Olint investors urged to come forward

Today we were greeted with the news from the liquidator out of the TCI, who was lamenting the fact that many persons who have been defrauded by Olint TCI have been reluctant to come forward with their claims.

ISLANDERS who ploughed cash into scandal-plagued firm Olint TCI are being urged to submit their claims if they are to have any chance of recovering their savings.

Liquidators for the Providenciales-based company � embroiled in a $750m international fraud probe � revealed that just 100 investors out of an estimated 6,000 have come forward to date

Why is there a reluctance by these folks to file their claims?

Is it that persons do not want to become exposed i.e. they are afraid of now being shown to be  a believer in the unbelievable?

Is it that most investor invested in Olint TCI through feeder clubs, who really have no intention of filing a claim?

It is  interesting to note that only direct investors of Olint TCI will stand a chance of getting back anything, as the liquidator was careful to note that only Olint TCI was being liquidated.

The stunning silence by Olint investors in indeed amazing consider that some many posters in the past few weeks have accused the media of conspiracy and cover up, and not wanting to expose the real “crooks”  in the Olint saga.

The fact that only 100 have come forward couple with the fact that the majority of Olint investors were Jamaicans, is indeed in sync with the fact that their has been no reports to the Jamaica fraud squad by defrauded Olint investors.

The liquidator has reported his intention to make more public appeal via the print media, I will wait to see if any of these appeal will show up in the local papers.

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