Capital Blu CEO charged for fraud

Investforlife has just received news that Capital Blu CEO , Donovan Davis Jr, has been charged for fraud in Florida.

It has been reported that Mr Davis at times would blow, over US$40,000 in one night in a gentleman’s club.

In addition we are receiving word that he would travel on a regular basis via charter flights.

We will update this post as soon as we have more information, so stay tuned.


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  1. is there a link to the original report?

  2. He will be the star of the show in a different kind of gentleman’s club now.

  3. MI Rah!! It come like a line a dominos, one droppin after the other. Crikey!! Even so Lord, duh, come soon and end this misery!!

  4. Turn yourself in Red P.

  5. does anyone have a pic or any detail on blayne davis such as age, family size, etcetera, quite important i think i may have made contact with him

    • I am his father in law. My daughter married him in 2007.
      Lost contact with them at the end of 2007. Have a feeling
      when the skam went bad in Naples they moved back
      to Orlando and are hiding out somewhere out there. Altamonte springs was the last I knew. They have a son who is close
      to 3. Any info you may have on the whereabouts would
      be greatly appreciated since I am curious as to how my
      daughter is. He is about 6 ft. 200 lbs. dark hair, was a
      heavy drinker, possibly drug use also. Cocaine about 2 yrs.
      ago. HIs mother lived in Alabama, his father lived in
      Australia. He’s done many skams with the father prior
      to 2007.


  6. Whaddup Floridian!! Long time no see. What must I turn myself in to? 🙂

    On another note, what really strikes me is how money can really turn ppl fool fool. There seems to be a common pattern. Why is it that as soon as these guys start see some serious dollars dem start gamble and whore it out and live high off the hog?? Is it completely impossible to be wealthy, make money for others and live circumspectly?? I guess thats a pipe dream huh??

    Love and peace guys

    • Some people who have never seen so much money just turn fool and figure that it would always be there for them to use. They did not believe that one day will come and they will be held accountable. David laugh at the hardship these poor investers are having. These investers will laugh at him sooner then later. (when he is behind bars) What you do to others the same will be done to you.

  7. Red P if money turns people into fools then what about prison?

  8. Donovan Davis has a lot of hard assets to pay back the money, so his investors shouldn’t worry. See list below, including his $2.3 Million house in Palm Bay:

  9. You will notice this Don Davis property is “Homesteaded” Which makes it unattachable by creditors. Homesteading is a common way these con men try to protect large assets and make Florida their primary residence. You are allowed one Homestead per person. Davis also registered the property in a Trust often used for avoidance of Probate, Tax purposes and asset separation between spouses.
    I never trusted him when I first met him – boasting about his 6 jets and fancy cars. The first thing that came to my mind was Enron and Rass Ginal!

  10. Dons Yacht at RJYC has just been seized by the Jamaican Government.

  11. They should take a look at Blayne Davis and Damion Bromfield. I would also take a strong look at Chris Romandetti. He was a close friend and so called investor. Someone said that Romandetti had in excess of 5 Million invested. Wonder where all this money came from, or was this just some of the missing money that was just false accounts. I also know that Blayne was being investigated in another fraud case where he stole millions from another set of investors. Damion was helping Blayne milk funds from the accounts to make restitution for his other felon actions.

  12. I had $40,000 invested with them—does that mean my money’s gone???

  13. Blayne Davis is approximately 28 white male. I would venture to guess he is 6’1 around 200 lbs. He has a son about 1 years old and a wife approximately 30 years old. He started out stealing from his friends and friends of friends, we tried to shut him down in 2006, and opened an investigation in Orlando. He settled lawsuits with some of my friends that were defrauded. I learned of his intentions to committ future scams in Naples and tried to warn people there as well. His favorite movie is “Catch me if you can” and well I hope he is caught soon! I know I will never see a dime from him.

  14. We have not forgotten Capital Blue and there scam.
    This is the latest update from the receiver on that scam, that almost got more Jamaicans.

    Click to access cbm_050409.pdf

  15. Anyone know the latest with this?

  16. Are they in jail?

  17. no one is in jail. blayne robbed damien and don and is on the run. the reciever is corrupt too. We should here the whole story before we point fingers. Damien and Don didnt need to steal they had money.

  18. Any Updates on this story? My friend lost thousands to that Big Fat Fu#k Donovan!!! I am waiting to here the crook went to jail.

    • I am the father in law of Blayne Davis. My daughter is
      melanie Kuebler Davis, she has been married to him
      since 2007 as far as I know. I had a hunch he was
      skaming others, and tried to warn My daughter before the marriage to no avail.
      I have been trying to find My daughter since 2008, with no
      luck. I believe they are on the run, somewhere in Orlando
      possibly now. Blayne has been in jail before, and has
      had a history of skamming with his father thruout his adult
      life. If anyone has any info it would be appreciated. I have a grandson I have never seen. who is almost 3 now.

  19. Blayne Davis is not in the United States I assure you. He most likely googles his name constantly living in fear for the day he is caught and brought to justice. Once their is a reward placed on him, the bounty hunters will begin to goto work. Until then……

    • Oh…I assure you he’s in the U.S. Blayne is probably
      writing half of this stuff himself on this site, to throw others
      off. He’s been tracked, I definately assure you. And it won’t
      take a bounty hunter to find him either rest assured. I don’t
      think Blayne fears anything, that’s his problem. He’s got
      an ego the size of a football field and is as dumb as a box
      of rocks, this is why his own father has to support him and
      his family. The family that skams together stays together
      obviously. Even his mother in law is in on it. Have a lot
      more info. than anyone would ever know on this guy.
      So beware Blayne, your days are numbered. You can
      run but you can’t hide forever.

  20. Remeberthe Ian Boyne interviews with Capital Blu?


    Research had a short circuit there!

  21. LOL!

  22. Anyone know when criminal charges will be brought? So far only looks like civil action.

  23. Criminal charges are in the process unfortunately when he
    fails to show up for court dates, it delays the process that
    much more.

  24. So much speculation it is annoying. Blayne not in U.S. Blayne has been globe hopping avoiding authorities. Don and Damien got suckered just like the rest of us. Blayne is the only one with a history of this type of M.O. public and court documents show that. without further information any and everything else is share noise. find it funny how everyone is such know it alls and none of them know the reality or real story. rest assured the truth always rises to the surface and someday all the details will be known.

    • so I can assume this is you Blayne, writing? Or maybe
      his sister writing. Why else would you be so adamet he
      is not in the U.S. unless you were connected to him
      somehow, right Blayne? Why don’t you tell us the real
      story then. Truth is he’s a scammer that’s been scamming
      for yrs. One day when they catch up with him, which they
      will, he’ll have just a big a head then, as he does now.

