OLINT TCI was one big PONZI. The liquidator site is now up (see link under sources).  The documents appear to confirm much of what was thought and offers little hope to ‘investors’ now victims of either a speedy or significant settlement.

To date the monetary assets identified amount to US$13 Million dollars, money frozen in the USA (4 million est*.) and  TCI (8-9 million est*). Deposits to OLINT TCI amount to over US$ 220 million.

The pattern of receipts and payments indicate that the main function of the (Hallmark/Olint) account was to collect in money from members ($220 million) and then meet redemption requests from members ($156 million). We can find no evidence in our analysis of the source and application of funds of any trading profits being received in the bank account to meet these redemption requests.”
In simple terms Olint TCI was in the business of meeting old club members’ request for redemption with new club members’ money. These redemption requests were not just for the principal, but the principal plus the trading gains that had been inflated to “eye catching” proportions to encourage more depositors. The characteristics of a classic Ponzi scheme.”

The pattern of receipts and payments indicate that the main function of the (Hallmark/Olint) account was to collect in money from members ($220 million) and then meet redemption requests from members ($156 million). We can find no evidence in our analysis of the source and application of funds of any trading profits being received in the bank account to meet these redemption requests.”

In simple terms Olint TCI was in the business of meeting old club members’ request for redemption with new club members’ money. These redemption requests were not just for the principal, but the principal plus the trading gains that had been inflated to “eye catching” proportions to encourage more depositors. The characteristics of a classic Ponzi scheme.”  –  Page 5-6, Item # 18 Court Ruling TCI Supreme Court, Case CL No. 71/09

Despite this the declaration of OLINT TCU as a PONZI many questions remain on the status of OLINT CORP and Overseas Locket Corporation given David Smith’s relation to them along with the companies that are being wound up TCI-FX and OLINT TCI.

Please be aware that this appointment relates only to Olint TCI Corporation Limited (“Olint TCI”) which was incorporated in the Turks and Caicos Islands on 18 April 2006. It does not include Olint Corporation Limited, Oversees Locket International Limited or any other entity incorporated in Jamaica or elsewhere that may be linked to David Smith and Tracy-Ann Smith the shareholders of Olint TCI. – Court Ruling TCI Supreme Court, Case CL No. 71/09

By way of comparison Cash Plus was estimated to have taken in J$28-32 billion dollars. Using an exchange rate of US$1 to J$70 that amounted to over US$400 Million but remember Olint Corporation Limited, Oversees Locket International Limited are not included in the US$200 million dollar figure.

The liquidation order does not cover those companies. This is were some ‘investors’ now victims will have to look. JIJ investments is an also area that should be of interest but interests in Belize and Panama are worth investigating.

Time to forward claims

The following is taken from the site:

In the interim, to assist the Official Liquidator, claimants of Olint TCI are being requested to forward their claim along with the following information about their account(s):

  • Name(s) of account holder and beneficiary
  • Customer account number and member ID number
  • Contact information, including address, telephone number, facsimile, and email
  • Copies of all Contracts or Agreements
  • Documentation showing funds placed with and withdrawn from Olint TCI e.g. copies of cheques, banker’s drafts or wire transfer instructions
  • Statements received from Olint TCI
  • Any other document that may substantiate a claim against Olint TCI

Claimants should with dispatch submit the requested documents.

Silent Media

It is of note that once again media in Jamaica is silent on this declaration. This is easy reporting, no allegations.

*- Estimates based on available information



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  1. I guess this is the confirmation many was waiting for, oh no they say he has only been charged and he has not yet been found guilty of running a Ponzi.

    Interestingly the liquidator seem to be corroborating what I wrote in the post ” How Olint stole your money and how David Smith planned to get away with it”.

    On June 1, I wrote in part :
    “David Smith gathers his lawyers and began the process of separating his client’s money from them, and actually making the clients facilitate this process unknowingly.

    Olint created a what was later called a “private club members agreement” which was a new membership document which each client was told to sign and return or risked being kicked out of the club.”.

    The new private member club had a new bank, that was “Hallmark”.

    Story cum to bump.

  2. Re: Silent Media,

    Is so refreshing that one does not have to depend on the local media these days, as the internet as allowed people get seek information from a wide array of sources.

    Something as big as this should have made the headlines in all the news papers, but once again they(the papers) have been found wanting.

    Investforlife, I think we should notch this up a bit and launch our own internet news paper to investigate and publish corrupt practices in Jamaica.

    Just a thought 🙂

  3. This does reveal how the attempt at revisionist history by investors is just that, revisionist history. Recall that Olint TCI and the Hallmark connection were setup after DS fled JA after the FSC raid.

    By then the FSC, the blogs and others were out in full force warning that DS was a conman and that Olint was a ponzi scheme. In spite of this in quick time foolish investors plowed US$220 million into the ponzi scheme.

    They refused to think and check. A simple 30 minute analysis was enough to determine that it was a ponzi scheme. NOT to mention the countless warnings that were out by then. I suppose the old adage will always be true, a fool and his money are soon parted.

    Note what is common in all these schemes… Little money is found at the end. And very little is found as so called hidden funds. Note that if the ponzi operator like DS stashes away say US $20 million, if he is successful this is a lot of money for him to live on in the future but is pennies when compared to the obligations of the scheme.

    I repeat if investors ever see 10 cents on the dollar they will be lucky indeed.

  4. Jay, there is areason the the media is silent. It is not accidental.Once the investigations get close to V,all the papers become silent.

  5. JohnDoe:

    “By way of comparison Cash Plus was estimated to have taken in J$28-32 million dollars”

    The J28-32 million should read “Billions”!
    According to the available information, US$220 Million was taken in by Olint TCI and there was US$156 Million in Redemptions, minus $13 Million on hand. So where is the missing US$51 Million?

    O.K, PNP/JLP got US$12.2 Million, we still missing $38.8 Million. I wish we could see what the Feeder Clubs and Pigs collected/disbursed over this time period.

  6. What i don’t understand is how the hell David think or taught he would get away free with this . Ponzi don’t make any sense to me because eventually you are going to be caught and you will not have the money

  7. @moneygone

    Nothing surprising about that… almost every crook thinks he will not get caught… the other guys got caught because they were not smart like me.

    Do you think there are really many crooks out there that are thinking… I know I am going to get caught but I will do the crime anyway.

  8. true true

  9. david’s political friends gave him megalomania.Lord Gifford lied to him about the legal consequences.

  10. Should just investors find ourself stupid for trusting david with ten % a month or should we feeled conned this is the question.

  11. Here is a sobering thought for investors hoping to recover a substantial percentage of their investment. These figures from the liquidator support what some of us have been trying to explain…

    According to the liquidator, OLint TCI had US$ 220 million received from investors and $156 million paid out as redemption requests. In other words 71 % of money received went back to investors. This is just classic ponzi scheme, money from later investors go to early investors.

    This means there was 29 % left. Presumably this 29 % went to things like employee and non-employee compensation such as massive legal fees and PR fees of US $20,000 per month to DC. And moneys spent and splurged by DS and family.

    So far leaving only $13 million or 6.5 % positively identified. In other words using just this basic calculation we have identified 77.5 % of the funds, leaving only 22.5 % unaccounted for. And we know what DS used personally, legal fees, employee, non-employee compensation, rent and other business expenses and donations etc would have eaten up a huge chunk of that amount. E.g. if we add political donations that is another 5.5 % gone leaving only 17 % unaccounted for.

    Of course this is not an exhaustive analysis as funds in Olint (not O TCI) are not accounted for but one should expect a similar accounting.

    Thus looking at this one can see that in a best case scenario at most only about 20 % of funds are recoverable and from this one can expect legal, accounting fees and other expenses to eat up a major chunk.

    I was the first on the blogs way back to advocate that so called clawback be implemented, where those that received a ‘profit’ be forced to pay it back. Back then I facetiously said use Omar to implement it since he has a lot of experience with FINSAC using foreign companies to relentlessly pursue Jcans to get money. AS usual I was of course ridiculed by investors.

    Clawback does not appear to be in the cards in JA and even if this was done, one could expect only a small percentage to be recoverable.

    This means that investors for the most part will be left out in the cold, lucky if they ever receive 10 cents back on the dollar.

  12. I have done the calculations. If theTurks Liquidator is paid, the Olint TCI claimants will receive nothing.The only investors who will get money are those sueing Martinez in the United States.
    Jay why have you not commented on the Bette Gordon affidavits? As the paragon of virtue of this blog I thought you would have already pronounced. I wait with baited breath.

    • I have a question Ho chi minh: Why were the two-related cased filed in Broward County? It seems that the Bette Gordon and Dr. Paul Gordon are questioning this very same fact. Any insights….after all, you are a party to one of these lawsuits ……. aren’t you? 🙂

    • I will reserve my comments for some other time.

  13. If Olint TCI is functionally bankrupt then the JLP Government in Jamaica should resign.

  14. It is now known that the TCI Court Order did not preclude DS from paying back OLINT CORP. And now it has become known that he has been busy hiding money for the past 12 months.

    What are the feeder clubs saying now? Still waiting on David Smith to pay?

  15. RedP

    Is this enough?

  16. @ Robin Irie,

    No , the fat lady has not sung as yet. He has only been charged, he has not yet been found guilty 🙂

    Wah u seh RedP?

  17. Is is possible that DS still thinks he was not running a ponzi? I have heard of criminals who see no criminality in their crimes. There is a medical term for this…it is some sort of mental illness.

    I sis possible after all that the guy is a nut job?

  18. Olint has Ponzi elements yes sure. Yes people were warned that it was a Ponzi. Sure. Ponzi alone? Surely not.

    Certain resources coming out for just a Ponzi? Even if the Ponzi was for 100 billion trillion?

    That level of resources and equipment? hmmm.

    That number of personell? hmmm ….around the globe?

    So many hard drives infiltrated? hmmm So many eyes watching who is watching who watching who?

    I see. Simple Ponzi. Case closed.

    Anyone here interested in a prime piece of swampland suitable and already approved for a commericial skyscraper?

    Let me know. hhaaaahaahahahaaaa

  19. its soooo quiet on #4. last year StressedThenBlessed told them “be still”. They seems to be taking it too seriously

  20. JohnDoe,

    Check your email !!!

  21. All the while, we out here in the trenches of the TCI, attempting to make a living, make ends meet, hold it together another week while the alleged ones, Boyz and Gangsta’s try to stave off the inevitable, take it on the chin once again for being present and accountable during this whole mess.


    The people of TCI use the term “Boyz ” just like the Jamaicans.

  22. @ Robin Irie,

    The driver Kevin seemed to have left the streering wheel causing the bus to get out of control and crashed.
    There seemed to have been many injured and are hospitalized, leaving only a very who are able to actually write.

    The driver I think was drunk having consumed 10% per month while at the wheels 🙂

  23. If the number 4 Bus now accepts the fraud/ponzi then where do we go from here?

    Can people “tricked” by a Ponzi Scheme lead the country then?

    I am hesitant to jump quickly to the Ponzi label for that has a host of consequences for the people who will claim to be tricked.

  24. The majority of persons who ever blogged on the number 4 bus are largely Adult Christians.

    As such I am sure they will apologise to those they maligned during their reckless drive without licence.

    It won’t be too long.

    Right Jay?

  25. John Brown was tricked by a “ponzi/fraud.”

    Should John Brown negotiate an International loan facility on behalf of Jamaica?

    a) Maybe

    b) Never

    c) Yes

    d) Only if full restitution is made to all victims including John Brown himself.

  26. @Jay: Got the mail.. Will check….

    @Robin Irie: Time for a Sage One..

    @floridian: Ponzi Plus

  27. [On monies that may be in the U.S. A.]

    ” The Official Liquidator is not in possession of these funds and is not at this time in a position to state if and when these assets will be recovered for the estate of Olint TCI.”

    Now you damn right about that Mr. Liquidator!

  28. The drivah of the #4 bus stopped getting his pr money since Olint’s money got frozen all over the place. The passengers realized their ride was on the road to hell, not to salvation.

    Was it in one of the Wignall propaganda articles that DS said he would trade FX for JA supposedly like Australia…. did the finance minister ask him to forward more info… LOL. Good thing DS was not working with Carlos. With Carlos’ ability to produce fake documents, an entire country would have been part of a ponzi scheme. LOL. Lawd mi belly.

  29. Nocotec,
    As you mention the Govt. asking Mr Smith to trade. Would you or anybody else happen be able to explain the difference between what Mr. Soros did/does as a ‘foreign currency trader’ vs. what Mr. Smith claimed to do as a ‘forex trader’.

  30. @theCynic

    With the stock market you can do almost purely speculative trading, akin to day trading or you can do investing. In day trading you are using various methods to attempt to predict very short term movements in the price of stocks. Most positions are bought and sold intra-day (same day). In investing the shorter the period one attempts to predict, the closer the result is to complete randomness…. like predicting the toss of a coin.

    In the other method one attempts to do some kind of fundamental analysis to predict the future price of a company’s stock. Such as the company has great or bad management and produces a service or product which will have future growth or decline. Positions are usually held for the medium or long term, anywhere from weeks to years.

    Forex trading and foreign currency trading are similar. DS claimed to be doing FX trading where positions are usually held for short periods, usually minutes to less than a day. Most trading is short term and intra-day.

    One can also take medium to longer term positions. For example you can take a position in JA and most Jcans intuitively do this kind of foreign currency bet… Buy US dollars and hold it for the medium/long term because we know the JA dollar will continue to decline over the long term. In JA such a position is a guaranteed winner over the long term.

    A similar bet could be that because of massive federal deficit spending and borrowing the US dollar will decline v major currencies in the future. Of course this is still a gamble as other economies may develop even worse problems during the medium/long term than the US.

    This 2nd method is using fundamental analysis to attempt to predict the future value of a currency pair. As the JA/US $ example I used shows, this latter method can yield good results over the medium/long term. But it becomes infinitely more risky and subject to huge losses if you now start to trade by predicting the value of the US v JA $ each day or each minute.

    This is essentially what DS and others want us to believe they can do…. consistently predict the short term movements in a way such that they will yield ultra high returns over the long term. As usual such claims are usually false.

  31. Nocotec, questions for you. Is it possible that a country’s debt could be paid off via FX trading?
    If so, couldnt the govt hire people able enough to get the job done?? Or is it not a viable alternative for debt reduction? Too risky perhaps? Did Australia really and truly do it or is that rumour? If they did why cant we do the same?


    • RedP:

      If it was that “easy”, all mature economies would have a fleet of full-time FX Traders, including the USA (they do have a huge debt too)!

      Think of it this way, Martinez has being fooling Jamaicans and others about the possible windfall of FX Trading, yet it appears that most of his money was made from teaching Forex Courses. Now, if they are so good at Forex Trading, one would assume they would spend every waking moment around a computer screen, instead of living out of a suitcase and moving from country to country teaching courses.

      Now i-Trade-FX is bankrupt, since they could not meet the $20 Million minimum in “Firm Capital”. What does that tell you RedP (sounding much like Floridian 🙂 )

  32. Is david still in prison or did he make bail

  33. nobody will get asny money. all guilty parties will go free.

    perfect example. Ms Fullerton. She just got her conviction overturned !!!

    She got caught red handed, yet she gone free

  34. Fullertons case is in Jamaica. With Smith’s case in TCI a similar result is possible.

    In the USA you may also get a similar result but only because of interferance by ‘influential’ persons. If so the ‘influential’ persons would themselves be indicted. americans don’t like people interfering in their affairs no matter how big you are in some Island States.

    interfere if you must.

  35. It’s a top of the line accomodation. The menu is grits soaked toast. No uptown and downtown insecurities either.

  36. @RedP

    Without even googling the Australia example, my guess is that it was something schemed up by DS and DC his pr guy. At best it would be grossly exaggerated.

    FX trading on that scale would not be viable. One of the things with humans and this is super evident among Jcans… is that as soon as you start doing something successful and making a lot of money, immediately a zillion people pop up to imitate you. Pretty soon everyone is making very little money.

    Let’s say JA was somehow able to hire some of the world’s best traders and they managed to average gains of 15 to 20 % per year. How long do you believe it would be before other countries figured out this was great idea for them too? They would start doing the same thing and now our traders are matched up against another set of the best traders… stalemate.

    This is by the way is the same process why that guy figured out years ago that Madoff was running a ponzi. He initially worked for another firm and set about trying to reverse engineer Madoff’s methods so his firm could use it too. This led him to figure out that there was no way what he was doing is possible.

    This is the process at work that prevents sustainable out sized returns over the long term. If you are making out sized returns eventually someone will figure out your methods and then start making counter bets against you, resulting in huge losses. I forget the name the big energy trading hedge fund that collapsed in 2007 because of this technique.

    In other words if JA tried this, at best it would be successful for a brief period.

  37. i don’t know if there will be an online recording of the interview just conducted on the radio with someone from TCI. quite interesting.

    1. He (TCI guy) concluded that Jamaica does not seem to be remotely interested in taking any action in whatever form whether from investors or government. TCI people aren’t wasting any time.

    2. DS has NEVER said if the money was there or not, all he says people are to do is pray.

    3. He told listeners not to hold their breath. they probably will never see anything back and just need to move on with their lives.

    i can certainly tell you that TCI certainly taking care of their own.

  38. which station was that junkunno?

  39. Feeder club oprtators are still telling investors to have faith in David Smith. Reminds me of Waco texas and the Branch Dividian Compound…Jim Jones even.

    It appears that these people were so intoxicated by the OLINT returns, that they refuse to accept that he was a thief.

    It is even more interesting that the Jamaican feeder clubs have largely refused (except a few) to take any legal action against the David Smith entities. Why is that?

    I can only guess that many of these feeder clubs are praying (pun intended) that their mini ponzis are never exposed.

    But we are getting close. It will be very easy for PWC to determine how much funds they deposited to Hallmark bank. Then we will see. The feeder clubs may be exposed to be worse that David Smith.

    I guess they are feeling safe because they are in Jamaica and know that the authorities there will do nothing. This in part because even the JA government benefitted from the OLINT stolen funds.

    So in JA, they will keep the can of worms closed.

    Still on the money trail, though. Nothing new to report. PWC, it seems, will be slow but that could mean methodical. Hopefully everyone will get back a few pennies…but if you are in JA, you may well get nothing because your feeder club will remain silent.

  40. @JohnDoe
    The Sage is working on a thing man.

    RedP! yuh gaan back pon di bruk dung # 4 bus star? What do you make of the fat lady’s performance so far? Give us a critique man.

    • @Robin Irie

      Haha No singin yet, maaaybe a throat clearing!! 🙂 🙂 Still, I have faith and am anxious for nothing, even in the face of adversity and these tough times.
      Biz is very slow. My sales have dropped steadily over the last year, quite dramatically I might say. The feedback that i get from suppliers is that things are really grim islandwide.
      So all in all star, I’m just praying hard for a turnaround for JA economy and trying my best to walk by faith and not by sight.
      (Which is easier said then done haha)

  41. Isn’t it interesting how DSaviour never even contest the liquidation of his scam?

  42. He did but remember his lawyer Oliver Smith produced no case history or anything to support Smith’s position? The document is on this blog.

    On Feeders

    The only thing that David Smith Uses is the threat (and he chats it a lot) that who takes action will not be paid.

    Well David nor Wayne or any of them were ever “Boss” to me. But to many they are.

    They promise certain politicians money for them and theirs in the confines of thier Chaulk Sound home and even swear promise that certain individuals will never be paid by them.

    The key thing to remeber here is that when them facing prison under them tail and start to beg certain people to take money in return for favor they probably not going to get it.

    Not from certain corners for sure.

    Most evidence remains out of the public view for now.

  43. Smithy will soon learn a theory that most jagans don’t really believe to be true even in 2009 and that is:

    Money can’t buy everything.

  44. We need the Ja authorities to take action against David Smith. People needs to go to their local police stations and make reports of theft.

    I am sure that some of these same folks would have been down to report it a long time ago if someone grabbed their wallet with 10 dollars in it (well, in Jamaica, maybe not 10 dollars, maybe 10,000…what is that money worth now?)

    But here you have a thief taking millions of US dollars from them and they are still waiting, hoping that the thief will bring it back….I cannot understand…

  45. I think most people need to realize that David Smith will not meet justice now: Because the idea of justice is an illusion don’t you understand the system guarantees David Smith safety because everyone is involved, Police, Russian Organize Crime, Government, and even multinational corps. They all needed OLINT so that they could operate in the black hole. That is why all investigative efforts in Jamaica and elsewhere have been ignored or undermined and that most who brings cases about really gets nowhere even when it reaches the Court of law. The only way that this can be stopped is not to seek justice in Jamaica but outside because once you do, there will always be collateral damage.

  46. Larry, I concur…..

  47. The “fertile tract in the desert” had phenomenal growth thanks to Olint.
    They did shell out a sizeable portion of money to buy gas to fuel its phenomenal growth. 🙂

  48. I suppose Mastercard so called Compass Card was used to pay out people’s money without their consent.

  49. If david really theif everyone money i think him desire to die , thats my opinion how can someone be so unhearted it seems as if him only care about himself. Not even his friends or family david you should know better than to theif from so much people with out exepting something to happen.

  50. Quiet today. Some in Court in US. Some in NE St. Catherine.

  51. Why does mastercard want to go FEDERAL?

  52. Hi GUYS

    what is the word on Wildis’s TCFXtraders?. Arn’t the liqiudators done yet,?

  53. In the first case dealing with the privacy of internet bloggers, the judge ruled that Mr Horton had no “reasonable expectation” to anonymity because “blogging is essentially a public rather than a private activity”.

    The judge also said that even if the blogger could have claimed he had a right to anonymity, the judge would have ruled against him on public interest grounds.


    • RSI,

      Very interesting.

      This is one reason why we have sought to tell folks posting here to be very careful, when it comes unto naming people and making statement that can is bordering on libel.

  54. The reason Mastercard wants to go FEDERAL is the same reason that Dr. Witless wants to put this case forward against them in the first place. Attorney’s call it the “Nuisance Factor”.

    Welcome to the major leagues! Mastercard knows how to deal with frivolous lawsuits.

  55. I agree Jay. That is why having proof is important. Both the defendant and the plaintiff have to understand that if there is truth then libel is out the window.

  56. Easy to get around libel…..the word \”allegedly\”.

  57. “This article has been heavily edited in the face of notice of vigorous libel action against The Daily Telegraph by lawyers representing Mario Hoffmann of Salt Cay DevCo. Ltd. The author takes no responsibility for errors of fact resulting from such editing, and wishes to apologize to the people of the Turks and Caicos Islands for any false characterization resulting.”


  58. Some sue for libel and then find themselves in the courts facing some uncomfortable truths head on in a public forum.

  59. Shortly after David Smith moved to Turks, Missick purchased his huge
    house in Provo. Is this a co-incidence? Missick also adopted Smith’s lifestyle
    jets, women, huge house, Russians etc. Missick used to be pragmatic and
    financially conservative.

  60. Lord Gifford is under investigation by Scotland Yard over his role in Olint. Speak to Supt. Tucker London -major crimes if you have information.

  61. Supt . Tucker–Metropolitan Police, crime prevention–03001231212.
    Anonymity assured.

  62. The British are taking over today.Missick will be arrested as soon as he returns to Turks.

  63. @Tafari. Not True!
    “Easy to get around libel…..the word \”allegedly\”. Really?
    Get a Jamaican/English lawyer to give you lessons on Libel based on the laws in the jurisdiction

    Also listen floridian

    floridan said:
    “That is why having proof is important. Both the defendant and the plaintiff have to understand that if there is truth then libel is out the window.”

    Where there is truth libel goes through the window!!!.

    Thanks for the information.. As Jay said that is why we have been warning people and actively removing questionable comments. It clear we have some work to do…

    People stick to the fact, avoid the name calling where proof is not available or provided to the authors and we are satisfied with the truth thereof.

    As we have already said to those who read if you have concerns with our posts email us at hyipmyths [at] yahoo.com. We do not have any time for lawsuits.

    Well it looks like we will clean up

  64. According to Chin, Spencer on more than one occasion told him not to tell the then finance minister, Dr Omar Davies, that he (Spencer) was involved in establishing or running the company.

    The revelation was made in the Judicial Review Court yesterday during Spencer’s application for an order compelling the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions to make full disclosure of how Chin’s status changed from that of an accused to a witness for the Crown.

    Chin was not in court yesterday, but the statement he gave the police in November last year was quoted at length by Spencer’s lead attorney, Patrick Atkinson, who noted that if what Chin told the police was true, if he kept signing to bank accounts, knowing what the purpose was, he would be found to be a conspirator, aiding and abetting, among other things.


    Look at that case Jay.

  65. I will no longer be contributing to this blog. There is an illicit relationship between Vaz, Creary and Jay. That is why they keep on removing my comments, all supported by facts or reasonable inference.

  66. John doe

    Yes truth is the enemy of libel action. Allegedly is not as strong as truth.

    Any person who brings a libel suit subjects themselves to questioning in the dock. Maybe they don’t want to face certain questions under oath.

    They might start to buck and stammer hahahahaaa

  67. Don’t make dem buy unno out! hahahahaaa

    Once a bought person nothing can ever change it back its like a nasty stain. hahaha

    Bye larry.

  68. As well as the legal challenges, Michael Misick continues in his frantic and last gasp efforts to stir up trouble. He is traveling this week to Barbados to try and rally Caribbean support for himself.

    By no means is he repentant for the devastation that he has brought to the Turks and Caicos Islands, nor is he repentant for the delays he continues to try to inflict upon the public.


  69. Why are so many people hell bent against Transparency and Accountability?

    • Floridian, Man like you wid your IQ askin dat?? 🙂
      The dream of accountability and transparency would lead to the absence of “runnings”. Come on man, you dont really expect anyone to want to turn the status quo upside down do you? 🙂

  70. The lawsuit may not be as frivolous as Matt would like most to believe.
    Hallmark Bank has already confessed that their main source of revenue was the distribution of the Compass MasterCard.
    MasterCard has a responsibility to ensure they are not in business with a rogue financial entity which is currently under investigation by the US Treasury, US Reserve and FBI for Money laundering.

    In fact, on June 12th one of the owners of Hallmark Bank, David Smith was charged by the Turks and Caicos police for money laundering.

    In the USA money laundering is a big issue. I am sure MasterCard does not want to be associated with the largest Tran Caribbean Ponzi scheme in history.

    MasterCard may quickly find out that the FBI are interested in their financial conduct and their relationship with Trowbridge a confessed money launderer who signed many OLINT TCI contracts.

    Money Laundering is a real nuisance and it may be bad for MasterCard’s business!!!!

  71. @JohnDoe

    Would not be surprised if RSI is associated with the Martinez folks.

    By the way when blogging one pretty much needs to become familiar with the laws relating to libel and defamation. A disclaimer/information that posters acknowledge that they are solely responsible for the content of their posts is probably not a bad idea.

    Note also one of the catches with the law and the way the courts often interpret it. The more you act as a gatekeeper the more you become personally exposed. As an example, ISPs are generally not held liable because they do not control what traverses their network. On the other hand if they start controlling the content of what users send over their network then they become exposed to someone saying they should have blocked something… kind of a catch 22.

    • Good point nocotec.
      Also, as a general matter a charge of libel is easier defended against in the US than onther common law jurisdictions. If u get dragged into a uk court your legal paostyring may be substantially different that if u are dragged into a florida court.
      Note libel law is not uniform in all common law jurisdictions. It varies internationally and even varies across the states. Many states have passed statutes modifying the laws of libel.
      Truth is not always an absolute defense as far as I understand it.
      Don’t throw caution to the wind is my take. Always be careful how you present your thoughts and opinions as “fact” is the advice I’d impart.

  72. @Larry

    The problem you and some others have is that like so many Jcans you let party politics creep into everything in your analysis of life.

    None of these guys in the JLP that you name as involved held a gun to any investors head and forced them to foolishly invest their money in OLint. There are many investors who just need someone to blame for their own stupidity.

    First it was for FSC and others to leave them and Olint the hell alone…. Some people too envious and grudeful… dem fighting DS because dem donn’t want the little dude to get big and help other small man.

    It was NCB and it owners… it was the bankers…. it was bloggers like Nocotec, Jason, Et.al… and on and on….

    It is always somebody else fault why you lost your money. I got news for you guys, it is your own damn fault. Look how much money you guys put in OLint TCI which was formed and became active after the FSC raided him… The FSC, bloggers, Omar and countless others warned you guys but you still gave a conman US $220 million in less than a a year and a half.

    Give the rest of us a break with that nonsense and post something that makes some sense. If you want to feel better join the prayer bus… it will not help you materially but it is like opium to the brain and will allow you an escape from logic and make you feel more at peace in an alternate reality.

  73. The fact that the JLP and PNP accepted money from Olint is not an indication that the parties at the time did anything wrong. What we need is for the law to be changed to require the political parties and candidates for elected office to fully disclosure the source of all their contributions. This is not currently a requirement. Public disclosure requirements will force the parties to be more discriminatory in who they accept funds from.

    The curious thing here is that the money DS donated to the political parties was one of the few things that he spent the money on that was for the benefit of investors. He gave this money so that Olint would be left alone from harassment and enforcement action and be allowed to continue and serve investors.

    Ironically, is that not what all of the investors were clamoring for? So the donations was DS’s way of getting you guys what you wanted. Now why the hell are some of you guys complaining that the parties got money?

  74. Mr. HoChiMinh,
    You are really right. My cousin called Supt. Tucker and dem want to hear more about David Smith’s lawyers.

    The way I see it anyone linked to David Smith is in for serious problems with law enforcement.

    Mr. Ho, can you please tell us what is the latest with the American investigation?

  75. Yes jurisdictions are different. 1st Ammendment rights are powerful and fiercely protected.


    No one forced or held a gun to any political parties head to cash in checks representing stolen money from the Jamaican people.

    The fact that they did no due dilligence before lodging stolen money that belongs to people of many nationalities and the fact that they did not heed the advice of the FSC is a choice they made.

    There is no shortage of ‘fools’ in the Olint case. Some fools lost and some fools gained and some fools facing more pressing and calamitous consequences than whether or not they gained or lost money.

    What say you noncotec?

  76. All well and good for people to promulgate a theory that suggests, “you lost your money now move on you lose”

    Welcome to the Hotel California. You can check out any time you like….but you can never leave.

    It would be unjust to put forth a theory that when someone goes to jail for me to say, “Alright you gone to jail just move on now” what about the poor bastard them right to appeal?

    Can’t sell them out like that noncotec. It’s bigger than money. The money is the least now. It’s about freedom vs incarceration.

    Don’t give up on them noncotec.

  77. Critisism of people who fretting about prison is kind of insensitive.

  78. John Issa drilled on allegations of racism, drugs, nudity

    SuperClubs boss pursuing lawsuit over e-mail in US Court

    Sunday, June 14, 2009

    SUPERCLUBS boss John Issa, an avowed Roman Catholic, was pressed in a Florida court about allegations that he was racist and that he endorsed nudity at some of his Jamaican hotels.
    Tropin further queried: “Have there ever been, for example, drugs found on one of your boats?” Issa responded: “We found drugs on the boat and called the police.”

    Issa explained that the yacht had to go for dry dock every couple of years in Canada or the US and he was “very careful because of the dangers of any of the crew trying to take anything improper up with it (the boat)”. He said that he would have the local police check it with dogs.


  79. Nocotec you sound like Vaz’s lawyer.How can it be appropriate for Smith to invest the people’s money without their consent? What do you know of the objective of the12 million dollar contribution unless you were there and you discussed the objectives.I think Larry’s contributions have been helpful.Your contributions are frequently defensive and abusive.
    Jay does not supervise you properly.

  80. @Nocotec
    catch 22 indeed.

    ISP often are not held liable but what ISP or Web host do is as soon a they get a complaint on some legal basis, many remove the site. Sometimes I wonder if that is the aim of some of the posters.

    The disclaimer is there read it and let us know.

    If we have facts that can be substantiated share the evidence to for all to see. (Bushmaster style)

    “Truth is not always an absolute defense as far as I understand it.”
    That is also true in some jurisdictions. It is the motive of presenting the truth. Was it with malicious intent or in the public interest?

  81. @floridian:No one forced or held a gun to any political parties head to cash in checks representing stolen money from the Jamaican people.

    There is a difference between theft and obtaining money by deception. This is why there are different charges for the 2 offenses. DS obtained the money from investors by deception, what he later did with some of it may then be classified as theft.

    Investors have an obligation to themselves not to give their money to someone obviously running a ponzi scheme. Investors spend way more time investigating before deciding on spending a few hundred dollars to buy a tv than the time they spent investing thousands of their life savings or borrowed money in a ponzi scheme. They allowed themselves to be willingly deceived because of their uncontrolled greed.

    None of this is to say that DS and company should not be punished and investors should not ensure that any recoverable money is retrieved from him. But this continued crusade to try and blame others for you own fault is nonsense.

  82. @Larry
    Stop blaming everyone. If you have the evidence present it but posting instantiated facts is pointless.

    If some people had rationally thought about your investments you would not be having this problem.

    Note: “reasonable inference” is very dangerous… here is an example

    John Doe’s car is involved in an accident. a man is dead. You come on the scene and you see John Doe holding is head and walking in circles.

    Is it ‘reasonable inference’ to assume that John Doe was responsible for death of the man?

    A few things could have happen

    1. John Doe’s car did hit the man but John Doe was not driving
    2. John Doe’s car did hit the man and John Doe was driving
    3. John Doe’s car had stopped and another vehicle hit John Doe’s car and caused John’s Doe car to hit the man
    4. John Doe’s car did not hit the man but to avoid hitting the body of the man John Doe’s car hit another car

    But it does not end there. Let’s assume John Doe’s car did hit the man

    5. The man could have jumped in front of John Doe’s car
    6. The man could have been pushed in front of John Doe’s car

    and on and on

    If you invested in OLINT, was it by reasonable inference that you did so?

  83. You know Jamaicans don’t take to embarassment well. it’s part of the plantation sociology and a legacy that is horrible and sad.


    Aside from the money issues positive or negative the Olint fraud runs like a livewire in Jamaican society.

    Many who swore publicly and at the cocktail parties that they had no money in Olint or had only a smalls (that they ostensibly could ‘afford’ to lose) had the shock of a false social status to read their names on the WorldwideWeb.

    Some who searched through dilligently for their names breathed a sigh of relief when they found only the names of the ‘others’

    But this list has always looked incomplete to me.

    You see jamaica runs on image. even in 2009.


    Don’t be too cold in your critisism. Yes the money part in one aspect but many corporate entities, newspapers and others who believe in themselves have been humbled by emails that demonstrate that they are no better or smarter than the man in the ghetto.

    The Prime Minister’s Christmas cards were paid for by money David Smith stole from the people of Jamaica.

    Cluadette Crooks a financial analyist on the radio lost control when it was revealed she was an investor.

    She’s not alone by far in that industry.

    Minister Robertson was like a child who tries to get away with everything when he fumbled around trying to say he did not recall an email in which he thanked david Smith for the weekend trip and the hospitality and said he would return with his family.

    The point is a lot of people have lost some priceless things far more valuable than any money can buy. things that can not be replaced.

    So noncotec although you may be currently in ‘I told you so mode” show some deapth and consideration for alas the real ‘losses’ have not even started yet.

  84. @harbourshark

    Assuming DS was running a legitimate business he would have been free to do whatever he wanted with his profits or income. if DS was still paying 10% per month you would not have a problem with him donating to whoever he wanted.

    Did you have a problem with OLINT when they were reported as sponsoring the JAZZ festival?

    Present the tapes of the conversation. Hearsay does not make it

    Re: Larry’s Contribution
    No doubt there has been good information but it has also be filled with danger from a libel and defamation point of view

  85. Noncotec

    If I blame myself all day and night is that going to absolve any perpetrator?

    Is it going to help people not enter prison?

    i would not advise anyone to place their freedom and their family in the trust that any person who invested in Olint accepts responsibility for the theft.

