D-Day for World Wise.

Once again World Wise have issued another promise and their ‘partners’ wait to see what will happen. On Wednesday September 3, 2008, World Wise notified their ‘partners’ of payments to begin this Friday. It is Friday and for many partners is either put up or shut up.

A few weeks ago information surfaced about certain property transactions involving the persons having the lastname Strachan made through a company called JUELLE PROPERTIES LLC. It is not clear were the money came from to buy these properties but given the current situation it raises some concerns.

The address, 12608 S Stonebrook Cir, Davie, FL 33330, is the address of the Manager(s) of Jullee Propertios LLC,  see Florida Records. The Managers names are Noel Strachan and Judy Strachan.

What is the relevance?  Is it a case of coincidence?

Property Purchases

Two companies, JUELLE PROPERTIES LLC and STRACHAN-AZIZE INVESTMENTS, LLC were registered April 7, 2008 and effectively began operating on April 9, 2008. There is another company registered in August 2007 called JADE PROPERTY DEVELOPMENT, LLC the same time as WORLDWISE PARTNER, LLC.

This company, JUELLE PROPERTIES LLC, then purchases the following properties:

  • Apr 11, 2008, Folio#: 503911074990, 617 PIGEON PLUM WAY , WESTON,  Value: $380,000
  • Apr 21, 2008, Folio#: 503902034070, 1554 CANARY ISLAND DRIVE , WESTON Value: $360,000
  • Apr 28, 2008, Folio#:504016070010, DAVIE,   Value: $3,650,000
  • Jul 11,  2008, Folio#: 504017020253, 1655 N COMMERCE PARKWAY , WESTON, Value: $7,850,000

Total Purchases: US$12,240,000 or J$881,280,000 @ 72:1.
You can search for these properties at http://www.bcpa.net/RecName.asp  by using JUELLE PROPERTIES LLC as the search phrase.

It does not end there.  On June 10, 2008, NOEL R. & JUDY R. STRACHAN purchased 12608 S STONEBROOK CIRCLE , DAVIE for US$1,800,000.  Again a key link is made.

On the public documents, the mailing address is given as 8 UPPER MARK WAY #14 KINGSTON JM, the Jamaican address for another company,  Jade Property Development & Const, apparently owned by a Noel Strachan (see Carib Cement Distributer list.)

Total Purchases: US$14,040,000 or J$1,010,880,000 i.e. over $1 billion Jamaican dollars.


It should be noted that on June 2, 2008.  World Wise suddenly shut their doors promised to re-open in two months time. When that time came, they announced a ticket system where members would have to submit request for payments that would be made on a first come first service basis.

No payments apparently have yet been made. The FSC also issued a Cease and Desist on August 5, 2008 preventing World Wise form taking any new money or members.  On August 31, 2008, the offices in Liguanea St. Andrew,  should have open but that did not occur.  On Wednesday September 3, 2008 they annouced that the portal would close and that payments of principals would begin on September 5, 2008 instead.

The question now is, has anyone been or will be paid? It is D-Day for World Wise as any more disappointments or fooling around will certainly leave their partners feeling foolish.  



48 Responses

  1. Some WW clients were said to have received an email today stating their account balances.

    The question is, did anyone contact their banks to determine if their is any funds in the accounts and is accurate.
    Guess we will hear in due course.

  2. Jay:

    Good summary!! I saw where you made the connected between the Jamaican Company, Jade Property Development & Const and one of his Florida Company, JADE PROPERTY DEVELOPMENT, LLC.

    For those in the know, what did “Jade Property Development & Const” did in Jamaica? It appears as if Strachan has no long term plans to be in Jamaica. I know for a fact that Strachan has a “green card”. I’m not 100 % sure his wife has one, since he used his Green Card as prove of his identity and she used her Jamaican Passport, when they signed one of their property transfer documents. It will be interesting to see if he file “Homestead Exemption” on that property in Davie. That would indicate that he lives in the property full time.

