New Worldwise Lawsuit

Informal investment club World Wise Partners and its head, Noel Strachan, are being sued by a Florida-based client to recover funds owed to him by the company.

According to documents filed in the Broward County Circuit Court in Florida, Oswald Francis, an American businessman who resides in Jamaica, but conducts business in Florida, is suing Strachan and World Wise Partners to recover US$1,874,472.94

84 Responses

  1. Did you know that some folks wo have money with Worldwise have being paid their principle amount ,with promises of the remainder sometime next year? (not sure however if there is a cap on the amount)

  2. I wonder how people like Noel sleep at nights having scammed so many people.

  3. Can someone please explain to me how this gentleman is suing worldwise in US court when worldwise was not a US base company, and worldwise did no solicitation in the US.

  4. In June when Sirach told unnno that these people are scamist’s unno said “No.” When Sirach said that lawsuits going to fly out the gate….unno said “No. When Sirach said the middlemen going to get sued….unno said “No.” When Sirach said people going to suffer unno said “I can afford to loose.” When Sirach said economies will suffer…unno said “No.” Whenever Sirach say anything unno cuss and attack Sirach. Eat your words…..don’t fill your belly to quick cause is nuff more eating unno haffi do…..early days…

  5. Sirach you need to realize that whatever you have been saying has really little impact at this point. When you started speaking back in June things were already gone through the door many could not do anything then and were waiting to see an outcome so what do you expect people to do now? Most People are trying to find places to live, find new jobs, fine new homes those who can. So you have to realize that people cannot focus of one person that has very little credibility and no one knows.

    It’s only human, If you have a way for people to get back money in any way or form apart from the legal methods most educated already know then I think you should try to share that and stop this told you so this that talk, it makes no sense people are not in anyway amused at this point. I would love everyone to get back their money but I think putting their faces in mud and rubbing it in is just not the way.

    Enjoy the day bloggers.

  6. I hear you feedback….this was never amusing from noe whole year ago. But the schemer’s were laughing heartily throughout the past year. I don’t have the people’s money so a suggestion on hoew to get it back is relative to that point. If you seek a clear answer then there would be no blog. However one of the most basic things to do is first ask for your money. Then make a report to all the law enforcement agencies handling the case. Those two things have only the minimal cost of some phone calls. You can also ask your political representatives to assist you and also ask them what are their conections to the schemer’s and to please explain in detail and in writing.

    You may also get legal representation although obviously this will cost. Now it may not cost £1.2 million or £200,000 per month but then again prison is not what you are up against.

    So there feedback…..4 things to start

    “If you have a way for people to get back money in any way or form apart from the legal methods most educated already know then I think you should try to share…”

    BTW I do not recommend any other methods outside what is a legal and moral right. Although of course some have been successful there.

  7. hey guys the full hundred is on 93.7fm

  8. Enlighten us.

  9. The discussion between Anthony Abrahams and Sean Belcher this morning on NewsTalk93.Fm re: David Smith – hot topic

  10. bwoy
    People have really gotten soft on this
    No burning Expose re the allegations made on Breakfast club this morning
    What gives Jay , John ,Invest4life where art thou ??????

  11. what was said? I missed it

  12. Teacher sirach i just come in from last night. work killing me.So what is this development?? anybody have a clip?? somebody, anybody!!! drop it like its hot!.

  13. Wha??!! Jay??!! all you miss it too..wait it look like people gone back to them normal life

  14. From the other blog on todays Breakfast Club meeting:

    Lots Ofmoney Says:
    October 28, 2008 at 1:44 pm

    What….thought this board would be buzzing with that interview with Chris Walker and Sean Belcher this morning on the breakfast club!!!…..pardon the manners….greetings to the board….

    ….only got to come on just before 8:00am…not sure when the interview actually started but it ran the whole way till 9:00am…interesting allegations were made….and the host of the club had to make it sure that they were in no way able to verify what the callers were saying were verbatum….just a few quotes that struck me……..Sean mentioned that in a poolside chat with DS in June or July of this year the story of what is really happening wasn’t being let out to the public cause he had the Observer and the Gleaner “locked”…..and DS also went onto say that he couldn’t be touched in Jamaica cause “he had Bruce and Daryl in his backpocket”…..emails from Daryl sent to Chric Walker via his blackberry….(he is the one suing DS and has 2.5mil US invested)were also read aloud over the radio…when referring to information that Walker says he has on Daryl’s association with O, Daryl said “put up or shut up”….apparently Chris Walker after divulging information to the property authorities to start investigation of fraud on O….received this email from Daryl…just out of the blue….they apparently do not know each other, but somehow Daryl got his email address and sent of what Walker is calling an “intimidating email”…..

