May Daisy members still longing

May has gone, it is now the middle of June and no Daisies have bloom as yet. Since early June, a new update is now available from May Daisy to its memberships explaining the continued delay. The early June communication suggested that Cycle A was completed. However feedback from members has not suggested that this has been done.

Dear Members:

We apologize that we have not completed the updates to all the accounts. The updates have been delayed as we try to honour the many requests for status reviews. Update priority is given to the accounts in the earlier cycles. We have updated all of the cycle “A” accounts, therefore all persons in this cycle will now have seen this reflected on their account. This cycle has been closed. We have also closed off the list for the cycle “B” accounts and are in the process of updating these accounts.

We expect the payments to be on time and are working feverishly to ensure this happens. We thank you for your patience and wish you God’s richest blessings.

In past communications, May Daisy has promised that members would be placed in cycles and that persons would be paided based on the cycle they fell in. Based on the Cycle Plan, members in Cycle A should have been paid by June 13. However, it is not clear if any May Daisy member even knows which Cycle they belong to and NO payments have been made.

There has been rumours that May Daisy will be sending out statements quarterly not monthly. There is really no point to this as people continue not to be paid. There continued to be stories that once the members have been placed in cycles, which should have bee done already, ‘encashments’ or payments will be begin at the end of June.

In Blogosphere, a group of May Daisy Investors, have form a “May Daisy support Group” with an aim to tackle the Management of May Daisy, maybe a little too late, but it is better than sitting down idle and trusting those that have fail be keep promises.

There is still some answered questions, why was one of the Principals arrested in Zambia, was the arrest related to May Daisy funds, has the cases against the principal been dropped?


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  1. Does anyone have any info on the Maydaisy support group? …would like to join.

  2. Maydaisy posted a new communigram just a few days ago.

  3. Smithy, at best you are going to jail. It is I who will send you all there. Make no mistake about it.

  4. It never ceases to amaze me that the “christians” speak so freely and at time authoritatively about things they don not even understand. “WE wish you God’s richest blessings.” Well what yoyu wish is one thing but God has said that the wages of sim is death. So wishing all kind of niceties on a sinner…be they in the mirror or not will have have no relevance in God’s judgement.

  5. Only your freind knows your secret…so only he could reveal it…and who the cap fit….let them wear it…..who the cap fit let them wear it….said a trow mi corn…..mi nuh call no fowl…

  6. Flying the athlete’s out to Florida to fly them back in tomorrow so as to look like they just came in.

    Really now, is it surprising that the government and the schemers have always worked together?

  7. mi case…

  8. Can’t wait till you hear about Misick and Smith

  9. NCB/Olint case set for March 09′. Irrelevant. Even DS has said cases are irrelevant. Nobody want to do business with NCB and noone wants to do business with Olint.

    Smokescreen….buying time…..time is not for sale any more.

  10. Hang in there all victims of the schemers. There day is coming. I promise. All their lawyers mouths going to be wide open. I heard some new scheme stories today. Sad …very sad. justice is not far away.

  11. hahahaha…check out when he talks about Smith

  12. Remember this:-

  13. Carlos and the schemer gang

  14. What a thing it has come to. you want to help. Where serious help is needed. But you don’t know who to trust. The help this time is needed. looks like a case of cry wolf now. I can’t believe it. It’s like the Mercedes advert when they say somethings are just too important not to share.

    Even with your sworn enemies? It is hard. Make the call….make the call…make the call….it is very important.

  15. Days… should call…you always should have. I always keep a little something in the hat. For it is children I represent.

  16. The big elephant dung coming back onto the politicians lawns at the mansions.

  17. Smithy, you think is Leebert dis? Mi case. Soon I will dine with Jah Ba. Yeah …you want mi go a Scotland? You think is Kirkland dis?

    Mi case….

  18. After Church tomorrow go to Leeward there is swomething there for u.

  19. Mr. Shaw?…..oh Mr. Shaw? do not put your head in the sand like David Smith… might pick up your head one of te time and see that the torso is gone.

