Hot Shot Traders or Con Artistes

Just a few days before the  anniversary of a hot article appearing in the Jamaica Observer on January 25, 2008, we continue to warn people, careful where you put your money.  In this article in the Jamaica Observer, Al Edwards, referred to three Hot Shot traders.  Here is an interesting now questionable quote about David Smith.

Perhaps the best-known and now renowned FX trader to come onto the scene in recent years is David Smith of Olint. For seven years he worked as a licensed representative of Jamaica Money Market Brokers (JMMB) specialising in international FX trading under the guidance of both Keith Duncan and Julian Mair.

The question now on many thinking persons minds was David Smith(OLINT) or Donavan Davis JR.(Capital Blu) really trading at all?

We encourage people to be very careful were you put your money.  Everybody is potentially open to being scammed  or conned but make every effort to avoid it.  Do not ignore the warning signs!

  • If it is too true to believe it probably is?
  • Is the operations transparent ?
  • Is it open to regulation, (yea we know of Madoff, but if they don’t want to be regulated stay far away)?
  • Do you know how the investment will make money?

By June of  2008, Al Edwards, had to be singing a new tune.

It may also be the case that having paid out anticipated returns to his club members, and with no new money coming in; he was caught between a rock and a hard place. Then again, the question has been posed: Was he fully engaged in foreign currency trading, or were there detrimental lapses?

What do you think?


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  1. Is this our good friend Winston from the Cash Plus Blog or is it Jay or?

    LETTER OF THE DAY – Protecting the dollar
    Published: Friday | January 23, 2009

    The Editor, Sir:

    What is the great obsession with the ‘value’ of the Jamaican currency? Why does every finance minister believe he must do all he can to protect the dollar? Successive finance ministers have sought to protect the dollar by raising interest rates as well as using the net international reserves (NIR) to stop the slide.

    It has been proven over time that this method has not worked and, in fact, all it has done is to help those who have money to gain more riches.

    I think the Government and the Bank of Jamaica should do something different and, more likely, very controversial.

    1. Fix the exchange rate with immediate effect and hold it for a period of one year at a rate below current market rate, i.e. set to J$70 : US$1, with a review in nine months to determine if the rate should be even lower.

    2. Reduce the interest rate on all new instruments to one that’s less than 10 per cent per annum.

    3. Reduce the interest rate on US dollar investment to less than three per cent per annum.

    This, in my opinion, will have a number of effects.

    The first is to burn speculators who had bought the dollar at $80 and who are expecting the rate to move to say $85 where they can now sell for profits.

    This reduction in the interest rate on US dollar notes will remove the incentive to hold the US dollar in the hope of benefiting from both devaluation plus interest payments which are currently way above what exist for US dollars on the world market.

    Remove the incentive

    The third effect is to remove the incentive to park millions of dollars in government paper hoping for a big pay-off at maturity vs using that cash to create new jobs or expand existing business, which would help to stimulate growth.

    The fourth will be to save the Government millions of dollars in interest rates, which it could then use to assist in subsidies or other programmes, helping the poor in our country to deal with the harsh economic climate that we are now facing.

    We simply cannot allow a small group of people to hold this country at ransom any longer, and the Government should now take these very unpopular measures, which are radically different from anything that we have done before.

    I am, etc.,


    Birdrock, Basseterre

    St Kitts and Nevis

  2. perfect example of someone who can write/speak well, i.e articulate what they are thinking well, but become misled into believing that because they have that gift, everything that comes from their mouths makes sense.
    this guy clearly does not understand the basic market concept.

  3. That idea has no chance of working. The dollar needs to be even more devalued. The government as policy attempts to fight the inevitable downward spiral to ease social dislocation due to the inflationary effects of devaluation.

    Think about it this way… If someone today gave JA a gift of US $10 Billion, which direction would the dollar go? It would obviously rise instead of facing devaluation. We would have more US dollars than the country currently needs and so the devaluation pressure would be eased.

    The answer then is clear. We have devaluation pressure because we do no earn enough dollars for our needs so the shortage causes increased demand for US dollars causing pressure on the J $. The only answer is to earn more or use less. We do not have the earning capacity to earn more so we must use less… which is what devaluation causes by making imported goods more expensive.

  4. this from wireless expressions.

    posted by Lead Investigator 1/23/2009 10:46:10 AM

    Rob Rawson/ AML was arrested by Seminole County Sherrif’s office on criminal feloney charges. Rob Rawson has been under investigation for providing false information and making false statements against Martinez’s, ItradeFX and MTI to US Government regulators and officials. He has also been under investigation for posting False information in various Blogs and providing False information to various newspapers. At no time did Rob Rawson have access to any inside corporate or finacial information at ItradeFX, MTI, or Martinez. All Information passed off by AML / Rob Rawson should be looked at as false. the Arrest speaks for itself.
    i looked it up. sure there was an arrest in seminole county of a rob rawson for “EAVESDROPPING-ILLEGAL INTERCEPTION OF COMMUNICATION”

    first, is this Rob rawson AML for sure?
    and second, is this the same rob rawson?
    also, is this arrest in anyway connected with what’s purported on the wireless expressions blog…olint/mti/jij etc.

    then, if anyone has follow up in that would help.

    have a look yourselves.

  5. That is AML/ Rob Rawson in the flesh and is the same Rob Rawson on wireless expressions.

    Making False Statements to government regulators, officials, blogs, newspapers because you have a grudge or perhaps you are jelous, incriminating the innocent is not a wise dicision. It will always come back at you and you will find your self exactly where rob is and needs to be, behind bars so he can no longer hurt the innocent.

  6. Nocotec:

    What you said is “theoretically” true. However, if individuals (call them speculators) are deliberately manipulating the market of US$, that could skew the market one way or the other. The other thing the Jamaican economy is so structured that one of the major industry (tourism) that earns US$ have to eventually repatriate those $ back to their home country (Spain, US, etc.). There is also the issue that a large amount of US$ that are earned by Jamaican hotels, never made it into the capital markets to begin with.

    You can go anywhere in Jamaica and see people outside of banks, whose full time job is to buy US $ slightly above what the banks/cambios are buying the $ at. Why this is tolerated is beyond me, since it is done in the open, 6 days a week. There is also the repatriation of US $ to “other” countries, where those dollars were not the result of any productive system.

    It’s ironic that we have a government using the same techniques that they lambasted the previous administration for using, knowing full well the impact on interest rate. But, again, run-away inflation will only lead to one term in office and severe pain to most Jamaicans, especially to those with limited earning potential.

