Property Stolen from Strachan?

In a interesting news article reports have surfaced that a property or properties belong to Noel Strachan of World Wise has or have been been illegal transferred to an Investor.

The report claims that the investor who is owed $150 million dollars somehow transferred the property.


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  1. Noel Strachan….you should have sold the property and begun paying your creditors…serioius….I would not fuss too much because Dem seh it is much more than material they intend to take from you.

  2. I think is just a case of nerves for the Finance Minister. It’s a tough job and with the full hundred on the JLP and David Smith being released in the Mainstream Foreign media…well hell I would get nervous too if I were him. Remember the private meetings with Michael Misick , James Robertson , David Smith and Jamaica’s Finance Minister Audley Shaw in TCI?…hell I might get a little nervous…and to accept money that was stolen from Jamaican people for a campaign…..yeah I might get a little nervous….and to know that cabinet ministers take money from people all police and put in them account and get pay but don’t let the people in their account know….hell i would get a bit nervous and might feel ill yes..

  3. Sirach,

    Which foreign mainstream media?

    Post the links man.. post the LINKS!!!

  4. lol that along with the other ads, taken now with consideration of all that’s going on sure is funny!

    Portia and team should re air some of those ads now just for kicks 😉

  5. Sirach ,
    you still awake , well me have one tuh !

    works for me …..

  6. OK me all set now,

    So tell me where we can read about this Sirach ,

    (Michael Misick , James Robertson , David Smith and Jamaica’s Finance Minister Audley Shaw in TCI?…)

    wha dem a split up the 250 mill? , wha bout the lawyer dem .
    Dem get ting Paid ? remember dave have to pay the vig !

  7. (properties belong to Noel Strachan of World Wise has or have been been illegal transferred to an Investor.)

    when thief steal from thief , god smile and Sirach talk …….

  8. my limited knowledge of matters of this kind notwithstanding, is it really possible that autthorities in Jamaica will pursue the alleged illegal transfer while Noel Strachan is free to roam around wherever and contact his lawyer while world wise investors are suffering? What is wrong with that picture?!

  9. Buenos Dias Smithy. How is the casino there. Come to my table there is a chair waiting for you. Tell my bredrins there that I say MUY RICO! Panamanians love to say that.

  10. BTW bring your own money to the game..not other people’s.

  11. The more unno flinch the tighter the grip. A Smithy you ever watch some top football teams like Barca or Inter or Arsenal? When the game going on and you look at the bench and say bloood …claut…cause the bench full a stars same way. So it is with us….don’t flinch to quick man…your reputation will be diminished early if you do that ….wait man…early days still…..we don’t even tell our first substitute to start warm up.

  12. Sirach,

    A time now fi send in Joe Loope,,, DS can pass the ball all him want , Joe Loope will deal with it, left wing /right wing nuh matter ball a come in ……………………………………………………………………..

  13. DS tek people fi joke …… a nothing . we can do this

  14. Be careful watching closely. There is a difference between being called to a side based on one’s proven talent and a Monday Morning Quarterback.

    Ultimately a MMQ has no significance.

  15. Sirach,

    Are you saying Joe lope can’t do this ?

    Monday morning !
    Mi nuh wake early enough fi dat Sirach …..
    By deh way how the bridge work out , good price eh !

    Anyway deh Panamanian dem know Fe ! and squeaky wheel get the most Hoil !

    Mek Noise nuh !

  16. Mek noise , so DS can hoil deh wheel dem …. every cat have history and DS hate hear squeaky wheel …

  17. Ah bwoy what a fretration. If you have taken money out of Olint or from Olint as the records are showing…and such money was never earned but rather directly the property of others (Who no name David Smith) then…you have to make some arrangements….what a la-la……All who a bragg bout how much X times dem did get..hahahahaaa…..bloodclaut!…..Was the money trading gains?….bloodclaut……or was it other people’s money?…Rass……the Hallmark List shows it bredda……it show what you put een and wha you draw…..

    ‘Everybody get ready….whoo whoo…come do the rock steady..shabbaboom time again….”

    If you got a sponsorship or a donation… sure the money belonged to David Smith for him to “give” you……shabbaboom time again….every posse get ready…whoo whhoo….come do the rock steady…..

    “But i spent the money already”..hhaha…shabbaboom time again…..dum dum …..

  18. Memories of Trafigura. “Give” what never was yours…

    ….but you can’t run away from yourselves….

  19. David Smith set up the brainiacs in amost cold way…..Smithy oh God man…how you do them like that man?

  20. Smithy, you cold as ice. You drop 8 million US Dollars on the JLP. The money was not yours. you never earned it. The elves siphon off some. And the rest get spent. Meanwhile you never told them from how long you are under worldwide investigation…you cold bredda…them all buy your special treatment hook line and sinker while everything was being watched…cold bredda….

    Smithy no pride as a Jamaican? Poor little Don Wehby now must face them at the table to try beg some money for us and they look in his eyes Knowing bredda….that the said Don Wehby and his crew take the teefing money from you….The man tries a start on zero credibility…..he has nohing to put up for them about the teefing money..

    Smithy you know they are simple people. You know they are jus trying a little hustling in the politics….and you double cross them and laugh after them so…you cold as ice…what a set up…

    You don’t respect our leaders?

  21. Ralston Hyman chastised the Government for being slow to inform the nation about a serious issue that has become global.

    “No disrespect, but for the minister (Shaw) to be telling us that nothing will happen to Jamaica is ridiculous,” said Hyman.

  22. Again

  23. What did you do Mr. Shaw?

    Your time now…over to u.


    “Jamaica’s ability to raise money on the international capital market is now nil,” said Ross, agreeing with the minister who said that access to the international capital market now is near to impossible.

  25. However, it seems unlikely that Shaw will be able to travel to
    Washington DC this weekend for the annual International Monetary Fund/World Bank Group meeting, as well as discussions which were scheduled with representatives of the World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) on financial support for Jamaica.

    Will Shaw be the scapegoat for the US 8 Million Dollars from Olint?

    Congratulations Mr. Wehby….or is Commisserations?

  26. He described Jamaica as “almost there in getting the US$250 million”

    Now where did I hear that before….oh yes I remember

  27. You are right Mr. Wehby..let us put politics aside. If GraceKennedy and Co Ltd. Had taken the 8 million US dollars from Olint…..tell us what would have happened.

  28. Have you absorbed the information? Class we are behind schedule so we have a lot of material to cover.



  29. Sir,

    I’m trying very very hard… but I think i need glasses, cause some of the words I’m reading aren’t very clear.

    Wonda if smaddy can read dem to me so mi can tek eeen di less before exam time come roun!

  30. Sirach,

    Smitty pay out gone , nobady gway have fi give back and nobady gway pay , what lef gway pay deh praw praw dem to keep him cool….. this is time for Joe lope … send in joe lope sirach !

  31. Sirach,

    You hitting close to base. Wonder how many other people going to end up in hospital before this “game” of woe is over? Bellvue perhaps? Lord what a calamity!

    **wondering aloud** I wonder what stress really put him there? Hm… and nobody did think bout the banking trail thing? Rahtid!

  32. those who can run will run,but what about those who cant they will have to stay.Its already a low budget life for some who were recently high on the hog.When Teacher buss it tonight there will be weeping and wailing and more jumping off high high buildings.We might have to set up a pegasus watch.Will be in class early Teach come fully prepared for the question and answer section.

  33. Guys,

    You are falling again for another of Sirach’s promises? How many hours of sleep have we all lost waiting for the ‘full hundred’? He doesn’t even bother to use that term anymore.
    I was once a disciple/student but the teacher disappoint me too often. I bet you no class no keep tonight! Anyone want to bet?

  34. Sirach have all a we on a string, I bet later this evening him talk bout we must wait til midnight, like him is a vampire.

  35. Rass…..u know cally u have a good point,i too may just miss class an go gal bush rather than wait on Count Sirach

  36. At least you bound fe get the full hundred there, no if nor maybe like our goodly teacher

  37. Teacher Sirach, are you still there?

    Bwoy, you have some disrespectful students. No badda suspend we from school.

  38. Cool !

    Sirach deh with Joe lope , dem a go deal with this ……………….

  39. Watching Closley
    Mi a guh tell teacher se yuh a call him a faggot,bout him deh wid Joe Lope…….Fiesty.

  40. This is all u got? The full hundred ?HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAH!

    Nothing new here folks, u oracle just feeding you all the stuff him hear on the street. Took him enuff time to compile it all together. A very looooooong time him slipping.

    I guess now him going hold it back again as some punishment.

    hahahahahahahahahahahaah !

    What a joker.

  41. Sirach, We have all gone down this road before.
    Fool me once…. fool me twice….

  42. Winston niney,

    If yuh no know joe lope then keep quite! this is above you,tek
    your rectum argument elsewhere , we nuh play dat ! dat is fi yuh and Smitty …

  43. Watching Closely:

    How do you know what Smithy is getting? Are you a (**) peeping tom. Watch it man. You might be peeping in the wrong key hole.

  44. K. So lets be honest guys, how many of you/us, read this blog with hopes of hearing ‘good news’ vs. how many people read it for little more that daily entertainment??

    Whether or not ‘sirach’ knows anything meaningful (and don’t get me wrong he may very well know ‘the full hundred’…. or not) doesn’t really matter. At this point all it is is entertainment.

