HCU Collapse in Trinidad

The Hindu Credit Union which collasped in Trinidad recently is being compared to the O(Zero) and Cash Minus collapse in Jamaica.

The overnight disappearance of the HCU empire is certainly reminiscent of Jamaica’s severe problems with OLINT Financial Corp and the March 2008 decision of the High Court of Jamaica to place Jamaica’s Cash Plus into receivership on the application of an employee.

HCU and Cash Plus also created subsidiaries in quick time without much attention being paid to the connection between the return on these investments and the returns promised to depositors and the liquidity required to meet depositors’ demands.

It appears that the entire caribbean region is suffering from various financial schemes which intially seemed to be “Godsend” only to fail and bring misery on its depositors/investors.

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9 Responses

  1. Wa dat onothda wan. unbeleavable

  2. Two executive members resign from HCU shareholders group
    Saturday, September 6 2008


  3. HCUDSG discord results in resignations
    By Anna-Rose Madray Sunday, September 7 2008


  4. Two senior members split from HCU group
    ‘I will not be used as a pawn’
    Kim Boodram


  5. HCU depositors file action against official
    Keino Swamber South Bureau
    Wednesday, August 13th 2008


  6. At least people in Trinidad wont put up with crap.

  7. HCU meeting in uproar
    By Anna Rose Madray Tuesday, September 2 2008


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