NFA fines I Trade FX LLC $250,000

Investforlife has just received news earlier today that the NFA has imposed a US$250,000 fine on I Trade FX LLC for failing to implement a anti-money laundering program.

April 28, Chicago – National Futures Association (NFA) has fined I Trade FX LLC (I-Trade) $250,000 for failing to implement an adequate anti-money laundering (AML) program. I-Trade is a Futures Commission Merchant and Forex Dealer Member of NFA located in Lake Mary, Florida. I-Trade solely conducts retail, off-exchange forex business. The Decision, issued by an NFA Hearing Panel, is based on an NFA Complaint filed in June 2008

The Panel found that I-Trade failed to adequately implement its AML program by not filing a suspicious activity report (SAR), not investigating deposit and withdrawal activities of the accounts of two Jamaican investment clubs, Olint TCI and TCI FX, and not investigating the source of funds received from two of I-Trade’s customers.

See final judgement here at this link.


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  1. Lots to read.

    Fairly large fine for the company – I think that’s the max for one charge, although they could have fined them one time for each SAR incident (750,000). Still, that’s about the highest that I’ve seen for one charge.

    They dismissed the charge against Martinez for failure to supervise.

    They didn’t issue a cease-and-desist.

    A lot of stuff on the history of David and Martinezes.

  2. lf Martinez’s and Jared’s accounts of
    Smith’s background are true, Smith certainly had enough business acumen to
    understand that he was losing hundreds of thousands of dollars in interest by
    overfunding the l-Trade accounts. That he was willing to do so is a red flag of
    mammoth proportions. Yet l-Trade personnel apparently never even asked him why.

    Smith all his cronies and Martinez and Customer A and Customer be are like the Holocaust. That guy Martinez barely has a GED. Well they can all get into programs in the Pen.

  3. The AML requirements serve an important purpose: to aid government in
    combating terrorism, drug cartels, and other crimes that often have terrible
    repercussions on U.S. citizens. Violating those requirements can have serious

    Seems TCI FX claims of being above board are as false as David Smith’s “traded FOREX for 10 years”

  4. The Jamaican Financial Services Commission (JFSC) instituted a
    regulatory action against Smith and Olint Corporation Ltd. (Olint Corporation) in early
    2006 claiming that they were selling securities without a license.3 Although the action
    was brought before l-Trade filed Smith’s Form 8R for registration as a principal of the
    firm, l-Trade and Smith did not disclose the Jamaican action.


  5. At the time Jared and Martinez decided to form l-Trade, the capital
    requirement for FDMs was $250,000. By the time the firm was up and running, the
    capital requirement was $1 million. Jared and Martinez discussed the situation and
    decided to seek an additional investor with deep pockets.


    What? FX Chief could not find a million of his own to start? What??? But he’s supposed to be a zillionaire???/

  6. Jared knew that Smith had received some bad publicity in the fall of 2005.
    Smith was offering returns of 5% to 12o/o per month in his fund, and a Jamaican
    newspaper accused him of running a Ponzi scheme. Smith assured Jared he had done
    nothing wrong, and Jared believed him. Jared suggested Smith prove the paper wrong
    by paying redemptions quickly. According to Jared, within three weeks $350 million
    was redeemed and everyone was paid. Jared did not look at the fund’s books and
    records, but he heard about the redemptions through word-of-mouth and by reading an
    article in the Jamaican newspaper in which it retracted its earlier accusation.


  7. Kasky also looked at the facts and circumstances involving the Smith
    accounts and, in her opinion, his behavior was not suspicious, either. She based her
    opinion on the professional relationship that Martinez and his father had with Smith, her
    understanding that Jamaicans use financial firms as liquidity merchants for depositing
    and that the JAMAICAN OBSERVER said Smith had a billion dollars under
    management. Kasky admitted that it would have been reasonable for l-Trade to ask
    Smith for support for his performance claims.

    “liquidity merchants” ????

  8. * Working Paper No. 09/95: Ponzi Schemes in the Caribbean

    Summary: In several Caribbean states, unregulated investment schemes grew quickly in recent years by claiming unusually high monthly returns and through a system of referrals by existing members. These are features shared with traditional Ponzi schemes and pyramid schemes. This paper describes the growth of such schemes, their subsequent collapse, and the policy response of regulators, and presents key policy lessons. The analysis and recommendations draw on country experiences in the Caribbean, and in such diverse countries as the United States, Colombia, Lesotho, and Albania.

    • This very good document, its pretty long at just around 47 pages, but it gives a very good review of the rise and fall of the Ponzi schemes in Jamaica.

  9. Now Smith’s Trading losses and his general dishonesty are in the open for the average investors to see.

    Questions Jay:

    The middlemen always said they were waiting to hear from Smith. What can they say now?

    Will the clients of the middlemen start/continue to take action against the people who took their money?

    If there ever was a reason to wait on ‘hearing’ from David Smith there could not be any credence for such a position at this time.

  10. Are there any believers left?

    If so could you please stand up?

    • Robin Irie:

      What’s up fellow detractor?

      I thought “Floridian” was a big time Olint Supporter from the #4 Bus? Doesn’t appear like that from his flurry of posts on the “dark side”. 🙂

      Or is it a different Floridian? Floridian, you could at least change your name so it nuh look so bad. Hahahahaha…..aaaa. Smithy run gone with all onno money, left you all with second mortgage, credit card loans, loan from 401-K and all sundries of bad debt. I know I lot of you wish you had that money to spend now that time is hard and getting harder. 10 % per month return….what a joke!!!

      Now you all see the light you come on the TRAIN acting like you are all intellectuals. I guess that Columbia Degree is finally kick-in and paying some “dividends” of a different sort …. Hahahahaha…..aaaa.

  11. The imposter “floridian” doesnt have half the character of the real Floridian. Definitely not near as entertaining as the real one anyway.
    One would think that the imposter would have enough class to use his own blog name. Or is hide him a hide supm??

  12. Colin? What’s your purpose? I hope for your sake it’s not to deceive and cover up a fraud for which you are a beneficiary. If so then get a lawyer. A good one. You have lawyers and then you have lawyers. Good Luck. Ease up on the false teaching and preaching now. You know how many ‘pastors’ are struggling and begging for their freedom right at this moment? Have some compassion.

    You never know the hour.

  13. False floridian, my purpose was to hopefully make enough money to start my own charity, to help the poor and be dependent on no one. But alas that dream has to be shelved for now. My purpose also is to have fellowship with God, thats the whole reason we were created.
    What is your purpose?? To spread fear, anxiety and doubt?? I have wondered what your motives are, they dont appear to be about spreading peace, love and doing unto others as you would have others do unto you. Perhaps you are the false teacher/preacher. Keep it up breddren, is not me goin judge you.

    Love and peace whoever you are. At least I dont have to hide behind other peoples blog names like you.

  14. Red P. Make enough money? How much did you ‘make’ ? No money was ‘made’ so the christian thing to do is return any gains you experienced to those whose money was stolen.

    Is that not the right and christian way?

    Peace Red P. You are right about judgement but remember sometimes people are asked to intercede in a judgement and help with recommendations as to how long a sentence should be.

    BTW there is Floridian and floridian.

  15. I guess Sirach is back 🙂

    Why you change your name Sirach?

  16. floridian,
    If it makes you feel better, I made nothing. I have lost. I maybe got back about 40% of my principle. I was not one of the lucky ones to have doubled and tripled their money. Need I run and hide from jail or turn myself in?? Shall I call my lawyer?? What would be the Christian thing to do in this case?? Forgive maybe and move on, having faith that one day I will get back the rest of my principle??

    You tell me.


  17. Sorry Red P.

    Your suggestion to forgive and move on is good advice. The problem is moving on means coming off the blogs so that those who are moving FORWARD and helping themselves (as God has mandated). somehow so many who speak about ;moving on’ still seem to hang around. Strange what could be their reason for that?

    ‘Moving on’ and ‘watching closely’ at the same time seems paranoid to me.

    And of course as a man of the cloth suss and gossip you would not be interested in.

    Bless you Red P we will miss you but wish you all the best as you ‘move on’ rest assured that your 60% loss as you have claimed shall go a far way in making those who are not moving on whole again. Thanks, such a move on your part is truly selfless and us of a lesser ilk who are not moving on shall never forget your example and our shortcomings in that regard.

    Walk good Red P walk with God. You will be missed yet your charity will live on forever.

  18. This palpable excitement has led to the emergence of a second class of literature, often misleading and downright fraudulent, where authors promise the reader riches by offering to make forex trading “easy.”

    “Is this bus ever going to come?” Maybe it broke down or had an accident. Rest assured that after a sufficient amount of time has passed, there will be no one left at the bus stop – no one except the model, that is. People are smart enough to realize when the rules of the game have changed (the bus schedule becomes useless after a certain amount of time has passed), while probability-driven models never take into account the fact that the model itself may be wrong and thus continue to wait for a bus that may, or may not, come. this critical flaw is what makes model-driven trading approaches blow-up spectacularly, and common sense dictates that the world is simply a lot more complex than any risk-model builder would have you believe.

    … when self-confidence turns into arrogance the effects can be devastating.

    Because of the wheeling-and-dealing style of their work, dealers have historically been more associated with the streets of Brooklyn than an Ivy league School…

    Silvani 2008.

    Walk good Red P.