    There is nothing that Sirach or anyone else could tell you that would change a thing…. We’ve all not been paid in basically a year, but yet how many people have filed law suits? how many people have actually checked and tried to pursue avenues to get back their investments?

    I bet a whole lot more have simply sat back and said ‘i’ll just wait and see what happens’ even worse a whole lot more who WANT to take action, don’t because if they were to take action people would know that they were ‘foolish’ enough to not only invest in olint, but invest millions in olint.

    At this point guys, if you’re not going to take action and pursue whatever LEGAL channels there are… then just sit back and enjoy the entertainment.

    If ‘sirach’ does say anythign that turns out to be true (which… he very well might 😉 ) then so be it.. if not… at least we got some good laughs……….. very EXPENSIVE laughs for those of us that lost money.. but still.. good laughs none the less

  45. Well you know what smitty give yuh ,quack ,quack …..

  46. Why is there no traffic to TCI,,,,, rahtid smitty tek millions and no body go find out anything … well me can say nuting gway happen , no money gway drop and smitty gway free fi do what him want , a just so …………… !

  47. Settle down class… too flipity. settle down. Can’t leave you for a minute and you are up to your antics.

  48. If you can’t stay up late then whose problem is that? Mine? i told you. If you can not swim…..don’t go in the water. That is for all of you on both sides.

    This is not MM the food man…..It is worse than that.

    Smithy knows… instead of flipping and hiding and reading why don’t we let unno tell what you know.

    Careful…..9 times out of 10 when we ask a question…we know the answer already. It’s called Rhetoric cally.

  49. Sirach is not about games. Sirach is not about ego. Sirach is not about profile.

    Yes, Sirach is competitive. Sirach reserves the right to enter any “game” you want to bring to him.

    understand this. Whatever little leauge of persons or profilers or whatever you are used to “playing” with if you will ….that ois irrelevant to Sirach. If you set the game I play and I play to win. Full Stop.

    Any others involed or sideliners or your connections or your ego ….well you need to check that at the door if your intention is to compete with Sirach.

    Sirach and nobody is size.

    If your ego is hurt that you can’t tell your fans that you can win with me…then that is not my problem. You either accept your loss or you tell your fans a lie that you have won. Either way it does not mean anything to me because I know the truth.

    You set the game. Don’t bawl to me that you want to change rules in the middle of the game you brought to me?

    If you can’t manage then stop run your mouth and try and showoff that me and you are size.

    Me a sit quiet in a corner while a whole bunch of boys and you a frolic. No problem. But if you run come in my spoace then you must realise that it is not no bwoy business over here.

    You and the fans go hold your corner and believe in your “greatness” over there together in your corners.

    Mi no inn nuh bwoy business. Over here you have to earn a status. There are no free rides. If you and the fans know that there are no ratings for all of you in this corner then either you accept it or you choose to try rule up my corners if you will.

    But it is strait swimming over here not pampers business.

    Do not jump into the water if you can not swim. I not in no mood to save somebody who thinks that they are something that they are not.

  50. I play high stakes…..not casino and profiling low stakes. I reapeat. I play high stakes. It is the game of choice for me. Hard to find a table at those levels. I*t is not common. 99% of who calls themseves high rollers have never been exposed to real high stakes.

    If you bring high stakes…then let’s play man…come on…don’t try to adjust something in the middle….high stakes. Winner takes all…..there is no ante….no raising…in high stakes it is winner take all….bring it on.

    i not going to lie. From the quality of game standpoint it is frustrating when you think someone has brought a good high stakes challenge then only to whine….i mean i will take the victory but the quality of the game and the opponents becomes a real let down.

    And NO I am not going to step down the level…..them games was for a long time back when I was up and coming. When you have the experience certain things just can’t spark your interest.

  51. Don’t come start the game and then run. You start and I decide when it ends.

  52. When I say I am finished then and only then are you free to return to your levels.

    I cannot make it any simpler. That is just how it goes. If you doubt ..I can’t change that.

  53. Coming in and running is not an end. You must have my permission for the end.

  54. I am not giving you the benifit of the doubt and your “benifit of the doubt” is nothing to me. i don’t know if that means something to anybody else. But don’t be fooled IT MEANS NOTHING TO ME. Better you ask me if it has some meaning to me and you will get your answer directly from me.

    Nobody is my boss and I don’t rate people.

    Goodnight all.

  55. I’ll take it up a notch….for the feisty comment about “benefit of the doubt” Look like you to green to understand certain things. Is not MM dis.

  56. Let us take it up on the levels….then we will see whose benefit of the doubt had substance.

  57. You Ready?

  58. Sirach ,

    Yawn ,,, mon a dem time yaso you up Sirach ? you sure yuh a no a rent a cop ! security ?.. Sirach you are night security , (Yawn ) kiss mi rah , Sirach das why yuh know si much you was Olint security Guard … LOL…….

    Well anyway mi cool with it , so , when we can get the hundred …. unless you want to tek it up to a higher level
    say , Sargent … LOL……..

  59. Mr. Wehby, you ready? it is nor St Georges College this. Welcome. Sirach said it happen and it did. Welcome real life and real contenders. This is not UWI. You will find out how small fish look relative in the real big pond. Academics never put us in the same leauge but you have climbed and reached. Let us begin with the 8 million US$ the JLP took from that idiot David Smith. I’ll give you a hint Mr. Wehby. It was stolen money. Of course, you knew that already.

  60. OBG, DW, AS, DV, and the elves get yourself in a little study group and practice an answer to the question because it seems the idiot has left you High and Dry.

    hmm…payoff $$ a run short…

    You will be asked the question in another important forum so don’t listen Sirach if you are truly confident in your own babble…you hear.

  61. Forget bout the corn if you want . For me a badman for every name you call including your own.

  62. It is sad the way people have used the bredrin and true their lust for money have turned him against his true friends. But he is a big grown man. if he allows them to do this then he has bound my outstreched hands and sealed for himself a horrible destiny.

    Add all the years that these fagots know him all together and it come not near how long i have been with the brother long before we knew what a dollar bill even look like too tough.

    After I have dealt with the pending issues with the brother, issues that he has brought upon me in inequity and vanity….yes after that hour that is upon us I shall deal with the conspirators who mash up the bredrin… by one by one….I PROMISE.

  63. BTW I shall not render unto them the patience that i have dealt with the brother….their justice shall be swift and merciless!

  64. As usual nothing to say Sirach, I guess Rob was right. It’ s about time we even stop responding to teacher because she always come with nothing much to share.

    Sirach/Teacher is it true that you were Smithy’s Personal Body Guard that was let go by him? I know you had access to allot of information and saw allot of things.

    Sirach they have been allot of speculation on who you might be over at the Wealth Blog. They have this list over there.

    1. Body Guard
    2. Personal Assistant
    3. Boy Toy/Lover……….***
    4. Baby Sitter (2)
    5. Ex-Pilot, Mr.Butta
    6. Ex- Partners
    7. Ex-Lawyer
    8. Ex-Banker
    9. Ex-Fishing Buddy JW
    0. Ex-Trader****

    They are saying they know who you are and where you are located you change IP’ addresses very much but they have posted it over at the other blog so I guess a couple hacker/IT guys got you local. One person IT/Hackers have said that they copied all you files from your desktop along with some images and will be posting them soon I would love to see what you look like teacher. This way I guess class will be more attended. Have a good weekend teacher

  65. Unno mash di brother dung….a fi mi bredda one time…unno can stomach the same poison you feed him…ehhh counselor? nih hear mi a talk to you….you neva tell him seh true Olint empoloyee a ride you daughter a night time seh it would not be right to represent the bredrin…no…you rather brainwash him and get a money.

  66. your Feedback, It is no secret who I am. Ask David Smith yourself. He will tell you. BTW after he tells you who I am. Ask him if I give a f^^K who you are.

  67. No need to get testy Babe**** I only post what i read and read what i post.

  68. your FEEDBACK, let me let u in on a well known secret (because I blogged part of it already here) One day one of my inbox’s just went before my eyes and i told u guys. The bigger heads can come on to my computer..they always do…they don’t do it in a Clandistine manner….the mouse starts moving and clicking…and none of the 10 or so computers i use to blogg carry any PC anywhere type of software……My home has been searched….I’ve been acosted and flown around the place friends…..I have had documents taken from me all kind of places….no copies..originals….sometimes no notification of docs taken …is just my masterlist can show me what is gone…..

    This doesn’t happen to u guys? I’ve been humbugged at entry points where I posses full paperwork…I have been at POE where the exact opposite it’s like I am waved through…….Yes I believe my phones are tapped….a mean what else…..Yes people make calls to me with other people there wherever listening….anyone on my computer then becomes like a clone and who is who see everyting…Can i blame them? I can’t stop them? they obviously have the ability… I act different from who I am?….F^^K no…….I have been accused…but you know…the really strange thing (honest because i don’t give it too much thought) there are poeple out there who have told me about some things that happen to them and in comparison If u will ,I don’t have that much to complain about.

    Look I take an optomistic outlook and hope that what is happening with schemes in Ja and dubai etc whatever….comes to a positive ending for all involved ….you know? Civillians, idiots, simpltons, politicians and others…Truly

    But the fact is that I deal with my issues. Thanks for all the help I know you guys want to give a so on….but The buck has stopped here and it is my responsibility to correct the situation…if you will….