  25. Well if you know so much “in the know” why don’t you
    spill it? Reality is he’s a scumbag that scammed me
    out of thousands. Me and 100 others. So if you know
    so much, why don’t you say it.

  26. Why would i be blayne if i’m essentially saying blayne is a crook and has a history of this type of behavior. he is a con man and a very good one. he will get his one day. if you do the homework and read public court documents you start to get a better picture of what happened. And the story isn’t that complicated. Blayne is a crook and everyone attached to him from client to business to company to friend is suffering because of it.

  27. All 3 of these guys are of equal guilt. They solicited the funds directly to their corporate bank accounts and published false records to keep getting new funds in.

    • You are absolutely right “in the know” He’s been doing this
      for yrs. even tho he’s not that old, and was taught by the
      best of them, his father, who supposedly is on the run with
      him supporting him. Word has it, he’s in Las Vegas trying
      to make some money. All 3 are equally guilty, but 2 of them
      can be found and aren’t hiding. The 3rd one needs
      to be found also after all this time of scamming others,
      justice needs to be served somehow for all of us that
      have lost bigtime. Why should he be living high off our money?
      And not get caught doing it?

    • Judge Judy you don’t know what you are talking about and should stop spreading speculation. Again, the information is out there. you just have to find it or know people who can. Now i’m not a judge and i’m not here to prosecute/defend anyone, but i believe facts should speak more directly to the reality. Again based on public court documents it seems Blayne had setup another company Nakano (various entities) without the knowledge of others in his company. that company then started receiving “ill gotten gains” as they say. it sounds to me like that was the root of the downfall. I’m convinced there was shady accounting, but i’m suspicious about who exactly knew to cover up money being taken to line his pocket if he was the only beneficiary of said company. besides all that it still sounds to me like a large amount of money was lost in trading according to the CFTC.

      • “In the Know” If that were the case why would he go
        to his office in Naples in the middle of the night to take out
        all of his files? Why is he going in and out of the country like
        a rabbit, and how does it explain others wanting to shut
        him down way back in 2006 if he hasn’t been scamming
        for yrs? Doesn’t sound like he was on the up and up with the
        trading, and most wasn’t “just lost” in trading. He knows what
        he’s doing, has been doing it for yrs. even scamming his
        own family in the process.

      • There were numerous emails between the three discussing what numbers to post for gains. When in fact they all knew they had lost money. So how can they say they didn’t know.

  28. Ernie Martin wrote

    As of Saturday afternoon. Nose wheel damaged. Replacement was damaged. Another replacement coming Monday later morning. Battery check to be complete Monday. Life raft to be returned Monday. Engine inspection is complete

    Captains winshield defog MELed.

    If aircraft is ready in time, will repo to Vegas for a return on Tuesday with David to MBPV. Then return to FXE for continued MX.

    I will advise on Monday of West bound departure time and return time om Tuesday.

    Ernie Martin.

  29. Apparently there is no active warrant for him. Why dont one of you rich investors pony up a Reward and Dog will be happy to bring Mr Davis back to Florida so he can answer the charges.

  30. We’re working on it Dog. He’s in and out of the country
    and in and out of the states. But persistence pays off
    when you know he owes you about a million. where
    are these investors, lets get him.

  31. We got word B. Davis
    is sportstrading with Charlie Davis, his father, in Perth, Australia. Website
    Is do not do business with this man
    unless you want to be scammed again. Fair warning
    to anyone out there that’s invested with his company prior.

  32. I think we found Blayne Davis. He is now running yet another scam. Someone should try and get him shut down and thrown the slammer before he destroys more lives.

  33. Leave my Dad alone.

  34. Well maybe when your dad fesses up, and pays back
    all of us he scammed last yr. we will. He sure doesn’t
    set a good example for his son now does he??? If I were
    you, I’d vow to grow up to be someone else besides your
    dad, anyone else would do.

  35. What a shame a kid has to have a role model like that!
    As someone that was scammed by Blayne back in
    2006, and never got my money back, he should be
    caught, sent to jail, and locked up for a longggg time
    otherwise he’ll just keep repeating the same thing
    over and over again, scamming other innocent trusting
    people, and getting away with it! Why is it ok for him
    to spend our hard earned money, and not his own?
    Flying on jets he bought with OUR money, going to
    strip clubs with OUR money and hopping from place
    to place, all with other people’s money. Now there’s
    a fine upstanding citizen for you. What an idiot!

  36. As someone else who had been scammed by this
    guy back in 07, nothing suprises me about him. Supposedly
    was a friend. Be farewarned everyone, this guy is a slimeball
    and will wheel and deal and scam his own mother in the
    end. Can not be trusted, should never ever do business
    with him, and never believe a word that he utters from his
    mouth. Can’t believe his wife is right along with him helping
    him do his dirty work. Not a smart lady. One day she will
    go down right along with him.

  37. Still no Criminal Charges

  38. Maybe no criminal charges as of yet, but if everyone
    that was scammed by this guy, got together and shut
    him down, like they tried back in 2006 , maybe we’d
    get somewhere. Sometimes citizens have to take things
    in their own hands, because the government is so slow
    with doing it themselves. Regardless, even Al capone
    was caught, and had his day.

  39. well they’ve been tracked in Austin, TX Just a matter of time
    now. So many others are looking for him, he won’t be
    hiding for long. And all will go down with him, when he

  40. The cheese always catches the rat or in this case RATS….. multiple criminal counts….computer hacking, impersonating authorities, impersonating famous figures, cyber-stalking, identity theft, slander, and defamation… These are just a few charges Mark and Debbie Kuebler of 6140 Glenwood Dive, Port Richey, Florida 34653 will soon have to answer in a Florida federal court room . For two people who have spent the better part of weeks and months under multiple blog handles, hacking into email accounts; and, spreading malicious gossip. They are now the victim of their own stupidity, as they easily fell into the self-incriminating trap by revealing IP address through an alias email. Surprisingly, the blog monitors did not pick up on multiple blog entries from this IP. The legal status of the CFTC complaint is still currently being heard in the Middle District Court in Orlando, Florida and applies to all 3 defendants equally. Moreover, this is a purely civil issue.The documented acts of an estranged father & step-mother will now leave them in the very precarious position to fight for the very freedom they wish so eagerly to try to take away from an innocent person. Unfortunately, too many people believe they can easily hide behind alias emails and blog handles…. and not be held accountable or identified. This is obviously not the case.

    So, here we have it: Two people with time on their hands will have even more time on their hands in a government-run hotel & will be broke even further with judgements. They manufactured events and hurled baseless accusations at honest people. They will have an opportunity to explain to a judge and jury all of the accusations levied. And they will fail. Let’s watch them blog their way out of this one….