    I’m at a loss though as to why he purchase those two single family properties in Weston? Given the market in South Florida now, I cannot see him flipping them for a profit anytime soon.

    I have to make a confession to you Jay. The two phone numbers at the end of email that I posted was put there by me. One of the numbers is to his personal residence ($1.8 Million house) and the other shows up under his name for the other address in Pembroke Pines. I’m sure those numbers will be change very shortly to unlisted numbers as soon as people start calling him at his home. BTW, both numbers are listed numbers (for now)!

    I know you know this, but you neglected to point out the change he made to remove his sister (Juliet Williams-Strachan) and his mother (Caudaleen Guthrie)(?) from being officers of one of those companies (JADE PROPERTY DEVELOPMENT, LLC).

  3. Jay:

    Apparently, Strachan is going to start paying investors with the smaller balances ($500 – $1,000), first. I guess it will then send a message that he is paying and the people with larger principal amount will be left holding the bag…hoping that by next year they should get theirs.

    With all the Florida disclosures (which I’m sure he is fully aware of), he has to do something to give the appearance that WW is still alive.

    The email basically said it all…..Worldwise is dead!!!! (He calls it a run).

  4. Sirach…where are you ?we need some guidance.

  5. Planefor david

    How do i get my contribution to you? pls email me at loyalty@yahoo.com.

    Please make sure you give DS the list with all the names of those who supported him. I least this will ensure that i get my money very early when he pays out in late September.

  6. Strachan is the business partner of Michael Lee Chin

    • Michael Lee Chin is not a partner of Noel and Judith Stachan. To clear up the matter of names Juelle is the name of Judith and Noel Strachan’s eldest daughter and Jade is the name of their youngest daughter. (pen name is STINGRAY)

  7. Harbourshark,

    Stop spreading false roumours. Strachan wishes he was MLC’s partner.

  8. MLC did orchestrate the first attack on Olint. His time will come to answer as to why etc. All of them time going to come. Let them pass the blame around for just a while more.

    The schemers should have made it more than abundantly clear that MLC and the babyfadda were trying to mess up decent people trying to get a break in life.

    But they did not. And no money a run….well except out of members pockets. So we hold the schemers to be no better than Lchn or babyfadda.

    These groups can continue the 007 politicking and conspiracy arguments among THEMSELVES all they want. Bringing such argument to members is a different matter.

  9. Sirach,

    I don’t agree with you, and all the attackers on MLC. I was once a banker, and I have not seen anything that MLC has done to lead us (who know banking) to believe that he MLC is a schemer. If I were MLC, I would have done exactly what he has done to protect his legitimate business. Please understand, you have to protect your correspondent relationship with international banks, or else your little bank will go nowhere.

  10. By the way!

    Sirach, Jay, Nocotec, and DaveSin have all been doing some good work. I have been reading you almost every day. Remember the song “I’ve been watching you.” Truly miss those oldies!

  11. gungupeas

    The raid (in terms off its methodology) should not have gone down like that. It is suspicious. It was not done in the interest of the members (read victims).

    If Lchn did not do it he will be fine. If he did he will be accountable. Billionare, rise to the top, etc whatever. Full stop.

    But is other matters at the moment. No One will get away. Promise.

  12. Rob,I know about the relationship between Strachan,UGI, Blythe and LeeChin.You commit treason when you lie to Jamaicans about economic criminals like LeeChin, who are steadily stealing Jamaica’s birthright. Sirach is right ,no one will get away not even you Rob!

  13. sirach

    If DSaviour was running a ponzi, what doesanything else have to do with it?

    Why don’t DSavious and Callous Hill come out and say it then? There has been no news report or even half credible information that Clarke of Lcn had anthing to do with it. If anything from far back as 2005/06 they were signalling that these were ponzis.

    Anyone familiar with these things know that the bankers will see the funds flow and know that its a ponzi but they are not allowed to say. What they can do is give signals and if you go back to old news reports the signals are clear for who want to see.

