TCI faces another Storm, IKE

The Turks and the Caicos has been the center of many storms in last months but tonight it is facing another storm, Hurricane IKE. The center of the category 4 Hurricane, packing sustained winds of 135 MPH is projected to pass over or near the islands tonight, in the next few hours.

At this time we indeed pray for the safety of all those on the Islands, in addition to the people of the Bahamas and Cuba. 

At this time, persons should be rushing to complete preparations for the storm to protect life and property and we would like to add documents.

Secure Documents and life.

We hope that the offices of the Financial Crimes Unit and the Attorney General have been properly secured and all documents and computers seized during the raids on OLINT’s office and David Smith’s home are safe and secure. We really do not want those documents being destroyed.

The Jamaican Government had already intervened having directed Air Jamaica to fly Turks and Caicos and provide airlift to Jamaicans who wanted to come home. The plane return to Jamaica on last Thursday night.

To our many readers in Florida, keep safe and we hope IKE  stays away from that area. 

Above all, the operators of this blog, hope that no life will be lost and damage to that the Turks and Caicos Islands will be minimal.



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  1. yes protect the documents!

  2. There are no documents.

  3. Ike , checking on his Olint balance !

  4. Keep the jail waterproof during the storm.

  5. I was told that soon after the storm, David Smith will be visiting Zambia to determine if he can move there permanently as Turks is going to cancel his belonging staus soon.Zambia is in south central Africa.

  6. Approx 80% of homes in Grand Turk lost their roofs and suffered extensive damages according to the premier.

    Our prayers goes out to the people of TCI in their time need. There has been no reports however of deaths which is certainly good news.

    We do hope they have a speedy recovery.

  7. Many thanks to everyone who assisted in keeping David safe during the passage of Hurricane IKE. David is now in a secured undisclosed location in Jamaica and will be flown back to Turks soon after the storm to continue on his bid to commence payment of members funds. Please ignore false reports about David moving to Africa. His status of belonging in Turks is not in jeopardy. Thanks again.

  8. Fly back to what? The country will be disorganzed for the next 1 or 2 months. Does DS even has a house anymore?

  9. planefordavid, you are obviously a family member or girlfriend of david smith.Can you deny that david smith has a close trading and business relationship with Ingrid loiten?Can you deny that David smth has recently
    spoken with loiten in zambia?can you deny that loiten of maydaisy was arrested for moneylaundering in zambia?can you deny that david smith has given ingrid loiten olint money to trade without the permission of club members? can you deny that david smith has investigated travel and or migration to southern Africa? Stop lying to the public! Were you the stewardess on the plane that brought Vaz and Shaw to the two million dollar birthday party where caviar flowed?plane fordavid ,lawyers call you “an accessory after the fact”

  10. planefordavid:

    I find it funny that you guys took “plane for david” serious. Maybe planefordavid should come out of character now so that people don’t have a heart attack!

  11. planefordavid

    DS is safe. Why would he not be? nobody troubling him. You think if people were troubling him he would be safe?

    Nobody a trouble DS. nobody wants to. Nobody wants to be up in any a dem business. people want try lef fiddem business alone. Dem a beg fi remove and meck them go on. We nuh wan hear bout dem. Meck dem do whey dem want.

    A dem a meck wi up inna dem business because dem naw do whe dem fi do. Why dem want we inna dem business when we nuh want inna it? Is dem ego want we around? We want lef and wish dem di best.

    We tired fi hear bout fiddem business. But a dem a hole on pon wi.

    Leggo wi….blacklist wi….we nuh inna hearing bout how unno live….go do you ting in private.

    Why unno a heng on pon wi? Wi bored a unno!

  12. We can’t help people like dat. When dem a drown cause dem jump inna wata dat they can’t handle….a drown dem wan we fi drown wid dem?

    We neva jump inna no wata.

    Dem a drown and a try play lifeguard sametime.

    Dem believe is dem one a face heat and problem. More than anyone else. They are naive and out of order.

    And dem feisty too. We fi waut pon dem….why? Who put them in charge?

    Wha true money and profile?….

    sick a dat…..go sell unno gow pan the masses….not pon di nigga yah.

  13. Harbourshark,

    All the answers you seek will be answered in time. In the meantime try not to get caught up in the character assassination and mudslinging. When the full truth is revealed, many will be surprised and some who are very vocal now will hang ther heads in embarrassment or will disappear.


    There are some who are in the know and are serious about helping David to fulfill his goal of getting the funds to members. There are some who are serious about denigrating people’s characters and spreading despair and hopelessness, when there is fact hope. Ask the almighty for wisdom to know the difference.

  14. planefordavid,

    “When the full truth is revealed, many will be surprised and some who are very vocal now will hang ther heads in embarrassment or will disappear”.

    IF you are not a fruad and since you obviously must be close to DS. How much longer before the “Truth” is revealed?

    9m, 1yr, 2yr,5yr….you must have serious info to make such a statement ?

    If you have good info there is no need for riddles.

    I do hope people get there money back…. will it jusitfy how ds has dealt with the members of olint?

  15. I don’t think anyone should take “planefordavid” seriously. Its these people who help prevent folks from taking action by promising false hope.

    This has allowed people like Ingrid Loiten, Richard Azan, Max Higgins to skip town with peoples money, never to be seen again.

    DO NOT LET David get away with this latest scam, and neither should Noel Strachan – who is now living in Florida.

  16. i must admit it, planefordavid had me fooled for a while. i swore that this was the latest cynic on the bolg, for noone could in all seriousness be so daft.
    i fear i may have been wrong, you do seem serious after all.
    i won’t be the one to argue with a blinded cult follower. how will my ‘objective reasoning’ penitrate the mind of someone who has decided to willfully suspend rational thought to take up davids cross and follow him. makes no sense, its a futile exercise.
    i wish you the best plane for david, i trust that one day you will be deprogrammed, and you truly will escape the bondage before you ruin far more than your dignity.
    good luck.

  17. Asking now? Sending brand name simpleton to try sway who?……Mi?


    What about the big talk?……bout how who a go get pay last?

    Ehh…..don’t ask ask now behind no scenes. Mi eva sen anybady pon yu? You know betta dan dat. Before yu sen dem tell dem seh you well and know how fi reach mi in a second.

    50%???? across the board? No equity there. 50% can’t go near my interest. and the total balance is just a start. there are other amounts after that my niggers.

    Early days….I don’t even start….and unno a bawl already? Where di BIG talk gone. A di big talk me love! Me naw forget that. Never. unno know wha fi do ….A me set the rules. Simple.

    BTW Do not send any one to the yard again.

    If dem go round a dertain yard again…..all involve going find out which God yu a serve.

    Unnowould want me sen people a fi yu yard? you want me come?

    Disrespectful……nothing ever4 changes ehh?

  18. Mi case…..cause mi feel like do some real work now….summer holiday finish.

  19. sirach

    DS want to cut a deal wiith u?

  20. Deal?…..He has his obligation and I have mine.

  21. yamon u hold ur ground sirach. DS must pay everybody in FULL or jail for him!

  22. David Smith will be a fraid to come here they will kill him. He befraud investors they money.

  23. We tired of shortchanging innocent people. Get ready.

  24. Members there is no proof that he befraud< At this point we really don’t know.

    If money is lost because of trading** then we all know that there was risk involved, most had resigned the new trading document regarding the risk involved so i think we need to see what the case is about. If there is *fraud then i agree that justice must be served. If his *company not him; was collecting money from other clubs then those club managers would be responsible to there club members because they must have signed the same agreement regarding the risk involved with forex trading and the draw down that are involved. I have money tied up in Olint but i know that i cannot do anything at this point until things are in the open. what am i going to sue for when i don’t know what is available. I have to move on with my life and continue to reinvent myself and find other investment areas to focus on. That said it was a good experience that i have learnt, ask question before you invest, pull you interest every month, make sure you get regular summary of how funds are traded and how often company is audited**even this might not be full proof but it’s allot more than what i did before i went in.