  20. Days ….fassy

  21. I am Sirach and I will soon give unno the full unabridged hundred. Fasten your seat belts and get ready. From the coke that flows through the noses at Nikki Beach and the Martineze’s to the interviews with the Russians DS sexed at over US$1000 a pop to the Ministers ex and current with money in Olint through the downfall of the JLP to the druggists and Kingpins through ISSA , BOVELL, GOLDING, SHAW through the police, FBI, DEA, the man of the round table through Wayne Smith, Tracey Smith, Sybil Goffe and all the rest through Santa’s helpers through Cris Levy and Rodney and Major Lewis through who did what when and where and even through some of the complete tradegy stories everyday people have gone through through the SEAGA’s and the Manleys and the Bankers and all through the Misick’s and the russians who own the casinos to the middlemen through who have already taken out contracts….the real full hundred…through what happened to the money….to who knows and pretends not to know….to who sit in pews watching Edith every day…..the full hundred people.

    I am Sirach…and the full hundred is recorded and scattered in it’s safe places. It is time for John Public to know.

  22. Through the FSC through VAZ through who gave who money to put into Olint on their behalf through the ex PNP ministers who want their money but do not want their names called through why Wayne Smith plans to run through why David Smith will lose his belonger status in TCI to why the ex governor even entertained it….yes get ready….roll call….I must see that you all are present for class……nocotec….jay….Olinjtforlife….i am calling all of you…

  23. Davesin, Kull, Cally, watching and nyaming, harbourshark, reallydepressed…..roll call tonight….i need the roll call..

  24. I need the roll call…then you will get what you crave like which
    orthopedic Surgeon sold Wayne Smith the townhouse and where addresses in New Kingston and Atlanta and Ft Myers are….roll call tonight…

  25. you will learn who “protects” them and why and also why Bruce Golding tries to play as if he knows nothing and why he will never return to Britain Again….and also of the meeting with Misick, Smith, Shaw and Robertson and why Creary so boldly proclaims that Olint bought him the X6 BMW…..roll call tonight… one girl went from selling silver jewellery in a suitcase and another from Air Jamaica stewardess to become the most arrogant set of coniving theives Jamaica could imagine. How Tracey busted David more than once……get ready….cause mi just a warm….

  26. through who David Smith controls in the mainstream media through the police he controls through which police have money in Olint accounts controlled by politicians…….roll call….roll call…….

  27. You will learn about Gifford….through who lives at Merrivale …through who got paid and why…roll call

  28. You will learn why David Smith felt entitled to what was not his and why he cares not what happens to any of you…..roll call…..

  29. you will learn why Julian Mair no longer braggs that he taught David Smith to trade….roll call….you will learn of David’s Smith’s medical dilemas and some of his biggest mistakes…..why he paid to sex some but sexed you all for free…..roll call…

  30. Sirach this is getting Hot, I just bought my Pop Corn And M&MS so i could sit in and watch the full 100. Can you advise of the running time and if there will be intermission.

  31. you better deliver or else………:-0

  32. Present boss.

  33. Sirach

    You full of SHIT!
    It’s more than 2 months now,bout you coming out with he full hundred.
    You ever hear say empty barrel make noise?
    You just making noise and full of shit.

  34. run it. I am here

  35. Sirach:

    I’m present too…..but no false start this time. I like how you set this one up!

  36. Class please dimiss mrs!

  37. Where is jay and AML and everybody? I WANT EVERYBODY TO BE HERE!

  38. Present.

  39. Winston is your “second” ready?…..have you called Wildish?….invite your bredrins niney….


    there are two things we can say for sure about you but all my class knows this already……in fact I shall begin with some revision and a pop quiz ……class …..

    People like mrs are —– and also ——–.

  40. Oh dear…the class is unable to see the number of spaces. The first word has 5 spaces and the second has 9 spaces.

    Roll call…Friend of Sirach? where are you?….what happen it rain today or something?

  41. Sirach:

    The mere fact that you have OlintForLife present speaks volumes that the class is ready. Even your friend Rob is sitting on edge of his seat waiting for the Full 100!

  42. there are So many things coming on tv right now… but i MUST say… none are as entertaining as this…

    Can i have a seat in the class?

  43. present teacher

  44. where is mk and anotherplanefordavid?

  45. There you go speaking i riddles again and never clear with what you say.What is 5 spaces and 9 spaces.
    When I have something to say like you full of shit, I come out and say it.Why don,t you?