  14. stealing jamaica’s birthright… Chad you could not have said it better.
    A long time ago when MLC first began ‘investing’ in Jamaica I became suspicious, then alarmed. Now, I almost think that we deserve whatever we get.
    Note, I said almost – because I am upset that the former and present govt of JA has allowed an individual to gain controlling interest and leverage in so many areas that are important to us.
    Telecommunication, finance, and if you feel like throw food supply in there too.

    Great service with flow, but you notice how you can’t get the same programming you used to with your old time provider? You notice how something that used to cost you $3500 a month is double that now? What do you think will happen after all the other cable and telecom providers whither away?

    I dont know about anyone else but the thought that 1 private individual could own (and control) the flow of communication in and out of JA is very unsettling to me.

  15. Case in point: –


    Not that I can’t see the gasoline retailers point of view, what of the consumer?

  16. Its really happening, you are a gentleman and a scholar. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police has an organized crime file on Michael Lee Chin that is so thick it has to be carried in two carton boxes. Ask anybody in Canadian
    law enforcement. They were so happy when he fled to Jamaica. The Canadian Ambassador to Jamaica asked Bruce’s office if they knew what they were doing when he was given the OJ.

  17. “Why don’t DSavious and Callous Hill come out and say it then?”

    It take a man to admit it. It may also mean a death sentence. If you don’t know for sure, then they can fool half of the people.

  18. Is this the same Noel Strachan, that owns and operates worldwise.

    Not sure but I guess other bloggers may be able to determine if its the same guy.

  19. Folks, Noel has been busy securing mortgages against properties that he has been purchasing. Here is one such document which was signed on July 16, 2008 for US$6.28M.

    With this level of indebtedness, how does he plan to pay his clients or is it that he is taking out these loans to pay back some clients.
    What do you think. ?

  20. Another mortgage agreement, this one for US$3.1M.
    This guy is really busy securing mortgages. See this one here :

  21. guys.. I’m finally just going to come out and say it.. I’m NOT a dude. :-).

  22. “Its really,” are you of the gentle gender? Then I wil say that you are a well -informed and intelligent lady. A lady who is right to be alarmed by the progress of the rapacious yellow peril Lee Chin.

  23. CHAD,

    U are just another perpetrating fool who claims to know of some top secret relationship. Please enlighten me and provide me the FACTS that you have to support your claim.

    U overheard some false rumour and are now the one misleading the public. PROVE ME WRONG WITH YOUR FACTS AND THE SOURCE OF THOSE FACTS.

    I CHALLENGE U TO DO IT!!!!!!!!

    As for your allegations against me, they only strengthen my opinion about you. Just another nobody on the blog seeking accolades and glory.

    Let me predict now that you will not be able to back up any of your allegations with any information other than pure hearsay. I bet u were one of those who put u $$ into WW without knowing who u were really dealing with. I know this cat NS for more than 20yrs and I repeat “if I won $$ in the Lotto I would not take $1 and give it to him.”

    So don’t get angry with me because you are a FOOL, I would be glad to see all the criminals and their enablers get the time & punishment they deserve. SO DON’T GET IT TWISTED. What I truly do not like are all the so called people on this blog who claim to know sh#t. Let me make myself clear, the people who actually know the facts do not need to spend their time on this blog.

    BTW I am the one who helped confirm/lead DaveSin to the information on NS back on Aug. 14th in the “WW could leave more investors holding the bag.” Thread. I dont see you providing any factual details here. SO STEP UP OR SHUT UP BIT#H.

    Give the people u want to help some real information!

  24. rob omn fire…..
    the blog in recent times has been taken over by people, some familiar bu t unrecognisable by there arguments, who want to entangle to aportion blame, everyone else but themselves and the scheme managers.
    it is absurd, and it tells me that many of the persons who make the claim of being objective independent thinkers, who despise group think mentality of the so called #4 bus,are in fact no different!!
    these are the same rumours that the kool aid drinkers go off on, blame mlc, super+, ‘di big man dem’, jlp govt, pnp, but, nooo not us for not heading to the waringings. we must be allowed to do anything we want, but when time comes, and the piper asks for his due, we then turn around and try to pull every other crab in the barrell down so that some facecanbe saved.
    its shear ignorance!!!