    …but basically what I got from the interview is that Walker and Belcher is helping out both the Turks and the British government with the Olint investigations, and were not getting anywhere from the Jamaican side…..and were appreciative of the Breakfast club giving them a platform to air their concerns and findings so far…..Belcher also went onto say that based on his conversations with Knight (police commissioner in TCI) that only 5 mil US is frozen in TCI and half of that belongs to Olint TCI ( the new fund that DS had started)……but Belcher also hinted that there were trying to trace monies to 10 other jurisdictions where monies could be hiding…..

    …well hopefully somebody else here will be able to fill in the blanks that I have left out…..sorry so sketchy…

  15. Needy:

    I hesitate to call you a liar concerning why David Smith was fired from JMMB. However, your assertion that the shenanigans of BOJ traders caused the JA Dollar to fluctuate between 50 – 70 to 1against the US Dollar in 2003 is just not true. click here on the BOJ link. and see for yourself I guess I will call you a liar anyway….LIAR…

    then click on Foreign Exchange—–> Historical Prices

  16. I hear their on tomorrow. Can we be that lucky?

  17. Hello?

  18. I hear they’re on Breakfast Club again tomorrow morning. Does anyone know the time?

    Sirach, are you able to advise?
    Let us know…

  19. To listen to Belcher & Walker tomorrow go to link

  20. Unno sell me out…only me have the full hundred.

  21. Hope you guys taped it and will put it online soon… missed most of it….

    anybody got a link to yesterdays show?

  22. Sirach,

    Or could it be Mr. Sean Belcher. Look like u cover get blow.

    Mine what you say on The Breakfast Club.

    You a call some big man name, I hope u are ready 2 play up in the Premiere League, or will this be a Manchester United Vs. Harbor View Thrashing.

    Anyhow all that is your business brother. So feel free 2 tell me 2 Fu#k off. Good luck with dat.

  23. Sirach……..I mean Sean,

    I hear that u unda pressha from you own investors. I find it funny that you come on the blog to curse off all the the little piggys, but you uself are 1 of them 2.


    All the shit u been talking bout on this blog is the exact same crap u went on the radio and stated. You are such a fool, u dont tink seh people would figure you out?

    All I am saying is the extreme similarities between the chat of Sirach & Mr. Sean Belcher are irrefutable in my opinion. The modus operandi is the absolute same.

    Let me state that I could be wrong, as I have no concrete evidence 2 link these 2 individuals, except 4 their own stories, and chat.

    I would definately throw some money in the pot bout dat at this time. I draw pocket aces, so lets play!!!

  24. Rob sirach is really Sean? Man i thought so man. Rob you are good:-)

  25. Fool..hahaha….Belcher is Harbour Shark. Seems everybody but you knows that. Harbour Shark got banned long time.

  26. Rob,

    The owners of the blog co operate with Law Enforcement to sell out bloggers to the IRS. Get with the program Rob.

  27. Sirach:

    Who banned Harbor Shark? For what reason(s)?

  28. Rob it is funny he has been missing for the same time period yesterday as well! Based on the fact that he knew the interview was to be yesterday and today I notice something strange just a line from Sirach shows that he was trying to down play this thing before going on air. So that is how he expects to get the full 100 out. Sirach was any Breakfast tea served on the morning show or was it some of the quack quack juice you have been talking about in your previous post? Sirach where is the Algorithm in you disguising you let your guard down today bredda.

  29. Whatever,

    AllI know is that the both of u use the same playbook.

    U both pathetic if u ask me!

    By the way, what happen to the FULL 100?

  30. Midnight you will get the full hundred from Sirach. Stay awake!

    Rob you are being audited by the IRS already.

    Just like the full hundred you want to to know all the names of the bloggers. You want the list don’t you?

