OLINT starts to Fight back

Radio Jamaica is reporting that OLINT’s legal team, led by Lord Anthony Gifford, was in the judge’s chambers in the Turks and Caicos on Monday, July 28, 2008. It is understood from the report that they have started presenting arguments why the assets of OLINT should not be frozen.

The assets were frozen on July 14, 2008, two weeks ago, when raids were carried out on OLINT TCI’s office and David Smith’s home. Subsequently their have been reports of the Department of Justice in the USA, in a letter dated July 11, 2008, freezing the assets of David Smith, OLINT TCI, TCI FX, Ingrid Loiten, May Daisy and Gareth Harris held in that country. 

OLINT direct and in-direct clients in Jamaica, the Caribbean, North America will be waiting anxiously for more news. OLINT and it related affiliates and ‘feeder’ clubs have failed to pay clients interest or honour withdrawal request for many months.

Source: OLINT starts battle in TCI


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  1. Why is it this blog and media is focusing all their attention on Olint?
    What about MayDaisy and WorldWise? at least O is visible with their attorneys we cannot say the same for the other two. Jay reported Ingrid is in Africa somewhere? Go do your undercover work on that and gets answers. The other media houses already so intent on David, you guys go and pick a next battle.

  2. Now, this is some great news…honestly, I hope these guys get access to their monies… I hope DS is fighting for the people and not only for himself. People, we must have faith. For the sake of the poor man, many people need that money back to just survive. I am praying that TCI release the hold on these monies. Anything is possible… Even if Olint closes its doors and never operates in FX business, if the people can get their money back then it is a win win. Good Luck DS. Watch how the people will renew their love for him if he can get that money released. Man if Obama can get elected than DS can get that money back if he has not done no wrong (i.e., money laundering)…

  3. Okay but the funds were not frozen from January 08.So where is the money that you are hoping is supposedly gonna be made available.Hmmm what DS going to do wave a magic wand then “poof” money appears out of nowhere.

  4. investforlife:

    correction… the money is frozen not seized…

  5. @NoCotec, Thanks, Correction made

  6. Beenie

    I am in Canada and there is no person I know who invested his or her money in MayDaisy that has seen a cent in close to a year. She has even stopped posting returns and has resorted to publishing Christian exhortations. I am sure that all have accepted that MayDaisy was a scam and have given up hope. Luckily, she was not able to get a relatively large amount of deposit. WW is in much the same position as MayDaisy.

    OLINT however, garnered immense good will in the Jamaican community and to a lesser extent else where in the Caribbean, thanks to the efforts of people like you. He managed to get many individuals to place their savings with him and in some cases, borrowed money was placed with him. The Masonic image toped with a hefty dose of black power and an anti establishment aura that was conferred on David Smith allowed him to garner a gathering so mythical it was only dwarfed by his supposedly legendary trading skills.

    Obviously, the scales or difficult to come from your eyes so you are not able to see why his down fall would attract more attention.

  7. RJR Reported the following:

    “Further submissions are expected in coming days as OLINT’s attorneys present their case against the freezing of the company’s assets which reportedly amount to billions of dollars.”

    Its report like these that continues to keep “investors” hopes alive and the possibilty of getting their money back.

    Two months ago ACP Green reported that CH has US$Billions in overseas accounts, and up to now not a penny (as far as I am aware) has been found in any of these overseas accounts. Then again I am not even sure if any of these accounts were found.

    I am not sure where RJR got its report from but, then again it did not state what currency they were talking about.

  8. Bennie,

    Most persons (including the Al Miller church group) were/are convinced that forex trading is a legitmate money making venture and that his worship – DS was in fact trading and making millions for his clients.

    While all this focus has been placed on Olint and right fully so, MD & WW has quietly slipped away with the rest of investors money.

    Note that a number of persons were with multiplt clubs, but Olint appeared to be the most “legitimate” of them all.

  9. I am sure the billions will be unfrozen at some point….however–it will only be millions by then………..

    Legal fees will take a lot of dem money…… and the saga continues!

    The court has to prove he knowing… took money from a “dirty” source.

    Guilty by association —–does not work in a court of LAW!..

  10. Blogs and the media can not replace the investors. Investors acting irresponsibly have let these guys slip away or will slip away from their grasp. When IL of MD fame had her US $7 million frozen in Zambia, I advised investors to swoop in with lawyer(s) and lay claim to the money. I was banned from that blog while the same MD investors cheered. Now why do investors think that if they are not looking to protect their own interests that others will do it for them?

  11. there are no billions or tens of millions. If there were, monies would have been paid out earlier this year

  12. Needy said

    “there are no billions or tens of millions. If there were, monies would have been paid out earlier this year”

    This is my point also there are no billions or millions.The sooner we come to this reality the sooner we rebuild and move foward.

  13. When nothing was frozen you did not get your money. Why does anyone think that unfreezing will help members.

    For months there was no headline saying “Olint Fights Back”

    But now that the royalty has had two weeks on limited spending they have now deemed it fit to fight back for themselves.

    No unfreezing taking place right now so I ask : What next?

  14. When a shark holds you in its bite…..and you start to fight back…what happens then?

  15. Invest for life

    When a shark holds you in its bite…..and you start to fight back…what happens then?

  16. Sirach:

    It look like you hitting the bottle mon? Or is it the pipe?

  17. Everything is going to be o.k. Things will unfreeze (eventhough we are heading towards fall). Everybody will be paid. It’s going to be great. Semaj will have no customers. The liquor will flow again.

    don’t worry be happy..hhahahaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    ‘when di tamsen wid di pan anack….you couldda ruan arun a run…..unda yuo mumma frack’

    ‘we nuh bleach wid cream …wid bleach wi M….’

  18. ‘A got my click to di rear a mi …….si do’nt jus appear da mi….neva touch ma money Nooooooooooooo…..my moneys dear da mi…………….dudes pan di black running scared a mi….girls ova dear trowing deer undawear ……ova here da mi…..’

  19. ‘….is dudes pan di black….wid dem glack…running scared a mi…..’

    Wicked lyrics Cham.

  20. Listen.

    Sometimes we run light and crack two joke. We feeling pain for many cause’ we know what they are going through.

    In any adversity sometimes a little lightness and humour can help ease monotany and stress.

    Nuh watch nuh face.

    If Sirach ruled the Worldn then all the parties involved from the various clumembers to the various clubs would be able to be completly satisfied. Seen.

    So most times we keep the vibes light and we do wish that the nightmare can be erased with no animosity and peace and love. Dig

    Yeah like MLchn and DS holding hands in solidarity for Jamaica. Just like Michael and Eddie did.

    So try keep the vibes light sometimes……what is for Ceasar is for Ceasar.

