Olint, $400,000, Jazz Festival and ….

Investforlife has now seen some most revealing screenshots of emails that now show that what the Bushmaster has been posting is very accurate to anyone who doubted.

Daryl Vaz all but  confirmed that the email was true based on reports carried by TVJ last night

n.b. We know images can be faked and screenshot but note that Daryl confirmation what we already believe lead us to be convinced that the images show are genuine

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  1. i believe these are real screen shots.
    well the picture of DS with the fish certainly is 🙂

  2. any clips of the tvj news story available?

  3. Yes folks, the full hundred is unfolding and yes we now know that bushmaster is ” d real big man”.

    I can also confirm that the account balances shown, at least those shown yesterday are indeed accurate as confirmed someone who had invested with Olint. He indicated that ” yes that balance is indeed accurate” but is at a loss as how this got into the public domain.

    Also it now appears that all the NCB thing was ochestrated as seen by the excerpts of an email which read in parts

    ” I think that it would be prudent at this point to arrange the necessary PR so that our Clum Members think that NCB is sabotaging us and if they wish they may petition the Bank? What do you think? We have engaged the services of Nunes Scholefield and DeLeon Attorneys at Law who seem to thinkthat this is the way to go can we meet possibly with Dan Query today and see where we take it from there? “.

    I guess that should be Don Creary and not “Dan Query”.

  4. to the legal luminaries, does ncb have a cause of action against these folk? providing that they prove the ‘intent’ to defame and cause ncb the pain of dealing with protesters? after all people did take action to egister their protests. i know people who moved accounts form ncb in protest (for their sakes i hope they didnt put those funds in olint:) ). thats loss of buisness right?
    can ncb lick dem wit a lawsuit?
    what elements would they have to prove to win?

  5. posted by miak 2/10/2009 10:42:26 AM
    BushMaster fi president!!!to think the great lengths they went through to distinguish themselves from the ‘pretenders’ cash+ et al, who all seemed to have deposted funds with olint.now we know thta the backlash that lee-chin and ncb recieved was all orchestrated…bwoy, people get a piece a con it no funny.all di warnings, all di talk, di PR expertise of the minders won the early rounds.but, di fight no done yet, an it no look like it a go to di judges, look like dem deh pon di ropes, knock out a come? whata hata-claps!

  6. Do Huntley Watson and Lord Gifford represent OLINT? or David Smith? or OLINT and David Smith Confusing….can you represent the Victim and the perpetrator at the same time….and bill both for lots of money? Can a lawyer please help explain?

    Courtney Barnett said he represented David Smith but is it Tracey Smith he represents? What is the real deal? Is Oliver Smith the same lawyer that represents the Smith’s and the TCI Government guys? Where is Finson in all this? Can we get any clarity?

    Is Drum Manley-Drummond a legal advisor or a partner in a fund?

    Any lawyer blogger out there that can explain what is going on?

    What do OLINT victims/members have to go on? Air? If we are positive will we have to pay back? Are we participants in criminal fraud? Can our assets be seized? Are our visa’s in jeopardy? Why can’t we hear from OLINT? Have they thrown us to the wind? Who can answer?

  7. If they sell Braemar whose money is that?..who would buy Braemar? Does Wnedy Williams make money for the sale? Whose money is that? the victims own? Who authorised that? which real estate agent could be so cold to the plight of Jamaicans feasting on profits of out calamity RIGHT IN FRONT OF US?

    Was Wayne trying to forge documents?

    WHO BAILED DAVID SMITH? WAS IT A MEMBER? Why? why would a member bail David Smith?

    Are they trying to declare bankruptcy? And…and KEEP THE VICTIM’S MONEY?? WHAT!!!

  8. Wendy Williams…Judy Jones…hmmm……WW and JJ…hmmm but “they used to be next door neighbours!”

    BUSHMASTER ease the conflict with PUPPETMASTER and show us some real work tonight.

  9. Is their a link between the Braemar sale and the bail money for David Smith? Oh Jesus…..people in Jamaica losing house, car, health and job.

    What? Member’s of Jamaica’s Judiciary presiding over OLINT matters have spouses and associated persons with OLINT accounts? WHAAAAT?

    Why is it the foreign press and not the Jamaican press we must get the “REAL” deal from….where is the P…..don’t bother.

    FBI calling OLINT members abroad…again…TODAY? What is going on in Jamaica?

  10. Why don’t they just pay what they have? David Smith says he is a trader of “hundreds of millions”….

    He laughed at individuals outstanding balances…when he heard heard what they were. Can those who want it please be blacklisted right away? Please…hahahaha

    The thing was built in 5 years….so why not just liquidate all assets now….strart over….pay off remaining debts and go forward?

    Can anyone explain why that is not a good idea? Red P, L&LL where are you?

  11. “Over to you. One love, Joey”
    “One Love. Don”

    Do we have a cult going on?

    One Love? What money? Is it DS? Who is the cult leader?

  12. Pastor Phinn can you predict the nominal amount of your own account balance?
    Give it a try…..

  13. When at Sabina don’t get to0 caught up in the celebrations and go easy on the Rum. The series not over yet.

  14. http://www.cnbc.com/id/29051862

    Jamaican investor arrested on fraud charges

  15. A picture says a thousand words….you go Smithy….. Win! Collect!

  16. Unfortunately our situation in T&C is not make believe. It is so real that Ray Charles would be able to see it.


  17. John Wildish, a director for TCI FX Traders told reporters outside the Providenciales Court early November, that his company had nothing to do with Olint, saying that his organization was affected by the cease and desist order merely due to David Smith’s name being linked to that organization.



  18. Now you see me…now you don’t..hahahahaa……covers going to come off.

  19. which one of the planes Jason?

  20. Jason(wirelessexpressions) Your intimate knowledge of Planes and numbers has spark the interest of some of real law enforcement. They have asked me to ask you if in lieu of your being turned down for a position at OLINT if you would like to lend your talents to their very noble cause.

    I told them I would speak to you first. If you want I can put you on to them. Same address as your ISP service provider has on file? If so you need not send any details. Just a yes or a no.

    they have full list of all who travelled on the planes to interview but your detailed knowledge of the numbers is indeed noteworthy.

  21. Sirach..
    Please do not post the IP address of persons.

  22. Jason(wirelessexpressions) do you have that picture over there as your screensaver? I have a caption for it “Something Smells Fishy”

  23. Proverb

    You know there are those Jamaicans would would smell a fishy smell in there yard and the first thing they run for is a chemical air freshener to hide the smell.

    But the smell will always come back. No matter what.

    The other types of Jamaicans who smell a Fishy smell in their yard would seek out the source of the smell and clean the area properly. More hygienic. Clean.

    When I was young this first type of Jamaican was a rarity. Irrespective of social class. Today the second type of Jamaican is the rarity. And they come from unexpected corners.

    You know some of us grew up priviledged yet we still had to clean our own room and bathroom. And we weren’t allowed to take advantage of anyone. the retribution from our own camp made the detention seem easy.

    Some call it grounding…some call it values……gone forever? This OLINT thing may settle that question for Jamaica once and for all. I have hope that we can rise to where we once were.

  24. Disease has a hard time flourishing in a clean environment. Hide the dirty laundry and the guests will still smell it……sweep the dust under the carpet and it will choke you in the end.

    Barack says change and I hear every Jamaican say BARACK!…..don’t miss the point the correct exhaltation is CHANGE!

  25. Sorry Invest..can I post their names? You let people post my name remember?

  26. Look, All who look and don’t post are visible….but don’t worry about that. Worry about while you sut down “hoping” on David and all that..there is a person called PUPPETMASTER going to take what they can of Olint money electronically without anyone knowing and I won’t be able to stop it because this PUPPETMASTER has 30 or so points on my IQ and my IQ is up there. So while you ponder and do things Jamaica time…..understand this…..only the Smith’s can get the money now and the longer you wait is the more the PUPPETMASTERS equipment dechipers seciruty codes to the money. So sit down and relax and ponder ad chat on your verahanda’s (sp) And place the hands over mouth and say “Oh my God!” when you see truth…yes man the money will drop from the sky into your lap…yeah man…..accept the loss and move on then.

  27. PUPPETMASTER going nyam a bwoy supper….and at the cocktail circuit the same set of revolving cast members will still be singing their own praises and patting themselves on their backs as Worldly….what because you took a European vacation? hahahahahaha…Or because you have a degree or 2….man of letters..hahahahaa

    PUPPETMASTER knows something that many of you in Jamaica already know…the best money to steal is some that has been already stolen….tan deh brainiacs…let’s hear the discourse and the logic breakdown now…hahahahhaaaaa.

  28. Blogs are active tonight…what a gwann?

  29. Jagans love photographs more than even reading content…..the PUPPETMASTER sent unno dat……Jagans love video even more PUPETMASTER……especially with antics and giddy girls who get paid to act real silly..

  30. Sirach I wish I could help in some way. We surrounded by wolves in sheeps clothing.

  31. Sirach, how much of our money does David have? How about properties/assets?

  32. Bushmaster has been very active over on wireless expression. Some very revealing stuff being posted, very interesting indeed.

  33. Sirach

    They posted who they think you are, which is could be who are.

    However. once you have presented the evidence, i.e. leaked documents, photos, scans, public documents etc and the relevance there is no problem…

    Bushmaster protect yourself

  34. The queen’s counsel said that although Olint had a wide membership, it did not offer any financial service to the public.


    I will leave you all for a time, I hope you read the above sentence and read the play. Good Luck to you all.

  35. Sirach

    Please ask bushmaster

    1 to post some response from DS he must have responded to the emails

    2.To post some correspondence from OANDA in 2006 before I trade FX cam on the scene

    Don Craery a work fi him money is NOT anything new in PR. That is what the external communication manager for all companies do …

    .Mi nuh want SUS mi waant to locate the “money”….

    Better INFO in the email……. send them out bushmaster……

  36. how far do u need the bar to be removed before you accept it L&LL


    The doctor never embarrassed this country. He is only trying to get back his money. he has a right to do that.


    We are known now as thieves and con man.


  38. Poor form Mr. Golding, POOR FORM!

    If the Doctor’s claim held no ground, why bother to bring them up in such a forum? Why bother to even mention his accusations if they are unfounded.

    After all, didn’t you already remind him that a fool and his money are soon parted?

  39. Bruce Golding is David Smith’s Boy.

  40. David Smith paid for that.

  41. http://wiv4.wordpress.com/2009/02/09/caribbean-cruisin-speaks-set-the-record-on-north-caicos-dock/

    Do David and Tracey Smith own larege swathes of Land on North Caicos? Witth whom? Was the money theirs or was it the people of Jamaica’s? Who benefits…..you might be suprised.

  42. “Well, I can’t deny that my firm has been retained,” confirmed Brady. “However, at this stage, I consider it in the interest of my client not to disclose the extent of my instructions.”


  43. http://www.jamaica-gleaner.com/gleaner/20010831/news/news3.html

    ATTORNEY-AT-LAW HAROLD Brady was yesterday granted bail in the sum of $500,000 when he appeared before Senior Resident Magistrate John Moodie, in the St. Ann’s Bay Resident Magistrate’s Court.

  44. Treasurer of the ruling Jamaica Labour Party (JLP), Christopher Bovell, denied that Olint donated US$5 million to the party……hmmm


  45. M Z Holdings Ltd ………Is This Your Company?
    19 Main St, Ocho Rios, Jamaica
    Phone: (876) 974-8411
    SIC:Gasoline Service Stations
    Line of Business:Gasoline Service Station


  46. Said the source: “It is interesting to note that the e-mails seem to have started right about the time that John Lynch, executive of Unique Vacations (a Sandals company based in Florida), was appointed as chairman of the Jamaica Tourist Board in 2007. Incidentally, Muna Issa’s twin sister, Zein Issa-Nakash, was appointed as a board member of the JTB when the new board was announced.


  47. Present Sirach.

  48. Several things are at play one time.

    Smith must pay before a really UGLY MORON who cares not for Jamaica splits with the money into the abyss.. PUPPETMASTER..is not too good looking either …but is not a Moron ……most can’t see the play…and some sit smug thinking they have a victory while not knowing that who Feels Dear does not seek to make certain parts of the equation right for the simpletons.

  49. Better to help Ugly Morons than have a PUPPETMASTER laugh ringing in all our ears for a lifetime.

  50. ‘See’ Yes Him Art planning for you what you could never believe Reel Dip Vegd.

  51. Sixfi Nine? I will look into it. All you had to do was ask.

  52. Mr. You Long????…Yes Him Cart????…..soon long gone on vacation.

  53. Sometime no comment is the only option as there are many mouths around to feed one must consider feeding the weaker children of the household.

  54. Noh Fixi not invited to the retreat either…..it’s a selective very private affair. Some will be shocked no doubt having been promised invitations in vain.

    You should have linked but It would hard to hear anyway as the nieghbours tapping away on the floorboards upstairs. Don’t even talk about email….PUPPET is unmatched take it from me..I learnt the hard way.

  55. You see when you promise some bread to a school of hungry fish waiting patiently by the side of the boat then big tiger sharks come in to feed. They were always around waiting to feed in one spot. But if more feeders were helping the little fish from many from different boats they have a better chance of growing.

    Although they are meat eaters the sharks turn things Reel Dip Vedg and so the poor little fish have limited morsels to get.

  56. there is so much more…pity so many fish in the ocean who never paid much attention in school.

  57. Ahh Sirach, the parables continue… but just a suggestion. Some of the comments can be rolled into one instead of multiple one-liners/two-liners

    @Bushmaster, Puppetmaster and Sirach
    A few questions:

    1. Can you put a figure on a total deposits made to Olint between 2004-2008?

    2. Can you put a figure on a how much money was paid out over the period, 2004-2007/2008? This should be broken down in
    a) Operational Expenses include PR.
    b) ‘interest’ to ‘investors’
    c) political donations
    d) sponsorships
    e) acquisitions
    f) other

    3. Can you put a figure on how much David Smith ‘earned’ personally?

    4. Given that I believe Olint was a Ponzi or at least a Forex turned Ponzi, people are only owed their principal (The fictitious ‘interest’ is not to be accounted for) . How much principal is actually owed.

    5. Given the sums of money and assets so far accounted for, how much cents in the dollar will Olint ‘investor’, more victim, get? 2, 5, 10 or 20 cents?

  58. Yes massa right away boss.hahahaa….don’t you get the big picture? Forget about the other two….you think it’s wise to speak to the PUPPETMASTER like that? haha…check your bank accounts and credit cards in a few days and then….

    Then what YOU CAN do is report to the blog if you made it to the PUPPETMASTER’S line of sight. I prefer to keep mi title, certificate and cashdem under the matress until the storm has passed.

  59. I can’t afford to buy no more hard drives right now so I show the respect to PUPPETMASTER….Unless Smithy want to donate some c omputer equipment.

  60. I looked at one of the new high tech motherboards the other day liquid cooled cache and processor..pretty..and pretty expensive as well and that is simple home equipment….sadly Smithy said no challening PM today Sirach…meanwhile the Dads have serious ac on his equipment and PM’s code is tight.

    Any donations…..hahhahahahahahaaa….I thought not.

  61. i like how JohnDoe thinks . I have a question . can depositers be taxed for there deposits or earnings from olint ?

  62. Everytime i read a mark wignall column now, i have to ask who’s paying for it. That is certainlyand appropriate question for today’s piece.


    How much mark? How long will the observer allow this man to run full page info-mercials or attack campaings some vitriolic (like O v. C+), some more subtle, like today’s piece, in the guise of an op-ed piece? Just imagine paul krugman or tom friedman running a piece like this on verizon wireless or cingular in the new york times….what a f–ing joke!

    The observer is going to lose out for this. the more this continues the less incentive i persoanlly have to purchase this cartoon paper.

  63. I know this is not my duty, but i just thought in case anyone missed this on the wireless blog, they can access it here.
    the brekafast club interview with david rowe and sean belcher this morn.

    nothing that the real bloggers here and there havent already come across, but its a pretty good summary of all thats alleged or believed to be true up to this point.

    it does not get any better guys. this ain’t dying.
    DS must go to jail!!! only question is, will he be alone?

    listen intently.


  64. a useful post from the other bus

    Patricia said
    February 12, 2009 at 9:53 am
    oh btw given that US citizens taxed on the worldwide income, it would be interesting for eg to see D. Vaz’s situation, pre his renounciation of US citizenship….

    Honestly, the Nyam and Scram leader needs to resign.The info coming out doesn’t look good.

  65. I am a disgraced Jamaican. Not because of the Doctor, whose efforts have shun light on OLINT, but rather because I helped to elect a corrupt Government which has made every attempt to cover up the largest Ponzi scheme Jamaica has ever seen!!!

    What hurts me personally is Bruce Golding’s continued deflection of the pertinent issues.
    Mr. Bunting asked him in Parliament to explain what progress has been made re: the OLINT investigation and instead he chose to accuse the Doctor of trying to embarrass Jamaica.

    This morning I heard the Breakfast club program and what I got out of it were the following facts:-

    1) OLINT was a ponzi scheme
    2) The Jamaican government received large political contributions from OLINT which has resulted in them preventing any police investigation into the matter.
    3) The Federal government is now investigating the case. The Doctor has been cooperating with them and gave out the name and phone number for a Special Agent Ramos. I did not have a pen nearby- can someone please put it up on the blog?
    4) David Smith transferred large sums of OLINT depositor’s funds to Panama and JIJ investments in Lake Mary Florida. This is being investigated for money laundering.
    5) The Federal Government has been known to assist honest investors in reclaiming their money as seen in the Madoff Ponzi scheme. Therefore the FED’s are our only hope in reclaiming some of our money from David Smith and the Smith family.
    6) David Smith was involved in prostitution and human trafficking of Russian women, using his private jet. What a damm shame!!!

