OLINT’s David Smith Arrested again

Investforlife can now confirm that David Smith of OLINT, OLINT TCI and TCI FX among others, has been arrested again. A source in the Turks and Caicos and more importantly the  Financial Crimes Unit has also confirmed the arrest.

We now understand that there are additional charges as outlined below.

  • 1 count of Theft
  • 1 count of Obtaining property by  deception
  • 2 counts of Money Laundering

He was granted by in the sum of US$ 2 million.

Last week, an Liquidator to wind up  OLINT TCI was appointed.  An article appearing in the Jamaica Observer today indicated that David Smith apparent fears returning to Jamaica but it seems he is facing more legal troubles in the Turks and Caicos.

OLINT and its related companies has failed to pay investors since at least January 2008.  Many feeder clubs associated with OLINT have not paid either.


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  1. US$2Million bail for David Smith .

  2. 2 charges of Money laundering charges…

  3. A wonder who going to post bail for him this time??

  4. I figured as much…I hope that the authorities look into those that have posted bail for him as well

  5. Judy Jones picture is on http://www.olintja.com if you are ‘interested’

  6. @Floridian,

    I figured as much…..

  7. Hotshot traders

    By Al Edwards
    Friday, January 25, 2008

    His brother Wayne Smith is the CEO of Olint Corp.

    Olint has established a foundation to help needy Jamaicans, especially deprived children.

    Board member of the Olint Foundation, Tracey Ann Smith, said: “The Olint Foundation is committed to the improvement of the lives of all Jamaicans through contributions to health, education, community development and social development, with an emphasis on children with special needs. That is our mission statement.”

    She explained that the foundation was formed due to the overwhelming requests for assistance that continue to pour into the Olint office.


    OLINT starts foundation with US$1m to help needy Jamaicans

    Tuesday, December 04, 2007

    Foreign exchange trading club OLINT last Tuesday announced that it had established a foundation to help needy Jamaicans, especially children with special needs, and poured in a whopping US$1 million to demonstrate its commitment.

    Jared Martinez (left), of United States-based Market Traders Institute, presents his pledge of J$10 million towards the OLINT Foundation to OLINT founder David Smith last Tuesday at the announcement of the OLINT Foundation at the Mona Visitors’ Lodge on the University of the West Indies campus in Kingston. Also photographed is Smith’s wife, Tracy Ann (2nd right), Mrs Martinez and her son Jacob.

    The OLINT Foundation board will be headed by Betty Gordon and will include Edith Smith, Rev Dave Spence, Dr Paul Gordon, Nicole McLaren, Mary Dixon, Paulette Kirkland and Francis Hill.


    AFFIDAVIT OF BETTE GORDON [nee Smith, sister of David Smith]

    1. My name is Bette Gordon and i have personal knowledge of the facts stated in this Affidavit.

    2. Myself and my husband, Dr. Paul Gordon, reside in Orange County, Florida.

    3. I do not know the Plaintiff, Dr. Christopher Walker, and have never heard of him prior to being srved with a Summons in this case.

    4. I had no knowledge of plaintiff’s alleged investment in olint Corporation or that Olint Corporation allegedly owed him money until seeing the Summons and Complaint.

    Olint boss sued
    Two claimants seeking US$3 million

    The suits filed in the Supreme Court on Monday by the law firm Heart Muirhead Fatta come after news broke last week that some of Smith’s assets have been frozen in the Turks and Caicos Islands as part of a probe into allegations of financial crime


    5. i have never been an officer, director, employee or any part of the management or operations of Olint Corporation.

    6. I was asked to be a Director of a foundation to be named Olint Foundation in Jamaica. the Foundation was to be formed to assit special needs children.

    7. I attended two meetings (there were only two meetings in total) in Jamaica regarding the formations of the Olint foundation. To my knowledge Olint Foundation did not recieve the funds alleged in the Complaint.

    8. After I was served with this lawsuit, my husband and I contacted the attorney in Jamaica who was involved with the official formation of Olint Foundation and she confirmed that Olint Foundation did not recieve the $1,000,000.00 as alleged in the complaint. the funds were pledged but there was never any payment of the pledge.

    9. i have never made any representations to the Plaintiff as I have never met or knew him prior to being served with this lawsuit.

    10. i have no relationship to Broward County in relation to the facts or allegations in the Complaint nor do i work or reside in Broward County, florida.

    further affiant sayeth not.

    Bette Gordon

    20th May 2009

    Case £ 08-53724(25)

  8. When her own brother gets sued in Jamaica’s Supreme Court Bette Ann Smith does not even read the FRONT page headline about it. hmmm.

    Her claim is that she only heard of Christopher Walker in May of 2009. hmmm.

    She headed a Foundation but forgot to tell everyone it was a sham. Part of a cover up and a con. hmmm

    Never thought that she might say to the victims that her brother and sister in law were doing a little PR work….and that the piece of blank paper Martinez hands to Smith in the picture is a con. hmmm

  9. The Olint foundation is a complete fraud! What next.

  10. Doc,
    Your lawsuits and letters are bringing it home to OLINTERS such as myself, that the Smith family and NOT only David are con artists.

    My God, what is next? Keep up the pressure Doc.

  11. No information about David Smith’s money laundering arrest in the Gleaner. Where is Edd?

  12. You do not expect the Gleaner to tell the people the truth.The class character of the Gleaner and the Observer is such that they will never allow the masses of the people to know the truth about Olint.The critical question is why did the Prime Minister meet with somebody on bond.Who was at the meeting?Has the Prime minister of Jamaica opened himself to criminal investigation?Obama has said he will not visit Jamaica while Bruce is Prime Minister.Now we know the lack of judgment attributed to Golding that influenced the President’s decision.

  13. I nominate Puppetmaster for the Order of Merit. For the record even the DEA has stopped reading the Gleaner;
    they realise its essential shortcomings.The IMF team is still demanding answers on the JLP Olint contributions. Isn’t it a shame that the Turks has a more balanced and resourceful press that Jamaica.