  7. jon

    Who do think posted that information on Rob Rawson on the other blog and why? It appears his methods are getting to them and their operations are feeling the effects, so they have to try and silence him. The person that posted that information gave a lot more information than was contained in the arrest information. Goes to show how these guys monitor these blogs on a consistent basis to see what is being said about them.

    The charge seems to be getting at the fact that he “bug” someone’s phone or use other means of intercepting privilege communications. Interesting to say the least. We shall see if AML shows up on the blog anytime soon or was he “blocked” from further participation.

  8. Davesin
    my thought exactly. i saw the post and it jumped out at me, the poster claimed that

    “He has also been under investigation for posting False information in various Blogs and providing False information to various newspapers…”

    i thought that interesting. almost intimidatory.
    so i googled it and saw that he was arrested for eavesdropping.
    kinda different and onconnected to posting on blogs u think.

  9. @ DaveSin: “What you said is “theoretically” true. ”

    The conditions you describe can only flourish when there is a shortage of dollars. Otherwise such manipulations are temporary and cannot be sustained. Note that in JA it is the long term situation. Attempts by the Government to manipulate the rate lower are also unsuccessful and temporary. The rate has been on a inexorable downward slide going back to the 70’s. The black market can only be killed when there is more than enough dollars to supply the market.

  10. Posting false info on blogs would be a civil matter… libel or defamation.

    Taking info from or erasing info your employer’s (or ex-employer) computers is subject to various criminal statutes.

  11. Soon BUSHMASTER…

  12. The Gifford link BUSHMASTER…

  13. Re: the Dollar.

    Lets assume the law of economics are work as it relates to supply and demand.
    Based on this premise, we will conclude therefore that there is a shortage of US$ on the market which is leading to the continued devaluation of the Jamaican dollar as people bid higher to secure additional US$.

    Lets assume that there is indeed a shortage of US$ on the market.
    On the demand side, where is this excessive demand for US$ coming from at this point in time.

    I ask the question due to the fact that :
    (a) Manufacturing are cutting back on expenditure due to the global economic climate as there is less demand for their products, they are therefore importing less. This theoretically should translated to less need for US$

    (b) Retailers have also been reducing imports as the demand for consumer products has declined as more and more folks find themselves with less disposable income due to job losses or salary reduction due to less working days. Again theoretically this should also lead to lower demand for US$

    (c) Foreign own companies (Davesin commented here) are repatriating less due to declining profitshere, hence once again there should less demand for the green back.

    (d) Commodites prices are down up to 70% in some cases, again this should translate to lower demand for $US.

    (c) Oil prices are now at an all time low from the record prices seen in summer of 2008, again this should translates to lower demand for the green back

    Jamaica is a country where consumer items and not goods for production accounts for the bulk of US$ usage.

    Based again on the law of supply and demand something appears to be missing here, as from the above one can clearly see that theoretically there should be lower demand for US$.

    Lets take a look at the supply side.

    1. Earnings from tourism is up which means more US$ coming into the economy.

    2. Earnings from bauxite which is Jamaica’s third largest source of forex is down.

    3. Remittances are up 7.5% , which again means more US$ flowing into the country. See business news below

    Applying the law of supply and demand, can someone explain to the blog what is missing.

    Part 2 next, Is it really and supply and demand problem. ?


    CASE # 08051613



    WAYNE SMITH, and



    Plaintiff Michael Sean Belcher’s First Set of Interrogatories to Edith Smith

    1. State where you received the money from to purchase your current residence.


    2. State if you have flown in airplane or Learjet owned by your son David Smith.


    3. State what your duties were as a Director of Olint Foundation.


    4. State whether you handled any money for Olint Foundation.



  15. Me nuh rate people.

  16. Wisdom get short again……shame….

  17. Jay:

    Among the factors are hoarding of dollars. For example in my businesses we will not convert any dollars received unless absolutely required. These are the type of factors leading to the continued worsening situation. But this is what happens when there is a shortage… it is like the situation in the global economy… financial situations will feed on themselves creating a race to the bottom. In this case a slide to the bottom.

    It can only be arrested in a long term way when supply and demand for dollars are in equilibrium or like China we have too many dollars and then the US will be asking us to devalue… China can hold the yuan at these levels because they are an exporter nation and they are swimming in dollars. They are now in economic decline too because local consumption does not exceed earnings from imports and cannot replace lost earnings from loss exports.

    Forget all the artificial strategies anyone wishes to propose it cannot hold the JA dollar for long. The strategies are aimed at alleviating or slowing inflation pain but can only last for so long and cannot halt the slide… only hope to slow it.

  18. It would be interesting to do a comparison of what our Caribbean brothers are doing with their exchange rate. I am sure that they are facing similar situations as Jamaica. Start from Trinidad, Barbados, Dominica and The Bahamas. Which countries are floating and which are fixed? Forget Cayman. Someone on this forum will try to say that they are still a British dependency. How many of us can remember what was Jamaica’s rate of exchange to the US when we got independence.

  19. Nocotec,

    Creating an equilibrium between supply and demand for US$ is nothing but a pipe dream and is really text book stuff.

    Jamaica has no clear path which will ever lead the Country to be a net exporter(unless its weed 🙂 ).
    The simple fact is Jamaica has a very low productivity due to :
    (a) uneducated work force.
    (b) poorly trained workers.
    (c) A horrible crime/security problem.

    When remittance becomes your highest forex earner, you know you have a rocky road ahead.
    ( I guess we can export labour to increase remittances 🙂 )

    Most factories work a single 8hr shift thus leaving 16yrs available where absolutely nothing happens.
    Crime is destroying the very fabric of the country along with low tax complaince and and burgeoning underground economy.

    Jamaica is a very small economy and so its very easy to manipulate the dollar, thus throwing the supply and demand theory through the window.

    I hold steadfast to my belief that the current runaway depreciation of the dollar has less to do with supply and demand but is more manipulative in nature.

    I however agree that when (more if ) supply equals demand, then the slide will be halted, however I do not see that on the horizon anytime soon.

    The traditional economic theories are really not applicable in the Jamaican context where the informal sectors account for almost 50% of trade that takes place in the country and which the statisticians and planners really have very little solid information on.

    Unless we can find away to bring these folks into the formal system then we will continue to struggle to find our way and the manipulation will continue.

  20. Chuck here are some rates in the region.

    1US$= $1BSD (Fixed) Bahamas
    1US$ = $2BBD (Fixed) Barbados

    In the Eastern Caribbean, St Kitts, Antigua, Anguilla, Grenada, Dominica, St Lucia (13 countries total)

    1US$ =$2.7EC (Fixed).

    Trinidad has a managed “floating” exchange rate.