  19. floridian,
    My friend, your obsession with me is quite flattering indeed but really not necessary. I seek exaltation from no one. I am concerned however that you consider yourself to be of a “lesser ilk” than I.
    Not so floridian, for you are fearfully and wonderfully made. The Creator of heaven and earth, The Master of the Universe Who holds all of creation in perfect balance sees you, floridian, as His most cherished, prized and loved creation. He is no respecter of persons. You nor I, nor Obama, Tutu or the garbage collector are held in a higher or lower esteem than the other in God’s eyes. He loves us all the same. He loves you with an everlasting love, neither depth, nor height, nor distance and time can separate you from the love of God. His desire is a personal relationship with you. What an awesome God!!
    You need to step into that relationship floridian and ask God to deliver you of these feelings of insecurity and self loathing, for to consider yourself to be of a “lesser ilk” indicates that you have very little regard for yourself and suffer from low self esteem. God does not see you as lesser floridian. You are His greatest creation.
    Walk with the Lord floridian, for any other walk or way is vain and futile.

    Peace bro.

  20. Dear Members,

    We are always so thankful to you for your continued patience and support in these trying times. We ask your prayer as we continue to work at implementing a solution, we still have not reached a state of being able to give you details of what we are doing because of how sensitive the negotiations are.

    Our trader’s situation has cleared one hurdle in that the National Futures Association (NFA) of the USA are not pursuing any charges against him and his organization as they have not found evidence of anti-money laundering. In the meantime we await further developments in his other trader’s situation(s). As soon as any additional information is available we will be communicating this to you.

    Please continue to pray for the following:

    1. Relief for many members who are undergoing hardships at this time

    2. The successful completion of the negotiations .

    3. The early resolution to the situation involving our trader’s funds and for him and his family’s well being

    The Management and Staff

    LewFam Club

  21. wow…amazing…a great fraud has been committed by Conman Smith yet LewFam eyes are still closed. Wake up…Conman Smith will con you until Jesus second coming…Price waterhouse will be in Turks soon to go through the accounts and to determine how the US$10m will be shared.

  22. I am saddened at how much ire has been stirred up darkening the skies over the beautiful Caribbean. I would challenge anyone, victim, foe or friend, of i-Trade and Olint to ask themselves a few questions: If the Martinez family are such a successful family, how did they earn their money before meeting Mr. Smith?

    My research has shown the Martinez family (specifically the elder FXCHIEF) does not have an exactly glowing record of professional success before meeting Mr. Smith. Jared Martinez has been involved with and still operates several, failing businesses like Real World Investments ( ) and Castle Designs ( ). Isn’t hard for anyone else to accept financial advice from a person whose only financial success has come from a business relationship started with Mr. Smith?

    According to my initial research, FXCHIEF may not even have a high school education, and neither Isaac nor Jacob Martinez has any schooling beyond a general high school education. Any intelligent investor will tell you that successfully navigating the Forex is extremely complicated yet, this family of self-proclaimed “hardworking Mexicans” has less than a year of college between them… Does one honestly believe that complex investments and the even more complicated laws governing those investments can be mastered by three men who probably can’t read beyond a 7th grade level?

    To my fellow posters, be wary of getting into debates with some people who would defend i-Trade. The Martinez family encourages their employees to surf the web and post defense of i-Trade’s shady dealings to this site.

    I would hope the NFA is not the only organization in the US investigating i-Trade and the Martinez clan. For years, FXCHIEF’s sons slept in the house of friends because their father could not afford to house them…I even hear that now, yet another one of FXCHIEF’s marriages is falling apart. I find it odd that before FXCHIEF’s meeting of Mr. Smith, the Martinez family was relatively homeless and far from the successful businessmen they claim to be. Their success came without education nor hard work, but rather overnight and under obviously questionable circumstances. I know people with PhDs in Finance who are intimidated by the Forex, but we should believe an unsuccessful business man and his two undereducated sons can find amazing wealth on the Forex with a misunderstanding of what the Fibonacci Sequence is and means?

    Like most scandals, scams and schemes, the people implementing i-Trade’s ongoing scam don’t need to be smart…just smarter than you…and if you do just a moment’s work of looking into the Martinez family history, you’ll find they aren’t smarter than you…res ipsa loquitur

  23. Lewfam is delusional, what hurdle did Olint overcome.
    Give me a break, these guys are clutching at straws.

  24. nice post REDP

  25. Lewfam adds insult to injury.

    they have still not accept liability. it is always somebody else fault. So if one does not get back their money, it means they did not pray hard enough.

    I think Lewfam is praying that people will blame everybody else and not think of pressing charges / arresting them for the fraudsters they are !!!

  26. I see fraud….oh ye of little faith! the NFA report is a positive indicator….no money laundering identified…after a yr of investigation in an environment of institutions like Stanford & capital blue being locked dwn swiftly…this confirms that nothing has been found.

    question: if DS was this great ponzi scheme u don’t think the NFA would have highlighted that!!!! …regardless of any jurisdiction issue.

  27. Mk
    Clearly you are consuming too much of the olint kool-aid.
    Faith without works is DEAD…OLint has not paid out a dime in over a year.
    NFA has no jurisdiction over Olint. It has over ITrade who was fined US$250,000.00.. That is not positive for the Conman David. The police will deal with the money laundering matters…remember the conman was doing little or no trading on the accounts with ITrade. I will have documentary evidence as sooon as my PW friend arrive in Turks for the independent audit. the findings will serve to confirm what most of us already know..Lewfam and your self need to stop being delusional.
    The words of Hippocrates still ring true..let your drink be your medicine and your medicine your drink…discard the kool-aid

  28. Isee Fraud/Doubting Thomas

    Glad ur PW friend is going to Turks but will u believe even with evidence?….what is clear is that the story is now coming to a conclusion…..the truth will come out….let me have ur guess as to what is left ?

  29. what is left is going to be spent on lawyers to keep them out of jail. every conman has a getaway stash.. to which only he knows.

    After all is said and done.. David Smith will still benefit from some of our monies which he has stashed away

  30. Lewfam’s letter says Smith has not found ‘evidence of anti money laundering’

    Clearly they can’t read or have little grasp of comprehension. And they run a school!

  31. Remember that the NFA investigation of Jared Martinez has never had any bearing on Smith paying out your money.

  32. Hey Red P! Peace profound!

    We must all be of a lesser ilk than you after all from the way you speak you own the copyrights to God’s word. 🙂

    Red P where is your church I would like to attend.

  33. Floridian,
    Haha, if I had that copyright I wouldn’t have needed Olint. 🙂

    Swallowfield Chappel.

    • RedP:

      A few weeks ago, you were calling for the return of Sirach….well…..he’s back and giving you hell!!! Be careful for what you wish for. Right Sirach? 🙂

  34. Big tides church Red P. Can you get tides refunded when you are broke?

  35. RedP,

    In your May 1 post, you said that you only got back 40% of your ‘principle’ and that you hope one day to get back the rest of your ‘principle.’

    I believe you lost ALL of your PRINCIPLE when you got involved in an unregulated and illegally-operated PONZI scheme and convinced others to do likewise.

    You quote the bible a lot, are you unfamiliar with Rom. 13:1-7; Titus 3:1; 1Peter 2:13-16 and 1Tim.3:6-10?

  36. Lewis’ school is one ting … why dem nuh jus’ sell de big estate inna Coopers Hill dem buy ’bout ah year now wid dem members’ money (and ah live inna) from de Issa dem … and refund de money … rather than a give out pure geow … ’bout how dem a try fe arrange loan and ting … and ah talk ’bout dem a christian … dem betta min’ JAH-JAH …

  37. … dem betta min’ JAH-JAH … and some mere mortals … nuh come bite out dem ‘whats-it-not’ …

  38. RedP

    Carefull how you keep council with these guys’

    ‘Big tides church Red P. Can you get tides refunded when you are broke?”.

    dem remarks yah look like man and man a jeer how a brother choose to deal with his faith.


    You want to buy Major estate.

    Mi hear seh mortgage payment a kill him like the rest of us who bought big house hoping OLINT would help out with the mortgage.

  39. Big tides church Red P. Can you get tides refunded when you are broke?

    Floridian a nuh suh tide work!!!!!!!!

    why dem nuh jus’ sell de big estate inna Coopers Hill dem buy ’bout ah year now wid dem members’ money

    You want it to buy????? mi hear seh mortgage payments a kill Major like all the rest of us who bought big car and house expecting OLINT to do the rest….

  40. Dearest Calli,
    I hope all is well with you. It appears I need to go back to basic school to learn how to spell properly. 🙂 I meant PRINCIPAL, not PRINCIPLE. The brain kinda gets fool fool with age. haha
    BTW, I have never convinced nor coerced anyone into joining Olint. If you believe that I have, please prove it before jumping to conclusions or casting aspersions.
    You know supm? One thing i’d like to point out. There are three sides to an argument. The two opposing sides and the truth. Now some will say I am drinking delicious Kool-aid or have my head in the sand but I think not.
    Last I checked, a man remains innocent until proven guilty. No one to date, in court, has PROVEN Olint to be a ponzi or Mr. Smith to be a thief. ( I hear the groaning but si wid mi please 🙂 ). Now the way I see it, until these things are proven to be so, I am not in a position to stand in judgement and say yae or nae. The reason being that the TRUTH, the FULL TRUTH has not yet been revealed. So, I dont necessarily stand in blindfolded support of Smith but I stand in support of the truth, and in the end, if it is innocent, so be it and if guilty, so be it.
    Have you ever been wrongly accused of something you didnt do and never had a chance to defend yourself?? I have, it’s not a nice experience. That is why I strongly take the stance of not prejudging. When the TRUTH comes out, fine, Let the chips fall where they may. Until then, all I can do is trust God, have faith and remain positive.

    Now Cally, as to your scripture references. I am not a Bible scholar, please keep that in mind.

    Romans 13: 1-7 Are you accusing me of being a tax evader? Do you have proof of such a thing?? Inland Revenue hasnt come knocking on my door lately and never has.

