Investors asks Questions of OLINT

A writer in the Jamaica Gleaner has a few questions for David Smith and OLINT. We picked out two(3) questions:

  1. If it is true that Smith and Olint had the money to repay all members as he has constantly stated two weeks ago, why is the nine months needed? One would simply have expected a statement saying that once the assets were no longer frozen, he would revert to the last payment plan he put forth. Again, where has this nine months come from?
  2. The statement .. it makes no mention of whether Olint has sufficient money to cover its liabilities although, I suppose, the extra nine months being mentioned suggest it does not. If that is true, where is the money?
Do you have questions for OLINT and other un-regulated financial organisations? 

You can read the rest at: Some questions for David Smith


6 Responses

  1. poignant questions. the inherent contradictions in the releases from DS and his agents Lewfam etc are not being widely exposed. for a very long time it had become akin to herasy to speak out against this outfit. in truth, the signs have been there all along, all we had to do was listen and then ask them ourselevs and demand answers.

  2. Yep, this is indeed the $750M + $780M question. Does he have the money?

    Were the Oanda platform balances genuine? These balances (750M & 780M) were allegedly seen by the ‘heavy’ investors’ at a video conference 4 weeks ago. Can anyone on the blog verify seeing these balances?

    I can confirm seeing the e-mail from Oanda, alluding to the wire for $US250M, as it was shown to me at the office several weeks ago. It is now widely believed at this time that the document was fraudulent. (Sent to DS (by DS) and forwarded to WS and MH)

    If indeed, both platform balances and email are proved to be fraudulent, DS should not see the light of day and should be sent away for life.

    So, who would know the fund status? Here’s my list:
    DS and TS, WS, BS and doc. husband, dream team of lawyers, MM (the big man at TCI), our local team of OBG, AS and crew (JS and DV), the major, and of course OANDA

    Sir CH from N-wide, get on this, as once exposed, many folks (including myself) can finallly get some well-needed closure and move on.

  3. N.B: JR, not JS

  4. SNEEZY, u have the correct info. Im closely related to the source. and u r coreewct in deed, of those members.

  5. Sneezy,

    If we want closure, we need to seek divine intervention….if we want back we money, we all can’t do so divided…as we know how the saying goes.

    I think the Gleaner news article to the editor by DESIREEN LAWRENCE even though asks some good questions, appears to be conflated.

    Importantly to note, the time DS is asking for IMO is the minimum time frame for all the legal wranglings to end.

    But it appears that there wil be interesting times ahead….we better be careful what we wish for!!!!

  6. The J cons (Jamaican) dem at it again…another one bite di duss….

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