  21. Jamaica historical exchange rates. 1971 – present

  22. Jay, you are sharp on the Friday night. I purposely didn’t say OECS. I left it at just Dominica. But you are correct. I should have also included Guyana as they are one of us. Their exchange rate is 200 to 1. I believe we need some form of managed “floating” exchange rate. You cannot budget or plan in an economy where the dollar is doing madness. No one can tell us why the dollar is devaluing now. Ask six different economists and you get six different answers. High interest rates will never work in Jamaica. Most countries are lowering interest rates to stimulate economic growth and Jamaica is raising interest rates.

  23. Chuck, the Government is living in a fools paradise, and here is why.
    Mr X has say $10M, the government in their attempt to “mop up liquidity” jacks up interest rate on its 6mths paper to say 25% per annum and 365 days papers to say 26.5% per.

    Mr X moves this $10M in GOJ /6Mths and makes an additional $1.25m on his investment after 6months, when his investment matures.

    What do you think is likely to happen next, well he decides ( as well as the other 100 Mr X’s) to go chase more green backs.

    The cycles then repeats itself once again as the GOJ increases rate once again to “mop up liquidity”.

  24. The mere fact that there is a perception of further devaluation create a demand in itself. People believe that if the convert their Jamaican $ into US, it will protect their networth.

    The other thing we can do short term is to increase the tariff rate on imported goods (not related to production) to extreme levels (1,000 %). So, if products can be brought locally, any imported subsitute will be assessed at very high levels (with some price control mechanism put in place). For instance, personal cars or household items should attract a high tariff rates for individuals bringing in these items. This would put a severe dent on the demand for US $.

  25. DaveSin,

    AML is alive and well.

    The mystery continues with all of Olint’s players.


    CASE # 08051613



    WAYNE SMITH, and



    Plaintiff Michael Sean Belcher’s First Set of Interrogatories to Edith Smith

    1. State where you received the money from to purchase your current residence.


    2. State if you have flown in airplane or Learjet owned by your son David Smith.


    3. State what your duties were as a Director of Olint Foundation.


    4. State whether you handled any money for Olint Foundation.



    NO SEAN SEAN mother son relationship is strange
    Pressuring Mrs Smith is not going to have the desired effect a mother will be strong for her offspring and DS knows that. If you really want to be effective let the law suit involve DS three lillle helpless kids . Havent you learnt anything from the guys from Sicily You sicko

  27. I know about cases and following the law. I know about thieves. i know about your camp. I know that there is no intention to pay. I know smithy wears the skirt and who wears the pants in your camp. I know you are misguided. I know what will happen. Do you?

  28. Sirach
    I do not know about thieves
    No I do not know what will happen but there are really only two outcomes.

    I see you are really on top of things.

    my question is Why didnt you take out a law suit in TCI since they actually have a few million$ frozen there which is more than he has for you.

  29. I know about helpless kids. David Smith’s kids have not been affected. Smithy says it. Right Smithy? I know children who have been affected. How it a go go Smithy?

  30. Dem buyout TCI like how dem buyout Jamaica. Dem buy humans in TCI too….I hope you are not one.

  31. I like working in the United States…..Lord has no meaning there.

  32. Also the Jagans have easier access to be there in Broward…..It’s not a far drive from Parkland either. Plus the diaspora papers want to report live. Hey you might finally get the “full hundred”…..right Jay? I mean some people won’t travel to Florida for their own reasons. But many in the diaspora do not even know what the players look like. They are curious to see.

    Only a few will have the opportunity to see the Smith family reps going into the Privy Council so the Florida stuff is more inclusive.

  33. Once that trial starts you are going to get regular updates on a lot of information you crave….like encashments, where money went, Jagan Belongers list, Parliamentary Olint members (ADD ASSOCIATED PERSONS). Olint account numbers and Bank account numbers around the World. What the lawyers were actually paid and whose money paid them. Who runs the various blogs and why. Why some are blocked etc. Things like why BNS head office can’t put down the blogs hust like a good book……it will be a complete package.

    Surprise guest speakers, URL’s and where and who they are. Don’t miss it……

  34. And for the Lead Head and brainfry crew you will not be left out…..Special pre recorded “Hardtalk” style interviews with the pretty girls from October 08′ ….entitled “Sirach asks the real questions.”

    There will be something for all…..Pastor, Solidier, Police, Politician, ….and victims…..

  35. BUSHMASTER have all some lab test from some girls with the hard to pronounce names…How some recent foreigners could believe them can hide from Sirach………just like Olint lists..hahaha….you have the lists that are seen then the different lists…hahahahaaha……whooooy

    Norbrook, Cherry Gardens, Jacks Hill, Riva Ridge, Stony Hill……Spousal interogation rapid…….cocktail circuit comes to the clinics……hahahahaha

  36. BUSHMASTER?……must a sleep…..I wondered how the Azan’s never got a listing sent out as a welcome to Providenciales gesture.

  37. You see packaging?….A marketing dat…..Sirach tell unno.

  38. Jay, DaveSin.

    DaveSin you are correct. This is how financial crisis work they feed on themselves which is why it is so important for the US and others to break the downward spiral. As I said in JA we do not convert our US dollars we receive in our business … In the economic cycle (or devaaluation cycle) expections is the mother of everything. The expectation of continued devaluation leads to behaviors that feed even more devaluation.

    It may sound like a theory but it is very valid. Countries with stable exchange rates have a stable equilibrium with the supply and demand for dollars. Their need for dollars for imports and payment for debt and services etc is roughly in equilibrium with their earnings of dollars.

    JA has a problem which is so great that it cannot be solved in the near or medium term. It was massively exacerbated by the 90’s banking crisis. The debt load on the gov is massive driving a need for massive local and foreign borrowing which of course leads to an increasing need for more borrowing. In this regime it is alomost impossible to achieve equilibrium in suppl/demand.

    Check Next.

  39. Check this from the C I A world fact book and then figure out if you think anything realistic can be done to halt continuing devaluation.

    “The Jamaican economy is heavily dependent on services, which now account for more than 60% of GDP. The country continues to derive most of its foreign exchange from tourism, remittances, and bauxite/alumina. Remittances account for nearly 20% of GDP and are equivalent to tourism revenues. Jamaica’s economy, already saddled with the lowest economic growth in Latin America, will face increasing difficulties as the global economy slows. The economy faces serious long-term problems: a sizable merchandise trade deficit, large-scale unemployment and underemployment, and a debt-to-GDP ratio of almost 130%. Jamaica’s onerous debt burden – the fourth highest per capita – is the result of government bailouts to ailing sectors of the economy, most notably the financial sector in the mid-to-late 1990s, and hinders government spending on infrastructure and social programs as debt servicing accounts for nearly half of government expenditures. Inflation rose sharply in 2008 as a result of high prices for imported food and oil and should fall in 2009 with the decline in international oil prices. High unemployment exacerbates the serious crime problem, including gang violence that is fueled by the drug trade. The GOLDING administration faces the difficult prospect of having to achieve fiscal discipline in order to maintain debt payments while simultaneously attacking a serious and growing crime problem that is hampering economic growth. ”

  40. My brother just say the word and the blog will come alive.

  41. Sirach is at it again. Speaking in codes and hitting the bottle.

  42. Minister Hall told the proceedings that cash was given to candidates “to further their political advancement in their constituencies”.