  21. DS , will give his full hundred this week and when this 250 million becomes “unfrozen ” we will hear the word …LOL..

    Ok gents and ladies , Lawyers are vultures , a license to steal , so many have cheered , then a what you think deh man dem a fight for ? Naught ! Pleaseeeeeee, dem lawyer deh must see Dollasssss , plenty of it to cover their fees or they would have lifted already..
    Wait for the hundred interview… Super Dave say Im a no thief !….

  22. ‘ dem wan fi war mi …….so mi sen fi mi army…..bullet a spray dem like Issey Miyake……dis di empiya cappa shat a go fire……’

  23. dem wan fi war mi …….so mi sen fi mi army…..bullet a spray dem like Issey Miyake……dis di empiya cappa shat a go fire…

    WTR you talking bout bwoy !

  24. watching closely

    Being a thief and mismanaging are not necessarily related. DS says he is not a thief. Cool. But being a thief or not has nothing really to do with what is going on now.

    Members under pressure from outside sources in all kinds of ways don’t have time to deliberate if DS is a thief or not. Who ever really came out and said DS is a thief? They have not even really said that about JM or IL or the rest.

  25. watching closely

    aAe you Jamaican? or are you like in Orlando or froriegn or something. Ever heard of dancehall?

  26. Sirach ah no sample.

    I will cut the patois/creole because I have been told that it is unfair as many bloggers can’t understand.

    Plain ans STRAIT from now.

  27. Sirach,

    No one has used the word thief here. But based on accusations running a muck here , he would have to be a lied and a thief for the monies to be gone ……..

    DS have lawyers now fighting his case and speculation have been thrown about in regards to the amt being 250 Mill.
    Now this 250 mill might be a bit optimistic, but money deh deh for sure , otherwards his attorneys would have lifted by now .. might not be 250 , but millions for sure based on current attorney fees ….

  28. Sirach ,

    I’m Jamaican , but your Patois takes a bit to follow.
    English would be more appropriate as the patois investors will just watch. .

  29. watching closely

    Thanks. Yes my patois is on a high level. Is mi dem a call fa fi du di bible translation.

    Once for mutty perkins I tok up his challenge and translated Pythagoras’ theorem into patois for him

    not easy unless you know Jamaica well

    ‘the square on the hypotenuese is equal to the sum of the squares on the other two sides”

    The Lawyers

    Contrary to wideheld belief there are Lawyers who will work for free for some persons. Based on credibility, honor, respect and the like.

    To think otherwise is to think like the Olint management itself and believe that money is some paramount kind of deity…to which all other things must follow.

    Sad..isn’t it.

  30. Sirah

    Memba fi sai dat a fi ongle right angle triangle

  31. Ih comiin laik we di Siej Wan seh. Ebryting we wi fi seh don seh, so wi affi jos wiet til wa fi apn, apn. Ih no go no mour dan dat.

    Ef Olint ab moni fi pie di piipl dem, den aal a ih dichrakta dem ago ab eg pan dem fies. Bot ef no moni no ron den a el ahn pouda ous.

    Ah wanda wa mi niid fi ton bielif?

  32. Robin Irie
    Your patois Spelling strange.

    Robin Irie wrote ” Ih comiin laik we di Siej Wan seh. Ebryting we wi fi seh don seh, so wi affi jos wiet til wa fi apn, apn. Ih no go no mour dan dat.

    Ef Olint ab moni fi pie di piipl dem, den aal a ih dichrakta dem ago ab eg pan dem fies. Bot ef no moni no ron den a el ahn pouda ous.

    Ah wanda wa mi niid fi ton bielif?”

    Translated as;

    It appears as if we have talked about all that needs to be said and so now, we have to await the out come. That is about it.

    If OLINT has money to pay the people, then all his detractors will have egg on their faces. However, if no money is available then “ A hell and powder house” (Jamaica saying)

    I wonder what I need to believe.


  33. Good Translation !! Sounds about right 🙂

  34. Banker


    Siej Wan seh = Sage One said.

    Ah wanda wa mi niid fi ton bielif?” = I what what I need to become a bailiff.

    Its easy once you put English aside. Its based on the Cassidy Witing system and vowels are pronounced phonetically.

  35. Robin Irie, on July 29th, 2008 at 4:18 pm Said:
    Ih comiin laik we di Siej Wan seh. Ebryting we wi fi seh don seh, so wi affi jos wiet til wa fi apn, apn. Ih no go no mour dan dat.

    Ef Olint ab moni fi pie di piipl dem, den aal a ih dichrakta dem ago ab eg pan dem fies. Bot ef no moni no ron den a el ahn pouda ous.

    Ah wanda wa mi niid fi ton bielif?

    You need the potais dictionary because most of your spellings was incorrect…You just made up your own patois there LMAO!

    Go on Jamaicans.com they have a good patois dictionary.

  36. Robin Irie

    That was a good one!

  37. Thanks for the translation guys i nearly bite ff my toungue trying to read it.Bwoy i never know that reading patois could be so dangerous LOL

  38. I gave up after the first sentence!

  39. Mia

    Since they are promoting the language I am not going to knock them. That said the closest thing we have to standardisation is the Cassidy Writing System (see Dictionary of Jamaican English by F. G. Cassidy and R. B Le Page – a copy of which I am the proud owner) its what UWI use for their Jamaican Language project and courses.

    a better website is jumieka.com

  40. But back to the topic.I would not be so optimistic yet about the lawyers being present because there is money to be had.Listen do you think DS is broke no.The company may be insolvent yes but you have to pay the price to ensure that you stay out of prison so paying these lawyers a retainer fee of say US$1m should be nothing for DS.Hell Carlos Hill was able to retain some high price lawyers as well.So what are we saying Cashplus have money too.

    The lawyers are just doing their jobs they have no moral obligation to anyone of us and will collect their rspective pay checks at the end of the day leaving some of us to hope and talk about have “faith” even when it is quite obvious as to what has really happened to OLINT and this is just another play in the playbook which we should all be familiar with by now.

  41. Its easy people. Just try to read it just like how unu taak. Remember vowell sounds from primary school?

    a – as in apple (not as in hay)

    e – egg (not eve)

    i – indigo (not time)

    o – old (not book)

    u -umbrella (not ugly)

  42. I have to remain positive…hope & faith r keen at this time….up to dec…DS has always come thru…my hope is that he will come thru again…if there is only 50 cents on the dollar he would still be vindicated (esp for persons in the club over 1 yr).

    Is there any on the blog who does not want DS to come thru?

  43. i liked the fact that the bloggers could take some time to joke around the patois bizness….sometimes, when yuh head a hurt, yuh haffi just start laugh.

  44. Very interesting days ahead though….. many NCB employees are livid with MLC who in their opinion is leading the charge against Olint.