  41. Fancy meeting you here Blayne. We all knew you’d surface
    eventually. Neither of us have anything to hide have lived
    at the same address, same phone numbers same emails
    we’ve had for yrs. How many times have you moved around.
    How many times have you hacked into email accts? How many
    numbers have you gone thru, countries you’ve been scamming
    in the last 2 yrs?? Believe it or not we could care less about
    you. And my niece says the same thing. You’ve burned most
    of your bridges thru scamming others. Very evident thru court
    documents. We don’t hack into email accts. because of the
    2 legitimate jobs each of us have. Unlike you. WE don’t have
    the time. If my daughter decides to live with a lying, cheating scumbag, that burns other people by stealing from his own coworkers, forecloses on 2 houses in the past yr. and can’t even pay their own bills on time, but uses their mother in law for credit, I feel for you. Best not come back
    into this state, as your DL is suspended for not paying
    the fines you wracked up with a rap sheet that’s a mile long. Unlike you also, we do have friends still within the
    sheriff’s office that have given us bookoo info on you.
    If you were really out of the country, and not in Austin Tx.
    You wouldn’t care about that now would you. We even
    have a connection in Austin that’s found your suite, the
    one you supposedly do your scamming business out
    of, oh yes, along with your father. And your gem of a mother
    decides to call us to find out where you are? We all know
    who put her up to that? You have bigger problems than
    others trying to get their money back from you. Now we
    all know that. All legitimate and legal with the sheriff’s
    office. I’m glad everyone knows our address now. Maybe
    then they can give us more info. on how you ended up
    scamming them, and the stories behind that. We all
    know once you’re found out, you come to the surface.
    That’s your achilles heel isn’t it. Maybe you should worry
    about paying back all the investors that were scammed
    or how bout the 2 other guys in your co. that you stole
    from. Maybe the nervous breakdowns your mother told
    us you had due to the scamming thru the yrs. have
    caught up with you mentally. If we never see your
    face again, it won’t be too soon. Why my daughter is latched
    on to you is beyond me and my family. But Patience is
    the key with you. Karma always comes back to bite you
    eventually. Oh yea, the money that you supposedly have, that’s right. That’s why they can’t break away. You have
    a hold over them don’t you now? No jobs, no where to live,
    you got them right where you want them. The accts. you
    hacked into just yesterday, the email addresses you invent
    and then close out just prove that you are up to your
    old tricks again. When the government catches you
    then you can worry about catching us. Bye bye loser.

  42. Hey everyone, we know now that Davis has surfaced.
    Mission accomplished. Thanks to all of you and
    your help. Thanks Davis…(alias Govt. vs Mark and Debbie
    Kuebler.) You did good.

  43. oops, almost forgot. For all of you looking for him, and
    want your money back, maybe you’ll find him here, unless
    he suddenly picked up and left again once he caught wind
    of it… 100 Congress Ave. Ste 2000 Austin, Tx 78701
    Oh yea, his sister gets his mail for him at this address
    7100 Old Action Rd. Moody, Al 35004. Unless,…she’s picked
    up and moved too, never know. As for me, I am the one
    they are all talking about, the nice guy that wanted to help
    the public out, and help the kuebler’s out too. Thanks
    Davis, you made it so easy! Just in case you wondered, everything was found out thru public court records. A fine
    thing it is! The one thing they neglected to do which is
    shocking, is not change their names. So easy not to trace
    you when your name has been changed. But…I guess they didn’t think of that one. Thanks go out to to Damien and Donovan too.

  44. “bounty hunter”. sorry i dont know what you are talking about…. If what was the case? not sure what taking files out of an office in the night has to say with that i’m talking about. if i missed it my apologies. in addition i never said he wasn’t doing this for years. i dont know what he’s been doing for years i just know what he did to me in 2008.

  45. “In the Know” I apologize, must have been a bad day,
    read it over and I myself didn’t understand what I wrote.
    I gather from these postings, what he’s been doing for
    yrs. is exactly what he was doing when he screwed you.
    Just seems a shame you had to be a recipient of his
    scamming. Doesn’t sound like he’ll stop anytime soon
    especially if he keeps opening up these sites doing the
    very same thing he was doing back in 2006. Some
    people never learn, till they’re caught and hauled off
    to jail. Too bad all the innocent people have to sit back
    and wait , hoping he gets convicted .

  46. What do you all say about the receiver for capital blu being arrest and charged for mail fraud and blayne being on the run a like the thief that he is? While don and Damien are here in the mess that blayne made…..I guess everyone doesn’t think that Don or Damien couldn’t get defrauded by Blayne like everyone else did……..

  47. It’s amazing that the receiver is arrested for mail fraud, yet
    someone that bilks millions out of investors cannot be
    brought to justice. Sad too. Because the longer he’s out
    there scamming, the more he thinks he can get away
    with it. I myself have no doubt that Don and Damien got
    caught up in his scam unknowingly, this is probably why
    when found out, they fired him. (supposedly) Of all people
    that should “get what’s coming to him” this guy should
    be a poster child for that…definately needs to be arrested.

  48. I have been reading that on the Internet thar Blayne has been scamming people since 2005 and I heard from a source that blayne was under investigation by the us attorney office and also the FBI….what does the government expect if they don’t bring blayne to justice is going to happen to other people out there……and what’s sad is that innocent people have to still suffer.

  49. It’s sad he keeps doing the same thing over and over
    again, and no one is stepping up to stop it, that’s the
    sad part…so other innocent investors or people will
    succumb to his ways once again, and it’s not like
    it’s chump change, it’s millions of dollars! I too heard
    he’s being investigated by both, just wondering if we”ll
    be alive to see it by the time they finish!

  50. I doubt they will ever find blayne the goverment has been investigating him since 2005…that’s five years worth of nothing being done. His fraud just gets bigger and bigger. He probably thinks he is unstoppable by now…..he just becoming a smarter more seasoned criminal.

  51. I too think he thinks he’s unstoppable, but even career criminals
    have their day. I think his ego will override his head, and
    he will do something and get caught. They usually do.
    He may be smart, but there’s always someone else that
    is smarter. Especially if detectives out where he is now
    are on the trail. He can only run for so long. Just like
    a cat, he’s doing nothing more than chasing his own tail.

  52. Criminal Charges are on the way, everyone relax, Blayne Davis, Damien Bromfield, Donovan Davis I look forward to seeing all 3 of you. Some will stay with me a little longer then others.

  53. The warden must be the judge and jury too

  54. Yea…whatever works to get his butt off the streets.

  55. Lewis B Freeman pleads guilty to mail fraud.

  56. We would like to send out a heartfelt apology to Blayne
    Davis and his father Charles. Contacted the moderator
    to take off the 2 postings, that were not appropriate
    for this forum , and should not have been posted. While
    we have no dealings with Charles Davis nor Blayne Davis
    it is not appropriate to comment on whatever transpires in
    their business or private lives, and we sincerely apologize
    for doing so. Seeing as we do not know the facts, we should
    not be speculating regarding them.