  14. Guys this blog has left me feeling angry and hopeless….I cannot understand why those who have been placed in authority see nothing wrong with corruption…..I cannott understand if it is that they think that we are idiots and do not see…what is it going to take to stop this….or is too late for us…

  15. Why are people so angry with the Gleaner and Observer in this Olint case.

    Are people saying that these papers should have investigated their source of information before publishing positive news on the alternative investment scheme?

    Are people here blaming the gleaner/observer for the current financial mess that the alternatives have placed them in?

    While I can agree that more information could have been research on these schemes, I think investors have to take more of the blame for the mess that they now find themselves.

    When the FSC was battling with CashPlus, Olint and all the other AIS, some of the very folks who are now being critical of the papers, where the one berating the FSC and both papers for their concerted attack on the AIS.

    Lee Chin, Bill Clarke, Wayne Chen were also some who came under sustained attack when they spoke bad about anyone of these alternative schemes.

    The fact is , anyone, including this blog which spoke out against the schemes at that time were given the stick for daring to “try and box food outta poor people month”.
    The accusations were that the institutions were giving Carlos, David Smith and other a “fight”, because they were trying to make ” poor people eat a food”.

    So folks take a look at what really took place, would you have listen if the gleaner/observer wrote that David Smith or Carlos Hill was a conman, when they were paying, HELL NO!!

    So while I do not believe the papers are blameless in this mess, its the “investors” who choose their destiny and now cannot try to pass on that blame so someone else.

  16. Isnt it ironic that Bruce came to power espousing a mandate of transparency and anti-corruption?? Aaah bwoy, ‘ticians, gotta love em!!


    • Didn’t the almighty Bruce demote one of his Energy Minister (Clive Mullings) for removing a MAJOR JLP Fundraiser (Ian Moore) from the chairmanship of the PCJ board, because he thought the guy was involved in illicit activities (Ethanol purchase)? We all know the incompetent one that was elevated to the post, not for his knowledge on energy matters, but for his fundraising abilities, among other unrelated skills.

      Wasn’t it almighty Bruce that orchestrated the purchasing of the property that benefitted the Hydel Group of Schools, which is owned by JLP government Senator, Hyacinth Bennett? What about the shenanigans at the various boards the likes of UDC, JUTC, National Health Fund (NHF), Trade Board, etc., etc.

      So much for anti-corruption and transparency!

  17. JLP/PNP hmmmmmmmmmmmm…… Under close scrutiny they look almost like twins. 🙂

  18. Isnt it odd that despite the fact that nutn nah gwaan and we deh pon we face and govt nah no money, now that there is a bi-election comin up next week all of a sudden money drop??

    @Interested- Alas it appears that it is too late for us.

  19. Its amazing how much information is now being unearth on all the AIS operators and their schemes over the internet, which was previously unavaiable, or was it?

    There are many people, who knew what was going on but choose to continue to lie to their friends so they could continue make big bucks.

    There were people in Olint who knew it was a ponzi, knew it was unable to pay and so cut a deal..
    They would bring in X amount of persons and $Y amount of dollars, and they in turned would be paid what was owed to them ot of the proceeds from these new recruits.

    The information that many posters are made privy to now, were in so case always there, but hey why dig up dirt on anyone who is dishing out 10% per month on a consistent basis, that would not be the right thing to do, many reasoned.

    If someone had just gone on a did a back ground check on some of these scheme operators, many would have had their money still in their bank/investment accounts.

    The web is indeed a wonderful place, you can find what you what and chose to hide from other what you do not want them to find out.
    The many “investor” who knew what was happening and lied to the other as they tried ensnare them in the web of deceit are partly to be blamed for the thousands who joined the scheme before it collapsed.

    They funny thing is they walked away with millions and and as such have zero interest into what is happening at this point in time.
    These are the folks the the liquidator must go after if he has any hopes of retrieving any reasonable amounts from this scam.

    Fact is that is very very difficult.

  20. Jay why have you lost your balance? Why have you abandoned your once vaunted scientific method? As a trustee of this blog
    surely you should take a deep intellectual breath? Puppetmaster and others have unearthed a conspiracy between Olint, Wignall,Clarke and Creary to mislead the Jamaica public, steal the national election and subvert the JLP.
    Wignall’s editorial’s were available for free “insertion” and the Gleaner newsroom was for sale and you ask why are people upset? You are an example of why Jamaica does not have a viable press.We accept lies as a matter of course. If our expectation is vulgarity we deserve Smith and his dastardly criminality. Jay you should resign from this blog!

  21. Jay in every civilized society organised misrepresentation is condemned..Are you part of the problem or the solution?
    Copernicus insisted that the world is round despite the physical dangers.Jay are you going to standby while Creary
    becomes Jamaica’s Torquemada? How will history remember you Jay,as an apologist rather than a thinker?

    • Misrepresentation should soundly condemned, that I agree with 100%.

      Did David Smith misrepresent what Olint was?
      Did Creary misrepresent what Olint really was?
      Did the Gleaner misrepresent what Olint really was?
      Did the FSC misrepresent what Olint really was?
      Did Michael Lee Chin misrepresent what Olint was ?
      Did Bill Clarke misrepresent what Olint was ?
      How about Wayne Chen?

      There a lot a people which shouted, “bridge broken ahead”, but many failed to heed the warning and subsequently went straight over the precipice having listen to someone who was being paid to say ” road clear , go full speed ahead”.

  22. It is an open secret in Washington that Obama has no
    time for the illegal Golding regime in Jamaica.The CIA reads the blogs, the FbI reads the blogs and the State Department reads the blogs.Olint has exposed the JLP
    administration for what it is with its servile,corrupt and
    mendacious media affilliates.When the media is not free and the murder rate is high; the atmosphere is not conducive for progressive US- Jamaica relations.

  23. There is statement being touted about Obama’s unwillingness to meeting with the Golding administration…just wondering if this is true? This is truly frightening…..

  24. @ Ho Chi Minh
    A couple of questions for you.

