taking or getting a cut of any returns, real or fake.

    Note that Olint had a formal structure to support this pyramid aspect… Larger investments garnered a higher rate of return… This encouraged the pyramid as clubs or ‘pigs’ were thus encouraged to increase their recruitment to meet these higher thresholds. These clubs/pigs could then pay the lower rate to its members and take the difference even while taking a cut of the lower rate paid to its members.

    Those that think DS was legit in the beginning and turned bad, should think again.

  14. Noco, dont waste your breath.We have a complete file on you. Moises

  15. @Nocotec,

    Very good questions being asked of the the former public officials in relation to the Olint case.
    Now it appears that the most pertinent questions relating to this entire fiasco only appears on the blog. The question is ,why is this the case and why those who have lost all not been asking the right questions of the right people.

    There was one other person apart from DS who was very much knee deep in this mess, but yet that individual rarely gets mention and there does not seem to be anyone who is willing to go after that person.

    That person made millions, and I mean millions from the Olint situation, and appears that they will get to keep it all, thanks to the impotence displayed by many investors.

    We will continue to do what we can to expose the various parties which conspired to steal your(Olint Investors) money, but those have to take the next step which is trying to recover the stolen loot.

  16. Nocotec
    You cannot prove your statement below

    Note that Olint had a formal structure to support this pyramid aspect… Larger investments garnered a higher rate of return… This encouraged the pyramid as clubs or ‘pigs’ were thus encouraged to increase their recruitment to meet these higher thresholds. These clubs/pigs could then pay the lower rate to its members and take the difference even while taking a cut of the lower rate paid to its members.

    Mine people start to question your credibility

  17. @lookin in

    Which part are you questioning? You are not saying that Olint did not have different account types? Like an A, B, C account? Are you saying that these accounts did not return higher rates?

    Are you saying that at one point Olint did not have people who got 2 % return each month on top of the return the client they brought in got? If you Are saying that they did not print brochures etc advertising this, then you are correct. It does not mean it did not happen and that this difference did not serve to encourage clubs/pigs to get as many new people as possible.

    Not all clubs or pigs could meet the thresholds. Not all clubs or pigs operated in the same manner. And not all clubs or pigs had the same chummy relationship with Olint/DS as Lewfam did from the start. Just because some things were not widely public does not mean there is no one outside the inner circle that became aware.

  18. 30 Yr old Ponzi Scheme ?

    DOJ: Bay Ridge Money Manager Charged In 30-Year Ponzi Scheme

    A money manager based in the Bay Ridge section of Brooklyn, N.Y., has been charged with operating a 30-year Ponzi scheme that involved more than $40 million, prosecutors said Tuesday.


  19. Revealing book on disgraced billionaire Stanford published

    ( I guess everyone has to “eat a food”)

    ST CROIX, USVI — Texas billionaire and accused Ponzi scammer, Allen Stanford, is the focus of a new book written by a former Stanford executive.


  20. The Classic Ponzi Setup and how investors lost heavily.

    Investors paid high price for buying sales pitch

    Most people who attended the luncheons can’t remember what they ate, but they remember the cost.

    For Patti Philliben, it was $700,000. For Gary Snyder, it was his life savings. For David Bochniak, it was $519,000, accumulated through decades of skimping.


  21. So many Jamaicans have been defrauded……Begs the question, why is there no criminal investigation ongoing in Jamaica? And if one was recently started (highly unlikely) can someone report the status of that investigation?

  22. Nocotec:

    There you go again. You have every excuse why no investigation is launched in Jamaica. WHy is that? Was a crime perpetrated in jamaica? yes. How many thousands were defrauded in Jamaica? many. How many complaints were made? Hundreds if not thousands. So why no investigation? Why no open case?
    If you wish to address the question you should. Instead you make foolish assumptions about where I am from. You make an ass of Nocotec when you assume.
    Why is there no criminal investigation into Olint in Jamaica?
    A friend from Clarendon suggested that someone stole a neighbor’s goat. The guy went to make a complaint at the police station. The police came, investigated, and arrested the thief. As it turns out, it didn’t matter that the thief also had a case open for burglary in Kingston.
    So, if we investigate the theft of a few hundred dollars, or that amount of merchandise, why do we not investigate the fraud of millionsm even hundreds of millions?
    I tell you why. The corrupt politics in jamaica. How much did you get that you are so sure that there is NO way an investigation should be launched?

  23. @ Napoleon

    Just curious…
    Grenadians have been defrauded……Begs the question, why is there no criminal investigation ongoing in Grenada? And if one was recently started (highly unlikely) can someone report the status of that investigation?

    Is there a criminal investigation ongoing in Grenada?

  24. When there is evidence of a crime, charges are filed. Whether in multiple jurisdictions in the same country or in different countries. This LIE is easy to prove Nocotec. But why waste time? You just know everything even when you have to misrepresent the truth. What’s up with you?

  25. You see, with international cooperation, it is easier to transfer/extradite criminals when there is a pending criminal case.

    If there is no pending criminal case, the accused can be released after servuing time or upon acquittal. So Mr. Noco lie, the way to get DS to trial in Jamaica is to file charges and have him extradited at the conclusion of his matter in the TCI. Otherwise he will be free to run you dumb dumb.

  26. @killa

    Justice moves slow star. And sometimes there is partial or no justice. That is why you have to be careful before investing, not after.

    Justice only moves quickly for the indigent and poor. They have to settle for the often inexperienced over burdened public defender or have they no lawyer. For them the prosecution railroad them or they cop a plea for a lighter sentence… Or the council is incompetent causing them to get convicted.

    When folks gave their money to DS, it enabled him to have money to spend on various big lawyers. These guys can use the system to drag it out and or deny justice.

    The way the system work is if you can afford big lawyer… The big lawyer know the judge, the police and the prosecutors… sometimes you will not even get charged… There is an informal negotiation, where the big lawyer and the police and or prosecutor… Over a joke might say something to each other like… cho, you know seh dat you caan beat beat mi if you charge mi client. Plus the big lawyer have resources and know most of the tricks them.

    Welcome to the real world. The problem here is that is the same people that DS rob up allow him to operate in that league using their money to hire big lawyer.

  27. Napoleon: When there is evidence of a crime, charges are filed. Whether in multiple jurisdictions in the same country or in different countries

    You asked a specific question with regards to Ja… And as usual your response indicated that you were asking a question to which you had already had your own answer.

    Now all I did was to ask you the same question for your own jurisdiction. I just changed the name of the country in your post. Is that so hard? Why do you not answer the question but choose to resort to an Ad Hominem attack 🙂


    Ad Hominem:

    This type of “argument” has the following form:

    1. Person A makes claim X.
    2. Person B makes an attack on person A.
    3. Therefore A’s claim is false.

    The reason why an Ad Hominem (of any kind) is a fallacy is that the character, circumstances, or actions of a person do not (in most cases) have a bearing on the truth or falsity of the claim being made (or the quality of the argument being made).
    Example of Ad Hominem

    1. Bill: “I believe that abortion is morally wrong.”
    Dave: “Of course you would say that, you’re a priest.”
    Bill: “What about the arguments I gave to support my position?”
    Dave: “Those don’t count. Like I said, you’re a priest, so you have to say that abortion is wrong. Further, you are just a lackey to the Pope, so I can’t believe what you say.”

  28. Napoleon, you see why bloggers like you make some bloggers dislike me 🙂

    When certain uninformed people engage in an argument with me… It is like putting Usain Bolt to run at Boys Champs with the junior Class 3 athletes. All of sudden people in Stadium will start hating Bolt for being so good that he is winning my gigantic margins and making the poor little under developed athletes who are trying their best look really bad…

    I am hoping that you are capable of getting the analogy. It is nothing personal, I know you are trying your best. 🙂

  29. Seems like investors were really very gullible prior to the financial crises, check out this one. Its seems to get more bizzare with each passing day

    Phony Oscar winner ‘fesses up to $4M investment scam

    Brice Carrington, who had a jeweler make him a fake Oscar trophy as part of an elaborate sham, pleaded guilty to nine counts of wire fraud and tax evasion


  30. Again idiot, you assume that I am from Grenada. Your assumption (as much of your positions and “facts”) is wrong. But why let the truth get in the way of you knowing it all?

    The question remains (for anyone willing to give it a shot) why is there no criminal investigation into the Olint mess in Jamaica?

  31. investors were really very gullible…Only investors Jay?

    OLINT and Narcotics– The constant plagues of the Golding Administration

    Christopher Coke a.k.a. “Dudus” is under indictment in Kingston, Jamaica.

    Christopher Coke had a major financial interest in Olint TCI and maintained a close personal relationship with Darryl Vaz and James Robertson of the Golding cabinet during the years 2007 to 2009.

    The administration of Bruce Golding has since taking office faced many challenges which are unprecedented in scope and complexity. The constant “noose” around the neck of the administration has been the involvement and attempted cover up by senior cabinet members of their role in the largest Caribbean Ponzi scheme known as OLINT.

    Many Cabinet members have been implicated to be facilitators of narcotic trading and were implicated by “drug king pins” during their extensive interrogation by US Federal Authorities.

    Golding now faces further harsh economic times and has been forced to seek the aid of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). With little new foreign investment in the country, declining remittances from North America and the United Kingdom and crime that continues to spiral out of control, the future looks bleak for Jamaica.

    The Olint US prosecutors and the Coke prosecutors are in close collaboration and have noted the lack of enthusiasm to aid US Authorities in both cases. The lack of response to the request for Coke’s extradition to the USA by the Golding administration has provoked many out cries from many senior members of the Jamaican diaspora and political figures such as Peter Phillips of the Peoples National Party.

    It is hoped that Golding can reverse the course Jamaica has taken and change its international image from being a “narco-democracy”.


  32. Phil’s Hardware Spanish Town branch burnt down yesterday. Suspected arson. Boy I cannot begin to imagine what that must feel like. poor Sir Phil.

  33. Feeder Fund sued

    Fairfield Greenwich Group reached an $8 million settlement this week with the Massachusetts Securities Division in connection with the Madoff scandal. State regulators sued Fairfield for misleading investors and acting as a feeder fund to Madoff’s Ponzi scheme.


  34. Hail up Red P, still keeping the faith?

  35. poor Mr phill and the good workers NOW JOBLESS

  36. @ Jay
    Still hanging on by the grace of God pardy.
    @ Mike D, dark humour guy
    @ Pon d riva, it terrible dont it

  37. The lion have devour. I am clutch between the jaws of the evil of deception. I am kissing my money goodbye, I am moving on guys as broke as I am.

  38. Wall street new product to be securitized, so watch out.
    Nocotec, what have you got on this one.?

    The latest growing exotic investment promotion is in what are called “life settlements” or “senior settlements” or “viatical settlements.” They’re ghoulish products by any name.


  39. @Jay

    I have actually seen it and talked about about it offline for about a week. Do you realize that much of exotic derivative business that crashed Wall Street and the global economy had been made illegal back in 1907 after it crashed Wall Street 🙂

    In the go-go era of the 90’s and Greenspan, Congress made it legal and explicitly overrode state laws that made it illegal. This insurance settlement things is another such scheme destined for another bad ending.

    As usual it will change the dynamics of an existing market place in ways that are unanticipated. For example, many people buy life insurance and allow it to lapse for various reasons… Lack of funds… Kids grown, so No more need to protect them in case of death and so on… Insurance companies build this into their calculations… ‘free money’ from premiums for policies that will never pay out…

    Settlements will make policy holders who would have let the policy lapse sell the policy and take 30, 40 % of the policy payout… This is very attractive for that person. The companies that buy the policy will continue to make the premium payments… So now the insurers expense will rise significantly as they will have to make payouts on these policies…

    Later I can explain further why these exotic derivatives are generally such a bad idea.

  40. Here is an interesting article from a researcher on athletic doping. Shows that in some cases even when people are known to be doping, legalities prevent them from being cited as positive.

    I am aware of a handful of athletes with urine samples that contain artificial EPO (erythropoietin).

    Legalities ‘lag behind doping work’

  41. Here is why derivatives are generally such bad ideas and why they were generally illegal for most of the 20th century. I will explain by using analogies.

    Derivatives as the names suggest is an investment which is derived form some other investment. For example, Wall Street may create a stock derivative in which the investor in this derivative does not actually own the stock… The derivative is based say, on whether the price of the stock goes up or down.

    The original investor actually owns the stock, in effect he owns a piece of a real company and ultimately his fate is based on the performance of the underlying company. He has placed a bet on how the company will fare but he has skin in the game. These investors have a vested interest in the company doing well. This is a Level 1 bet.

    The owner of the derivative does not own any of the underlying company but he has in effect placed a bet on how the stockholders of the company will fare. Depending on the type of his bet he may win if the stockholders stocks rise in value… or lose value. With regards to the company, he has no skin in the game. The goal is simply to bet on the outcome for the stockholders. This is a Level 2 bet.

    As in the subprime mess we can keep increasing the derivatives and implicitly and explicitly keep increasing systemic risk…

    Here is another level… the 3rd level up in the gamble. We can now issue what are effectively insurance bets. The guys in the 2nd level can buy default swaps, essentially insurance policies. These policies agree to pay the Level 2 guys if they came out on the losing side of their bet. The default swap (insurance) underwriter (like AIG) is now gambling on the outcome of the Level 2 gambler. This is a Level 3 bet.

    We can even have a Level 4… If the insurer in Level 3 can find an re-insurance underwriter, like a Lloyds to agree to pay him if his bet was wrong….

    See how crazy this can get. The reason these things are so dangerous and are systemic risk is that everyone but the Level 1 person has no skin in the game. They do not care how the underlying company performs. In fact they can still win if the underlying company is destroyed.

    The system is akin to creating a system of Las Vegas casinos.

    1. In Casino 1, gamblers place bets on the roulette table and win or lose.
    2. In Casino 2, gamblers place bets on who at the roulette table in Casino 1 will win or lose. You can bet either that gambler A will win or he will lose.
    3. In Casino 3, gamblers place bets on which gamblers in Casino 2 will win or lose.
    4. In Casino 4, bets are placed on those in Casino 3.

    Ad infinitum…

    Now is therefore anyone in his/her right mind that would think this would be a great idea. Wall Street does 🙂

  42. Jay you will probably find this interesting. This is not UFO related so those not interested can skip it.

    Semenya and hermaphroditism

    Hermaphroditism in sport: More on the latest Caster Semenya allegations

    • Very interesting developments here regarding this athlete, I wonder what will be the IAAF decision. I suppose she will be asked to remove the testes so she can compete as a woman.

  43. … I are thinking that Knee Deep Joe be de real Keyser Soze … as it seems that Smithie are just the errand bwoy, Keaton … but I are still wondering who lawyer Kobayashi turns out to be …

  44. @ Nocotec Re : Insurance products “soon to be derivaties”, really interesting.

    Next couple of years these will disappear like those CDO’s and may return in another 50 yrs repackaged.

  45. Connolly has released another update. Still bad news for Olint investors,


  46. Note from Liquidator Report.

    US$135M paid to USIMO & MZ Holding.
    Who is the principal of these two entities.
    Olint Investors you may want to check in the desert, you may find some answers.

  47. Jay,
    This looks deserving of a new write up and thread.
    Backside this “new” info is deep shit.
    I wonder where people like ofl and redp stand now? Still waiting on a conviction redp?

  48. Interesting observation from the Olint Liquidator

    Our letter to JIJ was returned unopened with the indication that the company is not
    located at the address we had for it. The attorney for I Trade and MTI has endeavoured to
    assist us in making contact with JIJ and/or its attorneys.

    AML sometime ago wrote about the false registration of a number of companies related to the Martinez brothers, is this one instance of this or did JIJ state a false/incorrect address, or it just existed on paper.

    The document makes for interesting reading.

  49. Cool Corp and MZ Holdings are related entities and are represented by the same attorney who responded, separately, on their behalf.

    The attorney has advised that the $4 million remitted to Cool Corp were redemptions from an account it had with Olint and enclosed a copy of a statement ostensibly from
    Olint TCI. The statement covered the period January to July 2008 and showed no reference to deposits by Cool Corp but indicated an opening balance of over $5 million
    with several “gains on account” in addition to two “customer encashments” for $2
    million each.