    Peace to all and God bless the ones that were safe during the storm. I see most are concerned with documents in the storm at this point life are being lost and i think we should all continue to pray for many who are without **light, water, shelter** and possible a home to go back too.


  25. Your feedback

    David Smith said, “all the money is there.” If he now says something new then he is a liar and a fraudster.

    David Smith made a declaration every month up until May 2008 stating that each member had x balance.

    David smith said X percentage of the money was never at risk.

    The later “contract” was forced on people who were never told at that point what the situation was and most signed in an effort to get their money.

    David Smith live big life and gamble during the whole time. People close to Smith have displayed a nasty arrogance throughout.

    his wife kept a lavish surprise birthday party for him while they were speaking down to people and not paying.

    He took his wife on a cruise in February for her birthday…while not paying and sending statements out confirming large gains added to funds that were there.

    During all Olints difficulties very loyal members paid out money on smiths’ behalf. This was done to ease the administrative pressure.

    so don’t run fi talk bout one percentage fits all. and porincipal and other BS. Stop cause unno only look stupid.

    He was consulted and aware of this throughout. His brother Wayne started to handle people who asked for their money like shit.

    they also paid some drug dealing anmd other criminals money when threatened while decent people got nothing. Yeah, and also politicians whose job it is to protect such law abiding citizens.

    David Smith was always drinking and living big life.

    So was his wife and so was his brother and many others.

    He is paying lawyers big money to try and shaft decent people.

    Him walk up mand down Jazz festival with missick and creary wid some bodyboys with extended clip a stick out dem waist.

    All the while David Smith seh is smaddy else fault.

    He was offered help all the way. But he knew he was not stright so continued the lie.

    His brother Wayne has advised members to “get dem big lawyer” longtime. And also he has said, “you are on yourown”

    Well he shall get his request.

    David Smith took investor money and has never paid it back to this day. this is long before he ever worked in investment or started Olint.

    So……just cool bredrin…..go live your life and learn from your loss….cause some of your money can pay me and allow nuff criminal to see another day for their criminal antics.

    But do not “your feedback” speak to me in the manner of a Wayne Smith……because you not even know the half. Do not jump in the water if you can not swim.

    David Smith knows who and who he must deal wid in order to keep the full hundred under covers. Not even his wife knows the full hundred.

    But….he loves to think of himself as a great competitor…so he will try to do this and that to
    “win” if you want……but let me tell you. Him know the competition…..and him know him going to have to let his ego take this loss because he knows this competitor keeps getting stronger especially when the stakes are high.

    Is not him alone love competition….others too….but only at a high level… money is not at that level.

    The more he competes is the more competition he will face.

    He knows what he does not want to come out a road….so he will toy with it in his head but he will not forget the ability of his adversary.

    Ball inj your court Mr. Smith.

  26. Oh i forget….Dem neva say sorry…no..dem bigger than that. Well when me wrong mi say sorry..SINCERE

    But money… a di least….I love teach people that.

  27. When bigger heads draw down pon yu……David Smith money can’t help. So is bigger than David Smith a reach certain members on government level. The king and the Boss turn him back….yeah….anyway …we will see if he decides you need to know the full hundred or not.

  28. Well all Noel and blythe and collins and dem……bwoy….mi a gi unno da hundred deh but the mood nuh teck mi right now……all visions hahahaaa ….rahtid….hahaha a next day bloggers.

  29. ds should report directly to Asst. Commsr Les Green if he is in Jamaica.

  30. Seems like this blog and the other one dead now. No news?!
    I guess everyone is satisfied with the silence.

  31. Fraud is everywhere and its on the increase.
    This year the UK is reporting an massive 14% increase in fraud.
    Check out this one which targeted banks, the thing is they paid the price for their fraudulent activity.

  32. She added: “The RBG Resources empire was a family business founded and driven by fraud.”

    Sound like 3 or 4 other family businesses we know.

  33. Time a run short…….

    Sirach is ready.

    For the stone that the builder refused…..shall be the head.

    Do unto others….as they would have done to you…

    Sirach…Sirach?……let them know that wisdom is priceless.

    Inaudible you may well be but you can read. Check it keenly and consider.

    For when the commission of inquiry says they are ready to hear the full hundred thou must know the end is near.

    Sorry that I will be thousands of miles away when your solicitous and benevolent “social climber crew” won’t be there to see who holds the handle while the blade dispatches swift judgement upon the blind followers and accomplices….

    We will see who knows their place from who don’t know.

  34. The full hundred is near. Watch how fast unno going get treated to all manner of niceties and “offers” yeah……make sure unnpo know who is in control…..the talk can be coming from one who has no authority.

    When they nhad authority….you rember how they treated you? Howcome them suggesting niceties nowadays?

  35. hahahahahaha ..Nuff “thursdaytalk” Brahmin all start pack already…..hahaahahaaaaa

    Jamaica….oh land of beauty….with such a messed up social strata. Insipid. Especially the wives dem.

  36. Where unno deh? Since Roper speech unno look like unno leave the blogg. Nuh Sirach did tell you seh Roper have money in Olint?

  37. Thoose who are belongers can run…..but what about thoose who can’t they will haffi stay….opportunity a scarce scare commoditay!! in these times I pray…when mamma spen har las and sen you go class….neva yu eva stray…….it’s a competitive world….

    take it up Buju…

    Thoose who a merican can run go deh the hoards a wait…the Azan visa and Strachn visa a Jamaican people extend that pon a day to day basis….yeah….

    Loiten……RUN BABY RUN….

  38. Well the time has come for us to do something and not sit waiting for the mercy of DS.

    I took a run to TCI and thus my absence from the Blog.

    DS, if you think life is so sweat in the TCI why then did the police want to talk with me and why did the Auld commission want me to spill the beans on how you got an ” Accelerated” Belongers status in the TCI ?

    People, just for the record- the “Belongers status” is obtained after 8 yrs of continuous residence in the TCI.
    Funny some of us with friends in HIGH places can get the damm thing in 8 months.

    You see time is longer than rope- I have tried to be fair and patient. But when I read the blog comments I quickly smelled a damm rat who has filling me with hot air since January.

    Enough BS !!!!

    DS, your time is coming soon- You will soon wish you had a job like Bernard, to drive me around Provo, when I finish with you !!! The Nanny , Maid etc soon come to an end!!!
    Mek yuh plans now and please try to go to Miami- I dare you to step into the USA !!!! American man could care less about you and yuh big fren Missick. See what will happen to yuh backside (smls).

    Wayne you are next. You have a big talk. Just wait… I just found out where you are hiding; Barracuda is relentless. Tomorrow for you!!

  39. Calling all Non Belongers of the TCI who are hiding in Chalk Sound Provo.

    Beg Bernard to drive you all in the Range Rover to the airport by Friday.

    Yuh want me to shame you on the blog- SG,KG,JS+wife, yuh think I did not know you were there eh!!!!

    I am trying to avoid you being further embarrassed. In fact, I am doing you a favour. I hear seh yuh depressed.
    Depression soon lick yuh hard and Prozac can’t help you then.

    Barracuda will soon trap all rats in the damm box they belong. FEAR NOT !!! The truth is on my side, so your prayers won’t work !!!

  40. Everday unuh come pan blog a bitch bout foolishness. Most of you already KNOW what up. You KNOW who the Perpetrators. But yal just a bunch of coward bout unuh a wait pan full hundred…Gwaan wait fools lol.

    People wonder why EVERY BLACK COUNTRY on the face of this earth is in peril. Black people are fools. They dont stand up for their rights and they put up with badness and condone slackness and injustice.

