David Smith may seek exile, fears for his safety

Lead principal of Olint David Smith who is under house arrest in the Turks & Caicos fears that if he were to return to Jamaica that the safety of both himself and his family would be placed in jeopardy and he has not dismissed the prospect of being a permanent exile.



52 Responses

  1. reknowned journalist Duke of Earl?

    • This guy who claims that he has a doctorate making him Dr. Duke of Earl is well known in the South Florida Caribbean Community due to his radio program and newspaper and overall involvement there…. but I wouldn’t label him reknowned……

  2. He went on to say that the US authorities have released [millions] of his funds. I pressed him on whether he would now be able to pay out investors and he reminded me that he was still under house arrest and he has not yet come before the courts but that he fully intends on making good on all his obligations to investors of Olint.

    Real “World Class” journalism.


  3. “We have more open Ponzi scheme cases than at any time in FBI history,” said Special Agent David G. Nanz, chief of the FBI’s economic crimes unit. “We anticipated a spike, but the numbers we are seeing are even greater than expected. . . . There is an old saying, though: ‘When the tide goes out, you can see who isn’t wearing a bathing suit.’ And that definitely applies to Ponzi” operators. ”

    “It has been a flood,” said veteran postal inspector James H. Tendick, who supervises the Justice Department fraud team. “We don’t have to go out scouring for these things. They are all just coming in the door.”

    “A lot of investors have become more aware of the risks and are asking harder questions,” said Scott Friestad, deputy director of enforcement at the Securities and Exchange Commission, adding that he was “surprised that there are so many instances where people have raised hundreds of millions of dollars from thousands of investors and been ripping them off as pervasively as they have.”

    “With the walls crashing down, insiders even started reporting each other, and some Ponzi operators surrendered to federal agents, hoping to cut deals. “

    Economic Downturn Accelerates Collapse of Ponzi Schemes

  4. Invest for life

    Floridain vs David Smith live trading on the blog.

    When you are ready.

  5. What could be pressuring Smith to come and speak out now? Adamantly denying connections with Misick.

    hmmm. Did peter not say he was a facilitator through Ariel Misick?

    Two Christians one must be lying. interesting. Sudden change on Jamaica too…ehhh Smithy?

    hahaha. One time you said you had the Ultimate in
    protection..hmmm. Interesting.

    In February you clearly stated that your children were not affected in any way..oblivious…hmmm

    A lot of changes. Changes about TCI changes about Jamaica do you see something coming? Some changes that cause you to speak to a journalist who is owned?

    Interesting. Legal fees are a problem? They must be more than what you owe then?

    Or maybe the word “obligaion” means something you are not making clear?

    Why come out now? getting nervy? I THOUGHT YOU SAID YOU HAD THINGS LOCKED? some people let you down?

  6. Why did Misick suggest you run for a seat in Chaulk Sound again?

    That’s what you said right? Oh can’t remember? maybe if you hear the replay.

  7. Belongerships, Belongerships, Belongerships and how to go about getting them 101.

    Smithy you put the whole of Jamaica under pressure. I can hear your hearty laugh right now.

    Never too old to go to school Smithy.

  8. Seems like A LOT of what Sirach said a while back seems to be coming true. I can only hope that the part about Mr. Smith and company going to trial for their crimes and going to jail comes to be true as well!

  9. Grains of salt.

    The UIS succeeded in obtaining support from prominent individuals in Jamaica as well as the
    media to the point that in January 2007, a business newspaper named David Smith, OLINT’s
    founder, business personality of the year.

    In December 2007, OLINT claimed to have donated US$1 million to its charitable
    foundation to help needy Jamaicans, especially deprived children. It also sponsored
    the 2008 Air Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival

    It was reported that both of the main Jamaican political parties received campaign
    donations from OLINT.11

    A combination of factors, including the “respectability” that Cash Plus and OLINT had
    gained through their donations and sponsorships, led to a negative reaction from high profile
    figures, including politicians, and the media to FSC actions

    A leading newspaper stated in April 2008 that a review of its coverage of Cash Plus found
    that 8 of 55 stories were promotion pieces, 9 of 55 would have failed its current code of
    ethics, and that it had inaccurately reported several major real estate purchases by Cash Plus
    which did not actually take place.


  10. David should have no fear.
    Carlos Hill stole over J$21B and is still walking the streets in Jamaica, no problem man.

    There has no charges filed against David Smith in Jamaica, so I guess he could seek exile in Jamaica 🙂

  11. “Smith told the Duke of Earl that he does not think so because his reputation has been tarnished …”

    His what has been tarnished Duke of Earl? hahahahahahaha

    As an interviewer you could not help him and remind him that he does have his own well earned reputation but it is not something that can be “tarnished.”

