David Smith issues Statement

While most of us where busy celebrating the success of  the Jamaican athletes at the Olympics of 2008 held in Beijing China, David Smith was quietly issuing a statement dated August 16, 2008. In the Statement, David Smith attempted to shed some light on the current situation. According to the letter, an application has been filed with the Supreme Court of Turks and Caicos Islands seeking to “seeking the discharge of the restraint order which has prevented me from dealing with any of my assets, or my companies’ assets, in these Islands; as well as the return of the documents and computers which were seized from me by the Turks & Caicos Islands police.”

 There is no reference to the US $200 million wire, no reference to the US$ 735/750 million. There is no mention of the problem with frozen assets in the USA. There is reference to an audit but no reference to who  or which firm is responsible for doing it. Is it an internal audit? 

‘Pregnancy’ Period.

Later in the letter , the nine months promise resurfaces again. Given that David Smith cannot supposedly “trade”, When did this nine month period begin or is it to begin sometime in the future? Has the plan been conceived yet or is fertilization to occur soon?

For the full text of the article please see below.


I have had consultations over the past few days with my Jamaican and Turks & Caicos attorneys-at-law. Lord Anthony Gifford QC, the leader of the team, was admitted to the Bar of Turks & Caicos Islands on 15th August 2008 for the purpose of representing me in the Court of Turks & Caicos Islands.

An application is being filed with the Supreme Court of Turks & Caicos Islands on 18th August 2008 by my local attorneys-at-law, seeking the discharge of the restraint order which has prevented me from dealing with any of my assets, or my companies’ assets, in these Islands; as well as the return of the documents and computers which were seized from me by the Turks & Caicos Islands police.

My attorneys-at-law advise me that this application will be heard in September 2008 and that they are confident of a positive outcome.

The freezing of my accounts and assets in the Turks & Caicos Islands has meant that I am prevented from either trading club members’ funds or from making repayments. The situation is on hold until the litigation commenced by the Attorney General of Turks & Caicos Islands has been resolved.

However we are using the time to proceed with the audit which was referred to by my attorneys-at-law in their statement of 18th July 2008. Auditors have been retained in order to produce accurate accounts of what is due to members, and what is due from members who have been overpaid. That process is now continuing.

I am still confident that the time scale outlined in the attorneys’ statement can be honoured. In that statement the attorneys said I was committed to fulfilling my obligations and making payments to members within nine months. That remains my commitment.
David Smith
16th August 2008

P.S. Now that the Olympics are over, you should see more postings. Congratulations to our athletes. We, Jamaicans, can certainly be the best at what we set our mind to be.  It is a pity that the UFO con-men have chosen the wrong path. You have to play by the rules.

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    At least my blog has contributed to something!! I am glad you now found it fit to finally issue the statement from DS.

    I think that was only fitting given that we primarily discuss DS day & night everyday. …..

  2. Investforlife, why cant you take a neutral unbiased position in the OLINT matter. I find your comments to be unfairly biased. In your words “David Smith was quietly isssuing a statement”. Are statements usually noisily issued? If so with what level of noise should they issued. The bias with which you speak is ridiculous and pitiful. The devious motives of this site are becoming more apparent everyday. No wonder you cowards and wimps cannot reveal your true identities. You get your power from hiding behind the a monitor with a mouse and keyboard in hand. How sad. If your objective is to provide information, which I admit you do very well, then please do so with neutrality and desist from colouring the info with your own personal emotions and intent.

  3. Hello Today

    What an interesting picture on Observer’s front page. The Prime Minister with a young turk to his left. That young turk got his Olint money secured from the other turk who went to Bejing. Then check the bottom right hand side of the picture……can you guess who can’t get his US4$ out of Olint.

    So we now know they want to stretch out the celebrations through the end of September. Olint also soeaks about September. So does F1. But the look on the face of the one who can’t get his $4 million is worth a thousand words.


  4. sirach, I see you are into sensationalist reporting. What is bad is that you also have a misplaced sense of direction. The “young turk” to whom you are referring is seated to the right of the PM ….not to the left.

  5. mk
    When DS could have gotten help. Help that he needed. He was then distracted by many of the “60 cents on the dollar types” who have little or no understanding of money matters much less Bipolar Disorder. He was always going to listen to the bearers of “good news” but are those wagonists his true friends? A true friend does not take advantage and become the consumate “yes” person to one who needs help.

    A true friend does not try to take DS away from responsibilty and lead him to playtime at the bar, casino, go-go shop or the video games. Only a true friend tries to help even if it might mean the end of the freindship. Outside of these all others are hypocrites

    Next AIS Operator

    Ypur point about bais is noted. A blog is a blog because anonymity is part of the definition. Even you subscribe to that. The forums for reavealing identity are out there.

    A word on bias:

    The pot now wants to call the ketle black? This blog is fast approaching its first birthday. Yet none of these schemes including Olint, WW and others have ever been ridiculed for their bias. Taking people’s money and not giving them back? Soliciting money while knowing they could not pay out people? Paying people based on criteria directed by yourself? No Equity? If this is not biased I don’t know what is.

    So perhaps you see how silly YOU look when you talk about bias and agenda. Ridiculing boggers. Let me ask you this: Is bloggers have something for you. Is bloggers meck police call you yard?

    Mi case and teck whey youself.

  6. Next AIS operator

    Thanks. I have more pictures than that one you see. My apologies. Sensationalist…..over those people? Pity perhaps. Jamaica my have many new gold medals but it is still a dot.

    How your AIS going. You don’t get no call yet? You must be too small for the radar. Keep at it though.

  7. Next AIS,

    Thanks for pointing him out to everybody directly. Perhaps the one on the right is involved as you say. If you say so.

  8. Devious motives of this site?…….hahahahahahahahahahahahaaaa……not a mention about the devious motives of the scheme purpertrators…hahhahaahahahahahaaaa


  9. the game coming back to the office……..

  10. Unfrezing is a false hope…..but unno still want to sell that gow to the suffera…..any shame? at all?

  11. Having the experience of a Raid in Jamaica, would not David Smith now have secured copies of his records. he must have expected them to raid him. If he does not have copies hidden away , then he is not very smart.

    What is the point of finding out who was overpaid. he could not sensibly be thinking of recovering money from such persons. that is just plain stupid.

    What is his source of confidence ?. he cannot trade, his account so far does not show money, and he has overpaid… on what basis is he confident of repaying in 7 + months ? ( since 1 1/2 months have gone since he first promised nine months )

  12. What happened to Harbour Shark?

    Must be on the Frigate.

  13. It is reported that bloggers are being restricted. Fraid of the dream team? A new blog a go come. You want to stomach that new blog? You sure? You want to let the FBI deal wid the blog? Corroboration? You sure?

    lisa Raye informs all parties of the Jamaican minister who are engaged with crimes with missick.

    Is it the govenment who has sent PJ down to TCI now to calm things down?

    Who leaked the story to the Miami Herald?

    Why has the FBI activity become more significant in the last 2 or three days?

    DS you ready to come back to Jamaica?

    Unno ready to stop the foolishness?

  14. Disttancing continues apace.

    Green send Orange pon David Smith. What a irony.

  15. Sirach.. this blog is known for straight talking.. talk the things straight.. what did Lisa Raye say ?. who did she implicate ?

  16. cullkull

    There is a gag order. You want to get me into trouble? (smile). You want breast feeding and nipple bottle? You gave your money to someone other than sirach….now you want sirach to work for you? For what? Free? You are definately a Jagan. Bwoy we can’t hide from each other ehhh? No many generations past the pit toilet. We a come see.

  17. Sirach….You are the best,your info. is so spot on it seems you are a fly on the wall.Mi fraid a yuh….any how the full has not been told keep digging it is going to get very intersting soon.More anon

  18. Sirach…can you post a copy of that Miami Herald article

  19. Sirach are you also ‘investforlife’? I notice that you are the one responding to me even though my comments were directed at investfor life…the truth will eventually come out.

  20. Next AIS Operator

    sorry. Waiting on invest for life can be like waiting on WW or loiten some of the time.

    Yes the truth will come out but after how much unecessary damge? For what? Holding on to a dynasty?


    Go pon dem website man. Come on man. Get some work done. You think is Bejing cocktail party this? You think is scotia big office dis? Lay lay and have fun business? You think is what’s happening on the cocktail circuit?

  21. Sirach
    i saw the miami herald article on sunday. but im having difficulty recalling any mention of ais’, ds, jamaica or jamaican politicians.
    i guess i should assume that sunaday’s article is no the one to which you refer.

  22. Unno know what is Frigate? you think a some P9 or P7 ting from Jamaica coast guard? Unno know the kind a firepower that b…cluat carry? Unno know the manpower whey deh pon dat?

  23. A lot being asked of sirach today. Go ask unno boss nuh? Ask boss to deny then. Whathappen? Can’t reach boss?

  24. http://nl.newsbank.com/nl-search/we/Archives?p_action=doc&p_docid=122C392B30ECEED0&p_docnum=3

    “Just when the British started to investigate the allegations, someone started to burn down the courthouses here — the ones that held important records. The British government sent an inquiry commission to look into the corruption allegations.”

    Corruption to the extreme.

  25. Sirach..you have been unfrocked,you are JDW from Turks and Cacois,the former partner.

  26. Winston

    You insult sirach. John Wildish? Not in my leauge. You and I going to stop talk. fiesty!

  27. Partner wid what? You a try set Frigate pon mi? ehhh?

  28. My most scincere apologies…does that put us back on speaking terms? Just that you were sounding like that maniac.

  29. What could sirach and a teefing Christian pronouncing run- from -Jamaica shady cambio dealer have in common? More likely Girvan or loiten, or Harris or Coke than Sirach.

  30. Apology accepted Niney…….oh I the schemers could be as gracious as you and me. What a day that would be. In Jesus name.

  31. A fairy-tale romance takes a tawdry turn – 08/24/2008 …

  32. Unno nuh si seh a bunch a ghetto jackass dem? The husband a minister the wife a minister….the minister own the newspaper…hahahahahahahahaa Mutty I can hear you laughing now…

    Audley Shaw and Robertson went for a meeting to meet with MM and DS to learn how they pull off such a blatant style. Them soon show Jamaica how it work.

    The gate fly now because them send the master PJ to aquire the knowlege of a scam that makes his former exploits look like he is a first former in this ting.

    Guess who was going to be the next member of the TCI cabinet? Guess who? hahahahahahahaaaa

  33. Time a run short……..

  34. The Misick Story (MiamiHerald):


    Courtesy of Government of the Turks & Caicos Islands
    Chief Turks & Caicos Minister Michael Misick and actress LisaRaye McCoy
    » More Photos PROVIDENCIALES, Turks and Caicos Islands — The love story between Hollywood actress LisaRaye McCoy and Turks and Caicos Islands Premier Michael Misick starred a beautiful bride in a gown that sported hand-sewn Swarovski crystals and a 30-foot train.


  35. nope, don’t know what a Frigate is ( there is always google).. but on this blog in known for information, not riddles.

    there seems to be innuendo’s and fear and coding.. hope this does not evolve into how the number four blog, where people were afraid to ‘talk the things’ and were speaking in codes , or in closed groups.

    the blog is for sharing info, so if you choose to, then share, but the riddles is a waste of time ( on the other blog they talk about the WOLF and all kind of foolishness when allocating blame)

    so, shed some light, those who know

  36. Sirach seems to be a source of information that should be nurtured and not shunned. Let him continue to provide details freely as I don’t notice many others with his details and as promptly.

    Does anyone think that DS will ever pay? How will he do it?
    I hope he is that magical since I want to see back some of those $$$.

    Who could really afford to back nothing?

  37. Sirarch

    You have missed the point the Next AIS operator made abt bias….hosting a blog should be done by persons who maintain a level of neutrality and facilitate open discussion in the pursuit of truth.

    It is clear that the authors are all about the tearing down of DS. Any info that comes out that is not in DS’s favour – you are soooo excited.

    The sad thing is that if persons get back their monies I suspect u wld be deeply disappointed.

  38. Sirarch

    Are u l(the person who calls himself sirarch)linked in any way with any commercial bank, fsc, merchant bank or political party?

    Have you received any funding for the operation of this blog?

  39. Sirarch

    Why all the codes? what is a frigate?

  40. It should be the UK warship sitting of the coast of TCI. UK is ready to put TCI straight.

  41. Wake up. There is no money to get. Here is the breakdown for you:

    Oanda: less than 20 thousands

    Turks and Caicos: About 10Millions in total assets

    USA: About 6 millions.

    David Smith owes over 200 millions. lets faced the money if gone. It has been stolen and we were victim of a fraud.

    Contact the authorities for yourself and we will see that they have not located the money.

  42. Don’t forget the USD 60 million that JIJ (Jared Martinez) is washing/working.

  43. John Harris

    How do u know this? who stole the funds?

  44. That 60 million according to my attorney went back to the Turks and Caicos and transfer to Jamaica during the month of January / February 2008

  45. David Smith and his cronies. It has always been a Ponzie. taking from peter to pay paul

  46. You do not have to believe me check with the authorities in TCI for your self as my attorney did for me

  47. which authorities? who is the contact person(s)?

  48. JIJ still has assets over 1/2 million so all did not get transferred back to TCI.

  49. TCI contact the head of the FCU Mark knighton or his deputy Mr. Willin Belliard

  50. All funds belonging to Olint Corp and or David Smith that was at JIJ was transfer to the TCI

  51. what is the phone number?

  52. +1 649 941 7691 office
    +1 649 232 1063 mob

  53. John

    Are u an investor? what is ur next move as an investor?

  54. Anyway I have to go now. My attorneys are working on filing at lawsuit against some of the banks that this money pass through as they did not comply with their feduciary duties.

  55. My next move is to cooperate with the TCI authorities and seek other civil remedies as describe on my last message

  56. Assisting the authorities to bring this man to justice is our last hope because if he is convicted we have a chance at going after the banks for our money.

    They had a feduciary duty to ensure that proper due dilligence was done on Smith

  57. Which banks are u going after?

  58. Hallmark and others. My attorney does not want me to discuss this too much but basically all the major banks that my money was wire to

  59. So how do u know he doesn’t have funds elsewhere?

  60. What about NCB?

  61. If he has he would not disclose because it is obvious that if he had the funds and he wanted to pay us he would have done this since Feb. But instead all we get is empty promises.

    As him to show us proof of where is the money whether frozen or not.

  62. There is less than US$300 thousands there at NCB

  63. I have one basic question for you. If he had the money why he did not meet his redemtions obligations for March, April, May and June 2008. This was long before TCI and US Authorities step in

  64. Good question….is John Harris your real name or a blog name?

  65. Blog name

  66. So u don’t believe that $200m was wired to Ja?

  67. John Harris:

    Is your Attorney in Jamaica, US or other? Is he or she representing any other Olint Investors? Why is it that more Olint investors are not pooling together to go after Olint?

    Also, the $60 million from JIJ, where did it go? To pay a few investors?

  68. yes about that amount was wired to JA but he has receive far more and he owes far more.

    That money was pay to those who were dangerous to him and to those close to him.

    That was people money not trading profits because all the platforms in the USA including I-Trade have recorded substantial losses for Smith

  69. MK:

    Why do you continue to ask these silly question about who bloggers work for (FSC, Commercial Bank, etc., etc.)? It’s getting stale!

  70. My attorney in Jamaica, but I will advice to take your own actions

  71. DaveSin

    My question was to Sirach…back off or ignore it….are u the same person asking me if i was a member of the DS family or 1 of the disciples?


    How do u know abt the trading records on other platforms? do the authorities have access to these records?

  72. Yes the authorities have these records

  73. I live in Chicago and I took it upon myselft to visit the NFA office and I saw more than my eyes can handle

  74. MK:

    No, it wasn’t me! It was another DaveSin. There are two of us on this blog 😦

  75. Are u saying to me that a regulatory body in the middle of an investigation would open someone’s private records to a member of the public….isn’t that illegal?

  76. DaveSin

    My condolences to u both…birds of a feather…

  77. The right friends in the right places can really help in difficult times.I would say no more on this.

  78. I have to run…hoping to see JH’s response b4 though

  79. Saw it…ok thanks for the feedback…got to run

  80. If what JH say is true, then DS and his crew better get some KY for dem prison visit. Retribution is a bitch…..

  81. @Next AIS Operator – Your feedback is noted.

    1. remove the word ‘quietly’, and see if it changes the substantial issue.
    2. ‘cowards and wimps cannot reveal your true identities’ ? – time to look at the man in the mirror

    I am for regulation, disclosure and transparency. I am anti-UFOs, not one but all.

  82. John Harris.
    We welcome this new information that you have provided to the blog.
    Please contact investforlife at the email address above with anymore details that you may have. (top left of page)

    This is rather interesting

  83. Whatever money DS has ,his lawyers are now going to feast on it.

  84. There might be almost no cash but there is property.

  85. mk

    You just deh pan mifenda so.

    1. I nor with no bank, political party whatever.

    2. If I want to tear down DS den a jus so. Him tear down more than me.

    3. If you think a return of money at this late stage going to right the wrongs of DS and others then you are Simple.

    4. Go look in the dictionary for frigate.

    5. And tell the Smith clan them bet get buss.

  86. Listen

    Unno want the full hundred? You haffi wait likkle cause mi tired and have bigger responsibilities to attend to. Soon though. I feel the vibes coming.

    Do not get excited and remember some people are fragile and can not hancle the truth so teck time. Those who know you can deal with disappointment PLEASE ..PLEASE seek some professional counseling befor I reveal the full hundred.

    Meanwhile thoose of you who anxious need to think about what you will give Sirach for this service. How much is it worth to you. No olint checks please.

    Those of you who spy for DS and loiten and all the others can go run go tell your masters all you want.

    Time a draw short………..I feel the vibes coming. I don’t want to hurt unno though. Many have shown here that they are week and simple. I am a little unsure as how you a go manage.

    I thinking bout it……


  87. DS is a lying bastard! Caught in too many lies. Barefaced lying bastard. And the accomplices well and knew he was a liar. Don’t try run from the truth TS.

  88. BP is a hell of a disease.

  89. I was going to start a blog you see……but i stop…….

    One last chance bredrin……

    mi case……

  90. “The bias with which you speak is ridiculous and pitiful. The devious motives of this site are becoming more apparent everyday. No wonder you cowards and wimps cannot reveal your true identities. You get your power from hiding behind the a monitor with a mouse and keyboard in hand. How sad.”

    A who say Jamaican cannot master the English language?

    Cowards indeed. At least on our site we make it open our authors and contributors except for 2 as it involves intelligence gathering. Secret agent, no joke, badge and all, AKA Policia.

    You know I am so interested in this saga. (1) Will DS rise again? (2) Will he honor his fellow member’s accounts (3) Will be continue trading?

    I mean it almost seemed like a perfect story. Super bright intellect master trader, the future of every young Jamaican male role model to use FOREX to liberate a country from a developing nation status. WOW.

    OK, maybe I was day dreaming a bit too much with that one. But you get the picture. Maximizing FOREX in a legitimate way with the proper hecks and balances. Why not?

    FOREX market is legit yes? It works yes? Trillions are traded yes? Millions are made and lost yes? So why not? Whats stopping over nations from producing the USAIN BOLT and ASAFA POWELL of FOREX?

    I see no reason why not. DS, I am going to take a long shot. I never did biz with you and probably never will. But my gut tells me you will shine again.

    Do not know why, but just a vibe I feel. Lets hope so for those waiting in line for their life savings. Those who can spare the change should simply move on. Yeah right.


    For the latest videos on the hurricane GUSTAV watch visit:


  91. Kingston Chronicle, at least you have openly declared your bias.Your bias may be interfering with people’s rights;so please do not allow your pro-brown man sentiments to cost people their life savings. Perhaps ds gave you a golden handshake,maybe you are using that money to operate this blog.If that is so, be honest and call this the pro-ds propoganda blog.Do not attack Siriach who has provided the blog with so much valuable information.You only seem to be interested in ds’ statements.Do you think that is service to the public,a public that has lost money?In September when ds loses the case,your conduct may be examined in a new light.

  92. John Harris should tell us more about what he saw in NFA relating to ds.I have heard of other horror stories. How are the SGL , Lewfam and Visions people taking their Olint losses? I understand that ds is making them the same promises, and begging them not to sue.Several lawsuits have been filed in Turks directly by investors.These are of public record. Lisa Ray told the commission of inquiry about some Jamaicans who are close to premier Missick also. Somebody sent PJ down to Turks to find out what is going on .Are bloggers interested in these facts?Does ds haveTurks belonger status? Why is premier
    Misick so anxious to get rid of the commission?

  93. I believe that JOHN HARRIS is on to something… at last some real information instead of idle speculation and the senseless diatribe that those of you who can contribute little to the dialouge constanly engage in. The dilemma that Olint investors find themselves in is REAL. Families are hurting. Mortgages and rent going unpaid, while parents scrape around to find school fees for September reopening of schools. While wives blame husbands and vice versa, even as those husbands lash out at friends that lured them into these schemes in the first place.

    Thanks JOHN HARRIS for some real information. Looking forward to your next post.

  94. I will encourage all investors to send their info to the TCI authorities at fcutcipd@tciway.tc

    Also contact them at 649 941 7691. It cost me alot in legal fees to get a full picture but at least I am no longer in the dark

  95. Yes DS is a belonger of the TCI

  96. kingston chronicle

    The deviousness of this site????? Teck whey you self! The deviousness reaveled is that of DS. What a wagonist. There is no rising for DS UNTIL he pays all the money. Why he wastes time repeating the same mantra as if in a catatonic state on some institutional rocking chair is unforgivable. Payment is all he needs to do now. He can start his illegal club again after that if he wants. He and the Olint crew are still rambling on about “it will be invitation only.” Shut your damn mouth and pay! You are out of order. When you have paid you can run your gums about “invitation only” and send the likes of Kingston chronicle as many invitations as you like.

    Guess what Chronicle: I sirach state that DS can keep his invitation and stuff it where the sun don’t shine. I never want it. He need not waste the time or paper on me. Please blacklist me and keep me on the Olint threat list for all eternity. I dare you to blacklist me DS and I dare you to never ever have me as a member of your illegal club ever again.

    DS you are a liar. I challenge the arrogant David Smith to prove otherwise. Liar liar pants on fire. Arrogant and disrespectful bout “invitation only” who cares? Everybody knows only the brainwashed dummies want to have money with you.

    You full a talk. you full a pay lawyers. When yu gioing to full a pay? That is all you have use for. Let your accomplice family and staff work on the new “exclusive” Olint. You can’t get involved yet……THERE REMAINS THE MATTER OF YOU TO PAY BROTHER……AND IT WILL NEVER GO AWAY.

  97. What will be the name of the new Olint? “stealing club 2?”

  98. Can anyone tell me if the Jamaican government has the framework in place for licensing and registering Forex brokerage firms and/or traders?

  99. We need to address and be reminded that members have made encashments that have never been recorded on the Statements and never reported this to O. Dem tek de money unda de cash drawer! This is one of the primary reasons for the problems. So all accounts need to be individually reconciled. Then the real returns recalculated. There may be members with 50% withdrawals an kept dem mout shut. As a matter of irony – soma de memba dem tief from Olint over the last few years.

  100. John Harris

    DS will soon lose any status and then try to run like his brother and the others.

    It’s almost like DS and Loiten could be twins.

  101. Kingston Chronicle

    Where have you been??? the Usain or Asafa of forex?

    We had that long before DS. Check out Chris Hohn.

    Kingston nothing you say is of any value. Just sit back an relax. You can be the only exclusive member of the new “invitation only ” Olint. Yes. You and you alone. What a position of honor. And you will earn returns that no other Jamaican can get. Go ahead, we encourage you. We will never stand in your way.

    Why are you even on the blog? It is a waste of time for you.

  102. Thanks to John Harris as well – interesting stuff….it wld be good for JH to keep posting – it is truth that ultimately is important.


    You have made the biggest about turn on this blog – but guess what thats ur choice…. pls at least try to respect another opinion (ie Kingston Chronicle). Let me also encourage Another AIS Operator to keep posting – remaining open to diff positions helps us to tone dwn ur biasis.


    Why do u always speak in codes??if u have info share it….

  103. John Harris

    You first me. Respect. I was on the road most of yesterday and was away from thre info. Anyway respect brother.

  104. That shld read “biggest turn around on this blog”

  105. Sirarch

    Who is brother?? ….

  106. JH

    U acknowledge the 200m wire – didn’t see it in what u said he had left though….so where is that gone then??

  107. mk

    Share it for what? So that our work and revealation that David Smith is a con man can be fully revealed to you for free while you live your regular life? Then what? You become the expert overnight on the back of our work and then proceed to F….k up things?

    Yow we nuh bawn under cow and we are experts on Jamaica and the crawling on people’s back thing.


    your own post show you are not ready for this yet. Plus if you were to alert the Smith’s then you would facilitate them running away. This woulod cause us more work again.

    If you can’t understand the “code” (as you put it ) it is for one of only 2 reasons.

    1. The code is beating you (and not others)

    2. You want to know exactly what we know for nefarious reasons.

  108. Brother is David Smith.

  109. mk

    I have shared the info. David Smith is a liar.

  110. John Harris

    If he is a belonger how he got it so fast? Are the missick clan sweating over this at the inquiry?

    I suppose you will soon here David Smith has distanced and ridiculed another close friend then?

    What a man can throw away friends at such a rapid pace? Yes it must be them who is wrong because DS is always right. Just ask any of the zombies.

  111. DS and TS only come to Jamaica when they have money in order to puretrate their con. They never come when they have no corn. You see they can’t come and have friends on their own merit without money. So the stay in TCI and spew out BS.

    They buy frienship and they buy support. Any challengers to this?

  112. They buy lawyers and bodyguards…they buy planes and lavish parties. They buy homes….they buy land….they buy vacations…they buy chips….they buy church…….but us “street niggers” don’t get our OWN money.

    Yet you all want more. More than what is straring you in the face????????

  113. Welcome back Harbour Shark.

  114. The Attorney General of Turks and Caicos Islands has stated that Olint has is not rgistered with the TCI FSC and has NEVER been licenced in TCI.

  115. mk?….mk?…..mk?….hello…..mk?……..rass mk must a run out of credit……

  116. Message to: “John Harris”
    Could you please send me an email at depass2000@gmail.com.

    Re: Something that you may find interesting!


  117. David Smith why have you and your brother Wayne Smith stated so adamantly time and again both verbally and in the print media that Olint is registered and licenced to conduct business in the TCI?


  118. Silence deafening man. Please keep the noise down.

  119. People

    Please…please…close your mouth when in front of your computers. Basic etiquette.

  120. sirach, on August 27th, 2008 at 8:53 am Said: …”David Smith why have you and your brother Wayne Smith stated so adamantly time and again both verbally and in the print media that Olint is registered and licenced to conduct business in the TCI?…”


    You have essentially confirmed what I suspected all along. Where did that information come from?

    Also, that would indicate that Olint TCI was operating outside the legal framework in TCI.

  121. So why pay Peter Bovell all that ‘setting up’ fee. Peter Bovell had said that he basically helped set them up in Turks for a fee.

    Bovell also says that he set up an operation in Cayman

  122. Unnu tough. Nuff big talking!

    Sirach, tek time wid dem. Since we all don’t have all the info, some of what you say sounds like code. Slow down and spoon feed us please. Treat us as you would your own child.

    How could it take so long to realize that OLINT TCI is unregistered? Why would DS make such a blatant mistake?

    Could he really have fooled so many so easily? I feel so tricked. Sirach, please spoon feed me.

    Your friend, not DS.

  123. Olint is an entity in Jamaica.
    OLINT TCI should be an entity in TCI. Sirach is probably referring to Olint. This history goes back almost 2 years ago.

  124. How will this blog help those who do not act?
    What action can we take?
    What steps could we take, collectively or individually, in order to obtain funds held by OLINT?

    If OLINT TCI is not registered, why is their assets frozen? On what basis is DS or OLINT being scrutinized?

    Please spoon feed me!

  125. Based on Sirach’s posting, OLINT TCI is not registered with the required financial body to conduct his specific type of business in the TCI. Is this so SIRACH? Spoon feed us.

  126. AML,culkull,Davesin and others.

    where mk gone?..hahahahahahhaa ..ok no more joking around.

    The info is from the Atorney General of TCI and the TCI FSC.

    Olint TCI neither Olint (from Jamaica)…or the olint from Mars ….or any other thing of sorts is licenced to conduct any businessin TCI.

    Comprende? Class do we need to go over this again?

    PB facilitated an intro to AM? What that means you will have to tell me. Don’t bother cause I could not care less. The commission of Inquiry will deal with that.

    PB and the Missick’s were to get paid on a percentage basis. When the amount they got was kind of the same every month PB tackled Smith to get some accounting to know if the percentage was right.


    Class can we move on?

