FSC demands Account info on Olint,Lewfam, Principals

The Gleaner/Power 106 Newsroom is reporting the FSC is getting into the act. The Financial Services Commission(FSC) in Jamaica is demanding certain information from licensed financial institutions in Jamaica

Last week, the FSC in letters to the institutions demanded the disclosure of all accounts belonging to the Olint Corporation, its boss David Smith, his wife Tracey and brother Wayne Smith. The FSC also requested disclosure of the accounts of the Olint Foundation, Overseas Locket International also run by Smith as well as the accounts of Lewfam Investments and their principals Major Neil Lewis and Janice Lewis.

According to the news report, the FSC can do this under the FSC Act where it has reason to believe that an institution was being used to commit fraud, theft or money laundering. 

For more read the news report below:

Source: FSC to recieve Olint reports

37 Responses

  1. Anyone wishing to contact the FCU in TCI please contact them via email at fcutcipd@tciway.tc in this email they should include the following information:

    Full personal details
    Records of deposits
    Encashment History
    Amount invested
    Contract details

    Thank you for your cooperation

  2. Good Job FSC but don’t be partial now. I need to see the due diligence investigation done on the Local banks and their Boss and founders’ also.

    So many Banks set up in Jamaica especially in the last 20 years and those on the Board and their relatives Must also be investigated. After all the fire is not just for some business section.

    Come on FSC be fair in what you are doing. Audit ALL banks, the big wigs and the some too big to mention.
    Let’s see what they will do from now on.

  3. Blog slow down…..Hello? Hello? Olint for life—whey u deh….hello…hello anyone home?


    Oh yes dem gone pon facebook now….

  4. Little too late !! Now everybody wants a piece of the action !!

  5. Sirach, fi real. Exactly what I was thinking.

  6. We been getting info as close as from him and its not following thru for the last 7 months..the latest he tried to commit suicide but i hope this is a rumour am not prepared for his family to live high on my money while i suffer. I neva wanted a pvt jet i have neva flown in one. If u see this DS yr father was my headmaster and i was one of the rude boys which i gave up long that behavior long ago i dont want to go back there

  7. i will do anything to help u but if fowl play prepare to pay the price,, If u cant do the time dont do the crime ..i need my money

  8. the answer is this.. stagger the payments pay out 20% now to ease pressure and we wait for 9 mths for the balance dont play games. The wheels need greasing u cant just dont pay out anything

  9. adrian

    stagger out the payments??? sick a dat…want what is ours. not what someone thinks we are to get. We will be the judge of what we are to get.


    DS not in charge anymore. When last you spoke to the Olint Chief Executive Officer WS??????

  10. Janice

    Remember ….Tommorow is here already and Eastern Standard time is in less than 40 mins from now. The waiting is almost over then. Agree?

  11. The CEO is nthe greatest in all CEO history. no release and no resignation….just a floating CEO.

    And people (jus tru $$$$ and hope and fear) are mentally blind and cripple.

    They still speak in terms of Olint as some sort of respectful professional organisation. They listen to unsigned releases from Olints so called “NEW” lawyers and lap up anything they are given like mongrel puppy.

    What I live to see..independent Jamaicans……no insecure people whoose history rides them like a mule…

  12. Funds are frozen and investigations launched in four national jurisdictions…..

    And not one RESIGNATION?????

    The top shottas DS,WS, TS still on top of the roster????

    The same lawyer (Gifford) mentioned after the raid in 06′ still on top of the roster??/

    And many of you reading still lapping up that sh….????/

  13. So the same team of top shottas who put you through hell the past 8 months while libving it up with gambling, birthday bashment and cricket and house refurbishing….yes these same ones while you suffered…the same ones who then told you recently that it was their money they were spending on such delites while…..


    Their money!!!!! Their Money!!!!!!

    Then the christian argument…..

    so do unto others as they would have them do unto you……and live large while people a dead an a suffer…..


    Janice I hope you are a jesterer and not really speaking the truth about your allegience to these sinners.

  14. Janaice

    you think if eveybody got their money right now everything would be alright????

    the money ting alone dat DS,WS and TS try to deal wid…..

    A Devil pickney ting dat!!!!!!

    A nuff more than money them due fi pay!

    Dem want bout 3 years soilid community service in JA alone. Feeding homeless and changing sick people bed linen. Dem need fi learn MANNERS!!!!