  45. mk.
    My brother who has or had $4K in Lewfam has put in a request since april last year and still has not received a penny. I have a friend who has not gotten payment form OLINT since placing a request in November of last year. I wish everyone could get back their money (that is at lest their principal ) But I am willing to make a bet there is no much more than a few cents on the dollar if any. I am not sure why people keep saying the last 6 months when several club members have had problems going back to last year.

  46. mk
    As a follow up it is misleading to say payments have ceased in the last 6 months when only some people have gotten payment while several people have had difficulty going much further back. Some have gotten part payment some full, some part of a principal payment etc

  47. Banker,

    I made a post close to the end of the previous topic:


    I asked you to point out in what way I might misleading people, in light of the content of a certain Court of Appeal ruling. I am anxious to be corrected.

  48. MK

    If DS has not come through for the majority of his members since the last 7 months what makes you think that him getting high profile lawyers will do now.

    Are you suggesting that he needed to pay high profile lawyers just to meet his obligations from early this year to meet his obligations.As much as i hate to say it do not expect much if anything at all from the proceedings which will be battled out in court in another attempt in my opinion to distract persons from the obvious and stave of a couple more law suits as persons “hope” and “pray” and have “faith” in a favourable outcome.

    I am really sorry for being so pessimistic but it is just the reality of the situation right now.Respect

  49. d-curious-1
    I just saw your post and made a reply. I hope the reply helps. I have to go home to my wife and children so if you have a follow up I will look out for it tomorrow.

  50. d-curious
    The reply is on the other blog page. Walk good

  51. investforlife went pass 300, 000 hits today… the hits keep on coming… play de music drivah 🙂

  52. so, Olint will takre 2 years in court to be back at the position where we were at in January.

    The other blog also saying that MLC and Bill Clarke gang up against Olint.

    so pretty much everybody seems to be the cause of Olints demise except David Smith

  53. Banker & Chromatic

    Just finished some running (helps to keep off the stress) .

    Good pts. …why hasn’t he paid out in 6 mths….the truth is I am not really sure….the movement of large amt of funds have become more & more difficult so there was probably a level of due diligence with the first run as well as limited funds being allowed at a time….hear me though tI believe that is still a very very cloudy area for me as well.

    Again we hear that the 200m was turned back from NCB….again I will not swear to this.

    While i fully understand some one being pessimistic…I have chosen to be positive…I have not received funds in 6 mths – so for me it can’t get worse it can only get better

    I can more than appreciate someone being pessimistic though…

  54. kullcull

    that is the way ppl are, always looking for someone else to blame.
    If we had listen to MLC and BC we would not have now been in this mess, yet we still try to castigate them
    Common sense, if MLC believed that DS was a super trader, he would not have “fought” against him at all., Instead he would have invested everything that he had, rolled it over, and today be the “richest man in the world”
    Sorry be the dumbest man in the world, like the rest of us,
    It is time that the fools get off MLC back.
    a nuh him owe we wi funds.

  55. Banker

    you are the person that i blame most for my demise, and I should tell you that as soon as I find out who you are, I am going to take legal action against you.

    Last week you posted a blog where the scenario was created of Olint compounding U$100mill at 10% per month, and how much time it would take for a third of the worlds wealth to have been accumulated by him.

    If you made that public a year ago, I would not have put a penny in Olint. since I would have realised based on your article that what Olint was doing was unachievable.

    i therefore hold You responsible Banker, for not sharing this with the public at large,

    Be prepared to hear from my lawyers

  56. Banker
    ‘When you have a right angle traingle’ which in patois is of course “di triangle wid two side same size” if I get bored tonight I’ll do the whole theorem. you’ll find it funny.


    Returns for July to be posted in 2 days!

  58. Sirach,

    returns for July. LOL
    we nuh even get returns for june as yet.

  59. hahahahahahahahaaahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  60. needy

    Just suppose for a minute…..What would u say if DS pays out at least 50 cents on the dollar? would this confirm a very talented trader in ur opinion?

  61. It’s good that you can find joy in so many people’s misery.

  62. Mk

    I sure hear you.You have to remain positive in anything you do unfortunately i have not been blessed with what i consider an admirable characteristic.My wife always says to me that i have no faith in anything This is what has happened to me with OLINT and Worldwise for that matter.I have had a world wind of emotions over the last couple months frustration, anger,hate,shame (for being so naive) and i have just decided to do a total write off and start over if things work out i would say HOORAY but if not i would be saying okay “whatever” LOL.

  63. Needy
    Are u saying that u feel that mlc has made absolutely no attempt to frustrate/bring down olint? Many individuals working at NCB would seriously disagree with u.

    Word is that he was in turks 2 wks ago?

    Also do u believe anyone is making these great returns on forex?…Capital Blue did 59% 2 mths ago…they have had losses as well though…

  64. Sirach ,

    Sounds more like “pythagorass” to me … LOL.

    Again money is there , the million dollar question is how much. if it was a small as you leaning to Sirach , i’m not sure this charade would have continued after the TCI authorities moved in .

    Unlike Pythagoras theorem , all the sides of this triangle does not add up . Big money or very powerful people are keeping DS from sharing cell space with CH …..

  65. Sirach, Yu too wicked, why yu must give people false hope? 🙂
    Yu want fool fool people start put dem money in again!!

  66. mi will teck even 0.005% gains, better yet, just let mi breakeven…

  67. chasethe dream

    I may offer u 5 cents on the dollar then…thats a good gamble

  68. mk

    Fx trading is gambling, not wealth creation, for someone to win, another has to lose. You cannot build a business on gambling UNLESS YOU ARE THE HOUSE.
    So what is MLC was in TCI 2 weeks ago.
    Is that the reason why Olint has paid outnothing in 8months? NO
    is that the reason why Olint became a Ponzi? NO

    the answers to the above is Olint crashed because DS mismanaged and partied out peoples money.

    MLC is a self made Billionaire, do you see him partying like Super Dave?
    The man was partying like a rock star, with ppls money

    Serious fx traders are always busy trading and are hardly seen at night, cause this is when the market is most volatile, but no Super Dave is here there and everywhere .

    That is why Olint crashed

  69. Yu know how much people put dem mada money in this ting? Yu must not forget the family destruction that this will cause.

  70. Needy

    Not everybody on the Forex goes to speculate or gamble – most go to buy/trade money for business purposes. …..they don’t watch market trends use charting etc….so I would not describe it has gambling – though there is the element of risk/chance. The analogy does not hold.

    I agree with u on the irresponsible behav of ds partying, gambling etc…..my question to u though was what is he pays u back at least 50 cents on the dollar?