    You know, I feel it is time for the Golding administration to stop playing politics and to allow the police the opportunity to investigate these thieves. At least this will take some of the shame out of our eyes. How the hell Golding can really host international dignitaries such as the Royal family of Spain, when we are finding out he condones people in his party such as Robertson and Vaz who took OLINT investors money to fly on planes and helicopters? In any other country they would have been asked to resign.
    The quicker we get this matter resolved the faster we can all move on with our lives.

    Anyone with the Special agent’s number please put it on the blog. I need all the help I can get to put an end to this damm nonsense.

  66. @jon Thanks for the Breakfast club link.

    I believe the “earnings” are taxable assuming the income was legitimate. However, if the income is “proceeds from crime” a issue of possible confiscation come could into question,

    The legal and tax experts can comment on that…

  67. i’ma bit slow . please help me out a bit . if i deposited 50,000 us in olint and my money has been stolen by jared or joey or david … whoever , thats not the point , can the government ask me to pay taxes on the deposit or the “interest” earned on it ? this is assuming that the “earning” were not proceeds from crime . Also if it is proven that some of the money invested is “dirty” are you saying that the money can be confiscated by the government ?

  68. Jon,

    Thanks for the link… VERY interesting. Maybe its from growing up in a country where we don’t know the real meaning of ‘accountability’, but I’m a bit skeptical that many/most/all of the people who have significantly benefited from & taken part in this “scam” will ever really get taken to justice.

    Sean & Mr. Walker,

    If nothing else I admire your determination and your effort to rally the people of Jamaica together to stop being compliant field slaves, and take action. Even it is for the most part fueled by your desire to get back your own money.. that really is irrelevant, EVERYBODY wants their money back.

    I hope in the coming days to weeks the people that have placed money in olint will gather whatever paperwork they can find, and start to take SOME form of action in an attempt to get back their money.

  69. I like how people are thinking . Less finger pointing , more advice as to how to move forward in getting back what little may be left . At this stage I think its key that we , like cynic said , gather our paper work and find a legal way to bring the criminals to justice and retrieve our hard earned money . I dont know how feasible it is for us to all come together and find a lawyer to represent us as a group . I for one am ready to take whatever legal step is neccessary .

  70. To think that it could not get any worst, even after accepting lost with a back mind hope. These people are telling me that i will have to deal with the IRS, i can’t even pay my morage, i keep paying minimum on the bills and the minimums are now catching up to the original cost, how the hell i am going to pay back tax. Thinking about it, i should have file those taxes but considering it now that it is a lost…?

  71. All Olint investors should gather to start an action against David Smith before it is too late, because it is obvious that David set to to steal hardworking Jamaican people money.Shame on you David Smith!!! Your an embarrasmment to your mother!!!!!
    I want my money!!!! I sold my house and my car and look what David did with my money!!!!!!!

  72. A you fool boss invest what you can loose. Come on man mi lose money too but we fool to trust this man .

  73. @lloyd

    I am not a fan of David Smith but we must be careful that we not state what we think we have heard as facts

    6) David Smith was involved in prostitution and human trafficking of Russian women, using his private jet. What a damm shame!!!

    That was not stated as a fact, and we have no evidence at this time. It is possible but there is no definite proof at this time.

    2) The Jamaican government received large political contributions from OLINT which has resulted in them preventing any police investigation into the matter.

    The Jamaica Labour Party and Candidates which now form the government got money from OLINT, which could be causing the police not to investigate.

    If I was a OLINT investor I would go a file a complaint with police and force the police in Jamaica to act.

    Facts vs Opinion or Believe
    Statements such as “DS was one of the top traders in the world” was stated too often as FACT.

    Many Olint “investors” and Feeder clubs appeared to have believed that statement as a FACT, maybe because of statements by the FX Chief/Thief.

    IT now appears that FACT was a mere OPINION that many wanted to BELIEVE when it was nothing more that a LIE.

  74. Johndoe wrote:

    The Jamaica Labour Party and Candidates which now form the government got money from OLINT, which could be causing the police not to investigate.

    If I was a OLINT investor I would go a file a complaint with police and force the police in Jamaica to act.j

    LMAO: Doe dis one yah funny , Force the police ……HAAAA.

  75. So DS was investing :

    He Invested in Russian Girls
    He invested in Casino’s
    He invested in real Estate
    He invested in Politics
    He invested in Concerts

    Dave was an Investor , See !

    Jr Wrote:

    Jr, on February 12th, 2009 at 1:40 pm Said:

    To think that it could not get any worst, even after accepting lost with a back mind hope. These people are telling me that i will have to deal with the IRS, i can’t even pay my morage, i keep paying minimum on the bills and the minimums are now catching up to the original cost, how the hell i am going to pay back tax. Thinking about it, i should have file those taxes but considering it now that it is a lost…?

    Dear Jr;
    Tell the IRS yuh want the Geithner /Dashcle Tax plan , they will defer it for at least 5 yrs with no penalties nor interest ..

    Regards ,

  76. Worldwise not closing office – Worldwise Partners

    Officials at the foreign exchange trading club Worldwise Partners Limited have denied reports that they are closing their offices.


  77. watching closely… thanks, appreciate it.

  78. Jonathan Simpson want to swim now?….where were you helping the victims all this time?? Come and swim….yes..not swim in liquor and …Panamanian gyal …..come into the deep water….We are well prepared for you…as we are for all… nice of you to offer your help….. your inside information can shed light where the authorities want it.

  79. How can I get a copy of that email?

  80. Sirach :

    DS was importing Russian GIrls ? …………………..

    What about the PM will he pay the Vig ?

  81. Questions must be provided to Jonathan Simpson. Mr. Simpson says that Mr. David Smith must gird his loins with truth. People like Sean Belcher, John Wildish, and Peter Bovell are in agreement with this, and it appears that Mr. Belcher is actively trying to extract the truth from Mr. Smith?

    What is the truth David Smith? Was there 93,710,000.10 US$ in your Oanda when you arrived in Provo account as you claimed? Or were you lying about this document? Jonathan what is the truth in this matter? Do you care about truth Mr. Simpson?

    What about the wire transfer from Oanda for 200,000,000US$ that was shown to people for comfort in 2008? Was this the truth? Did David tell the truth in this area? Or was this document a creation of David Smith?

    When concerns were raised about the liquidity of Olint, what did David say. ‘The money is there.’ ‘I am Christian, you know I would not deceive you.’ ‘You know I would never lie to you.’ Jonathan was David telling us his investors the truth, did he have his loins girded with truth?

    David Smith your investors money? Is it on trading platforms being traded in the FOREX market as you promised in contract? Where are the books to show this? Or once again were you lieing and deceiving? Jonathan in front of God what about the Truth, is not David accountable to God and man for what he has done?

    There are many many other questions that have been asked of Mr. David Smith, the answers provided have proven to be lies Mr. Simpson. Mr. Simpson is it Ok to lie to those who have helped you?

    Now what does the Sword of the Spirit have to say about the matter?

    Beware of the wolves, who come to you in sheep’s clothing. Though shalt not bear false witness. What shall be given thee what shall be done unto thee false tongue? Sharp arrows of the mighty with coals of the juniper tree.

    I am the way, the truth, and the life. The God of Israel is a God of truth, and this is what he says about Satan.

    Satan comes but for to steal, to kill and to destroy. Satan is a lier and the father of lies, when he speaks, he speaks his native language.

    Now Mr. David Smith is a liar and deceiver, and Mr. Simpson if you examine what he has done; he has used his lying tongue to deceive men so that these honest men will help him and assist him so as to cause honest men to give him their money. Mr. David Smith has stolen this money entrusted to him and given it to himself and others with no regard to the Truth, the result of this is that Mr. David Smith has killed peoples finances, and destroyed peoples financial dreams. To this day Mr. Simpson no books have been provided by David Smith, is this how Christian men operate, with great wealth entrusted to them by others Mr. Simpson? To this day Mr. Simpson, David Smith has not repented and come straight with those people who entrusted him with their wealth.

    Now Mr. Simpson to compare David Smith to the great King David son of Jesse can only be described as the ranting of a lunatic. David Smith is not a man of Truth, he is not a man of integrity, he is not a man of god.

    No No No David Smith is wolf in sheep’s clothing, he has entered into God’s sheep pen and has been lying, and deceiving, and stealing and killing and destroying, on a massive scale.

    You know what a good Shepherd does to a wolf he catches in his sheep pen, He kills that wolf. And what does the scripture say, “the Lord is my Shepherd’ Mr. Simpson David’s enemy is the Good Shepherd and as He says, it is a terriable thing to fall into the hands of the living God.

    Mr. Simpson look no further than your own pocket and you will realize that the lion you speak of in your misguided lecture has visited you.

    We await the answers to our questions Mr. Simpson.

  82. A whole new meaning to “life more abundant” ee’ Smithy?

  83. Political Ombudsman Bishop Herro Blair has called for wider powers and more resources to be given to his office in what he put forward as a bid to enhance the productivity of the office and improve the face of political leadership in the country.

    He further said the contents of political advertisements should no longer be the artwork of technological experts who, he said, are prone to “misrepresent or distort the truth in proclaiming political messages”.
    According to Blair, this presents an “unflattering report of Jamaica’s political leaders and candidates to viewers worldwide”.


  84. To Mrs. Edith Smith,

    Talk to your Sons Mrs. Smith. Talk to them. Many innocent people’s children are suffering badly.

  85. Jon
    Thank you for posting the link to the Breakfast Club interview. Here in the number to Agent Ronald Ramos 321-441-2685. Finally some clear information on this blog, tired of reading through incessant parables, ramblings and such.

  86. Wireless expression is creating a firestorm in Jamaica and now everyone has their eyes focused on that blog and well as here.

    Sean in his interview made reference to three blogs on which a wealth of information can be garnered.

    Today the gleaner seems to have picked up from these blogs.

    “Anonymously forwarded emails linking the Jamaica Labour Party’s narrow 2007 general election victory to massive funding from embattled investment banker David Smith and his floundering investment scheme, Olint, have been creating a firestorm in cyberspace.”


  87. Ahh Son of Robertsn, you have not been reading the blogs….

    The reporter should have asked him if his wife knew David. Did that sound right? If she had contacted OLINT/DAVID

    Another question would have been if he had invested in OLINT?

  88. There is one aspect of this alleged saga which I would like to point out, namely that the government of jamaica has no control over the operations of the police force. Sirach, Dr. Walker, Sean Beecher whomever should refer the matter there.

    Now we need to look at the definition of Fraud in relation to investments. For that let us look at the Larceny Act:

    28. Fraudulently inducing persons to invest money.
    28. (1) Every person who, by any statement, promise or forecast which he knows to be misleading, false or deceptive, or by any dishonest concealment of material facts, or by the reckless making of any statement, promise or forecast which is misleading, false or deceptive, induces or attempts to induce another person –

    (a) to enter into or offer to enter into –

    (i) any agreement for, or with a view to, acquiring, disposing of, subscribing for or underwriting securities or lending or depositing money to or with any industrial and provident society, co-operative society or building society; or

    (ii) any agreement the purpose or pretended purpose of which is to secure a profit to any of the parties from the yield of securities or by reference to fluctuations in the value of securities; or

    (b) to acquire or offer to acquire any right or interest under any arrangements the purpose or effect, or pretended purpose or effect, of which is to provide facilities for the participation by persons in profits or income alleged to arise or to be likely to arise from the acquisition, holding, management or disposal of any property other than securities; or

    (c) to enter into or offer to enter into an agreement the purpose or pretended purpose of which is to secure a profit to any of the parties by reference to fluctuations in the value of any property other than securities,

    shall be guilty of a misdemeanour, and liable on conviction thereof to imprisonment with hard labour for a term not exceeding seven years.

    (2) In this section –

    (a) “building society” means a society registered under the Building Societies Act;

    (b) “co-operative society” means a co-operative society registered under the Co-operative Societies Act;

    (c) “corporation” means any body corporate, incorporated whether in Jamaica or elsewhere;

    (d) “debentures” means any debentures, debenture stock or bonds of a corporation, whether constituting a charge on the assets of the corporation or not;

    (e) “industrial and provident society” means an industrial and provident society registered under the Industrial and Provident Societies Act;

    (f) “securities” means –

    (i) shares or debentures, or rights or interests (described whether as units or otherwise) in any shares or debentures; or

    (ii) securities of the Government of Jamaica or of the Government of any other country; or

    (iii) rights (whether actual or contingent) in respect of money lent to or deposited with, any industrial and provident society, co-operative society or building society, and includes rights or interests (described whether as units or otherwise) which may be acquired under any unit trust scheme under which all property for the time being subject to any trust created in pursuance of the scheme consists of such securities as are mentioned in paragraph (i), paragraph (ii) or paragraph (iii) of this definition;

    (g) “shares” means shares in the share capital of a corporation or stock of a corporation;

    (h) “unit trust scheme” means any arrangements made for the purpose, or having the effect, of providing facilities for the participation by persons, as beneficiaries under a trust, in profits or income arising from the acquisition, holding, management or disposal of securities or any other property whatsoever.

    The definition of securities is therefore restrictive when you speak of fraud in Jamaica. I would like for everyone to note the difference with the definition given in the Securities Act of what a ‘security’ is :

    “securities” means

    (a) stocks or bonds issued or proposed to be issued by a government;

    (b) debentures, stocks, shares, bonds or promissory notes issued or proposed to be issued by a company or unincorporated body;

    (c) documents or writings commonly known as securities; or as the Minister may prescribe from time to time by order; and

    (d) rights or options in respect of securities;

    (e) certificates of interest or participation in any profit sharing agreement;

    (f) collateral trust certificates. preorganization certificates, or subscriptions, transferable share investment contracts, voting trust certificates or certificates of deposit for securities, but does not include –

    (g) “stocks or shares” of private companies;

    (h) futures contracts that are governed by any written law regulating trading in futures contracts;

    (i) bills of exchange;
    (j) certificates of deposit issued by banks licensed under the Banking Act, or financial institutions licensed under the Financial Institutions Act; or

    (k) securities issued by the Bank of Jamaica,

    “securities business” means a business of dealing in securities;

    “share” means a share in the share capital of a company and includes stock except where a distinction between stock and shares is express or implied;

    “trading day” in relation to a stock exchange means a day on which securities are traded on that exchange;

    “unit trust scheme” has the same meaning as in the Income Tax Act.

    Not that this definition is expansive. However this definition cannot be used in relation to fraud under the Larceny Act.

    It is my humble submission that Dr. Walker and Beecher et al would have to show that at the time they invested Mr. Smith induced them with some false documents. Now it is for them to come forward with this evidence.

    I for one have always been skeptical of these schemes and indeed discouraged any and everyone from investing in them as the financial model made no sense to me. However I cannot willingly stand by while peoples names are dragged through the mud by persons who seem ‘off-balanced’.

    If we were to look on the political angle, the Chairman of the PNP Bobby Pickersgill admitted that the party took US$200,000 from Olint to fund their campaign. Indeed the first time most people heard of Olint was when the former MP from West Portland Errol Ennis castigated the FSC for their’ gestapo tactics’ against Olint.

    I believe Jason et al who have been warning people for years against this thing have made the correct approach. What amazes me is that persons, even in the face of the FSC giving warnings and the cease and desist order, continued to give money. Now if Beecher and Walker et al can show that they have not put money in since the raid on Olint’s local office then fine, I will eat humble pie. However I suspect that they continued to place money in their even after all the warnings. In fact I am pretty sure that they were initially among the staunchest defenders of Olint and David Smith when the initial action was taken by the responsible Jamaican authorities.

  89. A question just popped into my mind.

    Seeing as though so much “Evidence” is popping up all over the place now, and it seems people are dropping their ‘cover’ and coming to defend their character.

    Why bother to come and tell blatant lies? Why come and in an attempt to defend yourself and prove you are a “good” and “honest” person tell blatant lies?

    Come on people. If you’re not going to tell the truth in public, in these times where it seems the truth is slowly being leaked out (thanks Bushmaster!), then just stay silent. You’re not helping the case or your character at all!

  90. Where is the website to get all this information? I am not defending any party but I remember when the past minister of finance wanted to regulate these schemes the then opposition spokesperson argued in parliament that “because he doesn’t want poor people to have money and people must be free to invest where ever they want to. How often we forget when the shoe is on the other foot. Now they all pretend that they were warning people. HYPOCRITES!!

  91. Wireless expression is smoking !!!

  92. i disconnected my cable . all i watch now is wireless expressions . drama , suspense , comedy , action . the plot thickens

  93. teh contact inforamation for the IRS is Ronald P. Ramos, IRS special agent
    (321) 441-2685. the irs not interested in prosecuting for any taxes, they want the investors to give formal complaint and cooperate with the irs to build thier case against smith.

  94. My name is Sean Belcher. I participated on the Breakfast Club recently. It has come to my attention that my name is being called on the three blogs I had mentioned on the radio. I have legal proceedings against Olint and David Smith.

    I tried to blog on the other blogs but do not see my posts come up. I will try here now. There seems to be people saying that I have stolen millions of dollars or I am dishonest and other things.

    I have run through my mind what I can do to be transparent as possible in this situation. I have no way of contacting Wayne or David Smith but if they are reading this then I hereby authorize OLINT or any of these blogs, or law enforcement agencies to release to the public or newspapers the records of all my transactions with Olint.

    For those who are asking me this is the best I can think to do. i do not run these blogs. I do not know who does. With David Smith you can not know what the Hell goes on in a mind like that.

  95. Thanks you whoever you are for allowing me to finally get through here.

    It has now come to my attention that my father is being threatened.

    I would like to publicly authorize any medical documents be released to the public about me.

    If I could say sorry on behalf David Smith for what he has done to you all I would.

    There seems to be a fight over me going on at wirelessexpressions.com/olint.