  46. present sir
    present ma’am

  47. Sirach
    you are like maydaisy…still born

  48. Since 3:42 P.M. Sirach calling roll call about full one hundred.All now can,t say nothing yet.
    People,dont you see it’s the same BS he coming with all over again?
    You going stay up all night till morning and still don’t get nothing from Sirach because he probably is on a constant high with the chillon pipe and full of shit.

  49. i see fraud or is it sirach

  50. well well well

  51. present

  52. sirarch

    talk it this time

  53. You know, there is a reason that people like mrs and others repeat grades time and time again….them all 20 and in 4th form. They annoy and distract my class….Class why don’t you speak up angainst these Dunces and tell them you want them to be out of your class? Your parents have paid good money on the vouchers this term….for you to be in class with duncebats? Where are my really bright students like harbourshark?

    Class sexy miss Brown ….you know the One who is form mistress for 5B next door?….she want’s a word with me…..Do not get up to trouble while I am away……Work on the pop quiz question in the meantime.

  54. By the way mrs I obviously said enough to take you away from the sitcoms you feed on…..look you can leave my class if you want.

  55. Class mrs is an imposter student from down the bottom there in 5F(ail)…as you know David Smith is the form teacher there.

  56. hmm miss Brown is interested in my syllabus….she has on the spur of the moment invited be for a drink….hmm….I have recieved the Cambridge paper early…perhaps she wants a peak……she will have to search me good cause I have hidden it in that speacial place on my person..hahhaaaaa

  57. Where is “cold as ice” skulling again!

  58. I have heard that there are some very revealing information going the rounds, and only a few people know about it. I also understand that it is better left unsaid, for the greater good of all.
    This information will be irrelevant if and when club members get paid, and will just be regarded as intellectual discussions then.

    So if Sirach is one of those persons who knows about it, I can only sit and wait, if and when he chooses to reveal it.
    I will not rush him, neither will I dare him.

  59. Look like Sirach just finish smoke his high grade.
    You must have been the 20 year old in 5F.
    You smoke so much,school pass you by.Still no sense in him for straight talk.Must be in cloud nine now.

  60. Sirach

    Is this a false alarm again??

  61. I know some of you are shy and like to9 stay in the back of the class. you know how we run 5A…there will be specific questions to specific students…..everystudent will have to answer at some time… know my layout…..brightest float to the back and lowest float to the front….it’s a no child left behind system here…

  62. Sirach
    If you have nothing sensible to say,then leave people alone.Stop the BS.You are losing whatever credibility you have left.
    Stop the BS.

  63. While I deal with miss Brown’s case…I mean meet with her please open text’s and define Bearer Shares.

  64. mrs who cares about you bestowing credibility? Me and you a nuh size. Really…think about it.

  65. mrs Since you know it all why don’t you leave the blog.

    Nuff of the full hundred was blocked by invest the last time. You guys sure they will let me give you all at one time? Think nuh idiots.

  66. Olint ffor life, Good to hear from you. From the rationale of your argument the information will be relevant then. Lata.

  67. Sirach, Cally here in class….present and waiting……

    Your credibility is at stake tonight, and don’t talk about ‘wait til midnight’ foolishness, in fact, you have no reason to wait any longer.

    The only problem is, if you really know anything, you might speak in gibberish and parables that only you alone understand. Remember, a good teacher communicates so that even the duncest student understands. Over to you, an’ nuh linga nuh longa

  68. Tomorow class. Get rest and come back bright tomorrow. Tomorrow marks the point at which the international press will take the lead or the locals want to acknowledge their pending catastrophe. They have asked for some more time as they are late with the assignment. I shall deduct 0.5% for every day they are late. It is only fair…right my students?

  69. Cally, you have been a student here for long. ALWAYS presenteven when not saying anything. Do you think with my record of teaching that my credibility is something for others to judge?

    Look get your rest. At the final hour they have asked very nicely and politely with the respect that Sirach is accostomed to…..FOR MORE TIME. I have honored their request and let them know that they have some space but no definate parameters have been defined. They know the class is anxious.

    Goodnight to you all.

  70. Sirach lots of students just getting off work to come to night school and teacher is leaving? what kind of thing dat. I have to speak with the principal.

  71. FRAUD!!!!!!!!!

  72. Another broken promise???

    This is becoming all too familiar!!! By the time you are ready to talk, it will not have any impact on your students, many of whom after tonight, will be skipping your classes as you always turn up unprepared and talking about tomorrow.

