TCI Police: Investigations could take months

Nothing incriminating yet is the word from the Police in the TCI according to a report published in the TCI Sun. The lead investigator was however quick to warn than that the investigations could months. Here is a quote from the article.

Meanwhile, investigator Mark Knighton of the Financial Crimes Unit, noted that it could take up to three months for his team to complete their probe into Smith’s local operations, quickly pointing out that so far their investigations yielded nothing incriminating.

The police claim they have a lot of documents and it is possible that they will need assistance from other jurisdictions.

“My experience is that, when you’ve got all these documents, and the possibility that other jurisdiction may be involved, this takes time. And the length of time it takes depends on the co-operation of the other jurisdictions. We have a lot of documents to go through, and when we have gone through these documents, then we will make a judgment whether or not we should proceed further,” Knighton said.

We have also heard reports on Nationwide that the police in TCI has sought and gotten additional help to speed up the investigations.

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9 Responses

  1. Missick says, “don’t stop the progress” hahahaa ….I wonder where he got that from?

  2. Bandooloo govenor gone from TCI. “Fly di gate an let out di pir…” (remeber that one)……in comes a new govenor…”the rod of correction”..(remember that one).

  3. Did anybody REALLY think it was going to be a process that took only a few weeks? This is just the TCI portion of the ‘investigation’.

    We can safely assume that the U.S. portion will take just as long if not longer…. The only thing people should be concerned with is….

    is there ANY money in Olint bank accounts, Olints ‘trading platforum accounts’, or David Smith’s accounts..

  4. 9 months? how then are they (Olint) going to calculate the interest on the loans people have had to take to do medical proceedures now?


  5. I have been away from the blog for some time. Busy with work and investigation. I am sorry to report that their is no significant money in oanda.

    So based on what is left in I-trade, fxcm and oanda investors will be getting less than 10c on each dollar if based on what is invested.

    I do not think i will be posting on this blog anymore.There is no piont really. DS had us fooled for sure.

  6. catd,

    Were figures for Oanda released???

  7. guys, get real!!!

    Have any one of you heard about a PONZI/WHATEVER scheme being allowed to go back in business after a crackdown by the authorities?

    Usually, it is a relief to the operators of those schemes for the charade to be brought to an end.

  8. If any monies are returned, one should be happy. It’s better than nothing at all

  9. Wake up people. Mark my words nobody is getting their money back, and for TCI investigation, what a joke, they are all corrupt and DS has enough of them in his pockets, they will not touch him. Its common knowledge Turks, Grenada and other places have BS banking laws and are havens for launderers and schemes. If you want to get rich quick I suggest getting a job in government over there!

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