    Total amounts over the last five years ranged from $32,500 paid to Karen Delancy to a colossal $901,000 to the Premier.

    Minister Galmo Williams received $63,500 while Lillian Boyce was paid $72,500, McAllister Hanchell $90,534 and the Deputy Premier a hefty $355,000.

    Mr Hall said he could not say what the Premier required $901,000 for.

  43. These figures do not include money defrauded from persons overseas in the ‘Montego Bay Lottery Scam’ and the numerous questionable investment schemes which collapsed during the year and which are now being probed by the Police Organised Crime Unit.

  44. LOCAL CON ARTISTS have turned their attention to land titles, ripping off legitimate landowners of millions of dollars.

  45. But on Wednesday night, Wehby was no longer so sure.

  46. ACP Les Green: A controversial figure.

    Saleem Lazarus: Power-broker and political facilitator.

    MP Joe Hibbert: More questions than answers.

    Abe Dabdoub: Holds the key to the balance of political power.

  47. Show the sign brother…I’m bored…..and anxious to teach…

  48. Investment by JI in Olint from inception US$20M !!

    Total withdrawl over the life of Olint US$200M !!!

    So folks look to JI for your money not DS, DS was the pawn in ” a big man game”.

    He really was a front and had no business sense.

  49. Jay, tell us how the money got funneled from Olint to JI.

  50. AML,

    I am still gathering my info, but from what I have been made to understand, the bulk of the money came in via wire transfers.

    I am also told the purchase of a certain gas station and the rapid expansion of the Kool Empire was largely funded by gains through Olint.

  51. Ready Smithy?

  52. Roll call

  53. revelations a reveal.
    interesting stuff.

  54. Mr. Wehby the tax list you seek shall come to you shortly. Regards.

  55. No problem BM we have all the time in the World.

  56. Encrypt the American tax list separate and send.

  57. No on the Gordon House. They will call in the morning.

  58. I hear the begging. This is absolutely the last time I am listening to the begging.

    nite nite then.

  59. Look next time wi come bout the phone dem a go lock off. Do not disturb business The agenda is largre. A lot of ground to cover

    Gordon House

    the feeders
    the solicitors
    positives negatives and all and sundry…..accounting at it’s finest…..trained by the Senator himself….

  60. Is BUSHMASTER exposing USIMO, TCI FX, “Jared’s side “, Olint Corp., Olint TCI, Sasha Harjani, Cool Corp., connection?

    “an proposed documents showing a USIMO and TCI FX” and “would meet the requirement on Jared’s side in terms of directly wiring to USIMO.”

    I think BUSHMASTER should be called BUSHWACKER.

  61. Is this how they drained the money out of JIJ? Is there any money left in JIJ?

  62. After pocketing 20-30 million dollars, JIJ still cannot figure out how to apply for their Business Tax Receipt. Is it because Seminole County does not have a category for ML operations or Shell Corporations?

    You guys do business of buying and selling homes and taking DS money. Right?

  63. Rather than making a significant contribution to the Community, a handful of newly minted “Belongers” seem to have come to rob and steal from the Country. They are not giving to the Country, they are stealing from the Country.

  64. The general public is feeling a great deal of disgust as it looks upon these obscene, almost pornographic, acts of greed and selfishness that are now being brought to our attention by the hearings.

  65. The former energy minister Lord Truscott did admit to having had “discussions” with the reporter, but said that “to suggest I would offer to put down amendments for money is a lie”.
    Lord Moonie, a former defence minister, acknowledged discussing a fee of £30,000 with the undercover reporters but said he had not done anything “outside the rules”.
    The third peer, Lord Taylor of Blackburn, said two people approached him and suggested paying him £5,000 to £10,000 a month as an adviser, but that he never said he would accept, no contract was signed and no money changed hands.
    Former Labour whip Lord Snape issued a statement saying he had made it clear he was unable to “initiate or amend any legislation on behalf of an individual or a company”.

    ……Lordy Lordy Lordy…..

  66. Rose Clarke, on September 30th, 2008 at 10:55 pm Said:
    What I am bewildered about is, this company was formed five years ago and was operating and moving around large volumes ($millions) of funds through banks locally and abroad, and no legal, regulatory entity took notice.
    For five (5) years ??? Something smells really fishy.
    Just knowing this company was around for 5 years must have given some investors a false sense of security. Banks are regulated, so for sure they should have known long ago something was amiss.
    Seems to me its not so much what wrong Olint was doing, but whose pocket did they stop lining or did not agree to line, or who was grabbing too many cookies from the jar.
    Olint needs to first start paying back investors there initial investment and later look to pay them any interest/gain.
    If Olint does’nt cough up, others should be hunted and sought out to repay investors

    Harbourshark, on November 2nd, 2008 at 10:34 am Said:
    Rose, Olint is bankrupt.There is no money except for Lord G’s legal fees.

  67. Two weeks ago, he celebrated his birthday with a massive party at his mansion in the upscale Chalk Sound area. It was reportedly attended by several Jamaican members of Parliament.
    It is interesting that these friends are not prepared to have their names called and stand up for their friend, especially when their friend based on what we hear is happening clearly needs help.
    It should also be noted that OLINT sponsored the Jazz and Blues festival in January 2008 , for a significant amount we have been unable to ascertain, and had launched a US$1 million Olint foundation in December 2007.
    If we are to believe these stories, David Smith was living the life in the Turks and Caicos while his club members for at least the last 7 months have been scouring blogs to get information on what was happening to their money. It has been torturous to say the least, for members as they have shifted through speculation, conspiracies theories and the facts, only to be stunned by the contents of the now famous ‘e-mail’ that only confirmed what many(detractors) have believed and available evidence has suggested for a long long time. Things at Olint were not what they seemed.

    needy, on July 20th, 2008 at 8:32 am Said:
    Well I hope that all the ppl here who used to say that DS was a christian are seeing the light now. This man was always drunk, gambling and hanging out in strip clubs. Everybody knew this, everybody suspected, but the 10% was just fine. Those however who saw this behaviour and allowed there money to rollover were FOOLS.
    DS was no super trader.
    DS was just a NOBODY who worked at JMMB.
    People trusted him with their funds, and he decided to live the life of the rich and famous with it.
    All that DS cared about is his EGO, and what his former “friends” will think of him now.
    He is not trying to help the club members, he is just trying to save face.
    There should be not one person who should be supporting him now, ppl need to end the hoping and dreaming now.

    needy, on July 20th, 2008 at 10:03 am Said:
    those lawyers do not come cheaply, They charge you according to your worth. The retainer alone is about U$300 thousand minimum. Believe me, I know what I am talking about, I have had major dealings with all three before. They charge according to what they thing that you are worth.
    They are not concerned about their client, only to grab whatever fees that they can get. That was my experience with all 3 of them

  68. $300 Thousand needy? Hhahahaa….wait…..Sirach will set the record strait….patience.