    It is probably for the better that I am not allowed to post there. Speaking about me is fine. I could not care less.

    Speaking about my father and making threats is a different matter.

  96. the allegations are now going both ways on the wireless blog.
    seems as if the other side has decided to ‘tek it to dem’.
    just want the truth though. yes there is entertainment value, but thats truly not what i am after nor is it what i suspect most bloggers are after.
    we want to know, where the money is, how much there is, who is responsible for the short fall, what frauds specifically were perpetrated, who participated in these frauds, wittingly i.e., is there a cover up? ..list not exhaustive…so much to know, no one willing to fess up, instgead we have a protracted back and forth, much heat little light.

    a DS me hold responsible still…i do not care two hoots right now what people want to accuse belcher and walker of. there time too will come if they have been dishonest. right now is DS haver people money as far as i know. he built this entity and he has ot be responsible for the fallout.
    i tired of it now.
    want the truth.

  97. DS please let the people know if you have the money. Mi have over $200,000.00 in Lewfam plus int. Mi neva tek a dime. Mi just lost me job what mi must do. Right now mi have to be moving at the end of this month with my family to kach with a friend till mi life work out. Mi have 2 small pickney. Remember mi hard earn dollar. Weh Major Lewis deh mi not hearing from him.

  98. everyone talking about OLINT what about MayDaisy and the May Daisy people

  99. May Daisy people are feeling the pain too

  100. Well Said jon.

  101. SEAN is this the threat posted by Johny Wildcat about your father?
    Johny Wildcat on wireless expression said.
    Sean Beltcher if David is so wicked and ruthlees how comes your father continues to live unprotected in the Turks and Caicos.He has money tied up in Olint and he is waiting patiently.HE HAS SAID ON SEVERAL OCCASSIONS THAT HE IS ASHAMED TO CALL YOU HIS SON AND YOU ARE THE BIGGEST EMBARRASMENT.HE HOWEVER IN FAIRNESS HAS PROVIDIDED MITIGATING ARGUMENT FOR YOUR STUPID BEHAVIOUR.HE SAID THAT YOU SUFFER FROM BIPOLAR DISORDERN

    Sean Please note

    1 that is not a threat to your dad !!!!!

    2. If the bipolar disorder is true I would like to apologise for all the times I made nasty jokes on the blog about you needing prozac


  102. Moderator, surprised you allow the sort of fings L&LL just posted!

  103. It ie true that Dr. Walker has collected far more than he invested so it beats me why he doing this what he’s doing. If OLINT is really a Ponzi scheme then Walker owes the investors. Hs either an A$$ or just plain DISHONEST.

  104. Alpha 1 yuh still deh bout ? mi a yuh know seh thing soon sekkle down ( ask a jamaican to explain what I just said}

    Yuh a try set up a blog block for the I

  105. The Herald now seems to lifting information from wireless expression.
    Is this the lazy Jamaican journalism at work.

    Did Olint transfer US$60m to Florida?

    More information has surfaced indicating that Olint TCI transferred funds to the Florida-based I-Trade FX and JIJ Investments sometime in 2007. Reports indicate that US$60 million was transferred to JIJ Investments in 2007, but to date it is not clear if the funds were still under the control of the investment house.


  106. I wish all this time and effort could have been spent on CARLOS HILL – CASH PLUS . All this colouful information been shown now. If you computer savy guys could find and shed light on what REALLY happnened to investors money. And what part MIcheal Lee Chin had to do with shutting down CASH PLUS. It would be much appreciated…

  107. Bushmaster just posted a ton of names.

  108. AML those names tell a fascinating tale.
    i see friends, distant relatives, co-workers, neighbors, past associates, people who professed the virtues of olint, people who like peter denied involvment, people who claimed to be wiser than that….what a sitten, what a ting?!
    raatid, you mean to tell me that all those lettered and numbered uptown people get trick? greed? or willing participants in a massive scheme deisnged to defraud.

    people seemed to be saying, i dont believe it, but just in case, + my neighbor in it and dem dfriving x5, cant make them richer than me, so here goes.

    damn, shcoking. i have lost faith in jamaica’s so called educated class.

  109. i wish, MLC shut down C+?
    which rock u live unda boss?

  110. Names are not matching correctly. Is it a pre-raid list? Was it the sales list that MTI used? Even more unanswered question?

  111. “Was it the sales list that MTI used?” Yes you will here it from me first that the list MTI was an account holder list used to sell classes. Yes another bomb shell.

  112. list MTI had was an account holder list

    I made a comment back in May/June/July/Aug that the list was about 2500 names.

  113. http://maravi.blogspot.com/2008/03/generous-jamaican-investors.html

    The Ingrid Loiten link is also interesting to read.

  114. jon, it describes everyone we talk about.

  115. or 1500 names, it has been 2 1/2 years now.

  116. I think 2500 names becase they had to squeeze 400 to 800 people out of it to take the class.

  117. “Democracy” by ambush

  118. I know he did it but with all this uncovering of details….I wish someone had taken such effort and dedication in aiding the CASH PLUS investors. Because it is a dead case now. And Carlos Hill is well MLC is well and the investors are left with nothing………………..

  119. uncensored site down or crashed

  120. One can choose any of a number of situations to explore this question of the zone of unconsciousness into which the Jamaican society has fallen; is Jamaica in a coma, one may ask? That is certainly a question that arises in the wake of the Olint debacle.

    David Smith, the principal of Olint investment scheme was last week arrested and charged for fraud in the British dependency of the Turk & Caicos Islands. He was charged in relation to his investment schemes into which Jamaicans, among others, plunged what appeared to be millions of US dollars. Large numbers of persons have lost their entire savings. Recently, the Sunday Herald newspaper published the fact that OLINT accounts in Jamaica had only U$3 million. This means that if Olint has any money to pay investors that money is not in the accounts that are in Jamaica. In fact, it is now apparent that there is no money anywhere.

    Email trail
    Emails that Daryl Vaz has now acknowledged in the media as genuinely his emails to David Smith give some hint as to where some of the Olint investor money might have gone. (Neither PM Bruce Golding nor Finance Minister Audley Shaw has confirmed or denied that the emails attributed to them were genuine.) The emails betray the fact that for large parts of the JLP election campaign in 2007 David Smith was the game in town.

    David Smith or his partners provided plane rides, helicopter trip that Vaz estimated in his email to cost U$15,000. According to the email request, the event in which the JLP showcased its 60 candidates was to have been paid for by David Smith. The email trail indicates that Daryl Vaz was not the only member of the JLP top echelon that seemingly sponged and splurged at the expense of Olint investors; other members now in the leadership of this country also sent their political wish lists to David Smith. They have not yet acknowledged ownership of these emails so we cannot say that they are genuine.

    It is also well-known that at a meeting held in the Bahamas sometime late 2007 or early 2008, major investors, many of whom are part of the Government and the moneyed classes in Jamaica demanded and received from David Smith the residue of their investment. The rest of investors are still hoping that March 31, 2009 will make a difference. When I was younger people used to talk about living in hope and dying in Constant Spring. These people who have lost their money are in a daze. They do not even enquire, complain or talk about it.

    The sign of Jamaica’s comatose state has been seen in its non-responsiveness to the fact that the greatest fraud, or put differently the most expensive fraud ever committed in the history of this region has been committed against many of them. There is not even a complaint to the police, let alone the mounting of public protest. Now that it is known that some of this money that was invested in Olint has been spent in the name of electing the JLP into Government; now that it is known that elements close to the Government and the moneyed class have been repaid their principal sums, one would think that those who lost money could even muster calls to the talk shows. Alas there is no response, no protest; there is not even a whimper.

    They say that when one someone is dying, their hearing is the last to go. That is why one should still speak to one’s love one even on their deathbed when they appear unresponsive. They may still be able to hear you. Jamaica is in a deep coma, but we should still keep speaking. We must refuse to believe that rigor mortis has already set in.


  121. The wirelessexpressions(uncensored) blog is down as stated by 1956. Does anyone know what is the reason?

  122. Yes, I am a friend of Sirach. I hope that he is able to retrieve his investment with OLINT. However, I also wish to see my other friends and family members retrieve what they have invested. I would also like to know that all investors get back their monies.

    I wonder why all the people who have invested do not speak up.

    Is it that you are all in receipt of more money than you had invested? Is it fear? Is it shame? Is it a fear of taxation (I was told this by one investor yesterday)?

    A few, very few, people are taking up their issue with what OLINT has done to them (to us). It has become clear that those few have not been able to create enough pressure to move OLINT to provide answers or repay what is owed. Apart from the few complainants, why are the remaining investors so calm and quiet?

    I believe that your combined voices would surpass what the few have been able to do. But what do I know?

    If OLINT has the estimated $500 million US$ for the people, is it fair to assume that this represents only gains? If not, why not present a claim for your funds in some forum? Where are the calls, letters, emails, blogs or anything from the thousands of names posted by BUSHMASTER?

    I hope that all of you are not waiting for Sirach and others to find the solution. I know that the few have spent tremendous energies and resources to try to move OLINT to provide answers or the money. I also know that they are tired and depleted. Their time is almost up.

    Because of the silence of the many, the few are easier to dismiss and to be distorted. I would not be surprised if they are soon silent. Will we allow this to happen? Where is your voices?

    I propose you let your voice be heard.

    Before it is too late.

    I hope that it is not already too late for those few who have been trying to get the answers and their money.

  123. FOS,

    Many people WANT to do something, but a part of the problem is they really don’t know WHAT to do. With law enforcement “apparently” actively discouraging/dismissing people’s claims. With Mr. Smiths apparent untouchable character, with the notion that the courts are so slow and unresponsive, all this combined with the apparent “shame” of for having been conned out of their hard earnings and investing in something that the authorities and apparently more “elite” in society had been warning against. People would rather write off 100K USD, that go against all that.

    The irony seems to me to be that it is the same ‘elite’, govt officials, and ‘authorities’ that have already gotten their share of the cake leaving behind the lost sheep to wander the fields with no direction.

    What to do, What to do…

  124. Seems like some folks have been able to take down wireless expression.

    Mark Wignall today wrote the following about that blog
    ” The problem I have with one blog is not so much that I have been featured in it nor even that some have suggested that I was paid to write columns promoting Olint. That I can defend. Anywhere and by whatever means I can move closest to where I believe the best information is, that is the direction I head in. The process of assimilating information and penning columns is, at times, not as simple as some believe. ”


  125. Indeed, it does look as if someone has silenced wirelessexpressions
    DNS does not even resolve anymore. The domain has been wiped out. Good thing there is Google cache …

    http://www.wikileaks.org may be a good place to check out …

  126. I saw complaints that no one reported the Olint scam in Jamaica, well if people had confidence in the law enforcer here they would. Maybe the US should force JA to setup a medium where people can make their report online instead of going down to DUKE street to join a line in a dangerous area.
    Also if a report is made in JA people will just use it to laugh at each other.
    We need justice in this country as the law enforcers and the government is too corrupt

  127. It seems Bushmaster and his friends got paid off, so they shut down the wireless blog. Bushmaster i thought you were fighting for the people and not for you and your friends only.
    Setup back the blog let us continue posting and show up the criminals. Rumors going around saying people getting money out the 3mil released

  128. I saw complaints that no one reported the Olint scam in Jamaica, well if people had confidence in the law enforcer here they would. Maybe the US should force JA to setup a medium where people can make their report online instead of going down to DUKE street to join a line in a dangerous area.
    Also if a report is made in JA people will just use it to laugh at each other.
    We need justice in this country as the law enforcers and the government cannot be trusted.

  129. BRING BACK the WirelessOlint BLOG.

  130. I guess things were getting *HOT HOT HOT* as Byron Lee would say.

    I notice that all the wireless expression blog is down not just the Olint extension. I wonder if Lawyers got involved on both sides. I guess there was so much Copyright issues on that blog that people in those pictures starting venting.

  131. Where the blog gone. That blog open my eyes because I was blind before.

  132. Correction *Started

  133. It does look as if someone has silenced wirelessexpressions
    DNS does not even resolve anymore. The domain has been wiped out. Good thing there is Google cache …

    http://www.wikileaks.org may be a good place to check out …

  134. BTW – if you do a google search you can retrieve a cached page of the wirelessexpressions/olint page as of 2/13 at 8PM

    Bushmaster and Puppetmaster, you went out on a limb – while I question the means used to gather this, and disagree with information published on the average fellow-investor, I hope you stay safe.


  135. Jay, investforlife, why aren’t my posts going through?

  136. Since the entire wirelessexpressions site is down it probably have nothing to do with the Olint matter. They could just kill the olint link without taking the down the entire site.

  137. JohnDoe said: I believe the “earnings” are taxable assuming the income was legitimate. However, if the income is “proceeds from crime” a issue of possible confiscation come could into question,

    ALL income is taxable whether obtained by legal or illegal means. For an excellent illustration of this principle, refer to the case of Al Capone in the 1920’s. Mafia dude that was thought to be responsible for over a 100 murders. They could not get a successful prosecution against him because every witness was either too afraid or dead. They finally were able to successful prosecute him for tax evasion. Tax evasion requires more of an administrative type of proof by the authorities than witnesses to describe the events.

    In short if you made money in any of these schemes, that income is taxable. Also note that in the USA non-earned income from investments etc is generally taxable when earned, which in many cases is not the same as when received. For example if you had a statement that showed you had an interest gain, you should have paid taxes in that year even though you let the money roll over.

    If you later suffered a loss you would have to offset that against current investment gains, if any. Losses can be carried forwarded and used to offset gains in future years. Up to $3000 (may have increased) of regular earned income can be used to offset investment losses each year.

    If it was later discovered that your gains was not real and was a result of fraud, as in the case of Olint and the others… you could most likely file an amended return to correct the past 3 years returns. You would need to check with an accountant.

    However if you made a profit, taxes are definitely due on this profit.

  138. what embelshiments is mark wignall talking about? the pictures? they seem real…the documents? well darryl vaz acknowledged them right..i did not see the tvj news myself, but thats been repeatedly suggested here wihtout contradiction..so what embellishments?

    or is it a frail attempt to discredit the BM?
    wignall says he can defend himself from the accuastions, then do it. because to manyt who are paying attention it seems as if you were for sale and you were bought lock stock and barrell by the agents of DS.
    over to you wignall

  139. The fact of the matter is, I have always known that the JLP would do anything to gain power, afterall ,18 years in the wilderness can cause idolatry, star gazing and even tea reading. So taking money from Olint, Cash + and WorldWise with some sort of promises is not surprsising to me. I have now accepted after seeing Bushmaster and Puppetmaster postings, that, I have been screwed sideways, backways and all. So just spill the whole can of beans and show us all the promises that were made to Olint and Cash+ in order to get them to donate so much of our money to them, and inlude the PNP. Also we would like to see the names of those big wigs and thugs whose monies were repaid on their trip to Turks and Caicos, as, I see the name of at least one political heavyweight from Tivoli, and I know no bwoy caan owe them man deh. So Bushmaster and puppetmaster, BUST IT OUT! That’s the only satisfaction it seems we the small fries will get…BUST IT OUT..PLAY THE TAPE…

  140. Hay Jon,

    Wignall has been selling his articles to the highest bidder for years, the wife of the Late Carl Stone the owner of the Stone Polls alluded to this on the 2002 general elections. Poor Wignall…BUST IT OUT, BUST IT OUT, EXPOSE THE LIES…

  141. For those long timers from the old blog days… the fact that columnists were being paid directly or even indirectly should come as no surprise. All of these guys that were writing favorable articles on these ponzi schemes were either being paid directly or Indirectly… indirectly by investing and getting returns (real or on paper).

    I was one of the dedicated and constant ‘prophet’ of the doom that came. I indicated that these columnists and or reporters we being at a minimum receiving an indirect benefit.

  142. There was immeasurable disgraceful behavior on the part of many. There were those that relentlessly verbally attacked myself, Jason and the few others like DaveSin, JohnDoe etc. That dude on the 4 bus, Kevin, owes everyone an apology and so do people like Patricia, RedP, StressNotBlessed, and on and on…

    They were direct facilitators of this massive scam by creating , helping to create or fostering a climate that helped to lead people to lose their hard earned money. They banned, asked for bans, encouraged bans or refused to speak up against such behavior against the ‘prophets’ when they warned of the evil. You guys should all hang your heads in eternal shame and damnation.

  143. Nocotec,

    I agree with most of what you say, but, don’t be so quick to broadbrush everyone who put money in Olint. Trading in commodities, FX and the derivatives/futures is real, I have traded on the CME before, I for one really thought FX trading was taking place by DS, FX trading I learnt in my Masters degree in the USA. There are those who thought real and legitimate trading was taking place, not so the greed, now, but a chance to ride for awhile the train that some has ridden for years, even generations.

  144. Agree Nocotec, now they are asking for prayers.

    Kevin seems to have all but disappeared, over on the #4 bus.

  145. Bushmaster and puppetmaster send us a Ping so we know they have not sunk your ship, send is a” Ping”

  146. They maybe able to shut down expressionwireless blog, but enough of us have seen the email, the pictures already…LIARS LIARS YOUR HOUSE IS NOW ON FIRE! LIARS THIEVES!

  147. We need a Truth and Reconciliation Forum for the healing, or some people will get away with outright murder! Driving BMW X6s’ (plural), living large in the USA and Jamaica on peoples money(OPP), the confidence of the small investors is waning fast, so to prevent this from reocurring let’s expose bare it all. Since our names are now being paraded on the internet, cause once posted that’s it…let us expose the real criminals, those in Gordon House, the untouchables, the promises, the emails, the pictures, LET TRUTH NOW STEP FORWARD.

