Will the former DPP respond to the Deputy Director of FSC challenge ?

Former DPP, Kent Pantry in a speech that was covered by CVM seemed to indicate that the FSC had some responsibility for the collapse of Olint. See his speech at the following link:

In response the deputy director of the FSC, George Roper, wrote a letter to the Gleaner: See letter at the following link


In one section of the letter Mr. Roper said “In light of the foregoing, we think it would be appropriate for Pantry to declare openly whether he has any vested interest in, or relationship with any, of the unregulated investment schemes. Such a declaration would assist members of the public to put his statements in their proper context.”

It should be noted that the raid by the FSC on OLint/Lewfam would likely have revealed the then list of investors to the FSC.

The website http://www.olintja.com contains  what appears to be a partial list of Olint investors. While investforlife cannot vouch for the accuracy or completeness of the list, based on public responses of people on the list, it is known that the list does contain names of investors.

A look at this reveals that the following names are on the list: Kent Pantry, Carol Panty …

While investforlife cannot verify that these persons were investors or that they are the former DPP or persons related to him, we believe that the former DPP should respond to the letter from the FSC deputy director and reveal whether he did have any relationship with Olint or any other UFO.