    Titus 3:1 Yes I am subject to principalities and powers and to obey magistrates. I didnt know that I was before the courts. As far as I know the authorities have no warrant out for my arrest.

    1 Peter 2: 13-16 Exactly which ordinance of man am I not submitted to?? As for verse 16, is it possible that you are using your liberty as a cloak of maliciousness against me??

    1 Timothy 3: 6-10 I did not realize that I was running for the office of Bishop. In no way have I ever claimed to be perfect and beyond reproach. I am human just like you and prone to make mistakes. Thank GOD that HE takes our sin and throws it into the sea of forgetfulness when we are repentant!!

    floridian, there are ppl at Swallowfield Chappel from all walks of life, rich, poor, different colours and nationalities. Tithing is taught but not an absolute requirement in order to attend. What you give to God is between you and God and it is nobody else’s business, not even the church’s.
    I can tell you though, when you sow into God’s Kingdom, God blesses you back in ways you wouldn’t expect. He blesses financially and otherwise. It is impossible to outgive God and He loves a cheerful giver. I guess thats why we call Him AWESOME!!

    Love and peace ppl. I do apologize for the length of this.

  41. RedP,

    I do not wish to prolong this argument, but you have taken the verses out of context deliberately?

    For example, the substantial issue in Rom. 13 speaks to general submission to authorities; the payment of taxes is a minor subsidiary point, yet you evade the main issue and respond to the minor.

    RedP, I quoted these verses to show what the bible teaches about our duty to respect and submit to the authorities, which most of the Olint Christians failed to do. In fact, they took sides with Olint against the government.

    Your general response is to avoid the issues and try to nitpick your way out. The Timothy passage I meant to quote was chaper 6:3-10 (not 3:6-10)

    On the matter of whether Olint was a ponzi, it is no longer a matter of waiting until it is proven. DS himself said that he lost the money (which all evidence shows was not involved in much trading but moving money around) and needed 9 months to make it back, then what was he doing with the money?

    Anyway, take care my friend.

  42. Calli, I am not arguing and am sorry if you felt that I am. The problem I have is that you seem to lump everybody together and paint them with a broadbrush. Anyway

    Peace to my friend

  43. i-Trade FX and Market Traders Institute will be closed to their employees for the next week as the FXCHIEF “cooperates” with an investigation and audit by the FBI…

  44. …in the end the National Futures Association is a self-regulatory agency, and asking forex brokers to “self-regulate” themselves is like asking athletes to self-regulate themselves for steroid abuse. It is just not very effective.

    The Commodity and Futures Trading Commission, on the other hand, is the government-sponsored body that overseas all exchange-related activity in the US (FSA UK). These are the guys that send crooked dealers and ponzi schemes to jail…

    “Employing nonmember third-party solicitors using misleaing promotional materials to solicit members.”

    “Claiming that ‘customer funds are segregated and safe at all times’ when in fact they are not.

    …because these middlemen are free to manipulate their price feed, they can essentially show their clients any price they want, and the same person that is doing the buying and the selling also becomes the person that controls the prices.


  45. I invested with kiui – a sub investment company which fed the money to Olint – at the time i invested i asked kiui about how they could secure such returns – and what if they went the way of Olint? they circumvented any real answer – and then 5 months later reveal to their investors that their money is locked up because they gave it to Olint!!

  46. Interesting news Professor…
    ITFX transferred accounts to another broker on Friday, it does appear as if ITFX is closing down. Cooperation is a good thing….another step closer to the truth.

  47. “Factors which the court might have taken into account in this case if there had been a triable issue were, first, that the injunction required the bank to continue against its will to provide confidential services for the plaintiffs; second, that the injunction would require the bank to continue to incur reputational risks and possible exposure to legal action; third, that it was by no means clear that the plaintiffs would be able to satisfy a claim under the cross-undertaking in damages; fourth, that the plaintiff’s case was, even if not (as Their Lordships think) hopeless, certainly weak, and fifth, that the plaintiffs could no doubt have obtained alternative banking services from any bank whom they could persuade that they were not running a fraudulent scheme,” the Privy Council said.

    Note: Some have an issue as to whether scams like OLINT “took” peoples money. Participants of the fraud seem to want to paint a picture that people gave them their money and that the criminals had no choice but to accept it and steal it. They try to portray that their arms were twisted. The fact is after taking the checks Olint still took a further step and cashed the checks. Then transferred the money to their own accounts and also spent it on “friends” (see full article) and family.

    The Jamaican Judges and associated persons on the list of OLINT account holders has not gone gone down well and there is surely more to come.

  48. The United Kingdom Privy Council has said that some of the ex parte injunctions granted in the Jamaican courts show a disregard for the rule of law.

    The observation was made by the Privy Council, Jamaica’s final appellate body, when it handed down its reasons this month for giving the National Commercial Bank (NCB) the go-ahead in January to close the accounts of embattled investment club Olint Corporation Ltd

    The pressure Smith has put on Jamaicans who have gained Belongerships in TCI must be gut wrenching. Not to mention the amount of work that it shall take for the full review of how and why Belongerships have been granted on the islands in the eyes of the British Government. Whoever arranged for David and Tracy Smith to attain Belonger status last year (See Sun TCI) must be feeling a little stupid about now.

  49. Floridian,

    You are right about the glaring conflicts of interest by local judges who have sat and ruled on Olint cases while being interested parties themselves as ‘investors.’

    There needs to be an inquiry in this matter.

  50. CFTC’s advises on Forex fraud available:

    Unsafe Conditions

    . Promise profits, but they don’t deliver- their customers lose money instead.

    . Claim most customers make money, when in fact most lose.

    . Claim to be trading customers funds, when in fact they are stealing them.

    . Give you phony success stories from made-up customers.

    . Create fake account statements showing false trading profits.

    . Claim that they have been in business for years, when in fact it is often only months.

    . Claim to be solid and stable firms, until they disappear and leave customers calls unanswered.

    Foreign Exchange (FOREX) AND High-Yield Investment Program (HYIP) Fraud. Commodity Futurs Trading Commission (CFTC) 2008.

  51. Moving Violations

    In a recent period, the CFTC filed over 80 enforcement actions in federal court against hundreds of firms, owners and employees for defrauding over 23,000 customers who lost over $300 million in these forex schemes.

    Many of these forex fraudsters were also criminally prosecuted and are now in jail.

    Foreign Exchange (FOREX) AND High-Yield Investment Program (HYIP) Fraud. Commodity Futurs Trading Commission (CFTC) 2008.

  52. How do the scams work? (see

    Forex scams attract customers with sophisticated-sounding offers placed in newspaper advertisements, radio promotions, or on Internet sites. Promoters often lure investors with the concept of leverage: the right to “control” a large amount of foreign currency with an initial payment representing only a fraction of the total cost. Coupled with predictions about supposedly inevitable increases in currency prices, these contracts are said to offer huge returns over a short time, with little or no downside risk.

    In a typical case, investors may be assured of reaping tens of thousands of dollars in just a few weeks or months, with an initial investment of only $5,000. Often, the investors money is never actually placed in the market through a legitimate dealer, but simply diverted-stolen-for the personal benefit of the con artists.

    [And of course their families and the “technocrats” in media and governance and jurisprudence needed to “protect” the scam artists TRY to escape]

    Foreign Exchange (FOREX) AND High-Yield Investment Program (HYIP) Fraud. Commodity Futurs Trading Commission (CFTC) 2008.

  53. US beefs up hard-boiled tax havens stand

    US PRESIDENT Barack Obama has upped his hardline stance on tax havens like the TCI by unveiling a string of new measures aimed at lifting banks’ shroud of secrecy.

    The plan envisages the hiring of an extra 800 federal agents to police the laws.

  54. What about worlwise. I live in florida and i have driven by strawns house – he owns a bentley. The man needs to go to jail. I have sent an email to the FBI and I hope they are investigating him. The other company that needs to be investigated is rite vision. These people are crooks. Strawn lives in a gated community in Florida. Please arrest him.

  55. Since July 2008, I have read every blog, news report (from jamaica, TCI, Grenada, St. Lucia, USA, England), I have spoken to the FBI, the NSA, the IRS, the TCI financial crimes unit, the CID in Grenada – everything relating to Olint I havereasearched and read; to date, I have yet to find any information on where David Smith has stashed the money (if there is any money left). I have heard rumors about money in Tortola and the Caymans. I have spoken to one banker and one minister of government from Tortola, and to the police chief in the Cayman Islands…still nothing. I have read the posts which appears to be made by “the Olint faithful” and heard the responses from the “Olint haters”…..still no information on where the money is.
    I want..NEED my money so ulimately that is all that is important – to me anyway. I have heard rumors that the ex-premier tipped off Davis Smith about the raid and he moved the money. But to where?
    So please can anyone answer the following? Does DS have money left? How much? Where? Is he trading? Is he winning or is he losing? Is there any proof that Olint was a “Ponzi”? If so, what proof is there? Has anyone spoken to DS in the past four or so months? Can I get some facts and not the useless speculation? To those of you that just like to read your posts, and have nothing real to say, may I humbly suggest that you write in your diary..please! People are really hurting!

  56. Can anyone tell me where the money is (if there is any)? Tortola? Cayman Islands? Any truth to the rumor that the premier tipped off DS and he moved the money before the raid? Why was Olint not paying out before the raid? Anyone? Has anyone received money since May 2008? How much? Can someone employed with Hallmark Bank and Trust in TCI provide some answers? How about you Knighton of TCI police(I know you blog under an assumed name here)….can you provide any answers? Anyone?