    Good night.

  73. One last thing for tonight Cally. In my class we teach people to think….in that lies success and crdibility. Full Stop. We do “Drill” and spell things out as if training for school’s challenge quiz or scripps spelling bee. Many are called but few are chosen. Ask any educator worth their wait in Gold if drilling can help any student. It is the ability to think and work out problems that counts in the development of any child, community, village, town, city, country and the wider World. anything short of that is total diservice.

  74. Don’t drill. (correction)


  75. sirach.. what kind of *** are you? Definately not the regular kind. If you have something constructive to say then say it, if not hold your peace and stop call up decent hard working people name inna you *****. you damned fool.

  76. Ah wah dis?

    Bait !!!

  77. Tip of the iceberg. Gleaner the foriegn press are going to gobble you up.

    Class prepare the required reading. Repeaters do not fall behing on assignment.


    you must be joking Gleaner. It is Shaw and the schemes that shall dwarf the other two arguments. Even Wehby will not be able to be a replacement although his eyes are on that prize. After the big press even pretender shall have to resign….if not even something else.

  79. Wheby is the Don..Shaw is more a Barrabas..hahahaaaaaaa

  80. Major Neil Lewis! Sir yes Sir…..”Report to the stockade”…Gareth Harris….Yvonne Coke…Noel….Khouri….Collins… at once!


  81. Wilshaw crew….F1 crew…you ready… going see some mass arrest across so many jurisdictions it will boggle the mind.

  82. You know the twist that makes this different? There are so many juristictions cocked and locked that….that…haha..that ….they have nowhere to run.hhahaaaaa

  83. JJ when they knock on your door I know you are going to faint….any jurisdiction you choose.

  84. Azan hold tight a transport will be sent. K Azan….what a climb with Jared to drop well down below the strating point.

  85. Unfortunately, the chickens are coming home to roost for many overseas Jamaicans. The sub-prime mortgage meltdown and higher unemployment rates in the construction and installation industries have been affecting them in ways unimaginable. During the real estate boom, many over-extended themselves, maxed out on home equity loans, moved into high-priced homes, took vacations, bought expensive cars and invested quite heavily in unregulated investment schemes that have now collapsed. Now, many of the homes are in foreclosure, cars are being repossessed and many face direct-garnishment, due to unpaid federally guaranteed student loans. So one does not have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that these grave circumstances will affect remittance inflows and by extension, the domestic economy.

  86. A NUMBER of Jamaicans living in the United States (US) have lost their homes after mortgaging properties and investing the money in risky Jamaican alternative investment schemes, several of which have gone bust.

  87. Class the book of Isaiah for you this morning for you are sloth and take no care of your vineyard.

    Who hath formed a god, or molten a graven image that is profitable for nothing?

    Behold, all his fellows shall be ashamed: and the workmen, they are of men: let them all be gathered together, let them stand up; yet they shall fear, and they shall be ashamed together.

    The smith with the tongs both worketh in the coals, and fashioneth it with hammers, and worketh it with the strength of his arms: yea he is hungry, and his strength faileth: he drinketh no water, and is faint.

    Isaiah: 44 : 10-12

  88. “christian?” …..unno know unno Bible like Sirach?!!!!

  89. … (sounds of heavy panting) … sorry fe late, please Sar … but, couldn’t leave Punchie … and you dun know how dat guh … (wiping sweat from we brows and takin’ we seats) …

    … so, you gwine start wid de likkle Piggies, eh … (hand-middle doing de ‘bruckie’ … and we be rollin’) … nuh fegit the LewFam dem US$2m+ mystic mountain retreat inna st andrew dat dem purchase earlier dis year …

    … (long intake … slow release) … yow, Sirach … I&I gully-side-crew be red-die, so … (eyeing munchies) … bus’ it star!!!

  90. Teacher Sirach lawd mi late fi class is miss mi miss di lesson? Mi had to work last night and just come in.
    So how come I don’t hear that there is a barracks call for Bovell Jr, Audley Shaw, Roberston and Vaz??? how come them leave off the list.

    I know that from Antigua, St. Kitts, Grenada, St. Lucia, Barbados, TCI, Belize and Panama plenty work going on and it taking plenty time and people to sort out.

