Cash Plus Investors Rush to write claim forms

News has surfaced that Cash Plus investors can now fill out claim forms.  According to an RJR report investors heard a rumour that money was being paid and turn up at a  Cash Plus office in New Kingston.

However that was not the case as investors were told the needed to complete the “Proof of Debt’ forms and have them returned by Thursday,  September 2008.

The Cash Plus Claim forms can be downloaded here(PDF) – Click this link.
You will need Adobe Acrobat to open it. The form is provided courtesy of

Cash Plus Collapse in Dec. 2007 and despite promises to pay investors by the end of March 31, 2008 Carlos Hill failed to do so. Subsequently Cash Plus went into receivership and is now controlled by a court-appointed liquidator acting on the behalf of the Premier League Club Association (PLCA).


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  1. Good news for CashPlus Investors.
    It is being reported that CashPlus development may be worth $2B. The question is how much can it be sold for in order to repay investors.

    Is there some light for Cashplus Investors.

    Kandekore told The Gleaner yesterday that the real estate company was worth about $2 billion.

  2. Seems like the crash plus ‘investors’ are going to end up better off than the Olint members….

    Ironic eh. 1 year ago olint members were singing david’s praises, saying that they KNEW that Carlos Hill was a con artist, and NOTHING like David Smith. Afterall.. David Smith is a christian. Fast forward, Crash Plus followers will potentially be getting back SOMETHING, and Olint members are left reading blogs each day for bit and pieces of new information.

    time will tell won’t it

  3. Hi, I am glad that there is is at least some hope of redress, however, do they put a dead line to the filling out of the forms? I only heard about it yesterday. By how does fill out this form?

    Thank you.

  4. theCynic

    Ironic indeed.

  5. very very ironic, I remembered a olint investor saying that David smith is a born again Christian so she was very confident olint wouldn’t crash.this type of confidence was also evident with worldwise investors who used forex to justify the health of worldwise, but here is the reality Cashplus is the only ufo with assets that can be liquidated ,they TRIED everything to make money, it would be naive to think they never TRIED forex.Carlos Hill figured it out, he knew if he paid too early investors would have gone over to OLINT,WORLWISE AND THE he employed delay tactics. the news that cashplus has 2billion in assets has shocked some people because this wasn’t apart of the script this shows that Carlos was doing some of the things he said he was doing. Cashplus will come out better in the end.

  6. Hmm…. from what I’ve been hearing it won’t be more than 16% that each Cash Plus investor will get back.

  7. Cash plus set to lose big on its real estate deposits.

  8. Based on the above document as reported by the Sunday Herald, it appears that Cashplus should be able (in the event of sale) to recover between $1.5b – $2b
    That would be if they are right about collecting all funds paid on Hilton property.

    Is there renewed hope for CashPlus investors.?

    With the state of the economy, the global crisis , and a softening real estate market, can CashPlus off load these properties ?

  9. Well remember 3 months ago nobody thought cashplus even owned anything ,so to even have this discussion about assets owned by CP is a plus,and a good sign.

  10. Breaking news….wayne smith has been back in Jamaica for almost two weeks and is on a spiritual high….(really not able to explain what that means).
    What is he saying:
    1..He is broke
    2..Olint is bankrupt
    3..David has made a number of mistakes.
    4…He will be taking out a full page ad to let people know the truth..

  11. 5. He is going to jail.

  12. What is the purpose of the form anyway? Half the person in the scheme have not fllled it out, or said they did’nt hear anything about it. Especially those in Mandeville and St. Elizabeth. What will happen if you dont fill out the form, does it mean you wont get anything back if and when they do recover some funds? Where is Carlos? Can’t he ask the government for permission to get some money in the country to pay his clients? After hearing he has billions overseas, what is happening here? I though Burce Golding have the interest of the people at heart. Sis. P would find a way for him to pay poor people back there money and get rid of the case a long time ago!

  13. it is called politics!

  14. I heard from food source that cash plus people not getting back a ting after dem done pay the reciever manager then there will be nothing left maybe 10cent on the dollar, my source come from pwc word to the wise.
    Let me say also that when i think about the monies i have lost it makes me physically ill.

