Bail conditions relaxed

The Cash Plus three, Carlos Hill, Bertram Hill and Peter Wilson, returned to court yesterday, July 30, 2008 to answer various charges. The case was again put off but news of the day was the decision of Judge to relax the bail conditions. The defence lawyers had argued that the bail conditions was onerous. 

Today the judge agreed and the bail conditions of Carlos Hill and Bertram hill have been relaxed. Bertram Hill is free to travel overseas must be return by the next mention date.

As for Carlos Hill, his attorney is quoted as saying, “Those conditions on our applications have been removed, so he is no longer required to report to the police station, the additional condition that he be at home at six o’clock has also been removed”.

According to Chuchill Neita, Carlos Hill is still making efforts to have investors paid and their the efforts have born some fruit.

After failing to pay investors interest and refund them their principals, Cash Plus went in to receivership in April 2008. The the Cash Plus Group was placed into liquidation at the end of June 2008.

They are to return to court on October 7, 2008



5 Responses

  1. Why do they need the bail conditions relaxed? CH said once I am free EVERYBODY will get theri money back. Well, they have been free for some time now. So CH has again been proven a liar/.

  2. Do you expect evvery one in the world to be honest? Even though that would be great it wont happend you just have to face the facts that liars are out there and CH is one of them

  3. A big fat liar

  4. Invest for life

    How can we listen to Dr. Walker on the radio now

  5. C+ Receiver report due on August 8!! Are they going to post on the receiver web site?

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