  57. Thank you everyone for the support during these troubled economic times. I have my new business and would like to offer all former capital blu clients a free trial week

  58. I happen to Know for a fact that someone else within the Capital Blu firm was helping Blayne cover up and fabricate false bank records to show Blayne had repaid investors from a previous scam. I also lost money with Capital blu. I hope they will be behind bars soon.

  59. Well Mr Jet, spill the beans…you say you have info Post it!!

  60. I gave what I have to the FBI.

  61. We need to get organized people, these guys will never be brought to justice if we just sit here doing nothing. Who is with me?

  62. Danielle, your claim for investment losses was never received for this case…. Not surprising, considering you were not even involved. What’s truly pathetic is the fact that the majority of all posts are from people who either have ZERO money or had nothing to do with Capital Blu. ( Just bloggers with jealous grudges pretending to be investors, and lots of time to waste) Danielle Rizzo-Mantelli ,is a struggling lawyer hiding behind the name “For The People”. Perhaps the weed is to blame for conveniently forgetting the days of driving around in limos on stolen credit cards or selling knock-off Fendi bags. A lawyer parading around as an investor trying to do the court’s work, we know the Florida bar would take serious issue with this. For all non-investor relations call 954-575-3752

    Danielle, govern yourself accordingly.

  63. FTP i share your frustration, but doing something more than what the CFTC is doing now seems futile and waste of time/money until we get an outcome. I can’t picture having much longer to wait to see what happens. that result should give us a better direction of where the big picture stands. my 2 cents

  64. We should be getting some major news by the end of July I hear.

  65. Ripping Blayne to pieces wont change what happened. I feel sorry for him. Im sure anyone who knows him well enough knows he is struggling on a personal level more than you can imagine.

  66. Give me a break nic, the only thing Blayne feels bad about is getting caught and having to pay the consequences for his actions.

  67. I understand that Blayne was arrested in Austin Tx. Hope they hang him high. Also understand that Chris Romandetti was served papers as well.

  68. I am absolutely amazed at the stupidity rampant on this board. Do you people realize that Blayne Davis was in jail until Monday when he was released by the US Bureau of Prisons? Look up his name on the website It means that most of you folks don’t know what the hell you are talking about.

  69. I am not a Crook!!

  70. Totally Different Blayne Davis. Dummy!!!!. I have a case file with the FBI and know that he was just picked up. He was served in Aussie land and never showed up for court. He has not been at any of the depos that Don and Damion have been at. I Want my money back!!!!! Thats all.

  71. Just one of Blayne’s lies

    Blayne S. Davis is a founding partner of Capital Blu Management, a private currency trading firm, who is responsible for developing the trading floor, proprietary technology, trading models, and risk management used by Capital Blu Management. Prior to founding Capital Blu Management LLC, Mr. Davis spent over 10 years living in Europe and Asia, which provided the first introduction the business of trading across multiple product lines within in the world’s major financial markets.
    Mr. Davis began his career in the United States as a NASD/SEC licensed broker and worked at a boutique firm learning every aspect of the securities business. After several years on the Sell-Side, he shifted his focus back to the trading side of the business. Mr. Davis, then spent the next five years learning his craft and the intricacies of complex trades involving equities, bonds, hedging, currency, futures and options. His most important skills are his ability to interpret trading behaviours based upon market indicators and his ability to weigh risks with desired outcomes within the robust Foreign Exchange Market. He has lectured throughout the United States, Canada, and Australia on trading FOREX and has authored several training programs that are used by investment professionals around the globe . Mr. Davis holds a Series 3 and is registered with NFA, National Futures Association and the CFTC, Commodities Futures Trading Commission.

  72. Personal Background- Bullet Points

    Was born and raised in Asia- Pacific Rim ( Manilla, Philippines and Tokyo, Japan) for first ten years of life.
    Grew up overseas due to fathers work for US Gov’t within the intelligence community.
    Transferred to United States and lived briefly in Jacksonville, but primarily at Camp Peary Williamsburg, Va- *** additional information HYPERLINK “”

    Transferred with Father to Germany, where I graduated International High School and completed some college course work
    Moved to Orlando, attended University of Central Florida for 2 years
    Moved to South Florida for 2 years and began professional Career and then back to Orlando for 3 years
    Married in April 2007 and have a 9 month old son
    Parents divorced in 1999- Mother resides in Alabama, Father in Australia
    Founded Capital Blu Management in late 2006- Currently employ 23 people between Melbourne, Florida and Naples office

    Capital Blu Management Information can be found at HYPERLINK “”



    2006-Present- Capital Blu Management LLC- Founded

    2003 – 2005 Dynetech Corporation Orlando, FL
    Senior Marketing and Sales Representative
    Extensive weekly travel within the United States conducting presentations on Real Estate, Foreign Currency Markets, and Equities markets.
    ▪ Led the highest producing sales team with an 18 Month production of over 13 Million dollars of sales with an average weekly gross of over 285K.
    Maintained and averaged weekly closing percentages of 25% with an average retention rate of 90%.
    ▪ Personally wrote the 90 minute script and all closes for the lead speaker on 4X Made Easy
    ▪ Recognized as one of the top sales people in organization as well providing curriculum to assist other teams/speakers with their closing percentages and performance.

    2002-2003 Premierefx LLC Longwood, FL
    Sr. Account Executive
    Raised assets for a series of managed accounts traded in the foreign currency market.
    Cultivated and built client base through personal, telephone, investments and teaching contacts.
    Established and implemented investment strategies for high net worth individuals for long-term and short-term trading goals.

    Page 2 of 3


    2002-2002 4xMadeEasy Longwood, FL
    Marketing Representative
    Extensive weekly travel within the United States conducting presentations on foreign currency trading software.
    Utilized communication skills, product knowledge and strong selling abilities to obtain high closing ratios for traveling team.
    Ensured all paperwork, documents and necessary forms were completed accurately and forwarded to the appropriate person.

    2002-2002 Montauk Financial Group Boca Raton, FL
    Senior Financial Consultant
    Built a reputation in the securities industry by providing clients the highest level of professionalism and a dedicated approach to financial markets that represented a true partnership with each investor.
    Responsible for maintaining a book of retail equities business valued at over 2 million dollars and generating over 175k in retail commissions.
    Extensive knowledge in bonds, options, equities, risk management, asset allocation and complex hedging strategies.
    Designed and evaluated training programs for Jr. Brokers.

    2001-2002 Ladenburg Thalman & Co. Boca Raton, FL
    Account Executive/ Stockbroker
    Began securities training at one of the oldest member firms on Wall Street.
    High-pressured sales environment that required strong work ethic, enthusiasm and closing abilities.
    Opened 72 retail accounts in first four months of training program valued at over 1 million dollars in trading capital.
    Intense concentration on selling techniques, skills and variations of those to apply to any type of prospective client.