  69. The Duncans did not want to fire David because he was a good humble person, and the family atmosphere that exists at JMMB, but BOJ insisted, and so he was asked to resign.

    What a ride the blog has been. Some of you will certainly miss it when it’s over I’m sure.

  70. optimistic, on July 20th, 2008 at 10:59 am Said:
    People, I believe we should not now be trying to understand who David was then, and why he left JMMB et al.
    Our collective minds should now be focused on the way forward.
    Shouldn’t a team of persons really, really find DS home and really draw him out to come and really explain to people on what’s the real deal.
    We’re really letting him off the hook to easy. He should be in some amount of discomfort now.
    optimistic, on July 20th, 2008 at 10:59 am Said:
    He has disrespected people
    lightthefuseandrun, on July 20th, 2008 at 11:00 am Said:
    You have it perfectly correct, JMMB almost lost their cambio licence because of the FRAUD that david did. They forgave him and he came back and apologized to the company with his wife by his side.
    JMMB has a vsion of love thing where they try to preseve a persons dignity and employment future, so they asked him to resign.
    If they had fired him maybe he would not be responsible for the second largest transfer of wealth (finsac was the first) this country has ever seen.

    Who could forget the “I’m so proud of my husband” Yet she would sell her own mother in law for rice and peas.

  71. The Devil take them up.

    “But we know we shall win…. for we are confident in the victory…..of good over evil…”

  72. Golding said people’s reputation was an intrinsic part of their very being, and that they deserved to be provided with protection against any undue action on their reputation.

    At the same time, he noted that a democratic society has to be informed, and in the absence of information there was much room for the abuse of people’s rights.

  73. Get a new car P.M. Not even Sirach could knock you for that.

  74. If Tracey Smith can drive a Range Rover from money that was never earned I don’t see why the Prime Minister of Jamaica should travel in an old unreliable car.

  75. has been granted a Certificate of Belonger Status by the Governor for having made a significant social or economic contribution to the development of the islands.

    Read your contract.

  76. Michael E. Misick: I have not seen any submissions, but on the general allegation of corruption, from a government standpoint, we categorically deny that there is any corruption at government level in the Turks and Caicos. As a matter of fact, an anti-corruption Bill is on first reading in Parliament, and we intend it to go through during the first quarter next year. Unfortunately, in small countries such as ours there are always allegations of corruption, particularly from our opposition activists coming out of an election. Much of what is alleged cannot be substantiated. It is unfortunate that potential leaders would try to put the good name of a country through the mud by making such allegations.

    We have a transparent system when it comes to tendering. We have a tenders board that deals with that. In relation to allocation of Crown land, there is a process in place by which, at a ministry level, land is allocated to different citizens. In relation to other areas, our Parliament has a register of interests.

    My position is that the Turks and Caicos government are a transparent government. We uphold all modern legislation to support that transparency and to ensure that corruption does not rear its ugly head in our territory.
    Q87 Sir John Stanley: Do you consider that responsibility for dealing with any corruption that might arise lies solely with the government of the Turks and Caicos, or do you look to the UK for support or assistance? Do you believe that a measure of responsibility to help you deal with this lies with the UK as well as with your own government?

    Michael E. Misick: I would say that we both have responsibility for good government. Obviously, the UK has ultimate responsibility for good governance of the territories. For example, over the years, when there has been a question about the police, the matter is within the ambit of the Governor. We have an independent, non-politically appointed Attorney-General who is responsible for prosecutions. All the institutions are in place to deal with corruption and to bring to justice anyone who has perhaps been participating in that. It is easy, particularly for opposition activists who are still sore about losing the election, to claim that there is corruption.
    Q88 Sir John Stanley: On this specific issue, do you feel that whether an individual is granted belonger status or not is free from any corrupt practices?

    Michael E. Misick: It is free from corrupt practices, because belonger status is granted by the Cabinet; no one individual grants belonger status. With the exception of marriage, belonger status is granted on the basis of the length of time that a person has stayed in the country, the contribution that they have made to the country, and how they are assimilated into the community. There are a number of factors that are laid out by law in the granting of belonger status.
    Q89 Andrew Mackinlay: Just to clarify—belonger status is granted by the Cabinet?

    Michael E. Misick: It is.
    Q90 Andrew Mackinlay: Does the Governor sit at Cabinet?

    Michael E. Misick: He chairs the Cabinet.
    Q91 Andrew Mackinlay: So, if there were allegations of corruption with regards to the Cabinet granting belonger status, that would apply to the Governor as well as the members?

    Michael E. Misick: He is the President of the Cabinet.
    Q92 Andrew Mackinlay: Yes, I wanted to establish that.

    Michael E. Misick: There is a process to the granting of belonger status.
    Q93 Andrew Mackinlay: Yes of course. I did not mean to cut you short. I understand that point. It might be useful to have a note on how, and who and what the process is.

    Michael E. Misick: The process is that the Governor is President of the Cabinet. He acts on the advice of Cabinet, and where he does not take Cabinet’s advice, he can consult with the Secretary of State. For example, if he thought that the Cabinet was granting a belonger status that had a corrupt undertone, he would not have to accept Cabinet’s advice.

  77. On this specific issue, do you feel that whether an individual is granted belonger status or not is free from any corrupt practices?

  78. You must say whether you have been involved in anything which might indicate that you are not of good character. You must give information about any of these activities no matter how long ago this was. Checks will be made in appropriate cases. If you are in any doubt about whether you have done something or it has been alleged that you have done something which might lead us to think that you are not of good character, you should say so.

    Check your contracts.

  79. The people of the TCI feel that they are being ignored by the FCO, and being screwed by a British Noble.

  80. Let us review the profile of a sociopath and then why having a sociopath in charge of your life, money, property and future is not a good thing.

