Wireless Expressions available again.

Many woke up this morning(February 15,2009) to discover that the Wireless Expressions Olint Blog was not up. Initially, some thought it was a blip but as at 5:00 p.m. the site remained down.

Wireless Expressions has been become a source of torment to some, an eye opener to others and to others, brought a wealth of information.

If 90% of what was posted on that blog turns out to be true, it would support the belief of some, that many Jamaicans, home and abroad, and Caribbean nationals would have fallen victim, possibly to a Forex Trader turn Ponzi Operator or an Ponzi Operator from the get go. A classic case of Affinity Fraud.

What other scams would have been perpetuated no one knows, but charges of uttering false documents and false accounting are serious in and of themselves.

 We hope that the brave souls who have been providing these  telling pieces of information on the wireless Expressions blogs are safe and sound.

While the means of doing somethings might be questionable, the message and the truth delivered must never be ignored.  We encourage people to use the proper means.

Well by the time, I was done writing and editing this, Wireless Expressions was once again available,

By the way(BTW): Investforlife is accepting information. You can slip an email to hyipmyths at yahoo.com. Oh remember to secure or delete it after you have sent it. Keep yourself safe.

This is a public service announcement and this post is likely to be removed.


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