OLINT ‘Water’ Boy? No Way!

Mark Wignall has come out kicking against some revelations that if  they are true could raise serious questions. Having read the article he gives no indication that any of those e-mails we have seen have been false.

Instead much time has been spent giving a history lesson of when he started writing, his growth as a writer and involvement in the  OLINT affair.

Where is the proof?

The following quotes are of interest.

“What eventually sold me on OLINT was its ability to sustain the 2006 raid, sustain a 70 per cent withdrawal of funds and still survive.”

This has long been used as a selling point that OLINT was no scam – the ‘survival’ of Olint when the FSC came raiding. This is the problem when you have no transparency. This is not the case of the SEC falling down on their job like Madoff and now Stanford. The FSC wanted information and OLINT refused. Yet, people believed OLINT’s claim about this 70% without one shred of evidence to back it. Where did that figure of 70% come from?  Could it be independently verified? 70% of what, persons or funds?.

“A pyramid-like structure could never sustain such an incursion.”

Here is the problem with that statement.  One assumption being made on the premise that the first assumption  is true. The validity of the first assumption, i.e. the 70%, is not known, therefore the building on it  to declare a truth is not the way to go. Also a Pyramid scheme is defined slightly different from a PONZI.

In the February 2007 article, that appears to be part of the questioning the following quote is found:

“I have been informed that Olint will not be taking in any new customers until a time to be announced, probably in March(2007). The question I would like to ask Rutte Ginpebn is this: If Olint was a PONZI scheme, would it not have failed long ago, with no new funds coming in from the base to feed the top?”

Again, an assumption was made that a) a PONZI can’t last a long time b) no money was coming in. Firstly there are the Madoff and Lou Pearlman examples of PONZI’s that lasted a long time. Secondly, what should also be clear to everyone now is that OLINT survived by taking money through the back door, piggy backers and feeder clubs, and by moving offshore to the TCI and accepting wires there.

I still can’t believe that people ‘in the know’ did not know that Olint had a) so many feeder clubs, (many seen as liars now) and b) that the persons who were old customers could continue to add new money therefore become ‘piggy backers’.

His Defence

Mark Wignall acknowledges;

“It is quite true that one of my main sources was the PR arm of Olint I need to pose these questions”.  (bold added)

Those questions are listed below.

  1. “How many times have journalists, columnists sat down with various PR bodies to pose questions to them”?
  2. “Second, if my general views on the subject, the person or the entity are well known to those bodies, how can it be a secret as to where I may be going with a column next week”?

(see article The OlINT Saga: I was not David Smith’s Boy!)

Good questions, and reasonable answers. However the answer to the second question serves the interest of those looking for an ally, who knows a pawn, in the media. Control the PR getting to that influential journalist, given their known sympathies, and you will be  be sure the support from the masses will grow.


There is one e-mail that I found troubling. A certain banker  appears to send an e-mail to Mark Wignall with comments about ‘Literary Genius’ with references to another outspoken anti-UFO banker. That banker it is rumored, had jumbled his name to come up with a pseudonym used in a letter sent to the Observer. What does Mark Wignall do,  he appears to forward the ‘Literary Genius’ e-mail to ‘PR arm of Olint’.

The issue of seemingly sending an article to the group of persons now known as the ‘PR arm of Olint’  raises certain journalistic ethics and integrity questions. Should the subject of every article  therefore be given the right to review the article before publication?  From my research and common sense, such a practice should simply be avoided as it puts the journalist under undue pressure as the subject/representative might want the information toned up or down to suit their purposes.

My Question to Wignall are:

  1. Did he send and receive those emails, including forwarding the one from the Managing Director of a leading bank in Jamaica?
  2. Given what has come to light, does he still believe that OLINT, is not questionable operation much like Cash Plus?

I will add in his defence, sometimes you get used and you don’t even know you have been used. When King David got Joab, his army chief, to send Uriah to heat of the battle, Uriah had no clue that he was been set up.

OLINT vs Cash Plus
The truth is Wignall was a writer whose articles I read regularly. But even before these e-mails came to light and the subsequent innuendoes, I was very disappointed with his handling of the OLINT affair from early 2007. I was very displeased when he attempted to make a distinction between OLINT and Cash Plus, knowingly or unknowingly, effectively ‘unofficially’ declaring one legitimate and the other not.

Indeed ‘Water Boy’ or not, I thought it an irresponsible peice of Journalism. THis is the problem people with influence face. You have to be careful not just with what you endorse, but what you appear to endorse.

So far the main distinction is that one claimed to be dealing in Forex Trading and the other was claim to be conglomerate of companies in everything from real estate, cambio services, telcommuncations, hospitality and more.

THen, neither was  licensed by the FSC, both beleived that the FSC had no right to regulate them, but offered no transparency and no accountability. Then both offered fascinating rate of returns 10% per month in one case and in the other returns that averaged about 10% per month.

Today, they are still not registered or regulated by the FSC in Jamaica.  One is a declared Ponzi and in the hand of a receiver/liquidator and the other probably a ponzi too , and both have had their principals charged for fraud. Today, investors of both clubs are still left holding the empty bag.

BTW: If there are any  laws that this blog is flouting, please let us know by emailing us at hyipmyths [at] yahoo.com. Also the title is not a direct quote but an interpretation.



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  1. Great work investorforlife. Wignall is in a patchy spot and even the tone of today’s piece suggests that he knows it. he felt compelled to respond because there enough circumstantial evidence to support an unfavorable (to him) conclusion.
    but he did an incomplete job in defending himself and left many questions open. you ask the right questions.
    i would want to explore the article distinguishing olint from c+. was that pure journalism? ignorance? or is there a connection between that piece and the email purportedly sent by creary suggesting that phase 2 was to distinguishing olint from cash plus?