    Now will people get hurt, distraught, confused etc. Probably I suppose. But to each his own. I deal with responsibility head on….others might not…no problem….but there is a problem when one thinks that they can take on responsibility that is mine and vice versa….so

    you know….If you want to take on Sirach?… fine cause Sirach going to deal with responsibility as it comes…..but I must question how it is people would actually drop their own responsibility to study someone else’s?

    I wish all of you good luck in whatever the F^^K your individual agenda’s are. Just don’t make it cross mine. (smile).

  69. THE END

  70. Hahahahahahahahahah!

  71. Sign Off

  72. Same ting like last time – no full hundred just empty promises. You have been entertaining Sirach I give you that. But I guess no one besides a few will ever know the full truth behind olint. I cant believe justice is not being served and so many are suffering while others gamble and whore.

  73. Hope for Olint investors or false hope.

    Confirming that one Olint “investor” got paid his principal yesterday.
    Guess he was one of the lucky ones.

  74. rahtid! no – sirach yuh can’t dun! laptop bunup? hell no. you are my main source of high drama and comedy all rolled into one.
    Sometimes it even seem like you have a split personality! Anyway, whatever yuh doing I would love to get the blow by blow.
    Too bad you have to be using 10 diff ip address to puddung di marathon blogging.
    *sigh* Well here’s hoping we’ll all eventually know how the story ends.

  75. Yu sen fi mi back?……Pardon yu mumma!

  76. I dare you.

  77. You want to hear wha the boy say bout unno? You want to hear the tape????

    No. Decide what you want to do and THEN I will let you hear the tape AFTER your decision.

  78. looks like like the same Kool Aid a flow. He runs NOTHING but more importantly neither do YOU.

  79. Sirach,

    Never stop because the true will come out sooner or later.

  80. Sirach, Come on man – Axe to grind, grind, grind, hot air , and not much else. What is the point?

    Jay, can you confirm that someone got back their pricincple? For most of us, that would be enough at this point.

  81. From today’s Gleaner,

    “Indeed, circumstance and Mr Shaw’s illness provide Mr Golding with an opportunity to find a safe constituency for the technocratic Mr Wehby, to properly assign him the job and end the charade of having Mr Shaw at the helm. This is a strategy in which Mr Golding is quite versed. Ask Derrick Smith.”

    Gleaner you cold as ice. But Mr. Wehby will have to come to the table about the 8 milloion US$ the Party took from Olint and David Smith first. They accepted stolen property. Give Wehby a chance to answer to what is in front of him now. He must try to clear his name (God knows how) before he tries to prance as Jamaica’s Minister of Finance. the stage has long ago been set for him to answer to that ….so time runs short for him.

    The homework has been done and it has been done well. Is not St. George’s this.

  82. There shall be NO moving on or “change course first mate” UNTIL our matter is dealt with.

    You can try to move on without our consent. Sure. Go ahead. Be my guest.

    I am Ready.

  83. Oh Pardon me, but maybe Mr.Wehby might have a more impressive job to get…….hammm…..

    Deal with sirach’s matter. Now.

  84. ‘And it is written……up in the boooook of life….’

    Stephen Marley.

  85. “Now the PNP are out there trying to spin the refusal of the Ministers to give information to the Commission. So they want the people to think the Commission is lying. Well we have seen well crafted lies from the PNP for the past 5 years and no one is prepared to believe them. They can never be believed. They have no trust and the people have been betrayed. The commission has no axe to grind and if they say the PNP Government is not giving information we could believe that because all of them have a lot and we know, a lot to hide. The information that the commission have about the Immigration change office, the sale of Permanent Residency certificates, sale of Belongerships and the sale of land is terrible and it came from members from members of the public- not Ministers or anyone in the PNP. So we all know that they are not giving up the information but people with sense are still exposing them. All one really has to do is scan the document and email it to the commission. Yeah just send it in especially now that the deadline for the commission has been extended to February. We have more time to send in more papers, Government records, accounts and any truth we can find. We have to fight the spin against the commission by continuing to send in the truth.”

    TCI Journal….

    What’s up PB, CB, RM, JM…etal what’s up……have a good week.

  86. “It is obvious that the Country will not be able to return to its feet without concerted action by all of its citizens to recover some of the millions of dollars of land and money that has been stolen. Along with whatever efforts are undertaken by the British, the public too will need to gain “standing” within the courts, here in the Turks and Caicos, in Britain, as well as in the United States, in order to make certain that their interests are fully reflected in the recovery efforts.”

    TCI Journal.

  87. “The Commission principles have once again announced that they have requested information from the Ministers which indicate their personal holdings (financial statements ? ) but what has been sent in has been inadequate. While this is not surprising we did find some tainted humor in the comments of Laurance O’Dea when he stated that if the information was not forthcoming those not submitting information would have to respond to a summons and testify before the commission what O’Dea said was “we do have teeth”

    TCI Journal.


    Let us do the math. Octbober 19th comes before November 17th…..Yes Correct. And then the the…well …let’s not bother with the cabose right now. One thing at a time because some reps can’t multitask…very well.

  89. …then add this and that and then…oh damn the pressure from Worthington …oh dear a lot of squirming this week and a lot of tightening…boy the reps took the little fools money and carried him wide….

  90. Them cold….before them watch them daughter a night time and try give some good advice and introduce the clinic them rather lead the poor bredrin wide….

    Honest i don;t think he can manage what is to come….

    Get the man some help nuh man??

    ….and I have been throttling easy!……..what about when I step on the gas?

    Give the man some help man. Stop chat shit in his ears.

  91. do you think you are going to make it to November 17th? You really think that?

  92. A Chimp….

    Sirach watch them tings live in living colour yu know…Seen…..We grow pon it.

  93. This one for you boss.

  94. Nice little selection to start the working week.

  95. Class we have to strat planning our class Party! don’t tell me you forgot about the class party! I have made arrangements for most things but I want some input from you. It won’t be a surprise party this time.

    We have work to do. So many sponsors want to come on board but we have to vet them right. We check first before we cash checks.

    Also we have to form consensus on some other aspects. you know the massive is in the mood for a free session.

    The sound? Don’t even go there……you done know.

  96. Special request to ESEB

  97. Lata.

  98. @ Sirach..

    this blog, and the other is falling off.. when there is no news, people take time and move on.

    if you have something, then put it out there, so that it can be debated.

    This blog used to have a lot of hits, but most of the faithful hardly post anymore, because there is no news to post around.

    Without meaningful news, a blog will die

  99. It will die when the guilty ones go to jail.

  100. cull, AML…they are all there. Call to them and they will come…..even olint for life is there. They are in adiffrent mode because they never thought the problems would actually come onto them. They thought the idiot would have to bear everything alone. Tbhey were naive. Some also have left their computers for office appointments. The other blog has been off before it started.

    People Busy…but not about moving on…..more about trying to save their assess….you dig?

    Everything in life has phases….I told you this….we are nearing the end of phase 2…..right on the cusp….and they know that phase 3 is short and merciless…and also i finish phase. None of the big players taking this into the New Year……the smaller players are manageable….but the ego’s and the BS talk has evaporated and is laughable…..they know is one open window…no gimicks no games……will they opt for phase 3?…..very doubtful and that would prove that they really lack understanding.

  101. Phase 3 is when the International Superstars come off the bench for the first time and we bomb the John with unwavering relent. Their net will rock by the minute. They don’t want that. Some younger fools will try to raise objections but the older ones who have the experience will put them in their place.

    Will wisdom prevail? Who cares? I not going for no ball out of my net.


    CEO –Chief Embezzlement Officer.

    CFO– Corporate Fraud Officer.

    BULL MARKET — A random market movement causing an investor to mistake himself for a financial genius.

    BEAR MARKET — A 6 to 18 month period when the kids get no allowance, the wife gets no jewellery, and the husband gets no sex.

    VALUE INVESTING — The art of buying low and selling lower.

    P/E RATIO — The percentage of investors wetting their pants
    as the market keeps crashing.

    BROKER — What my broker has made me.

    STANDARD & POOR — Your life in a nutshell.

    STOCK ANALYST — Idiot who just downgraded your stock.

    STOCK SPLIT — When your ex-wife and her lawyer split your
    assets equally between themselves.

    FINANCIAL PLANNER — A guy whose phone has been disconnected.

    MARKET CORRECTION — The day after you buy stocks.

    CASH FLOW– The movement your money makes as it disappears
    down the toilet.

    YAHOO — What you yell after selling it to some poor sucker
    for $240 per share.

    WINDOWS — What you jump out of when you’re the sucker who bought Yahoo @ $240 per share.

    INSTITUTIONAL INVESTOR — Past year investor who’s now locked up in a nuthouse.

    PROFIT — An archaic word no longer in use.

    🙂 😦

  103. a who pull mi previous post ? say wah !

  104. Sirach – JIS

    Jamaica “dis”-information Service ,, LOL……….

    Sirach PNP a lie this last 5 yrs ,,, ahhh longer dan dat … breda..

  105. So are there any believers left standing?

  106. watching…You REACH a big school now! Congrats. You start see posts disappear in front of your eyes. Congrats. you know I am a prefect now. My posts getting pulled from June. Welcome. I was in the students Union the other day and some have been suspended and some have been expelled. What? you thought your classmates were just in study hall all this time?