  148. L&LL


  149. Nothing new to the man on the street. We know everything from the first shot fired in Jamaican politics to Back-o-Wall to Coral Gardens to CIA 1978-80 and this now the massive amount of money in circulation for the election ’07 – No Christmas could compete with. Check it the Bank of Jamaica had to float about 4 – 5 instruments to dry up liquidity in to the end of Sept. early October ’07. The press having sold their soles could not comment and can hardly comment up to now on the “runnings”. Talking about “runnings” we the people on the ground KNOW who is running Jamaica and its not the elected ones.
    Imagine the largest cabinet since 1962 and the Press silent. Shame. Well no journalist has ever been in danger in Jamaica – Wonder why? Let sleeping dogs lie.

  150. Good intentions!

  151. Let sleeping dogs lie. That’s what our journalist do. They newer mash a corn.

  152. they’re still blocking posts on the # 4 bus. i agree with you nocotec. they played an important role in separating thousands from their hard earned money.

  153. Very interesting article.

    Bloggers Will Catch the Next Madoff


  154. What is the #4 bus?

  155. @NoCotec
    Good to see you. Thanks for pointing out that bit about the income tax and Al Capone

    The driver on the #4 bus and some of his diehards need to listen, even when it was not what you want to hear. Interestingly, we took their advice and started this blog. How ironic.

  156. It’s incredible! All that money. If Olint hadn’t sunk we would all be rich. We would have been first world by now X6’s and all.

  157. @jay,

    Do you realize that Article is also talking about Mr. “20/20” Standford?

    Read it again….

  158. Site back up!!

  159. Yep Johndoe I saw it.

    Its our own Standford from Antigua, that’s why I posted it, as its close to “home” if you know what I mean.

    Could he be the next Madoff, and how will this affect the Caribbean after all that has happened already.

  160. JohnDoe:

    I am around, I am working on a couple new projects and do not have the time to blog as much. But more important is that I like to warn but after I am proven right I do not get much pleasure from basically saying I told you so… I usually just watch the implosion without too much participation.

    Almost none of these people wanted to listen, greed simply took over. I am convinced that most of the people that fell for these schemes have circuits in their brains wired differently from most others that saw it coming.

    Here is an important finding from new research on the brain and obese people. Researchers can hook up the brain in a way that shows them what areas are firing real hard in response to various stimuli. When they show some people pictures of food some centers start firing like crazy, while in others those same centers are shut off. This means that the pleasure center and the need for food is wired different in some people and make them prone to become obese.

    But does this mean that they have to become obese? No, but they need to work much harder to stay slim. I believe most of these people that fell for these schemes have the greed center of their brains wired in a way that shuts off the caution side. When exposed to the possibility of quick too good to be true returns those centers go into hyper drive and they shut out all voices of reason. Does this they are not responsible and have no control, no. It means they have to work harder not to succumb to greed and to listen to others and the warning signs.

  161. Just like that and wireless expressions gone.
    Look like dem attrack some unwanted hostile attention to raatid.
    I neva agree wit everting dem post but fi true me did so happy to be getting some light mi tek di good an di bad.

    Di man dem was mashing some serious corn rasta.

  162. @miak
    Wireless is back… check the latest post.. on this blog

    I have been busy too. Only pop in now and then,

  163. Where is the money?

    Bushmaster just posted some very revealing information just now.
    The full 100 is slowly coming out

  164. If it was ghetto people money best believe the reaction to all of this would be different. Why is everyone so quiet? If a man have my money and dem kinna evidence buss forth, best believe…

  165. Nocotec said-
    That dude on the 4 bus, Kevin, owes everyone an apology and so do people like Patricia, RedP, StressNotBlessed, and on and on…

    They were direct facilitators of this massive scam by creating , helping to create or fostering a climate that helped to lead people to lose their hard earned money.

    Jay, on February 15th, 2009 at 11:50 am Said:

    Agree Nocotec, now they are asking for prayers.

    jon, on February 15th, 2009 at 2:09 pm Said:

    they’re still blocking posts on the # 4 bus. i agree with you nocotec. they played an important role in separating thousands from their hard earned money.

    You know I have come to respect you guys for some of the intelligent posts that you write but give me a break, the above is absolute rubbish.

    Please tell me how we seperated ppl from money. I only found these blogs when money STOPPED coming and I wanted to find out what was going on. No I did not listen to you and yes I was gullible and got carried wide like THOUSANDS of others. I am not no bigshot that get back my money so dont bodda call my name.

    Now tell mi supm, do i have money for anyone else?? Did I force or put a gun to anyones head and tell them to join Olint?? Did Patricia or SNB happen to do so as well??

    Did we create a scam to lead ppl to lose there hard earned money??? Once again, mi have money fi ppl?? I am feeling it just like EVERY OTHER Olint account holder guys, along with Patricia and SNB. Its amazes me that someone as intelligent as Noco can write such crap and two more intelligent ppl agree with it.

    Look like unnu drink too much whites this weekend, mind yuh fall off your high horses in all your smugness.


  166. BUSHMASTER- please put out more….put out the video David did.

  167. RedP:

    I am working on a couple new business projects which is why I have not been as active posting. Recently I have ran a few ideas by a friend of mine and asked him to come up with any thing that he can find why it does not make sense. My statement to him was I do not want to hear why the ideas it will work… I already think it will work. and I can spend all day agreeing with myself. I need the devil’s advocate side to see if there is another side I have missed why these ideas make no sense.

    If my friend were to spend his time trying to massage my ego telling me how great these ideas are he would be doing me a huge disservice. Group think where dissenting opinions are not tolerated is extremely dangerous to successful outcomes.

    The people on the # 4 bus were guilty of this… they reinforced the bad ideas… lent moral and even religious support to an evil idea being perpetrated by evil crooks… that idea was to steal hundreds of millions of hard earned money from many hard working people.

    Now if you cannot see how the # bus were facilitators of this crime by blocking contrary opinions and encouraging folks with moral support etc… if you still have not got this then unfortunately you have not learned much from this sad affair.

    One does not have to personally steal the money… this is why there is the crime of aiding, abetting and giving comfort to the enemy in times of war. One does not have to actually kill his fellow citizens to be guilty of a crime against his fellow citizens. Giving comfort to the enemy is itself aiding and abetting the enemy.

  168. Red P

    you said, I am not no bigshot that get back my money so dont bodda call my name.

    If you do not have proof do not say it. Stick to your original approach do not let them take you off your game. which has been

    yuh trust yuh God and if yuh fi get back yuh money yuh will.


    half of the big Shot names we are calling are in the same position like the rest of us. NO MONEY !!!!PURE FRETTING!!!!! PURE DEBT not even a valetine dinner LOL

  169. The names on http://www.wirelessexpressions.com/olint
    Are all the B fund member laawd a ma se. It nice All mi name mi se.
    BUSHMASTER please published the A fund too and the new one recently David Smith did C fund

  170. Nocotec,
    Based on your reasoning, if I was affiliated with the JLP or PNP or was a politician for that matter you would be branding me a corrupt scam artist. Guilty by association.
    Or if I was a member of the church where that so called deacon was arrested last year for aiding and abetting in the abduction and rape of a 14 yr old girl you would accuse me upholding his conduct.
    Jeeezum peas!!

    Hope all goes well with your business venture.


  171. Good morning all,

    Its going to be an interesting week after all of last weeks drama.
    I have been made to understand, that hard drives have been trashed, email files as well as hard copies are been trashed.

    New computers are being acquired and old ones being taken offline for fear of being hacked into.

    Properties are in the process of being transfered and some have already been transfered.

    Its been a very busy week for Jamaican lawyers and this one is likely to be also.
    I think we should check with the titles office to see how busy they have been in the last few days.

    Bushmaster has stirred up and ants nest, and they ants are beginning to bite. 🙂

  172. Jay

    Transfering of title a waste of time. That protects no one or nothing and every law student knows that. bway unnuh can mek the ignorant sweat !!!!!!

    We are on top of the titles office in Ja. WE HAVE THAT COVERED.

    When wi a blog di woman dem a wuk!!!!!!


    Kibah yuh mout!!!!!!

    di man dem a try rattle yuh foundation YUH AND YOUR FAITH bigga dan dem !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  174. Jay,

    Wonder if Bushmaster will have any more info for the masses?

    what say you? 🙂

  175. some people dark bad bwoy.

  176. Hello, I am back.Should there be a public inquiry into Olint ?

  177. Regarding the publishing of the names by Bushmaster….
    Awrite now, thanks to him, people start lose dem work now (from the banks and BOJ who were warned) inna dis time of recession, people a get death threats because now dem know where dem money gone, people marriage at steak now that you list out the people dem name and business – You Bush Master making them “VICTIMS” again! But I guess this is your aim. Everybody want back dem money, but yu gone open up a new can a worms inna di mix. THINK b4 you ACT…

    Clearly there’s an air of immaturity and selfishness here. U could have left out the people dem name and money. Posting that was NOT about getting back people money!

    The date don’t pass April 07, so someone in the FSC or the raid squad is responsible for this! Dem fi go behind bars too!

  178. To the # 4 passengers. It seems that regular posters here are barred from posting on that bus, but that’s not reciprocated.
    Now when have comments to make regarding things said here why not post them here?
    I’ve seen my posts reproduced there and left with no opportunity to respond.
    Note, if your post is reproduced here, you may respond here, and many have, if you choose.
    It’s that insular behavior that nocotec was partly getting at. You stifle opposing opinions, before long group think sets in, and the unwise are caught by it.
    Some #4 bus passengers have taken issue with Nocotec’s post.
    Surprise of the century I guess and in typical fashion they choose to huddle in their little corner and pick at it to the delight no doubt of their fawning audience (dwindling I might suspect).
    The issue you guys is not so much that you encouraged people to JOIN Olint, but when trouble came to the surface, say since march, April ’08, instead of being objective and promoting responsible action, that bus chose to retreat into an echo chamber by playing victim, claiming that you were under attack, and that all would soon be well. You conflated the olint and religious issues and told people that they were under attack from evil forces, and what was required was coalescence around the god send financial messiah. When in fact it should be clear by now to even the most daft of persons, that what is needed is for people to mobilize themselves, individually or in groups to get what is left of their monies back.
    DS has gotten more than 1 year from the ordinary club member. Yes there have been encasements, but I know of people who tried to get rent money in December of 07 and were not able then, have not been able since to get a dime.
    The damage that the #4 bus did and through some of the few who hold on continue to do is to give DS more time to clean up his fraud at your expense.
    Whose money paying the legal bills?
    Are the funds under olints control now earning any returns? Are they in interest bearing accounts?
    Are they in David smith’s name? Olints name? jij, mti? tci/fx?
    These are questions that people need to have answers to. But no, some would prefer to speak of 9 months and when we start back people like Jon not going get invitation etc.

    Keep it up #4 bus, see where it gets you. I hate to be an I told you so person, but you keep giving the opportunity.

  179. BUSHMASTER desevers an ‘ Order of Distinction’ for his work.

  180. Well I must say mi little shame to say dis especially on the blog, but in a way mi glad dat David Smith has not yet paid Belcher and The Doctor.
    Had it not been for dem, I would still be in the dark wid dis OLINT ting. What a rattid- dem release the secrets and confirm to me dat dis has been a major cover up.

    One ting for sure- David Smith is a thief and a liar and although he thinks he is so smart, he will not get away with defrauding innocent people.
    I see where him buy off the big time politician and also Wignall of the Observer.He given had a PR company to make his Ponzi scheme look legit; Don Creary- you are a wicked man!!!

    Also, I love how him tek people money and buy a big house for his Mother- Edith!!!

    Miss Edith, please talk to your son and tell him to stop dis game of lies, theft and cover up.
    One ting for sure, I am glad I don’t owe Mr. Belcher or the Doctor any money because based on what mi see last week I would not want them against me, what with the JLP politicians scrambling and taking cover, Wignall dodging bullets, Olint lawyers scrambling; I can’t wait to see what next they have in store for the thief David.
    Doc, if you need an aide to give some sweat medicine to David and his thieving family let me know. I would love to give dat buoy a big —- up his –ss.

  181. I called the number The Doctor and Mr. Belcher gave out on the radio.
    Is really the IRS!!!! No lie!!!
    Thank God the FEDS are on the case. Now we have a chance for real justice!!!
    David yuh dolly house caving in:-

    1) JLP taking cover
    2) Your protector in the Turks- Missick is going to resign
    3) The media are exposing you and yuh thieving family
    4) The Feds are on yuh case. I know they won’t rest until yuh thieving backside gets extradited to the USA.
    Dat is one case I will have to tek Air Jamaica and come see for myself. If I have to borrow the money, I will be there:-
    “The United States Government vs. David Smith/OLINT”
    I wonder, how David will dress for the event:- Baseball cap or a suit with no tie? Yuh think you are so sweet eh!!!
    It will get sweeter when dem call up the American investors to testify against you. I can see it already- The Doctor, Mr. Belcher, the Fort Lauderdale crew and the New York investors and me!!!
    Yeh mon, dem tell me dat they want Jamaicans residing in Jamaica to also testify against yuh. Dat will be me and my little crew.
    5) The TCI police arrested yuh thieving backside.
    Another court case and prison term

    I wonder if Les Green is going to act with all this pressure, especially now the FEDS are on the case.
    Dis is better than the soap opera- Dynasty.

    If I were in your shoes I would start to pay something. PRONTO!!!

  182. wanda wen dissa story aguh enfold. Justice fi the people a Jamaica. The Jamaican government nuh protect the Jamaican people attal das y ppl fraid fi lodge complain. Tenk God seh Scotland yard and the Federal government who a investigate tuh or else dawg woodda nyam wi suppa.

  183. Has any investor on this blog called the number for IRS special agent Ramos and actually filed a complaint?? or unno fraid of the IRS? If is on thing the feds are good at, it is investigating. The TCI court system is a big joke, big waste of time. At least it has stirred up the ants nest for the time being.

  184. If yuh fraid fi file complaint becuz a IRS it nuh mek sense becuz once deh Feds dem involve dem gwine investigate till dem find the truth. At dat time everybody name a guh cum up whether yuh complain yes or no.

    Dat is wat mi tink gwine happen becuz if yuh neva complain and yuh name cum it, it look like yuh dodging. A guess mi a guess still becuz mi nuh sure how dem do dem business but common sense tell mi suh. Dissa case bigga dan deh Jamaican Gov’t. and Jamaica nah protect wi suh wah wi sundun pon wi ass a duh den. Wi need justice dats wat wi need.

    If David Smith nuh guilty him wi gi back investors dem money. Look how mi did tink seh Lee Chin bad mind and jealous over a man who a try help out poor people. Lord have mercy pon the wicked soul. dem wick fi true. A nuff yeye wata ketch dem still.

  185. Has any one notice that the olint site is now saying : Due to malicious activity, we feel it is important that we protect the confidentiality of our club members. The website has been disabled temporarily. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

    Olint Corp. Management
    Thank You

  186. What are they saying? that Bushmaster tried to gain access i, Bushmaster is tha true. I think they are just picking on you.

  187. Well if investors in the financial sector (banks, BOJ etc) stands to lose their job because of the posting of the names by Bushmaster, then I plead with you BM to not post any names futher. The small man is already suffering, you can bring shame on the thieves and users another way. Reveal their agreements, promises, show where the money went, who lied knowingly, who are the real theives, but please let us protect the small investors.

  188. Blind Justice & Truth

    This job loss scenario is a joke..keep it coming Bushmaster…Would like to know more about MS the mastermind behind the maydaisy ponzi scheme..Amazingly the pic on the blog shows him with the PM and MoC…Same afinnity fraud committed by IL,DM & MS …they need to be put in prison…Loiten and David were working together…

  189. @ Interested

    If it was ghetto people money best believe the reaction to all of this would be different. Why is everyone so quiet? If a man have my money and dem kinna evidence buss forth, best believe…

    Den how you explain Cash+?

  190. what i really want to know is what is the real point of a ponzi there is know way in hell that David is going to get away with the money . Thus it is pretty pointless if i say so my self

  191. Somebody tell mi what to do cause mi have money innah Lewfam . Mi can’t afford a lawyer should I report to the IRS too?

  192. @ Time for an answer
    you Said:
    “what i really want to know is what is the real point of a ponzi there is know way in hell that David is going to get away with the money . Thus it is pretty pointless if i say so my self”

    My simplicity:
    There may be a simple read on this. Think about it…

    Isn’t it possible that those who attempt and/or orchestrate ponzi schemes have a plan to get away with it?

    Do you know how many have been successful at it? Check it out…

  193. yeah but david not going to get away , ther is no were on the face of this earth that he can hide.

  194. Media in Ja get f-k. Therefore Ja. Get the same.

  195. @Time for an Answer

    Some could argue that he has already gotten away with it.

    1. I figure (assumption) that plent money has been stahsed away in the corners of the world to satisfy the needs of his family for many years to come

    2. I’m sure that there has been a lot of real estate purchased in the names of friends and people bought to try and ensure that this stays safe

    3. He’s been living lavishly for years now! both before and SINCE the scheme/club/scam/ponzi has crashed

    4. Why does he need to hide? doesnt everybody know where he lives? where his brother lives? where his mother lives? And if you don’t know… it would only take a few phone calls to find out. Yet they’re all very safe, still living life, buying property and such. Life goes on for them….

    5. they know, just as well as YOU know, that if they string the public out long enough, the public will forget. And the names David Smith, and Olint will simply be mentioned as a story… “yo u remember david smith and olint! you remember how dem rob people money and go buy jet and buy off the politcian dem?! Ah wonder where dem man deh deh now!?”

  196. Oh, and I forgot, the, according to the local police in jamaica, they haven’t gotten any complaints…. So really and truly they haven’t done anything wrong!

    Surely if they had done SOMETHING wrong, people would be complaining in droves! The authorities would have and endless supply of people willing to testify that they were scammed and produce any and all paperwork needed! I mean isnt that what people do when they’ve been wronged and don’t want the perpetrator to get away with it? ISNT IT??!