  127. maybe it is registered there as TCI FX ?

    remember that World Wise partners tried to register as World Wise Inc a separate legal entity

  128. AML
    It kind a late for all of that. While the technocrats were showing off their prowess and their coveted series seven licences and getting all legal there were others who toiled through the night.


    While the brainiacs were playing video games in the boss’s living room thinking that a flight to Provo was some extraordinary feat others were just laughing at them.

    They should have been making preparations like PB to save themselves.

    mk…whey you deh…..you gone a bathroom yet?……BACCRAS? Unno fill the prescription yet?

  129. cullkull

    TCI FX is a separate entity and the board of directors closed that down on July 11th 2008.

    Cullkull? Are you drawing fro straws? i told unno to seek professional help if you can’t take the vibes.

    Carefull you know. Because i only scratch the surface here. Your boss will decide whether I give the full hundred or not.

  130. Feds found no wrong doing ??

  131. ?? sirach

    Is just idle speculation still – but
    maybe is a case of Olint TCI registering under another name? Like worldwise partners not registered but worldwise trading or whatever is registered but the FSC jump up quick and seh worldwise isn’t registered.

    Anyway what John Harris had to say was quite enlightening but just confirms all our suspicions.
    I did say that there was a 200M wire that was turned back in NY before it coulda even touch a JA bank eh..
    mi really woulda like know whe dat $$ deh.

    Payment to those who could harm him and those close to him eh? wow. Some enterprising bad man could start a ting… Mi wi bad up DS on your behalf, (but yuh haffi gi mi 50%)!

  132. its really happening

    You think I need help?

  133. Criminal lawyers deal with criminal matters.

  134. Your money has been given to Criminal Attorneys. You think they give a damn about you?

  135. I have long accepted the fact that the money is lost. I guess the only thing is to unravel how exactly it happened.

    but we probably know, from the email to his wife

  136. The Smith’s got criminal attorneys (Gifford, Tavares-Finson, Samuels-Brown) Nunes Schofield Deleon and the others to fight against you the members.

    What? You thought they were hired for your happiness?

  137. You think this blog was created to serve your ends….or theirs?

  138. This is too much for me. I think I’m going to have to get a job.
    Not to suggest that DS would have me not working a regular 9-5.

    I’m now looking for a second and third place that will pay me. True Yardie stylee.

    Unlike cullKull, not all of us have given up on the funds placed in DS’ care. For those with hope of retrieving those funds, what action steps should be taken? Waiting 9 months for more moving goalposts is not an option.

    How can we take action now that will result in some returned funds?

  139. has anybody received their statement as yet. i called worldwise today and they said that people have started to receive statements from last week.

    bad news……they wont be re-opening this saturday as scheduled and they are not sure as to when they will re-open.Is worldwise afraid of opening and have to face very angry investors?

    Nole Strachan needs to issue a statement instead of buying properties all over the world.

  140. “Perhaps ds gave you a golden handshake,maybe you are using that money to operate this blog.If that is so, be honest and call this the pro-ds propoganda blog.”

    You should be ashamed of yourself to spurt such nonsense. I think it is you who felt that DS gave you a “Golden Shower”. LOL. Sorry, could not help that one. It seems so appropriate at the time.

    So what are you saying it takes 1,000s of US$ to run a blog?
    Well maybe, and maybe not. But that just goes to show you what u know about money. Maybe that is why some of you got golden handshakes and some got golden showers.

    OK, no more fun and idle talk. Let me look at it for what it is. When I first heard about this 10% thingy I paid it no mind. 2 years on in 2006 all my peers were going ape shiit over DS and CP as some could no longer get into CS.

    Many asked me, “Boss you not joining?” , I said I know not what it entails so why would I. “But it is 10% a month”. I said are you mad “What business can give you 10% a month, month in month out?”.

    One man said, but I hear say CP have all kinda companies and Megaphone. ” I said look. Why would a man give you 10% based off profits from all his companies?”

    Then one said but DS is in FOREX. I said well if that is the case he may have a chance, but I knew about the US$1.27 Trillion bet from college having seen the video in my Money and Banking Economics class. Loaned out the video never saw it again.

    Having heard that DS survived the first raid, paying back people, and still not accepting new customers (Of course one had to wonder about the feeder clubs. I did not miss that and did not join them either) how was he doing it?

    So I figured, I know trading is legit, many of my fellow class mates did it, made some massive gains in one day, but also lost some massive gains too in one day. One guy gained US$50,000 in one day . Next class he came back weeping how he lost a ton a cash. Then again he was a rich white boy who could take a year off parting in Italy without working.

    So giving the man (DS) the benefit of the doubt I said maybe he could be for real.

    Now I can see why you are all pissed, as money needs to be paid up. But it makes no sense to kick a man while he is down. Just simply wait for the courts to determine his fate.

    If he is a good trader then maybe he will come back. If not then maybe all what you all have stated (the negatives) may come to pass.

    I do not know the man, never did business with the man, and probably never will. Of course if I had the chance to do biz, his turn over would have made his US$1 billion (as some claim, which I doubt very much) look like peanuts, and as such you all would have been quite happy campers.

    Now I hear of what appears to be the first genius in FOREX, a John Harris. If so where is this man and why is he not trading big time?

    If he is that good the public needs to know that we do have a Usain Bolt in FOREX trading.

    Any one knowing this John Harris send over to Jamaica’s # 1 News blog. We have yet to launch our FOREX page.

    One more thing. Why would I have a “pro-ds propoganda blog” when on my FOREX page the only link is a Youtube video I think I got from this blog with a news item and some animation about DS club possible imploding?

    I am not pro or anti DS. I am simply interested in the story and there are tons of rich material here that can help create a juicy story.

  141. unno going to get gag order and “can’t talk” all the days of your lives. Then maybe like Don Crawford they will call mutty from foreign defending themselves and blaming others infinitum. Never showing up for court even when like crawford threatening to come down to court.

    Don’t you see the similarities of these con men and women? It is like a disease. It is similar.

    Carlos Hill said he had everybody’s money….he always adamantly said it. Then only AFTER being threatened with six weeks a wukhouse heTHEN states that he has X which is only about 3.75 BILLION DOLLARS short.

    What makes David Smith different from Carlos Hill, Crawford, Voches etc.

    You don’t think they stashed money away with people long time? How Wayne Smith living now. And all the rest? You think them bruck?

    Keep hanging on to the gag order and lawyers and he other BS….look on Crawfords time line……The Smith’s just starting out so they must be encouraged by thoose who went before them.

    They have expert advice like Mr. Delroy Lindsay who they were with in Provo in February.

    Peace our “street niggers” I’ll see you on the streets.

  142. SIRACH. You have much info. You sure you not a disgruntled wife or matey? lol. Or worse you really use to worship DS and now a disgruntled apostle?

    But I must say, I like your posts. So fly d gate and spill di beans. Just put in a disclaimer that you should not be held accountable for anyone jumping off high rise buildings to their death or any other injuries they may incur as a result of you information on the subject matter.

  143. The only action is via the courts. which is a minimum of 2 years to get any resolution ( remember each party has a right to appeal)

  144. its really happening:

    I think you are confused. There are two “registered” World Wise entities according to the Jamaica’s “Office of the Registrar of Companies” (see list below).

    Legal Investments

    WORLD WISE INVESTMENTS LIMITED, applied to the FSC for “registration” and was told that it was the WRONG entity that applied for registration, and it was different entity that was soliciting funds from the public. That company was “WORLD WISE PARTNERS LIMITED”. At this point in time, both of these entities are NOT registered with the FSC and as such, are not allowed to solicit funds from the general public. (World Wise is not licensed to deal in securities nor are its investment contracts registered with the FSC.)

    So, your statement that one of these WW entities is registered is factually incorrect! Unless you know something that the rest of us neophytes are unaware of.

  145. Let create another section in this blog called Players in the UFO’s Time-line so we can keep track of all the players. This list is already quite large and new players are appearing. We have the banks, FSC, TCI FCU, TCI AG, Jamaica Gov., Martinezs, DS and family, Lewfam, TCI Gov. and so on.

  146. hahahahaa…kingstonchronicle….Is there any relevance one way or another?….hahahahahhahaaaaaaa

  147. kullcull

    Like hoe Crawford did it right? And the vouches? hahhahahahahaahaha

  148. hhahahaaaaaahhhahahahaa..check it

    A Brother can’t make some money?” Lloyd Stubbs, 2008.

    Lloyd Stubbs, the public relations officer for the ruling Progressive National Party (PNP) in the Turks and Caicos Islands, has been quoted in an August 24 Miami Herald article about Premier Michael Misick and his controversial lifestyle as asking, “A brother can’t make some money?”

    We can not say that I did not say, I told you so. When persons in Government in positions of power, any and all thing said is/are reflection(s) of the current administration. And the stupidity of this Pr person goes beyond me. Why envy say such a statement. Sadly enough, it is clear that the PNP thinks that the treasury of the TCI is the personal chest of the PNP leadership!

    As I have pointed out in previous writings, it was going to be a monumental task for the Premier to explain the origins of his ill-gotten treasury – or should I had said the authority to access the TCI treasury or the authorization to accept funds under the table on behalf of the TCI treasury? In either case, there needs to be an explanation!

    ”It’s not like he bought a $10 million house out of his pocket. He is paying a bank loan,” and adding, “Michael is a businessman.”

    Mr. Stubbs, consider this:

    Missick’s salary as Premier is $150,000 annually

    With zero interest rate and using every cent of the $150,000 salary to repay the loan will take 66.7 years and if he is now 40 years old , he will be a 107 years, and may God him with a longer life.

    And if he is normal like us all and pays the loan off over a period of 30 years, years payment again with zero interest, will be 4333,334 which is far more than the $150,000 annual salary; a difference of $183,334.

    The newspapers are asking to explain where the difference is going to come from! You explain. This writer has a PhD in business and technology and envies that type of financing and feels as if his time in school was a total waste, so do tell me where you got your skill!

    Arabella Smith, Senior Policy Advisor and Press Secretary the Premier, declined to comment

  149. This is probably the new Free TCI Press.

  150. A wonder how much interest the goody-goody slaves…I mean members going to get this month. hahhaahahaha

    Blacklisters …don’t bother ask.

    Hope the money Olint gives can cover your bills this end a month..hahahhaahahahaaaa


    Is TCI Journal.

  151. AML

    Free press? Or the other TCI press. Remember it was Smith who said time and again to everyone, “I run this place.”

    Newsflash: Another olint investor files for bankruptcy in the U.S.A.. Location: Atlanta, Georgia (a lot seem to come from that zone).

    Olint response: “What does that have to do with us?”…..” you didnot know you could loose everthing (even though we told you every thirty days that your money was there and the amount)hahahahahhahahahahaa

  152. sirach. send on di news no mon. Who is the person in Atlanta? Chuh, u know you have di scoop, stop being selfish. lol

  153. When this saga is dead and buried. Sirach I want you to write for me. You are good. lol

  154. Altlanta yardies say yeeahhh! yyyaaayyy! Unno mortage upside down …….and your olint gone down….don’t wear no froooown…..you can always come back to towaaown……..Kingston Towwahhown….yeah a.

    Tings change nuh sen nuh money come a yard now you back ……a live like daaawaahhg…

    Big up Atlanta crew. Some mega pig up there can not be found……middleman…a woun’t like you job….snakes in the grass….

    Middlemen a New York….buyakka….big up…

    Middle men from the small islands …big up…..

    From london…..cannot be found….Dubi crew large up…

    Curacao………Grenada……..big up St Barts…….live up…..hhahahahaaa

    Yard crew a we run di place……nice an easy……everthing cool….

    U.S.A. you can pay the mortage anothe day…..GB say bancruptcy? Hell no way…..you still owe that all you live long day……..

    Request to the blog crew…..request to thoose who read only …..we know you are there…..don’t be shy…..don’t worry your intention…

  155. Rain sweet nuh rass…..

  156. sirach pass the pipe? Give me a smoke nuh man

  157. Rain sweet… no pipe for you RSI because at midnight tonight you need you senses…..remeber the “full hundred?”….I hope I don’t fall asleep by accident. I know a lot of you going to stay up past you bedtime for this one.

    Should we put it off till after September? hhmm reasonable talk ……..Give DS/TS/WS and Olint more time again?…..let me know what unno think bloggers.

  158. fly the gate now sirach

  159. no…fly the pipe…..that must be some powerful sh*t you are soking Sirach.

  160. hmmm two conflicting requests. One say go and one say no. Midnight tonight you ago get a fright!

  161. Anyway most strongly state that they can afford to loose. So them cool. Jagan pride works like that. Good for them. More money for we.

  162. Fly di gate! Spread di seed! Feed wi!

  163. New bloggers?

    unno was always there reading quietly so? How come? Sitting on the fence? Not sure if Sirach a talk truth? Loyal to the boss? Whathappen? him don’t soothe your concerns?

    Maybe Midnight.

  164. Sirach, let it all hang out now.Nuff respect.The Sage been loading his Chalice for this moment do not dissapoint him/us

  165. sirach,

    Some of us are out here looking a hustle to get back on track – no time to read the blog all day!

    Fly di gate!

  166. Used to post when there was some hope Sirach. But since all seems lost now your new revelations are welcomed.

  167. sirach you know anything about ouidas stennet from Image consultants now called IPS internationationl i’ve been asking till i weak.

  168. You sure the boss would approve? Some of you love get touchy when we talk bout the boss.

  169. questioning
    I don’t know that one.

    Unno start come from behind the fence like termite now. Outta nowhere! Unno skull work today.

  170. Oh yeah questioning sorry

    The image consultant nuh Visions increase poeple?….Yvonne Coke and dem…..Christian ting and self righteous ting etc. Check it though.

  171. unno all most meck it to another day….hold on…..you soon get a break. the bank(s) going start again tommorow though. Bummer.

  172. How many rivers do we have to cross……before we can talk to the boss…


  173. Fly de gate Sirah!!!!!!

    “tings change now yu si se life hard…. why yu neva send yu money come a yard… yu rech yu!!

    ……sqander yu INTEREST (:))now yu living like dawg…

    to those who did tink se dem coulda spurg the interest when the pricipal never safe!

  174. Everbody lining up for role call…..all the boss

  175. mi first in line

  176. Think the boss will go toe to toe with Sirach?

  177. Oh yeah, computer deh pon shartridge.

  178. den Sirah, why yu affi wait till 12:00?????
    a dooms day dat??

  179. Boss love competition though! what unno tink?

  180. how unno know dooms day nuh gone already? Mabe is borrow time you deh pon. All the same the boss sang. ‘someday….in September…..things going go my way……someday….someday…..’

  181. wi a get back wi money in September?
    come straight nuh!

  182. 🙂

  183. Come man. The rest a you who a hide….we know unno yu know…..unno want the World and want fi hide…..unno lazy…..

    mk…whey yu deh? olint for life? whey yu deh? Hermes?

    Scarce like money.

  184. chase thedream

    That is so simple it is not going to come in the “full hundred”

    You will NOT get any money in September.

  185. lata

  186. dem nuh have nuh money fi mi…

  187. This letter from DS is far from reality.
    I hope he is reading this blog.
    I just need to know how much he has to pay back investors, what % does this reflect as per our balances at the end of May, and when we are going to get our money.
    I understand from reliable sources that DS has some abount of money but we need some answers NOW. Maybe this whole TCI seizure was a smokescreen

  188. So I was right then Chasethedream….hahhahahahahaaaaaaaaa

  189. maybe I introduce you to some new bloggers tonight like “coldasice” and some others. Brand new engine. Virgin bloggers to rass!

  190. no problem, mi nuh shame fi admit se mi new to the site. After mi never quit mi day job cause a DS!

  191. The Turks and Caicos has had an unfortunate history of politicians and businessmen making backroom deals with respect to business licenses, regulatory obligations, work permits and similar issues involving the public interest.

    Cognizant of this, and cognizant of the concept of “standing” with respect to the law, and not wishing to waste your valuable time or ours, we would ask that rather than meeting privately, that you address your reply to ALL of the citizens of the Country at the same time, and not just one or two in private meetings. All of the citizens, or any subset thereof, can then rightfully decide if they are happy with your reply and if they feel their fundamental rights are being respected or abridged.

    If they feel that you are sincere and have taken corrective action, then every single citizen can see for themselves, and think for themselves, and be pleased with your honesty and forth-rightfulness and you will have offered an incredible example of corporate citizenship and an incredible example of respect for and of the average citizen. If so, no one will sing your praises louder than us.


  192. Sirach
    Now i get it ….weeping and wailing tonight.Help,wife gone, family gone cant Afford helper or gardener i am alone at home if you release at midnight it will be more than the blues,it could be suicidal .Spare us.

  193. Is sirach a newspaper columnist? will you release and article in tomorrows papers, which would be available online around midnight tonight?
    who r u mw of the jo? lol….if not then who are you?
    fly did gate ont the info man…cho wa do yu?

  194. Dem vision increase people deh claim seh Garrett Harris have di whole a dem money and dem caan pay out til dis whole Olint ting unfreeze but dem still a tek people money inna new clubs.

    Di one Yvonne Coke is a liar.

  195. Sirach top u foolishness! Fly di gate! Or is someone a pay u fi torture wi more!

  196. Sirarch

    I see u calling my name all day…just like how the blog is ur job I too have a job – mine is 9 to 5….so stop hallowing out mi name!!!!!

  197. I don’t have the luxury to b on the blog during the day…

  198. MK:

    When since?

  199. I have always worked…

  200. Good night one and all

  201. Tonight is my last time on this blog. Any questions for me ask them now. I will be leaving the blog permanently in the next 15 minutes.

  202. My attorney has advice me that I have said enough of probably too much to enlighten the victims of this fraud and I agree. It is now up to you guys to take the next step. I hope I have been of some help.

    Good bye

  203. said too much….whats the fear?

  204. John Harris:

    1) Why would your attorney care what you say on a blog?

    2) Shed some more information on what you found out on your NFA visit?

    3) How did you or your attorney confirm the $ amount on the Oanda platform?

    4) Any truth to that $200 M wire transfer?

  205. btw where is lance??

  206. JHarris

    Hope u will ans questions posed to u…i can’t see why an attorney would care???

  207. jH
    no response??

    On a diff note

    Anyone thinking of renting a good movie…i recommend “Identity” where 9 characters ended being the same one

  208. JH
    u said 15 mins…but disappeared right after

  209. Personally I think this John Harris guy is a fraud. Do you think any serious investor hiring high-priced attorneys would spill their beans on a blog? Nonsense! Not to mention that stupidness about walking into the NFA office and obtaining information….what a joke! what are you John Harris.. the FBI? SO FUNNY..just another conveyor of propaganda.

  210. Come forward JH if u are not a fraud!

  211. mk

    glad to have you back. You started posting at 7:15 so you can work overtime. Harris ….well I guess it’s goodbye. We will miss you. The trouble DS put paople in. They are afraid to speak.

    Davesin you are right mk has blogged in the 9-5 hours. Yes report mk to the boss.

    On Harris, if there were more like him DS/TS and WS would not be able to be so patronising, hypocritical and arrogant all in one breath.

    Davesin…a who mk trying to fool bout 9-5 ? Everybody knows the scheme employees namely the cash plus, Olint and ww ones are out of work on permanent leave. And we know they can never get jobs again…what’s up with that mk.

    hhahaahhaha…can you imagine asking TS/WS/DS for a reference to apply for a job? hahahhahahahahaahhaahahahahhahahaahahahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhahaaaaaaaaaaaa

    …..at like the FSC?hhaahahhaaaaahahahahahahahahaah

    or NCB? hahhahahhahahaahahhaah

    Can you imagine asking to work as a security guard or a bearer having worked at cash plus….hhahahahahahahaahhahahaaahaha

    Madame what have you been doing with yourself for the past 5 years?……..hahhahahahahaahhaha Well I used to work for Carlos Hill as his accountant before moving over to Worldwise as public relations manager and then to Olint as chief legal advisor….hahhahahahahhahaaa

    The only job thoose people can get is in Government. That is why Bruce Golding is playing stupid and claiming ignorance while everybodt knows the open secret that Golding, Vaz ,Robertson,Creary and Shaw a bandoodle the whole thing…hhahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaa

  212. Sirach:

    The last post is your finest!! About MK working for CP/Olint/WW. I couldn’t stop laughing.

  213. SIRACH fly di gate;

    However you are so Crass:

    “Altlanta yardies say yeeahhh! yyyaaayyy! Unno mortage upside down …….and your olint gone down….don’t wear no froooown…..you can always come back to towaaown……..Kingston Towwahhown….yeah a.

    Tings change nuh sen nuh money come a yard now you back ……a live like daaawaahhg…”

    Why would you appear to gloat at others demise? It never seems to amaze me, how Jamaicans claim to be so civilized, so loving and caring, yet given the chance to insult, to berate, to cause great harm without provocation they relish it.

    What exactly does the woes of those poor soles from Atlanta has to do with your success or anywhere else?

    “Tings change nuh sen nuh money come a yard now you back ……a live like daaawaahhg…”

    Which such happiness for your fellow Jamaicans demise why would any be ever encouraged to share their hidden wealth?

    After all,god forbid that they shared it with you their hard earned wealth, but you did not get what you think was your just due, and then suddenly the very person who gave you money were not as wealthy as before. Wow, what would your reaction be?

    You see SIRACH it is one thing to be a looser in taking a chance on other people’s skills to make you rich. Versus you taking that chance yourself and loosing it all. That would take confidence and guts. So why bother ball when DS may not be able to pay back your funds.

    Where were your calls when there were rumors of the high life? Ah, I forget, that is what you all had aspired to via the club. LOL. So you only bash him when DS appears to be vulnerable an down, but not when he is up and strong. Wow.

    I guess If I were DS I would just forget it all, take my chances with the lawyers, do my time, then simply move to Brazil where US$1 is almost give you a life of US$1,000 in standard of living.
    Why gloat at your fellow country men in Atlanta, you are either a sick individual or one hurt puppy seeking attention.

    Of course such work would not be accepted on the blog that offered you to write of its FOREX page. So you would have to leave such qualities behind if you were to accept.

    Now try to focus on the juicy inside scoop you had hinted about. Fly di gate. Trod carefully though. Blogs are electronic records.

  214. Sirach:

    I thought there was only one Olint disciple left (MK), but I realize that there is two disciples (MK + Next AIS Operator) 🙂

  215. The quote above was yours Sirach? or mk?

    You started it of with mk.

  216. DaveSin & Sirarch

    Working for a blog orchestrated by the commercial banks & FSC and having to lie abt it as well as taking instructions from a John Doe…..the joke is on u .

  217. Kingston

    You don’t see crass yet.

    Still early days. Still being very polite.

    We connected in Brazil very well thank you.

    A blog is a blog.

    But seeing as you see fit to warn me about the dangers of a BLOG I shall refrain from the full hundred tonight then.

    Peace out

  218. sooorryyyy babes.

    Bus di full 100 tonight. lol

  219. just trod carefully thats all. Would not want to see you get in any hot water, You just sharing info thats all. But do so in ways that does not appear to cause slander break any laws seen or unseen. It may be hard if you are not aware of them. Write more like a short story, with changed names, locations, subject, etc.

    FLI DI gate. lol

  220. Tonight your mine….completely…….tonights the night that sleep is in your eyes….tonight your mine completely……….so sweetly…..


  221. Well said Kingstonchronicle –

    You can hear the JOY in their posts when speaking abt the possible losses of investors. They don’t strive for truth they strive to tear down DS at all costs…..THAT IS EVIL.

    I stuck with DS in the good times i will not turn on him now that things are challenging.

  222. Said its over….call it a day….sorry that it had to end this way…..


    Dear Pastor fi unno tonight.

  223. He has no full hundred….i was waiting on him to come with an excuse

  224. “Tonight your mine….completely…….tonights the night that sleep is in your eyes….tonight your mine completely……….so sweetly…..


    Sirach, are you alright? Those words sound kinda creepy, almost mad. I am sure you are not.

    Look. What is the objective? I assume for you and others to get something on the dollar from your former FOREX guru yes?

    He is in a jam at the moment and asked for 9 months yes?

    So during that rough period of no returns times may be hard, yes? Where were you when you were rolling in the high returns per month? Were you complaining? Did you expect it to last year in year out?

    So approach it in a civilized manner, seek redress the legal way, and hope for the best. Of course sharing some juicy scoop to keep your fellow peers who also share your situation informed would not hurt.

    But taking it to lows is just not right. One can see when one uses a situation to make a valid point, but not to injure your fellow man or woman via words.

    My gosh, if you can do that, what would you say the powers at be would do to poor DS given the opportunity to do so, guilty or not guilty?

    Show some humanity.

  225. MK:

    you so pitiful. bout you are sticking with DS. Poor child. I hope you won’t be looking for no shoulder to cry on when you come to the realization that all your money is gone. Don’t come to me either for any “small” loan.

  226. Kingstonchroncle

    You know how many people write as sirach? hmmm thinking now.

    At least 5. Yes 5 write as harbour shark. And there are others like that.

    hahahahah….electronic media…….none on the other side can test…trust mi…in no arena whatsoever.

    Now: Back to the full hundred

    I was thinking. unno really should help mi wid some bus fare here. hhmmm. Ye syou heard me. You read that code fine (always wondered how unno could pretend not to read the other code).

    O.K. There are two deposit spots.

    1. the garbage bin closest to the scotiabank Liguanea (unno know…where unno used to drae US dollars offa you Olint Mastercard all dead hours a mawnin’)…until of course DS said “a wha do dem…me alond con in this town”

    2 The garbage bin outside quad….yeah where its nice and crowded (i know you m..thr..f,,kers had already planned to jump me in Liguanea…idiots)


  227. Dave”Sin”

    Come to u….now that’s a joke….

  228. Again, watch identity 9 characters turn out to be one…ha ha ha

  229. “I was thinking. unno really should help mi wid some bus fare here. hhmmm. Ye syou heard me. You read that code fine (always wondered how unno could pretend not to read the other code).”

    CODES? Sorry hun, not into reading codes. But if that is what makes you happy then go for it.

    “2 The garbage bin outside quad….yeah where its nice and crowded (i know you m..thr..f,,kers had already planned to jump me in Liguanea…idiots)”

    Well if what you are saying was a potential criminal activity against you then walk safe.

    Not that appears to the eye, is what it is. lol

  230. Live like the Chiney man. Simple. Hurry come up Negroes tend to live beyond their means.

  231. So I take it SIRACH you need bus fare? And that even if you had it, the bus is beneath you? maybe you should have your private jet instead. Oh, I forgot, that was what UFOs were to bring. lol.

    I wonder if you would take the bus in London or Paris to work, like many doctors, lawyers, teachers, plumbers and trade men do?

    Oh. I forgot, you are Jamaican, the bus is for the field slave. Dem no mek it yet. lol. Oh I forgot, dem should a put money in UFOs and buy a used car if it not enough for a new car.

    Funny maybe that is why the faces of locals look so dejected when they are at a bus stop. It is a reminder of their lower social and human status. They are nothing I guess is what they are thinking.

    Joke or no joke, check many locals and I guarantee you they would say it the same way. You know that is so sad, as it says a lot about a people and a nation.

    Maybe thats why a CP and other UFOs could blow up so fast, as no one wants to be a field slave, they all want to be in a great house, with a great chariot, driver, butler and all.

    Nothing wrong with ambition, but what drives that ambition? A people should have honor, self respect, and pride. It is not the 10% a month that will or would have made you a better person SIRACH, it is love and respect of self first then others.

    It is not to my surprise why some run to Obeah man to get their fellow brothers and sisters out of well paying jobs, then turn around and ask them. “You nah find no work”. “You wutless hee” It is amazing.

    So what will the new UFO be? There needs to be one, would you not say.

  232. Mi gwan..all the best

  233. can anyone remember when david smith proposed to trade for jamaica? that’s when i got pulled in like some very wheathy people i know, Mr and Mrs smith were too damn good.

  234. Now I too was surprised to here the guy you just mentioned say that. Master move if any. I was actually waiting for an official response from the government and opposition as it is legit. Other nations have done so to great success.

    Of course I would not get suckered in until he was cleared by government and really began to trade in the wide open. Why would I not take that chance, it would be for the world to see how he would trade for our country via FOREX?

    That is what really caught my attention. This man is either truly gifted or the biggest gambler I have ever heard about.

    Why would you go to such lengths if he were a gambler. He would have to pay up some day why get the big wigs involved? Why throw down the gauntlet and say he is willing to trade for the Jamaican government?

    Something just not adding up here. Some where some how something went wrong. Could the feeder clubs have caused his demise?

    I mean. If you have a tight knit group of investors, why not just stick with them and do your thing? If it fails they all should know why. After all it was that locked investment that was being trade at high risk for high returns, they must have expected a loss at some point.

    This whole saga stinks. The facts need to come out, and a movie made about it. SIRACH you can act as the drag queen. lol

  235. i wonder where mr smith will reside after all this, (A) Jamaica, (B) Turks, (C) Zambia, (D) Florida.