    Anyway my mock results are in long time. I didn’t tell you? I got a scholarship to a very prestigious forum overseas. You should see the facilities for research that the new school has! Some of the class have gotten regional scholarships but I don’t see anyone I know from our town here in this Ivy League. It is a high level curriculum here. I can’t wait tosend back word to all the local teacher’s about how thorough and serious they are about work here.

  107. You still believe you were going to ever be allowed to read my reknowned thesis called “the full hundred” here?

    Jack mandora….

  108. watching closely, on October 14th, 2008 at 1:18 am Said: “Sirach – JIS

    Jamaica “dis”-information Service ,, LOL……….

    Sirach PNP a lie this last 5 yrs ,,, ahhh longer dan dat … breda..”…

    Watching closely:

    I think you are confusing Jamaica’s PNP and TCI’s PNP. No? (Per Sirach’s earlier post).

  109. Watching, Oh yes I know all who lying whether orange team or green team even yellow team… know yellow team? They have a library over here you see….it has millions of volumes….PNP and JLP alike…they have information that surprises even me. It’s really a different world over here.

  110. Davesin…that’s why I asked if yellow team was known. I guess there is a reason that I don’t see many from back home when I am in the hallowed halls.

  111. You still blame me for the folly of the famous midnight class?

    Ay bwoy..

    Well look on the bright side….Jared Martinez said “you can repeat as many time as you like.”

  112. The deadlines are tough here. They don’t play. Just one assignment has to be in before November 17th….I hear interest in the rights are around.

  113. What a bidding! My rate sheets show healthy growth by the day!

  114. Again

  115. Sirach,

    So which school should students attend so we can not only read your thesis titled “the full hundred” but also hear what the other local teachers have to say 😀

  116. He won’t make it as far as they would like. If you live in a glass house don’t throw stones. Even your reps should know this. I can bring down their house as I can yours.

  117. Long time no visit. Seems like everybody is on the edge of their seats. Bad News on top of Bad
    News on top of your lawyers are as insecure as you…bad economy…..more bad news…. guys at the top barely literate not understanding….no scapegoat…no lynching… bawling on the phone line and a crowd that has been held back just waiting for a word from the likes of Sirach..

    Jesus Kid…..were you that stupid?…….money frighten you?…..are you that insecure……..jesus kid get some help cause ‘come see is come see’ that part never changes….Who you think is top scapes the bottom.

    No even one once of expose for all the money?

  118. Smithy, If a da way deh you wan go…well a so.

  119. Sick a dat.

  120. Why di you wait?

  121. Welcome.

  122. you stay from far eeh….why you don’t come in the arena since you feel you a di Don fi everything? ehh don…come nuh?

  123. I will confirm the message. I look forward to seeing you in person….it’s been a while. Yeah man…in person…not no likke send bitch.

  124. Hey…why waste time? you could have called ….even collect. you sure you don’t want to save me the confirmation?

  125. We are most grateful for your continued patience and understanding in this difficult time.

    We acknowledge and empathize with members who are facing financial difficulties. We want to let you know that we continue to work prayerfully and diligently to bring resolution and have been in constant touch with our trader. At this time he continues to wait the reconvening of the courts of Turks and Caicos Islands so that the resolution to his situation can be finalized.

    We will continue to share information as it becomes available.

    Our call centre is available via telephone and e-mail to answer any questions you may have. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Again we wish to thank you for your continued patience and especially your prayers.

    Management and staff



  126. Lewfam, your trader is a madman con artist. Nothing will happen for your investors….not on Nov 17th and not any other date. Lewfam, you will go to prison with your trader.

    Unfreeze turks to pay what?

    Lewfam investors,

    Lewfam has conned you. Lewfam continues to con you. You are helping Lewfam to get away from Justice.

    Yes your money is being spent but not on you.

    Unregulated Financial
    Organizations Witness Statement Form at

  127. Their rumor mill has started up again. The Lawyers travel itinerary’s get busy. The client is drunk and bawling as usual.

    People like Lewfam say they are in touch with the trader as if it is some badge of honor. They continue to pray for their con.

    Lewfam the trader tries to call us. We can forward his calls to you if you like….we don’t want to speak to a theif..

    Unregulated Financial
    Organizations Witness Statement Form at

  128. The reason the full hundred can not get to u.

    Several bloggers are being blocked. this is fact. unfortunately until that situation is corrected you will be unable to get the full hundred right now. It will come out in another forum but not right at this moment.

    If you are not being blocked say “I.” We wait and see if our blocked brothers and sisters can come back to us.

    Unregulated Financial
    Organizations Witness Statement Form at

  129. Heartfelt thanks and commendations to the masses of Jamaicans, many less fortunate than myself.

    Your militant stand for your rights has been admirable. i am sure Bob would be pleased. you know if Bob were with us in the flesh he would just call these cons and they would have to tell the truth and tell it quick. No gimmicks. “through the power of the most high.”

    Your efforts have stopped Carlos Hill and he prepares the prescription as we speak.

    The other schemes are still spending your money. will you let them spend it all?

    Organizations Witness Statement Form at

  130. when we are awaiting prayer to get back our money, then it is better we go and work .

    because it is only thru prayer and work

  131. From the Observer

    Dear Editor,

    I lost my job in July 2007 and invested with Olint. The interest I was getting from my investment helped me to maintain my mortgage, car payment, electricity bill, gas bill, etc.

    Now, with Olint TCI on hold, small investors like me are suffering greatly, especially with no jobs available in my area and being over 55 years old.

    Why can’t Olint’s David Smith continue to do business while the investigation continues, if that is felt necessary? I know Mr Smith will be cleared of any and all accusations. In the meantime, I suffer.

    Alfred Ross

  132. Dear Mr. Ross,

    I am sorry to hear about your Job loss in 2007. It is with regret that I inform you that monies you claim to have taken out of Olint belonged to others. It was stolen property. Yes when you collected it you were taking stolen property.

    Olint continued to operate despit a cease and disesist order. David Smith has never been restricted from trading. He has traded recently and lost. David Smith is a con man. With that in mind can you please tell us how you know, “he will be cleared of any and all accusations.” Such a statement is in direct contradiction to the stance of his legal representatives. So someone is lying. I do hope for your own sake it is not you Mr. Ross.

    Organizations Witness Statement Form at

  133. a couple more things Mr. Ross…..

    Did David Smith hire his motley crew of Lawyers to help you? Have you heard from them? Do you know it is your money they have recieved? How come the “great trader of millions” can’t help you now? Do you know where most of his lawyer’s clients reside now?

    Revamp the Resume Mr. Ross…..David Smith has recommended that you start looking for a job.

    Organizations Witness Statement Form at

  134. Mr. Ross,

    Contact David Smith’s attorneys. I am sure they are willing to lend you some money and other professional assistance for free. After all you are such a loyal member.

    If you have trouble contacting them for any reason you might want to try this link.

    Organizations Witness Statement Form at

  135. Bwoy mi must say dis a web site has been a wealth if information lately BC! a weh di updates !

  136. Sirach ,

    Mr Ross money safe !
    DS promise not to spend it until everything settle .. LOL

    DS is now a trader , DS was always a trader , Him trade dis fi dat and perhaps not ……

  137. They live in fear of the three Amigos summit. even their rumour mill started up in earnest today. Stop get flighty so quick….it is early days still. But the three Amigos summit haunts him…..yes he ponders….

    The outsiders wait……but they know too that the time comes upon us fast……

  138. Will it happen? Wait and see. Historic press conference…….all Jamaica awaits.

  139. kull and watching

    Good to see you.Come brothers and sisters let us see who is on and who is blocked.

    For if he can match no single one …then how so shall he even attempt to match three…….

  140. not blocked…. guess I not saying anything of any importance…..

  141. My info is too good to be blocked, but they did edit one of my posts.

  142. beware of duplicate content, posts with too many hyperlinks, and posting too fast.

  143. Remember someone ask me if I was going to start a blog, and I said I was waiting. I found a blog program and a wilipedia program. It has a blog with search capability which this blog does not have. If people on this blog want an unrestricted blog, I will put one up. If I do, my true identity will be exposed. I am willing to stand up against fraud if the bloggers on this board want it. I will not be hiding like investforlife.

  144. and I will be posting a lot of public documents and contracts.

  145. I cant blame the Jamaican public for trying these investment plans because everybody want to be able to make life a little easier for themselves and their family. However some of us went wrong when we invested everything.I have faith that we will get back something , i just want back what i put in their because that was real money they got from teefing money.

  146. What kinds of public documents and contracts if I may ask?

  147. the truth cannot be hidden.. you can easily post vital info on a unrelated blog. thus it cannot be taken down by people here.

    but it is getting ridiculous, that the same charges that was put to the number 4 bus, is being put here.

    this blog is known for giving out info without fear.

    the internet is too vast for anything to remain hidden, or for it to be policed.

  148. AML you seem to post a lot of facts. Most people dont know the full facts. I dont think anyone does, so thats why all the speculating that goes on. Some of us thought we knew because of what we experienced or what we were told from people we trusted. Obviously a big con, bigger than anyone could ever imagine and involving even those who were always crying con and ponzi, took place. So the truth must be revealed and if you have the facts then release them. Honestly people who still in denial will be better able to mve on if they really have the truth. People dont want parables and riddles

    Sirach I really thought you would put things to rest. Put out the information. Do it as a public service so this madness can end.