    1. Was it the Gleaner, Creary, Wignall, Vaz, Robertson or the observer which persuaded you to invest in an illegal entity.?
    2. If that is the case, what article written by wignall really pushed you into Olint.?
    3. Did the Gleaner/Observer/Herald carry warning from the FSC about investing in an illegal entity.?
    4. Did you read those articles, and if you did what kept you invested in Olint.?

    Now to the issue of the JLP and corruption and whether or not Olint stole the election for the JLP.

    Please do not confuse the two issues, if you would like we can create a thread to deal specifically with corruption in government.

    Olint was a PONZI which is why it collapsed, this has absolutely nothing to do with the JLP, the PNP, Mark Wignall or JR, DV.

    Olint money did find its ways into both political parties, which no doubt is a darned shame, however once again you need to separate the issue.

    You seem confused with what I have written and once again is seeking to cast blame on someone for your bad decision.

    Right now your focus should be on providing the liquidator which as much information as possible so he can go after those who stole the money.
    Once your done then you can go after the corrupt politicians who lent legitimacy to these schemes.

    Its time for you to begin taking responsibility for your actions, as if you don’t you are marked to repeat this error of judgment in the very near future.

  25. @ Ho Chi Minh

    How did you invest in Olint, through a feeder club or directly?
    How long were you in

    a. Less than a year
    b. 1 – 2 years
    c. 2 -3 yrs
    d. Over 3 yrs

  26. well said!

    Jay I think you lost the plot.

  27. I am back !!!!
    David Smith, I will never forget that you called me an idiot and you were so fresh to tell me on this blog to shut up.

    Well, see I told you that time was NOT on your side.

    When I heard the Doctor and Belcher on the radio I quickly realized you were nothing more than a THIEF with political backing.

    Now after reading all the letters and the lawsuits filed by the Doc, I agree with Lisa, Ho Chi Minh and other OLINTERS, the time has come for you to STOP ALL THE LIES and pay people back.

    No lawsuit or financial regulatory agency has prevented you from paying people back. In fact, if you were smart you would quickly start to pay investors to lessen the time you are going to spend in jail.

    Your wife and family deserve to be mocked and jeered. They are also THIEVES and I see even your sister was a part of this bandit team.

    Listen to me, stop going on radio programs such as – “The Duke of Earl” and pretending to be so broke and wanting to pay back people. That is an old line, which has been exhausted. In fact, remember you told us we would get paid in 9 months. Not even a letter have we received much less $$$.

    You can’t sue people for libel because everything they are saying is TRUE !!!

    So David Smith, the disgraced Wolmerian,who is the idiot? For the sake of those greats who passed through the halls of Wolmers and your poor mother, pay people back and turn in yourself to the authorities.
    For once in your life- TELL THE TRUTH and be a REAL MAN.

  28. Jay, I invested 500 dollars in somebody’s account. The reason for my comment is that Olint is a political and economic crisis for Jamaica.The plantocracy through
    their apologists (yourself and Creary inter alia)control national opinion for its exploitative economic interest.
    Use Olint money ,seize power through electoral malpractice and violence and then protect Smith ,Olint’s criminal genius.It is falling apart.The British have intervened in Turks.The Americans and the British will intervene in Jamaica.The two bosses who own the Jamaica print media have been tried and found wanting. Jay choose patriotism over
    the cruellty and wickedness.

  29. Jay, Michael Lee Chin is a great Jamaican who unlike
    many Jamaicans invests his money in Jamaica.He was one of the few who condemned this foul criminal David Smith. While others stole from Air Jamaica, Lee Chin built up NCB.

  30. does anyone knows what is happening to MAYDAISY? is ingrid loiten still alive?

  31. SO often we have new comers who show up on the blog and take very little time to acquaint themselves with the content posted on the blog, and hence make the mistake of drawing a conclusion of a poster based solely on a single post.

    Ho Chi Minh, I suggest you therefore spend some time and read carefully my post on this blog.

    Putting thing into perspective, this blog was created when we (JohnDoe, Myself, Davesin, Nocotec, Robin Irie) and other were chased from another blog for daring to call Olint for what it was ie a Ponzi.

    We were told, we worked for MLC, the FSC, Scotia and any other entity who dared to suggest that Carlos Hill, David Smith etal where conmen seeking to rip Jamaicans off.

    So again, get up to speed before you make rather dumb comments.

  32. @Ho Chi Minh

    Interesting choice of name. The use of the terms plantocracy etc would seem to suggest you like your name sake believe in communism. If so, interesting that you would invest in that most greedy of capitalist vices… a ponzi scheme.

    Jay is absolutely spot on. During the hey day of the UFO ponzi schemes none of the ‘investors would listen. On the blogs there were only about 6 or so of us that dared to relentlessly challenge these schemes. What was the response by investors? To relentlessly crucify us as the so called detractors.

    They even allowed the Olint PR machine to setup a blog where they congregated and cheered while the Olint PR guy banned those that dared to speak out against the ponzis. As usual a 15 min examination would show that the Kevin dude was the Olint PR guy or part of his machine… The dude did not actively participate on the blog and only popped in to ban ‘detractors’ or start a new page… again think and check was not applied.

    Take my case… I was banned when Ingrid Loiten of MayDaisy had US 7 million frozen in Africa. I was ‘dumb’ enough to tell the ‘smart’ investors to get lawyers and lay claim to the money. Dude banned me while they cheered. Now what are their chances of ever seeing a penny back.

    Now this is the same group of ponzi investors that are trying to play revisionist history… If only the newspapers and others had not conspired together they would not have invested their money. What nonsense. You guys were giddy with 10 per month and would not listen to anyone. If you had spent 1/2 an hour investigating the plausibility of 10 % per month, your money would not have be lost to thieves.

  33. @killa

    I was writing about IK and MD while you were asking the question 🙂

  34. IK = IL

  35. Jay, I thought that you were against name calling such as “dumb”. Frankly the media treat us as if we are dumb.I had come to expect better of you Jay.

  36. Jay , I have not heard your position on the affidavits filed by Bette Gordon. The Olint trust is a fraud.

  37. @ Ho Chi Minh,

    I never called anyone “dumb” read the sentence again .