    Major Areas of study and Training
    • Options and Derivatives
    • Retirement Plans and Investment Companies
    • Securities Markets and Regulations
    • Taxation
    • Analysis
    • Equity and Debt Securities

    PAGE 3 OF 3


    1999-2001 University of Central Florida Orlando, FL
    Finance Concentration
    3.1 Cumulative GPA

    1998-1999 University Stuttgart Germany Stuttgart, GE
    1996-1999 Patch International H. Stuttgart, GE

    Series 7 NASD License
    Series 63 NASD License

    Series 3 NFA/CFTC License

    Last But not Least.


    • you are right on the money with his details. he and his dad came and visited phils and actaully hid out for a few months back in 2009. at the time, I had no idea about any of this and although I lost no money, I did lose “face” as he proved to be deceitful, a liar, and totally untrustworthy. I know his dad did live in perth for many years and I worked for his dad 30 years ago when his dad was an air force officer.

  74. Impressive resume—- Don Davis and Damien Bromfield are going too go down in flames. They both played right into his hands, hard too deny that! Must give credit when credit is due. Plus he is FINE as a hell. I’m a fan.

  75. Blayne Davis uses this blog to make money. The more you post, the more he makes. Trust me,you guys continue too make him stupid amounts of money. Cant blame him, free publicity for his business. Some people are just smarter than I ever will be. PS: Someone Who Flew is Jet- Seems likes you are in love with him weirdo.

  76. Why is this blog about Blayne? What about Damien? And Donovan?

  77. ^^^^^^^

    What Mark said.

    What about Davis? He is going on with life like nothing happened.

  78. Im sick of this bs, since no way can find Blayne anyone interested in filing a civil lawsuit against donovan and damien? Whose with me

  79. any updates?

  80. Blayne Davis-


  81. So whats the info, how do we look up that docket?

  82. Mr Jets whats the update?

    • Goes to court in December. Civil not criminal. Hope the Criminal Trial will follow. The statute of limitations is going to run unless something is filed on the criminal side. I understand that Blayne has a tracking device on his ankle. He has been charged criminally in Florida on the other investment scheme before Capital Blu. As for now that is all i know.

  83. Check this out guys

    This scumbag is using photos purchased with Capital Blu funds for his own personal blog. I heard this guy was the main one cooking the books to line his own pockets playing both sides.

  84. When does the Civil Case start?

  85. Appears Damien reads this blog, he took the photos down. Hey Damien was it worth it all to drive in a Rolls Royce?

  86. Hey Mr Jets, whats the latest?

  87. UPDATE!!! Don and Damien lost Civil case brought by the CFTC yesterday, February 3, 2011!

    • Yeah, but Don did not testify. So we do not know the whole story. Something else is going on. Why didn’t he testify? And there is no proof thru the whole trial that they got anything more than salaries. everyone says they stole millions but it looks like most of the money was lost in trading. And where is Blayne?

  88. So what about Blayne?

  89. Blayne is in Austin, Texas. Feds have him on lock down with an ankle bracelet so he’s not going anywhere far. Unfortunately he’s dealing with the civil trial in December. Haven’t found an update yet. Tough thing with these guys is their funds are likely all offshore.

  90. Well, Blayne and his dad came to Philippines in March 2009, actually shipped his pet dog from Orlando, and planned to homestead in a luxurious sub division South of Manila. Interestingly, he never allowed himself to be photographed while staying at my home. I was hoodwinked by him and his dad Chuck, as they had told me that they were into the online sports betting scheme and they wanted to settle down in the Philippines. He even had his wife and son come to Manila to join them at a luxurious Ascott Hotel in Makati, yet mysteriously at the time, he did not allow me nor my family to meet nor see his wife and son. Very peculiar indeed and then he abruptly decided to stop proceedings to enter into a long term lease on a home in Philippines, leaving the owner hanging, and yet concocting yet another story that the house owner’s boyfriend was threatening to do bodily harm to him if he backed out of the contract. They he flees, along with his family to hong kong, and then perth, australia area. I know for a fact that his dad lives in perth and it is indeed a sad thing that his dad, once my close friend, got me and my family involuntarily involved albeit for a short time of a month, involved in their evasive tactics.

  91. Blayne found guilty on previous fraud today. On three counts. He is out on bond. Sentencing is 6/6/11. This just shows he con’d everyone!

  92. A jury found Blayne guilty of 3 counts of wire fraud yesterday!! Enjoy prison!

  93. It’s just good to know after months and yrs. of a daughter alienating her entire family because she believed her family was wrong about this man, even trying to sue her own family in regards to this, Turning her back on everyone that cared about her, to protect a man that was finally found guilty…and then finding out that in fact it was all true what everyone said about him…just proves that justice prevails, that the “bad” guys really can get caught, and that Karma comes back to bite you. We thank everyone that updates this site …justice is a beautiful thing, and the “good guys” really can win…eventually. our hope is that everyone that got skammed by this guy, gets some form of retribution from all the harm that was done to them.

  94. Sentencing date is 6/6/11 At 9:00 am Fed. court in Orlando Court Room 6A. Judge Conway. Court is at
    401 West Central Blvd. Case # is 6:10CR-190.

  95. Hugh Small, Dr. Edwards et al

    The Last time the Prime Minister and the current GOVERNMENT was publicly called CORRUPT they sent out guess who?

    Harold Brady.

    You two are newcomers. Don’t get flustered as if it can be defended. It can not. You will see.


    Oh where is Brady now?..Who cares…

  96. Walking out, running away the back of Mr. Phipps walking out will not cure corruption…

    Emile George did your Son get an appointment to a quasi govt board or not?

    Mr. Phipps: “Objection”

    Busta party gone to the Canines.

  97. Guest
    It’s obvious that Emil George is totally incaple of running this commission of enquiry.
    Now he has allowed himself to be miffed by the lawyers, has adjourned the sitting prematurely, and stamped off in a huff.
    God help us when he has to make a finding at the end

    Unfortunately, this enquiry isn’t stupidness, but rather a crystal clear indication of the low level of intelligence of some of the major ” players” in this government. Not only that, but a showcase for those who are loyal mouthpieces for those other elected and not elected power brokers in Jamaica.

    Many of these witnesses should be charged with perjury, especially tthose high up in the JLP who claim not to know Dudus is a JLP don! Dem lie! Worst of all are those who are in charge of of Jamaica’s security who are clearly protective of an alleged criminal.


  98. Attorney General, Dorothy Lightbourne, says the Jamaican Government has informed the United States authorities that it will not be signing anymore extradition requests involving wiretap evidence until ambiguities regarding the use of such evidence are cleared up.

    The government has insisted that wiretap evidence used in the Coke extradition request was obtained improperly.