    Common features of sociopaths, and granted we probably all share some of these things ourselves, but not all. And many or most of us do not use even a shred of such traits to rob our neighbor blind.

    Glibness and superficial charm;

    Manipulative and cunning, never seeing the rights of others and seeing their own self serving behavior as ok. The victim is merely an instrument;

    Feel entitled to things as their “right”;

    Pathological lying;

    Lack of remorse, guilt or shame. People are targets of opportunity;

    Poor behavior controls and impulsive nature. Belief they are all powerful with no sense of boundaries or concern for others;

    Extreme narcissism.

    Do any of these general traits sound familiar(?)…….

    Sirach said the Smith’s were sociopaths …..months later the crowd is catching up.

  81. Luckily such conditions can be treated.

  82. what is the profile of a schizo ?

    Talk to themselves..

    have the ability to have entire conversations with themselves.

    hear voices.

    Single purpose.. all arguments and things lead to that single cause

    Massive loss of money can push people over the edge..

    I wonder who fit the profile ?

  83. maria said
    January 26, 2009 at 1:48 pm

    black man cyan fool doa eenh sah? outa fi lock up DS an nobody nuh get nutten or mek di man try straighten out tings di choice nuh obvious?


    More reason why people will still get con. people actually believe that DS can trade himself out of this hole. I wonder why them say that a fool and is money will be parted.

  84. Bwoy Kull to watch a family travel overseas to sit down in a hotel and cuss B claut to each other about who referenced whom is really a sad thing. I wonder how it was a go on the plane over.

  85. It look away man…all a canadian tourist complained to the front desk. Talk to them nuh Kull? And ease off a mi fenda likkle… it for when BUSHMASTER gets down into the heart of your matter.

  86. Sirach

    I finally got through to the court office in TCI they said the Gag order is still on. However my brethren said the police in TCI said it was not on. Do you know the truth.

    When will they start to testify about DS and Masik in the Inquiry. Mi tiad fi hear bout the rest of TCI woes….that do not pertain to me

  87. Gag is still on. It relates to Turks. I going eat some food and start a long journey on the long awaited full hundred.

  88. Morning,

    Let us begin to examine the case.

    Ponzi schemes have been around for a long time. Recently Bernard Madeoff’s came to light in the United States. So what is different with the OLINT/ David?Tracey Smith debacle?

    Well to begin with it encompasses some new dimensions that have not existed in the past with other Ponzi schemes and not with Madeoff’s.

    The new dimensions that I speak of involve the role of National Governments integral involvements with the scams. Scams in which the victims are the same public who elected the governments as their representatives. The victims (as in the Madeoff case) would normally seek the assistance of their government to aide their plight and bring the criminals (The Smith’s et al) to justice.

    The two governments directly involved with the OLINT crime are The Jamaican Government (GOJ) and The Trurks and Caicos government and by extension the British Government.

    In the case of Bernard Madeoff the feverish activity by the government of the United States in the protection of their citizens has been clearly evident. In Jamaica such governmental protection has not only been clearly missing but has been revealed as exactly the opposite in that the criminals are protected.

    This is not a new phenomenon to Jamaicans. However normally although criminals are protected by Jamaican leaders they have traditionally been able to distance themselves from the criminals they protect.

    The OLINT crime has shown the wider public of Jamaica and The World that this time a new strategy is employed by leadership because the opportunity to distance does not exist in the OLINT case.

    What do I mean by this?

    Under what Jamaicans would call “normal” circumstances criminal associates of political leaders would be publicly scorned and denied through various media statements and then things would fade away and politically aligned lawyers would “quietly” be placed in the service of the criminals.

    The Smith’s had politically aligned lawyers representing them but I will get to that and show you where they made their mistakes.

    But to close chapter one let us review. Ponzi schemes are used by persons to enrich themselves at the expense and devastation of others. Normally these Ponzi scams are done without the help of governments. The OLINT scam was perpetrated with the help and endorsement of Governments. No arrest has been made in the Smith scam. Bernard Madeoff was quickly arrested. The governments are direct beneficiaries of the OLINT scam. In the case of the Jamaican government they choose to reveal sums recieved from OLINT/Smith’s that do not represent the full picture.

    I will be revealing the full picture to you all.

    note: Many of you have waited patiently for this time to come. Remember that I must write to a wide audience here on this forum. My knowledge of the readership shows Amsterdam, St. Lucia, Totonto, Seattle….just to name a few. So those who are more versed in the runnings be patient so that others can get a grounding.

  89. Sirach
    thanks for the answer re gag

    DS BIG NUH RAHTID he now has three government including the BRITS who want to sink his friend Masik covering for him.

    Madeoff gave to politicians too
    “”For years, Madoff was a generous donor to mostly Democratic causes and maintained a steady lobbying presence through the government relations firm of a former New York congressman”.

    but trust me POLITICIANS ARE NOT SOOOO SOOO FAITHFULL they will sink you to keep floating. This mega tri Government cover up is not going to wash!!!!!!

  90. L&LL

    Life without Misick has been paid for. Remember that the MTI class was extremely profitable and the authorities in Jamaica benefitted for letting MTI conduct business in Jamaica. Also Cliff Hughes courted Jared Martinez on his program even though Martinez sits on millions that belong to Jamaicans and has no intention of paying it back to them. I am not going into chapter 2 here yet. The media and Butch Steward will be explained clearly in upcoming chapters.

    Some history has to be covered. For instance many who read here do not know how Bruce Goldings personal debts were dealt with. Pateince…..we will get there….we will get to how lawyers get paid with funds that David/Ttracey/Wayne and Edith Smith NEVER earned.. we will get there. It has to be packaged so even the layperson shall understand properly.

    But feel free to ask questions as the lecture moves on.

    L&LL your question regarding the TCI commission of Inquiry has to rest just for a moment. Belcher will be in Provo. But let us do the remedial part first and bring eveybody up to speed.

  91. Wait? full hundred at last? 🙂

  92. Taken from the #4 bus

    Comment said
    January 26, 2009 at 11:47 pm
    Is this the year of the ponzi !!! wow they just keep coming.