    This is what I wrote : “So again, get up to speed before you make rather dumb comments.”

    There is big difference between the two.

  38. @Jay and all old time bloggers based upon your experience and knowledge what can you say will be the likely outcome of this debacle?

    I would love for the guilty to be brought to book…in fact I think that the good will have to suffer for the bad if we are to really see justice….I am young to this so I defer to your insights….it would be most appreciated

  39. If a liquidator has been appointed (PriceWaterhouse in this case), it suggests that a guilty verdict has already been handed down.
    I suspect a conspiracy to keep the investors in OLINT in the dark. Can anyone enlighten me?

  40. Again I post a comment by Jason made some 19-20 months, almost 2 years, a day before the General elections of 2007

    jason Says:
    September 2nd, 2007 at 4:58 pm
    David Smith should be in prison. Never in my life have I seen a group of people be blinded by there own ignorance and the idea of wanting to believe. It is obvious that he is running a ponzi scheme which when collapses will be very bad for the nation.


    That “ignorance” and “wanting to believe” did not rest with persons from a certain strata of society, it cut right across. Doctors, Lawyers, Teacher nearly every profession drank of the cool aid.

    Those that dared to chastise where called detractors and severely criticised online and off-line.

    Their is nothing that you could do or say to get me to invest in any of those schemes given the information, or more lack thereof, that I had going back from 2005.

    Sometimes there is no need to over analysis a situation. If the fundamentals are suspect or the foundations are shaky, that is it. No need for high finance.

    The sad thing is this “ignorance” and “wanting to believe” apparently still remains in some quarters, while in other quarters the refusal to stand up and admit the folly investing in the UFOs is amazing. Blaming everybody except yourself is useless.

    It could be argued that Investors in Madoff’s PONZI of 15-18% per annum might be forgiven in light of OLINT, WorldWise, Cash Plus, May Daisy Investors who believed that 10-20% per month sustainable.

    While the media has been sloppy or silent in their reporting for the most part, the media is not to blame, and blaming the media is pointless.

  41. Again, Jay what are your comments on the Bette Gordon affidavits

  42. John Doe, I seek media reform to prevent a future Olint disaster.Stop facilitating the Creary-Clarke conspiracy

  43. Does Anyone know if he posted bail?

  44. jay, since maydaisy and ingrid loiten was mantioned in the case against I Trade by th NFA, did the authorities also freeze her account? If so, was this freeze ever removed? similar to DS.

  45. OLINT TCI Corporation Limited – In Compulsory Liquidation

    Joseph P. Connolly appointed Official Liquidator on 2 June 2009

    UPDATE # 1 – 12 June 2009

    By an Order of the Supreme Court of the Turks and Caicos Islands, Mr. Joseph P. Connolly of PricewaterhouseCoopers Limited was appointed Official Liquidator of Olint TCI Corporation Limited – In Compulsory Liquidation.

    Please be aware that this appointment relates only to Olint TCI Corporation Limited (“Olint TCI”) which was incorporated in the Turks and Caicos Islands on 18 April 2006. It does not include Olint Corporation Limited, Oversees Locket International Limited or any other entity incorporated in Jamaica or elsewhere that may be linked to David Smith and Tracy-Ann Smith the shareholders of Olint TCI.

    The Official Liquidator has begun the process to ascertain the assets and liabilities of Olint TCI. To date the only assets of Olint TCI identified are monetary assets which have been frozen by the authorities in the United States of America and the Turks and Caicos Islands totalling approximately Thirteen Million United States Dollars (US$13M). The Official Liquidator is not in possession of these funds and is not at this time in a position to state if and when these assets will be recovered for the estate of Olint TCI.

    The initial finding of the Official Liquidator is that there will be a significant shortfall in the assets available to meet the claims of customers of Olint TCI. The task of identifying the reasons for the failure of Olint TCI, the identification and recovery of additional assets, the identification and the verification of claims from customers/investors/creditors (“claimants”) is likely to be a difficult and time consuming task. The Official Liquidator has indicated that there is no likelihood of an early distribution to claimants.

    In the interim, to assist the Official Liquidator, claimants of Olint TCI are being requested to forward their claim along with the following information about their account(s):
    Name(s) of account holder and beneficiary
    Customer account number and member ID number
    Contact information, including address, telephone number, facsimile, and email
    Copies of all Contracts or Agreements
    Documentation showing funds placed with and withdrawn from Olint TCI e.g. copies of cheques, banker’s drafts or wire transfer instructions
    Statements received from Olint TCI
    Any other document that may substantiate a claim against Olint TCI

    These documents should be sent for the attention of the Official Liquidator of Olint TCI via email, facsimile or post. See contact information page for further details.

    The Official Liquidator of Olint TCI will update this site as more information becomes available.

    Content copyright 2009. Olint TCI Liquidation. All righ

  46. Please be aware that this appointment relates only to Olint TCI Corporation Limited (“Olint TCI”) which was incorporated in the Turks and Caicos Islands on 18 April 2006. It does not include Olint Corporation Limited, Oversees Locket International Limited or any other entity incorporated in Jamaica or elsewhere that may be linked to David Smith and Tracy-Ann Smith the shareholders of Olint TCI.

  47. Please be aware that this appointment relates only to Olint TCI Corporation Limited (“Olint TCI”) which was incorporated in the Turks and Caicos Islands on 18 April 2006. It does not include Olint Corporation Limited, Oversees Locket International Limited or any other entity incorporated in Jamaica or elsewhere that may be linked to David Smith and Tracy-Ann Smith the shareholders of Olint TCI. OOPS!

  48. If your contract says “olint corp” OOPS! You have nothing to get! Damn!

  49. US$13M goes to the liquidator, when all this is done, so Olint TCI investors get $Zero , nada nothing. Very sad indeed

  50. Thanks Tafari for that link re : the Olint liquidation process

  51. Prison time. OOOPPS.

  52. “Regretfully, Counsel made their submissions devoid of any supporting case authorities…”

    That’s the expensive talents of David Smith’s legal team?