    The potential fo9r years under lock up would require more critical thinking that what some ‘greedy loser’ says.

    Well that’s my take on such matters.

  86. @harbourshark

    Sorry but if you had spent 1 ten thousandth of the time you have spent subsequently on Olint doing your due diligence before being a greedy shark and handing over your money to a conman despite all the obvious signs and numerous warnings you would not be here. It is your own damn fault for not doing that. You need to think and check first because no matter the effort you put in after the fact, some things when broken just cannot be put back together again.

    If you find the fact that I say it is your own damn fault that you gave your money to a conman is abusive, sorry but it is is your own damn fault. This does not mean that DS is not just a crook and should be punished and that he should be forced to forfeit all his ill gotten gains and then some.

    Idiotic investors like yourself were the ones that clamored for an illegal entity to be left alone. You gave DS tacit approval to spend your money to try and get Olint left alone by the authorities.

    When you invested your money you were being as greedy as a harbor shark… Did you ask DS to show you a management agreement as to how much money he would earn and what percent he would take… OR what he was allowed to do with the money… NO you and the other investors did not. So how the hell are you now complaining that he was not allowed to donate funds to political parties.

    Where the hell is the agreement that outlined the allowable use of investor money? As long as he gave you the declared percentage every month their would have been no breach of any contract… since their was no limitations on what he could do with the money.

    In other words if he had traded legitimately and paid the returns he declared, he was free to do whatever the hell he wished with the money since their was no agreement otherwise. The beef investors have is not what he did with the money (live giving it to parties) but that he failed to pay the declared returns.

  87. @ Larry.

    Well you certainly know how to be a spin doctor.
    Lets for a minute go down the road of blaiming all those in the JLP that were alleged to have made you invest for money in Olint by hiding the truth.

    Now what ?

    What if at the height of Olint were these same guys saying to you (like Lee Chin, FSC, Bill Clarke ) that Olint was a ponzi and you will lose you money when it crashes, would you have listened ?

    Why on earth would I have listened to a politician over a guy who has spent years building a billion dollar empire the old fashion way?

    Why would I have not listened to the warnings of the regulatory agency in Jamaica who was pleading, begging people to THINK & CHECK.

    Which politicain in Jamaica have you or anyone else here no that has been truthful about anything, just name me one.

    How much politician you know have promised and delivered(not much right, unless its close to election).

    So as far as I am concerned the politicians whose name have been called here, have done what all politicians have know to do i.e. lie to the people.

    The cold truth is you Larry wanted to hear this lie, and you did.
    There were many who spoke the truth back then, why not praise them, as they prevent many more from being defrauded. You did not.

    Now you are telling me that I am in league with the guy who told you a bunch of lie.

    You had a choice, truth and lie, you choose the latter, now you have to figure out your recourse.

  88. John Doe

    If we have facts that can be substantiated share the evidence to for all to see. (Bushmaster style)

    Maybe the Bushmaster or the Puppetmaster wants to give people the opportunity to come to truth on their own.

    Will he nudge them some more if they try to stay under the covers?

  89. @floridian Explain or rephrase..
    “i would not advise anyone to place their freedom and their family in the trust that any person who invested in Olint accepts responsibility for the theft.”

    I am sure Nocotec is not saying that you should blame yourself day and night.. The “Detractors”, from Jason et al on the blogs have long advocated that the persons that ran these schemes and feeder clubs should be in Prision and we still believe that..

    However placing the focus on a politicians is pointless unless a it can be shown that were willing part of definite conspiracy to defraud.

    I suspect many politician from both sides (and we can call ENNIS’s name freely given his public defence of OLINT) were too bitten by the returns of “high risk” to examine to situation using “reasonable inferences” to borrow from Larry.

    So pursue legal action to hilt and if David Smith and others are guilty of anything, may they face the full brunt of the law if they did nothing wrong so be it..

  90. Jay

    Do you know that Smithy owns past and present members of the Jamaican FSC?

    I wonder if and when the Bushmaster or Puppetmaster will shed some light on the matter.

    The same Think before….need to heed their own advice sometimes.

    What you think Jay?

  91. “think and check…”

    That advice can suit a wide range of calamities.

  92. Right now Carlos Hill getting a lesson in “think and check..”


    I guess I can say I said it here first right , John, Noncotec, Jay?

  93. “Think and check before you take money from someone who does not own it….”

  94. If Mastercard is doing some serious “thinking and checking” I don’t know why many others feel they have no thinking and checking to do right now.

  95. Mario Hoffmann lost his case on all counts.

    Cem Kinay lost on one of the three points that he had sought. He won on the other two


  96. Smithy! Do Something! Block Something! Call the boss! Smithy!


  97. For those that might be new to the blogs, you may not realize the abuse I took along with a few others, but Jason and myself got most of it…. All this for relentlessly pointing out the ponzi scheme that Olint was… Some of questioned why I hated just DS to which I had to point out…. LOL… you are new and ave not seen my similar relentless attack on the other schemes.

    The guys now taking action in the courts are late to the seen…. after the horse left the gate… had they listened then, they would not have invested or at worst started their litigation way back when they had a great chance of actually recovering significant percentages.

    What I am sick of is people who continue to try to find scapegoats for their own foolishness.. Take legal action, help if you can by providing info to attorneys and or law enforcement authorities. Go to church, join the prayer bus if you wish… but keep the attempt to find another scapegoat to yourself.. Some of us are sick of you guys trying that crap over and over.

  98. True talk noncotec.

    Don’t get sick. don’t let them get under your skin. you and Jason deserve some OJ’s and a couple of CD’s etc.

    Everybody must accept their own responsibility. Your point is clear.

    Problem is that your point is meant for some and not all. I never forced you to go flying and partying around in Smith’s planes?

    If I told you then that it was being watched you would probably not listened richt noncotec?

    Soliciting funds for Smith under contract?

    Anyway noncotec you seem to be in the clear so don’t bother get sick and so on. Keep healthy.

  99. Does anyone know how much time DS is facing? What is the max sentence for each charge? Would it be unusual ubder British law for judges to sentence consecutively when there are convictions on multiple counts?

  100. Chin said that some time after the company was formed Spencer contacted him to say that Davies would be contacting him (Chin) about the light bulb scandal and that he was to tell Davies that UMC was his (Chin’s) firm and that it was dealing with the project


    Another David Smith?

  101. Nocotec, just because you and Jay have pedigree in blogging does not give you the right to control the intellectual texture of the discussion if it is relevant to the issue. One of the issues is whether or not the politicians are the scapegoats or the malefactors in the Olint matter. It is not reasonable for a Government to have an FSC and say no to the schemes and then greedily accept contributions from Olint. If you are afraid of Vaz and Creary say so. Do not cower behind an assumed fear of defamation law suits. The internet is the engine of globalization.There are credible sources other than the Gleaner.
    Only in Jamaica can politicians steal money and bribe the media to look the other way. Jamaica has the highest murder rate in the Western world and a neutered media. Your attitude and your compulsive need to protect corrupt politicians captures all that is wrong about Jamaica.

  102. @harbourshark

    Sorry man but you are full of crap. Why is it that you and the others making the allegations do not post them under your real name? LOL… Post them under your real name and give enough info so that you can be located. LOL… And you are not afraid and hiding while making unsubstantiated allegations, right? 🙂

    Looking for a scapegoat for your mistakes has nothing to do with the “intellectual texture of the discussion”. No one put a gun to your head and forced you or any other investor to invest in an illegal scheme that claimed to pay statistically impossible returns. And none of the politicians did either. As I said JA does not have political contribution disclosure laws and so in accepting the money from DS neither party did anything illegal at the time.

    Unless you have actual evidence that any of these guys were involved in a conspiracy with DS, you and others are just going off with with unsubstantiated allegations… a fishing expedition.

  103. Here is a question and a challenge for some of you guys. Drug addicts often look down on other addicts as inferior and have a superiority attitude to the others. For example, a person addicted to precription drugs looks down on a person addicted to powdered cocaine who looks down on someone addicted to crack who looks down on someone addicted to heroin…

    UFO investors knowingly invested in an unregistered illegal scheme…

    What is the difference with the ‘investor’ who gives $10,000 to a drug dealer to buy drugs with a promise to double his money in 3 months? The drug dealer takes $1000 to pay off the local police superintendent, and contributes another $1000 to the 2 local politicians.

    The deal goes bad and the dealer is busted. This investor loses his money. Should this investor now set about blaming his drug dealer for using his money to payoff the local talent to turn a blind eye? And for the politician to make drugs legal? Should he be upset that the payoffs failed and the dealer still got busted?

    When this investor decided to invest in this illegal scheme, was he not tacitly agreeing that the drug dealer should try everything necessary to get the scheme to work? Now, should he blame the police supt. and the politicians that took his money from the dealer?

    How does he know that the politicians and the dealer had a conspiracy to steal his money? Or was the contribution supposed to be for the politician to work to make drugs legal? Does he know that the party did not believe the dealer was involved in a legitimate trade?

    Suppose the dealer was spending some of his money at a casino. Why does he not sue the casino to get his money back? Why stop there? The dealer used some of his money to buy food. Why not sue the supermarket?

    When does this person accept personal responsibility while recognizing that the dealer should also be punished. Why are the other people that the dealer spent his money with the ones to blame.

  104. Sam, My point exactly, what does Dr. Witless MasterCard case have to do with him handing over 2.4 million? Did he do it on his MC? Sweet!

    He is just trying to drag out anyone and everyone he can rather then go home and pull his hair out. He should look in the mirror and blame himself. There are not many out there that feel sorry for a wealthy, well educated doctor that tried to be greedy and double his money in under a year in an offshore unregulated investment scheme. He has seen investments before, did this look the same as his Smith Barney account? Carry the same risks and rewards? Or did it require a bit more examination of the prospectus and books before making a multi million dollar investment?Madoff had forged books, but OLINT didn’t even ever have books. Investor history and experience will be 50% of his case and he already lost unless 2.4 m. is chicken feed for him. DS a owner of the bank? Really? Was that in the audited financials as well?

    The people that never have seen a Smith Barney account statement are the ones with a case, not Dr. Witless barking at the moon. He needs a Dr. Melfi moment. I did enjoy the letter to Obama.

    MC is bulletproof. The others on the list are not as sophisticated as MC, but they will learn fast. His legal advisor must have suggested to keep MC separate.

  105. Matt,

    While the Dr has every legal right to challenge those he beleived stole his money, the fact is that thr Dr. himself must have been not been thinking when he gave his money to DS.

    How on earth could someone take up US$2.4M (as it was alleged) and give to a guy who promised to give him 10% per mth, without evena audited statement from the guys “firm”

    BTW the Dr would have been earning more than 10% per mth based on the fact that he was an “elite” member of the scheme.
    When the Dr was collecting his US$240k per mth yes ($21m) did he not think, no way this could not be right.

    He greedily accepted these funds, and no doubt was very proud of his investment.
    He again is not thinking clearly ,has he is now filing lawsuit left , right and center, rather than focusing on the main principals that stole his money.

    At the end of it all, he will pay thousands of dollars in lawyers fee only to see some of these cases thrown out, and would not only has lost US$2.4M but other fees related to his “net fishing” approach to these lawsuits.

  106. Noncotec

    As I said JA does not have political contribution disclosure laws and so in accepting the money from DS neither party did anything illegal at the time.

    You can stay legall and give away your moral authority.

    Remember Trafigura?

    The British MP’s who stepped down in large part did nothing ilegal.

    All the money in the World can’t purchase decency and respectability. Defending David Smith et al and the Martinezes will not make them respectable people.

    Some things just can’t be attained by a con.

    Nothing can change their status in that regard.

  107. So what is your real name nocotec? You derive comfort from idiotic and vulgar abuse.Your attitude is why we had a David Smith in the first place.The stupidity
    and venality of light skinned middle class Jamaica.Because of your brownism you are uncomfortable with law and prefer to exalt personalities. You sectretly admire David Smith. You probably were his guest at the white slavery depot at Platinum and you probably flew to Turks in his plane.Why dont you go to Turks
    and extol his virtues. Infectious pigs would avoid you. Who are you the Minister of Bribery and Kickbacks. “Swallowfield will be the battle field”

  108. Jamaica does not want David Smith and his kind. He can laugh and act like an ass somewhere else. He can wear his high fashion of a matching Polo Shirt and cap again and again but jamaica does not want him or any of his backers.

    Jamaica does not want the type of people who he brought to Jamaica to damage and hurt Jamaicans.

    it’s not a Government decision. It’s a people decision. Jamaica is a proud country with a proud history. kingston was the second city in the Western Hemisphere to get electric streetlights. We are great. We reject the likes of David Smith even though he is home grown.

    His eyes opened up to certain things like money and liquor and bribable people and he turned frightened Friday and shamed the country.

    If you want to help him get away then so be it go ahead.

    But we love Jamaica. Money never frighten we. We will defend Jamaica from the likes of David Smith forever.

    We will defend it from another like David Smith the cream head fish Carlos Hill. He too we defend Jamaica against and his associates who forsake Jamaica because they have a law degree and begging a buck.

    David Smith will tell you that his parents were ‘just’ teachers he wanted to live rich life. But the examples he followed:

    a) Got wealth Dishonestly


    b) Don’t carry the ratings David Smith thinks they have.

    Ready Smithy. Ever Ready.

  109. In a the liquidation of assets of a ponzi, one could argue that “investors” receiving “dividends” exceeding their cumulative capital investments are not entitled to further payments. In fact, as Jay indicated earlier, there is a case to be made for “clawback” since such persons would have benefitted from “unjust enrichment”.

    It may be argued that these “investors” were not aware that it was a ponzi and as such they should not be required to pay back these gains. However it is a “general equitable principle that no person should be allowed to profit at another’s expense without making restitution for the reasonable value of any property, services, or other benefits that have been unfairly received and retained”. According to Wikipedia:

    Liability under the principle of unjust enrichment is wholly independent of liability for wrongdoing. Claims in unjust enrichment do not depend upon proof of any wrong. However, it is possible that on a single set of facts a claim based on unjust enrichment and a claim based on a wrong may both be available. A claim based on unjust enrichment always results in an obligation to make restitution.
    I submit that all Olint and Olint TCI “investors” who were paid dividends in excess of their investments should be subject to “clawback”.

    The “new investors” who received no dividends, or received dividends that were less than their contribution, should be the only ones eligible for payment under the Olint liquidatoin process.

    Feeder clubs should be made to provide statements and proof of transactions for all clients and any disbursements ( Whatever little there may be) should be paid directly to the clients.

    It appears that PWC is already on the ball with this. However they should be made aware that many of the feeder clubs were not “companies” and that contributions to Olint was made in the names of the individuals running the feeder clubs.

    It will be interesting to see how this will play out. I hope that PWC will take the time to look into the co-mingling of funds. That will give the court in TCI the authority to go after the funds under “OLINT CORP”.

  110. Jay have you read the Doctors complaint. Why are you calling it a fishing expedition? The courts dont seem to have struck the complaint, maybe
    you and Lord G are in consultation. Did you research Lord G? The Canadians raided his offices in Jamaica because of money laundering.The IMF is upset about Vaz and company also. Only you and the traitor nocotec seem to support
    the Creary mess.

  111. Still not a word of Mr. Smiths arrest in either major paper?

    MUST be A LOT of other news to report on… no time for small stories like that.

    btw, has bail been paid and is Mr. Smith once again a free man?

  112. @Tafari…
    We long supported “clawback” ,.”Investors” who got more than there principal via interest should not get a cent more and should be ask to refund the excess. Over a year ago we had those discussions led by Noctec.

    Interestedly at first I never knew it could happen but some research showed it had been done over and over in the US especially in PONZI schemes.

  113. @harbourshark: You sectretly admire David Smith. You probably were his guest at the white slavery depot at Platinum and you probably flew to Turks in his plane.Why dont you go to Turks and extol his virtues.

    Dude your posts illustrate perfectly why you lost your money. Most of your money is gone forever. What you can now do is start to train your brain on how to make good decisions.

    You invested in Olint without the most basic investigation which would have shown that 10% per month average returns are not plausible and therefore it must have been a scam.

    Your brain continues to show this inability to do basic logical analysis. The most basic research via Google on “Nocotec” or asking any of the bloggers who are or were supporters of Olint and DS about blogger Nocotec would inform you that he was and is perhaps the most strident and relentless critic of DS, Olint, C+ and the the UFO’s .

    Yet again, your brain manages to arrive to the conclusion diametrically opposed to reality.. Your brain has you living in an alternate reality. You may need therapy.

    • Noco,
      Some ppl evidently does not know you and Jay as the steadfast chief detractors you are. haha 🙂 Ppl should read the archives.

  114. Let us do some logical analysis. Let us look at the issue of the Olint PR guy. The job of the PR guy and or firm was to promote Olint and in so doing would have helped lead many investors to invest or keep their money invested.

    Olint we now know conclusively was an illegal ponzi scheme. It is therefore very reasonable that the PR guy and or his firm should be criminally investigated to determine if he knew Olint was a ponzi scam and was part of a conspiracy to promote it and thus illegally obtain money by deception among other crimes.

    Similarly it is reasonable to expect that he and or his firm should be the subject of civil lawsuits to determine the extent of his knowledge and whether he should be held liable for investor losses.

  115. Edd , Edd, Edd,

    Man you are piece of work.
    Tell me the rationale behind Dr. Dont Think & Check filing a lawsuit against MasterCard, is that not a frivolous lawsuit.

    Tell me how you arrive at the position that I am a part of the Creay Plan.

    1. I Said Olint was a ponzi – Creary said it was good investment.

    2. I said 10% per mth was not possible, you listened to Creary who said hey there is proof that 10% per mth was possible.

    3. I said Olint was a huge ponzi and a run would cause a collapse, Creary said there was a run and 70% of the people were paid back their money.

    4. I wrote here that people should not invest in Olint, you refused to listen saying ” uno a gee Olint a fight”.

    5. FSC chased Olint out of Jamaica, you chased Olint to TCI giving DS over US$230Million in the process.

    So you listened to Creary and not me, so how did you arrive at the conclusion that I am apart of his clan.

    You see Edd, its this inabilty to separate fact from fiction which allowed you to be in the position that you now find yourself.
    Its this inabilty to make reasonable decision based on the information which has been presented, which has caused you and other grief.

    Edd when you decide for example to purchase a High Definition TV costing say US$1000 , how do you arrive at the decision of what brand to purchase and where to purchase it.

    Did you exercise the same logic when you decided to give your $000’s of to Olint, or was it based on.

    1. Well ,people are getting paid 10% per mth consistently.
    2. There was a run and all where paid back.
    3. I hear that DS is the world greatest trader.
    4. Nuff big man a invest inna Olint.
    5. David is a good guy, who will not rob anyone.
    6. Olint cannot be a ponzi as it has been in business for 5 years.

    You see there is a simple investment principle espoused by the world greatest investor.

    1.Rule No.1: Never lose money. Rule No.2: Never forget rule No.1.

  116. The liquidator will be chasing everybody paid from Olint TCI – interest and principle!!!!!!!!!!!!

  117. Now let us examine the allegations by some bloggers against some politicians and the political parties, generally against the JLP. One has to be very careful with unsubstantiated allegations especially if there is a plausible alternative which may be equally likely. In such a situation one must have credible facts to support the allegation.

    Take the example of Seaga, The Premier League and C+. Seaga on behalf of the Premier League reached a sponsorship agreement with CH and C+ to sponsor the league. It certainly appears that Seaga too was duped and believed that C+ was operating a legitimate entity.

    Did Seaga do anything criminally wrong? Was this something for which he had civil liability to C+ investors? Does the fact that he got the league to accept money from C+ means he was part of a conspiracy with CH to steal money from investors/lenders? Is it not logical to believe that if he was still actively part of the JLP it is likely he may have solicited and or accepted funds from CH and C+ for the party? Would that have indicated he was part of a CH conspiracy?

    In other words there is certainly a very plausible and more likely alternative where it is embarrassing for him but where he was not involved in wrong doing.

    Now I am not saying the same is applicable to the folks from the JLP alleged to be involved with DS and OLint. However unless there are credible facts to support some sort of conspiracy there is a different plausible explanation. One or more of them could have been duped like so many segments of JA society. It is possible that a duped politician could have solicited and accepted funds from Olint for his party.

    In such a scenario he may not be criminally or civilly liable though he and the party should be embarrassed. And it is appropriate that the money be returned to a formal pool to pay back defrauded investors.

    Unsubstantiated allegations especially where there is an equal probability of an alternate possibility is dangerous and certainly subjects the accusers to defamation and libel lawsuits.

  118. … hmm … harbourshark and edd … unnoo both appear to have been suffering from le olde ‘john crow’ syndrome … flying in ever decreasing circles (i.e. feeding on more and more of the same crapola) … ’til unnoo finally flew up unnoo own asses … just admit it nuh … unnoo never listen, got duped and de money gone …

  119. Well said Nocotec.

    I believe many here have bought politics into the picture as they beleive that the money they gave to the JLP was to ensure that Olint continues to operate in contravension of the law.

    The fact that Olint has collapsed has left many angry that the JLP did nothing to save Olint.
    By coming to that conclusion, they have still yet to get in their heads that Olint was a ponzi and would have failed even if the PNP had won the election

  120. If a politician is ‘Duped’ should they run the Country?

    We going to ‘Dupe’ David Smith and the crew now.

    Any objections?


    What good for the goose good for the gander.

  121. @nyammingpopcorn&watching
    Thus is the though process of some posters here

    “I would not look that smart if I accept that I was duped.I must find someone to blame, in that way I feel a little smarter.”

  122. Olint is not just a Ponzi.

    It is a money laundering operation.

  123. Floridian,

    Most of the AIS in Jamaica did in fact have some money laudering as part of the overall operation.
    This was very clear in the cashplus case, its just that this was never made public.

  124. I was ‘duped’ now I do the ‘duping’ Who ‘dupes’ last ‘dupes’ best.


    Why the flipping up over that? Settle the nerves man. When i was being ‘duped’ I looked nervy to you?

    Your own medicine and you a bawl. Settle dung man.

    Take a deep breath.

    If you want to make a public statement that you have done nothing wrong you are free. No one stopping you.

  125. Nocotec:

    There is just one problem I have with your Seaga/C+ analogy:

    How do you explain the fact that even after it was proven that C+ was a Ponzi that the great Finance guru would move forward with a lawsuit against C+ for the balance of the sponsorship funds? This, one might argue, was a callous act on his path, given the fact that a lot of investors stood to lose their life savings.

    Given the mythical position of being the best Finance Minister that Jamaica has ever had, would you reasonably assume that the brainwaves were not reaching the right places when he accepted money from a Ponzi that you and I knew with limited data.

    Do you think that a person of his statues and financial acumens can plead ignorance and that he was “duped” into believing that C+ model could support 10% a month return to its investors?

    Let’s face it, Mr. Seaga has had a long history of poor judgment, be it the $200 Million loan that he forgot he had procured and did not pay back, to the issue of the government taxes that were deducted from his employee’s salary and conveniently not turned over to the government.

    I guess what I’m saying is that maybe one should be more selective in their choice of analogies 🙂

  126. Oliver Clarke of the Gleaner has publicly and categorically denied the existence of payola with his journalists. He said David Smith and OLINT had and has no influence over his publication.

    Anyone who wishes can follow his example.

    Very honorable thing for him to do. It shows regard for his readership and Jamaica on a whole.

    Others should follow his example and state clearly what the position is with OLINT and their related entities.

  127. This must be one of the few times I agree with nocotec. Its a pity that rather than getting personal, some of the bloggers dont take the time to read what you have posted. I dont know how much clearer you can make it. You are not speaking in riddles or tongues. You might have to use pictures and bright colors.

  128. David Smith stated very clearly that he had the Gleaner ‘locked.’

    Logic: At least one person is telling the truth. Which one?

  129. In court thediscrepancy will be settled once and for all.

  130. Logic: At least one person is telling the truth. Which one?

    Sorry. The Should Read: “At least one person is NOT telling the truth”

  131. @floridian, Said: If a politician is ‘Duped’ should they run the Country?

    Democracy is of the people, by the people, for the people.

    This means that if large segments of the people at all strata of the society are duped then it stands to reason that politicians will also be duped. A politician is just another one of the people running for office, nothing unique about him or her.

    You would have to dismantle both parties and use a litmus test for the new politicians. Were you duped by the UFOs? … LOL

  132. The Courts are the best forum for Clarity Chucks.

    Are any of the bloggers against having the matters dealt with in the Courts?

    Smith was served in Provo recently although hiding in the house at Chaulk Sound. More service of process for the self-proclaimed ‘great.’ and Mrs. ‘Great’

    Surely they have no fear of not being vindicated. But run from the courts. Strange why people don’t want the courts

    Ehh Chucky?

    After the court who fi vindicate gets vindicate and who nuh fi vindicate don’t vindicate.

  133. MikeD:

    I wondered if age had caught up with him 🙂

    However I believe the analogy still stands. It is hard to look at the facts and then reasonably infer that he was part of some conspiracy and wrong doing with CH. Which was my point, that is, because a politician accepted money from the UFOs does not automatically mean he was part of wrong doing.

    Part of the subconscious psyche in JA is that politicians are somehow smarter and more capable than the average Joe. This leads people to psychologically tie their fortunes to politicians and parties. As this episode illustrates they are just ordinary Joes and they are just as apt to fall for the same deceptions as the rest of the society.

    There is no certification exam that a politician needs to pass along with continuing education classes. Thus we cannot be assured that any of them has even a minimum level of competence and or smarts.

  134. Floridian:

    Unless DS can prove that the liquidator’s conclusions were incorrect then it is now proven that OLint was a ponzi scheme. It would seem that the civil cases at this point is not about stuff like vindication but tracing and recovering funds for defrauded investors.

  135. Noncotec

    The Criminal stuff going right Dung a battam and up a tap again.

    Full Sweep. everything in the open. Clarity.

    No covers over anything. Naughty or nice Santa Cluas is coming to town. And he’s not leaving out the ghetto. No more wondering why we suffer so..

  136. Noncotec

    Where does the prison part fit in?

  137. @Floridian:

    There are two separate tracks, the criminal and the civil. Criminal is pursued by the State and will hopefully lead to significant prison time.

  138. He will try and pay off the key witnesses. That’s how the ‘christian’ does it he pays off the weak of mind and those who seek upward mobility through money.

    They know themselves. the problem for them is we know them too. That’s why them bend them face and get nervy in their calamity.

  139. You know how many “uptownners” bow and beg a grovel to David and Tracey Smith? You don’t feel sorry for them?

    Their image shattered. Out in the open. That’s what’s most precious to them. Image. They get wild and scream and shout when the image is revealed.

    hahaha…It’s something eveyone should see even once in their lives.

    when their TRUE COLOURS are out in the open it’s like they lost all they live for.

    Can’t pity them though. People can’t get robbed of their money and not get justice because ‘hurry come lately’ wants to protect image.

  140. Judging by the demeanor of Dr. Kinay’s attorneys and representatives, they are not happy with what the public will be learning upon release of the Final Report. The elements of apparent victory seem to have turned bittersweet.

    The release of the written decision in this case; that document that we all have been waiting for – for three days now, is expected at 02:00 pm.


  141. in defence of Seaga,

    While others filed lawsuits against Cash Plus itself, PLCA led by Seaga filed for a liquidation order and got it. That effectively killed off all the lawsuits against Cash Plus in my opinion

    “Following the presentation of a petition filed in the Supreme Court on June 12, 2008 by the Premier League Clubs Association Limited (PLCA) to wind up Cash Plus Group Limited (CPG), on June 27, 2008 the court appointed Mr., L. Monthly Kandekore, trustee in bankruptcy as the Provisional Liquidator of CPG. The PLCA has alleged that CPG failed to honor it financial commitments in respect of a Sponsorship Agreement entered into in October 2007-2008 Premier League Football Competition. The PCLA sought remedy in the Supreme Court which resulted in the appointment of the Provisional Liquidator.”


  142. Good point JohnDoe

  143. Smithy,

    Doo Sooomthing the dolly house a mash up! Change the style…saying I have no money in Olint is playing like a stuck record….try something new Smithy because I am ready to stop cruising now…

  144. Is Courtenay Barnett teach you to lie Smithy?

  145. hahahaha i like that. Mr. m monthly kanker sore. hahahaaaaa

  146. The next big feeder friend check out his Turks papers yet Smithy? When last unno vote in British Elections?

  147. Mike D

    Let’s face it, Mr. Seaga has had a long history of poor judgment, be it the $200 Million loan that he forgot he had procured and did not pay back, to the issue of the government taxes that were deducted from his employee’s salary and conveniently not turned over to the government.

    But Mike D what we have as leadership are the students of Mr. Seaga.

    Did he not bring Shaw back from New York and place him at Jampro? Did he not ‘groom’ the rest?

    O.k let’s say everybody was ‘duped’ so what did they do to Carrec it?

    Grovel and beg for their associated ‘fools’ who lost?Beg David Smith to take care of their own?

    So you are ‘duped’ and you are a ‘grovelor’. Mercy.

  148. Jay and Nocotec you do not appreciate the fact that the blog reflects a pantheon of opinions.

  149. The blog has always welcomed diverse opinions. This is why there is often spirited debate. What happens is when some folks post opinions that cannot stand the counter challenge of logic they often get upset. This does not mean they cannot post the opinions. Just expect it to be challenged by logic.

    Generally the only posts that have been removed are personal attacks and those that contain unsubstantiated claims that may be of a libelous nature.

  150. There is no dispute that, on 9 January 2007, Dr Kinay caused a political donation of $500,000 to
    be made to the Premier’s party by way of the law firm of the Premier’s brother, Chal Misick. The
    funds were from the second applicant and the money was to be used for the impending 2007 election
    in which the Premier’s party was hoping to be re-elected and, in the event, was.

    Click to access Supreme%20Court%20Decision%20-%20Re%20-%20Cem%20Kinay.pdf

  151. Is there any dispute that you paid some of the TCI govts. bills Smithy?


  152. @Ho Chi minh,

    Just adding to what Nocotec said… We certainly have not blocked anyone… (unlike another blog we know) ..

    Even where the comments of libelous nature have been removed we have asked person to re-state what they have to say in a responsible way….

  153. it seems like Olint JA is down at the moment….

  154. I got on fine. http://www.olintja.com

  155. Smith Paid Missick’s bills, provided him with Russian women and bought his house. He also paid civil service bills for Turks and paid the JLP’s conventioon costs.I am sure Nocotec approves. He favours misuse of investor money.

  156. Smith Paid Missick’s bills, provided him with Russian women and bought his house. He also paid civil service bills for Turks and paid the JLP’s conventioon costs.I am sure Nocotec approves. He favours misuse of investor money.

  157. He favours the way of the foolish. He will learn. Never too old to learn.

  158. I just got on….thanks

  159. Nocotec and JOhn Doe do not respect the First Amendment. Has the blog researched the on-going investigation intio Lord G ?

  160. Interested if you were the Prime Minister of Jamaica and you attended the opening of The Italian Village in TCI with the Premier and the Governor of the islands and you saw David Smith drive in….

    you wouldn’t run him?

    Oh…I see.

  161. Jay , Is It OK for Creary to write tomorrow”s Observer
    editorial? Just checking with you.

  162. @Flordian,

    You assume that the PM of Jamaica has as much integrity and principle as I know I have in my little toe….

    Oh..I see

  163. Interested

    You saw the clip where he say to the Jamaican diaspora in TCI that he has not gotten any bad reports about Jamaicans there?


    Start with Judy Jones and David Smith start with those who are close to home.

  164. @Floridian,

    I have been told my a hardline Olinter that Mama Smith informed them that the cavalry is just over the hill and all monies will be restored….maybe JA PM feels the same way….or maybe since the reports did not involve the customary Jamaican practice of killing people the PM felt anything else was good…..who knows..

  165. Interested

    Cavalry? Mama Smith going to trial very soon. Is that why words of encouragement coming? Coincidence?

    belongership story and rex messam coming to bump right away.

    Is that why the famous ‘people in the know’ start to sing everything will be o.k. (Check the track records they speak loud and clear)

    Why does he not place an advertisment (in addition to Duke of Earl’s fantastic piece of course) telling investors they soon get their ‘obligation’ satisfied?

    He could even reassure the PM in the press that ‘I will never get paid’

    If he even paid all the kool aid drinkers in full plus a billion dollars each can he retore the damage he and his wife caused?

    Hold on…I have to make a new batch of cool aid i never expected such a large crowd…..

    Yes now. Do you all feel special that you got the ‘priveledged’ info that the Cavalry is coming and soon pay?

    Make you feel special because it’s not widely disseminated info?

    Sorry to let you down. It flows to hundreds through the ‘I’m Special’ I”m in the Know’ Kool aid club.

    Indictment is what is coming. Not for Smithy alone either. Rass someone just violently spat out their Kool aid.

    All kind of things going to happen in these last days.

    If him even pay a selected few or the ones on the list that was presented by the pone who’s posoition shpould show no favour him still going to face the stand and other things.

    Get on with his life? He never controlled that from the day he robbed me.

    What? Some Cool aid? No Thanks I drank some water just before I came here.

  166. @Floridian,

    Revenge is a dish best served cold…ALWAYS

  167. The grapevine is a tool used mainly by David and Wayne Smith.

    It’s the special treatment.

    Lets have a meeting with 25 or so key members in 2008 and show them ‘proof’

    (BTW Peter had this job largely up to that point.)

    The 25 or so at the meeting will each tell people they know that everything is alright and it will spread by word of mouth.

    Yeah….hold on I have to make another batch of kool aid these people can drink …dem wanga.

    OK so the info of proof and 250 million into BOJ and Leeching cause this and FSC cause this and Turks authorities cause this and whatever will filter down in this ‘priveledged and individual’ way and make each recipient feel warm inside and special……

    Well. Wayne and David might just have shown ‘proof’ in an advert in the press (Them own so many) or perhaps a press conference and let each memebr see the ‘proof’ and be reasurred etc.

    But….each individual would not get that feeling of ‘links’ and ‘special’

    We are Special the people walking on the street in Jamaica in dutty clothes begging are not the ‘same’ as us…no sah….we are something different

    That’s why in certain things we are ‘in the know’

    Drink the Kool Aid and next time you see a poor person begging on the road in Jamaica or in calamity stop and help and talk to them.

    You might learn something.

  168. @Floridian,

    Grandma ever tell you “Long Run…Short Ketch?” ….Well a it dis a come now…

  169. I hear on very good authority:

    That all the people who have been quietly told the ‘good news recently’ are going to see all their Olint and banking transactions in detail on the WorldWideWeb. Not just balances.

    Because they heard the good news and kept it to thhemselves hiding it from the poorer members.

  170. @Floridian,

    WHAT GOOD NEWS?! Is all lies so they are the idiots for continuing to swallow foolishness like that…but then again a desparate man clutch at straws…

  171. Interested

    You recall the Worldwise Noel? Started to make all som $25 dollar payouts.

    You see dig this now,

    “Your honor, despite a long long absence of any payout my client has just recently begun to make good on his promise to members…”


    We build dem school deh.

    And just as we built it. We dismantle it when we feel like it.

  172. I would not leave a political or any other career in the hands of David Smith.

    But then again i’m probably not in the know (smile)

  173. I would not leave freedom to chance or Smith either.

    If you were a rampaging middle man pig and have not secured some good legal reprentation by this time you might as well dring some Kool Aid and just wait on fate.

  174. I hope so…..

  175. Something tells me to expect a comment fro Cull Cull soon.

  176. David Smith and Wayne Smith heartless with the Kool Aiders

    They make clear that who takes action against them naw get ‘them’ money( Arrogant and Worthless Bastards)

    Then in the same week that the liquidator invites victims to come forward…

    The Kool Aid grapevine starts up again that money coming soon.

    Heartless but funny in certain context. Many of the kool aiders come from high and mighty homes and offices. heh heh Shhhhhhhhh

    You know I know.