  2. … (munch munch munch) … inna him his-story lessons this morning … Missa Wignall look like him did fegit fe mention his (obvious) earlier apprenticeship down ah Hanover Street …. suh me mek Puncie call Chupsie fe remin’ her … (release of rear gas) …

  3. Mark got busted !! Now you know he’s a sell out, he works for the highest bidder !! No more Wignall world !!

  4. InvestforLife:

    Good thread!!!!!! I was going to recommend that you do it, but as usual you beat me to the punch!

  5. excellent thread

  6. …………………”The blogs giving expression to those who were investors in Olint may be flouting laws of which the bloggers are unaware.”……….


    It would appear that Mark Wignall is “implicitly” issuing threats in the above statement. What are you going to do Mark, sue the Blog Administrator(s) or is it an attempt to intimidate bloggers? Maybe Mark should secure the services of the “PR Specialist” to counteract the perceptions that are now festering out there in cyberspace. The only question I have for Mark is: is there a published “Price List” for YOUR services and do you take credit card payments?

  7. I think he uses PayPal . More secure

  8. dread, on February 19th, 2009 at 4:46 pm Said: “I think he uses PayPal . More secure”

    Even better……hahahahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  9. Investforlife, you should email a copy of write-up you did above to the Editor of the Observer. I hope they print it!!!

    BTW, does anyone on this blog know the blog that Mark Wignall contribute to (his claim) on a regular basis?

  10. investforlife

    Great work. You might want to examine the terrific journalism in this article too. There was also one a few days before.


  11. LAAD GAD !!!!!
    enough !!! this is just tear down and more tear down …

    So what if we destroy Mark Wignal ?Will that bring back our money.

    The column is called Wignals World NOT THE WORD OF GOD……

    Nuff people read it and did not put their money in OLINT

    I have not seen the Name Wignal on any of the list. He probably was not a member. Him probably nuh love money like us !!!!!

    I did not read Wignals world and I put my money into OLINT.

    Who else are we going to tear DOWN???

  12. L&LL:

    Is Olint or Olint TCI licensed in TCI and/or Panama? Could you point me to the relevant site where I can check to see what Jamaican securities license DS has?

  13. Now MikeD we are on a topic that can help us !!!!!!

    From what I can read Olint and Olint TCI are registered companies. Olint in Panama and Olint TCI in TCI

    I did not see any papers to prove Registration in panama and I have no website but then again I gave DS my first check in the name David Smith. I was dealing with the man not any company.

    From investigations I did in 2007 The paper proof I got was that OLINT TCI was for all prposes the “trader” and hallmark bank was the entity that offered us the security. Thus the new contract.

    OLINT does not have and from what I see has never had a securities license in jamaica. THAT IS WHAT THE CASE WITH THE FSC IS ALL ABOUT. The question of do they need one. The jurry is still out

    When they had the meeting with the FSC in 2006 they begged the FSC to show them s how to be registered they kept on giving OLINT forms to fill out that did not apply to Forex trading.

    It was like applying for a loan to make shoes and they insisted that you fill out a form that asked for all the details of running a fine French restaurant. LOL

    After the raid in 2006 the FSC said LOCK DOWN RETURN ALL MONEY AND WE WILL TALK.

    Right or Wrong DS and members at the time thought this was a trap. AND
    Like Paul Bogle and Sam Sharp wi never trust them = so we marched on in what we thought was our best interest

    Well after seeing all the communication between FSC BOJ OLI NT/LEWFAM with the GOV BOJ FSC not saying yeh or Neh and seeing the pressure the Banking fraternity had the FSC under with regard to OLINT. The OLINT posse said They do not want to work with the program let us find a way to move on…..

    Then the suspension of the clubs taking in money or new members and the Move to TCI.

    I blame DS for not sharing all the talks they had with GOVT to create a way for OLINT to operate in Jamaica . Nobody was interested or nobody had the balls to do it BUT then again that WOULD NOT BE SO WISE of DS cause in no time the OLINT issue would be a JLP PNP clash !!! and you all know how fed up we are with politicians

    The details of what happened in the TCI I do not know
    &I DO NOT KNOW If there is any money or where it is????

    Do you have anymore info you want to share with the blog on the matter of OLINT “legality” etc etc?

  14. Am I still blocked?

  15. I see that BUSHMASTER has been exposing more corruption.
    If what is post is true, then U.N. Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean might have their hands in the affair. As what accounts are being exposed, I see that the United Nations had a personal account with David Smith.

  16. L&L

    Can you offer one shred of evidence to support the arguments you’ve just posted?

  17. 10 Account # 11000860 – ref David Smith – U.N. Economic Commission For L

    from http://www.wirelessexpressions.com/olint

  18. http://www.abengnews.com/?p=1430
    Thought you guys would find this interesting .

  19. Dread, where on earth did you come upon that piece of news.?

  20. your welcome Jay

  21. OLINT Foreign Exchange Scheme Collapse Exposes Intrigue
    By Abeng News on February 17, 2009

    Who is Okey Rawson? His was the name which came up first when Abeng News searched for BUSHMASTER, the mysterious poster of emails allegedly transferred between the beleaguered OLINT financial business officers, its clients and assorted politicians and journalists.

