Who really is Noel Roswell Strachan

Investforlife as part of its ongoing investigation into the UFO’s has come across another bit of interesting information regarding another UFO operator.

This time we have decided to focus on Noel Strachan who is the lead principal of Worldwise Partners.

36 year old Florida resident Noel Roswell Strachan was so broke 7-1/2 yrs ago , that he was evicted from his rental home in  Pembroke Pines , Florida via a order issued by the 17th judicial court , for Broward County, on February 1, 2001.

Worldwise was such a profitable venture for Noel and his wife Judy , that they were able to spend over US$14 million, between April – June of 2008, to purchase five properties and land , in Broward County.

Four of those properties we had earlier reported were purchased under a company called Juelle Properties LLC, which they formed on April 7, 2008.

They also purchase a US$1.8 million luxury in the lakefront gated community of Davie. This house was purchased jointly in there names.

Noel also owns a J$150million dollar property  in Jamaica which was the subject of controvery last year, when it was “stolen” by a defrauded investor.

So while Worldwise investor were/are waiting for thier big pay day, Noel is living a life of luxury, in Florida.

Some investors have however “wised” up and so dar there has been around four cases filed in the 17th judicial court in Browrad County. Cases can be seen at this link. You have to pay however to see te details of the case.


57 Responses

  1. Looks like Mr. Strachan is going to escape with all his loot!!
    worst case just sell one of the properties and pay back those 5 investors!

    Again, no jailtime for the crime. Who says Crime DOESN’T pay?

  2. Crime might pay, but is worth living in hiding?

    • hiding? you call owning 5 houses, a fleet of cars HIDING?

      • the only way strachan will escape the wrath to come is if God dead and i know that he alive ……….so strachan and his mother is going to get what is coming to them……they have gone to the wrong country, believe me

  3. World Wise director faces default judgment

    A default judgment has been entered against Noel Strachan, owner and director of investment club World Wise Partners Ltd, for US$500,000 allegedly owed to an investor.


  4. Worldwise fighting default judegement?

  5. JohnDoe:

    This why it was so important for investors to file lawsuits and file them early when funds were still available in most of these UFOs.

    NS is claiming he was not served. Most do not realize that it is not uncommon in many jurisdictions for the process server to simply sign the affidavit stating he delivered the summons or other applicable doc. Also proper service varies in jurisdictions. For example, in some one can mail it.

    Once the court gets an affidavit of service, if the defendant does not show up or respond the court will enter a default judgment in favor of the plaintiff. This will allow the plaintiff to seize property etc or the defendant will then have to file a case to dismiss the judgment for failure to receive service. In any case he will be forced to respond.

    In JA it is not unheard of for the process server to not have actually delivered the docs. And this being JA remember how property was transferred out of his name at the title office… LOL

  6. Thank you so much for posting this information. What a CRIME!!! THIS IS. Folks mortgaged their houses to generat cash for this investment. I see the offices in JA are still up and running, and I also see that the website is up and running but of course no real info..just rhetoric

  7. Supreme Court throws Worldwise boss a lifeline
    Friday, 31 July 2009

    Head of the beleaguered alternative investment
    scheme Worldwise Partners, Noel Strachan, who is battling a $50 million judgement handed down against him, was thrown a lifeline on Friday by a judge of the Supreme Court.

    Supreme Court judge, Justice Glen Brown, on Friday afternoon granted Mr. Strachan an order staying the $50 million judgement.


  8. The Stay will remain enforced until Mr. Strachan’s application challenging the judgement is heard.

    So why Strachan and his lawyers never deal with the case when it came up. I hate to be the one say this but the precariousness of Strachan’s problems nearly rival those of David Smith and freinds.

  9. NS stole my money, I don’t understand why the FBI is not on him by now. I plan to pursue this further, I think anyone who is a victim should put pressure on the FBI.

    • I am planning to go to Broward County Court and sue this bastard for my hard earned money…

      • both him and his wife are tiefs. he is living in florida driving a bentley and no doubt his daughters are going to expensive private schools. PLEASE SUE HIM. we want him to be extradited to jamaica. wicked bastard

      • how do you go about suing Noel Strachan in the Broward County Court. and what’s the cost to file the law suit.