    CT Ponzi Schemer To Serve 4 Years

    The financial world is reeling over the Bernard Madoff scandal and the alleged multi-million-dollar Ponzi scheme that has hit everyone from Fairfield retirees to media moguls. However, there has been another big-dollar Ponzi scheme to hit Connecticut and the man behind it is going to jail, rather than a well-appointed penthouse.
    Dale L. Graybill, 64, of North Haven, solicited investments for fictitious investment programs, and used money from those “investments” to pay gambling expenses and credit card bills, according to Nora Dannehy, acting United States Attorney for the District of Connecticut.
    Graybill lured in investors by telling them he had special access to exclusive, government-backed trading programs that were originally opened only to the very wealthy but that he could make available to them, according to court documents.
    During meetings held at his former residence in Branford, he solicited potential investors and told them that he would place their investment funds in safe, exclusive, offshore, high-yield bank debenture “trading programs” that would produce greater than market rates of returns of up to 25 percent per month, according to Dannehy.
    There would be little or no risk and the investments were secured by United States Treasury Bills, he told them, according to Dannehy.
    Investors handed over their money and Graybill used it and paid business expenses and made “lulling payments to investors to create the appearance that the investments were safe, secure, and had been invested as promised,” according to Dannehy. Graybill also used the money to pay credit card bills and gambling expenses, Dannehy said.
    On June 15, 2005, Graybill pleaded guilty to one count of mail fraud, for a check in the amount of $398,910 that was supposed to be distributed back to the victim investors, and one count of making and subscribing a false 2002 tax return.
    The false tax return charge stemmed from using the proceeds from the Ponzi scheme without declaring the funds as income, so he withheld $93,293 of taxes from the government for the 2002 tax year, Dannehy said.
    Graybill was sentenced Monday to 48 months of imprisonment, followed by three years of supervised release.
    He must pay his victims restitution in the amount of $10,672,876. He also must pay $93,293 to the Internal Revenue Service.
    To date, the court-appointed receiver has collected approximately $817,000 to distribute to vic

  93. wish I was educated fully about this Jamaican Ponzi Scheme. The man dem fi guh a jail. No pity fi dem. Dem wuz living a prosperous life afta ppl money. Thief shall be the outcry. DS should be stoned because he is using christianity to get away with murder.

  94. Another Fallen Ponzi:

    Agape World chief Nicholas Cosmo turned himself in to authorities on Monday night after the FBI and U.S. Postal Inspection Service raided the Hauppauge-based investment firm’s headquarters earlier in the day.

    They said Nicholas Cosmo, head of Agape World Inc on New York’s Long Island, was said to provide commercial bridge loans, but was instead operating a traditional Ponzi scheme in which early investors are paid with the money of new clients.

  95. Sirach

    Please be accurate in your accusations.

    The Jamaican Goverment “run” Olint out of Jamaica. Omar Davis and the FSC basically issued Olint a cease and desist in 2006. this is a fact. Olint fled to Panama/St. Kitts and finally end up at TCI.

    The FSC has been a thorn in the side of the UFO’s. lets give them credit, they printed ads, blacklisted names. ,preached… everybody thought they were bad mind, and want to hold down people

    but nobody will listen when they are getting 10 %

    A fool and his money… especially when they hear about 10 % per month..

    A lot of persons are to blame.. but the Government of the Day ( PNP ) was not one of them

  96. Sirach..

    Please anchor the full 100 in the truth.. one lie spoils the credibility of any witnesses.

    thats why cases easily gets thrown out, because witnesses tend to exaggerate and lie. when they are shown up, they are discredited.

    Case in point.

    Dr. Walker claims that Olint causes his father to have Alzheimers.. and getting back his money will cure Alzheimer’s..

    He must have bought his degree, or the loss of his money has made him a patient..

    From I hear Dr. Walker say that, he has no further credibility, but just a loser who would do anything to get back his money which he foolishly thew away

  97. I dont think that i can ever be accused of being a favorite of the former administration, but i happen to agree with you there cull.

    what say you about the current administration and their acts of ommision or commision in relation to olint?

  98. kull cull
    in all fairness our elected leaders have been the biggest hypocrites in all of this
    If in fact the FSC deemed Olint ” an illegal operation ” as it was not registered and the then finance minister Omar pratically called it a ponzi from then

    Then what the hell were both JLP & PNP doing taking donationss from these illegal oparation ie Olint c,ash plus etal ,,, and yes both sides got

    If in fact theses schemes are POnzis then these parties knowingly benifitted from the loss of gullible Jamaicans and those donations should be returned !

    these donations are just as bad if not worse than Trafigura but our resident Moralist aka Bruce Golding is not taking this ethical dilemna on for obvious reasons

  99. from wireless expressions
    ——posted by Khaleel Azan 1/27/2009 11:36:58 AM

    This is to clarify that I Khaleel Azan am NOT the Cullkull posting on this or any other blog.

    I don’t iunderstand…you must be, sirach said so!


  100. please separate individuals from a politcal party.

    every political party is bigger than any one individual.

    Audley Shaw was loud mouthed on Alternative investments while in opposition.

    now while in Government, he is very sheepish. I wonder why 🙂

    Our Honorable Prime Minister has spoken very clearly. for all to hear. he does not support Alternative Schemes.. he has made it very clear that people who do not do due diligence will suffer..

    as it is said, a fool and his money will be parted. we cannot give credit to the Honourable Prime Minister for that saying. it is a truism, whoever says it !!!

    Minister were in the scheme, that is there right as a private citizen, as long as it is not the government money they are using.

    A private person is free to invest. this is a democracy.

    There are guidelines for political donations, as long as it follows the guidelines, then there is nothing wrong with taking money. as long as is not drugs money, the source of funds is legit and there are no kickbacks, then any political party is free to accept such funds.

    if it looks like kickback, as in Trafigura, then the money should be returned forthright and the responsible minister punished ( fired).

    we must always be BALANCED in our comments.

    Sirach and most investors keep looking to blame everybody else for their misfortune.

    the two players to be blamed are DAVID SMITH and the INVESTORS GREED !!!

    that is the combination that will always make Ponzi’s exist in perpetuity.

    Someone to sell you a pipe dream , and a sucker to buy the same pipe dream

  101. Khaleel, only a deranged person like Sirach would think I were you. only a deranged person would argue with another deranged person.

    thus I would never argue with Sirach as to my identity. who argues with a madman anyway.

  102. to clear up any mysteries..

    I am Danews who has been kicked off the number 4 bus

  103. Fraud Squad probing another alternative investment scheme
    Tuesday, 27 January 2009

    The Fraud Squad is investigating another collapsed alternative investment scheme.

    Complaints from investors, who have reportedly pumped millions of dollars in Partners Financial Investment Limited, are now being investigated.

    Deputy Superintendent Colbert Edwards, who heads the Fraud Squad, told RJR News that detectives from his office are seeking to question the head of the company, Gerald Pusey.

    According to DSP Edwards, he has sought to make contact with Mr. Pusey’s attorney, Jacqueline Samuels-Brown, but was told that she is out of the country.

    RJR News understands that investors in the scheme, which traded in foreign currency, went to the Fraud Squad after representatives of the Partners Financial Investment Limited were unable to give them answers about their money.