    Read rest of article here.
    Thought you guys would find this interesting
    (Edited. Reason: We do not support copying of full articles to post on this site. Post a summary and put a link to the article)

  22. Robin Irie,
    This is not to convince you just sharing the info that I have taken a lot of time and money to gather since 2005. The least I could do since I was handing over my money to a total stranger

    (P) means proof you can verify

    From investigations I did in 2007 The paper proof I got was that OLINT TCI was for all prposes the “trader” and hallmark bank was the entity that offered us the security. Thus the new contract.

    (P) Read all the blogs that Bushmater has posted between DS, HURD and lawyers in TCI

    After the raid in 2006 the FSC said LOCK DOWN RETURN ALL MONEY AND WE WILL TALK.
    (P)I have no independent proof. it was apart of a spoken coversation.
    upon speaking with principals at the fSC a few months later they said the same thing to me. Incidentally it was in that same convo with the FSC person that I was first informed that DS gambled. I subsequently visited little casinos in Jamaica and saw DS there

    Well after seeing all the communication between FSC BOJ OLI NT/LEWFAM with the GOV BOJ FSC not saying yeh or Neh
    (P)Check court documents Olint/Lewfam vs FSC

    seeing the pressure the Banking fraternity had the FSC under with regard to OLINT.
    (P) check google type in Olint bill clarke NCB lee chin Bunting
    (P) check who notorised the cease and desist order in 2006

    The OLINT posse said They do not want to work with the program let us find a way to move on…..
    (P) I have no independent proof LOL

    Then the suspension of the clubs taking in money or new members and the Move to TCI.
    (P) See all communication from OLINT to club members 2006 – mid 2007

    talks they had with GOVT to create a way for OLINT to operate in Jamaica . Nobody was interested or nobody had the balls to do it BUT then again that WOULD NOT BE SO WISE of DS cause in no time the OLINT issue would be a JLP PNP clash !!! and you all know how fed up we are with politicians

    (P) partial lie at a later date the following happened
    Ennis from the PNP finance ministry said GOV should give OLINT agood look and fair hearing. THEY ARE STILL LAUGHING louder now than then lol

    JLP under Bruce G commissioned a task force to look at UFOs. WE ANXIOUSLY await the report ha ha ha

    I hope I was of some help.
    yuh done mi whole coffee break lol
    I have to run now and finish up a report before the end of my shift.

  23. 12/22/2006 Account # 11000860 – ref David Smith – U.N. Economic Commission For L 7,195.00
    04/20/2007 UN Economic Commission for Latin America – acc’t # 11000360 10,795.00

  24. AML, or is it Bushmaster/Puppetmaster or should I use your real name – Rob Rawson. I hope you don’t mind because since you can post people’s private and confidential information, then that shouldn’t be a problem for you; right?

    I started out being intrigued by the disclosure of private information being disclosed here as well as the wirelessexpressions blog about David/Olint that gave us an insight of what internally was happening.

    But unfortunately, there is nothing that you have posted that tells us that David stole our money, that he committed fraud, that he was involved in money laundering, that he was involved in human trafficking, thet he issued forged documents, that he committed any financial crimes for that matter, or gave any good leads into why we cannot get back our money. I am unable to deduce that he has committed any fraud, that he was not trading, but rather does various things that a business man would do in the normal course of operation, efficiently or not.

    From previous postings, we readers can conclude that you have a real problem with the Martinez family and you feel compelled to get back at them. That might have been the reason for your recent arrest. That’s fine, not my business.

    But at this point in time, I have to believe that your vast postings of confidential information about David/Olint is a clear attempt to get at the Martinez family. What you might have wanted to achieve is clearly backfiring, but it has caused severe damage to people by this intrusion into, and public disclosure of their private business dealings. Man, I think you are heartless if this was your objective.

    Is it that you are on a witch-hunt against the Martinez family and using David/Olint is the only way you can hope to achieve this at this point? You pose these questions from time to time, asking “what are the facts?” and because we are desperate for our money, we became willing particpants to your scheme, and offer up private and confidential information that we too have, thinking that since we may never get our money, then let us work to make sure that David goes to jail. If that is the case, then we are fools several times over for doing this, even greater fools than we are accused of being by putting money into Olint in the first place.

    I also believe that you have a willing participant in Sean Belcher, aka Sirach. Where this will go in the end, I don’t know. But I certainly question your motives.

    So I close by asking you –
    What is your motive?
    What are the facts?

    A word to the clubmembers, sometimes it is better that you shut your mouth and let things that are already in motion (Court cases, etc) play itself out and stop become manipulated foolish participants in something that you or I don’t have anything to confirm what is the truth about where we really stand in getting back our money or not.

  25. Clubmember…..

    Very well said.
    When I meet sensible people here,I am encouraged to post.For the most part I just read and wonder when the fools will realise they have to shut up and let the court cases take there course.

    I am with you,I still do not see any evidence of D.S./OLINT operating a scam for the begining.
    Hope to see more sensible people here.

    God bless.


  26. Blog Uncensored has just received the following message ALERT ALERT ALERT
    I have been authorized by the federal government to disclose the names of these
    Federal officers of the United States Department of Justice.
    Currently these agents are actively investigating the financial conduct of OLINT and
    can assist Olint claimants with American connections (green card holders or US citizens) and
    also Jamaican citizens who may have been defrauded by Olint.
    I encourage all Jamaican attorneys and accountants to co-operate with these officers.

    Below is the contact information:-

    1. Special Agent Kelly Pennington (DEA)- 407-333-7000 ; 407-509-4680
    2. Special Agent Kim Pennington (IRS)- 321-441-2669
    3. Special Agent Ronald Ramos (IRS)- 321-441-2685 ; 407-575-5735

  27. clubmember

    I am surprised you have not been eaten alive.