    Do your own work. Do something for yourself.

  31. Guess what fool I am not concerned about the IRS as I have nothing 2 hide. Go try use u scare tactics on some other fool.

    What I truly cannot understand is the people who claim 2 know the FULL 100, who come on the blog, and radio and throw all these allegations on the wall just 2 see if they will stick.

    Since you all have the real gungo why dont u all get the ball rolling for all the fools who cannot help themselves and need 2 be taught? You have the evidence & proof to bring this whole thing 2 an end, right?

    The FULL 100 can set sooo many free, but yet your cowardace and ego prevent you from doing the RIGHT, and MORAL thing to help the majority.


    Since you cannot seem 2 release the FULL 100, just tell us all why. I am sure we will all understand.


  32. Patience Midnight….Patience. Calm Down.

  33. This midnight fixation/hoax seems to be that of a sick mind,go seek the help of a shrink.

  34. Shut the fu#k up!

    All we want to hear from u is THE FULL 100, or the explanation why u will NOT give it nothing more.

    Come 2 think of it if this is really the conspiracy u claim it to be and u are still on the blog, then the powers that be know that u are just a rambling idiot and are of no danger to them. So they just leave u to add to the entertainment value.

    Every circus needs a clown!

  35. Why are you taking this crap so personal buddy???

    You drawing attention to YOURSELF now…You neva lose any money in olint and you neva involve in it right???

    So if sirach aka sean belcher wah call up people name pan the radio and it no concern you..why you getting all mad??

    Is he putting your business out there??

  36. Miachica, Praises.

  37. I’m sure Belcher sends all the best. At Mr. Obama’s staff request concerning Caribbean issues particularly corruption in Caribbean Governments he is preparing for the meeting later today.

  38. Hahahahahaha!

  39. Reading comprehension is obviously a challenge to some.

  40. Miachica:

    Your “assets are irrationally pessimistic”!

  41. Has anyone listened to what was said? I wonder why there are still questions about the FULL 100. Seems as if that has already been uttered.

    Whether Sirach & Belcher are one or not, the 100 seems to have been put out there.

    Sirach, what more could there be?

  42. Word out is that Sean got back the majority of his principal and interest.

    According to the interview he is just owed US70,000. He sounded like someone who has not received a cent from Olint.

  43. Have the authors given up on the blog? – there are just fewer and fewer new threads!

  44. MK,

    No we have not given, there is just not much new information to report. 🙂

  45. Remember that Sirach is always quoting from the TCI papers ….he seems to be very in touch with the happenings down there…in the interview he made the point that his father is living in Turks now….is Sean/Sirach living there as well?

    I agree that Sean Belcher is Sirach.

  46. Jay

    I thought u would have posted a thread on Sean’s interview……that was pretty loaded with all the references to the PM, DV, DR etc.

  47. Give us a summary MK.

  48. Nuff more simmer.

  49. Hahahahahahahahah!


  50. Sean AKA: Sirach.Count from 1-99 and tell me what is missing.

    123456789101112131415161718192021222324252627282930313233343536373839404142424345446474849505152535455565758596061626364656667686970717273747576777879808182838485868788990919293949596979899 ______waiting on the FULL 100. Or is this another one of your QUACK QUACK MOVES.

    As Rob said Talk…..Talk…..Talk…..Talk…..Talk

  51. the grovelors were on it again in person yesterday….suit up and all….why them can’t give the full hundred?

    unno want the hundred ehh….lawd man you want the interviews with the girls……want the names …….want the interviews…….unno love suss.

    Want to know bout how dozens move…where and when and why…..lawd unno love to beg information.

    Grovelors want the money!….even when it is not in their name…..unno cold

    Run wid it grovelors……

  52. Rob says count from 1 to 99 and say what is missing?

    I suppose 100 comes in between 1-99 hahahahaaa what you think bloggers? look like the academics tell no lie.

  53. You beg me for money….then you beg your boss…..don’t know how it go eehh? Want to know where the money is ehh? Alright I tell you what there are least two people who definately know. Me and your Boss. So you have one chance to find out….and that is…..ask your boss…

  54. Hurry….ask……because your boss may ask me not to reveal where… ask him quick again……the window is closing.

  55. Your Boss knows that the “where” is between he and I. Grovelor…..the where is a private matter between me and your Boss.

