Olint Ruling in TCI delayed

We are receiving confirmed reports that the the Judge in the Olint case, in the Turks and Caicos Islands, has delayed the ruling until Monday, January 12, 2009. This is in order further review all the documents that he now has before him.

If this is true, the Olint faithful and others linked to feeder clubs and piggy-backers will have to wait a few more days to hear what is the status of the frozen assets of David Smith and Olint.

Update: We can now confirm. The Judge has reserved Judgement until Monday, January 12, 2009.

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  1. I have heard the same thing but it’s unconfirmed, but what does this really mean? I am so tired of this people drawing this thing out!

  2. I’ve decided to just call it a loss & moved on. If I get back my money, fantastic- but not counting on it

  3. Can anyone confirm?…i’ll try to catch the 6pm news broadcast on Cliff Hughes’ program

  4. confirmed

  5. I really think that the forces that for eternity have tried to keep the average person down are trying desparately to find anything to stop David Smith from getting his money. I think he truly wants to help people that are in need but the affluent socialites don’t want the average guy anywhere near thir ranks. By keeping us down, the feel a little God-like.
    Why after all these months, they still cannot say definitively that David did something wrong..thats because he did’nt. This is not some murder trial with evidence and witnesses…this is just forensic accounting….now they want another 3 days…they had at least 10 months!!!!!OLINT FAITHFUL, KEEP THE FAITH…GOODNESS WILL PREVAIL!!!!!

  6. “The drive by Smith to have the assets released is to make good on a promise made last July to make payments owing to investors, the Observer was told.”

    A little vauge and ambigous…to me “make payments owing to investors???”

    When PM and BM see this release I honestly don’t think they will be pleased. The crowd might be pleased though. I remain indifferent.

  7. ambiguous.

  8. Most of you guys are idiots. Olint is a Ponzi scheme. Smith musr go to prison like Madoff for a LOOOOOG TIME

  9. Sirach ,

    Dave got your pint again ! don’t you know Delay is Dave Smith best friend ,

    Ahhh, Haaa, c’mon throw out more rhetoric ,, sumting must stick ….What ! TCI has no big stick, you know what makes Dave tick , you know the trick , play big bwoys like Likkle toys ……

    Songs of a Ponzi Don, no one can understand !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Sirach ,

    Dah Cheque is in the mail , no need to set sail , yes you can dock your ship, DS cashing in his chips …

    Songs of a Ponzi Don ……………

    Ahhh haa,

    Casino opens on the 12th , TCI judge tries to Help, help those who investigate not the ones who instigate , evidence abound, criminal proceedings must be sound….

    TCI knows what makes Dave tick , 9 month belly from a Ponzi prick , holding out a carrot stick …..

    Songs of a Ponzi Don ……………

  11. Watching Closely are you looking for a LAUGH! YOU JOKES ARE CORNY Real and come again. and forget the carrot stick jokes you sound Gay!

  12. I’am ghay …….

    you want the folks to know yuh stray dat way ! I won’t say …..

    Ohh by the way , it’s “reel” and come again….

    studio slang , from when tapes where the ting of the day . my likkle ghay friend ….

  13. as fi a joke …

    Yuh must be a slow poke !

    ahh haa, the joke is in TCI , what you thought you had a piece of dat pie ! nuh wonder your are a ghay guy ……..

  14. Gary

    Things were done wrong. This happens in life. The issue is more about people…..lying at the time things were done wrong and using deception. It’s an accountability issue and for well over a year no one has yet to properly take resposibility……always pass the buck…..dishonest.

    That is the fact. Full stop. Money is not all there is to life…..in fact it is usually the least if you think hard about it.

  15. Many things money can buy but integrity is not one of them. BM an dem over the other blog soon show unno……Truths and Rights and Justice.

  16. Sirach,

    Tell the mon dem the truth , about dat Ponzi brute !

    how investigation have nothing to do with their preparations, instigations or expectations……..

    Ahhh haaa, the rhetoric don’t fit , they have fi acquit ….

  17. Sirach,

    Tell the mon dem deh truth !

    TCI investigation is not about the Ponzi Brute …. more about a laundromat , dem want deh facts ……………………………..

  18. Many leaders of all kinds of institutions who are also wealthy and could retire anytime still throw in a decent eight or more hours on behalf of the people who place trust in them. Some of them might have gambling as a passion or girls or booze….but they use self discipline and let those things rest for a higher purpose of leading many.

