WorldWise Investor wins $50 million suit.

Radio Jamaica reported on Monday of this week that a World Wise investor, businesman Hurshel Cyrus has won his lawsuit agains World Wise. The Supreme court it appears handed down a default judgement as Noel Strachan, the defendant and Chief Executive officer of Worldwise Partners failed to file a defence.

This is very interesting, and quoting one posted on visitor to investforlife, “One took action and 11,999 too no action, one got a $50 million dollar action and 11,999 has yet to get a dime and more than likely will not get a dime.” It is understood but not actually determined that worldwise has about 12,000 members, who are still waiting to get back.

In the latest twist, World Wise’s Lawyers have indicated that they intend to appeal the ruling on the grounds that CEO , Noel Strachan was not in the jurisdiction and was not properly served. The question now must be was all reasonable efforts exhausted in attempting to serve the papers and if the ‘defendant’ refuses to make himself available in this civil matter should the court be held hostage?

Interestingly the appeal has not been lodged at this time


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  1. Worldwise’s Strachan back in court

    The Supreme Court is scheduled to hear a case Friday involving Noel Stratchan, head of Worldwise Partners Limited.

    The hearing is to decide whether a default judgment against Mr. Strachan should be set aside.

  2. What is going on with Worldwise and their repayment plan ?

  3. Huh, was there ever such a plan ?

  4. Open letter to World Wise
    Published: Wednesday | February 10, 2010

    Dear World Wise Partners:
    Can you please give us an update on the situation as it now stands with our investment?

    There was a time when there was a glimmer of hope. Our optimism sprang from the newsletters you emailed and your appearance in the media, but since July last year when you appeared on CVM we have heard absolutely nothing. We had such confidence in you and trusted you. What happened to others would not happen to us, but this trust seems to have been misplaced.

    We have tried to contact you via the telephone or email but, alas, no response.

    We need to hear from you. Your silence is deafening.

    I am, etc.,

    A disappointed


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