NCB said there was no $200M

In a Radio Jamaica is now reporting that NCB says there is no $200M wire it is aware off. 

The Gleaner newspaper on Wednesday reported that a prominent Jamaican bank had reported the suspicious activity to the authorities and an investigation followed.

However, in a statement, NCB said it was not aware of any attempt to send such a wire transfer.

NCB said it has also become aware of several rumours circulating regarding OLINT’s accounts

Dave Garcia from NCB, on Nationwide, said they were not aware of any wire of $200M to Olint’s accounts so they could file alert/report to any authority. Garcia says to refuse funds for deposit would be in breach of the Court order to keep the accounts open.

This is a most unusual step but it is clear that given rumours circulated NCB has decided to respond.



12 Responses

  1. NCB has to respond given the rumours circulating out there at the moment.I strongly believe that David is lying through his teeth.If indeed a wire was sent and it was blocked by NCB.All DS would have to do is ask his lawyers to file a motion in court with the evidence that NCB had blocked such a wire and NCB would have to uphold the requests to process it.
    Unless we are now going to add the court system to the list of conspirators as well.hmmmm


  3. LLP – Because we can’t get any decent information otherwise. This website has been the most objective source of information, telling us as they hear it and saving us the trouble in searching through the fodder ourselves. Investforlife, bless you and all the bloggers that take the time to share cause DS certainly isn’t, not money nor info. :-(,,,,,,,,,,,

  4. Has DS made any comments via e-mail or media after the raid?

  5. I would like to express my disgust with NCB. I really don’t understand why they continue to harrass the poor guy (David Smith). Do you think that if he was really involved in money laundering he would have actually stuck around and appealed the case? Why don’t they just let him be! God will deliver him from those who viciously persecute him!

  6. Rags,
    Yes – he called Nationwide while Cliff Hughes was reporting on an email which he vehemently denies writing. No word since.

  7. Was there any doubt. which sensible person in there right mind believes that this Con Artist has 200 million?

  8. “harrass the poor guy (David Smith). “…Keep in mind that DS is now wealthier than most on this blog, and is now one of the Big Man Dem!!!

    He moved a lot of money around and even bought himself a jet. How many of you own a jet? If he really robbed his members, all of his assets can be liquidated to pay you back cents on the dollar. That’s what you should be praying for, and not for David Smith. If he is truly a man of God, walking with integrity and uprightness, God Himself will vindicate him.

    Yea thou he [DS] walks through the shadow of death, he shall fear no evil…WHY???…you all finish it…you Bible scholars…

    You guys, his members, should be putting together a movement to get the truth out of this guy or get him straight to jail for what he has done to so many poor people.

    This is a really sad situation, but most were warned.

    As I have posted before, the FOREX market is not a game, and many traders with much more experience than DS have lost their shirt in this market.

    ….Even though the tongue is little, it boast great things. Its like a small spark that set a great forest on fire. Although the tongue is small, there is nothing small about the damage it can do. Words carry with them, the power of healing or a destructive capacity far greater that the poison of any snake.

    It is essential that we use our words with great wisdom and care. Consider carefully the words you choose.

    A careless word may kindle strife
    A cruel word may wreck a life
    A timely word may lessen strife
    A loving word may heal and bless

    It is better to bite your tongue, than to let it bite someone else

  10. PIPSologist,….you sound angry…..take it easy…. life is not that serious….and don’t listen to hear sey…the man DS had a gift and he will use it.

  11. Them bank empolyees could be lying on thier employer.

    One source says the bank did get the money and one bigger heads says the bank did not receive the money. Who are we to believe?

    So now who asked for the international investigation ?

    and turn round went to court to closed his account?

    What a timing?

  12. Why is DS being persecuted? He made the mistake of trying to help the poor to, educate themselves and their children; help the poor to pay their bills, support their families etc, etc, etc. Those who made their fortune illegally, joined with the envious Stock Brokers & Banks to bring down DS. They (M L C)could not do it themselves, so they set the Agencies on him with false accusations & got the USA Involved. All Club Members & Associates need to back him, make their voices heard “Worldwide” and defend DS. In doing so you are protecting your investment and his integrity. He is not running away, unlike “CASH PLUS” you know where the funds are. It is all a conspiracy to harrass him and frustrate you all to turn against him. OPEN YOUR EYES TO CORPORATE BUREAUACY, WE MUST MAINTAIN THE WORKING CLASS, WE NEED THEM. THE POOR MUST STAY POOR.

    Think, examine the facts and evaluate them for yourselves, do not let the media think for you.
    How many of you were being helped by the brokerage firms or the banks?

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