  177. @Floridian,

    Pride always goes before a fall for those that come from “high and mighty homes and offices”

  178. Some of the brand name that would listen to the rumors and secretly support a twice arrested person while backing him quietly…not aiding any authorities…what would your parents think about that? hahahaahaa

    Smithhyyy Huurrry the time run short!! We went out on a liiimb for yoooooouuuu…


    Hurry smithyy. hahahaha

    Kool aid? I SAID NO THANKS! I told you I had a drink of plain water before I came here.

  179. Prophet Phinn? Neil Lewis? Snapper? Anyone?

    In my hand I have a glass of Kool Aid. The Glass is covered so that you may not see the colour of the Kool Aid. Now for a prize of an all expenses paid (courtesy Olint) three week cruise around Kingston Harbour….

    ….can you predict? The colour ! of the Kool Aid???


  180. On a serious note Interested

    ‘Pride always goes before…’

    Sadly, pride is one thing that keeps Jamaica down. Not near CORRUPTION but pride is something we need to address in Ja.

    Sadly pride can’t feed not one person (even though it’s advisable to swallow it)….but it can keep a people.. a nation…down.

  181. I hold David Smith to be a heartless criminal servant of the Devil.

    But who knows maybe it was Pride that made him and Wayne live an ostentatious lifestyle of Jets, Women, Gambling, philanthropists and politicians. Powerbroking?…flying family around like taxi etc all while even not paying the people out while they suffered

    Hearty Laughing big life and blatant arrogance all while people’s only ‘crime’ was ‘please Sirs can I get to see my own money?’

  182. Adding insult to injury they blamed scapegoats for the hurting and so when asked to provide proof of these ‘fantasy culprits’ Wayne Smith and David Smith said NO We have everthing under control, we are in charge of eveyone’s destiny, we know what’s best for you and your money , we have it under control and any dissent will result in persecution through our paid agents in government (s)

    Fagots. You think if they showed proof Leeching was behind it Leeching would not be bawling mercy right now?

  183. I’ll Give ‘Them’ fairly high marks for craftyness. It will be seen whether some things were coincidental or well pre planned beforehand.

    But its execution was smooth in manyt ways.

    Scapegoats Leeching, FSC, ‘authorities’ and other selected individuals were all weighty with money, lawyers and influence so the crowd did not want to challenge them that they were agaist Smithy.

    They just simply believe in large part because just believing was cheaper.

    The Smith’s tied up the political directorate on both sides. This renders them useless. If they show their levels of involvement then they lose power so they say nothing.

    The journalists were tied up to the point that it affected the owners and they too have limits to follow now for to the right and left is the same &^%$b* creek.

    Misick proved a problem to them and now they realise the aint so smart.

    You see Smithy its like a Rubick’s Cube. You may hurdle solving the first and second layers fairly easily. But the solution gets more complex as you go along for as you solve more layers you must do so while simultaneously being careful not to disturb the parts of the puzzle you fixed already.

    The last layer elludes you Smithy. Well tried though.

  184. Even using lawyers who are members like Courtenay Barnett for example fit a strategy control of even their lawyers.

    Control of the highest ranking Jamaican diplomat in TCI Allan Hutchinson.

    All the agents who are now certified money launderers

    Is like their seeds we’re cut off and they are paralysed and in a comatose stupor tell their clients ‘Smithy soon come with some money’ Broken Record…needle stuck pon a scratch.

    They have nothing to do but face their clients like sitting ducks while they ponder how it seemed like ‘just the other day Smithy went away’ hhahhahahahahahahaha

    At least Smithy never left them out as their clients breathe heavily on their necks he sent them a postcard recently with Observer Courier Duke of Earl to say hey guys I definately not coming back so keep on holding your breath. Don’t forget If you take action you won’t get paid now and of course ‘your money safe ‘


    Soon come and goodbye all in one sentence. Walcott is a prentice to the literary genious who’s spells like an angel and had two physics teachers as parents.

    I hear when the NFA ruling against Martinez came out several middle pigs forwarded it around to clients as if it were showing smith in a positive light


    heh hehh whew

    Anyway enough jokes for one night

  185. Sterling Asset expanding to Montego Bay – Hunts forex trading licence

    I wonder about the rationale for this.(forex trading license)


  186. The world greatest investor said;
    “Only when the tide goes out do you discover who’s been swimming naked”

    The collapse of Ponzi scheme worldwide is a testimony to this great investor words.

  187. I understand that the Olint 3-Creary, Vaz and Robertson will be expelled
    quietly by the JLP power group Holness, Shaw and Gallimore. The ponzi scheme will lead to the fall of the JLP Government. Nocotec and Jay will suck
    David Smith’s lemons.

  188. Edd,
    The JLP so called gang of three caused the Olint failure.

    Ok so they get expelled from the JLP, what next. Does David Smith thievery gets vindicated.

    Edd go read my last post in the comments section of this blog, I think it will be of great help to you.

  189. @ Dead Monkey
    1. send us the information you have on Lord G hyipmyths [at] yahoo.com
    2. First Ammendment is a US jurisdiction … many countries therefore Jurisdictions at play here…

  190. Allen Stanford INDICTED; David Smith , Wayne Smith and Missick next.

  191. Allen Stanford was indicted, Smith and his operation is the next domino.Gifford was more than a lawyer for Smith and his criminal wife Tracey. Antigua became too hot for Stanford.Smith has confined himself to his house in Turks.He can start counting the days. Please stop blocking me.

    • Stop making statements about people blocking you as its not true.

      The facts are than some post (if you are new) gets held for moderation.
      We check from time to time to see if any post are being held up and release those.

      This is not a fulltime job for anyone of us, so there are days, that a post could be held for quite awhile if we are unavailable.

      The second thing is post with multiple links are automatically held, as these are treated as SPAM.

      So if you do not see you post here, check back later as it is most likely that we have not had a chance to check whats being held by the program.

  192. John Ross Esq has sued Hallmark,Mastercard and Missick. #09033903. Lord G in plenty of trouble,he could be in jail soon. Bustamante is smiling! Check it out.

  193. David Weir (left), investment and client services manager at Sterling Asset Management Limited makes an amusing point to his boss Charles Ross (centre), managing director of Sterling Asset

    David Weir is a middleman for David Smith.


  194. #90330903 is at Broward Courts.Org on line.

  195. Jay , You are the leader of the nihilistic school of Olint blogging.All bloggers are idiots the money is gone so nobody should do anything. That is why I suspect you and Nocotec are in league with David Smith. When people use private detectives and lawyers to determine facts you either ridicule it or have nothing to say.Note your silence on the affidavit admissions that the Olint Trust is a fraud.
    If you want to suppress information just let us know so that another more serious blog can be formed and you can be investigated for your misdeeds,

  196. Edd,
    Unlike some journalist( and I am really not one), I do not follow the dictates of anyone.
    So why are you insisting on a statement on Olint foundation.

    I /we have already said everything about Olint was a fraud, everything means just that everything.
    It was reported months ago on wireless expression that no money was ever presented during that photo op which was in the papers.

    Again you are reading but not understanding what you have read.

    So its not the gang of three anymore, its me. 🙂

    Blame blame blame, its not Edds fault, its those folks that gave Edd bad advise. The same advise which he sought and really thought it was the best advise he could have been given back then.

    Were’nt you one of those which said(before the collapse) that this (Olint) was the best investment you ever made in your life?


  197. Ok guys, I find this one to be humerous.

    $134 Billion in a Suitcase, and Other Extremely Large Numbers


  198. It will be interesting to see how the licence for Sterling goes.

    DW is one of David smiths’ substatial middlemen or pigs as they are called on this forum.

    Some of his victims are extremely disgruntled.

    Sterling has been dealt with largely on another blog with the Tortola set up etc.

    All eyes on the BOJ Governor now.

  199. Stanford was very wise. Spend some time with the girlfriend yes. You blame him for that?

  200. Today, the BBC report that the Lord Chief Justice of England, sitting in the Court of Appeal, has ruled that a trial by judge alone can proceed under the new 2007 powers.


  201. Did Smith pay for TCI Government bills? For ‘protection?’ Did that virus travel from Jamaica and into TCI.

    Maybe The WHO needs to ‘quarantine’ The Smith’s and their bad habits.


  202. The Journal reports that the one-time playboy was indicted and charged with orchestrating fraud through his eponymous Caribbean-based financial firm. Hours later he surrendered to federal agents in Virginia.

    Much of the operation centered on sales of high-yielding certificates of deposit, which attracted funds from retirees and others looking for safety amid the tumult of the financial markets.


  203. Edd/Harbourshark:

    Your attacks on me and Jay are nothing new dude. From the beginning investors have launched continued attacks on my posts. At each new turn they find some new reason to attack. Unfortunately for these investors, I have been right at every turn. Sorry dude, all I have done each time is to apply logical analysis to the information as it presents itself.

    You remind me of a former owner of an NBA team, I believe it was the Cleveland Cavaliers. The NBA had to institute a rule that no team can trade away 2 consecutive years 1st round picks… In order to protect him from himself. He continuously made horrendously bad trades for his team, always giving way too much for very average players and so on that they had to protect him from himself.

    Dude you continuously make such bad decisions that you need to be put in conservatoship and a guardian appointed to manage your affairs. You have no idea how to look at a set of facts and arrive at the logical conclusion.

  204. Can we all agree that Charles Ross should not get a license in mobay for forex?

  205. You watching and learning Smithy?

  206. Smithy don’t worry you will in ‘fine company’ pon your ting you will not be lonely some of your favorites will be in your crab barrel with you. Familiar faces. Many going to get a coveted place in……


    20 years Nonco Tec? Apply your ‘logic’ to 250 years.

  207. Come on children the bell has rung time to get back into


    Even if you have a law dregree and a couple of OJ’s and CD’s it’s never too late to engage the Continuing Education Programs available.

  208. Anyone know what has happened to the Caicos land that Tracey and david Smith and Rex Messam were involved in?

    Byushmaster we need some updates.

  209. Reads : 5194

    Former Turks and Caicos premier sued by victims of OLINT scheme


    5194 Reads! You know how many struggling newspapers and newsblogs would want that number of reads!

    Damn 5194 hits.

  210. Jay

    You can’t get the BBC Panorama documentary up? Even just the piece where they interview Lester Bird?

  211. Also indicted were three executives of the company and a former Antiguan bank regulator.

    The indictment charges Stanford and other executives at his firm “would cause the movement of millions of dollars of fraudulently obtained investors’ funds from and among bank accounts.”

    The firm would give money to some investors “to perpetuate the false appearance that (Stanford’s business) was financially sound,” according to the indictment.


  212. Looks like U.S. Authorities can have criminals extradited from TCI as well…(wire fraud within the U.S. banking system – DS)

  213. He owned a local airline, a newspaper…

    Mr. Stanford has repeatedly declared his innocence. He said there was no Ponzi scheme, and accused the S.E.C. and the receivers of destroying his businesses and needlessly hurting his investors and employees.

    –sounding very David Smithish.

    But he has also said that if money is missing, it was the fault of his chief financial officer, Mr. Davis.

    —sounding very Wayne Smithish.


  214. Don’t forget Stanford was a “devout” Christian. Like someone else we unfortunately (I have no “fortune” anymore) know. Mixing Business with Religion should be a first Red Flag.

  215. These are called affinity scams. In the case of Olint, C+ etc, I suppose we could call them double affinity scams. They prey on groups that have identity with or have some kind of affinity to the scammer.

    For example in the case of DS…

    Affinity #1: Scam almost exclusively among Jcans. Jcans identified with him while his pr machine and Jcans boosted him up as the world’s greatest fx trader. We heard comments like if we can produce Asafa Powells (Usain had not emerged yet) as world class sprinters, why not the same in fx trading. 🙂

    Affinity #2: DS is a good christian and would not scam anyone. Legions of ‘Christians’ identified with this good christian who was being pushed by many pastors and churches. And they did get many of the flock to invest.

    If you want to start an affinity scam, Christians are the easiest to scam. To be a true believer the brain is already conditioned to believe concepts that are not logically resolved. Same thing is needed by the scammer. The mark must be willing to easily accept the illogical, like 10 % per month, proceeding to invest not by logic but by faith.in the scammer.

    This is of course why we see so many investors continuously seeking scapegoats to blame. Investing was not by logic but by faith in someone. Consider the similarity if a religious person was to die and find out there was an afterlife and no heaven existed, just a hell… he/she would have to find someone to blame for this failure to be in paradise. In this case hell is the loss of life savings while DS had promised a paradise financed with returns of 10 % per month.

  216. You are probably an American Noncotec

    usain Bolt emerged ito the World in sprinting at the Junior World Championships in Kingston 2002.

  217. Alas floridian I know about his performance at the juniors… before he broke the 100m record no one expected such performances from him in the Olympics… he did not even run the 100m regularly.. At the time Asafa was the record holder and so that is why he was used as the standard. Now the same comment would be… we produce Usain Bolts…

    Look at the facts logically man and arrive at logical conclusions. 🙂

  218. Olint was a classic case of Affinity Fraud. Why are we fighting the fact? We posted this video last year June 11, 2008.


  219. @Floridian

    What time you keeping school tonight????

  220. Retired from teaching now. Good Luck.

    Eternal Father bless our land,
    GUARD us with thy mighty hand,
    keep us free from evil powers
    Be our light through countless hours
    To our leaders great defender
    Grant true wisdom from above
    justice, Truth be ours forever
    Jamaica Land we love….Jamaica…Jamaica…
    Jamaica land we love


  221. @Floridian

    Aaaah boy I hope your spirit is not broken….

  222. Smith’s extradition is imminent. That will be the most significant development of the year.Which politicians will Smith testify about? Vaz, Creary or Robertson ( The 3 million dollar man).

  223. When will the PAJ cite the Gleaner for paid journalists?

  224. @Dead Monkey

    Is it that you want Smith to be extradited or is that really the case?

  225. Interested

    I give you one last (Key) crumb because you need it maybe.

    Hallmark was never licenced to take money and invest it in any way.

    Go forth students….I’ll check from time to time. Impress me.

  226. has received a grovelling apology from the TCI Government.

    hahaha there’s that grovelling word again.

  227. Damn, with the Antiguan FSC guy getting screwed ALL the officials in Jamaica and TCI that took money from the Smith gang must be uptight….to say the least.

    All those Jamaicans living over on Provo and the facilitator set must be weak in the bowels.

    What’s that Nonocotec? The facilitataors and the bribe takers have someone else to blame but themselves?

    I agree Noncotec This is a time for each and every person to take responsibility for what ‘they’ did.

    Surely they were not tricked into being bribed.

    Or mabe Noncotec or someone else can twist it into, ‘they were tricked when they were bribed so that’s that let’s move on’


    What a lot of dignitaries shouting “I was tricked” and “I was fooled like eveybody else” hmmm what is changing? All of a sudden? just since recent times…..

    The tune changing. Where is all the big talk gone too?

    Snapper? What’s happening? Peter? What’s up?

    Smith goes to TCI and was the rage among Jamaican’s living there. They all clamoured over each other crab in barrel style to get close to him. All kind of contracts and real estate and projects with all hese facilitators went up FULL SPEED AHEAD CAPTAIN…

    How come the associates and facilitators so quiet?

    Sticking heads in sand? Not for much longer. The lawn mower coming.

  228. Yes, not changing no course. Full speed ahead…..with INDICTMENTS.

  229. Floridian… we are all waiting for justice

  230. Lucky thing while you were waiting some people toiled.

  231. I concur wholeheartedly….this has been the lesson of a lifetime….despair without action gets us nowhere

  232. The ‘lesson of a lifetime’ is what the facilitatators and associates who helped Smith will face.

    Nocotec….I warned them and told them so..

  233. Hardears

  234. Does an indictment mean that ‘others’ wont be charged?

  235. Oh yes ‘superscede’ Answer my own question.

    Yes based on testimony coming out of Smith’s little game additional people can be charged.

    Like associates and little helpers.

  236. Interested

    Who are the names people in the phot on the front page of http://www.olintja.com and what are their roles in the crimes?

  237. floridian

    If we heard that Usain Bolt had run a 100m race in rural Trelawny and set a new world record of 1.95 seconds. And it was not an officiall meet and there seemed to be no independent witnesses, would you believe it? And why not?

    Because it is not plausible. There is no one that has ever done anything remotely close. Only a complete fool would believe it.

    It is thus amazing that DS was able to claim returns of 130 % per year over several years when no one has managed to sustain any such returns legitimately, or even come close… And yet many thousands were duped by his claims.

    You and others have said if politicians were duped, should they be allowed to run the country…

    Question: If a doctor was foolish enough to be duped by such obviously false claims and invest US $2.4 million, is such a person fit to continue practicing medicine? Would you recommend your mother to him?

    Does it not cut both ways? How come people were duped to invest but it is not possible those that got donations could have also been duped to believe he was a legitimate fx trader?

    Apparently DS had to have a meeting with a number of the people close to him to show the false documents or computer screen of funds he had or his trading history… Now if all those at the meeting were co-conspirators, why would they request a meeting to see proof? Does that seem logical?

    It is very likely that DS had a number of people who were conspirators but simply accusing those that got money is not enough. Proof is required as those that gave money were duped and many that got money were duped too. One needs an investigation to discover the guilty parties and unfortunately the JA legal system is not up to the challenge. Hopefully the TCI or US system will fill the gap.

  238. Noncotec

    I hear your points. You might just be brilliant. Well articulated.

    Noncotec someone of your gifts might help the rest of us here:

    Who are the people in the picture on the front page of http://www.olintja.com and what was each individuals role in stealing the people’s money.

  239. A doctor needs a beeper and a scope some pitosin and a good midwife on hand. 17 babies a day and most go like how it was for caveman.

    Negotiating with multilateral agencieson behalf of a country requires an astute financial mind, integrity and a business acumen unbridled from a high false ego.

    Representing a nation of 2.8 million requires integrity most of all followed closely by transparency and accountability.

  240. Responsibility for 17-25 babies a day is not the same as representing 2.8 million.

    Ahhh what’s 17 into 2.8 million…..ahhh help with the math Noncotec.

  241. If a doctor gets ‘tricked’ by a set of criminals who have a solid history (albeit neatly hidden) of financial malfeasance the Doctor can still instruct a pateint to ‘PUSSH’

    If on the other hand a person supposedly ‘tricked’ by Wildish and Smith has control of an entirecountry’s finances it might be a litlle different.

    Anyway Noncotec your logic is still as solid as the air we breathe and the Kool Aid on offer.

    Let’s get to your assesment of the photograph on the front page of http://www.olintja.com

  242. Noncotec you said above,

    “Apparently DS had to have a meeting with a number of the people close to him to show the false documents or computer screen of funds he had or his trading history… Now if all those at the meeting were co-conspirators, why would they request a meeting to see proof? Does that seem logical?”

    Noncotec, Perhaps it was just the ‘time’ to make the crowd think you were silly or duped.

    Who in the meeting spread the news that Smith was showing false documents?

    Noncotec, there are Olint members who will show you ‘paper losses’ even some large amounts but take a little time to think here. If I say to you I lost a dollar but I hold from you the fact I made 100 dollars. Am I at a loss?

    Might be good for me though for when the police come I can show them my statement that shows I ‘lost’ a dollar.

    What say you Noncotec?

  243. Question;

    Someone sues your brothers, your mother, your sister in law. It is reported on the front page of the newspapers (in more than on country). It’s all over the radio 9in more than one country). One of your brothers is arrested for faud in TCI.

    Would you write an affidavit saying that until you were served your summons you had never heard the name of the person suing half your family?

    Would you take that risk Noncotec? You believe her?

    You think the 12 will believe her?

  244. @Nocotec excellent point. Question though wasn’t it closer to 210% per annum if they were rolling?

    Being duped does not mean that person is capable or intelligent. If you let your guard down, the likely of being duped increases. This is what happens regularly with ‘affinity fraud’.

    Being duped over and over the same could however point to insanity. “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” – Albert Einstein.

    The key point here is that persons admit they made a mistake, learn from the mistake, help others not to make the same mistake and pursue legal remedy were possible.

  245. Ever heardr of a default judgement? Well, it is very easy to obtain in Broward county where they are always very happy to dispose of cases.

    Her defense seems well advised.

  246. @jJohnDoe

    Yes it was 210 % plus for those rolling and most people were rolling.

  247. Higgins Warner & MayDaisy were promising 20% per month or nearly 800 % per year and they still got many hundreds of investors.

  248. Pastor Che Cowan. Leave Jamaica and start again ehh? No more Church on the Rock

    Big backers of Smithy moving on queitly.

    But you own fleshy dem in America under sufferation from David Smith fraud.

    You don’t feel any compassion or shame Che?

    And you back him Che. Cold as ice.

    Christian you call it?


  249. Defense well advised? You mean the robbery was ill advised?

  250. how so many of them believe the new edit of David Smith soooooon pay and quietly packing up and leaving Jamaica?

    You think it’s a few of them?

  251. No idiot! The defense. The claims laid out in the respondent’s affidavit. It appears it was well advised.

    In a court of law (not on the blog, blog hero) one must put forward a defense (and appear in court) or a default judgement may be entered. Here, we see two respondents claiming they have no knowlege of the claimant’s assertions.

    Granted that we all hate David Smith a person should not be sued because their relative is a thief. So if their claim of having nothing to do with OLINT is true, they are doing the right thing to file that affidavit in a timely manner.

    I still wonder, after reading so many of the blogs from the past 18 months or so, why folks with no investment in OLINT would be so deeply involved in blogging, and so emotional about it…..Lies lies lies.

    I now have reason to believe that by instincts were right. The hypocracy is astounding…I take it that is a jamaican thing. Damn, you guys are good!

  252. Stop trying to hide your IP address….Ha a Ha

  253. Who again did not invest in Olint? Well, I must be seeing double!

  254. For those who don’t know, some are seen as taking the high road…very clever guys. Why on the road at all?

    Inquiring minds want to know…..You know who you are….Very clever!

  255. Why not set up a stanford blog?

  256. Tafari

    You should try not to hate people. you may dislike people and be disgusted by them or pity them but hate is kind of strong.

    If you wern’t invoved in Olint then you would not take up a position in their organisation or enter into contract with them.

    Look Tafari, you back Smith it was always obvious gook luck in your endeavours. Stay focused sometimes your own emotion gets the better of you.

    I assume you have done absolutely nothing wrong in defrauding or robbing any innocent person. Once that is truth you will find a calm comes over you.

    Smith on the other hand barracades himself in Chaulk Sound. Hides and runs from service of process. not the actions of a man confident in innocence. Associated persons run to authorities quickly now but stood still (like deer in the middle of the road) for months. Judge if you will but these are not actions of people who seem confident of anything not least of which is their innocence.

    The facts will show that olint money purchesed assets like homes for associates and family from the victims money.

    look all when people get carted off to prison them scream innocence.

    If there is a discrepancy and accusations both parties should be anxious to get on with court proceedings and prove they are right.

    Smith not in that. He knows why and he knows I know why.

  257. The FBI see a similarity between the Antiguan government officials and the Vaz-Creary group’s conduct. .Maybe Creary will be indicted soon, I wonder who he will implicate?

  258. And he knows I have the proof.

  259. If he does not want to place some creedence or value to that then so be it. I give it as a gift to the tens of thousands of sufferers (many to shame to even complain but who suffer in silence).

  260. Smith can turn off his mind into a vacum. He can laugh and prance while just coming off a phone line telling some victim in most somber tone that everything is o.k.

    2 years of this.

    How does he do this and turn off concience and the ability to feel the pain of others?

    Why he feels he is entitled to what he wants no matter who gets hurt.

    Ask him about his childhood and you will know.

  261. creary in jail finally! A triumph for democracy!

  262. See how damn stupid you are floridian…and a homo too? What in anything I wrote suggests to you that I back Smith?

  263. Nothing suggested that my emotion is “hate” either. But what if it is? You would be easy to hate.

  264. Why do you blog so passionately about Olint mr? You invested no money, right? Why do you care? Oh, sorry it is personal!

  265. So bloggers,as you read the various positions taken by these self appointed authorities, ask yourself this…why would anyone, not involved in the Olint robbery/scandal/mess, invest so much time to establish a blog, and spend so much time (years) blogging on the issue?

    Why oh why?

    I started blogging reluctantly after months of reading the blog. And my instincts were right..there was something not quite right about the way one would be attacked for merely suggesting that there had to be money somewhere. And for the folks who dared to offer some support to the idea that David Smith may produce some money after all, well they know what they exeperienced.

    Then I realized that my thought provoking (or to some anger provoking) angle would lead to no meaningful information here. I then hired someone who was able, not only to get a trace on some stolen money, but to find out who is behind some of the personalities on this blog. And boy, what a surprise.

    For instance, when you were having your little one on one meetings with David Smith in Chalk Sound, did you not know that he was a thief? And did he not pay for the trip to the TCI when you went there? Tracy Smith thinks so…She believes that you had an affair with him, guy. Did you know that she knows?

  266. So examine the positions taken by some of these bloggers and always ask yourselves why…

    Why. Why.

    Why is it that some folks try so hard to convnce people that there is no money to be found? The same people that say on this blog that they had meetings with DS? Why?

    Why would some get so angry when someone suggests that will follow the money trail? WHy?

    Why do they so eloquently try to encourage folks to just give it all up and move on? Why?

    Wel, in any scandal, political, investment scheme, whatever, always follow the money and then you will know why.

  267. floridian, on June 20th, 2009 at 11:37 pm Said:

    And he knows I have the proof.

    Of course he does. Oh the intrigue…..

  268. Creary will find himself in FDC and then Leavenworth.Check iit out. King said he was not going to jail in Antigua.

  269. If convicted on all charges, Stanford faces up to 250 years in prison.

    I wonder how much David Smith will get.

  270. Wow! Tafari Francis has finally lost the debate with Floridian and is now resorting to gutter tactics. You can know the “loser” of any debate, either they take up their ball before the end of the game and shamefully go home or they get angry and make scurrilous statements.

    I have a question for you Tafari? If Tracy had those suspicions about her spouse, why would she still be involve with a faggot? Better still, wouldn’t she be embarrassed to share those suspicions of her husband with anyone? Hey Floridian, I wouldn’t let Tafari get away with that comment…what you going to do about it? You cannot let HER question you masculinity like that. Those are fighting words……

    Tafari, in light of your new “approach”, I now question you previous declaration that you are a graduate from such a fine institution as Princeton University. Did you get your degree via a correspondence course? You seem to know a lot about the legal system in Broward County (Respondents?…someone very exposed to legal terms). Are you sure you live in South America? Are you sure you are not the fag on this blog…I notice you keep calling men on this blog, “dear”. What do you have to say Tafari; you are a fairy, mon….sorry, miss. Or is it that you are looking friends of similar elk?

    Let us get back to debating issues as oppose to generating silly comments on bloggers sexual orientation…real or imagine or even researched. It make you Tafari appear….well….like a buffoon!

  271. You would prefer to see my allegations in an indictment than in the blog?!
    Stop blocking Ho. You will regret it.

  272. David will get 30 years to life.Tracey will get 10 if she talks.

  273. Mike D

    Tafari is like journalists that when action start dem run under other man seed. hahahahaa

  274. Mike D

    Nuh worry yu intention many going to learn what really is wi nuh play.

    Not much more waiting.

  275. If you research this blog you will see that Tafari is a high hermaphrodite.

  276. @Tafari

    Descending into the usual silly accusations does nothing to further your arguments. In Ja accusing someone of homosexual relations is usually enough to end the arguement.

    However in this case one could make the argument that if you invested in OLint that DS screwed you royally. 🙂

    • Oh, now I get ! I can truely see why he might be classified as bisexual…..he is impartial as to who he screwed in the process!

      Its interesting though that Tarfari is the only person I know of who invest in a Ponzi after it has CRASHED and have big chat after the fact 🙂

      Sorry Jay, just had to get that one in. Its all Nocotec’s fault.

  277. Guys,

    We need not descend into the gutter to get the message across. The level of post in the last few hours has degenerated significantly, lets stop the slippage.

  278. Badman: I started reading Nettlefords Mirror, Mirror after you posted it on this blog as a window into jamaica class and race paradigms…Wicked peice ‘a book. Didnt know Nettleford was so wicked. I heard about his rasta research but this was unexpected.

    Its funny how you suspect certain things from the time you are young. Usually you hear people (yours truly included) talking through their ass about race and class, and adding all kinds of anecdotal conjecture and guesswork to emotionally cloud the issue. But instead, this was a real sociologist stating only the parts that are really true from all the race and class commentary. Its rare for me to see this kind of work about Jamaica, with all the interdependent issues laid out in plain english with reasearch and footnotes to back it up. He’s goes back fifty years and more…to show how our attitudes and valuse on these issues were built from scratch. It is a very different experience for me.

    Respec Badman. It just shows you never know where you will find a good book.


    • Will pick up a copy. Hopefully a local bookshop will have it in stock.

      Thanks for the recommendation.

  279. wow. Tafari… I can only repeat the same advice I’ve seen given to you before. You might need to go further back than a few months in 2009. re- read the blog – catch up on the history – wheel and come again.

    This blog has its own language of communication beyond words. understand that over time – you will get familiar with the ‘voices’, and perhaps the motives (or the motives bloggers want you think they have).

    badman.. I’ll be checking amazon for rex’s book!

    gentlepeople- till such time.

  280. Mike D:

    Please note that I was never in a debate with anyone. I set out on what I thought was a common ambition among bloggers – to discover the truth about David Smith and Olint and to recover monies lost.

    Read again what I posted. Stop worrying about the “debate”…read my words. I am not one to make unfounded allegations. In fact, it would be childish, selfish and irresponsible even criminal to do so.

    I blog under my own name, I have given out my email address as well as much personal information. I have nothing to hide and anything I state on this blog will be supported in a court of law with facts or at least a taped statement….He knows exactly what I am talking about.

    So I say to you good folks again….ask yourselves why. And always follow the money!

  281. “This blog has it’s own language”…yes indeed it does. learning that language has become fun over the months. And may I suggest that I haI’ve read probably every blog still available….Very interesting stuff.

    learning who the people are and their relationships to polititians and even David Smith has also been fun.

    Their IP addresses was available so that was easy….

    What was interesting was reading what they are writing on this blog, and comparing it to the information gathered about their relationships…hypocracy!

  282. Nocotec:

    That was actually funny…

    Can I ask you kindly sir, a very sincere question. Have you or have you not, benefitted knowingly either directly or indirectly, from proceeds from investments in Olint, Olint TCI or any related “clubs” or “companies”?

    How about you Jay?

    How about you floridian?

    Your responses will greatly assist a simple, unintelligent, foolish “investor” in his quest to get to the bottom of what appears to be a very interesting puzzle.

    • Nocotec and Jay, could you please give mi sum of the Olint money nuh…you know, the benefits that you both derived directly or indirectly from Olint/Olint TCI…please? hahahahhaaaaaa

      Tafari, what about JohnDoe or me? How much did we get…we are somebody tooooooooo 🙂 Or is it that you couldn’t decipher that type of information just from our IP address (which by the way can be change on very short notice) or your crystal balls?

      This is getting funnier and funnier by the minute!!!!

  283. He who knows and knows that he knows……

  284. Somehow Tafari for all your good intent and for all your extensive reading of the blog you shed little light on to the fraud, the players and what is going to happen.


    Is it your wish that the culprits go to prison or not?

    Yes or No.

  285. Mike D:

    It is unacceptable for anyone who enjoyed such a close personal relationship with David Smith, even epending Olint’s money, to be here pretending to be someone else…..Unacceptable!

    No attacks on yoou Mike D. I understand that to you my references seem a bit stupid and low-down, and they appear to you to be the rantings of a madman. Don’t worry. Tafari hasn’t lost his head…not yet anyway.

    Again, folk, follow the money. Follow the money.

  286. Mirror Mirror, perfectly explains Olint. A brown guy has an idea.As soon as it makes money the white people befriend him and steal the idea and the money. Now the brown man is going to jail, because he shared his idea with the white people.I am sorry for the brown man. Norman Manley told John F Kennedy
    that Jamaica is a black country. A Certain Person are trying to keep black people in Jamaica down. He will fail. Remember “Bag o Wire” he went mad after selling out Marcus Garvey. Wignall is Bag Of Wire and Creary is Judas, as he has sold the Jamaican people out for pieces of gold. Happy reading Soze.

  287. Tafari

    Prison yes or no?

    Trying to follow Badman. Steal the ‘idea’ and the money? hmmm o.k. let’s work with that for the moment.

    All Smith would have to do is tell one….only one…. Olint investor who has stolen the money from ‘him’and that would be the end of that.

    Mi no sorry fi no man too quick could be purple. No gyal neither.

    i can see that at this juncture a lot of things changing. Some subtle some blatant.


    Because the calamity is just about to begin?

    Don’t tell me people were so stupid to think that the calamity of the proud was not going to come. upon them.

  288. What about the con lawyers. When culprits run from the blog to them and then the con lawyer says no man just give me a money you alright.

    It’s been a big lesson in Jamaica. Same time you have lawyer in your camp that lawyer all of a sudden facing big problems themselves.

    Big timer run them mouth in ways unchanged for hundreds of years then a modern miracle..

    a package reach in the mail with your own emails and history of your cases and other things….

    Shazam! Gone…..lightening speed retreat start prepare some legal doc for “yourself “for a change all for free.


    Although such a significant social juncture has occured in this nations history largely unoticed by the majority of its citizens it has come to stay.

  289. Has Creary been arrested for real?


  290. the self perpetuating myth that a corrupt lawyer and a lot of money provides adequate ‘frock’ for you to hide behind has been smashed……Smitherines

    Many now lament ” I should have done medicine”

  291. On Mirror Mirror I pass no comment at this time.

    But if the other professions and sections of our society can take a page from this (Olint Debacle) and enter the 21st Century (instead of veranda chat) Jamaica will be well on its way to solving its pressing problems.

  292. I am one of the “friends” that used to enjoy the action at Sabina with the Smith clan.
    When the OLINT JA blog released the evidence that Yana knew OLINT was a Ponzi, then I realised I was not as close as I once thought.
    Although it is hard for me to say this, I have to give the credit to the Doc who has obviously created a formidable team of lawyers and private detectives.

    Personally I cannot call the man stupid for putting his money in OLINT. Hell, I did and I was a “friend” with access !!! In fact, we all as friends had money in the damm thing.

    As a woman, I admire someone with guts to stand up to David and his lies. Nocotec,Jay, Johndoe…you could learn a lot from the man you call stupid.

    If I had such a challenge to get my B.S, I am in no position to say a man with so many letters behind his name is stupid.

    I would love to know if Nocotec, Jay … have ever made a mistake in their lives. Apparently, they are paragons of virtue with an IQ higher than Albert Einstein and so we need them to step forward and publicly admonish ALL olint investors for being stupid.

    Doc, I do not know if you read this blog but let me mention a few points.
    DC the marketting guru should also be investigated. Like the man who helped Stanford to recruit investors, he too should be indicted.
    My friend works for a newspaper company and your sources were correct. The lifestyle of some journalist does not correspond to their salaries-. Hmmm.

    CR who is the CEO of Sterling is someone my husband knows. His wife is an attorney and that man is helping David. In fact, he wants to start offering Forex trading. My husband understands this is another scam for David.

    I have so much more but this would not be the best forum to share those details.
    Doc, on June 30th I will be in Miami and if you want more support with your legal cases I would be happy to meet with you and share important details regarding David and his “bag of lies”.

  293. @Tafari

    If you are asking me if I benefited financially from Olint, you either have not read the blogs or you we have to question your sanity. You should pose that question about me to long time Olint investors and supporters… even they would get a big laugh from that. A better question is to ask them to name the folks on the blogs that have been the biggest thorn on the blogs in the side of the UFOS.