    You have to understand that it is not as straitforward as that. it has taken years for many of you to empower the schemers. Now their power is not anything to write home about but….we have to crosscheck because they took all your money and paid people of all kinds of stripes.

    Many of unno also run from the blog and run unno mouth ……it’s not for the simple minded. As we help the needy they run to go stab us in the back. We don’t take not stab in the back light. It’s a serious matter.

  150. if you want a place to put it, you can try the old Cash Plus \ Higgins Warner blog. it must be dead.. so I don’t think that the mods over there even care anymore

  151. at the end of the day, these people who do this type of crime , will not get more than a pat on the wrist.. case in point.

    Forger gets three years’ probation

    A woman accused of writing a letter claiming that a client of the bank had US$550 million ($39 billion) in his account when, in fact, he had a balance of US$1,000 ($71,000), was sentenced to three years’ probation.

    Sharon Williams, a former employee of Capital and Credit Merchant Bank, was sentenced yesterday in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate’s Court by Senior Resident Magistrate Glen Brown.

    Forged letter

    Williams had pleaded guilty to forgery in a previous court sitting. Allegations are that in January, Williams forged a letter on the bank’s letterhead for a client, who had a balance of US$1,000 in his account. The letter stated that the client had a balance of US$550 million, and was addressed to a company believed to be Spanish.

    Williams also allegedly signed the letter as the accounts manager, which was not a position she held at the bank when the letter was written.

    Did it to help friend

    Her attorney told the court that his client did not benefit from the fraud, and did it to help a friend. He also said she lost her job at the bank and he doubted she could get a similar job. He also said she was 37 years old and had a child, and he was pleading for leniency.

    After listening to the pleas from her attorney, she was sentenced to three years’ probation.

  152. if you do not use force or violence in your crime, they do not sentence you rough.. even though you cause damage of billions of $$$

  153. We are not Caymanians, Belongers, Yankee Doodle etc. We are Jamaicans.

  154. All who have money in there and do not approach the authorities and come clean remain suspects in a Worldwide investigation.

    you don’t see how some middlemen have started to find money and pay people?

    Why you think they have started to do that? Because dem nice?

    they know who has accounts and who is in under different names. They know who buys the Smith’s groceries. they know who takes money to them. they know who the assoiciates are and who get pay off. they know the big supporters. They know who calls. They know who is called.

    They do not ask of him many questions to which they know not the answer.

    They know who owe tax pon di money….dem know who not coming in to them. Who don’t come in? A dem get the most scrutiny.

    ALL currency traders with any Jamaican link are under scrutiny.

    They have publicly from lond time put out aveniues for you to report. then they watch who come and who nuh come. Dem pick up people of interest at ^$&^% will!

    And some of you talk about “what David will decide to do with the portfolio..” ARE you on MARS? The FBI and many…many…many others are and have been investigating David Dmith and YOU who put money with him.

  155. What freeze in TCI can’t pay unno. Get your source of funds ready.

    Let me ask you all something cause I met some Martians recently.

    Do you think that Barack Obama is going to come from the sky and make you all feel high?

    When they knock on your door you can kiss your money goodbye and also your visitors %%$ VISA’s. unno betta plant some corn in yu backyard. When they come to you you can’t give them no Jamaica talk and say “yes you know i was just on my way.” YOU DIG?

    Unno loved ones deh a school over so pon F1 student Visa? heehheh….

    “Preacher man don’t tell me….great God going come from the sky…” Sing pon dem bredda Bob.

    Dem clock run out…..Merry Christmas

  156. All they want is the slightest excuse to deport a black Jamaican right now. Especially in dem time here now. Cause when white people feel pressure with money you know who they want to send back first. Right? So stay there siddung and don’t do nothing.

    Organizations Witness Statement Form at

  157. See Sirach a give unno piece of the $^^^% hundred deh. digest it quick cause a the surface dat.

    I know many like the part about the middlemen….yeah man….DW a pay money…Lewfam a work overtime fi try a ting…..BW a pay money…..Chester…..he can’t be found…..SJ in Atlanta…….yes you digest?….you ready?……all PB a look bout how fi return the stolen property!……Dem a jump ship! to ra%$%ss.

    Why you think? ehhh Would the brightest student please stand and tell the class why the middlemen and contractors are trying hand over foot to give BACK money?

    ALL BK? him just feed you all kind a talk……a si8mpleton that still.

    All the big official man…….get pay and seh him nuh get pay…..a whole swarm of little con artists have spawned out fro m the master.

    You give Smithy, or Hallmark or Olint your money? Or you gave it to someone else so that you have no recourse to your boss?

    food for thought ehhh?

    Stay there and feed on middleman talk about hoe YOU knew the money was going to disappear because YOU knew the risks. those of you who want to stay in the schoolyard and discuss under tree “Contract” and other BS stay and play…….

    the rest of you report to class because it seems that investforlife is ready to make me continue this time.

  158. Even the OLINT rumour mill trying to get credits by saying out there people being paid. Yes some people are being paid. BY THE MIDDLEMEN AND WOMEN!

    Because they don’t want to go to jail…call them for your money before it runs out.

    Those who are direct with the acessible one….the great caring leader…the polite and respectful holder of your funds…the truthful one…well you need to go here:

    Organizations Witness Statement Form at

  159. you can also e-mail ACP Les Green at

    The entire staff at the Office of the Prime Minister are aware of the situation are working feverishly to together with you bring Justice to those who have done wrong against Jamaicans both here and abroad.

  160. YAAAYYYY!

  161. Sirach
    So tell me is this the same Prime minister whose cabinet members “allegedly ” made sure to get thier payout the day before the Ruption?

    Or is the same PrimeMinister whose party “allegedly ” took peoples money from Ds to un thier campaign ???
    Please enlighten me

  162. Yes…..there has been a change of heart. And i don’t mean Audley’s he is fine.

  163. They are on our side now. Unreservedly. Ask them.

  164. The Leaders are working to return the US 8 Million given to the party by David Smith and should be finished as soon as they check to see where it all actually went.

    Sometime before the end of the year there should be a Hardtalk episode on the BBC with Stephen Sackur on the OLINT matter.

  165. Sirach,

    U are the biggest fraud of them all. This public information that u claiming is part of the full 100 is nothing to those persons who have a general perspective of this situation. It only mean something 2 the people who really have no clue of what spawned out of OLINT.

    I would love for you to confirm the integrity of the information you have posted as an outright fact, rumours are rampant, however none of them have been proved.

    So u calling out some of the MIDDLEMEN whos names u just recently find out about. Big deal! By the way u missed a couple significant ones. So u hear bout a few people runnings in dis ting. Took u long enuff to reach this point, but u still have a ways to go. I must tell how impressed I am that u also have the inside scoop regarding the FBI playbook, Govt involvement/coverup here and abroad. As well as u longtime bredgrin DS. The impressive resume expands week to week, I suppose that means that u growing to like us simple folk and beginning to open up.

    Funny tho! U full 100 not quite so full, it come in more like a Full 100 loads of bullsh#t.

    Since u so connected I begging u please give us some real worthwhile information that can b used 2 either get people their money, or bring the alleged perps to final justice. I think that is the least u owe u students, show dem some mercy man, u could neva b so wikid.

    This name calling speculative rumour mill u running is getting real old. The only people here eating u information are the innocent victims, who did not know the terrain of this OLINT fiasco. They are grateful 2 u for the primary and flawed information u feeding them. But half truths are truly another injustice u deliberately imposing on dem.

    Look like ur FULL 100 a get payout @ a rate of 10% a month, starting in 9 months time. Hahahahahahahahahah!

    I going repeat what I have always said from the start;

    The people who know what is really happening do not discuss it on this blog. It is funny how sooo many of the ones here who have in the past claimed to know the full 100 have faded out, however we still have some affected fools continuing on with their charade.

    Look! Feel free 2 educate and inform those who are truly ignorant of this disappointing situation of what u do know, I am in full support of that. However do not take a portion of the facts and mix them in with hearsay and rumour then tell people that u giving dem the the full 100.

    That is just dishonest.

    I done read you hand.

    I commend some of the direction u giving people, but u methods are diabolical. Too bad u students will not know what parts of your rants are valid, from what u conjuring up. I question the fulness of your integrity.

  166. Rob,

    Thanks for the break down on Sirach …..

    now what is your break down on Olint and the money situation
    yuh seem to know sumting , or is just Sirach yuh know about..

    Say what yuh have mon! another perspective is good ….

    1. money deh a TCI ?
    2. What about Panama?
    3. Is the lawyers getting paid ?

    Yes Rob !

  167. OK. Rob. Your the teacher now. Class Rob says i am playing a game. He knows it all and he will be taking over.


  168. Rob,

    Yuh there ? bwoy the radio waves quite here Rob ………..

    SIrach , looksl Like yuh kill a sound bwoy !

    Mike check, Mike Check … alright gwan Rob , a your turn !

  169. Rob I could not agree with you better on sirach.

    Sirach needs to just close him trap and move on if something will go down I prefer to hear it from the real source than from a disgruntled ex friend or lover of David smith no credibility there. Full stop.