  56. Sirach I dont think people really want suss. What they want to know is what happened to their money. They want to know why they cant get paid while others were able to get hundreds of thousands. They want to know what is really happening with the investigations and when it will end. They want to know the truth. They are not interested in girls and dozens. I know nuff people love the labba labba especially what involve the politicians and so forth but for real, people hurting and want the gospel truth.

    You know there is one guy who early in the year I had a problem with that was Jason a long time poster.
    Jason seem to have inside knowledge about the runnings and was dropping words online from last year. He could have said more and he could have gone public. Then again that is not his job. But the problem I have is plenty people seem to have known long ago what was going on and what was to come and just kept toying with people..a hint here and some riddles there but nothing people could sink there teeth in. Some come out after the fact round Jan/Feb, when the average person could get even a cent and start antagonise people and worse some of them same one were members and get out there principal and interest. They kept quiet until they were paid and had nothing to lose and then start mocking those holding the bag. People need to leggo that now. If you have real useful info let it off people dont need to grovel.Is just so me see it.

  57. True words DONTGIVEADAMN,

    This blog has become nothing but a bunch of idlers tracing with no real info or substance….. sirach you are of no use right now…..i dont think you know squat, you just lap your from tail and trace and drop hint…. run some info or get a life for crying out loud…you just annoying nuh backside right now!!!

  58. But people do grovel…and you would not believe what they try…and lie….they go from one end of the field begging…..yes..begging….it’s a shame. It is the scamists that toy with people.

    I ask you this….Do I have your money?

    If I tell you where it is will you run to tell your boss? Why? Is it because you know the money is short and not everyone can get?

    I can tell you something for sure about your boss……he don’t rate no grovelor……that is a fact.

  59. How to find a channel

    Give out a piece of info that no one has heard…….wait and let it come back….then you know the channel. The sender laughs…the reciever laughs and the conduit or “GROVELOR” remains the same.

  60. Sirach please stop typing bull u hav no info!!!!

  61. Yawn!!

  62. “If I tell you where it is will you run to tell your boss? Why? Is it because you know the money is short and not everyone can get? ”


    You story change from 0 $ to some $ fast. As the rumours change so does all of your predictions.

    BTW your radio buddies know just about as much as u do……..NOTHING!!!

    Just ask dem how long dem had money invested with DS?

    Just like u DS a mad dem if they actually knew something they would be dealing with the case and not wasting time on the radio. Just another empty FULL 100 claim.

    Most people neva hear the name Sean Belcher b4 him appearance on the Breakfast Club. Belcher/Sirach/Piggy should man up, him mek people invest dem money wid him fully knowing the risk. Now him unda pressa from him client dem him jus a try cover him own ass, all him a do is try show dem dat him a try get dem $$ back. Pure drama & theater! He is a sprat in this OLINT ocean, just mek him prove how much of his own personal $$ him had invested. He got to the party late and get burned, now him gone mad and a drop claims he cannot support, against some proven sharks.

    As for u Sirach check u facts b4 u talk innacurate shit especially when it involve me. You have nothing more 2 say cause Belcher beat you to the punch, u rumour tank deh pon empty. U blog stock a crash, most people here truly see u 4 what u are……..a nobody……a zero…….u just want some attention little boy.

    Since u all of a sudden know where the money is what the fu#k u doing here on this blog?

    All dis bullshit u slinging going come right back 2 u, what goes around comes around. Hey here is a thought – since u seh IRS & and the rest of the alphabet boyz a monitor the bloggers courtesy of the admins, how come dem dont jus check u and squeze u to reveal where the money is? Dem just haffi check you 4 the FULL 100…… closed, right?

  63. Amen Rob:-)

  64. Man Rob You drive this nail right where it was needed. I second that Amen Michelle. Sirach Rob words are too big for you now. Also don’t worry about the academics the last time i checked you were the teacher? and me i still do very well for myself, never told anyone that i was running for the class President.

    But I think Rob is our new principal so make sure you don’t come here again with nothing to teach Sirach.