  197. Sir Allan Stanford Charged with Fraud

    Well another one comes tumbling down,

  198. Is the Attorney Milton Samuda the same person pictured with Bruce on wireless expressions. The same man they elected as president of the Jamaica Chamber of Commerce (JCC). How can this be?

  199. Would love to see ingrid loiten,deidre mathews and milton samuda the fraudster behind the maydaisy ponzi scheme arrested. These people have committed a serious crime and is allowed to continue operating as if nothing as happened because of their political connections. Jamaica criminal justice system is a fraud. Stanford was arrested very quickly…Why cant we do the same with our fraudsters?

  200. mario you are a dam fool

  201. Yow money gone forever , there is no money people. Olint done him and jij gone with the money . He may do a little jail time but is white collar prison , so him will be cool and copme out to millions yuh see it . Thats the way life is, or you may want to do somthing about it ?

  202. @David, if that is really you, bwoy I am hurting. Feeling betrayed and used. Ahhh! many olinters just feeling damn ashamed right now, the JLP campaign funding (I just don’t trust Vaz, Robertson, Creary, Wignall and your friends in the JLP), riding all over the world in Jet, gambling, girls, JIJ investments, let’s face it the Lord’s name and words should not be uttered anymore in this Sodom and Gommaroh like world. We are so ashamed.

  203. Well L& LL, is I stew stupid?

  204. Folintanddavismith!

    David told you that the money gone?when did you speak with him? because we are all trying to get through! Send the link when you can I’am sure all would be happy to get a word in to the Man with the loot. I think we all would like to do something about it but you have the link and not saying anything.

  205. It really gone?? our money?

  206. That wasn’t me, just a depressed Olint investor who just read the blogs…that is how depressed people is becoming!

  207. BushMaster smoking this morning !

  208. Alpha 1, on February 17th, 2009 at 7:46 pm Said:
    Well L& LL, is I stew stupid?

    NO ALPHA 1


  209. How do I get info on support groups. Families have been broken up over this and people have literally had to be put in the hospital…only now the family has very little to pay the doctors’ bills. Can we please get something constructive together to help those affected recover … not financially, but spiritually and mentally. It is very difficult watching my moved ones suffer.

    Has anyone in Jamaica started some kind of group therapy? No not some expensive psychiatrist…I mean just a group of people getting together to support each other through this time of grief. Let us start this kind of dialog now… enough of the speculations. Let us get everyone strong and functioning again and then we can start a class action lawsuit of some kind. But first, let us heal.

  210. moved –> *loved

  211. Heal what?

    Whenever you invest there’s always risk.

    My problem is how simple a man and his connection can collect people money in a “banana” republic and influence our political process as in 2007. Hector Winter and Morris Cargill must be thinking that their work was in vain.

    Poor Jamaica. With this sort of media wi dead.

  212. I am so depressed, I can’t believe we actually trust this guy to be honest with us. I was believing in David until I saw who he was associating himself with, I know how these people deal and they are all shady. David, if you are reading this or any of your family members.Why have you done this to Jamaican poor people? Remember you were once one of us.Please try to think back to those days when you had to live from pay cheque to pay cheque, and how you would have felt if someone stole whatever savings you had.

  213. davidfool,

    I’d bet that few if any of the people that invested in olint WERE poor….

    not so sure about now though 🙂

  214. but i was one of the poor ones

  215. wedippl – there is an online prayer group coordinated by RedP that has been a great source of encouragement. Although we came together as a result of the Olint saga, God has done much more as several of us pray for each other, for our country, share praise reports, share words of encouragement etc. If you or anyone else is interested, you can contact RedP or me.

    RedP – olintdude AT gmail dot com
    Rabbit jadisciple AT gmail dot com

  216. Wait……..you guys bring the prayer thing over here now? I thought our bus was the “dark side”?

  217. I have no ideal what side this is…I never was involved with Olint…but now am caring for a relative that has attempted suicide and it is draining me emotionally hence the inquiry for a support group.

  218. Me, I don’t trust anybody I can’t see….prayer or counselling group would have to tell me where they are meeting, as, I sure as hell wouldn’t want Don Creary to be paying some imposter to be praying for/with me, and then before you know it Mark Wignall is writing a piece praising it. I want to see who is who, and if I was those seekig counelling, don;t correspond with no one via email, as you all can see what is going on…the real motive behind Bushmaster is not even so clear.

  219. @wedippl..trust no one you can’t see, especially anything or anyone around this Olint issue!!!!!!

  220. I would have told them back then that it was not wise to invest more that you can lose with such a plan, but I was always taught to ‘stay outta big people business’. I really wish I had not.

    The reality is that there will be accountability in the end. There has to be somewhat so, however my main focus now is to get my family well again. We will deal with the legal aspect later…sooner than later hopefully.

  221. Jamaicans – we are our own worst enemy. White man just have to stand by and watch us self destruct by destroying each other. We don’t seem to learn…and the pride we have is good to a certain point and destructive after that point is reached. Hope they learn…till then…I am ashamed to admit my heritage.

  222. David alot of people tears will fall on you and your children and children’s children.

  223. Could someone give the name and numbers of the relevant authorities in the usa that i can call to file a complain?

  224. If anyone wants to meet me face to face, or speak with me on the phone, I have no problem with that. I have nothing to hide. But start it off with an email first please.


  225. Them say that march 11 a the deadline i say march a the start for david if him want to redeem himself from all the fu**ry he has done . People talking about pray why the hell will i pray for money for david and all his mischeif if him was doing the right thing he would have nuttin to worry about . If david david want now about god wait until March 11 , hIm better pray that the judge him a good answer

  226. Hello Bloggers,

    I would like for you all to look into all this new information that has suddenly been appearing on a certain blog it seems that we could learn something from the “book the art of war”. You see bloggers sometimes people use there own cause to start a massive war to make it seem like it’s being done from the other side and make it seem legitimate. I will not say much more about this but please look into the sudden burst of information flooding the blogs. There have been very good PR people working under allot of aliases to manipulate the situation and that is just what they want us to believe when they are the same ones at with us.

  227. Mi aguh touch base with REDP him christian ting a reach mi ..

    Bway from the whole OLINT thing mi a hang on and a bounce back . BUT When mi read wedippl blog mi baaal like a baby Girl.

    REDP and Rabbit pray fi Wedippl family!!!!!!

  228. boy it really really ruff it affecting people directly and indirectly, peoples lifes hav been utterly destroyed. Politicians are satan incarnate

  229. All those people in the USA that don’t like to report overseas earnings to the IRS… it is usually not worth it in the end… Check this

    UBS to pay $780M, open secret Swiss bank records
    Banking giant UBS admits to helping defraud IRS, will pay $780M, open secret Swiss records


  230. By the way, a lot of really poor people invested in Olint. They saw an opportunity for a break. I cannot be mad at them for that, but I am wondering this now…let us take the position that David Smith was really trading. Here is where there is a great disconnect – someone who is so ‘intelligent’ in the area of forex and finances could not be so careless with people’s money, hence I am convinced that it was a ponzi.

    David if you are reading this – the lady that joked that she would give you her kidney is now on suicide watch. She cannot be left alone with anything that can harm her (blunt instruments, rope, etc).

    Her family has been shattered by this whole ordeal and her children and grandchildren are heartbroken, not for the loss of the life savings that was entrusted to your company, but for the loss of the person they once knew as grandma. It will be a long road to recovery. I cannot begin to express the pain. Words are truly not enough … truly not.

    This is really what is going on for regular people.

    And you know who too J_ _ a_h_ _ and Y_ _ _ a.

    At this point, let the healing begin. For you young people, it is just a lesson learned. For the older ones, I know and understand it is the worst nightmare you have had – losing money late in life. It will be okay, please believe that. Yes, I know it is hard to accept now, but this too shall pass.

  231. FYI – anyone wanting to join the prayer group can do so anonymously. Go to a free email provider, eg gmail or yahoo, use names other than your first and last names and create an email solely for the purpose of communicating with the group.

    Prayer requests are sent at the level of detail with which the requestor is comfortable. The requestor can send a request for the prayer bus or can send it directly to RedP and request that it remains private,

    The group also shares encouraging words. I have been on the receiving end of many encouraging and inspiring emails.

  232. You people must flood the airwaves with your concerns, stories and demands.

    Interesting parallel?

    Senators Will Return Campaign Contributions from Stanford

    Sen. Nelson said late Tuesday that he would return money received by Stanford. “I will give to charity any campaign contributions from him or his employees,” Nelson said through his spokesman.

    A McCain spokesperson said Wednesday that all contributions from Stanford would be donated. “The McCain Campaign is donating all contributions from R. Allen Stanford, and from individuals associated with Stanford Financial, to charity.” This spokesperson said they will donate contributions made to both McCain’s Presidential and Senate campaigns, but did not have a dollar amount.


    Someone needs to apply pressure. The political parties should not be allowed to get away with this.

  233. you r all hopeless guys. you should have prayed when you had your money. Olint prayed when it collected. Good times were had. Pray for what. The fool and their money has parted. Come on move on.

    No matter what Olint has won.

  234. Mark Wignal writes(but will anyone believe him now ?):

    The Olint saga: I was not David Smith’s boy!


  235. Please, too late now Mr wignall. We have all the positive nonesense you wrote, you’re known association anf affinity for don creary, and mr creary’s pr role for David.
    1+1 = 2


  236. The big wignall excitment is a hype for the naive. that is how columnist all over the world works……

    but we always want “JUSTIS” from somebody with name and power

    mi waant mi money full stop!!!!!!

  237. Look here man Bushmaster posting some financial info over on wireless expressions THAT IS NOT CORRECT…..The money the info claim that I had in OLINT is GROSSLY INACCURATE…..mi no inna the mix up and frankly posting incorrect personal and private data is not cool….BUSHMASTER be careful what you are doing

  238. Wignall seems a bit concern about his integrity in his article for today 19 – 02 – 2009 Observer.

    My only concern is – Why is Wignall concern about how the info was obtain he was not concern about where the bank clerk got the photo copy oft the Trafigura cheques. Come on Wignal i knew it but now i am sure you are a wicked man.

  239. Interested:

    Maybe you are not reading the information correctly. The total balance beside your name is not your balance, but the Olint’s account balance!

  240. Mike D:

    Thanks for the clarification. Well Bushmaster appears to be the real deal but I am still not certain what to make of the fact that there is NO INFO on deposits made by certain people e.g. politicians…..whampn them edit the list before them post it??


  242. Good Point *Interested* why are there only certain names there. As you said was the list edited to show favor?

  243. i agree . post all balances . deposit dates and withdrawal dates . i wonder if bushmaster does request . its gonna be interesting for some when they see that “all” there money wasnt invested like they thought . maybe its true , out of every evil cometh forth good .

  244. And posting all the balances will resolve the Olint problems exactly how? We just want suss to say who invest and how much money. This will not resolve anything. As someone had stated earlier, it will just continue to create more chaos and cause people to lose their jobs. Especially those in the financial sector.

  245. once your withdrawals exceed your deposit the excess is deemed taxable income .

  246. suppose i gave you 10000 us to put with olint and you only put 5000 ? suppose you withdrew my money and i never knew ? what is suss to some is a revelation to others

  247. Mr Chucks you seem’s to know a lot… Chaos: Who started it? Where are we getting information, David, you? Why will they lose thier jobs… did they do something wrong? Ok you’re up… this will not resolve anything so please tell us something that will.

  248. people need to stop being embarassed that they invested in olint . im sure we all made a calculated choice . at some stage some of us felt stupid that we didnt invest sooner . fact is many many many “wise” people made the same mistake . nothing to be embarassed about . im sure though that it was based on the assurity that a portion of our money was secure and that there was someone who would stand liability for the loss . i just want someone to suffer the consequences . want the truth exposed . want whatever is left to be distributed , if anything is left . for all those wanting to hide , this is not the place for you . people here for the truth . so all liars and thieves should leave . truth is going to come out . sooner than later

  249. Very well said Dread, I agree 100%.

  250. Gppd Point Dread!

    I found this interesting: This information below was Taken from another “blog


    I would like for you all to look into the new information that has suddenly been appearing on a certain blogs it seems that we could learn something from the “book the art of war”. You see bloggers sometimes people use there own cause/downfall to start a massive war to make it seem like it’s being done from the other side and it would often seem legitimate. I will not say much more about this but please look into the sudden burst of information flooding the blogs. There has been very good PR on O’s part and people working under allot of aliases to manipulate the situation, and that is just what they want us to believe, when they are the same ones at war with us.
    This goes to show the level of security that Olint provided in keeping clients information safe or did they do this on purpose? We need to ask how could this happen and why it’s all coming out light at this point. Is this just a cover up on O’s part or a well-planned and orchestrated attempt to create Kayos?

  251. Everything in the dark must come out in the light . Look on Arod who denied steroid use so passionately . All David Smith of Olint Corp needs to do is come clean . Some people might forgive and some might even forget but i am sure all will have one thing in common , closure . If it done then it done . If it was a ponzi then it was a ponzi . If money must run then it run . Be a man though . You do the crime then do the time . That goes for all of us involved directly and indirectly . Those who lied about deposits or withdrawals . Those who aided and abetted . Dont know how people can sleep knowing how many lives they have ruined . Expose them . All of them . Even if i am one them . Expose me too

  252. they say there are 3 sides to every story . so we gonna have pro david and anti david and at the end of it all the truth . truth gonna be a mixture of the other 2 alleged sides to the story . i guess this is the anti david blog . some people are busy creating a pro david blog . i for one am not anto david or pro david . i am pro gimmibackmamoney . so whatever it takes to get to retrieval of my money or the truth , im for it . bushmaster has been the closest thing to providing some info to bring us closer to that result . so post away bushmaster . we are all intelligent people and nbase our conclusions on facts not speculation . i see a lot of facts in emails sent from david to joey issa , don creary , martinez . what the pro david bloggers need to do is provide some facts to defend David Smiths alleged innocence . until then its my conclusion that David Smith is a liar and a thief who had many accomplices . the emails , lack of payments , continued missed deadlines all lead me to draw my own conlcusions . I cant be brainwashed by bushmaster or David Smith . I go by facts .

  253. JR, I am flattered that you believe I am one of the persons in the know. Sadly I am not. I also placed money in Olint and my only interest is to see the end of this sordid affair. If I get back the amount on my last statement, then hurray! If I get back 50cents on the dollar. Ok. If I dont get back anything, it wont be the end for me. People are indeed suffering and we all should have the same interest in seeing the end whatever it may be. The people were not embarrassed when they were receiving their checks. The point is that if I am in a position of sensitivity, hence the mention of Financial sector, it will indeed be embarrassing that your personal information is being aired in the way it is. That is not the way to solve this problem. This will actually costs them their jobs. Do you agree that this is a strong possibility and is in fact going on now? I did indeed get a call from my banker discussing my investment in Olint and what has happened to it. Gloating? Well, that’s a matter of interpretation.

    I believe we all have common interest in seeing this to the end. Not the ones who are gloating and say i told you so. I will stick to saying that this is not the way to do it. If you can convince me otherwise, then I am open to it.

  254. People take risk all the time, Olint was just one of them.Alot intelligent people invested in Olint, bankers, Accountant, lawyers, they knew they were taking a risk.

  255. n00bs

  256. this blog has been overrun lol at the last few comments.
    oh yes, all you did is take a risk.
    did i tell you about my firm? i offer only 5%, do documents, no regulation, no reporting, i am a christian, gamble and whore a bit, but i never miss sunday service. i have political friends and a few pastors dine with me. my clients, try harvard and yale law grads, along with many harvard & wharton mba’s.
    the way some people sound, seems as if i have a few potential clients.

  257. Mr Chucks, I do believe everything BUSHMASTER is posting but if i am going to lose my job it must be for a reason, now nobody can prove that what is being posted is true hence i cannot be held liable, unless it was stated in my contract, i should not lose my job for it and i will take them to court and if i cannot afford a lawyer then i will make the system work for me, this is the reason why i pay my taxes. What are the ground? Conflict of interest: I did not work for Olint, i am just a ordinary person who is seeking sucess this is the reason why i work and it’s the same reason why i invest my money. If i work at KFC it mean i will lose my job if the manager see me eating at BK on my day off. Politicians are not being scrutinize because they are looking a better way but because they are public figure/leaders, the same government/organization who are telling us that Olint is unregulated thus illegal and warned against it are the same ones taking donations from him. That’s a big double standard and more worst illegal, because the same company whose under the microscope for illegal activities with people money is the same company giving donations to these polititicians, so inderictly they spent our hard earn money. When David announces he… then these people should be responsible and should also pay back the monies which they have receive.

  258. sign me up jon . show me where to sign . lol .

  259. Dread, its not a lol matter for real.
    i beleive that until people accept that they were not ‘just taking a risk’ but were in fact very unwise, then we will fall easy prey to another scheme in the future.
    its not enough to say that other so called wise and bright people invested.
    they perhaps wise in general, were rather unwise in this respect.
    there is a difference between taking a risk and ignoring all warning signs to place money in lets face it, very suspect scheme from morning.
    look, people need ot get over this “i took a risk” nonesense. taking a risk is buying stock in a legitimate, transparently operated company. thats a risk. taking a risk comes after prudent assessment of the probabilities.
    putting money in olint was not, i repeat not an investment. it was not just taking a risk.
    it was chasing the proverbial pie in the sky where rationaility was thrown out the door in favor of the emotional desire to believe the incredible.
    get over it.

  260. Thats your opinion jon . Your entitled to it . the same way all investors are entitled to do whatever they think is neccessary to get back there investment no matter how dumb you might think they were for investing . Whether it was a high risk or low risk you cant tell people to get over it . Not that easy for some . many people still feel that they are entitled to the very least , the truth . Like i said , thats your opinion that you are entitled to just as others are entitled to there own .