  57. john- jail is too easy people here in ja suffering badly, it has destroyed peoples lives its very hard to c people u know personally go through this, can u imagine scammin or being careless with monies belonging to hard workin people, 9-5 people trying to make a livin in this already extremly difficult economic situation, people cant affoard legal representation. theres only one justice for these type of people…. these people must suffer the consequences
    Tafari- y dont u call DS and ask him last number i know worked 6492317006

  58. Student you have a lot of demands. You are probably young. In time you come to understand that World owes you nothing and you have to work for what you want. When others work for the info you seek why should they give it to you? What have you done? Maybe you work with the Smith team.

    Use your head. There is no nipple bottle in this matter. This is major cover up involving Governments and Government CORRUPTION.

    Anyway good luck.

  59. Floridian, your comment to student “maybe your work for the smith team” seems a little misdirected, don’t you thnk? Did you read tthe questions that Student is asking? A “major cover up involving Governments and Government CORRUPTION”? Nipple bottle? Really? For me, and it seems for Student as well, this is about recovering funds that were invested, sometimes knowingly and in other cases not, with Olint. So take student’s advice and go write in your diary.
    If Student is with the Smith team, who are you? Mark Knighton of the TCI Financial Crimes Unit? I suggest that all investors share information regarding Olint. It is in the interest of all investors to be in the know.

  60. Student
    Wake up…you will hear that the money is in prague, ghana, france, italy, oman, new zealand and other places. The modus operandi of a fraudster when caught is to provide various scenario to save face. The facts are clear:
    1. The monthly gains were ficticious.
    2. Olint was the mother of all ponzi.
    3. Over 60% of the funds have been paid out to investors
    4. The remainder was given to politicians and used to support the conman lavish lifestyle.
    5. Only a paltry US$10m remains.
    6. Price Waterhouse will be going in after the 26th of this month to audit.
    Know you are having challenges like myself but we were royally conned.

  61. Interesting Isee Fraud,

    If you feel money is all over the world and it is established that about $10m exists in Turks why would you think that only $10 m exists?

    Wouldn’t DS have put away the bulk of the funds?

  62. So whats the latest on OLINT? Ever since Sirach gone there has been no news at all. I guess the players are all getting away with white collar crime. Money talks and bullshit walks!

  63. wantmymoney
    Read my post carefully…the talk about money being sent all over is a ploy to decieve by the conman and his public relations people….What bulk of money? wake up …nuh money nuh de.. The conman stated in the infamous email that olint was bankrupted….Can it be made clearer…If you can just understand that the gains were fictitious then you will realise that it was a ponzi…The conman david smith,the CEO wayne smith and others should be sent to the hague for crimes against humanity.

  64. Isee Fraud, based on all available evidence, it appears you are right. I am, however, hoping you are wrong. I am just hoping…hoping..I guess I am just hoping that there is some money somewhere. If this guy was truly a conman, he has conned his mother and her best friends, his pastor, his own best friends, other members of his own family, even some of his staff at Olint. WOW! When I learned that he had over 1.5 Billion (with a B) US dollars under management in mid 2007, I want to believe that there is no way he could have spent it all…well, except he had huge losses trading. And that will indicate that he was trading.
    Another question, why did he ask for nine months? And if he was just buying time, why didn’t he run during the period that he was free to do so – before he was arrested? He had to know that they would charge him eventually? Is he such a smart conman and such a stupid criminal?
    I have had conversations with a few folks that claim they were close to him…people who say they visited him in TCI in December 2008. They claim he says that he has money stashed somewhere. Is is possible that he has some money on a trading platform and is trading under someone else’s name? I have been able to trade US$2000.from home (having a little success so far). So could he be trading to regain the losses he was reported to have had in late 2007?

    Too many questions. I just HOPE…………

  65. Bull – I tried the number and was not surprised that there was no answer. So I wait and I hope and I pray. I am sure that I am like many others who really can’t afford to lose money in this difficult time. Hopefully DS will announce this week that he is paying everyone their money. Wouldn’t that be great……

  66. even if David Smith said he would pay now, he has the money. No bank would touch him, Law Enforcement would be all over him and whom ever he wanted to pay.

    Right now, as an investor, I want very little to do with David Smith

  67. A lot of people are speculating about olint. It would seem to me that DS have little regard for his investors or he would send out periodic infor. to his investors. I understand that he is laughting at the investors who have lost or in the process of loosing there homes, cars etc. Be careful what you do to poor people. One banker was ask to leave his house and car, the other banker cannot pay his bills because he has lost billions. When both were digging a hole for others they forgot to gid one for themselves. Same thing will happen to DS. his world would continue to calapse peice by peice around him until NOTHING is left.

    I heard recently that both thr british and FBI has no further interest in him. The british has drop the case. This may be gossip

  68. The FBI is closing in on David Smith. He will be in a Federal Penitentary soon.He has spread many lies about the case being dropped. That is not true.

  69. “I heard recently that both thr british and FBI has no further interest in him. The british has drop the case. This may be gossip”….Paul – What of this? Were you referencing David Smith? I hope so. This will be good news. Then it will be left up to the police in TCI to provide their evidence to the court. Hopefully then DS will reveal where the money is (if there is any) and start paying. I will be happy to get back 80 % of my investment.

  70. The person who spreads the rumour that the FBI has no interest in Smith can’t even spell.

  71. He caught some fish with the gang in TCI though.


  72. The FBI is hard at work interviewing witnesses in the case against David Smith

  73. Their alleged benefactors are running scared and concerned they will lose all they have acquired by allegedly illegal means.

    Their newly enriched family members fear going back, not to their comfortable level of living, but to abject poverty (or even a jail cell).

  74. floridian, what is your true purpose here? The more you write, the more you appear to be the TCI police (who is still “investigating” to build a case. I am very wary of those on the various blogs who are appear to be in Dvid Smith’s bosom, or those who seem like they are the ones investigating David Smith. Both extremes seem to have an ulterior motive…..So floridian, what’s up?

  75. Tafari,

    “floridian, what is your true purpose here?”

    Dont you know who Floridian is? I give you a clue.

    S I _ _ C H

    You last post answer your own question.

  76. What’s up? the IMF is concerned about OLINT.

    The Prime Minister’s stopover in TCI not mentioned in Jamaican media.

    Audley Shaw’s no-show’s in Birmingham and London not reported by any media house in Jamaica.

    Grovelors still grovelling….no shame….nuff image.

    .’Marvel Comics interested in buying several media outfits in Jamaica.’

  77. Everyone knows who Sirach is now posting as…the motives are very clear….to get DS behind bars.

  78. PM met with Smith in Turks.I hope he reports to the Jamaican people about the meeting.The media silence about the meeting is suspicious. PM actually went to the Smith residence.

  79. Thats very good news Badman….its better the ja govt works out something for us than any US entity.

    If its true….thumbs up for Bruce!

  80. The prime minister has the right to see any Jamaican overseas, especially a
    Jamaican in trouble. Mr golding has a heart of gold, I am glad he found
    the time to see David.

  81. maybe the pm could arrange another meeting with David Smith and persuade him to make some payments to the worst hit club members.

  82. The PM meeting with a fraudster and a thief, if the reports are true then its a very bad move on the part of the PM.

    Why would I want to be associated with a fraudster ?

    I do hope its all a rumour, but with politicians can I say its totally unbecoming of them. They have been know to commit even worse errors of judgement

  83. Maybe the PM is trying to get DS to pay back investor’s money.

  84. One can only assume that the PM’s visit to DS (is that is true) was an effort on his part to act in the publc’s interest. I can hardly imagine him going to DS to, say, receive a bribe at this point. So it is welcome for him to use his influence to assist DS to repay people’s money. If DS has money anywhere, it will be particularly difficult for him to start a payout because as I read somewhere “no bank will touch him”. So good luck Mr. PM.
    So Jay, if you realize how many people are affected by this Olint mess, you will understand why the PM will want to meet with a “fraudster and a thief”. I would welcome any help at this point…be it a priest, a politician, a roadside drunk….anyone who can get some truth from DS and help me get my money back.

  85. I have a US $800 million question: Why was DS unable to pay out in the first few months of 2008? I recently started trading Forex and the one certain thing is that the money remains fairly liquid. What problems was he having? can it be:
    1. He was broke? Trading losses?
    2. The banks wouldn’t allow him to transfe money?
    3. He had started to hide money in anticipation of the raid? (yes he knew about it well before hand).
    3. He decided to just keep it to himself?
    4. He was running a ponzi and the money ran out? But why then? Because there was no run on the fund in late 2007, or was there?

    Food for thought……

    • Tafari Francis:

      There is a email on the “other” blog that an Olint insider, (knowledgeable on the financial state of Olint at the time) outlined the financial pressures Olint was having in July 2008. Read that email and ALL your questions will be answered!

  86. Tafari , #4 is the most appropiate answer.

    If you were following this blog earlier, we covered what happens to the money in a ponzi,its the same picture every time.

    It fails when the money is gone.

  87. Tafari:
    Read that and the related links and comments.. pity the audio not work

    Also read “Man Mother and Ponzi” and the related links on that page

  88. I just went over on the number four bus and saw a posting concerning sterling fund, which appears to be a forex managed fund company.
    They are quoting rates of return as follows:
    Nov 08 Dec 08 Jan 09 Feb 09
    Gross return 48% 55% 32% 197%
    Return after fee 31% 36% 21% 128%.

    Now after all that has occured in this arena over the last few months, I am really amazed that there are folks out there who believe that the forex market can create and sustain the above rates with any level of consistency.

    If we have not learned from our past we are doomed to make the same mistakes in the future.