  15. uuoopps….sorry if my reality comments hit the spot….I did not mean to scare anyone away…

  16. Truth be told I think eveyone will be paid today 23rd July 2008

    No one will be threatened with being…

    “B L A C K L I S T E D”

    (just for asking for your own money ) anymore..

    don’t worry….be happy

  17. good things a come…everyone gonna get the money! Tomorrow i break news…

  18. Jamaican people are just sucking up, relaxing and hope that things will work out. Things will not work out unless we act. But the question is what do we do? In my opinion, the GOJ do not really care about its people. Trust me, people a go start go hungry. All like me now, they are going to seize my house and mi car. Credit card is up my my neck. Who do I turn to. The FSC will say we were warned. But when? When MLC figure say its too much competition for him. Olint sent out an unsigned email and all wi do is wait. He betrayed the Jamaican people.

  19. I wonder if that BLACK LIST threat still driving fear into the hearts of all you poor people?

    remember that? thoose who make any noise while asking for their money will be put on a list…..oh my gosh!!!

    If I’m on a list i will not be allowed to put money in Olint ever again!! Oh my gosh!!1

    And some punks posing as badman did a run some threat and get pay sametime….

    Truth or Untruth????

  20. Unno tell me the truth..and answer this? All you “bankers” and “reserchers” and “insiders”

    Would you…
    Would you…

    After taking all the talk from David Smith, Wayne Smith, Tracey Smith, Gifford, Henlin, Finson, Samuels-Brown and the rest of the “in the know” secret society caste…

    Would you….

    Let any of them mind you pickney, teach them responsibility, teach them morals, tell them about God…


    Teach yu pickney

    RIGHT FROM WRONG??!!!!!!!!

    would YOU?

  21. If they paid you tommorow 8a.m

    Yu would let dem mind yu pickney fi half hour???????

  22. Blacklist! I don’t care about black list. I just want my money.

  23. Reallydepressed

    I’ll give you J$100,000 fi yu yard if dat can help

  24. Don’t everyone did know seh this thing was a risk don’t ? Every one knew that you could loose everyting and he could have come out and said he made a bad trade an di money gone and that would be the end of it and no one would have anything to say as everyone knew it was a risk don’t??????? So if this is what he has said it betta dan nothing under these circumstances, su what unu bawlin bout.

    So soon we for get when things were good and what is funny if things were to turn around everyone who is making all this noise now would go right back an put even more money in forgetting how badly they spoke of this man in the past.Yes he has made mistakes but with the weight of a nation on his shoulders who wouldn’t.

    This man has saved aloooooot of business, marriages,relationships and allot of faces roun town.Those who couldn’t manage the loss why did you come in the first place, why didn’t you keep your money and speak badly of him from day one ?

    I guess your own greed minus your ability to take a risk and stand by it got the better of you all huh,lol. Humans…… you are a weird species,

  25. boy, tings really quiet fi true

  26. Fly out everybody. And you and me??

    get what quack-quack get……

  27. Yu think the queen a go hungry tonight??

    think again….

  28. junkunno

    you think them jus a queitly read my lyrics?

  29. YOu can call it greed for all I care. I took a risk, no lie. But you took it not hoping for it to fail. You want to earn to make a better life. What is greedy about that.

  30. i will update everyone tomorrow

  31. Has anyone spoken to DS? Or knows anyone who has spoken with him recently?

  32. yes i called him yesterday

  33. miachica and others please note:

    janice#2 is not the same as janice. There is Janice and there is Janice…(now Janice#2). Janice#2 attempted to impersonate the original Janice and was caught in the illegal act

    Please people… serious times no pranks… please no impostors… We will remove those impostors.

    If you post and someone already has that name, we will add #2 to it… simple as that.

    Original Janice where are you?

  34. what a gwan

  35. invest for life

    What about the important dates/ dates to watch for

    That was a good info tool. Olint may never have any important dates again but there are other important dates to note….like back to school agony coming in September.

  36. Speaking to DS??? But he’s not in charge anymore???

    Has anyone spoken to the people who have frozen things?

  37. JohnDoe:

    I think the person “impersonating” Janice should be put into “time out” for two weeks. Although I hate the whole banning thing, but this time of impersonating just ruin the whole blogging experience, since we “know” a certain person and respond accordingly.

    It’s O.K to use another Nickname (don’t know why you want to do that), but sometime people use different names on different blogs and sometime forget to change back as appropriate. But spoofing someone’s name just mess things up. There should be a penalty for doing so! I don’t think you should have a Janice-2. I would recommend the removal of the posts all together and let the person re-post under their real Nick!

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