    He seeks out new attorney’s recently in Jamaica and then is featured in the Observer complaining about legal costs (while always selling himself as the great trader of hundreds of millions)

    He has activley sought lawyers in the states. One had family who is owed money by Olint..

    He just swings from left to right …left to right…

  53. Tafari

    What are opinions on the Affidavit of Bette Ann (Smith) Gordon?

  54. Exhibit A

    Dr. Christopher Walker




    Affidavit of Dr. Paul Gordon (David Smith’s brother in law)

    1. my name is Dr. Paul Gordon and I have personal knowledge of the facts stated in this Affidavit

    2. I am a practicing pediatric oncologist and board certified pediatrician in Orange County, Florida.

    3. i do not know the Plaintiff, Dr. Christopher Walker, and have never heard of him prior to being served with a Summons in this case.

    4. I had no knowledge of the Plaintiff’s alleged investment in Olint Corporation or that Olint Corporation allegedly owed him money until seeing the Summons and Complaint.

    5. I have never been an officer, director, employee or any part of the management or operations of Olint Corporation.

    6. I was asked to be a Director of a foundation to be named Olint foundation in Jamaica. The Foundation was to be formed to assist special needs children and as I am a pediatrician, I was glad to assist if I could.

    7. I attended one meeting in jamaica regarding the formation of the Olint Foundation. to my knowledge Olint foundation did not receive the funds as alleged in the Complaint.

    8. After I was served with this lawsuit, i contacted the attorney in jamaica who was involved with the official formation of the Olint Foundation and she confirmed that the payment of $1,000,000.00 to Olint Foundation alleged in the Complaint never occured. while a pledge was made, the payment was never made.

    9. i have never made any representations to the Plaintiff as I have never met or knew of him prior to being served with this lawsuit.

    10. I have no relationship or connection to Broward County in relation to the facts or allegations in the Complaint nor do i work or reside in Broward County, Florida.

    Further affiant sayeth not

    Dr. Paul Gordon

    20th May 2009

  55. “He went on to say that the lawyers’ fees have been debilitating and that once his innocence has been established he will not be seeking legal action against those who have maligned him, choosing instead to get on with his life.”

    Typical self serving arrogance of a dunce.

    The more simple may view this statement as some compassion from a noble.

    Of course he won’t try to take action agfainst his detractors. That can only help him. time and again the blogs here have stated that if you want go to court two sides will be heard. David Smith would have to put him self up under oath.

    For every action there is and equal and opposite reaction….sometimes not even equal but more powerful.

  56. He said that the court was prepared to allow him to live off US$2,000 a week from his accounts but that has now been contested and that he will not be fighting it, largely because of escalating legal fees that he no longer can afford.

    Can anyone spell Contradiction…

    ” I asked Smith about his Lear jet [Lease]and he told me that it has now been sold. He went on to say that the US authorities have released [millions] of his funds. I pressed him on whether he would now be able to pay out investors and he reminded me that he was still under house arrest and he has not yet come before the courts but that he fully intends on making good on all his obligations to investors of Olint.

    Contradiction? interdiction? Journalistic Fiction?

    Asked where his assets were located, Smith said that they were scattered across Jamaica, Turks & Caicos, Canada the United States and Europe. He further added that he has two homes in the Caribbean islands of Turks & Caicos.

    The details of the two homes and Rex Messam and the pharmacuetical one has been on olintja since January.

    Want to see the rest Smithy? in Time. Wait. We know when it is the time to ‘jog your memory’

  57. Please be aware that this appointment relates only to Olint TCI Corporation Limited (“Olint TCI”) which was incorporated in the Turks and Caicos Islands on 18 April 2006. It does not include Olint Corporation Limited, Oversees Locket International Limited or any other entity incorporated in Jamaica or elsewhere that may be linked to David Smith and Tracy-Ann Smith the shareholders of Olint TCI.//////////////////////////////////

    It is now believed that there are substantial amounts of money in various accounts in the name of Olint Corp in a Caribbean bank and one Central American bank. As soon as I have more information, I will pass it on. I can’t get anything today…It is Sunday.

  58. Substantial here means more than 20 million US.

  59. Tafari

    What do you think about Bette Smith’s affidavit?


  60. Tafari

    Instead of re-inventing the wheel see http://www.olintja.com on Steriling/Charles Ross/Olint in Tortola.

  61. jay, since maydaisy and ingrid loiten was mentioned in the case against I Trade by th NFA, did the authorities also freeze her accounts in the USA? If so, was this freeze ever removed? similar to DS

  62. Killa,
    Ingrid Loiten wired the US$7M and fled before the NFA case came to light.

    She left with all the money, so as far as I know there is no freeze on her accounts, she started with nothing, created a ponzi and made US$7M in a matter of a few months.

  63. Smith’s accounts in US were never unfrozen.

  64. Information posted on OlintJA is old news. The money located is in the name of a principal of one of the Olint firms, namely Olint Corp.There are two signatures required for withdrawal….US$28, 090, 789.00. That is over 41 million located to date. The money was moved twice since July 2008 but it appears that the court order was not violated since the TCI court order pertains to the funds of OLINT TCI only. But it is found now and I believe that the FBI is on it because a freeze order was placed on the account….The source does not know who ordered the freeze but I would imagine that it is the FBI since Jamaica is doing nothing and the TCI court has indicated it does not have jurisdiction….hope to find out from another source on Monday.

  65. The 13 million has no freeze. Why? It may be because the ccountry is not cooperting with the FBI……
    Interestingly, No funds located in any of the countries mentioned by DS in the interview….”assets” he said but could that be a lame attempt to throw off the hounds?

    Nice try thief….

  66. The TCI authorities has at least taken action to put an end to Olint TCI. After the raid in Jamaica, what did the Jamaican authorities do? Why was David, Tracey and Wayne not arrested and charged then? Why were they allowed to continue to perpetrate this fraud?

    Possible answers:

    1. They were too dumb to know what they were looking at.
    2. They were bribed to leave it alone.
    3. They were put under political pressure to leave OlINT alone.
    4. All of the above.

