Investforlife hits 1,000,000

When Investforlife started in May 2008, we never imagined the traffic, discussion and controversy that would follow this site.  Yesterday hit the 1,000,000 mark.

Giving thanks – The value of  ‘good’ advice.

Bless be the day when we took the advise of users on another blog and formed this blog.  It is interesting that although we did not agree with many of the comments of posters on one particular blog we were prepared to listen to their advice and deciding that it was not a bad idea this blog was formed. Be prepared to listen critically to suggestion

We also like to thank all the ‘deportees’ banned on the other site(s) that have teamed together to make this blog open, informative, relevant while  allowing both sides of the story to be heard.

  • To our readers, and bloggers that keep the comments flowing we say thank you,
  • To the article contributors, Jay, NoCotec, Sage one, John Doe  We say thank you,
  • To the sources…. that will remain nameless… we say thank you,
  • To Nation Wide News Network we say thanks,
  • To the silent readers thank you…
  • To WordPress thanks for allowing us to host this service for FREE!

Defining moment

The site really got notice, when after receiving a tip,  we broke the story broke about NFA,  I-Trade FX and David Smith. Form there the site was on the map as not only the ‘blogosphere’ was interested but radio, newspapers and TV stations now took notice.

Lastly we hope that more than the millions the lessons will be learnt.

  1. If you let your guard down you will be conned.
  2. Listen to the advice of persons critically, friend or foe
  3. Transparency and accountability is your friend not the enemy
  4. What your grandma told you, if it it sounds to good to be true it probably is.

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