  236. That movie would have broken the forex box office.

  237. lets see the result of the situation. what if he rises to the top again. I would hope he would. Too good of a start to end like that. Maybe wishful thinking. But if he is a good trader he can do it again.

    After all, it was not like CP who was not trading but was publishing a bunch of half baked hurry come companies while insulting the masses that from his group of companies he is able to do what he is doing.

    And imagine people bought that. I mean full page ads about some small companies which individually could not compete on the market with the nearest local rival.

    The to top it off people kept spreading rumors about CP holdings in 100s of other companies. Then if the CEO of so many top fortune 500 corporation cannot even pay 10% to their shareholders how in the world would CP be able to do that from poor Jamaica?

    I could understand FOREX, that is a easier bait to swallow.

    So the question is, how and when will this story begin and end?

  238. I can see it now on the big screen “Get rich quick, 10% a month”
    or “Cash Plus to di Whirl” lol, or “The Locket, an Irish Man’s Luck”. Staring the one and only CH, DS, SIRACH (the drag queen) as she will drag you down , lol. (Codes anyone? lol).

  239. First weekend box office sales US$325 million

  240. I hope and pray that this hurricane does’t hit our island, Jamaica is a blessed place.

  241. I really enjoy this blog, it sheds light on the issues affecting investors and for me that helps alot, BIG UP REAL INVESTMENTS FOR LIFE.

  242. Kingston-Chronicle, at least we agree that Golding,Vaz and Robertson have not been adversely affected by the Olint freeze. However the traditional media has mentioned this only tangentially. How did ds obtain belonger status so rapidly?
    I am of the view that Sir Robin would like to know also. This blog must be courageous enough to embrace all points of view.Kingston-chronicle reflects a brown middle class view, olint is for the Constant Spring SUV crowd. Leave CP to the stupid black people who dont understand what forex is! The truth is that Olint will make CP look like a walk in the park. What happens when fashionable
    brown skin people cant pay their mortgage? Even pum costs have plummeted.

  243. sirach,

    I hate to say it, but it look like u come in like u bwoy DS. Pure talk and promise, but nothing in the end.

    Well u know what dem seh? Show me the loudest man in the room and I will show u the weakest man in the room.

    Hush u hear my brother, please don’t tek it personal. Just voicing an opinion.

    Opinions are like asshol#s, everybody got 1.

  244. Well come to think of it after what DS do his clubmembers, some of dem actually have 2 now.

  245. John Harris ‘ first language is not English as he writes like someone not too fluent in the Engligh Language I think he is a Spanish speaking blogger. Whom do you all you bloggers know involved in this situation that is multi-lingual.

    John Harris, you dont fool me one bit.

  246. “Kingston-chronicle reflects a brown middle class view”

    Yu dam bright. First off all who dare you to class Kingston-Chronicle?.

    Now if had said Upper Class maybe I would not be so annoyed, but to class I and I as brown middle class?

    As Bruce said “Tek whe you self”. 🙂 I am enjoying this. But really, you pass you place right there buddy. I and I above all class. Class dismiss.

    “belonger status” You are reinforcing mental slavery. I think you misread what I wrote. Read it again. I may appear in your eyes the way you view the world. But though the eyes of sarcasm it may appear another way. But you right on one thing about CP crowd. Lower I.Q dominated that UFO and less based soley on money status.

    What constitutes Brown? In my time it was red skin, or you are black. Red skin would be Vaz, colour or of a lesser degree.

    As the higher you go in pigmentation the darker the skin. Then again it is flipped here in JAM so the lower you go is the darker you are. Funny huh.

    Now I like the sound of this one : “Even pum costs have plummeted.” LOL. But that depends on the quality of your pum I guess. LOL

  247. I new it. I just new it. Unno quick to sell out sirach when you do not get what you want. Just like you did to DS. Brutes!

    Which one of you get to the garbage can with that silly joke. An empty envelope unno leave for sirach ehhh??

    And it cost me to get the madman CH to go up to the garbage to retrieve it for me. You should have seen what they did to the poor bastard the minute he put his hand in the garbage for sirach’s bus fare! Heartless.

    Empty envelope you leave for sirach ehhh? You take a page from Olint’s lawyers. Giving big judge and court in Jamaica envelope with nothing in it ehhh? Unno tink unno slick ehhh.

    eileen…how yu do? Long time. Waiting in the wings ehh? But still near by. That is good.

    Ay bwoy…..hold on…a minute “A YOW!!!! BRING A NEXT ICE PACK FOR HILL……AND SOME MORE BANDAGES! HURRY HIM BLEEDING AGAIN TO…….Whaaat? hospital? you mad! Think me a fool?”

    Sorry bloggers….anyway

    Chronicle? you alive? then it still your time. I will not hold the feet argument against you. Exersise is good. How you guys felt waiting up? I had a good rest.

    I need it as …..”mt feet are my only carriage….but everthing is not going to be alright…” RNM (adapted).

    I would say “green on one side black on the other” best describes the PM and his politician cronies at this time…….I belive the call it “in the money.”

    o.k I told this brute carlos about walking and ecersise….shoulda dash whey the 5 pretty car long time……is only right near the last his leggs gave out before they caught him….good try brother.. …Yeah yeah…I’ll choose a better pickup spot next time……Yeah yeah…i know I should have asked you to make the plan cause you are the expert at taking up peoples money……yeah yeah…..Alright…enough already….seen…I don’t want to hear over again about back in the day with you and the colombians!….settle down now carlos!

  248. Kingstonchronicle

    Some a wi can’t afford no &%&&”*& Lawyer. Beg you a change nuh?

  249. Sirach,
    help me tie that in with ds, olint, olint tci, pj, dv, pb, and the current saga….i admit, i’m lost because i fail to see the relevance. i know better than to dismiss it though. you seem to have a wealth of info thats not available to the mere plebian such as myslef..help!

  250. mi tink Sirach mad….
    mad people can have info too yu nuh.. all sirach now how fi do a sing and chant, and seem to get a kick at having the “upper hand”

    Sirach up till 3:00Am, then again at 4:00Am, all now mi nuh see di “full hundred”
    ..Practice what yu preach..

  251. Dave Sin..

    Thanks for clearing that up. The last I had read, one company had filed for registration with the FSC and not the partners group. I did not know they were turned down. I was reading for the longest time they had an application in – then saw the gleaner ad the FSC put out saying WW never register or filed anything with them (or something of that nature) which I figured was the FSC splitting hairs
    and being somewhat misleading, as if WW in any form had never attempted to go ‘legit’

    not sure what kind of help youre referring to but I’m going to go out on a limb and say…’no’

  252. Yeah mi mussi mad. Busy today.

  253. busy a pick outa garbage can…

  254. What are you saying Sirach – Misick gave DS TCI govt money to trade and now they are in deficit? Clue me in please.

  255. eileen, on August 28th, 2008 at 1:03 am Said:
    “John Harris ‘ first language is not English as he writes like someone not too fluent in the Engligh Language I think he is a Spanish speaking blogger. Whom do you all you bloggers know involved in this situation that is multi-lingual.

    John Harris, you dont fool me one bit.”

    I agree with you, and apparently Sirach is John Harris’ attorney.

  256. Believe what you want to believe. Sirach is a great contributor to this blog as well as I.

    Stop spreading gossip and deal with the problem that we are facing

  257. interesting stuff

  258. John Haris,
    How your 15 minutes suh long? It musi nuh have nu staring point like DS nine months promise…

  259. Instead of given JH a hard time you fellars should give him thanks

  260. Kingston Chronicle ,you are obviously of rural origin and rural attitude. You write with the dedicated swagger of the petit bourgeoise who learnt to read late in
    their childhood and never really master grammar. You probably never read Hamlet,but the character OSRIC comes to mind when I read your futile contributions.

  261. or yu attorney give yu “permission” to talk now?

  262. moderator…
    Just to be clear – there are several posting as harbourshark, several posting as sirach, and several posting as the great departed (whats her name?) supporter of DS.

    Can you confirm if there’s more than one John Harris posting?

  263. its really happening:

    Are you sure about that claim? Sirach or Harbourshark have not complained about some using the actual nick. There is a “friend of Sirach” and an imposter of “Janice” (not lately). I would hope people wouldn’t post under other people’s Nick, since it taints the whole blogging process.

    If it is not the real John Harris, he should come forward and say that somebody is using his name. Plus, existing users with a new Nick would result in the “holding” of the post (assuming the same IP address location).

  264. Sirach
    Think we need to get you to Aggrey Irons or Bellveue before you implode,Dead certain you are JDW now exiled in Turks.

  265. John Harris, on August 28th, 2008 at 9:16 am Said:
    “Believe what you want to believe. Sirach is a great contributor to this blog as well as I.

    Stop spreading gossip and deal with the problem that we are facing”

    mmmkay Sirach

  266. “Kingston Chronicle ,you are obviously of rural origin and rural attitude. You write with the dedicated swagger of the petit bourgeoise who learnt to read late in
    their childhood and never really master grammar. You probably never read Hamlet,but the character OSRIC comes to mind when I read your futile contributions.”

    DEN BOSS, How di I fi master Gramma , when is Patwa di I a chat?

    Rural origin, now dats funny. Thanks none di less. Why would I ever want to read Hamlet? Is Hamlet even important? Maybe for you, since you mentioned him.

    Then again if you need some education on your past, well not exactly as I am sure you know not what tribe you may belong.

    You should check out The Kingston Chronicle Book Club. There you will find a collection of books assemble and hand picked by the founder.

    Let me leave you with some links, since as they say Negroes do not read much, so put the secrets in books and they will never find it. lol





  267. “Kingstonchronicle

    Some a wi can’t afford no &%&&”*& Lawyer. Beg you a change nuh?”

    SIRACH, I can help you to set up a online donation for the 1,000s of readers that read the website. They can leave as little as US$0.10, it can add up.

    But if you have no real case why bother with lawyers? But if you really think it is worth your time then go for it.

    “Chronicle? you alive? then it still your time. I will not hold the feet argument against you. Exersise is good. How you guys felt waiting up? I had a good rest.”

    SIRACH I think your loss in the UFO is seriously causing you mental stress. You really think people would be waiting up? Just fly di gate that is all the blog is waiting on. Not your personal views on matters that is of no intellectual value.

    If a story or movie is going to be made around UFOs you need to be a good performer and stick to the script. So fly di gate on the info on DS or any other UFO.

    I need it as …..”mt feet are my only carriage….but everthing is not going to be alright…” RNM (adapted).

    SIRACH, do not feel lonely hun. Jesus and his disciples had their feet as their only carriage. I am sure when you were born you came into the world naked and helpless. And when you go, you will also be helpless to stop it.

    Look at the bright side, even Marcus Garvey had his feet as his only carriage when he was in Jamaica before leaving for the UK his last stop. You are in high company.

    I can see you are one that reads but one newspaper on the weekends. So if there are developments in other sectors of the economy published in the more affluent newspaper, you would miss it. As it does not have a large classified section which the masses rely on.

  268. Though class has bee dismissed, it is still very much evident that it is still in session.

    The uncultured negro was of the impression that all that separated him from the cultured was a fancy set of wheels, a huge mansion on the hill side, and a team of lawyers to do his or her bidding. But as Mutty says ” A Bhutto in a Benz, is still a Bhutto”.

    I guess what Mutty was trying to say, it is not your trappings that make you, but you who make your trappings. Thus the cultured never wear their wealth on their sleeve or shoulder.

    However as soon as a hurry come up Negroes thinks he or she has arrived he has to let the whirl know that he or she had made it. But what exactly constitute as made it? Oh, UFOs I guess. lol. As soon with 10% a month they can roll wid di big boys, and have big chat. It is such misguided souls that become victims to UFOs.

    As in their quest, not for progress, but for social acceptance social prestige, and ultimately the respect they can never seem to attain as they perceive the lighter skin class enjoys without the aid of a UFOs existence.

    Bob Marley said. “Liberate yourself from mental slavery”.

  269. people of all classes and hues r suffering. You would b surprised to know chronicle. This has nothing to do with mental slavery. I am sure u know but I know a lot of people who live uptown who eat chicken back

  270. RSI:

    It is specific in nature. But you proved my point. As if suddenly the white man made chicken back a delight, a luxury dish mixed up with other trappings then all of a sudden it is now good. The mind is a powerful thing, funny how some Negroes use it.

  271. Wrong again but you proved my point too. You need to release yourself from mental slavery. This has nothing to do with race or class. Look at the real issues and not colour. You are just muddying the waters. Free your mind mate.

  272. Just when I thought this blog was getting interesting again, with Sirach and John’s supposed new info, it has turned back into rubbish. All you people do is chat crap. Sirach where di full 100 deh? If you nah gi wi den stop come hear an chat $hyte! Tired a hear who a suffer blah blah jus giwi some dam info!

  273. You see what this proves is the true motives why many rush to UFOs. It is not just for the money but what comes with the money. It is the lure of possible respect, acceptance, power, prestige, aaahhh Upper Class status.

    It is a mental slavery to escape the small car you drive and step up inna life in a Benz or BMW or SUV (used or new). Worse yet, stop taking the bus, walking, or riding a bicycle. Thus UFO is your salvation.

    Yet let the white man suddenly make it fashionable to ride a bicycle to work in New Kingston, or ride a moped or walk it for 5-10 minutes from his flat or even take a robot taxi (car pooling). You see how fast the Negro look up to it as chic, cool, the in thing, positive.

    Yet if you visit other countries, where professionals take the bus, walk, and ride a bicycle, they do not have that look of dejection as seen in Jamaica. No look of shame. No treatment as is they are 3rd class citizens.

    As those who purchase other people’s used cars from Japan, other people’s hand me down, dash whe, are 2nd class citizens and deserve a little more respect. God forbid some CP money and he or she can now buy a crissas.

    Thus when people from the other cultures I have seen work for years to buy their first apartment or car, it is out of necessity and not want of approval and acceptance. They do not see them self as nobody or as a field slave without rights.

    It is out of desperation to attain acceptance and approval why some placed their entire life savings in hopes for 200% return by year end (deposit + interest) and the next year a consistent 10% a month.

    As you see it in their postings. They gloat at the demise of DS, they gloat at the demise of those who suddenly cannot pay for their new homes, and at the same time make it look that if you are not up with the Jones then need charity.

    Beg you a money nuh, nuttin nah gwan. Mi a suffera. Mi a walk foot, mi a nun nonbadi.

    It is this mental slavery that emanated primarily from rural Jamaica and made its way to Kingston inner cities. As a matter a fact majority of today’s Kingstonians were not born in Kingston.

    Majority of this Baccra plantation mentality has its roots from the country side. Red eye, envy, bad mind, pure jealously and hatred I have heard were their contribution to the city.

    The notion of YES BASS, is the same as YES MASSA. The slave came to Kingston and populated among the Kingstonians thus spreading their seed among the cultured elite.

    If wealth can make you then it can break you.

  274. “You are just muddying the waters. Free your mind mate.”

    You just proved my point again. The water is no longer clear is it? 🙂

  275. Why u people mek sirach do this to u?

    The youte obviously has nothing to contribute. All the factual information that he has provided was and can be obtained on the internet. Just because he spends his very valuable time doing nothing but internet research, and living on this blog does not make him a “great contributor” to anything.

    The fact is people who know the details do not need to be on this blog seeking information or gloating about the facts they know, period!

    Quite frankly like some of the others here, I am now concerned for this persons mental health. Will someone please get this fool some LITHIUM he needs a prescription quick. His rants have deteriorated into an infantile exchange of “I have a secret and i’m not going to tell it”. However I am going to stay here as long as I can and try to torment the poor sheep who are seeking direction in life.

    I love to call out bullshi##ers, but this pile too stink and not even worth it. So my sheep take some sage advise ignore this fool, he is so insecure and lost. This blog must be the only thing he has left which makes him feel that he actually has a semblance of significance in anyones life. Real men do not act this way!

    This fool is trying to use empty leverage on this blog, and the administrators here are loving it due to all the sesationalism it creates (DEM SOON START SELL ADVERTISMENT SPACE). 1st of all the sharks swimming in this UFO ocean would eat this sprat as a snack. He would not last 5 seconds in their world. This is self evident from his senseless ravings. This sprat cannot prove 1 thing she has said because she has nothing. All she is doing is waiting for the obvious to happen so she can say “I told u so”. Looks like we have discoverd the 1st great Jamaican Rocket Scientist here on this blog her level of intelligence is truly astounding to me.

    I suppose now that u feel u are under attack u will tell your flock that they do not deserve to hear what it is u “know”, and as punishment the Great Oracle sirach will again withold his deliverance from the people for such blatant actions against him. Hahahahahahahah, u are a joke and a coward, anyone with a basic perception can see right thru this pathetic ploy for power.

    Oh yeah, let’s not 4get that this information is sooo classified that only individuals with Level 1 security clearance can have access to it. We would not want the Great Oracle sirach to become an enemy of the state.

    Please wake up my sheep. I can’t hold my tounge no more, this sh#t is absolutly absurd. A few well known facts mixed in with inuendo and gossip does not warrant this level of attention. Why would 1 individual care sooo much? A lot of people are unfortunately affected by this entire issue, however do not let another fool victimize u. sirach and DS are the same type of individual. Partial truth mixed in with inuendo, sensationalism and lies + empty promises = ????????? I think u all know the end of this story already.

  276. Sirach, yu alwright?
    Did you loose money in any of the UFO’s?.
    Mi concern, trust mi, as much as mi mek fun a you, mi read you post all the time because yu always a think “outside the box”. As HILARIOUS as it is sometime.
    Su, who left yu de white envelope?


  277. Rob:

    I guess you think you post is going to help one bit. Now you only going to get Sirach going again. God help us!

    On a serious note, the Blog Admin cannot stop Sirach from posting. Look at the other Blog, they try to censor their blog and for all intent and purpose has kill their own blog. No one post on that blog anymore.

    You must admit, a few of Sirach posts are hilarious, especially the one on the job situation of ex-CP/ex-Olint employees.

  278. Davesin, what about the white envelope,somebody really do dat?

  279. what is bus#4, somebody enlighten me nuh?

  280. hahhaahaa…me nuh mad….mi stress yes…..not bout no silly scheme but bout the hurricane….

    Rob seeing as I “live on the blog” you ought to make your posts smaller and give me a chance then..hhahahaaaaa

    Rob…..you read back your post?…..who a stress and mad…Sirach? hahahhahahahahahaahaha

    sick a dat

    Those who claim that all my info. is on the internet are surely wicked. Cause for them to have it at their disposal and not share it is almshouse…

    You don’t think so bloggers.

    Yeah yeah Kingston and country …and emotion..yeah yeah

    Factoid: many 4th and 5th generation Kingstonian still not one or two generation from pit toilet. Don’t be fooled.

    Mi still love unno still…..and I know is not Sirach a stress unno …..that honor bbelongs to the schemers….none a unno neva give Sirach a ting.

    Niney……you walking a thin line though. Mi still love you though. But Wildish? Bwoy you can insult and demean Sirach to the gutter. Until Niney behaves….SINCERLY the full hundred will NOT be revealed to the suffera dem by Sirach no matter wha colour you be…..or how ugly unno is.


    Unnno well an know nuff a unno “faba shubble mout Shark”

    I can tell you that JDW can not speak like that….

    Jack mandora….

  281. chasethedream

    hahahhahaha…press the reality button on your spacecraft and when propted say, “I would like to stop feeding my brain on sitcoms and return to planet earth.”

    hhahahahahahahahaa…..just teasing chase

    The answer to your question is strait forward and simple:

    The number 4 blog is economy and we here are First Class

    Agree bloggers?

  282. davesin.. its was more of a question than a statement – guess I phrased it improperly…

  283. “Factoid: many 4th and 5th generation Kingstonian still not one or two generation from pit toilet. Don’t be fooled.”

    I think in many states and homes in many countries they still use pit toilets.

    Having a pit toilet does not mean you are not cultured. You see you still think it has to do the amenities. Acquiring furnishings to upgrade your status. Like the walk foot to the Benz.

  284. you mean used to be first class untill it became the Sirach show…….yawn

  285. “Bhutto in a Benz…..” did not come from Mutty!!! Was some professor up a UWI

  286. Nettleford – he said that


    That would not be so easy as their blog has they currently have 6.1K Global readers and 3.1 U.S. based readers. Their best was 9.3K Globally, and 4.6K U.S. readers. They have a very long way to go before that could be a reality “IF” they had such ambitions.

    All I want still is for Sirach to FLY DI GATE PON DS, the Locket Club, and any other juicy info on a UFO.

    She or He said that they had some wicked info. Still waiting on that info.

    I mean the way she made it sound it almost sound so real. Like she have inside scoop on things that only DS closest would have. A ploy you think?

  288. “Nettleford – he said that”

    Thanks. I thought so, but Mutty uses it so often I forgot who really was the creator of that phrase.

  289. Kingtstonchronicle

    Sorry if i touched a nerve. some things last through generations. In jamaica for instance we often think that an education can equalize us. An academic education is marvelous but…BUT there are generational circumstances that shape people in many ways. That is a fact.

    Jamaica is sad in this regard. although no one here said the condition belongs exclusively to us.

    People do not like to discuss things like this…sometimes because it is too close to home. Many of us have done well in school because we had to. How we did is how we were going to live in the future.

    But often we discount the fact that the more priveledged among us who did not strive to say I came first or best in school are somehow beneath us.

    We must learn to think. For while we did what we had to do in order to eat chiken leg instead a back later on in life. the more priveleged were experiencing much deeper thinking and concepts because they might have not been hungry.

    Do we then say we are better or more desrving than them? We must learn perspective. A Benz might be a pair of feet to a person who dreams of a Mclaren. Who are we to judge?

    Who are we to exhalt?

    Now if their ancestors saw their refuse swirling down some water to oblivion….in a nice wooden (later ceramic) engineering marvel don’t you think that has an effect on who the later generations are? Think about it?

  290. SIRACH stick to the UFOs. Dat de style nuh fit yu whe u a try just now. You are not philosophical nor intellectual. Just fly di gate babes, that’s all I am asking. FLY DI GAT E ON DS, OLINT and all the UFOs. OK

  291. Bloggkiller

    You keep saying the show is mine. You are the only one. Shall I hazard a gues as to how many generations are you away from the pit?

  292. Wait nuh? How long you wait pon the boss so far?

    You think the boss is an ittelectual philosopher to come to Sirach?

    Let blogkiller get a chance. I would not deprive blogkiller of a chance.

  293. kingstonchronicle, on August 28th, 2008 at 1:44 pm Said:
    “Nettleford – he said that”

    Thanks. I thought so, but Mutty uses it so often I forgot who really was the creator of that phrase.

    Sure, mutty repeats what nettleford said a lot, but he doesn’t ‘use’ the phrase in the manner that nettleford suggested, and you seem to be suggesting also.
    mutty repeats th ephrase to 1, criticize nettleford and the kind of 1970’s socialist uwi intelectual mafia typ thinking that was so prevalent then, and clearly is also so prevalent today as you ably demonstate.

  294. OK SIRACH, it is your show. So can you like fly the gate? You have information that I must say is not intellectual or philosophical in nature but UFO in nature. So when will you perform your best performance to date and FLY DI GATE?

  295. Chasethedream:

    Wait: “its really happening” and “chasethedream” are one of the same. Why two nick?

    The #4 bus is here:


    The #4 bus is the PRO-Olint blog that kick all the detractors on this train off their bus (ban for life).

    Their is not much UFO news, so we are all being entertained by Sirach and his white envelop!!

  296. “criticize nettleford and the kind of 1970’s socialist uwi intelectual mafia typ thinking that was so prevalent then, and clearly is also so prevalent today as you ably demonstate.”

    Well thanks for the clarity. You are right in one respect. It is more along the lines that Mutty uses it in which amuses me.

    ” A Bhutto in a Benze, is still a Bhutto”

    Thanks pal. 🙂

  297. Bloggkiller please the floor is yours…or show as you like to say…the people are patiently waiting on you to tell them whether or not their lives are really going to be shattered and what they might possibly be able to do….for the kids too 9may god bless them).

    So without further ado…….Ladies and Gentlemen…..It is my distiguished pleasure to present this afternoon the one the only……from pit toilet to the Waldorf Astoria Hotel……the killer in the flesh……may i please have a warm welcome …..fresh from …..Bejing…….

    the lovely….the talented…..the witty…………..Let’s get ready to ruuuummmmbbbble………..

    B L O G G K I L L E R !!!!!!



  299. Kingstonchronicle

    let Bloggkiller apologise and I shall consider your request.


    Wave your arms like a chicken and barck like a dog…..no

    forget that

    let bloggkiller apologise…..very Sincerly….sob…..my feelings were hurt…sob..


  300. where is the info you said you had sirach. was it not you who was talking about DS latest letter to the public? Correct me if I am wrong. But I am sure you stated that you had some gigantic info to bring to the blog. So I am simply waiting like others for you to live up to your grandiose claims.

    Then again if I did not read what you said correctly then maybe I and all the others are simply misinformed on the alleged source and credibility of your information on DS, and UFOs in general. You still have the hey to your locket yes? 🙂

  301. BLOW WOW. WHo is dis blogkiller, peeps find him or her fast. APOLOGIES OVER DUE ASAP. You heard the lady. No apology gate nah fly.

  302. “The stone that the builder refuse shall be the head”….Wildish and visions and church on the rock people love dat. Don’t it?

    “a likkle more oil hin my lamp…keep it burnin…a likkle more oil in my lamp i praaay….a likke”

  303. “let bloggkiller apologise…..very Sincerly….sob…..my feelings were hurt…sob..”

    Dam. Fi real? BASS, not BOSS, but BASS, you need fi apologize or else we not getting nuttin out a sirach any time soon.

  304. sirach, on August 28th, 2008 at 1:55 pm Said: …”Bloggkiller….You keep saying the show is mine. You are the only one. Shall I hazard a gues as to how many generations are you away from the pit?”…

    Sirach, Blogkiller is mi friend so do not treat her like that….BTW, how much generation is Blogkiller away from the pit toilet? She is very feisty, so mi a lookout for the piece a cussing she a go give yuh now!

  305. Davesin

    The shoe is bloggkillers. All bloggkillers. How far from the pit is not some subjective thing…it is a factual thing that carries a nominal figure.

    What can I do about that?

    more relevant is “what can bloggkiller do about that.”

    Everybody stay safe.

  306. Sirach dont know $hite. There is no new info ppl stop waste ur time waiting on this fool. He/She just wants attention and has no life. Sirach once again stop tell lie, u dont have no info. Nobody not apologizing or giving u anyting. If you want money go new kgn and pimp uself.

  307. DreamDashWeh

    How so touchy. One time not so long ago most of you talked about “investing” what unno could “afford” to lose…..seems as time goes by the theme is changing.

    I guess DreamDashWeh is right. There is probably no new info. Plus the only credible info can only come from the boss.

    So forget about sirach. The bosses will take good care of you as they always have done….oh so…very …very ….well.

    I going to enjoy my “No life” right about now…hahahahhahahahahahahahahaaa

  308. ” mi tiad fi si yu face.,.. ina di human race”
    when yunu ready fi talk den talk and stop di ya bull s@@@T!

  309. You people really fool. Looking to the blind fool to lead you, the blind.

    I going to expose just how twisted this fool really is.

    According to the Great Oracle sirach

    “Factoid: many 4th and 5th generation Kingstonian still not one or two generation from pit toilet. Don’t be fooled.”

    Now if a generation is defined as: the term of years, roughly 30 among human beings, accepted as the average period between the birth of parents and the birth of their offspring.

    And the 1st building cited to having indoor plumbing in Jamaica was the Constant Spring Hotel 117 years ago (1891). So that would mean that not even 5th (150 yrs) or 4th generation (120yrs) Jamaicans would have had access to a proper toilet.

    Now there is no shame in the facts of our history which sirach would try to use to belittle his own people in his attempt to portray a superior perspective. My sheep be proud of the fact that it has only taken the majority of the Jamaican masses (1 or 2 generations back according to sirach) a total of 57 years to get to indoor plumbing from its inception to the island. That should be positive information we are proud of, however sirach wants u to feel the negative bite of shame. I ask why? What is his primary motivation 4 this?

    It makes me wonder just how soon after the installation @ the Constant Spring Hotel the sirach family enjoyed their 1st domestic toilet facility.

    Question: If jamaicans did not get Universal adult suffrage until 1944 how does sirach expect them to have had access to all the privilidges of life any sooner?

    The odds that sirach himself is more than 2 – 2.5 generations himself away from the pit toilet are quite slim when I consider the facts here.

    In the words of our Great Oracle sirach “Don’t be fooled” This affected piece of sh#t might think that he is of a higher position in his little society of Jamaica. Noboby but him gives a sh#t. The truth is even if you are the crab @ the top of the barrel u still a crab. Stop perpetrating youself to the people here who do not know any better than to look to u for some direction.

    As I said b4. “The loudest man in the room is usually the weakest” You dont know sh#t, u dont even know uself, all u have is a misconstrued perception of your own little world. U sick brother and all I feel 4 u is pity and contempt.