    • i am trying to get back my US$1500.00 and worldwise/stratchan has gotten a lawyer to fight me for my refund of my principal amount. i am not interested in any interest as i know that there are other persons waiting and suffering for their money

  10. Hi,

    He couldn’t be off Jamaican blood as we aren’t that dyam wicked to each other on such a mass way. This man is a Fu…@#$%^&&()%$# …thief.
    I had such great support and admiration for the man. I can even let my family know that I invested funds with them.


    • other persons who know him for a while said they tried to warn persons about him as he is a known tief in the circle that he used to move

  11. What’s the latest worldwise

  12. sandra platt the “manager” claims that the last time that they got money to payout was in january 2010 and she do not know when they are getting anything else as they have some properties to dispose of and unsure of how long or when these will go. while stratchan no longer resides in Jamaica. that is what i was told on June 11, 2010

    • How can we sue this wicked man, both in ja. and the u.s.

      • We need to apply to some pressure to World Wise and Noel Strachan , he cannot simply run off with so many people impacted and no consequences. We need to take action

  13. i took worldwise to court and got back my money, it was not a lot ($1500.00) but i got it back less $100. you can go to Civil Court (Sutton Street) and sue them, if your money is less that JA$250000. Otherwise you have got to get a lawyer and go to Supreme Court, I know someone that is interested in suing through Supreme court but would like to share the cost. if interested contact me

  14. I went there the other day and put my situation to them as I was about to lose my house. I had been made redundant and had exhausted my redundancy payment so I went into arears. I got back $1500 US in Oct and they make it seem they are doing people a favour and it is our money. I heard that the two ladies their get the 20% that they want to take out of our money. the MS Williams and Prat woman. I hear that Prat doen’t have to work again. They pay you if you go on bad. Miss Ava can you tel me what the court says about the case and how long did it take. I have over 10,000 US invested and living hand to mouth as I got back a job earning far less than before.

    • i went to the civil court at sutton street, i filed in July and the case settled in October, because of the amount you have, you will need a lawyer and that will have to be filed through the Supreme Court. i know someone that have (US$25000)and is interested to join with other persons to file

  15. Ava,
    I hope i am not too late I too lost more than 25000 and is interested in getting my money back i even contacted a FBI agent here and would like to get in touch with whomever you know and split cost to recoup my funds let me know how i can get in touch with your friend

    • Hi Ava,

      I have invested 6,000 with WW as well and would like to know how to go about in getting my money back. Please let me know how much the fee will be; I don’t mind splitting.


  16. When all these schemes were the rage a few years back and I told people go learn the rough diamond market themselves and go buy and sell your own with small outlays and ‘control the show themselves’.. people called me a ‘eediat, caw dis ah “easy cawn”‘….even to a ‘fool’ like me these schemes never seemed sustainable and ‘bigga dawg dan me’ know that but still ‘cut dem yeye’…now look how de ting set!!

  17. I too invested quit a bit of my money with these guy .I work very hard for it like everbody else.It is very sad that these guys can just take your money and walk away with it and then said nothing. They should arrest the once in new york city that play apart in this too. Do any body know how to recover some of our money?

  18. I’m also interested in getting some more information on suing.

  19. Can we sue from the US. does anyone knows the last time money was paid out by this world wise thieves.

  20. Nothing has been paid out. Contact the FBI in Miami – Agent Timothy Wright at 305-944-9101. Please pass this information on to anyone else you know that has invested funds with WW. Noel and Judy Strachan must be brought to justice. The number for the FBI has been posted for some months and and there is a case pending but they need your cooperation.