    Will somebody explain why I must call the IRS ? I do not pay taxes in the USA

    Or the DEA ? I have never dealt in Drugs

  28. Well I said it before and I will say it here again.


    Imagine mi tek myself and go down to the Fraud squad and until now mi still can’t get an appointment with Mr. Green. What a man busy !!!!

    David Smith you are very fresh!!! I see where you told me to shut up.
    You know, for a man who has caused so much pain and suffering for thousands of people, you have some nerve to come on this blog to tell me to shut up.

    Well let me tell you- your time will soon come. Poorer Olint investors such as myself will find the will and means to support the Federal Investigation into your misdeeds.

    Those people who doubt if there is a Federal investigation call the numbers posted. I did and is really American police mi talk to.

    It makes me sick to my stomach to know a man could be so heartless. What really tek the cake is that the Big man dem still trying to sweep this scandal under the rug. Why?

    Who cares who invested in Olint? Obviously those of us who did were trying to get ahead in life.
    Yes, I accept some responsibility for investing in the Club, but when a man hires Don Creary to perform a public relations campaign, which helps to add value to the club, I do not feel too guilty. Most of us were brainwashed by the PR campaign.

    Either way the fact still remains- We are without our money while David Smith and his family relax in the Turks, living on our hard earned money. Dat is downright theft !!!

    David, with everything I have seen posted on the blog and in the media, I can bet come March or August, the goal post will be moved by you again. What will be your excuse then? Who are you going to blame then?

    Since you are so concerned for us investors why have you not come to Jamaica since July. We would love to see you and hear the facts from your mouth.
    The US$1 million you quickly posted for bail could have gone a far way if it were divided amongst us Olint investors who can’t wait any longer.

    Jamaica National Building Society does not take any promises. I have been behind in my payments for 3 months now. You know what it is like to have 3 children and wife on the street? I am facing eviction !! That applies to many people I know who are in the same boat.

    I can see though you and your family could care less.
    If I were you, I would STOP quoting any passage in the Bible as the Lord will punish demons further for misquotes and falsehoods.

    You are a disgrace to Jamaica and to the Christian faith.

  29. Clubmember,
    I totally agree with all you have to say.

    I would like to add my little bit here. This Bushmaster guy is a wicked son of a bitch to be posting clubmembers personal business on his blog. Who the hell informed him that I consider myself a victim of DS.

    The moment he posted my business on his blog I suddenly became a victim of a raging mad man. My money is mine to loose and it is none your dam business Bushmaster. If you have a problem with the Martinez family please take it up with them and leave Olint members business alone. I can fight my own battles with DS if I feel there is one to fight.

  30. AML

    Why should I ask the US Govt. for help. Please tell me who will get clubmembers money if the fed seize it Jamaica or US.

  31. Mario,

    Why you blaming DS for you and your family being on the street? I don’t remember DS inviting anyone to invest with Olint ,we were all willing to invest without being invited by him personally. I feel your pain brother but you must remember that you have to take the blame also.

    Never invest what you cannot afford to loose. All the people who invested in the Stock Market who they blaming now? There is alway a risk with everything in life. When you drive, walk, or take the bus to work each day you not sure if you will reach home alive.

    Don’t be so bitter against DS because we still haven’t seen any evidence that he has stolen anything from us. Let God be the Judge and leave it to him to work thing out for you and you family, and trust me when I tell you that he will.

    I am wearing the same shoes you wearing and God has become my source of comfort and support. Being angry and bitter doesn’t help situation. Trust me when I tell you “I have lost a lot”. But what am I going to do? Get up every day with hate in my heart against DS and him family? NO! Move on my dear and thank God that you have health and strength and your family is alive and well. God bless you my brother and I hope he will continue to provide for you and your family.

  32. knob

  33. My lord, it only must be David Smith praying for him on here. DS , Madoff, Stanford, should all dead a bush. All of you are bunch of r***c*** idiots blogging about your woe is me bullshit. They stole your money simple as that! Yes I cussed on here…is that all you’ll complain about. Here is the cold hard facts, you all took money you worked geniunely hard for gave it to a thief and now cry and bitch about it. There is nothing easy in life,, an no so it go. At least when I gamble and lose my money in Vegas I get some free drinks while i’m losing it. All the Ponzi’s of the world are now falling and you still believe the BS you might see some money back. Sadly nobody in JA likes to talk about it cause everyone brags in good times and act like an ostrich with their head in the sand when things go wrong. Personally you should be all banging down your politicians doors to extardite Ds and every Olint associated person to JA and lock their r***** up for good. Can’t do that though too much rich man involved…..same with Madoff, runs too deep. One could argue most governments are also POnzi’s…issuing new debt to pay old. Listen stop all the praying and ranting and raving. Everyone in Olint, CashPlus, Madoff etc etc. should all be jailed period. I was invited to join an un-named Ponzi and I declined cause i’d prefer to sleep at night. Wonder why only Madoff and not his whole family is in Jail? We know they all worked for him and not one man can run all that money…he obviously cut a deal to take the fall and protect them, as any father would do. Does not matter, everyone in every scheme should pay the price and face the consequences of their actions or we leave a legacy of tiefs for our children and theirs.