    We subsequently replied to the attorney to indicate that we still have no information showing that Olint TCI ever received funds from Cool Corp and thus requested the return of the $4 million.

    From the above plus what was reported earlier, companies associated with JI collected at minimum US$139M from Olint. There is still an additional US$61M somewhere , as the total that was paid over to the principal or his associates was said to be in the region of US$200.
    To me that sound like almost the entire amount that was deposited in Olint TCI when they fled from Jamaica the TCI

    Anyone recall a amount similar to that figure which was said to have be wired to Jamaica(NCB) and Lee Chin was holding unto it.

    It was alleged that the relationship between DS & JI was terminated around the time that those huge funds were being paid out.

    It seems to me that not only the feeder needs close scrutiny but also the companies mentioned about to which larger amounts have been reported to have been transferred.

    Very interesting

  50. just received another update from the Olint TCI liquidator in short nuh money nuh dey, no cooperation from DS and him (The liquidator) want him pay roughly USD300K. lol. what to do but laugh.

  51. from the liquidator report

    “As at 31 July 2009 I had received claims of approximately $67 million from 376 claimants. There will most likely be a significant deficit as regards creditors of Olint TCI as to date only $13M in liquid assets has been identified”.

    Then what is holding up the show This looks like enough of a case to WORK with. What more do they want to hear from the investors or DS !!!!!! to start

  52. Extradired to FACE CHARGES………….http://www.kansascity.com/business/story/1423521.html

  53. Extradition is the official process whereby one nation or state requests and obtains from another nation or state the surrender of a suspected or convicted criminal. Between nation states, extradition is regulated by treaties. Among sub-national regions (for example, the individual states of the U.S.), where extradition is required by law, it is more accurately known as rendition…Wikipidia

  54. From the report

    “It is unlikely that there will be a distribution any time soon as there are still many more claims to be received, processed and verified”.

    6000 members and in one year he has recieved 369 claims !!!!! so I guess at this rate we will have to wait another 18 years for the rest LOL LOL
    This liquidator and the TCI court is a real D

  55. Why is there no investigation or charges filed against David Smith in Jamaica?

    Can it be because an investigation will implicate high-ranking police and government officials in the scam?

    A certain blogger could help with that. But if I were a gambling man, I would bet he would say that there is just no need for an investigation because there is an ongoing investigation in the TCI…oops…he already said that.

  56. Blocked from the blog?

  57. L&LL
    Noco has been pointing out for months how slow and painstaking this process is likely to be.
    I think it is interesting that of the 6,000 “investors”, only a relatively few have bothered to file a claim with the liquidators. Tells me something about the continued mindset of the swindled.
    Sorry to point it out to you also, the liquidator is not a “D” as u put it. The real D is DS and again I not rubbing salt in the wounds, but the “investors” who ignored repeated warnings and castigated the persons issuing the warnings, and in a mad rush ushered there monies to this obvious to so many, con man.

  58. President Obama has been publicly embracing efforts to close all offshore tax havens and offshore jurisdictions from which American businesses seek financial secrecy, or through which American businesses can hide assets or engage in confidential associations beyond the scope of US law enforcement.

    President Obama has inferred that many of the offshore jurisdictions with which he is familiar are corrupt and participate hand in hand with enterprises involved in tax-crimes, illegal wire transfers, narcotics and other activities which Americans condemn.

    The Obama White House will be looking closely at Jamaica and how it handles a number of extradition requests from the United States Department of Justice, which are designed to destroy Jamaica’s regional role as a trans-shipment point for cocaine. Jamaica has a thriving international business sector, which is protected from excessive taxation by a double-taxation treaty between the two countries.

    The extradition request for Christopher Coke is going to test both the will of the Obama Administration and the mettle of the Golding Administration. I predict that the Obama Administration will stay the course on the offshore issue using extra-territoriality as a “big stick”, which historically Theodore Roosevelt taught them how to use.

    My contacts at the State Department and the Department of Justice are unanimous and united on that point. Jamaica will not be permitted to keep a cocaine factory with its own contiguous wharf exporting cocaine directly to the United States. This is what the Coke indictment says that Tivoli Gardens has become.

    I wonder if Jamaica will submit itself supinely to the fiat of organized crime? The Most Honorable Edward Seaga was right; maybe this JLP Administration was not ready for government at the time that he was unceremoniously pushed out from leadership of the party. The JLP needs him now more than ever.


  59. The committee was informed that former PCJ chairman, Ian Moore, had been in discussion with Infinity BioEnergy about the price, quantity and other aspects of the deal

    “Unfortunately, a series of emails was exchanged between the chairman and Infinity BioEnergy, which then gave rise to an obligation to take (the shipment),” explained senior legal counsel at the PCJ, Glenford Watson.

    “It is our understanding that it cost the chairman his job,” said Phillip Paulwell, opposition member of parliament and former energy minister.

    Watson replied: “Yes, but we mitigated and stopped one of the shipments.”

    Moore was fired by former energy minister Clive Mullings who himself was later sent packing by Prime Minister Bruce Golding.

    Last year, Petrojam racked up a $7.7 billion loss, which energy minister James Robertson attributed to the devaluation of the Jamaican dollar, marketing and other expenses linked to the introduction of E-10 petrol and the accounting methodology used in the petroleum sector.


  60. Several politicians are named in the emails. Some are said to have received funding, while others allegedly asked for financial assistance.

    James Robertson, minister without portfolio in the Office of the Prime Minister, is one of them.

  61. Miak

    let me get you clear because all 6000 investors have not filled claims and because the investors were warned that means we should wait for a million years for the court system to proceed with the claims that have been filled.

  62. LLL,
    Did you read the interim report? Did you understand the contents? Do you understand that the liquidator engaged in the painstaking process of identofying assets of the Olint TCI estate and seeking ways to have funds lawfully belonging to the estate remitted to it? Do you understand that until that process is completed no payments will be made to “investors”? Do you undersatand that the liquidators have not yet even identified the “creditors” and if there needs to be classes of creditors?
    The timeline to payment from olint liquidation proceeds LLL is not clearly predictable and my hunch is that it will be sometime before that is done.
    That is independent of how many persons choose to file or not to file claims.

    My comment about the 6000 people relates not to a potential timeline for payment but it indicates to me that a great many persons still have their heads in the sand.

  63. As the Daily Observer remarked in an editorial on Friday, “Jamaica is beginning to look like a real fool on the international stage”.

    The editorial raised an important question that Prime Minister Golding needs to answer clearly and unequivocally. That question is “whether the Government’s loyalties lie with those who hold that the end justifies the means or the citizens of this country who are committed to order and the rule of law”.


  64. Smithy help your OLINT gang nuh? Every stricking one going to suffer Deacon. Bar not one.

  65. “Wi nuh play” hahahaha really Deacon? Who you study under? Nonco?

  66. Each and every one will deny you thrice….they will want to put their hand in their pockets to reach for the silver buy can’t. No one would pick up that silver anyway.

    Deacon? Time well well short. Spend less of it running the mouth of a FOOL and pray yes. Make sure you know what you are to pray for.

    All the big big one? Don’t study his recent backpedalling….soon he’ll turn the bycycle 360 degrees and try to set speed record.

  67. Price is a big well known company. Their bill for olint has doubled in a five week span.

    If they want to take money from the elderly and sick of Jamaica they are free. That responsibility is their free choice.

    If they are fine with the media scrutiny World Wide then they must know what they are doing …I’m sure.

  68. Look, Charles Ross of Sterling is going to Chair a Commission of inquiry into FINSAC and make everybody feel high…(Bob sang about it)


    … will be the main pupose of the Chairman. I’m sure he would have it no other way.

    What do you think?

  69. ….small countries who decide to play the fool with the vital interests of major powers are swiftly compelled to bow. There are many ways to skin a cat.


    Deacon? You did know that?

  70. http://site.olinttciliquidation.com/uploads/Olint_TCI_-_Official_Liquidator_First_Interim_Report__pdf_.pdf

    Why the failure to maintain the naming conventions through appendix 1?

    Why the failure to call the companies by their legal name?

    JIJ might be a blackhole.

    Does PwC have their own house attorney in TCI?

    Why does not Joseph P. Connolly file suit against Hallmark Bank since Hallmark is suppose to be holding the money? Is there a conflict of interest?

  71. The Olint database. I think that belongs to the Panama branch.

  72. @ L&LL.

    Sorry brother but you wont be seeing any of that money right now, if any at all.
    By the time PWC is finished looking for all the rest of the loot, what is left in the banks cannot cover his bills, in fact investors will owe them.

    I can see he is beginning to look in the right place as it relates to that US$200M which was spoken so often about.

  73. Nikki Beach Hotel closes as Leeward Resorts Ltd. enters Receivership.

    The hotel’s construction and operation has been controversial within the Turks and Caicos Islands from its very inception due to the extremely close relationship of those involved with the disgraced former Premier Michael Misick, and the manner in which the project progressed despite the vocal and intense objections of a large part of the island community.


  74. The Office of the Attorney General has been a major embarrassment these last few years. The Governor has been replaced, the House of Assembly has been replaced and yet no comment about institutional and personnel changes within the Office of the Attorney General.


  75. Jay

    lem me tell you how life work, the wheels of justice sometimes seem to grind slow, but when dem hold onto de anancy dem grind him fine. Sometime it seem like nothing a go happen to de man dat did fool us up and rob us. But de longer i live de more a realize dat justice end up ketch dem.

    i just get a message last night, one man did screw me over bout 9 years ago, mek me all sort of promises and tek me money and laugh pon me. Well him get ketch fe good couple days ago. My forgive him and all dat but what him sow him end up reaping.

    Jay when you look pon it what DS sow? honesty and integrity or red stripe lies and theif.

    Jay where did DS sow his business? no in de sheep pen where de Good Shepherd live.

    De Good Shepard is de one dat say and as man sow so too him a go reap, now DS a run to de sheep pen and Floridian a all call him deacon, but de Good Shepard him mean what him say.

    Jay mi have a feeling dat di cards a show a time of reaping fe DS, and him a go reap in line wid what him sow to all of us over de last couple year. You no agree.

  76. Floridian:

    Given you historical posting on the Olint matter, I find it rather strange that the man from the “desert” has been off your radar. You seem more focused on people tangentially related to the Olint issue (Gleaner Chairman, Ross, et. al.) than maybe the major beneficiaries of the Olint debacle. Why is that?

  77. Good question Mike,
    Why nothing about the US$200M man.


  78. Be careful of what you post online.

    Scotia raided

    On July 17, Clarke, through his attorneys, took action against Facebook in the United States in an effort to identify the origin of the postings.

    The US courts ruled in Clarke’s favour and the origin of some of the postings were traced back to the IP address of ScotiaBank’s IT Centre in Half-Way-Tree, St Andrew.


  79. Jay, someone should have just released ALL Clarkes emails. The IP addresses are easy yet these people go to great expense and trouble to pay foriegners for what homegrown can do….for FREE…as usual. Insecure.

    On Joey Issa…everyone deserves a fair chance to make it right for Floridian. Many still in possession of their fair chance but don’t know what to do with it.

    They may want to call a ‘bluff’ like Smith did….dem free.

    Even the big man can play for the bluff if he so desires. It is always preferred to allow people to answer questions to which you already have the answer….just more fun that way…in my opinion.

    Jamaica….No problem.

  80. You know what really happen to unno. Unno ‘World Class’ and have little real talent. You want everything that is free and then pat yourselves on the back and sing your praises on veranda. Pity.

    Jamaica….No problem.

    BTW is the Church made him Deacon not me.

    What say you to that Red P?

  81. I didn’t know him very well….


    See Jay….answers first then proofs after.

  82. Chin told the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate’s Court that he never knew …


    See Jay..same thing….sweeter that way. Answers FIRST …proofs to follow.

  83. Oh and of course the everpresent ailment “BACKPADALLING” lurks in the midst.


  84. Even when it is spelt wrong its amusing…

  85. I’m sure that Mr. Golding and Mr. Wehby would both agree that:

    “a fool and J$900, 000,000.00 can be parted”

  86. The Office of the Contractor General (OCG) says it is investigating the awarding of certain Government contracts to Brazilian firm Infinity Bio-Energy and JB Ethanol as part of an ethanol deal with the Government.

    The OCG says letters about the investigation are to be sent to the current Energy Minister James Robertson and former Energy Minister, Clive Mullings.

    The former and current Permanent Secretaries in the Energy & Mining Ministry Mrs. Hillary Alexander and Dr. Jean Dixon along with the former Chairman of the Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica, Ian Moore and the Group Managing Director of the Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica, Mrs. Ruth Potopsingh.


  87. August 16th 2006- DAVID A. SMITH.

    “The direct recipients will be Andrew Holness, Andrew Gallimore, Chris Tufton, Joe Hibert and one to be named.”

    MP’s home raided – Residences of Joseph Hibbert, businessman searched in int’l fraud investigation


  88. IN his first major interview since being cut from Bruce Golding’s Cabinet, Clive Mullings admitted he was “deeply hurt” by the manner in which his political boss had wielded the axe.

    “It is the prime minister’s prerogative to change his Cabinet and you know you are facing that possibility under a Westminster style democracy,”


  89. OLINT and its economic implications

    Members of “PAIN AFTER OLINT (PAO)” a lobbying organization which is a watchdog for
    Government action on Ponzi schemes has reminded the Jamaican Government that their failure
    to co-operate with US Federal Investigators with the Olint investigation may affect their chances of receiving a loan from the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

    A recent interview with Mr. Bryan Taylor a spokesperson of a lobbying organization said ” The Government of Jamaica has failed the people by refusing to arrest David Smith and others because of political favoritism ” The IMF may choose not to do business with the Bruce Golding administration.”

    To date, US Federal Authorities have had very little success in receiving the support required to completely investigate the OLINT Ponzi scheme. In addition, the Government of Jamaica has been “dragging their feet” under the auspices of conducting their own due diligence into the reasons behind a Federal request for the extradition of Christopher Coke, a.k.a. Dudus.

    “At this time, with Jamaica facing even more economic woes the Jamaican Government must make decisions which will be to the benefit of the country and refrain from playing politics. Jamaica needs the USA to support its economy. How can we forget the aftermath of the 70s when Jamaica saw very few American tourists” quoted Dr. Christopher Walker, Chairman of PAO.

    All eyes are now focused on Bruce Golding who in his election bid promised a reformed style of Governance which embraced the principle of transparency and Westminster Governance.


  90. Jay you’re napping …why not just turn off the blog?

  91. Jay I read about some committee (Ms Mayne) in Ja with the liquidator and now PAO (Walker)….hmmm

    Only one holds the handle….treat him accordingly. For the stone that the builder refused ….shall…..Red P!

    Red P! what Deacon up to today..hehehe

  92. Jamaican diplomat ‘recommends’ Olint.

  93. According to Duke of Earl Smith, made it clear that Olint was not a pyramid or Ponzi scheme and that he expects to be fully vindicated…….

    According to Duke of Earl Smith, made it clear that Olint was not a pyramid or Ponzi scheme and that he expects to be fully vindicated……

    “Many people have said that Smith had connections to the Misick government and that they had a mutually beneficial relationship. I asked Smith about that and he dismissed it altogether, stressing he was granted licences there to ply his trade and that was all,” said the Duke of Earl.


    Olint TCI, owned by David Smith (“Smith”) and Tracy Smith…

    Smith has not been cooperative in the provision of the accounting records and database of the company and I intend to pursue this issue through the Court to compel him to provide the information.

    Smith has not been cooperative in the provision of the accounting records and database of the company and I intend to pursue this issue through the Court to compel him to provide the information.


  94. Outside of interviews ‘given’ to Duke of Earl….

    Smith has not been cooperative Smith has not been cooperative Smith has not been cooperative Smith has not been cooperative …

  95. @ Jedediah
    So true bredren, the Word of God dont lie.