  261. dread
    you read my get over it comment way to far.
    i am saying get over the justification for putting your money there….its not on the count of taking a risk in my view, it was imprudent chase of pie in the sky.

    i’m not telling anyone to stop going after there money, nor am i saying dont grieve over your loss.
    you might be new here, i’ll point out that i have never advocated such a position.
    i have been consistent in saying people need to accept the error of their own ways lest they fall victim again.

    getting back money is a different matter, as well as coming to grips with the actual (and percieved) loss. totally.

  262. what happen to wireless expressions? am not getting any new information today.

  263. Ok! So I am seeing my name posted, I am seeing a balance (incorrect though) and I am wondering, how does this help me get my money back?
    I remember BNS and NCB sending out ‘soundings’ about staff investing in Cash Plus and OLINT in the middle of the clubs falling apart and Wayne Chen suggesting that the investors had illegal funds etc. I have friends in these institutions who invested and at first they had thought that loosing the funds was the major problem but now they are facing the possibility of job losses because of the irresponsable blogs that state their names.
    If you want to expose the politicians etc then show their deposits and withdrawals, but dont put everyone else at risk! Redundancies are a common excuse used to decrease work force legally and it has been a ruse used for years, why do you think it cant be used now?
    Please, remember that everyone who invested stand to loose or have lost money. Being bitter enough to pull others into your war is not right! I suspect a lot of persons dont see a recourse within the law or are awaiting a decision on OLINT before they know their next move and thats why they are not as vocal as you few.
    Allow them the right to choose to go public or not! Many have lost more than just money and they have a right to decide how they will handle the issue for them selves, so please stop the postings as it acheives nothing except exposing investors to more drama.

  264. ok . i stand corrected . i get your point and agree

  265. what ihttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GARaWDDYZ0g&feature=relateds this

  266. If you want to expose the politicians etc then show their deposits and withdrawals, but dont put everyone else at risk! Redundancies are a common excuse used to decrease work force legally and it has been a ruse used for years, why do you think it cant be used now?

    What rights do we have to privacy that they do not have…..

    Most of those politicians were in opposition for 18yrs HUNGRY LIKE DWAG when they invested in OLINT
    why could we try to make money in olint for our family and not them.

    What are we exposing the politicians account for. Did they ttake out more than what was on their statement in OLINT. What crime did they commit that we did not commit????

  267. L&LL whats your motive? what’s your MO
    you are making some really strange posts here and ova deh-so.

  268. Jon

    Mi is a free agent. I have No motive apart from the fact that I want my money to spend…

    But I cannot stand the way we tear down ourselves based on likkle hearsay .

    demonising people for no good reason will not get our money back

  269. Can’t help but wonder if BUSHMASTER isn’t a free mason puppet or him a get initiated. A dem know how fi play people emotions when man raw eeeh!

    Gwan work up the frenzie mi dear and gwan edit the list fi tek out u BIG fren dem name, teach we the “victim” dem a lesson seh a unnu one fi have all the money, and we di poor nuh fi look none.

    Staff at BOJ were warned NOT to invest in Olint, so were the staff at NCB and others, so gwan tek it fi a joke.

    We here a beat up wi gum can’t change a ting. Mi just a wait pon the March date. People, we waiting pon we money how long, 2 or 3 weeks more naa go kill wi.

  270. D Wonder said “Mi just a wait pon the March date. People, we waiting pon we money how long, 2 or 3 weeks more naa go kill wi.”

    Waiting two weeks for what ?

    You cannot for a minute really think that you will get paid in March, do you ?

  271. @D wonder. The reality is after March 11,2009 the court will then set a date when the OLINT/David Smith frozen assets case will come up. That was the thinking before David Smith was charge with 5 counts of various types of fraud.

    Now that he is charged is very very unlikely that the Judge is going to unfreeze the little amount of money in the accounts, compared to amount possibly owed and the overall gravity of the case.

  272. @jon, Said: L&LL whats your motive? what’s your MO

    I used to warn people about the fact that the blogs are open (relatively) and anyone can post. And ask why do you think that on the inside have not infested the blogs? Can’t speak specifically to L&L. But when you see people posting ridiculous stuff in support of the scam or to go easy on the scammer, one should wonder.

    Consider this:

    That Kevin dude on the #4 bus…. You know how he banned bloggers who dared to question Olint/MayDaisy etc.. What if that dude was the Olint PR guy getting paid $20,000 a month to do make Olint look good and legitimate. Not saying he is… But any good PR rep these days should absolutely be attempting to control a client’s message on the internet. Can you think of a better PR job for Olint than that Kevin dude did.

    If Kevin was not paid by Olint then then he was robbed because he should have got some of that US $20,000 per month. And in today’s internet world and Net 2.0 and social sites, if the PR guy did not start a blog like the #4 bus he was incompetent.

    One thing we can say for sure is that we now know for sure (and should we be surprised?) that DS,Wignall and all these guys are tuned in to the blogs… and if they are, how hard was/is it for anyone to post on these blogs? So why would the PR guys and insiders not also be posting?

  273. nocotec – you been making some spot on posts since you came back from self imposed exile.
    You know, we can’t really expect the johnny come latelys (to the ‘dark side’) to be mentally ready for your message – they’ve barely had time to absorb what the bushmaster has revealed – a small amount of brain swelling might be taking place :).

  274. MAY DAISY

    Someone was asking about may daisy. The lady has said that she hope all is well for her to start paying by the end of the first quater of this year.

    I know of some people in may daisy whose houses the bank has put up for sale. They had contacted Ingtrid Leighten and told her of their problems. The lady did not even have the curtesy respond.

    I hope she has not run off with people’s money.

  275. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t expect to be paid after the March date, I just saying what’s the use beating up we gum and hot up we nerves for? IF there is a chance for us to get back our money…. it seem to me like it will be years before that happens, so until then, life continues and we have to move on. But in the same breath, we just need to keep our ears to the ground and see what’s the next course of action. We can’t do anything over what we don’t have control of.

    Why waste months and years moaning over this – we ALL knew it was a risk we were getting involved in. Donald Trump bankrupt again, yu nuh see him a bawl fi di cameras and a post how him lose all him riches – him just go back to the drawing board, get creative and go after the billions again. Life short, and yu a shorten yu life more a fret over money weh lef yu hand and into something YOU did chose to tek a risk with.

    Look FORWARD people. Thank God we have another day, and our vision to read and hands to use. Start again – no shame or anything wrong in that! A Survival we a deal wid unuh, but pride a go kill some a wi!

  276. Madoff

    The trustee in charge of untangling the mess brought on by the Bernard Madoff scandal told investors Friday there was no indication the disgraced financier bought securities for his clients in 13 years.

    “We have no evidence to indicate securities were purchased for customer accounts,” said Irving Picard, the court-appointed trustee overseeing the liquidation of Madoff’s assets.

    At a meeting for investors, Picard detailed the history of the case and how claims will be processed.

    He said he has recovered $650 million so far and victims could qualify for up to $500,000 in funds from the Securities Investor Protection Corp.

  277. @ d wonder

    …and stupidity going kill the rest.

  278. They are now saying on business news that Sanford was involved in Money Laundering, Drugs, Extortion, wow. I guess you can’t trust anyone now. This was really a bad guy.

  279. http://www.abengnews.com/?p=1430
    Bushmaster wont be posting anytime soon guys . Thanks for your contribution Bushmaster . Mad props .
    The plot thickens

  280. @ dread…why not?

  281. @ Live&Letlive,
    who’s being demonised for no good reason?

    who paying you to post here? i refuse to believe that you are a legitimate and serious poster. i think you are either here at the behest of some paying interest, or you are here just to stir the bloggers up. either way i have already grown tired of your posts. you talk from both sides of your mouth, you run and carry news to the # 4 bus, and your posts just generally dont make sense.

    declare yourself man. you for real or not?
    if you have no ulterior motives then i guess that leaves only one other conclusion.

  282. as an example of one of your strange posts
    Live&Letlive, on February 19th, 2009 at 6:09 am Said:
    The big wignall excitment is a hype for the naive. that is how columnist all over the world works……

    but we always want “JUSTIS” from somebody with name and power

    mi waant mi money full stop!!!!!!

    Journalists all over the world? Write op-ed pieces favoring the highest bidder? Over and over again and keep their columns?
    Give me a break. Damn nonsense!!

    You are making some strange attempts to pacify the bloggers? Is like yu tek people over here for fool.
    Who u wuk fa? Tell dem you not doing good job, because you can’t sell that proposition to nobody over here.

  283. Jon:

    Go easy with L&LL. He is very entertaining. Plus he knows a lot of stuff and can contribute to the Olint debate….we need to hear both sides and that is what makes this blog different from the rest!!!

  284. BUSHMASTER’s posts have been eye-opening. What I am suspecting though is that is just B account holders info has been posted to date….Where is the A account info? I suspect that that is where all the REAL SHIT is….BUSHMASTER if you are reading this and you really want to expose the FULL HUNDRED then sen’ it on!!!



  286. Gazwaz

    If you feel that way then just stop reading and posting..that way you wont have to see what people who according to you have nothing better to do with their time…..

    Have a good night

  287. Gazwaz

    What are you doing on the blog, you don’t have anything better to do either…lol They send to come check the blogs, tell David PR we ain’t going anywhere until we get our money.Nobody would be here if David told us the truth and also give us our money.

  288. David is a shady fellow, so sorry I didn’t see it sooner.

  289. I find it strange that the exact words that Live&LetLive echoed on a previous post (on this blog) are now appearing in an email from Don Creary (post #852) on Wireless Expressions.

  290. Bush master ketch fire today again.
    @mikeD, L&LL is definitely up to something. he’ll soon reveal himself or his motives will become transparent. tangled web always catch up on people.
    he’s not alone on this blog in recent days making some strange kool aid type posts.

  291. Lawd have Mercy time a run out pon mi

    Jon jon

    oh god Jon I had to tell RedP that he was under attack on this bus that is not carrying news. RedP did bex though lol lol

    i have found that when I am fixing a machine or reprogramming a PLC it always take me longer when I approach the problem knowing all the answers
    I train myself to look at all the posibilities !!!!!
    That you call talking from two side of my mouth.

    Suppose like us Mark Wignal believed in the the validity of DS and OLINT then this belief was further fuelled by Don Creary’s ideas and info etc etc. The man then write his column. No highest bidder no pay off etc JUST SUH

    Ofcourse therer is the posibilty that you are right Wignal was hired to fool us.!!!!

    I see where you are hinting that I am a fool and you could be right.
    Love the kool aid thing … sorry to tell you I am from the rural part of Ja we had the Ortinique orange juice in the days and the goat milk at nights. We could not afford Kool aid that was for christmas only ……lol….the juice and the milk probably made us into high breed eeediats LOL LOL

    Love you guys you always help to give a new angle from which I can look at things or some new info to investigate

    I am not calming down the bloggers if unuh think Wiggnal is part of the big scam GO FOR HIM.

    Question Dont you think Wignal if he was being paid could have done more for DS in the last 12 months?

    Yes Jon I am up to something……begging a smart guy like you to THINK AND CHECK before unuh BLOG. …..not very original.

    When you read my blog just pretent for a moment that I am an OLINT investor/ eediatvestor who has been crosschecking DS since 2006 and who want my money back NO AGENDA NO WEB and you might hear me differently

    will check post # 852 later on WE to see what you are talking about

  292. From: Lisamae Gordon [email address]
    To: wayne[email address]; dsmith[email address]
    Subject: cookies
    Hi David,
    Just a short note in response to the following questions:
    a) What is the hearing date in March?
    The hearing date is March 24, 2007

    3. Well if we drop the suit, we will face having to pay the legal costs of
    the FSC. It may very well be seen as an admission of liability. On the
    other hand it saves mountains of legal costs. The FSC is not going to stop
    until it gets a verdict one way or the other. Your case is being used as a
    test case as it regards certain types of individual arrangements and goes
    further than just Olint, but similar type activities, which the FSC needs to
    know whether it can regulate. So it is not going away David for you to
    resume a “normal lie”.
    In recent times, your real enemies have taken off their hoods, and the
    alliances have begun to show their true identity. And it is not nice. And
    it is immensely powerful.

  293. ———- Forwarded message ———-
    From: garwin davis [email address]
    Date: Jan 18, 2007 10:21 AM
    Subject: david smith and olint
    To: doncreary[email address]
    Cc: jissa[email address]
    Guys, I got this message not too long ago from Business Editor Lavern Clarke following a meeting to discuss story, presumably with the company’s lawyer.
    This is a matter before the courts so we have to proceed carefully.
    In that light, please speak with FSC’s Wynter about the testimonials and his reaction to them for inclusion in the story.
    Also get additional information from Smith on:
    1. which agency in T&C has licensed him
    2. How long ago
    3. What does his licence allow
    4. Since he is licensed in T&C, why has he not sought to be licensed in Jamaica.
    5. How much funds he has under management (in US$)
    6. Does he have an office in jamaica and where is it.


    From:Don Creary
    To: Garwin Davis

    A SPOKESMAN for OLINT provided the following answers to your questions:

    1. David is licenced by the Financial Services Commission in the Turks and Caicos Islands
    2. He was licenced November 2006 following investigations and due diligence by the TCI FSC which included extensive background checks including with the Jamaican police. David is also licenced in Panama
    3. He is licenced in TCI to provide full financial services.
    4. There is no requirement to be licenced to do FX trading in Ja. The Ja FSC pointed OLINT to the BOJ and vice versa when inquiries were made on the matter. FSC did not contact OLINT to say that a licence was required. The first official communication from the FSC to OLINT came in the form of a raid on its offices by armed FID officers. Following the hostile behavior of the FSC it seemed imprudent to seek a licence following the raid on our offices hence the decision to relocate the operations elsewhere.
    5. OLINT does not maintain offices in Jamaica at this time.


    What are the facts?

  294. ——- Original Message ——-
    From : Audley Shaw[email address]
    Sent : 11/11/2006 11:01:13 AM
    To : dsmith[email address]
    Cc :
    Subject : RE: fx trading
    It was a pleasure meeting you and your dear wife. I’m glad that you shared your knowledge and concerns with me. A friend of
    mine is keen on investing and would like to talk with you or better yet, he wants to meet with you if possible. He has asked me
    to fly over with him to see you when it is convenient to you. Please let me know.
    Regarding the Australian model of fx trading to help with public debt, is there any published information on it? Please let me
    know. I’d really like to learn more about it.
    Thanks again for our meeting as I now have a better grasp of the issues.
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Kindest regards and compliments.
    Audley Shaw

    ——- Question ——-

    Shouldn’t he be asking the finance minister of Australia instead of David Smith?

  295. Very interesting series of emails between Audley Shaw and David Smith.
    I really am beginning to wonder , what if ?
    It appears that we are rather fortunate that Olint was “chased” out of Jamaica as Audley may have taken our money and given to David to trade, in the hopes that this would solve our debt problems.

    Hey, it really a what if , Olint had been allowed to continue operating in Jamaica.

  296. Taken from wireless expression, part of an email.

    “I have attached the wiring instructions for the Island Growth Fund Ltd. (IGFL) account (which yourself, Joey, and Peter are directors and signatories to) which will be used to hold the capital for the Jabez fund in the interim.”

    So what is Island growth fund.

  297. From BUSHMASTER # 892

    Island Growth Fund Ltd.
    Jabez fund

    From Google:
    Island Growth Fund Ltd. This site is under construction.
    http://www.overseaslocketinvestmentclub.com/ – Similar pages

  298. It is clear that this debacle is HIGHLY INTRICATE and involves a large number of players, whether willingly or unwittingly so….but there seems to be one constant though….LAAD GOD JAMAICAN PEOPLE A REAL GINNAL…LOL

  299. From BUSHMASTER # 892

    From: Jodi Boodhoo reach.jodi[email address]
    To: David Smith
    Cc: Emanuel Balarie
    IGFL Wiring Instructions.doc


    Emanuel Balarie is President and CEO of Jabez Capital Management. In addition, he is also editor of http://www.commoditynewscenter.com and the author of Commodities For Every Portfolio: How You Can Profit From The Long-Term Commodity Boom. Mr. Balarie’s industry experience ranges from commodity stocks to futures to alternative investments. He is a highly regarded advisor to clients and institutions on the commodity markets, and has had his research published all over the world. In addition to being a regular guest on CNBC, Balarie is frequently quoted in dozens of financial publications such as, The Wall Street Journal, Reuters, Marketwatch from Dow Jones, and Barrons. Mr. Balarie is a graduate of UC Berkeley. For more information on Emanuel Balarie you can visit http://www.commoditynewscenter.com or email him at ebalarie@commoditynewscenter.com


    NDC Has New Chairman
    Story By
    Carmy Joseph

    The National Development Corporation has a new head for its Board. Attorney – Vern Gill is the new Chairman of the NDC Board. He replaces Dr. Alison Plummer, who served as Interim Chair of the Corporation. Dr. Plummer has been appointed to the Senate. The last Board was appointed in August last year for a two-year term. The other board members remain the same. The Deputy Chairman is Jodi Boodhoo, Jacqueline Emmanuel, Robert Norstrom and Pinkly Francis. The NDC was established in 1971 to promote and facilitate investment.


    Compliance Manager of BOSLI, Jodi Boodhoo says central to the bank’s mission of providing the best international private banking services is the preservation of the integrity of the bank and St. Lucia as a whole.St. Lucia he says, can realize several gains as long as it maintains its reputation.”For this reason the Bank of St. Lucia International has implemented strict compliance and anti-money laundering polices which address the application process,” said Boodhoo.