    Little Dean from Wilshaw you mussi say how di hell yuh find yuhself inna dis ya mess..hush cause mi know seh yuh really nuh want go a prison. Not to mention Missa Steve P from F1 unu b@tty mussi ah flatta like hell now

  91. Yes teacher drop the bum. nuff ah dem have to run for cover. oh by the way some of them JLP members of parliament will have to resign and that will mean by election…bwoy Smitty yuh all bring down the government.

    Mama P ah you dat!!! yes siree!
    unintended consequences is a bitch!

  92. I am here, where is harbourshark?

  93. Sirach,
    send dontgiveadam to the head of the class, im bright bad.

  94. Is true that the clubs mushroom up under Mama P and Sir Bruce had the chance to weed them out but him and the Turks taste the nectar and it was too sweet to spray on the weed killer. Now there is the bitter after taste and running belly. Mama P go through because all is fair in love and war.

  95. Does Sirach ever come straight, talk di tings dem nuh.

  96. all I keep hearing is a whole heap of speculation and imagination from Teacher Sirach, and now from DONTGIVEADAM, but nutten nah gwaan.

    Unno full a foreplay but no action….oonu ever hear bout Cialis?

  97. I have been reading Sirach for some time now, I believe if his full hundred is forthcoming, it will be revealing… Over to you Sirach!!

  98. A bearer bond is different from normal stock in that it is unregistered – no records are kept of the owner, or the transactions involving ownership. Whoever physically holds the bearer bond papers owns the stock or corporation. This is useful for investors and corporate officers who wish to retain anonymity. The downside is that in the event of loss or theft, bearer bonds are extremely difficult to recover

  99. muhahhaha, cally that was the joke of the day

  100. Lawd have mercy mi get ketch now!!!!..hey honey , you call me out. Mi wife a blog as Cally.




  104. Les Green should be cricised for his failure to act on Olint. When the extent of the damage is discovered, he will be forced to resign.Why have the police tolerated the Olint fraud?

  105. Sirach if you fail to deliver this time again you will have to vanish like the schemers themselves lol

  106. Sirach: What kind of thing that man? The Debate starts in 20 min and we don’t even get a peep from you about what will be revealed. I hope you are not consulting with your Attorneys like MR. Smith and are waiting for 9 months to tell us that there is no money because that would be a shame.

    I closed my business early today just to rush on the I-95 and all i get is nothing ***Sirach*** what is going on? Let me know if you need a entrance fee from us $1.00 us a head i sure you will collect at least $5000.00 tonight alone.

    I still await for this full 100. But after this week it would not be worth my time as I hear that there are going to be some arrest pretty soon and some has happen already in secrecy cutting a deal with DA’S and we would have already gotten the news of the ring of death.

  107. Well I must first give thanks and praises to God the Father Almighty for thye news he brought me today from such a far corner of his Kingdom. Thank you Lord.

    It is clearer than ever that our mission is ordained from the Most High. Yes give thanks and praises.

    O.k Now…..How about the homework. Late homework will be graded accordingly. Take David Smith for example : He wants to dictake to me and the class when the assignment is due. this is why he has been expelled from my class. Now the rest of you hold on to his empty promises. “They will not be realised next month, next year or next decade”…..that one you can drill class because without an understanding of that fact the more heavy material is going to pass you by.

    So…..let us see who agree’s with the statement above by a Yay and let us see who disagree’s shown by a simple Nay…..then we can split the class and consolidate the Yay’s in one class and the Nay’s can get on with their own class.

    I await the responses.

  108. Such a bait oh bwoy

  109. BTW..Very good work Dontgiveadamn….I left out a few so that the brighter students like you could show your academic prowess…you did well….other students will follow your lead I’m sure.

    Let us get on with the Yay’s and the Nay’s

  110. Sirach it look like is games you wanna play. Nobody here is a pickney. You look like you up to the same foolishness as usual.

  111. Yay

    Teacher, this little grasshopper with waiting for The Big Man to take action against the king of the ponzi pyramids and the emperor of the washing machines.

    When will it happen?

  112. Look..unno can skull class and watch the debate. sirach already told you how that going to go. So those of you with “credibility” issues can wait till November to tell me sorry. I taught american History and Political Science at one of that Nation’s most prestigious institutions for years. I am not teaching it now but suffice to say that Obama will NOT be the next president of the United States and Joe Biden will still stick the new bankruptcy laws up your you know what even with Mc Cain as President.