    I want the sheep in this room to see that you will use information as propaganda so as to mek uself feel like a big man. Hahahahahahaha. Baby steps bit#h, 1st u must learn the fundamentals of what it is to be just a man.

    Long live sirach the great

  310. Chasethedream

    A dip in the pool.. fine company..massuse coming soon…Ay my massuse come to mi yard no matter rain nor shine……new car coming in next week (only one in Jamaica I might add) ..and you know the sweetest part of the life?…….is people like chasethedream money me a spend pon it.hhahahahahaaaaa

    No…..no joke…fi real while chillin the past hour or so I was just thinking about it.

    Can you dig?…No ….a just so. I certainly neva wanted it ( cause people really suffering) but it just how the schemers set it…….is just…is just …It’s Just Luck!……caused by some other peoples inequity and BS…

    When people said Ponzi i said no….but it has been like that I was in from Princeville early and now I live on people’s money they’ve lost.

    serious….it could be a movie. No joke.

    Anyway at least most of you will get a little repreive from work tommorow.


  311. Touchy ehh Rob

    Touched a nerve and you lost it? Angry? Frustrated?

    Let me ask you this. And Chase and Dave and Killa as mi God witness….

    Have I ever said that I am more than 2-2.5 generations away from pit toilet??

    Did I ever say I was a Kingstonian? Unno will never be ready to get your money. On a stand in court with intelligent rational people all around you will stick out like a sore thumb. you might experience that already in daily life. you will easily let your insecurity fly off the chain and be discredited in less than 2 minutes.

    Thank god there are people out there who can do the job and try and help people. You easy fi get redundant.

  312. Hahahahahahahah. What a looser. I see u still trying to rub salt on peoples wounds. Get a clue u immature little boy.

  313. Still touchy…still emotional….How you know the people really wounded? Some info you want to share?

  314. this little immature boy is cool as a cucumber…..what about you Rob?

  315. Go and see Leahim Semaj……Go see Dr. Michael James. He has warned thoose who can not swim to stay out of the water and to the side.

    Go to the counsellors….(do not seek church)…what is for ceasar and church don’t mix.

  316. Before insulting someone you should walk a mile in their shoes. So when you do insult them you are a mile away and you have their shoes.

  317. Bloggers (and spies)

    If you see yourself as the wounded ones that makes you take on the responsibility. If you were to adjust your view to the wounded and troubled being the purpetrators you might act differently. You might not bend down so easy as the ancestors did. Do not disapoint the struggle of the ancestors. Tell Massa that you aint’ taking his shit no more. And you aint taking it from his people on the bolg either. Tell Massa and Mistris dem seh you free!

    “get up stand up….stand up for yuor rights…..preacher man don’t tell me…..heaqven is unda da earth…..I know you don’t know what life is really worth….its not all that glitter is gold…..and half that story aint never been told……but now you see the light….come on…..stand up for your rights…..Get up stand up…..”

    You think any likke foriegn agent can sing dem tune deh wid di full backative of the Almighty?

    Get up….stand up….don’t give up the fight…

  318. U stay cool just dont tell me what u doing with dat cucumber.

    Out of 313 total posts on this thread u have 101. Wow!

    I find it funny that all u posts have the same self centered perspective. I know…….. I have…….. I’m better……. I’m happy………..I’m getting…….i’m cool…..My life is the best….Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah.

    U are one of those people who like to run u mouth, but have never really ever done anything in life. Dude I see right through your type. I know u life is absolutly fabolous,I think that is GREAT! Then why does everything u say reveal such insecurity?

    Look sirach I know u can’t really be as ignorant as u appear. Read the 313 posts that u have been a part of. I want you to keep talking because the more sh#t u talk is the more u reveal yourself . Hahahahahah u going be the one to make uself redundant here.

    Your attempt @ dialogue is juvenile. Get over yourself kid.

    BTW u followers still waiting on dem full 100. Hahahahahahahahahah!!!!!!

  319. Dem a wait pon schemer full hiundred.

    Mi do reveal myself already…..you a di only one whey don’t know…….JAH! Rastafari…..who deh wid sirach?

    chant wid me pon Rob who love vanities of the schemers…chant fi Rob bloggers…

    …so wi neva give up the fight……so wi neva give up the fight….

    Rob…you know why mi have so much blogs…..(should I tell the schemer Bloggers?…….how come sirach have so much blog?…….Tell him

    …..cause wi neva give up the fight……cause wi neva give u[p the fight….cause wi neva give up the fight….you hear the kete drum inna you ears Rob…..you going live fi hear dem all the while…..cause wi neva give up the fight….

  320. Rob….Rob….seriously. With all due respect you simply do not posses the calibre or the depth to be able to read me whether from the perspective of my ignorance or my intelligence. Dude.

    (blog number 10,000)

  321. Hahahahahahahah!

    What a clown.


    A real man does as he says he is goin to do.

    A real man dosen’t need to belittle others in order to boost himself up.

    A real man has no need to brag or boast.

    A real man has no need to speak in riddles.

    A real man has no need to lie about waht he knows.

    A real man is confident, not insecure and petty.

    A real man helps those who are in need without the desire 4 accolades.

    A real man must understand the concept of humility.

    The list goes on and on…………..Too bad none of it applies to u.

    Wake up and live! Being a looser is no way to waste the life u have been given. Is not talk do this thing.

  322. “Rob….Rob….seriously. With all due respect you simply do not posses the calibre or the depth to be able to read me whether from the perspective of my ignorance or my intelligence. Dude”

    sirach u absolutly correct, please forgive me. Now I fully understand what u meant by the full 100.

    You were talking about the number of posts you would have on this thread. Hahahahahahahah!!

    Maybe 1 day I can sit @ your footstool.

  323. i know nuff people who fit your description of real. Pity. I miss them.

  324. And that’s for real kid.

  325. You are as profound as my morning log. Have about the same worth as well. And that’s 4 real log.

  326. Wow.. i suppose when there is new real news, in order to keep the blog active users resort to personal attacks and useless chatter….

    How about we try to keep it useful guys?

  327. what else is for real. The big QC’s converging on TCI? Don’t believe?…call them down at them Duke street offices then nuh?This breeze naw do nutting so tommorow everybody should be reporting to work.

    If Rob thinks i belittle people i wonder what ire his views on CH, IL,Ds,TS,WS,GH,YC,Mjr, Lchin, As.JR,DV,PB,JI,DS,BW,SJ,JW,KF and all the many others…

    Is belittle a harsh term for them? ehh? Them shit in people food and then serve you the plate from behind your back.

  328. What a touchy merican this guy is? Can’t put you on the stand but would love to see you on it. The money not worth anything there. Spoit baby has to fend for oneself there.

  329. Rob what’s your opinion on IM.JM.and JM? Lets here what you have to say about thoose mexican .

  330. boss full dem head wid a whole heap a lyrics.

  331. Sellouts….unno betta know unno self.

  332. i thought the 11 medals won by the jamaicans in beijing would have united us, not even 1 week gone and we back to square one tearing each other apart.


    create a new thread entitled “Sirach Reveals Full Hundred”.

  333. sirach

    Do you want me to make a comments about the mexicans?

  334. Sirach,

    Even I must ask you to cool it down a bit. Provide productive info, ideas & strategies or answer to those who ask questions.

    However, the name calling and sniper fighting produces very little. Answer your critics but leave the “low” to those who have agendas.

    I understand that you have provided info which others do not readily understand and as such makes them feel you have a special agenda yourself. Take time with us, spoon feed us. I know that you are able to provide direction to those interested in retrieving funds.

    If you would, help us in this fight.

    Not, DS

  335. Good program Boys !

    Sirach , Rob try and mek this a regular at prime time , money gone and the LADS a kick in ..The breda anancy story dem with a little left hook and ting can be riveting………..

  336. hahahahahahaha

    This is soooo funny – Sirach and Rob at each other’s throats; Kingstonchronicle on his high horse – or is it in his high Benze (actual spelling – Benz). I can’t believe this is what the blog has come to!

    So funny! hahahahahaha!!!

    I hope the tropical storm didn’t wash any of you away…

  337. Wow yesterday seems to have been one big mess That must be why sirach left so early this morning
    sirach knows nothing
    I hope we can move on

  338. o.k “friend.” I hear u.

    FSC people have money in Olint.

  339. “Invest for life”……seemsit seems you are who you are…..and you are blocking the knowlegede from the people of Jamaica……the thing they deserve.

    There are other ways to let them hear the full hundred.

  340. “A dip in the pool.. fine company..massuse coming soon…Ay my massuse come to mi yard no matter rain nor shine……new car coming in next week (only one in Jamaica I might add) ..and you know the sweetest part of the life?…….is people like chasethedream money me a spend pon it.hhahahahahaaaaa”
    A get the feeling you lost some serious money in this thing. Unlike others. mi can see straight through YOU. Mi know your type.. All this “gloating” is just to cover up yu sorrow round di monitor. Don’t let yu tears splash pon the keyboard, yu might damage it.
    Mek yu a beg money fi di “full hundred” if you “gat” massuse? Anyway a going give yu the benefit of the doubt. Suh dis “massuse”,… him mek it through the storm? A hope him give yu a “happy ending” cause “ya” need it badly.
    “hot wuk hot f@@k.” yu need it.

    Yea,mi mek money in a dis ting, but mi never run go buy new car, instead mi give it to mi family members who never suh lucky. Yu si, mi not a old FART like you, mi young and “heducated”, yes mi did go to one a di best colleges up ya(USA). Mi nuh short nuttin…, YA DIG?

    Yu bring a few qoutes to mind..
    “A FOOL and his money are soon parted”
    “neva si come si”
    “si di hyprocrite dem a galang su”
    and of course, “hot wuk…..” had to through that one in there! 🙂
    Got to love Sirach!

  341. Rob, you hit the nail on dthe head..

    “A real man does as he says he is goin to do.

    A real man dosen’t need to belittle others in order to boost himself up.

    A real man has no need to brag or boast.

    A real man has no need to speak in riddles.

    A real man has no need to lie about waht he knows.

    A real man is confident, not insecure and petty.

    A real man helps those who are in need without the desire 4 accolades.

    A real man must understand the concept of humility.”

    Then again, SIRACH might be a bitch (no disrespect to the ladies out there), who knows?

  342. Still waiting on the acclaimed “full hundred”, yu change yu mind old fart? or yu a wait pon people to praise you..

  343. This site does censor against major allegations. I came to this site because it is professional ran. Which I suspect was ran by the government, or someone very smart wanting the truth, or another purpose. People speak in riddles because we are dealing with criminals. People have been threatened to keep the information hidden.


    “fagots” you must mean Jacob(the errand boy)

  344. chase…wicked

    how bout dis tune, “come off a mi fenda…..”

  345. a wah happen …jps cut off di light? caan put gas inna do stand by plant? sirach gwaan bun di fire like di fire man seh ‘ I will never stop, always keep fi fire burneen, i will never stop…’

  346. yu fenda nuh new?

  347. Wow (120) post all in 24 hrs Sirah>>>>lets roll out the Black Carpet, I was just watching how many post that *Psyco Sirah has* do you have a full time job? you seem fed up with the way life has treated you. Do you have to meet your lover in between lunch breaks and you cannot get married?

    Psyco Sirach The only sounds i think you heard are the chirping of the crickets, the splashing of water.

  348. I check this blog regular for updates on Olint. I had respect for the bloggers who provided valuable information. Seems like the blog has now become a egotistic battleground with little value…come on folks, get back to business

  349. (smile) supposed to lan next week chasethedream…..crissas…..so the fenda still not new ……nothing before the time….like DS says.

    Whey u deh Harbour Shark….you made a statement some time ago about pum get cheap. I thought it was a bit merciless at the time. I apologise….sincerely you were right.

    Now I say this not to make the females scared but do something with the budget and finances soon. Work from now…early….cause I don’t like to see it get like that.

  350. Harbour Shark – not only pum get cheap, rear end (batty) also get cheap in case you that bruk. You are disgusting!!!! You know how many females are out here trying to make an honest living !!! I just could not stay silent to your dirty remarks – you obviously hate women. I am a woman and I have made millions – from decent and honest hard work – no evading the government of taxes or underpaying my workers. Why the hell am i wasting my time replying to you, your soul is obviously lost.

  351. Do woman..don’t meck it go so. As much as unno think it not obvious believe me it is. Sometimes people just being polite when them don’t seh nutting to you bout it. That kind of stain lives with you forever…and Jamaica SMALL.. Oh God please help us from this nightmare.

    Girls…ladies….uoman….you don not need the finest things like the other teefing gyal dem. A woman of virtue is respected in the gates.

    but if you must due to your pickney dem then ask God to show you some other way.

  352. rain or storm Sirach deh pon di bog to rahtid! How tings? Yu house mek it?

  353. bellevue expatriate lol!!

  354. Sirach email me at 5percentfxac@gmail with the full 100 since it 2 big fi buss here.

  355. Gfce….so wi neva …..give up the …fight….no wi neva give up the fight……neva give up the fight…..Dum Dum Dum Dum…….neva give up the fight (take it down low..whisper the chant)…neva give up the fight….neva give up the figh….neva give up…the fight……neva give up the fight……neva give up the fight…….

    Ever see Bob live? I did once…..It is like winning a gold medal at the olympics. Not even Usain (with all due respect) can know the feeling….

    say wi neva give up the fight……come on….neva give up the fight….neva give up the fight…..

  356. …preacher man don’t tell me…….Lawd mi done! It seal.

  357. …..some people think…..great god goin come from the sky…..take a way everything….and make everybody feel high…….its not all that glitter is gold…..

    Bob. We miss you. Instead we haffi trod on with the devil them whey Satan capture them whole being….

    but…wi neva give up the fight…….neva give up the fight….unno tink Movado and Vibes and dem can chant dat! …. Unno tink the mex dem an all di res can chant dat? FIRE!

  358. Sirach,

    what happen to you man? You used to be smart, sane and informative. Now you are rambling and chanting like a man under some bad weed.

    Tek weh yusself and go get some rest, Sirach, the burden is getting too heavy for you.

  359. Madness pon di blog!

  360. the man delusional, claim him have tings fi talk but him just a chat foolishness and a laugh like crazy at him own joke???

    Another ex-Olint investor bites the dust. Long live Sirach. Sirach is mad.

  361. Sirach gwaan blaze it…
    ‘Fire pon Rome fi pope paul with im scizzors and coomb……..’ Anthony B
    ‘nothing when exposed to fire retains its original form..’ Farakhan.
    Fire fire fire, fire fall on (me) DEM!!!

  362. di only ting sirach a blaze mus’ be too much bad weed weh lick ‘im head

  363. Thinkand check

    Forgive them for they no not what they do. Dem young…dem parents have dem when dem young….(joke)…..all when like dem a grow in yard is like might as well a farin dem a grow.

    Nuff pan da blog ya neva bun nuh good weed fi even know what is bad weed.

    The ledgendary Lambsbreath itself has not been seen ever in my own lifetime yet all my life I hear people say them have it.

    It is sad but reality. Many Jamaicans here and abroad know very little about Jamaica. Yes…even many who live here still….farin mind (you know whey mi a talk bout think&check).

    Dem a sample…..but bless dem still.

    Many never open them eyes till them leave Jamaica and it shows in their perspective. The opportunity was there but them neva teck it….den dem go a farin and see some limited amount a tings and try show off pon we whey deh a yard. When denm try come wid dat show off and si seh wi nuh give it nuh ratings…..den dem frighten….and go back a farin an seh dem could neva live deh……”hongle pon my vacation you know” wid dem slang and cotton ball mout.

    Den wha next…..run put money wid people down a yard wid some schemers….Why….true dem si seh along with experience they also could not keep up with the locals way of life, “Oh my freind is very relax down there now you know…..e as a beachfront prowperty!”

    Den what next……while dem a study the greatness of dem CIA and FBI an MI5 and dem “weeil in Caneda”….and dem series seven and U.S.A and sec and all that ……..guess…..dem neva could believe dat rankin Jagan whey grow pon bun an cheese and sardine teck dem money in front a dem face! Inna Dem CIA and series 7 etc…Face. Cause hustla like all …Loiten….nuh cata….fi nuh likke farin yardie whey a try live inna some old class system whey did done before dem did even born.

    You dig Think&check?

    So true it a teck a while fi nuff a dem really come to believe (In and out of Jamaica) that the schemers don’t rate them at all….you dig? IT come like truly a @#$ shock to dem system because they believe that they truly are at the top of their imaginary hierarchy!!!

    So them come pon the site a get technical…….you a falla mi Think&check?…..and after they seek “intelligent discourse” ha…on the technical matters…..and spend time debating what?….and then….they speak to their “friends in the know”……like cousin G up in toraonto….or New yark…..ot at ncb….and listen intently to what is nothing but speculation……then what?…..them sekkle likke bit….but then them slowly get ancy again…….why because nothing not going to how they think it should……then after ancy what …….emotional……start come out of the shadows as readers and post a one and two blog…….and then what sarts find a scapegoat like the schemers always have done…..Remember loiten, “I’m leaving (ha without paying of course) Jamaicans not serious about business)……yeah….so them find scapegoat inna sirach…..but guess what? the poeple who scam unno and neva rate u fram di day ypou bawn done get you money…….so I ask the critics of sirach this:

    Fools. Waste you time a run mi down all you want. Unno know who unno give unno money to…so waste all the time hating on sirach…..fools.

    Yes mi a go laugh

    Cause a same way unno did a laugh up wid the people who teef unno money.

    hahahahhahahahahhahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…yeah mad sirach a laugh in a you face…….stay deh study mi hundred a comment …..yeah a it a go meck you get back you money…..fools ……pride a hole unno back……..

    Ay Think&Check…..true pride nuf a dem deh a dem cacktail party and a sport while poickney a get neglected……..

    Before unno even start run mi dung…….mi a go save time and give unnno the answer you always a beg mi fah and it is

    Whahappen? Did I touch a nerve?


  364. If unno can’t pass a prerequisite class or matriculate otherwise then HOW THE RASS UNNO FEEL YOU CAN EVEN UNDERSTAND THE FULL HUNDRED.

    Ay…I going on a vacation…and NO I am not rubbing salt in peoples wounds….a jus a regular ting dis time a year…seeen

  365. And No mi naw len yu nuh money? And NO mi naw buy none a you fancy car whey mi see so much of in the classifieds and NO mi not buying unno fancy townhouse whey don’t even finish build yet.

    Unno a tappa tap…..you smarter than the rest…..you great…..

    You farin yard going turn right side up in about 10 years…siddung an blame sirach…..loiten dem deh a farin a live it up inna unno face. Memba a sirach tell u Dat!

  366. sirach

    since u know so much bout Jamaica u would know that the “legendary” term is “LAMBS BREAD”.

    Please if u going to chat sh#t man try get it right. U come in like BUSH WEED CORN TRASH.

  367. Rob, the word is Lambsbreath …because of the smoothness of the draw. The gentleness of it. It is a common mistake that poeple (most of whom have never tasted it…much less seen it…last seen around 1972) call it lamsbread. the draw was as smooth and as gentle as a lamsbreath.

    The majority of Jamaicans sing, “guide” us with thy mighty hand when it has only ever been “guard” us with thy mighty hand. Even in many texts and the yardie restuarants a farin it is reprinted as “guide”

    Do you know how much that changes the meaning of our anthem?

    Let me give you another example. Wille Haggart (as the Gleaner and Observer have published it is Willie Hog Heart.

    Rob……go if you want to go there….I not trying to belittle you but on Jamaica? vs Sirach?

    None of our prime ministers and very few diplomats representing Jamaica abraod can go there….if any at all.

  368. BTW….even thoose who have seen and experieced it commonly (because of the vernacular and accent) pronounce Lambs Breath as “Lambbsret” and there is where you get the lambsbread from.

    I’m in the mood…..you want to test about Jamaica…..or are you a schemer who a fret and want to know how much i know about the schemes?

    Unno a pressha did blog already? You can’t stay to one foolish tactic? You a fret?

  369. Boggers with genuine concerns:

    A pure spy and traitor deh pon the bog. That is fact. Sirach a go give you what he promised (THE FULL HUNDRED).

    Too much montel and skettel teef deh pon dis right now.

    So I must apologise and am truly and sincerely sorry for the delay. I accept FULL RESONSIBILITY. Any schemer ever say that to you bloggers?

    So, in order to make up for may FAILURE ….PROMPTLY I shall shoew the FULL HUNDRED in an actionable way….as I shall not write it here.

    They know this bloggers.

    So patience. Do not worry your intention decent bloggers…your request is concrete….nuh watch nuh face.


  370. Rob…lamb eat grass….I touch a nerve?

  371. Rob i glad seh you still love read mi blog dem. Give me a tally update nuh? Since you follow dem so keenly.

  372. Oh yeah Rob is only in the last seven or so years that the bredrin deh start raise lamb a Jamaica pon a commercial basis. In the late 1960’s it was not even Jamaicans who named the strain of ganja Lambsbreath it was some foreigners who was a taste it in Negril.

  373. Hahahahahahahahahahah!


    u think u know, but son u don’t have no idea (LAMBSBREAD). That LAMBSBREATH shit u smoking must be that new stuff dem call CRACK!

    Anyhow now u really have me concerned.

    ” the draw was as smooth and as gentle as a lamsbreath.”

    Nooooooooo Bredjrin, How u really know so much intimate detail bout a lambs breath?

    Keep chatting, remember u can’t say I neva did a warn u. Jus look @ how u stock plummet in the past 24HRS.

    U stock come in like Bear Stearns! U need a Govt. bailout.

    U followers tired of u chat now. Please take that vacation brother, we all need u to. 120 posts in 24HRS on this thread alone? U sick man……Look like u tun CRACKHEAD PON US…

  374. Ready up unno facts vs fiction and get youself in order cause prison a no joke ting.

  375. Bwot Rob, you start study me at 24 hr intervals. You gyal nuh vex?

  376. Oh sorry Rob…I forgot….

  377. The lamb might be Jesus….but noooooo Rob you know everything to teach the inmates once your in.

  378. “Please take that vacation…” Rob the bloggers buss you longtime you know. Why you asking me know so politely to leave the blog? You a fret? But nuh fret?

    A early days….and you a get bummy so quick?

  379. Rob?

  380. Bailout? Not even the favors owed can take them there.

  381. sirach

    check uself fool.

    I suppose that you know more than

    The Ethiopian Zion Coptic Church

    BOB MARLEY ( who u love to quote soooo very much)


    The effects of marijuana was proof to the ancients that the spirit and power of the god(s) existed in this plant and that it was literally a messenger (angel) or actually the Flesh and Blood and/or Bread of the god(s) and was and continues to be a holy sacrament. Considered to be sacred, marijuana has been used in religious worship from before recorded history.

    According to William A. Embolden in his book Ritual Use of Cannabis Sativa L, p. 235:

    Keep talking……Now u gone back to u dead horse. I think u should be calling it the full 200.

  382. Warn me Rob? …..or a feeble threat? Get yourself in order.

  383. Sirach:

    I read you loud and clear.

  384. Rob…Rob…Rob….

    Bob Marleymoved on after being accepting Jesus christ on his deathbed. This was the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. His majesty encouraged the church to domicile on maxfield avenue after his visit to Jamaica in 66.

    Jacob Miller ? Rob…Rob..Rob….if you were around to see what he used to eat down at chelsea jerk center you would a just simmer.

    In the cited materialal you present to us here there is NO mention of Lambsbreath or Lambsbread.

    Rob…honestly one question to u? Did you go to school in America? I ask because you sound like you do and you also sound very young. You coulod have some potential if you just got some control over your anger and your emotions.

  385. eileen

    Thanks. Rob may not be one of the teef dem. He may have some potential. Do you think you could get through to this kid?

    or do you feel he IS one of them. Would they send such a weak footsoldier to this forum?

    You can’t tell with them due to their modus operandi of the past. you never could tell at one point if they were stupid or if they were that horribly BLATANT.


    You have Eygiptians who live in Jamaica today who are coptics. i wonder if you know that? And believe me Rob they are not Rasta. Where are you going?

    Bob was a member of 12 tribes before that. Founded by Edwin Carrington…..Yeah both bob and miller had links to Planno and the bedward movement but they are slightly different from the aforementioned groups.

  386. eileen

    Bless up. Nuff a read but a sit in the background. And them would a neva discredit a fassy like Rob. But….I nuh me mus face dem oickney a mawnin…..a fi dem jo dat. I pity them…honest.

    Nuff a play tuffy recently but that cool. They won’t be the first or the last.

    It will be the same as always in the past…..deng full a deng chat but when the roll is called a bear wata shit rung dung a di hem a dem garment.

  387. Rob…go read bout nya keith. the trucking,grants pen, the farm, when rice was grown a Jamaica, brother love, beverley hills, the incident onthebalcony and the Coptic bumper stickers of the seventies….

    Rob……don’t jump in the water if you can’t swim. If you eena di water already den you get what quack-quack get….

    Cause bigger heads a watch bigger heads a watch bigger heads…


  388. sirach

    if the people here cannot see u for what u truly are I pity them. All u do is talk in circles. U are not even accurate about the things u spew out with such great authority.

    U act as if you are Omniscient on every topic u are confronted on, yet u haven’t supported anything with facts. I personally find your level of BULLSH#T to be quite irresponsiable.

    Stop chatting crap and give us some real facts. I believe that you could have used the last 120+ posts to reveal to the people the FULL 100 by now.

    U are just like all the people u claim to be fighting against. Instead of talk, deception and tomfoolery just give your supporters the FULL 100.

    Being so intelligent u can use your energy and creativity to get it out tonight 4 us poor fools.

    If I am wrong about you I will compose the greatest apology that u have ever recieved on this blog, to you 1st then another 1 to your supporters. I will bow at the feet of the great sirach from that point forth.

    Why not write the FULL 100 in screenplay form where the names have been changed to protect the innocent/guilty? Its done all the time In Hollywood & Washington (but u know that already). I am sure that INVESTFORLIFE will not censor u then (as u have previously eluded to).

    INVESTFORLIFE and the rest of the bloggers here please let sirach know what u think about my idea to hear his story.

  389. sirach

    I don’tunderstand why u so concerned about calling names and giving details now? That is all that u been doing on this thread whenever u not acting like a CRACKHEAD.

    The following is a list of individuals (in no particular order) which you have called out for playing some major role in perpetrating this major fraud against the “PIT TOILET/STREET NIGGER” Crew, who need to report to “MASSA & BOSS” while posting on this blog.

    David Smith
    John Wildish
    Audley Shaw
    Michael Misick
    Bruce Golding
    Wayne Smith
    Gifford, Tavares-Finson, Samuels-Brown) Nunes Schofield Deleon

    We little people just here waiting on u to do the things that u said u were going to do 4 us. Remember the FULL 100? No more talk and excuses please.

  390. I think we are way off track here and most of what is being written has absolutely nothing to do with the title of the thread.
    Folks lets stop the senseless rambling and stay on subject if you have information to present.

    There are other blogs suited for the type of exchange currently taking place between Rob & Sirach.

    Sirach, your post with expletives will be deleted.
    Lets keep it civil .

  391. See eileen?

    loud and clear enough?

    Rob it is you who seem to call names not I. I hope you are wrong with your speculation.

    Peace out invest, Jay and the rest. You block blogs that don’t carry expletives …..and blogs that do. Only thoose who have blogs blocked can know what critera you use to block them is. But you do know that I know because I know what has been blocked.

    Anyway lets be civil.


  392. BTW Rob. Out of curiousity what do the initials PJ stand for?

  393. can’t resist this one last thing:

    Bloggers note keenly the quote from Rob and then put your questions to him, “U are not even accurate about the things u spew out with such great authority….”

    As innacurate as you state I am I feel heartened that in the same breath you consider my authority to be great.

  394. One of the reasons why I am happy to leave Ja. is because of this ghetto type behaviour. Why can’t you keep the site decent?

    If it is meant to inform, I come here for information and to give my two cents worth. I work and do not have time to waste. I am busy and have to earn my keeps in the days. I will watch for a few days and if you get back to decency and respectfullness, i will return.

    One love,


  395. sirach

    Rob was being sarcastic

  396. Lisa, on August 30th, 2008 at 9:11 am Said: …”Why can’t you keep the site decent? ….. I will watch for a few days and if you get back to decency and respectfulness, I will return….”


    Who is the “you” that YOU have twice alluded to? I guess you did not leave all your ghetto ways in Jamaica, since YOU seem to think that other people OWE YOU something. I guess you think YOU are the only one that has a day job and the blog administrator is a fulltime job. If bloggers want to participate in useless bantering and demeaning behavior that is their choice….just do as most have done and ignore it. This is a blog, in case you forget.

    Who cares if you continue to participate on this blog…I don’t remember any meaningful contribution to this blog coming from YOU? Good riddance!!!

  397. sirach, please give us the full 100 please

  398. Let me talk about the censor topic. If you are going to censor, mard as censored like “-censored-“. You guys are no better than DS, Martinezs, and so on who lie, cheat, steal, defraud, and so on. You guys are editing history which is a crime.


