Cash Plus case delayed again

Carlos Hill’s attempt to have to the appointment of receiver declared null and void hit a snag yesterday. The delay is  to allow the Cash Plus Group’s court-approved liquidator, L Monty Kanberkore, time to file his affidavit in the matter. From the Observer article

Kanberkore, whose appointment stemmed from an application in June by the Premier League Clubs Association (PLCA) for the winding up of the Cash Plus Group, only intervened in the matter at the last minute.

The PLCA is seeking the winding up of the Cash Plus Group because of the entity’s failure to honour an agreement reached last October for the sponsorship of the 2007/2008 Premier League Football Competition at more than $100 million. The PLCA is hoping to recover lost funds with the liquidation of the group.

The matter will next come up for hearing on July 25, 2008


Cash Plus boss suffers setback in challenge against receivership
Cash Plus receivership battle continues


3 Responses

  1. Will the outcome for CH have any impact on DS?

  2. I know it’s sort of dated but check this again

  3. Well the receiver took over and withdrew the “stupid” case being taken to the courts by Carlos Hill.

    He said the case offers no help to depositors.

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