    Even SOME of our politicians on both sides of the house posses such qualities. But some people feel that to put a change in people’s hands is some kind of licence to throw accountability to the wind.

    I ask you all…..If you cannot account to mere humans here on earth (as they say) then tell me in your zealous piety how do you intend to begin to be accountable to God who see’s all things?

  19. The father sees all things and through many soldiers he reveals the inequity that some seek to dispense on the meek.

    That is why the workers of inequity hate the bearers of truth.

  20. Like a young child who is sick and shows dissent when the parents administer the bitter medicine so too is the calamity of the evil……….Their affliction is darkness and the medicine is to be brought into the light. Take your medicine for it is sent to you from the Almighty….

    What you seh number 4 blog? You think Sirach get rusty?

  21. The truth shall set you free…..whether it comes out of your own mouth or not.

  22. Can I get an AMEN? hahahahhahaaha…….what about a halleuja Kull?

  23. has the wirelessexpresions blog been shut down?
    kind of curiously silent theses past days….calm before a storm perhaps?

  24. The BUSHMASTER syas leave di bredrin ALONE. Suit and shirt and tie and briefcase is for lawyers……NOT SWIMMERS! Is the mark on your door tonight oh Isreal?

  25. Some of you do not need turn back to see the blog…..lest you turn into a pillar of salt.

  26. If it was your intention to rile the BUSHMASTER you certainly have. BUSHMASTER is not as solid and steadfast as Sirach or Pupptmaster.

    Personally I wopuld NEVER seh fe to the BUSHMASTER.

    Unno on unno own.

    Me a meck sure paint my threshold before the sun goes down.


  27. Mi longtime bredrin….you ever have a nurse putting in a IV drip and just when she ready she says, “take a deap breath now…”

    Some of your old cronies have sent the nurse upon you……..take a deep breath now.

  28. Of course you could always consult with the anethetist and postpone or maybe cancel the proceedure all together.

    lata people…..night soon come down I have to make sure the house in order.

  29. One last just one..

    Smithy you sent a beautififul ball to the forward the other day……the forward just gave it a neat chip over the goalkeeper…..well read and well communicated…..I don’t think even Changhi…could have done better…..i had to look back to check if it was you..hhahahaa….well done.

    But Smithy…that was the practice match. The season starts…..and remember it’s a knockout format…..If we loose the first game…..then it’s out of the competion!

    I know you like that one. hahahahhaahaaa

  30. hahaha …well threaded ball…….all your big English stricker who you transfered for a record fee…..never saw the pass.

    Let us score some goals……then if you want you can trade a player like me.

  31. Smithy before we go to football training let us work on the trading record homework…..I have it in my schoolbag….you want a Xerox of of it?

  32. “Madoff: Secret of a scandal”
    now on CNN

    just imagine a local jamican version, “Smithy (et al??): Secrets of scandal, cover up, and much more”
    featuring invest-for-life’s #1 blogger Sirach, his one time colleague and friend kull, the cynic, rob, watching, nyamingpopcorn, munch munch, with special apperance from olintforlife….dont miss it!!

  33. “The board of the National Housing Trust (NHT) was to meet this weekend to finalise and sign off on a programme of assistance for NHT mortgagors, a substantial number of whom have fallen into arrears in the past three months alone.”


    The worst kept secret in the World is the amount of NHT loans that went directly into Olint.

  34. After passing through certain banks first of course…

  35. What was likely to happen at Scotiabank after Bill Clarke’s departure, along with its possible impact on the bank’s operations, were discussed in an email sent to one of the bank’s senior managers in July last year by Pat Minicucci, who is in charge of Scotia’s Caribbean operations.

    Minicucci spoke about the possibility of an exodus of senior management staff at Scotiabank Jamaica Limited after the departure of then managing director Bill Clarke. The possibility of National Commercial Bank (NCB) or FirstCaribbean International Bank recruiting Clarke was also raised in the correspondence, with a number of scenarios being raised should that happen.

    “Our negotiations for settlement should take into account and ensure there is a claw back for a period of at least 3—5 years. We need to be hard on this point,” Minicucci stated.

    He argued that the bank would lose some of its senior management team members.