    I think that david smith is wicked no communication and that oiuda stennet who tek all a mi money and then lock off her phone should be tarred feathered and hung from a tree.

    No joke i heard that noel strachan assets (a house )was transferred by a businessman who invested over 2mUS. a same way so it fi go and i dont care who say it illegal.

    I know my pig OUIDA STENNET living big life still and her office at 9 GLENHOPE AVENUE KINGSTON 6 near medallion hall still have staff and she will still take your money.

    She still lives at 27 SANDHURST CRESCENT KINGSTON 6 and her children although dem live wid the father still visit. nuff said

    • Hi how u know all this information about her can u explain clearly where she is living now nobody lockup her still

  15. I think friends of cash plus ,should challange the court
    in letting mr hill pay……all this time he is still saying he will pay back investors give him six months to pay ..if not lock him up and throw away the key. ..and if no payment everyone will just forget about it..


  17. I honestly think that the present Gov. could have insisted that the FSC give Cash Plus time to repay the Jamaican public before they allowed the FSC to just shut them down.Even give them a 6 months deadline.

  18. Romour has it that JLP got money to run their champaign…if this is true, i think that this money should be returned so people can get back their money..Any party that got money from these investment companies should give it back so people can get back their life on track

  19. Can anyone tell me where to take the form to after it has been completed?
    Thanks alot!


  20. What happen to all them ting wey Carlos claimed the invester own last year? He was the one reading them out in his big mass meeting in Kingston and Mandeville. Saying, “did u guys know you own a lottery company”? Did you know you own a ‘Cruise Ship’? Not to mention the amount of biscuit company he claimed the investers own overseas. Where are all those stuff now? Are we still the owners? Carlos \, you need to tell me—cause right now my pickney them hungry and them school fees at UTECH and UWI is still left owning with your name on the form. See if you can get back my money from evn the cruise ship company so me can even pay me CAR LOAN!

  21. Has anyone heard about LA’s Investment Club? Orlando Johnson is the one who runs it. Him run off with people money..over US$70M mi hear. A bear tief out there..pretending to be trading forex….And is bear church people money dem target…

  22. Cash Plus liquidator axed
    Tuesday, 11 November 2008

    Trustee in Bankruptcy and Liquidator of the failed alternative investment scheme Cash Plus Limited, L. Monty Kandekore, has been fired.

    RJR News has been informed that Mr. Kandekore, who was responsible for winding up Cash Plus, was suddenly sacked by the Ministry of Justice.

    However, mystery surrounds Mr. Kandekore’s dismissal as the Ministry has declined to give an explanation for the action taken.

    “Yes that is so … his services were terminated at October 31, 2008, I’m not prepared to say why,” said Permanent Secretary in the Ministry, Carol Palmer, confirming Mr. Kandekore’s dismissal.

    Mr. Kandekore, who was appointed the Trustee in Bankruptcy in May 2007, has been replaced by Deputy Head of the Administrator-General’s Department, Andrew Gyles.

    Mr. Gyles will oversee operations at the Office of the Trustee in Bankruptcy until a replacement is found.

    Mrs. Palmer says the post is to be advertised.

    It is expected that Mr. Gyles will continue the process of liquidating Cash Plus which collapsed earlier this year.

    Mr. Kandekore was appointed provisional liquidator for Cash Plus in July after the entity was placed into receivership by the Supreme Court.

  23. I wonder what this means for CashPlus investors. Why was he fired.
    Was he on track to discover political connections linked to the failed AIS. Hmm

  24. It get’s more juicy by the day. This is deep deep doo doo! All me know me want back me money, by the hook or the crook……

  25. Cash Plus have $100,000 of my money…and I know that I won’t get it back. That money laundering bredda should pay for this…but the politics deep in this one. This has been a hard year for all seems the banks have gotten their wish…all of them making massive profits now…Life rough..but God not sleeping….Invest wisely

  26. It is my “understanding” that the Proof of Debt (General Form), a.k.a ‘The CLAIM Form’, being promoted by the Trustee in Bankruptcy should be completed and submitted to the “Office” on Slipe Road (former MEGAFONE Office) on or before the 17th January, 2009

  27. I need to know if cash plus is given back , as i am a member of cash plus.

  28. Please send all update on Cash Plus happenings. I heard they are given back money ,please highlight me on the situation thank you.