    Lightbourne says while the government has received other extradition requests from the US since the Coke extradition, it has put a hold on those involving wiretap evidence.

    Names on the “new” requests too close for comfort?

  99. The sin of Ananias and Sapphira was, that they were ambitious of being thought eminent disciples, when they were not true disciples. Hypocrites may deny themselves, may forego their worldly advantage in one instance, with a prospect of finding their account in something else. They were covetous of the wealth of the world, and distrustful of God and his providence. They thought they might serve both God and mammon. They thought to deceive the apostles. The Spirit of God in Peter discerned the principle of unbelief reigning in the heart of Ananias. But whatever Satan might suggest, he could not have filled the heart of Ananias with this wickedness had he not been consenting. The falsehood was an attempt to deceive the Spirit of truth, who so manifestly spoke and acted by the apostles. The crime of Ananias was not his retaining part of the price of the land; he might have kept it all, had he pleased; but his endeavouring to impose upon the apostles with an awful lie, from a desire to make a vain show, joined with covetousness.

    Acts 5:1-11.

  100. Peter exposes the fraud. He knows the truth, whether by hearsay, reading Ananias’s face or Spirit-empowered insight. By asking Ananias why Satan has filled his heart for the purpose of lying to the Holy Spirit and embezzlement, Peter exposes the spiritual battle that is raging.

  101. “While the internet has in some ways an ability to let us know to an unprecedented level what government is doing, and to let us co-operate with each other to hold repressive governments and repressive corporations to account, it is also the greatest spying machine the world has ever seen,” he told students at Cambridge University. Hundreds queued for hours to attend.

  102. Scandal-hit Turks and Caicos islands seek £160m UK taxpayer bailout

    The Turks and Caicos Islands have been under the direct rule of Westminster for the past 18 months, as a criminal investigation into allegations of bribery and corruption by the members of the last locally elected government there drags on.

    Before last year’s general election, the issue of aid to Turks and Caicos threatened to become a political embarrassment for the Conservatives because one of the islands’ major financial institutions is controlled by the Tory peer Lord Ashcroft, who was then the party’s deputy chairman. Lord Ashcroft’s British Caribbean Bank financed a development boom in the islands over the past decade, but its profits have tumbled as the economic crisis there has unfolded.

    The Foreign Secretary, William Hague, visited Turks and Caicos in March 2007 on a flight paid for by Lord Ashcroft’s firm, Flying Lion. Mr Rosindell and his adviser, Coleman Starbuck made a fact-finding visit to Turks and Caicos last August, paid for by a separate group of local businessmen, and produced a searing report on the state of the islands’ economy, which had been hit by a combination of corruption, the world banking crisis and hurricanes in 2008.

    Crown land had been sold on the cheap to builders who developed for a tourist trade that went into sharp decline after 2008. The land sales are the focus of the criminal investigation, which has lasted for 18 months without anyone being charged and cost the islands’ administration more than £300,000 a month.

  103. Party of all parties

    Also out were: Finance Minister Audley Shaw and his companion Susan Duhaney; Security Minister Senator Col Trevor MacMillan and his wife Dr Olivia McDonald; Attorney General and Minister of Justice Senator Dorothy Lightbourne..

    Ask a simple question like where is the restroom and you get one round the world story.

    Look like it’s a new disease…answer something you were not asked.

  104. Careful Andrew Holness..Dwight eyeing your job!

  105. Jamaica, a country is serious serious trouble.

  106. Re: Violation of the Foreign Agent Registration Act (FARA)

    Attorney General of the United States of America
    Honorable Eric H. Holder
    United States Department of Justice
    950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
    Washington, DC 20530-0001

    Dear Mr. Holder,
    I wish to share with you a matter that appears to be a violation of the Foreign Agent Registration Act (FARA) of 1938, 22 U.S.C. § 611 et seq.

    The parties mentioned appeared to have violated the FARA by not declaring the extent of their lobbying activities and also the source of the funds for their lobbying efforts.

  107. Supporters speak

  108. 13 Consecutive quarters of negative growth explained.

  109. Oh Oh Smitty lawyer, buss up Dorothy salad and caught her in a LIE. She all trying to say she can’t recall saying to the “CHAIRMAN” that she never spoke to Brady.


    She all asking her own questions to herself


  110. e-mail get them out again…stop study the gun and learn the email…

  111. She was undoubtedly caught lying right there with the Brady communication argument.

    How the newsprint reports it will tell the Americans much.

  112. The commissioners get “ancy” when the who paid the money comes back. Chairman made some definitive comments about they payment. He has no basis on which to do so.

    Some hear and some listen…

  113. When we had assembled much of the information, we decided this was a matter that had to be made public. We scheduled a press conference to be held in Montego Bay, to indicate that serious corruption was being perpetrated…”

  114. AN e-mail was produced at the Dudus/Manatt commission of enquiry today, which showed that Attorney General Dorothy Lightbourne had communicated with lawyer Harold Brady over the Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke extradition saga.
    The e-mail was sent by one of Lightbourne’s secretaries on September 16, 2009 to Solicitor General Douglas Leys and copied to Brady. But Lightbourne said she did not know how the e-mail was sent.

    [The Send button like the one on your blackberry Dor.]

    Read more:

    Oh Dear, Dorothy was bowled middle stump ….daahhhlinngs…

  115. If the glove fit….you can’t….

  116. However, Lightbourne said the planned court action did not work out. “The whole thing became political,” she said.

    “And so you signed away Mr. Coke, so if civil society brings pressure to bear, you are going to sign away people’s rights?” Atkinson asked.

    “It’s not Coke…this thing went way beyond Coke,” Lightbourne said.

    Lightbourne also said she could not recall what contained in some of her own affidavits, in response to Atkinson’s queries.

    As Patrick Atkinson, fired questions, Lightbourne admitted that while Coke’s affidavits were sent to her, she did not read them.

  117. Int’l body calls Warmington reprehensible

    According to Gregorio Salazar, the head of the International Federation of Journalists in Latin America and the Caribbean, the matter has now been referred to the headquarters of the global body for action.

  118. Smith suggested that the e-mail was sent to brief Brady on the extradition proceedings but Lightbourne — who had previously testified to never having any contact with Brady regarding the issue — denied the suggestion.
    Lightbourne said she could not recall the document.
    “I don’t know it. It doesn’t say it’s from me,” said Lightbourne.
    Again, after the luncheon break [having spoken to her attorney], Lightbourne came out strongly denying that she had sent the e-mail and sought to distance herself from it.

    Read more:

  119. Anonymously forwarded emails linking the Jamaica Labour Party’s narrow 2007 general election victory to massive funding from embattled investment banker David Smith and his floundering investment scheme, Olint, have been creating a firestorm in cyberspace.

    The emails also name prominent people from corporate Jamaica, as well as well-established firms and the sums they allegedly invested in the foreign-exchange investment club.

