Sage One: Troubled Times

And so it was that the 7th month of the eight year of the third millennia became know as the Great Consolidation. For after all had been said, done, and debated, multitude did divideth into the Anti-linter and the Pro-linters and proceedeth to wait for what must be to be. It was a time when much preaching was done to the converted.

Dearly beloved I say unto thee, it was in the first year of the reign of Bruce the Prodigal aka Bruce the Ditherer that the Plus became Minus, Higgins disappeared without a Warner, paper Daisies failed to bloom, and there were no Lint to remove.

And in the camp of the Pro-linters the faithful gathered for a great prayer meeting. Verily I say unto thee, they sangeth sankeys and reciteth from the good book. The High Priestess “describe potion” and spake unto the faithful saying “Be still” to which her assistants chorused “Tek it easy nuh man”. And so it was that having strengthened their faith they proceeedeth on an indefinite bus ride.

From the back seat of the bus there came grumbling of bills to be paid and bailiffs to be eluded. Dearly beloved, did the Sage One not warn about great pain before he was banished from the bus and his saying deleted by the Guardian of Unreality?

Dearly beloved, it came to pass that the Worshipped of The Day did speak. After he had “hemmed” and “haamed” and said a lot without saying a thing, the future was no clearer. Verily some heard what was to be heard while others heard what they wanted to hear.

Mi gawn bun a chalice and meditate some more



5 Responses

  1. This is a brilliant work of art? Bwoy this is awesome. Not trying to poor salt on any Olint members wounds, but whoever wrote this poem is simply brilliant.

  2. I really thought this website was for the reporting of factual information regarding investment schemes. Are you making fun of people who took the risk for a better life? I was really impressed by your website’s writing reagarding Olint and Maydaisy up until now, but I realized now that maybe you are just another heartless, “jason”, john doe”, “jay” etc. rejoicing in people’s tragedy. Maybe you didn’t agree with people putting their money into Olint, but there is no need to be rubbing this mess into peoples’ faces and playing the “I told you so” game. Great thinkers did not reach where they are by playing things conservatively. They took risks. And the trouble with risk is that you win and you lose some. I suggest that you keep your writing clean and leave the opinions to the bloggers.

  3. Leminotep JR

    Wicked yute. Most of the bloggers probably 2 yung 2 know the first Leminotep…verily I say 2 u hahahaaa….The tribe of Jamdownners were very down ….and the gold of the valley of kings was nowhere to be found…Selah

    Keep it up

  4. bun de chalice!

  5. keep the faith

    All I will say is that ridiculous actions coupled with ridiculous behavious is sure to invite ridicule.

    Ague with the message but don’t stone the prophet.

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