    First of all DS had too many friend to even call sirach one.

    Sirach we should probably ask you why you and DS stop being friend, did he catch your hand in the cookie jar?

  170. David Smith has no cookie jar. Ask him.

  171. watching…

    you see bredrin…you see how it hard pon the fool dem….can’t stomach it yu know… know that their own personal God is no higher than what falls in pit toilet for others……there lies the crux of the matter…..that is one of the hardest things for many to deal with……..your own very hero is a fake and nothing in the eyes of others.

    It’s like Obama and Mcain i have asked so many to list a policy or an issue either man has voted on and I still waiting on an answer……you see the issue is one that is based on personal insecurities…and not the issues……so too David Smith uses the people’s insecurities against them and for his own benefit…

  172. you guys are clutching at straws…david has a cookie jar…he was just in Panama gambling from the cookie jar…none will be left to pay out…40% of all money given to david and feeder clubs was paid out to members…the rest has been gambled,jetted,donated, given to PB…after he paid PB in early Jan nothing much was left…the rest is being used to pay lawyers and the shrink he has been seeing..wake up guys..this was just a big con

  173. I think everyone has woken up long ago many are just keeping their eyes open so they don’t make the same mistakes in the future. Anyway it was nice to kindle with many here on this blog I think I will make this my final post for a while until there is credible news. It’s almost Thanksgiving and I think the coming months should be spent with family and trying to make 2009 a even better year. We could be speaking about David from now to the next generation and what would we have gained, shortly not notirarity because no knows us. If he is going to be charged it will happen, If there is money well I would **Hope something would happen** if he is not them the same thing, if he returns home how will that help. This has become almost cult like to some extent it’s like we are following a man ‘s journey even though he has lead many into destruction and we are still so fascinated about this man. I think this is what people should snap out of it has caused many people to become senile, many to become drinkers, many to become suicidal, many to become dreamers, many to become none existent.

    All the best for the new year.

  174. Wellllll its been interesting… I’ll drop you all a line when anyone I know gets back any money from anywhere – if as accordin’ to teacher – people are now afraid (personally I think its too late for that, cause if your name is already under scrutiny how do you negate that? )and trying to give back the money that belongs to others, someone must be getting paid somewhere.

    But then again – if you did get paid would you tell anyone?

  175. Hahahahahahah!

    Once again feel free 2 use me as your 100th excuse as 2 why u not going drop ur hotly anticipated FULL 100. Just remember you are the 1 who made all those claims on this blog, and u are the one who has not fulfilled or backed up any of that chat over a period of months!

    When light shine pon cockroach, him liff clutch back 2 the pit toilet fast!!!!!!

  176. Pot calling the kettle black Mr. Gifford???

    The case for the provision of reparations for slavery has been strongly argued by Attorney-at-law Lord Anthony Gifford, who has said that the descendants of slaves must come together to influence international opinion on the matter. Lord Gifford, who was speaking at a Jamaica National Heritage Trust-organized public forum held recently at the College of Agriculture, Science and Education (CASE) in Passley Gardens, Portland, said that “the slave trade was an international crime of the worst order committed against humanity” and its perpetrators were guilty of one of the worst criminal acts in human history.

    He said that the legal basis for reparation for slavery is very strong and the fact that there were laws in England at the time to formalise slavery was not enough justification for its operation. He pointed out further that other racial groups and indigenous people, who have experienced oppression as a part of their history, have received reparation for such treatment.

    Citing the reparations paid to the Jews by Germany after World War II and the payment made by the United States to Japan following the destruction caused by the unleashing of atomic bombs on that country during the same war, Lord Gifford said the notion that slavery is too long past for compensation to now be provided for the wrongs done during its existence, is unacceptable.

    According to Lord Gifford, an apology is not enough for the sins of slavery, as its dehumanising effects are still impacting the lives of many black people, even though slavery was abolished long ago.

    The slave trade is responsibility for the poor economic conditions existing in many countries where black people form the majority of the population, he stated, arguing that Africa has been made poor by the plundering of its resources and the dehumanisation of its people.

    In encouraging the people of the Caribbean and Africa to be more forceful in the struggle to secure reparations for slavery, Lord Gifford said there has to be a strong moral and political case for such action, as any decision in that regard by international courts is likely to be disregarded because of the limited jurisdiction of such institutions.

  177. Rob I just had to come back for seconds. I totally agree with you on that one. Interesting observation with the (cockroach) I wonder how many Pit toilet sirach keeps digging? we may someday hear that’s where he/she has been getting the FULL 100 from ohhh may God he/she end up under David smith A*s* while he is reading his Sunday paper. Ha-ha. I just had to finish this one for you.

  178. Lord Anthony Gifford, Q.C., and attorney-at-law Hugh Thompson who represented Ramcharan had argued that his designation under the Foreign Narcotics Kingpin Designation Act was applicable only to non-nationals and was a discrimination against Ramcharan by reason of his nationality

    Chi Ching….

  179. Touching on the affidavit of Miller, Lord Gifford, Q.C. submitted that Miller’s
    assertion that he knew the Applicant to be a distributor of cocaine was inadmissible as it
    was hearsay.

    Chi Ching…….

  180. Under the heading “sufficiency of evidence” Lord Gifford, Q.C., argued that as
    there was no evidence that the substances which Newton and Cambridge said they
    transported from Jamaica were ever chemically analysed then there is no acceptable
    evidence that they received marijuana and cocaine from the Applicant.

    Chi Ching..

  181. He said he was going to have dialogue with Lord Anthony Gifford, Q.C., who represented Von Starck in the criminal proceedings. Ms. Kernoll was a hairdresser earning $8,000 per month at the time of her death. Compensation is being sought for her son Tavani Scolaspico on the basis that Ms. Kernoll lost her normal expectation of life and her near relations and estate have suffered loss and damages. The suit was filed on July 27, 2001. Von Starck told the police shortly after his arrest and in a caution statement that he was under the influence of cocaine and did not know what had happened.

    Chi Ching…

  182. Speaking on OLINT’s behalf, Lord Anthony Gifford speaking on Nationwide News Network, effectively confirms that the e-mail is genuine. After days of speculation of whether or not an e-mail was genuine

    Chi Ching….


  184. In a separate case, Bahamian Samuel Knowles, who was extradited to Florida in 2006, was found guilty of two drug counts and ordered to forfeit nearly $14 million of illegal proceeds for bringing thousands of kilos of cocaine to the United States in 1995 and 1996, prosecutors said.

  185. Chi ching…

  186. On Monday, July 21, 2008, Nationwide Radio reported that Olint TCI, TCI FX Traders, Gareth Harris May Daisy and Ingrid Loiten are currently being investigated in the USA, on money-laundering charges.

    As such, all their accounts have been frozen.

    (Olint TCI and TCI FX Traders are companies owned and operated by David Smith, founder and owner of Olint.)

    It was also reported that of the two (2) accounts that Mr. Smith had with FXCM Forex Capital Markets, only USD $3.7 million was left in one (1) account and the other account was empty.

    (FXCM Forex Capital Markets’ FX Trading Station is one of the foreign exchange platforms that David Smith traded on. Foreign exchange trading platfoms allow users to analyze charts, make trades, and track the progress of those trades.)

    Well, this is certainly an important occurence of interest to Olint clients/members and followers of news re Olint.

    No doubt as the investigation progresses, more details will be made known…

    Chi Ching…

  187. Feedback, you get your chi ching yet? Or them leave you out?

  188. Sirach,you prove to evryone you r an ass.Thats why I hardly ever podt here anymore.It seems everyone else slowly leaving this blog because of your bullshit.I spot you long time.You not making any sense.Never have.If you have bone to pick do so but stop the crap on this blog.
    You are the reason many who have something sensible to say avoided this blog.
    I agree with Rob and YOUR FEEDBACK.
    Only thing is I think they should have seen you for what you are a long time ago.An enpty barrel that make a lot of noise.
    I think you should leave this blog alone and let sensible and well meaning people post what they know and feel.
    I’m watching you,


  189. In fact, Wynter offers another interpretation of how Olint is making money. “Is Olint a conduit for money laundering? We don’t know. And that brings us back to why Olint must be licensed.”

    Wynter notes, “Olint or their affiliated firm, LewFam, have never applied to the FSC. People come up to me all the time and tell me that they know that Olint has applied and we did not give them a licence. However, that is not the case and I know where the rumour is coming from.” Wynter suggests a few reasons why Olint chose not to become licensed

  190. How come everybody get so touchy? If I touched a nerve and disturbed you then I empathise with you.

    One thing I can never be regurdless of unno name calling is a SCAPEGOAT for DAVID SMITH and what you let him do to you. These are trying times. People who told me that “they could afford to loose” and hung on to profile and image have done a full 360 degrees.

    I have witnessed it in person and on this blog. If you find yourself trying to malign someone other than the source of your problems and find yourself agrumentative with people who have nothing to do with the money that was stolen from you then;


  191. The prayer groups are not strong enough here. Take my advice: Go see a Doctor.

  192. “I think you should leave this blog alone and let sensible and well meaning people post what they know and feel.”

    O.K mrs…..I will take you up on your offer. Aside from what you feel about me I am sure you can respect that.

    I will not post on the blogg for a period of 5 Days.

