Bill Clarke and Scotia, a case of greed gone too far?

The current battle between former CEO of BNS and BNS Canada is really getting ugly and will turn out to be a very costly process.

Is Bill Clarke justified in putting up such a fight to retain his “dignity” or should he just have taken the offer from Scotia and ride off into the sunset.

Is this of “craven choke puppy dog” (Translated to me is the just plain greedy)

Bill Clarke for the most part has being an aggressive and sometime very crude and abrasive character who at times did not seem to care about the people he came in contact with while he was at the pinnacle of his career.

Bill Clarke however from what I have been told was a fearless person who worked tirelessly to ensure that BNS raked in significant profits year after year and was very loyal to his company.

The one thing I found very odd however was he held little or no shares in the company that he had worked 40 yrs at and 10 being as CEO.

There may have been a good reason for this I have no idea and only Bill himself can answer that question.

What is happening now is that Bill’s dirty laundry is being completely exposed and I have the feeling that he is fighting a battle that he does not have a ghost of a chance in winning.

The situation will not doubt only get worse, when he loses all his appeals and will be asked to pay full legal cost to Scotia and possible rental cost for the period that he has lived in the company house after being told to leave.

Its really unfortunate so sees what is happening, but as my mom always tell me and I am constantly reminded by that fact. ” When you work for a company no matter how high up the food chain you are, you are just still an employee, nothing more than that.”

She went on further to say,”it does not matter what you contributions have been in the past or even very current, when your handlers think its time for you to go, you will have to go. You can either go quietly with the package being offered or publicly with a reduced package, it’s your choice.”

Very sound advice from a lady who is my mentor with a high school education who is currently studying for a college degree.