A Stanford -Olint link ?

There are speculations that there may have been a link between  David Smith’s   Olint and the Allen Stanford group.

In today Herald,  law professor David Rowe, seems to be suggesting that there may indeed be such a link.

He further suggested that Olint investors funds may have also been funneled into the Stanford Group of Companies, without its (Olint) investors knowledge.

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21 Responses

  1. Aaaah boy the plot thickens….

  2. how convenient!

  3. In his annual letter to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders, Warren Buffett says he did some “dumb things in investments” last year.


  4. There may be more than onebadapple but none are thinking deeper yet.

  5. Everyone Google ” The world’s largets hedge fund is a fraud”. An article written by a man years before Madoff fell apart. he feared for his own lif so never put his name on the piece but sent it to the SEC. It documented step by step, detail by detail how such returns and simply impossible. He was right in every aspect and asked to testify before congress two weeks ago. Everyhting in this piece parrallels what Olint and all other Ponzi’s have done oer time. Educate yourselves so you don’t lose your money again and face the reality…it was all a scam…nothing more, nothing less. Human greed is a an easy thing to prey on.

  6. i live in the states but have family in jamaica. i first heard of olint and cash plus and all these other companies in early 2008. the very first thing i thought was that it was a massive fraud. everyone i knew in jamaica was so sure because someone they knew had gotten their money.

    its interesting now to see how peoples views have changed. carlos hill, david smith, and anyone else involved are all a bunch of liars. they have never told the truth about anything and their firms were founded on false pretenses.

    the lack of financial literacy by the people investing their hard earned money is astounding. people should know that it is impossible for any business to consistently return 10% monthly on money invested for any long period of time. even 10% a year would be very good. nothing about these firms was believable and i cant believe how many people were fooled

  7. costofcarry,

    Madoff Investors say hi. 🙂

  8. Madoff had some of the most sophisticated investors in the world

  9. Hi Costofcarry,

    The different currencies in the world move up and down in value every day 24/7 and bank, individual, and companies all over the world capitalize on this movement by buying and selling.

    I do agree that there can be no consistency in any particular percentage gain. But I think you are the one who needs to gain some financial literacy and you will realize that 10% per annum is a laugh. I personally trade for myself (only) on the forex market.

    If Olint and others were honestly just trading then I think their problem must have been bad money management or bad trading decisions.

  10. The email that proves OLINT was a ponzie ie HEEERE

    see http://olintja.com/

    G…. at NCB we want to ask these people some questions. They have info that we need to give to Les Green

    OLINT EMPLOYEES they know you do you know them???
    Speak up

  11. I am a Forex trader (five years) and routinely earn 45 – 75% of my trading capital per month. My worst months ever were November thru January recently and I still did not drop below 30% any month.
    I know many fellow traders lose money and get emotionally involved in thier trading but I guarantee you that great gains are possible with proper financial management.
    All trading is gambling and maney is made consistently in Forex by settling for making many small gains and occasional large ones while keeping your losses small.
    Only those ignorant of Forex believe 10% per month is a huge figure. If this David Smith is close to as good as it was rumored in financial circles, I have no doubt that he could be doing what was claimed.
    If he lost his clients money trading, that is one thing but if (as it seems) there is an international conglomerate of his enemies crafting his demise, then that is a shame.
    As far as having his clients money? I am small fry and nobody can find my money so someone able to afford better financial counsel could certainly have money hidden all over and it never be found.
    I think david Smith should be given a chance to make good to his membership and the naysayers should keep quiet until it is proven that he has somehow managed to blow what is allegedly over 700 million dollars. I dont believe this is possible and would love to see him make good and silence his haters.


  13. That TCI Corruption report can be found here:

  14. It appears that anyone who uses I trade FX to do forex trading really never makes any money.

    Take the case below of Globefxclub, they got registered with the NFA last year Nov and now has lost that membership.

    Guess on which platform they “traded” and guess also how much they made.

    Well its I Itrade Fx and they lost 50% of their clients funds.


  15. Wow I guess all the FAT cats have finally vanished! I cannot believe that this blog that was once the source for information is now like a sitting duck just waiting to expire. I guess allot if people say there name popping up on that other blog and decided to head for the backdoor.

    What is the latest on Mr. Smith? Is he still living in Turks, or is he on his way back to his true land. We all have to come home someday one way or the other.

  16. Who fi get pay.. got paid


  18. I heard that there is a list with the names and theamounts of the Olint investors. Can anyone tell me wher I could see that list?

  19. The Bible in the book of Jeremiah says, The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked; who can know it?
    The actions of these people who operate forex clubs are inexcusable. Did they know they were robbing people and kept on doing it? If that is the case they are to spend time in gaol.
    If they traded and lost it would be a different scenario, but they appear to have been sheep in wolves clothing and some even come under the namr of christianity.. but let God be the judge.

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