    Why would the feeder clubs cot require a new contract with OLINT TCI after he moved to the TCI? They continued to give money to OLINT Corp. It appears that much of the money was transferred to OLINT TCI…Now what a mess….Who knows whose money was used to pay whom?

    There was a new contract signed with Hallmark….Is there money from OLINT Corp placed with Hallmark that cannot be touched by the TCI FCU because it is not Olint TCI’s funds?

    Answer anyone?

  67. Tafari

    you’re just the Greatest. You always answer questions after the answer is public. Never stiking out on the line. the info you speak to must have been made public before you lay claim to it or say ‘that’s old news”

    Real slick Tafari….real 007 Dude. Keeping us on our toes. hhahahaaha Real Austin Powers.

    Loiten was just a fool like the rest. After completing the caper someone forgot to tell them that when you take druggist money it’s not wise. Not from point of view of the druggist…from the point of view that usually the relevant authoroties have been watching them for years….long before Smithy or Loiten even dreamed up their scams.

    Pity…them green. They will learn.

  68. Tafari

    You ever hear when dem a bawl? An in between a cuss them ‘dream team’ lawyer?

    You ever hear when dem start squeal pon them links?

    just fi ease 1 and 2 years?

    All even some Rankin lawyer can’t stomach that part.

    Look Tafari David Smith believed the hype. That’s his fate. Loiten and the rest too i suppose. Who dem tink is tappa tap way down on the totem pole.

    What we fi do? They made there play …nothing for them to do now but try as long as they can to back them previous big talk.

  69. Tafari

    You know the hour David Smith got bailed this time? I do. You know who bailed him?

    Let us see Tafari how good your private investigators are. You might think of paying someone else for better info. he he.

    We await your answers Tafari. ‘Ding di di ding Ding ding ding ding di di ding ding…’


    The money in FXCM get released by the Americans?

    Tafari will tell you how much it is (to the penny) and then you can continue to lead the crowd to feel that the Americans have ‘released’ money to Smith.

  70. George Pataki can’t save David Smith. The Golding’s can’t save David Smith. The Jonese’s can’t save David Smith. Do we need to go further?

  71. Wendy Williams can’t save David Smith, lloyd Williams can’t save David Smith too many files Smithy. You ever seen the files Smithy?

    You know how these links were made? you know the weak points in their system?

    Ehh Smithy? You think you know?

  72. @Floridian,

    May I humbly ask who are Wendy and Lloyd Williams?

  73. David, Tracey and the rest of the Smith clan of thieves:

    Did I not warn you that Christmas 2009 would not be the same?

    David, I told you to enjoy the Casablanca Casino as I knew you would not be going there on Christmas Eve 2009!!! Your second arrest is just the beginning of what is to come.

    Tracey, please be a lady and stop telling lies. I really thought you would have known better. Sad to say, the fruit does not fall far from the tree!!!
    Try your best and do not get me uptight. It is not too late for you to redeem yourself.

    David, stop hiding behind your big gate and go to Danny Buoy’s and play some darts.
    I have some papers for you which you have been avoiding.

    Be a man- remember you said you “run things”. So why are you hiding from my little service processor? Shame, Shame, Shame…..

    Now, you have Oliver Smith and you are trying to recruit some more troops.
    I see your former dream team are quickly distancing themselves from you.
    Have you wondered why?

    Money Laundering, Human trafficking, Narcotic involvement = Federal investigation, including raids on lawyers offices to verify the source of their retainer fees. So any lawyer you try to retain will feel the wrath of the Federal Government. Remember, most of them have Green Cards and love to come to Miami.

    Ooops!!!- You may have thought we are not aware of your little stash with Mr. Ross.
    We even know the bank accounts and the transfer details.

    Ooops!!!- Europe is the other location. But how could I forget, that stash is only for your dear family, not the “simpletons/OLINT investors”.

    David Smith are you ready for Primetime? Get your troops ready. You are going to need all the help possible. By the way- the former Governor Pataki will not be in a position to help you.

    I hear that Wildish and others have joined our Battalion. In fact, you have no clue as to the number of American investors who are very upset with you and want to be repaid their money.

    Why are you exposing your wife Tracey to the possibility of Federal prison time?

    When my Battalion is finished with you, you will regret the day you took my money.

    The next headline will address your Federal Indictment.
    Get ready to rumble………

  74. Tafari’s stated purpose: Find the money.

    Anyone with any other motive, I care not for your stupidity. Anyone who wants to recover their funds, like I do, let’s work together, share information, so that we can achieve that goal.

    If you didn’t invest with OLINT, and you were a “friend” of david Smith, what is your motive? Is it personal? I wonder.

  75. Do I not sound like a child in the schoolyard? My info is better than yours. I know what my mommy cooked for dinner, you don’t. You sound like a little bitch!

  76. tafari whats ure email address

  77. Neither of the two accounts are in Tortola.

  78. Interested if you can not answer the question yourself then you have not read the Bushmaster postings.

    Or you have and they mean little or nothing 2 you.


    Your nerves fray too easy for this game. I can tell no one ever kick dung your door in your life yet. It shows. Probably not Jamaican.

    Don’t let me fray your nerves. Worrying about my motives move you further from money which you say you want. Niether will it get you any other agenda you may have.

    Good luck in your calamity though. All the best

  79. @Floridian

    The bushmaster postings are large and expansive….I presume that I missed the postings dealing with those names…

  80. Tafari,Charles Ross knows where all the Olint money is.He is with Sterling Management in Jamaica an investment bank.

  81. David it is dangerous to smuggle European aliens throughout the Caribbean.
    Some of these aliens leave the Turks and try to enter the USA via the Bahamas.

    If any alien dies on route you will be an accessory before the fact to Federal charges of murder.

    You have been warned.

  82. The same Charles Ross who has been appointed to the Commission of Inquiry into Finsac?

  83. Yes the same Charles Ross who is now implicated in money laundering in Turks.

  84. Hi Chi, why don’t we just call up Mr. Ross and have him give us a list of where all the money is then? Until you talk to him and get that list, I will keep looking. Is that ok with you guys?