  71. if he offered me 50cents on the dollar, i would take it, say thank you lord and run

  72. Needy
    Hear u so would I…would that mean that he was a good trader though?

  73. do you mean 50cents on the principal or the total “returns”?
    some people could come out good with 50cents on the dollar based on their total returns
    mi would tek anything at this point..

  74. he would be a good trader if yu come out ahhead or breakeven…

  75. FX trading is lucrative busines if yu know what the hell yu doing.It is actually best when the market is unstable..

  76. Chasethedream

    Thanks for that response….I am talking abt total returns not principal. People who have been in the fund over a yr shld come out ahead esp if they compounded (214% for the yr) 50 cents would therefore repres a better return than most investments worlwide. To pay that out would have to speak to his trading skills.

    So the outcome will or should settle whether DS was one of the biggest con men or whether he was in fact a great trader who ran into some org & personal issues.

    Once he is able to give us back something substantial like 50 cents on the dollar it should settle this agrument once and for all. Thats my opinion

  77. Chasethedream

    I agree with u – FX can b very lucrative….

  78. The Financial Services Commission in Jamaica is bankrolled by the Bankers Associaation of Jamaica. Not the Government of Jamaica as we suppose Where else would they get the money to be running ads in the (full page at that )gleaner, observer, radio and television. I would be surprised if Micheal Lee chin didn’t contribute heavily to their coffers. They think the Jamaican people are idiots. The government of Jamaica can scarcely find the money to pay civil servants, and run the country let alone spending so much money asking people DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOU ARE PUTTING YOUR MONEY !!!!!
    Foolishness!!!! FSC may be a government agency, but its the banks who fund the programs. Thats why I do not believe in them, they all have agendas to protect the rich and “dig out the y’eye of the poor”

  79. mk

    he is a good trader, i know that first hand. It is not by trading that he has lost the money , but by partying,
    he was a good trader but a better partier

  80. HSC what does Obama have to do with it. Is it bacause Obama is half white he is going to give members of the UFO/AIS our moaney??


  81. needy..

    can you really party away all that amount of money?

  82. It is not unbelievable that DS and the others are getting a fight from the BACCRA bankers and ting.

    That is not the problem.

    The problem is that DS et al have always seemed to not put the BACCRA in their place.

    So IL, CH, DS,WS WW LF MD etc……..going to do what?

    Keep playing around with BACCRA and drawing the rest of us to the mercy of BACCRA and dem *^**$rey?

    Sick a dat.

    If you can’t manange then step aside…..stop blocking us from dealing with our own affairs. Leggo the info.

    Although the bosses of these clubs think that like some little children we are only privy to certain info…the fact is they are wrong.

  83. Closing down those schemes.

    Here is a rather interesting article from a writter as it appears in today.s gleaner.

    “Over the last four or so years, we witnessed the rise of something too good to be true and, at last, the closing chapters on the saga of the Jamaican alternative investment schemes are finally being written.

    We should all be happy about this, regardless of how much money you or your neighbour might have lost. I don’t say this with malice, but with reason and here are only but a few:


  84. Chasethedream, on July 29th, 2008 at 10:07 pm Said: ….”FX trading is lucrative business if yu know what the hell yu doing. It is actually best when the market is unstable”….

    How can that be? I would think that during periods of instability, your risk level would be higher. I’m not a FX trader (have very little FX knowledge), but if the “market” is unstable, wouldn’t your charting and other FX predicting tools become….well…useless. Under such conditions, the whole FX process defaults to “gambling….rolling the dice”

    Please explain to the uninitiated how instability in the market makes for better FX trading and/or the ability to make bigger “gains”.

  85. Going for broke
    published: Wednesday | July 30, 2008

    “The members of the Christian community have been convinced from the very outset that this foreign-exchange trading enterprise is in fact an act of divine favour. We ought not to apologise for this conviction”.


  86. Where’s my money? – Finance schemes in limbo, people are grieving
    published: Wednesday | July 30, 2008

    “Some ‘alternative finance schemes’ are in limbo and, from where I sit, many pensioners, professionals and people from all walks of life are in a state of depression and grieving. “……


  87. Sorry about that…

    Why are we still here blaming David Smith? Every last one of us made a decision – BY OURSELF – to give this STRANGER our money to manage.

    Here is a man who never contacted any of us. Never tried to convince us to give him our money. We have never met him. We have never even spoken to him – Yet we dip in our pockets, mortgage our houses, take personal loans from the bank and give it all to him without a thought of a “What if?”

    In any contract with OLINT, was it EVER said how much return you would get on your money? Was there ever a statement that said how much “fees” David Smith would take out for managing our money?

    The answer to these questions is NO! Yet we still went ahead and blindly gave him our money and then turn around and cuss him when we can’t get it back. Who we need to blame are all the mothers, coursin, aunty, uncle and fren who worked extremely hard to convince us to put money with OLINT

    Why we upset with David Smith partying? You ever check out Bill Clarke in South Florida? US$2 million house, AMG Mercedes + Mercedes SUV + mi hear seh all kind of strippers always a party there, All fully paid for and maintained by BNS – yet they paying me only 2% /year on my little fixed deposit. – David Smith is no different he spending what he earned – nothing nuh wrong with that.

    We only have ourselves to blame. A word of advice, just try to move on – try and forget about the money and if we get a $0.03 on the principal – be happy. STOP THINKING ABOUT THE RETURNS

  88. Davesin,

    One way in which, in general, instability helps a trader do better, is because of a concept called “volatility”. There are many ways in which “volatility” has been proven to be good for trading under certain conditions. One such condition is when you apply the use of “Options”. Options allow you the ability to limit your downside loss (to the option price) while at the same exploiting the upside potential of any play. Without getting into too much detail, the volatility, in this example, actually increases your chance of getting to your payoff price (strike price) because the greater swings in the market. If the market is stable then you lose the price you paid fort he option. This is a simple call option that I describing here

    This example applies to the use options in currency trading.

  89. Russ,

    DS has a fiduciary responsibility to the people who put money with him. He is obligated to manage those funds to the best of his ability ensuring that among other things that proper accounting is done, proper business management is done, that proper risk management in trading is done, that he complies with the procedures and requirements of the banks and brokers that he deals with it. If he did not want that responsibility then he should not have taken a dime from anybody, regardless of whether they ever met or spoke to him or not.

    Your point about people being referred to DS as somehow an argument for why we should not expect responsible performance from DS is like saying (permit my use of an analogy) that those lawyers in the US for example who operate only by referral (i.e. who dont advertise) don’t have a professional responsibility to the client and it is ok for them to be guilty of any kind of legal malpractice.

  90. Russ:

    I read your post and couldn’t find anything I could disagree with.

    However, given what you said, don’t you think he have some level of responsibility to his (blind) investors?

