FSC Publishes updated list…

The FSC has published and updated list of UFOs in the Jamaica… The list can be found at the link below or click on the image to see version

It list some 58 companies and the names of their principals in some cases.

What is interesting is that the list now carries some names not heard of before and expands to include the other names some of these clubs were called.



5 Responses

  1. I am amazed that there were so many “UFO” out there, this list now contains names that I have never heard about before.

    Are they still folks out there throwing money into any of these that are still in operation.

    I would hope not.

  2. Jay people have to think positive.

    Thank God that when you look on the list almost everyone on it is a known self-righteous, chest thumping Christian. We must give thanks. it could have been worse and been a list of heathen who have not been “saved.”

    The list covers all the Christian denominations. Oh happy day.

    As Christians they will not hesitate to liquidate and pay out seeking nothing for themselves. The Christian way.

    If they are short and should be allowed freedom as christian you know the victims can trust that they will not put themselves above the meek.

    I’m sure they will wipe windows and do minimum wage work for all their days until the debt is paid.

    Although full restitution is impossible they will at the very least pay nominal restitutions for their deceit during their “brief” period of backsliding.

    It could have been worse Jay. But thankfully the loudest yet humblest of all the country’s spiritual trumpeters turned to the ways of the devil.

    They will refuse to live in any comfort at the expense of others.


  3. And we pledge to help them find their way back to the fold Jay.

    We have all the encouragement they need to come home to Jesus and our congregation.

  4. Creary indicted for commercial bribery,Southern District of New York. Robertson indicted under seal.
    David Smith in serious trouble!

  5. @ Dead Monkey

    Post the link

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