    When are you going move the money amount that was moved into JIJ into the UFO Timeline. The Martinez basically convicted themselves and DS of money laudering. The info from Sirach(if correct) concerning TCI FX TRADERS LTD the shutdown on July 11 gives the possible reason why TCI raided DS alond with DOJ freezing of assets the same day.

  399. Lisa, bye, don’t come back now.. Jamaica will do fine ( or not without you).

    hate any Jamaican who thinks they are better than other Jamaicans.

    Hopefully if you hang around farriners long enough and play to their tune , you may even get to be treated like a first and a half class citizen

  400. Hahahahahahahaha!

    The coward will always run when things get hot.

    The cockroach always scampers when u shine a light on him.

    Still all we get is just more meaningless questions about insignificant subjects, inacurate statements, accusations about censorship & more conspiracy theories. Don’t forget about the empty promises.

    Kinda sounds like someone who works for OLINT.

    Please be kind to us, all we want to her next is the whole FULL 100 & nothing but the FULL 100.

  401. do we want to hear the full hundred ?. maybe we know the full hundred.

    if you have not been getting paid from January… do you need any more full hundred than that ?

  402. Kullcull:

    You are right…but, investors what to know
    1) If the Olint Scheme was a Ponzi or was there legitimate Forex Trading taking place and to what extent?
    2) What amount of funds is available for payout at this point in time?
    3) If Olint was a Ponzi, who were the major players that facilitate the Ponzi Scheme?
    4) What, if any, will be the penalties for the perpetrators (if indeed a Ponzi Scheme existed)?

    I guess you can call it CLOSURE! Once this is clear, people will move on and lick their wounds and this and all other blogs on the subject will die a natural death.

  403. My point of view is that of a layperson:

    I figure -the traders were trading in the initial stages, made some losses and instead of being disciplined with the trading decided to try and recoup losses by trading with larger sums (which they then lost) and so on and so forth.

    Instead of telling people..”well; I messed up – here is the rest of your $$, do with it what you will” they used the incoming flow of money to payout, and trade more to try and recover losses.That approach worked for a while, but couldn’t last forever.

    Add to that poor administration and record keeping – paying out more than was owed and you get what we have now – total crash.

    Some where along the line – I figure all the other players got entangled. Basically I think DS got in over his head on all levels – trading above his comfort zone, or knowledge base, allegedly outsourcing trading duties to even less skilled traders, surrounding himself with some serious sharks, and not keeping a clear focus on his business.

    When success comes easy you get lulled into thinking it will last, especially if the success stretches into years. If you don’t stay hungry and alert and surround yourself with like minded and talented individuals eventually success will fade.

    I dont know if I fully believe DS set out to launder money, but I do believe after a while he may have realised there was a possibility he was being used in that manner. While you might scoff and seh “nah man him did know from the start” you have to remember that if money comes to you clean in the form of a cashiers check, bank draft or wire transfer – how are you supposed to know its origins?
    Remember lots of people had others transfer funds from their accounts (because they didn’t have their own olint account)

    If switzerland and UBS can be tied up in the gigantic money laundering investigation then what hope little places like tci, nevis etc have?

    So, with that I hope that people can get back something, it doesn’t look very promsing, but who knows which way it will fall?

  404. its really happening, David smith faces charges of money laundering not because he was intentionally laundering money for people in illicit activities but because he stole people’s money.

    Based on information Olint has less than $12.5 Million.

    For Olint members please contact , fcutcipd@tciway.tc
    Mark Knighton in turks and Caicos. He is responding to emails and complaints. They need to know how much much is owed. Send documents as well.

  405. its really happening:

    I understand your position. But let me ask you this: If he was making money doing legitimate FX trading, why wouldn’t he provide audited financial statement to the NCB? I would think it would be cheaper to do so than pay lawyers to prevent NCB from closing their accounts? Yes?

    Secondly, he said he was going to do and “audit” of accounts to straightened out the investors’ accounts to determine who is owed what and the investors that were overpaid. Now, as part of that “auditing” process, is he going to do a true audit to provide a balance sheet, income statement and cash flow for all the years he has been taking money from the public? Why do you need an accounting firm to determine investors account balances….that is not what accounting firms do? You can hire a few people to straighten out that issue.

    Don’t you see that all this nonsense about auditing is just that, nonsense?

    Maybe he show do what Ricky Azan did: Just say I lost all the money, plus my “bank (unnamed) when bankrupt and just haul ass to live in Florida, with a 15-month promise to repay all investors….knowing that there is no way in hell he can come up with USD $45-$55 million.

    Very little trading was done and DS DOES not know anything about FX trading. Where did he learn FX trading? Certainly not at JMMB (they only did Cambio related trading)! Bottom line: like C+, 70% of the money went back to pay investors, 20 % was blown on living/other expenses, gambling, show boating and 10 % is spread among existing accounts. That soon will be depleted by attorney’s fees.

  406. For people who invested in third parties like lewfam, wilshaw etc. You have to file complaints in country where they are operating.

    lewfam was operating in Florida and atlanta , Georgia. I think they still have an office in atlanta. Ga. Thus folks who invested with them need to complain to the FBI https://tips.fbi.gov/ or 202-324-3000 .

  407. yup, over time, this blog will die a natural death, like the number 4 blog.

    over there, people are tired for praying for David Smith and echoing hollow promises… even the faithful RedP has stopped asking for people to pray.

    over here, we all say we want to know… not really.. we want our money… but since that is not forthcoming.. then we are tossing between closure and some long shot promise..

    with every day and with every empty promise, people will slowly move on.

    I am sure nobody is waiting on Ricky Azan to pay them back.. they have basically moved on..

    The sideshow is basically over in Jamaica, because there is no more (well) known scheme left to crash…

    usually there is no great excuse. just the run of the mill lose some money, and tried to double up to pay it back… which results in losing more.. then you realise that some people will not just take ‘ I lost the money’ and you essentially evolve into a Ponzi..

    many big crooks , steal money ‘meaning to pay it back’.. as soon as things turn around. does this mean they are bad guys… hell yeah

  408. “An auditor is an outside accountant engaged by the board of a nonprofit to review the financial statements prepared by the organization’s staff. The auditor’s main job is to judge the accuracy of the financial statements and report back to the management. To do this, auditors usually examine some typical transactions and review internal controls, accounting procedures, and financial reporting systems. Through the management letter, auditors also help nonprofits develop effective financial controls. ”

    David smith is lying. Documents have to organized and put together before an auditor looks at the books. This is done by an accounting department. DS think people a fool. he probably got that idea from the blog.lol

  409. kullcull you are right. But people should do their best to make sure that DS and cronies are held accountable and spent thier last days on earth behind bars.

  410. technically David Smith may owe us nothing… if he plays it smart. he was unregulated and the last contract you sign..assuming you sign it, highlighted it was high risk and we can lose everything… so , he could have easily passed it off as trading losses. I guess he is auditing our ‘paper’ gains, after which he may say, sorry forks.. the accounting department made a boo boo, … we were losing money all along, so all your money has been lost… and we would have basically signed that we had accepted those risks.

  411. Kullcull:

    RedP is one smart cookie! He is busy compiling a list of people for his prayer bus, but what he is really doing is putting together a mailing list for his soon to be opened con…a church. Yes, RedP will soon start his own church….a legal con. You notice he stop chop clath recently. We all know the hardware business not doing too hot these days!

    Yep, collect 10 % from your church member s every week and you are well ahead of the game. Better return than Olint. All you need is a good choir and a band and hire a good preacher and you are set to go. Oh…you need to fill the church with women, they love to give preacher their 10 %! Way to go RedP. Mi caan join you church?

  412. I would not say the Church is a con. the church is very sacred to a lot (most) people.

    I will say however, that Church and Money Making do not mix

  413. I did not sign the document > mi mek di mistake and invest withthem once but dem couldn’t get mi twice.

    Kullcull yu right , I think DS palying chess game. He has time on his hands and he using it wisely.

    Dave SIN yu may be unto to soemthing with redP. More money in di church business right now than hardware. With all dem folks needing deliverance from UFO woes….the church business is very lucrative.

  414. Kullcull:

    You can believe what you want. If you don’t believe me, lets ask Sirach……Scratch that….we don’t want to get him started again 🙂

    The churches in Jamaica use to be a good thing, until greed sets-in. In the days when I use to go to church in Jamaica, pastors use to have fulltime jobs. How many pastors in Jamaica have fulltime jobs today? Why some many of them involve in UFOs? Drive big cars? Live in Big houses? Have more than one wife? Answer that Kullcull?

  415. Hi Said:

    I was not refering to you. Just could not stomach the low life lingo. I did not know that you were so quick tempered.

    Anyway since you can build websites maybe I can find you a job as a java or .net developer up here for you at between $500 and $650 US/day 🙂

    And stop assuming that everyone who leave Jamaica and live abroad are living like 2nd class citizens. Also don’t assume that it is only the uneducated who migrates. Many Jamaicans live in the US and Canada and are living the life of Riley dont worry Boss.

    Anyway I do not want to distract you from your blogging.

    Cheers and Bye

    Keep blogging.

  416. Lisa:

    You want join my new church? I’m going to be the pastor. Nuff singing and things. Only 10% of your income per week. Where you live? Send me your email for the prayer bus that I am working on.

    Investforlife is the blog creator and administrator. I’m just a blogger like yourself. True true, that guy Kullcull is too quick tempered and love jump to conclusion. I know yuh are educated and living first class life and making nuff $. That’s why mi want you to join my church…plus you are a female…right?

  417. I have to endorse the comments of Lisa and Elliot.
    Why can’t we as Jamaicans communicate without being vulgar? We are capable of being the fastest sprinters in the world- I therefore have faith in our ability to communicate using the English we were ALL taught in school.
    It is time for us to stop blogging nonsense but rather put our heads together and see how best we can get our hard earned money back from DS.

    I therefore urge everyone to submit only factual information relevant to the OLINT case.
    If you have nothing constructive to add then pray for those members who are suffering.

    The Olint case is one of fraud against the investors because we were informed that 80% of our funds were guaranteed and 20% would be placed in a high risk foreign exchange currency trading scheme.
    So then, why do we have to wait 8 months to get our 80% back?
    Multiple letters were sent out to us since January giving us ALL false hope and telling us NON FACTUAL data, as to why we were not getting paid.

    The burning question we must now face is: ” Where has DS hidden the funds, including his personal funds?”

    We know he rescinded the lease on the plane and he is claiming to be borrowing money from friends to live !!
    I saw him driving in Provo. in his Range Rover and he was not looking at all stressed like the rest of us.

    If he were as destitute as he alluded to those of us who went to visit him in Provo., then how has he been able to trump up the amount of 1 Million Pounds + a monthly refresher of 100,000 Pounds for his legal team. That begs the question- where did that amount come from?

    As we learned from Mr. C.H. of Cashplus, individuals such as DS will place their personal funds in “Trusts” and have them located in multiple international locations.
    The important thing for us ALL to remember is that their is ALWAYS a paper trail.
    So, my mandate for September is to locate where DS has hidden his as well as OLINTS funds.
    I urge you as fellow OLINTERS to do the same.

  418. Barracuda said:…”If he were as destitute as he alluded to those of us who went to visit him in Provo., then how has he been able to trump up the amount of 1 Million Pounds + a monthly refresher of 100,000 Pounds for his legal team. “……


    Your post naturally begs the following questions:
    How is it that you were so “privileged” to get a meeting with the great one (DS)?
    Do you have to have a minimum amount invested?
    Can you tell others what route they can take to setup a personal meeting with DS?
    Did he say how destitute he was and was his financial position temporary (due to the freeze in TCI)?
    What was the subject of your discussion with DS when your “group” met with him?
    Who were the other participants in the group?
    Are you living in TCI or you were just lucky to see him driving around, while on your short stay there?
    Why didn’t you ask him the question you posed in your post?

  419. Cally and Barracuda welcome back.How many days of freedom does ds have?
    Maybe 15 days?The information from Turks is that he is planning to escape to Africa<(a country without extradition to Britain) If ds escapes many Jamaicans will have egg on their face! Pumpum is getting even cheaper in JA now. Most bank tellers will give it for 60 US in these hard times! Russians in Jamaica charge 100.Gleanerworkers charge 40 US.

  420. Catd is one of the most sensible bloggers.Catd , you are correct ds and his lawyers are deliberately misleading the public.The owner of this blog is a co-conspirator with ds who is deliberately trying to disguise ds’ evil and steal black people’s money.Siriach is a prophet and barracuda has a high IQ.Cally has not had any for a long time.

  421. harbourshark, on August 30th, 2008 at 5:33 pm Said: …..The owner of this blog is a co-conspirator with ds who is deliberately trying to disguise ds’ evil and steal black people’s money.”……


    Now you are smoking the same thing as Sirach and “buying” from the same source (not the weed). Now, explain to me how investforlife is a co-conspirator? I guess you just start read UFO blogs? Silly wabbit.

  422. larx sharkie… back again wid di price of the P?
    gleaner workers? *shakes head* sounds extra rough…

    Dave Sin – I have no informed or factual answers to the questions you pose; only supposition. So why didn’t he open up his books to NCB?

    On one hand you can suppose the negative – that he was running a ponzi and couldn’t produce any auditable statements.

    Or, you could say – why open up the books to NCB and give them ammunition to use against you, or steal your financial expertise.
    I figure we all can agree that no matter what anyone has to say about the banks in Jamaica, they were determined to halt the progressive shrinking of their profits. Most intl banks make a great percentage of their profits in developing nations, and having that disturbed in any way shape or form draws quick counter action from them.

    As far as getting the accounting firm to audit their books – I am in agreement that’s not what an audit is for. I assume (reading between the lines) that its being forced on them as part of the process of getting money ‘un-frozen’, and while they are generating the paperwork they’ll ‘calculate’ what went where and when. So its not I believe auditors were hired to reveal the full hundred, but moreso to save his behind from jail.

    Mr. Azan apparently has the ability to legally reside in the US, apparentlly didn’t have any ‘bad man’ money.
    Perhaps DS isn’t as fortunate (although he surely could have bought 2 immigrant visa to any western nation with a cool million per person investment – just ah smalls fi him).

    Whether he did trade or not the end result is the same, alot of people with savings wiped out, people left wondering how to pay the 4 and 5 mortgages and car notes they have, wondering how to pay their school fees and medical bills. Quite a bit of retirees wondering where the next dollar is coming from. A whole heap of unhappiness and vexation.

  423. There is limited factual info, and will continue to be so until one of the major players make another move.

    David Smiths Lawyers is not for the protection of Olint, but for the protection of David Smith ( against everybody including investors) . So anything that comes from is lawyers will have David Smith in mind, not the investors.

    The facts are… the thing is in Litigation.

    That will take at least two years…

    we cannot force him to give back the money, we can only sue..

    His auditors are the one who will tell us how much money is there… the auditors who he hired…… guess he will cook any books that he give them..

  424. its really happening wrote “Mr. Azan apparently has the ability to legally reside in the US, apparentlly didn’t have any ‘bad man’ money.”


    After he(RA) was gunbutted by some “badman” for money he “owed” them, he was loan $200m by CH, which he used to pay back these guys, before fleeing to Florida.

  425. Jay:

    Are you saying Azan still owes Carlos Hill (CH?) JA$200 Million?

  426. The funds were loaned just prior to the collapse of C- , and based on my information was not paid back.

    In fact both these guys were in business together .
    They were busy using the washing machines for a return of guess how much. Yes 10% of what went through the washing machine. 🙂

  427. Jay:
    that is news to me, (re Azan and bad man) but not suprising at all. The bad man ting seems to work every time. Like that’s the only language some people understand.

    I totally missed your invite to the #4 bus. Heard about it, never sought it out but on your ‘recommendation’ mek mi check it out. I’m pretty sure nothing out there matches the sirach show going on here. ( no offense meant sirach)

  428. its really happening, on August 30th, 2008 at 6:03 pm Said:
    “…I figure we all can agree that no matter what anyone has to say about the banks in Jamaica, they were determined to halt the progressive shrinking of their profits…”

    I’m afraid thats another one of the great myths that was used to perpetuate the scheme. claim conspiuracy motivated by the loss of profits suffered by the big banks. LIE!!!
    i dare you to prove that statement true.
    check the reported (audited) profits of Ja’s 2 largest commercial banks bns, ncb over the past 5 years.
    i give you that as home work. when you get those FACTS, kindly report them to the blog.

  429. That’s an uppercut and a knock-out straight right to the face of Jon.

    That article in Sunday Herald says it all……


    Lets see u respond to that!

  430. mmmm… well jon? I don’t have any paperwork to show you, but the info used to cross my pathway annually in my former occupation, and I’m fairly certain its not a myth. I doubt Its the kind of financial information you are going to find easily, maybe perhaps in internal documents.

    If anyone here works for an intl bank on the executive level and is privy to different information and can share, please do.

    Oh and DaveSin – checked out the next blog. Definitely more fun here and less delusion.

  431. Hi
    I am back just because of Barracuda.

    Hey Barra, I think I like your spirit.

    Dave Sin you admitted that you are just a blogger like myself so I know that you and Cull cannot run me off. I just remember that if you were the webmaster you could perhaps just block my IP.

    Still don’t hold a grudge against you guys. You sound angry and you ought to be.
    I don’t believe everything coming out of the OlINT boss Smith, the stories do not add up.

    Anyway after you ran me away and ythis site provided the link to the # 4 bus I went there because I am very interested in the OLINT story. I have a few friends in Ja who are suffering.

    Someone posted a comment on that blog that I did not pick up here. I do not know if it is ethical to quote it word for word here but here is it below.

    “August 9th, 2008 at 9:39 am
    The TCI Gvt. yesterday moved the court date to Fri. Aug. 16th because an undetermined amount of Olint money was verified and hence the term “Ponzi” has been removed from the charges. No derogatory/laundering evidence has yet to be found, so investigators needed more time.”

    Does anyone here have any information on that or is it just someone on Olint team posting there to give a good impression?

    What is the best TCI newspaper to monitor?

  432. its really happening, Check out the new thread and read carefully re link between CH & RA.


  433. Lisa ,that is propoganda posted by the well- organised ds publicity team.The fact is that all of “ds’ money In TURKS has been frozen pursuant to criminal freezing order by the Turks Attorney General.The AG has so many criminal complaints
    that it has been referred to a British Superintendent who is a fraud specialist. This person is performing a professional investigation with Home Office Support,possibly with the cooperation of the FBI and the Jamaican police. ds’ conduct is now notorious throughout the Caribbean as he has taken down Lewfam, SGL ,Phinn,Visions (related clubs) as well.

  434. Lisa , The TCI Journal is a reliable paper. The Bahamian newspapers carry some Turks stories.

  435. mk,
    john here, not knocked out at all.
    the article relates to the FALL OUT OF THE AIS”s and the impact that the FALL OUT IS HAVING ON THE BANKS!!

    the myth that i challenged was that the operations of the AIS’s, you know when they were seemingly alive and viable, was having an adverse effect on banking profits.
    the challenge therfore remains OPEN.

  436. My friend Harbourshark,

    Thanks for the shout out. You have been missed for the past few days. However, I am disappointed you have jumped on the pum bandwaggon.
    But my greatest disappointment is that you seem to have personal information on the rate being charged by Gleaner workers!!!
    When money was running you would not stoop so low, but would have been dealing in the Russian meat markets…how hath the mighty fallen.

  437. This question is for Marcus, Sirach or anyone else who can help:

    I registered with pacer and received login and password but i am still unable to view the case with F1 and IL. I went onto the website: http://dockets.justia.com/dockets/court-flmdce/case no-6:2008cv01040/case id-215541//

    What is the next step to access the case? as i am unable to find it.

  438. Jon

    Are u telling me that the mass movement of of billions of High Net Worth indiv.’s funds from the already very competitive commerc/merchant bank arena to UFOs had NO negative impact on them – get real.

    Consider this : Many US Banks and Mortgage companies posted very healthy profits then overnight sought bailouts from the US govt. in the wake of subprime.

    To be fair one area that commercial banks have done well (during the UFO glory days) is in the the area of loans- to who? many to investors in UFOs. Profitability then – now non performing loan.

  439. Jon:

    The point some people fail to get, is despite their gut feeling, the data contained in the financial statements shows that the commercial banks continue to show records profits and their loan loss ratios have not spiked.

    People like you and I can argue on the basis on empirical data, while others choose to do so by the seat of their pants. Amazing, isn’t it? Now, given the facts (data), the gullible and the ignoramus continues to shout from the mountain top, that “WE” need to get real. hmmmm

  440. Jon & Dave sin.
    lets say that your point of view is entirely correct. The commercial banks in Jamaica, and the overseas parent companies (of those who have parent companies) are not suffering from any real negative effects; at least none that would change the modus operandi.

    Could you envision the possiblitiy of creative accounting? Nothing illegal now – but a little write off here, pushing a portfolio there , couple useful moves to spread out a loss, make things seem more positive than they really are? Not saying its taking place; just wondering if you can say the possibility exists that it could happen.

    I like to look at things outside of the box as well as the facts – quite often things are not always what they would seem.

  441. The impact on the banks’ loan portfolio has been minimal. Based on what I know, the banks and other traditional financial institutions actually benefited from the business of the schemes. Any loss reserve has not been even near to a catastrophic level.

  442. mk
    i take it from your answer that you cannot find any evidence to back up your premise.
    you then go on to, as davesin says, ignore the facts and arge from the seat of your pants. your approach is, if i expect y to follow x, and x occurs then of neccessity y must occur. you fail to tak into account the validity of your assumtion of the premise that y MUST follow x.
    look at the facts. then try to explain it, not explain, and then have to explain again why the facts dont support your thesis.
    common mistake, we try to explain away things even in the face of overwhelming evidnece against our conclusion. in other words, we make a conclusion before examining the facts, while a more prudent approach is to examining the facts before making a conclusion.
    it helps in part to explain why there are still so many ds kool aid drinkers out there. these myths still self perpetuate (ds best trader, the banks were suffering, there is a conspiracy etc.) because people refuse to look at the facts!

  443. The facts are that David Smith is one of the greatest traders in the world. In fact he offered to trade the Jamaican Govt’s way out of debt if they asked him.

    He has been providing his loyal club members with realistic returns for years until he was wrongfully raided. It was after this raid that he started to have problems and some unscrupulous members got paid twice and instead of being good and honest people/christians (where applicable) they took multiple payments.

    He has still been trading and trying to make things right, but the forces working against him are just too strong, and have now reached a point where they are causing pain for ALL club members.

    The months of non payment were all due to due diligence on Olint…On their Broker….. On their bank…. On Club members…. on SOMEBODY or SOMETHING…. but it was due diligence.

    Money is and always was in David’s trading Accounts, as was proven to a few select club members (the most influential people I was told).

    Oanda did complete their due diligence and initiated a wire transfer (as was proven to me by a printed word doc..err i mean email from Oanda). this wire transfer was however blocked, intercepted, stopped, stolen? by the same unscrupulous forces at NCB…err.. BOJ??

    But even after all this, all this adversity, David Smith, being the honest man he is, only concerned with helping Jamaicans, the point where he has supported JAzz Fest, donated to political parties, contributed to the local economy through Acropolis and Monte Carlo, (both reputable agencies), helped countless people through school, with medical expenses, purchase real estate…. has given us his WORD that in 9 months, he WILL repay us what he and his auditors deem to be due to us. WE just need to have faith, cross our fingers and pray!

    He is an honest man, that has at all point had the best interest of his cult..err i mean club members, and the country, and by extension the Caribbean at heart!! He knows that people’s homes, retirement funds, pension money, school fees, hospital bills, car loans, Credit card bills all rest on the shoulders of his ‘investors’. As such he is living is a secluded life in TCI, with little luxuries. His wife, family, and friends are all also suffering at this point….. they are unable to find money to pay for even the basic necessities due to the wrongful freeze placed on his personal and company’s assets….

    Give the man and his legal team, and accountants a chance to make things right. He has never lied to us before, and he would not lie to us now!!! Forget about your selfish needs for a while, he needs our support!

  444. theCynic:

    If you truly believe what you just post, you take the prize as the dumbest person that has ever walked this planet. You beat MK and NextAISoperator by a mile. You should be drinking that Kool-Aid….hopefully it’s of the Jim Jones mix and take you out of your melancholy. I’m praying that you are not Jamaican or is in anyway associated/connected with Jamaica!

  445. Isn’t it amazing that the supposedly smart ones here amongst us the Banker, the Jays, the Jasons, the Catds, Sirachs etc. that profess to have known all along not to invest neither a red nor an aluminium cent with Olint et al, because of their intelligence and superior knowledge of financial matters,
    and yet they seem not to be able to find something better to do, than spend their days beating their chests while touting themselves as to their superior knowledge and intelligence instead of perusing their investment porfolios for more opportunities……….Food for Thought !!!

  446. DaveSin,

    Come on now, read it again. i was rolling over with laughter. clearly the cynic is being sarcastic and he did a great job of selling it before making it clear as crystal that hes being, well..errr a cynic.

    i enjoyed that cynic, nice contribution.

  447. food for thought

    you havent given us any ‘food’ to think on.
    that babble was at best confusing…..

  448. Jon:

    If it was a joke, I will admit I was fooled. It was so well done and convincing, I couldn’t allow it to go unchallenged. I just couldn’t believe someone could say all these positive things about Olint with a straight face.

    I did give myself a way out…notice the qualifier “If you truly believe what you just post”

  449. no harm DaveSin, no worries.

  450. Hi Cynic:

    What u r saying does not make sense? Are u kidding me?

    Let me deal with a little part of your post.
    The months of non payment were all due to due diligence on Olint…On their Broker….. On their bank…. On Club members…. on SOMEBODY or SOMETHING…. but it was due diligence.

    “Money is and always was in David’s trading Accounts, as was proven to a few select club members (the most influential people I was told).

    Oanda did complete their due diligence and initiated a wire transfer (as was proven to me by a printed word doc..err i mean email from Oanda). this wire transfer was however blocked, intercepted, stopped, stolen? by the same unscrupulous forces at NCB…err.. BOJ?? ”

    1. Money in his account.
    If he had this money, why was he not paying out for almost 6 months? It does not make sense. He told clients that he was only trading 20% of their money, they will be happy to see the 80%. Why not pay then back the 80%.

    In addition, if he saw that he ran into difficulty, why not say to clients, I am having difficulties, I will have to close down but here is your principal.

    During that time he had his documents and was able to move around, trade and conduct transactions.
    Why was this only shown to select club members, are they more important than my friend who may not be able to send his friend to school:.

    2. Oanda, due diligence and wire transfer.
    This is bull crap; did I say bull crap?
    Yes I just came from Church and I am saying, “bull crap”
    How can someone steal a wire transfer of $20m? Are you kidding? Don’t insult our intelligence man. Do better than that. Come on be realistic. A wire transfer can be traced, I would be happy if that blocked $20m is somewhere safe, not in DS hands. At least some people will get back some money.

    My 2 cents worth now.
    One if the reasons why I believe DS was at least making some money is that if he was not he would be a damn idiot.
    He always gave an average of 10%. Early in this year he gave as high as almost 20% one month. My question, if he was not making it, why fake 16%. Many people would have been happy with 5%/month. Most institutions in Ja. are giving an average of 5%/year. Compound 5%/month and see what you get?

    These were his rates from Jan to May, 08

    Cynic it seems as if you like DS a lot but don’t give people false hope when you do not have any facts to report.

    You know what I heard that the man was a Christian when he just went in, but it seems as if he fell out of grace with the Higher Authority because of his worldly life style. Where did I read this, whoring, drinking and gabbling; he did not even choose one he choose all three vices.

    I trust that The Good lord with hear the cry of some of the Christians who have sold their houses and put their equity there. I am still waiting for a miracle to happen.

  451. lisa,
    with the time you spent composing that long diatribe, you could have read the cynics post again to understand it. you read it, but you didn’t understand what he was comunicating.
    still not too late.
    instead of bashing me for pointing out your misunderstanding of the post, please go read it again. its a quality post, you just happend to have misread it.

  452. 🙂

    did you guys click the link i posted??

    I kid i KID!!!!!!!

    p.s. i suppose raw sarcasm is hard to convey on a blog, especially when people are so involved in the topic at hand

  453. O.K.

    I get it. This is a way of him bringing some satire to the blog.

    That is why he calls himself theCynic.

    My apologies to TheCynic

    And you know John, I would not bash you for pointing out my misunderstanding. That is a good thing and you have done it respectfully.

    DS still boggles my mind.
    If he gave false statements with false percentages to the public. That in itself warrants a ton of jail time. I think the guy was sensible. I wonder if he knows what pickle he got himself into? I am not a lawyer, but that in itself looks serious.

  454. Lisa,DS posted the high return(March) because they were running out of money and wanted to lore some more new funds in

  455. theCynic:

    Good one…but put a smiley face somewhere next time. I read it twice to see the sarcasm, but couldn’t get.

