F1 vs May Daisy (Part 2)

On June 26, 2008, Steve Plamer & F1 investments has filed a lawsuit in a Flordia court against Ingrid Loiten, May Daisy, I Trade FX, LLC, Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas and Turks & Caicos Banking Co. Ltd.  In part 2 of this article we examine briefly the counts  as stated in the lawsuit.

These are the Counts as outlined in the lawsuit 

  1. Breach of contract
  2. Civil theft
  3. Conversion
  4. Unjust enrichment
  5. Demand Accounting 
We will now present a brief outline of each charge.

Count #1: Breach of Contract

Breach of contract is pretty much self explanatory.  F1 investments is accusing May Daisy and Ingrid Loiten of the following breaches.

  • Wrongful transferring money to 3rd party
  • Delegating duties
  • Failing to exercise diligent honesty
  • Failing to return funds when requested.

Count #2: Civil theft

In this count F1 Investment is basically saying May Daisy and or Ingrid Loiten has stolen their money. Civil Theft appears to be a american statue in some states including Florida. In summary it is a civil action brought by private individuals and is basically similar to obtaining money by false pretense, fraud and or deception.  It is a statutory right, and in Florida it is defined in §812.012, Florida Statutes.

Count #3: Conversion

This has to do with intentionally and wrongfully depriving another  person of his property permanently or for an indefinite time.  The intent component is important and F1 Investment is arguing that May Daisy/Ingrid Loiten has intentionally deprived it of its money.  The failure to return property(money) also is a part of conversion.

Count #4:  Unjust Enrichment 

In the this count F1 Investments is arguing that May Daisy has been duly enriched at the its expense and under obligation to make restitution.  F1 investment is asking May Daisy has unjustly gained it must return F1’s money

Count #5: Demand for accounting

It is in this count, that I-Trade FX and the other defendants come in. F1 Investment is asking the court to demand the accounting records of Ingrid Loiten and or MAY DAISY. That is, they are requesting that all the transaction records for accounts held with these defendants, including I-Trade FX be produced.

I am not a lawyer so the information presented is my understanding based on information available. Please consult a lawyer for legal advice.


8 Responses

  1. I hope she gets what she deserves the sad thing about it is that she is said to be a Jamaican.
    🙂 pot a cus Kettle

  2. More like pot taking kettle to the court. ?? 🙂

  3. No. kettle take pot to court. So it set.

  4. Concerned Investor, on August 15th, 2008 at 9:12 am Said:
    To members of Lewfam in the United States MAINLY FLORIDA RESIDENCE,call the Miami office of the FBI and report the situation to the WHITE COLLAR SQUAD.(305) 944-9101 so they can investigate the situation.I spoke with them and they are encouraging as much peole as possible to call.Dont beleive these people and their empty promises,they are just buying time to do whatever they are doing behind the curtain.When was the last time you got some news from them with some depth and substance,not since this situation arise.Investors your best route of protection now is the law even if it takes a long time you have a great percentage of hope of getting something back.For me to beleive something that Lewfam and DS says these days I HAVE TO SEE IT IN MY HANDS.Folks please call dont be afraid.ONCE YOU HAVE PROOF THAT YOUR FUNDS ARE LEGITIMATE NO PROBLEM, ITS NOT ILLEGAL TO JOIN THESE CLUBS WHAT IS ILLEGAL IS WHAT THEY HAVE DONE TO PEOPLE.The FBI is begging you to call (305) 944-9101 they are eager to jump unto this.These people are getting paid to protect the public.

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  5. I trade responded to the NFA from the 14th of August and the people running the blog didnt release it???

    I wonder why maybe because it isnt about DS???

  6. AML

    your slipping 🙂

    I know everbody glued to their tv set but I got nbc what can I say !

  7. I checked last night. They probably released it this morning.

  8. loiten teif and loose the money. only wukhouse there. She think that Africa going to protect her but she a fool.

    Anybody know if they have locked up Gareth Harris yet.

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