    You negros are pathetic and Jamaica is just a couple decades away from sudan, zimbabwe, and all them other SAVAGE country where muder, rape, and evil rule.

    I will continue to laugh at you cowards

  41. miachica

    You have really changed!

  42. This Miachica idiot post the same comment on another related blog. He has not changed. he was the same old KKK all along. maybe he saw something he did not like. I may be older than some of you but the old saying says “Id yu no mash cockroach, you no know dem belly”.

    So let me repeat my post.


    You are a hater. Don’t come back. Most of the people on this Blog are Jamaicans. Leave Jamaicans alone and don’t come back. If they are happy blogging like this, what do you care? What do you care about black peoople? you are NASTY. I do not live in Ja but they are my people. Do you know how resillient Jamaicans are? Maybe you have never been to the place. Talking about Sudan? You are an idiot if you compare Ja with Sudan.
    Do you know Jamaican badwords? Don’t come back a BBC.

    Don’t COME BACK a *&%$#@ (jamaican style)

  43. … Puncie, wha’ dat yuh ah say … Oh … dat it nuh good fe live inna white mon country too long … (munch, munch, munch) … me agree … so … come we jus’ sit down pon de wall an’ watch dem ah watch we … (9 sounds … click) ,,,

  44. Which Roper speech, sirach?

  45. Roper is a careerist and an idiot.

  46. Lisa,

    I wonder why me telling people they need pursue these thiefs and stop acting like a bunch of pu**y upset you. Either you are family of one of the perpetrators( I highly doubt) or You just an ignorant FOOL. You such a damn simpleton that you couldnt even begin to comprehend my post.

    Its people like you that have caused Jamaica to be where its at right now. The ole backward negros that follow the status quo instead of challenge it and lash out at anyone that dose otherwise. I dont care if you want to respond to my post. I do not engage in conversation with simple minded illiterate trash such as yourself. I am going to tell you this again clearly and as simple as possible so that YOU can understand.

    Jamaica is run by corruption that is exactly why people like JM, IL, DS, CH, WH, where able to pull off one of the biggest investment fruad in caribbean history. Things will never change in Jamaica until people decide they wont put up with the corruption no more. Now it turns out people in government had money in these investment schemes. People was all over kern spence and the cuban light bulb fiasco. WHat the hell came out of that LOL????

    The investment schemes actually donated money to the election campagne. Here we have mamebers of goverment who should be held accontable and lose their jobs. WHere is the checks and balances? There is none!!

    You call that goverment? I dont care if people do get a portion of their money back. These guys were not trading forex and it was OBVIOUS.

    The reality is some people like it. You can bribe a policeman and not get a ticket, not go to jail, not get charged for rape or murder. If you have money you can do what the hell you please and get away with it. Jamaica is turning in to a land of savagery we already have the highest murder and rape statistics. Pickney as young as 7 and 8 a get rape and all now them cant find the rapist. But mek Mr. Mahfood sand get tief and them find it long time lol!!

    Why you getting upset like I am not talking the truth. The truth hurts dosent it. Every black country in the world is in a state of peril. What a coincidence. Black people are ignorant fools. You cant blame white man for everything. Some things you cause on yourself. It hurts my heart to see Jamaica heading down the same path. Its even more sickining to watch grown ass people mrk everybody run off with them money. If you wanted to lose your money so bad, why didnt you all just write me a check???

  47. Miachica, on September 9th, 2008 at 9:54 am Said: ……..”If you wanted to lose your money so bad, why didn’t you all just write me a check???”….


    I thought you:

    a) have some of your own money in Olint? Yes?
    b) are a female? Your choice of words (“bunch of pu**y”) lead me to think otherwise?

    We might have to call in Rob or Sirach to referee this fight between you two. We must first determine gender of the fighters. If you are both female, then Rob or Sirach might not be the appropriate referee. Maybe someone like Blogkiller? 😀

    Wait……Blogkiller started use a few choice words he(r)self!! I give up, who want to referee this fight?

  48. DaveSin,

    Give it up please lol

    You never grew up in Jamaica huh?
    I think your also kinda young.
    You stated that you neevr invested any money in Olint. Either you didnt have it or you didnt NEED TO.
    Where in florida do you live? Is it davie or weston?
    Did ANY of your family invest in these schemes?
    Whose son lives in florida that I know of that fit your description??????????


  49. tek whe yu self..

  50. 1) You never grew up in Jamaica huh?

    Yes I did!

    2) I think you also kinda young.

    Relatively speaking! 🙄

    3) You stated that you never invested any money in Olint. Either you didn’t have it or you didn’t NEED TO.

    Actually there are more than two choices. Maybe, given my primary school education, I was not smart enough to spot a good deal when I saw one. Maybe by the time I heard about Olint, it already crashed!

    4) Where in Florida do you live? Is it Davie or Weston?

    No, a little bit north of either one!

    5) Did ANY of your family invest in these schemes?

    No, same answer as (3) above.

    As you can see, I answer all YOUR questions. So, you should return the favor and answer my questions so that we can assign the right referee. Plus, you did not answer the question about whether you are an Olint investor.

  51. What anger and frustration.


    Hold tight DaveSin.

    Look like Sirach a mad some people.

  52. DaveSin,

    I would be a hypocrite for calling people out if I myself had lost money in Olint. I cant stand hypocrites. You dont have no family member that lost money in Olint….I really dont get your obsession with Olint. It dosent make since really.
    What I dont like is the constant bitching from people including friends and family about Olint. Yet everybody too scared to do something. People you all have strenght in numbers. You all have a good amount of info…There is enough info out there on the tiefs to do something about them.

    They can bully one person but them cyah get all of you. Good bless the few that are doing something. Some people wanna get upset because I called them cowards. Who the cap fit let them wear it. All who want to curse me off…go ahead I dont have your money lol.

    Its just mind boggling for a country so bad and full a badman. Uptown, downtown, round town. Badman come from every part a Jamaica. Olint full a dem.
    Nuff a dem a tek banana boat now come a Jamaica lol.
    Unuh mek people a run off wid unuh money. And a look fi full hundred pan blog….It down right hilarious.

  53. Sirach dont know shyt LOL. Why him cyah spill the “full hundred”. You a coward sirach??

    I well be watching you cowards…this better than comedy central lol!!

  54. miachica

    DaveSin used to hang out on the cashplus boards until the board died and moved over here. He might be a cashplus guy.

  55. miachica ……why you don’t spill the full hundred then?….since me a coward…..go ahead….spill it out …right down yu pants leg.

  56. Panama…muy Rico

  57. Jared Martinez had a house fire sale to I Trade FX employee. Remember that JIJ Investments bought a house for $515,000. That house was sold for $400,000 to LISA KIM ESTRADA(I trade FX compliance and AML officer) on 7/9/2008. Book/Page&PageNumber=1&OrderBy=doc_status&Accending=DESC&FromDate=&ToDate=&PageSize=20&RecSetSize=100

  58. AML:

    But JIJ brought a property for $518,650 on 10/22/07 and sold it for $650,000 on 2/6/2008 (profit of $131,350 in 4 months!). So, both properties taken together amounts to a wash, or JIJ came out slightly ahead (I guess they hedged their bets).

    It looks as if both properties were purchase for cash back in 2007.

  59. DaveSin

    What are you looking at? Are you using the same bad stuff from Sirach?

  60. Miachica refers to checks and balances,there are none. David Smith and Carlos Hill have indeed brought off the greatest scam in Caribbean history with the blessings of Shaw and Vaz of the JLP.And nobody has resigned.Carlos has bought his way out of jail but the Americans are coming for him,he will
    spend the rest of his life with Noriega and others.