    How do you know that BNS pays for and maintain Bill’s house in Florida:

    Is this the house:


    Areal view of property:

    Very nice! but property is very over-leverage at this time!!!

  91. Truth:

    You should reserve the use of the word “fiduciary” for a legal entity! 🙂

  92. Russ

    It is volatility that spells opportunity for a trader….because it means one currency will be moving up or down in a big way…once u r analyzing the mrkt properly that means lots of profits (PIPS for traders).


    Good point abt the FSC ads…do u really think the govt has bn paying for them? if not then who?


    I have said to u that I apprec ur views – I still do. If DS is a very good trader…its hard to party off all the money though….

    If he pays us a sustantial amt on our total returns – he would have ans his critics.

  93. mk, on July 30th, 2008 at 8:07 am Said: “It is volatility that spells opportunity for a trader….because it means one currency will be moving up or down in a big way…once u r analyzing the mrkt properly that means lots of profits (PIPS for traders).”


    But doesn’t it allows for huge losses (if you read it wrong)? What tools would a trader employ during these periods of instability?

  94. mk and sirach

    Go to http://www.fscjamaica.org/content.php?action=content&id=72 and you can read the FSC annual report. There’s a lot of information there. Their accounts show what they spend on public education and on advertising. They also show their sources of income. These are audited financial statements so it’s unlikely that there is some other spending by the FSC that is not accounted for there.

    From my quick read, it’s clear the FSC is paying for it out of fees it extracts from the companies it licenses (insurance, dealers, stock exchange, pension fund managers, etc). Maybe you could take a look and dig out something different (the notes are usually a good place to start).

    These are for the year ending March 31 2007. 2008 should be due out sometime soon if not already.

    BTW, can you imagine a world in which DS provided this kind of information routinely?

  95. @ Truth

    “…He is obligated to manage those funds to the best of his ability…”

    This exactly my point -> Maybe what has happened, happened because this is the result of “the best of his ability”

    With regard to the lawyers – we can always find their win/loss record easily as it is a public record but we give David Smith money based on “Mi hear seh, there is this bredda in Kingston who paying 10%/month…”

    I don’t know about you, but when I signed up the only thing I saw was ForEx is very risky. Never was there any guarantee of a return

    Look, I was fooled also…it is embarrassing, but we have to move on

  96. Bob…I can”t

  97. I can’t stand the 10% a month thing. Even at the highest levels of govt. the 10% per month.

    It was cash plus who camw with that and a bunch of idiots tried to average it out and apply that to Olint.

    I have been critical of Olint but in fairness the 10% thing average or not was never promulgated by them.

    Of course they did give members a full course meal consisting on some different ^^$%&..hit. But it was not the 10%.

    The middlemen and salesmen who SOLICITED (yeah the ones running now) may have sung a 10% tune but never the inept management of Olint.

    One of Olints earlier failures was to not kill the 10% with proper communications and PR.

    Who was the PR man again? DC I believe?

  98. MK

    No matter how great a trader you are, if you party hard and gamble you can lose everything.

    Gambling is the worst addiction that a person can have when it comes on to his economic well being.

    It is impossible for a person to freebase U$12mill worth of cocaine in a year, yet this can be lost by gambling in 1 bad hand.

    Excessive drinking and partying blurs your concentration and focus no matter what you job is.
    Just imagine how much harder it is to trade with a hangover.

    Businessmen do not party like rock starts unless they are in the celebrity business, because both things do not mix.
    When you party hard, drink hard and gamble hard, there is NO upside to your job.
    You are Doomed to fail.

  99. We refuse to be, what they wanted us to be,we are what we are and thats the way its going to be.That line from Bob is so relevant today.Those who were fooled to believe that the establisment would accept any semblance of upward mobility and sought validation from them has had a rude awakening.From humbly start ups we allowed our clubs to be infected by the decendants of Bucaneers and Pirates as well of slave masters believing that much has changed.Forget it it .it is all about colour and class,so while we were merrily seeking validation,they were busy doing what they know best.Divide and rule, run for the door and then tear dowm That five family that bailed out early knew exactly what they were doing,while we were being blind sided.

  100. russ

    Did DS refuse to take peoples money?
    Did ppl give DS their money to party it out?
    I know DS.
    I spoke to DS.
    DS has an obligation to pay back ppls money.

    If BC has a U$2mill mansion in Miami. good for him
    If BC parties with whores everynight. good for him
    At the end of the day he is using HIS money to do this.
    Not money that people invested in Scotia Bank.

  101. winston niney and all DS defenders

    Let us say that 5 families really bailed out early
    Let us say that All the big men bailed out early
    Let us say that all the politicians bailed out early.
    Let us say that MLC gave DS a fight
    Let us say that BC gave DS a fight.
    Let us say that the whole world gave DS a fight

    What does that at the end of the day, have to do with people being unable to receive their money from last December?

    No matter how much fight you get, If you are running a half decent operation, you should be able to payout at least ppls principal.
    Instead DS does not have a dime to payout anyone for the past 7 months.
    So let me ask,
    the 5 families, the Big Men, the politician, MLC, BC, and the rest of the world conspired and Robbed the rest of the money from DS?

  102. The news reported the extradition of a gentleman from Mandeville yesterday,can anyone tell of the relationship between that man and the sister of one of the owners of the big financial institution as well as what bank that person used to tidy up is funds.The plot thickens…..More anon.

  103. This is absolutely encouraging.
    I know that many prayers have been made that God will intervene. Isaiah 54:17 says,” No weapon that is formed shall prosper”
    May God help David Smith to be successful.

  104. When I read some of the posts here, I realise how easy it is to get ppl to line up and give you their money.

    As i said before, after the pyramid schemes in Mobay ceashed 5 years ago, i never thought that we would have seen this phenomenom again.

    People giving DS I understand, since everyone was told that he was trading currencies, and others like myself vouched for his credibility.

    Word of mouth is the best form of advertisement.

    What i do not understand is how after the “shut has hit the fan” and it is clear that DS fell prey to the lifestyle, there are ppl still around that think it is one BIG conspiracy.
    Are ppl still so stupid?

    Then again if a conman like Carlos Hill can do 9 years for fraud, and then open a BANK in Jamaica, immediately after being released from prison, and people line up to give this man money without even checking out this new man’s past, what do we expect?

    Only in Jamaica.

  105. @ needy

    BC’s money IS money from scotiabank investors/depositors. Its just that Scotiabank is more transparent than OLINT – they tell u up front what their fees are..DS did not

  106. winston niney

    yuh know say that yuh really luv suss and to create mischief.

    That man used to live with MLC’s only sister
    The man used to beat her up badly
    Her brothers that have supernarket chain, went and moved her out of the man house.
    She run supermarket, she nuh work in NCB
    That was over 7 years ago.
    That man i jail fighting extradition for 5 years now.