    I would encourage those here to forget forex trading as its unsustainable and you are likely to end up poorer vs being any richer.

  89. No immunity can be negotiated in Turks.

  90. Jay, I share your sentiments. But it is not impossible to do both. One can hope while taking action. I am doing both.
    I do, however, have reason to believe in the possibility of getting (at least some of) my money back. I care not to dosclose the reason here.
    It is true that the longer the wait…….however, at this point, Olint should not be moving any of the money except that he has real intent to steal it and run. I don’t know how much money is there but I know that some is there….and not the ten million that is being mentioned.
    The TCI police is like any other police force in the Caribbean ie, not very sophisticated. They have access to help from scotland yard and I suggest they use it.
    The one thing that bothers me is that the DS will have to say where the money is or get convicted for theft. When he does that, the US IRS will want first pickings because of the US investors who chose not to pay taxes on their returns. Getting the FBI involved in this was not a good reason because of this. But speak to TCI FCU and they will direct you to talk to the FBI, the IRS ,the JA police…they are trying to get other jurisdictions involved in this so as to create the appearance that there is widespread wrong-doing.
    On the other side of the coin, if DS was really running a ponzi, there will be only a smaller amount of money there (in the bank..those who know, know).
    Truth: DS had no money on OANDA.
    Truth: There was OLINT money on OANDA.
    How is that possible? If you figure that out, you will answer the question “where is the money?”
    I started this blog with questions. Now I am beginning to get answers. It is costing a little bit and I hope I am not throwing good money after bad. But for what it is worth, I will continue to share my findings.

  91. (My comments above is the response to Jay on another blog..just wanted to share them here…..)


    I have read the links. I have read the earlier postings on he blogs.
    Jay appears certain that Olint was a ponzi. Some are sure it was not. Some posts appear to be from DS himself while others appear to be from Mark Knighton.
    Jay I can prove you wrong about one thing. For the few months that I have been trading, I have had returns as follows:
    Month 1: 7.38%
    Month 2: 14.2%
    Month 3: 11.68%
    Month 4: 16.5%
    The actual returns are not substantial because I am not trading much money. I am new to this, having spent 30 days learning with a dummy account before I wired money and started actually trading. Someone who is disciplined, experienced and know more about the market could easily sustain these returns. And because you can actually buy or sell, you can make money on either currency in a pair at any time that there is movement.
    Why is J so sure that the No. 4 is the most appropriate? On the other hand, why isn’t it? Jay, what are the facts you have? And if you have no facts, what is your motive?

  92. News just in..The PM did not meet with DS. Why the lies and rumors? Come on people…

  93. To some of you this will not be news but it is reported that the US$750 mil document as well as the letter from OANDA showing that amount provided by DS were forged documents. That is one of the charges against him. However, my source indicates that there is a large sum of money in a bank believed to be OLINT funds that the TCI police is looking at. The bank is refusing to coorporate saying that their contract is with their client and that OLINT or DS’s name is not on the account. I have a call coming in from Turks……..will be back to share what I learned………….

  94. Truth: DS had no money on OANDA.
    Truth: There was OLINT money on OANDA.

    That is the 10 million USD question.

    Question: Was it Olint’s?

  95. Question: Was it a double casino? The house played double.

  96. The house played double?

  97. Guess again…

  98. “Although the action
    was brought before l-Trade filed Smith’s Form 8R for registration as a principal of the
    firm, l-Trade and Smith did not disclose the Jamaican action.”

    I don’t see how you forget that you are in a lawsuit, unless you have other people fill out your paperwork and then you sign the paperwork without reading it.

    Tafari Francis, on May 21st, 2009 at 6:06 pm Said:
    Guess again…

    What the10 million is now 750 million and everyone is fighting over it and stuck in the middle of a money laundering investigation?

  99. Or did the Jamaican government decide to play in the FOREX based on the interest they had in the leaked emails.

  100. AML, are you an Olint investor? If so, were you invested through a third party or directly with OLINT?

  101. Tafari Francis
    Guess again.

    So what do you know?

  102. Tafari, please do not be agent of propaganda. pm, vaz and Smith met in Provo
    last wek.

  103. The source of my info is a member of the opposition and personal friend who is always ready to discredit the pm. Therefore, I believed him when he defended the pm.
    Has there been any official report of the meeting to date?
    What is the source of your info labourite?

  104. My cousin and his wife saw them together. They know Smith as one of them worked on the construction of his Chalk Sound house.Was your PNP friend in Provo?Bruce should expel the Olint 3 from the party (Vaz,Robertson and Creary)
    before the party gets mired in scandal.

  105. That they met is actually good news I think. There has been so many people affected by this “scandal” that it is time the PM get personally involved. I would have loved to be a fly on the wall.
    Hopefully something good comes out of that meeting.

  106. Tafari, what about your report re the Turks money? I hope that you are not as guillible as you seem. bruce and vaz in provo and david smith not involved?
    I have a bridge in Manhattan to sell you.

  107. Are there any attorneys among us? I have a contract question regarding the latest OLINT contract. I am hoping to do what the TCI police should be doing…finding the money. Please email me at :

  108. Badman, do I really seem gullible? What is your motive anyway? I take it you are of the opinion that DS is a thief, right? Do yoou really believe that a thief would let all that money out of his hand until there is only 10 million US left? And allow the 10 mill to be frozen when he knew about the raid coming?
    Here is the scenario, genius badman:
    If he is a thief, I want to know where he stashed the stolen money.
    If he is this good Godly man, I want to know where he is protecting our money.
    The only gullible ones are they that make up their minds before having all the facts.
    Did you invest in OLINT? If you did so and you are so sure that he is a thief, you are not only gullible but stupid as well. If you did not invest in OLINT, what is your motive on this blog? Do you work for NCB? Or did DS punch you in the nose back in school days? Or maybe took away your girlfriend?
    You mistake an open mind for gullibility.

  109. And about that bridge in Manhattan, how much is it?

  110. Tafari,

    Finally someone is making some good sense (and hopefully dollars).

    Your points seem void of the usual “cut dwn DS at all costs”tone.

    Keep posting!

  111. Here is a correspondence I received via email from someone named KAY. Kay dear, I won’t give out our address here:

    Oye eddiat

    come affa di ppl dem site wid yuh stupidity…yuh love confuse people fi hide teef ….JAH nuh dead.. an dat muss c prison..hope dem put im inna 1 cell wid FLORIDIAN mek im haunt and terrorize im day an nite…all weh yuh a try im cyan sleep a nite im a worry an fret …2 damn hawtless..juss gwey from yah wid yuh propoganda and stop defen teef…mi waan yuh

    I heed your warning. I am warned that there are people in this world who are just downright stupid. I can’t remember “defen teef”. I get that you worry and fret..I do too and probably more than you do. But your apparent misdirected anger is very telling. You should pay attention in school. Are you one of those who sat in the back of the class and behaved like an idiot? Well, it is a shame that you have made that your life.

  112. Tafari bredren,
    You have to understand that nuff ppl are stressed, pressured and dess. Some handle it in different ways and some just vent. As floridian has pointed out ppl have even died because of lack of funds for medical treatment, ppl have lost houses and pensions. So duh, jus see wid dem if dem happen to “get out” and “pop off”. They are not necessarily stupid, just immensely pressured.

  113. Look at the above email where Allan Eden Hutchinson ‘recommends’ people to OLINT.

    The man asking for the account is a relative of Courtenay Barrnett lawyer for Tracey Smith. lawyer that knows jail all too well.

    The ‘recommender’ Allan Hutchinson is Jamaica’s diplomatic representative to TCI. And still is!

    Now view the following Clip of Bruce Golding in TCI the other day and look and see Allan Having a laugh beside the Prime Minister of Jamaica.

    Do nit quickly for that clip will be removed. Even though the relavant authorities have it stored.

  114. Look closely at the email. It is sent from Norman Bingham who states his credentials as a former manager of a financial institution in Jamaica.

    Was he one of the fool’s who part with their money?

    Has he been paid?

    Examine the email again. norman Bingham states that his nephew is Courtenay Barnett a lawyer in TCI.

    Bingham then goes on to state that his residency in Jamaica is of no concern or hinderance to him ‘investing’ in OLINT as he holds American Citizenship.

    We assume that his American tax returns are in order.

  115. So Allan Eden Hutchinson who represents the Government and people of Jamaica overseas is suggested as an agent of OLINT.

    Mr. Hutchinson has had ample time to make a statement to the contrary.

    Of course his wife iEdith Hutchinson is all too willing to run process servers who go to her place of business The Precious Treasures School to serve Tracey Smith (the one who does not select a board member for the OLINT foundation until after Jamaican elections).

    So we have a wife of a Jamaican people’s representative (aA Jamaican Diplomat)overseas who is un coperative with the law trying to helpthousands of victims in the OLINT take over of Jamaica.

    And that diplomat says nothing on the matter and also chooses to embarrass the country futher by obnoxiously staying in the postion.

    This evidently goes down fine with the Prime Minister of Jamaica Bruce Golding.

    Any comments?

  116. And of course Courtenay Barnett the Jamaican Lawyer in TCI has no reason to suggest that their might be a conflict of interest in representing the Smith’s while being a member of OLINT.

    When this all comes out in the USA court Jamaica will be a changed place. Let us hope it is for the better.

    I am sure our leaders would want nothing less.

  117. Anyone read the piece in the Observer today? Word is that DS plans to pay. Anyone know more info about this and how does he intend to pay? What was discussed with the PM in TCI?

    • It is said by Wayne that his brother intended to pay everyone. He was not able to say when and how.

      Intended to pay someone you owe money to and having the ability to pay that money are two different things.