  61. AML:

    If Sirach and I are smoking the same “stuff” it must be from the tree of knowledge 😀

    Here goes:

  62. SAMUEL JASON SEGO is another I trade FX employee.

  63. The witnesses on the documents are Jared Martinez business accociates. JIJ Investments at that time had a legal corporate address.

  64. AML:

    Yuh seet yet? Here, take a drag off this, Sirach Stuff, he said to pass it on, as it might help you see things more clearly.

    Oh, it will help you with the Cash Plus thing also, since you erroneously attached my name to the master conman, Carlos Hill….no I did not invest in C+ either. I told you I’m a bit slowwwwww.


    On this document which was started on June 23, 2008, JIJ Investments had no legal address. Also on the document, you have the three Martinez’s signature. Witnesses are also interesting, one is a Market Traders Institute employee, the other is Jared Martinez business partner which has a real eastate company/broker that Jared Martinez setup to skim off profits off Olint’s money.

  66. This is what happens when the government actually work for people and not for friends.

    Billions to Be Shared by Enron Investors AP

    posted: 3 HOURS 17 MINUTES AGOcomments: 0PrintShare
    Text SizeAAAHOUSTON (Sept. 9) – A federal judge has approved a plan to distribute more than $7.2 billion recovered as part of a lawsuit by Enron Corp. shareholders and investors in connection with the company’s collapse.
    U.S. District Judge Melinda Harmon also approved $688 million in attorneys fees, the largest ever in a securities fraud case.
    About 1.5 million individuals and entities will be eligible to share in the distribution under the settlement plan. The plan was part of a $40 billion lawsuit claiming financial institutions participated in the accounting fraud that led to Enron’s downfall.
    The $7.2 billion comes mostly from settlements made with such financial institutions as Bank of America Corp., JPMorgan Chase & Co. and Citigroup Inc.

  67. AML:

    YES…..yuh use to work for I-Trade-FX!!! How yuh know who all their employees are?

  68. Sam Sego name is on I Trade FX NFA documents. Same with Kim.

  69. The business partners shows up on Jared Martinez corporations(washing machine).

  70. Since Miachica is back and Lisa is nowhere to be found, we have to start the fight without her. Here is the fight between Miachica and Lisa. Lisa in the dress and Miachica in the pants: ring, ring, ring….

  71. DaveSin,

    Did any of your family invest in world wise, cash plus, f1 or any of those other schemes?

  72. DaveSin

    Are you the pimp in the white? You have to keep the girls in line.

  73. WHy is it that any website you see that have negative comments about NCB. You, John Doe and Jay a pair?

    For somebody who enevr invested in the schemes are have family who did you sure obsessed with them. Espcially Micheal Lee Chin.

    Jay, on July 25th, 2008 at 5:19 am Said:
    Big up Lee Chin. !!

    This man has single handedly been doing wonders for this country in particular portland, and continues to do so despite the noise of the “detractors”.


    How much SHARES OF NCB STOCK YOU nOWN AGAIN…Where are those comments…why where they deleted???

  74. Jay owns shares in NCB dvidsin do you also..what about johndoe???

  75. now you guys are suppose to mark the censorship. If you don’t mark it, then you are no better than the criminals we write about.

  76. If I own NCB stock I wouldnt want ANY talking trash about it either. No wonder you all hate DS.

  77. AML,

    No the comment that Jay made about owning NCB stock is there. Who knows what else they up to. Now you see why they are so obsessed with these investment schemes that they have NO MONEY IN!!

  78. Since you all wanted to know who last what in these investment schemes. How much money do you have invested in National Cemmercial Bank???

  79. Miachica:

    Is it safe to declare Lisa the winner of the ladies fest? Yuh lucky mi as the pimp was there to keep things in line otherwise Lisa would have inflict serious bodily harm. Yuh wouldn’t live to be asking silly questions about who has stocks in NCB.

    BTW, I thought you said Johndoe and Jay (pair)? How did I get in the middle of this?

    If you persist in asking these types of questions I will be forced to seek out the help of Lisa again. I guess one beating wasn’t enough…Lisa….Lisa, weh yuh deh? Lisa soon come and we will all see what will happen to yuh! Yuh better run…….

  80. DaveSin,

    Cant answer the question dvesin…you all NCB shareholders arent you??

    Jay already admitted he dose….

  81. Olint must have been a thorh in you NCB shareholders sight lol!!!

  82. I dont really expect you guys to admit that you are in fact NCB shareholders.

  83. Miachica:

    I know you speak spanish, but it appears as if living in Hialeah is having a negative impact on your English speaking/writing skills. Or is it that, like Alisa, you are pregnant?

    Yes…Yes…Yes…..I can’t take no more….I am an NCB shareholder!!

    Yuh satisfy now…I tall order…..I know….even with your big belly?

  84. Hey Guys:

    I am a woman. Not a man. I do not live in Ja. I am an executive over here (not America) but as you know we all hide behind the fake email.

    I did not like how Miachica was disrespecting Jamaicans. He could have brought his point across in a more intelligent way and don’t behave like the KKK.

    I am not interested in NCB because their Customer service stinks. Anyway since I can speak a bit about MLC AIC in Canada. That fund does not do well here. It seems as if when people want to make money they have to go back-a-yard:-)

    Anyway, I have no interest in MLC and NCB.

    So Dave since you guys are out there and so many suffered at the hands of DS why don’t you organize and get a lawyer to fight. Or is it that everyone is waiting until the end of the pregnancy period and if the baby does not arrive then the lawsuits will start.

    I don’t know.

    Tell me……

  85. Published at 08/08/2008 by TTSEC

    Media Release: Olint Corporation Ltd


    The public is hereby advised that Olint Corporation Limited, Overseas Locket International Corporation, Potsdam Investments Inc are not, and have never been, registered with the Trinidad and Tobago Securities and Exchange Commission (‘the Commission’) to carry on business in any of the following categories: Broker, Investment Adviser, Dealer in Securities, Trader in Securities, Underwriter of Securities or Securities Company. Members of the public are reminded that only persons and entities registered…

  86. Is Potsdam Investments Inc. a Olint feeder or branch of Olint?

  87. “The business partners shows up on Jared Martinez corporations(washing machine).”

    He has a new company called “WASHING-R-US”. All chinamen can now look up and say “Hail FX Thief” the king of washers. But the FXThief really learned his skill from the master “Mr. Olint”. Mr. Olint is a master of writing screw you contracts and mastered the art of moving money into one country and then another country and another bank and another country.

  88. Mr. Olint you have made one bad move by trusting the mexicans. They do not have enough brain power to light a lightbulb. I can hear errand boy blowing a fuse again. They do have the greed factor.

    Mr. Olint, you now know they are bad news. They have turned their backs on you. They have implicated you in money laundering and with their mighty brain power they have implicated themselves.

  89. To the moderator of this site:

    Let it be clearly known, I have blogged to share factual information with other OLINTERS who like myself are suffering.

    Repetitively, my factual statements have been deleted from this blog due to your “moderation” process.

    Should my comments dated September 8th 2008 at 11.09pm and 11.21pm get deleted, I shall interpret this action to mean this site is aiding and abetting David Smith to commit fraud. Thus I will be forced to report it to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) who are currently investigating fraudulent claims by US citizens, who were defrauded by Mr. Smith.

  90. What happened to the MTI seminars in Jamaica .. did they ever occur.. I see the Ads, but get no feedback about the seminars.

    Interestingly, the tone of their new Ad have changed (Bassilados ) is the new pitchman, and he only speaks that their teaching is good, he does not refer to the fact if he makes money.. only that their training is good)

  91. Bassilados is also a Gringo, another one being used to bait the vulnerable.

  92. Bassilados does not claim to make a fortune or trade for anyone.. I think on here he had said that he only does demo trading..
    but it seems like MTI have implied that David Smith is a conman and are giving free sessions using others as the spokesman

  93. bad boys

  94. the police are ready, the commission is ready, the hidden money has been identified, immigration is ready, the don is ready… the boss ready?