    Prospects for Offshore Banking in St. Lucia
    – Jodi Boodhoo, Bank of St. Lucia International


    Welcome: Jodi Boodhoo, Compliance Manager, Bank of St. Lucia International Limited

    Presentation: The Honourable Gordon “Butch” Stewart, Chairman Sandals Resorts/Air Jamaica

  300. From BUSHMASTER # 892

    From: Jodi Boodhoo reach.jodi[email address]
    To: David Smith
    Cc: Emanuel Balarie
    IGFL Wiring Instructions.doc



    Emanuel Balarie is President and CEO of Jabez Capital Management. In addition, he is also editor of http://www.commoditynewscenter.com and the author of Commodities For Every Portfolio: How You Can Profit From The Long-Term Commodity Boom. Mr. Balarie’s industry experience ranges from commodity stocks to futures to alternative investments. He is a highly regarded advisor to clients and institutions on the commodity markets, and has had his research published all over the world. In addition to being a regular guest on CNBC, Balarie is frequently quoted in dozens of financial publications such as, The Wall Street Journal, Reuters, Marketwatch from Dow Jones, and Barrons. Mr. Balarie is a graduate of UC Berkeley. For more information on Emanuel Balarie you can visit …

  301. Jodi Boodhoo

    NDC Has New Chairman
    Story By
    Carmy Joseph

    The National Development Corporation has a new head for its Board. Attorney – Vern Gill is the new Chairman of the NDC Board. He replaces Dr. Alison Plummer, who served as Interim Chair of the Corporation. Dr. Plummer has been appointed to the Senate. The last Board was appointed in August last year for a two-year term. The other board members remain the same. The Deputy Chairman is Jodi Boodhoo, Jacqueline Emmanuel, Robert Norstrom and Pinkly Francis. The NDC was established in 1971 to promote and facilitate investment.

  302. Jodi Boodhoo


    Compliance Manager of BOSLI, Jodi Boodhoo says central to the bank’s mission of providing the best international private banking services is the preservation of the integrity of the bank and St. Lucia as a whole.St. Lucia he says, can realize several gains as long as it maintains its reputation.”For this reason the Bank of St. Lucia International has implemented strict compliance and anti-money laundering polices which address the application process,” said Boodhoo.

  303. Jodi Boodhoo


    Welcome: Jodi Boodhoo, Compliance Manager, Bank of St. Lucia International Limited

    Presentation: The Honourable Gordon “Butch” Stewart, Chairman Sandals Resorts/Air Jamaica

  304. AML, or is it Bushmaster/Puppetmaster or should I use your real name – Rob Rawson. I hope you don’t mind because since you can post people’s private and confidential information, then that shouldn’t be a problem for you; right?

    I started out being intrigued by the disclosure of private information being disclosed here as well as the wirelessexpressions blog about David/Olint that gave us an insight of what internally was happening.

    But unfortunately, there is nothing that you have posted that tells us that David stole our money, that he committed fraud, that he was involved in money laundering, that he was involved in human trafficking, thet he issued forged documents, that he committed any financial crimes for that matter, or gave any good leads into why we cannot get back our money. I am unable to deduce that he has committed any fraud, that he was not trading, but rather does various things that a business man would do in the normal course of operation, efficiently or not.

    From previous postings, we readers can conclude that you have a real problem with the Martinez family and you feel compelled to get back at them. That might have been the reason for your recent arrest. That’s fine, not my business.

    But at this point in time, I have to believe that your vast postings of confidential information about David/Olint is a clear attempt to get at the Martinez family. What you might have wanted to achieve is clearly backfiring, but it has caused severe damage to people by this intrusion into, and public disclosure of their private business dealings. Man, I think you are heartless if this was your objective.

    Is it that you are on a witch-hunt against the Martinez family and using David/Olint is the only way you can hope to achieve this at this point? You pose these questions from time to time, asking “what are the facts?” and because we are desperate for our money, we became willing particpants to your scheme, and offer up private and confidential information that we too have, thinking that since we may never get our money, then let us work to make sure that David goes to jail. If that is the case, then we are fools several times over for doing this, even greater fools that we are accused of being by putting money into Olint in the first place.

    I also believe that you have a willing participant in Sean Belcher, aka Sirach. Where this will go in the end, I don’t know. But I certainly question your motives.

    So I close by asking you –
    What is your motive?
    What are the facts?

    A word to the clubmembers, sometimes it is better that you shut your mouth and let things that are already in motion (Court cases, etc) play itself out and stop become manipulated foolinsh participants in something that you or I don’t have anything to confirm what is the truth about where we really stand in getting back our money or not.

  305. Well, well, Bushmaster has now posted the balances for the big account holders. Interesting
    MZ Holding – JI company
    07/18/2006 MZ Holdings Ltd. 9,995.00 6,772,057.53

  306. Those new figures are exceedingly high.
    These individuals must be “pigs” or the figures are not accurate

  307. Jay
    Those are not balances of individuals, but rather transactions.

    Look carefully, the first figure is the transaction (addition or encashment), while the second figure is the running balance of the particular fund being managed. Each transaction is either added to, or reduced from the previous balance.

    Please, we need some correctness in the way released info is interpreted, so that we don’t go off the deep end and make incorrect assertions.

  308. BUSHMASTER # 872

    From: Jenny Jackman
    To: David Smith
    Thursday, February 22,2007
    This agreement made between Arawak Marketing and First Internet Financial of one part and David Smith of the other part.

    First Internet Financial

    Click to access awards_magazine2008.pdf

    Do we have a Guyana and Canada connection? Money hidden somewhere else? Always something with FOREX, land, insurance, or taxes.

  309. Jay,

    6,772,057.53 is the running balance of the overall account. Question is which or what account.

  310. Jay:

    There are two figures. The first is a deposit and the second is the running total or balance in the “olint” account. (that is my interpretation)


    1. 04/25/2006 XXXX CCCCCCCC/RFB 74,995.00 74,995.00
    2. 04/25/2006 DDDDD SSSSSSS 1,295.00 76,290.00
    3. 04/26/2006 JJJJJ NNNNNNN INV 2,280.00 78,570.00

    If you look at (2), the $76,290.00 was obtained by adding $1,295.00 {(2) deposit} to the previous balance of $74,995.00. If you take the next individual (3) deposit amount and add their deposit to the (2) running balance, $76,290 it will give you the balance shown beside that person’s (3) name ($78,570.00) and so on…..

  311. Its rather shameful to see the number of mendicants seeking to edge a likkle closer to the master.
    no wonder this guy had so many defenders. all these people seemed to have believed that they only need to touch his garments and they would be healed.


  312. From: Greg Hurd
    To: dsmith[email address]
    5/18/2007 11:49AM
    It’s Grand Palm/Noble not Temple and it will take a while, about 2 weeks as did the last one.

    —–Original Message—–
    From: dsmith[email address] [email address]
    Sent: Friday, May 18, 2007 12:45 PM
    To: ghurd[email address]
    Subject: RE: SOF
    Dear Greg
    Please see attachment,
    I think you might have to use temple.


    Can anyone from TCI explain Grand Palm/Noble and Grand Palm/Temple

  313. Mike D you are indeed correct, its the overall balance in the fund that is in the final column.

  314. From: jon@centranic.com
    To: David Smith
    Dear David Smith,
    Your @us.com email address, support.oanda.fx@us.com expires on the 2nd of June 2007.

    When BUSHMASTER posted peoples deposits and begging letters from opposition politicians SOME SHOUTED bushmaster for president .

    IF Bushmaster bust into the email accounts listed above I WOULD say BUSHMASTER FI HERO!!!!!

    but how would that further his case against the martinez dem mmmmmm

  315. Come on BUSHMASTER, enquirer minds want to know.

  316. Why is there a lawsuit between I-Trade Fx LLC and UBS AG?
    Is there a secret swiss account?
    Was the family trip to Italy on Dec 07 mentioned by FxGuy had a second purpose to visit Switzerland?
    If there is a Swiss account, why there instead of the US?

  317. Could someone explain what this line means.

    “- Redemption Offsets from Member Funds ($58,239,738.64) “

  318. Most rich people cannot be trusted. Right now I have a different outlook on the so-called society people, to me they are no better than dirt beneath my shoe.

  319. Most rich people cannot be trusted. Right now I have a different outlook on the so-called society people, to me they are no better than dirt beneath my shoe.

  320. There is not much money left for investors and so now is the time to move on in an appropriate manner. The cleanup process should involve these steps:

    1. Follow up with law enforcement. Jamaica’s appear unwilling to conduct an aggressive investigation. And so:
    a. Follow up with the USA. See the numbers for the special agents that have been posted.
    b. Contact TCI to see if you can be of assistance.
    c. Lawsuits should probably be continued but may be expensive and obtain little result in the end.
    2. Learn a lesson from this episode. Learn how to spot the signs of a future scam because be assured there will be new ones in the future.
    3. Avoid web sites that allow only one point of view. They are most likely run by or supported by insiders or the PR person for the scam. Remember that you do not need to only hear from persons that agree with you… you can just stand in front of a mirror have a nice long conversation.
    4. Listen to people who have had long experience at investing. Seek out other contrarian opinion and then compare your ideas against such opinions and see if yours still makes sense. Good ideas will still make sense when compared against an opposing viewpoint.

    And this above all: Listen to the Oracle when he speaks and I mean the Oracle of Omaha AND the Oracle you met on a train, the one called Nocotec 🙂

    But please please do yourself a favor and read the article below. Remember it whenever you are presented with an investing idea that seems to good to be true.

    ”Mr. Kritzman found that, net of all expenses, including federal and state taxes for a New York State resident in the highest tax brackets, the winner was the index fund.
    Specifically, he assumed that long-term capital gains were subject to a 15 percent federal tax and a 6.85 percent state tax; short-term capital gains and dividends were taxed at a combined federal and state rate of nearly 42 percent. The index fund’s average after-expense return was 8.5 percent a year, versus 8 percent for the actively managed fund and 7.7 percent for the hedge fund.
    Expenses were the culprit. For both the actively managed fund and the hedge fund, those expenses more than ate up the large amounts — 3.5 and 9 percentage points a year, respectively — by which they beat the index fund before expenses.”

    The Index Funds Win Again

    You may need to create a free login. Hmmm… a modified version of this should probably be an article on the site.

  321. Note the “players” in the picture


    Note the names in the BUSHMASTER post 771 on the wireless expression

    Somebody’s playing both sides of the fence. Supply arms to one side and then invest money with the other. Lord of War? Seems Sure …

  322. mmm I see your side of the argument

    This is my side

    Congrats Andrew on your succesfull software. I hope and pray your hard earned cash will not perish in OLINT.

    ps Did you sell the software to DS and his gang or were you afraid of pissing of the banking sector. Youngman I understand ALL THE BEST

  323. davidfoolon February 22nd, 2009 at 1:36 pm Said:

    Most rich people cannot be trusted. Right now I have a different outlook on the so-called society pireople, to me they are no better than dirt beneath my shoe

    We should be glad that DS ran off with our money so we can stay poor and trustworty and be better than the dirt beneath your shoe.
    Remember sir it was the pursuit of Riches that brought most of us to this blog!! lol

  324. Clubmember, I agree with you. Yes, we want our monies back but we still have to be very careful about the information that we give to Bushmaster or whoever else for that matter. Where was he when all this was going on to warn us then, he is doing it after the fact. And as you mentioned hurting the small man as well by publishing their private information. He is giving contact numbers for FBI etc. but we have to be careful.

  325. Oh well, I guess The Sunday Herald now becomes The PNP Herald.

  326. Well, JLP has their own paper as well…the BIG ‘O’

  327. The truth must be told. I have always known from the books of Caribbean history that 98.5 of the people in Jamaica in the wealthy class got their money by ill means. So others are still trying. Check some of the stories – from fisherman to appliance trader then multinational cooperation/entity. IMPOSSIBLE it cant add up. Corrupt politicians trying to create their strong man, exploitation of labour and blatant robbery, insurance fraud, massive loans without collateral (poor people’s savings). JAMAICA……………….. LOL

  328. Gazwaz….well said!! I agree with you.

  329. Both are Swiss commercial and retail banks which bought major U.S. investment banks and both are currently investigated by U.S. authorities for allegedly helping 17,000 American citizens to evade taxes.[7] In an unprecedented move on 18 February 2009, UBS, based on an order by the Swiss Financial Markets Supervisory Authority (FINMA), has agreed to immediately provide the United States government with the identities of, and account information for, about 250 American clients and to pay US$780 million in fines and restitution.[8]


  330. what is the next date that we all waiting on ? is there a upcoming ruling , a deadline … anything ?

  331. It’s now 10:25 pm. Why no activity today. All going to Asylum ladies night? Wahts with the info.

    All said.

  332. Wireless expressions is offline again and has been down all day. Maybe its permanent?

  333. dread, on February 23rd, 2009 at 4:04 pm Said:
    what is the next date that we all waiting on ? is there a upcoming ruling , a deadline … anything ?

    at first I was thinking and had even heard unoficially that they were going to apply to lift the freeze in March because the actual charges and the amount of money involved in the charges would allow them to do that NOW I am hearing that nothing will be happening before August 5th

    dread, a dem R****s things I cannot stand with DS (apart from the fact that he has my money lol lol )

    Even seh mi innocent or guilty lie or true

    Wireless Expression underestimated how much we distrust our politicians and how much we believe that the “privileged” will always F ** us and how the ”name brand people dem can duck and hide untill the storn pass over, then they reappear as if nothing happened. Jamaicans A DI BESSSSSS.
    Wireless done wid wi
    We did not care much about our money or Martinez

  334. It look like say all the regular posters to this site find work inna dem recession time here…..not much activity at all

  335. Same ting mi seh to…

  336. Another nine (9) day wonder. Lost interest. Seems all move on
    to other blogs. Or they have collected and others not. Or threats – Like a bullet in an envelope. Or a striking image in your in box.

    Have a happy life mon.

  337. It was Ask Wed in JA, so many are on vacation i guess.

  338. *sorry, ASH!

  339. No No just having some moments of introspection.

    Now that we have gone through the cussing phase well calaysed by bushmaster. An now that more 50% of the club members name is in the public domain. We can now divide ourselves into 2 groups

    group 1 those who believe DS is a conman and have sqandered the money

    Group 2 those who beleive DS is honest and has some of the money if not all

    Each man join the group according to his conviction and and DO SOMTHING FI Wi SELF

    Even without any direction from DS we are still a “club ”
    10 thousand of jamaicas brightest and best are in OLINT why are we sitting on the fence like DUCKS waiting on the likes of Bushmaster to use us for his own purposes like TP

    HEEELP !!!!!!!what can we do for ourselves.
    Come on folks 10thousand is bigger than Joshua’s army that marched around the wall of Jericho

    Yes RedP I know you guys are praying. Any more instructions from the Big Man?

  340. Money! Where is DS now. Isn’t he somewhere living it up with his girls?

  341. This is a true story !

    Two young men decided that to earn some extra money, they would smuggle gold from Nepal to India. They met with two Nepalese gangsters who promised them a tidy sum of money along with airline tickets, hotel accomodation etc for the relatively easy trip.

    They were also told that they had the customs official in their back pockets, so if they were stopped by customs they would just pay a bribe and they would be on their way.
    Each was strapped with approx 200lbs of gold and sent on their way.

    To make a long story short, they were caught prior to leaving Nepal, the contraband siezed and they were carted off to jail.
    While in jail, they were visited by these Nepalese gangsters who promised that, they should not worry as they are working with some high ranking official to get them out of prison (as they had now been given a 4yr sentence for smuggling.)
    During this time they were given money and food by the gangsters.

    After a period of 3 months the visits stopped and they were left on thier own.

    In speaking with other prisoners the two guys found out the following:

    1. They were setup. Once you report on smuggling activites and the perpetrators are caught, you are entiltled to 25% of what is siezed. So the more you can get the mules to carry, the more you get for yourself.

    2. The statute of limitation is 3months, after which you cannot lodge any appeal about your sentence.
    (Note after 3 months the visits had stopped)

    The Olint investors have received many emails promising payments and now those emails have stopped.

    Olint investors have for the most part failed to take any legal action so as to recover their funds, which have no doubt allowed for sufficient time to elapse for assets to be transferred and hidden.

    Their is a lesson to be learnt from the smuggling tale above.

  342. “Each was strapped with approx 200lbs of gold and sent on their way.”

    These guys must have been VERY strong

  343. Good story. i know u’r right. What r u saying that money cannot be traced in this technologically inclined era? Wow! That’s oh! so cool. You know in 1993-94 as a young professional i learnt of Century Banks ads on the radio offering 45% returns on u’r money i didn’t buy it. A lot of pyramid schemes took place on the north coast of Jamaica during the 90’s. The thing is the professionals who got burnt said nothing. The thing was when u’r contacted u’r to pay $5000 and then find 5 other persons to pay the same amount. Just imagine the impossibility.

    So Jay you are saying that DS is safe like Ponzie.

  344. Gazwaz
    Jay is introducing you to is the statute of limitations. 🙂

    the law gives you a limited time to initiate legal proceedings against the perpetrator who’s wronged you. it varries according to the wrong, jurisdiction etc. dont know what it would be on DS’s frauds, but suffice it to say that time is in fact limited, and time is in fact ticking.
    so what jay is saying to you is tan deh siddung wait pon ds while him a wait pon the statute of limitations to run full course.

  345. Gazwaz,

    I am saying the majority of the money is gone, and the rest is going, while people sit by waiting for a miracle.
    The fact is that this miracle will not happen.

  346. I think it would be prudent for most of you to read the story of Charles Ponzi. I’ve been following this story for a long time, and have always warned my friends who wanted to invest that they should invest only what they can afford to lose. It always amazes me that Jamaicans like to laud themselves with such accolades as being the brightest, etc, etc. The sad truth is; there is no money to be had. The money is gone. I know its hard to swallow that pill, but OLINT was a Ponzi scheme and a lot of you were bamboozled. I take no joy in saying this, but be warned this wont be the last time some of you get ripped off. We all like that “sure” thing. While we let good opportunities languishand never come to fruition because we are impatient.