  25. Reason has been overrun by pure unbridled emotion.

  26. jon

    the face save ting a no me. God bless from mi bawn mi never carry them insecurities deh. more than enough insecure people on the rock for that. they need no help from me.

    Save face?hahahahahahahaahahahahahahaaaa

  27. Listen

    Do not be fooled into doing the bidding of these people if a just wha day yu eye get open?

    Many neva kno9w the name DS until Olint. Is not the first business DS eva eena. Ask the first time “investors” if dem eva get pay.

    Yet you sing for somebody who if it wasn’t for money you wouldda walk past.

    why you ask?

    Cause you shallow like dat.

  28. we fool fool bway. Nobady could a tek white people money so easy.

  29. Harbour Shark before you go spouting scurrilous attacks on people please bring evidence – the RCMP with two boxes of info on him I guess they invited the public for a viewing!! By the way you need to check which Canadian government official gave the main address at the opening of the Nursing school at the Nothern Caribbean University (a month and a half or so ago) that Lchn donated and what she had to say. Such a prominent person would harldy be expected to be at such an event if lchn had to ‘flee’ Canada for wrongfull deeds.
    I hold no brief for lchn or any one else as a matter of fact his media holdings are cause for concern – CVM group, largest shareholder in RJR, FLOW! But as far as I know he did not take anybody’s money under false pretences, so spend your time going after those who took peoples money instead of these transparent attempt at smoke and mirrors!!!

  30. Can the mods start a new thread on Capital Blu ?. I have some comments to make, but do not want it mixed with other AIS

    Capital Blu Investors Suffer 90% Losses

    Dear Capital Blu Clients,

    …In Mid-July we commenced trading at Saxo Bank and began running parallel programs with PFG. While both programs were utilizing the same exact strategy and held essentially the same positions; our trading team began noticing significant differences in the platforms. Some of the key differences were:

    * Quoted Rates with inflated spreads on both platforms.

    * PFG required margin on net position; Saxo Bank required margin on gross positions.

    * PFG portfolio could be managed through a single master account; Saxo Bank’s portfolio had to be managed by each individual account.

    What appeared to be manageable challenges on both platforms unfortunately were exaggerated on August 8th when the market made a dramatic trend reversal.

    On the Saxo platform margin calculations which were averaging around 20% rose to over 100+% (extremely abnormal). Our trading team immediately began rebalancing the portfolio to reduce margin, however, due our inability to rebalance the entire group of managed accounts at one time we had a few clients get stopped out resulting in catastrophic losses. The accounts that were still below the 150% threshold had to be managed independently which ultimately compromised the trading strategy. Over the course of the next several weeks our trading team worked to rebalance each individual portfolio, however, since we were forced to unload positions based on necessity we were left with very few favorable positions and ultimately saw the entire managed account portfolio stopped out for approximately an 80-90% lose in every account.

    We truly understand the frustration of each and every customer and wish there were something more that we could have done prior. In hindsight there were several actions we would do differently; however, this isn’t a time for what ifs as you deserve a plan for how we are going to move forward.

    So the question many of you are asking of Capital Blu is where we go from here. Well first and foremost, you have our commitment that we will do everything commercially, legally and ethically possible to rebuild each and every client’s account.

    Internally, we have taken the following actions:

    * Blayne Davis, Director of Portfolio Management is no longer a member of the Capital Blu.

    * Implementation of formal risk management procedures to ensure a client’s max drawdown is 15% regardless of trader, platform, strategy, etc.

    * Indefinite suspension of the BluFX Options Benchmark Managed Account Program.