    I am not one to judge yet based on what has come to light I personally would not classify DS as someone befitting the post of deacon, but hey, what do I know?
    What i do know is that God is able to forgive should someone repent and turn from their evil ways. The apostle Paul is a classic example of this. Saul the persecutor and murderer became Paul, the writer of most of the New Testament and gave his very life for the gospel. Just goes to show that with God, anything can roll.

    Peace bro


  96. You know sometimes one must call a spade a spade. We need not confession as in most cases that will never come.

    Why does someone cannot look at all the evidence present and make a decision based on what they have seen.
    There is enough evidence to suggest that DS was a thief and a scumbag, yet many are awaiting a “confession” to confirm what many of us can deduce from what we have seen.

    I think its the same thing regarding lawsuit and actions against the feeder clubs and DS, people are waiting to here they say, ” we are broke, we ran a ponzi and now we are broke”.

    The fact is this is very unlikely to happen, but I guess I am one of those who Red P would say to ” Whoa he of little faith”.

  97. Reports are now emerging that the chairman of the Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica (PCJ) was fired 10 months ago because of his involvement in an ethanol deal with Infinity Bio Energy.

    Ian Moore was dismissed in November last year by Clive Mullings who was the energy minister at the time.

    However the reason for Mr Moore’s dismissal was never made public.

    Our source has revealed that while in office, Mr Moore committed the PCJ to buying ethanol from the Brazilian firm Infinity Bio Energy without the agreement of the board.

    That deal is now the subject of a probe by the contractor general Greg Christie because there was no contract for the transaction.

    To make matters worse the shipment of ethanol was bought from Infinity at a rate higher than market price.

    According to the group managing director of the PCJ, Dr Ruth Potopsingh, the PCJ could have saved $17 million if it had bought the ethanol from another supplier.

    Yesterday, in announcing that he would be probing the issue, the contractor general also rejected assertions that his office had given the PCJ permission to use the sole sourcing method to procure ethanol from Infinity.

    The assertion has been made in a letter from Tracy Cohen, the Clerk to Parliaments Public Administration & Appropriations Committee.

    Approval for the sole sourcing method would excuse the PCJ from exploring other ethanol suppliers before deciding on buying the product from Infinity.

    The negotiation for the ethanol deal was carried out while the Government was courting Infinity to buy its five sugar factories.

    According to Dr Potopsingh, it was in good faith that the PCJ did all it could to facilitate the sugar talks.

    However PCJ legal counsel Glenford Watson says even though the divestment deal between the Government and Infinity fell through, the former PCJ chairman Ian Moore had obliged the corporation to purchasing the shipment of ethanol.

    “Clive Mullings, fired Ian Moore.
    Then was fired by Golding.”


    Ian Moore,
    c/o Bank of America
    100 SE 2nd. St.
    Miami FL 33131

  98. .Jay, you have to take into consideration that it was the same mindset that got them to invest in Olint in the first place. It is therefore unlikely that their thought-process (as flawed as it is) will change overnight. I wouldn’t be surprise if they invest in the next Ponzi just around the corner.

    Even Live&letLive still to this day believes that Olint has US$200 Million sitting on some FX platform in Fantasy Island, just waiting to be claim by their messiah after his acquittal of the criminal charges. Let’s see, 300 claims out of 6,000……hmmmmm. I’m still intrigue by this whole Olint saga. Look what this thing as done to Floridian, aka, Sirach. He still cannot come to grips with the fact that he was conned and spend endless resources/energies convincing himself that he is the smarter than DS. I ask him a simple question and he responded with some silly comment. Hey Floridian, why is the COOL one an untouchable in your book?

  99. @Jay
    There is no need for me to call a spade a spade when the evidence speaks for itself is there?
    All I said is that I tend not to judge ppl but taken at face value ds would not a deacon make in my estimation. However I am no authority in these matters as I belong to no church governing body and thus not fully versed in these matters. God knows why floridian asks my lowly opinion, I only answered.

    Further, trust me, although I have forgiven ds for what he has done to me, that will not stop him from being judged. For surely what Jedediah spoke of will come to pass. What ds has sown he shall surely reap. Me? I just leave it in God’s hands. This may be a very difficult concept for some to understand or swallow and many will think I am a fool. But I have proven God many times in my life and I can attest to the fact that He also is the God of provision and restoration. It all boils down to belief, trust, and yes Jay, faith. Whether you have much or little faith I dont know. But even little faith can move mountains. 🙂

    Peace bro

    FYI some of us did look at law suits, the fees were reprehensible, way beyond our reach, and when the dust settles, whats to guarantee that there is anything to get if it appears there is little or nothing left??

  100. Mike D I answered you already. Joey Issa? Untouchable????? You know who you are talking to?

  101. Ask Deacon.

  102. “Watermouth” you and your wife are a fine set of thieves. Mi sorry for your pickney dem.
    Your friend JI thinks he is going to get away with it. The Russians and the under world will not get involved to save his batty because this case is getting too much spotlight.
    Martinez and his gang are only beginning to feel the heat.

    “Watermouth” get ready for the next phase.

    All will soon be revealed !!!!

    p.s Are you laughing now?

  103. Floridian

    it hard to believe wa you a sa; de church a turks make DS a deacon? Mi ratid, you serious?

    DS a deacon now, well mi wonder if dem a tek collection from DS cause de Lord did a say,

    “therefore if you are offering your gift at the altar and there remember that your brother has something against you, leave your gift there in front of the altar. First go and be reconciled to your brother; then come and offer your gift.” Matt 5vs23

    Now as me see it, if you turn christian, and you know dat you did send man wide and him vex at unno, no bother bring you money in de Lord temple and drop it pon Him altar. NO NO NO

    De Lord say go back to de bredda you send wide and be reconciled wid him, (tell him de truth and ask him to forgive unno) after dat you go and drop unno money at de Lord’s altar.

    Floridian tell me you a run joke?

    listen what de Word say, “Deacons, likewise, are to be men worthy of respect, sincere, not indulging in much wine, and not pursuing dishonest gain. They must keep hold of the deep truths of the faith with a clear conscience. They must be first tested; and then if there is nothing against them, let them serve as deacons…………. I timothy 3vs8

    Floridian tell me is joke you a run, please tell me?

  104. So the other blogs today and for the past year don’t shock you? Only the Deacon one. Oh?

    You not ready for the ‘shocks’ to come. Indictments that blow you mind…

  105. 46 years of ‘pretend’ and ‘excuse’ coming to an end.

  106. Buckets of self praise can’t hold water….time to be graded…Externally.

  107. No doubt a new thread is needed… .. fascinating the Liquidator report….

    That spot in the desert and those three initials figure prominently.

    There many gems in that report I tell you. Many… It is a tangled web….

    @nyammingpopcorn&watching, silently watching as usual…. silent river run deep….

  108. Christie indicated that the information available to him at this point “has disclosed what appears to be very serious issues and questions of national import, which … must be brought into the public view and … warrant a full-fledged investigation”.


  109. Have Mercy from number 4 bus said:

    COME ON TCI Patty Shop or Small Island simpletons or fools you all will have to do better in YOUR justice system.!!!!

    Have Mercy I must ask that you have mercy. Jamaica’s representative to the TCI (see picture with Golding in 2009 above) Allan Hutchinson…who was a solicitor for the Olint fraud actually does have a literal Patty Shop on Providenciales.

    The comment is most insensitive and unkind. Please “have mercy!”

  110. Allan Hutchinson’s wife also provides employment for Tracy Smith on that island. Victims of the Olint fraud (more than a ponzi) need employment. Many Jamaicans on Providenciales are going without pay for work already rendered.

    Please be sensitive.

    Recall that Jamaica’s Prime Minister went to Procvidenciales this year and addressed Jamaicans there saying he was glad that he had not heard of any Jamaicans making a bad name for us over there.

    Tracy Smith was there but he seemed not to have noticed?

  111. Question of the month:

    What happens when the persons charged with handling extradition requests recieve requests with their own names on it?

  112. that answer was fast….

    The Extradition Act requires our minister of justice to authorise the arrest of an accused person ‘on receipt’ of an extradition request unless it appears to the Minister that an order for extradition would not be made. Get it? Unless it is obvious on the face of the extradition request that it is improper, the process must begin. There is no requirement for teams of Government lawyers, as if acting for the accused (at tax-payers expense), to pour over every Act of Parliament or decided case looking for loopholes.


  113. blocking jay.

  114. I didn’t know him very well and I was not a member of the labour party or anything, so it was really a big surprise to me.

    Cockadoodle doo! Cockadoodle doo!

    Twice or thrice Red P?

  115. Shame….close it down then nuh?

  116. The feeder club or investment club would in turn have a claim against Olint TCI and is required to submit its claim to the Official Liquidator of Olint TCI in accordance with the requirement shown in the Update section of the website.


  117. JohnDoe said
    No doubt a new thread is needed… .. fascinating the Liquidator report….

    That spot in the desert and those three initials figure prominently.

    There many gems in that report I tell you. Many…

    with usJohndoe PLEEEASE share some of those gems we cannot see them

  118. excerpts from the report

    This exercise is likely to be protracted and a considerable amount of time will have to be spent on the reconstruction of the financial records of Olint TCI as there is a dearth of information available.

    Smith has not been cooperative in the provision of the accounting records and database of the company and I intend to pursue this issue through the Court to compel him to provide the information.
    The first statement is most premature since he has not compelled Smith to hand over the records as yet

    The liquidators next steps should include KEEP ON EATING OUT THE $13M AT THE RATE OF $100K per month UNTILL IT DONE !!!!!!!!

  119. Jay and Noco,
    You both seem to have links, can you find out if the following really go so??

    It is said that a certain short president has said he will not be taken alive.
    Rumour has it that soldiers from all over the island have been called back to base to lock and load.
    Its also said that in a certain enclave there are a few 40 calibre “Jungle Jesus” at the ready along with a few launchers and countless ammo.
    Is it true that some US diplomats have quietly slipped out of the island?

    Please please tell me that what I heard is complete rumour, speculation and lies.

  120. Why is jamaica-gleaner.com off-line?

  121. Gleaner is down and someone is blocking.

  122. @ RedpP,

    Cannot confirm just yet as there has been so many rumour flying left right and center.
    Its a known fact that “The President” does not live downtown Kingston and has no plans to so I do not think its that difficult to get him.

    Secondly I do not believe that he will be taken to the USA, at least not alive.
    His adopted father never made it their for trial and I believe it will be the same thing here.

  123. Lock up The President, put a boat on the Kingston harbour and set the prison on fire, make sure his face burn beyond recognition. That’s the extraditon process. But I would inform the US to do their own DNA test.

  124. I think RedP should be able to just push his head over the dividing chain link fence and ask the man himself. I thought they were neighbors? Did you move recently RedP? 🙄

    Anyway, I hope he meets the same fate as his Step father, since its appears the current administration is afraid of him and deliberately dragging their feet or maybe he has too many projects to complete for the Government….right, let’s give him some time to complete all those contracts….we are in no hurry, he has nowhere to go…..

  125. blocking Jay? you going to give all the customers to http://www.olintja.com?

  126. @Test
    If the guy is a laid back cigar smoking englishman then yes, he is my neighbour. LOL

  127. “They did it without no sophistry at all, even in the rain, they were asphalting. It was a waste of public funding ….


    Wehby Tells All

    “I got a call from Prime Minister Golding, saying he needs support in the area of finance. I didn’t know him very well and I was not a member of the labour party or anything, so it was really a big surprise to me.

    Cockadoodledoo! Cockadoodle doo

    Was that Twice or thrice?

    I remember calling Mr Golding and saying, ‘I am going to do it’; and he said, ‘that is the best news I have heard for a long time’.”

    That bucket leaky…

    My initial reaction was to say no.

    New exercise fad taking Jamaica by storm Red P. It’s called….it’s called…..BACKPEDALLING!



  128. “They did it without no sophistry at all, even in the rain, they were asphalting. It was a waste of public funding and we will be commenting more on this,” he said


  129. “I got a call from Prime Minister Golding, saying he needs support in the area of finance. I didn’t know him very well and I was not a member of the labour party or anything, so it was really a big surprise to me.

    Cockadoodledoo! Cockadoodle doo

    Was that Twice or thrice?

  130. L&LL, I’ve read your posts over the past few months and I continue to be amazed at your reasoning.
    Now you have identified another person who must be the recipient of your wrath and must now receive blame.
    what does a liquidator do L&LL?
    the man is not there at your individual bequest and isnt acting in your individual interest. He has a responsibility to wind up the entity.  he must first identify its assets, then its creditors, and remember that what he is doing isnt charity so obviously he has to be compensated…in your world you might ask why should he be paidwell without him you would not get sh^t!..with him you are possibly in line to receive a few cents on the dollar…at this time, not even he himself could give you an accurate estimate. The assets recovered, less the winding up costs, will be put against claims which I imagine have to come in and be verified by a particular date to be set in the future.

    Next. If DS so cared for the investors, he would have 1- paid up already. But since it is clear that he lacks the ability to do that, his nakedness already exposed (at least to the persons without blinkers on) he can now choose to cooperate with the liquidators efforts to 1, identify the remaining loot and its location(s), and 2 identify the list, lists, databases, or client directory(ies). According to the liquidator, the principals have not been cooperative. Assuming this to be true, you then choose to scream at the liquidator? You then say thatwithout the motion to compel he cant know if the process will be long?…what a bleeping joke…are you serious? How long has it already been? He knows how much info he has been able to get in the last 6 monthsread the report.
    why should the order be required L&LL? If DS is who you think he iswhy not just give the info?
    Recognizing that the principals are not in a cooperative mood, the liquidator is not premature in recognizing and stating that the process will be long.
    an order to compel is not the sending of military force. Litigation through courts can be long and painstaking. If ds refuses to comply with the order, assuming that he is stupid enough to simply say I wont cooperate, worse case for him is contempt of court! compared to what he is facing, chicken feed. The more likely scenario is that upon receipt of this order to compel, is his counsel will engage the court in motion after motion to draw the process out. Either way, if DS doesnt want to cooperate, it will not help the process and the timeline to ressolution.
    and you choose to scream at the liquidator? Lol aah bwoy, some a wi neva learn.

  131. miak

    live and let live. just think bout dat, and what dat a say. another name for dat is deacon or DS.
    dat man a se ladies and gentlemen, live and let live, unno no see?

  132. Mike D the DS part and the money and L&LL has to take a back seat in the Olint matter

    It’s the corruption, politics, drugs, guns and indictment now.

    DS and TS and WS are finished. That’s a fact. Many co-conspirators already finished too. Just for them to be notified.

    The next DS case date is in camera Oct 29th and then next year June on the TCI calendar.

    Pricewaterhouse will nyam the 13 mil. Cash plus …been there done that. Simple.

    the feeders and middlemen/pigs cases going to be interesting on many fronts not least of which is that many consider themselves brand name. Lot’s of laughing same way but not from the usual gigglers.

    Jay…why you block my really enlightening posts?

  133. Why Jay? Don’t want them to be warned?

    Look the more astute of them packing already. It won’t be long

    …Via Con Dios. Don’t cry for me Argentina…..Bemvindo ….bemvinda Mr and Mrs meritless criminals of Jamaica……….Adios..despreciable..riquiqui wertlos worthless …senza

  134. I will leave the indictments alone then Jay. But it is those Jamaica want to know about.

    Especially the woman dem….dem can gwan like viraga when them dolly house pop….the men them usually just get quiet and don’t fret as much as the mistress them.

    Good luck with your blog Jay.

  135. Always remember..Think and Check before you %&^*( wid people who nuh rate yu.

  136. Blocking???? Floridian what are you talking about ?

  137. i was blocked on certain comments consistently today.

  138. Unless is Puppet…?

  139. Anyway..Jay why not lock down…the blinkers add that ‘special element’ to the brightalecs and smartypants.

    Don’t you agree?

  140. One more question Jay…..are you blocking anybody at all?

    Yes or No?

  141. Absolutely not !!

  142. Must be Puppet then.

  143. Anyway all the best. Jay don’t you know
    I don’t ask questions I already know the answers to?

    Where is Olintforlife, harbourshark, AML, nyaming, cold as ice etc.?