  85. bull, you can reach me at:


  86. Child of the blog, this is not a game. People have lost actual money. Money they worked for.

    To be here playing a game about whose info is better while people are trying to recover money to feed their kids is aick

    Actually, that makes you as sick as David Smith himself. That does not surprise me because you are one of the persons who drank at the casino with him. Isn’t he your “childhood friend”? I guess I could see how this is a “game” to you.

  87. u know sterling was just up to month and a half ago was offering on investments of US 10000 and up over 20% /yr, seems very high, they hav since brought it down to 7%

  88. Who seriously thinks and believes that Sir Robin was only interested in the corrupted and not the potential corruptors? Have any of these alleged corruptors of the TCI government read the applicable Anti-Corruption laws that make it ILLEGAL to bribe and corrupt a government or its officials?

    I also want to pass on some advice to leaders of some of the other major free world Caribbean countries struggling with their own corruption scandals, who somehow seem to think they have a grip on our problems and need to give us advice on them: Enough! Clean up your own little messes before you poke your noses into our need for “independence”.

    One can only assume they have been at the same party as Gilley and company thinking that an indictment will never happen in their life time

    All the while, we out here in the trenches of the TCI, attempting to make a living, make ends meet, hold it together another week while the alleged ones, Boyz and Gangsta’s try to stave off the inevitable, take it on the chin once again for being present and accountable during this whole mess


  89. David Smith, Tracy Smith, and the rest of those Olint Schemers, this is from the scriptures that you would use to trick and lie to all those people who thought you were such a good christian: Do not be deceived, God is not mocked, for WHATSOEVER A MAN SOWS, THAT WILL HE REAP. What will David Smith and the Smith gang REAP? Jail term, many, many, years, and subsequent hell, where ALL LIARS wil be punished with the devil and his angels. You still have time to redeem yourself and others. Repent, and recompense those who trusted you. Prevent Hell fire!

  90. I’m sorry, but don’t I recall DS being an owner or major share holder of Hallmark for a brief time and then removed himself from the board?

  91. Again I must say how disappointing it is to see the press covering Charles Ross a man who has been implicated to be involved in the OLINT scandal.

    I find it amazing how he has suddenly acquired enough wealth to buy out all of the other partners at Sterling Asset Management.

    I would not be surprised to find out David Smith and OLINT’s money was used in those financial transactions.

    What I just can’t understand is why no coverage to date in the press about David Smith’s failed promise to pay us back in 9 months?
    No Journalist seems to be interested in calling him to ask:
    1) When do you plan to pay people back?
    2) What is causing the delay?
    3) What does his daily routine life involve? Is he working…
    4) How does he provide for his family?

    Last night my husband and I had to come to grips with the fact that we cannot afford to send our children to Prep school. I would love to know, where are David Smith’s children getting educated and who is paying for it?
    How does he have the ability to bail himself from jail for the princely sum of US$ 3 million dollars but he can’t honor any of his debts.

    As Jamaicans we are resilient but we lack the fortitude to stand up to a select few who bring shame upon us because of their corrupt behaviour.

    It is time for us to stand together and demand that this government represent and protect ALL the Jamaican people.
    I want to see:
    1) The Press enquire from Wayne and David Smith of their intentions to pay
    2) A police investigation into OLINT
    3) A forum/committee of OLINT investors to be created where by we can stand together and demand justice for ALL. Individually we may make an impact but if we stand together as one group we would have a loud voice.
    Can we use this blog to communicate to OLINT investors a time and meeting place for us to launch the ” OLINT RECOVERY COMMITTEE” ?

  92. Tafari,

    Some of us have motives that r linked solely to finding and recovery of our money.

    The main contributors on the this blog who blog with several alias’s have different motives…..theirs are personal. If our money was returned tomorrow i wld be happy they wld not be however…..for them this is all personal.

  93. I keep saying that Chris Walker is the most selfish individual of all – writing to the US govt asking them to withhold aid from 2.5 million Jamaicans (most of whom have no idea who or what is olint).

    how wld u describe his motive…..

  94. Wantmymoney,

    Somebody owes you money for TWO years and it’s not personal?

    Somebody lie to you repeatedly, and it’s not personal?

    Somebody flaunt the fact that while you sit and wait on them to give you what is yours, they’re living lavishly, and its not personal?

    To many, I think the fate of Mr. Smith and ALL those involved in the olint saga is VERY personal

  95. Wantmymoney,

    Tell us what is your motive for blogging?

    I can tell you are a woman and it is clear you have a personal gripe with the Doctor.

    I agree with the Cynic and other intelligent bloggers who have suffered personal loss at the hands of David Smith. A man who has STOLEN money from me and robbed my children of a bright future is my PERSONAL ENEMY. The fact that the man wrote a letter of truth and stood up to Smith and his clan of thieves speaks highly of his character.

    You on the other hand are a spineless, selfish creature. If you were affected in the severe way I and many other OLINT investors have been, then you would not be hear wasting time talking about someone you have a personal grouse with.

    This weekend I did not see my husband as he was “hustling” to make extra money for the family. I am now baby sitting my neighbours children for a little extra on the weekends. We cannot put our children in Prep school. I know David Smith’s children are going to the finest of schools and they see their parents daily.

    I know people like you are going to have the nerve to say that is not the fault of David Smith. I disagree, because if he gave us back even a fraction of what he owes us, most OLINT investors would not be suffering now.

    Truth be told, David Smith and his wife are not in any financial worries. Clearly not because he posted bail for US $3 million dollars. Don’t try and tell me a “good friend” did that out of the kindness of their heart, because nutting guh so!!!

    I know David Smith does not have to work two jobs and I know his wife sees him daily. I DO NOT SEE MY HUSBAND UNTIL 11pm every night, excluding Sunday. And I know where he is and it is not with prostitutes and dirty low life girls.