    Unbelievable (to those who don’t know better) reputation? hahhahahahaahahahaah

    People have failed to get gtheir own money for medical treatment, medication, mortages, school fees, food, political handouts, etc

    and a “newspaper” in 2009 can publish a line about David Smith’s “reputation” being “tarnished”


  12. Somebody taking a ‘spanking’ somewhere. hhaahahahaa. Well its Friday so they can go to the bar have a few drinks and convince themselves that it is not obvious to the World that they must regularly take their ‘spanking’ hahahhahaaaaa.

  13. “The demise of these schemes has marked a return to a semblance of the status quo…”?????????

    “To that end, the IMF has recently published a working paper ..”

    “To that end…”??????????

    Has the IMF clearly stated to “what end” they published the document???


  14. Cynic

    Something tells me that Sirach never considered any need for ‘vindication’ ever. From whom? Vindication is the need of David Smith.

    Vindication is in the eye of the beholder.

    David Smith et al cashed the checks. no one bent their arms to do so. They had a choice. They made it.

    Today’s Observer piece is sad. There are a few good writers there.

    Freshly baptized Smith’s lies to the thousands of humble folk continue.

    He speaks of his own future as if he controls it. Sirach wrote about that long ago Cynic. You know that.

    Well Cynic, obviously no gag order. Written about before. He speaks about not coming home as if that is not a favour to blessed Jamaica.

    No extraditions from TCI to the U.S.A. in the TCI history?

    A better not ask . Right Cynic? For maybe Sirach will provide an answer to such a question.

  15. BTW bloggers

    If you think that Huntley Watson, Anthony Gifford, Nunes Scholfield, Finson, Samules-Brown, Courtney Barnett and the rest of the ‘relegated’ football team are not around because of lack of money then I have some swampland “suitable” for development to sell you.


  16. Clarke gave Smith’s lawyers plenty of space to
    fight Smith’s war for him. Now that the war is
    lost, you are anxious to protect Clarke and his
    band of mercenaries.

  17. He said the FBI released millions, can anyone confirm this?

  18. Bruce I know you read this blog. You do not want to discuss the OLINT matter with most of us older JLP party members.

    I just heard that the IMF have been in discussions with the Jamaican Diaspora in Florida and are not going to give any financial aid to us. It is their understanding after doing their own research that the Government had the OLINT Ponzi scheme as its main financial supporter.

    Bruce, please for the sake of the Jamaican people, put an end to this nonsense. Establish a non partisian commission of enquiry into all the UFO’s and at the end of the commission’s tenure, if their findings reflect objectively that these UFO’s were in fact Ponzi schemes which defrauded Jamaicans and other nationals, allow the police and judicial system to fairly prosecute all persons implicated. Please also allow the police to cooperate with the FBI and the other Federal agencies involved.

    I am sick and tired of hearing Jamaica described as a corrupt society with criminals in positions of governance. We can do much better. It is time for us to reestablish ourselves in the international community. I am still beaming with pride with our success in the international arena in the last Olympics. We can also be successful to encourage legitimate foreign investment and get our economy on the “fast track” to recovery by ridding ourselves of a few bad eggs.

    Bruce the ball is in your “court” now. Do what you know is right !!!

    • I just want to say that JLP for Life is a breath of fresh air. If only you could influence the system for the sake of this country then Jesus would have something to work with. Keep up the good work bro cause bad things continue when good people hide.

  19. @floridian
    RE: Floridain vs David Smith live trading on the blog.

    We ready…

  20. Well bring him and come…

  21. @JLP for life

    Why and how would the IMF be in discussions with members of the Jamaican diaspora? That does not sound like the proper protocol to me….I am not saying you are telling a lie but it sounds strange…

  22. Thiefing David is such a big liar in his interview with Duke of Earl. David why do you fear for your life if you plan to make good on your obligations to Jamaican poor people? Liar, Liar, Liar!!!!!!!!!!

  23. @davidfool


  24. Should have thought about his children before deciding to become a thief!!!!!!!

  25. Davidfool:

    It would depend on what david Smith thinks his “obligation” is. The word obligation is inclluded in two letters he released previously.

    Maybe he believes his obligation is to say “sorry”..or just “suckers!”….

  26. Interested

    Protocol? you have a lot to learn about Geo Politics. Learning while on the job is not reccommended.

    No money not releasing by the Americans to David Smith. What? The $6 odd million the DEA sieze that is mixed up with loiten and wildish?

    Smithy …hahahahhahhaaaaa

    We need Sirach.

  27. @Floridian

    If you say so….

  28. LATEST


    Tafari, watch and get schoooled like your bredrin David Smith.