    Proposed Reparation:

    While we understand that many of you are looking for us to simply cut a check to reimburse the losses, we have been advised by our legal team that we cannot commercially offer this type of reparation. As per the program disclosure, Capital Blu Management will honor the high watermark of the August 1, 2008 balance for all clients in the BluFX Options Program. In essence, we will rebuild each and every account free of any commissions or performance fees until we have brought the account balance back to the August 1, 2008 balance.

    Kind Regards,

    Joe Mills | Director of Sales & Marketing

    Capital Blu Management LLC

  31. I had a very ‘small’ change with them earlier this year and prior to depositing they were very efficient with maintaining communication etc. After deposit they did not return my emails, calls etc so I withdrew 90% and left 10% to keep my a/c open. They then sent me a cheque with the remaining 10% balance without my requesting it so luckily my association ended then and there with them. No more of those type of investments for me.

  32. Hello All,

    We all can kiss our investment with WorldWise Partner good bye. We all got screwed…Does anyone know if any action can be taken against Strachan here in the US..maybe getting the Department of justice Involved.

  33. Does anyone know if anyone was paid back by World Wise as they stated in September Payment 1 plan

  34. yes i will be contacting the us justice about noel and is wife


  36. Noel Strachan, I am pleading with you to give people back their money. People invested their life savings and earning in your company. Please do what is right and not screw so many people.

    Do not put your immediate family in any danger, especially your children attending that over priced private school.

  37. people its time for us to stop the blogging and take some action.we cannot allow this guy to no longer have us at his mercy.we are not asking noel for hand out, this is our hard earn money.what are we going to do? i promise he will not get away with mine.

  38. Did anyone get there money as yet from Strachan..

  39. hello i have sent a email to the management to let them know that i not recieved a dime of my money as per our agreement ; as stipulated by law if a person misleads and breech the trust which is the basis for all contract . the minute that this accours the non -performing partner has committed a fraud and be charged as soon as charges are filed against the individual or firm (management/owner) the reason mr strachan as noty been locked up is because no one has filed fraud charges against him. but that will be changed soon i hope

  40. I have a friend that works in the mortgage industry. I was informed by her that if I can provide proof that I am owed money, that a claim of lien can be filed against Noel Strachan Florida properties in the Court. With this he cannot sell, transfer or refinance the properties until the Lienholder has been paid.
    This is usually recorded with daily interest charge, for each day that the monies are outstanding.

  41. Isn’t this something. People loose their life savings while Noel and Judy Strachan live a life of luxury in Weston, FL.

    It seems that they have people fronting their businesses .. Read article and pick sense out of nonsense.
    Skylan Airways, a new domestic carrier owned by Jamaican Dwayne Brown

    Welcome to Juelle Group LLC,

    Headquartered in Weston, Florida, USA,
    Juelle Group of companies is involved in the automotive industry, airline industry construction industry and the marine / watercraft industry.
    Juelle Properties, LLC
    Juelle Motors, LLC
    Skylan International, LLC (Skylan Airlines)
    Strachan Marine, LLC
    Jade Paradise, LLC
    Invyte Productions, LTD (Miss Jamaica Universe)

  42. It would seem that Noel Strachan is up to another one of his scams to rip off people who are not aware of his previous scams. The Better Business Bureau of Florida should immediately start investigating the Jeulle Group whose web site is http://www.jeullegroup.com in order to advise intended Investors not to risk their money in any of their ventures. The F.B.I should also take an interest in Noel Strachan and start digging into his financial dealings. Colin Tyrie.

  43. He intends to rip off as many people as is possible, by soliciting Investors to ivest in his Shell Companies then run away, this time to South America.

  44. Was an investor in his ill- faithed business Worldwise Partners. I need a lead to track him down

  45. i need to find this rascal

  46. all his assets need to be frozen, siezed, sold and his clients paid back at least their invested amounts.In the meantime he should go straight to jail for his dishonesty.

  47. World Wise took all my life saving. He also took my 86 year old mom 3000 dollar ,She pass away with out see a dime of it. But u will get your pay back. On my mother dyeing bed she said make sure u get my money from these people. U people r wicked .But u day is comming.

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