The value of regulation and Disclosure Part 3

I have been following this particular company (Forex Liquidity LLC) for the last two – three months and has presented two reports thus far on the company.

The more I read today about Olint and all its affiliates, the more I am thinking that Forex Liquidity script was used by Olint in its operations, as there are some very actions taken by both companies that seems to be very similar.

I now present the latest report as presented by the reciever who was brought in to wind up the operations of the firm and try to get back funds from those that profited in this company.

As I have said in the first two articles, this company was registered with both the NFA and the CFTC, and it was the later who brought charges against the company and hence shutdown their operations before they could fleece more innocent people.

Supporters of Olint and the other AIS, seems to believe that there is some grandiose scheme on the part of the local regulatory body, the FSC to prevent real AIS from giving birth, while failing to realize that the intent is really to prevent these folks(AIS principals) from robbing their clients (the investors).

This report is the second report made by the receiver to the courts as it relates to the progress of his findings into the operations of the Forex Trading company.

Its a very long report but makes for good reading .

PS . Just as I finished my piece I have received word that the receiver has completed his work on the company and has made some rather interesting proposals to the courts which have been approved.

I will present those in my final report on this company along with some commentary.

For those who have the time and would like to proceed you can find a copy of that particular document which was approved yesterday.( Yes we up to the time with the news 🙂 )


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  1. Yes leave “thursday talk” to the talkers and gossip queensand investforlife for people who are seroius about life.

    In fact, unless investforlife should reccommend an article from our papers…then there is no reason to go on their websites at all.

    Unless they get serious about information that is.

  2. I agree 100%, Jamaican newspapers read like a tabloid magazine better than People & US weekly, full of hearsay and he said she said. Are there any journalists in the house? (not paparazzi …although we could use those to keep an eye on DS)

  3. The fat cats jumping ship and their splash wetting up the rest of us on deck

  4. Invest forlife

    It’s not like you to not have put up MTI’s advertisment yet. You get buyout?…just kidding

  5. look like maydaisy website is down ?????????????????????????????????

  6. In a regulated entity, where there as been known fraud and a receiver is brought in, the receivers is given the power to go after all the assets of the principals and after any money gifts or otherwise given to any connected party.

    See here one of the most recent cases prosecuted by the CFTC.

    Receiver report and actions.

    Select Receiver Initial Report

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