  29. News

    Sirach to testify in David Smith/ Tracey Smith Belongership case.

  30. As always, the conmen always make it seems like it is somebody else fault.

    So now it is the investors fault, as there is some potential threat to safety for not giving back the people their money.

    David Smith blames everybody but himself, just like a true conman

  31. Judy Jones go bail David Smith again nuh?


    And tell WW not to spend any ‘commissions” from the sale of Breamar. Certain people not in the mood for the antics any more.

  32. I know that perception is indeed reality but I cannot fathom why DS continues to spout lies when it is obvious that the game is up……

    It would seem to me that his recent interview with this Earl dude intentionally foreshadowed this new arrest…

  33. Question: David and Tracy Smith are “Co-” Directors of Olint (Olint TCI?). Why is it that she has gone unscathed in this whole Olint fiasco? What is wrong with this picture? Floridian, what are your thoughts?

  34. David arrested again please please send the details of this arrest.

  35. Smith arrested again? Hopefully they deny him bail. That way, he is forced to come clean just to get considered for some form of pre-trial release.

    I cannot stand the thought of this guy out of jail to move money around, or live off our money (that his family is helping him with) while people are broke.

    No bail! No bail!

  36. Interested seems you need to ‘get in the know’ and read up on Bevan ‘Duke of Earl”

    Mike D

    Don’t worry your intention that rquest is concrete. Tracey and her ‘World Fund’ wrap up long time.


    Yes massa we will send you it right away Don. Notice that Jay and John Doe never doubt any info from a certain source.


    “That way…” bredda you off the mark (as usual) anyway I can’t knock you for trying. You are expected to credit some other source later. No hard feelings. Insecurity works all kind of ways on some people.

    Tafari you cuss TCI police then you want to tell them what to do. You’re a riot. Hilarious like the 20,000 plus victims who try to define themselves as non-victims even when their ‘silly’ selves are listed on the World Wide Web in black and white for all the other ‘fools’ to see.

  37. Word to the wise.

    1. Drink on Thursday night at the bar. Maybe Friday night you don’t get to go to the bar.

    2. If you recieved some kind of ‘donation’ or ‘sponsorship’ from your ‘King’ David Smith you are legally liable for such. Your early help for the victims particularly the elderly ones is noted and proof of your unwavering help early out can be considered to assist you in your calamity.

  38. ….At this late stage though it is probably ‘dawg nyam yu suppa.’

  39. When them knock on your door and you say, “I was just about to go and…” Yeah “Go and do what? Collect your Nobel Prize for aiding and abetting?”

  40. @needtoknow and others
    David Smith arrested again

    “Notice that Jay and John Doe never doubt any info from a certain source.”

    Multiple sources are always they best way to go

    And listen to http://go-jamaica.com/power now

  41. David Smith story on nationwide news

  42. I agree John Doe except when I AM the source. Smile.

  43. You have to be careful John Doe most of the media sources here in Ja have no credibility left. They are not of the standard of Bushmaster, Puppetmaster and no even near some of the few bloggers here who have credibility.

    It’s like the ‘cry wolf’ story for Ja media you just can’t trust them on any story of any level now it’s like a ‘read between the lines’ “take with a grain of salt thing”

    Suntci is like Misick’s hairdressing parlour. We need respectable media. The people deserve it.

  44. Both of our major newspapers have been destroyed by
    conspirators.Our democracy is for sale.

  45. It matters not what you say here. What matters is your motivation…..What is it again? Oh, I forgot…you can’t say.

  46. David Smith, Tracy Smith, and the Smith gang, you can try to run from those who trusted you, but you cannot run or hide from GOD. HE sees everything you do, HE knows everything you are thinking about and how you are planning to rob those poor people who trusted you. The scriptures says: even if you make your bed in hell you will be seen, OR if you go to the uttermost part of the earth or sea, GOD will see you. DO not try to run, GOD IS WATCHING YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOD HEARS ALL THOSE PRAYERS AGAINST YOU!! Listen to your conscience if you have any left!!

  47. where do i go to report to the authorities and start some form of a claim against a feeder club. Like a ediot, invested my life savings and lost it all. I am in the US and looking to get some process started. Any information would be greatly appreciated

  48. David Smith like Maddox robbed the people in the name of God. they are many Gods, but there is only one true and living God and that’s God the Father, KING OF KINGS LORD OF LORDS, David & Tracey God is watching you, the money you have stolen from poor and innocent people is going to become bitter to your belly, the only exile you need is in solitary confinement in a prison cell because when you go to prison you might just meet some of the people you swindle or their family members in prison, this is indeed a small world David,

  49. What part to Allan Hutchinson play in all of this?

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