    What that man extradition have to do with Olint losses?

    Stop the mischief making man, face the reality DS party out the funds.

  107. russ,

    BC money is not BNS money, it is his.
    He is paid a salary by BNS and can do whatever he wants with it.
    He cannot dip his hands into peoples account and nyam out their accounts.

  108. We have the power to let the system sit up and listen as well as take serious actions to correct injustice all around including the financial and political arrangements.Not with ballots but with our few cents,we are too passive.Needy you are right,only in Jamaica Banks are allowed to rape people and declare super profits as well as the minority so able to use their access to political arrangements to subjugate the will of the people.

  109. Needy,
    U sound like u personally know DS and his gambling habbits. I’m pretty sure he never solicited u or anyone to join the club. I know alots of ppl who begged to join and they all know the risk involved becaise it was explained to them. So, please don’t blame anyone but yourself for your loss if there is any!!..

  110. @ Needy

    How much is DS salary? Maybe that is what he was partying with….Look the man made some f%*d up trades and lost the majority of the fund – but he still got paid.

    when profits are down at Scotiabank don’t everybody still get them paycheque?

    I not defending DS. I am saying that its OUR OWN FAULT – we have no one to blame but ourselves.

    I have been an advocate of currency trading and been a member of both OLINT and LewFam (the U.S. one not the Jamaican one) as well as traded myself…but what happened in the markets between Dec and now plenty EXPERT traders lost their money – remember what happened to that rogue trade at Societe General? $7billion in the hole when they catch him

  111. needy

    It comes back to the question of what REALLY happened. Personally I do not care about DS’s habits. If only you knew some of the habits of the folks on Wall Street!

    My conclusion is losses were made PAST the 20% point and/or there is a ponzi angle.

    I still want to know what happened.

  112. Russ:

    Ever hear about crimes like Fraudulent Conversion, Fraudulent Misrepresentation etc.

    When I invest with mutual funds or buy stocks etc I do so without having ever meeting the owners or managers of the companies or funds. The difference with Jcans in these ponzi schemes is before investing I do my due diligence investigation in order to limit my investment risk.

    If you invest with an individual or company and he/she/it indicates that they will be doing such things as FX trading and then does something else with the money… such as little to no trading or misappropriates it, they are guilty of serious crimes and should be punished.

    Your point that Jcans gave DS money essentially with no due diligence is valid in that folks were subjecting themselves to almost certain loss. It does not however absolve DS from the fact that if he did something else from what he stated, he is guilty of crimes.

    Had he being trading FX there would be no issues with payments, regardless of who may or may not have cashed out in Dec 07. They would have just got their true balance, others folks balance would still be there to be paid when requested, though true FX losses may have made it less than the original principal.

    You are also right that at some points folks will have to pick up the pieces and move on. But at this point folks need to know what really happened and if there will be any money located and what will happen to DS. This is why they keep checking in for news.

  113. Needy:

    You top the cake. You blaming Winston Niney about suss, yet you gave out more info than he did.

    BTW, how the hell you get all these information? Do you live in Jamaica? I’m still amaze at your knowledge base…you have to be one of the most “connected” person I have ever seen (on a blog of course) 🙂

    Who is the person in question that was extradited (initials is o.k) yesterday? I have not seen those reports?

  114. Dave Sin
    I walk many different streets and that is why i know so many people personally. So i have lots of info.

    To the rest.
    I am not complaining about losing my money.
    I know that DS did not steal it.
    The DS that I KNOW is an honorable guy.
    I also KNOW that there is no money to be paid out now or in 9 months time.

    If DS had lost all this money trading, I could understand, that is the risk we all took, nobody could lay any blame to him.

    When a person however is entrusted based on his alleged CREDIBILITY, and nyams out peoples money , how can the people who trusted him with their money be blamed? That is silly.

    If you bought shares in Grace Kennedy and tomorrow the manager stole all the money, would the shareholders now be called stupid.

    People gave David their money NOT because of the interest rate, but because the WORD was that he was honest.
    If anyone had said, “Olint pays 25% per month, but the boss is a thief, partier, and gambler, not one cent would have been invested with him”

    Now after hearing/knowing that the man was not a thief, how can clubmembers be called foolish?

    For those who still need an answer to how the money went .
    Read the email that David sent to his wife
    Read the Obsever page 2
    Read all the reports of the excessive partying.
    That is how the money went.

  115. Remember…more anon.This is just the tip of the iceberg.When u live ina glass house,dont throw stones.Peter Tosh

  116. DaveSin:

    Leave Needy alone 🙂

    In information terms JA is a very very small place. If you move in certain circles and your friends move in certain circles information is extremely easy to come by. It is sometimes amusing to me to see some of the names that are called on the blogs with folks attributing various things to them. When you personally know some of the players or close friends of the players it can be rather amusing.

  117. and incidentally for those who think that i am bitter about losing money.
    I did not lose much.

  118. nocotec

    well said .
    That is why the MLC , BC conspiracy irks me.
    They have been making record profits for the past few years, so AIS was great for them.
    Why conspire against something that is good for you?
    loan portfolios up

  119. DaveSin

    incidentally the man initial is CD
    was supposed to run for the JLP in Clarendon, but was arrested re extradition in 2004
    trust me, him a nuh anybody, a damn fool if you ask me

  120. Needy,
    How much did u gain??. That is the question!!. I know folks who gain over and over again, including myself for some years but u never hear those success stories.. All i hear is ppl losing!!

  121. Needy:

    I hope you don’t know anybody that I know…six degree of separation they say?! 😦

  122. no i did not gain, I lost about 5 thousand. Soon come back , going out on the road now

  123. I think that in jamaica it is 1 degree

  124. As was stated in the supreme court document up to US$50mill/month was passing through OLINT accounts at NCB.

    If anyone of us was doing this on a regular from foreign to Jamaica or anywhere we would be under investigation too and accounts under scrutiny.

    Remember as a “Club” the money was placed on Forex platforms as money from David & Tracy Smith (personal) where if it was a regular Forex broker like Gain Capital each individual would have an account managed and traded independently by an assigned broker.

    God help us if DS and TS have green cards as IRS will hold them for upwards of 40% of “their” money

  125. Defender:

    You are what they classify as the silent minority. In fact, “they” do not, as a matter of course; read/post on these blogs….they are well ahead of the game! When did you join Olint?

