Who really is Noel Roswell Strachan

Investforlife as part of its ongoing investigation into the UFO’s has come across another bit of interesting information regarding another UFO operator.

This time we have decided to focus on Noel Strachan who is the lead principal of Worldwise Partners.

36 year old Florida resident Noel Roswell Strachan was so broke 7-1/2 yrs ago , that he was evicted from his rental home in  Pembroke Pines , Florida via a order issued by the 17th judicial court , for Broward County, on February 1, 2001.

Worldwise was such a profitable venture for Noel and his wife Judy , that they were able to spend over US$14 million, between April – June of 2008, to purchase five properties and land , in Broward County.

Four of those properties we had earlier reported were purchased under a company called Juelle Properties LLC, which they formed on April 7, 2008.

They also purchase a US$1.8 million luxury in the lakefront gated community of Davie. This house was purchased jointly in there names.

Noel also owns a J$150million dollar property  in Jamaica which was the subject of controvery last year, when it was “stolen” by a defrauded investor.

So while Worldwise investor were/are waiting for thier big pay day, Noel is living a life of luxury, in Florida.

Some investors have however “wised” up and so dar there has been around four cases filed in the 17th judicial court in Browrad County. Cases can be seen at this link. You have to pay however to see te details of the case.