    One of the investors reportedly lost $90 million in the scheme.

  104. Nerves get touched. Settle down. I seek credibility from none of you. Niether do I need it. Chapter 2 later for those who genuinely want to see.

  105. MikeD,

    if that Gambler…..err investor had 90 million to lose in an alternate investment scheme, my gut tells me he could AFFORD to lose the 90 million, so don’t feel too sorry for him or anybody else that claims they’ve lost tens or hundreds of millions in Olint, WW, C+ or any other scheme.

  106. Sirach, if you do not have credibility, then people will dismiss you / what you say, EVEN IF IT IS TRUE

  107. Chester Stewart operated in the U.S.A like the famous middlemen in Jamaica with the full consent of David Smith et al. Conspiracy to defraud.

  108. Drink some ROOTS nerves going to get more frayed.

  109. Dismiss Sirach if that is your fancy. You free….. for the moment.

  110. It appears that all the schemers have left Jamaica for Florida with all the funds. I see where Mr. Chester Stewart brought a house in Parkland Florida last year for USD$1.24 Million:

  111. who is chester stewart?

  112. The privy counsel has ruled that Olint accounts at NCB can be closed.

    End of the road for Olint in Jamaica. ?

    Question is where will the money go ? Hmm

  113. Jay, what money are you talking about? If it’s the balance in the NCB account, I don’t think there is any.

  114. Chapter 2 later.

  115. Break BUSHMASTER we going to do some real work in a while.


    Strange that no one has commented on this story. When the incident was first reported, there were major issues raised on this blog concerning his actions et al. Credibility!

  117. Chucks:

    Could you point us to the relevant section on THIS blog were there was any major debate about his actions? Further, what are the implications of this article on that “non-existent” debate (your opinion). Are you saying he was justified in his approach? I fail to see the relevance of your post!

  118. MikeDm

    I dont have the time to go through and find it. It was under one of the prior topics on this blog. And yes there was a major debate about his actions.

    My post was just to provide an update on a heated topic with comments posted about his actions and whether they were justified or not. And also, his alleged links with this person!

    So now that this new revelation has come out, the same person who started the initial discussions failed to mention this. Goes to credibility. And this is often seen on this blog.

    There is quite a bit of information being posted all over the place and essentially we have to sift through what is valid, what is nonsense and make our own judgments.

  119. More con artist – More Ponzi Failure.

    Note here these guys get arrested, in Jamaica they take a plane and travel to Florida with all their illegal gains,0,1420936.story?track=rss

  120. Chucks.. relevance.. how is it relevant to ponzi etc…

    is not every time a politician buck him toe, is David Smith fault

  121. Chucks:

    There was NO discussion or heated debate on this blog as far as that specific subject was concern.

    So, on the surface, its would appear that you are the one with a credibility problem. I guess your hidden agenda has imploded in your face, since there were no heated debate on this blog. If so, provide the proof.

    There were three posts related to that subject on this blog (1/5/2009: 1:50 am by Sirach)

    I do not see any debate. Do you?

    The subject was also raised on the “uncensored” blog by one blogger (see 1/5/2009; 8:10:09 AM) and again it was a single post. Where is this heated debate Chucks? Are you James Robertson? Or do you work for him?

    The info is very easy to find once you know approximately the date of the incidence and find the thread that was open at that time!!!

    Credibility? Hidden Agenda? Foot in mouth?


    I have no hidden agenda. I do not work for Robertson. I do not know him. I have to defend myself to no one. Especially you. You seem so riled up I wonder if I touched a nerve. Anyways, the corrected blog is above.

  123. Bushmaster speaks again, I really wonder where he gets his information from?

  124. @ jay, good question. better yet, whats is his/her agenda?
    i.e. are these revelations about the 4th branch of democracy, altruistically providing access to info? unlikely.

    or is this a person who is trying to deflect attention from his/her own exposure? possible….

    will we ever know?

  125. is bushmaster=sirach?
    does that matter?
    is the info reliable?

    i’d like to think it is, or better, i suspect much of it is, based on my independent “knowledge”.

    i’m drawing my own inferences. are these infrences the ones that BM wants people to draw? or is h/she just putting info out there?

    i admit, i am facinated by whats coming out.
    keep it coming whoever you are. we are getting closer and closer to the truth.
    let the chips fall where they may.

    most important thing for me however, is for people on the kool aid to recognise that DS is not who he presented himself to be. once we get there, then where ever else it takes us, once factually proven, then so let it be.

  126. Lets say the info BM is provding is correct.
    We know that Don Creary is Very good friend of JI and did a tremendous amount of PR work for superclubs, while JI was a VP there.

    Does that explain why the Don was grossing US$20K per mth for PR work.
    ‘What on earth could he possibly be doing for Olint to get that level of compensation.?

    Seems like Olint by all accounts for a “big boys social club” and not an “investment/forex trading club” at all.

    By the information that is being presented by BM and from what we already know, it is very clear that ” nuh money nuh deh”.

    DS ” big fren dem tek all a it”.

    Keep the info for coming, the dots are beginning to line up nicely.

  127. Apart from PR work, what else does he, Don Creary, do for a living?

  128. the PR work that don did perhaps manifested itself in the mark wignall observer artticles for example.
    someone can look those up and repost them. i would but i dont have the time right now.

    but how much value would you put on those articles alone?
    i say at 20k/month, DS and his associates got a bargain. wignalls articles attacking lent legitimacy to the scheme, even people who were previously sceptical dove in head first on the basis of these articles.

    as i remember it, wignall not only mouthed off, he also presented evidence or rationales, what we now know to be false, of why this was a sustainable operation….the “fact” that he wasnt taking on new money etc.

    to the schemers, the 20k was chicken feed in comparison to the opportunity to perpetuate the fraud.

  129. (munch munch munch) … MikeD … (pushing coin into the slot) …now that’s a very good question … (sound of washing machine starting up) … beg yuh tell us as / when yuh fin’ out, nuh … duh …

  130. i feel the 100% coming on . keep it coming

  131. Rob Rawson/ AML was arrested by Seminole County Sherrif’s office on criminal feloney charges. Rob Rawson has been under investigation for providing false information and making false statements against Martinez’s, ItradeFX and MTI to US Government regulators and officials. He has also been under investigation for posting False information in various Blogs and providing False information to various newspapers. At no time did Rob Rawson have access to any inside corporate or finacial information at ItradeFX, MTI, or Martinez. All Information passed off by AML / Rob Rawson should be looked at as false. the Arrest speaks for itself.
    have a look yourselves.

  132. Rob is free, You are Martinez or his surrogate…and ICFRAUD

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