  347. Statute of limitations on suing DS in civil proceedings in the commonwealth caribbean is 6 years.

  348. Six years. Good.
    Well i guest he picked the wrong region. How long will the case last though, from the stage of mentioning to a verdict,- 7, 9 , 10 years?

  349. Does anyone have any news on Maydaisy?

  350. Olint rumours stalking well-known personalities.

    Email and blogs being anonymously circulated in cyberspace, linking many to the floundering invest scheme, Olint Corporation, continue to stalk some of the nation’s well-known personalities and corporate entities.

    Note Claudette Crooks comments : “Crooks argued that where she chooses to invest her money “is nobody’s business” but her own.”.


  351. Sounds like she did invest. What the reporter should have asked is would she have recommended that person’s invest in OLINT, an unregulated Financial Organisation.

    I suspect Bunting is telling the truth. Bunting’s company did not invest in OLINT just clients of DB&G who transferred money from DB&G to OLINT.

  352. This Olint situation is worrisome to me and I guess to a number of other persons too who invested funds and may have lost it all. Anyway, to add to our pain and I am sure the discussion, I was checking around the Oanda website and happen to click on the link at the bottom titled “FOREX INVESTOR ALERT”.

    That link carried me to the National Futures Association webpage above and I read the following:

    “In August 2003 NFA issued an Investor Alert discussing the risks of trading in the retail off-exchange foreign currency (forex) market. Since that time, participation in forex trading by retail investors has increased dramatically. There are current 37 active Forex Dealer Members registered with NFA. These 37 firms hold over $800 million in customer funds.”

    If the NFA (posting dated 2007 but may be current) is saying that US$800 million is the grand total owed to all customers of the 37 brokers, the two questions to be answered are,
    1-What is the breakdown of that amount among the broker firms?
    2-What is the maximum amount that an individual customer could have?

    Let the next round of discussions begin!!

    O by the way, here is website page which makes for interesting reading:

    “Forex Currency Trading Scams”

    I am a Clubmember but remain concerned

  353. AZ,

    That one died and cannot be resurrected, there is nothing happening there. Ingrid stole at least US$7M and when to setup shop in South Africa, some was lost in “trading activities” and the rest wen the way ponzi’s.

    They were used to “pay” older investors.


    Her comments do suggest that she invested in an Olint ( a UFO)
    Not very smart for a financial professional.
    Wireless has really been a source of deep embarassment for many people.

    They must be very happy that its now off line.

  354. Just to add some more facts to consider before we draw one conclusion or another.

    The famed Bill Lipschutz is a currency trader. The attached article states that he has $200 million forex vehicle, Hathersage Capital Management.

    The question to consider then is:
    Is such a company included among the customers of the “37 active Forex Dealer Members registered with NFA”?

    If yes, then the NFA statement in the previous posting is misleading.
    If no, then where are such large Forex companies accounted for in the scheme of things.

  355. Still no answer as the time un folds no answers at all

  356. Ponzi Nation.

    The current world economic crises is really flushing out a large number of ponzi operations posing as real investment.
    This one in the link below involved as much as US$1.3B of which over $0.5b was used by the ponzi operators to live lavishly.


    For more information on ponzi operations, please visit the CFTC website @http://www.cftc.gov/newsroom/index.htm

  357. Jay,

    Thank you for the information. If she (Ingrid Loiten)took money from people that she has used to fuel a ponzi scheme, then she must pay back this money (or part of) or go to prison. Does anyone now if there is a charge in the Jamaican court against Ingrid Loiten or Maydaisy?

  358. What has happen to the blogs! I have noticed that some key players have suddenly vanished. (Sirach has been missing since Jan) (Olint for life has jump ship), I now wonder if this was all a plot to do more danger than good. I can now see how this must have happened with the information on Mr. Smith computer being Taken. This was a plot to get him to come online on wireless-X back in 12/18/2008 and have his information traced and hacked. I can remember that Olint for life saying that he convinced Mr. Smith to come online. I guess Bushmaster was contacted then to clean and wipe the drives. I remember one person saying to him to use the club member email list to show proof it’s him. Was this all a plan to lower the monkey to the Banana? I guess the monkey cannot refuse such a thing so he fell prey to nothing but a peel.

  359. My my its quiet. Calm before the storm??

  360. Noooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JUST DEAD. THE HOST CAN NOW CLOSE THIS BLOG.


  361. Rep, It makes me now wonder what this all was about!.

  362. Yourfeedback
    trust me on this one bushmaster had hacked in that account months before wireless expression came online. He was looking for info to sink the Martinez

    Guys notice he got to DS kasnet acount so beee carefull

    Who is this great “OPTIMIST GAZWAZ????

    welcome to the blog

    RedP duhh make it the quiet before the money

  363. Are you guys sure any account was hacked? Did you notice that the information was pretty dated? Why no information after 7/07? Maybe you guys need to listen to the Breakfast Club interview again. The clue as to where the info came from is there.

    Another thing, that was a fake DS on that Blog. The fake DS visit here regularly 😉

  364. Strange indeed. And also very intereresting! I just want back my money!!!!!!!!!!!! who dead, dead. Who live, live. Who go jail, go jail!!!!!!!!! Enough Said.

  365. Sorry 4 u guys.

    Don’t u understand the historys of these things. DEAD cash. Poor little Fools u are. The fool and his money will part. When u have money u cant be stupid with it guys. U save and wait on 7, 8, 11 and 18% per annum. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOk!!!

  366. … wirelessexpressions back up … what ah hard mon fe dead … wid an incredible opening (shock and awe stylee) salvo …

  367. New site for wirlessexpressions blog (Blog Uncensored)

    Interesting piece of email from that site (names removed)

    I came in late last night so sorry for taking so long to get back to you. As I told you if I got any information I would pass it onto you. Getting information can be tricky but this is the low down. I made my final request for an encashment 2 days ago, I had to do my withdrawals over 3 months in order not to raise any suspicions. An enquiry was done as to the state of all the accounts and the picture is this. The club now has a total of 31 million in there combined bank accounts and 5 million in there brokerage account. They are seriously running low on cash, a check of the brokerage account alone states of the last 8 months 6 has had losses. For example the brokerage account started out the year with 85 million and now its down to 5 million!
    > We also looked at the total deposits he has taken in and it stood at 350 million. Now with profits the book value of the club is over 910 million on paper. That means the total assets on hand is around 4% of what he is sending out in his statements. This whole thing is such a joke.
    > Last year there was not a problem because the deposits were exeeding the withdrawals. Now it has changed, for eg. the last 2 months the DEPOSITS were 3 million and 1.5 million respectively. Total WITHDRAWALS were 15 and 20 mil. So that means the net payouts, to be generous, are around 15 million per month, the net assets are 36 mil. Now based on that they may be able to pay out for September and maybe October but after that i really dont know what will happen, and I am not staying around to find out.
    > Another thing I found interesting is that 2 months ago 8 million was transferred to a middle eastern bank account that is not a client. Also as I told you over msn last week the majority of the employees don,t know what is happening in the club. They are under the impression that things are A Ok.
    > Now to be quite blunt dont tell anyone this information and guard it with your life. I still know people with money in the club and would like to inform them before the revelation. If the cat gets out of the bag there will be panic and the most Olint could do is to try and quell people’s worries by telling them some tale, because they certainly will not have the money to pay out even 10% of there accounts. I would advise you to ask them for a direct deposit in to your bank account because they are having serious problems with the other overseas accounts.
    > I am so serious about not telling anyone the specifics that you cannot even tell A… just ask for an encashment quietely. Say hello to A… and the kids for me. Also I have made plans for the trip to Belgium, the total cost for the week will be U.S $7000 including airfare and hotel accomodation. I will send the itenery over to your office tommorow because you have to sign off on it before I can send it back to the travel agency. Bye for now

  368. Nothing from Mark for a while now. Whats with Wignall?

  369. Bwoy all of the blogging stalwarts are MIA…makes you wonder

  370. Well, Olint Club members after reading the last set of blogs posted by Bushmaster, I can finally say goodbye to all that i had in Olint; it was a ponzi scheme. David Smith is a crook and needs to go to jail for the rest of his life.

  371. I am now going to file a complaint with the Jamaican police.

  372. If I cannot get back my money David Smith should be behind bars.

  373. I am in agreement with filing complaints but I just feel so hopeless about the Jamaican police and justice system

  374. I have been trying to post and NONE of my posts are going through…they are not expletive laced, long or rude so I cannot imagine what is going on

  375. The comments get held sometime, especially those from new posters.

    File your complaint with the Police, do something. Sometimes the system surprises you and works

    On a different note. the stalwarts are still around.

  376. I did investigate about how Jamaicans may file a claim against Olint: Go down the the offices of the fraud squad on Duke Street and have an officer there take your statement.

  377. I noticed that the e-mail was forwarded to YS in September 2007. I cant imagine she would receive this and not share it with management of O and other family members. So..from my calculations, they had almost a year to make a plan…divert/withdraw funds. So who is the recipient of the $8 million in the middle east?? We need to get that and share it among the hundreds of us. How about 1600 people get $5,000.00 each. I could well do with that right now. We never gave D.S. any permission to lend our money..unless he was using it to trade, he stole it and we need to get it back. D.. needs to be questioned about this transaction and whose name was on the account. Also, anyone charged with any responsibility in O who knew and did nothing needs to go to jail. ..bout due diligence..!!

    Oh and I would love to see the encashment by employees and family members after 9/07!!

  378. Little T, it is obvious the whole family and close friends knew the deal. Maybe his mother didnt have the inside scoop but the brother, sister-in-law, sister in US and all close friends knew the deal. If ever we get emails and encashment records, it will prove that point.

    Hopefully the Court will consider additional jail time for DS because it appears he is filing bankruptcy to ensure investors get nothing. How dishonest could DS and family be in the name of the Lord. I am disgusted but there is a God and they will pay in God’ s time and in his own way.

  379. Littlet – I second dat.only thing is that DS know long before sept 07. Know that no matter what go down – none a di family going beg bread. Time to stop the charades and come clean man.

  380. Hand2mout, right now God still working wid we di investors. God have a lot to do yu know. Even though him can handle all I think him helpin we fi help wi selfs. Jesas neva drag the 12 to im side instead he said, “come and I will make thee fisher’s of men” Let’s help him bring this one home for his glory this time nuh?

  381. Neveranidiot, usually, the name is supposed to fit the personality, but in this case I am sorry to say, you sound like an idiot.
    Why would God be interested in helping people who exercised no wisdom in getting involved in an illegal scheme and who never paid tax on whatever earning they made?
    God would never go against his character or his word. He said we are to obey all authority and to give unto Caesar….

  382. Cally
    some of us paid taxes. I now turned out that I overpaid. Some people prayed for weeks before going into OLINT. WHO ARE YOU TO JUDGE THE WISDOM OF THEIR ARGUMENT.

    Robin Irie, on March 9th, 2009 at 11:32 am Said:
    Now that we have read the email of the #4 bus passengers and seen all that stuff about demon possession and all that, you see why there was never any point in arguing with them?

    What next? Kill white fowl and beat poco drum while praying for DS?


    QUESTION. WHY IS THE PRAYER GROUP SO IMPORTANT TO WHOOOOO that they have to break into their emails

    THEY ARE CALLING YOU guys IDIOTS for praying

    They will not post my questions on the Robot bus.

    They are using a Junior and Dunce Demon to DECIEVE he is so see through

  383. L&LL:

    I think the way it went was “The Person” was added to the Prayer-Bus email distribution list, which also gave him access to all the members of the group email address. Saying that someone hack into people’s computer might be a little bit of a stretch. After all, RedP was openly asking people to join his prayer club.

    Having said that, the publishing of those emails was not something I would have done since it had no value as it relates to shedding light on the Olint matter.

    L&LL, are YOU now conceding that Olint was a Ponzi?

  384. Crazy crazy crazy people.

    When? when? when?

  385. Mike D As I have said a hundred times before I AM NOT TRYING TO CONCEDE OR PROVE THAT OLINT IS A PONZIE OR NOT. I READ THE BLOG TO FIND OUT what the hell is going on. I talk to the Smiths from time to time but when it comes to my money I have always kept my ears to the ground.From the blog all I come up on are s rumours stories(infavour and against DS) and irrelevance like prayer group emails.

    I do not know how the person got the email by hacking or cracking or pretending but the fact that they posted the emails with names of sender and recievers tells me to suspect the intention of such a person.

    Re the TAX I paid tax on all the encashment I requested from the small portion of the request I got and you know how it has been going since. If that is conceding that OLINT is a PONZIE then so be it.

  386. L&LL, the fact that some people prayed for weeks then put their money in a ponzi, makes me wonder whom they were praying to. They certaainly got no confirmation from God to do it.

    I am calling no one an idiot for praying, neither am I calling anyone an idiot at all, but the wisdom of an argument is manifested by the result of the actions which follow from that argument.

    As they say in law ‘the result speaks for itself’

  387. Yes cally
    I see you are the man that God uses to deliver his mails. I cannot speak for God and I cannot judge peoples faith. Nuff more results spoke clearer for itself in the eyes of man than in the OLINT case and low and behold God had a strange twist to the story.

    I do not get involved with people and their God THAT IS A MAN’S PRIVATE BuSINESS.

  388. True never get involved with people and their God.

  389. that is a cop out. God’s standard are clearly revealed to all. There are certain things that are clear violation of God’s character when they are in clear violation of His word.

    Nobody has a ‘private’ God, unless that person is a hindu or creates his own gods. While a relationshipship with God is indeed a personal thing, the bible does establish a public test of that relationship…”by their fruits you shall know them.”

  390. What happened to wireless expression? Anybody?

  391. down again

  392. yes Cally mi hear yuh.
    Now I know why I do not hug up the church ting too tight. Although mi love God nuff

    The new Wireless is under new Management and the big email to prove that OLINT is a ponzie never generate the big Mayhem ( opportunity LOSS) sooooo they are in the what next phase they migjt be back who knows.

    posting The prayer group emails was a bit tastless and most people christian and greasecan could not swallow it.

    I would suggests they should hit the politicians again that is a sure win!!! lol lol lol
    W/E post some emails to prove that the PM is an american citizen yeh yeh do that haha aha aha

  393. you see the prayerbus thing that was just shiite on their part. All the thing about satanism, listen for you who live in foreign and out of touch with some of the things going on in Jamaica, lthere is a satan cult thing going on, and it mix up with drugs and some young people getting caught up in it. Some of the really gruesome killings especially of young children are related to it. So when a family member suspect that one of their own involve is a serious thing and asking for prayers is not idiotic. I am not a big church man but it get to me how people trying to ridicule the prayer bus people.

  394. It look like it was satanic cult that cause you guys invest in Olint. How come I never hear bout no prayer bus until Olint crash….oopps, the bus crash?

  395. It is everyone’s right to use thier money the best way they see possible. It is ignorant and stupid to accuse investors in Olint of dubious intent.

    David Smith, to the best of all our knowledge, was an integretious individual who promised very high returns. God and Satan have nothing to do with the individual’s right to prosperity.

    People who got burnt trying to earn money thru Olint are no different from people who buy and sell goods or invest in a farm as the ultimate intention is to earn money and better yourself. Any snide and unseemly comment to the opposite is low and dumb.

    Are all the people who invested with Madoff greedy or dishonest?

    Here is reality. My 401K retirement account is down 43% for 2008 and it is invested in Fidelity and Oppenheimer Mutual funds along with other ‘respected’ investments. That is gone.

    Until However, David Smith is given a chance to come clean and it is conclusively proven that he has lost all the hundreds of millions, there is hope (however slim) that we will recoup at least some of the money invested in Olint.

    What will people like you and all the other doomsday creators do should that ever become the case?

  396. http://www.jamaica-gleaner.com/gleaner/20090311/lead/lead2.html

    unnoo did see that article … and if so, aren’t these the infamous ex-principals of LewFam investments … then how come not a mention of their previous ‘occupations’ … as donkey woulda sey: de world nuh level …

  397. The Lewfam directors betta get dem act together fast because dem still a live large. Dem wuz still teking ppl money even when they knew Olint was down. Dam tief dem. time fi expose dem tuh. All a dem who guilty . Dem betta pay up deh money dem fast or prison fi all a dem.

  398. MikeD said
    then how come not a mention of their previous ‘occupations’ … as donkey woulda sey: de world nuh level …

    The school was running before Lewfam during and now….

    Unnuh really nuh know who unnuh give unnuh money…

  399. lawd MikeD

    This is the closest you have been to praying people that is why you are hearing now LOL



  402. How many years will depend on who the witnesses are and what is the amount of evidence witnesses can come forward with. Smith and the crew will have to decide if they want certain witnesses to give testimony or not depending on how many years they want to spend inside.

  403. There is no more case until Smith goes to trial in August for his crimes

  404. Hey people, why is there so much mention of god on this site? What does that have to do with anything? Not being facetious, just pointing out the need to keep that separate. I put a little cash in Olint and am seeking facts instead of faith. Shouldn’t it be relatively easy to follow the OLINT money trail to establish exactly what was done? I am not a forensic expert but I know that the most simple method is quite often the most effective one.

  405. DS faces the real possibility of a federal indictment. I hear an insider has started to talk about DS and JIJ investments. The NFA has the full story. HS

  406. Blogs quiet! Nothing new to report I guess.

  407. A big waste of time.

  408. Chucks,

    Interesting info on Sir Allan….. can this be verified as it relates to 65% of persons being paid?

  409. David Smith’s private jet and cargo under probe


  410. Too many of my party brethren begging favours which were unnecessary and now appear embarassing. Why is an MP on a private plane that he does not own?Bad judgment. Resignations necessary !

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