  144. Obama names Jamaica as major drug trafficking nation


  145. Riddle mi dis Jay…how come Turks and Caicos not on the list? Geopolitics 101.

    Missing in action like cricket pal, Rob, Jason, john doe and all the rest. Ehh?

  146. Miak
    .” If ds refuses to comply with the order, assuming that he is stupid enough to simply say I wont cooperate, worse case for him is contempt of court! compared to what he is facing, chicken feed. The more likely scenario is that upon receipt of this order to compel, is his counsel will engage the court in motion after motion to draw the process out. Either way, if DS doesnt want to cooperate, it will not help the process and the timeline to ressolution”

    ALLL I want is the RRRR court order to compel DS o say or not say his final words !!!!! then we can watch the show from there. I expect the liquidator to be paid !!! all I am saying is at the rate he is going and the length of time he is projecting it is obvious that the 13M will be finished before he gets to second base.
    There is nothing in that liquidation process for us !!!!!

    Oh by the way do you know what happened to John Wildish and the liquidation of TCI traders ????

  147. Liquidator like in Cashplus case is trying to drag this out to get as much money as possible…

  148. Miak

    The fact that DS is a crook does not mean the liquidator is not riding the job he is given to maximize his income. Thats probably well within his code of conduct.
    NB he is liquidating a company with no known assets.and $13 M that was frozen 12 months before the liquidation. A liquidators DREAM !!

    To date I have never seen a public note from the liquidator or the TCI court requesting info from the investors in any Print media. Has anyone? OR are they depending on the rumour mill to spread the word ? lol lol

  149. Here is another giant ponzi scheme with religious ties… Olint/C+, Madoff and on and on… yet again people allow themselves to allow their trust in people professing the same religion… to separate themselves from their money.

    RedP, star if you decide to study the origins and evolution of religions… you and I would be of like mind 🙂

    Billion-Dollar Pyramid Scheme Rivets Lebanon

  150. @live&letlive

    Why are you upset at the liquidator. He has a complicated job to do. Investors were only too happy to give DS their money without any proof of independent audits. They supported him verbally and with their money when he moved to TCI… When he changed up companies… Supported him against the FSC… And on and on…

    The liquidator is a professional trying to do his job… Unraveling a criminal scheme where the principals set out to hide their evil deeds, albeit with the tacit support of investors, is not easy. As is to be expected of crooks, they are non-cooperative. Why do you think, it is easy to unravel a criminal scheme with no independent auditing and probably none or improper records… The criminals (DS) did not want to be caught from the start, so they made it difficult and continue to do so.

    And why do you think the liquidator should not charge any fees that he legitimately can… he did not tell you to invest. The same with people who commit a crime and need a lawyer… Why should the lawyer not legitimately maximize his fees… he did not tell the person to commit the crime… he is not running a charity.

    Look at floridian’s prof friend… he is making back his money… think he is doing all this stuff for free… and he also gets to push his political agenda to boot… not a bad deal for him either.

    You need to think and check before investing, not after. If your money is stolen, depending on how much… it can cost even more to try and recover him, most often with limited to no good results.

  151. @Noco
    RedP, star if you decide to study the origins and evolution of religions… you and I would be of like mind 🙂

    Doubt it Noco 🙂 I’ve found the truth.

  152. We were told that Obama’s arrival would signal the end of excuses. Never! We will hold on to our excuses forever. Even if the next President of the U.S. is black and the next one and the next one we will never relinquish our excuses.

    We love our excuses. We love the status quo it is how we survive in our system. What? you want us to structure ourselves based on merit? You must be joking!

    If we are to give up our excuses the next thing we will hear is that we should give up Self Praise as well! You must be crazy who will sing our praises if it is not our clan?

    Where else do you expect our credibility to come from if not ourselves! Damn fresh. We will NEVER give up our excuses. We read the Obama play.

  153. Next thing you will hear is that money or no money David and Tracy Smith should be brought to justice.

    Oh the thought of it! Outrageous!

    Next you will hear we have to give up our standing as the ruling elite and be burdened with things like integrity!. Can you imagine that mi chile?

  154. Nonco? hehehehehehe..hahahaha.

  155. Backpedalling Olympics

    I got a call from Prime Minister Golding saying he needs support in the area of finance. I didn’t know him very well and I was not a member of the labour party or anything, so it was really a big surprise to me.

    Twice, Thrice….”Cockadoodle dooo!!”

  156. Blocking. Blocking. Keep the people down. Rome gone down. Blocking not going to stop it.

    Accept it.

  157. And you know I have documents you want to see today Jay. But the blocking.

  158. Still blocking me liar?

  159. @ Floridian,

    If you are being blocked, why are you still the most consistent poster on this blog?

  160. You block because I ask why no investigation in Jamaica…..Who/what you protecting buoy? Inquiring minds …

  161. No blocking. However some person comments are being treated automatically as trash I mean spam….

  162. You block the stuff that proves that yu fambily dem a go prison. (smile).

    http://www.olintja.com will probably post such blogs. They are truly free.

  163. @poorman
    You block because I ask why no investigation in Jamaica…..Who/what you protecting buoy? Inquiring minds …

    Welcome to the blog. Take some time to read previous post and readers comments before coming to a conclusion.

  164. RedP : Re TG and the machines of death.

    State of flux

    4. Some are saying, in anticipation of those who are expected to come calling, the community has been well and truly fortified. The news has left many in a state of flux. Others are just scared


  165. Olint TCI was incorporated on April 18, 2006 with a share capital of $1000 (David Smith 600 shares and Tracy Smith 400 shares), to act as an investment manager for funds received from the public through various intermediaries; the principal one being Hallmark Bank and Trust.

    The investors were led to believe that those funds were to be traded in the global foreign exchange currency market.

    Drugs money launderers.


  166. “Orane did a good job of damage control and that ‘s why he is one of the best CEOs in Jamaica, but right now the Caribbean is getting a bad reputation for the quality of its financial services entities. Coming on the heels of Allen Stanford, David Smith and shady offshore operations, this latest mishap once again puts the Caribbean under the spotlight.”


  167. NFA permanently bars Florida commodity trading advisor Capital Blu Management LLC


  168. L&LL

    Has anyone? OR are they depending on the rumour mill to spread the word ? lol lol

    Any answers??????

  169. L&LL

    Has anyone? OR are they depending on the rumour mill to spread the word ? lol lol

    Any answers??????

  170. Johndoe:

    Not directed at you. You know not who I be…..You need to read the blog and you would know who inquired about investigations in Jamaica. You would know who has family and friends in high places who got 2 million out of Olint in March 2008 while the rest of us wait.

    He knows who he be…..

  171. David Smith and his company Olint TCI had at least $220 million deposited in Hallmark Bank and Trust, according to a report from Joseph Connolly, the official liquidator.

    “It is our view that the gains posted to the individual investors’ accounts were not connected to the trading results of Olint TCI. The gains on account were in fact a marketing tool to entice further investors whose money could then be used to pay off the previously reported gains. It would appear that the focus of Olint TCI was never foreign exchange currency trading, as can be gleaned from the 7-month hiatus before trading began. Instead, the focus of the business appeared to be on generating through the press and the Internet a positive image for Smith who was seen as the public face, the main trader and architect of the purported success of Olint,” the report added.

    Connolly added: “In my investigations of TCI FX, I have established that statements from the foreign exchange trading company, I-Trade, were altered before being provided to Star Management Ltd (“Star”) the administrators of the TCI FX fund.

    Connolly added that a significant amount of funds were moved from Olint TCI’s account at I-Trade to JIJ, a Florida Corporation. He said it would appear that JIJ was a foreign exchange trading fund, which was managed by JIJ Management Limited. The Liquidation Team is in the process of obtaining the records of Olint TCI’s investment in JIJ.


  172. … the focus of Olint TCI was never foreign exchange currency trading, as can be gleaned from the 7-month hiatus before trading began. Instead, the focus of the business appeared to be on generating through the press and the Internet.

    See: http://www.olintja.com

  173. The creditors of TCI FX have argued that this extinguishes any liability to Olint TCI.

    ‘extinguishes liability’….hehhe everybody turn legal luminary and smartypants.

  174. Standbrook also gets a position from the Governor.

    Interesting…as [Misick (Ariel) and Stanbrook] Law firm are who Smith was first introduced to Smith by Peter Bovell who has a long standing association with that firm.

    Then Connolly goes to jamaica and talks about a committee of which Peter Bovell’s ex wife is a member?

    Olint TCI had at least $220 million deposited in Hallmark Bank and Trust, according to a report from Joseph Connolly, the official liquidator…

    Usually, he said, the members of such a committee would be elected by the creditors, however as we are yet to receive claims from the majority of creditors it was considered premature to organize the necessary creditors’ meeting. As a temporary measure he invited a number of claimants who have filed large claims in the liquidation to sit on the Committee. They are: Mr. Brian Alberga, Dr. Lloyd Goldson and Mrs. Michelle Myers Mayne.


    Smithy how long you going to wait to tell your teefing gang how we deal with teef….oh you saving it as a surpise from them….

    I hear you Deacon.

  175. “It is possible that Britain may be held liable for failure to regulate this offshore financial group where people have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars. If this would occur it could create a conflict of interest for Mr Connolly.”

    Britain’s taxpayers are already paying (handsomely) for the legal defence of TCI INVEST (albeit that said taxpayers in Britain remain unaware….for now).

    So this Government official quoted above may be on to something……

  176. You ready for us to ‘go about it the right way’ Deacon?

    Pateince…there is no rush…..we have all the time and RESOURCES…..in the World.

  177. The same taxpayers in Britain are paying (without full knowledge) for the defense of some expats and ‘belongers’ in TCI.

    The same taxpayers many of whom were ripped off by the said defendants.

    Word of advice if I may?…..’your going about it the wrong way….’

  178. So if you do some business with any company in that Tropicana Plaza….like buy a Kia car …you are in effect supporting businesses that have gained fron the Olint fraud?

    So the same people who have gained have gained from what? Money used to by illegal weapons and ammunition in the United States?

    These people’s simplicity and greed are amazing.

    BBC’s PANORAMA are in ecstasy!

    But I think the RICO conspiracy cases in the IUnited States will be the most interesting.

    Illegal gun running? Better if that were not their and it was just human trafficking alone….

    What you think Deacon?

  179. I did this today about 1 hour ago. I tried to call my real credit card company and they said I would have to get this company Horizon Card Services. The phone for them is disconnected. This is who owns them and the Compas card visa:

    Hallmark Bank & Trust Ltd.
    PO Box 104,
    Tropicana Plaza, Leeward Highway
    Turks & Caicos…

    Email: info@hallmarktrust.tc
    Telephone: 1 649 946-5524
    Facsimile: 1 649 946-5316

    Hallmark Bank & Trust Ltd.
    PO Box 325 Station ‘A’
    Etobicoke Ontario
    Canada M9C 4V3


  180. Bold and confident statements?

    Turning to the conclusion that Olint was a Ponzi scheme, Connolly pointed out that most of the activities carried out by Olint were not revenue generating…


  181. I don’t want any donation from Ponzi schemes or drug kingpins.

    The PNP eventually lost the 2007 general election to the JLP. PNP members claimed that they were outspent by as much as 10:1, and the party remained cognisant that its funding sources were critical to the survival of the organisation.


  182. He tells The Sunday Gleaner that the party has “always tried to avoid being beholden to unsavoury elements” and that was something he intended to preserve.


  183. “Many people have said that Smith had connections to the Misick government and that they had a mutually beneficial relationship. I asked Smith about that and he dismissed it altogether, stressing he was granted licences there to ply his trade and that was all,” said the Duke of Earl.


    But Olint TCI was never licensed in the Turks and Caicos Islands nor was it approved to offer financial services, as a simple check with the Financial Services Commission of the Turks and Caicos Islands would have revealed.


  184. DESPITE THE tight fiscal constraints under which the People’s National Party (PNP) is staging its 71st annual conference this weekend, dirty money is playing no part in financing the activities, claims party treasurer Mark Golding.

  185. ….the company only served as a conduit for receiving monies from investors to payout other investors or investors of other Smith related entities.

  186. Dem jus two bad mind..

  187. While the IMF technocrats did not call names, their reference to unregulated schemes was most likely to be David Smith’s currency trading club, Olint, as well as the opaque group Cash Plus International.

    The IMF team was clear in its backing for the efforts of the FSC


  188. The Leader said the Manifesto was Embargoed and not to be sent to anyone outside who he intended it to go to…..hardears..

  189. Several politicians are named in the emails. Some are said to have received funding, while others allegedly asked for financial assistance.

    James Robertson, minister without portfolio in the Office of the Prime Minister, is one of them.

    Detailed email

    However, Robertson yesterday categorically denied receiving funding from Smith or Olint.

    “The St Thomas Education Development Foundation and my campaign in West St Thomas did not receive any funding directly from David Smith,” Robertson told The Gleaner last night.

    In one correspondence, purportedly from Robertson and sent from a close relative’s email account, a request was made for Smith to provide “support” that would “make a meaningful difference to the Jamaica Labour Party’s success”. The email included a local bank account number.

    “I can’t remember. I send hundreds of emails and I am not denying that I am aware or have knowledge or know David,” Robertson said.

    “I am not denying that there was contact.I am denying nothing but in terms of that specific, I can’t answer that.”

  190. ” Cliff, everybody should pray for David Smith”

  191. From: Brian Trowbridge
    To; David Smith
    Attached are Consolidated Audited accounts for fiscal 2005 and management account consolidated and broken down between Hallmark (the trust business) and Lochaven (the card business). Some things about 2006. we recieved a one time payment from MasterCard of $235,000.00 and I paid myself a bonus of $335,000.00. Let us get together on Monday or Tuesday. I would prefer if you did not share with Misick’s office for now but no issue with Jenny Douglas.


    “Many people have said that Smith had connections to the Misick government and that they had a mutually beneficial relationship. I asked Smith about that and he dismissed it altogether…


  192. Hallmark Bank & Trust Ltd.
    By: Brian Trowbridge


  193. Mr. Stephen Savage
    Misick and Stanbrook
    Dear Mr. Savage Re: Olint TCI Operating Agreement
    We have now had a chance to review the Operating Agreement and procedures with Greg Hurd of this office and David Smith.
    Regrettably we think neither of our firms was up to speed when we meet last week. In particular the writer was at least one iteration behind!
    Here as we understand it now are the salient facts:
    1. Olint TCI does not operate in the Turks and Caicos Islands. It has no place of business here, no bank account and does not recruit clients here. All persons committing funds to the Club are non-residents of the TCI. Consequently there is no requirement for Olint TCI to be licensed here and this issue is not part of your remit;


  194. From: Brian Trowbridge
    To: David Smith
    Cc: ‘greg Hurd’
    Sent: Fri 4/20/2007 11:48 AM
    Subject: OLINT
    I have some very bad news: FCIB will no longer accept of process wires for your business.
    The decision is based on their new policy not to do business with unlicensed foreign exchange traders or clubs.
    Your only alternative is to operate solely through the licensed TCI mutual fund.
    Despite our assurances to FCIB their policy is quite clear and no reversible.

  195. All required reports from MZ are obtained; Greg please let me know what is outstanding

    No funds will be released to NMZ (now USINMO) until all their reports are up to date (including the current request for $4 mill)
    David please copy me on your direction to close off new clients and funds.


  196. April 2007, The beginning of the fall.

    September 2007, The Crash.

  197. To David Smith
    From Gregory Hurd
    So far there has been no let up in inbound wires, in fact there may be more than normal. As previously this moratorium is not working. David, you have to find a way to make the $ flow STOP so Jamaica can catch up with the SOF’s and ID’s.
    To David Smith
    From Brian Trowbridge
    David, we really need to stop inflow of funds in the meantime no funds will be released for investment. B


    Banker and Counsel Brian Trowbridge?

    We will take you to schooool……

  198. Think and Check…..?

  199. “I call upon Bruce Golding, the prime minister, to tell Jamaica what are these ‘critical questions’ that have been unanswered,”

    “Why has there been no announcement by the Government of this develop-ment? Where is the transparency it promised the nation?”