  118. Rob that is a excellent question for the Prime Minister to answer. I am sure that because you asked he shall make a public answer by this evening from Trinidad.

  119. whats with the attitude floridian i was just wondering if anyone has inside information. calm down

  120. Try going three times a day Smithy.

  121. I was joking Rob. I have all the info but as Smithy would say ‘my lawyers have said not to……’ you know the deal.

  122. cool floridian. in your opinion should we have any hope of getting some money or can u fully say dog nyam wi suppah? lol

  123. truth be told info here is only for the Public Domain. the more serious info has to be held in private. No free lunches here.

  124. I mean you can get mudane info like he goes to church every day now and his mother plans to send someone to her case in Fl to say she new nothing about it and so on.

    But trith be told it is who are witnesses in the many different cases he will have to concentrate on.

    He will lip service anyone else including Bruce Golding.

    • You scolded me about my typographical errors which I have made.

      That was immature and hitting below the belt.

      Now look at yours including your grammer. ha/ha/ha.

  125. haha. well at least give us a time when we should here some concrete information. its been 1.5 years since this whole shit started and no real end in sight!

  126. The United States will intervene to resolve the problem
    through the grand jury process.America is the greatest country in the world.When David Smith stole from Americans he made a mistake.The Middle Disrtrict has a fine reputation in America for tough fearless prosecutions.When the Middle District of Florida is finished all perpetrators will be on their knees.

  127. I think that the Olint 3 should have a press conference and tell us the truth.We all know Olint has failed.
    Are Robertson,, VAz and Creary prepared to brief us on what to expect. The final result cannot be bankruptcy for all.

  128. So what will US authorities do larry? Use the patriot act to send in Special Operations 7th Group to snatch DS? Very unlikely. The US investors who are contacting the IRS and FBI for help should first ensure that they correctly reported and pain taxes on the returns they got from OLINT. Remember Al Capone?

  129. That should be “PAID” taxes

  130. Rob, I got inside info yesterday that DS “intends” to pay as well. I also heard that he has been trading on two platforms where some of the money is under a bank name. That same source, however, informs me that there is not hearly enough money to pay everyone. So what is the timeline given in Jamaica for payment? It was nine months at one time. Is it another nine months? Two years?

    • DS is very good at spreading false information for his own benefit.

      I sincerely hope this is not the case.

      I cannot say for sure if he is a thief until after the case in finished and he declared that he cannot pay. I reserved my judgedment until then. I do know for sure that he is certainly not truthful.

  131. JW you change your attitude recently? Good. listen to the new crew and let the Jamaicans argument stay where it belongs….in the toilet.

  132. Tafari you must be inexperienced or just not well educated. The US will take exceptional steps to capture a major international bandit like DS. The British who are going to suspend the Turks constitution will co-operate. DS will lose his Belongershp status because of fraud.DS will be happy for the comparative safety of a US courtroom. Research your position Tafari. Are you familiar with the Shiprider agreement. David may go fishing and not come back !

  133. It is interesting that DS is suddenly trading after a meeting with Bruce.Bruce probably took him to the woodshed!

  134. Larry, that last line gave me a chuckle.
    DS will get what is coming to him if he is truly a thief. I don’t know that he is a thief, but I also don’t know that he is not.
    Mine is a quest for answers. I started investigating this matter sometime last year and blogging nine months after OLINT was raided; It is also nine months after DS promised to start paying out.
    My goal here is to provoke intelligent thought and to obtain useful information. To date, you larry, seem to be void of intelligent thought and has not provided any useful information. So, I will no longer dignify your silly comments with a response.
    What is the word in Jamaica regarding the proposed payout? Did they provide any specifics? I would guess not because it appears that for some reason the OLINT crew just don’t like transparency or specifics.
    Like I said I don’t know if the guy is a thief but for a “Godly christian man” he sure is shady.
    Is there anyone who has heard anything official from OLINT since the arrest of DS?

  135. Is the Observer report online? I couldn’t find it.

  136. Sirach, why the name change?

  137. Harbour is back. Long live freedom of speech! I speak to you at a very grave time in our country’s development.A ponzi scheme is so powerful that it can
    demand and force the presence of our prime minister in the Turks. The Smith-Golding meeting is one of the darkest days for Jamaica since independence.
    The impending indictment of Smith will destroy Golding’s credibility.Long live Floridian! Larry is somewhat on the right track,although history proves that
    individuals are not safe in US custody or US courtrooms.

  138. Tafari , you are a young man with obviously the right attitude. However your inexperience and naivete are reflected in your comments. You seem to lack the
    historical and scientific perspective of a true student. If the data proves that Smith is a thief do not allow paid propagandists to sway your viewpoint.Use your common sense.

  139. Cynic, the filtering is slowing down replys. How will it EVER? Take a Guess.

  140. Cynic, use that thing on top of your neck.

    • Maybe I am just jaded by the corrupt, cheap (and sometimes not so cheap) legal system that I grew up in. Where evidence can and often easily vanishes, changes, or is just plan discredited.

      It ‘feels’ like Mr. Smith and crew have so many people covering their tracks, and I wonder if the US authorities really do have THAT much time and interest to invest in seeing Mr. Smith and screw taken to court for their crimes.

      Maybe it is the fact that this thing has been going on for what? almost 2 years, and STILL no solid information has surfaced in court or out of court. (And by this I’m not discrediting the stuff that bushmaster has posted…that was all good stuff).

      Or maybe its the fact that more than a year after Mr. Hill was charged, STILL he is a free man enjoying the spoils of Jamaican’s hard labour…

      All these things added up make it hard to believe that a day will come when Mr. Smith, Mr. Hill, Ingrid, the Major, SIR Higgins, Mr. Strachan, and the rest of them will EVER see ANYTHING but lots of money in their bank accounts care of hard working people.

  141. harbourshark, on May 23rd, 2009 at 8:58 am Said:

    Tafari , you are a young man with obviously the right attitude. However your inexperience and naivete are reflected in your comments. You seem to lack the
    historical and scientific perspective of a true student. If the data proves that Smith is a thief do not allow paid propagandists to sway your viewpoint.Use your common sense.

    Habourshark: Please provide proof to this blog that Tafari Francis is:
    1. Young
    2. A man

    You people just write. It seems you don’t care much about facts. You just write.

    The “data” you refer to, what is it? Like I said before, if DS is a thief, he has the stolen money somewhere. I want mine back. It may well have been a ponzi, and well, the reason to run a ponzi is to have access to people’s money to steal. So let’s fins whatever money he stashed wherever he stashed it.

    Now on the other hand Mr. Habourshark, give me some verifiable data and I will come on here and preach that DS is a thief. But I know not that he is a thief. Funny thing is, the TCI FCU seem to be a little unsure now. And they have all (or most of) the records.

    So until you can prove that I am young and a man, and that the money is not available, I will keep looking. TCI FCU is still looking. They were in Grenada and Tortola interviewing banking officials as recent as last week.

    I have one motive here. To find the money if there is any. If there is none, then at least I would have had the opportunity to have chatted with you fine well-informed people (who know that I am a young man) Ha Ha……

  142. Floridian, larry, Habourshark: Do any of you have the capacity to understand that someone may be entitled to an open mind? It seems to me that you three are more certain that the investigators about the going-ons with OLINT. Why is that? Why the absolutely certainty?
    In the US, there is a little joke that the definition of a fool is one who decides he is either Republican or Democrat before hearing the arguments. The analogy would be applicable here except that I am not sure that either of you are stupid. I think instead that you have a motive. I can’t get you to say what your motives are so I may have to go on instinct and ignore you three altogether.
    And to date, none of you has provided any verifiable information that DS is a thief (which he may well be, I don’t know). Nor do you provide any new or useful information…just the same “dude you are naive, you are stupid, DS is a thief, ds is a thief, ds is a thief…..well let’s hope we find his stash. I don’t give a rat’s ass about DS, or OLINT (except with regard to my money), or floridian, or larry or blindshark. I just want my money..and if all that is recovered is just what is my share, I will hopefuly recover all of it. And every investor should be fighting to recover their money.
    So you floridian (sirach) or whoever you are for example, are you an investor? If not, what is your motive? How about you larry? What about you shark? Look again into your crystal ball mr. blindshark and tell me, what is your motive?

  143. Tafari : I have to complement you on your use of words, very well thought out!


  144. TF, the reason that these individuals want to put away the truth without any ability to shed any light is that they all ran Feeder Funds and only deposited a small amount of the money they collected with OLINT while they keep the rest for themselves. All of them are in Tax jurisdictions and never reported or regulated their feeder funds. They don’t want their investors to ever find out and that is why they are the ones who are really worried. And they don’t want the authorities to find out about their lack of reporting of their investments. I am sure that this case of the IRS is based on these investors failure of proper reporting and attempt to avoid taxes. What can they do for a foreigner who did not operate in their jurisdiction? And another thing, the US is not Jamaica’s daddy either. Therefore, the good Dr. Walker is only putting a big red bullseye on his head for the tax authorities. What a fool, he is handing them their case.,,id=148849,00.html

  145. Nerves fraying again I see. With good reason.

  146. Agency Informs Wildish: “Your ties in Jamaica are stupid little boys.”


  147. Nuff said Tafari. Agree with you.

  148. My taxes are up to date. Are yours?

    Are Smithy’s

    Never ran feeder fund.

    The way some of you act you try to make it seem that I owe Smithy money.

    What a twist of right and wrong we find ourselves in.

    Must be something else…..must be something else…..some other reason why people would side with the person who owes the money…the person who still claims it is safe….the person who has never confessed (well not to the wider public) that he has done something wrong…

    his backers must have some other reason to back him…must be something else….any of the backer’s care to confess?

