A Victim of Cash Plus speaks out

This is a sad story of someone you sadly clearly invested more that she could afford to lose. While not alll stories are the same and some of made it big She talks about her pain.

“I don’t understand how Carlos Hill took so many poor people’s money and everybody has kept quiet. I am a victim and Carlos Hill was living in a US$7,000-a-month house, when I can’t buy food to feed my child.

I just had a newborn baby and I am breastfeeding and dying of hunger, while Hill is well fed. He used his smooth talk to make Jamaicans feel sorry for him. “I love you, my Jamaican people,” he said.

I took all of my money in the bank that I have been saving for the past eight years from JMMB and invested it in Cash Plus, without knowing he had a criminal record.

I got only one month’s interest. I invested for six months and put all the money back, maybe because I am either greedy or stupid. Now, I am left with a newborn baby, thousands of dollars of doctor’s bill, no money, thousands of dollars of loans and money borrowed from others.

I can’t pay a cent back. I have to be hiding from everyone because I can’t pay them back.

 Morine Shaw, mori_sha2003 [at] yahoo.com

Taken from the Jamaica Gleaner… 


If you can reach out and help, please do. 

What is your story? If you have a story to share, feel free to contact us. Share your stories so that others can avoid making the same mistakes. Tell us your success too

Carlos Hill is to returns to court on July 17, 2008



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  1. It might sound cold, but I cannot honestly say I have any sympathy for this person. All potential investors were duely warned and cautioned

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