    “I suspect that Stacy Ann Wright, including some of the new hires like Moya Walrond, Joylene Griffiths, Keri Gayle Brown, and possibly some other officers in the finance area that are loyal to Stacie and Bill,” Minicucci stated.

    He contended that Wright’s departure in finance would not be missed, as during her leave, the finance area functioned very well. He suggested that Brad Browse would be comfortable that Wright left and opined that, “Moya’s departure as well, would not be a big loss, although she has potential if well mentored.”

    According to Minicucci, Wayne Powell, executive vice president for retail and commercial banking, along with Rosie Piliner, Wayne Hewitt and Michael Jones, were all loyal ‘Scotiabankers’ and “are not pro-Bill”.

    Minicucci saw no likely attrition from the commercial/corporate team, where all deputy vice-presidents were long term and said to be not supportive of Clarke.

    “I’m not certain about Anya Schnoor, but she is doing a good job at DB&G and I believe she would stay. Jackie Sharpe in Scotia Life would stay; Gladstone Whitlock in the Building Society is a question mark. All others would be okay. In fact, I think we would be able to re-acquire Audrey Tugwell from NCB once BC left,” Minicucci said.

    Overall, Minicucci said, “Our franchise is strong, sound, and the majority of the first tier of the senior team is supportive of our decision. We would lose a few, but nothing serious. Moreover, the executive team is overstaffed and not in line with International Banking Operating Model (IBOM), which we would have addressed in due course, to bring it in line.

    “The Managing Director’s Office is by far, back from the ground this week, is positive overall. Both Roger Cogle and David Noel are here on the development and have confirmed based on feedback they have received from their colleagues in Jamaica.”


    Chicken Feed Sunday Herald…..what’s coming soon from the master’s will shake the foundations of Jamaica….for the better of course……there is no real delay…..just watching to see who is posturing and who is behaving properly.

  36. Exam time is upon us. Let us refreash ourselves to work covered earlier in the term. Sirach don’t give no bly and no extra credit……is not David Smith class dis.

    “Bovell said individual candidates did spend substantial sums, but party central spent nothing near US$5 million, which is equivalent to over J$300 million.

    The latter amount coincided with sums which were reportedly invested in Olint by political bigwigs aligned to the JLP. Part of the interest, sources said, was used to bankroll the campaign. Financial watchers believe those investors were behind the massive pullout of funds from the investment club last December, when over US$300 million was reportedly withdrawn.

    Responding to queries, chairman of the opposition People’s National Party (PNP), Robert Pickersgill, dismissed claims that the party got US$1.3 million.
    “To the best of my knowledge, Olint donated US$200,000,” Pickersgill said yesterday.


    BUSHMASTER collects all coursework to TOMORROW!…….NO LATE WORK ACCEPTED.


  37. You see at church this morning Chancellor Hall crew. Pray for the wisdom. Pray for the wisdom….Red P you deh bout? John the Baptist is here……and the wisdom of Sirach is unmatched.

  38. Smithy you get the chairs and the party favours? I have arranged the music…..Them begging for the game of musical chairs on Tuesday……like them all want to send me a letter begging me not to forget to throw the session this Tuesday coming. Don’t worry house captain …….the whole school going to get a try. If that is to be your request.

  39. Unno tell too much lie……I have the phone conversation in July you don’t even ask first if a have it before you start deny that it took place…….ay bwoy. Call any bluff you want……you free….but your energies could be so much more productive. Ay Bwoy….

  40. Revision will allow us to understand the new chapter.

    “Explaining how the groups work, one source said prominent clergymen formed groups who recruited members. The groups mobilised funds, which they invested with Olint at 15 per cent monthly. They would pay out 10 per cent to members of the club and retain five per cent.

    Contacted for comment on the involvement of the church with Olint, Reverend Sam Green of Grace Missionary Church declined comment, saying he wouldn’t speak on the telephone.”


  41. Let me catch a few before church.

  42. The PuppetMaster has spoken.


  43. “As indicated in the Commission’s Press Statement of 10th December 2008, the Commissioner, Sir Robin Auld, will open the Inquiry hearings on Tuesday, 13th January..”


    Lucky 13…Parliament opens that day too.

  44. “Behold the spiritual caretakers and other prominent respected moral voices and pillars of the community, their silence is deafening, and it may very well be mistakenly interpreted as a case of silence giving consent. We should have all realized by now that this plague is going to affect all of us, if not now, definitely in the not too distant future and it is the moral responsibility of all of us to weigh in on this national catastrophe without prejudice or fear.”