  149. Eben with just the small section of evidence revealed to the public they still back him…..what could it be….what are they hiding…..why do they get so ancy. People have died and some still support him adamatly…strange…

    I’m sure some of you hear can help me to understand

    Are they worried about something? if they are backing him and confident why bother to come on this forum?

    I’m sure what they are worried about can’t be so bad.

  150. Like Missick I don’t think the crusaders here will have any effect on the inevitable. What you think Feedback, Tafari, Chucks, Harbour….what’s the feeling?

  151. the U.S.A is certainly not Jamaica’s daddy. All children have to grow up leave the nest and make their own way alone sometime.

    No need to beg for visa’s (student or otherwise) for the adult firstborn Jamaica. To the Worl!

  152. He continued that “steps are in place” towards clawing back some of the country’s misappropriated assets via a civil recovery board.

    there’s that ‘clawback’ word again. Opps everytime Clawback is mentioned many heads go under the sand.

  153. Premier in crunch time talks with UK
    PREMIER Galmo Williams met with some of the UK’s top brass this week as his fight to retain the nation’s freedom reaches crunch time.

    Seems that Crunch time talks are in vogue all over the region. Late to class? Why do the talks have to be ‘crunch’ time. You were warned well in advance.

  154. “We are the ones in the TCI who know our history. We have dreams and aspirations for our children and our children’s children,” he told the House.

    What do you call a statement like that? Crocodile tears. When they were living it up with Smithy and the infamous party antics and private jetting was going on you could not talk to them.

    Church three times a day Smithy. One time every day is not enough but the crusade is coming to preach to you. Can i get an A M E N! Smithy?

  155. Soon an old familiar face will sit beside you pew Smithy.

  156. For the stone that builder refused shall be the head.

  157. And who is to be last shall be the first.

  158. Meanwhile, local police chiefs have confirmed the file is “still open” – and that the ex leader’s high profile and status will not prejudice the probe

  159. The facilitators led you so wide putting you in TCI. And you use the same set of facilitators. What loyalty. The big big one knows the opposition all too well and he not going to slide for you Smithy.

  160. Tafari, I was hoping to justify your whimsical approach on youth and lack of exposure.When a man solicits your money for forex trading and then uses it for political expenditure, casino gambling, womanizing, jazz festivals and lear jets
    and refuses to pay you back then I think he is a thief. I can prove these allegations. The national tragedy is that Jamaica can do nothing because the politicians are all bribed and/or compromised.The US Government will take action because David Smith has abused hundreds of Americans who live in America, and has ruined American lives. 30 years from now Dr Walker will be considered a national hero in Jamaica because of his principled position.

  161. Dear All,

    I am happy that intense and open discussions have returned to this blog.

    What I find laughable is the current government’s so-called stoic refusal to not go to the IMF in these tough economic times, when if the info blogged here is correct they really cant go because of the IMF’s unwillingess to play ball with a bunch of thieves….aaah bwoy….

    But you know what ,all of us as Jamaicans not serious, myself included….We have the ability to remove these corrupt and impotent leaders but what do we do…NOTHING…

    So many of us including those on this blog are sitting and waiting on “America with its strong judicial system” to save us from ourselves….its a damn shame….

    My Daddy used to tell me that Jamiacan black people are our own worst enemy and to date he has not been proven wrong….we love how the white man do him ting e.g. America’s justice system… but we mekking a MOCKERY of people’s despair and suffering by having DS walking a free man


  162. It is alleged that a few days before the trip by Mr Patterson and executives of Digicel to Cuba, which passed without incident except for the concoction by elements, a plane carrying some members of the administration was searched in the USA and its passengers frisked and sniffed. This may or may not be so. What is known is that a kingpin of the narco-trafficking business has spilled the beans in a plea bargain arrangement and in so doing has fingered members of the Jamaican political class and the police force. None of these media houses, which broadcast the fabricated story against the former PM has been enterprising enough to help us find out who are those receiving pay at the taxpayers’ expense but for whom warrants for their arrest are being prepared in a foreign jurisdiction……

    ……This latter message is the one that requires unflinching devotion by sections of the media. They have their sponsors and collaborators both within and without the administration.

    The Government has been going through a bad public relations week. The cruellest tax package imposed on the poor since the Morant Bay Rebellion in 1865 has been followed swiftly by the $10 million junket overseas in which some 71 delegates from Jamaica attended a local government conference in the Bahamas. There were other allegations against the administration, which were swirling around, any two of which, if they surfaced at this time would cause real damage to the administration. By all means something had to be found to distract attention away from the administration……

  163. The question deserves to be raised as to whether or not some sections of the media see themselves and self-consciously operate as extensions of the propaganda arm of the Jamaica Labour Party

    Are they going to give Hughes a license next week?

    It must have been set up by someone who is is a most beloved source $of those media houses for them to have all forwarded that story without checking.

    The cases here will be interesting. I think some sueing will go on. If you seek to sue you must always remeber that depositions will probably be required of you so contemplate possible questions to answer under oath.

    Harrowing experience at times. (Especially if the target of your case has your ticket and your bosses ticket as well).

    Sometimes it is better not to sue but actually make an ass of yourself by telling people on the cocktail circuit that you intention is to sue.

  164. This is significant because there are many stories making the rounds that deserve if not demand media interest.

    Mr. Roper’s class seems to be in session.

  165. Shark: The question remains unanswered. What is your motive? Are you an investor? If not, who are you?

  166. I am a patriot and a supporter of the JLP. I live in Norbrook. I have enjoyed a
    good life.I have seen youngsters with greedy motives destroy the JLP’s ethical profile and the country’s international reputation.The prime minister has lost his
    way and recently met with a trafficker of women.Now it is obvious to most commentators that the IMF is going to cancel Jamaica’s standby arrangement unless the Olint US citizens are paid. Olint is a national crisis for Jamaica. Tafari when you deny reality and embrace propaganda you are rather like the poisoned dwarf Goebbels. To defend David Smith when his conduct has caused such suffering among Jamaicans, Americans, Canadians and Kittitians is not justifiable.

  167. I call for the immediate resignation of Hutchinson.I am going to write to the British Foreign office about his behaviour.

  168. Tafari when you deny reality and embrace propaganda you are rather like the poisoned dwarf Goebbels. To defend David Smith when his conduct has caused such suffering among Jamaicans, Americans, Canadians and Kittitians is not justifiable.


    Are you ok? Are you suggesting that somehow I am defending David Smith? Can you read?

  169. I have said it a number of times here…one more time…All I want is my money back. Believe me, should this Jamaican think tht he is smarter than everyone else and stole the money, I will find every penny. If he is the Godly man some say he is, he will do best ot pay my money as soon as possible.

    I will not waste any more time with you shark with your stupid comments. If he has money stashed somewhere, let’s find it. To that end, I beg that anyone with any information as to where DS has any money or assets, to make it known.. Do not protect him because
    1. If he is a thief he should be exposed.
    2. If he is not a thief, he doesn’t need to be protected.

    Now, Shark, learn to read or shut to hell up! Please!

  170. Like Missick I don’t think the crusaders here will have any effect on the inevitable. What you think Feedback, Tafari, Chucks, Harbour….what’s the feeling?

    Floridian, I agree with that sentiment.

  171. Tafari I can’t think of anyone who would not want the British to take control of TCI and clean out corruption and theives.

    Can you think of anyone who is against law and order Tafari?

    “That would be in effect cancelling out our democracy by a colonial power which has preached democracy all over the world,” Williams said in an interview with the Sunday Observer.

  172. “We can’t understand why the British Government has chosen that path. They are not even treating us like children, they are treating us like illegitimate children. And we have to wonder if our skin was lighter if they would be doing so.”

    Anytime the race card drops you know that it is the most tell tale sign that the end is near.
    Even for those not in the know.

    Always sad. Always reflective. The standards always seemingly remain the same. The big talk and the laughing early…then the fighting and the struggling (The ego)….then the reduction and the bawling….then the bending…..over.

  173. Tafari Francis:

    Read the email below and all your questions will be answered (Taken from olintja site )

    From: Lee Oakley
    Sent: Friday, September 21, 2007 5:23 PM
    To: Yana Smith
    Subject: FW: Olint Account

    > To: leejanjan
    > Subject: Fw: Olint Account
    > From: asweeney
    > Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2007 21:19:46 +0000
    > Sent via BlackBerry.
    > —–Original Message—–
    > From: “Sang, Garfield S.”
    > Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2007 15:55:43
    > To:
    > Subject: FW: Olint Account
    > Jenifer Jones wrote:
    > Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2007 10:21:58 -0700 (PDT)
    > From: Jenifer Jones
    > Subject: Olint Account
    > To: jason_beckford_10@yahoo
    > Kerry,
    > I came in late last night so sorry for taking so long to get back to you. As I told you if I got any information I would pass it onto you. Getting information can be tricky but this is the low down. I made my final request for an encashment 2 days ago, I had to do my withdrawals over 3 months in order not to raise any suspicions. An enquiry was done as to the state of all the accounts and the picture is this. The club now has a total of 31 million in there combined bank accounts and 5 million in there brokerage account. They are seriously running low on cash, a check of the brokerage account alone states of the last 8 months 6 has had losses. For example the brokerage account started out the year with 85 million and now its down to 5 million!
    > We also looked at the total deposits he has taken in and it stood at 350 million. Now with profits the book value of the club is over 910 million on paper. That means the total assets on hand is around 4% of what he is sending out in his statements. This whole thing is such a joke.
    > Last year there was not a problem because the deposits were exeeding the withdrawals. Now it has changed, for eg. the last 2 months the DEPOSITS were 3 million and 1.5 million respectively. Total WITHDRAWALS were 15 and 20 mil. So that means the net payouts, to be generous, are around 15 million per month, the net assets are 36 mil. Now based on that they may be able to pay out for September and maybe October but after that i really dont know what will happen, and I am not staying around to find out.
    > Another thing I found interesting is that 2 months ago 8 million was transferred to a middle eastern bank account that is not a client. Also as I told you over msn last week the majority of the employees don,t know what is happening in the club. They are under the impression that things are A Ok.
    > Now to be quite blunt dont tell anyone this information and guard it with your life. I still know people with money in the club and would like to inform them before the revelation. If the cat gets out of the bag there will be panic and the most Olint could do is to try and quell people’s worries by telling them some tale, because they certainly will not have the money to pay out even 10% of there accounts. I would advise you to ask them for a direct deposit in to your bank account because they are having serious problems with the other overseas accounts.
    > I am so serious about not telling anyone the specifics that you cannot even tell Aron just ask for an encashment quietely. Say hello to Aron and the kids for me. Also I have made plans for the trip to Belgium, the total cost for the week will be U.S $7000 including airfare and hotel accomodation. I will send the itenery over to your office tommorow because you have to sign off on it before I can send it back to the travel agency. Bye for now.
    > Debs

  174. “I have made a ridiculous and grave error of judgement,” said Viggers, who has dropped plans to seek re-election. “I am ashamed and humiliated and I apologise.