  65. Sirach full of shit and I see it long ago.I don’t understand how some of us still pay any attention to him.
    He obviously has a personal vendetta with some people.
    Maybe when some of the JLP tiff OLINT money and left D.S. hanging,Sirach never get in on the sharing.
    Sirach,I said this before,U FULL OF SHIT.
    You should hide your head in the ground like an ostrich you IDIOT.But obviously,you have no pride and no sense.

  66. This isn’t very interesting anymore. I agree.

    Sirach, why even bother to blog here?
    Are you just using this blog to send messages back and forth to DS (or others) in code?
    Why not just call them or email them directly?

    What do we need here on this blog? It seems the full 100 will never be seen here.

    Rob & Mrs & others, why are you here? What is it you seek?

    What is this blog about?

    Signed: lost & confused…

  67. Maybe the full 100 is what we’ve already read/seen. I know that I don’t understand what is happening.


    Blog management, can we get a link to the Belcher/Walker talks on the radio? Is there a transcript?

    That might be an interesting topic worth blogging about…


    Hopefully November will bring us 1 step closer 2 that end.

  69. Like Jack said in a Few Good men



  70. what more thruth do you people want to see.

    Check your bank account. is any payment made from all the promises ?. That is the truth that you need to look at.

    People will always have a lot to say. the most important question is, are you getting paid by those who owes you.

    that truth has been staring us in the face for months

  71. what more truth do you people want to see.

    Check your bank account. is any payment made from all the promises ?. That is the truth that you need to look at.

    People will always have a lot to say. the most important question is, are you getting paid by those who owes you.

    that truth has been staring us in the face for months

  72. oh-hooo! could sirach really be belcher? well then when I si you I must poke yuh wid dat and find out if is true…maybe you can with share the formula how to get back ppl money – except I don’t want to have to do the blog posting in code part. In any case I agree wid cull kull. pure echo in the bank account is what most people hearing, and that is their reality

  73. Test

  74. Wow!

  75. What’s going on? Am I out of detention?

  76. Where is Wayne Smith?

  77. Jamaica dollar will 90-1 by March.

  78. This blog has become a waste of time and I really do not spend much of my time here anymore. People like sirach has made it unbearable.

    I only try to blog when I have new info usually substantiated if I can.

    The sad thing is that I am finding out is that David Smith may never be charged. The demise of O is bigger than him. I am finding out that he had alot of folks in his back pocket, between TCI and Ja. The whole truth may never be known.

    I would have hoped that this blog would have allowed people the opportunity to come together and try to get answers or closure if you will about what happened to their money and try to get back what little is left..Instead it has become a circus for people like sirach and others who really beleive this is a joke.
    I just had to help out a friend who was about to lose her home another friend of mine son has dropped out of college. He was on a student visa and now he can’t pay his tuition fee and now has to leave the US.
    People are hurting and its not a joke…this is reality.

    I will post whatvere I think is helpful as I get it instead of P **** footing around.


  79. Sirach never took your money. Stop lokking for scapegoats. You know the person who is the cause of people losing homes and money and education. That person is David Smith.

    Blaming Sirach will not get your money. Why? Because I am Sirach and I’m telling you so.

  80. Catd….don’t normally post on this blog but do want to commend you for helping the friend who was about to lose her home. I’m also saddened to hear about your friend’s son. There are too many cases like this and we need not add insult to injury.

  81. OK,

    Worldwise in in fact paying out small claims, but not at the rate that one would expect.

    The largest payment made last week was US$1000 AND YES the check was cashed out and was good.

    I am made to understand that up to US$2000 will be paid out starting next week.

    That is indeed good news for WW clients.

    ” Who say Jay only spread bad news”. 🙂

  82. How about a category for UWIN of Antigua? Lots of Ja’cans have been scammed of their investment and left high and dry. How is it that investors through UWIN are not organising themselves? Maybe I should start a blog and link it to this site, because after all, UWIN of Antigua is tied in the waistline to Olint.

  83. I still have not been able to recover my small principle and am begining to wonder if i ever will….

  84. i need all the information i can get on noel and judy strachan they owe me 275000 us please give me a call at my office i borrowed loans and in debt i want to contact the us attorney about what they have done to me because i gave is partner paul my money in the us he informed me at the time noel will be receiving my checks in fla my number is 2124262393 all information is needed for us attorney office

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