  45. “For all our sakes let us NEVER allow ourselves to be deceived again and let us make sure that EVERYONE involved in this fiasco is made to fully account for their actions. Only by HMG and this community making sure that these culprits (and I mean ALL of them) are made examples of now, will we send the resounding message forward that this conduct will never be tolerated ever again.”

    “Do not feel sorry for these parasites and keep the pressure on right till the end. Think of the next generation. ”


  46. What is all the excitment about the church involvment in OLINT. the church is a well known fundraiser. they raise fund to feed the poor build school run schools help hurricane victims burry people ete et.

    We all checke out DS and he came up good. Some people like SIRACH were in the turks with their families on children play dates. The church probably checked him out and he came up good. At this point we still do not know if we were foooled or if we foooooled ourselves

    My question is why are we victims and the church groups criminals?. nothing is wrong with grouping funds for a common good

  47. Sirach:

    There was a lawsuit (CACE08053724) by Dr. Christopher Walker (Plaintiff) filed in Broward County, Florida against Olint, ET. Al. See link below. Do you know why these other six (6) individuals were named as defendants, i.e., who are they? Why wasn’t Tracy-Ann Smith also named as a defendant in this case, as was the case in your lawsuit (you guys share the same lawyer)?




  48. Live and let live :

    Nothing wrong with church and church People ,,,

    Those dat linger love to point dah finger . Blaming the victim not the system , on a scheme too good to be true , they now take pleasure laughing at you , hypocrites they surely are , as they study to get on par …

    Now the laugh is on them , as they thought they had a trading friend .

    Friendly fools with no pride ! paying Martinez for dah ride, a ride so hopelessly wrong they will never surpass the Ponzi Don.!!!!.

    A Don whose time has now surely pass, they play it off like an ass, ass’s full of so much hate , they point their finger to those with faith .. faith they will never understand , as they listen to the songs of a Ponzi Don ……..

  49. The new year roll in and the same BS playing on and on. Ah tell yuh. Let us all agree that DS pull a con. The whole thing was a ponzi, maybe not from the start but it turn into a big one. The politicians, church, lawyers, and bankers, business people at all level were involved. This entice the small man who couldn’t afford to lose but who still tried a thing. cause after all Mr. Big was in it an getting paid. Mr. Joe broke throw a hand got paid and for the first time got laid..yuh know how it go when a man come into a little breds..so now that it expose and mash up everybody ah call the next one liad, thief, craven and fool fool. Well guess wha..ah the whole ah we ah go pay for this bangarang so we may as well just sweep out the rubbish wash the pot them and start build up the house again. New Year now .look forward. Before you say who dat??? 2009 gone. cho..nuh bodda mek it lef unu ah chat bout the same thing and nobody dont reach further down the road.

  50. The politicians, church, lawyers, and bankers, business people at all level were involved. This entice the small man who couldn’t afford to lose but who still tried a thing. cause after all Mr. Big was in it an getting paid. Mr. Joe broke throw a hand got paid and for the first time got laid..


    most of them are BIG because they took big chances. This time they might have gotten burnt.
    But trust me they will continue to take chance

    A big man is a big man because he takes responsibility for his action he does not blame church lawyer or banker

    didnt your mom tell you that pus and dog dont have the same luck

  51. Let&LiveLive:

    You appear to know the players, can you answer the question that I posed to Sirach? I thought Sirach was in TCI, but it look like he is sleeping in UK right now and cannot answer my question..

  52. I found out the answer to my question. These six individuals are members of the Olint Foundation Board!!!


  53. Me nuh work for nobady Davesin. First me a see that info. Me a wait to hear that everything alright tomorrow. Live&letlive may be right..maybe everyone should just forget about it. Who knows. What defines a big man is the big mans own business….the small man can’t define the big man.

    Differently who is this GH fellow

  54. Davesin….why try and guess where Sirach is? Just look for the IP address……I can see all of you. Some a dem deh with flow and some deh wid C&W……we have name address everthing…….you really underestimate the “little man” them call Sirach. Why you think Smithy run any time me deh pon the blogs.

    I hear seh aside from middle men people who are in the positive going to have to pay back…..check CNN 8 o’clock. That’s a shame cause according to Smithy’s math I am positive……..maybe I should back off?

    What do you believe?