    Your question is so ridiculous, it does not deserve an answer. Suffice it to say that had folks paid attention to me, Olint TCI would have got $0 not $220 million. And no one would have benefited from Olint TCI. You are better served by asking me to predict the likely outcome of anything you have an idea about doing about these ufoS… You will find that I am not often wrong.

  294. Cricket pal

    Well said, there are two people on this blog who combined have known David Smith tatalling more than 70 years. If you add Peter that’s worth about another 36 years.

    Sometimes ‘on the social scene’ as the newspaper terms it people ‘in the know’ push themselves up but ‘know’ very little if anything at all.

    Jewel2sell is high up on this list. I assure you.

  295. Well done cricket plan. I wish we had more women on the blog. Jay is a pain.

  296. Not many of you here would be expected to understand the Lee Oakley significance. Suffice to say in the words of David Smith himself, “it lock.”

  297. @Cricket Pal

    If you were around the blogs long enough you would have seen me say that I think Newton was the smartest guy ever but he got swindled in the South Sea scam.

    If the Doc had spent 1 thousandth of the time he is now spending chasing his money… if he had spent just that much time investigating if the claimed returns were plausible he would not have invested. Investors taking that much money, or their life savings or borrowing money to put in the UFOs was the zenith of stupidity.

    It is so incredibly stupid it was unbelievable. To follow that stupidity, it means that you should look at all your investments every month and transfer all your money to the stock, mutual fund or other investment that had the best return the previous month… Every month repeat the process. That is obviously stupid… so why the hell did so many people do such a stupid thing with Olint.

  298. Nocotec:

    I heard a wise man say a long time ago that there is no stupid question. Especially not those questions asked to provoke a “reaction” (said the little wise man).

    Have you invested in Olint? Why do you blog? Just out of concern for the masses (of stupid Olint investors) I suppose. Right? Oh, stupid question again….


    I am hoping and praying that everyone involved in Olint finds themselves behind bars…for a looong time. And I wonder daily why the other perpetrators such as Tracey, Wayne, the staff, haven’t been arrested to date.

    And you floridian, from what I am hearing and seeing, may be in the cell next door. Prison yes or no floridian?

  299. Let us look at some actual numbers and then try to figure out what people actually believed when they invested in these UFOs. There were generally 2 types. There was the group like Olint and C+ that tried to average 10 to 12 % per month. There was a second group like MayDaisy and Higgins Warner that promised 20 % per month.

    Olint was in existence for what about 5 years?

    At 10 % per month in 5 years every $1000 would grow to $305,000. Every person able to come up with an investment of $10,000 would have $3.05 million in 5 years. And folks thought this was plausible.

    Olint TCI took in $220 million in about 1.5 years. US $220 million at 10 % per month would have grown to US$67 billion in 5 years. Very plausible right? How long did it take me to do that calculation, how about 30 seconds.

    Look at MayDaisy and Higgins Warner: Every US $1000 in 5 years would grow to US $56.3 million. HW had a minimum investment of $5000. So you could invest $5000 and do nothing but wait 5 years and you would have US $281.7 million. LOL

    Now how do you classify people who fell for this when they were continuously warned and a 30 second calculation is able to reveal just how totally and absolutely ridiculous the claims were. Let us not call them stupid but someone classify such behavior for me… And do not say greedy because that is also been deemed by investors as not appropriate 🙂

    • Nocotec,

      I had a discussion with an AVID believer in Mr. Smith once about this very same thing. and the fact that there wasn’t NEARLY enough money in the world to support these kinds of returns. The response I got was,

      “well, everybody isn’t rolling over, in fact most people won’t keep rolling for long periods, and so those kinds of returns won’t be happening”

      yes I know it sounds ridiculous, but, this was just ONE of the many ways that olint gamblers/investors/whatever tried to rationalize HOW this was even remotely possible. (forget the fact that if Mr smith was really trading that volume of money, and winning, he would NOT being doing it through a broker like OANDA… he would BE Oanda)

      Even now with OTC FX trading, there are people that believe that 5-10% returns CONSISTENTLY per month are possible for long periods.

  300. I see it mentioned again and again that I should “read the blog”….well, I have read the blog and read between the lines on the blog. very clever guys but every fool has his day. Can we do a roll call? Let’s see why each blogger here finds the time and spends the time to blog on this issue..furthermore, why are some bloggers so passionate about the issue…

    1. You invested money and you are angry with David Smith.
    2. You invested money and still believes that your saviour David Smith will pay you back someday.
    3. You did not invest money but your relative did.
    3. You did not invest money but have the time on your hands because you have no life.
    4. You did not invest in Olint, but you know David Smith personally and thinks he is a “good man”.
    5. You did not invest in Olint and you are worried that you will get exposed because of your past relationship with david Smith.
    6. You did not invest with Olint but you have a favorite polititian friend that got money so you blog to steer people away from seeing that.
    7. You did not invest in Olint but you hate David Smith because he has a funny name……………………………………

    I have never met David Smith so I do not have the “personal information” you have floridian. I never had dinner with him or spent time in his bedroom at the house in TCI.

    I was simply foolish enough to invest money in a scam. I want my money. That is why I am here. So why are you here floridian? Let’s see, you can choose one of the above or you can simply add your own.

  301. Prison for me Tafari?

    Ever thought that without me Smith might walk scotch free? Obviously you need to do your study of the blogs again.

    You a Jagan Tafari? Listen close…..no man come closer….”Sick a dat”

  302. In Princeton English. No.

  303. It’s very strange…

    People were so quick to boycott NCB, Scotia, Super+ etc because they felt that David & Carlos were ‘getting a fight’… but yet it has now been shown that Mr. Issa and ‘others’ were benefiting GREATLY from olint all while the larger population suffered, but yet there is NO mention of boycotting any ‘cool’ company or even WORSE yet, seeking to take action against any of these people.

    I suppose the world REALLY isn’t level.

  304. Let me be brutaly honest Tafari.

    If it is your money you seek from David Smith. Attacking me will not take you closer to it.

    Ask any of the other bloggers to explain if you don’t understand.

  305. Nocotec:

    I concur. LOL is right.

    When I invested, I was shown monthly returns for seven months ranging from 5.34 to 11.5 percent.

    Where did that 10% number come from? A constant 10% would have given it away for me for sure.

    I can assure you that 7 to 11 percent is possible, even practical. I am a relatively inexperienced trader and I managed 5.7% last month. Yesterday I was lucky…14% (but that is just one day – I lost a few dollars last week).

    Even foolish I would think that anyone who was told that there was a constant 10% return per month would be alittly silly to put their money there.

  306. floridian:

    You can answer the question or you can leave it alone. It will all come out sooner or later….What is your motive? Aren’t you a little worried?

  307. Worried for what? Just be patient. it won’t be much longer and what was hidden from the wise and the prudent shall be revealed to the babe and the suckling.

  308. “””””Ever thought that without me Smith might walk scotch free? Obviously you need to do your study of the blogs again.”””””

    Yeah, that is what everyone thinks. I know who you are….Youa re very good though, I give you that.

  309. You didn’t invest, right? WHy are you so mad at your one-time pal?

  310. Be brutally honest, DUDE!

  311. I learned a word. Hope I spell it correctly. The word for today is Ginal. It is not new to the Jamaicans on the blog, I know, but it is new to me. I love it. Ginal anyone?

  312. Babe and suckling, that’s me. Reveal dear wise one. Reveal. And be “brutally honest”! Please!

    I can’t wait.

    But I digress….Why am I here again? Oh! To find the money David Smith and his pals stole.

    Can anyone say real estate?

    Oh, just before I move on, I must say to you my dear friend Sirach, it doesn’t matter who knows what first or when. It matters who knows what you want no one to know.

  313. Dude

    Why you can’t relax. it’s Sunday.

    Listen I hear the http://www.olintja.com blog is ready to roll out a whole interesting set of emails wider in scope and more interesting personalities. A whole new set of pretty pictures geared more for the over 18 crowd as well.

    Patience Tafari. You can tell the private detedtives to take a break for a while.

  314. @Tafari: Have you invested in Olint? Why do you blog? Just out of concern for the masses (of stupid Olint investors) I suppose. Right? Oh, stupid question again….

    Had you been around long enough you would heard me give the answer to your question on several occasions. Investors consistently believe that only investors who were dumb enough to get scammed are worth listening to… Kind of explains why they got scammed, right? Blind leading the blind…

    I blogged not to convince those who had already invested… one quickly found out they were smart and you were dumb… they had found the best thing since slice bread and you were just bad minded and grudeful. I blogged to provide info to those who were seeking information before making a decision to invest. Those that invested had no need for independent info, they knew it all.

  315. @theCynic,

    Spot on brother.

  316. Point taken Cynic

  317. “You didn’t invest, right? WHy are you so mad at your one-time pal?”

    The question is: Was he the little pig who built his house out of straw or bricks???

    You still a talk and walk sideways like a crab, ehh Sirach/Harbourshark/Belcher/Floridian………….?

    You two should just get a room and f_ _ k it out.

  318. @Tafari

    Average Olint’s returns over 3 month periods and you will see he was trying to average 10 % per month but because he was just pulling numbers out of the air he could vary the numbers.


    Yes, I experienced the same kinds of irrational answers. At a social gathering, I once had 2 investors turn their backs on me because I was clueless.

    Even now listen to Tafari, I can assure you that 7 to 11 percent is possible, even practical. I am a relatively inexperienced trader…

    I suppose the the last sentence explains it all. Dude let us take the mid point of your 7 to 11 per month, that is 9 % per month. A return of 9 % per month compounded means an annual return of 181 % per year. And you think that is practical? You actually believe it is practical to start with $10,000 and turn it into $1.76 million in 5 years.

    In other words even now you have learned absolutely nothing from this scam and would fall for another such scam today. You still have no idea how to determine in a logical manner what claims are plausible and what are not.

  319. Smithy your flock is calling you. Help them nuh? Two Panadol won’t dent your pocket too much.

  320. @theCynic

    Excellent point… Where are people who were ready to boycott NCB, Scotia, Super +? Are they not interested in boycotting the … given what they now know…

  321. Nocotec:

    Six months ago, I decided that I had known enough to move from a practice acount and started trading with 2000 dollars. After the first month, I had a balance of 970 dollars. Since then, I have had some losing trades (actually too many) but I have averaged around 8 percent monthly. So yes it is practica, I am doing it. Forbid that I will lose in the future…..but to date, I am not doing so bad.

    Now in terms of actual dollars, it is not alot because I started quite small and I do not intend to fund the account any time soon. But I do it trading four or so days a week. So say again that it isn’t possible.

    We all know that David Smith ran a ponzi….We know that the guy is a damn thief. But it is possible to have average returns of 8 percent monthly at least, (I did it).

    It is also possible to lose 8 percent monthly, all that needs to happen is to have a few trades go against you.

    Say again that it is not possible Nocotec.

    It was great that you told people that the guy was a thief – that his operation was a lie. But if the reason you had was that 10 percent (average) was not possible, then you got lucky.

    The guy ran a brilliant scam…..He got out of Jamaica without being arrested, even after his operation was raided, still managing to get folks right there in Jamaica to give him their money again.

    I got in on the advice of a friend who was with him for over a year. Luckly I didn’t put everything in there like I later found out many did.

    So you know my story. My motive. Your stated motive is that you just care about the poor investors and want to educate and enlighten the masses. Well, I find that coolaid as difficult to drink as the Olint story. Your noble highness.

  322. Tafari said: “When I invested, I was shown monthly returns for seven months ranging from 5.34 to 11.5 percent.”

    Given that the figure was 5.34 to 11.5 per month, let say you came up with average of about 8-9% per month how far away from 10% is that? The fluctuating interest rates was just to dupe people. Do you get that?

    I tried to explain that to people while the scam was running hot but they refused to listen opting to either chastise me for being bad-mind or being too stupid to be missing out.

    Tafari said: “I can assure you that 7 to 11 percent is possible, even practical.”

    If you are talking about returns per month consistently you are most likely a sitting duck for another scam.

    Listen people you need to wise up to how con-artistes work. Don’t bother propagating that nonsense again….

  323. Bloggers all, the Olint coolaid was dirty enough. There is another scam being perpetrated. The guy sirach, floridian, and others wants you to believe that they never invested in olint, that they just care about you, that they are providing all the info you need..Then every now and again you hear, well this piece or that piece of info we will have to hold for the court.

    The guy was a friend of David Smith. He enjoyed the good old days of spending your money. Now he is angry as hell at DS. Why? Thief from thief makes God Laugh!

    • Tafari, Sirach if he really is who he has claimed to be, has made it CLEAR to all that he invested money in olint and is attempting to get BACK that money and bring justice to Mr. Smith.

  324. Larry, on June 17th, 2009 at 7:10 am Said:

    I will no longer be contributing to this blog. There is an illicit relationship between Vaz, Creary and Jay. That is why they keep on removing my comments, all supported by facts or reasonable inference.

    What was Larry talking about? Is he just another crazy dude?

  325. I am still waiting on the brutally honest part.

  326. floridian, on June 18th, 2009 at 9:02 pm Said:

    Prophet Phinn? Neil Lewis? Snapper? Anyone?

    In my hand I have a glass of Kool Aid. The Glass is covered so that you may not see the colour of the Kool Aid. Now for a prize of an all expenses paid (courtesy Olint) three week cruise around Kingston Harbour….

    ….can you predict? The colour ! of the Kool Aid???


    Can anyone guess the color of the coolaid?

  327. hahahahahahahahaahaha

  328. @Tafari

    Bloggers all, the Olint coolaid was dirty enough. There is another scam being perpetrated. The guy sirach, floridian, and others wants you to believe that they never invested in olint, that they just care about you, that they are providing all the info you need..Then every now and again you hear, well this piece or that piece of info we will have to hold for the court.

    Yes Tafari, you forgot that this so called ‘scam’ takes no money from people. So in essence then victims can enter the scam and leave when they want. It costs them nothing.

    Tafari. The end stage is here. Everyone knows it and most are calm but like Smithy who cam out in the press recently and like Misick who is very active in defending human rights all of a sudden so too does your own calamity have you acting in ways that would have seemed out of sorts for you a few months ago.

    Don’t worry the good news is that this phase is one of the shorter ones and the next phase is therapuetic in that due to its calamitous nature a welcome side effect is that the stage bothering you now is removed from memory.

    Trust me. In short order David Smith is not going to even remeber who Duke of Earl is or what he said and did in this the shortest of phases.

  329. Who knows Tafari, You just never know. you might find that just like Simon Peter when asked if you had cussed out Floridian you might say you never heard of floridian in your life.

    These things repeat daily over and over in the World. Maybe not in some people’s halo world that they can’t grow out of but in the real world the things I tell you about Tafari are common occurances.

  330. If this phase is bothering you or giving you cramps try two Panadol. The phase passes relatively quickly.

  331. ECB severs all ties with Stanford

    The England and Wales Cricket Board has terminated all contractual links with Texan billionaire Sir Allen Stanford.


    Bette Ann Gordon has swiftly followed the example of the ECB

  332. The IMF is aware of this blog and the moneylaundering of Charles Ross.

  333. @Tafari: Six months ago, I decided that I had known enough to move from a practice acount and started trading with 2000 dollars… It was great that you told people that the guy was a thief – that his operation was a lie. But if the reason you had was that 10 percent (average) was not possible, then you got lucky.

    Research shows that it takes about 10 years before one becomes at expert at any task. You have been trading months. There has been no one that has achieved anything remotely close to sustained gains of 210 % per year (DS claimed to be doing it for maybe 5 years). Yet you believe it is possible.

    You are the illustration of what I mean that investors knew how ‘smart’ they are and would not listen to anything. It is also what I have explained about how the brain works. Here is someone that can look at a set of facts and yet still arrive at an irrational conclusion but it appears to him to be a rational conclusion.

    This in effect a form of madness. In this situation we often describe people displaying these behaviors with terms such as stupid, greedy etc…

  334. I am not Floridian.Jay and Nocotec when the Stanford indictment is unsealed you will see that the Federal Government ideas are close to the Doctors. Particularly on the responsibility of foreign political actors. Politicians who facilitate crime are criminals. Politicians who take investors money for political conventions and political pr and advertising will be classified as criminals.
    Nocotec take it up.

  335. There are other who are part of the Olint conspiracy who have made millions of USA dollars from this scam and living confortable as we speak.
    There names have come up in numerous emails, and based on what I have seen myself, they have been untouched in this entire affair.

    Those who have lost need to make sure that the Liquidator are aware of these persons and provide him with as much information as possible, so that he (the liquidator) could try and get back funds from these guys.

    If not the not, the liquidator will quickly terminate this case, if he finds that the amount of funds available is getting pretty close to his fees, and that efforts beyond that will reap no rewards.

    At this stage the liquidator would have liquidated at known funds available for himself, leaving Olint investors penniless.

    It is a know fact that people like PB was pulling down thousands of US$ per mth for “facilitator fees” to setup DS in TCI.
    Who is going to make sure that people like him pay back defrauded Olint Investors.

    Olinters, who were the signatories of your monthly interest checks, follow that, you may find it could lead to the proverbial ” pot of gold “.

    The liquidator has been at work now for one week and at the rate these guys work, they could have racked up charges already of close to US$500k.

  336. MoneyMasters, of which Claudette Crooks is president, to host investment and economic forum

  337. @Tafari… We keep telling you that you need to read the blogs from the beginning.

    We will point out (again) that 7,8,9,10% per month consistently was NOT the only issue with these scams….

    Although that was, is and will be issue there other red flags about OLINT and the other scams that people chose to ignore

    The red flags

    1. Anti-regulation. When a financial institution/club fights regulations and runs offshore, time for you to run before they do..

    2. No audited reports from a reputable firm. At least Stanford and Madoff tried a thing…

    3. No transparency. Club members had no access to the accounts. Absolutely nothing. How much was DS,WS paid? What was the expenses of the club/business?

    To this day the only trading records we know of the is lousy ones the NFA point to at I Trade FX

    4. Secretive and add to that it all the feeling of a classic affinity fraud… ( you watched the affinity videos..)

    Then add to that the ridiculous returns.. and you have a clear set of red flags saying stay away!!!!

    Read the rest here….

  338. There are two sides of madness going around. The Olint side and your side Nocotec.

    Why are you so passionate?

    Let me say again. I personally, new to the forex “market”, managed for five months to have returns of 8% per month. If I can do it, it can be done?

    Did david Smith do it? NO.

    Did he try? NO.

    We all get that Nocotec. But your passionate assertion that because Nocotec said so, it is impossible is, quite frankly B*^^$#!t.

    My brother-in-law trades as well, In over three years, he has only had four months where he had losses. And those losses were minimal. He has made a very good life for him and his family in Costa Rica.

    So, again I ask, if you did not drink the coolaid, that’s great. But do you really invest this much time, even creating a blog, just because you care about the fools who fell for the Olint lies? Really?

    Holy thou art.

  339. We all have our motives. I have mine and you have yours.

    Nocotec tell me ( i need to read the blog)….why is it that David Smith was not arrested and charged in Jamaica after the big raid? My guess would be that the raiders found the exact same thing that the TCI police found.

    I know you have contacts within the two major political parties….well, if you don’t have the answer now, you could just call and ask, right?

    The coolaid is dirty.

    Follow the money folks.

  340. I think that this post is worthy of a second posting. I love it:

    nocotec, on June 21st, 2009 at 6:37 pm Said:

    @Tafari: Have you invested in Olint? Why do you blog? Just out of concern for the masses (of stupid Olint investors) I suppose. Right? Oh, stupid question again….

    Had you been around long enough you would heard me give the answer to your question on several occasions. Investors consistently believe that only investors who were dumb enough to get scammed are worth listening to… Kind of explains why they got scammed, right? Blind leading the blind…

    I blogged not to convince those who had already invested… one quickly found out they were smart and you were dumb… they had found the best thing since slice bread and you were just bad minded and grudeful. I blogged to provide info to those who were seeking information before making a decision to invest. Those that invested had no need for independent info, they knew it all.

  341. Let he who has eyes see, and he who has ears hear.

    I am so glad that there is a Nocotec in the world to save the masses from the likes of david Smith.

    I digress:

    I hear that David is trying to cut a deal with the TCI police.

    But since most of the defrauded are in Jamaica, it is just wonderful that it appears there will be no charges brought in Jamaica.

    The people pulling the strings and protecting DS in Jamaica are personal friends of members of this blog.

    What a tangled web we weave.

  342. Clever guys. Very clever.

  343. Is the word spelt G I N A L? Help anyone?

  344. Tafari,
    You are one of the few intelligent men I see posting on this blog.
    The likes of Nocotec are the reason why to date we cannot get resolution to the OLINT scandal.
    He and his cronies who control this blog have used this medium to tear down the efforts of others instead of posting factual information that can help.

    The fact is, many people including myself invested in OLINT. Does that make me a fool ? In Nocotec’s eyes and his cronies yes.

    So why then did he not have the b–ls to stand up and voice this publicly? I never heard him or his friends on the radio warning people that this is a ponzi scheme.
    Afterall, being an intellect and financial genius comes with a price. He has a civic duty to help those “poor OLINT investor fools” and encourage them not to invest in the UFO’s.

    Enough of them are their nonsense!!!

    Tafari, we need to focus on the main players who have and continue to help David Smith and his family.
    What I have found out is that DC with his PR machine is a major player. He would know a lot about the OLINT ponzi machine. If we sued OLINT could we include him? What are your thoughts?

    I do not have much funds to spend on legal fees so I have to make sure to spend my money where it will make the most impact.

  345. I have more questions.

    Wouldn’t it be more worth the effort to concentrate on finding money? Or is it better to point the finger at polititians, call investors greedy and stupid while trying to steer readers away from our past and our friends?

    And why do we get so angry when people try to even merely suggest that just maybe David Smith has some money stashed somewhere?

    And why do we bother so much, if someone proves that it is possible to earn 8% in forex trading?

    And why would we disassociate ourselves from David Smith now after spending years in his pocket?

    And why oh why is our truth the only truth…..? Motives.

  346. @Tafari:

    It is not because Nocotec said so. You saying it can be done means nothing. What you need to do is give us actual examples of people or companies that have generated independent audited returns of 210 % per year and above… And then sustained this consistently over multiple years.

  347. I should maybe start posting documents here. After all, they may be of no use in the TCI courts since the TCI FCI indicated that these crimes were perpetrated outside of their jurisdiction.

    I will say this though..there has been a comingling of funds. I have seen deposits from at least 10 feeder clubs owner’s names on the Hallmark list – and these guys contracts say “”olint Corp”.

    David Smith, Nocotec, floridian….all cut from the same cloth.

  348. @Tafari:

    Interestingly the PNP was in power at the time of the FSC raid, not the JLP. So I guess the fact that DS was not arrested means that powerful elements in the PNP were conspiring with DS too.

    By the way do you realize there were many UFO’s operating illegal ponzi schemes… not to mention the miniature feeder clubs and persons also operating as ponzis within the Olint ponzi. None of them have been arrested either. So far the only person arrested in JA has been CH.

    In JA there has been no attempt to go after investors that made a ‘profit’, so called clawback. There has been no precendent in JA for this and so this will be the first. There is ample precedence around the world for a liquidator in these schemes to go after such folks.

    Going after people who were paid or received fees from Olint is another matter. One needs to prove they engaged in a conspiracy with DS or knew they were receiving the proceeds of a crime. Otherwise this is what you are up against…

    Say you sold DS a car and it is now worth less than he paid you… the liquidator can seize the car. But should you be forced to return the money from the sale? Should his barber that gave him a haircut be forced to return the funds?

    What should be clear is that folks who received money as non-investor fees for services, goods etc. cannot be simply required to pay it back. What about the casinos, they apparently got a lot of your money too? And what about the company he got the Lear Jet from? And the fuel for the jet?

    There must be proof of conspiracy or active knowledge that the funds were proceeds of a crime, akin to receipt of stolen property. If there is such proof then these folks should be charged and or face lawsuits for the return of the funds. So far we have seen or heard of little such proof but unsubstantiated accusations have been plenty.

  349. Tafari,

    I think you need to stop and think just a little.
    Now lets suppose that you are indeed one the worlds greatest traders and fall into the elite group that can average 8% per mth ie that 5% of the world of top traders.

    Now just say you are in fact earning 8% per month you figured out that you would like to expand and make this a business venture.

    So you rent office space, buy computers, get additional staff, have accountants, financial controllers, pay auditor, pay taxes, etc etc etc.

    How much do you think you could realistically pay your investors.?

    So Tafari, if you still believe that DS could in fact make returns and pay out 10% per month, you are ripe for another FX Trading Scam.

    It is the same logic you used when you got scammed and you are once again going down the same path.

  350. @ Nocotec,

    It is apparent that certian persons knew DS was running a scam and the seem to have profited generously.

    They can deny as much as they want but as far as I am concerned they are partners in crime, and lived ” high of the hog”.

    Just before the entire fiasco blew wide opened they cashed ( and I mean really cashed) out and fled.
    They even attempted to setup their own “hedge fund” in the Cayman Island which would be in the business of trading forex.

    As you said however its unlikely that these persons will ever be made to pay over the proceeds of the ponzi.

    In Jamaica crimes pays.

    BTW did you see the cartoon in yesterdays observer. It showed Carlos Hill looking in a book shop and seeing a book entitled ” How not to get caught” written by Bro Anancy. 🙂


  351. Jay:

    There are traders that any any given time earn 8 % and above for a given month. They just cannot sustain it over long periods. In other words, in any period encompassing more than a month to several months or years… there will be a different set of traders making those returns.

    With Tafari’s illogical ‘logic’, this is what he is arguing… Every week someone wins the lottery and generates huge returns on his small investment in a lottery ticket… His argument then says it is possible to generate such returns… He does not realize it is a different person winning the lottery each week.

    Making 10 % per month for short periods is possible, sustaining them is not. This is why he will not be able to find anyone generating returns of 210 % per year and over multiple years.

  352. Jay:

    I saw the cartoon, it was funny. I have always thought the reason CH did not flee the island like many of the others is because with his US conviction gaining residency in other countries was nigh impossible.

    Committing a financial crime in JA from another jurisdiction or fleeing to another country is a pretty sure way to ensure you will not be charged in JA. If investors are lucky the other jurisdiction may charge him but many will not unless it affects residents in that country.

  353. Jay:

    I agree with you that a number of people got money from the scam, i.e. cashed out before the crash and got lots of money. Some of them likely were part of a conspiracy with him. It is also possible that they may not have been part of the conspiracy but have had inside information that a crash was imminent and told to come get your money…

    Or look at Madoff, right before he confessed he had written out checks to close friends and family members who do not appear to have been part of any conspiracy with him. Sometimes these guys will take care of close friends who may not have been in the conspiracy. This is among the reasons why clawback needs to be implemented.

    It is very clear that those who made ‘profit’s as investors should give it back. However those that got funds, not as investors, need different more difficult proof to force payback.

  354. Black’s Law Dictionary defines BRIBERY as the offering, giving, receiving, or soliciting of any item of value to influence the actions of an official or other person in discharge of a public or legal duty. The bribe is the gift bestowed to influence the recipient’s conduct. It may be any money, good, right in action, property, preferment, privilege, emolument, object of value, advantage, or merely a promise or undertaking to induce or influence the action, vote, or influence of a person in an official or public capacity.

    Russian, from apparat

    1 : a blindly devoted official, follower, or member of an organization (as a corporation or political party)

  355. Tafari and other who are still bent on becoming rich, and hey thats not a bad thing at all.
    The problem starts when we try to get rich too quickly ie trying to get rich by joining get rich schemes paying astronomical interest rate which you think will make you a billionaire in 5 yrs or less

    Thats a sure fire way to lose money and leave you in a much poorer position than you started out at.

    I am therefore going to make a couple of suggestions on a couple of books that you should read.
    Two or these books are really very old books which have been reprinted and new materials added , but both have withstand the test of time.

    1. Security Analysis by Benjamin Graham & David Dodd. First edition printed in 1934. You can get the updated 6th edition for around US$50.

    2. The intelligent Investors by Benjamin Graham (prefaced by Warren Buffett) cost around $15.00.

    3. The Muai Millionaires by David M. Finkel. $15.00

    4. Living the 80/20 way by Richard Koch cost around $15.00

    For under US$100 you will have in your hands books that if you follow the principles set out will make you a millionaire and allow you to be financially free.

    The 80/20 rule in particular compliments the two books by Benjamin Graham, as it really promotes the concept of spending more of your time and resources where the returns are likely to be greater.

    The Maui millionaire explores the concept of the true meaning of wealth, what it is and how it should be used, nice book.

    The intelligent investors looks at the concept of paying less for an asset than its truly worth, thus limiting your downside ie reduces significantly the risk should you decision turn out to be a “bad one”.

    If you have some more money to invest consider also ” Rich dad poor dad” for $5.00 ( That would mean you have spent exactly $100).

    For just $100 you would have armed yourself with the teachings of some of the best, in particular the first two, which will allow you if you are disciplined to reap rich rewards in the future.

    I am sure Nocotec can provide you a couple more books that you could add to your library as he is an avid reader.

    Oh by the way shutoff CNBC and that loud mouth – yes Jim Cramer who believes he is the greatest investors and who believes Warren Buffett principles are dead.Think again !

    The current economic “recession” is something I am sure Buffett though he has lost money, as he cherishes the idea of find value amongst the shipped wrecked companies that now exist on wall street.

  356. Lisa says

    ” You are one of the few intelligent men I see posting on this blog.
    The likes of Nocotec are the reason why to date we cannot get resolution to the OLINT scandal.
    He and his cronies who control this blog have used this medium to tear down the efforts of others instead of posting factual information that can help.”

    @ Lisa
    Now what does Nocotec etal has to do with the resolution of the Olint scandal.
    What resolution are you speaking about ?
    When the liquidator is done, you will be lucky to get 10cents on the dollar.

    Lisa, Nocotec has for over a year, plus Jason have been the strongest critic of Olint.

    What about MLC, the FSC, Bill Clarke, Wayne Chen. These were all persons on the national radio and television warning persons about the folly of investing in these illegal entities.

    What did the likes of you did, you cursed MLC, you advocated boycott of NCB and Super Plus.
    A blog was even created to support such a blockage. The likes of you even went as far as to circulate emails to this effect.

    So dont know come here to say the “likes of Nocotec and blog operators” are a stumbling block in your way, as its just not true.

    You want the facts long after the horse has bolted with your cash.

    Well the fact is the money is gone, over 80% of it, and the liquidator will take the rest.

  357. Keep up the good work Tafari. Don’t listen to others whose only job is “I told you so”. Taking up so much space. I scroll through so much clutter. So i do a search. If i have read one of their post all the others are the same thing. It is almost becoming counter productive. The same thing just repeating and repeating, nothing new. I really don’t get it. Can someone type the same thing but hand it to you with minior modifications so many times.

  358. @ Ad.

    Its just like the FSC warning you guys over and over again.
    Many said ” Mi nuh want hear nuttin from uno, uno a gee people a fight.”
    ” Wi can tek care a wiself, wi nuh need d FSC fi look out fi wi. Wi nuh invest nuh more dan wi can afford to lose”.

    Who has given more suggestion as what to do now that the money is gone?
    Its was Nocotec among other who were first to suggest the filing of lawsuits before the thieves were able to make off the most of the loot.

    You did not listen, instead waiting until it was patently clear that you all had be hoodwinked, to now asking for the facts.

    I suggest you go back and read the blog rather than reading selectively, that was what go you in trouble in the first place.

    Don’t make the same mistake twice.

  359. Do you guys read your own posts? Maybe as you said it is just me.

  360. I do read posts, but do you like reading the same thing over and over and over. I have no problem with someone saying “I told you so”. But to say “So i told you” is like you saying the same thing but just swithing up the words. Yes you guys have helped. But to repeat the same thing 100 times in different ways is a waste of time. Please bear in mind not everyone has time like you guys on your hands. So i read your first posts then skip the rest. So as you said, maybe it is indeed me.

  361. Ad,

    A couple of lessons I learned growing up.

    1. Learn from your mistakes.

    2. You learn and become and expert by repetion. As a part of the learning process in 2 you must remember lesson #1.
    ie dont become an expert at making mistakes.

  362. A smart man learn from his mistakes
    A wise man learns from other people mistakes

  363. I try to be both Jay 😀

  364. A milestone achieved !!

    Investorforlife has now recorded over 1,000,000 hits.

    Thanks to all those folks who have been a part of this milestone.
    Thank you !

  365. @ Ad,

    We both agree on something.

  366. @Lisa

    Lisa Said: “The likes of Nocotec are the reason why to date we cannot get resolution to the OLINT scandal.”

    You know I was not going to respond but I had changed my mind. Don’t come here and talk nonsense about Nocotec,Jason , Jay, MikeD, DaveSin, Robin Irie as being the reasons why you can get a resolution to the OLINT matter. I would laugh but I am sad to hear such nonsense.

    OLINT TCI WAS A PONZI PLUS. Do you get that?

    The FSC, Bill Clarke, Mike Chin, Wayne Chen, Peter Bunting told you that OLINT was a scam and you did not listen, We told you and you did not listen. We all can’t make it unto the Radio or Television.

    You were simply blinded by the returns!

    Lisa said “The fact is, many people including myself invested in OLINT. Does that make me a fool ?”

    Investing in OLINT does not make you a fool BUT you were foolish to invest in OLINT simple as that.

    The question Lisa you should ask yourself is why did some people realised it was a SCAM and you did not?

  367. Lisa said ” If we sued OLINT could we include him? What are your thoughts?”

    I am not a lawyer but suing OLINT TCI is a waste of time right now in my opinion as it is in Court appointed liquidation(compulsory). That means OLINT TCI in away no longer exist and you suit would sort of be against the Court.

    1. You will be better off trying to sue the Principals, CEO, directors, and the ‘facilitors’ that provided support services to the scam.

    2. Companies that provided ‘brokerage’ and ‘trading’ services and there principals could also be potential targets. e.g. I Trade FX and their principals

    3. If you invested via a pig, or feeder club a) File a lawsuit and or b) File to have the pig, or feeder club placed in recivership.

    In addition provide information to the liquiidator on all the early ‘investors’.

    By early ‘investors’ we mean those before say February/March 2007. As if they were collecting redemptions monthly or otherwise by December 2007 they would have collected their princpal plus EXCESS.

    That EXCESS is your money. That is were some of your money is.

    Honestly 10-20 cents on the dollar. Talk to Lawyer and get some advice

  368. Jay:

    I do not believe that David Smith was making 10%. The guy was not even trading.

    That is not my assertion and lets not make it about that. You guys are just so sensitive about anyone saying anything slightly contradicting your cover story that you get nervous.

    For the last time, I do not, and I really don’t think there is anyone at this late stage who thinks that David Smith and his clan were anything but a bunch of thieves.

    The questions I ask are not answered. Yet you, Nocotec and floridian seem to very cleverly change my words and make something else the issue.

    Go back and read everything I ever wrote on these blogs and NOWHERE will you find any statement made by me that could be even mistaken for belief in David Smith.

    Why does anyone with the ability to think independently scare you guys so much?

    I say it is possible to make 8% monthly. I do not believe that this can be done consistently for 5 years (except with a crystal ball). But I have done it. Today I made 37 pips. Small money but gains nevertheless.

    So why are you so sure that everyone who invested in Olint was so stupid? Except you have an ulterior motive.

    Like I said before, I blog under the name given to me by my mother. I can be found at anytime. I blog with the hope to gain new info to find my money.

    You blog because you love mankind…just trying to save people from losing their money. Yet, you call the ones who did fools, and greedy and crazzy.

    I have not yet gotton onto you Jay but I know that Nocotec has friends in high places. I know that floridian was very close to David Smith. I even passed on a suggestion from the investigator that it seems like there was something very personal between sirach and DS sometime ago.

    There is smoke around this blog. There is more to be discovered. I love this forum. Great for keeping hope alive. But you guys are up to something….

    Protecting friends? Political influence? Your own reputation? Lets be “brutally honest”.

