Carlos Hill Has 14 Days to Vacate House

Carlos Hill has 14 days to leave Norbrook property.  It is a case of how has the might one has fallen. Carlos Hill former boss of the Ponzi operation called Cash Plus is being evicted from the Armour Heights residence. It is understood from the RJR report that a secruity team along with Trustee in Bankruptcy Hugh Wildman, turn up at the residence to remove Mr. Hill. The report also stated that a NSWA truck was also on hand.

Mr. Hill prevented the eviction from occurring and only and apparent last minute agreement prevented the eviction
The Liquidator is seeking to have Carlos Hill removed as he seeks to sell 4 properties valued about 30 million dollars each in order that Cash Plus investors can look forward to getting back a portion of their investment.
As we await the appointment on a liquidator in the Olint  case, the principals in that scheme should be watching this case with interest.
Interestingly, the 14 days has been granted on humanitarian terms.


Mr. Hill prevented  the team for acting for much of the day and only an apparent last minute agreement prevented the eviction.

The Liquidator is seeking to have Carlos Hill removed as he seeks to sell 4 properties valued about 30 million dollars each in order that Cash Plus investors can look forward to getting back a portion of their investment.

As we await the appointment on a liquidator in the Olint  case, the principals in that scheme should be watching this case with interest.

Interestingly, the 14 days has been granted on humanitarian terms.


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  1. A last minute legal intervention prevented Carlos Hill, former head of the collapsed Cash Plus Group, from being booted from his home on Monday.

  2. I think I really like how this liquidator is moving to rid Carlos Hill of his stolen assets.

    He should be allowed to live in comfort while all ths investors are ” sucking salt through a wooden spoon”.

    Great job Mr. Wildman !!

  3. I hear we will get back abt 20 cents on the dollar…see i lost in CP as well!!!

  4. Wildman please pay the investors ASAP. You will be a national hero.

  5. ARGUING that he was broke and would be homeless if booted from the posh $40 million townhouse he now occupies at Armour Heights, St Andrew, former Cash Plus boss Carlos Hill was yesterday pitied by the courts and allowed – on humanitarian grounds – to remain in the house for 14 days until he secures a place to stay.

    Carlos Hill is a lair, he should have been kicked out. How many Jamaicans were booted from their homes when Carlos Hill and his gang stole their money, he must consider himself lucky, as he should be on the streets( of course he has someplace to go, he just does not want Mr Wildman to get his hands on it).

  6. I hope the victims in other UFOs are taking note of what is happening when a PONZI gets wound up(liquidated).

    13 days left Mr. Hill, the streets beckon.

  7. Is it true that Bruce is planning to expel Robertson from the JLP before he is extradicted to the USA?

    OLINT stakeholders would like to know !!!

  8. 12 days Mr. Hill

  9. Anyone here willing to rent Carlos Hill a place, he now only has 11 days to find a place.

    You could get together those of your close friends and families who were fleeced sum the total principal owed to every one and that becomes his monthly payments.

    Note he did not say he cannot afford to pay rent, he just said no one was willing to rent him a place.

    How easy would it be to get back what Carlos owed you without you going to the courts.

    Once he has paid up in full, you could all but kick him out for another fleeced CP investor to rent him a place.

  10. I just came across this information from another blog while I was doing some research,and would like for someone to confirm, this information.

    “However, I want Cash Plus investors to take note, here, of who the big money winners are in all of this (Source: CVM Television’s “Business Watch” Programme, June 1,2009):”

    1) The lawyers representing Mr. Hill, his brother Bertram and their estate – they will pocket JMD $4 billion dollars (US $46.5 million) in legal fees

    2) The Receiver-Managers in the form of the US-based PriceWaterHouseCoopers – who were called in in April 2008, to oversee Cash Plus operations, assess its assets and disburse remaining monies to investors – they will pocket over JMD $300 million (US $3.5 million) Jamaican dollars in consulting fees.

    If item number one is really true, it will be a travesty of justice, as for the life me, I just cannot imagine what a lawyer, a group, or a entire football team of lawyers could possibly have done to deserve that huge pay day.

    I also hope(again assuming the figure is true), that the courts strikes down those figures, as to me they seem more like highway robbery to me !!!

    So have been “screwed” by Hill and his cohorts, the lawyer, the receiver (Kevin Bandoian) and the Auditor have now converged to take whats left.