  55. Sirach, on January 11th, 2009 at 2:09 pm Said: ….”Me nuh work for nobady Davesin. First me a see that info.”…..


    Say it isn’t so Sirach? I find it hard to believe it’s the first time you are seeing that information. Isn’t Sirach the omnipotent, omnipresent omniscient one?

  56. Smithy must have stopped drinking the kool aid and had a lucozade……the argument now about “Net Positive” people being made to pay back is good……good one Smithy……I have to draw for something off the bench.


    Why not ask more relevant questions instead of following people with cases to learn from.

    How about why is it that some people were able to close their accounts out completely just verbally? What were they hiding? Who allowed them to do this?

  57. Davesin

    What about how so many “Financial experts” and others from financial brokerages have or had money in Olint? So many relevant questions Davesin…so many.

  58. Davesin

    What about why so much family of politicians and family of big corporate leaders have accounts but sometimes not them themselves? Did they hide behind family and friends to get in?……so many good questions Davesin.

  59. Sirach, here are a number of “relevant” questions:

    Who were those people and what were they hiding?

    Also, why were the Olint cases filed in Broward county…why won’t you answer that particular question? Why included Olint Foundation/Edith Smith among the list of defendants?

  60. Dave Sin

    More on the topic of that Law suit . I have noticed that Rev Dave Spence is not involed when I catch up with him I will ask him why

    As you know betty Gordon is DS sister who lives in the USA and Paul is her husband who is a dr there

    Paulette Kirland I believe use to be the head of Jamaica Social Investment Fund

    The thinking is Chris Walker is trying to sue in the USA to pressure the Smith family there. You know the pussy principle ask for everything from everybody and you might get somthing.

    Strange the foundation was incorporated in TCI and launched in JA but WALKER sues in USA

    The Lawyer David Rowe is a decent Wolmers old boy that does a lot of work for Jamaicans in Florida. The problem is he is not in a good mood now because he lost a lot of money in cashplus.
    I would be very surpised if David Rowe did not have any money in OLINT because DS father thought him at Wolmers and they were quite fund of him. If he gave Carlos Hill money I assume he would have given DS

    Frankly I think Walker and Belcher are SELFISH MONKEY SIDE SHOWS . I only follow them up to cover my ass because those idiots can hurt all of us.
    That is assuming DS has not burried us in a cofin of poverty and debt already .LOL


    you have been told the verdict from TCI
    Do you think they will get the rewording DS was asking for on friday
    In any case what do you think of the judgement

  61. Sirach:

    You are right about the many questions….give us the answers too!!!! You have a lot of data, but you keep writing in riddles? Give it to us straight so that people like me with very little comprehension skills can decipher it out!

  62. strange Davesin Financial advisors who come on the radio and do not endorse Olint yet they have money in Olint? Very interesting…..tell people to put money in certain securities yet put it in olint….strange indeed.

    A minister of Finance with family having accounts at olint? Even stranger.

    Political parties claiming we should all be careful while accepting money from Olint? Even stranger.

    Well I suppose once the famous gag order is lifted we shall get immediate answers to these and other relevant questions.


  63. What about why so much family of politicians and family of big corporate leaders have accounts but sometimes not them themselves? Did they hide behind family and friends to get in?……so many good questions Davesin

    So what if people wanted to hide their involvment in olint.
    Some of them are hiding from the tax man
    some of them cannot afford to loose the NCB printing contract
    some of them cannot afford to loose the FGB legal work
    Some of them do not want their friends at the yatch club to think they are fools if it Crasing
    some of them are hiding a little somthing from wifey for the sweetheart

    Red Stripe had to walk away from the $20M deposit they made at last year jazz festival because the chaiman who is a banker did not want Red Stripe to associate with OLINT a brother like that might have wanted a bit of the quick money SURELY he could not open an account in his name!!!!!
    Talk to them they will tell you why

  64. I guess we have to wait until BUSHMASTER release the relevant data on the other blog before we get the answers to some of our questions…right Sirach?

    Hey, Live&LetLive, you remind me of “Needy” who use to blog with us. You seem to know a lot of the players.

    One more question, I saw in the Caribbean National Weekly paper that a “Yvonne Coke” is suing Olint for US$11 Million. I know she runs the not-for-profit group “Hands Across Jamaica for Righteousness”. Was she also running a Olint feeder club?