  95. what hidden money sirach?

  96. could this be…. the full 100? 😉

  97. Sirach, this is for you.

  98. AML , I remember…they took a lot of money from people too.

  99. Some people love change dem story/position as the rumours begin to offer more information. Those persons know just who they are.

    Rumours dem spreading, claim seh a sensi mi planting. Well Iman a di Don inna di juggling. A pure rumours a gwaaan.


  100. Sirach neva change position yet.

    gotta ask you sirach, are you the rev devon dick??

    the article could have been better researched imo.
    but seems to reflect the changing sentiment. i dont understand it, but hey who am i?

  102. jon careful, you are the last person who should make light of clergy. Devon id just decent here. The others like the PNP and JLP demonstrate that money and coctail circuit notwithstanding a come around is a come around wherever they may be.

  103. ROB : I see what you mean Rumours dem spreading, claim seh a sensi mi planting. Well Iman a di Don inna di juggling. A pure rumours a gwaaan.

    I see you on allot of blogs sirah , you seem to have a Green Card or Citizenship for every blog. Let me know where i can get one of those with the money you have. How is your X6 that you said you ordered. Rumours dem spreading, claim seh a sensi mi planting. Well Iman a di Don inna di juggling. A pure rumours a gwaaan.

  104. Why so defensive?

    Nobody name nevah call !

    “Those persons know just who they are.”



    You should have hired to maytag repair man but instead you hired GED boy and errand boy to run your operations.

    Your most of your shell companies are sitting with empty offices, no occupational licenses, and overdue corporate registration papers.

    Did you return that $400,000 that JIJ Investments made in June 2008 back to David Smith or one of his many companies?

    How many laws have you broken. Let me see, you have broken them on the county, state and federal level. You have broken business laws, tax laws, fraud laws, and anti-money laundering laws. There is one law that you have not thought about, it is the RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) laws.

    Alot of info leak out of Olint, Lewfam, MTI, I Trade FX, and other FCMs. A plumber can’t help you now because the sewer is now overflowing.

  106. AML

    Who is the manager of MTI Jamaica…is it still the same guy?

  107. Is the Azan family fearing a backlash?

  108. Is the church now speaking out now over fear of Sirach release 10 names a day or was the church deceived by the Jamaica government and David Smith and now speaking out. Remember church first, politians second, and officials third.

  109. I blog all in Spanish when the mood is right. ‘Feeback’ sorry most of the things i have money can’t buy. You think is DS this? By the way if you read over again you would see that X6 is played. I told you all that my crissas is the only one. BMW? hahhahahaahaaaa

    Rumours them spreading …….but I man a di don innna di juggling…

    AML …you know honestly i forgot? Alright tonight. bout midnight? yeah and you will have a chance to speak directly to you know who anmd you know who because they will be here at that time.

  110. hahhaahhaah…how about we do it with the bank account numbers? What you think about that AML. think you can ‘trust’ me?..hahahhaahaaaa

  111. Disaster relief fund set up at Misick Stanbrook? Call Carmen.

  112. Simple yes or no question…Do you believe that on May 18th 2009 you will get paid in full?

  113. nobody will ever get paid, not even 1 cent. David dont even paid his workers, that is bad, these people are claucated thiefs.

  114. No!!! no will ever get paid, not even 1 cent in a dollar. David dont eve paid his own workers who helped him raking the millions of USD. These people are calculated thei………..


  116. Please visit this website to make your donations for the victims of hurricane Ike in the TCI

  117. i have already made my donation online

  118. the website also has a few photos about the devastation created by Hurricane Ike in the Island of Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos

  119. members….are his workers going to jail too?

  120. Sirach are you going to DANNY BUOY’S tonight

  121. I will see you there tonight. Don’t be late

  122. What the hell i am reading now

  123. Sirach are you going to DANNY BUOY’S tonight

  124. Sirach give more info on what u know about DS hidden money.

  125. DreamDashWeh

    What’s in it for me? That info is important to the boss you know. You can outbid him?

  126. Hahahahahahahahahahaahhaha!

  127. whats so funny rob?

  128. It really insignificant and dont warrant amymore keystrokes. Some people just comical thas all.

  129. Sirach probably works for the press or is an investigator. He is always digging or listening. Use names instead of account number. No one has resouces to get them converted to names unless you are a bank employees.

  130. Hey AML? How come I can’t be police?

  131. Investigators are normally the smart ones in the police department.

  132. If you are the police, where is DS? Back in TCI or he never left.

  133. Good question. I will ask my superiors. When they come back in the morning.

  134. “The OLINT Foundation board will be headed by Betty Gordon and will include Edith Smith, Rev Dave Spence, Dr Paul Gordon, Nicole McLaren, Mary Dixon, Paulette Kirkland and Francis Hill.”

    Have we heard anymore?

  135. This website is having problems.

  136. I’am expressing absolute shock about Capital Blu’s reported loss.
    I mean, 80-90% loss.
    Didn’t they brand themselves as being better, legitimate, regulated and licensed, even more transparent traders than DS?
    Interesting turn of events in these times. Man i guess David saw that coming so he passed on the join up offer. 80-90% loss.

  137. Who are the accountants for the foundation?

  138. How does anyone know what is loss from what the owner/managers siphon off for themselves? Ehh…we nuhy born under cow.

  139. Talk out interesting turn of events….Some of the cases against the ‘pigs’ going to come up shortly….what then?


    Capital Blu

    Remember I said to ask where they make their money. When the corporate structure is not sound, then the company or people are not sound like all of Jared Martinez companies.

  141. I don’t hear you anymore Lance. Did the word “Limited Liability Company Membership Interests” knock your brain out of commission or you do not want to be Martinez’s attack dog anymore.

  142. They are going to make the pigs screal with money laundering charges if they reside in the US.

  143. ‘Pigs’ going feel it all around. US is the least. (I know some of you have a hard time understanding that). The question now AML is will the pigs take the pressure for Smith or will they welcome him to the fire. He has not felt any real pressure yet. Notice the term ‘yet.’

  144. If the pigs are told the true remaining money that is left, they might provide more details where the money was transferred to or give some little hidden info that a few people know on where to look for the money and/or property.

  145. Yes but the money that is hidden is a powerful tool that thoose who have it must hold close to their chest. Smith will have to pay such people or face the wrath of the crowd if ‘that little something DS,Ws and Ts ” put aside is revealed.

  146. Look at who has profitted and scammed 35-40 million USD in the last 2 years. It is a big game/scam and most of the money might be property now. Why does everyone think cash?

  147. JIJ Investments has/had property. Olint Corporation Limited or Overseas Locket International Corporation has/had property in Panama.

  148. James Robertson, minister without portfolio in the Office of the Prime Minister – missed eight sittings and has offered no apology

    Daryl Vaz, state minister – Office of the Prime Minister – missed seven sittings and has offered no apology

    DS has squandered your money on liquor, girls, casinos, politicians, cronies, family and lawywers– missed every sitting and has offered no apology

  149. Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are.

  150. After the months of government corruption allegations, will the government violate its position of trust yet again, and rob the Treasury of relief funds as they prepare to go out the door? And then grant their relatives all the contracts?

    Will the Premier have damage at his Leeward Mansion that needs repairs? Has his pool’s statuary lost their limbs? Is his fountain clogged with debris? As the Premier went to various islands after Ike hit, he wore what appeared to be his red Porsche outfit. Does he not understand most people don’t have a home or a car, let alone a Porsche? Or the dream of a Porsche? Does he not have the sense to just wear a jacket and cap.a plain jacket and cap, not bling and to not rub his wealth in their faces?