  34. Mick*

    “Never invest what you cannot afford to loose” I agree with your reasoning on this point, but most were told that 80% of there funds were safe. If most people were told that 100% of there funds not then ? how many would invest

  35. Nice Mick

    Mario Bro

    you sound like a young man…. If you took the no question ask loan from JN go in and extend the loan you have untill you are sixty. That will drop your monthly payment. If you took If you took a home equity loan things get a bit more complicated . can you make an income space like take in a border rent part of the house .
    Can you move out rent your house and move to a cheaper rented property for you and your family

    The FBI is good but they will not house you

    Mario stop blaming yourself . You saw an opportunity and you ran for it. Trust me dig deep there are answers other than the sale of your house.

  36. your feedback I agree with you.

  37. Did anyone notice those inflated figures that Bushmaster post on the wirelessexpression website? Bushmaster I want to call you out on the lies you spreading about peoples account. Now I’m begining to wonder what other documents you doctored before you post them on your website.

    You are a lier and a cheat. People you need to stop taking what this guy say as facts. Look at the figures that he posted beside you names and you will realize that he is a con artist. If you have 20,000 he change it to 20 million.

    Be warned Olint Clubmembers, this guy is not looking for our best interest. He has a different agenda and it has nothing to do with helping us to get back our money. As a matter of fact he doesn’t give a dam about us or our money.

  38. I understand denial is the first stage when dealing with grief. But when it came out that between Turks and in Jamaica there is only 10mil left in Olint account s where you folks think the rest of your money is. Let me guess in the trading accounts, let see the amount of cash flow in term of accounts Oanda posted does not even come close to what DS is supposed to owed. These thing are public records in the US you can look them up your self. I Trade Fx that was a joke all their customer base was out of JA only a few 50k accounts. I hate to reentered this but but when you cant have access to your funds and you cannot hear from your fund manager 9 out of 10 you and your hard earn cash have departed let stop kidding our selves.

  39. You were warned to stop playing games.
    Continue to listen to bad advice. Let us see where it gets you !!!
    Get ready for phase 2.

  40. 0.786Trader said

    Let me guess in the trading accounts, let see the amount of cash flow in term of accounts Oanda posted does not even come close to what DS is supposed to owed. These thing are public records in the US you can look them up your self.

    THANKS A MILLION 0.786Trader!!!!

    Please tell me where to find this information about OANDA in the public record
    Thanks in advance

  41. ClubMember,
    the sad fact is that people are starved for information, David smith not giving me any, are you gonna give me some info on where my money went?…no?….ok i will take it from the blog then!…. by the way you sound like one of the martinez family…are you?….

  42. I find it amazing that there are rather intelligent people out there who still believe in DS. The man really had a cult like following and the group of “investor in the waiting” still in a trance.

    Jamaica has this appetite for astronomical interest rate(note I did not say high), that its no wonder we are able to be scammed so easily.

    We have become so used to making huge profits from very little effort, that we find it unthinkable that the BOJ should offer rates in the single digit.

    Jamaicans are indeed an amazing set of people, we on one hand holler for low interest rate for business purposes, while demanding high interest rates for our investments particularly in GOJ papers.

  43. Lord G,
    You are the reason why David Smith is going to end up in Federal prison.

    You have a proven track record, whereby your clients pay MILLIONS of dollars for your legal fees and then they end up spending the rest of their lives in JAIL.

    Poor Mr. Ramcharan cried before being carted off in hand cuffs and chains to Federal Prison.
    Smithy PLEASE do not follow brother Ramcharan because of the poor legal advice from LORD Gifford.
    We all do not want to come and look for you in Federal prison.

  44. I thought Ramcharan went to jail because he was guilty.

    Lots of mothers have cried when they come to realize that their teenage sons are hooked on drugs. It seems as it there is a lot of crying in the drugs bussiness.


  45. Live&Letlive said:
    Please tell me where to find this information about OANDA in the public record

    OANDA has about US$170 million of adjusted net capital, but that is not the amount of customer funds it has. Adjusted Net Capital. = Current Assets Less Liabilities Less Charges Against Capital

    ItradeFX has about $15 million

    All the firms reported capital and financial data can be found at:


  46. Mr Soze

    Thanks a million but I already have this info. What I want is the info that tells me how much Client money is at OANDA. I got the impression from 0.786Trader that this info was available.

    Thanks again

  47. Dave,
    I have tried multiple times to call you. All the numbers I have for you are not working.
    I can’t say much, but a situation is developing which you are going to personally have to deal with. Try your best and get this under control before it get’s out of hand.
    Lawd, I really need to talk with you because this issue is like a cancer- “it just keeps growing and getting worse”.
    Do you still receive e-mails to the old address?
    If so, I will forward some material for you to review.

  48. Clubmember and Mick, you are both living in a different world. A world that’s fast asleep and ignorant. Wake up and open your eyes to the truth.

  49. It is incredible that there are so many that are complicit in pretending that this ponzi scheme is legitimate.

    EVERYONE involved is going to prison, taking probation or at the very least having their finances poured over by authorities in the US and Great Britain.


    Please be advised the Wireless Expressions blog has been relocated to the following address:-

    All parties under criminal investigation prepare thyself.

    Those awaiting the OLINT financial audit, keep holding your breath. You will all soon suffocate, because there is NO AUDIT being done, just money transfers to Lord Gifford and his team to keep the shackles and hand cuffs at bay!!! Not for much longer……

    Time, Time, Time…. It is not a friend of David Smith or his clan.
    Next week we will release more!!! Stay tuned !!!
    Don Creary who are you going to pay to prevent this going into the Gleaner? Wignall has been caught with his pants down- in fact he should resign out of shame.
    Dave, you know what you MUST do? Why do you love to punish yourself and your family?
    Let’s play ball !!!

  51. Rattid,

    Who would have believed that David Smith and his friends knew from September 2007 that OLINT was a ponzi scheme?