  369. Congrats on the hits Jay.

    Maybe one day you can catch up with http://www.olintja.com.

  370. Jay, on June 22nd, 2009 at 8:10 am Said:


    I think you need to stop and think just a little.
    Now lets suppose that you are indeed one the worlds greatest traders and fall into the elite group that can average 8% per mth ie that 5% of the world of top traders.
    One does not have to be a great trrader to earn 5%. Should I explain how it’s done? One of the three of you has made a claim to have traded. How much did/do you make?

    That is really not the issue here anyway. The issue is your motive.

  371. @ Tafarfi

    Ok lets agree to disagree on the 8,9 or even 10% pm on forex trading.

    You are really wasting whatever money you have left trying to find out who Nocotec, Jay , Johndoe etal are, of what value is that as it relates to Olint.

    It seems that you have this thing backwards, as if you had spent just a 1% of the time you are now spending doing research, you would have had your principal “locked” and safe.

    As Johndoe said, go get to the feeder clubs, PB , JI and other, as money went that way, significant portions I may add.

  372. Looks like Madoff’s facilitators and are all being carted off to jail. DS had several “facilitators” as well. Not to mention them facilitating meetings with high ranking politicians throughout the Caribean and Central America as well as wealthy international investors. I wonder what fate they have in store?

  373. We will know who has been swimming naked when the tide goes out……

  374. @Tafari:

    Seriously dude your accusations against me, Jay, the blog and Floridian/Sirach completely destroys your credibility. Have you truly looked at the blogs. How is it possible that investors can first relentlessly accuse me, Jay, Jason, JohnDoe, DaveSin, et.al. of being against DS and Olint… being just bad minded and grudgeful and fighting Olint ad nauseum…

    And do you realize that Floridian/Sirach likely has a lot to do with some of the most enlightening revelations to date?

    And yet and you and the latest crop of investors relatively new to the blogs are now accusing us of profiting from Olint and being in league with DS and others to rip of investors. Does this not strike you as hilarious?

    So before the official crash we were just bad minded and grugeful, fighting DS and not wanting him succeed and help small man. And now after the crash we were in league with him… LOL

    If your accusations, along with others of like mind, against me and Jay et.al. can be so far of and illogical, how can anyone take your other accusations at face value.

  375. What you do not know Jay, Is that I spend a minute here while watching my screen for movement. So worry not about me….I have nothing to hide. What are you guys so worried about? Why are you so ready to pounce on anyone who thinks differently?

    Was up wid dat?

  376. Ad:

    There is another way to look at it. If you admit to seeing information repeated so often, how come you still got hoodwinked. What is going on with you? Generally only kids ignore repeated warnings and still do the wrong thing.

  377. @ Tafari said

    One of the three of you has made a claim to have traded. How much did/do you make? ///////////

    Five percent totak over a 6 months period trading three days per week.
    The fact is money can be made trading forex, however most are likely to lose in the long run, Its just not viable option for many.

  378. You aint seen nothing yet. Get ready.

  379. @AD excellent points worth repeating…
    A smart man learn from his mistakes
    A wise man learns from other people mistakes

    @Jay 1,000,000 hits.

    Milestone indeed, To the team, thank you all. To the readers, thank you all.

    @ Cricket Pal
    Glad you have recognized the con for what it was.

    Doing something foolish is different from being a fool. The Doctor is a bright man but he was downright foolish to have invested in OLINT.

  380. Nocotec, Jay, etc.

    I think MOST people have read ALL the convincing arguments posted about why Olint was a scam, WHY it was a mistake to invest, and the warning signs to look out for should the stumble across something similar in the future.

    Like everything in life, you will have people that read, absorb, and take away the intended lesson, and then you will have people that read, absorb and then simply return to their previous way of thinking. There is NOTHIGN that you guys are posting now that is different from what was posted last december, last september, last august etc. Basically its the same.

    So I think at THIS point arguing with Tafari, Lisa whoever about how you were one of the original defenders of logic and against Mr. Smith is really counterproductive and a waste of your time (though it may be VERY entertaining i suspect).

    Wouldn’t the time and energy for you guys be better spent writing and finding similar cases, articles, examples, stories etc from all around the world? (for example that short documentary on affinity crimes).

    If as Tafari said you guys are in ‘bed’ with Mr. Smith, then the logic of starting this blog BEFORE his scheme crashed is BEYOND me… If it’s true, then just like with all the other associates, hopefully with the help of the Dr., supposedly Sirach/floridian, and others putting in COUNTLESS hours of work, money, and effort one day you guys will be brought to justice 😉

    But for now, to ALL the people (Jay, Jason, Nocotec, MikeD, Sirach, Floridian, Johndoe, and all the others) that have taken a TON of abuse on these blogs while trying to do nothing but make sure that logic, truth, and eventually we hope justice is served, keep up the good work.

    [if you guys are really in bed with Mr. Smith, I sure as hell wouldn’t feel a fool for being tricked, because your plan is SO genius that it appears ILLOGICAL]

  381. Mistakes can be corrected. I’m sure we can all agree on that.

    I think the Doctor intends to correct 2 major mistakes. His ‘mistake’ and David Smith’s mistake.

    Someone who corrects mistakes is to be praised.

    Not only can you correct your own mistakes in life you can correct the mistakes of others also.

    I hope this can close the argument.

    “Once I thought I was wrong, but I was mistaken.”

  382. @ Cynic
    ” Wouldn’t the time and energy for you guys be better spent writing and finding similar cases, articles, examples, stories etc from all around the world? (for example that short documentary on affinity crimes). ”

    Cynic this has been done, I think we have spent time in particular, Nocotec and JohnDoe writing and posting articles about cases that have been brought to trail in the past and the outcome from the various judge.

    The fact is, you need to act and act fast, not adopt a wait and see attitude, which has allowed many HYIP operators to leave the country.

    Carlos Hill had no way to go, which is the only reason he got caught.

    The fact that the Government of Jamaica has brought no charges against any of the HYIP’s makes the outcome for investors in Jamaica not very favourable.

  383. @theCynic

    You make some good points. One of the things with blogs and the like is that new people are always discovering the blogs and posing the same questions over and over. One can either ignore them or respond.

    WordPress does not have the feature of Forum type software where you can place ‘Stickies’ — answers which always show up or stick at the top of discussions. This is why help style or tech forums have that feature. It saves the veterans from having to repeat the same answers a thousand times for every newbie that shows up.

    Think about it, if we simply ignored every newbie that showed up repeating the same thing there would be a different complaint 🙂 It seems and is repetitive to veterans but remember it was new to each veteran aat one time too. Note that the discussions are with new people not with the same ones.

    In any case a ‘Sticky’ type feature would be nice, newbies could then just be referred to it and veterans would not have to read it again each time.

  384. Jay,

    NOTHING you say is going to make those people that have NOT already taken action, NOW take action. I tell you, there are still people who DEFEND Mr. Smith and say “If he was doing something wrong, why haven’t they locked him up?” “If he was running a ponzi why have they only charged him with those small counts of fraud, look how quick they charged madoff and stanford…” “Let’s wait and see till the case runs through to see if he is really guilty” etc. So I STRONGLY doubt that any argument you present on this blog will convince anyone else to take action.

    Aside from those arguments, for the people that DO believe that Mr. Smith and company are guilty..the lack of Faith in the Jamaican justice system is what prevents these people (in my opinion) from taking action. Why invest all the time and resources in trying to get Mr. smith in COURT much less convicted when, as we’ve heard before, “he has it LOCKED”? The fact of the matter is, faith that justice in ANY form will be served in Jamaica is lacking, and as such prevents many from taking any action.

    I’m GLAD that this has not stopped the doctor and a few others from doing everything in their power, and if there were anyway to lend a hand to his cause I and I’m sure MANY others on this blog would GLADLY do it. Whether he’s doing it just to get back his money (which is fine by me), or b/c he just wants to see justice served, really doesn’t matter to me. The fact of the matter is, he and others LIKE HIM, are doing something other than sitting on their/our asses.

    As a side thought, maybe the work being done by Bushmaster and team will spur a few more to action, or at the very least show JUST how rotten to the core our system really is.

  385. the cynic….read brother. I said that floridian, sirach was a pal of david smith. Nocotec has pals in politics…..

    Read pal, read.

  386. @theCynic

    I am not sure it would make sense to start another UFO specific forum/blog this late in the cycle. The UFOs thing has mostly run it course. WordPress does have its advantages. It is free and we cannot be accused of profiting off of investors as none of us make any money from this.

    I think most forum software would require a domain and there is some expense associated with that,

  387. It is great that some folks still have the resources to fie lawsuits and go after these crooks. Unfortunately the JA criminal justice system does not have a great track record of solving crime. And so the private citizen has to take over the responsibility of the government. Look at any metric on crime measurement in JA and it is atrocious.

    Anything you do in JA requires you keep that in mind. This is why you have to have burglar bars and locked gates on your premises. Security guards at your business and on and on… Precautions to make sure you are not being followed…Why do we do this? Because we know if we are victims of crime we can expect very little help from the government. More well off people hire private security firms.

    I had a relative that had a home invasion burglary late one night and called the cops… It was actually funny after the fact… She had a private security firm but in her panic forgot she had the alarm to call them… The cops came hours later (early morning) asked her if the man dem gone and then left… That was the sum total of the investigation..

    In the mean time she remembered the private security and called them and they came 5 minutes later and gave the place a thorough check to make sure the criminals were gone.

    My point is the same is applicable to financial crimes. Do not expect good help from JA law enforcement and it does not matter who you think paid off which minister. Stop and think and realize that is not just DS, it is a bunch of others that have not been charged. Do you think they bought off ministers too.

    Just like how you put up burglar bars because if you know if thief come in you can expect little help from police… You have to be ultra careful before you invest in JA because you can cry all you want…. You going to get little help and remedy from JA police.

  388. @the cynic…
    Good points… and thanks for the feedback and keep posting.

    Nocotec & Jay responses pretty much said what I wanted to say.

    What I will add is that is as time allows we will post some additional articles..


    Did you look at this article..

    1. Could some of this have been going on in the TCI?
    2. Notice where WorldWise and UWIN were registered?

  389. Same way Smithy barracade in Chaulk Sound. true talk Nocotec. More than one locksmith in the place. Smithy never realised that though.

    Well i always say here. never too late to learn.

  390. @JohnDoe

    I saw the article. I have always wondered how can someone get registered in a jurisdiction when they are fleeing from another jurisdiction. I am very familiar with several type of professional licenses, in fact I just completed one earlier today.

    In almost every one I have seen you are always asked if your license has been suspended or revoked elsewhere or have you been convicted or have a pending case elsewhere. This will usually be sufficient to deny a license except in a few cases where the fee is waived.

    Very curious indeed but because I am not familiar with the specifics of TCI license requirements it is hard to comment beyond that.

  391. …This will usually be sufficient to deny a license except in a few cases where the fee is waived.

    should be…

    This will usually be sufficient to deny a license except in a few cases where the explanation provides sufficient reason to waive the requirement.

  392. nocotec – your comment about burglary and crime prevention in Jamaica is quite accurate. But isn’t it a bit rich when talking about Jamaica, Turks and Caicos and Olint. Isn’t it the same Jamaican authorities that ran Olint out of the country?

  393. Nocotec

    TCI license requirements aka backhander $$$$$$$

    Jamaican ‘protection’ $$$$$$$$$

  394. @Bob

    The FSC is to be commended for their attempts. However it never went far enough. I thin partially because the FSC is relatively new and the their rules and regulations unlike in the USA and elsewhere have not been tested in the courts. This allowed DS to litigate matters that have not been settled.

    But do note that the FSC was only doing civil litigation and not criminal. My post was more aimed at criminal. See my next post with the FSC bringing fraud charges in the Madoff case.

  395. The JLP as recently as the last Budget Debate has rejected the Omar Davies model of debt expansion and has instead put forward a model that is based on using creative debt reduction strategies while putting in place aggressive investment promotion strategies to put idle Jamaicans to work, increase productivity levels, and give every Jamaican a chance to create his/her own wealth in Jamaica.

    I am, etc.,


    Opposition Spokesman on Finance

    and the Public Service




  396. Interesting case by the SEC. Note many of the similarities to Olint.

    They were crucial to the success of Madoff’s $50 billion fraud scheme, targeting affluent yet financially unsophisticated investors by burnishing the impression that one could only be accepted as an investor with Madoff with special access and as a favor, the regulators said.

    Cohmad and Chais were said to have gained nearly all their revenue from introducing investors to Madoff in a well-oiled marketing operation.”

    SEC charges Madoff-linked firm, adviser with fraud
    SEC charges New York firm, California adviser with fraud for Madoff scheme


  397. The organised working class in the trade unions and the healthy parts of the middle class withdrew into private life. The uptown and downtown lumpen – wholly dependent on political handouts and bent on upward social mobility at all costs – stepped to the forefront. These two groups saw and still see control of the State as the key to their economic and social future.

    Golding – a one man band – continues, in his public forums, to try to educate the Jamaican people about the really tough choices we face, not the least of which is the coming trial with the International Monetary Fund.

    How will it ensure that the lumpen are subordinated to the organised working and middle classes in its ranks? What will it do to address the corruption issues?


  398. Dear All Bloggers,

    Personally this forum has been an immense weath of information that has also been thought provoking. While we have bonded around the Olint situation, this debacle has also forced all of us in some way form or fashion to think about the construct of JA society as a whole…and we have had to face some ulgy truths…while I dont agree with everyone’s posts we can agree to disagree without being disagreeable..I hope Tafari knows that this blog has been around for quite some time and while the discussion gets lively it is never denigrating…thank you guys for keeping it that way

  399. Interested

    Any specific examples of an ugly truth or two?

  400. Floridian,

    Ugly Truth #1 –

    The “informer culture” has become so entrenched in the Jamaican psyche that it has become a shackle and a disgusting web that we are all trapped in…and while I admire those that still fight, I am starting to feel that fighting for justice is like f*#%$ing for virginity….

    Ugly Truth #2 –

    Jamaican black people are their own worst enemy and yeah I am talking even the so-called brown one dem because you know what even when them little toe lik Florida they are still BLACK….We do not need others to enslave us….we do it OH SO WELL to ourselves….disgusting

  401. @interested…
    “we can agree to disagree without being disagreeable “… “some time and while the discussion gets lively it is never denigrating…”

    Thanks for the feedback and ladies and gentlemen let us keep it that way.

  402. What has Jamaica learnt about ‘church’ and the demonstrably self righteous?

    moving ja forward? or holding ja backward?

  403. I am going off the edge in posting this but I am just wondering….

    Could NCB be the subject of legal action in relations to OLINT?

    Interestingly, this is the Irony. Could NCB be now be sued for failing to protect its customers and facilitating the operation of a scam?

  404. @Nocotec, Jay, theCynic

    Maybe we can start a myth-busters category? Put all the frequently ask myths there and our responses?

    • I LOVE this idea…..

      1. Olint Paid back investors during the “run”
      2. Mr. Smith traded forex at JMMB
      3. The Olint foundation did much for Jamaica
      4. iTrade FX yielded MANY successful traders

      and on and on and on…

  405. Does anyone know of any lawsuits in Jamaica against Olint or any feeder clubs?

  406. With a law suit against the former leader of the TCI can we expect similar type actions against the Jamaican Government?

    Aside from talk and so called ‘I told you so’ the actions show they invested and accepted donations from Smith. is there a stronger endorsement of David Smith?

  407. Here is one for the myth-busters:

    2 people on this blog have suggested that Don Creary has been arrested….is this true or false?????

  408. I do not know if he was arrested.I know the FBI agents at the Stanford press conference asked somebody about his whereabouts.That means he is being investigated or there could be a sealed indictment. I know that Homeland Security is looking for him to enter the United States for a Federal Hold. I am not sure why.

  409. As per request by Cynic.

    Madoff victims aren’t GM

    Now, a lawsuit alleges that Jeffry and Barbara Picower should have known that their “implausibly high” returns of as much as 950 percent a year were phony. The suit by the court-appointed trustee claims that the Picowers pocketed $5 billion that wasn’t theirs.


  410. Picking apart the lure of the Ponzi scam

    “Take the malleable clay of human nature, add greed, deceit and manipulation, and you have the basic ingredients for a Ponzi scheme or financial fraud.”


  411. Looking back

    …has definitely not been my desire but due to the money laundering allegations in the Turks and Cacios Islands directed at me, Olint TCI and TCI FXTraders it has been impossible for me to communicate with you…

    Whilst Olint represented investors from the Jamaican and regional middle classes, Mr. Smith had a company, CASH PLUS which fell to ruins that saw many working class and poor Jamaicans lose their investments.


  412. The Commissioner has the warrant for Creary. He can only hold it secret forever.

  413. By the way Tafari…

    To set your mind at ease about the bloggers like myself, JohnDoe, Jay, DaveSin et.al.

    Long time Olint investor bloggers like RedP would have secretly found your accusations against us very funny. Before Olint officially crashed many investors on this blog and the #4 blog continuously said we were been paid by Lee Chin and or NCB and or the bankers association among others to destroy DS and Olint.

    The usual reasons were given … bad minded, grudgeful… don’t want small man to become rich… DS and Olint is a threat to the banks as people taking out their money… and so on…

    Now the new investor crop on the blog are saying we are in cahoots with DS and politicians to rip off investors and protect our politician friends and DS…

    This must be secretly very funny to long timers like RedP 🙂

    • Noco, I did have a good laugh I must say!! 🙂 Its been hilarious reading lately.

      On another note, it may come as a surprise to you that there were those of “us” who considered filing suit but we just plain lacked the wherewithal to do so. One Florida lawyer that was approached wanted 5K USD from each person just to write a letter, dat nuh deh bredren. So, might as well I sit back and trust God and watch Him work.

  414. congrats on the million hits gentlmen!

  415. Probably not, Nocotec:

    Guys like RedP may have been a part of the bunch that believed in David Smith. He would have been your opposite. You see, no matter what you told guys like that about Olint, they didn’t want to hear. David Smith could do no wrong.

    On the flip side of the coin, there is the floridians and Nocotecs of this world. No matter if there is, for example, proff of something positive about, let’s say, David Smith, you can not see it. Maybe not even something positive (don’t think there is any positive there) but just an open mind.

    Then I wondered why would someone who is trying to convince others that Olint was a fraud, and that they “drank the coolaid” be selling their own brand of coolaid?

    Reminds me of the coco-cola vs Pepsi wars. Pepsi tried for years to convince everyone that coke contained ingredients that were no good for you. Until someone tested pepsi…….

    I am quite aware of the contributions you made to the anti-olint agenda. Great! I also read many of the still-available blogs. Great! But then I heard you say that you were not an olint investor. And I thouht, What? So I decided to look a little further..(something you don’t encourage because I am just supposed to take what you say as the gospel because you know everything and whatever you say on the blog is the right and nothing else is right, right?).

    Except that you immediately attack anyone with a contradictory idea; you call them greedy, and foolish and crazy. So why are you this cruel to those you aim to protect? You blog out of a selfless desire to save people from olint, yet you you so vigorously condemn and ridicule them. Why? Why? Why?

    Then I discovered who you are. And let’s not even talk about the floridian guy. He is a complete fraud. I don’t get how someone so close to david smith, who claim to have not invested in the scheme, would be so angry at David Smith now. So what is his motive? Personal, I am told.

    You Nocotec, you have a motive too. I am told that is political. Or maybe it is just selfrighteous hypocracy. Whatever it is, combined with your affinity for psycho analysis, it is downright ugly.

    And did I tell you that there are pictures of you too.. Cool, isn’t it?

    As I said before, I love the idea of keeping the discussoin open. And I have thanked you for that before. Thanks again.

    But put away the cloak and dagger and lets be, to use a stolen phrase, brutally honest.

  416. And that was me – Curious. Somehow I neglected to change the name after writing on another blog……

  417. theCynic, on June 22nd, 2009 at 8:56 pm Said:

    I LOVE this idea…..

    1. Olint Paid back investors during the “run”
    2. Mr. Smith traded forex at JMMB
    3. The Olint foundation did much for Jamaica
    4. iTrade FX yielded MANY successful traders

    and on and on and on…

    My sources say that David Smith did

    1. Pay all encashments during the run.
    2. Traded FOREX while at JMMB.
    3. The Olint foundation did nothing beyond the launch.
    4. Itrade FX sucks!

    2 out of 4. Not bad. That is 50%. And a failing grade. However, on this blog, that’s 100%, right? Because you said so.

  418. Probably not, Nocotec:

    Guys like RedP may have been a part of the bunch that believed in David Smith. He would have been your opposite. You see, no matter what you told guys like that about Olint, they didn’t want to hear. David Smith could do no wrong.

    On the flip side of the coin, there is the floridians and Nocotecs of this world. No matter if there is, for example, proff of something positive about, let’s say, David Smith, you can not see it. Maybe not even something positive (don’t think there is any positive there) but just an open mind.

    Then I wondered why would someone who is trying to convince others that Olint was a fraud, and that they “drank the coolaid” be selling their own brand of coolaid?

    Reminds me of the coco-cola vs Pepsi wars. Pepsi tried for years to convince everyone that coke contained ingredients that were no good for you. Until someone tested pepsi…….

    I am quite aware of the contributions you made to the anti-olint agenda. Great! I also read many of the still-available blogs. Great! But then I heard you say that you were not an olint investor. And I thouht, What? So I decided to look a little further..(something you don’t encourage because I am just supposed to take what you say as the gospel because you know everything and whatever you say on the blog is the right and nothing else is right, right?).

    Except that you immediately attack anyone with a contradictory idea; you call them greedy, and foolish and crazy. So why are you this cruel to those you aim to protect? You blog out of a selfless desire to save people from olint, yet you you so vigorously condemn and ridicule them. Why? Why? Why?

    Then I discovered who you are. And let’s not even talk about the floridian guy. He is a complete fraud. I don’t get how someone so close to david smith, who claim to have not invested in the scheme, would be so angry at David Smith now. So what is his motive? Personal, I am told.

    You Nocotec, you have a motive too. I am told that is political. Or maybe it is just selfrighteous hypocracy. Whatever it is, combined with your affinity for psycho analysis, it is downright ugly.

    And did I tell you that there are pictures of you too.. Cool, isn’t it?

    As I said before, I love the idea of keeping the discussoin open. And I have thanked you for that before. Thanks again.

    But put away the cloak and dagger and lets be, to use a stolen phrase, brutally honest.

  419. Interested, on June 22nd, 2009 at 6:17 pm Said:

    Dear All Bloggers,

    Personally this forum has been an immense weath of information that has also been thought provoking. While we have bonded around the Olint situation, this debacle has also forced all of us in some way form or fashion to think about the construct of JA society as a whole…and we have had to face some ulgy truths…while I dont agree with everyone’s posts we can agree to disagree without being disagreeable..I hope Tafari knows that this blog has been around for quite some time and while the discussion gets lively it is never denigrating…thank you guys for keeping it that way


    Would you like me to go back through all the blogs and prove “denigrating” to you? Denigrating? ‘Denigrating’ is in fact the reason I got so suspicious of the blog in the first place? Did you say denigrating?

    denigrating: to treat or represent as lacking in value or importance; belittle; disparage: to denigrate someone’s contributions to a project.

    Did you really mean denigrating sir/maam?

  420. Switching gears from denigrating, does anyone know specifically Wayne Smith and Tracey Smith have not been arrested?

  421. That should read – Does anyone know specifically why wayne and Tracey Smith have not been arrested?

  422. @Tafari.

    My sources say that David Smith did
    1. Pay all encashments during the run. ( Where is the proof? or was it PR?)
    2. Traded FOREX while at JMMB. (What type of FOREX trading?) Do you know the circumstances under which he left JMMB?

    @Needy, where are you?

  423. Johndoe:

    Do I know the circumstances under which he left JMMB? Is that somehow related to him trading forex? LOL.

    I have a few little questions of my own:

    1.Do you have proof that he didn’t pay all encashments?
    2. How many types of Forex trading is there?

  424. I take it there are only two flavors of coolaid in Jamaica.

    And in a country with so much fresh fruit, can you guys just squeeze a little citrus and put your own sugar? The water you can get from the gully.

  425. Jay,Congratulations on one million hits. Have the graciousness to re -invite larry a real soldier, to the blog.

  426. Bank employee with initials JM confirms that David Smith traded forex at JMMB. Do you want a sworn affidavit?

  427. David Smith was able to pay out well during the run because the ponzi was at a stage that could sustain that payout. This blog dealt with how he was able to do that.

    David Smith used that pay out as PR to swindle new investors. So the fact that it was PR does not change the fact that he did pay out.

    You see, you have to think. There are so many flavors of coolaid. There are also other brands of powdered drink. Ever try Tang?

  428. Wayne and Tracey Smith have purchased political protection from Don Creary and Daryl Vaz.

  429. To date, the bank has declined to release any official statement regarding the circumstances under which DS left the bank.

    I neglected to ask so can you tell me? You see, you ask the question as if suggesting that yo do know. Well, do you? I could find out in 5 minutes…will you need a sworn affidavit with that too?

  430. How does that alleged political protection help them in the TCI? Why didn’t DS buy some?

  431. @Tafari Francis,

    As per the statement from a JMMB employee a decision was taken regarding DS after BOJ realised some inappropriate activity took place regarding financial transactions at JMMB and demanded a resolution….

  432. However given the so called “family feel” of JMMB they rather him leave with dignity than run him rass

  433. Interested:

    Where is my sworn affidavit? Is that hearsay, conjecture or pure horse shit?

    I believe that he was dismissed as well….However, should I just take your word as factual proof? ..because you said so?

  434. Tafari Francis

    I am sure you are aware that is not everything is made public or put in black and white…..I cannot give you your “sworn affidavit” so you can call it pure horse shit if you want….

  435. The back and forth about motivations of various bloggers on this site is getting very annoying. We’ve been there before and it was no less tiresome then. We’ve heard you Tafari and we all know where floridian is coming from. Can we get back to facts, information, logic and, yes, even surmise?

    I think it would be useful to explore with logic, facts and intelligent surmise why no one from or related to Olint was charged or arrested in Jamaica after the FSC cease and desist orders in 2006. The Jamaican authorities were so far ahead of the game and then the ball was dropped.

    Yes, I know that the first answers to this, should anyone deign to reply, will be conspiracy, conspiracy, conspiracy … and conspiracy. All nice and sexy and conforming to our public self-image but … was there anything else … maybe?

    We might be able to learn a lot for the next time (and, as Tafari has shown us, there will almost certainly be a next time).

  436. Hey just got off the phone. Appears there was was somehing going on at JMMB. It seems that David Smith has secret for them too that is why they never came out and said what the circumstances were.

    According to a well-placed source, JMMB was not as squeaky clean as people tend to believe so when DS did whatever it is he did, they had to keep their “family-feel” mouths shut and just let him run off into the sunset.

    That’s the word from the source. No sworn affidavit with that.

    • @Tafari Francis

      Somethings are better left unsaid…..notice how vague I was….notice that BOJ was involved….certain things are just the way the are and people just lef it alone….

  437. Bob:

    Somehow, you imply that Tafari, with his open eyes and thinking mind, who doesn’t subscribe to one flavor of the drink or another, is proof that this will happen again.

    very interesting conclusion guy.

  438. Did your source also tell you that financial institutions as a matter of course will not say why persons may have been dismissed or separated? When you think about it for a few moments you will understand why.

    So, maybe the source is correct. Or maybe the source has also fallen for the conspiracy and motivation-based pathology that reigns in our fair isle.

  439. @ Edd,

    We have NEVER blocked anyone from this blog, so Larry is free to post.

  440. I do appreciate your open eyes and thinking mind. But I know of many open-eyed and thinking minded people who fell for the scam. There should be no shame in it (well, maybe just a little … or a lot, but that’s a totally personal matter which I try to stay out of).

    I referred to you because of your apparent belief that fx trading can yield average returns of 8% or more monthly (or even 5% – I don’t want to misquote or exaggerate and I don’t recall precisely the amounts you mentioned in your earlier posts) over a sustained period of years. It is this capacity to believe the unbelievable that, when alloyed with the natural human traits of hope and greed, creates the opportunity for ponzi scammers and affinity fraudsters.

  441. What conspiracy did the source fall for? The source is just that. A source. A reluctant one at that. I actually believe the information she provided or I wouldn’t repeat it here.

    One good way to check this out would be to send a letter to JMMB requesting a work reccommenndation for David Smith. See what they say. they may not say he is a thief but you could always tell from the language or the tone of the response.

    As a manager, I was placed in that situation many times. I actually had a guy I fired two weeks prior for stealing put me on his resume as a reference. And while I was somewhat concerned about him coming in with a shotgun, I managed to convey to perspective employers that the guy was bad news – without quite saying so.

    Regarding the source, she believes that JMMB should come out and say what it is he did. She doesn’t even know because according to her, it was kept “hush-hush”. She believes that this is because he has secrets for them too. Says she saw many things that were not above the table.

  442. @Tafari

    Everything is not always what it seems…..

  443. @Tafari

    Pull out your history book and go back to the days of Omar Davies and the mysterious run on the Jamaican dollar….recall that BOJ made cash cash available to stabilise the dollar but it went awry….start there…it may prove fruitful

  444. “The lottery scammers of western Jamaica have brought shame and disgust to Jamaica, although there is a certain element of Jamaican society that is going to respect them for their craftiness. Sophisticated thievery is admired in Jamaica.”


    that would ring true here from what we have seen over the past two years here. David Smith is a thief yet many choose to honor him right here on these blogs. One can be an investor or one can be a victim of theft.

    In most other countries of the world a thief gets no backing. Madoff gets none . Zero. But Smith lives on spending stolen money daily and still finds time to complain about his own condition and that of his family.

    And certain bloggers here like that kind of behaviour. Watch out for what goes around comes around.

    I have nothing personal with a thief for me a thief is ‘nothing’ how can anything be personal or objective with a nothing.

    Smith has hurt Jamaica’s reputation beyond words. He has caused Turks and Caicos Islanders to dislike Jamaicans to the core even legitimate ones who invest heavily on the island. Is that fair? Should legitimate Jamaican businessmen face ridicule and hatred becuase of two Jamaican theves who live there?

  445. Bob:

    At no time did I ever state or imply that any returns cuold be sustained for any number of years. I am living proof that one could at least have 8% for at least 6 months. I did it and I am on course to do it again this month.

    I have a brother in law that has had only four losing months in years. He trades a lot more than the two thousand dollars I started with so his actual dollar returns are high.

    I have said that this cannot be sustained for any long time except with a crystal ball. My brother in law is actually quite good because he learned at a financial institution.

    So it would be impossible for me not to believe that something that I do cannot be done.

    Not that one has returns of 8% every single month. But some months 3%, others 1%, some 13%, yet others -10% or -21%. It is possible. And the few good traders in the world manage to have consistent winning months, even though they have many losing trades.

  446. Tafari

    All I am saying is that when people are fired from financial institutions for anything that reeks of wrongdoing, the institutions usually give them a pass. Very sad, very wrong, very true. The bottom-line motivation is to 1. to avoid law suits from the person who was fired (a law suit would probably expose things that the institution has done wrong too) and 2. to avoid any public discussion or thinking that the institution has staff who do things wrong. The exception is when the person steals and does not make restitution.

    There are many rules and regulations that are designed to persuade them to behave differently but how well they work is another matter.

    Having said all of that, I am not saying that your friend does not have good information. i just can’t evaluate that. I was, however, pointing to the fact that in Jamaica once we believe we have found a motivation, we believe that we have found a fact. I refer to this as a motivation-based pathology (I hasten to add that I am not a doctor of any kind!).

  447. Jamaicans have managed to cause Americans and Canadians and the British even to hate the other caribbean people living in their communities for years.

    Every jamaican who terrorizes their neighborhood in the developed world is an ambassador for all jamaicans.

    David Smith just did it with money. There are so many other ways that many jamaicans do injustice to their country.

  448. And to other caribbean folk.

  449. If Jamaica was ever able to eliminate crime or reduce it to marginal levels, all of its property would be more valuable than Manhattan or Beverly Hills in the USA.


  450. Tafari,

    There are many corporate manager in many financial institutions who have been caught committing fraudulent activities in the past.

    For the most part the financial institutions have been reluctant to bring charges against these persons, for fear that this could lead to the institution losing clients.

    They believe that clients will turn away due to lack of confidence in there internal controls, hence choose to let them leave quietly.

    It had been reported here that there was impropriety on the path of DS as it relates to forex cambio purchases from the BOJ while he was trading (cambio) for JMMB.

    He profited from these transcations along with another individual and when the BOJ caught wind of what was happening demanded that action be taken.

    Now for a little insight into what really happened take a look at this court document which was posted on Olintja blog, it provides some similarities in what allegedly took place.

    Click to access 2001_No.50.pdf

    Not exactly the same, but some similarities

  451. Bob:

    I get what you are saying.


    I couldn’t agree more. Everything is not always what it seems…..

  452. Tafari

    Well done on your trading, and well done to your brother-in-law. Phenomenal performance!

    As for professional fx trading, an outfit that generated returns as much as 40% per annum over a period of years would be sensational. This may be useful to keep in mind. it could also explain why so many wealthy people and their advisors could be conned out of billions into Madoff’s scheme for annual returns just fractions of 40%.

    I was a little lazy in my previous post, however. I forgot to refer to “audited” returns, or at least verified by third parties. This is one of the reasons for the difference observed between performance claims of professionals and performance claims of gifted amateurs.

  453. Great point, floridian.

  454. There is a reference letter on http://www.olintja.com prepared for David Smith by JMMB (which is not a bank btw). You see how one seemingly small cover up can cause?

    Buy a license and laugh heartily. When another who bought a licence crashes into you and yours then you remember the day you paid for your own and laughed.

  455. I have to leave this exchange now, especially since Jay has given out homework (the Dextra case).

  456. Somehow the timing my posts appeared got mixed up.

    floridian said:
    There is a reference letter on http://www.olintja.com prepared for David Smith by JMMB (which is not a bank btw). You see how one seemingly small cover up can cause?

    Buy a license and laugh heartily. When another who bought a licence crashes into you and yours then you remember the day you paid for your own and laughed.

    I say:

    Great point, floridian.

  457. That is a very interesting case Jay. I see how it worked.

    Hey bob, a friend told me that he traded for 16 months and has turned 5000 dollars into 57,000. Is he lying too? Guess he is ripe for a scam. When is the next conman coming along? I need to let him know.

  458. @Floridian

    Ugly Truth #3

    Some Jamaicans penchant for “Anancyism” will be the ruin of us all

  459. Ultimately it was madoff’s children that brought him to justice. His own family. But the Smith’s Nooo they clenched fists and never relinquished their tickets.

    Ride then.

  460. Bob/Tafari,

    Did you see a familar name in that Dextra case. Its one of the former directors of TCI Fx.
    Scammers never stop scamming I can assure you of that.
    They just change their methods.

    In Jamaica there is a say ” show mi you company and a can tell who you are”.

  461. Guys what is JW’s back history?

  462. Interested have you seen the Dextra document.

  463. Yeah I have but when I say backhistory I mean like where did he grow up etc…

  464. Someone said : “Do I know the circumstances under which he left JMMB? Is that somehow related to him trading forex? LOL.”

    I keep saying that people not reading… If the Dextra case makes for heavy reading here is a simple one..

    JMMB dismiss rumours

    Remember to check your sources… As Floridian says read between the lines…

    What was the LOL about? mmh

  465. Oh, I have no idea where he grew up and his history.

  466. St. Ann. boilers, Morelands Camp. off you go.

  467. broliers

  468. LOL

  469. Sadler called Stanford’s response “a wild and often incoherent spray of inaccurate, irrelevant and/or unsupported allegations’’ designed to “shift the focus of investor anger’’ from himself to Janvey.