    “I can’t remember. I send hundreds of emails and I am not denying that I am aware or have knowledge or know David,”

    “I am not denying that there was contact.I am denying nothing but in terms of that specific, I can’t answer that.”

    “I don’t know it. It doesn’t say it’s from me,” said Lightbourne.

  120. Drs. Barnett and Ewards sleeping man…Don’t feel no way Dorothy…take one for the TEAM…so it go sometimes.

  121. Sentencing hearing for Blayne Davis has been rescheduled from June 6th, to Sept. 14th, 2011.
    Time is 9 am. Case # 6:10CR-190 Orlando Federal Court House 401 West Central Blvd. Orlando, Fl
    Courtroom 6A Judge Conway.

  122. Is anyone else going to give a victim statement at the sentencing?

  123. June 15, 2011,Blayne Davis and 2 others ordered to pay back 5 million dollars a piece in restitution and penalties in Capital Blu case. 1 down, 1 more case to go for Blayne. That’s just the civil trial. Criminal sentencing is yet to come on Blayne. Investors can now independently pursue their own lawsuits if they wish,judge’s orders do not prevent any investor from pursuing their own lawsuit.

  124. When an Australian bonds representative served him with the sovereign complaint, Davis attempted to flee, then called his parent for help.
    “They got me, Dad,” Blayne Davis yelled to his father, who began screaming at the agent.

  125. B. Davis’s sentencing date was reset to 11-1-11. According to the judge this is the final postponement. He tried getting an order to go to NYC to attend a citibank conference, but the judge denied it. He’s still in his ankle bracelet, unable to leave the state of Texas, and with any luck, November will be the month all of his victims get a little bit of justice. They deserve it. Long time coming for them. Each count can bring 20 yrs. sentencing, and while I doubt he will get a total of 60 yrs. anything is possible when you have a tough female judge. Good luck Blayne…you will surely need it now.

  126. Any updates Mr Jets?

  127. Today is the day guys!!!

  128. Today Blayne Davis was sentenced to 3 yrs. in a Federal Prison. Taken away by Federal Marshals at his sentencing hearing in Orlando Florida on 11-1-11. After his 3 yr. prison term, he is on supervised probation for another 3 yrs. Is required to do community service after his prison term, restitution to pay on this case, and is required to be in a mental health counseling program. Unsure as to what prison he was remanded to today, will know soon.

  129. What the hell happened? Hes still not in Jail, whats going on???

  130. He was remanded to U.S. Marshals custody this morning. He’s in prison.

  131. only 3 years after all he did to people? They can still go after him in criminal court right?

  132. It takes time to process someone into the prison system, and it doesn’t always show up online right away. Also, no one knows yet what prison he is at, he could be in Orlando, or they could have taken him back to Texas to serve his time in that Federal Prison. If U.S. Marshals were at the courthouse in Orlando, and took him away in handcuffs, that means they were transporting him to a federal prison. they don’t normally appear at a sentencing hearing unless they are taking someone straight to prison. Be patient.

  133. This wasnt even for the Capital Blu trial, hopefully they have that trial and Blayne get more jail time.

  134. That was the criminal court case. They can’t go after him again, unless individuals sue him in civil court. He got 3 yrs. but his atty’s sent a 23 page letter to the judge requesting hardship due to having 2 young kids, a family, etc. and the atty’s requested he only get one yr. So the judge went over that, which was good. 3 yrs. doesn’t seem long, but to someone that is just 30, has 2 young kids, and won’t be home for 3 yrs. of their life, it’s pretty good. When he gets out will he get a job? as a convicted felon, how easy will that be? He has supervised probation for another 3 yrs. community service, not only has to pay restitution but has to pay back 4.9 million dollars in a civil case. His atty’s were going for a yr or less. The judge went over the standard guidelines, and gave him more.

  135. The capital blu trial was over with in June of this yr. That was the civil trial, he didn’t get jail time for that, none of them did. That trial is where he has to pay back 4.9 million dollars, each of them do. Both trials are over with. That judgement was done and over with back in June.

  136. Blayne Davis is at the John E. Polk Correctional Facility. This is in Sanford, Florida. Which is basically Orlando. Taken into custody by U.S. Marshalls on 11-1-2011 and booked into the jail at 6:21 pm.
    He may not be bailed out because he is to be transferred to a prison elsewhere. Any correspondence to the inmate can be sent to 211 Bush Blvd. Sanford, Fl 32773. Include inmate’s name and booking no. on Envelope. Booking no . is 201100014127.

  137. where is “Someone who flew on the Jets” what about the others? Don and Damien were driving around in Rolls Royces gettin a good laugh and flyin in private planes. They need to be in jail as well

    • So I guess Blayne can fool everyone he crosses paths with except for Don and Damian…….. And I am also guessing that
      Since both don and Damian were rich before they couldn’t have been targeted by Blayne. Blayne, the same one who fooled the US government twice, and his fraud got bigger. As I read in the article before this, Blayne did this in 06′ if he was indicted and convicted then there wouldn’t have been a capital Blu. Im just amazed how long it takes to get justice. Imagine the fraud he did after capital Blu………

  138. I’m sure Blayne will be financially fine after his 3 years stint. Most, if not all, his $ are stored in offshore accounts, at specific institutions under corporate accounts. Unless there is an investigation, his offshore stuff will be sitting accruing interest until he’s out. We’d all like what’s ours, but how do you pursue offshore accounts even if you have a few tips of the financial accounts whereabouts? Even once he’s out and us investors pursue legal action, he can easily show he doesn’t have a dime to his name…in the US that is. If he can get out of the country, he’ll be sipping drinks and enjoying the fine life once again. He won’t be working a regular joe’s job when he gets out. He’ll bide his time to start another business like he did before, but this time, probably better protect himself through other pawns.

  139. So once a criminal…always a criminal.

  140. only 3 years seems like a load of crap. He’s not even going to real prison.

  141. He’s not going to be able to go to Australia to live for quite some time. After his time in prison, he is going to be on 3 yrs. of supervised Parole/Probation. They are not going to transfer any probation or parole to another country. So he will have to stay in the U.S. for at least 6 yrs.

  142. Anyone have legal counsel who lost money leave me your email. I also have legal counsel, Don and Damien are both liable, had they not posted fake gains and posted the true losses, many of us would have been able to withdrawal our funds. Im sick of hearing about everyone blaming this Blayne and giving these two a free pass, they were both just as in on the scam, if not more so.

  143. Don and Damien were not tried criminally either, Blayne was tried civilly and criminally, as he’s been doing this for over 8 yrs. All 3 of them have to pay back so many millions in the civil case, so the other 2 weren’t let off scott free. Blayne should be blamed, he scammed a heck of a lot more people both civilly and criminally than the other 2 did!