    This e-mail chain is a revelation!!!!

    Les Green, I hope you are reading the blog.
    Time to bring this cover up to an end.
    I demand justice especially for those investors whose money was accepted after January 2008- that was a clear decision to motive to commit fraud.

  52. DS my advice – take a plea, go to jail instead of using the little left to pay your attorneys. If your attorneys are telling you otherwise, then fire them. We all know what happened – you lost, you lied, you drank and you gambled. It’s time to come clean. Its out DS and for the sake of your family, tell us where the assets are, share the little left and go to jail. Lets get it behind us.

  53. Little T & Tony

    I have been searching for a face behind the names on the email.

    Do you know Debs and Friends. The blog cannot help us we need the people with name and FACE to go to Les Green.


  54. Hypothetically if any of us knew the names behind the e-mails how would that be helpful? I mean does being in receipt of this e-mail makes them accessories to this crime? Being a non-legal person I am seeking advice before I proceed

  55. I mean shouldnt the police be able to look at the e-mail themselves and get be able to get their hands on the pertinent information from the e-mail addresses and bring the people in accordingly for questioning? I mean all they need to do is ask the entity that is providing the e-mail for the person to give them the info…or is that not possible? I dont know guys I am just asking or maybe I have watched too many episodes of law and order and csi etc…

  56. David need to go to Jail, But how will he get there? I hope he is not home trading thinking that this will be solved. As many above have said Les Green needs to get things going. I really cannot believe that Olint was still taking clients money even in 2008 wow. I wonder if Tracy knew what was going on! She must have some idea that her husband was not trading. This man was out every night 7 days a week drinking and gambling so I guess she just spent the money as it came in. How many Range Rovers did this guy crash in one year 2,3,? He is a total let down to all his friends and family. On another note can you see the timeline of the Compass Card program ending? I guess many should have seen that as a marker for problems as well. Why end a program that was working for the past 4 years. DS I suggest you do the right thing as Little T suggested, sell the Rolexes, Homes, Cars, All the millions of expensive Jamaican Art transported to your home. This guy has not even had the decency to address his embezzled club members. I mean is this the way expensive Attorneys suggest you deal with clients. What has happen to the Audit? I guess that was also another lie. Where is the CEO hiding out Wayne Smith and his wife, they have been very quit What has happened to the expensive M5’s and other expensive Machine parked at the office? I can see the assets have been hidden all over. I guess Mr. Green needs to start.

  57. Feedback

    STOP STOP I cannot verify none of what you are saying about the Rolexes cars etc .but let us say it is all TRUE

    What are you suggesting that Les Act on an email from names nobody knows. After 3 days and thousand of dollars only the name G…. S…of NCB has a face. He will be QUESTIONED officially or otherwise

    FEEDBACK…… WAYNE SMITH is NOT hiding he answered his phone after 3 rings from from a private number on thursday evening
    BWAY unnuh caan si that if DS was a teef he got our money using the RUMOUR MILL and seems to me that he is going to use the same RUMOUR MILL fuelled by us to get OUT. Please stop propagating stories that are based on stories. That is a TRAP DOOR FOR DS if he is a crook The lies and Rumours we spread will only buy DS time OR a block for him to give us back our money if he is not a crook.

  58. THAT BLOG !!!

    “I have read the Internet conversation between Olint fans and foes and the occasional entry by David Smith, or his Internet imposter. It was fascinating stuff. In parts it read like a bad science fiction novel: “Puppetmaster is close to deciphering the codes.”


  59. Seems like Bushmaster have emails from all and sundry.
    Names like “leaving babylon” , “overchill”, “RedP” are now appearing on the blog.


  60. Yana,
    I can’t believe my eyes.
    Here it is we all thought you, Tracey ,Wayne and David were our friends. Clearly we were not as close as I thought.
    I remember the wonderful memories at Sabina park.

    As I write this message with a full heart, I have to ask you all one thing- WHY?

    Dave did you start the club with the intention of deceiving everyone?
    Yana, when you ALL realized that the Club was really a ponzi scheme, why did you continue to take peoples money?
    How can you give some people back their money knowing that others are going to suffer?

    What kills me is to know that we ALL were standing by the Smith family and we really thought Dave’s situation was an unfortunate but temporary situation.
    When I saw the blogs and heard the Doc and Belcher on the radio programs, I really thought they were misinformed. To tell you the truth,we ALL were still in support of you until NOW!!!

    This e-mail proves to us all that you ALL knew and intentionally tried to deceive people.

    Tracey, you are no saint in this because WE know that you have been beside Dave’s side and with all the past problems, you MUST have known what was happening.Why Tracey? Why?

    Guy’s I have to end it here- the thoughts and emotions are overcoming me.
    Just do yourselves a favour- stop telling any more lies and trying to continue the cover up.

    We all, especially those of us who considered you friends deserve the TRUTH.

    Disappointed,hurt friend

  61. @Jay RE: That Blog..

    I read it . Put a big smile on my face but tears in my eyes… She is right, many lessons still to be learnt…

  62. You can get back your money. But remember, God helps those who help themselves.

  63. It is now obvious that the Smith family knew about all of the problems facing Olint in 2007.Why did they deliberately continue to defraud the public? Which individuals provided them with political protection while the fraud continued?
    How much Olint money was spent in the General Election?Now we know what paid for those fancy JLP advertisements!
    The Jamaican people owe a debt to Sean Belcher for courageously unmasking the Olint fraud and the journalism fraud that accompanied it through the
    deliberate misdeeds of what Mr Wignall has described as the Olint PR machine.