    Stanford and five associates were indicted last week on charges mirroring accusations first made by the US Securities and Exchange Commission in February


  470. “a wild and often incoherent spray of inaccurate, irrelevant and/or unsupported allegations’’ designed to “shift the focus of investor anger’’ from himself to Janvey.


  471. Janvey has identified potential claw-back claims against more than $200 million still frozen in Stanford customers’ US and foreign brokerage accounts. “Both the freeze and the claw- backs are to the benefit of all CD holders, including the vast majority who have nothing to show for their CD investments, Sadler said.


  472. @Bob, I agree with you some persons are ripe and ready for the next scam… questionable rates of return are one thing, consistency of returns another, BUT there are other red flags that MUST not be ignored….

  473. Yes, JohnDoe, there are other red flags to be observed. Which are you referring to?

    I finished the homework you gave. The Dextra judgment is not easy reading (all about the law governing bills of exchange and obscure defences in the common law). But reading it is a timely reminder about certain characters and their dubious careers, at least one of whom is embroiled in the Olint saga a good decade and a half later.

    Also the parallel with the current scam du jour is interesting. Today’s star attraction headline “players” arose out of and were sustained by a set of people who were active in the markets during the 2003 fx “crisis”. As the Dextra judgment documents, yesterday’s headline players were facilitated (you could even say created) by the turmoil of the fx crises of the early 1990s. The charges and investigations come back to the same kinds of words (try “fraud”). It will be interesting to read the relevant Privy Council judgments in 5 or 6 years’ time and see which names are connected to these words in relation to the current crop of scams and frauds.

  474. does anyone know if gareth harris of keen exchange has money frozen in the states.If so where can i check to find out. The same question for maydaisy also as this is theit excuse for not paying

  475. Bob,

    A leopard never changes its spot. JW was part of a forex trading scam(cambio) a couple years ago as outlined in the Dextra case.

    Years later is is back again as part of forex trading scam, he is not done yet !!

  476. Notes from CTFC.

    Click to access enfforexbrochure.pdf

    This link has the one above plus other information for those who still have an interest in forex trading.


  477. jay,
    does anyone know if gareth harris of keen exchange has money frozen in the states.If so where can i check to find out. The same question for maydaisy also as this is their excuse for not paying

  478. Shotta, where have you been brother.

    Ingrid Loiten of May Daisy ran off with US$7M to South Africa where she said she has started a charity organization, she lost 90% trading on ITrade Fx

    Gareth Harris – lost over 90% of what he was trading with ITrade Fx.

    I am sorry to say but it appears that its all gone.

    Check on the link at the left side of this webpage under MayDaisy for more info.


  479. Interesting article.

    “We have been advised by the FBI that some of the funds for services rendered were received by Hernandez illegally,” Trotter said. “In the event my company is instructed to return the funds, we will comply, as it is the morally correct thing to do.”

    Wiil the JLP return funds taken from Olint, will the PNP do likewise.


    • It sure would be COOL if the people in Jamaica that benefited greatly returned all the money they fleeced from the Olint members.

  480. Extra, Extra- read all about it !!!

    David Smith I heard your best friend JM in Lake Mary Florida is going through some trying times. Poor fellow, when wifey found out about the money laundering deals you both were involved in, she has bailed !!!

    How is dear Tracey holding up? Tell her to stand firm as we prepare to turn the attention to her.
    She has been a naughty girl and she has to be spanked!!!

    Oh crystal ball, crystal ball- I see JULY as being a very important month !!!.

  481. The SEC alleged that in exchange, the Antigua-based regulator received bribes including money, free use of Sir Allen’s private jets, a corporate car and tickets to the 2004 Super Bowl in Houston.

    The US prosecutors have also charged King with conspiracy to obstruct an SEC investigation.


    WHAT! The criminals got free travel on the private Jets!


  482. Extra

    Tracey ‘stand firm’ that’s a joke right?

  483. I thought Lee Oakley was the best friend?

  484. Hopefully the following posts shed some light for investors.

  485. I know many investors check the blog regularly for news, many hoping to see good news. Though late some have started the process or filed lawsuits against some of the key players. If you have the resources this is generally an excellent tactic. However do keep in mind that once the court in a jurisdiction appoints a liquidator, filing new lawsuits in that jurisdiction will generally not make much sense.

    Also remember the process is expensive and in the end has the potential to yield limited results. However if you are successful it does ensure that in jurisdictions where law enforcement has not aggressively pursued criminal charges, the principals will not continue to live off their ill gotten gains.

    Do keep in mind that when you consult an attorney or other professionals such as forensic accountants that they will likely give you an overly rosy picture of your chance of success. Consider that if the person said, “I will charge you a lot of fees and we will probably not recover enough money to cover my fees.” Would you still retain him/her? Probably not, so most will paint an overly optimistic picture.

    See the next message for the harsh reality you face…

  486. According to the Olint TCI liquidator…

    71 % of the funds received by Olint TCI went back to pay investors.
    Only about $US 13 million has so far been identified in frozen accounts

    We know from experience that when these types of schemes collapse little money is usually left.

    So far the Caribbean countries have not demonstrated a willingness to go after those that made a ‘profit’, so called clawback.

    We know that generally the legal, accounting and other fees to unravel these schemes and perform cleanup often runs into tens of millions US dollars.

    Let us look at the best scenario where clawback was implemented. What do you think are the chances of finding all the various parties across multiple jurisdictions, JA, TCI, USA, UK etc… getting judgments against them… then locating their assets, if any… and then recovering the funds? How much do you think this would cost?

  487. The latest thing is that politicians and others have your money…

    The reality of these schemes is that there is a small group of conspirators that actually plan and execute the scheme. These people can be charged criminally, if there is a willing jurisdiction. Additionally there will be a group of people that got large sums. Most would not have been conspirators, that is, involved in the planning and execution of the scheme.

    They would have been friends and or savvy people who likely knew or strongly suspected the scheme was a ponzi but invested and used their friendship to get early or preferential payouts. This is different from being a co-conspirator. This is why there is a charge of receiving stolen property. But in this case the money from investors was not stolen from the investors they were only too anxious to give it willingly, It was however obtained by deception.

    The remedy to recover the money from these people is clawback, criminal charges are not likely to be successful. It should be noted that some investors had the same belief … that it may have been a ponzi but they were hoping to get out before it crashed, some did. These people behaved in the same way but did not have close contacts with DS. This is why clawback is so important.

    But be realistic… Even if clawback is implemented the chances of any significant recovery such that investors receive significant funds after expenses is very slim.

  488. Let us also look at some of the most glaring and aggravating issue to investors. The involvement of the PR guy and the political parties receipt of funds.

    Clearly the PR should be criminally investigated to see if he knew Olint was a ponzi and engaged in its promotion. This would make him a criminal co-conspirator. At a minimum, he should face civil cases to determine if he should be held liable because he knew or should have known Olint was a ponzi.

    From emails that have been posted he appears to have requested his salary be raised to US $20,000 per month. Let us do the math. Let us use the most favorable analysis. Say he was paid $20,000 from the beginning and Olint was in operation for 5 years. $20,000 x 12 months x 5 years. He made $US 1.2 million.

    Apparently the parties got US $12.2 million. 12.2 + 1.2 means we now have another US $13.4 million plus the $13 million frozen. $26.4 million.

    Hmmm… Now what will be the attorneys and liquidator fees in multiple jurisdictions? What are the amounts owed to investors? What percentage will be left for investors?

    Guys this is the reality. Before you engage in more expense be sure to consider this scenario to make sure you are not throwing good money after bad. The best solution in these cases is to bring as much pressure as possible to ensure jurisdictions pursue criminal charges.

  489. Nocotec

    We don’t worship money like dem. The concentration is putting the many culprits in Prison.

    Once that occurs then dem and the liquidator and the acountant and lawyer and Prime Minister, premier etc whoever can get on with their business during visitation.

    All investforlife can visit them at that point. but for most of us the slamming of the metal door is the ‘move on’ point.


    Don’t jump to quick to tell people about liquidator and where money is and is not. THAT IS DAVID/TRACEY/WAYNE SMITH et al PROBLEM.


  490. @Floridian

    Look at my last sentence concluding my analysis.

    “The best solution in these cases is to bring as much pressure as possible to ensure jurisdictions pursue criminal charges.”

  491. Well Nocotec I don’t know what is really best because is David Smith a face growing problems.

    What is your advice to him?

  492. More loan defaults

    The tough economic times and the consequential high levels of unemployment and inflation, as well as the fallout from the collapse of the informal investment schemes such as Cash Plus and Olint, have been forcing many more clients to default on their loans with banks and other financial institutions.


  493. Why is it that the TCI FCU is yet to make a case against Wayne and Tracey? There is enough circumstantial evidence to convist either of them.

    Today I saw a copy of a document with the name of an Oanda official but allegedly signed by David Smith. It appears that he used that document to convince the feeder club guys that he had 200 mil at Oanda. Clever foolish thing to do.

    I would certainly vote to convict tracey and wayne based on the evidence I have seen..at least on the charge of conspiracy to defraud.

  494. Below is a conversation I had with a friend of mine re the revelation (or speculation) that Olint TCI is a ponzi, which would suggest that Olint itself was a ponzi. You’re feedback/opinions are MORE than welcome
    (All comments were made by the other individual, with no interruption from myself)

    2:04 PM
    ok….all of those (DBG, JMMB, etc) entities have a capital markets unit/division/organization within their larger organization, that capital markets unit does active investing/trading

    2:04 PM
    whether it is with repos, equities, bonds, etc.

    2:05 PM
    well….clients have accounts and get statements on a regular basis from those units, if someone wants a liquidity event in the middle of a reporting period, which many of those companies allow, they don’t immiediately liquidate the entire position that the persons account is a part of, refund the person and re-enter the position

    2:05 PM
    transaction costs would kill them, if they had to do that every single time

    2:06 PM
    so what they do is, they have two separate units/divisions/organizations/parts

    2:06 PM
    one handles the trading with part of the funds, the other is a float to handle deposits & redemptions on a short-term basis

    2:07 PM
    soo….in order to do that, digital records are altered with every deposit & redemption, however if you were to follow the cash paper trail, what you would see is that peter money is paying paul

    2:07 PM
    or even partly paying paul

    2:07 PM
    which is exactly what olint tci was doing

    2:07 PM
    but their legal/business/accounting structure (i can’t speak to the quality of the structure, but it is HIGHLY likely that it was shabbily done and bare pattyshop based on olint’s operations)

    2:08 PM
    so as a result of that, the courts can take one entity, and look at it in isolation, and that’s no doubt what they are going to find

    2:08 PM
    but it is disingenuous at best

    2:08 PM
    it’s not truly accurate, in terms of the big picture

    2:08 PM
    which is why I say what I say, and believe what I believe

    2:09 PM
    if it comes out that the BIG picture is a ponzi, well I will give you that

    2:09 PM
    but I have seen no hard evidence that says that yet

    2:10 PM
    also, there are a MILLION and one red flags, the fact that one of ‘elements’ that the authorities are using in this case is a working paper by the IMF co-authored by Brian Wynter raises all sorts of red flags in my mind

    2:10 PM

    2:10 PM
    and tell me if you don’t smell something fishy there

  495. @theCynic

    It is all nonsense. But many investors will cling to any straw and come up with all kinds of claims and or conspiracies. If DS came out and said he was running a ponzi and it was all a big lie, many of them would be saying things like… it was not DS or he is just saying that to throw dem off.

    Imagine if Jcans had invested with Madoff… When he came out and confessed many of them would have come up with a conspiracy theory as to why it was not true… LOL

  496. Today

    Martinez and wife admit to Federal Investigation into them ItradeFx/Olint/olint TCI/David Smith/MTi/TCIFxtraders/Hallmark.

    Olint investors have no time for Crocoldile tears.

  497. It now appears certain that Jamaica will resume a borrowing relationship with the International Monetary Fund (IMF).


  498. Noncotec

    Check this one:

    “Think and Check before you steal”

  499. Court battles delay British takeover

    Kicking and screaming down to the end. Tantrum.


  500. Crying in Florida, tantrum in London, fretration on Provo. TCI populace restive.

  501. floridian, on June 24th, 2009 at 8:53 pm Said:

    Martinez and wife admit to Federal Investigation into them ItradeFx/Olint/olint TCI/David Smith/MTi/TCIFxtraders/Hallmark.

    Olint investors have no time for Crocoldile tears.


  502. I knew it would be you.

    They admit that they are under FEDERAL INVESTIGATION in court in the dock.

    And the crying start. Early days. So when fisherman tells Jamaica that the FBI has no interest you now know that from testimony in court under oath that is a lie.

    When they tell these lies they then go and grovel and beg for themselves. The people of Jamaica are not fools.

    Things soon start happen. trust me. i ever let down the bolggers?

  503. You are well and truly watched by the Feds too. Welcome.


    Can you live with that liveandletlive? I guess you have no choice.

  505. Floridian

    The NFA document that stated the fines for Itrade FX stated that they did not have an AML program in place AND THAT THE OTHER RELEVANT AUTHORITIES WOULD INVESTIGATE THE IMPLICATIONS OF THAT We do not need the Martinez or a vendor downtown to tell us that they would be investigated for money Laudering as far i am concerned that was OBVIOUS.

    I thought they had admitted to being Guilty. NOW THAT WOULD BE NEWS

    Floridian one last Question for today.
    What is the result of the TCI FXtrader audit They were liquidated and audited before OLINT TCI but I have not seen the findings yet. What happened?

    SOMEBODY ANYBODY please tell us what has happened to John Wildish and his clan???

  506. Live&Letlive what do you know about JW, this guy seems to have an affinity for forex scam.

    Being a director of TCIFX and being a forex scammer, I would not be surprized to find out that, the funds were liquidated before the court appointed “Liquidator” arrived.

  507. You know guys sometimes the things we discuss here are really hard to reconcile the deafening silence of the Jamaican media….how could all of this be going on and there are NO REPORTS whartsoever…..I mean I suppose I can argue that we all know the reason why but it is just hard to mentally reconcile sometimes….

  508. good question liveandleylive!

    Whole I think about it can you tell me what David Smith, John Wildish, Judy Jones and Tracey Smith have in common?

    I’ll give you a hint. It’s not Christianity.

    feel free to take a try Jay.

  509. Interested,

    Its an absolute disgrace that the local media has remained silent on issues like these, which have cost the country so much money.

    There can be a number of reasons why this is the case, but what it highlights is that one cannot solely rely on the main stream media anymore, as they have their own agenda.

    I think we here have done more to highly the scandal that the AIS have been in particular Olint.
    You will see more stuff in the papers re Carlos Hill, but most seem to be not wanting to touch David Smith Olint with a six foot pole.

    Its good that in this information age, we have access to internet thus allowing us to get quick information out to folks, however it comes it its own danger of sometimes not being totally accurate.

    For this reason we try to not call names of folks unless we have irrrfutable evidence to support what is being said.
    However if one read between the lines one will get the message.

    The local media has been a real letdown, however we at investforlife will not let up.
    We will be relentless in exposing any evidence we find in these cases.

    You would be surprized to know who read these blogs.

  510. Floridian

    I did not really want to know about those folks character

    what i want to know is what did the liquidators see.
    they have dedicated a whole website to OLINTTCI but hush from TCI traders

    GUYs could it be that what the media hears is not consistent so they have taken a shut up attitude

    who wants their media house to be part of a rumor mill????

    • L&LL,

      Agree with you 100% on the rumor mill part. However, I think the media houses are completely AVOIDING the issue. It could just be that I missed it, but I can’t recall even hearing a MENTION of the fact that Mr. Smith was arrested and charged again, or that Olint TCI was being liquidated. Now these are facts not rumors, EASILY verified.

      What’s the difference between Mr. Smith & Mr. Hill. Why is it we hear about so many of the moves that Mr. Hill makes, but NONE of the moves that Mr. Smith makes?

  511. How come we have not seen pictures of DS dressed in his new fashion wear like Stanford?

    Indicted Stanford taken to courthouse
    Billionaire faces charges of fraud and conspiracy

  512. Hi cynic

    I heard those two things on my TV at home in Jamaica. Mark you they only reported it ONCE.

    They even gave a report that merged the findings of the liquidators and the suspicions of the the bank that was profferd as justification for the liquidation as ONE thing.

    Cynic the OLINT thing has gotten Merky on the Jamaican scene and everbody is standing on the white line. The whole thing has brought so much financial damage to so many ALREADY and have the ability to bring so much damage if DS does not front and centre with the $$$$ bWAY NOBODY NO MEDIA wants to mess round the big man dem money. Media have to eat a bread when all this is done. yuh si

  513. Nocotec

    remember Sanford was under investigation from 2005 whilst DS was since 2006 Have patients. TIME LONGER THAN ROPE . Everyman will wear the right suit at the right time

    Please remember that a body bag is a type of suit.

  514. I say forget about every thing David just made a mistake , set him free god says everybody deservers a second chance in life . Who are we to judge david . David please tell the truth set you free in the court of the lord you may be found guilty but in the eyes of the kord you may be given a second chance .

  515. What i say whether it be easily verified or not is not rumour mill. I think that’s been proven again and again since last year.

    Martinez and the wife were in court in Seminole county yesterday.

    DS was being investigated long before 2006.

  516. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/31544514/ns/business-us_business/

    All David Smith needs is an Orange polo cap and that will be his regular attire.

  517. Again I ask, why was David Smith allowed to continue his con after his business was raided in Jamaica? Syrely the evidence of fraud was available then. WHo took shut-up money to allow him to continue with his stealing?

    Who said to him, just move offshore and we won’t have you arrested? And how much of our money did that cost?

    And since we all know now that there was evidence of criminal actions at Olint Corp since then, did the Jamaican police accept bribes?

    • Why did Brian Wynter step down as the head of the FSC in late 2007, after the general election? Pure coincidence?

      Remember, there are over 58 UFOs in Jamaica and only Cash Plus has seen any negative impact. Why? They are all operating illegally, so why didn’t they shut them down and prosecute the heads of these entities.

      On another note, when are you going to share the details of the bogus Oanda letter? Guys like Live&LetLives are banking on that US$200 Million for his encashments. He thinks the money is there! 😉

  518. Wayne was spotted in Jamaica riding around. His wife is driving her car around towm. Tracey is in the TCI still living the good llife on our money. Why are these people not in handcuffs?

    Does the Jamaica police have any reports of stealing from defrauded Olint investors? Is it reasonable to assume that not one Olint investor reported money stolen by the company?

    And if such report was made, what is the Jamaica police doing about it? Is there an ongoing investigation?

  519. Antiquan ex-FSC head Leroy King Arrested…

  520. @Tafari…

    In 2008, when Carlos Hill was arrested for fraud, Les Green was asked about the other clubs. It is reported that he said that there was no formal complaints against any of the other clubs.

    If there is no complaint, there is nothing to act on. Carlos Hill was arrested because persons lodged a complaint against him.

    David Smith left Jamaica in 2006, and you have to remember, there was a legal battle between FSC and OLINT about whether or not he was offering securities. Then its was the FSC, JBA, NCB, BNS, Super Plus being bad minded. To call OLINT a PONZI then was almost blasphemy.

    In leaving Jamaica and changing the agreements with members, the jurisdictions changed from Jamaica, although there was the Panama connection, to TCI. OLINT Corp, customer care remain in Jamaica but the money movement/trial was via wire transfer to banks outside of Jamaica.

    Again as far was we know no complaint has been lodge against the OLINT principals or CEO in Jamaica.

  521. @Nocotec,

    Will we ever see any of these crooks in orange suit. I really think not.

    It would appear as Floridian as tried so say on many occassions, that the Olint saga runs deeper than a ponzi and that there are many very influential, highprofile and other characters involved in this grand mess.

    I have been made to understand that we will not see DS being tried in Jamaica due to the very sensitive nature of his activities which would expose many seemingly ” good guys”.

    The fact however is now that the FBI is involved, there are many who are currently under investigation.

    I have been further told that having a green card for many is now turning out to be a curse vs a blessing as it is likely they could be arrested in the enter any US port, as if they try to meet the new requirements for green card holders ie you have to “live” in the USA for a period of time.

    As the investigation intensifies new names are emerging and present a startling reminder of the inept and corrupt practices that exist in Jamaica, not only involving politicains but members of the private sector.

    Olint is like a nightmare for many.

    At the start of the year, there was tremendous pressure on the dollar as many of you would remember and it was for good reason.

    I have been made to understand that in the first part of the year, the run was primarly (forget the shortage for a second) due to some folks were converting their Olint “loot” to US$ and moving it offshore with the intent of making it very difficult to trace.

    Interesting times are ahead, so stay tuned.

    • Well said Jay…I agree with all that was said. I read somehwere that their is a certain Cambio that is paying JA$100 for US$1. Is this true and how will this impact the JA$ in the months ahead?

  522. Followup to the arrest of head of Antigua FSC.

    The USA wants him extradited !!


  523. I agree with Jay about the orange suits. I predicted last year that David Smith will not serve any time in jail in Jamaica. In about 10 years, maybe less, he will run for parliament.

    According to news reports, Wynter resigned before the election.



  524. We’ve just learned Michael Jackson has died. He was 50.

    Michael suffered a cardiac arrest earlier this afternoon at his Holmby Hills home and paramedics were unable to revive him. We’re told when paramedics arrived Jackson had no pulse and they never got a pulse back.

  525. Formal Complaints were made at the Jamaica constabulary fraud squad and at Green’s office. Since then green publicly stated that no complaints had been made by people in Jamaica.

  526. O.k. Feedback. It’s in the Jamaican press already.

  527. That money done already.

  528. The Respondent chose to file no evidence to rebut the evidence of the Petitioner…

    Click to access Olint_TCI_Corporation_Ltd._-_Court_Ruling.pdf

  529. What has stunned political analysts is that so many MPs in the Turks and Caicos Islands did not lend their support to a motion to avoid the shutting down of their Parliament. This, amounts to effectively telling the British Government to go ahead and suspend parts of the Constitution.


  530. @Floridian,

    I think that shade of orange would be flattering on DS’ complexion 🙂

  531. David,
    I hope you will finally wise up and stop this ordeal from moving forward.

    You realize that you and JM, your friend in Lake Mary Florida, will keep each other’s company in Federal prison.

    Start to wean yourself from the caviar and fresh snapper. Where you are going, the food is not so good and Tracey is NOT allowed to bring any fresh fish for your consumption.

    I hope you saw what has happened to your friend Sanford!!!! Oh how the mighty have fallen!!!!

    Dear Tracey, you have also been a naughty girl and be rest assured the Federal Government will be chatting with you and the other family members.

  532. http://www.olintja.com

    Hot hot!!!!
    Audio tapes.

  533. Olintja reports “Criminal convictions…”….That must be a mistake. I think they meant Criminal trials…but Oh well, we shouldn’t have to wait too much longer.

  534. David Smith os obviously a flight risk.

    1. He is a foreigner.
    2. He has had access to private jets.
    3. He has lots of money hidden.
    4. He is facing lenghts jail sentences.

    So why is it that the prosecutors did not object to bail? Does anyone know?

    Granted that to date he has not made his move. But rumor has it ( and I am not one to put much weight on rumors except that this one comes from a reliable source) that Mr. Smith is planning his get-away. The story is that he has had a conversation with an someone about where he could go for his “family to be safe”.

    The word Belize came up in that conversation, I am told.

    Mr. Smith, take it from me, you will not be safe in Belize. You will not be safe anywhere. So stay in the TCI and face your jail. You just might be safer in jail than anywhere else. Trust me dude. Trust me.

  535. Jay: It would appear as Floridian as tried so say on many occassions, that the Olint saga runs deeper than a ponzi and that there are many very influential, highprofile and other characters involved in this grand mess.

    Investors obviously made very bad decisions to invest money in what in hindsight even to most of them was a ponzi scheme. Many of them are seeking scapegoats to blame because this is easier than admitting that, “I cannot believe I could have been so dumb”.

    Look at the Madoff and Stanford ponzis as typical examples. Look at the huge size of these schemes. And yet as we are seeing there were only a handful of conspirators. This is the typical scenario, just a handful of people actually plan and execute the scheme. Many others suspect it is ponzi, that is, they are pretty certain it is a ponzi but have no direct knowledge. Some of these people invest and use their friendship or savvy to get preferential treatment.

    Look at the revelations in the DS affidavit in the Olint case. If the document is accurate it appears that starting with the PR guy, DS was then introduced to a number of high ranking people in the JLP. According to the public affidavit, DS said he contacted Vaz, who then put him in touch with Shaw who said he should explain the situation to the FSC chair and he then called the FSC chair to tell him DS would be in touch with him to discuss the NCB case.

    DS then called the FSC chair and met with him outlining his version of events surrounding Olint. This was all with a view to get NCB to keep the accounts open. The case did continue to wind its way through the courts and eventually NCB was allowed by the courts to close the account.

    This is a classic outline of why people make political donations. It buys access. For those that are naïve, this is why DS gave the US $12.2 million. Now the outline of events by DS does not in of itself outline any wrongdoing. He got access to the ministers but in the end he was referred to the chairman of regulatory body to explain his position. He does not outline that the minister called and directed the chairman to take any action. Ultimately the case continued and NCB won.

    The donations bought access. DS thought they would have caused the rules to be changed. Without the money he would not have gained the access he did. He was using those donations to try and achieve what investors were clamoring for… to get the FSC and the banks off Olint’s back.

    What we have seen so far is that he gained access to very influential politicians. What we have not seen so far is evidence that it was used to prevent the regulator or legal authorities to act against OLint. Like Carlos it is probable that if he had not fled JA there may have been charges brought against him. But when was the last time JA brought charges against anyone and asked for extradition from another country in non capital murder cases. Non violent crime in JA is not given high priority, one might even question how much priority violent crime is given.

    Now none of this is to say that there was no wrong doing but typically it is not a wide net of people involved in the wrong doing, just a handful. The PR guy was helping to write and formulate public statements and opinions about what he knew or should have known were false information. How many people beyond him knew is open to question.

  536. Madoff Client Jeffry Picower Netted $5 Billion—Likely More Than Madoff Himself

    by Jake Bernstein, ProPublica – June 23, 2009 12:28 pm EDT

    ….Perhaps the most pertinent question: If Picower withdrew $5.1 billion in “profit” from Madoff, where did all the money go? The Picowers own a home in Palm Beach that is appraised at a little over $28 million. They also have a 28.4-acre compound in Connecticut valued at $4.5 million. A search of numerous online sources, both aggregate databases and county property records for the couple, their daughter, and the companies named in the complaint, reveals few other major assets. If someone needed the skills to hide billions of dollars, few would be better equipped than Picower, an attorney and accountant who has been described as a “tax shelter expert.” Even so, it’s curious our search did not even uncover a boat or plane under the Picower name………


  537. Looks like a relationship with the IMF is certain. It will be interesting to see what they have to say about Olint given the scathing report they published. As a well known and reputable multilateral agency, they would be opening themselves to ridicule and attack if they published a report like that and then turned around and handed over all their cash.


  538. If it had been Guatemala the OLint investors that had been calling for the boycott of NCB would face 5 years in jail 🙂

    That message has now earned him a potential five-year prison sentence and the unfortunate distinction of becoming one of the first people in the world to be arrested for a tweet.

    Writing under his Internet alias “jeanfer,” Anleu urged depositors to pull their money from Guatemala’s rural development bank, whose management has been challenged in a political scandal: “First concrete action should be take cash out of Banrural and bankrupt the bank of the corrupt.”

    Guatemalan fears ‘tweet’ may lead to jail
    Case may be the first where Twitter user is being prosecuted for posting


  539. Today a document was forwarded to me which proves that there was an effort by the Bank Of Jamaica to have Olint shut down.

    I reviewed a previous blog where one person commented that there were efforts to close Olint (and other such schemes) and Jay commented that “There is this fallacy about “the big man a fight down DS”.

    As it turns out Jay, the other blogger was right that time. It appears that there was some effort by the big banks to close down Olint ….and I wish they succeeded then.

    The facts that Olint was a ponzi and that the big financial institutions tried to have it shut down are not mutually exclusive.

  540. Bank Of Jamaica is the central bank, an agency of the government. They also have regulator powers over depository institutions, essentially the commercial banks, building societies and credit unions. They also deal with the cambios and of course deal with foreign exchange.

    Initially it appears that the FSC and BOJ were not clear on who was responsible to regulate Olint. Foreign exchange is normally the responsibility of BOJ but because Olint was really issuing securities (or so DS claimed) it was the responsibility of the FSC.

    If BOJ tried to close them down it would not be surprising because they have regulatory powers over foreign exchange and the exchange rate. Olint and the others were causing a large drain of US dollar, though initially a lot of currency was coming in from overseas Jcans.

    I do not think the BOJ issue is the same as the ‘big man fighting Olint’. That was mainly referring to NCB and the like. Though I suppose the supporters and investors included the FSC and BOJ as agents of the big man.

  541. Just to clarify DS did not directly claim Olint was issuing securities. He claimed he was accepting funds from clients and then trading FX for them for a profit. This meets the definition of issuing securities.

    If he was doing same for Olint and not for clients he would probably be subject to regulation by BOJ, not FSC. Trading on behalf of clients to generate returns is issuance of securities. Trading in FX but not for clients is not issuance of securities.

    So for example a cambio is trading in foreign currency (buying and selling it) but not on behalf of clients. They are subject to regulation by BOJ. If the cambio was taking say US $1000 from a client and waiting for the dollar to rise or fall and then return part of the profits to the client… this would then be issuance of securities.and subject to FSC regulation.

  542. theCynic, on June 25th, 2009 at 7:16 pm Said:

    Is submitting information to http://site.olinttciliquidation.com/Home.html worthwhile? & is it trustworthy?



    I am not an attorney but I would suggest that it is. The liquidator is now an instrument of the Supreme Court of the TCI.

    On the other side there are those who think that the court is in a conspiracy to hurt david Smith, and still believe that David Smith has their money safe and would pay them back if it wasn’t for the huge conspiracy to bring him down. I had a conversation this week with a feeder club guy who still believes that.

    So ultimately it will depend on your take on all this. I would defer to the courts on these matters, believing that the court acts in the public interest .

  543. Cynic: On the question of worthwhile (assuming you mean whether you will get anything back) tha will depend on how much of the money is found. It also depends on how long it takes to find such money because the liquidator will have fees- huge fees.

    Rumors have it that the liquidator’s fees already exceed the amount on hand. I cannot confirm that.

    However, it surprises me though that the question is even asked. Why is it that people who trusted to give their money to David Smith, an unliscenced, unregulated, under-investigation, secretive, “christian” – drinking-and-gambling-at-casinos guy, be concerned about making that information available to the courts that is trying to recover the money that was stolen from them?

    What on earth is it that David Smith posess that enables that sort of reverence? I have gotton the impression that this Olint thing was a sort of cult. That question, cynic, actually reinforces that belief. This thing was really a cult. There is quite a bit of “group-think” going on here.

    A man stole your money. The police arrests him. The court through it’s instruments tries to get your money back. You decide to trust the thief and distrust the court.

    I don’t get it. I really don’t get it. I am shocked.

    My feeder club guy actually distrusts Pricewaterhousecooper as well. He says that the court and the police and the FBI and the NFA and everyone who ever said anything bad about Olint are just trying to “bring him down”. When asked why, he says that it is because Olint was trying to help poor people.

    It appears there are many others who still believe in David Smith. Anyone reading this who knows anyone who feels that way, you may do well to get that person some professional help.

  544. In the interest of full disclosure (and for new readers) I am an Olint investor.

  545. Tafari, Wayne, David , Tracey and Creary will be indicted in Orange suits soon.
    There is already a warrant under seal for Creary.

  546. Please answer me someone

    what was the outcome of he TCI traders liquidation process?????

  547. @ Tafari,

    I think you are spot on in your post re: Olint and the cult like behaviour of its members.

    If I did not read who wrote the post I would have thought it was done by one of the “detractors”. 🙂

    I did mention earlier this week that there should be some agreement that the liquidator fees are tied to the amount of money that is recovered, ie should not include that which we know exist when the accounts were frozen.

    Since that was not done (and I wrote this), the liquidator fees could exceed what is available in the a/c thus leaving Olint owing the liquidator.

  548. Ponzi’s and Pyramids Ignored or Protected by FTC, Consumer Group Charges

    “A consumer organization is asking Congress to investigate the actions of the FTC, charging that the FTC, like the SEC, has ignored and protected pyramid and Ponzi schemes, causing as much as $10 billion per year in consumer losses. The losses over time are far greater than those suffered by investors in Bernard Madoff’s Wall Street Ponzi. ”


  549. Tafari wrote:
    Why is it that people who trusted to give their money to David Smith, an unliscenced, unregulated, under-investigation, secretive, “christian” – drinking-and-gambling-at-casinos guy, be concerned about making that information available to the courts that is trying to recover the money that was stolen from them?

    Tafari I believe you’ve mentioned that you are not from Jamaica. If you haven’t lived in the caribbean/outside of the ‘developed’ nations worldwide it is challenging to explain the reasons why. IMHO, It’s a combination of culture/necessity.

    Let me start the ball rolling with some idle thoughts – (and some things can only be conveyed via some yard chat.)

    Red eye, grudgefulness, envy, covetousness – if youre the target of these emotions, things can get uncomfy –

    Work –
    That contract you were bidding on, that you were assured was a ‘lock’ might dry up and blow away
    (” yeah man, him drop half a million in olint and not even sweating – him alright, him nuh need dis”)

    Love life – One day you come home and your wife says
    ” b*&^% ! Who the R@$$ is dis gyal you have olint account wid?? and where the B*@^%, did you get half a million from?”

    General safety –
    Walking down knutsford blvd in the middle of the day..
    and the guy who washes cars in the street (who only lives 15 minutes walk from your hilside mansion) says “yes big man, mi hear bout yuh still.. half a mill.. A SO you ah gwaan? So mi ah look ah money right ya now, school fee fi pay and ting. Whappen big man?”

    etc etc..

  550. It appears that there were no doubts in the FSC and it acted accordingly. That action came early in round 2 of Olint (this is surmise based on the timing of the FSC raid and the date when Olint opened accounts at NCB maybe 6 months or so before). Round 2 is when it started to move beyond a small circle. The action seemed to take everybody, including Olint, by surprise. Maybe they were counting on the “dancing between the raindrops of BOJ vs FSC” argument. But it really shouldn’t be surprising as it is not unusual for more than one regulator to have jurisdiction over the activities of an entity.

    Remember that the Olint propaganda insisted that they had checked with BOJ and FSC and the two shuffled and referred Olint each to the other. Was this true or was it a self-serving lie?

  551. The points made about culture are of course correct. But also we can see in investment frauds and cons generally that many victims, having been convinced emotionally of the conman’s pitch and the sincerity of the conman himself or herself, will not simply change their conviction on the strength of a negative fact (even a huge one like not getting their money back). These cons work on the level of belief and not reason only. This is why using words like “greed” and “stupidity” to describe the behaviour of the victims is not only unhelpful (however tempting it is) but also in many instances just plain wrong.

    Try arguing with anybody who believes in anything at all that what they believe in is not so. It cannot be done. And maybe that is how things are supposed to be, I don’t know.

    But when it comes to investment fraud, this is why the only defences are innoculation (ie education) to make it harder to fall for the con and forceful action against the conmen. My problem with Jamaica is that there was no follow through and the conmen are walking the streets to this day.

  552. Here is another sad commentary. If Olint were still paying Jamaican investors, albeit from inflows from new victims in the Eastern Caribbean and further afield, they would by happy and couldn’t care less if Olint were a Ponzi or not. Even today, provided he or she gets paid somehow by Olint, David Smith or anybody else, the Olint investor to a man will walk away and say nothing. Worse, he will put his money in a next scheme. Now, if we are going to invest on the basis of the proof of the pudding is in the eating, we will invest in Ponzi schemes over and over again.

    Is there a solution to this?