    Now….back to the Yay’s and the Nay’s…..

    Look a know a lot of you get fuming you know…but sirach teaches fact and reality… not know nipple bottle teaching hear….you can get that from MTI and UWI and Gordon House and lot’s of places…that is cheap and worthless education ….o.k.?

  113. Honestly sirach was wid all di baiting?

    What exactly are you holding back for?

    Unless is some liable you worried about?

  114. AML…what they do between now and November is up to them. In November though the pace is going to be extremely fast and surgical. They are aware and so they may step up themselves in an effort to save even their own reputations. The local and International press are knocking on the door very hard. And the level has also been moved up a notch. That hand will only be played after everyone has laid the cards on the table. The dealer will always deal to that position on the table last.

  115. Where is the rest Sirach?

  116. Class.

    In the next few days, we will learn the term “bucket shop” and how it relates to I Trade FX, LLC.

    and how it relates to the FOREX market.

    We will discuss the ways that MTI and I Trade FX skirt around the NFA regulations for fraud and deception.

  117. “”

  118. Yay!


  119. Sirach, you bring back my childhood days of reading Batman comics….you sound like the Riddler and the Joker all in one.

    Your teaching is too high for me…I am just a lowly primary-school ‘graduate’.

    However, just a note of caution to your vaunted experience in US history and political science…remember, history is made every day. The past is only as good as what happens today. If Bolt was to look at history, he would never have accomplished what he did recently.

    If Obama was looking only at history, he would never have reached this far, and while I agree that we should temper our optimism with a little dose of history, we should never let history dictate our vision.

  120. yay

  121. NCB might be in a mess.LeeChin does not plan to lose any money.Black people will pay the price!

  122. Come on Sirach,

    1. Churches
    2. Politians
    3. Officials

    Olint’s customer list is not hard to read.

  123. The question still remains – where is the US$250M that was released by OandA and began its fateful journey to Jamaica? Is that now in the private kitty? In bearer shares perhaps? Is that how the bigwigs collected their “lickle much” when they went to demand redress? Hmm… Full hundred? Sirach? Whey yuh deh? Yes, me was a si dung at the back a de class an a try learn…

  124. The Teller

    Bigfoot … or UFOs 😉

  125. Teller….do you know for sure that Oanda released 250 million……if so how and when and why? (good CXC practice question)

  126. Smithy you are a damn fool. If i am not going to make you stay on the island then what makes you think I am going to make Tracey teach at school.

    Jonathan Simpson is selling box lunch in Jamaica. What happen Smithy? No going away party fot all the senoir staff on their way to their new and illustrious careers?

    Listen……you are making me angry now…….you tell the people what happens now them Smithy….you tell them.

  127. just join the class tell me more so i can go study…i heard the same information too….and because some people in jamaica did not want it to happen they went to the us embassy and reproted..that it was money laundering…

  128. BTW mi na go Aberdeene tomorow to collect my property. Make sure it is there.

  129. Kat….them brainwash you.

  130. hahahahaaa……Smithy I am going to put in an application for a job at the school. hahahahaaa. you neva knew I had teahing experience ehh? hhahaaaaaaa. Remember to let them know at Aberdeen that i am coming for my property.

  131. I agree with Wildish. Why should my children sit down with David Smith and Tracey Smith’s children and watch them eat while my child goes hungry…..Tell me how that go Smithy……tell me before I tell YOU.

  132. Smithy, you know how many children in Jamaica won’t have a lunch money to go to school tomorrow because of you and Tracey???

    You know how far the US$100 dollar tips you fling round in the stripclubs could have helped these children? And the money was not yours!

    Have you no shame Smithy? US$1000 per time you pay to sex Russian girls…….and you think life is just going to go on for you and the clan. You think a so it go?………..Let me ask again…..DO YOU THINK A SO IT A GO BLOODCLUALT GO???

  133. Camel Jockey know who fi frighten.

  134. Smithy no fassy intimidate we no time. Full Stop. Not the 8 million man…not THE PRIME MINISTER OF JAMAICA… dig? No guy. No time. FULL STOP.

    I told you all already if you can not swim den nuhbadda come in the water.

    Smithy, you think your Precious Treasures more precious than mine? Bredrin…….I soon come again. Make sure you are ready!

