OLINT Assets Frozen 3 Months

Reports on Nation Wide News is that Olint Assets in TCI will be forzen for at least 3 Months. This is more bad news for OLINT and affliated/feeder club investors. For the last seven(7) months most of Olint investors have not been paid. Those seven months look like it will be at least 10 months.

There is still no word on the state of OLINT’s financing.

Court Battles: OLINT:1 to NCB:1

After today’s round of battles the NCB has won one and Olint one.OLINT has got the court to keep the injunction in place that allows the OLINT accounts at NCB to remain open. In a significant development the court of appeal ruled overturned the ruling of the Supreme Court and order tha the case should be returned to the Supreme Court and hopefully for a speedy trial.

For NCB, the court ruling that Micheal Hylton can continue representing NCB. The court of Appeal said there was no merit to OLint’s argument that Mr. Hylton was privy to classified information. Micheal Hylton is a former Solicitor General of Jamaica and was involved in the FSC court battles against NCB.



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