  553. Madoff ordered to forfeit $171 billion

    ** Bernard Madoff would be stripped of all his possessions under a $171 billion forfeiture order handed down only days before prosecutors seek to put the disgraced financier away in prison for the rest of his life.**


  554. Bob says :-

    * Even today, provided he or she gets paid somehow by Olint, David Smith or anybody else, the Olint investor to a man will walk away and say nothing. Worse, he will put his money in a next scheme. Now, if we are going to invest on the basis of the proof of the pudding is in the eating, we will invest in Ponzi schemes over and over again.*

    This is why we say that one needs to pay attention to investment fraud red flags in order to avoid becoming a victim of the next big scam.

    See top 13 investment scam on this website.


  555. Bob: This is why using words like “greed” and “stupidity” to describe the behaviour of the victims is not only unhelpful (however tempting it is) but also in many instances just plain wrong.

    I realized a long time ago that trying to convince ponzi scheme investors of the folly of investing in their favorite scheme is futile. My aim and one of the reason for sites like this is to provide information to people who actually seek information and investigate before investing.

    Almost all of the investors in these schemes start to display cult like behavior. Those that go back to the old blog will tell you that I started that description about these UFOs, it was in my very first post.

    Now that being said… There are objective meanings of words like stupid and greedy. Jason and myself have been the 2 most despised ‘detractors’. This is because we are not looking to be friends with investors, we are or were simply making factual observations.

    I personally do not care whether an investor likes what I say or not. Once they swallow the Koo-Aid virtually none of them can be helped. They will simply continue to believe until termination and some even after that. Trying to stay away from factual terms and use euphemisms will make them feel good and or like you.

    However the dictionary defines these words like this:
    1. lacking ordinary quickness and keenness of mind; dull.
    2. characterized by or proceeding from mental dullness; foolish; senseless: a stupid question.

    excessive or rapacious desire, esp. for wealth or possessions.

    The investors may not like it and hate the person saying it but according to the dictionary this is a perfect description of their behavior. They hate the description which is part of their inability to face up to their mistakes. And this is why studies show the majority of them will have more than one such episode in their lives.

  556. I agree that many investors in the schemes were both greedy and stupid. The question, though, is whether they were more greedy or stupid than investors in other types of investment, or whether a greater proportion of the investors in the schemes were greedy or stupid compared to the proportion who invested in other types of investment.

    In my view, attributing greed or stupidity to investors who lost money in the scam does not explain how they came to invest. It is also undermined by the existence of “wise and sensible” (but, in my view, ethically compromised) investors who got in and got out and are laughing as we speak in the pagoda at the bottom of the back lawn at the new mansion.

    The fact is that the “wise and sensible” and the “greedy and stupid” are distinguishable only by the results which are derived from either pure chance, other circumstances (eg, decision to buy a house, etc) or closer connections to the inner workings so that they could smell which way the wind was blowing (and those in this last group – smelling the wind – are pretty close to being co-conspirators in the scam).

  557. It is not just ponzi scheme investors that display greed and stupidity. The combination of the 2 is what causes severe losses. There is a fairly objective way to determine who is displaying this behavior.

    For example one may invest in a totally legitimate investment such as a stock in a dot com company or a tech mutual back in the late 90’s. Now if you invested 10 % of your investable assets in such a fund, this a reasonable greed and not stupid. However if you invested 90 % of your investable assets in such a fund, this is excessive greed and stupidity.

    Investing in an investing claiming outsized returns never before achieved over multiple years (and this was billed by the PR machine as proof of its legitimacy)… this is why the PR machine had to come up with terms like the world’s greates FX trader to explain it. Investing in such a situation is a downright display of excessive greed and stupidity.

    The fact that a small minority came out ahead, with the exception of those that used insider contacts or knowledge, does not change the nature of the behavior. If a group of people each spent 90 % of their assets to buy lottery tickets one week and one won does not mean that the behavior was wise.

  558. Do not confuse the fact that people can and do display excessive greed and stupidity in one area such as investing with saying that they will display the same pattern across all aspects of their lives. These are the kinds of things why I like to read about how the human brain works.

    It is like this. We are not all great soccer, baseball or basketball players. Why? Some brains and bodies are wired by their DNA code to be skilled players and they can enhance and develop this skill with practice and learning thus becoming great players. The average person is not wired in this way. This same great player may be the ‘duncest’ person in his class. While the ‘brightest’ person in the class may be the least skilled player.

    Great investing is a skill that some, like Buffet, are great at. Others average and others plain and simply are inept..Their brains are wired different. Like the klutz on the soccer field, he can practice and be willing to listen and learn and he will become better but never Pele. Getting better is good enough to prevent losing your shirt but might not be enough to become wealthy. . The challenged investors not willing to learn become victims of ponzi schemes.

    Human beings have different skill sets they are good at and others they are bad at. Recognizing which you are bad at and be willing to take the steps to get better, is part of using the intelligence centers of the human brain.

  559. In my opinion, Nocotec’s “cult” reasoning is closest to the truth for many investors. Some were right in the centre of the cult – true believers, so to speak. Others were not so close but had the chance to taste the koolaid. Most were much further away but were mesmerised by the power, certainty and riches of those closer to the centre of the cult.

    And then the “why not me too” syndrome kicks in where certain types of people just want to not miss out on the action – the waggonists or camp followers. It’s hard to acknowledge but most of us have a bit of that in us. Also, other social and economic and political factors kick in, as observed by others on this blog (big man fight down small man, distrust of motives of officials, electoral opportunism, etc, etc).

    Back to my point, though, “cultists” are not necessarily, or primarily more stupid or greedy than anyone else. Persons with great quickness and keenness of mind and characterised by mental acuity and normal good sense fall into cults. I used to follow the view that they could only do so because of a suspension of their faculties in some way that is hard to explain. But I no longer think that that is a fruitful way to think about it.

    We make more progress when we recognise the importance of emotion in matters like simple perception, for example. Research has shown that our ability to recognise a face, for example, is in large part determined by a mental process embedded in the emotional part of our brain. When that part is suppressed or eliminated, persons are able to know that the face they are seeing looks the same as the face that they remember as belonging to, say, a family member. But they cannot be persuaded that it is in fact that person and not an imposter who very cleverly looks and sounds and acts just like the loved one.

    Extending this idea (and I have no scientific evidence for this – just my own thinking here) let us accept that emotions have a power embedded or conjoined with our reasoning faculties. Sometimes it helps us step up to deeper and greater insights. But it also makes us vulnerable to “cults”, conmen, etc, etc.

    Whether smart or stupid, greedy or modest, investors in the Ponzi schemes were either victims or perpetrators and accomplices. Sorting them out is difficult and in most cases impossible. We don’t have to have sympathy for the victims – its a free world and noone forced them to invest. We can even feel scornful of them, especially those who shouted down the thinkers and checkers. But we need to hold our noses and go after the perpetrators and accomplices who will continue to exploit the opportunity that human nature provides.

    As I said before, we need to innoculate by educating as well. This site is one source of innoculation – a blend of information and open debate and exchanges of opinion. It won’t stop cults from forming but it will reduce the numbers who join.

  560. @Nocotec
    Re your last two posts. I am understanding that when you charge investors with being greedy and stupid you are in fact saying that “as investors” they are greedy and stupid where greed and stupidity are measured in relation to certain norms or “rules or thumb” of investing and not to other aspects of their lives.

    Put this way, it is not easy to disagree with you and I don’t. The football player analogy is a good one, by the way.

    You may agree, though, that the terms “greedy” and “stupid” do carry a lot of freight around with them. It is hard to use them and be understood in a fairly precise and surgical way. They are like instruments of blunt force which impose such trauma when blows are landed with them that people learn from very early on in life to defend vigorously against even the hint that such a blow may be coming their way (or to shrink into the shadows in shame and humiliation) and that applies whether or not there is truth to the charge. So, while I agree with what you are saying when you explain it, I still maintain that the use of the terms is not useful in discussing the Olint, cash plus, etc. It is difficult for a reader, especially one who actually did invest in the schemes, to see that you are only calling them stupid and greedy in the narrow context of this specific investment decision. It is not possible for an ordinary person to be called stupid or greedy and for him or her to believe that they are not being belittled or being diminished as a person because of it.

  561. The most self destructive behavior for investors in these ponzi schemes is that once they invest their brains shift into an us versus them mode… the cult like behavior begins. In this mode the brain is unable to process logical information about the scheme. The irrational emotional areas of the brain are in ascendancy suppressing the logical centers and defeating the normal process of checks and balances.

    Take for example the recent description of me by Tafari, as someone somehow acting to help my friend DS and his politician friends… By his own admission he was new to the blogs.

    Now consider if someone had said an investor like RedP was against DS, in league with Lee Chin, NCB and others fighting down DS and wanting him to fail. How many ‘detractors’ would have had a big laugh while setting him straight? How many of the investors who we know check in to the blog regularly, many of whom are ‘Christians’… How none of them stepped up to set him straight :-). They view me as an enemy in the us against them cult like mode of the brain.

    • Noco, shame on you!! I stepped up and set tafari straight for you. Check and see my frenemy!! 🙂 🙂 Joke yah haha

  562. @Bob

    I do agree with you about the blunt nature of the term greedy and stupid. However it is also my point that rational discussion is only useful to potential investors seeking info. Once folks make the irrational decision to invest in what is obviously a ponzi scheme, the brain shifts focus into defense mode. No matter how nice you put it (or how blunt) virtually none of them will be helped.

    It is a fallacy to think a nice rational discussion filled with euphemisms will actually be of any help. And the small minority that presenting the facts will help, will still be helped even if the info was blunt. There really is no overlap between the 2 sets.

  563. Nocotec, Jay, John Doe, yau all did a terrific job in exposing OLINT, etc. When I first heard about OLINT and MayDaisy, I told my friend that they were definitely Ponzis. But yet I still went in with the hope of getting out by August 2008 (jump in then jump out – you get the drift?). However, I lost everything. What shocks me is that people still believe that they will get back their money. I even heard that a certain group, right here in Jamaica, was having phone prayers with DS on Tuesdays. Lord, deliver us from greed!!!!

  564. Nocotec, Nocotec, what I wrote is still available for review- and still is true. I know not that you tried to help David Smith and as such I did NOT say that. I do know however, that you have close polititian associates/friends who benefitted from Olint.

    Did you have a close relationship with David Smith as well? I didn’t know that.

  565. Nocotec, that you are blogging to save the stupid greedy investors is more difficult to believe today than David Smith will pay all investors in two days.

    I cannot understand why you insist on calling people greedy and stupid. On the street, I would simply say to you, “your momma”.

    However, since this is a more intellectual forum, may I suggest that you substitute the terms hope, and simplemindedness, and a trusting nature.

    Granted that there are some who invested out of greed, I believe that the majority of Olint investors are simple, trusting, poor or middle class and yes, probably christian folk who saw this scheme working for their neighbors and who were encouraged by family and friends they trust. The fact that many invested all they had is because all they had was so litttle.

    Not all investors were like me. I was able to invest a persentage of my resources. But what is 10% to one person is 100% to another.

    I decided to invest on the advice of a dear friend who had been an Olint member for 6 months or so. She was able to give first-hand information on her investment/returns ect. (and no, Nocotec, her statements did not reflect 10% per month, nor did she suggest that she expected to get 10% per month).

    So, why are you so demeaning to the same people you invest so much of your time (and probably money) to save? Anyone smell something fishy here? Seems you are trying to create your own cult.

  566. Now, Nocotec, I don’t understand the cult-like mentality you describe either. Even today, there are folks who are waiting for David Smith to pay them. Even today, they trust David Smith more than they trust the people trying to get them back their money. Incredible.

    But I still do not know that it would be right to call them stupid. Is there a psycologist reading who could help with this? I guess there is something happeninghere that is beyond my capacity to explain.

  567. It is noteworthy that many of the folks crying that they “lost” money, did not lose money at all. Olint was a ponzi, people, so any money you received beyond what you put in was not interest, nor was in returns, nor was it trading gains. You have someone else’s money that David Smith stole and gave to you.

    To simplify it, if you invested 200.00 and you got back 250.00, you received 50.00 in stolen money. Receiving stolen goods/money is a crime in almost every country in the world. So if you already got back your principal, yoou have nothing more to get.

  568. Tafari, please move on to something else and leave Nocotec alone. He did us good before you came along.

  569. Tafari: Nocotec, that you are blogging to save the stupid greedy investors is more difficult to believe today than David Smith will pay all investors in two days.

    Here is a clue for you… The fact that no long time investor blogger has chimed in to support your viewpoint of me as aligned with DS and his politician friends… is because they all have expressed the opposite viewpoint about me and now they would look crazy agreeing with you 🙂

    Contrary to what you just said above, I stated and I have done so repeatedly that I am not blogging and have not blogged to save investors. I blogged to help those seeking info before investing, not after. Let me repeat, virtually none of them could be saved. They were smart and knew when they found a good thing, those saying otherwise were just idiots, fools or grudgeful and bad mind. If you ask any of the ‘detractors’ on or offline about how many people that invested they were able to convince, I wager they will all say none to miniscule. They were probably able to convince a handful that had questions before investing.

    You are the perfect illustration of the point I was making with Bob. No amount of euphemism or nice talk will or would get you to change your opinions of me or the schemes. You think I was lucky if I believed the scheme was a ponzi based on the astronomical rates of return claimed and for several years. Your opinions of my motives and views about DS is so ridiculous that even my long time haters are unable to agree with you, yet you still stick with it.

    The cult like description explains a lot of the behaviors. It has a religious like fervor and folks that joined (invested) cannot be convinced by logic of any alternate viewpoints. It explains why trying to save investors was a futile task and why I left it alone. People with a religious fervor are always convinced that they are absolutely right. Same reason why arguing with a person about their religion making no sense would be futile, no matter how much logic you tried to use.

    Logic meant I could say that Olint was a ponzi with a high level of confidence and that my answer would be within 3 or more standard deviations. It was not just because I said so. Logic dictated it with an extremely high level of confidence.

    The rates of returns for the period claimed had never been achieved by anyone claiming to do anything remotely close to what DS claimed. The standard deviation from mean rates of returns was so high that its odds of being true were more like 1 in 10s of billions. He would be the one in 10 billion. This is the difference with applying logic versus religiously like belief.

  570. Again Nocotec, I did NOT say that you are aligned with David Smith. You are very good at twisting words. You know what I said and you know it is true. The more you try to divert, the more obvious it becomes.

  571. I say Nocotec the world is round. You retort: Japan is an island.

  572. @Tafari:

    I think most of the bloggers do not enjoy the personal back and forth. Suffice it to say… if you want folks to believe you have credible information… here is a hint… do not pretend like you have personal information about a blogger… the blogger will know that you are talking nonsense and then all your bluster will look like just that… bluster and hot air.

    For your info, among others, bloggers have thought I was MLC’s son… LOL. You are only about the hundredth blogger to accuse me of having ulterior motives or of being some sinister figure 🙂

    The reason I am often picked on is as I said… I do not care if any investor likes me.. I do not use euphemisms. I call a spade a spade. This is made worse by the fact that I am usually right. Someone who is blunt and usually wrong is not bothersome. Welcome to the club, you have many members. You are maybe the hundredth such. Just dislike me and move on.

  573. Tafari, David Smith set up a White Slavery operation which operated as a
    feeder for Turks hotels to receive Russian hostesses.Smith flew these girls in personally for his friends from the Platinum club. i understand Gov. Pataki was entertained in this manner last month.Check it out through your Turks contacts.
    This operation was funded by Olint money.

  574. Jay, You cannot suppress the truth about the White Slavery operation forever. Everybody knows about it.

  575. I moved on a long time ago Nocotec. But you found it necessary to misrepresent my statements on two occasions on Saturday.

    And it is so strange that you kept defending yourself against an accusation that was not made while ignoring what was actually said – even after I pointed it out to you. You still haven’s addressed (and you don’t have to) what I actually said. Isn’t that curious?

  576. Nocotec:

    I am sure that you will find that most, if not all, of the “investors” who don’t “like” you are those that believe in David Smith”. I don’t care for David Smith or believe in his christianity, or his ponzi, or his cult. I just want my money back.

    You, now are trying to save those that haven’t invested by calling those who dis stupid and greedy. You are the saviour of the world, Nocotec. You are selfless in your committment to humanity. You created this blog for no other interest than to save potential investors.

    Thank you very much Nocotec. Now, who know, know that they know. Let us move on.

  577. @Tafari: And it is so strange that you kept defending yourself against an accusation that was not made while ignoring what was actually said – even after I pointed it out to you. You still haven’s addressed (and you don’t have to) what I actually said. Isn’t that curious?

    Every accusation you have made against me is false… total nonsense… bluster from a deluded person… complete BS… just another in a long line…

    Do I need to go on? Do I need to make it any clearer? Is that sufficient for you to move on? 🙂

  578. Tafari, Jay and his friends are trying to hide from the world that Olint and DS were engaged in trafficking of Russian women to Turks.

  579. I learned this proverb very early in life and it has always been one of my favorites and may help to explain some of my attitudes. It sometimes appears in slightly different forms.

    He who knows not and knows not he knows not: he is a fool – shun him.
    He who knows not and knows he knows not: he is simple – teach him.
    He who knows and knows not he knows: he is asleep – wake him.
    He who knows and knows he knows: he is wise – follow him

  580. Nocotec might be a close relative of Vaz, the minister.

  581. Is it not true that you have friends in high places who benefitted from the Olint scam Nocotec? That is all I said. That is true and I will name names.

  582. Nocotec, do you know Sirach personally?

  583. Jamaica is going to the IMF.Many labourites are transferring their money out in anticipation of exchange control. The IMF will not sign until the JLP’s 12 million is repaid to the Olint stakeholders. The IMF will take your comments in this connection. We need G Arthur Brown now not the Grants Pen Ripper!
    Tafari help me out !

  584. Nocotec:

    I have been attacked as well. Check this out from one of your blogs: End of the Road for I-Trade FX.
    Harbourshark, on May 25th, 2009 at 11:19 am Said:

    Tafari you have obviously abused children, you seem to relate so comfortably to the concept. If you do not wish to accept the facts about Smith and Olint you are unlikely to make any sensible contribution to this blog.Olint has destroyed the lives of children.

    Now there is a post that was off-the-wall.

  585. @Tafari

    Dude you are a piece of work. I told you all your accusations are false and you simply repeat them. Would it make you happy, if I said I am MLC’ son, DV’s brother and sirach’s best buddy? All your accusations are false. Move on to something useful.

  586. No Nocotec, I have done a piece of work. Investigating. Did you know that the TCI police is keeping it a secret that DS was trying to leave the TCI?

  587. And if is true that he did, why isn’t his bail revoked? Why is he still on free?

    And why is it that the conspiracy charges are not filed against his wife and brother?

    And why is it that none of the media sources reported on the prime minister’s actions while in the TCI? Did he or did he not visit DS?

  588. Nocotec:

    I will be in Kingston on July 3rd, Montego Bay on the 5th and I have to visit an old Army buddy in Clarendon before I leave JA on the 9th. Can you find time somewhere in there for a drink? You name the place.

  589. Has anyone seen a copy of the David Smith email from July 08 stating that Olint is broke? Can someone please post a copy? Thanks.

  590. Labourite said:

    Jamaica is going to the IMF.Many labourites are transferring their money out in anticipation of exchange control

    very interesting! Your own comments show the problems with capaital controls…how is it going to work if the labourites themselves have already started moving their money out, and the policy is not yet even on paper.

  591. OLINT Crash – Email Very Genuine(with letter)
    Posted on July 18, 2008 by investforlife

    Speaking on OLINT’s behalf, Lord Anthony Gifford speaking on Nationwide News Network, effectively confirms that the e-mail is genuine. After days of speculation of whether or not an e-mail was genuine, the answer is here. Anyone that listens objectively to this clip can draw their own conclusions.

    About 10 minutes and 40 second in the clip, the hosts asks the question about the disputed e-mail. Lord Gifford claims he is not in a position to speak on the issue. Interestingly this is from Lord Gifford who is was speaking from Turks and Caicos where he and the other members of the high powered legal team are in consultation with David Smith.

    Interestingly while Lord Gifford was on Nationwide, Jacqueline Samuels-Brown was on RJR.


    Can anyone forward me a copy of this very genuine email? tafari11@yahoo.com.

    Someone has to have a copy for the blog to so categorically state that it was very genuine, right?

    I would very much appreciate the help.

  592. If you check the Olint accounts, I wager you will find big guys like this that did similar

    Madoff may not have benefited most in scam
    Client Jeffry Picower allegedly withdrew $5.1 billion from accounts


  593. It is very very unlikely that the IMF will impose exchange control. This is against their general principles and exchange control does not work for countries like JA that are short of foreign currency. It would just re-create a huge currency black market.

  594. If what happened in Latvia and Ghana are anything to go by re borrowing from the IMF, then I think Jamaica is up the creek without a paddle.

    Excerpt from today’s gleaner

    *Latvia signed a 27-month standby agreement, of the very kind Jamaica is seeking, for a loan of US$2.9 billion. In return, the IMF required Latvia to cut its budget deficit from 12 per cent to five per cent by the end of 2009. In order to comply, Latvia was forced to cut public-sector wages by 15 per cent and to cut pensions by 10 per cent. These measures produced severe rioting in Latvia in January and led to the collapse of the government on February 20, 2009.*

    ON Ghana

    *n the case of Ghana, the IMF standby agreement for US$1.2 billion was just completed this Friday, June 26, and is yet to be approved by the IMF board. In the meantime, the IMF has required Ghana to increase fuel prices by 30 per cent in advance of any agreement. The IMF wants all subsidies removed – including for electricity, education and health care.*


  595. So no luck with the david Smith letter. I thought it was a hoax. You know, in the case of David Smith, there never is a reason to make up stories to discredit the guy. He is such a big thief that was sure to get exposed anyway, why the fake letter? I know of no one who has seen this phantom email.

  596. One would imagine that the DS email would be pasted all over the blogs and especially on Olintja.com.

    So much for that then.

    Does anyone know why the rest of the Olint clan has not been charged? Could it be because DS was smart enough to keep his wife’s and brother’s names off official Olint documents? The TCI FCU officers are usually so willing to discusst he case but there is no response on the Tracey and Wayne question. I wonder why. Could it be that charges are yet to come?

  597. @Jay

    What is certain is that there is going to be a lot of pain once the IMF comes. There is likely to also be a huge slide in the dollar. They will inflict in a lot of pain but their policies never work in developing countries. The problem for JA is that the debt is out of control going back to the bail out of the banks. In today’s world there are only 2 options for developing countries in this position… default on the debt or IMF. Each action will result in immense pain.

  598. IMF is like striking a deal with the devil.

    There is no doubt that there will be devaluation and the chaos that comes along with that.
    I have yet to see a country that IMF policies have worked, but Jamaica is in such bad shape, there is very little option but to deal with the “devil” at this stage.

    Jamaicans should indeed brace for some very very tough times ahead.

  599. Labourite: The IMF will not sign until the JLP’s 12 million is repaid to the Olint stakeholders.

    Here is a question for investors. Most investors have a hard time with forward thinking an planning. So far the Olint TCI liquidator in TCI who is not responsible for liquidating Olint – JA… has identified about US$13 million.

    How much do you think fees for the liquidator and other legal fees will be? Do you realize another liquidator will need to be appointed in JA? The political parties apparently got US $12.2 million. If it is paid back, will investors actually get any? Or will it just go to some accountants, Lawyers, investigators and the like? Do you think Olint investors will actually see any of it? What is like like maybe 1.5 cents on the dollar.

    Not saying it should not be paid back but as usual investors get focused on stuff that in the end will be of little benefit to them.

  600. I would prefer if the IMF’s recommendation that both political parties pay back the Olint money be taken seriously. If it requires a liquidator so be it.Olint’s on-going influence on the outcome of elections in the Caribbean must be broken. Olint selected the Government in Antigua, Grenada, Turks and Jamaica through political bribery. This is a trans-national issue of the greatest importance. The FBI’s focus in Antigua is not limited to Antigua.I wish Busta was with us His humor and leadership is needed now.

    • ….”I wish Busta was with us His humor and leadership is needed now”…..


      Given you yearning for Busta, maybe you can contact RedP via his special prayer request line and request that he raise Busta from the dead. It’s my understanding that RedP, with his MANY gifts, have such powers! The big question though is how much he is going to charge for such services. You do know he has to find a way to make back his misplaced investment in Olint 🙂

  601. Very interesting article outlining the fight between direct investors with Madoff and those via feeder funds.

    Investors Compete for a Piece of the Madoff Pie

  602. 150 yrs for MADOFF!!!!!

  603. 300 for David Smith…after all, he stole from poor people in third world countries.

  604. I agree Tafari, David should get 300.

  605. Labourite : …Olint’s on-going influence on the outcome of elections in the Caribbean must be broken. Olint selected the Government in Antigua, Grenada, Turks and Jamaica through political bribery

    It is this kind of belief in conspiracy theories that led so many Jcans to lose so much money in Olint, C+ and the others. Take even the case of JA,… DS gave $12 million to the JLP… How do you know this caused them to win the election? How do you know if DS had not been so willing to give them money, they would not have raised it elsewhere?

    Jcans love believe in conspiracy theory too damn much. It is freaking unbelievable that DS was able to collect US $220 million in Olint TCi which was formed after the FSC raid and after among numerous others the FSC, the finance minister (Omar), the Bankers Assn were warning about these UFOs.

    Can you believe for a moment that had the SEC, the Treasury secretary and prominent business associations been warning people about Madoff that people would have continued investing with him? But fool fool Jcans only accelerated their investments saying… Is a conspiracy against DS and Olint and the UFOs. Geez.

  606. Laborite:

    What specific influence did Olint have on the election process in Grenada. Please tell me. I happen to have been a member of a team of LTO’s monitoring the Grenada elections of July 8, 2009.

    It appears that the team was not aware of any such influence, or any way that Olint could have “selected” the government.

    Please provide whatever evidence you have regarding Olint’s influence in the Granada elections so that I could revise the report sent to the United Nations on Aug 3 of the same year.

    Thank you.

  607. Labourite:

    You may send the information to the Washington office of IMEI at:

    1401 K Street NW, Suite 503
    Washington, DC 20005
    Tel 202.222.0972
    Fax 202.222.0977

  608. And labourite, please don’t be making these baseless statements.

  609. Moderator can you kindly release my post it does not seem to be going through


    I think action speaks louder than words, this type of Fraud does not happen without lots of help and smith had that. No one steals money and does not have a hatch plan. David smith has left a legacy of shame on all his family and friends. David smith has made the escape hatch on the part of his family; he has made sure they are well set for the event. If people think that Mrs. Smith did not know about any of this they are sleeping in Madoff bed. We need an incentive system if he sings where the money is hidden and who profited, then we can become a little more lenient. If not we water board him give him the maximum sentence. David stole ruthlessly and without remorse he bought jets, homes, cars and gave family and friends loans from investor’s money that was not his. David smith must have had some sort of option plan they need to put pressure on David’s employees, and managers and brother. We need an investigation into seeing what David smith family got the Liquidator needs to look into all there finance. He probable has money hiding in Malta, jersey etc. this fraud went on so long that he had time to do all this. There needs to be an indication to smith that his family will suffer, The liquidator will not get everyone to respond that got over his or her amount they need to look into criminal charges or claw back some of the funds, I suggest that they do a criminal probe into finding out who knew about the fraud and got out early.

  610. The longest sentence for corporate fraud in the US went to Sholam Weiss in 2000 for charges related to the $450 million collapse of National Heritage Life Insurance. His sentence: 845 years.

    The world’s longest sentence for corporate fraud was handed down in Bangkok in 1989 to Chamoy Thipyaso, according to Guiness World Records 2006. She bilked more than 16,000 Thais in a pyramid scheme worth $204 million at the time.

    Her sentence: 141,078 years.


  611. i dont wish prison on no one especially David…hope he comes thru on August 5 th.

    All the greats go thru a period when everyone curses them even Michael Jackson – now they are all singing his praises after he has died…..”tell them that its human nature”.

  612. Part 1

    There is proof that there was a conspiracy between Jamaican and Turks politicians and David Smith.
    This conspiracy resulted in the populous supporting David Smith blindly and without appropriate financial due diligence practices being employed.

    Examples of the political bribery are:

    1) Payment to newspaper columnist such as Mark Wignall to prevent negative articles concerning OLINT from being published in the Jamaica Observer daily periodical.

    2) Payment to Don Creary owner of Creative Marketing Ltd. for marketing OLINT and to suppress any negative press surrounding OLINT by bribing key journalist who work for the largest newspapers (the Daily Gleaner and the Jamaica Observer) in Jamaica.

    2) Bribery of foreign diplomats such as former Governor of New York, George Pataki with two Russian prostitutes and a fruit platter, delivered to his room at Beaches Turks and Caicos for his personal pleasure. The aim was of this action was to attempt a political blockade of the Federal investigation currently being conducted. This will NOT succeed because of the current US Administrations policy on off-shore tax heavens and transparency.

    3) Financial contributions to the JLP party for their electoral campaign and annual conference. Payments were given to Daryl Vaz and James Robertson.

    4) Financial bribery of Michael Misick former Premier of the Turks and Caicos.

  613. August 5th is a preliminary hearing in TCI. Comes thru on August 5th?????????

  614. “All the greats”??????????????? Wantmymoney, the greats get 150 years in prison. The other great, stanford, is in a cell tonight.

    In my simple mind, there is no way one could compare DS to MJ rather than to Madoff and Stanford. So I guess you said that to stimulate some conversation…., good job.

  615. Only Madoff and an accountant accused of failing to make basic auditing checks have faced criminal charges. But a person familiar with the investigation said yesterday that 10 more people would face federal charges by the time the probe is complete. The person, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the investigation is ongoing, wouldn’t detail potential charges or say whether the 10 would include Madoff’s family or former employees.

  616. @ MikeD said

    Given you yearning for Busta, maybe you can contact RedP via his special prayer request line and request that he raise Busta from the dead. It’s my understanding that RedP, with his MANY gifts, have such powers!

    🙂 You’ve got it all wrong Mikey!! I dont know who told you that I have such ability. There is only one Power that has the ability to resurrect the dead and it definitely aint me. If I could do that, resurrecting my Olint money would be no probs!! haha


  617. So Madoff madeoff with 150yrs in prison, he and his wife Ruth have been stripped of all known assets leaving her with US$2.5M.

    She should consider herself lucky.

  618. Is it possible for some to complete a research on how much funds have been lost by investors to all recorded scams between 2007& 2009.

    I am sure its staggering figure, one which is likely to get higher as the recession continues.
    It would appear that the recession was “god send” to flush out all crooks and put an end to this financial madness which was being perpetrated by so called “investment gurus”.

    At the end of this “reset”, I have no doubt we will be left with a much cleaner financial system and stronger companies.

    The approach being taken by the Feds to deal very harshly with fraudsters, may not stop them entirely from doing what they have been doing, but I think more will seriously consider the risk vs the reward.

    I think also that there should be a global registry prepared for all convicted fraudster, so if these crooks leave one one side of the world to the next to continue their fraudulent activities, there is this central database than one can access to stop them restarting their activities.

    Its no unheard of for a fraudster tio serve time(Carlos Hill) then shows up in another jurisdiction to continue from where he left off.

    No having the data base will not prevent people from still putting money in questionable schemes of even with questionable characters, however I am sure it will be of assistance to the general investing public.

  619. @ Olint conspiracy revealed.

    Re the first (2), where is the proof that the payments made to Don Creary were designed or was used to supress negative articles from being published in either newspapers.

    If you did say it was used to support the publication of positive articles on Olint then I could agree.

    What would you therefore say about CashPlus, Worldwise.
    These news papers did carry for the most part postive and glowing articles on these schemes also.

    Where the journalist in these cases bribed also.

    I am trying to get the point of all this, but I cannot yet see it, so I guess I will have to wait on part 2.

    Both papers carried scathing comments from the FSC, Bill Clarke, Lee-Chin, Wayne Chen about the AIS and how they are doomed to collapse.

    Yet you and other continues to blame some “phantom” journalist for not making negative information that was available on Olint public.

    This is where I am truly lost, again I will wait for part 2 to be enlightned.

  620. The observer went as far as to report on carlos hill’s pre c+ legal troubles in the US.
    What was the response? Dem a gi poor people a fight.
    Remember the demonstrattions by the atrium and super+ trafalger road? Remember the chant? NO CASH +, no super plus.
    When MLC spoke out against ds, both papers reported it, what was the response? Bad mind, don’t want si poor people prosper.
    Di bank dem a do it(fx trading) long time and a rob poor people wit likkle likkle interest.
    When the fsc raided ds and the minister gave hsi warnings, what was the response? Lef wi alone, mek wi mek up wi mind fi wi self! A my money, mek mi do wat me want wid it!

    People went as far as to say the govt’s approach was wrong, instead of “fighting” a “trying” “christian” yout, why not give him a portion of the NIR…what a joke!

    Now the same people who had those massive blinkers on want to again insist using their own infinite wisdom, which amounts to nothing more than the previously displayed faulty “logics”, to convince everyone that the disaster that is olint occured because of a govt conspiracy!
    Give me a break. Take responsibility for your actions will you.

    Not saying that ds didn’t get help in carrying out his massive fraud. All willing participants (to the fraud) should be made to pay no doubt.

  621. I read somewhere that he who has nothing to say should not write. This saying most appropriately apply to this blog. What is it that David Smith posesses that people still believe in him after he stole their money?

    While many of us maintain an interest in recovering whatever little we can of our “investments” there are still those who make comments that can only be described as foolish.

    Now people, for those of you who wants to give more of your money to David Smith, by all means go ahead and do so. I will even help you transfer the money.

    For those of you who want to be so darn stupid as to believe that this thief is a good Godly man, and that everyone including the FBI, the NFC, the TCI FCU, the NSA, the CIA the DEA, Scotland Yard, the IRS, the TCI Courts, the FSC are all in a conspiracy to hurt David Smith because he loves God and your money, then go right ahead. But please keep your stupidity to yourselves.

    If you invested money in Olint, you should be angry and willing to take whatever action is necessary to recover your money..at least I am.

    I tell you what, I too am a christian and I trade forex. You may have read my writings before where I claimed to have done pretty well trading so far. So send me your money – sell your house, your car whatever you have and send it to me. I will trade it and send you huge returns.

    Then when I am arrested because I can’t pay you anymore because I used your money to buy a plane and to gamble and give my friends gifts, want to hear you say that people are just out to get me.

    From what I heard , investors in the TCI are cooperating with the courts, Pierre is under tremendous pressure in Grenada to pay up, but the people in Jamaica are still (for the most part) refusing to cooperate with the authorities.

    Does someone know something that I don’t? Is David Smith secretly paying the Jamaican investors 10% per month even now? How else can they be supporting a proven thief and still distrust the courts? Let me in on the secret people…..It has to be something.

  622. Very well said miak.

    Did anyone watch 60 minutes on Sunday? As I have pointed out there is some real breakthrough discoveries going on in the understanding of the human brain. The researches are at the point where they can use a MRI and discover what you are thinking. At this point, only basic thoughts. I predict in 20 years or less they will be able to understand complex thoughts. There is even research going on where they will be able to use a laser and make these predictions remotely by saying shining a light on you from across the street.

    In the example displayed they placed a 60 minutes producer, whom the doctors/researchers had never tested before into the MRI. They showed her 10 pictures. The computer in almost real time was able to tell 10 times out 10 which picture she was looking at on each occasion.

    I guarantee you that as the research advances we will be able to place subjects into a device and tell with a high level of certainty which persons will fall for financial scams. We will be able to develop a sucker test 🙂 I guarantee that you will find the sections of the brain that control greed will light up like a Christmas tree while the sections that control intelligent decision making will flicker like a candle about to burn out. In other words there brains will display excessive greed and foolishness.