  456. Food for thought

    I never claimed to be an expert in anything. Listening skills and comprehension are invaluable in certain realms.

  457. Next AIS Operator,

    I am intrigued by your blog name. Why in the world would you want to be the next AIS operator? After all that has happened and the grief caused to so many fools, sorry, I mean ‘investors’, why not just trade for yourself or start a legitimate, registered operation, in which case it would no longer be an AIS but a legal IS.

    This ‘alternative’ business carries a negative connotation and will only meet the same fate as the rest, namely, FSC blacklisting, problems with the official financial system and the local / US governments.

    Why don’t we stop taking shortcuts and trying to beat the system and just operate a transparent, legal business? If fx trading is all that it is cracked up to be, submit yourself to regulations, fit and proper etc and fair competition with the other players by taking withholding taxes and inspection of your operations.

  458. The sad fact is that there are still many fools, I mean ‘investors’ who would willingly give their money to anyone who says they are the next ais operator, despite their current losses.

  459. Look at what we know as a fact.

    To date, all of these AIS operators have lost/mismanaged/stolen their clients’ investments, and those who still hold out hope that Olint is in any better position are seriously in denial and need to move on to the next stage of the grieving process as most seem to have done.

  460. Here is something to educate some of you about the FX market ,please pay attention to the ROI


  461. The sad fact about the entire AIS debacle in Jamaica is that all those who have defrauded “investors” will walk away “scotch free” and take in residence in the sunshine state of Florida.
    Noel Strachan and Ricky Azan have already done so.
    Ingrid Loiten has moved to South Africa and Max Higgins, well no one knows where in the world he has ended up.

    Carlos Hill is still in Jamaica and I seriously doubt that he will spend anymore time in prison.

    I can’t believe how easy it was for these guys to steal billions and simply walk away.

  462. David Smith fate will be different
    Trust me

  463. Cally, When cash was flowing i used to deal with respectable brown girls from Immaculate. Now that Olint is down I have to be scrounging at the Gleaner.Cally, I think the Cynic might be ds himseif. Cally what are we going to do about indigenous Entrepeneurs? Carlos Hill will spend the rest of his life in Jail if he does not pay his debtors.The Jamaicans will give him 10 years and the Americans want him badly as a repeat offender.ds will be in jail soon.So will Azan.

  464. David Smith don’t fear none a unno. Money put away neatly and plans meck long time. Unno can dance and prance all you want.

  465. TCI FX dissolve already and is TS did run dat. Braemar dissolve already and is WS did run dat. Packing up a gwan steady. If unno can’t catch Loiten et al den what? The lawyers in position and get pay. Soon come members. Siddung deh so an wait till mi come…..you want somthing to drink? Alright I soon come back.

  466. Dear Cynic,

    Your comments are very interesting and beg the following questions/comments:-

    1) Can you please share with the rest of us your copy of the word document proving that Oanda sent a wire transfer to Jamaica?

    2) In your position of influence, can you please share with us who are the self appointed auditors for DS /OLINT?
    If they exist, why has DS not mentioned the company name? Why the secret?

    3) Please share with us which banking institution has the funds in escrow (the 80% that was to be guaranteed)?
    If the above is true, then we have to ask the question-Why do we have to wait 9 months before we get payment?
    If there are really Auditors present, why can’t we OLINTERS get a statement from the Auditors to verify that there is an audit in process and that we will hear further word upon completion of the financial audit?
    Instead we get a statement from Criminal Lawyers!!! It would appear DS is getting ready for a criminal defense (shades of CH of Cash plus).

    I have to wonder if DS does not have enough money to cover his debts and is now trying to trade and make up the losses- thus the need for 9 months!!
    If the above assumption is true- he should heed the warning of others- remember the fate of Mr. Azan who attempted to perform the same tactic and got into further debt.

    This is the bottom line: We need honesty; there is NO more room for the excuses and lies.

    Cynic, can you please assist the rest of us by expounding on the above and help us solve this debacle

  467. I endorse the sentiments of Harbor shark.

    Mr. CH of Cashplus MUST repay his debts. Failure to do so, should result in him spending time in a prison cell- both here in Jamaica and in the USA.

    I hope he and DS will do the right thing an pay back people their money!!!!

  468. It is my ignorant belief that:

    1. No ‘ordinary’ member will get any money back.

    2. Legal issues will carry on with David Smith for AT LEAST 2 more years… By which time most members would have moved on and his fate will be nothing more than an interesting newspaper article read in passing.

    3. He will serve NO jail time. Much as how D. Williams has served no jail time due to lack of evidence and missing witnesses.

    4. David Smith will continue to reside in TCI, in a nice comfortable home, with his children attending the best schools and his wife enjoying the finer things in life (afterall, she deserves it for sticking by his side during this stressful period of their lives…does she not?)

    5. Wayne Smith will live just as comfortably. Not sure WHICH country though.. more than likely Jamaica. (we Jamaicans tend to be VERY forgetful of the people that have wronged us…just ask any politician)

    6. Mr. Lewis and other feeder clubs will find a way to write off the loss, their members will suck it up, and the ‘church’ will remain as strong as it ever was, focused on preventing casinos from opening in Jamaica.

    7. Sadly this blog, and other AIS related blogs will die, or have to find some other way to get people to hit the refresh button once every 5 minutes.

    8. In the postmortem to come. Everybody will say they saw the signs, they had a bad feeling, they tried to tell their [wife,sister,daughter,uncle,brother,father,mother,friend,dog] that they should pull out, they tried to pull out, they knew David Smith was a fraud… etc

    There are more… but, you know.. its all just blind speculation at this point 😀

  469. You now Cynic
    I would tend to agree with you after all everything in Jamaica is 9 day talk and for a homophobic country we certainly have the propensity to take it up the a@! and do absolutely nothing (ask our politicians and god know how many scandals, plain outright teifing etc) in fact I think the Smiths are in fact counting on the typical big chat do nothing Jamaicaness

    Right now some people are still (stupidly ) in a wait and see mode and the thinking is by the time they realize that the money really gone they will have gotten over it and take the philosophical “leave them to time and God attitude “

    But call it just a hunch or a premonition DS was trusted the most and this betrayal I think cuts too deep it just seems different from CH, Max and even Ingrid .
    It may not be the Mr. Bigs that he is oh so mindful of , who knows maybe the choir mistress who lost her retirement fund or just some loose cannon but I just don’t think he is going to get away with this and maybe when he least expect it ……..

  470. Since you all so smart try and investigate

    1. Did CB take 2 of DS traders to run his own outfit?

    2. Was big draw down engineered “due to jealousy
    and to mash up DS’s reputation?

    3. Was US$700M found in some account ?

  471. Cally,

    You assumption that an AIS means an unregulated scheme is erroneus. AIS means Alternative Investment Scheme. The fact that all of Jamaica’s AIS were unregulated doesnt mean that an AIS is automatically an unregulated entity. An AIS can exist and operate as a regulated entity. It will simply be an alternative investment option that is properly regulated by the FSC, taxman etc. Incidentally, my plan is to have all the requisite licensing and regulations in place and operate a transparent operation as you have suggested. However, I don’t believe the FSC is ready or willing to grant any such licenses, especially at this time. So in the meantime, I am trading my own funds and will present those trading records when the FSC is ready to properly regulate this business. By the way, for those of you cynics out there,…..10% a month is very much possible. I find It is amazing that most of you know very little about the intricacies of Forex trading but readily offfer so much in terms of ‘expert’ analysis and feed back on the business. I believe DS started out a genuine operation but things may have gotten buddled along the way. My biggest disappointment with his operation is the poor administrative support infrastructure and business planning. I believe that honest individuals who are discplined and educated finance professionals who manage thier business properly can run successfully run a forex trading outfit….and that’s exactly my plan.

  472. Eileen,

    I can’t answer ANY of those questions with any certainty. But MY common sense tells me the following

    1. It didnt and doesnt matter what traders left where to go and work with who. Banks and other investment outfits lose traders/investors/managers all the time. Yet this doestn affect their ability to FUNCTION. By function I mean at least return what is left of investors money. (and by money i mean either the initial investment or paper profits)

    2.Draw down initiated by jealousy? Again I cant comment on this myth/opinion/rubbish. David Smiths reputation could VERY VERY easily have remained in tact regardless of what those ‘jealous bad mand phantoms’ wanted to do. All he had to do was 1. provide externally audited proof of his accounts, provide verifiable proof of the activity he claimed to be undertaking, PAY people consistently without the excuses and what appear to be BLATANT lies. If it was that he made accounting mistakes, the mere fact that he continued his operation as normal, and in fact continued to report extraordinary profits (22% anyone?) are blights on his reputation all caused by himself. The greatest investors and traders lose money, the ‘right’ thing to do (assuming that line of bull is even true) would have been to report the losses and irregularities and proceed from there. He’s not stupid some stupid child, stop treating him as a naieve little boy.

    3. I canot answer the question about $700M in ANY account held by David Smith. I have never seen any verifiable proof myself. And for those that claim to have seen proof, i seriously doubt their reasoning ability. ANYONE can set up a demo account with a broker, much less Oanda. So to imagine that he could have had ‘an account’ with $ 700mln is not unrealistic, in fact if you give me your email address i can show you MY account with $750mln in it now!

    Right now its not about getting back any money. There are already enough law suits filed to claim all his personal assets and the supposed remaining assets of Olint. Right now it is about closure, about finding out the truth. Sadly we will NEVER know the FULL truth, but at the very least to this individual it is about making sure that David Smith, His wife, His brother, His partners, and those that benefited significantly serve their time in jail and justice is served.

    Yes I know he has children….. and quite frankly I don’t care. HE should have thought about that when he was sponsoring Jazzfest, or throwing multi million dollar parties, or buckling up in his leased jet…..

  473. go get em cynic:)

  474. Eileen:

    Sometimes I wonder why you waste your time with the few remaining bad mind fools left on this blog.
    Anyway,to respond to your points:

    1.) It does not matter who took which trader.DS was the trader everyone invested in and he is the master in FX trading.
    2.)The big draw down was to create an effect exactly as is happening now.
    Remember certain people, PB and JI started there own operation in Cayman.
    Yhis much I know.
    Also,I-trade had also started trading for people and I know this for a fact as I got a call from them early this year.The man on the phone made it clear to me he was faced with a lot of hesitance from Jamaicans putting money with them because they only offered 25%-30% per annum and DS was in there way giving much better returns.He even offered a cut as an introducing broker and was literally begging for me to start an account with them with $5000 to try them out.
    He proceeded to say things about DS to discredit him.When I told him I thought DS was a principal of I-trade and therefore his boss,he was quick to say DS in not with them anymore.This was as far back as February.
    3.) $700 mill was indeed shown.I also know that for a fact.

    People claim to have contacted OANDA and been told that DS has nothing there.
    This must be BS.You think OANDA will disclose any client info and status of account to any outsider?

    Fact is Eileen,people are bad minded.Media sells only with bad news.It suits some people to capitalise on this situation.
    There has been hints that even this blog is against DS.
    I made a post quite a while back focusing on the facts we know and not hear-say and rumors.
    I like to stick with those facts until some proof otherwise comes out.

    God bless and hang tight.


  475. Hello Mrs:

    I am happy if you have some facts. At least if there is US$700m somewhere people will get back some money. At least I would advise DS to pay back people their initial investment.

    My issue with all this is those apart from a select few, why aren’t others privy to this information, was your money better than that of the others? And why was DS at least not paying people since January?

    Is he that stupid to bring on his own demise? If you have money in an institution and request a portion why should it takes 3 months to get it? Money moves over night so0 why takes so long. Everyone blaming other institutions for bringing down, but what about disgruntled investors who were complaining? Don’t you think that the constant complaining could have caught the interest of someone who could start an investigation? Don’t be fooled.

    I hope to God you are telling the truth because for anyone who comes on bogs and presents misleading info I pray that they will burn in hell along with David for it. If this man is not light, may he burn in hell for perpetrating such an act against his own people?

    To theCynic:

    Even though you may not be presenting facts. I understand that this is an analysis based on what you have to work with, all things being equal with the information that DS has shown to the majority of investors, “your analysis is right on the money my friend”

  476. theCynic,

    “Sadly we will NEVER know the FULL truth, but at the very least to this individual it is about making sure that David Smith, His wife, His brother, His partners, and those that benefited significantly serve their time in jail and justice is served. ”

    I agree with you 100%. People should stop waiting for Santa Clause to return there $$, because its gone. What everyone should do is verify that a fraud has been perpetrated then take the appropriate actions to see to it that this gang rubs some HARD TIME.

    As for the children, we all know that they are innocent and will have to live with this 4 the rest of their lives. However it is all their parents fault, the children are often the ones to pay for the sins of the Father, thats just life.

  477. mrs
    u are deluded.
    everyone else is to blame, band minded, conspiracy, jm, im i-trade, fsc, ncb lchn, super+, dv, pb, on and on and on………..
    how does that kool aid taste?

  478. Mrs:

    Your post only further confirms the obvious, that both Janice (Eileen) and you are the master fools….no that word is a compliment…buffoons, is more like it. Did you get beyond the 6th grade? I doubt that seriously. Yes, $700 Million exist, but only in your nocturnal fantasies.

    What are you trading? It cannot be Forex Trading that you are involved in, since that process requires at least a functional brain. Please confirm for me that it is only a demo account and in no way are you trading other people’s money? Let’s hope you are the person Harborshark and Sirach have been referring to in their post. Do you work for the Gleaner Company or a Teller at one of the local banks?

    I notice that despite your proclamation of the correct status of your sex, you continue to call yourself MRS. How is the sex change operation going? Is the transformation complete? I wonder if at the end of the process you will have a functioning brain or even a new one. It is self-evident that your existing brain is showing zero brain activity, normally this would indicative of a dead person, but in your case you still have limited powers (such as typing and issuing follies). What might be driving your psychological/physiological endeavors might be an attempt to make up for your existing deficits.
    Good luck, you surely need it and I hope the fictitious $700 million show up in time so that your encashment will be made available to meet your medical payments. Don’t forget the psychological component of your complete transformation, since you continue to hallucinate and experience delusional fantasizes! You are even fantasizing that you are a successful forex trader (like DS?). Silly wwwabbit.

  479. DaveSin,

    cmon. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion. Attacking Eileen, Mrs, whoever for their opinion is pointless and a waste of space on this blog. Speculation is entertaining, discussion even more so.. But personal attacks are a waste 🙂 lets keep it clean


    I appreciate your point of view. However, I am one of the unlucky many that have NOT seen any verifiable proof of 700mln, or of any conspiracy against David Smith, or that ANY money was sent when he claimed we should cross our fingers and pray.

    I will tell you what proof i HAVE seen.

    FACT 1
    Upon hearing of this due diligence exercise being completed, i quickly made my way to Olint’s Braemar office. When I got there i was shown an email supposedly from an individual at Oanda, which stated that their due diligence exercise was completed and the sum of 200Mln would be wire transferred. Now, my personal opinion is that this email was fake (and a poor fake at that) my reasons for thinking so are as follows:

    1. there were NO verifiable names mentioned in the email
    2. The format of the email was that of a word document, margins and spaces and all
    3. the email addresses FROM and TO were both fake. (checked and verified)
    4. upon asking for a copy of the letter (my 2nd visit) i was told that it was ‘locked up in the cupboard and nobody had the key. yes, i kid you not)
    5. It is my PERSONAL belief that NO reputable financial institution would send such an email informin their customer that i. due diligence was now completed and that 200mln would be wire transferred. and if such an email WERE to be sent, the name of SOMEBODY verifiable at the company wuold be included.
    6. Just my plain ole gut feeling.

    I cannot speak for others, but I have had encashment requests lined up as far as january. and to date have collected …. 0! So, to me Olint has NOT been paying. While i Do know people that have gotten fractions of their total encashment requests, in general i think it is safe to say that the cult….CLUB…. has not been paying consistently.

    It HAS however been reporting tremendous returns, and has been collecting money from members directly and INDIRECTLY for all these months.

    Olint has themselves, and through cult members touted the claim that they survived the first run and that they are actively trying to reduce membership to more ‘manageable levels’ . What this says to me is that they’re staff and system cannot manage the number of people and the volume of money currently in the system. So they need to trim the troublesome members, reduce the club size to a number that they can efficiently deal wtih… YET, they were ACTIVELY recruiting new people for TCI FX. You’re first reaction may be, “Thats a different company’. On paper yes, in reality now. Same Staff, Same systems, Same structure, Same Owner(s).” SO if you’re currently TRIMMING members to manageable levels, WHY continue to accept new members in TCI FX, why continue to accept NEW money through feeder clubs? (unless paul needs his money, so you need peter, peter’s brother, and peter’s mother to join the club)

    To DATE, NOBODY and I mean NOBODY has been able to show me verifiable proof that David Smith has made EVEN ONE successful trade. Forget proof of years of success, just show me proof of ONE trade that made him 10pips. In fact the circumstantial evidence is indicating that he has never and WAS never a successful trader. All the talk about him being a great trader is just that TALK.

    Olint has done EVERYTHING in its power to avoid being regulated, being transparent, being accoutable to ANYONE (except the Lord of course, because David Smith is a christian). Is this logical behaviour for a company that has 50mln, 100mln, 300mln… much less 750mln United States Dollars under management? Is it logical to think that a legitimate operation with such a LARGE portfolio would do EVERYTHING it could to avoid any accountability? The reason for this, or should i say myth perpetuated is, “David is rebellious and wants to cange the system. and he wants his members to have full faith in him” or “David just isnt a good businessman, he’s only concerned with trading, but when it comes to business he is not business minded”. Garbage! ANYBODY with ANY common sense can realiz, when you have 50mln, 100 mln, 500MILLION DOLLARS under management, if YOUR business skills arent up to par, take 1 million out of that (PB surely could have sacrificed 2 months payment .. if the rumours are to be believe) so that David could have hired SOMEBODY to handle the office affairs?

    Anyway, at this point i have to laugh to myself that after everything David Smith would even THINK of asking for ‘9 months to trade his way out of a hole’. That in itself is another post….

  480. Next AIS operator,

    Thanks for your response which I read with interest.

    Firstly, I disagree that fx trading is considered ‘alternative investment.’ Things such as hedge funds, derivatives and certain types of bonds qualify as such, but fx trading takes place daily as a normal activity.

    Secondly, your point that the FSC is not ready to regulate at this time is pure fantasy and if you start on that faulty assumption, then you are bound to end up a casualty like all the rest. Start right from day 0ne. The FSC has been begging these crooks to come in and get licensed but their business plan did not include accountability.

  481. Finally, I know nothing about fx trading and have never professed otherwise in any of my blogs. I just state it as I see from the facts around….just my opinions.

    However, again you would have learnt nothing from recent history if you try to promote this fiction of 10% per month to those who you are trying to attract. Why don’t you just continue trading for yourself and forget your grand plan to take people’s money?
    Never believe any success you may or may not be having currently trading on your own, will apply when you stat handling other people’s money.

  482. I hope the FSC will never license any fx trader unless they have serious capital base adequately separated from the trading activity so that they can pay people not if, but when they crash.

    This capital requirement will also rule out crooks with no money of their own, but wanting to handle other people’s.

    But the biggest safeguard against crooks taking/stealing other people’s money is the people themselves not being foolish enough to give them.

  483. Thecynic:

    You tell me: If US$700 Million was sitting in some account, why would DS need 9 months to pay investors? Does not make any sense to you? Why would anyone come on a blog and say silly things to that effect? Isn’t that malicious at best?

    One of these individual kept telling people a few months back that she had definite source at NCB and that the USD$250 million was wired to the bank and the money was there and ready for disbursement. Now we ALL know that her information was patently false.

    Enough is enough. You can speculate all you want, but knowingly disseminating false information given the climate that people find themselves in is a reckless and dangerous act and should be stopped at all cost…NOW.

  484. Next AIS operator,

    I hope you do not think from what I have stated, that I intended to include you in the category of ‘crooks.’
    I do not know you personally, and I therefore could never make that allegation.


  485. DaveSin,

    It’s the nature of the beast. People that were very financially and emotionally invested in David Smith and Olint either consciouly or subconsciouly cling to any ‘evidence’ that serves as proof. Ironically if the they were watching a movie with the same scenario presented and te same ‘evidence’ presented they may ask themselves how could the people in the movie be so blind!

    Take that coupled with the fact that Jamaica is so small, so everybody knows somebody that has seen something or has spoken to David Smith.

    It’s not that people are malicious or stupid, its could very well be that they genuinely believe what they are told. they HAVE to believe, because the alternative being, they were lied to, conned, swindled out of not just money, but potentially dreams and hopes is a little hard to swallow.

    And as for why perpetuate these rumours? If you were on an island trapped, wouldn’t it be easier to maintain faith and hope in being rescued if you have other people with you who ALSO had faith and hope in being rescued? Despite the facts presented that there IS NO hope of being rescued….

    The most anybody you or anyone else can do is continue to seek facts, present realistic scenarios, and hope that in the long run these people will finally come around and assist in any way they can by providing any information that might help to bring the crooks to justice.

    It’s just the way people are. If you check other HYIP forums, its the same way people aer when the much smaller schemes vanish.

    On a side (but related note) did you know that Charles Manson to this day still gets fanmail?

  486. TheCynic:
    Although I misunderstood your Satire yesterday.

    I have been reading since. You seem to be a very inttelligent man. Always making sense.

    You are not the only sensible person who has put money there. As I said before I know one hardworking family who has money there, hundreds of thousands US. I do not care the rats ass who want to come here and perpetuate false info. As the saying says “SHOW ME THE MONEY”

    DAVID SMITH, SHOW ME THE MONEY! You are a damn tief, you tek the people money under false pretence, your hell is going to be hot if you do not come clean. Stop telling lies and come clean. No high powered lawyer can help you wiggle out of this one.

    Take care guys, I will read with interest.

  487. I will remain the lone voice in the wilderness on the subject of FOREX trading. Please, please do not try to trade the FOREX market unless you are using money you can afford to lose.

    Like OLINT before it became a Ponzi, there are many Managed FOREX accounts that will trade on your behalf. These funds can and have done 100 to 200% return in a given year. What they are not able to do, however, is give you these returns on a regular, year-over-year basis. The leading FOREX managed account this year, may have a -40% loss next year; this is just the nature of the FOREX market.

    Just take a look at the following link from a reputable FOREX managed account. During the first half of the year, some of these funds were on target to return over 110% for the year…and now they are only up 7 or 8% ANNUALLY. Note also that one fund [program] is down 7.45% from March thru July 2008.

    Also, before you “agree” to look at the performance of these funds, please read the disclaimers.

    Now here is the link:


    If you look at the monthly performance, you will see some 10 and 15% monthly profits like OLINT reported / displayed to its members, but also notice some down months from this company. This is really how the FOREX market works — not some inexperience trader showing a positive gain every month for XX-years. I am not sure how long OLINT has been in existence.

    You can traverse the internet in search of Managed FOREX accounts and you will find many, but only a few are reputable and transparent. Transparent where the fund manager will share with you on a monthly basis what he/she is buying in your account on your behalf. This is where DS failed his members – lack of transparency and accountability.

    The FOREX market is for portfolio balancing, and only RISK CAPITAL should be invested in this market.

  488. Pipsologist
    Know we all know Alas a few months too late

  489. Eileen and Mrs

    Honestly, i use to think like you two, but then common sense says, if you are being accused of being a thief, running a ponzi, ect ect. and you know that is not true, it is simple as

    1. and only 1 thing: SHow proof of money. Unlsess he has the money under his bed, once it is in some institution, a letter, a statement, something is the easiest thing to get.

    so think, if DS has the money, he could have taken 10mins…call whichever broker, institution that has his/olint money, get a fax. or fly himself and collect it. Show it to the publc/clubmembers, let the institution verify by him giving them authorization to do so.

    QUICK AND EASY 10-15 min solution.

    But instead he wants to fight the fight? pay millions of dollars to lawyers, watch his name be dragged in the dirt, and his reputation reputation demolished?

    any reasonable person can see the only way he would not choose the first route, easy 15min fix is because he has no money:@

  490. When did this whole saga begin? What is wrong with DS, no one wants a stupid statement from him, all we wanna see is the money. For a man who claims to be “of God” it seems like he has a hard time telling the truth. What next will you come up with DS more and more bs.

    All I wanna know is how much $$$ is there. Is that so hard to find out. How could one man operate in so much secrecy for so long. I must say using the name of God was a good tactic to stop people from hounding him. Well, when people fed up, they just fed up. Come on DS, I know you read this blog, come out with the truth and stop “SPINNING”. Stop with all the legal battles, just tells us the truth, that all we wanna know so we can put this one to rest. I am sure that by now everyone is moving on, or at least trying to move on, no one expects any money back, just talk di truth. WHAT HAPPENED?

  491. FACTS are not TRUTHS. Who really knows the truth behind this whole debacle??? Most are just speculating — including me.

    The only truth I know is that many people got affected by OLINT / DS and some are about to lose their homes here in the states. This is the truth.

    These folks cannot tell their mortgage companies that they know some people with facts about OLINT / DS having money in certain accounts so they will be able to bring their mortgage payments current. The TRUTH of the matter is that their mortgages are not being paid, and according to the mortgage agreement, the banks will take their homes. And this is the TRUTH.

    Sad, but true!

    The other truth some of you need to turn to is the one and only TRUE LIVING GOD. Not the man DS. Right now, most of you OLINT investors don’t have any funds in your bank accounts, but the TRUTH is “That my God shall supply all of your NEED according to His riches in Glory by His Son Christ Jesus.” Look up, study and understand this scripture, especially the word “need” as used in this verse.

    You all need to be crying out to God for Him to pour out blessings on you, not through OLINT, but by His many riches…by His Son Christ Jesus. Most of what I have read on this and other OLINT related blogs are that DS / OLINT were your source. Don’t pray for God to get the money into DS’ hands so that he can get the funds to you — pray instead that God will get you your funds back directly to you, even if it has to come from other sources. God is not limited to OLINT / DS. Go read the scripture I just paraphrased above.

    Most of you were naive on how the financial markets worked when you invested with OLINT. So God will more than likely hear your cries. As David once wrote in the Psalms — “I cried out to God and He heard me; morning, noon, and night I cried out to God in my DISTRESS, and the Lord heard me and answered my cry.” Once again, I am paraphrasing. How many of you actually cried out to God in your distress. Most of you were probably praying for DS. God, “please protect and watch over DS as he trades FOREX for us.” Not realizing that DS himself was not in God’s presence for himself. There is a very thin line between good and evil — ala Lucifer or even Solomon. We can be walking with God today and tomorrow we are doing the Devil’s bidding.

    How do you know that if God gets the funds into DS’ hands, he will in turn pass them onto you? He may head straight to the casinos – who knows?

    Right now you do not need DS as much as you need GOD!!!

    Start praying in DISTRESS!!!

  492. I am a 22-year investor in the financial markets and I taught investment principles from a biblical perspective.

    From the first time I heard about OLINT / DS 3-years ago, I set out to study the FOREX market for myself. I am now an avid investor in this market, but will only put a small portion of my investment portfolio in this market. And I would never subject anybody’s money to this market even if I begin to excel in it. It is just too risky.

    Once I understood the FOREX market, I immediately told the folks who came to me with OLINT that it was a Ponzi scheme.

  493. theCynic, on September 1st, 2008 at 8:25 am Said
    Sadly we will NEVER know the FULL truth, but at the very least to this individual it is about making sure that David Smith, His wife, His brother, His partners, and those that benefited significantly serve their time in jail and justice is served.

    I am willing to join you in this fight. They should be put in jail and even if they do come out, I want them to experience the suffering that their actions have caused. Two years in jail and then come out and enjoy the money they robbed seems like an injustice to me.
    Other than corporating with the authority, Cynic, how are you going about making sure that these people go to jail?

  494. Davesin

    For your info Eileen and Janice are not the same persons. And since you wrong pon dat, you wrong pon everything else. DS owes more than the $700M, hence the 9 months needed to recover.

    We all know that DS lost some money trading, but he is no careless fool. Pray to God he is cleared because that’s the only hope you have for seeing any of your money again.


  496. ds’ theft of 700 million US will be the worse property crime in Caribbean history.
    Vaz and Robertson are accessories after the fact and could be charged also.

  497. ds has been engaged in money-laundering and theft.He probably never traded more than 5 percent of his professional time.d creary is another accessory after the fact.

  498. What happens to the braggers that state boldly and badly that is olint buy mi dis ya SUV! And what about the “badman” dem that get paid up to recently? Notice the quotations around badman. What about when the BADMAN dem come fi what DS pay di “badman” dem?


  499. Eileen:

    A few quick questions: Are your Olint’s Accountant? Can you supply us with pro forma financial statements on Olint? With your intimate knowledge of Olint Finances, DS does not need an auditor…jut ask Eileen.

    How do you KNOW how much Olint owes its investors?