    Cashplus investors must be cursing their luck or lack thereof.

  11. At least in Antigua, they seem to have their act together, moreso than in Jamaica.

    “Stanford Financial Group’s Antiguan receivers want a judge to hold off on approving $20 million in fees to the U.S. receiver and his team.

    In a filing Thursday, Nigel Hamilton-Smith and Peter Wastell said no fees should be paid from the bank’s assets unless services rendered benefited the bank or the judge decides to approve payment for all of Stanford Financial’s entities lumped together.


    At least they are taking steps to ensure that receivers and lawyers do not take off with all the money.

    In Jamaica, no such luck.

    Payment request made, money paid.

  12. Indeed, it is a case of how the mighty has fallen!!

  13. Today is June 9 which means Carlos Hill has another 5 days to vacate his the house he is squatting in or risk eviction.

    Anyone knows if Carlos Hill has left ?

  14. Is interesting that while Cash Plus investors could not get their money, Carlos Hill was busy buying four Townhouses. Even more interesting is that the liquidator/receiver., could not ascertain the source of funds that went to buy those 4 Townhouses.

    This begs the question: since the source of funds could not be determine, how efficient was the liquidator/receiver in seeking out Hill’s hidden assets? It is reported in the news that the fact that Hill purchased the properties in “Hill’s Group” name made the properties the domain of Cash Plus. So, the conman end up conning himself, because had he purchase the properties in his name (and due to the fact that these so-call Receiver/Liquidator could not trace where the purchase money came from), the liquidator would not be in a position to “Clawback” these properties. Who was/were his lawyer(s) again?

  15. Hill had some many, a entire team, that at some point included
    Milton Brady(who is now sitting very pretty).
    Samuel Brown.
    They all ran and left after their payday.

  16. 3 more days left for Carlos Hill to get out!!

  17. How can I claim? I invested not much and I am in a really bad situation now ..please help me!!

  18. 2 days left for Carlos Hill to get out !!!

  19. D-Day for Carlos Hill.
    Its either the baliffs are there or he has already left.

  20. Former head of the collapsed alternative investment scheme Cash Plus, Carlos Hill, is yet to vacate his house despite the expiration of a deadline to hand over the property.

    Provisional Liquidator Hugh Wildman told RJR News that up to Friday Mr. Hill was still living at the luxury townhouse located at 94 East Armour Heights in St. Andrew.

  21. Carlos Hill has now left the luxury townhouse he has been squatting !

  22. Update: Former Cash Plus boss moves

    “Up to news time, tables, computer desks and other items were seen being loaded on to trucks waiting at the entrance to the St. Andrew mansion. ”

  23. So Carlos Hill has left.
    The report in todays gleaner say Carlos Hill had computers home.
    Why on earth a man who has been convicted of a financial crime which involves other countries not have his computer taken away.
    These tools with internet access, would no doubt give this thief the ability to move the stolen loot around so no one could find it.

    Worst of all the crooks had two books entitled “License to Steal “and “Praise for Greed Incorporated.”

    This only point to the fact that this guy has no intention of stop stealing, has no remorse for stealing and should get a prison sentence no less than 20 yrs.

    Carlos Hill should never see the light of day again.

    I am sure David Smith must have bought those two books too.

  24. Carlos Hill shunned.

    When the trucks bearing Carlos Hill stuffed showed up at an apartment on lady musgrave rd, the residents would not allow his stuff to be offlloaded.

    Carlos Hill who was holed up in the apartment could only watch as the truck left with his goods to a undisclosed location.

    Well thats what you get for being a crook.

  25. Former Cash Plus boss faces opposition at new home

    I had reported this earlier this morning.

  26. Oh by the way for those not in Jamaica the liquidator for Cash Plus listed several “cash plus” properties and vehicles for sale in today’s Gleaner…. all being well I will post an update on this…

  27. Cash Plus Investors to recoup as little as 5 cents on the dollar

    By Julian Richardson

    Sunday, July 12, 2009

    Cash Plus investors allegedly scammed by Carlos Hill are unlikely to celebrate an estimate made by auditors PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) that asset sales could deliver between five and 16 cents on the dollar.

    Members of the public have been invited to post purchase offers for what could amount to hundreds of millions of dollars in assets belonging to the defunct firm.

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