    It is this brain behavior we saw throughout the scam and why even now we continue to hear and see so much nonsense posted. It is why you see so much cult like behavior. It is why no amount of logic convinced these folks of their folly. Reasonable reasoning cannot help them. Only psychological or cult deprogramming intervention can help. Their brains enter a mode in which the greed centers become ascendant, overwhelming the normal control by the logic centers. Their behaviors become akin to that of lunatic

  623. I have come to wonder how David Smith ended up running such a huge ponzi scheme. I look at Madoff and it appears he was able to shadow his crimes with a legitimate business. Stanford also seems to have started off actually investing funds.

    But to date, I am yet to see any evidence that David Smith was in any trading at the beginning of his scheme. And I have looked at a lot of paperwork. So did this guy just come up with the idea or did he actually study Charles Ponzi’s work? I see he tried to trade later on in his business, around 2007 (apparantly to give the impression that he was a trader) but that was it. IS there any evidence out there that he ever traded any of the money he collected between 04 and 07?

  624. Tafari: I have come to wonder how David Smith ended up running such a huge ponzi scheme

    Very easy to understand, once you understand Jcans. Cash Plus and Olint followed very closely on the heels of a huge pyramid/ponzi schemes that collapsed in Western JA. As in this case there were also several small ones. What was it called, Speedy Cash?

    In those cases there were no claims made about how the returns were being generated. Just invest and you will get huge returns. Thousands of Jcans across all sections of society invested. Olint/C+ followed within months.

    These guys brought another nuance… They claimed some method of generating returns and then accused naysayers of being engaged in a conspiracy to stop folks from getting rich. This enabled them to attract many more thousands. I wager many of those burned in Speedy Cash also went into Olint etc.

    The question is easily answered… Jcans love to believe in conspiracies. For some it is a conspiracy or religious proportions. The principalities of Satan are aligned against our angel David.

  625. Nocotec:

    Bu I am still bewildered at Jamaicans STILL believing in someone who stole their money. Now they know. The police has made arrests. The court has ruled. A court in a different jurisdiction, outside of Jamaica. There has to be more to it. Does this guy really have this control over the very minds of these people?

    Ever heard the saying Nocotec, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me? Well shame shame shame.

  626. Nocotec:

    I agree with you but there has to be more.

    How about this theory…….

    Many of these christian investors were with Olint almost from the start so they made back their money and may have even doubled or tripplrd their money. So to accept that Olint was a ponzi will be to admit that they owe money to the new investors.

    Now the christian thing to do would be to give back the stolen money to its rightful owners. But since their love of money is stronger than their christianity, it is easier to just say that they still believe that David was investing, that he is not a thief but a man of God.

    Could that be it?

  627. Good post on that link floridian. LOL

    Capital BLU was doing the same thing as Olint. These forex guys certainly had a ride. Remember some of the glowing articles on the Davis guys in the Observer. I guess he bought off the Observer too. LOL…

    Much of the press in JA was simply guilty of the most atrocious reporting. Editors appear to be asleep and do not demand reporters verify sources.

  628. @Tafari:

    Only a small group made money in Olint. The behavior is simply from a deep rooted belief in conspiracy theories.

  629. Only a small group? Really? 2004 to 2007 and only a small group made money? That is highly unlikely if only based on the math lesson you gave in one of your posts.

  630. @Tafari:

    You just have to do the math. In all these ponzi schemes only a very small percentage ever come out ahead. Most of the major profits usually go to the relatives, close friends or insiders. Take Madoff… the Picover dude got $5.1 billion and Madoff said it was a $60 billion ponzi… and he was only giving 10 to 15 % per year.

    With these ponzis the operators are making up the numbers… they can backdate when friends are supposed to have invested.

    Let us use a random even number to illustrate the Math. Let us say DS had a friend invest US $1 million, you can pro-rate the results up or down. If he says the investment was for 2 years, that investor will get $9.85 million. If the investment was for 3 years that person would have got $30.91 million.

    Now can you see why only a small percentage of people come out ahead and why only a small group get most of the money? Add to that money spent by DS on family, loans to friends, donations, casinos, Lear jets, cars and so on…This is why the money is virtually all gone and as usual, as a percentage there will be little found.

  631. Yes Nocotec, I see that. But if an “investor” put in 1000.00, that money would double and tripple as well. In terms of actual dollar amount, that person would get less, but in terms of percentage invested that person would still “make money”.

  632. The problem is most people were either:
    1. rolling over
    2. came late to the party.

    Either way they were out of luck. The rapid growth in Olint both in dollar terms and new investors occurred in the last 3rd of its life.

  633. They simply provided the funds for the favored to be cashed out.

  634. Nocotec:

    You seem to have good inside indormation. Ok. I accept. Most people were either rolling over or came late to the party.

  635. Man accused of running Ponzi scheme has bail extended

    Mr. Pusey, who headed the collapsed Partner Financial Investment Limited, is accused of defrauding depositors of more than $165 million.

    However, he failed to make payments, prompting investors to call in the police.
    One investor reportedly lost $93 million in the fraud.


  636. Clarke said that BNS was well aware that personal safety was a concern for executives of established banks, who have been blamed for the recent collapse of several of the island’s informal investment schemes.


  637. Bill need not worry, as the big banks are no longer being blamed for the collapse of the AIS.

  638. On the Madoff Ponzi

    “Another former federal prosecutor, Christopher J Steskal, said that heedlessly benefiting from the fraud wasn’t enough to bring a criminal case against a potential suspect. Investigators need convincing proof that the person had criminal intent and participated in the scheme. It’s likely authorities are cultivating co-operators to provide that proof, he said.”

    Here in our own ponzi scheme and on this blog, this has been a raging topic, as to who made a killing from Olint and did they know it was a ponzi scheme.
    Were they willing particpants in the fraud or simply got drank too much kool aid

  639. Our christian friends who doubled their money with Olint, should individually and collectively return the money so that people could be paid their losses.

    The political parties who took money from Olint should also return the money.

    Everyone who profits from a ponzi received stolen funds albeit unknowingly.

    If I steal my neighbor’s pig and take it home to my mother, she would be grateful that her resourceful son brought her a gift. Great, after all she invested so much in her wonderful son.

    Then the police shows up and says, lady, your son stole that pig from your neighbor.

    My mother could then do one of two things. She could say that everyone is just out to get her son. That he is no thief. And she could then cook the pig for dinner.

    OR she could be the good christian woman that she is and say, sorry officer, here is the pig. I believe my son should be punished.

    Well, which would it be my good christian friends?

    How about you Mr. Political party? How do you feel that you have the money of poor unsuspecting constituents, some of whom can no longer afford to replace the leaking roof on their house, or send a deserving child to college?

    And those of you with friends who benifitted from this scam, please encourage them to return the money. That would be the honorable thing to do. It is disgusting that you justify their taking of the money, it is dishonest that you deny that you benefitted from the scam.

    I suggest we open an account at a bank in Jamaica where our polititians, journalists and fellow christians could anonymously deposit the Olint stolen funds.

    That money could then be used to pay the late investors who stand to lose everything.

    Some might say that I am gullible to propose such a noble idea. But, I have hope in the inherrent goodness of our fellow man. Especially the christians.

    Christians, afterall, are supposed to be the guiding light of the world, the pillars of all that is moral and decent and honest and good.

    Join me folks. Instead of debating who knows more about Olint, or who knew what first, or who knows what is going to happen in the future, how about we use this blog for some good. Let’s encourage the readers to do the right thing.

    Olint insiders, how about you get on the band-wagon and get david and Tracey and wayne to come clean. did the parents benefit too? Well, they should also do the honorable thing and return the money.

    How about you family member? Did you get a house? Well, how about you clear your concience? Sell the house and give the people’s money back.

    And Pricewaterhousecoopers, how about you? You could keep cut your fees or just not bill so many hours. help us out here…..

    Then everyone could have a clear concience…and possibly go to heaven.

  640. The story is told of a lawyer (or was he a liquidator? I don’t remember), who died and went to heaven. St. Peter said, “mister, there seem to be a mix-up, how old are you”? The man answered, “I am 47 dear St. Peter”. St. Peter then said “according to your blling records, you are at least 237 years old”.

    Needless to say, the Lawyer (liquidator) was thrown out of heaven and spent the rest of eternity in a casino or was it an inferno with David Smith.

  641. Hey Nocotec:

    I just had a look at a report that seem to indicate that most of the clients of this one feeder club (123 of them) collected monthly “dividends”. In doing so, over 80 percent of them more than doubled their initial investments. Over 30 percent of them trippled their initial investments.

    There appears to have been a drop off in new clients between April 2007 and November 2007.

    Some of these people even put in additional monies after their initial investments while still taking monthly payments.

    As earley as February 2005, this feeder club had 49 members. Seems there are quite a bit of folks who made more than they put in.

    • Tafari, maybe you should send the detail list to the administrators on the other blog, so that we can identify the beneficiaries of the fraud. Don’t think for a minute that they are going to willing give back these funds.

      I agree with you, the JLP, receiving $12 Million of Ponzi funds and the PNP, US$200K, need to return the funds NOW. Now we know why Olint investigation went nowhere. I’m sure if we dig deeper, a lot more money was funnel into the JLP/PNP. It is clear that the JLP was probably one of the biggest beneficiaries of the Olint Fraud. I’m sure JI tops the list. I wonder when we are going to see the Jamaican Government take the steps to investigate the Olint matter. I guess if the objective is not to embarrass the PNP, then it’s not important. They were quick to go after the Trafigura funds, about US$500k, but secretly accepted over US$12 Million for a fraudster. Mr. Golding, please return the investors money NOW!!!!

      Why are you keeping the name of this Feeder Club secret? Inquiring minds wants to know. The only Olint Feeder Club I know about that existed in 2005 was Lewfam, but they have way more than the number of “infleastors” you mentioned.

  642. Tafari: I just had a look at a report that seem to indicate that most of the clients of this one feeder club (123 of them) collected monthly “dividends”

    A sample of 123 would not be representative. Some feeder clubs also had favored relationships with DS. If what you say is accurate then the head of this small feeder club may have had inside info or suspicions and distributed the money. To do what you describe the feeder club would have been taking regular withdrawals. In any case if you say is correct, it does not mean you can extrapolate from that sample.

  643. Tafari: Christians, afterall, are supposed to be the guiding light of the world, the pillars of all that is moral and decent and honest and good.

    It is the same fallacy that led many folks to believe in Christian DS and turn over their money to him. It did not work when the money was being given to a Christian… And it will not work to cause Christians to give money back.

    There is a fallacy that Christians are more moral and decent than others. There are some good Christians but the majority are not, just as their are good non Christians and bad ones.

    Have some of you folks actually read the Bible or you just claim to be Christians. If you read it you would understand why throughout history there has been so much evil committed by people claiming to follow the bible. The foundation of the bible is based on a group of people getting together and saying that a deity chose them as better than their neighbors… and his instructions was to steal their land and property and to kill them and even commit genocide.

    There are numerous such examples, for example see 1 Samuel 15:3
    Now go and smite Amalek, and utterly destroy all that they have, and spare them not; but slay both man and woman, infant and suckling, ox and sheep, camel and ass.

    Does anyone who has actually read the Bible not understand why there is often so much grief associated with people expecting others to be good Christians. Is the bible not mainly about the pursuit of rewards here on earth or in heaven. Any wonder so many of the followers are often stealing it here on earth.

    • Nocotec,
      If you would like we could get into a discussion on this subject I can explain to you why God ordered the destruction of the Amalekites and other “ites” but this is not the appropriate forum. One thing though that I would like you to understand. There is a difference between Christianity and religion. Most Christians practice religion. Few Christians practice true Christianity. Religion is the practice of doctrine, some biblical, some manmade. Christianity is more about relationship with the Lord. I hate to be so brief on this topic but this forum is not the place for it.

  644. us surgen general galson to ‘agrry ions’ at belview mental hospital.

    mr ions, mr ions do you have a spare bed at your fine institution?

    Maybe one sa. Who is it for?

    a gentleman called Dr. Christopher Walker from florida sir.

    Rear Admrial Galson we cant take him sa. Him gone too far him might a mash mi hospital,all when me give him likkle weed wha him a go sa den? This ha institution just can handle dat mam.

    Mr ions we are having the same problem, he is even writing President Obama, about the lunatic mr smith.

    Rear admrial galston, dat is the one me need him gone wi my money, but the english bouy have him, and dem no wan sen him down here fi me to deal widt.

  645. Olint Conspiracy Revealed, You have made some good points that Jay and Nocotec are dead against .However when the Lake Mary indictment is unsealed ,many Jamaicans including Jay and Nocotec will be shocked. The British have
    now learned that David Smith used USIMO money to pay three weeks of salaries for the Turks Government. Linda Ray has said in her affidavit that Missick received three million dollars from Smith. This was the going rate in Turks for the Belonger status. Some of that money was used to pay gas for Missick’s plane sent to pick up another Missick lady,(a girlfriend) to fly to the Jazz festival. Some of it was used to pay off a rape victim. I challenge Smith or Missick to deny this. Where is Gifford who was recently questioned by Scotland yard ?

  646. jay, the truth is not capable of moderation

  647. Nocotec:

    Tafari Francis is a fraud himself. He expects us to believe that at the same time a feeder club was paying monthly dividend, the club was also turning over deposits to DS. Anyone with any basic common sense would realize that monthly dividends would be paid first, from new deposits and only in cases where the new deposit exceeds monthly dividends (& fees), would the club turn over net deposits to Olint. The same is true with withdrawals. The club would only withdraw money from Olint, when a monthly dividend (& fees) exceeds new deposits.

    Tafari, I think is making things up as (s)he goes along. I find his claims of being in possession of privileged documents, a farce. How come we haven’t seen any of these documents that have mysteriously “come across” his desk? When you challenge him/her to show the proof, he proffer that the requester only wants the data to gossip 🙂

    I wouldn’t be surprised if (s)he is a PIG, head of one of the Feeder Clubs or one of the Olint enablers (Banker) that has abscond to Canada (GM). Maybe the data is talking about is his own. For someone who is always questionings others motives, I would suggest that the spot light is now on him. I find the dubious claim that (s)he invested Olint in April of 2008 to be a bit disingenuous ….about six months after Olint crashed!

  648. why yu na post de comment

  649. this site does not post comments unless it is in there intrest, its balony

  650. MikeD:

    If we even defer to him having some document in his possession… What would that mean? Any statement that you look at from any of these Pigs, feeder clubs or UFO is not audited… And all of them were showing results favorable to the club or Pig. That is nature of those ufos, pigs or feeders. To show otherwise would mean an immediate run and end of the club.

  651. test

  652. RedP: If you would like we could get into a discussion on this subject I can explain to you why God ordered the destruction of the Amalekites and other “ites”

    RedP I appreciate your offer and what you are saying. However in my case it would not make sense. If you noticed I am not saying all Christians are bad. I said there are good Christians…

    The reason a discussion between us would not make sense is the same reason why there are so many denominations and non-denominational Christians in Christianity. The reason is simple, it depends on which parts of the Bible one chooses to interpret literally and which not. Each different group chooses different sections.

    A discussion with you and I would not make sense because we would not be able to establish ground rules. That is we would not be able to agree on what is to be interpreted literally and what not. I do not disrespect your beliefs and do not accuse you of being a bad person because of those beliefs.

    A discussion in which one cannot come up with ground rules is futile… it would be like playing a game of soccer in which we cannot agree on what constitutes a goal.

  653. Nocotec wrote:

    A sample of 123 would not be representative. Some feeder clubs also had favored relationships with DS. If what you say is accurate then the head of this small feeder club may have had inside info or suspicions and distributed the money. To do what you describe the feeder club would have been taking regular withdrawals. In any case if you say is correct, it does not mean you can extrapolate from that sample.

    You are a piece of work dude.

  654. MikeD wrote:


    Tafari Francis is a fraud himself. He expects us to believe that at the same time a feeder club was paying monthly dividend, the club was also turning over deposits to DS. Anyone with any basic common sense would realize that monthly dividends would be paid first, from new deposits and only in cases where the new deposit exceeds monthly dividends (& fees), would the club turn over net deposits to Olint. The same is true with withdrawals. The club would only withdraw money from Olint, when a monthly dividend (& fees) exceeds new deposits.

    MikeD: Is that how you ran your feeder club?

    I have in my posession accounts and transaction reports and statements. I have not spoken to the feeder club guy, nor have I met any of his/her clients.

    How does one know whether dividends were paid first? Or second or third? I can only see what is on these reports and for all I know these reports can be falsified. I do know however, that my guy called about 20 of the numbers on the list and some of the clients confirmed that they did entrust money to that club. Most of them left in 2006 it appears. But some of them are still in the club waiting to get their money back.

  655. Nocotec and MikeD:

    It seems that whenever something doesn’t confirm to your brand, you immediately pounce. You are no different from the Olinters who can see no wrong in DS and no mater what you say they are blind to it.

    For the most part, you have theories and conjecture…even misrepresentations. Yet, you are so selfrighteous that you cannot see the forest through the trees.

    In the short time that I have been looking, I have managed to access so much information, some useless to the cause but interesting nevertheless.

    For example, has anyone seen the letter that DS wrote? I have searched the OlintJA website, the blogs, the news – nothing. Yet to Nocotec and this blog, it is fact.

    Nocotec and MikeD , without seeing reports from the feeder clubs, know exactly how they ran, know exactly how they paid dividends.

    Good going guys. Don’t let something as silly as the truth get in the way of winning your argument.

    MikeD, it is very interesting that you have all these suggestions…I am a fraud, a feeder club, making things up as I go. Which do you prefer MikeD? Choose one. After all, if I am looking at my own documents, I couldn’t be making things up as I go. These would be mutually exclusive.

  656. @Tafari: I have in my posession accounts and transaction reports and statements

    Knowing what we now know about what was going on with these clubs and their feeders… You are still willing to rely on unaudited transaction reports. Here is a clue, speaking to people is usually not much help. Most of the investors will lie about their gains… in the current environment not wanting to appear to have come out ahead. And about the amount of their losses, feeling embarrassed.

    Without audited reports you cannot even reliably say how many lost and how many made ‘profits’ in that one club. Yet to expect to extrapolate from some transaction reports you say you have seen.

  657. MikeD wants proof. MikeD, why don’t you spend a little time finding your own proof, obtaining your own evidence instead of writing a bunch of Bu*&^%$ that is verifiably untrue?

    You have the list of Olint clients on Olintja. Just go through the list and see which clients had a large sum. Then find out the name of their feeder club. Some of these clubs are not even registered in JA as a business (but if you check, you will discover that they are registered offshore). Just a hint, MikeD. Now run along and do your homework.

  658. Nocotec you are right. I should have posted a disclosure statement. Here it is:

    The author makes no claim that the information provided regarding the statements from the feeder clubs have is accurate, nor that the statements have been audited by a certified public accountant.

    Now everyone’s happy. Right?

  659. @Tafari:

    You are new to this and I suppose trying to catch up. The DS letter/email you speak about was apparently confidentially leaked to someone in the press. Questions posed and answers given gave suggestions of its authenticity.

    If you have all this info, why don’t you reveal it like the OlintJa blog. You can email it here if you choose. How do you expect to have any credibility when you make accusations and claims against bloggers which the blogger and most other long time bloggers know is false.

  660. Nocotec:

    Would you like me to post some critical information here?

    Nocotec, do you or do you not know anyone who benefitted from Olint?

  661. Nocotec:

    The same press we speak so well of here? That is the press we depend on to tell us about an email without publishing it? Has anyone seen the email? Anyone? If you haven’t, how do you know it is true?

  662. What specific information have I spoken of here that is false Nocotec?

  663. MikeD wrote:

    How come we haven’t seen any of these documents that have mysteriously “come across” his desk?

    MikeD: You haven’t seen the dS email either, but you KNOW that it is true, right? You just know it is true. So have a little faith. After all, tafari is just having fun with the blog while hoping to get back whatever he can of his money. No ulterior motive here. I just have a good source. Someone with a similar motive. So he is my detective and I pay a little of his cost. He is good. Very good. Says he knows who floridian and Nocotec are. Clever chap. Says he heard that DS was trying to leave the TCI. Says he can get me the 100 pages of names ducument by Friday. Good guy really.

  664. The press is not one uniform voice. There are those in the press that provided strong support for Olint and the UFOs, some may even have derived personal benefit form such endorsements. There were some (not many) that did provide some critical analysis and there were some such as Nationwide radio that tried to do some investigative journalism.

  665. nocotec, on July 1st, 2009 at 9:18 am Said:

    Tafari: Christians, afterall, are supposed to be the guiding light of the world, the pillars of all that is moral and decent and honest and good.

    Nocotec, do you even have a sense of humor? Do you understand sarcasm? Is that all you got out of all my rambling? Dude, I suspect you have some serious underlying issues.

  666. Tafari:

    So now I’m running a Feeder Club? As I said it is a matter of common sense. If Feeder Club received $100 in new deposit and know it has to pay out $100 in dividends for the month, one would think they would meet their dividend payment from the $100 deposit. I guess you are saying that they would send in the $100 to Olint and turn around and request a $100 withdrawal. Right? BTW, I thought you had evidence in your possession to support my position? Did that evidence evaporate over a few weeks?

    I say yes, present the data you have. That is the only way you will reclaim any level of credibility on this blog. Otherwise, anything you say from now on will be heavily discounted….to put it mildly.

  667. Nocotec:

    You remember the climate around Olint in July 2008. No matter the source of the email, would you, a thinking man of sound mind, not imagine that the email would have been published? Are you willing to accept that it is an authentic email because someone said so? Why are you willing to stake so much on that email being genuine?

    And you know what? Maybe it is. Maybe I should put this out there. I pay US $50,000.00 to anyone with a copy of that email once it is verified genuine.

    So there it is. Any takers?

    • How are you going to paying that US$50K? I could provide a copy of the email, but I will not accept any Olint IOUs. 🙂

  668. MikeD: “one would think”…

    Heavily discount, or count, or stick a needle in your eye. Makes no never-mind to me dude. I have not to post, or not post anything to prove anything to MikeD. Or do I? LMAO.

  669. Tafari: Nocotec, do you even have a sense of humor? Do you understand sarcasm

    Sure to you that idea may be sarcasm but I assure you for many many hundreds it was not… and it led them to invest with the influence of pastors and others. And many of the ones that lost money see nothing sarcastic in the point you made, they actually believe it.

  670. Nocotec:

    Do you ever smile? Look away from your computer, smile, look back and let’s go again.

    I wrote that post with a certain tone. And even a 5th grader would get it.

    And what if they believe it? Well good. Then they should take my advise and do the honorable thing and pay back the money. What do you think Noco?

  671. The saga of Olint and the other UFO’s is not new. It is like a long running play on Broadway where the story is the same but the actors change over the years. This why if one reads enough, researches enough and then applies logic to the current group… It can appear like one has inside information. It is like being in the scammers huddle 🙂

    There is nothing innovative or new about what DS or the others did. It has been done before time and again. The mathematics dictate that the behaviors and patterns all have to be constrained within a very narrow range of possibilities. A logical analysis using available facts will therefore lead to the correct conclusions almost 100 % of the time.

    This can make the person doing the analysis seem like an insider or someone with special knowledge. Investors then end up really hating and despising the bearer of bad news. He/she seems like the cause of their dreams of quick riches being crushed and their hard earned money disappearing.

  672. The operations of the various feeder clubs is of great interest to me. Here is why. And MikeD take note of this….

    Some of these feeder clubs did exactly what MikeD is suggesting. they took in money at the end of the month and paid back encashment with that money instead of sending the money to olint, and requesting money from Olint to pay the dividends.

    What they were doing is counting the “interest” they gained with olint as actual money. However, now that we are liquidation of a ponzi, we know that the interest is actually bogus. Therefore, the only money they actually have with olint is the small principal amount they invested.

    So new investors thinking they have money with olint, really don’t. They have to look to their feeder clubs. Olint owe them nothing.

    So to date I have tried to gather info on these mini ponzi feeder clubs. My interest is always all about the money MikeD.

  673. Tafari: Do you ever smile?

    Oh very much so. I could make numerous jokes about this situation but it would be at the expense of investors. And then, as has happened before, they would accuse me of laughing at their pain.

  674. How about you MikeD? What is your interest/motive?

    • My motive is to relieve you of the $50K? Afterall, you fell for one fraud already, I’m sure I can con pull a fast one on you again….hahahahahhaaaaaaaaaaaa

      I suggest that you give Nocotec the $50K to hold and I will produce (frabricate) the email and send it to you. Then I will collect the money from Nocotec. How does that sound? At least I’m honest with my motives.

  675. Nocotec, you know I lost money. Having money stolen from me makes me angry at the thief, not at the neighbor who called the police.

  676. MikeD, on July 1st, 2009 at 11:23 am Said:

    How are you going to paying that US$50K? I could provide a copy of the email, but I will not accept any Olint IOUs.
    ////////////////Now that is the funniest post ever!

    I like yoou MikeD. You are one funny dude.

    But hey, why not take the Olint IOU? After all, he will be paying us all after Augast 5. LMAO! Funny stuff!

  677. MikeD:

    easy on the jokes. I am trying to have lunch and you have the rice coming through my nose.

    But I tell you what I’ll do. I’ll invest the 50 grand in Olint. Then when he pays me the 20% per month, I will cut you in for the next few months. That way, we both win.

  678. A judge has revoked bond for Texas financier R. Allen Stanford, who is charged with swindling investors out of US$7 billion.
    US District Judge David Hittner on Tuesday approved a request by prosecutors to overturn a magistrate judge’s decision to allow Stanford to be freed on US$500,000 bond pending his trial.

    Prosecutors argue that Stanford’s international ties make him a serious flight risk.

    Stanford holds dual US and Antiguan citizenship, has an international network of wealthy acquaintances who would help him and possibly access to vast wealth hidden around the world.


  679. This large payment was not made publicly or directly to the Premier or his political party as a reasonable person might expect of a normal public-spirited political donation. In short due course, Kinay received TCI citizenship and 200 acres of an adjacent cay for $4M.


  680. Governor HE Gordon Wetherell is to make a major announcement to the country tomorrow in what many speculate to be the anticipated imposition of British rule as recommended by the Commission of Inquiry, which indicated in its Initial Report that it uncovered “clear signs of corruption in Government” and gross incompetence in the public sector.


  681. Who is David Smith right hand in this trading thing

  682. justcurious:

    What “trading thing” thing is that?

    It has now been determined through police investigations and a court ruling that David Smith was not doing any “trading thing” thing.

    Do you mean who was his right hand in this stealing thing?

  683. I think that Stanford and Missick are connected to
    money laundering.and racketeering.Smith is the link.

  684. Stanford CFO James Davis to plead guilty, lawyer says

    Davis, who was charged separately from indicted Texas financier R. Allen Stanford on June 18, will initially enter a “not guilty” plea before a federal magistrate, then change that plea in a later appearance before a US District Court judge, Finn said.

    Stanford and four other people were indicted by a Houston federal court jury for their roles in an alleged scheme that included the sales of certificates of deposit through Antigua- based Stanford International Bank Ltd.


  685. “To date, I believe that James Davis is the only individual to accept responsibility for his actions and to assist the Department of Justice in its attempt to return some money to the shareholders,” Finn said in his e-mail.


  686. Part 2

    It is now obvious that the Federal government have notified the IMF that the JLP have not repaid the US $12 million dollars it received from OLINT when they were in the opposition.

    It is also clear that Prime Minister Golding met with a charged felon in the Turks and Caicos to negotiate expenditures that have arisen because of the bi-election process.

    A Grand Jury witness will testify that Don Creary paid the Chairman of the Gleaner an unspecified sum of money to suppress negative stories surrounding OLINT.

    The Jamaican Government deliberately shut down any criminal investigation into David Smith because of his financial support of the JLP. DV a major OLINT broker is now the Minister of Information for Jamaica.
    This is a dangerous development for US security interests in Jamaica since DV is well known to be a close Smith co-conspirator and ally.

    Peter Bovell and Joey Issa are also major players. They will not be indicted until after Smith and Martinez.

    It is now time for Don Creary to cut a deal with the Federal investigators as his indictment in imminent.

  687. Mi can’t wait for part 3 !!!

    What a damm shame. Imagine Smith and his gang of theives actually sat down and plotted to destroy the lives of thousands of people.

    I do not know how that man and his wife sleep at night!!!

    Moses, I was very interested in what you blogged about Smith’s lawyer.What did Scotland Yard find out about that con man?

    Waiting for part 3….

  688. so what next will on fold in the olint saga








    GIVE US CLOSURE a@# HOLE!!!!!!!!

    • Why wait for the outcome of the TCI courts to take action and inform all the US authorities?

      Do what you must now. The longer you wait, the more of your money Mr. Smith stashes away for his family and associates.


    Actually the allegations being made illustrate how the brain of someone that invested huge sums in Olint works. These conspiracy are based on same kind kinds of leap of faith that led to the belief that 10 % per month was possible.

  691. My understanding of the mechanics of the indictment process are very similar to those of Moses.

    Jay and Nocotec have no concept of what is transpiring and are unfortunately protecting the politicians and the newspapers in Jamaica.

    Sadly, for the first time the Chairman of a newspaper in Jamaica is under investigation for taking bribes.

    These issues may have to be resolved in an American court room.

    The pertinent question is: “What is the financial relationship between D and O?”

    Will an American court room be forced to decide whether this relationship of favoritism crossed ethical boundaries?

  692. Nocotec:

    What percent IS possible in FOREX trading?

  693. Moises the Jew, on July 1st, 2009 at 10:29 pm Said:

    I think that Stanford and Missick are connected to
    money laundering.and racketeering.Smith is the link.


    Can you please exlain?

  694. in the forex mkt right now i have 20k in my account and i pull out anywhere from 2k to as much as 10k a month. however i have a small account my 5 and 10 lots cant move the mkt. i get to go in and out without influencing the mkt.

  695. @ Tafari Francis Said: What percent IS possible in FOREX trading?

    The scammers and folks that make money selling courses versus actually trading along with those that make money off the investors have created an illusion about how one can make fantastically high returns.

    The long term rates of return in fx trading is not significantly different from other forms of investing like stocks. Like stocks it is possible over the short term to achieve very high returns such as 100 % plus per year over a year. Those returns are more due to chance than skill. As you expand over periods of 3 to 5 years and above maximum sustained returns begin to approach numbers like 30 to 40 % per year. The average rates of returns for all investors will fall to 8 to 15 %.

  696. @ American Investor said

    Jay and Nocotec have no concept of what is transpiring and are unfortunately protecting the politicians and the newspapers in Jamaica…………………….

    HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!!!! BWOY!!! Jay, Noco!! None of these newbys know where you guys are coming from eeh?? hhahahahha Your right, I am havin a good laugh!! 🙂

    Peace guys

  697. The failure of the Jamaican police to prosecute journalists who are clearly taking bribes to sell out the public will have serious consequences.

  698. Moses:

    The police would prosecute the journalists on what charge?

  699. Nocotec:

    How did you become an authority on these statisics?

  700. There is a strange silence about the situation. Apart from suss and whispered innuendo, there is little or no public indication of what people are feeling.

    Why are people silent? Unless they speak out, we will never know the full extent of the loss and how many are suffering. It must be that the silence is maintained by the pain of shame, that people who prided themselves on good sense are embarrassed to admit that they could have been so gullible.

    I GUESS there is validity to the saying that “a fool and his money are soon parted”. (yes but it works both ways MS Gloudon)

    …our impending return to the embrace of the IMF …


  701. @ RedP,

    I had to have a good laugh myself when I read comical stuff like what the American Investor wrote.

  702. Hon. Lillian Boyce says if she is one of the former Cabinet Ministers to be investigated she would welcome the probe because she would be completely exonerated.

    “No one is above and beyond investigation, but I can assure the people of the Turks and Caicos Islands that I have not done anything corrupt or illegal, and I therefore anticipate being totally cleared in any fair and transparent investigation,” she said.

    “I gave my evidence and I was cross-examined and the transcripts are still there on the Internet for the world to see. The public knows the truth, the facts and the reality, and I have nothing to be ashamed about and will continue to hold my head high,” she added.

    Hon. Boyce noted that through collective hard work and strategic planning, the Turks and Caicos Islands has emerged as the most rapidly developing country in the region, but the UK is now trying to re-introduce a cruel form of colonialism to this country by suppressing and oppressing its people, and which has started to quickly erase and destroy all of the gains which the people worked so hard to achieve.


    HOLD! Hold rank! do not buckle and get nervy like the Jamaicans. The real Big Man will make the problems disaapear. Yeah…..Sure.

  703. 1. “No one is above and beyond investigation, but

  704. 2. “No one is above and beyond investigation, but .

  705. 3. “No one is above and beyond investigation, but ….

  706. I’m proud to have changed so many peoples’ lives for the better….


  707. 1 . through collective hard work and strategic planning, the Turks and Caicos Islands has emerged as the most rapidly developing country in the region……

  708. 2. through collective hard work and strategic planning, the Turks and Caicos Islands has emerged as the most rapidly developing country in the region….

  709. 3. through collective hard work and strategic planning, the Turks and Caicos Islands has emerged as the most rapidly developing country in the region….

  710. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s attempts to suspend the Constitution and the right to a jury trial has been brought to the attention of ‘JUSTICE’ – a UK based Human Rights organisation.
    JUSTICE was founded in 1957 to uphold and strengthen the principals of the ‘Rule of Law’ in the territories for which the British Parliament is directly or ultimately responsible.

    The organization is particularly concerned with the administration of justice and the preservation of Human Rights.
    [Particularly when it comes to fraud and human traficking issues]


  711. UK gives ex-premier more time

    Reel night near pm too

  712. Jay, The American Investor may have the last laugh?
    For an ethical person Jay you are frighteningly comfortable with white collar bribery.It is worse when
    our patricians and plantocrats insist on taking bribes as a modus operandi.How much does a Gleaner headline cost? I hear there is an actual rate sheet.


  713. REdP: Jay, Noco!! None of these newbys know where you guys are coming from eeh?? hhahahahha Your right, I am havin a good laugh!!

    I must admit it has been exceptionally funny…. The amount and ever evolving things and persons I have been accused of being or doing. If you study and observe life, you can tease out its secrets.

    Clue # 1. Many of these guys posting under new nicks are not really new. Ever wonder how come you are 1 of the very few from your #4 blog (the DC sponsored one) brave enough to post here with the same nick…

    Clue # 2. The dumbest persons in the class do not suddenly become the brightest persons in the class.

    The folks that were ‘smart’ enough to commit one of the JA’s most monumental acts of stupidity have suddenly figured it out. The financial regulators (FSC, BOJ), the finance minister (Omar), prominent business organizations, prominent and successful businessmen, numerous others all warned about Olint and the UFOs… These people still fell over themselves to voluntarily give a scammer their money… They said the regulators and the others were involved in a CONSPIRACY to fight DS and all the good he was doing for them … LOL

    Now these same ‘smart’ folks have figured out that the reason they ‘unwillingly’ gave their money to the scammer is that the newspapers and politicians were involved in a CONSPIRACY to make them voluntarily turn over their money to the scammers… LOL

    It is never their fault because there is always a CONSPIRACY against them… LOL. Is it about now I should be saying… Oh Please… Give me a break… Get some sense…

  714. Nocotec, You are either with the scammers or against them.You recently seem to be with them. Perhaps Creative marketing has paid you too.Sephardic Jews say: Stay away from the lion but help your brother in the jaws of the lion.

  715. HYPOCRACY! Who are we?

    Because our family members were earley Olint takers, doesn’t make the latecomers stupid.

    That we had a quarrel with our friend David Smith, doesn’t make him a villan now after we benefitted from his scam. He is a villan and a thief because he is a vilan and a thief; and he was while we were his friends just as he is today.

    because we have friends in “HIGH” places doesn’t make us any better that the next blogger. ESPECIALLY when these friends helped prevent the arrest of David Smith in Jamaica.

  716. Tafari, for all of your learning your spelling leaves a great deal to be desired.Villain- V-I-L L-A-I-N.