  64. No guys we have gone down this road before.

    somebody no face said Daviid is a good trader ONLY few tried to verify it. BUT THE WHOLE JAMAICA QUOTED IT AS FACTS

    Somebody said David is a Devoted Christian nobody watched as he vered far off course BUT THE WHOLE JAMAICA QUOTED DS CHRISTIANITY AS FACT.

    AFTER MONTHS OF WAITING AN EMAIL with SOMEBODY saying they know exactly how much money is in OLINT ( an amount that would have been gone by end 2007)

    Now there is a call for us to ACT on a next set of rumours !!!!!!! NEVERANIDIOT once bitten twice shy

    THANKS SEAN BELCHER for giving us the confidence and peace of mind in knowing that this government was not funded by DRUG DEALERS and CRIMINALS but by the money stollen fron decent hard working Jamaicans. In a strange way we believe we are better off.

  65. Well de man tell me to shut up- i.e David Smith.

    You have a nerve to be so fresh. If I were you I would prepare myself.

    From the work of the Doc and Belcher we can see you knew you were operating a ponzi scheme.
    You and your family will NEVER get away with this.

    Note- we the Jamaican people hold the entire Smith family responsible because it is clear you ALL were a part of this conspiracy to defraud us.
    We have noted you bought a $12 million dollar house for Miss Edith ; Wayne and Yana- enjoying the high life with M5 and living large ; not to mention you and your wife !!!

    You ALL should turn yourselves into Mr. Les Green!!!

  66. Now that we have read the email of the #4 bus passengers and seen all that stuff about demon possession and all that, you see why there was never any point in arguing with them?

    What next? Kill white fowl and beat poco drum while praying for DS?


  67. Look at how Stanford was using the same religious crap in his ponzi scheme too… And notice how most of Madoff’s victims were fellow Jews…

    Now can you see why I seem so often to be tough on the guys pushing religion as part of these schemes? Once religion is mentioned in a financial scheme, be smart… Grab your money and run the other way.

    Prayer at Meetings

    Religion was also a part of the boardroom culture at Stanford. Davis, based in Memphis, Tennessee, would routinely clasp the shoulders of employees, look them in the eyes and pray for them, according to one former executive. Another former staffer said Davis always opened meetings in the office with a prayer. No one answered the phone at Davis’s home in Baldwyn. The former employees asked not to be identified because they didn’t want to be associated with the company.

    One executive, identified as “cooperating witness 2,” broke down crying at the company’s Miami office after learning on Feb. 6 that most of the bank’s assets were invested in real estate or in a $1.6 billion loan to Allen Stanford, according to the criminal complaint charging Pendergest-Holt and the SEC case. A company attorney, also not identified by name, suggested the two pray together, the complaint said.

  68. Yow ,
    Long time we have no heard from you bro.
    Things have gotten from bad to worst since the last time you were here.

  69. @Robin
    You read the Observer article?

    “The questions suggest that the club members are keeping the faith that Olint will make good on the deposits and that they are ready to reinvest as soon as David smiles that beautiful smile of his.”

    “There are lessons that some of us will never learn.”


  70. A quote from Jason, September 2nd, 2007 at 4:58 pm

    “DS should be in prison. Never in my life have I seen a group of people be blinded by there own ignorance and the idea of wanting to believe. It is obvious that he is running a ponzi scheme which when collapses will be very bad for the nation.”


    Once again I have to say much respect to JASON. What do ‘tmrc’ and ‘anonymous’ have to say now?

  71. Jason was right on the ball from the beginning. Remember how he was attacked and demonized. Probably Creary and the rest of the pseudo PR guys were leading the charge… Formulate the attack lines and non-savvy investors just jump right in and swim along until they drowned while the Don kept pulling in US $20,000 per month of their money.

  72. Jason was crucified no ends up and made out to wicked one trying to depriving people of earning 10% per month.

    Credit to him he never back done, and told it as he saw it , the truth, as it was then and now.

  73. @ Robin irie

    What next? Kill white fowl and beat poco drum while praying for DS?


    Yes Robin, yeh man, and we wrap we head and burn candle and chant dung babylon too!! LOL

    You are an educated fool my friend, you speak of, question, and judge what you know not.

    You think the Prayer Bus is all about david smith and lost money?? Yes we do pray about that as well. But its more about having empathy for people whos lives have been ruined buy this whole sad affair. Why dont you ask those on the P/bus what a blessing its been for them and for people who arent even related or caught up in this olint thing?

    Instead you chose to blog sanctimonious, self righteous crap and sit in the seat of the scornful. Maybe you should join the prayer bus, you might learn a thing or two. All are welcome, even acerbic, acidic people like you.


    Give me a link if your interested, we judge not, we just care.


  74. Maas RedP

    “Why dont you ask those on the P/bus what a blessing its been for them”

    an opiate for the masses indeed.

    You call me an educated fool but as a bible man please be reminded that the foll and his riches shall soon be parted. My money is in the bank or tied up in real assets where is yours and the fellow bus riders?

    Another gem for you: “Pride goeth before a fall”. Do you remember the hubris before you people fell?

    One last gem: “Study to show thyself approved”. You guys thought ignorance was a bliss.

    A forget about empathy because when guys like me, Jason, nocotec, etc tried to warn you guys you spit in wi face.

    I am apologetic.

  75. My last line should have been:
    “I am unapologetic”

  76. Nutt’n change on this blog. Give the people a break. Everybody jumping on Jason wagon now. Jason was the first and only one to WARN. Even then, JASON SHOULD HAVE GONE TO THE FRAUD SQUAD BECAUSE HE HAD INSIDE INFORMATION. JASON SAID SO ON THE BLOGS.