  21. I got this strange e-mail 2 days ago: I think it is phishing

    World Wise Partners

    Dear Partner,
    I have received information that a withdrawal request was executed by you. We have received the request and a settlement of your account will be completed within 90 days from your emailed response.
    We appreciate your business and apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced.
    Please confirm the balance due to you, your physical mailing address, and phone details so that we can settle within the time stated.
    Therefore a reply confirming the above is required to move forward with this 90 day settlement plan.
    Once I’ve received your reply World Wise Partners Limited will call you to answer or explain any issue or concern you may have.
    We look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Best Regards,

    Noel Strachan
    CEO – World Wise Partners Limited.

  22. This is a ploy to hush u guys up. There is big things going on Noel STrachan has no intention of paying anyone back their money unless u take him to court. The FBI is now on his case. Do not pay that any mind try to get together and get at him.

  23. You guys don’t see that the offices close down. What unnu a wait for to come together. There are people out there fighting for their money and getting it back. Less that $1500US I think can be taken to the Sutton Street RM but over that has to be taken to the Supreme Court. You only need your receipt of wht you invested.

    • Do you have any additional info on the Supreme Court angle?
      Let people start calling Donitta Clarke at 876 702 6103

  24. Anyone know a phone number or email address for Noel or hie wife or any of the WWP offices

    • Contact Donnita Clarke at 876 702 6103 – please pass on this # to everyone that had invested!!!!

      • I am definitely going to try this Donnita Clarke because I invested $5000.00 and I desperately need it.I do hope that something positive will will come about because of this call.

  25. Who is Donnita Clarke?

  26. Leave a message – she will return your call!

  27. Donitta’s number was referred by the FBI – she is currently working w/the fraud in Jamaica.

  28. Anyone have info on how we can get to the DPP offices in JA?? Someone MUSt have an inside angle..they (DPP) will sit on the files indefinately unless folks/victims take action NOW!!!

    • In the case of David Smith some of the prosecutors inside those offices were fambily and feeder club owners.

      The feeder club owners feed the most lies and propaganda because they are liable. Ever notice how no Olint feeder (other than the pastor in Orlando) made a report or went to court against Smith. Remember all those SGL, Wilshaw, USIMO, Hands Across Jamaica and the rest. Looks like the made a bag of money. LOL!

  29. Noel R. & Judy R. Strachan has lost most if not all the properties they purchase in South Florida to foreclosure, including their main residence in Davie:


  30. Noel R. & Judy R. Strachan try some tricks by trying to Quick Claim a foreclosed property to someone else (DWAIN BROWN)?

  31. Do be fooled by the little “sabbatical.” What start by other me wi finish it. Watch closely in 2013…Certain people you don’t teef from no matter how tough you rate yourself…
    June 5th XXXX

    Washington is asking if the PNP has gone into hiding since the Vote Of No Confidence? David



    The PNP has no reason to hide. The No-Confidence motion was appropriate and the result not unexpected. The crime bills tabled in Parliament represents a challenge for the parties as well as the Jamaican People, even if Golding and the JLP are attempting to pivot off the Dudus issue. The fact is civil society is still calling for his resignation and the matter is simply in a lull after a sustained several weeks of high drama and tension. After all Dudus is still on the run!

    The PNP has now to re-calibrate its strategy and continue to pursue its objective of leading the effort to force Golding to resign on the basis of inept leadership and lack of trust in him by the Jamaican people at all levels. Excepting, of course, certain members of the business sector.

    Our efforts can still be assisted by the timely actions of well placed friends!


  32. Thesse Scammers have received safe haven in a seaside community called Whitehouse in Montego Bay, and have all invested in the latest Jet Ski’s and Pleasure Boats in that community. They are paying a respected elder in the community, to park these pleasure crafts on the beach, and parties almost every night, roasting Fish etc. It should however be noted that most of these guys are not from that community.
    They are also being supplied with countless supply of Magic Jacks, which aids their illegal activities….
    Please be careful…

  33. By now you are aware that the principal player, Bebe, was until recently a
    member of the NEC, until he was forced to resign by the Party President at
    the request of Francis Tulloch, who tied his return to Bebe’s removal.

    However, Bebe remained as vice-chairman of the Granville Division and used
    funds from the Lotto to build a PNP office just up the road from the
    Granville Police Station. That is public knowledge.

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