    Since you do know, what is the exact figure? Is it USD$1 Billion?

    What is the breakdown between principal owed and “paper” interest?

    How much was Olint’s trading losses that you alluded to in your post?

    Assuming for a minute that the number is USD$700+ million, help me understand what will be accomplished in 9 months? Is it that DS will trade to make up for the implicit deficit? But again, I’m confused. You are said that he has in excess of $700 million sitting in some “account” and he owes more than that amount, it therefore stands to reason that he owes far more than the $700 Million and that is the reason for the 9 months. If it is Forex Trading vehicle that DS will use, what guarantees does investors have (apart from the claim that he is the world greatest FX trader) that at the end of this period DS/Olint will have a net gain?

    BTW, do you think he will need those two traders that left his outfit or he has others in place or if he even need these “other” traders to help him? Given the fact that you are the ONLY person on this planet with access to this information, can you help us out by answering these questions (I hope you do not disappear on us now)?

    Since you are not THE Janice, why is it that YOU have these “Janice-like” qualities and prophetic pronouncements of biblical proportions?

  500. Eilieen:
    Dave sin,you have time a waste a question Eileen,she dont know what clock a strike…question number 1 she need to ask the person feeding her this garbage info is why would Olint have $700m with a RETAIL forex broker aka a market maker which trades against…with that type of money he could have his own platform or trade with an ecn and make tonnes of money on the intrest alone,this is assuming he knows what he’s doing.So my girl dont let nobody tek you fi fool cuz is garbage them a tell you,Oanda would be pleased to provide signed documents for all their clients,so your boss DS coulda publish for us long time and put our minds at ease,but he hasnt.So Eileen no botha come try tek peoplefi fool roun here having $700m on a RETAIL platform is proposterous and would be down right stupid……soo keep it real sista…

  501. Storm Warning

    A little bit in the dark. At least they get a small taste of what members go through. More storm warnings a come.

  502. Lets just say (humor me ) that DS does have 700M somewhere
    if that works out to 10, 20 30 cents on the dollar to what is owed to investors then he should pay them just that and move on and everybody call it a day

    Stringing people along , giving false hope when he knows the jig is up is just plain cruel

  503. Sirach:

    Look like yuh behaving yuh self mon?


    Is it that Eileen stole your stash of bad weed when she came over to give you a massage? I warned yuh about those masseur them…..I told you they have very sticky fingers. Did you check to see if all your Olint $s are still there to pay for that soon to arrive crissas? 🙄

    Now she is getting high on YOUR supply!!!

  504. I have not been able to blog much lately. There is no vacation. No crissas. My boss caught me on her computer……busted. I am just the handyman here in the office. They have been discussing what they are going to do with me for the past few days. Them been asking how I get money in Olint, and WW and Visions because them know how much they pay me so them doing one whole heap a back check trying to catch me as a teef. Here the joke….them ask how I know so much big time name and politician and AIS runnings so I tell them the truth, “Is inna di papers mi read.” yhe look pan dem face is like seh mi nuffi a read. Them still can’t know where the name Sirach is from and true mi challenge dem fi find out dem seh mi bright and dat I soon find out which God mi a serve.

    hahahahahahahaha…the crisssest ride mi eva drive in a did New knigston bus (an is mistake meck mi go pon it). Mi don’t have no Q7 like BK or no X6 like DC to bragg bour courtesy a poor people olint savings.

    shi…..hole on…dem a come…lata …..

  505. LOL @ sirach’s post.
    Mi a beg yuh, stop it. I almost spit out my coffee on the keyboard..

  506. Sirach, Mi nuh know wha fi believe wid yu? How yu lie suh??????

  507. Sirach, nuttin nuh funny suh! yu tek di cake!

  508. Harbourshark

    how the pum market price now. still a drop? Some nice brown ting all a talk to me and smile an ting. 2 months ago like dem now wouldn’t even tell mi hello in the office. Wha a gwan? sirach time now!

  509. DS Apologise for what? Sirach a slap some tings whey wouldda never shi…t pon mi if it wasn’t that olint drop.

    And…..dem all a pick mi up inna fiddem car!!!

    Bless Azan, bless olint, bless WW, bless vision, bless F1, bless Keen, bless dem all.

  510. Sirach:

    You start with yuh crap again (last two posts)?

  511. As the man dem a teck the schemes ting pon dem head Sirach a slaughter dem gyal so. If dem man di know….how dem behave wid all dis “street nigga” yah when di pressure reach under neath dem.

    Dem man deh study money all the same. Thanks bredrins mi cyan complain at all

  512. Davesin

    If you tube would keep it on a would a show you. But mi nuh wicked. Some a dem man gyal a big banker and polititian and corporate professionals. Mi nuhh out fi hurt nobady reputation and ego but I tell you ….dem gyal sweeeeeeeet….especially when you see dem from some new angle and dem face look like it under strain.

  513. Unno si when unno promise uptown and downtown gyal sumpting and don’t give dem and bring excuse? heh…heh…. a dat time deh sirach soothe them stress wid di raw agony…..

    I hear Braemar and Ruthven soon going open again…..hope they dissapoint again…..dem sweeeeet! An some a dem still have low mileage. But the vet dem will give dem a run fi dem money…..bills haffi pay.

  514. Sirach:

    How come I haven’t heard about those low mileage car before…Braemar and Ruthven? Describe them to mi? 4-door or 2-door?

    Investforlife soon throw yuh off the site!

  515. Somethingsmissing & DaveSin — you are both right on target with your comments and questions. This Eileen person is amazing!!!

    I believe Eileen is DS. Remember in the blogist-sphere, we can hide behind an internet persona — DS = Eileen; and Eileen = DS.

    This is the only way Eileen would have this level of information she / he is claiming to have.

    I am amazed that people could still believe that DS was a good [great] trader who lost some funds, and still has monies available to repay the investors. Someone told me over the weekend, that DS was among the top 3 FOREX traders in the world and so he believes DS will be able to recover the funds after the 9-months. So I wonder where the other 2 top ranking traders are. Maybe it’s like the Jamaican 100MM Women’s team winning 1-2-3 at the Olympics — top 3 FOREX traders in the world are — 1 – I. Loiten, 2 – G. Harris, and 3 – D. Smith.

    This in my mind is no different than the followers of Jim Jones — it is totally cultic.

  516. Davesin

    i been blocked and thrown off the site so many times already i don’t know what difference it would make.

    I going to read eileen again and see if i can figure out what her deal is. I shall file a report on her at midnight tonight

  517. threaten? Seh fe.

  518. Could it be what I have been begging for? Finally? The powers at be tell me no. Shame. For a moment I thought they made my day.

  519. Some peolpe quick fi try meck trouble.

  520. Eileen

    DS being cleared and us seeing our money are two mutually exclusive events. Science background should tell u that.

  521. We a go balance. Is just for him to let us know how it go and then we will set up the refunds etc.

  522. The sirach we all know and, err, well some love is back and in full effect.

    calling rob, rob? are you there rob?


  523. Distancing (dis-tance-ing) Defn…..Martinez vis a vis DS

    Middlemen (pigs)…..locking off dem phone…cannot be found. Major etc.

    Backtracking (back-trac-ing)…”.I never got any money” “the likke mi get spen pon election”DV and I told you not to deal with it AS etc

    Brazen (bray-zen) “Is Olint buy me this BMW X6 and I unno haffi love up dat! DC

    Mr. Shaw as a public servant when are you going to tell the people about the private meeting you had with David Smith, James Robertson and Michael Missick?

    tick tock…tick tock….tick tock…….

    Swimmers……if unno can’t swim stay pon shore.

  524. jon

    What’s up? Rob is yu life jacket?

  525. OBG

    Did your minister of finance (Audley Shaw) have a private meeting with David Smith, Michael Missick and James Robertson in TCI or not?

    If so, does that meeting have anything to do with thousands of Jamaicans not being able to get paid their money?

    Were you aware of such a meeting? If so when were you aware? Before or after they left to attend?

    Have any member of your cabinet held money in Olint accounts? Whjat are their names and the amounts? What are their invest and encashment records?

    Why did the JLP and PNP accept money from Olint while knowing that the “club” was not registered by the Jamaican or TCI FSC?

    Why do you, Audley Shaw and Omar Davies seek to distance yourselves from what is not only obvious but part of public information?

    How can you or any other “leader” accept donations from Olint and spend Jamaicans money and then turn around and say you warned people not to go in while concurrently spending the people’s money?

    Are you, your party and the other party in contempt of the Jamaican people?

    What are you going to do about it?

  526. not picking a fight with you sirach, but i’ll answer your question directly. no. i not who rob is, have no interest in knowing. i thought that the interaction between the 2 of you recently started above board, was interesting banter, unti it got boring and beneath any semblance of decency. you then dissappeard for a day or two and frankyly that was the right thing, to do on your part, and for the board, as board got back to issues.

    you are at times funny sirach, but as freind of sirach said, you did go a little overboard last week.

    i don’t need a crutch to make up my mind dude. thats how i see it.
    you can pick a fight with me with some witty response if you wish, i won’t go too far down that road with you, but feel free.

  527. Mr. Roper (FSC Jamaica),

    Have you or any member of your staff ever been members of Olint or not?

    Is this not a question that the Jamaican Public ought to know?

    Is the FSC for the interests of the Jamaican people or not?

    Does warning the people of Jamaica represent satisfactory protection of the Jamaican people?

    Is it the opinion of the FSC that the organisation did it’s best in regard to the AIS’s catastrophies?

    ……….technocrats…space cadets and other boggers….you can take it away from there.

  528. Sirach,

    I knew a little rest (and changing your weed supplier) would help. You sound a little more coherent, (a little) today, even though the questions you ask are pointless.

    If you are so full of wisdom and knowledge, why are you now trying to bolt the stable after the horse has gone? Didn’t you see that lack of accountability and oversight from day 1 would have resulted in this mess?

    A wise man and a prophet is expected to see these things before they happen, especially when they were plain to be seen by anyone who was looking, not after the fact.

  529. In all the names you keep calling to assign blame, I think you should just stop at yours because those persons could not have affected you if you exercised good judgement.

    Accept responsibility and take it like a man! You were not concerned about these issues while you were getting your monthly fantasy gains.

    Stop acting like you know anything, for it is clear you know nothing.

  530. No problem jon. i won’t try to asume that I am able to second guess you and I am sure you will recipricate.

    Many bloggs that some seem to think go astray are really seeking out people who can read between the lines. Some dig….some don’t dig….We are all diverse and I respect that.

    As you are here jon what about the two previous bloggs posted here by me today? Any comments? They are straightforward…..non threatening…..no deeper read between the lines…..just up front.

    If you respond to them with your opinion I would be honored. Remeber it was always frank and extremely relevant bloggs like these that seemingly had the haters coming at ME with Jargon and spin.


  531. Bloggers

    If you were the prime minister of Jamaica or the minister of finace what would YOU do about the situation?

  532. cally

    Coherant to whom? I did not mention blame but I will contemplate your use of the word in this context.

    Lack of accountability shall continue on. Accountability is not the property of the schemes or the members. It is apart of all life. Today and tommorow. It is not something people can turn on or off when it suits them.

    Cally, why are you on the blog? Something to do with accountability?

    If we must all accept responsibility them why do you blogg? Aren’t you taking responsibility and taking it like a cally? So why are you here?

  533. If i know nothing then won’t that show so blatantly that i become insignificant?

    Why do peole watch so closely my ins and outs on the blogg. And why do people count my bloggs?

    In I am so insignificant then why do i get so much scrutiny.

    If you see sirach just move on….he knows nothing.

  534. Sirach,

    You had me fooled. When you started out I thought you had fully recovered as you were no longer rambling and laughing at your own non-jokes.

    However, I am now convinced you had experienced just a short relapse to sanity but have now gone back to paranoia.

    None of your ‘profound’ questions are of any relevance or make any sense.

    The real question is Why was the warning of the FSC not sufficient for you? What more did you want that would have prevented YOU from giving an unlicensed man with no track record your money?

    A voice from heaven?

  535. Sirach
    an argument could be made(and is indeed being made) that those meetings did in fact take place, the donations were accepted, but that ds was being urged to come come clean and subject himself/his entities to regulation. the fault you may say lies in the lack of prescience on the part of the 1/3fm et al, they should have known that it was a ponzi. that is separate issue implicating 1/3 for faulty judgment, not neccessarily as a willing conspirator….not enough evidence for that, at leats not just yet.

    the facilitator helped to set up the meetings, or so the theory goes, and the intention was to get this guy to once again call their bluff. ie the bluff of the regulators. if you are straight up as you claim to be, ok we will give you a hearing(s), lets work out how to get you regularised in the interest of yourself and your followers. as it is now clear, ds refused those advances. and here let me point out that those meetings were not in secret. i am nobody, and i can almost with certainty tell u when they took place.
    similar meetings/consultations took place, acording to my info, with fsc execs at different times. this was like ds buying himsefl time.
    lets not fool ourselves here guys, blaiming obg, 1/3, et al is barking up the wrong tree.
    ds is the guilty party here, he was given every opportunity to show his hand, and instead he chose to seclude himself in tc and, well the rest i now well known history, unfolding before our very eyes.

  536. Sirach,

    I can’t believe you gauge your significance and importance by the number of bloggers who you are able to manipulate. Look at the number of Olinters DS managed to fool?
    Suckers are a-plenty, especially when someone tells them they have some juicy info.

    After a while though, the emperor is revealed as having no clothes on.

  537. Sirach:

    The first thing that needs to be done is get rid of the Finance Minister. I think the Mayor of Kingston should be appointed in his place……he is the only ONE doing anything in Jamaica!

    I thought it was embarrassing to read today where the PM was begging for money for hurricane recovery fund and appealing for local and overseas companies and individuals to contribute. Maybe they should shut down Air Jamaica immediately and they would have all the funds they need to fix the roads and help the needy. Of course, the roads will be ruined the next time there is a heavy downpour, since very little is done to divert heavy runoffs. But no one is smart enough to figure that out,… yet!

  538. I asked if Audley Shaw, James Robertson, David Smith and Michael Missick had a private meeting. What is wrong with that! Audley shaw is Jamaica’s minister of finance. James Robertson is a minister in the Prime minister’s office. These two individuals represent the people of Jamaica.

    David Smith is a Jamaican who has has assets frozen by the international authorities. He has money for thousands of Jamaican citizens. The money is not his.

    Michael Missick is the premier of the Turks and Caicos Islands. He is charged with rape. He is under investigation for corruption. A significant number of people in TCI requested this.

    Now, I ask for an answer of Bruce Golding if these four aforementioned people had a private meeting together and what it was about……..and people are going to talk about me blaming people……about what?

    Did they have the meting or not?

    Who thinks such a question is not warranted?

  539. Profound questions cally? Profound?

    One straitforward question becomes profound? Well the answer will quell any problems.

  540. my rtesponse to that question sirach is, of what significance is the fact that there was a meeting, or even a series of meetings. ought we not to also know the intent/context/purpose of those meetings? the fact that meetings took place, in and of itself says nor proves a dam thing.

  541. jon

    The question is then, when did Robertson take money out and what, (considering the information available because of his position) did he know. Also if he did take did that money represent his investment alone or the investment of others as well?

    jon….you well and know i know. And i know you know. We seem to be just checking with each other if our rhetoric matches.

    I know many more things than are mentioned here. But the blog is a pastime for me and many just end up boring me with things so i just say anything that come to the mood.

    So why bother Sirach you might ask?

    Well the fact is you have guenine people who are good people who are hurt. Yes, they are hurt. Jamaican culture has us hiding feelings about being vulnerable. We are a society of image. Many say they lost a likke ting and “it was small” but their insecurities will not make them reveal an amount and also some qualifiying statement usually follows…..making the first “I could aford to loose it” statement redundant.

    It is sad.

    Many thousands read the blogs in silence and live in hope. Some secretly and some not so secretly. But they are there.

    So i blogg to try and help people? I hope i do.

  542. If anything positive can come out of this devastating tradgedy it should be that responsibility is taken by thoose who it belongs to. Banish the nasty habit of excuses in Jamaican society.


    No matter big or small accountability shall be a daily part of all of Jamaican life and cease to be a passing bag a talk.

    Have any of our leaders even thought of the potential permanent forward leap our country could derive from this?

    We will see….but to date it is same old same old. It’s a shame.

  543. jon

    Let the purpetrators of wrongdoing be the ones to contemplate proof of whatever.

    If you did nothing wrong there is nothing to fear.

    The point is:

    Hiding from the fact that the meeting took place does not inspire confidence in the leadership.

  544. jon

    the significance could be that the leadership does not act in the interest of the people of Jamaica….but rather in the material interest of self and clan.

    I am not accusing anyone here…and i hope they clear themselves…..

    but nepotism is a haunting yoke of inequity that we have adopted from the slavemaster. It does exist in too many aspects of Jamaican life. It is wrong.

    The use of badness is also pervasive in the society and their is also CONCRETE evidence that this was used EFECTIVELY in the case of OLINT.

    What message are we sending to Jamaican children?

    That badness and nepotism is right?

  545. and ….that those that practice it are the ones who get ahead?

    ehhh jon?

    I hopw not because the bite that the purpetrators (and their children) will get down the line after engineering a society like that is going to be rabid.

  546. jon?

  547. Why must Jamaican life be just scandal to scandal to scandal? And you wonder why our society is one of the least desirable to live in in the world? While at the same time we are blessed with the best geographical gift of all creation?

    Everybody quiet…….rass….

  548. We bolt to claim our track stars but Jamaica has become one of the most corrupt and inequitable societies ever. Dirty laudry. WELL STOP THROWING IT TO THE WORLD. Wash it or be accountable for it!

  549. my guess is that along the line of the past 4 or 5 years, there were several (naive perhaps) people who genuinely tried to help ds. ds always played willing participant until the issue of transparencey arose, and in each instance, they’d be some separation, nasty and ugly in most cases. and who do we choose to hold accountable for that? assuming that my theory is correct, ds is the person who should suck salt through the wooden spoon.
    admittedly, there are those who need to fashoin their own defences, because the circumstantial evidence does not lie in their favor. but they are better able to do that than i.
    were u an investor sirach?
    well i had money in olint, through lewfam, and let me tell you, if in decemeber i knew that shit was about to hit the fan, i would’ve gone for my money. it may sound cruel, but i made a ‘contract’ with ds, not the other naive poor souls who were fellow investors. so if i had a refund from ds, arguably ultimately at the expense of those at the back of the line, so be it. i would not see it as my obligation to see to it that all got served before i took my pitance out.
    remember, to this day there are those who beleive that ds will deliver. no shortage of people who want to give the ‘world’s best trader’ another 9 months to make up for ‘a few bad trades.’
    if i knew in decdmeber that shit was gonna happen an decided to take my money out, how many of my friends would’ve believed me and followed suit? how many of your friends? not one r@@S one, dem woulda laugh at me….people still laughing at people like me now, im a nonbeliever to them, to them david will still deliver. what and when only god knows…
    if people with more info than i had/have, smelled a rat back in december and went for their money, why should i hold them accountable? it was my/our/your decision to put our money in this scheme, in spite of the warnings. so ds turns out to be a crook, and we want to string who by the scrotum? a bunch of names that are easy to call….i want ds strung upside down by his balls. after getting ds, i’ll look elsewhere. i’m not distratcing my self with the supposes of other peoples involvment. what i KNOW is that ds is a r@@s lying tiefing bc%^#$@#!

  550. jon

    thanks for your honesty.

    If the information that was used to self protect the clan came from resources and position bestowed by the Jamaican people then it would seem different to me.

    If you are an elected leader and you go to a lavish birthday bash overseas to TS and participate without asking that the festivities be postponed because people can’t eat at home….is that outrageous to expect of our representatives?

    no doubt the jury will remain out on that but it is worth considering.

    So DS et al now try to drive fear into the most vulnerable saying “if you start a case you will get paid last”…..and they say sirach manipulating? haahahahaa

    What say you jon?

    DS? people ask for what is theirs…not what is yours and you want to try and threaten them. I hope it is not true. I have heard it as speculation.

    If it is that would make you a despot.

    jon you are certainly right. The responsibility remains the property of DS. But their are others. Does his arrogance cloud him into believing he has the power to admonish the others?

    I’ll tell him the answer to that…..NO

    What a power trip it has been….and what a failure….all in one.

  551. Olint dont never paid they workers, what a same.
    When the office was at new kingston shopping plaza, i requested $500 USD from muy account, I when there to pick ut he cheque and david took the $500 USD cash from his shirt pocket and give me.

    Patty shop!!!, i should have taken out my money from that time, but his christanity fooled me.

  552. Money intact or not. Olint is a failure. The damage it has wreeked is beyond a monetary price tag. That can not be denied. Only responsibility can be accepted now.

  553. Eileen Haters:
    If it were possible, I would be
    sending you all a blank Promissory Note to sign and return to me. If DS pays out nothing you promise me nothing. If he pays anything, I’ll just fill it in myself.

    I promise you, you’ll hear more about this $700M .Perhaps before the month is out you may briefed

  554. eileen,
    Now I know why some bloggers thought you were Janice. Your posts are reminiscent of Janice’s posts in the first days of the Olint debacle. Paraphrasing .. “there is good news coming .. hold on”. To date, each new piece of information has been worse than the one previous.

    Yes, we will hear what is happening before the month is out because he has a court date which we all hope will shed “some” light on what really happened. You must know that DS asked for 9 months which he would not ask for if there was money ANYWHERE.

    For the people who have not yet accepted that the money is gone and they need to move on, your posts are keeping them in a purgatory that noone deserves. Stop it.

  555. Eileen:

    I don’t like your bet. Let me make sure I understand your process before I take on your bet. If I lose, I will have to pay YOU. If you lose, YOU don’t have to pay me. What kinda bet that? Oh, its an Olint bet!

    Anyway, please tell us more about this $700 million. Is that USD$700M or JM$700M? Where is this money at this point in time and why can’t investors tap this money?

    Why are you so stingy with the info? I will take you on that bet. Draft the IOU and email it to investforlife and I will get it and sign it with all pertinent info and get it back to you…I know I cannot lose! Wait, how do I know that you won’t cash the IOU when you lose? Mi nuh trust you 🙂

  556. Eileen

    They can’t brief us.

  557. Sirach:

    When will you give us the “full $700M” on Eileen? Midnight?


    Are you on the Olint Facebook? I keep looking for you, but cannot find you …….. no Big Bird!

    BTW, I’m convinced that you are not Janice….she would have call me a jackass by now or use her MD skills to prescribe Viagra for me!

  558. hard fi read eileen. She (assuming cause genders change with blogers regularly) is definately depressed.

    We have noticed over time that some bloggers come on with gusto as Olint backers. they display a similar cycle (although not always exact).

    First they come out stanchly defending……then they go to the “it was you who choose to invest”……then they go to the pray….and same stage likout against all rational persons as if they should not ask for theirmoney,…..then they break down and try to atack other bloggers with some real stupid argument……then they fade away for a while and recoup……..

    There are a lot of depressed people at the house I mean TS,SG,TG,JS et al…….there is a cycle from let’s keep up appearances still that everything is no prob…through major depression…..the knowlege that the walls are closing on the charade faster than expected….through to the ultimate which is that they all know how blatantly they lived it up on thers money ….and how arrogant and nose in the air they were to people while they were up on top…….they have pockets of sympathy but mainly from some misguided idiots who were only goldiggers to begin with….

    They know the crowd knows money is hidden…….DS had said it once 2 often to 10 too many people…..the thing is though that for some set of “christians” they will defend themselves as a set of selfish sinners who never even pretended to care about the innocents who are going to burn at the stake for them….like the middlemen………..

    Our father….who art in heaven…..(A their lawyers I say the prayers for…..they are beyond prayer…..)

  559. It really is straightforword inthat they have actully convinced themselves that they deserve a portion of money while everyone else is left in the dust….here is where we enter a combination of some serious mental problems added with a jaded sense of self righteous christianity.

    Remeber that when it went down one of the many idiots in the camp simply blurted out…is our money we did a spend…remember?

    they actually lived a champagne lifstyle with nanny chaffuer and the outdoing of birthday presents to each other in the face of unanswered encashment requests.

    All the family got work and the politickers and moguls came in and raped the system while the weakest got a quack-quack. the arrogance of TS is reknowned and the people will not forget.

    Last minute millions to attorneys only put the attorneys on a precarious cliff……for they too will have to make contingency escape hatches.

    Jamaicans love a winner…..biut one that is humble.

    When will it go down? Soon. I say before the end of September although the lawyers filling them heads with dreams.

  560. The facilitator?

    Provided an escape hatch got paid and exited. They are going to try the same again with gifford. Very Very Stupid. Try wait and see what happens to the facilitators first nuh? and what about the star of the herald? can he distance the facilitator? i doubt it.

  561. Brand name has never been so discounted in the history of Jamaica.

  562. Privy counsel? huh…smokesscreen…..

  563. 700,000,000.00 JMD = 9,732,759.29 USD

  564. and the payout?

  565. Basically the same amount that I Trade FX defrauded from the Jamaican people in December 2007 with the GoTradeJamaica campaign.

  566. hhmmm….what’s the deal with IM? Where is the fit? Anyway they will have to wait. For the while.

  567. Notice that in March 2008 and April 2008 that 10 million USD was taken out of I Trade FX in each month.

  568. IM nuh straight…..i know that for sure. For sure. But so much play….why? mystery that becomes acadmic now. The expertise was always a fingertip away. And the chioces that were made?? Makes you wonder….anyway time a run short and when the one who defines relentless gets going ….rass…that’s all i can say.

    Da bredrin deh nuh pedestal no one. …rass…

  569. The Martinezs were part of the spin cycle, PR and other. Actually they siphon more than they spin.

  570. So is there a fallout? or just a show? The martinez help them put away the money?

  571. DS, dishonesty and money cannot be married no matter how right it all was at some time. You cannot be dishonest and then dictate the rules for the future. You will have learnt an important lesson: The money making is the easier part of the game.

    Genuine credibility cannot be purchased at any price. It is not for sale.

  572. think of TRUST DS. You can loose someone’s trust and still continue with them. But it is never the same again. god knows this. He made us this way. It is essentially why we are in his image and only his image.

  573. ‘God grant me the the serenity to accept the things I cannot change……..

    …The courage to change the things I can……

    …….and the wisdom to know the difference.’

    Thomas Aquinas.

  574. Martinez dem was clear ginal. when i pointed that out in the class to FXchief himself you could have heard a pin drop. The dutty looks I got then are on par with some of my critics statements here. It was me alone. i will never forget. you could see the hate he had for me. He dissed formal educationand promoted conning.

    I it typical that a man who proclaims a ghetto origin and becomes very wealthy does not educate his children to college level. and then puts one of them in such a position of authority. The questions I put to them of significance made them so defensive. Their escapade is part of DS’s responsibility.

    Seek counseling

  575. “and then puts one of them in such a position of authority”

    with a level of a GED and no real world work experience.

  576. AML

    The thing is that which one is playing a game and why. While the boss was showing a closeness to IM …IM was definately selling him out behind his back.

  577. Martinez is a crook.He makes money by selling books about his version of currency trading which is rather like alchemy.

  578. …Wow! babyfeed money going short this month……………time a run well short………tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock……

    Mi case………

  579. The administration has not been linked to any major scandal in its first year and has so far avoided serious allegations of corruption that followed the previous administration.

    But promises of a bill to criminalise breaches of govern-ment contract procedures and a bill to impeach public officials guilty of misconduct have not been kept and the country is still awaiting word on who will be the new anti-corruption tsar propsed by Golding.

    While Audley Shaw was given the title finance minister, he was given support in the technocrat Don Wehby from the private sector and Dwight Nelson from the union movement.

    Their first job was to craft a budget and the jury is still out on whether the $489-billion package presented to Parliament is credible.

    The Gleaner, today.

    Of course they will be no corruption tsar…..that would be shooting oneself in the foot. The birdshooters only shoot themselves in the eye.

  580. guess I missed quite a bit yesterday -sirach you deh back pon rapid again! Would have loved to be a fly on the wall when you called the big man a ginnal *lol* that must have been interesting.

    A little off topic:
    The book selling thing can be viewed as legit or a scam depending on your point of view. You know “those who can do, those who can’t teach”. Rich dad poor dad has made a much larger fortune selling his expertise in book form than he ever did in real estate, giant teet Tony Robbins is another example.
    There are thousands of people who run that path successfully. As a consumer/reader you should be able to sort out the wheat from the chaff tek in the little knowledge they give and extrapolate so you don’t have to buy the next 12 books in the series.

    Back on topic:
    What I heard (as I’m sure many others did) is that the word went out that olint was going the way of the dead – whether it was a conspiracy or those with even partial knowledge of the facts realised the ‘operation’ had reached breaking point I don’t know – but those who knew it was all but over whispered to a few friends, who in turn passed it on to others. If I’d got the word I surely would have pulled out too. Like everyone else, I had plans for my $$.