  175. I think the ONLY proof ‘some’ people will accept is Mr. Smith coming out on national TV and admitting to his wrong doings!

    ….. actually even that may not work, after all Mr LeeChin surely could HIRE an actor to fake a confession from Mr. Smith!

  176. What a day that will be in Jamaican politics when politicians associated with a scandal will rise and say “I relinquish the office”!

    Strictly on the basis of frequency of political scandals in Jamaica, it might be argued that there are two underlying traits in the Jamaican politician and voters that increase the country’s vulnerability to political abuse and corruption.

    The first is that the Jamaican politician approaches the world with a strong sense of entitlement. As such, he believes that joining the back of the queue, when that is what he should do, is really beneath him…

    Unfortunately, the inclination to punish political greed and corruption is weak in the Jamaica electorate

    Visionary leadership puts in place the necessary checks and balances to ensure the path of national development is not blocked by political insensitivity, recklessness, greed and corruption.

    Jamaica’s electorate needs to progress to a point of strong reciprocity, where a politician with the slightest whiff of scandal will have 30 seconds to say, “I relinquish.”

  177. Mike:

    I have read the email. Even sent an email to “Debs”…no response.

    Why are you guys trying so hard to convince me that DS is a thief? I don’t care. Theif or cop, I just want my money. If he is a thief, I want to know where he is hiding the stolen cash. Do you get it?

  178. Tafari you have demonstrated ineperience and a lack of research capability.
    When others try to guide you cower behind gender confusion. `D avid Smith is a vulgar and common thief who will soon be a US inmate in a Federal penitentiary together with his co-conspirators Neil Lewis of Lewfam and Wayne Smith.
    When this happens the financial free for all that obtains in Turks and Jamaica will end. Further if you have not filed a US lawsuit you will not get any restitution.
    We will see who is “stupid” then, you hermaphrodite. ‘

  179. Botom line there is money somewhere. And there is more that 10 million. Call TCI FCU and if you are a direct OLINT investor you might get some info on that. If you invested through a feeder club they will be a little reluctant to talk with you. That said, the route for me is to know where the money is, find it wherever it is, and lay claim against it. And not just money, there are assets. I am trying to find out if a homestead in TCI can be liened. If so, I will be going that route as well.
    People, if you lost money, the idea is to go after the money. Your contributions here that dS IS A THIEF, DS IS A THIEF is doing no good. It has been almost a year now so you should be past the anger and into another stage of the process.
    Find the money, whatever money there is. Leave DS without a penny. Lien his property, lien his future wages..whatever legal means are available I intend to use.
    Get on board and stop mis-directing your anger.

  180. Cynic Smith had actually confessed to authorities before but his ‘Jamaican’ lawyers came in quickly and ‘took control’ of that situation.

    All these things are on tape. Not open to john Public though.

    Smith has also tried to buy police.

    Taped again. For the Caribbean this is a Transformational set of cases. The volume of electronics evidence on such a large number of persons across brorders has never been seen before.

    And the ‘status’ of of the players is unbelievable. Some are posturing early by retiring early and quietly but the more stubborn are taking the ride on the down elevator all the way.

  181. Smith has paid off politicians in multiple territories. He is a foreign policy challenge for the United States because he has defrauded hundreds of Americans with impunity and frustrated US law enforcement officials.I agree with the adjective transformational. Olint is a major challenge to the Obama administration’s new tough off-shore policy. Smith’s Russian mafia links are also disturbing.

  182. Does anyone have a link to the Observer report regarding Olint payout in June? can anyone report on that story?

  183. Tafari

    don’t go down to TCI and ask Smith about your money.

    Many have done it and tried to curry favour and grovel to their master and beg (under a prestence of negotiation). problem is they have all been taped and they have no recourse after the fact.

    Trust me you would not want to believe who and who are staring in the movies. in full Dolby sound.

    Sometimes for a brief moment even I feel some shame for them.

  184. When WS boldly braggs about his influence over the Governments tax authorities he does not take into consideration the civil servants and others who’s strings are pulled.

    Their careers are over. And migration will never be an option for them.

  185. harbourshark,

    unfortunately, most people (this is just an assumption) that have invest in olint are not american citizens and as such can’t file suits in US courts. Then there are the Jamaican courts…. do I really need to say a word on this?


    When I see you type about proof, recorded confessions, the possibility of people going to jail, politicians who are dirty (well the ones dirty with olint grime anyway) going to jail and not being able to flee the country, I am filled with hope. But then for some strange reason I ground myself in the notion that very rarely are the people that SHOULD be brought to justice ACTUALLY brought to justice….especially when they’re Jamaican.

    Just out of curiosity, is the information that is supposedly being provided by the former drug kingpin having any effect at all on this saga and the players involved?

  186. Cynic you don’t have to be an American Citizen to file a case in America.

    As for the Jamaicans in the American prisons just ask any one of them how it goes. There are THOUSANDS of them to choose from.

    It is no secret that several politicians are involved in the Drug Trade and other Crimes. Any Kingpin who is going to talk would cause the said political culprits increased heart rate.


    you seem to know a lot.


    Why is it the TCI media (the Ja media is comics at this point) only refrerring to one of the rape charges agaist Missick?

  187. Cynic, throw away your doubts, arise and walk free….change has come. His name is Barack Obama.

  188. I don’t know because there are two rape charges. Maybe because the FBI is only involved in one of the investigations.The other rape has no external complications. This is an assumption on my part. A Jamaican Minister is a
    witness in the second rape case.

  189. Several foreigners have sued Madoff in America.There must be some way of doing it. Hasn’t F-1 investments sued Loiten in America?

  190. So floridian, if I were to say to DS, where is my money? I want answers now! ..and I am taped, how will that affect recourse? And recourse in what regard?

    DS hasn’t told anyone (that I know of) to date what is really going on..or …where he has the money stashed, so I wouldn’t expect him to tell me. So I certainly wouldn’t waste my time or money to go to TCI to ask him that. If I should go back to TCI it will be to file a claim in TCI court against any assets belonging to OLINT and DS, Wayne and Tracy. Even if I don’t get all my money I will ensure that they do not have a pair of shoe to cover their toes.
    But again, like I have said before, hopefully DS will come clean in court (before he is convicted) and we will all get back at least a substantial part of our investments. Hopefully he is busy trading (and winning) whatever little funds he still has access to ( and I know that he does still have access to a amall amount of cash)…to make up the huge losses he had in late 2007.
    I am really hoping that he was not running a ponzi..and I have studied the available evidence for and against that theory….So, as they say, I am keeping the fingers crossed (against the odds).

  191. Tafari,

    You have to come to know how things work down there in the islands.

    The Prime Minister of Jamaica forms a commission of enquiry into one incendent involving PJ Patterson, Digicel and Cliff hughes, Gleaner, Observer etc.

    The enquiry is to be Chaired by Paul Harrison.

    Judge Paul Harrison was presiding over court matters concerning NCB and David Smith/Olint.

    Yet Paul Harrison has close connections (family) who are members of OLINT as revealed on

    He never mentioned a potential conflict of interest. He never asked to be recused from OLINT issues.

    The firm Harrison and Harrison is closely connected to OLINT and agents of OLINT.

    Yet nothing is mentioned.

    Even when everything is Public in the islands such people are placed to chair enquiries by the Jamaican Prime Minister.

    We know the islands Tafari. We’ve been catching their diplomats carrying all kinds of things into the USA for years.

    We see through every move they make.

  192. Jamaica just a edit out my blogs and change them.

    Jay wasup?

    If you ask I won’t blog it but I’m glad to know you find the info current and accurate.

    I’ll give you break. Have some work to do on a particular case anyway. Is my time now.


  193. Powerful in the World you certainly are. You can’t edit my civil action though. And it is here.

  194. The email posted earlier by Mike has been making the rounds for quite a while. Has anyone authenticated it? It seems to be accepted by some as gospel (sort of the same way the David Smith letters seem like gospel to others).
    The email, however, if true, could be quite a telling piece of information. What do we know about the origination of this document?

  195. The E-mail is original and authentic.

  196. malcolm XI, how was it authenticated?

    I had someone say to me sometime ago “David Smith is a man of God”…I asked him, how did you authenticate that?

    Is is authentic because you say it is?

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