    So tell me, Wantmymoney women like you expect ALL OLINT investors to sit down and pray for a miracle to descend from heaven. Never to have the audacity to ask David Smith or his clan of thieves for our money. Never to try and claim what is rightfully ours that we worked hard for. Instead, we must keep our mouths shut while Smith and his family live a lavish lifestyle.

    Tell me something- If Smith is not working per the TCI police and his brother is not working not to mention the rest of the family, is it that the Smith’s are getting manna from heaven including spending money?

    I said it some time ago and I will say it again here. It is full time for us to all come together and create an “OLINT RECOVERY COMMITTEE”.

    People who have the level of intellect necessary to make an impact should join such as Jay, Nocotec, the Doctor, Sirach, Harbor Shark, the Cynic, Tafari and the many other like minded individuals who are determined to bring Smith and his demonic family to justice.

    Alas, those on this blog with personal disagreements and illogical selfish thinking, such as Wantmymoney need to excuse themselves and go into permanent retirement as they make no useful contribution and only serve to aggravate our dire situation.

  96. Lisa

    Stop being a lazy b… and help ur husband bring in some money…..but alas u r not a woman this is Floridian posting as someone else – as usual.

    Let me ask u this do u think the Doctor was right in writing a letter to the US govt requesting the withholding of aid to the country!!!!

    Then he puts his sick father on the front of a newspaper for own personal benefit….now that is SICK!!!!!

  97. I see nothing wrong with the Dr leading all of the Olint victims.I did not see the article to which you refer but
    I think there are many suicides and other deaths which are related to Olint.David Smith is avery,very serious criminal who appears to have purchased political protection in Jamaica.Jay and others have done agreat job in creating an environment to expose
    corrupt dealings. in our financial and regulatory m arkets.

  98. Has the Governor of vthe Bank of Jamaica seen the many references to Sterling Assetts on the Olint ja blog.Sterling was moving money for Olint in 2007 and 2008! This appears to have had no impact on Sterling’s license. Indeed Sterling seems to be going from strength to strength.

  99. Lisa

    Wantmymoney is a criminal. When the ‘noose’ tightens they get in their moods. It will soon be over. Not long and drawn out. Over. Promise.

  100. NOT blow over. OVER.

  101. David and Tracey Smith put their photograph on the Observer collecting what has now been proven to be a blank piece of paper from Jared Martinez.

    The handoff was reported as being J$10,000,000.00.

    Now the difference with Mr. Walker Senior is that his photograph in the newspaper represents truth.

    The picture of David and Tracey Smith with the Martinez family represents a lie.

    Now I’m not claiming that David And Tracey Smith are sick. In fact it’s just so dem stay.

  102. Wantmymoney,

    If you had the level of intellect required to be on this blog making valuable contributions you would clearly see my writing style is different from Floridian.

    With that said, you have some nerve telling me I need to work harder to support my husbands financial efforts.

    I work a regular job and may I add, thanks to David Smith and people like you ( you are obviously an Ally of Smith or a family member), I had to start baby sitting. I am sure Smith’s wife does not need to take care of other people’s children to make ends meet !!!

    You keep mentioning to those of us who are intelligent about the Doctor writing a letter exposing the facts and deceit of David Smith to the world. Clearly, the Jamaican authorities have not made any effort to admonish Smith and his clan.
    I personally commend his stance and as you can see many other OLINT investors who have and continue to suffer hold hands with his decision.

    Therefore, it is time for you to STOP trying to elicit any further response from those of us who are INTELLIGENT. We have no more time to address you and your nonsense. We must focus on bringing the Smith family to justice.

    Wantmymoney, GO INTO VOLUNTARY RETIREMENT and stay under your little rock. Please do not disgrace yourself or our female gender any further.

  103. I must admit that I am a supporter of DrChris Walker.I do not know if he is a Dentist, a Doctor of Philosophy or a Doctor of Medicine At least he is doing something.Nocotec and John Doe seem to want us to do nothing but engage in self-flallegation.Well I made amistake, I thought that David Smith and Ross and the others were honest. Why hasn’t Charles Ross been arrested for moneylaundering?Havent the Turks police authenticated the Sterling -Olint invoices?

  104. Northtech: Nocotec and John Doe seem to want us to do nothing but engage in self-flallegation.

    Your nick is new, so I do not know if you are new to the blog or it is just your nick that is new… But if you have been or were around from way back… you would have seen us repeatedly urge investors to file lawsuits and complaints to the police.

    Filing lawsuits made sense then. Investors chose not to rock the boat and to believe DS would come through. They waited until the money disappeared. Olint is now in a court ordered forced liquidation and DS has been charged. Suing Olint/DS now… an honest attorney would advise you, makes little sense. If you believe you can prevail against a 3rd party that the liquidator is not suing, that may make some sense.

    Most investors are also at sea in this area too. There is a good reason that lawyers will not usually take these cases on a contingency fee basis. The chances of successful judgment followed by recovery is low.

    Before you sue you should be sure you are not just funding your lawyers investment plan. When you take a case like this to an attorney in a big law firm, which you need to because of the cross jurisdictional nature of this… after you pay the retainer he goes back office and high fives the partners.

    These guys will charge you hundreds of dollars per hour and bill you in 15 minute increments. If you call to ask a 15 sec question that may cost you US $125. If they send a fax, it may cost you US $50. If they go to court, it may cost you $300 to $500 per attorney per hour. Got it? Do the math and be sure you want to undertake this and that the chance of success is high enough to justify the expense.

    Unlike what some have said… it is not personal. This is why many investors got suckered. Instead of using cold facts and hard analysis… they invested on the fact that DS was a Jcan and a good christian and came with personal recommendations from friends or family. Decisions like this need to reduced to cold facts and hard analysis, not emotion or personal feelings.

  105. The need to look at the document since the info is not posted on Olintja.

    They need to find out what is or who is Village Software and the author rwhyte.

    It has a date of 6/2/2006.

    Would this be a Jamaican issue?

    This is a St. Kitts issue unless there was a wire transfer concerning this account at Sterling(Tortola) to Olint TCI or DS.

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