    How can a leader lead, or even redeem himself, with the track record that he has created in just the last month? Will the PNP faithful be the first to get their homes repaired or built? Why must we even THINK in this manner? We should be able to TRUST it will be fair. Yet, I do not think we can as chat rooms have been rife with these concerns the last few days. Yes, Mr. Misick, you are the subject of much concern to your people. You are not trusted.

    TCI Journal 12th September 2008

    DS?…..Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are.

  151. We need a new thread on Capital blu. their is some new developments

    Capital Blu Investors Suffer 90% Losses

    Dear Capital Blu Clients,

    …In Mid-July we commenced trading at Saxo Bank and began running parallel programs with PFG. While both programs were utilizing the same exact strategy and held essentially the same positions; our trading team began noticing significant differences in the platforms. Some of the key differences were:

    * Quoted Rates with inflated spreads on both platforms.

    * PFG required margin on net position; Saxo Bank required margin on gross positions.

    * PFG portfolio could be managed through a single master account; Saxo Bank’s portfolio had to be managed by each individual account.

    What appeared to be manageable challenges on both platforms unfortunately were exaggerated on August 8th when the market made a dramatic trend reversal.

    On the Saxo platform margin calculations which were averaging around 20% rose to over 100+% (extremely abnormal). Our trading team immediately began rebalancing the portfolio to reduce margin, however, due our inability to rebalance the entire group of managed accounts at one time we had a few clients get stopped out resulting in catastrophic losses. The accounts that were still below the 150% threshold had to be managed independently which ultimately compromised the trading strategy. Over the course of the next several weeks our trading team worked to rebalance each individual portfolio, however, since we were forced to unload positions based on necessity we were left with very few favorable positions and ultimately saw the entire managed account portfolio stopped out for approximately an 80-90% lose in every account.

    We truly understand the frustration of each and every customer and wish there were something more that we could have done prior. In hindsight there were several actions we would do differently; however, this isn’t a time for what ifs as you deserve a plan for how we are going to move forward.

    So the question many of you are asking of Capital Blu is where we go from here. Well first and foremost, you have our commitment that we will do everything commercially, legally and ethically possible to rebuild each and every client’s account.

    Internally, we have taken the following actions:

    * Blayne Davis, Director of Portfolio Management is no longer a member of the Capital Blu.

    * Implementation of formal risk management procedures to ensure a client’s max drawdown is 15% regardless of trader, platform, strategy, etc.

    * Indefinite suspension of the BluFX Options Benchmark Managed Account Program.

    Proposed Reparation:

    While we understand that many of you are looking for us to simply cut a check to reimburse the losses, we have been advised by our legal team that we cannot commercially offer this type of reparation. As per the program disclosure, Capital Blu Management will honor the high watermark of the August 1, 2008 balance for all clients in the BluFX Options Program. In essence, we will rebuild each and every account free of any commissions or performance fees until we have brought the account balance back to the August 1, 2008 balance.

    Kind Regards,

    Joe Mills | Director of Sales & Marketing

    Capital Blu Management LLC

  152. Not surprised at capital blu disclosure,once i saw the crooks from East Kingston playing a pivotal role in this outfit i advised all and sundry to stay clear scince everthing they touch becomes a diaster or is infiltrated by criminals as well as druggists

  153. “Behold, I send you out as sheep
    amidst the wolves.”

    These people, it’s no mystery where they come from.
    You sharpen the human appetite to the point where it can split atoms with its desire. You build egos the size of cathedrals. Fiber-optically connect the world
    to every eager impulse.Grease even the dullest dreams with these dollar-green, gold-plated fantasies until every human becomes an aspiring emperor, and then his own god.

    Where can we go from there?

    The wrong way maybe?

    As we’re scrambling from one deal to the next who’s got his eye on the wolves?

    There’s no chance to think, to prepare.

    It’s buy futures, sell futures when there is no future.
    We got a runaway train.

    There are a billion DS, WS, TS, MM, AS, DV, JR, JM, CH, NS and many others scheming & looting into the future. Every one of them is getting ready to fistfu#ck the sheep & lick their fingers clean as they hold on to their pristine privilidged lifestyles with blatant disregard for their victims. Unfortunately this is the sad state of humanity.

    But in the end the message hits home………

    You got to pay your own way!

  154. Wonder if the Capital Blu just concocted that entire story. Since all other schemes have “gone under”, whether they suffered losses or not – losses are feasible so why not use it as a story to make off with people’s money!

  155. Is Blayne Davis washing windows at ymca intersection?

    Cap Blu….go **^&$ yourself. We will deal with you after other pressing matters that are very soon to be cleared up.

    Saxo Bank……the same Saxo that Martinez uses???….the same Saxo that DS has held talks with?…..oh…I see…..members get what quack-quack get….and the same management is in charge…and everybody hides behind the lawyers…hmm …glaring similarity here…..Did the lawyers loose 90% of their fees?…..

  156. get up stand up…….stand up for your rights…..Cap blu don’t tell mi you GOING to make everybody feel high…..cause I know you don’t know what life is rreally worth…’s not all that glitter is gold ……the other half is soon to be told… hurry and see the light…Yeaaah….cause we going stand up for our rights…come on’…..get up stand up…..

    cause wi neva give up the fight….neva give up the fight……neva give up the fight…

  157. Sept. 8 will probably will be the biggest price movement in currency history. I hear from experienced traders they have never seen a move like that before. If the US did not step in to take over the 2 mortage banks, the US will be in a serious depression now.

  158. Lucky that DS was not trading…right?

  159. The economic geniuses at Cap Blu must have been aware right? Or were they playing with candlesticks like Martinez dem?

  160. PFG and Saxo Bank are possible caused most of the problem and Capital Blu was not paying attention. You need people on this every second for 24/day for 5 days to protect the trades when something goes wrong.

  161. What about stop loss ?

    What about only investing 20 %

    Why after losing 90 % of the money, then talk about instituting a 15 % maximum draw down.

    When the guy was making his sales pitch, he was talking about how they were regulated in the US..

    How they were conservative.. looking only to make 2 – 5 % with minimal risk..

    how the hell can they now say that they have managed to lose 90 % of people money in one month ?

    this would be fraud of the highest order

  162. Jail for BLu

  163. The amount Jagans have with them is minimal…..seems like a screen……I wonder who going to come next and sell that gow?

  164. Looks like the currencies crashed when uk market openned in the first hour and the continue to crash for the next two hours. An experienced would think the turnaround would occur after the first hour and trade in the opposite direction and they probably put alot of money to it, but the market continued to crash for the next 2 hours wiping everything out.

  165. They should have stops but the greed factor kicked in to profit big on the rebound which never happened.

  166. Blu might be fined or go through the NFA to recover you money if they garentee a certain part of your money will never be touched.

  167. etew

  168. please donate to


  170. AML:

    The Cap Blu guy is your neighbor! Right? He lives up there in Palm Bay. I know your investigative skills, why don’t you tell guys like me (Sirach-“bad weed” smoking guy) what you find out about him…interesting things? I guess we have to wait for the next release of his audited financial statement.

  171. Blu best go a Jail….in Jamaica…real jail.

  172. “I run this place” I will never forget those words my friend.

  173. There is a common denominator here CB, remember him the one who was getting 500,000 per month before linking up with the Blu,something is very stink here especially given that is fathers position as treasurer of a certain political party.Come in Sirach the birds are falling out of the roost.