  135. Smithy, Jen Messam still work in the Cheif Minister’s office? Some people in London asked me to find out.

  136. hail to all….

  137. Sllep tight bredrin. You need your rest. Donna from Ukraine coming on the radio so you go on and keep up your antics with your little “Prime Minister ‘s office crews.”

  138. Sorry for the neglect class. We resume tomorrow evening. Some little people flinched so we will expand on them tomorrow. The more ypou wiggle the tighter you shall be squeezed.

  139. Hold tight press…wait…It is David Smith who decides If and when your hearts desire will be fulfilled.

  140. Sirach ,

    go tek yuh meds mon and come again ,,,

    along time mi nuh hear nuh breda anancy stories ,,,, dis one good, very good a little hitchcock with a lot of Breda .. ahem !
    Good with deh Milo…

  141. Jack Mandora……(finish it for me watching closely)cause I think you are one of the smarter ones…..hahahahaaa

  142. Anywhere it took him cash to go….sirach walk there already with no money….barefoot…..House in Panama …rey rey rey…….A jus wheyday fi him eye open….we deh inna dis from creation…

  143. Yeah man…you will read the blogg and get bummy and call him ….don’t fret…I know that…and he will talk to you….yeah man. He won’t talk to me. And he has his reasons.

    What you need to ask yourselves is this. Do you know him as long as sirach? Careful how quick you answer…there are people like Rodney Reid who will tell you they grew up with David Smith yet do not know him as long as me.

    The next thing you must ask yourself is what is the worst thing you have ever seen Smithy do with your own two eyes.

    I have seen him do something that would make many of you cringe and feel sick…

    So….call the boss…and get consoled…..from here to Eternity..hahhahaaaaa

  144. No Cast, No JMMB, No Wolmers, No St. Andrew Prep School….unno young inna dis..

    If a tell bout PB, WE, PE, MR, AS, KB, CB, SD, SB, NM, KM,DF,KK …even AH,DW……yow……let mi go dung inna some area man like WW, DM…cho….unno Rass…..ask you boss…..ask him why him lie to you…

    Go talk with him bout Anancy…..and prepare yourself for where you are going….

  145. Any one of you ever lent David Smith money in your life? I have. So when unno get flighty over money and ting ask your boss if I am a person that tells lie…..ask him…

  146. Ask Lee Oakley….if him know David Smith as long as me?

  147. BTW I still neva get back that first money from you boss all now…

  148. Them have up David Smith and his extra large ego and properties and money and how “I could retire you know” ask him bout the money for the disco when no one else would support him…..

  149. 99.9% of you never knew the name David Smith until a few years ago….so if you cannot swim do not jump in the water because it is about to get turbulent.

  150. As i think You know is 1976 I me Lchn….the think he had money then?…Look Smithy have something that is mine…maney don’t frighten we..

  151. Mi done pay bills on behalf of David Smith. Seen.

  152. Even as some very stupid spinmasters work their evil and lies them chat pure shit. It is DAVID SMITH that destroy the freindship with me and him. No one else. when he does the same to all Santa’s little helpers…Don’t come to me! Yuh hear?

  153. David Smith bad mouth everybody fro Wayne Smith to Rodney to Wildish to Bovell to everydamn person. Part of a con artist’s game is to try to make each individual feel special.

    They play on your own insecurities…whether you are black, white, dougla, sand nigger, camel jock, male, female whatever. Mant of you still rely on your insecurities and love to say well “it was only a little thing” or “well I got my money X times out”….so if you do and say such things….THEN WHY THE RASS YOU WANT TO HEAR FROM ME ABOUT OLINT?

    Insecurity is one hell of a powerful thing.

  154. Get Well soon Mr. Shaw. Honestly I wish you all the best. Many people not doing well healthwise nowadays…speedy recovery.

    Don Wehby will do well in your absence and he is favoured.

    We can’t put everything to Green one time. It is a top down exersise now. We go high up and then ask the juniors the rhetorical questions….then we report the answers to those much higher to see who is telling truth and who is telling lie. We are mandated to do this. It is they who approached us expressing concern for what you are up to.

    Then unno go to the multilaterals and they are appraised of who tell truth and who tell lie. It is a simple system.

    It is a World Class system….not talk about World Class…let Mr. Wehby learn as he goes along.