  200. Simpson Miller made reference to her Budget presentation in April when she queried whether the Government had planned to re-enter a borrowing relationship with the IMF.

    “The prime minister said in response that the IMF was neither necessary nor appropriate.

  201. “It is now an open secret that the IMF is getting increasingly impatient with the incompetent manner that the discussions are being handled by the JLP government,” she said.

    Patience lost

    The opposition leader claimed that the IMF had lost patience with the Golding administration and cancelled a scheduled visit to the island

    DEM Jus too bad mind….by Princeton’s Nicole McLaren

  202. FORMER NATIONAL Security Minister Dr Peter Phillips has chided the governing Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) for abandoning the nation to donmanship.

    Don man Deacon David Smith and Bishop Joseph Smith.

  203. Yesterday, Phillips told Comrades that the JLP has failed to demonstrate that it can handle the affairs of the country.

    “… The Labour Party government failed the test … . The verdict is in: The ‘Driver’ can’t drive,” Phillips said, hitting at the prime minister who used the moniker in his election campaign two years ago.


  204. She challenged the Government to provide answers to those “critical questions”, and further asked why there was no announcement by the Government of this development.



  205. why are we filling up the blog with DUNCNESS from Portia et al????????

  206. oh let us fill it with this brilliance about trading Jamaica to prosperity like Australia….to be taught by David Smith


    Checkout this duncebat….this is Jamaica’s Minister of Finance…. the email has been fully vetted and found to be truth and is ready for court in the United States…

    This is your Minister of Finace of a country duncebat….fact.

    Negotiate IMF deal for a country?????

  207. You lucky ….next thing you know Jamaica’s little money would be in the hands of David and Tracy Smith “trading.” Trading in WHAT???

    You lucky.

  208. We are equally intrigued by statements attributed to the party’s treasurer, Mr Mark Golding that the hard times notwithstanding, he is prepared to accept only ‘clean’ money in the funding of party activities. There is no doubt that ‘dirty’ money from corrupt and criminal sources have significantly served to undermine the political process in recent years.

    In the context of near-empty coffers and the daily struggle of the party to pay its bills – no secret to anyone – such a principled stance must be lauded.


  209. The Observer

    9/21/2009 1:52 PM
    I think Stephen Fray should BE THE MAIN SPEAKER AT the PNP CONFERENCE …

    And Olint’s David Smith should be the main speaker at the JLP conference…Did Fray ever pay for a conference?

  210. With Celta Kirkland

    Nehemiah, one of the most powerful people in leadership at that time, chose to take the lead in confessing and repenting of their sins. He said that before they could rebuild they must spend hours daily in prayer, not making excuses or vain requests but sincere confessions. What a picture! Can you imagine the leaders of government, industry, law, entertainment and education doing that? “If my people. will humble themselves, and pray and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will. heal their land” (Chronicles 7:14).


  211. Robbers broke into Hallmark Trust

    The offices of Hallmark Trust – a credit card dealer serving the people of the Turks and Caicos Islands – was broken into on Thursday night by thieves, who damaged doors and windows while ransacking the facility, leaving approximately $5,000 in damage.

    The time of the break-in by the hoodlums was not ascertained, but The SUN understands that they gained entry by forcibly opening a window. Inside one of the offices, the thieves ransacked that particular room pulling out drawers from filing cabinets and strewing document all over the floor.

    They also, this newspaper understands, tried to pry other doors leading to various other parts of the building, but seemingly were unsuccessful in their bid. In the end they went away empty-handed but not before leaving a trail of destruction to office property.

    Reacting to the news, Brian Trowbridge, owner of the company, who was in Canada at the time of the incident, underscored the need for not only greater police presence in the Leeward Highway/Grace Bay/ areas, but also the importance of businesses banding together to lobby for greater protection from the authorities, since it was no secret that crime has been spiraling on Providenciales.

    “Businesses in the Turks and Caicos need to band together to ensure that there are more police patrols on the main highway like Leeward and down in Grace Bay, because it is pretty clear that crime is increasing and we need a bigger police presence,” Trowbridge said.


    You see thank God we have every single file and document on Trowbridge and Hallmark in the safes longtime. Or such an incident might have led to excuses. Thoroughness…superiority…..no comprimise no substitute..

    • They went looking for their lost investment in Olint

      • Or maybe it was a setup to destroy pertinent documents. Any missing documents that might be subpoenaed in a criminal or civil case can be attributed to the break-in. 🙂

  212. floridian

    You must be a real floridian making the mistake of taking note of Jamaican politicians. JLP or PNP. To us in Ja they are ALLLLL a bag of FRAUD. Making a case for one against the other is like comparing pit toilets!!!!!!

  213. O.K. you have been aclimatised to something. Congrats.

  214. L&LL

    You know through history masses of people have been aclimatised to all sorts of things. The Trans Atlantic Slave trade is one example.

    For 400 years it was accepted by most people on
    Earth as normal.

    Let us be thankful that idiots did not have complete free reign and dominace over the sheep.

    And thanks that Wilberforce, Lincoln, MLK Jr. Gahndi, Mandela, Garvey and others like them of the educated class were around.

  215. Catch a fire…

    United States tax dodgers who hid assets overseas will get a few extra weeks to apply for an amnesty programme that has been flooded with applications ahead of the Wednesday deadline.

    The Internal Revenue Service, the government tax-collecting agency, said Monday the deadline will be extended until October 15.

    More than 3,000 Americans have applied for the programme, which promises no jail time and reduced penalties for tax cheats who come forward, said a government official who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorised to speak on the record ahead of the public announcement.

    The IRS is extending the Wednesday deadline to give a rush of applicants more time to prepare their paperwork

    The IRS has long had a policy that certain tax evaders who come forward before they are contacted by the agency usually can avoid jail time as long as they agree to pay back taxes, interest and hefty penalties. Drug dealers and money launderers need not apply. But if the money was earned legally, tax evaders can usually avoid criminal prosecution.


  216. The process of turning over the information is expected to take several months. But once the IRS obtains information about an international tax dodger, they will be ineligible for the amnesty programme.

    Publicity from the case, even before the agreement was announced, had a lot of wealthy Americans with offshore accounts nervously running to their tax advisers.

    Lawyers and advisers from several firms have said they were swamped with calls from people hiding assets overseas. Their advice: Call the IRS before the IRS calls you.

  217. Floridian

    Glad to see that you a fighting back by supporting the PNP and quoting silly Portia Ha Ha


  218. Live&Let Live you saw clovis cartoon today? the Prime Minister is in a car stationary NOT MOVING with a question mark over his head..hahhaaha

    Smithy front him a gas money nuh?

    Unno going Live and Let live while unno was window at Abbey Court.


  219. …that will be the better group still. The others will be in Federal Prison in the United

    I wonder how the IMF meeting a go right now. They must be talking about the ‘Australian’ model currency trading national debt…hhahahaaa

    Smithy…some new calendars and Christmas cards are needed….send dem a change.

    And while your at it smithy pick up the Prime Minister of JAMAICA’S dry cleaning on your way home.

  220. That reflected reallocation of funds primarily towards fighting corruption and implementing a strategic plan.



  221. L&LL mi have a second hand squeegy. You want it?

  222. …was met with gasps of disbelief.


    L&LL a good samaritan just called to donate a half bottle of diswashing liquid. So you’re set to wash some window.

  223. That is a reversal of the Government’s position announced just over one month ago….

    Not driving erratic at all….

  224. When we struggle against corrupt politicians and corrupt government officials, we are saying to OURSELVES, and secondarily to the world, that we are better than this, that we will not accept these sort of actions in our name.


  225. L&LL

    Don’t let people who would try to keep us in the dark try to convince us how wonderful darkness is!

    We are too intelligent to fall for such a con game (again!).


  226. Budget shocker – Gov’t plans to spend $6b more than initially projected

    The Government has tacked on just over $6 billion to its spending plans for the fiscal year despite repeated pronouncements from Prime Minister Bruce Golding that a major shortfall in revenue would lead to a sharp cut in the Budget.


    L&LL you are spending like it is an election year! Why?

  227. There are some things I would have hoped AND EXPECTED THAT THIS GOVERNMENT WOULD HAVE DOne and they haven’t….had any vision…

    I have been asking for answers to certain questions.

    We have forsaken economic develpoment.

    We need to create an environment in which it suits people to invest….get rid of beauracratic bungling…

    Wilmot ‘Mutty’ Perkins

    Perkins on line 12:17-12:21 p.m Sept 22 2009

  228. P
    9/23/2009 7:43 AM

    Oh ye labourites and ye Black Women Haters, is this article focusing on Edith Allwood-Anderson? Or is it looking at the ‘Juggling act’ on the supplemental budget?

    Where is your intelligence focusing??

    The Prime Minister previously told the country of the urgent need to cut the budget. Now, having cut, the budget is in excess of $6B??

    In the name of good sense, what is this?

    This government is unsynchronised, out of line and unbelievable.


  229. PROVIDENCIALES, Turks and Caicos — An immigration unit of the Turks and Caicos Islands’ police force has been partially suspended while commanders probe numerous complaints by foreign nationals and employers.


    Smithy how your immigration man dem fear. What’s his name again? Oh yes now I remember. It’s not lon now Deacon….you tell the gang in Ja yet?

  230. Eggelletion was involved with two South Florida businessmen and an attorney in the Bahamas to launder $23,000 collected as part of a Ponzi scheme. The others arrested were Ron Owens and Joel Williams, both businessmen. The third defendant is Bahamian attorney Sidney Cambridge. To establish their relationship with Eggelletion, FBI agents donated $5,000 to the commissioner’s private golf foundation. The allegations against Eggelletion are not related to his public office.

    This is how the money laundering scheme unfolded, according to the criminal complaint:

    In July 2006, the undercover agents told Eggelletion they were interested in opening an offshore bank account on behalf of a client. Eggelletion said he had contacts with bankers in the Bahamas.

    Late that year, an undercover agent and cooperating witness told Eggelletion they wanted to hide their client’s proceeds from a “nonexistent European, high-yield investment fraud scheme that was sending out `made up’ statements to clients.”

    Federal authorities say Eggelletion got $23,000 in kickbacks in a money laundering operation, where he helped set up a bank account in the Bahamas to wire $900,000 derived from a purported Ponzi scheme.

    Eggelletion introduced the agents to Williams and Owens to assist with opening a bank account in the Bahamas.

    In March 2007, the undercover agent, Williams and Owens met in the Bahamas with attorney Cambridge.

    “At that time, the defendants agreed that for every deposit that came into the bank, defendants Owens, Williams, Cambridge and Eggelletion would receive a percentage of the money laundered,” the complaint said.

    The first payment of $100,000 was wired to Cambridge’s trust account at First Caribbean International Bank in Nassau from a bank account in Miami on March 23, 2007. That and other wire transfers were deposited in the name of a company called Hexagon Development at the Bahamian bank.

  231. The partnership between the United States government and the the Jamaican Operations Linked to Telemarketing (JOLT) task force has resulted in funds being repatriated to victims, says charge d’affaires at the US Embassy in Jamaica, Isaiah Parnell.

    “My understanding is that there has been several thousands of dollars that have been recovered through this programme, and that have been sent back to Americans in the US, or Jamaicans living in the US, who have been victims of these (lottery) scams,” Parnell revealed during a press briefing with journalists in Montego Bay, St James, on Tuesday.


  232. “These scams not only affect American citizens but Jamaicans as well who are living in the United States, and we have certainly dedicated some of our embassy resources ….

  233. Given the pre-event rhetoric, many people would have been surprised by the revised Budget that Finance Minister Audley Shaw presented to Parliament on Tuesday.

    We had been led to believe, although it was never explicitly stated, that there would be big cuts in expenditure, given the global recession and the resulting fallout in the Jamaican economy.


  234. The terse statement which was read by Information Minister Daryl Vaz at yesterday’s post-Cabinet press briefing suggests that the Government appeared to be buying time from an impatient public in the high-profile extradition matter.


  235. “If we did not get a penny (of IMF money) we would not be in a stress position until sometime in the first quarter of next year,” Golding told business leaders at an Observer luncheon hosted by Chairman Gordon ‘Butch’ Stewart at the newspaper’s Beechwood Avenue office.


  236. Who you say ‘protect’ you Deacon?

  237. Income tax shame!

    Start with the feeder club operators who invest people’s money in their accounts. You won’t have to look far to start.


  238. Leaders of Jamaica are encouraged toensure they are compliant not only in Jamaica but in other jurisdictions as may be applicable.

    That is ‘going about it the right way’

  239. Deacon i am happy to announce to you today that is is beyond any doubt and certainty.

    The time you will wait some more but it is sealed.

    Commisserations to you and your gang.

  240. In the circumstances, Mr Shaw may plead with the IMF to give Jamaica a pass, promising to fix things over the medium term.

  241. On August 29, 2009 in an email to Floyd Seymour and Sharlene Cartwright, Stefan Kral the representative for Mario Hoffmann wrote and stated that Mario Hoffmann and he, Stefan Kral met with Floyd Seymour and Doug Parnell, appointed member of the House of Assembly for the PDM, in November of 2008. He states in that email that the issue of the $50,000 came up in that meeting and that Floyd Seymour, the leader of the PDM is well aware that the $50,000 came from Mario Hoffmann. He states in this recent email that Floyd Seymour is being disingenuous in his current public statements.


  242. The OLINT Foundation

    Report Based on Preliminary Meetings

    A prominent individual (Tracy and Dave will consider who to ask, but Tracy did indicate that she prefers to make this request AFTER elections)

    In terms of timeline, it was decided that we should establish the Foundation post-elections.

    Post-election, when we have finalized the members of the Board, we can process the paperwork via Lisa Mae Gordon.

  243. There have been a number of newspaper publications and comment which may be considered borderline defamatory. These include a comment by Peter Bunting which labelled Olint “a scam operation” as well as other publications by well known journalists, the latest of these being that of the journalist at caption which labelled David a “Renegade Trader”. It has been suggested that wherever these occur, scorching letters of reproach be sent, advising them of misinformation and journalistic irresponsibility.

  244. Consequently, non-aggressive and non-controversial overtures should be made to Niel and Janice Lewis to provide the names of everyone on their Club’s List. This would allow for the proper vetting of their members to ensure that no “ugly people” were benefiting from the Club’s activities.

  245. Floridian:

    Those last three posts, what is the source of these statements?

  246. http://www.olintja.com

    documents section

  247. Created: Thursday, May 24, 2007 6:41:00 PM
    Author: Glenford McLeish
    Company: Strategy Consulting Limited

    Dear Club Member,

    Re: Final Request Proof of Identity Documents

    We write further to our letter of ____ April 2007 in relation to the matter at caption. Regrettable our records indicate that you have not yet submitted proof of identity in accordance with our request made by way of the referenced letter. That being the case, we use this medium to make a second and final request that you immediately send us a copy of one of the following forms of identification;
    a) Current valid drivers license
    b) Current passport or
    c) National identification card

    The information should be submitted to us by electronic mail to catmemid2@gmail.com and must be received by us on or before the close of business Friday, June 1st 2007 failing which we will act as advised in our initial letter on the subject.

    If you have already complied with our request for the submission of the identity documents, we kindly ask that you re-submit these and further, to contact Messrs Jihan Palmer or Jonathan Cowan at 978-4352 for assurance surrounding receipt.

    Please note that no further gains will be added to your account(s) from the end of business on Thursday May, 31st 2007 should you fail to comply. Note also that the process to return the balances on the account of those members who have not complied with the identity request will commence thereafter.

    We look forward to receiving your identity information.


    Wayne D. Smith

  248. Corruption: Corruption is rampant in Jamaica and not only siphons off billions of dollars of taxpayers’ money but undermines the competitiveness of those who play by the rules. In 2006, Transparency International gave Jamaica a score of 3.7 out of 10 (10 being the least corrupt).

    Abuse of human rights: The abuse by the State of the rights of ordinary citizens is virtually a daily occurrence with inadequate means of prevention or redress.

    Poor justice system: Our justice system is creaking. The Resident Magistrate Courts where the vast majority of Jamaicans come in contact with the justice system has a backlog of more than 400,000 cases with over 300,000 new cases files each year.