  174. Meck dem fall.

  175. These Capital BLU M&*^^F%%^& are the best who ever done it. Lost 90% of the client funds in one month and blame it on the platform and have the nerves to promise not to charge any fees until these accounts are brought back to positive. It sound like these fools were trying to call bottom on the Eur/USD while trading without a stop loss and got a margin call. Did it ever occur to them their market analysis was wrong to exit their positions,I thought the number one rule to this game is capital preservation.Or maybe as some else say they were just trading candle sticks, not trade base on sound market analysis.

  176. For the uninitiated in this Forex business, it would appear that there are a lot of people out there saying that they are Forex traders and does not have a clue as to what that entails! The worst part of this whole thing is “investors” have no way to gauge the competency of these so-call traders before forking over their hard earn money to these fools.

    They say that if you can’t beat them, join them. As of tomorrow, I’m a Forex Trader and will be soliciting investor’s money. Name of my company….FoolTreks. Minimum investment USD$100,000. More later and as to where to wire the funds!

  177. sirach

    What did your boss say where DS is hiding?

  178. In the batcave.

  179. “Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are.”

    Let look at some of the Martinezes’ ex-business partners.

    RUBIN, FINED (JOINTLY AND SEVERALLY) $445000 by the NFA in 03/27/2003.
    SCHWARTZ, FINED $50000 by the NFA in 03/27/2003.


  180. Title D
    225 NE MIZNER BLVD., SUITE 300
    BOCA RATON FL 33432

    Title D
    225 NE MIZNER BLVD., SUITE 300
    BOCA RATON FL 33432

    Jared Martinez did not quite like RUBIN and SCHWARTZ when planning to start I Trade FX, so Jared Martinez went from the frying pan to the fire when he went with David Smith. He went from people with unethical business practices to a person who’s company that has been raided and shut down by the Jamacian Government.

  181. This is why companies need to be registered. You will have a record of what they have done. Being registered does not stop criminals from running a company and doing damage or fraud but you will have record of what they have done. Look at Carlos Hill, if the public or newspaper have know earlier of his criminal past in the US, he might not have stolen Billions of jamaican dollars. The FSC only step in only when it was too late. Fraud and corruption need to be cleaned up in the governemnt first.

  182. Yes Mr. Jared Martinez, the sewer is overflowing. I will leave the the government to work on your dirty laundry. The sewer has some interesting big black objects in it but from the mexicans and the worried it is only runny.

  183. People might say this is a hate blog instead of Invest For Life.


    Every one has given examples for what to look for and what happens in the real world.

    Check their registration.
    Find out who runs or owns the company on the registration.
    Visit them and ask questions of who they are and what the do.
    Have them show proof.
    Then go out and verify the proof.
    If they say the proof is confidential and won’t give it you, then walk out. Your money is as confidential as their proof.
    Don’t believe your pastor, friends, government officials, the sales people and owners. Especially the sales people and owners.
    Go out and check.
    Have your friend show the check with statement.

    Example: “Market Traders Institute (MTI) began in 1994 as “FXCHIEF” Jared F. Martinez’s efforts to realize the profit potential of Forex trading. With over a decade’s worth of experience in Forex training, MTI is the world’s oldest and most trusted Forex education institution.”
    The sewer level is mighty deep there. Have him present you his resume.
    If no pedigree, then it is only a dog/mutt.

  184. “Market Traders Institute (MTI) began in 1994…”.
    Ya, right!
    If the NFA/CFTC was not around, would have you said that I Trade FX began in 2001?
    Quote from about MTI.
    “Market Traders Institute Inc. (MTI) was founded in 1994 by a trader for traders and is recognized worldwide as the leader in Forex Education and Training.”
    You know that FTC considers that fraud.

  185. investorforlife

    I think you are asleep at your job. You should have an article really covering how to protect youself and covering the below procedures. The true Invest For Life procedures.

    Check their registration.
    Find out who runs or owns the company on the registration.
    Visit them and ask questions of who they are and what the do.
    Have them show proof.
    Then go out and verify the proof.
    If they say the proof is confidential and won’t give it you, then walk out. Your money is as confidential as their proof.
    Don’t believe your pastor, friends, government officials, the sales people and owners. Especially the sales people and owners.
    Go out and check.
    Have your friend show the check with statement.

    Investforlife you have an odd agenda besides fighting with other blog owners from stealing the content of this site.

    Everyone can see my agenda is to have these criminals to go to jail and have the criminals exposed if government does not do their job.

  186. Sirach

    In the UK, US, TCI, or Jamaican batcave?

  187. I think the Jamaican press fishes here news stories. When are you guys going to investigate the Olint Foundation?

  188. Dont you get it AML..invest for life, Jay, Nacotec, Davesin only interest was protecting NBC….whatever shares or relationship they have with them…they are not just random people trying to PROTECT the public.

    The mission was accomplished so they really dont care anymore.

  189. AML… I like your style….

    You should start a blog 😉

  190. Dont you get it AML….one man control everything ….a good portion of telecommunication in Jamaica….There will never be any major investigation of anything. They just want to sweep this under the many people will get exposed.

  191. I want a wiki instead of blog. Thare are a alots of facts/documents that need to be exposed. I am capable of starting one but I am still waiting.

  192. miachica

    That is why I said odd agenda. That is why I said that I do not trust this blog. Good source of confidential info for Chin Chin man.

  193. Remember is said this site was professional done with possible government backing or now a possible power broker. Info is money.

    Sirach, how much money for the info?

  194. Remember I said this site was professional done.

  195. Is Chin Chin man under an investigation and making a plea with useful info on Olint?

  196. Remember I said Olint had high connections in NCB.

  197. No one is innocent.

  198. Look at the wire transfer fees.

  199. miachica

    Government is willing to put up with some legal criminals to keep track of the illegal criminals.

    You have to look at the big picture money, drugs, and society.

  200. Well said but I am afraid that only applies to countries like the U.S.

    Unfortunatley in Jamaica anybody can get away with anything.

  201. investorforlife

    Did someone come knocking at your door? The US does have a mighty long arm.

    It is a shame the you collect confidential info and not share it with us because you might think it is libel or fraudulant.

  202. Nope, it only takes money to get away with anything in the third world and sometimes power.

  203. I am done for the day. The beginning of todays posts started at

  204. AML:

    What confidential information are you talking about? This is a blog, if you have or is aware of confidential information; why not share it with the rest of us? Who is stopping you? Base on the preceding posts, it is now abundantly clear that AML has allowed his disdain for the Martinezs (I-Trade-FX/MTI/JIJ) to precipitate into a psychosis/neurosis. Bwoy, you start sound like Sirach!


    You have said recently of “our” obsession with Olint and/or other UFOs, yet you fail to observe your own fixation with NCB (NBC)? Why? Making unsubstantiated claim against JohnDoe, Jay, NoCotec or I is bordering on buffoonery! Your unholy alliance with AML is just pathetic. Saying dumb things will not make it rational overnight. I guess you will soon profess on this site (in the very near future) that you conversed with a Jamaican duppy or maybe that is your claim now? We would care less who NCB or Lee Chin is or doing? Maybe you just envy the man because of his accomplishments…bad mind?

  205. Notice I-08-23

    September 12, 2008

    Request for Information

    Please contact NFA Manager Heather Johnson at (312) 781-1554 ( or NFA Compliance Director Ed Dasso (312) 781 -1551 ( immediately if you ever transacted business with, currently carry or have carried any accounts (including joint accounts) in the name of, or controlled by, any of the following individuals or entities:

    Capital Blu Management LLC
    CBM FX Fund LP
    Damien Bromfield
    Blayne Davis
    Donovan Davis
    Joseph T Cavallaro
    Christopher Shane Clausen
    Nakano Capital Partners LP
    Nakano Capital Advisors LLC
    Nakano Capital Management LLC

  206. Another major fraud investigation.

  207. sirach, you seemed a little irate with Capital Blu. Go get them.