  144. Listen pal, if they posted their true losses many of the investors would have been able to withdrawal their funds months before they lost all of them. Whats sad is between the 3 of them they didnt know jack shit about trading or finance.

  145. I’d be smart enough not to invest with them then…if you said none of them knew jack shit about trading or finance.

  146. I’d be smart enough not to invest with them then…if you said none of them knew jack shit about trading or finance.

    The only person with that attitude would be one of the guilty 3. Hows it going Damien?

  147. Don Davis’ # 321-720-1314

  148. 2 special agents from Orlando met with me and were told me they almost have enough to bring the criminal charges, this will mean more jail time for Blayne and get Damien in jail, Don might only get probation but if all goes well 5 more years in jail for Blayne plus Damien is looking at about 2 years in prison as well.

  149. Is there a legal team / contact info we can contact if I had additional information on these guys?

  150. Blayne Davis has been moved to a Prison in Austin Texas

  151. I am in the process of writing a book in regards to Blayne Davis. Will be based on a True Story. If anyone out there has a story to tell about their encounter with him or people surrounding him in regards to character or his business dealings and do not have a problem with their version being published could you please contact me. Thankyou,

  152. This book is going to tell the story of how others were affected by the actions of one of these 3 guys. We want to know how his dealings affected innocent people and the impact he had on them. Thankyou,

  153. Good luck 2 you Christine. Many Jamaican’s are full of pride and shame easy. Many who say, “I told people ..not to join know” are just very insecure set. Golding referred to people as “fools” even when his daughter was a feeder and he was thanking Smith for the conference money. Shaw wanted to know about Australia (can you believe he’s still in Parliament?
    And Jigsy..well compulsive gambler? ..perfect Minister of State in the Min of Finance I suppose.

    The list of ALL Olint investors is not yet released. It touched many a “fool” appointed to a high place.

    BTW..Les ..Les Green…have you finished your investigations yet? hahhahahahaaahahahahahahahaa

    Good luck to you Christine. Just one more thing: Isn’t the time for Impact statements at the trial?

    That’s when it matters. I have sen people who have denied membership in Olint screechy and put their m=names on claims. I have seen lawyers who represented feeders (talk about conflict of interest) put them names on claims…hhahahahaha

    Remember that Labour boy Courtenay Barnett whio represented Tracey and was also a member of Olint? hhahahaa.

    MARCUS GARVEY SEH, ” (fill in the rest of the famous line for me Christine….if you don’t know it ask maybe Carolyn Cooper or one a dem big tapanaris journalist…Barbara or Fae or even Boyne..)”

    Lata, mi back back deh against the wall….

  154. Jubilee? Your Majesty? Soon we will find out WHO is the REAL REVOLUTIONARY?

    I don’t want my people to be tricked by mercenaries….a who a di mercenary dem?

    The “new” MASSA? Who a di massa at 50?

    ‘Don’t gain the world and loose your soul’…’wisdom more precious than silver and gold…’

    Mirster Muuuuuzzzickk…keep it locked

  155. Media…you a do BaKKra bidding? 2000 years of history…wiped away so easily?

    Mi seh mi Cyaan Believe it….Swap one massa for a nedda one.

    Paul Bogle? Sam Sharpe? MMG?

    Wisdom is better than silver and Gold?

    Mr Muuuzzicck… this one for you and massa..special request:


  156. Money Laundering

    Western banks ‘reaping billions from Colombian cocaine trade’
    While cocaine production ravages countries in Central America, consumers in the US and Europe are helping developed economies grow rich from the profits, a study claims

    The vast profits made from drug production and trafficking are overwhelmingly reaped in rich “consuming” countries – principally across Europe and in the US – rather than war-torn “producing” nations such as Colombia and Mexico, new research has revealed. And its authors claim that financial regulators in the west are reluctant to go after western banks in pursuit of the massive amount of drug money being laundered through their systems.

    The most far-reaching and detailed analysis to date of the drug economy in any country – in this case, Colombia – shows that 2.6% of the total street value of cocaine produced remains within the country, while a staggering 97.4% of profits are reaped by criminal syndicates, and laundered by banks, in first-world consuming countries.

    “The whole system operated by authorities in the consuming nations is based around going after the small guy, the weakest link in the chain, and never the big business or financial systems where the big money is.”

    The work, by the two economists at University of the Andes in Bogotá, is part of an initiative by the Colombian government to overhaul global drugs policy and focus on money laundering by the big banks in America and Europe…

    The mechanisms of laundering drug money were highlighted in the Observer last year after a rare settlement in Miami between US federal authorities and the Wachovia bank, which admitted to transferring $110m of drug money into the US, but failing to properly monitor a staggering $376bn brought into the bank through small exchange houses in Mexico over four years. (Wachovia has since been taken over by Wells Fargo, which has co-operated with the investigation.)

    Colombia’s banks, meanwhile, said Mejía, “are subject to rigorous control, to stop laundering of profits that may return to our country. Just to bank $2,000 involves a huge amount of paperwork – and much of this is overseen by Americans.”

    “In Colombia,” said Gaviria, “they ask questions of banks they’d never ask in the US. If they did, it would be against the laws of banking privacy. In the US you have very strong laws on bank secrecy, in Colombia not – though the proportion of laundered money is the other way round. It’s kind of hypocrisy, right?”

    Dr Mejia said: “It’s an extension of the way they operate at home. Go after the lower classes, the weak link in the chain – the little guy, to show results. Again, transferring the cost of the drug war on to the poorest, but not the financial system and the big business that moves all this along.” [Read: JAMAICA]

    With Britain having overtaken the US and Spain as the world’s biggest consumer of cocaine per capita, the Wachovia investigation showed much of the drug money is also laundered through the City of London, where the principal Wachovia whistleblower, Martin Woods, was based in the bank’s anti-laundering office. He was wrongfully dismissed after sounding the alarm. [Read: JAMAICA}

    Gaviria said: “We know that authorities in the US and UK know far more than they act upon. The authorities realise things about certain people they think are moving money for the drug trade – but the DEA [US Drugs Enforcement Administration] only acts on a fraction of what it knows.” [Read: JAMAICA]

  157. Has anyone got one red cent or know if these deadbeats have paid up any of what they owe? Anyone dealing with Al Hauser as their lawyer?

  158. Appellate Court denied Blayne Davis’s appeal on 9-27-12.

  159. Campaign Finance

  160. what was the appeal in regards to?

  161. FINALLY DAMIEN SCUMFIELD IS GOING TO JAIL looks like at best he will be in jail for 6years. Just as predicted, so sweet for justice to be served for that 2faced con man Damien. WHERE IS EVERYONE AT??

  162. More to come. Unbelievable? More to come…

  163. Blayne was released to a halfway house. Wonder if more charges are forthcoming…

  164. Blayne pled guilty. Any bets on the amount of time he’ll get?

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