    A minister of Finance with family having accounts at olint? Even stranger.

    Soooo If my father was the minister of finance or the opposition spokesman on finance I should not put money in OLINT

    IF putting money in OLINT was immoral or illegal why did you do it ???????

  66. Yes, you piss off Sirach now…look for lot of names be revealed on the cencored blog now!

  67. Dave Sin

    I have not seen Y Coke since late 2006 but I got a prips on those court papers it was not very infomative.

    However this was the rumours in the circle. Ycoke had money with lewfam which she later moved to May Daisy (with no hard Feelings) she and Ingrid Loiten was part of the sect that was saying DS can pay more. Remember may daisy was paying 20 – 25%. Well under her great friend Ingrid Loiten she started a club.
    Then there was a great fall out and Ingrid Loiten gave her back a whole shit load of money. This is when the happy part of the story ends because it is said she gave it to Garreth Harris who does not seem to be able to give it back but Harris claims that he gave it to DS. Naturally the lawyer believing that the only man with two cent left in the great trading empire is with DS so they sue OLINT. The rumours say she does not have an account with DS herself. I will try and get another primps from the papers that was filled in the court.

  68. Live&LetLive:

    Thanks for ALL the info!!! Yuh sure you don’t know Needy?????? He is just as funny and know a lot like yourself!!! In fact, I’m going to try that “principle” of yours to see if I get lucky 🙂

  69. Dave Sin


    Let him answer the questions re the ase in Broward court when he was chattng with his friend walke of the r on uncle tony’s show they mentioned the case as one the many negative OLINT ttales that was not reported in the local media, When uncle Tony told them to explain why they had sued the foundation the EEDiots said they do not want to dicuss it any more
    ha Ha Ha

    I am going to write a play about this whole thing and beg OLIVER to act in it I am so sorry that miss Lou is dead ha ha haaaaaa

  70. Stand by BUSHMASTER.

  71. BUSHMASTER, Sirach

    Wait until the untruthes are upon us that come from DS or he does not speak at all. WAIT!

    Make sure all contracts and agreements are in place.

    After that, my puppets, you have a right to rain hell upon the guilty.

    I asked you DS in the blog uncensored if you had a question for PuppetMaster. You did not ask. So be it.

  72. On MY orders ONLY BUSHMASTER.

  73. Sirach ,

    Bushmaster don’t partial , make sure you get the Vig , it’s been too long ….

  74. Enjoy…it might not last.

  75. Carlos Hill..this is Malcolm Marshall……Pad Up!

  76. Anyone have any news about Kyle Riettie from RKR Fund? The man missing in action and not a word about the money. Me a wonder if a David him did invest the money with. Holla back.

  77. unofficially a 2 month extension has been demanded by the judge

  78. twicebitten giv me an email address for u

  79. twicebittenonceshy:

    Have you try him (ROYDEN Keith/Kyle RIETTIE) at his house in Weston, Florida?


  80. bull, reach me at percival.lattouche@gmail.com

  81. @ twice & bull,

    Apparently Royden Kyle Riettie has fled both Jamaica and Florida with his wife Jodie Weston-Riettie and are in hiding somewhere in Canada where both he and his wife have citizenship, and family.

    He has stated that he is there seeking medical treatment for a brain ailment. However I believe that this is just more lies as was his excuse regarding his so called IRS issues.


  82. actually i heard kyle riettie is just passing through canada on his way to the north pole for some kind off fountain thats suppose to cure lepersy (by the way its not a brain problem apparently its skin related VERY CONTAGIOUS!!!!). but its funny how all of you seen to have converted to vegetarianism, i guess feeding off the fat of pigs like mr smith and mr riettie has finally turned your stomachs, i guess the combination of pork and a greedy person always ends up over the toilet.

  83. AML / Rob Rawson was arrested by seminole county sherrifs office January 22, 2009. Rob rawson has been under investigation for all his wrongful allegations against Itrade MTI and the Martinez’s. His plan to seek revenge against the Martinez’s backfired landed himself in Jail. Next time he should think before he types

  84. Just to clarify Paulette Kirkland was never the head of the Jamaica Social Investment Fund. She however is the head of the DCFS (Department of Cooperatives and Friendly Societies). Just some FYI

  85. Bernie received 150 years for the role he played in his multi-billion dollar ponzi… I wonder how many years will David get…10,20,30,40 or more?

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