    I reserve the right to read what well meaning people post…..and sure I’ll listen to what they feel as well.

    i take you up on the challenge as I am sure the many others here do too.

    With all respect the floor is yours.

  193. “How come everybody get so touchy? If I touched a nerve and disturbed you then I empathise with you.”

    I wonder is who nerves really get touch, can anybody tell? Look like somebody wrinkle 2 me:)

    15 posts in the last 2hours & 17min, none of which contain the FULL 100!!!!!! Somehow I not suprised.

    “One thing I can never be regurdless of unno name calling is a SCAPEGOAT for DAVID SMITH and what you let him do to you.”

    Try get a hold of uself man, dont tell me u in so deep that u cant see what u letting him do 2 u?

    “I have witnessed it in person and on this blog. If you find yourself trying to malign someone other than the source of your problems and find yourself agrumentative with people who have nothing to do with the money that was stolen from you then;


    Go read the above statements 2 uself while u looking into the mirror. Then do something POSITIVE and go tek u own advise.

    This intervention might prove good 4 u. Consider the next 5 days as detox from u addiction 2 posting. Try regain some perspective.

  194. Sirach cannot stay away for 5 days, that is not possible.

  195. Sirach,

    Yuh come too heavy , dat is the problem …… give the people the flip side , dubwise easier fi understand ..

    Dem nuh understand the Lord Gifford analogy !
    Dem nuh understand the money laundering drung link !
    Dem nuh understand say dis a more dan DS
    Dem only wah know weh deh money deh !

    Give dem the full hundred pon de money , becasue if dem can’t ketch quashie dem will go fi em shirt ..

    Mek it worst yuh ask dem fi tell yuh wah dem like bout Barack or McCain , chu man , not everyone watch movie fi the plot , most just have fi like the star bwoy !

  196. Sirach ,

    5 day sabat ! wah ! If yuh tek 5 days , then dat a too much typing when yuh return …


  198. Could someone tell me about this UFO call “SELEX”? Never heard about them before.

    I want my money

    Monday, October 20, 2008

    Dear Editor,

    I tried to save my money and do things the legal way. I invested with Cash Plus, Worldwise and Selex. What can I do to get back my money from all these companies? When will they pay over our money?

    Judith Leeshue

  199. Does anybody know where to find Wayne Smith? I have a peaceful proposal for him.

  200. Hello !
    Hello !
    Anyone home ? LOL………………………

  201. Mrs.

    Everyone is slowly leaving the blog because there is really nothing else to talk about.

    Cashplus dead
    Olint (deafening silence)
    Worldwise paying $300 to persons to keep them ass out of prison
    lewfam/wealthbuilder/capital blu/keen and a whole host of others in a worldwind of trouble
    The latest scam to hit our shores is the lady who has swindled Jamaicans further out of their hard earned cash under the guise of buying a home from NHT they say it is 10million that she swindled.

    Hey i used to post on another site only to find that it pack up and gone like the rest of these schemes LOL .Sooner or later this blog will be next.

  202. I guess it is time for all those who did not invest to say ‘ I told you so’

    all who did invest, to say it was a lesson learned, and they did not expect it from them, or it is God’s way of showing not to lean on material things

    the sad part is that most of the supporters still do not think it was the principals faults.

    which is why they will always live to do it over again. More people are upset with NCB and FSC than with Olint.

    When NCB and FSC were only going by the guidelines while David Smith was feeding us one PDF lie after another

  203. @ Chromatic….I noticed lock up shop and vanished into cyberspace. I was expecting to see many of the members here but see only a few. As you rightfully said..nothing much to say. The UFO’s are all basically dead ! WWP is something else. Few get $5,000 and few get less. Whats the latest on Mr Bandoian & C- ? Deafening silence. Post while you can as this blog may be history soon as well.

  204. But wait !!!….I just clicked on and they are mysteriously back ! Thought they went for good.

  205. I see Sirach running him/her mouth over the other blog #4 allot I guess the 5 day rule was just too much for him/her to handle. Sirach you playing games like your friend smithy.???

  206. I don’t know how reliable this is but I heard a rumor D.S is trading and is still aiming at nine months.
    Funny though,if this is true ,why we have’nt heard anything yet from the lawyers or D.S. himself.
    I wonder what repercussions there is on lawyers if it is proven that they knew of fraudulent acts and still defended D.S.
    FCU of Turks claim that they have still not charged D.S. since they have not yet found anything to charge him with.What they have frozen for D.S apparently is not enough to pay even one investor.
    Something not adding up.
    I know most people think D.S. has squandered all the money.I don’t think so but something is not adding up

  207. JA$100 Million judgement against Richardo Azan/Karen Collings/Money Express Financial filed in Broward County by King Alarm.

  208. mrs,

    Well if this rumour is true lets see if he can turn sand into money LOL.


    I see that is in fact now up and with the same old news as usual.

  209. If the statement D.S. showed of $750 mill was in fact fake,we would have heard something from OANDA either by way of the press or lawsuit.
    Some people claim they called OANDA to get info but remember,OANDA or any other trading platform cannot disclose to anyone information on another party’s account.So therefore,what these people claim Oanda said about D.S cannot be real.
    When D.S. was on radio with Cliff Hughes saying he hopes and prays the $20 mill or so will come through the banks,I think this may be for real.There was $20 mill coming from somewhere TO somewhere and I don’t think D.S. is stupid enough to think it will fall from the sky.
    Think about it.No money in Turks.Rightfully so.The money has no business being in Turks.It has to be in a trading platform being traded which is not in Turks.Just because D.S. lives in Turks does not mean the money is in turks.
    A few million in THE U.S. in Lew Fam account?Of course.Money has to be there floating for encashment requests.Not hundreds of millions which is the speculated size of D.S. portfolio.Because that money should be in the trading platform being traded.
    People say he gambled the money and jetted.
    Now if you are trading and giving returns of 10% or more,then I think it is only fair that you are making 10% or more for yourself.
    On a fund the size of $750 mill,then you are making $75 mill or more a month.
    As far as I am concerned,you can afford a jet and Vegas on the weekends.
    I think D.S paid a heavy price for his political freinds.
    After all, it is no secret he is the one that funded the JLP that’s why they won the elections.
    Possibly,the same JLP fleeced him.
    These are just my observations and thoughts and if anyone has anything to add or thinks I am mislead please feel free to pot your thoughts against me.
    I encourage any reasonably sane person unlike Sirach

  210. Just so you understand how some people are malicious and money hungry.
    When Ricardo Azan was running a Cambio, he was everyones hero.Everyone loved “RICKY”.
    All the under table money etc.Hiding from the tax man.
    Ricky helped a lot of people make money.
    When he started FX trading,the SAME.
    At least when Ricky lost money,he had the courage and integrity to face people and tell them.
    Ricky started life with nothing and attained a high level of success.
    I had money with him and I honest to God beleived that given time he can make it.Maybe a little longer than we may like but he will make it.

  211. Back about Ricky.
    However,some money mongers panic and want to get theirs first and start with the lawsuits.And not surprisingly,those are normally the richest people and most corrupt.
    This only paralysed him and guess what?…Everyone get screwed.

  212. Mrs:

    Do you really believe he lost all the funds (US$45-$65Million) trading?

    I think you made a very good point about the Cambio piece. However, I don’t think he lost the funds trading and he made the statement about the “Bank” going brankrupt without naming the bank.

  213. Mrs your reasoning is flawed. Remember the letter written by DS to wife and the confirmation of that letter by his wife. There is no m,oney left. He is pushing another richard azan. There is some money but not eniugh to pay back ecah investor what they owed. Cents on the dollar or trade himself out based on what he has.

  214. by his lawyer not wife and also revelation by itrade and fxcm.

  215. Based on info from sources there is not much money in oanda. I cannot verify this info but this is based on info obatined by someone who has now filed a lawsuit against olint( will not name names).

  216. About Ricky, the bank in Colorado going into receivership is true.I did check and a bank did go into receivership.Whether he had money there and how much is another question.
    The mistake Ricky did waas he tangled up all his businesses.Ricky traded contracts and futures,Forex online and Cambio and all the funds were interlinked.I think the bank going bust may have started it.He panicked and over leveraged the fx trading and lost again.Double whammy.Some people knew he had investments in some properties and construction going on,that is why they sued.Had an injunction on
    his pr operties so he cannot even access loans to try and build up again.
    The whole problem is some people had no patience.The same ones with the undertable money running from taxes.
    This is why I mentioned the JLP and elections.
    I think he spent way too much money on them for 2 reasons.
    1. In the hope that the problem with FSC will go away and he will be able to operate in peace.Remember strong rumor has it that he offered the PNP to trade Jamaice out of debt.
    2. His buddy Bunting was with the PNP and D.S. must have thought it’s payback time.Rumor has is that he was responsible for the raid on OLINT to begin with.
    Something must have gone wrong with D.S and his political allies.
    Since he spent so much and has a shortfall,that is why I think the nine months came about.
    By the way, maybe you guys never heard,but, apparently,when Ricky had the problems,He was able to access some funds which he turned to OLINT,hence the promise plan to pay that Ricky made.
    If you follow the timelines closely between Ricky and the problems Olint had,you may see a connection.

  217. catd,
    OANDA cannot legally disclose to any JOEBLOE what if any money that D.S. may have with them.