    Whistleblower protection
    Introduce whistleblower legislation to protect persons who provide information on wrongdoing on the part of public officials.

    Issues of accountability
    Make provision that reports from the Auditor General, Contractor General, Public Defender, Political Ombudsman, Corruption Prevention Commission and Integrity Commission must be debated within 30 days of submission to Parliament

    Transforming the bureaucracy
    Undertake a comprehensive review of the existing structure and operation of government bureaucracy to eliminate waste and unnecessary red tape snd improve efficiency and accountability.

    Financing of political parties
    Enact, in consultation with the Electoral Commission, legislation to regulate the financial operations of political parties.

    Financing of political parties
    Enact, in consultation with the Electoral Commission, legislation to regulate the financial operations of political parties.

    Financing of political parties
    Enact, in consultation with the Electoral Commission, legislation to regulate the financial operations of political parties.

  249. Our foreign policy in the context of international politics
    • Maintain a non-aligned political posture in our foreign relations and take positions consistent with our obligations under international conventions that are in the best interests of Jamaica and the international community.

    Integrating the Diaspora

    • Use diplomatic channels to more proactively represent the interests of the Jamaican community to the governments of the countries in which they reside.

  250. Greater access to information

    Transparency and access to information are indispensable features of a functioning democracy and good governance.

  251. Security for the elderly

    People worldwide are living longer because of improved access to health care and more effective medication. But, unable to work or find work and without family members who are able to support them, many find themselves in the evening of their days in the darkest of despair.
    The care we provide to our elderly is a measure of the moral conscience of our nation. We recognize this as a crucial policy responsibility.

  252. Retired workers who have to rely on their pensions to survive often find that their pension payments are incapable of meeting even their modest living expenses let alone cope with the additional cost of health care they are likely to need and the ravages of inflation. We owe it to them to ensure that they get the best deal at the time when they need it most.

  253. Consulate to the TCI Allan Hutchinson explained to The SUN….

  254. Surpreme Court sets aside heavy judgement against Worldwise Partners
    Thursday, 24 September 2009
    The Supreme Court has set aside a $50 million default judgement against Noel Strachan, head of the alternative investment scheme Worldwise Partners.

    A default judgment is a judgment handed down in favour of a claimant when the defendant has failed to respond to the lawsuit.

    The Supreme Court made the order for the default judgment in favour of Worldwise’s former investor, Hurshel Cyrus, after Mr. Strachan reportedly failed to submit a defense to a lawsuit filed by Mr. Cyrus.

    But defence attorney Christopher Townsend told RJR News the default judgment was set aside as Mr. Strachan submitted that he had not been served with the proper court documents.

    “Today the matter went to court before her Ladyship Justice McDonald Phillip for an application to set aside judgement. The judge agreed that the claim form was not properly served and set aside the judgement. It is now for the other side to make their move,” Mr. Townsend said.

    Mr. Cyrus had sued Mr. Strachan and Worldwise Partners to recover US$581,000 he reportedly invested in the troubled investment scheme.


    Serve him in the U.S.A. easy…simple. Jamaican courts do not dispense justice. To many jurists caught up in the corruption. Fact.

    • ….”Serve him in the U.S.A. easy…simple. Jamaican courts do not dispense justice. To many jurists caught up in the corruption. Fact.”…….

      You are so right Floridian. When you have certain connections/lawyers, you can almost predict the outcome of a case. After all, lawyers and judges socialize/fraternize every day of the week….Banana Republic!!!

      I guess if you can hide behind your gated community and avoid process servers, you can have default judgment set aside. Maybe they should have the Broward Sheriff Department serve the papers next time around. Look like someone was sloppy in delivery.

  255. If they want to default in the U.S. no problem….costs them more in the long run.

    Ask Deacon.

  256. As if their benevolence is of a personal source, independent of its ownership by taxpayers.

  257. Iron Duke is also part of an International Task Force hunting narcotics traffickers across the Caribbean, and has had three notable drugs seizures since arriving in the region in early July.


  258. On Monday, the BBC’s Panorama revealed how Lloyds bank’s offshoot in Jersey has been less than scrupulous in its advice to potential tax dodgers.

    Earlier this month the Revenue gave people a second chance to come clean and pay tax, plus interest and limited penalties, on money they may have been hiding in bank accounts abroad.


  259. hahahahha ‘Olint frenzy’ big cc cars Range rovers etc….hahahahaa


  260. A police constable attached to the Fraud Squad is behind bars on Thursday afternoon facing corruption charges.


  261. The HMRC paid for a list of 300 UK citizens with secret accounts too, and Mr Hartnett describes the information as “phenomenally useful”.

  262. The banker replied: “It’s of no interest to us whether you tell the tax man or not. It’s not our business.”

    Mr Hartnett was not told in advance of the interview with Panorama that the bank in question was Lloyds, but details of the secret filming have since been passed to his department, prompting the investigation.

    Panorama’s John Sweeney investigates off-shore banking


  263. “Jamaicans have no confidence in finding justice in their own country”

    “We are not looking for the best man to do the job but for the man with the right colour shirt”

    Wilmot ‘Mutty’ Perkins

    “The idea that Mr. shaw is not a World class finace minister….he deserves some confidence I think…..the problems we are in are not due to any inadequacy on his part…”

    Congrats on the mother of all conferences.

  264. The JPS’s statement came minutes after the OUR announced that customers of the light and power company would begin paying more effective October 1.


    Berlin over?????/

  265. University of the West Indies Deputy Principal Joseph Pereira says the introduction of casino gambling can do no more harm to Jamaica than has already been caused.

    “I don’t think that we Jamaicans could have any more corruption of our morals, we’re already corrupted,” Pereira declared while addressing the Montego Bay Chamber of Commerce and Industry quarterly luncheon, which was hosted at the Wexford hotel in Montego Bay, St James, on Wednesday.


  266. floridian yuh buy out the blog from Jay!! LOL 🙂

  267. British bridge building firm Mabey and Johnson Limited will be sentenced in London Friday for its part in alleged corruption involving state officials in Jamaica and Ghana.


  268. You want Strachan??

    Then serve him @ his multi million dollar office building which is all empty except just for him and his staff on the top floor @ ATRIO REAL 1655 north commerce Parkway in Weston Florida. Its @ the intersection of Northpark Drive & North Commerce Parkway.

    Maybe then him will try sell you an electric car.

  269. In court Friday, a string of foreign politicians and officials were named as having received corrupt payments from a British firm, as the company admitted it had systematically paid bribes around the world to win contracts.

    Attorney for the Serious Fraud Office John Hardy told the court that over eight years, the firm gave 100,000 pounds to buy the favours of Joseph Hibbert, who he described as a key Jamaican official in awarding contracts, one of them worth 14 million pounds.


  270. Meanwhile some political observers see dark clouds on the political horizon for Joseph Hibbert, who is still Member of Parliament for East Rural St. Andrew.

  271. Minister of Information, Daryl Vaz expressed confidence that the government’s credibility will remain intact despite the revelations about Mr. Hibbert.

    He has resigned as minister during that period which I think was the right thing to do. We should just let it unfold,” Mr. Vaz said.

    “The party put its full weight behind Mr. Hibbert from the outset of this matter and now that it has reached its most critical stage this may have serious implications for the JLP’s image, particularly against the background that having since come to power the JLP has been very adamant that it will be standing up against any form of corruption,” Mr. Smith said.

  272. Time for OLINT investors to get paid.

    RJR News got access to Southwark Crown Court documents that state that during a visit to M&J offices in the UK in 1998 Mr. Hibbert requested that private donations be paid in cash to his personal account.

    A sum exceeding 15,000 pounds was deposited in his name over several transactions.

    The court Friday sentenced the firm to pay a fine of 750,000 pounds for offences in Ghana and a further 750,000 pounds for offences in Jamaica.

    SFO’s Head of External Communications, David Jones, told RJR News that Mabey and Johnson offically made financial commitments in court in their bid to make amends.


  273. Mr. Jones says it will be interesting to see how Jamaica proceeds with the case now that this new information has surfaced.

    He says the SFO stands ready to lend support and provide documents and other material should the need arise.

    A need going to arise Deacon? Or you put on your thinking cap now?

  274. “In relation to Jamaica, half of the financial penalities which is being described as reparation to the government and authorities in relation to the improper payment.

  275. JLP secret anti-corruption campaign. Codename: OLINT.

  276. Ironic.

  277. Ramcharan’s defence is being led by attorney-at-law Anthony Gifford, Q.C



    Attorney-at-law Lord Anthony Gifford challenged the decision by the Financial Services Commission (FSC) to issue a cease and desist order against OLINT in December 2007.


  278. In an interview with The Gleaner yesterday evening, Hibbert noted that while he had no immediate plans to walk away from representational politics, the decision might not necessarily be left up to him.

    “If my party makes a decision, then they will get my response,” Hibbert said, replying to the question of what would be his decision if the JLP pressed him to step aside. However, he was reluctant to say what his response would be at this time.


  279. JAMAICA’S former junior works minister, Joseph Hibbert, was yesterday named as one of a dozen politicians and officials who were allegedly paid kickbacks by the British firm Mabey and Johnson, after the firm pleaded guilty to systematically paying bribes for favours around the world.


  280. “Part of what they said they have given to me as cash payment, I have never received. Lodgements that they have claimed they have made to my accounts have never been received, these millions they are talking about have never been received. I have no such accounts either in Jamaica or abroad.”

  281. ‘White man’s handshake’

    The court heard that Mabey & Johnson first started paying backhanders in Jamaica in 1993.


  282. The Serious Fraud Office (SFO) says it will use phone tapping and surveillance to uncover British companies involved in corruption abroad.

    The SFO says companies have one last chance to come clean before the new powers are introduced.


  283. A Jamaican junior minister has resigned after being linked to a corruption scandal involving a British firm.

    Joseph Hibbert’s decision to resign as minister of state for transport and works was announced after a meeting with Prime Minister Bruce Golding.

    He first came under scrutiny when his name was mentioned months ago as part of an inquiry into allegations of bribery against the British bridge-building firm, Mabey & Johnson.

    Last week, the company admitted it was involved in overseas bribery in Jamaica and Ghana.

    It is accused of conspiring to make corrupt payments in Jamaica between 1993 and 2001.

    During that time, Joseph Hibbert was a high-ranking technical officer in the transport and works ministry.

  284. Schoolyard logic? Sounds like the rationale of David smith.

    Look at what Jamaica’s concept of Right and Wrong has come to.

    One member of the party’s communication unit pointed The Sunday Gleaner to the People’s National Party which was in power at the time the alleged bribery took place.


  285. Floridian

    Has the TCI lawyers presented their case to DS lawyers as yet. The deadline would have been last Friday if the trial is to start on Oct 26th ???????

    check that out for us nuh

  286. “Mr Hibbert received relatively modest advance payments in his own name, both in cash and through bank accounts here in the UK. In addition, M&J made a payment to Mr Hibbert’s niece, a Faith Jadusingh, of £3,000. There was a payment to cover the UK-based funeral expenses for Mr Hibbert’s mother. Additionally, Mr Hibbert received monies via his National Commercial Bank account in Jamaica.”

  287. L&LL

    Don’t worry about TCI. Is merica the games going to start for the whole gang.

  288. Not only has the Justice Minister failed to act on this request involving the JLP don, she has also sought to mislead by saying publicly that the matter was not for her to handle but was in the remit of public servants in the Attorney General’s Department. The fact is, however, that under the Extradition Treaty, the person holding the office of Minister of Justice is the one to initiate action on the request. The minister must know this because Jamaica acted on a number of such requests just last year. Why then would she have given the wrong impression?


  289. L&LL

    FULL FOCUS in the TCI will be on the Misick cases. Oh Oh…

  290. Golding has summoned JLP officials and functionaries to a session in downtown Kingston where the Hibbert issue and the ‘Dudus’ extradition request could overshadow the critical discussions on the economic crisis.

    should he resign?

  291. But attorney-at-law Bert Samuels says while there is no legal reason why Hibbert should resign, he should do the honourable thing and step down.

    “Under the Westminster system where there is a scandal that reaches a certain proportion, the thing to do is to resign until it is cleared up,” Samuels said.

  292. This is a responsibility that belongs to the Prime Minister and the public should not allow him to pass the buck on this one.

    “Congrats on the mother of all conferences”

    David A. Smith.

  293. “What is plain beyond peradventure is that M&J paid Mr. Hibbert so that he would exercise his influence corruptly on behalf of M&J. M&J paid him directly from agreed commission payments earmarked for their Jamaican agent £100,134.62 between 20 November 1993 and 30 October 2001. Johnson told a court in London during the trial of the bridge building company. Hibbert was named among several politicans and officials around the world who allegedly received kickbacks for favours.


  294. Misick in talks to cut Snitch Deal & Duck Jail

  295. This now raises the question as to whether we still have the “full hundred”


  296. Hibbert’s account

    “Part of what they said they have given to me as cash payment, I have never received. Lodgements that they have claimed they have made to my accounts have never been received, these millions they are talking about have never been received. I have no such accounts either in Jamaica or abroad.”

    “We are saying if money was paid over to me there is a proper explanation for it. When I travel to the United Kingdom for whatever reason to inspect your bridges and to make a determination on your ability to respond to a tender process that payment is made by you (Mabey and Johnson (M&J)).”

    “Travelling to England was not done of my own. It was done through the ministry I was part of at that time. I have approvals granted by ministers of government.”

    British SFO’s account

    “At all relevant times when Mr Hibbert was in receipt of money from M&J, he was bound by the relevant Public Service Staff Orders. He was not entitled to receive the money M&J paid him in respect of the exercise of his duties.”

    “Mr Hibbert received relatively modest advance payments in his own name, both in cash and through bank accounts here in the UK. In addition, M&J made a payment to Mr Hibbert’s niece, a Faith Jadusingh, of £3,000. There was a payment to cover the UK-based funeral expenses for Mr Hibbert’s mother. Additionally, Mr Hibbert received monies via his National Commercial Bank account in Jamaica.”

    “M&J accept that these payments were made with a corrupt intent to so persuade Mr Hibbert to act in a manner inconsistent with his duties as a public servant of the Jamaican Government.”

    Deacon David Smith remind us who ‘protects’ you again? In the same forthright tone too please.

  297. Our most important loss to migration has been the “ethics drain”. All of the previously recounted people have left our shores, taking with them most of our important values, traditions and aspirations. Family values, right and wrong, truth and honesty and, above all, a strong Jamaican pride are some of those elements which have been taken from us by their long walk.

    Much more than the money taken out of the country, our work ethics and values benefit other nations, and those of us remaining here have no role models to inspire us to rise above the base and aggressive behaviour seen every day in public places and on our roads. Even the unruly behaviour seen in our Parliament seems to suggest that some of our elected officials have been deprived of the true Jamaican “brought upsy”.


  298. In other words, what evidence is there to support the view that the Prime Minister and the members of his administration believe that no one is above the law? And if, as seems to be the case, they believe that there is one law for some people and another law for others, how can they hope to bring crime and violence in Jamaica under control? Nineteen Jamaicans were extradited in 2008.


  299. So when will the U.S.A. pick up Deacon David Smith?


  300. Hibbert’s troubles burden his party, Bruce summons Labourites


    JLP executive called to an emergency meeting


    Jamaica Observer seemes to have ‘missed’ this news item today.

  301. “Poor little Bobby, he’s desperately searching for relevance. It’s so ridiculous to even make any such suggestion as there’s nothing of the kind, absolute nonsense.

    “I wonder if he’s reflecting inwardly rather than looking objectively on the outside … poor fellow,” Mr. Samuda said.


  302. Deacon David Smith and Tracy Smith find the people dem money fast.

  303. Issa: “No. I’ve told you two and I told you I can’t recall any others.
    Clyne: How about litigation with Von Strowly?”
    Issa: “I’ve had no litigation with Strowly. I don’t know Von Strowly. I have had no dealings with Von Strowly.
    Clyne: “Did he ask the court to freeze your assets?”
    Issa: “You know that is libelist.”
    Clyne: “What is libelist?”

