Does Olint/Feeder Clubs Owe You or Contact The FCU in TCI or The FBI

Contact the FCU in Turks and Caicos

Anyone wishing to contact the Financial Crimes Unit(FCU) in TCI please contact them via email at
In this email they should include the following information:

  • Full personal details
  • Records of deposits
  • Encashment History
  • Amount invested
  • Contract details

Thank you for your cooperation, For comfirmation of E-mail Address see


The two leading investigators are: Sgt. Willin Belliard and Detective Superintendent Marc Knightom. Their numbers is 649-941-7691, 649-232-1063, 649-232-2195


Contact the FBI

1.The Federal Bureau of Investigations(FBI) can be contacted at (202) 324-3000 or
2. You do not have to be an American or PR of America to report a crime to the FBI. Since American banks and financial institution were involved. this constitutes a crime.

How Much Does Olint and Feeder Clubs Owe You

A rough tally of the funds owed by OLINT. Please post in this following. This is needed for a legal case

Please post in this format.

Club Name|Amount Invested|Amouted Owed|Assumed-Name



We do not need your exact name just a assumed name. Please be honest, no lies.

Thanks for your cooperation. Please support CATD in this initiative

OR ———–

54 Responses

  1. Olint | 40,000-50,000 | 128,000 | Thomas Crown

  2. Olint 100,000/150000 alaphamale

  3. Olint / USD $500,000

  4. OLINT/USD $500,000

  5. Olint / $2000/ $2108

  6. OLINT/$1.5b/2.3b

  7. None of Your Business

  8. No Feedback from me.

  9. what kind of legal action. Look how many times you were warned about Olint and never took heed.

  10. USD$3,500,00.00 LOL

  11. Lets see who are the real losers
    Credit cards, mortgages, loans, aren’t being paid
    No selling of govt bonds, stocks, shares etc.
    Home purchases, construction down
    This is a hard hit for everyone
    They should have left sleeping dogs lie, but dem stir up ants nest and now everyone a suffa.
    Now with all whats going on, these outstanding loans not being paid, the big man sey we are now going to allow the money to come in. lol its a bit too late

  12. what legal case is this?…what is CATD?

  13. olint& lewfam/US80,000/US120000

  14. MayDaisy /// us 57K /// us 267k /// john doe

  15. Olint | USD 70,000 | USD 260,000 | Miriam Makeba

  16. Olint US $150,000

  17. Olint principle amount us$60,000

  18. Olint/$6,200. It’s a small amount, but I just joined in June becuase my aunt had done so well. Probably should have done some research first.

  19. Olint $210,000.00 US

  20. ummm dont u all know about ISLE OF MANN
    Guernsey – Channel Islands
    would have been safer for unu money

  21. wealthmax/ 8 mil us/ 120 mil


  23. wealth / 200 mil./ 300 mil

  24. OLINT/ 145mil USD/

  25. USD$200,000 owed

  26. olint/ $ 180,000/ $140,000

  27. are these real figures 1.3 billion ???

  28. You guys are hypocrites!!! What do you hope to achieve by doing this? tHIS IS ONLY WORSENING THE SITUATION.

  29. Olint/ US$15 M/ US$37M
    MayDaisy/ US$5M/ US$23M

  30. what legal case is this….is there a legal case now…i think if ds does not post on his webpage what is going on and let the members know all should file a suit and try and get back at least 80% of there money before it is too late.

  31. Come on guys, we all know it’s tough times ahead, but remember DS only intend was to make his investors make money. But that big guy (he know himself)from NCB has been piss off long time so DS was always his agenda. DS is a good man not a crook…He treats his staff better than any other company anyone can name….let it play out…..the money is there but bullshit taking charge now. Hopeful

  32. The man has spoke….give him time…you all know his the real deal…..give him a year even two…he will come through……lets not discourage him and his staff…they are also our brother’s keepers………life is more important……….”easy come easy goes”……….keep the faith and pray for DS & his family….

  33. zero zero zero…. and i can sleep easy at night.

  34. lewfam , mi had 25000US with lewfam, mi request and get back US$24,300 2 weeks ago. Thank god! . Mi nuh know how come mi receive it. God was on mi side

  35. Olint//us 30/89

  36. You guys should stop posting comments under this thread…investforlife will delete all inappropriate post including mine….only post $ amount only, along with the club, etc….see format above!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Boy Smitty you really pull a fast one. People believe in you so much they even refuse to believe you wrote that e-mail even though it came from your e-mail account and you lawers restated atleast three details that were in the e-mail you said you didn’t write.

    Come on Smitty enough is enough….man up and tell the truth!!!

  38. I have noticed something, anytime someone is

    accused of something and the tell you to pray for them,

    (R Kelly did it and D Smith did it),

    chances are, they are

    guilty as hell !!!

    Someone please pray for Kern.

  39. Olint | $100 Million, Trillion | $500 Million, Trillion | Peter Parker

  40. let us all pray that whatever the situation is we will all be favoured ofthe LORD, People do make mistakes, let us give him DS some time to straighten out this mess and pray to GOD ALMIGHTY that all is not loss God can do everything but fail, so let us bind togather and pray for OLINT it is hard times now and we all need our money back, whether great or small , and for people to be lying about the amount of money they have in OLINT does not help the situation one bit it only causes more damage, there is an ungoing investigation right now so lets all pray for God’s divine favor in this matter. God Bless u all

  41. 🙂

  42. Tiefing Govt Club/ 1 Trillion Zillion USD/ Bat Man

    When will this case call up? I hope to be there when my name call up. I have all my documents ready to go.

  43. What are other investments plans are they

  44. in all of this people will still invest no matter what …just give them a chance to pay …investors, i heard of one that is going on now and people are getting their money ..and i have sign up with another and they pay great … so only SALVATION LAST FOREVER

  45. $100.000USD trading with MTI. Thanks Jared Martinez for your wonderfull class.

  46. prin US10,000 grew to US175,000 – got more hope out of that than portia and bruce will ever generate. Like tall man, still hoping DS will come through; at least, thanks 4 trying

  47. Family | 100,000 USD | 135,000 USD | GG

  48. Let us pray for DS,he meant well.I do hope the justice system in TCI will be fair.In God we trust

  49. As investors we need to come together to help DS to get back our money.Times are hard and the bottom line is getting the money back in the hands of the investors.


  51. David is innocent and the FBI knows it!

    As an investor I remain convinced of his good intentions towards us.

    He was just too good at his job and this made “the establishment” nervous. They thought he was too good to be true, hence the witch hunt.

    Nobody is perfect, so when the FBI set their sights on you they are going to get you even if its for an outstanding parking ticket or jay walking.


    Our monies are tied up, yes, but don’t abandon him now. He was there for us, making money, let us be there for him during his tribulations.

  52. STTR Circus

    He bought the ‘establishment.’ He has paid who he selects up to recently. When he got US$400,000.00 recently he did not think about the sick and elderly victims.

    The ‘establishment’ have always been on his payroll.

    The FBI does not have an interest in jay walking you have to do a lot to have the interest of the Federal Government of the United States.

    What are you really trying to do with your comment? Do you have some other motive?

  53. Lewfam , 400,000.00

  54. Helpme

    hahahahaaha….where you been? On jupiter?


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