    Everybody else after Jason come into this after Olint stop pay. So stop gwaan like unu did have all the info from time. Even if the people did agree with all the detractors and run go get lawyer and sue or whatever, they still wouldn’t get a penny and would be out money for lawyer fees.

    Why unu feel that all olint investors lose there shirt? Some maybe, but plenty lose basically money on paper. Robin is not you alone have dollars in the bank and funds in real estate. there was life and dollars before David Smith and it shall continue. People dont stop pray

  77. Anybody know if the OLINT case is set for Tomorrow 3/11/09? any insider info?

  78. Reading those old post and see the reaction from Olint investors to Jason all I can say is wow. I guess they felt they were educated investors who fully understood the risk involved with their investments and felt it was an insult for someone to question the fact that their fund manager never showed them his trading accounts to prove his track record. I guess the hype was good enough for them. I’m sure those are the same investors who some of them forgot rule 101 of investing and went as far as leveraging their homes to get in. I wonder do these same investors understood why Mr Smith operated his fund in the form of an investment club, always claim he is just a member, and never solicited funds from anybody and made sure is web page did not have a .com web address
    I give DS credit for that one.

  79. Robin Irie

    “an opiate for the masses”

    if this means, knowing that your sins (past, present and future) are forgiven, knowing the Creator of the universe, and that He cares for you, knowing His peace, His joy and His strength and knowing that He works in you to transform you and that He will complete the work that He started in you….I want nothing else!!!

    I thank God for the prayer bus. I have been on the receiving end of many of the prayers, and I count in an honor to pray for my prayer partners. Most of us have never met, and many of us will never meet this side of heaven, but I have formed some lasting friendships as we have prayed for each other, encouraged each other, laughed with each other, joked with each other, confided in each other…and yes, even DEBATED with each other. We do not all hold the same views, but we can discuss our differences in a civilized, respectful and loving manner, looking to the word of God.

    Jer 9:22-24 ” Let not the wise man glory in his wisdom, Let not the mighty man glory in his might, Nor let the rich man glory in his riches; But let him who glories glory in this, That he understands and knows Me, That I am the LORD, exercising lovingkindness, judgment, and righteousness in the earth. For in these I delight,” says the LORD.

    I am richly blessed.

  80. Hey guys stop making it seem that Madoff is going to prison because INVESTORS sued….he is going to prison because the SEC is pursuing a case against him because he BROKE THE LAW….in the case of our UFOs why is the FSC not pursuing criminal litigation tooth and nail…I am not saying that individual investors must not pursue justice but where is the GOVERNMENT MACHINERY to drive the process? Jamaicans are really F***ed any way you take it….

  81. Interested

    First, Madoff made a confession. Prior to that the SEC failed to act against Madoff despite tip offs over many years. The FSC acted against Olint early in 2006.

    Second, the FSC has no say in pursuing criminal litigation in Jamaica. The question is whether they sent their file to the director of public prosecutions and, if they did, why has the DPP failed to act. If they did not, why not?

    But anyway, in Jamaica you need witnesses to prove your case. Who stepped up to the plate before the scheme collapsed? Who is stepping up now?

  82. Guys I am truly frustrated with this whole entire thing…while I believe the justice system must be allowed to take its course the base part of me just wants to be able to look at David Smith and Co. and give dem some raasss lik…it wont bring the money back but God man how can people be so dishonest and cruel…

  83. Hello ppl,
    Wow, Sirach disappear and all the blogs are dead!! I wonder if he got paid??? Hmmmm……

    Sirach whappen?? Bring back some controversy and lively up the place nuh!! 🙂


  84. Sirach jus gone underground for now. Him was a get too much heat so him tink him slick an try change his approch.
    Dont you all know is him behind all the personal info posted on the the other blog? Once he started doing that he went into hiding.
    For a man who was on the blog everyday all day is jus him new tactic to get the professor to be his mouthpiece for the time being.

  85. RedP Cigarette smoking. Pray that the Lord will remove his desire for nicotine.

    RedP Negotiations with the government re property

    Investment Club Directors & Members Needs of all impacted by the issues with the Investment Clubs.Pray that justice be done in this issue that truth come to light.

  86. What is the latest news with Olint?

  87. David Smith, two others being targeted

    There are indications that a Cabinet minister, along with Olint boss, Davis Smith, Smith’s brother Wayne, and Jared Martinez, are being targeted, as US Federal authorities intensify investigations into allegations of money laundering and other criminal charges against the collapsed investment club.


  88. Is Daryl Vaz the cabinet minister who is part of the FBI investigation ?

    One theory is that all the United States and Caribbean Ponzi schemes are in some way connected. Now that there are serious complaints, is the Government of Jamaica investigating David Smith or is he too close to the government’s poster boy Daryl Vaz?


  89. All those who still living in a dream regarding DS, please wake up and take legal action. If you plan to see your hard earned money again. DS has been lying to us, gambling and drinking away our money. We have not heard a word from him in recent time as to what is going on. This is crazy, where is our money? Have you paid off all your friends now and left us with the bag? Can anyone explain why in the beginning Martinez kept saying that MTI was not affiliated with Itrade, I found this very weird. If he was the principal in both Companies, why was he always saying he is not. This is a deception, a total lie.
    The bible teaches us that what is in the darkness must come to light. DS and his associates cannot hide in the darkness anymore, all is being revealed. 99% of all Investment Clubs have been revealed as scams. People stop fooling yourself, wake up and smell the blue mountain coffee. God bless.

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