    Issa: “What you are saying in the question. I mean, you are.I mean that’s. get your facts first before you make slanderous remarks.”
    Clyne: “You can’t step away.”
    Issa: “I need some water.”

    DeMaria: “Mr Issa, relax. I will make a point here, Reggie. We, as lawyers, have to ask questions with a good-faith basis. I don’t believe you have a good-faith basis for that question. Just because you have a document. you may want to read it more carefully. it has nothing to do with John Issa.”
    Clyne: “I’m just asking.”


  304. Deacon Smith? I wonder if you knew how wide and deep your Olint gae was going to be?

    And it’s just the surface.

    I wonder if you knew that the misick government was going to pop dung and Nikki beach was going drap dung and that Olint account numbers would be the most unwanted thing in times of FEderal Indictments.

    Deacon the case with J. Issa and Von Strowly mentioned in FL court?

    Deacon you have brought Jamaica to its knees.

  305. Deacon before you gave teefing money to Hibbert you never thought to check that Serious Fraud Office (SFO) was on to him for years?

    Deacon David A. Smith…you are cold as ice. Deacon…is prison you a send them you nuh?

  306. Deacon? Misick a plead? Trowbridge? Deacon? Deacon?

    I used to call you hardears but Cold as Ice is your new name.

    Misick to plead? Really? Cold as Ice Deacon…cold as Ice!

    I wonder how that going to go down with…Cold as Ice Deacon Smith.

    Misick in talks to cut Snitch Deal & Duck Jail


  307. I would prefer if you did not share with Misick’s office for now


    “Many people have said that Smith had connections to the Misick government and that they had a mutually beneficial relationship. I asked Smith about that and he dismissed it altogether…


  308. Smithy someone looking for you

  309. Bag of wind…love give rights to David Smith. Why? Because is you recieve the teefing money of course.

    Simple. Predictable. Hat empty. No rabbit.

  310. PM: ‘Joe received payment’ from Maybey


    That’s so 2000 and late….typical.

  311. Joseph Hibbert has admitted to taking money from disgraced British bridge-building firm Maybey and Johnson but that the payments were not for corrupt means nor were the amounts as high as being alleged.

    A payment to his niece??????

  312. ‘Protect me’ – Golding urges Labourites to defend his stance on Budget


    Smithy ask Brady bunch to translate for you:

    Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

  313. According to Golding, the present circumstances represent a jamboree for the Opposition and it is up to supporters of his administration to state its accomplishments.

    Olint is an accomplishment??? Different standards for different people I suppose.

  314. “I know you are getting battered by the criticisms, but you have mouth too. Mr General Secretary, deputy leaders, if we don’t arm our soldiers with the information they need, then we can’t quarrel if they are not firing any guns out there. We haven’t given them the ammunition that they must go out there to fight the propaganda with.”

    Typical….the people are to get their money….”Yellow for the Gold that they stole…”

  315. “It’s something that I feel really passionate about. One of the tenets of our profession is that we uphold standards and certainly we want people to be accountable for clients’ money,” Leiba told The Gleaner yesterday.


  316. “Not in my Cabinet?” but is who get sen to Washington whe day? Not even that ‘promise’ can hold water.

  317. “I had discussions with Joe about a year ago when this matter was first brought to my attention and Joe assured me of his innocence,” Golding told Labourites at a conference in downtown Kingston.

    Five of Mabey & Johnson’s eight directors have resigned since the allegations came to light.


    The directors were not ‘charged’ before the stepped down. They in ‘charge’ at the time of the offenses.

    Are Jamaicans morals based soley on who or who is not ‘charged’????

  318. A pure gun and ammunition and soldier talk……May God have mercy on Jamaica.

  319. Bwoy Floridian, your reproduction rate (albeit Asexual) of posts just keeps on coming 🙂

    Do you think the Deacon read you posts?

  320. To: David smith
    From: Bruce Golding (brucegolding@yahoo.com)
    David, I must express out thanks for your support in our efforts, especially toward the staging of our recent conference. It was a tremendous success and has significantly boosted our campaign. your assistance went a far way in making it possible. I had a brief word with Peter (Bovell) sometime ago and express the hope that we would be able to meet. i hope that we will be able to arrange to do that. Kindest regards, Bruce Golding.


  321. In short they had bought Mr. Hibbert and in making payments to secure Jamaica 1 were doing so, believing that they would have a corrupt effect.

    Mabey & Johnson: The Full Document


  322. It is accepted by M&J that Mr Gibson was involved in corrupt activity with M&J within the indictment period and that Mr Gibson was in a corrupt relationship with Mr Hibbert. When appointing and permitting Mr Gibson to continue as an agent acting for M&J prior to 2002, M&J knew that there was a risk that Mr Gibson might pass further commission money to Hibbert.


  323. Is the same Joe Hibbert this?

  324. Spencer
    9/28/2009 1:40 PM
    Wow M&J must be a stupid company, they give Joe money legitimately for expenses on his inspection trips and then turn around and say they bribed him, so as to incriminate themselves and be fined. My word what a stupid company!!. I suppose that all the other policticians named in the other countries by M&J received expenses payment as well.

    I guess M&J just want to incriminate themselves unncessarily, pay fines and damage their reputation for no reason whatsover, my word what stupid people work for that company!

  325. Fact is they don’t work there anymore. They resigned…BEFORE any court case.

    But on the other side in Jamaica the poor people have to just face Big and Arrogant chat and love up dat. Shackle? Morals don’t shackle we!

  326. PRIME MINISTER Bruce Golding has jumped to the defence of his finance and public service minister, Audley Shaw.

    In a pointed jab at Dr Omar Davies, the former minister of finance and planning, the prime minister has declared that Shaw is doing a good job of managing the economy, despite not having a doctorate.

    “He has been able to steady this vessel going through some heavy, torrid and raging waters. The boat has rocked sometimes, the bow has lifted sometimes … but I say this about him, he succeeded somebody who managed to capsize the boat even in calm waters,” Golding quipped to thunderous applause.

    Congrats to the North Manchester person.

    Smithy “you can become as close to him as you know who is to that man in high office”

    Go for it Smithy!

  327. PM cuts back on int’l travel


    Maybe it is time for some of Jamaica’s super affluent to help with travel for the Jamaican government in private jets.

  328. Yes puns intended all the way.

  329. It is a good time for most to cool off the travelling nowadays anyway. Even some lawyers.

  330. Deacon Smith you yourself have not travelled in awhile. Flying ‘commercial’ uhhhh….You have a private travel trip …Coming right up!

  331. Light up your life like Disney World.

  332. On some official travel it is perfectly appropriate to take the spouse along.

  333. “Perhaps it would have made life even more interesting for other parties that are not here.”


    yes DPP hahahahaha I have heard and SEEN some tape yu si….I wonder…..hahahahaa

    Poor people fed up.

  334. TCI’s deficit drops from $19million to $5million in one week

    The gap between Turks and Caicos Islands expenditure and revenue dropped astonishingly from $19million to $5million in the space of one week, according to the Advisory Council in its latest update of meetings.

    Without going into details of what contributed to the remarkable difference in the deficit, the Advisory Council stated: “Officials from the Ministry of Finance attended to update the Council on further steps taken to reduce expenditure and raise revenue. The Council was informed that the gap between expenditure and revenue had narrowed to $5 million: $14 million less than estimated last week. The Council congratulated the Ministry of Finance on it efforts.”


  335. However, speaking with RJR News Monday night the Contractor General said his office is an independent commission of Parliament and is not obliged to take instructions from anyone including the DPP.

    Mr. Christie announced last week that he was launching a preliminary enquiry into the alleged payment by the Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica, of almost $2 million to the firm for services rendered at a community centre in Santa Cruz, St. Elizabeth.

    The firm, Caribbean Protective Security Management and Services Limited, is one of several companies linked to Mr. Spencer in the Cuban light bulb affair.

    One of the firm’s principals is Rodney Chin, the prosecution’s star witness in the corruption case against Mr. Spencer.


  336. Air J lay offs underway

    It is reported that a consortium comprising a major player in the tourism and entertainment sectors and a group of investors has expressed an interest in running Air Jamaica.

    It is expected that more than 300 persons will be laid off by the cash strapped airline


  337. Bahamas loses major French bank
    2009-09-29 13:30:33 | (0 Comments)

    French banking giant, BNP Paribas, has announced plans to withdraw from The Bahamas, amid concerns over tax havens.

    The bank says it will withdraw from several countries that do not meet international regulations set out by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

    The announcement comes just days after leaders of the G20 vowed to increase pressure on tax havens to improve transparency and exchange tax information.

    The Bahamian junior Finance Minister Zhivargo Liang described bank’s plan to withdraw from Nassau as regrettable.

    Source: Gleaner/Power 106 News

  338. We on the loose waiting…waiting….No gun lyrics please….the broadcasting commission says no gun lyrics. what’s good for DJ’s not good for others?

    Triple standards????

  339. Dawg a run dung cyarr….when di cyar stop dem stop tu…..hahhahahahahahaa…

  340. hahahahahaaaa Maybe and Johnson tell a lie pon YOU…so that they can be convicted and charged with corruption and fraud…..and fined….

    and they produce documents to show they paid YOU corrupt payments….

    Telling lie on You?

  341. For all those waiting for the court to run its course in the Hibbert scandal here’s a tip….THERE IS NO CASE IN THE COURT.

  342. She nuhh fi get arrest? Sick a dat. No charity case now our time for dat finish.

  343. What’s with the blocking? Why they release Tracy smith back? Ehhh? To take care of the thousands of suffering children?

  344. Awww Jay blocking blocking see http://www.olintja.com

    I still have the lifebouy soap to wash out yu mout Deacon.

  345. I was just informed that DS was arrested today. Does anyone have any info about this?

  346. I also heard that his wife was arrested and released because she is pregnant. Any truth to this?

  347. Free me up. I’ll behave. Promise.

  348. Nationwide say them sorry for David Smith.

  349. On the loose ….a fool can be parted of many things not money alone.

  350. OLINT boss arrested
    Tuesday, 29 September 2009

    OLINT boss David Smith.RJR News understands that former OLINT boss David Smith is now in jail in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

    Reports reaching RJR News are that Mr. Smith and his wife were arrested on Monday night in the neighbouring Caribbean territory.

    Mr. Smith is reportedly still in jail, but we understand that his wife who is pregnant has been granted bail.

    Together, the pair is facing some 30 charges.

  351. The arrest and incarceration of David Smith and arrest of Tracey Smith is a great victory for the people of Jamaica and the United States.

    His inevitable indictment and extradiction to the USA will result in us finding out what really happened to the OLINT money.

    In a few months this case will be over and ALL co-conspirators would have been identified and the “Rod of Correction” appropriately administered.

    To those co-conspirators, I say: ” Tighten your seat belts and get ready to rumble!!! “.

  352. OLINT boss arrested
    Tuesday, 29 September 2009

    OLINT boss David Smith.RJR News understands that former OLINT boss David Smith is now in jail in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

    Reports reaching RJR News are that Mr. Smith and his wife were arrested on Monday night in the neighbouring Caribbean territory.

    Mr. Smith is reportedly still in jail, but we understand that his wife who is pregnant has been granted bail.

    Together, the pair is facing some 30 charges.

  353. EDITORIAL – An extradition of high diplomacy

    David Smith, the former boss of the embattled foreign-exchange trading club Olint, is now behind bars in the Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI).

    Smith was remanded yesterday after he was taken to court on further charges in connection with the management of his Olint TCI operations.


  354. I am quite amazed at the amount of work you guys have put in to follow this culprit all these months. I am one of those fools who invested with the Olint pigs like UWIN and Wealthbuilders. What I cannot stand about them is the series of lies that they continue to feed to club members – each new story totally contrasting earlier ones. I hope they all rot in hell. If you’ll permit me, I’ll want to copy and paste all the mails from UWIN of Antigua unto this blog, just so club members know that they have enough material to start a class action against these bastards.

  355. I hope is sent to the US i believe we will find the truth and what of the chances that the US can pressure him in reveal the funds locations. -Ter

    Florida, almost looks like you doin a monolog.

  356. @Jamaicath,

    Please go ahead, lets hear what these guys have been saying.

  357. Jamaicath

    Sen on….you aint seen nothing yet.

  358. Prime Minister Bruce Golding has announced that there are signs of improvement in remittances to the country over the last two months.

    Mr. Golding made this pronouncement while addressing university students at a town hall meeting at the University of the West Indies Mona Campus Tuesday night.

    This was hours after Professor Richard Curtin of the University of Michigan’s announced that based on the latest consumer and business confidence survey, remittances had declined.


  359. Divine Intervention?

  360. Floridian,
    Please post Cashplus related items under Cashplus, kinda keeps things together for those looking for information.
    Great video however.

  361. We were told? By whom?

    Subsequent events were to show that we were, indeed, trying to help poor people preserve their precious funds by providing information they did not previously have about the scheme’s principal.

    In the case of the Olint scheme, which had seemed on the surface to be more viable, being based on foreign exchange trading, or so we were told, investors might have less hope of recovering their money any time soon, if at all.


    Message to leaders?

    Here again, the lesson learnt was that “not all that glitters is gold”.

    Thank God the Mareva injunction against Smith was turned down? ‘Lucky’ for the one against Cash Plus to be granted swiftly? Influence? …..Here again, the lesson to be learned is, “Oh time will tell…you think your in heaven but your living in……”

    Jack Mandora…mi nuh choose none.

  362. You know sometimes we think certain divisions are broken down but usually this turns out to be a shortlived break in the status quo. Sad….sad for Jamaica.

    Sincerely we hope that the spirit in which the Observer quotes “all that glitters is not Gold” is that of Bob Marley’s use of the saying….and not the fairy tale from which it really emanated.

    For Marley sang it in a song and it continued …and half that story ain’t been told….”

    The song is one containing many lines. Not least of which includes this one, “Preacher man don’t tell me…Great God will come from the sky….”

    and the indomitable…”Get up stand up…stand up for your rights…”

  363. Morning. Mr.Music…

  364. Cash Plus depositors flood Wildman’s office
    Published: Thursday | October 8, 2009


  365. From the Observer

    That money is entangled with money suspected to be proceeds of money laundering, which has led to Olint principal, Mr David Smith being arrested and in custody in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

    Cleaver. No. Wrong. Cleaver still….hehehe

  366. Swiss bank account held in the names of Carlos Hill, Bertram Hill and John Doe. WHA!! JD!! MInd yuh know!! lolololol 🙂

    • LOL, I thought the same thing when I listened to that recording. This can only add ammunition to guys like Live&LetLive and Tafari Francis…….now they are going to say, I told you so 🙂

      On a serious note, the question is, who is John Doe and why wasn’t his name released?

  367. @RedP and MikeD

    Very funny.

    So RedP , better you had invested with CashPlus vs Olint as with CashPlus (based on claims on hand) you could end up getting $0.60 – $0.65 on the dollar.

    This is if the claims of cash found so far of US$41 or $J3.65B are correct . It works out to $0.72 on the dollar, just raw figues but when all expense etc are taken out investors could possibly have something to smile about

  368. This was the irony of C+ versus Olint. Guys like Wignall along with many Olint investors used to disparage C+ as having no business model while Olint did… The reality is neither did… But C+ was likely to have more recoverable assets as CH, for show, did try to invest in some real assets…

    LOL…. so C+ was the smarter investment. By the way the percentage recoverable for investors looks artificially high because many investors gave up and for various reasons have not filed claims to date.

  369. Allright MikeD I told you so. These guys are thieves. Thieves don’t give back all the money. They have money hidden. The idea is to find it.

    In my earliest postings on this blog I advocated finding the money. I was immediately shot down as a lunatic. Well I told you so. We have to go after every asset that these guys have…every dollar hidden.

  370. @Tafari

    Lol… There is no need to feel smart… This is nothing ground breaking. Many have said it and this is a common mode of operation of ponzi scheme operators. There is typically a stash that they try to camouflage. The real issue is that it is usually pennies on the dollar.

    If you trace back the the claims of the 40,000 investors … the amount located is pennies on the dollar and fees are due. Many have not come forward to file claims so at this point it appears to be a large percentage. If the liquidator accepts additional claims the percentage is likely to drop significantly.