    They are quick to talk arrest of the man who is owed but not the man who owes. Noted and sent

    It is well known that some are doing the right thing and preparing to give back moneies they collected from Olint that belongs to others.


    Oh Mr. Shaw…you are loafing. Don Wheby won’t skin teeth to take your job Mr. Shaw. Oh I forget you probably know him longer than me.

  157. Ha Devon Dick says “simplistic Sheilds” ha…anyway.

    JLP Business Mr. Golding. The US$8 MILLION that DAVID SMITH gave to you party was….I repeat was NOT money that came from any trading profit or legitimate business. In fact it came from the hard earned money of the Jamaican people who are in Olint….Oh Dear…….sorry to break the news to you Mr. Prime Minister…’re little elves did not check to see where the money came from…..hasty they were…

    Did Don Wehby know about this?

    Not to worry Mr. Golding the guys at the multilateral…yeah where Mr. Wehby is gone….rest assured they know long time…..and …they are not impressed with that kind od Wehby/Shaw/elves financing.

  158. Cabinet? Take your vitamins and stay strong for you have not got 10% yet of the full hundred. Looks like the elves Mr. Golding are out to make Phillip Paulwell look like a baby in this ting….I feel for you Mr. Golding…I have been there… place so much trust and opportunity to the juniors and they turn around and embarrass you so much around the World.

    you going to keep them like how Portia keeps Paulwell? It is your choice. there are two groups who will watch and the same answer can not serve for two. The climb on other people’s back types and the sign their own praises type will see it natural that you keep them.

    The other group who are of strong integrity will only accept you removing them. Which likely ypou will not do…….then the integrity group will label you a boy….

    It is a hard life Mr. Golding….I do not envy you……good luck with the choices that face you….God Bless

  159. Bwoy Mr. Golding ….it must be hard….you have bookeepers at best as the finance officers of the country. You have major corruption bursting at the seams so early on….phew…we not going to go to World Cup…..Obama not going to win…..the fetting of the althelete’s was like a David Smith surprise party band and all in the face of the suffera….Christmas coming and it going to be tight….

    The diaspora watching you keenly as to how you going to deal wid all the schemers….you know that the schemes were the defacto Diaspora Bonds right? Pity you will have a hard time floating one after this.

    You need some outside the box thinking…..sadly who you have there can not provide it. They are largely a homogeneous bunch the only real differentiating factor being which ones dealt with drugs and which ones climbed the backs of others to get up.

    What happened to the big Election night talk? All Audley Shaw and the fight dung corruption and all that?

    In our face like David Smith suppose. Look you can’t put Don Wehby to go represent us certain placres…he has the personality of a stone…especially with people who can not be used for his agaenda….PM Good luck to you…you need it.

  160. Yes Sirach,

    Me a luv the Hitchcock moment ….

    Talk is cheap , you know who Chilli Palmer is Sirach, you know chilli ,go ahead and tell the people dem Sirach , mek dem know say Dave have to pay the Vig as well as the balance .

    You see uno no know Sirach , like how me now Sirach …..
    Sirach a man mi know very well and him know wha ago on,
    mi guh school with Sirach , mi know him well…

    Well dem a sen in Chilli as ssssome man nnnneed dem money yyyyy , soooory foooor the sttttammmerrrring , mi sttttammmer wwwhennnn mmmme neeeeervoussss…
    and Sirach mekkk mi nervoussssss…sumtime.

  161. Sirach class is waiting for another lesson. Your late!!!

  162. Sirach in TCI , going over stuff with Chili Palmer and DS …

    if he can get even the vig dis month mi cool wid dat ….

  163. Sirarch

    You are very close to DS that is very very evident….why did u fall out?

  164. Mi fall out with DS when he stop pay the vig …….

  165. Yuh see dem mon dem no understand high rolling Sirach ..
    come si never si ………….

  166. sirach you nuh know nothing bout ouida stennet.
    You sound angry but all mi can say is blaze the fiya.!!!! who feels it knows it a nuff nite mi cant sleep through david and a nuh mi ooman. BLAZE IT!!!

  167. any news on May Daisy. they seem very quiet.

    have not heard peep about them

  168. CullKull, same question I asking any news on May Daisy?

  169. does anyone what is happening with maydaisy, they have been real quiet for an extended period. Whats is the latest on ingrid loiten?

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