  208. DaveSin

    People experiencing psychosis may report hallucinations or delusional beliefs, and may exhibit personality changes and disorganized thinking. This may be accompanied by unusual or bizarre behavior, as well as difficulty with social interaction and impairment in carrying out the activities of daily living.
    Nope, don’t qualify. I am not an Olint believer.

    Neurosis, also known as psychoneurosis or neurotic disorder, is a term that refers to any mental imbalance that causes distress, but, unlike a psychosis or some personality disorders, does not prevent or affect rational thought.
    Nope, don’t qualify. I am not distressed. I am enjoying the story telling.

    But… I can imagine Mr. Martinez jumping into the sewer looking for that lump of green gold that he saw. No one has been able to get him out of the sewer. I am just waiting for the sewer to dry up and have him blow away together with all the dried waste.

    Mr. Martinez might qualify for both.

  209. Didnt CBlu have all relevant licences, auditors etc?…but alas no skill, We know of the non-drivers, and non-riders as being inept…but it seems we need a new category, non-traders.

    Who to trust now?


  210. investforlife, wake up

    Link to Capital Blu newsletter of 90% Loss

    Link to NFA requesting all info on Capital Blu Management LLC, CBM FX Fund LP, Damien Bromfield, Blayne Davis, Donovan Davis, Joseph T Cavallaro, Christopher Shane Clausen, Nakano Capital Partners LP, Nakano Capital Advisors LLC, Nakano Capital Management LLC

  211. Sirach?Sirach….wey yu de,mi yute yu nuh se seh the CAP. BLUget sexed.What will now happen with J. I. and C.B. who jointly with the mafias from the east pulled this one off.If you dig one pit then yu better dig two.

  212. Winston Niney:

    Check out cold as ice!

  213. A mini-Olint 🙂

    “Leo Hudson, a man accused of conning a number of persons out of money amounting to more than US$800,000 (J$57.6 million) was granted bail when he appeared in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate’s Court yesterday.”……

  214. DaveSin
    Are you saying dem lick off Sirach head or him ketch him fraid?

  215. Look like him pull a DS move on all of u.

    Promises, Promises, Talk and chat.

    Dont worry just a wait to confirm his new rumours on the blog.

    We will see when the chat start back.

  216. Fraid a what? Fraid fi whom?

  217. Once again World Wise have issued another promise and their ‘partners’ wait to see what will happen. On Wednesday September 3, 2008, World Wise notified their ‘partners’ of payments to begin this Friday. It is Friday and for many partners is either put up or shut up.
    A few weeks ago information surfaced about certain property transactions involving the persons having the lastname Strachan made through a company called JUELLE PROPERTIES LLC. It is not clear were the money came from to buy these properties but given the current situation it raises some concerns.
    The address, 12608 S Stonebrook Cir, Davie, FL 33330, is the address of the Manager(s) of Jullee Propertios LLC, see Florida Records. The Managers names are Noel Strachan and Judy Strachan.
    What is the relevance? Is it a case of coincidence?
    Property Purchases
    Two companies, JUELLE PROPERTIES LLC and STRACHAN-AZIZE INVESTMENTS, LLC were registered April 7, 2008 and effectively began operating on April 9, 2008. There is another company registered in August 2007 called JADE PROPERTY DEVELOPMENT, LLC the same time as WORLDWISE PARTNER, LLC.
    This company, JUELLE PROPERTIES LLC, then purchases the following properties:

    Apr 11, 2008, Folio#: 503911074990, 617 PIGEON PLUM WAY , WESTON, Value: $380,000
    Apr 21, 2008, Folio#: 503902034070, 1554 CANARY ISLAND DRIVE , WESTON Value: $360,000
    Apr 28, 2008, Folio#:504016070010, DAVIE, Value: $3,650,000
    Jul 11, 2008, Folio#: 504017020253, 1655 N COMMERCE PARKWAY , WESTON, Value: $7,850,000
    Total Purchases: US$12,240,000 or J$881,280,000 @ 72:1.
    You can search for these properties at by using JUELLE PROPERTIES LLC as the search phrase.
    It does not end there. On June 10, 2008, NOEL R. & JUDY R. STRACHAN purchased 12608 S STONEBROOK CIRCLE , DAVIE for US$1,800,000. Again a key link is made.
    On the public documents, the mailing address is given as 8 UPPER MARK WAY #14 KINGSTON JM, the Jamaican address for another company, Jade Property Development & Const, apparently owned by a Noel Strachan (see Carib Cement Distributer list.)
    Total Purchases: US$14,040,000 or J$1,010,880,000 i.e. over $1 billion Jamaican dollars.
    It should be noted that on June 2, 2008. World Wise suddenly shut their doors promised to re-open in two months time. When that time came, they announced a ticket system where members would have to submit request for payments that would be made on a first come first service basis.
    No payments apparently have yet been made. The FSC also issued a Cease and Desist on August 5, 2008 preventing World Wise form taking any new money or members. On August 31, 2008, the offices in Liguanea St. Andrew, should have open but that did not occur. On Wednesday September 3, 2008 they annouced that the portal would close and that payments of principals would begin on September 5, 2008 instead.
    The question now is, has anyone been or will be paid? It is D-Day for World Wise as any more disappointments or fooling around will certainly leave their partners feeling foolish.

  218. Jared Marinez, Jacob Martinez and Isaac Martinez are mounted on a frenzy trail spending on luxury yachts, mansions and big ticket automoviles, opening offices in many countries like Australia, Germany, Arab Emirates, Mexico, so forth. They are showing off their current extraordinary well being and brag they are out of reach of Jamaican law. Boy, they continue paving their criminal trend cloning the Jamaica fraid in every world corner. Would it be someone capable to stop them?

  219. June 2006 Jared Martinez purchases House in Gated Alaqua Neighborhood and moves from a Rented Home.
    WARRANTY DEED 06/2006 06313 0577 $1,425,000

    June 2007 Jared Martinez purchases 2nd House in Gated Alaqua Neighborhood. WARRANTY DEED 06/2007 06746 0416 $3,040,000 (9/2008 is still vacant under major remodeling)

    April 2007 Isaac Martinez purchases House in Gated Heathrow Woods Neighborhood $1,751,000 (kept $200,000 home for relatives)

    August 2007 Jacob Martinez purchases House in Gated Heathrow Country Estates for $1,800,000 (sold $200,000 house at loss)

    December 2007 Jared Martinez takes 16 family members to Europe for 2 week first class expense paid Christmas vacation

    And Jared Martinez’s condo.

    Oh and also forgot about the new Rolls Royce, 2 Farieri Sports Cars and 3 million dollar purchase of a HIGH end Furniture Store,

  220. Does anyone know what is happening with the NFA actions? Seeing how the entire Martinez Family became lavish big time spenders the end of 2006…Could they really get away with this dishonest money laundering? Is really bothering me. Also if you follow the daily activities of any of the three, Jared, Jacob or Isaac Martinez they have done nothing and do nothing that would make them the big money that they now have, it is all from David Smith and the others.

  221. It take the NFA 4 to 8 months to come back with a judgement. The NFA might be waiting for I Trade FX to fail because they might not have the 20 million reserve that is need next year to do business as an FCM/FDM. Since the NFA is watching closely, I Trade FX probably won’t scam another 40 million dollars out of the third world countries nad/or ponzi schemes. It is sit and wait for I Trade FX to die a slow death by their fraud or hopefully the NFA will show the industry that fraud and money laundering is not tolerate and take action now.

  222. Question, Mr. Orett Bruce Golding. Why do you allow Jared Martinez and MTI to continue to place adverstisments in our local papers? Have the Jamaican people at home and in the diaspora been fleeced enough? Why don’t you invite Matrinez to come and pay us a visit?

    Smithy….mi case in relative terms you are now down to seconds.

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