  218. mrs
    a lawsuit can open up records. the court can request this info from oanda.

  219. Was the info about OANDA from a lawsuit.Do we know this?If so,it changes a lot.Also,if the statement that D.S. provided was fake,how come we have not heard anything from OANDA?

  220. Mrs:

    According to the legal document (from link above), Ricky agree to paid US$300k to the lawyers of KingAlarm, plus, he has to sell all his properties in Jamaica and will still be very short of the JA$100M. Assuming that his own attorney fees is of the order of the lawyers for the other side, Ricky seem to have access to close to US$600K or more.

    It appears to me that Ricky is not telling the whole story.

  221. All the regular bloggers have left – where is Needy, Lance, Miachica, Banker etc?

    Though we did not always agree ….they certainly made the discourse engaging…The blog is not the same…..

  222. Fire Pon Rome

  223. Sirach you dont remember this lol!!!!

  224. Booking out a whole first class section for lawyers will not test me Smithy. You know that. You have to come tougher. Make sure your docs to the commission match mine.

    Seeing as you follow everywhere I have been you will soon realise you have to climb many more levels……..I giong to step on the gas… ready?

  225. mrs, my nemisis (on the blog) ask yourself this? what does Oanda owe you?

    Stay tuned. It’s going to get fast.

  226. One more thing….if he is so paralysed…..then how come he pays his lawyers the fees and expenses?

    Believe his hype at your own peril.

  227. BTW Carlos Hill’s time is up.

  228. On a another note…

    looks like the shuffle can’t work….obviuosly one can walk across the floor! hahhaahahahahaaaaa

  229. Oh Dear, Gifford lost again.

    I wonder why the Observer and the Gleaner don’t put things like this on the front page?

    Things that make you go hhhmmm……I suppose.

  230. Sirach Your 5 days is still in effect i think you have 18hrs left. I knew you could not stay away for long! It’s like a drug to you this blog!

    Sirach you are now saying something different than in your previous post

    “Those who quick to say there is no money must have a reason. THINK. I can not spell everything to you here cause the enemy is all over the blogs.”

    Please enlighten us with this statement.

  231. You don’t need to be enlightened Your FEEDBACK, you know everything already. Your math is coming along and your comprehension will improve I’m sure. you’re o.k man.

    Without you the blog would have no real information or help.

  232. GOOD news for higgings investors they are going to pay next month….

  233. Your Feedback,

    Do you want the people to get their money back from the clubs?

    I know Davesin and catd and others want this but do you want this? Is this why you are on the blog? Are you here to help people?

  234. yes i want people to get back their money the money belongs to the people

  235. by the way i am one of those people and if i could print it on the front page of the gleaner i would

  236. When you get the money, let us know. We always hearing about next month. We want something concrete now!

  237. The scam will always continue

    read this bullcrap

    I knew the scammers will always return, but not so soon. So Max will be back with a bang in 2009.

    The great strategy to always return, is always leave the people you scam blaming others but yourself.

    Up to this day people still think that it is NCB, FSC, Regualtors, Auditors, Bad Mind people, Negative People why they have lost their money. they do not believe that they have been conned !!!

    that is key to perpetuate a con… having the people scammed, believe that you are on their side.

    There are some people who even believe that David Smith lawyers are looking out for Olint Investors.. Gifford is looking out for David Smiths interest ( keeping him out of Jail)

    Of course Max Will not pay anyone, but you will always hear of others getting paid, so make you feel that you are in the 10 % who will get paid late.

    Then announce that he has paid most people and is ready to start again.

    Thus the Con continues…

    David Smith can learn from some of these master Conmen.. Max Higgins and Carlos Hill

  238. Sirach: The answer to your question is yes! I would love everyone to get back his or her funds. Its just that you come off very two sided at times, as if you are digging a hole but you then decide to think twice and cover it up. It’s kind of a SAW like mentality ***Have you seen the Movie SAW? If not I suggest you watch SAW: 1, 2, 3 and maybe four. You are giving people the tools to be free but then your intentions are no better than if they used them to take their own life. Correct me if I am wrong.

    Have a great weekend all.

  239. Kullcull
    actually i think DS can teach Max & Carlos a thing or two

  240. NoCotec
    Your South Sea bubble is on us once again, or is this the CDS bubble?

  241. @ Blogkiller

    Max Higgins and Carlos Hill are career conmen.

    David Smith a just come.. granted he may have made a bigger payload.

    DS will probably not look to Scam us tomorrow as him look like him all a have a nervous breakdown.. but Max and Carlos will scam people till they are in the grave.

  242. I hear you FEEDBACK

    Perhaps it is the schemer’s who play out the movie Saw. I saw one scene of SAW (I don’t watch movies). It has never been my intention to put investors in an uncompromising position. Rather to let them think and heal their brainwashing by themselves. It is the only way for them to be cured.

    I hope people get through. I hope who needs counseling gets it. That is very important.

    i don’t know much about higgins but Carlos Hill has just about pulled his last con forever. You see the con’s will always run into people who don’t play.

  243. hey guys wha a gwaan? I personally spoke to DS last week, and he assured me that he has apx 75% of the money. I dont believe it, but just thought I would inform the blog for those who still have hope.

  244. I can believe that Higgins Warner is back or is it just some sick joke by the blog creator.

    I wonder

  245. Needy:

    Good to hear from you. The blog has not been the same since you when AWOL!

    How did you bring about that coup? You are the only person I know to have spoken to DS. BUT you NEED to give us more background info on the contact . Is he still trading? Is planning on repayment early next year? Was the contact made by phone, etc., etc., etc.

  246. Correction:

    I can’t believe that HW is back

  247. Dear Editors,

    I am at the cross-roads of amazement, and my heart does go out to my country of birth!

    The recent events do not support the proper removal of the British officials but the direct need to charge the former Governor and the likes with ‘conspiracy’. The former Governor should had been been taken back to England in chains because of his willful neglect. I will not be surprised if he was not on the take, or would it be proper to say kick-backs.

    It is obvious that the Governor and other government officials, including the chief prosecuting office – the Attorney General, did indeed turned a blind eye to the actions and transactions of the Missick’s administration.

    I can not understand how so many things could have happened and no one raised a finger to prevent the damage from spreading. It seemed that most of the TCIslanders were quite happy that the Premier and his cohorts were malicious and had no regard for the letter of the law.

    It is sad though that the Premier and all his co-conspirators did not know when to stop. But it is more sad when the watchdogs are asleep or purposely close their eyes.

    Edward E Smith, PhD.

    I thought it was just the rock.

  248. Wassup Needy,

    DS been talking 2 people recently, that is true. Lets see what happen b4 the next month passes. 1 hurdle @ a time people.

    Only time can tell what will happen. My position is “SHOW ME THE MONEY”.

  249. JAY

    How can you say a thing like that of course he will payback the people it is the peoples money and OH yes he loves the people he is our SAVIOUR LOL.

  250. Jay

    This is how it is gonna work i have it all figured out now.Higgins will just con some poor saps in another part of the world use that money payback some of his “investors” here back home then run the rumour mill again everyone start jump up and say see FSC,BANK,Bandmind people, a try hold us down.They will then pump more money in and voila they are once again left holding the bag.

    Hey just imagine after eveything that has been going on and persons hearing about the multibillion dollar lottory scam going on in mobay where you have to pay to collect your winnings people are still getting scammed.It is very believable then that HW can scam someone again.

  251. Chromatic, you are right.
    Just heard about one such involving Digicel, where persons where told they won a flat screen plasma TV and hand to send $000’s to collect the price, and would you believe that they did.

    You know the rest, there was no TV to collect. This is despite the fact that Digicel has repeatedly said ” You never have to pay to collect your prizes with us”.

  252. Higgins has scammed people before in Jamaica, with some concert that never happened. this is not his first scam in Jamaica.

    Basically to perpetrate a scam, pay a few people, who will always swear for you

  253. okay..TCI court house is all fix up now so David Smith will be attending court soon …so it looks like nine months for real..any way we all hear about cp, ww, olint and others promising payouts and nothing but higgings just left dont tell any one about their plans …and now it is all done .so i wil wait on november 15 …if they dont pay higgings is not the first that made promises…and nothing
    about the breakfast club ..these people were like blaming the JLP for the damage with olint ..because they got money for election …so my understanding is that they should have protected olint ..

  254. I am new to the blog but I had to comment on what I heard on the Breakfast club.

    Finally we are getting some truth!!!! I will be honest I had previously bought into waiting for 9 months to see what DS was going to do. But clearly, there is a lot more to the story.

    For a Minister of Government DV to not want to come on the air and defend these allegations, and in the process he verbally abuses the host Mr. Abrahams, that makes me very concerned we have another Jamaican scandal and policitical cover up again!!!

    When can we as a people get rid of polictical scandals? I voted for a change in the last election- but it would appear I was misled !!!!

    I also want to hear more about the lawyer thing- it was at the end of the chat; What I understood is that DS is paying out Millions to his team of lawyers while not paying his debts to the investors.
    Personally, I want my money back- whether it is 60% of it or not and he better not waste anymore of it on lawyers,gambling etc.

    What has happened to the Gleanor and the Observer? They have not been on the ball at all. Clearly they have not been following this serious matter.

    Buoy, I am listening every morning now to the B/fast club

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