  126. Used car dealers feeling the pinch!!!!

    ……”Dealers say the situation has been compounded by the collapse of unregulated investment schemes and the global credit crunch.”……


  127. Davesin
    An unstable market can still be a source of great income and wealth, if an investor is wise and sticks to his or her plan. Unstable markets move in a way that creates opportunities for smart investors. Take for example the effect of the US dollar when the Federal Reseve anounced the drop in the interest rate.A lot of wealthy individuals made money during this period. The point is there are very good analyst out there that analyze these market conditions and are able to predict the the direction of the dollar during these periods of recession.

  128. needy, wrote on July 29th, 2008 at 8:21 pm :

    you are the person that i blame most for my demise, and I should tell you that as soon as I find out who you are, I am going to take legal action against you.

    Last week you posted a blog where the scenario was created of Olint compounding U$100mill at 10% per month, and how much time it would take for a third of the worlds wealth to have been accumulated by him.

    If you made that public a year ago, I would not have put a penny in Olint. since I would have realised based on your article that what Olint was doing was unachievable.

    i therefore hold You responsible Banker, for not sharing this with the public at large,

    Be prepared to hear from my lawyers.

    Needy a no little try me try.

    YOu can see how much people on this bord still believe in DS.
    By the way if you go on globeadvisor.com
    or any US mutual fund site you will find mutual fund site you will find funds that return over 100% in one year. However, even though Mutual fund or stock investing is not a zero sum game earning 100% or even double digit year after year is unsustainable. Even the so call “great” MLC has made returns of close to 100% in one year and years of over 50% but if you look on the only fund he now manage the AIC advantage with the market down turn his 20 year return is just over 10% when compounded annually. (This is dam good by the way.) However, in between he has had many bad years.

    I say this to explain to folks that getting even 200% in one year is possible. That happened a lot in the technology boom and many funds that are heavy today in oil and gas and material stocks are flying high. Up to a year ago any funds invested in India and China were flying high. However, they all eventually regress to the mean.

    I am going to post a story later that explain the power of compounding and try once again to show the difficulty a trade has in winning all the time despite any mythical skill he or she may possess.

  129. DaveSin,
    Believe it or not but I’m not the silent minority!. Trust me on that. I’m in since early 06 and prior to that I knew so many ppl who joined. So at that time I thought I was late to the party…

  130. Jeane

    Nothing in the World is as strong as TRUTH………not even its derivative trust…….not even prayer.

    The man with the truth is DS and he witholds it to protect himself and a few…..to the detriment of the many.

    Fire bun DS. Until you reveal truth you shall be a liar.

  131. Fire bun on DS??. Please, I don’t think u mean that.. Open your eyes and look a what he has done for JA before this problem.. Banks, car dealers, Superplus, etc, all benefitted from the great O… God Bless u DS…

  132. Banker, Needy:

    LOL. When way back on another blog I posted those mathematical calculations about the madness of 10 % average per month… the responses were of the form… every time me look on the blog is just maths… blah blah

    When people are drunk with monthly interest or paper riches, logic goes out the window. I attempted to explain that if someone was able to sustain such high returns over an extended period they would in effect be adjusting the mean returns upwards… in other words long term returns will always adjust back towards the mean…

    Any way this is not the type of logic people want to hear when friends, family and acquaintances are telling them how they are in a “club” paying 10 to 20 % per month.


    Let us suppose two men each has a small 10’X10’ lawn that need to be cared for. The first man Mr. Upfront offers to pay you upfront no questions ask US$100,000.00 to cut trim and rake his lawn everyday for one month. The second gentleman Mr. Compound who is a man of substance (financially that is) offers for the same job to pay you as follows. One cent for the first day of the month and he will continue to double your pay everyday until the end of the month. So for day one you would get one cent for day two you will be paid 4 cents and for day three 8 cents and so on. Since it is so small, he will keep the money and give you it all on day 30.

    Now quickly decide which person you would work for Mr. Upfront or Mr. Compound. A lot of us if we are honest would quickly take the US One Hundred Thousand and diligently come every day for the next 30 days to perform the job. The more calculated or mathematical minded would quickly get an airtight contract from Mr. Compound and start doing our happy dance.

    Days Salary
    1 $ 0.01
    2 $ 0.02
    3 $ 0.04
    4 $ 0.08
    5 $ 0.16
    6 $ 0.32
    7 $ 0.64
    8 $ 1.28
    9 $ 2.56
    10 $ 5.12
    11 $ 10.24
    12 $ 20.48
    13 $ 40.96
    14 $ 81.92
    15 $ 163.84
    16 $ 327.68
    17 $ 655.36
    18 $ 1,310.72
    19 $ 2,621.44
    20 $ 5,242.88
    21 $ 10,485.76
    22 $ 20,971.52
    23 $ 41,943.04
    24 $ 83,886.08
    25 $ 167,772.16
    26 $ 335,544.32
    27 $ 671,088.64
    28 $ 1,342,177.28
    29 $ 2,684,354.56
    30 $ 5,368,709.12
    Total pay 10,737,418.23

    From the above calculation, you can see that in total you would earn US$10,737,418,23 if you took up Mr. Compound on his offer.

    When the world’s greatest trader Mr. David Smith stopped paying out gains six months ago he kept posting returns thinking he could buy time. However, it eventually dawned on him that his liabilities were increasing exponentially. He even started to lower the monthly gains but by then he was dead in the water any way.

    Now mi a beg onou Jamaicans learn from this story.

  134. How do I edit my post. I need to say day two is 2 cent and three 4 cents Instead of 4 cents then 8 cents. I would like to also spell out $10,737,418.23 as Ten million seven hundred thousand four hundred and eighteen US dollars and 23 cents. Just so it resonate better with the reader.

  135. Needy,

    I agree with you 100%. Gambling is one of the worst addiction anyone can have. When I heard that DS gamble, I said to myself “this is it, its over”

  136. Banker,
    Seems like u have alot of time on your hands!!!!. How does this relates to the big O…

  137. Defender
    I am not going to explain to you how it relates to the big O. Try to figure it out for yourself. If you honestly cannot I will try to explain it to you.

  138. Defender:

    What’s your take as to the reasons why DS hasn’t been able to honor the encashment request since January ’08?…Honest take!

  139. DaveSin,
    My honest take on this is that there a many forces out there that want this thing to STOP!!.. This could create big problems if it spread anymore.. You have people send funds from all over Caribbean, US, UK, Canada, JA etc. Do u get the picture??.

  140. Silence from Defender…can’t say nothing. When one asks questions that require logical responses all we get is nuff ‘god bless and conspiracy against ds’ – whatever man.

  141. DaveSin,
    The best way to interfere with the big O is to accuse of ML, then this give them all rights to investigate and freeze funds.. They really don’t have anything on DS, if they did he would have been in jail a long time ago…

  142. Defender

    ML does not only refer to laundering drug money or money politically stolen. If DS was engaged in a PONZZI scheme then he can be charged under the ML act. In fact, it is more difficult to prove a pyramid or ponzzi scheme than it is to prove violations under the ML act.