  29. Advice for Cash Plus depositors
    I have no doubt that even now there are some persons who are not convinced that Cash Plus is a pyramid scheme. In fact, this sense of denial, or refusal to accept that they have been duped, is a feature of this phenomenon.

  30. Well, it appears that Cash Plus investors stand very little chance of recovering the millions of dollars that may have been stolen by Carlos Hill and moved overseas, following the latest supreme court ruling.

    “Justice Roy Anderson last Thursday threw out a petition brought by attorney-at-law David Rowe, who was seeking permission from the Supreme Court to make traces to identify any overseas assets that investment scheme Cash Plus Ltd might have had.”

    So Carlos Hill like the other “crooks” seemed to have sucessfully ripped off many Jamaicans and will get away with it, thanks to a lax Jamaican legal system.

    As someone once said ” Jamaica is the only country in the world where is constitution is written in pencil”.

    PS. David Rowe is a Florida based attorney who had loaned Cash Plus just over US$1M.

  31. Carlos Hill appeared in court today, only to be told that the prosecution was not yet ready, so a new hearing has been scheduled for mid July.

    Carlos Hill was arrested and charged with fraud in April 2008, so after almost a year, the trial is yet to get underway.

  32. only the very naive will not know that court cases take anywhere between 2 – 5 years.

    plus the current case will not make anyone get back their money, they are trying him for a few cases of bounced checks.

  33. Cash Plus boss’ properties to be sold

    Published: Thursday | April 30, 2009
    Barbara Gayle, Staff Reporter

    ……..Four properties in St Andrew which are owned by the Hill Group of which former Cash Plus boss Carlos Hill is the chief executive officer, are to be sold to pay back depositors and creditors of investment scheme Cash Plus Ltd…….

    The properties, with an estimated value of more than $30 million each, are a town house in East Armour Heights where Hill lives; a town house on Cherry Drive; a town house on Norbrook Drive; and an apartment at Waterworks Mews………

  34. “”The previous receiver/manager and auditors are reportedly owed hundreds of millions of dollars in outstanding fees and there were concerns that they and Mr. Wildman would be fighting over the limited returns derived from the sale of the cash plus assets.”

    As one can see from the section above taken from the RJR news article, the only folks that were going to get any money was the receiver(great name) and auditors , while cashplus investors were to be left “sucking salt through a wodden spoon”.

    This once again highlight the need for all persons caught up in investment fraud to take action to try and get back at least a portion of what is owed to them.

    I think the next step for Mr Wildman is to get a court order that will allow him to use the cash plus client list documents to go after those who profited from this ponzi, and order them to pay over their illgotten gains or face the courts.

    If they refuse to declare, then their assets to she assesed and sold, to pay back those who lost their life savings in this scam.

  35. I did not complete the claim form. Can I stil do so? Any advice will be grealy appreciated..

    • How can I submit a claim on Cash Plus Ltd to the Liquidator Mr Hugh Wildman and show proof .

    • I would like to know if i could get a claim form for cash plus Ltd. for I was not on the island at the time.,could I get a urgent respond please, thanks in advance.

  36. i did not complete a claim form can i still do so

  37. Please let me know where I can submit claim form

  38. We are trying to determine if the forms can be submitted, so stay tuned.

  39. The last information we have is as follows.:

    Cash Plus lenders can request information on their individual accounts by writing to: Cash Plus Limited (in liquidation), PO Box 606, General Post Office, Kingston or by sending an e-mail to

    Try that and see what happens.

  40. This is the only information we have at this time.
    Check here

  41. Hello Lavern:

    Are you the son of Brother Dawes from Assembly Hall?

  42. Hello Jay:

    I wondered what became of you. I have read so much from Floridian that I thought he took over the sight. Welcome back, Jay.

  43. But you always read faithfully…

  44. Need information on cashplus

  45. Final date for all claims to be submitted is April 30, 2010.

    Get your forms here.

  46. I am presently in a other country and would like to make a claim on my cash plus account , how do I go about that.

  47. fax or scan, email document to a friend or family and ask them to take them in

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