Here is the Full Text of the MTI AD that appeared in the Sunday Gleaner July 27, 2008

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There is nothing crueler than a violation of one’s personal trust or an abuse of someone’s loyalty. Many Jamaicans have joined various FOREX Investment Clubs to help them take advantage of the money than can be made trading currencies. Unfortunately, It has been many Jamaicans that have been taken advantage of.

Given the recent rash of FOREX Trading schemes, scams and scandals, MTI is working to help educate the people of Jamaica on the FOREX while Jamaicans take greater steps to educate themselves and avoid becoming victims of any more scams. The FOREX itself is not a scam or a scheme. Without a true education about the FOREX, People can be taken advantage of by some questionable FOREX clubs. At Market Traders Institute, we are not in the business of taking people’s money to trade on FOREX. We are in the business of educating people to trade on the FOREX for themselves.

Market Traders institute is not a club. We are an institution and we are committed to helping the citizens of Jamaica take control of, and improve their personal finances. MTI is trying to correct the misperceptions that many Jamaicans have about the FOREX. While there is tremendous opportunity for profit trading currencies, without a proper education the potential for losses is just as great

Meet Bassilios Hado

As the managing director for Chez Maria Limited, Bassilios Hado works hard for his money, but still see the potential for profits on the FOREX, When first I heard about FOREX Clubs, people trading other people’s money on the FOREX, instead of putting my money with a friend or stranger, I decide to educate myself on the FOREX, After investigation the options from other educational organizations in Jamaica. I discovered that MTI had the greatest integrity. I also learned that MTI was an international organization, teaching people all over the world how to trade currencies on the FOREX

No one cares how much you know. Until they know how much you care.

We are MTI are very sad and sorry that many innocent Jamaicans have been taken advantage of by certain individuals using the legitimate FOREX Market to meet their rouge needs. In an effort to help the citizens of Jamaica recover from FOREX Investments that may have failed, MTI is discounting our educational products and services. We want to restore the legitimate of currency trading in Jamaica. Jamaicans need to educate themselves about the FOREX before investing. Market Traders Institute can help you separate the fore facts from the fiction for yourself. We can help you avoid being taken advantage of. With the right education, you can take advantage of the FOREX.

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