    How do you prove that JR and DV etc met with DS and MM on behalf of the jamaican people and not as private citizens/investors? I think you would have to prove that without a doubt in order to move on a corruption charge. They were likely investors in olint long before they began their official roles. Its an interesting moral dilemna – who among us wouldn’t have used any edge we had to pull out millions of US before the crash if we could?

  581. the meeting was official. Come again…and again…and again….

    BTW It is not me who has to prove anything…..the blog seems to be stuck/worried on that. how do you prove? That is for me to know and them to find out.

    But the suggestion is not that Sirach had an official meeting over there.

    hahahhahahahahahaahaaaaaaaa………”I am not paying anyone but my lawyers.” hhhahahahhahaaaaahahhahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhahaha

  582. How do you prove? hahahahhahahahaahaaah

    Unno can pay Sirach at the standard rate. After all the free info I have given unno. I have heard…..check the blogs nuh sirach tell unno tings in this blog but now about 3 eons later it becomes fact because you just a hear from some fool you think is in the know?..hahhahahahahahahahahahaaaahahahaaaaaa

  583. Let they themselves deal with the proof that it was not official….and the host of other proofs they need.

    Your love care and consideration of these individuals is noted.

    I am sure they have done nothing wrong and will be exhonerated.

  584. See Eileen Live, Olint’s Minister of Miss-Information (previously posted by a blogger on this site, but very pertinent now in light of the “resurrected” one).

  585. Sirach – I’m not sure why you think my comments=love and consideration for any individuals at all. I did not say I doubted the meeting took place, I merely explored the idea that if you were to pursue a legal angle with the express intent to prosecute it might be difficult to prove that the Jcan contingent met with DS as anything other than private citizens/investors.

    In fact, speaking of legal angles – as many have expressed here and verbally, the wording of AS contracts (including Olint’s) leaves many loopholes for them to roll through potentially unscathed. Personally I don’t believe that is right in any way, shape or form. But I do believe anything is possible if enough money is involved.

  586. oh and sirach, I’ve heard a great many things – usually way before it appears here. Doesn’t mean I think I’m in the know, in fact I take everything I hear and what I read with a grain of salt whether negative or positive. Some things I float, some things I do not comment on, but read others’ discussion.

    I did float a little rumour I heard about a meeting of top level people a few weeks ago. Haven’t yet seen anyone here discussing that particular meeting, but when I do I hope you’ll be the one to kick it off full hundred.

  587. PJ and the Qc’s

  588. nope. not that one 🙂

  589. Sirach,

    Have you heard the term ‘clutching at straws’? That’s what you are doing. What the heck does it have to do with you or anyone else who met with who a few weeks ago?
    All of this took place long after the crash and doesn’t change the price of bread or a spliff. So what if people in the know got in early and took their money out?

    Blame it on the person managing your money that he did not have a system to protect you. You cannot blame anyone else for taking their money at a time when you and others were putting more in, even though it was clear for all to see that the game was up.

  590. I have to repeat what I said yesterday.

    Sirach, for someone who professes to know so much, you should not have been in the position you now find yourself.

    Typical Monday morning quarterback.

    Get over it and grow up.

  591. o.k cally I will get over it and grow up. Thanks. time out! timeout! timeout! …(smile)

    The position I find myself in? hmmmm interesting….what position is that exactly?

    Stop fretting….this is just a blogg. Sirach knows nothing. Ignore Sirach cally. Sirach is not worht it.

  592. bawn come si could neva falla American football.

  593. lata. fire pon a rome….wid im sciccors and comb…

  594. come on now sirach, do u think it possible for anyone on this blog to ignore you? i haven’t counted(rob said he did), but i’m willing to bet that of the near 600 posts onthis thread you have 1/3 of them.
    you cant tell someone to ignore you, neither can youtell them not to blogg, its not my blogg, its not you blogg. people come here for a variety of reasons, mostly related to information gathering. if someone started to deliberately spam the blog, i’m sur the admin would react. now i ain’t accusing you nor anyone else of doing that, but you’ll appreciate that there is a fine line somewhere. its up for admin/mods to figure that out and act. but as fellow users we can also do a bit of self-monitoring.
    if 1 person says that you are out of line, you can reasonably, depending on the circumstances attibute it to bad mind/fight aginst/ignorance……
    but when 2,3,4 people hit tha thread, then its time for some introspection.
    you are a valuable contributor to the site sirach no doubt. i look out for your posts. and perhaps that is preciselywhy at times i am so dissapointed. when your posts amount to nothing more than mumb-jumbo, argle-gargle i can’t help but thinking just what motivates you to post that?
    rob posted his theory, i not neccessarily going dat far, but i’d say, tek di time an check it breddrin.
    di i dem appreciate di humor and ting, but the incessant posting of what amounts to ‘nothings’ kinda annoying still.
    no hard feelings, just my take.

    and please no tell mi fi ignore you, den post 5 commnent in a row in the space of 3 minnute, ca dat would make your advice impossible to follow.

  595. Don’t cry sirach, never meant you any harm. I still like to read your blogs…..just giving you trouble.

    Maybe I am just getting back at you because I stayed one night waiting for your ‘full hundred’ and it never materialized.

  596. oh the full hundred. yes a lot of people had a hard time at work the next day (sirach’s ears ran all day).

    Dem think them “special” and tappa tap of society….yet at midnight….them reveal a wait…….

    Uptowner…yu a come fram far…..repec……but don’t let us huks you out so easy next time…..yu too dyam likky likky…..unno wi get easy fi piesin.

  597. thanks jon and cally (sob).

    point taken

    the blog deos cause reaction outside of the blog itself….even the rambelings. how do i know? I simply wait to see what tapped channels info returns to me from.

    sometimes the info is not understood by all but the results vis a vis the channels have been exceedingly helpful to me.

    The channels are coded and then we know who is who. We can from this even know who has been paid and when….for our list of course which is nearing compltion.

    All is not as it seems…..not a simple as that but i humbly accept your views on my blogging.

  598. mabe one day i can give the full hindred but many right here reading right now want to use it to give me a quack -quack.

    Sorry we can’t reaveal all but you can tust sirach that this ya blog touch nuff nerves in the right person place and time.

    Nuff teefing people emotion rise up pan dem and gi dem pressa and hypertension….and can’t sleep…and can’t ……yeah

  599. so what do you guys suppose cliff hughes( and the nationwide team) is up to? they’ve been very silent on everything. do you think that they are getting the same rumours, but just unable to get the factual evidence to go to ‘press’ with it?
    they like anybody else in business have as their primary purpose their oun bottom line, so they will alwasy choose the sure hit ‘sensation’ story over anything else. so based on ch’s silence, is it reasonable to assume that, nothing ‘sensational’ is happening over in tci?

  600. A house pack full a people like sardine in the storm? Who overstay visa? Yeah no so sensational.

  601. is there merit in the argument which says, anything verifiable as fact, that is of any reasonable level of significance/relevance to the ds/f1/lewfam/il/c- saga will make the local media houses, nationwide/jo/jg/rjr etc, who would be crawling over each other to be the 1st to press, and that the fact that there has been nothing new recently, suggests that there have been no ‘developments’ of note?
    i’m in effect asking, is that an argument that would sufficiently render the whispers that mere mortals like myself have been hearing are nothting more than hearsey..kinda liek ds is the best trader in the world…?

  602. jon

    the gleaner lock longtime. The Observer lock…but…true BS et al like to think of themselves as god’s gift (ask wignall if you don’t believe) and portray a we are an independent and objective publication yoiu may from time to time get a small thing like the case against WW the other day.

    Herald has been told to cool it too. The level of sales they got when they buss the front page on olint had them in a frenzy to do more….and more thoroughly….it seems they have been spoken to since that.

    you nuh know’…a so it go

  603. so you are alleging a second conspiracy den.
    one from ds and followers, dat di ‘big man’ a gi olint a fight, and the second being propsed by you, is the sed(or is a nex set a ) ‘big man’ dem dat issue di fight a get cover up from aquiescent media…a reading yu right?

    mi simple bad u know, but mi sceptical when things are explained by the big C label..

  604. yeah…how about my blog that FSC people in Jamaica have money in olint and other schemes….wha bout that?

  605. who? which ‘fsc people’?
    the janitor?
    the receptionist?
    the office worker?
    managing director?
    its not enough to allege involvment from “fsc people”.
    which work place in ja didn’t, better yet, doesn’t have olinters?

    a problem would only emerge if the person(s) from the fsc was high enough a functionary that you can reasonably argue that there was a conflict of interest.
    i suspect that that is where you’re at. just want some more specificity.

  606. Hmmm, and on another note – world wise has a new payment plan outlined in 2 stages; and an appeal to investors not to sue them but to consider other partners as well.
    Interesting approach the new communication. Let’s see how it flows
    Oh and, of course – they’ll be closing down the online portal as of 9/5/08 for a month.

  607. OK OK does anyone know a lawyer i can contact in jamaica who will take a case for me against a tfeeder club. also i hope teh lawyer is willing to wait until i wn the case cause me bruk. No joke ting is about 12m i’m seeking to recover from a feeder club.
    anyone please help. thank you

  608. questioning, contact the lawyers at Hart Muirhead Fatta. I think they are in New Kingston

  609. jon …but the FSC?…hahahahahahahahahahahhahaaa..I love when you make me laugh so hard ….well ..how bout Roper

    unno get the prescription?

  610. Is Michael Missick a friend of DS?

    Email Article Print Article
    Sept. 1, 2008 – Your Demons Have Come Home To Haunt You – By Oswald O. Skippings

    By Oswald O. Skippings

    Honourable, Honourary Doctor Michael Misick, let me remind you what got you in the sad, helpless, desperate state that you now find yourself. A good place to begin is to remind you that you have categorically declared in parliament your separation of church and state. You then proceeded to sternly rebuke the clergy of this country when they were humbly trying to advise you on the gambling bill, and in essence bluntly instructed them to back off when you told them outright to run the church and allow you to run the Government.

    Oswald O. Skippings is a former Chief Minister of the Turks and Caicos Islands and is currently the Deputy Leader of the Official Opposition, the PDM.

    Honourary Doctor Premier, you must realize that when you divided or separated God from government, you were busting the doors wide open for your demons to enter without restrictions. Now your demons have come home to haunt him. You have consistently conducted a public religious masquerade, repeatedly shed crocodile tears completely sanctioned by imported highly paid evangelists and local bishops and pastors at prayer breakfasts, made public confessions, and last but not least, passed around stuffed envelopes to pastors. I have never seen such spiritual shenanigans anywhere in the world. This is what is referred to as spiritual wickedness in high places

    Now your celebrity world is crumbling around you. The commission of inquiry is upon you investigating massive corruption, the United States are bearing down on your head with money laundering and possibly fraud indictments, not to mention rape charges of one of its citizens. Then there are pending rape charges here at home, the economy is devastated, and there was an advisory by the FBI on Friday morning 29th. August, stating that you are facing indictment in the USA. So you are now appealing to the nation for a national day of prayer and fasting. Let me advise you that prayer and fasting by the saints in this country is what has so far prevented this nation from total disaster by your hands.

    However, if you are sincere and you want to find favor with God, then show that you have a repentant, broken and contrite heart. That I guarantee you, he will not despise. Demonstrate a heart with the intention to be fair and just. One such way is to apologize to the people and to the peoples’ loyal opposition for depriving them access to the media, and show some desire to be fair and just.

    Apologize to Honorable Arthur Robinson for assaulting him and to Mr. Shaun Malcolm for stealing his camera and illegally disposing of his film. Apologize to the Opposition for your dictatorial approach in Parliament by disallowing their questions thus violating their parliamentary rights and privileges. Apologize to this nation and the opposition for being a dictator and totally disregarding the standing orders of the house of Assembly by railroading a previously unannounced, uncirculated and unpublished media bill through parliament and passing it in the same session, a bill that the opposition hadn’t even heard of before getting to parliament, a bill in which the opposition was given one hour per year on TCI New Media.

    Honourable Premier, if you are serious and not toying with God and manipulating the people once again, speak out and inform WIV that their license would be cancelled, (if indeed they have one) if they proceed to censor Reverend Bradley Handfield for preaching the unadulterated gospel, rebuke them in the same breath for censoring the PDM for speaking the truth in representing our country and people. Let WIV know in no uncertain terms that this sort of blatant human rights violations would not be tolerated in this so called democracy which is not yet even independent but is still an overseas territory of Britain.

    Honourable honorary doctor Michael Misick, your bishop can tell you that all those prayers and the fasting will be in vain without reconciliation and sincere confession. As a matter of fact before you made such a public spectacle of yourself on this spiritual matter, you should have sought spiritual advice from your spiritual advisor and he would have told you that GOD DON’T BLESS MESS.

    You need to read Proverbs 1:24-29 in case you are too busy for that let me just quote it here and now for you. “Because I have called, and ye refused; I have stretched out my hand, and no man regarded; But ye have set at nought all my counsel, and would heed none of my reproof: I also will laugh at your calamity; I will mock when your fear cometh; When your fear cometh as desolation, and your destruction cometh as a whirlwind; when distress and anguish cometh upon you. Then shall they call upon me, but I will not answer; they shall seek me early, but they shall not find me: For that they hated knowledge, and did not choose the fear of the LORD”

    Just two weeks ago you were crowned King and presented with an eagle. Well you should have been told at that same time what happens when a king loses his anointing and when an an eagle stirs her nest. But I’m sure you do remember being told by one pastor who had the guts to hold say to you what his spiritual discernment led him to say when he told you that you have been rejected by the Lord. Well King Mike, the same thing happened to King Saul, remember?

    Mr. Premier do you remember the alter call and the testimony service on the parade grounds during the last election campaign, playing with God? Didn’t your advisors tell you what is blasphemy and sacrilege? Do you remember the sacred worship songs where Christ’s name was replaced with yours during the campaign and you just soaked it all up. Mr. Premier if your spiritual advisors failed to tell you that God is also a terrible God, then let me tell you and also let me tell you that GOD IS NOT MOCKED.

    Oh by the way, you might also consider apologizing to Shaun Malcolm and all the other PDM supporters for confiscating their land and you just might want to do the right thing just this once and give them their land back. You are talking about prayer and fasting AND ASKING God for mercy, but You see before you can give God your gift, you must first leave your gift at the altar and go and reconcile with your brother.

    Finally, Honourable Premier, the most profound action of restitution you may take to demonstrate your sincere apology and your care for this nation, is to forthwith resign your office as Premier, and spare this disgraced country and people any further shame and disgrace at home and abroad. This my friend, would be the answer to much prayer and fasting that has already gone forth throughout the length and breadth of this devastated country.

    You see, you can deceive the electorate and manipulate them for your own evil motives, but you can’t do that to God, because; “when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape”.

    King Michael, it’s time to stop this folly. When King Belshazzar King of Babylon refused to stop, the writing appeared on the wall; And this is the writing that was written, MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPHARSIN. This King Michael, is the interpretation of the thing MENE; God hath numbered thy kingdom, and finished it. – TEKEL; Thou art weighed in the balances, and art found wanting and UPHARSIN; Thy kingdom is divided, and given to the Medes and Persians.

    Well King Michael, you didn’t understand what you were doing when you were dividing your kingdom; dividing Church from State; Dividing Turks against Caicos and Caicos against Turks. But let me just give you some insightful and revealing advice and please don’t miss this. I admonish you not to find too much comfort in the fact that there are no Persians to receive your Divided kingdom, and there are indeed no Medes. For you may rest assured, they are indeed here already, praying , fasting and waiting on God, to receive your divided kingdom to heal it, restore it, unite it and make its people proud to be Turks and Caicos Islanders once more.

  611. Bwoy, a tell you. Show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you really are!!!!

  612. Like everyone I have been following the OLINT saga as I too have been severely affected. However, I refuse to sit down any further hoping DS will come to his senses and pay us amounts due. So, thanks to this blog (John Harris, Harbor Shark, Sirach et al..) I got the passion to do something about my situation.

    After seeking legal advice + traveling to the TCI, I am told we have to investigate the following:

    1) Investigate the rapid Belongers status given to DS by the TCI administration- we need to report this fact to the TCI police for a thorough investigation to be performed. We can have the British foreign office review his status and when the bribery charges are proven, his Belongers status will be rescinded.
    We can then welcome the Smith entourage at the Norman Manley Airport. They will arrive by commercial jet, since the Private jet’s lease was rescinded.
    With open arms and open pockets we OLINTERS can welcome DS, TS + her family in hiding, JS+ wife, + 3 children. I will rent a JUTA bus with one stop – Horizon Remand Center.

    2) Identify the location of the brother and CEO of OLINT, WS. He is no saint and the fraud squad would like to speak with him!!!

    3) The politicians who have and continue to aid DS need to be addressed by the “Rod of Correction”. We ALL know the main ones- DV, JR and AS to name a few!!!! In fact, in any other country they would have been forced to resign by this because of their abuse of their office of privilege. The time is now for us to call upon them to explain their relationship with DS.
    Let us see if they confess their sins including the recent meeting they had with DS!!! (Remember the walls have ears and sometimes eyes too- even in the TCI).
    Mr. Prime Minister are these the type of Ministers you really want to serve in your cabinet? We Jamaicans were promised “change” and “transparency”. I may have to call you at the end of the month on your program and ask you to research very pertinent facts which I found out during my recent visit to the TCI.

    4) Ask this question- “Where is DS getting money from- not 1 million but rather 2 million pounds to mount a legal battle in the TCI + take his case to the Privy Council in the UK against NCB?
    Note, the lawyers are getting paid in POUNDS!!!! That means we need to look in the UK for a little stash of cash that belongs to us the investors!!!!
    This really is a sore point because people like Lord Gifford have no problem in taking DS money, draining what little is left, leaving us holding the bag!!
    I wonder how he sleeps at night knowing he is an accessory to this fraudulent scheme?
    It is my hope the lovely “LORD” will pay and declare to the Inland Revenue Department his retainer + monthly refresher fee. That tax money could be used to build a new Harbor view bridge + leave change to fix the pot holes!!!

    5) Press ahead with filing charges against DS for fraud, in Jamaica and the TCI.
    Mr. John Harris, thank you sir for your wise words and for sharing your valuable comments on this blog.

    Friends, I am worn- I just returned from the TCI before the hurricane hit. I thought this little information would be “food for thought”. I will keep you all posted.

  613. Phil, I agree with you Vaz, Robertson and Shaw should explain to the Jamaican public their obviously tangled connection to Smith.Golding should take action before this becomes a political scandal of the worst order.

  614. questioning:

    Understand how you feel, but ease-up on the “bad words”. A few of them got away from you!

  615. only good words allowed!

  616. my bad but it felt gooood

  617. Does anyone know which Month DS says he would pay out?. I know there is a 9 month pregnancy period, but when is the baby supposed to arrive?

  618. Yes. keep it clean

  619. I agree with questioning. The Prime Minister promised us an honest Government.Now we find
    D. Vaz and A. Shaw in the middle of this Olint scandal. What does Mr Golding know and when did he know it.Maybe he should resign and give it to Mr Baugh,he is honest.Lord Gifford should share his million dollar fee with me. I could help him to get David to Zambia where Loiten is before the olint
    scandal explodes. Hail Siriach,defender of free speech

  620. Hey, Where is John Harris? We haven’t hear from him in awhile. He had some interesting info?

  621. I have not visited this message board for some time so I am not up to date on the discussion but I just read a few of the last post.
    My quick response on AS is that Jamaicans need not worry. The international bankers will soon nudge Golding to part company with him. I am surprised that he has even lasted this long.

  622. Banker: I see you want AS’s job,

    Chad: How are AS and DV involved in this probelm? You did give them you money? Them did sign contract with you? Dem use to pay you money monthly?. Don’t vex with them, vex with DS and yourself.

    By the way, what is the minumum in percentage you would acept as final settlement from DS. Suppose you were offered 50%, would you settle?

  623. Eileen
    Somehow i suspect your taking a poll…..hmm
    my vote 50% if paid now and across the board no special deals with Mr. Biggs
    If in 9 more months den di full hundred
    Take that back to your peeps !

  624. 50% of what? original principal? or 50% of the principal & ‘interest’?

  625. Must be of account statement ! No member should entertain any “principal ” & interest crap
    i.e what you had in last month plus the gains He declared is now your new Principle

  626. I have now returned home, and I must tell you all that i am really surprised that ppl here are still hoping that there will be money available to payout.
    Move on everyone, there will be no payouts by Olint.

  627. Welcome back Needy! I thought you were going to give some sort of “who is who” at the Olympics?

    We did hold the fort down while you were away.

  628. I wasn’t going to post this but what the hell!

    The business man that sue WW used to (or still) operate Cycon Japanese Imports – used a car dealer on on HWT Road. One of my relative used to work there and when I wait for him in the evening I used to get chatty with everyone including the boss.

    He used to work at UGI as an accountant before setting up Cycon. The wisper among the staff was that he gets most of his money fron his association with the South American white lady who frequent places like Medellín in the country just south of the isthmus of Panama.

    AML anyone?

  629. lee chin and UGI are close and connected.

  630. How are they connected exactly…thats what inquiring minds want to know.

  631. cvm?

  632. connected?? didnt lee chin buy the whole damn thing!?!?

  633. Other than the the obvious, what else do you know about the man…. If the stupid government are allowing him to buy up every damn thing…..then these fools have the nerve to talk about boosting entrepreneurship.

  634. Yes there needed to be a change of the guard because PNP was in power for too long. None of these fools in the JLP are fit to lead.

    Jamaicans are such a bunch of cowards…you all know the politicians that invested in the schemes. The same scheme they were trying to shut down. You guys need to raise hell about this..they should not have a job these.

    No one has the balls to call these fool out and put them to shame. You all set down and wonder why you wont get a red cent from olint and DS will never see jail.

  635. Everday unuh come pan blog a bitch bout foolishness. Most of you already KNOW what up. You KNOW who the Perpetrators. But yal just a bunch of coward bout unuh a wait pan full hundred…Gwaan wait fools lol.

    People wonder why EVERY BLACK COUNTRY on the face of this earth is in peril. Black people are fools. They dont stand up for their rights and they put up with badness and condone slackness and injustice.

    You negros are pathetic and Jamaica is just a couple decades away from sudan, zimbabwe, and all them other SAVAGE country where muder, rape, and evil rule.

    I will continue to laugh at you cowards

  636. Miachica:

    You are a hater. Don’t come back. Most of the people on this Blog are Jamaicans. Leave Jamaicans alone and don’t come back. If they are happy blogging like this, what do you care? What do you care about black peoople? you ae are NASTY. I do not live in Ja but they are my people. Do you know how resillient Jamaicans are? Maybe you have never been to the place. Talking about Dudan? You are an idiot if you compare ja with Sudan.
    Do you know Jamaican badwords? Don’t come back a BBC.

    Don’t COME BACK a *&%$#@ (jamaican style)


  637. Lisa:

    Wow! Your post caught me off guard. I could have sworn I saw you lifting your skirt (moon) at Miachica during that exchange.

    Who say Jamaican ladies can’t cut too c**t when they are pissed off? I’m just glad your guys were not in the same room, then we would have a cat fight rhhhhhhh 😀

    Bwoy, Olint/WW/Maydaisy have people on edge!

  638. Ladies and Gents,

    I agree with Phil. Hope is not an option at this point. Your only hope of getting ANY money back is to press civil and criminal charges in Jamaica, TCI and the USA and pursue them with the vigour that DS pursued your hard earned money. Gifford doesnt come cheap and DS must have squirreled away a good chunk of change in some offshore trust or structure that will be very hard to pierce. (suggest you all read the NFA indictment and pay particular attention to the third party payment of 50MM usd)
    The money is gone< at this point your best hope is to get some back from all of thiose that profited from this illegal ponzi. This would include DS, but also all his agents as well. JI, PB, etc etc. These guys had a duty of care as they acted as fiduciaries, so whether they believed David or not clearly they are at best guilty of willfull blindness. Some of them have gotten VERY rich off of your money. Suggest you ask for it back!!!!!!


  639. All of the bloggers should carefully read Phil’s report after returning from Turks and Caicos.The inquiry is definitely investigating Smith’s receipt of Belonger status through the Missick administration and the Missick and
    Stanbroke law firm.It is accepted that David Smith paid a large amount
    to get the Belonger status.

    he TCI. I have seen

  640. Harbourshark:

    You guys might be barking up the wrong tree. TCI laws MIGHT allow someone to get “belonger” status fairly quickly by payment of a large fee, coupled with the ability to create “X” number of jobs in their territory. If my memory serves me right, the US allows (or use to) business people to gain “green cards” if they invest certain amount of money in the US and/or create certain number of jobs. Could someone in the know confirm this?

    So, DS gaining this privilege might very well be above board!! I think the pertinent issue for Olint investors is was Olint-TCI licensed or its “securities” registered, in TCI.

    Let us assume for a minute that his “Belonger” status was fraudulently obtained, what “benefits” would Olint Investors derived for this discovery?……Nada!!

  641. Ok we are at Sept 29, 2008, I believe the statement said the courts would hear the applican to have the assets UNFROZEN. Does anyone know the outcome, I have been out of the loop for a while.

  642. Investigators probing financial irregularity by investment company Olint Corporation, run by David Smith, said they could not give a Definitive time as to when their investigation would complete, since their were overseas countries involved from which data needed to be collected.


    Note : Does not open with firefox.

  643. That news already broke from morning, they have the full article to read for those who cant get it opened.


  644. David Smith has never been restricted from trading.

  645. Good news for Olint Investors.!!

    At least one Olint investor got paid, his principal amount yesterday afternoon.
    Now I do not know how much he got paid, but yes I can confirm he did in fact get paid.

  646. Jay,

    All that means (to me at least) is that he was close to David Smith or somebody else who calls shots at olint.

    Or does this mean something else and I’m just completely missing the point….

  647. The Cynic,

    As far as I know he is an ordinary guy who is definitely does not live in an affluent neighbourhood.
    Guess he was just one of the lucky few.
    Now this does not mean more persons are likely to receive money anytime soon, but since some say we(detractors) only spread doom and gloom I thought it fitting to say what we speak is the truth as we see and report as we receive it.

    Good luck Olinters, or is this false hopes, we shall see.

  648. Jay,

    Fair enough….

  649. jay do you know the method and date timeframe he got paid.

  650. also the amount paid

  651. The guy got a check on Friday, and he does not which to say the amount.
    Waiting to find out if he actually got his cash.

  652. Jay,
    I think you just start a rumour to keep the blog a live,
    you think people really believe you.
    Thats the joke of the week with that rumour you can not keep up your blog.
    your stupid…..

  653. Jay,

    Where did this guy receive check??? In Jamaica????

  654. I am waiting for the 9 months period to end.

  655. I would like to know How he got the check since the Olint office is closed? Through the mail? A delivery? FedEx? And what bank was it it drawn on? $US? When was his encashment placed?

  656. Olint ‘mash up’ business

    8 The effects are already being felt, especially in the real-estate sector, as there is a slowdown in new construction and high-rentals are dropping. There is also talk that the prices of once-prohibitive luxury automobiles have fallen to their lowest levels since the Olint fallout.

  657. This received check is absolute rubbish. Seems like a rumour to spread further animosity to DS regarding non-existent preferential treatment…

  658. The TCI FCU tells me that the money sent to JIJ was transferred to Jamaica to pay out encashments….Why would Mark Knighton lie about that? Or maybe I didn’t understand his very british accent?

    It has come to my attention there is no record of any transaction moving money from JIJ back to David Smith, Olint Tci, Olint or Hallmark Bank. This info appears to be accurate and if so there is still money at JIJ – a huge sum…One of the liquidator’s update alluded to this fact as well.

    So in the meantime, we are waiting for an update on your very inexpensive investigation into the JIJ funds Mr. Liquidator.

    Also Mr. Liquidator, have you scheduled the meeting you proposed for Jamaica “earley in 2010 to explain ….strategy and answer questions….?”

    Your next update Mr. Conolley would tell us all about how much you recovered from the Jamaica “worldwide freeze” we assume.

    On another note, Mr. David Smith is still telling his pigs that he intens to pay out in 2010. Says he will be paying back all capita investments. I wonder if that in itself wwas not his first instance of admitting he was running a ponzi. Either that or the money they froze to date is just the “gains”….lol.

    I still don’t know why the liquidator filed suit against Mr. Chin. I still don’t have an answer as to whether Mr. Chin was still hiding David Smith’s millions.

    There is more in the bottle besides the wine.

    Correct me if I’m wrong here people….Mr. Chin and David Smith are in a lawsuit all the way to the supreme of supreme courts. Mr. Chin wants to close DS accounts and DS wants his accounts to stay open. Then Mr. Chin wins but suddenly has a change of heart and decides that he, Mr. Chin wants to keep the accounts open.

    Then months after, we discover that the Olint TCI liquidator files suit against Olint, David Smith, Tracey Smith, Wayne Smith and NCB to freeze funds.

    What else in the wine bottle Jamaica? I’m not drinking it…..

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