    As I pointed way back, C+ scenario was also likely to have a better outcome as CH was also putting some money in real business assets and some of this was recoverable. DS on the other hand did no such thing. In his case, the only money recoverable is from any stash he may have (likely to be a small percentage of claims), money on any platform, money from 3rd parties and or money from other investors.

    The outcome for Olint investors is likely to be worse but it depends on how aggressive the liquidator will be in going after 3rd parties and clawback from other investors.

  371. I wonder how many “NEW” C+ claims will be filed over the coming weeks. 10,000? 20,000? Now that people realize that some funds are available expect a flood of new claims.

    There might even be a spillover effect on Olint investors, now that Tafari’s batting averages have increase. 🙄

    Will more Olint investors file claims with the hope of the liquidators find DS secret stash?

    Shouldn’t this be sufficient grounds to revoke Hill’s bail?

  372. @RedP
    I am used to the suspicion… 🙂 and it is not me.

    you are right only $5b in claims… the amount owing was closer to $22B ( need to double check)

    I was thinking at least cash plus had invested in some real assets…

    Any one remembered what happen to the millions May Daisy traded according to the NFA report… the lost 90%…

  373. Is that the same Nocotec? What did you do with the other one?

  374. As we rebuild our country from the ground up, there is no reason we cannot address the weaknesses in our current political system.

    We would reaffirm what we suggested last week:

    1. Public funding of elections, so as to reduce the influence of money in politics.

    2. That the person seeking to represent each district stand for election as an individual. That they stand on the strength of their own intellect, compassion and character, committing themselves to doing what is best for their district and their Country, and to do away with the corrupting and competing aspects of party politics.

    We have the rare opportunity that always comes with the costly price of transiting through a time of destruction and pain; to consciously decide how we will now choose to govern ourselves.

    As the inability of the PNP to remove Michael Misick from power showed, and the unfortunate silence of Ms. Cartwright reinforces for us, the party system in the TCI is ethically challenged and brain dead.

    Perhaps it should be allowed to rest in peace and not kept on life support.


  375. Now the question remains will people sit down or not take action against the OLINT Feeder Clubs…. See what this liquidator has dug up.

    How do we know that the principals of some of these feeder clubs do not have hidden stashes.?

    I expect that the claims will increase the question will be is it too late.. I am sure the deadline to submit claims passed already.

  376. @ JohnDoe,

    It appears that the liquidator is expecting to have a flood on new claims based on his own statements. From that it would appear that he may be open to accept more claims, we just have to wait and see.

  377. Cash Plus hope, Olint despair

    We don’t intend to try to pre-empt the outcome of efforts by court-appointed liquidator, Mr Hugh Wildman to hunt down and find the missing millions of dollars invested by Jamaicans with former Cash Plus boss, Mr Carlos Hill.


  378. LOL… When Tafari/Napoleon feels some pressure… he reappears under a different nick often with his usual silly juvenile comments
    Hehe… Anyone remember this post. I guess now that Mr. Wildman has found some money Tafari is not ragging on him any more 🙂

    From Tafari previously:
    “Hugh Wildman winding up a crooked company. Now here is a case of the Fox watching the hen-house. Has anyone run a background check on this guy?
    Someone should. Or someone shouldn’t. Depends!”


    And MikeD’s response

  379. Reunion? naw…you were always there.

    Sirach Sirach on the wall when next shall there be a fall?

  380. Told them once, told them twice they refused the advice….

  381. Christie sends Mabey and Johnson report to DPP
    Published: Friday | October 9, 2009

    DAYS AFTER the British firm Mabey and Johnson accepted a guilty plea in which the company claimed it paid embattled government Member of Parliament (MP) Joseph Hibbert more than £100,000 inappropriately, the Office of the Contractor General (OCG) has hinted that its probe has uncovered incidents of corruption or illegality.


  382. @ Nocotec, great find. Now Tafari will disappear again. lol

  383. What fate for Olint associates?

    With David Smith, the lead principal of Olint, now facing several counts of fraud, the question occupying the minds of those seeking to bring him to book is: who were his associates and to what extent did they benefit from what, for all intents and purposes, has been described as a Ponzi scheme?


  384. Nocotec:

    Napoleon is my brother-in-law….use the same CPU…not the same person.

    Do you remember the posts regarding going after the money? Do you remember your responses?

  385. Nocotec:

    Napoleon is my brother-in-law….use the same CPU…not the same person.

    Do you remember my posts regarding going after the money? Do you remember your responses?

    Hugh Wildman defined himself as another crooked Jamaican by his actions. It appears typical that you appoint the fox to guard the hen house in Jamaica…..Now you don’t feel smart because he “found” some money. Just more for him to steal and share with your friends in Government (most of whom are heavily invested in these crooked schemes.

    • Tafari:

      Correct me if I wrong (memory is not as good as it once were), but did you not say you live in a South American Country and your brother-in-law lives in Costa Rica (Central America)? Are you (or him) having a protracted vacation? Or are you getting FX training from your brother-in-law, the expert FX trader? I notice that we haven’t been given any updates on your FX performance recently. Lost all of your $1,000?

  386. Jay, on May 20th, 2009 at 11:59 am Said:

    Tafari , #4 is the most appropiate answer.

    If you were following this blog earlier, we covered what happens to the money in a ponzi,its the same picture every time.

    It fails when the money is gone.

  387. Nocotec:

    Gonna block me again eh?

  388. oooooooooooh….break out the POPCORN (just pop some in the microwave; let me pull up a chair)!!! This should be interesting. Tafari and Nocotec Round 2 🙂

    Does anyone remember when I outed Olint-For_life on the other Blog and he claims it was his better half posting from his PC….Hmmmmmmmmmm

  389. @MikeD-oooooooooooh….break out the POPCORN (just pop some in the microwave; let me pull up a chair)!!! This should be interesting. Tafari and Nocotec Round 2 🙂

    LOLOLOLOLOLOL yuh nuh easy LOL

  390. @ Tafari.

    Nothing has changed my friend, the ponzi collapsed when the money left. The point still remains that there was no money in the scheme as it was either stolen (as we see here) or paid out to initial investors.

    Secondly the money “located” so far is only as large as it is today due to the devaluation of the Jamaican dollar which moved from a base rate of $72 to $1 to $89 to $1 , that alone added $697m to the figure ie the figure in terms of Jamaican change significantly due to the exchange rate.

    So Tafari, what the point of your repost of my May 20, 2009 post.

  391. If money was loaned, not a ponzi.

    If money was invested, not a ponzi.

    Currency exchange business, more like currency moving business.

    Olint, money for a promise, sounds like the mortgage business or business in general. Anything exchanged?

  392. It is unfortunate for Smith that his predicament comes at a time when other failed schemes have been dominating the news…..

    Al Edwards..hahahaha…why not Duke of Earl this week…when i get the time I going CLARIFY an Karrec it

    Starting with the authors emails to smith a clearly seen on http://www.olintja.com

    Al If you see certain email of your boss yu drop dung…

  393. when unno backpedal off you bredrin dem …unno cold…

    Once safe under the Michael Misick administration in Turks & Caicos…..

    Hear the auctioneer…..SOLD! ..hahahahahaha

  394. Uh! Sold down thr river Iron. The ink on the Belongership not even dry yet….as Shabba Ranks says, “now come back to your memory” ….heheh Joke we need you not….those proofs secure long time.

    5 Aces?

  395. @MikeD

    lol… Mi have to ease up on Tafari… Time longer than rope… And so now Tafari past words catching up with him 🙂

    Mi just hear from him brother-in-law… Him say to tell the liad bwoy, if him ever call him name again… im going to bax down him wassit wassit cloth:-)

  396. Damn, check this:

  397. Once safe under the Michael Misick administration …..hehehe…can’t get over it all now….the most significant line.

    Talking about “told you so” look up the bloghistory there….go back to July 08.

    Once safe under the Michael Misick administration .hhahaaha

  398. Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

    is a Latin phrase from the Roman poet Juvenal, which literally translates to “Who will guard the guards themselves?”, and is variously translated in colloquial English as “Who watches the watchmen?”, “Who watches the watchers?”, “Who will guard the guardians?”, “Who shall watch the watchers?”, “Who polices the police?” or other similar translations.

  399. Dear Floridian
    De answer “Daniel 4vs13 I saw visions of my head upon my bed, and, behold a watcher and an holy one came down from Heaven;”

    The watchers are watched by the Man upstairs, and He has holy watchers he can send forth when the watchers down here become corrupt and filled with pride and rascallity, these Holy watchers cause no end of stress and strain to the earthly watchers>

    They can cause earthly watchers to make crazy decisons like did Michael Manley, or he can grant dem great wisdom like King Solomon, or he can cause dem to go into a war dem cannt win all sort of things dem holy watchers can do. Truth said de earthly watchers dem no even realize wa a go on, much less de servants of de earthly watchers.

    De Holy watchers at work a yard right now, look and see dem at work in TCI too, dem just done some work wid Mr. Wildman, dem open up Mr. Hills hidden loot, maybe dem a go do di same wid DS hidden loot.

    i hope me answer your question

  400. Business
    What fate for Olint associates?

    By Al Edwards

    Friday, October 09, 2009


  401. jamaican
    10/9/2009 6:37 AM
    Why is there no mention of Jamaican government doing anything? Maybe because so many of them enjoyed the Olint parties, jetting and campaign money. Case of “foot in a lion’s mouth”.

    10/9/2009 7:20 AM
    What is the reason for the delay in starting an investigation on behalf of the Jamaican people ? Is this how the Government protect the citizens or are they scared of the outcome of such investigation?
    Will the opposition push this to the limit of Trafigura???
    There are a lot of questions laying on the back of this Government of late and some answers should be in the making !!!!!!

  402. From “love spend others money that was stolen…Ms teach your children your nasty values and &%$ up Jamaica”

    10/9/2009 7:20 AM
    leave the man alone, he actually made alot of jamaicans see a different life for a while. People were able to buy food, clothes, eat out………. Why now because some people are bad mind the mans life is in the hands of the British. They were the ones who initiated slavery(hm)……………..

  403. Damn ass. Gunman meck people see a different life…

  404. Get it right grace..david smith has put the entire country of Jamaica in the hands of the AMERICANS.

    Spit up your eat out and take of you clothes old people have perished and not able to but medication for chronic diseases.

    Anyway early days…just like the old people you will know real sufferstion soon enough. Enjoy the meal. Savour it.

  405. You will eat every single morsel.

  406. lick dem floridian, unno right, nough old man and women a bawl, and DS a run round an tell every one dat dem no have to worry dat 60cent de pon di dollar. watch out DS di holy watchers a come!

  407. Saddle up Panorama (BBC) is ready. Play? Yu get **%$$!

  408. Slew dem Sirach.

  409. olint money did what Deacon David Smith?

  410. To: David smith
    From: Bruce Golding (brucegolding@yahoo.com)
    David, I must express out thanks for your support in our efforts, especially toward the staging of our recent conference. It was a tremendous success and has significantly boosted our campaign. your assistance went a far way in making it possible. I had a brief word with Peter (Bovell) sometime ago and express the hope that we would be able to meet. i hope that we will be able to arrange to do that. Kindest regards, Bruce Golding.

  411. Last year, a letter was circulated by an associate imploring Smith to be transparent with his activities, and the party concerned disassociated himself from Smith and Olint, outlining the reasons for doing so. This missive was unequivocal in its intent and may prove to be a saving grace.

    “This missive was unequivocal in its intent and may prove to be a saving grace.”

  412. Jay:

    The sentiment of the gods of the blog has been that the money gone. I said then and I say now that the money is hidden, let’s find it.

    With any luck, money will be recovered…be it pennies on the dollar or enough to pay back everyone when the Jamaica dollar reaches 100 to 1 as it undoubtedly will.

    My position still is that this thief didn’t set up a ponzi to redistribute wealth. He did it to steal. We hear that he spent a hefty portion, that he gave a portion to the political parties, paid civil servants in the TCI. But we keep looking cause that bastard has money hidden somewhere. Just like CH did.

    The money gone? The money gone? The money nuh gone at all. Just those who stand to benefit…DS pals saying that. Plans to share the spoils in the end? What is the plan?

  413. Read the liquidator report carefully. Indications are they are looking in some of the right places. Even seem to have the right dollar amounts.

    We will find it Jay. That will make you and your pals very sad. Or maybe they won’t find it and that will make you right. But look we will.

  414. MikeD:

    I picture you a little fat ugly man in a damp basement.

    • True-true, but enough about me, what you have to say to Nocotec? Boss, mi caan let mi popcarn go to waste like dat.

  415. “The Jamaican authorities have not conducted an investigation and are not pressing charges which, I think, makes it difficult to extradite accomplices. Mind you, that’s my personal opinion and I do not speak here on behalf of the Serious Fraud Office. The way I see it, a thorough investigation would entail a joint effort by Jamaican, UK, US and TCI law enforcement agents. I sense that the Jamaican Government is not too enamoured of the idea of pressing to bring Smith down. Like you, I hear that many government operatives are embroiled in Olint, as are members of prominent families of Jamaica. We will have to just wait and see.”



  416. With David Smith, the lead principal of Olint, now facing several counts of fraud, the question occupying the minds of those seeking to bring him to book is: who were his associates and to what extent did they benefit from what, for all intents and purposes, has been described as a Ponzi scheme?

  417. To: David Smith
    From: Charlene Robertson (cer@mail.infochan.com)
    It was a pleasure meeting with you. I look forward to returning with my family for a weekend. The folowing is my banking information:-
    National Commercial Bank
    Swift Code: JNCBJMKX
    54, Second Street
    Newport West
    Kingston 13
    Beneficiary: St. Thomas Education & “Development” Foundation 126 Third Street, Newport West, kingston 13. Beneficiary account number 396482711. YOUR SUPPORT WILL MAKE A MEANINGFUL DIFFERENCE TO THE JAMAICA LABOUR PARTY’S SUCCESS, Regards, James.

  418. But Smith was not acting alone. It’s well-known that other people, claiming to be associated with Olint, enticed a number of investors. An organisation that reaps hundreds of millions of US dollars and where people benefited handsomely may well be held culpable and accountable.



    for the victims of cash plus (used to be cash plus for Carl Hill)



  420. Statutory body proposed for offshore centre – Wehby sees markets in sport, entertainment.

    “The idea is, therefore, to attract sportsmen and women from all over the world to have their offshore planning done in Jamaica.”


  421. The attorney says his client who was in court today remains very focused.

    Can one imagine facing 26 counts? What is he focused on? Hopefully a long time behind bars.

    We hear though about the charges but not the penalties they carry. Does anyone know what time this guy is facing? Hopefully it adds up to life…..That way a plea in exchange for the hidden funds would be more likely….

  422. ter you are right….It is still worth it to dream. It is your money.

    There is, however, the much discussed issue of t he middle men who were running their own little ponzis. In Jamaica, you may have no luck with the legal avenue against these guys. But in other jurisdictions it may be possible to hold them accountable.

  423. Brea….king? Carlos Hill arrested again? Jay?

    Can you confirm?

    BTW Jay you know the names of the 5 pending extradition requests? hahhahaahahaaa

  424. Ca Ca if him get lock up….he made some promises the first night inside and when he got out he renaged….


  425. Carlos..at least I don’t spell ‘Supper’ wrong.

  426. Carlos Hill, the head of the collapsed investment scheme Cash Plus Limited was taken into custody Friday morning by members of the Organised Crime Investigation Division (OCID).


  427. The Jamaica 1 contract was won by M&J and Kier. M&J had behaved corruptly.
    They had already corrupted an important person of influence over these matters, Mr. Hibbert.

    82. Mr Hibbert received relatively modest advance payments in his own name both in cash and through bank accounts here in the UK. In addition, M&J made a payment to Mr Hibbert’s niece, a Faith Jadusingh, of £3,000. There was a payment to cover the UK based funeral expenses for Mr Hibbert’s mother. Additionally, Mr. Hibbert received monies via his National Commercial Bank account in Jamaica.

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