    DS ML problem most likely has nothing to do with terrorism, laundering drug money or proceeds of any other crime except the one he himself was engaged in.

    When you open an account at a financial institution, you must note the source of the funds. One of the questions they ask is does any one (third party) has an interest in this account apart for the persons named on the account. DS can try his bullshit in Jamaica but in more develop countries they are not going to take his dodgy responses. He is free to have third party interest on the account but he must state this and if he is asked for proof of the source of funds or his client list, he must hand it over.

  143. I will be very surprised if DS paid taxes on the funds he siphoned off… the “club” apparently had no independent accounting examinations… in those circumstances I will be very surprised if he kept track of what he took and paid taxes. In the USA he like Al Capone would get nailed for income tax evasion. Not sure about TCI or JA.

  144. I am kinda tired of the if but and maybes.

    I wonder if Investforlife could post this article so that we can have a deeper reasoning about it?


  145. … yow, Defender … (munch, munch, munch) … which movie you been watchin’, Bro???

  146. Nocotec:

    The question is who does he owe taxes TO? Is TCI or Jamaica? Is he a citizen/resident of TCI? I think he is in no man lands as far as this issue is concern.

    Is operating a Ponzi illegal in Jamaica or TCI? So far, no one has been charge in Jamaica for any of these schemes (Carlos Hill was charge for fraud for issuing bad checks).

  147. No tax in TCI, and DS was given belonger status in TCI.

  148. If DS was infact engaging in ML why O Why did he do business with wachovia and NCB… Thats just asking for trouble. Did DS purchase Hallmark Bank & Trust Ltd?

    I know that the new contracts for clubs members were with this bank. If he had started out going through Hallmark ONLY he wouldnt have been in this mess. It would inconvenience club members but it would be very hard for them to prosecute him for anything?

    I know people who personally went to TCI and opened accounts BEFORE joining Olint and were stashing their cash.

  149. TCI is a tax haven ,
    St Kitts is also a tx haven, which is why DS wanted to setup shop there .

  150. If every investor went to NCB and DBG, and demand their money now, will they get all of it ?

  151. losing interest

    no if every investor went to NCB or DB&G and demanded all their money, they would not get it.

    However if 100 of their Largest customers did this they would get it.

    If 1000 of Olints smallest customers wanted only their monthly interest for the past 6 months they would not have received it.

    Quit trying to compare Olint with the banks.
    You are barking up the wrong tree, no bank nuh have your money.

  152. Losing Interest:

    Yes they would get their money. The central bank will lend the bank money to meet its need to repay depositors. The central bank does this to stem the panic at the bank and the entire banking system. If the bank is in fact insolvent the Deposit insurance arm will take over the bank and or find a buyer for the bank… if insolvent the depositors will be paid back up to the insured amounts and the excess will be a claim on the banks assets.

    Olint is not a bank so your comparison makes no sense. When Olint runs out of money it crashes, there is no one to lend it money. When the bank does not have enough short term cash to meet withdrawal requests the central bank lends it money.

  153. U lik im down, U kik im down, im come right back! wat a hard man fi dead!!.. Just give DS some time.. He has done it before..
    God bless the big O!

  154. defender:

    What happen when the man lick down himself? A wonder if him will still hard fe dead? 🙂

  155. who is going to give him money to come back?
    you defender?

  156. Needy,
    Do u have proof of no funds??. If u do prove it!!

  157. defender

    Simple. NOONE i repeat NOONE has been able to get any funds requested from Olint since Dec 2008.
    If you dont see that as proof, well what can i say.

    Defender you are always Quoting musical lyrics, well here is one for you from Bob Marley

    “some people have hopes and dreams, some people have ways and means”

    It is time that you now stop hoping and dreaming about your money, and try to find ways and means to make it back. DEFENDER.

  158. @Needy, correction that should be Dec 2007.

  159. “Simple. NOONE i repeat NOONE has been able to get any funds requested from Olint since Dec 2008.”

    Boss I think you mean Dec 2007, anyway

    needy, mi nah ask mi ah tell yuh!! that statement NOT TRUE. noone you know of or heard of got money since Dec 2007. Up to May people get money mind you the payments in May was more like some little smalls few thousand here and there.

  160. Tito:

    Any hints from TCI as to how much ($) was frozen?

    Another question: If a large amount of Olint $ was sitting on Oanda platform, where is it? Isn’t Oanda in Canada or was the funds sitting at Wachovia in US? Anyone?


    I think there is money somewhere…has to be! DS good not be that brave to say money was coming and there is none.

  161. Needy,
    I thought so..
    I don’t think the authority in TCI and US frozed up pennies!!! Also, I don’t think those high power attorneys will be paid in Js. Do u think??.

  162. Jay

    Actually Jay I meant 2008.
    I have decided what my ways and means will be to make back my loss.
    I plan on becoming a fortune teller.
    That was my first prediction.

    What do you think Defender, will my prediction come through?


    I know that some ppl received money even in June,
    these were only nickel and dime payouts and was done by design in order to trick or pick new deposits from people, and to give the impression that more funds were on the way.
    In the first week of June 1mill was sent in, and that was the last time anyone has seen anything.
    In the larger scheme of things, 1 million is really Nothing.
    I know DS, and if he had the money, he would have paid out everybody, he is not a thief, and his reputation is most important to him.
    Just the fact that noone has been paid tells me that he has no money at all.

  164. I invite persons to now view
    MTI Says Scams Schemes and Scandals

    MTI, I-Trade FX etc…

  165. anyway I am going to play some football now, have to find a way to get off the stress.

    defender i predict that I will score 2 goals this evening.
    tell you how it guh later.

  166. Yes Needy,
    Score 2 goal and relieve the stress!!

  167. Tito

    Belonger status is never guaranteed. Just like most other “aquired” status it can be removed.


  169. Ooonuh jus a fret fret, an talk talk bout oonuh money.
    Ooonuh fi Grow Cassava an work hard…..bout Forex Trading!

    “Where has all de money gone, ….long time agooooo, where has all the de money gone, I, I, I dont know”.

  170. i received money on Feb. 29 2008 and havent received anything since. I have $20K invested ($16K) in principal and I desperately need it back asap.

  171. Floridian:

    A little bug done tell me say yuh no hav nuttin fe get from Olint. Dey say it was a ponzi and yuh done colleck all yuh money back as “divedens”.

    Dem say yuh ah wase yuh likkle change lef pon lawyur in Floredda fe nuttin.

    Dem sey dem dome see yuh accunt an e nuh luk gud feh yuh.

    But plese doh shuut de messenga cause me a fe jus relay de messig.

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