Olint Update

Here is the clip. 

1. Olint to issue statement on July 12 on Payment situation.
2. Olint members get new wire instructions on how to deposit money

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  1. The audio clip doesn’t play.

  2. Apparently there was no update sent out to anybody…..

  3. This just in…..

    Sad to say but I just heard that it is all over. The wait, the suspense, the drama and the returns. Furthermore, neither David Smith nor his wife can be found.,,,,,,,

  4. Please pardon my ignorance because I just found this site while trying to figure out what was going on with my $$……..what do you mean by “it is all over”? What did you hear?

  5. miami where did you get that info about DS and his wife…what do you mean???

  6. pip you need to download adobe player for it to work.

  7. The only conclusion I can draw is that some gov. organization (probably the US) has frozen the funds, and it has been frozen since January. He just doesn’t have the guts to say so, and b/c he runs OLINT like a patty shop it’s been a disaster to come up with the required information to prove that he’s done due diligence on his clients and it’s not drug/terrorist money.
    I believe the money is there, DS is one of the best forex traders in the world but he’s a TERRIBLE businessman and these last few (plenty) months have been the result. So far the hold ups have been:

    -the brokers, the banks, global warming – in particular el nino, the pope, the fires in California, Tom Cruise and his Scientologist group, OPEC, Castro, and of course Celine Dion – personally I think is Marvin the Martian have it-

    Seriously though, it’s really is a lot of BULL! Sophisticated banks around the world are not frightened to wire $400million dollars, they do that everyday with their eyes closed.
    Big players in the forex market play with 10 times as much as DS does and they move billions each day no big deal.
    !!!UNLESS::::: He has Ritz Carlton money and he’s been using Holiday Inn to deal with it.

    PS. case in point: anyone ever try to pay for anything with $100US in the states at a regular store? The employees practically tripping over themselves to make sure it’s real. I had 3 $100US bills one time I was in this small town, I couldn’t even use it to rent a hotel, buy gas, or get food, it was a jewelry store across town that broke it for me!

    I REALLY REALLY HOPE I’M WRONG, if funds are really frozen then it’s END GAME! Everyone’s best bet is to learn to trade for themselves!

  8. listening to the clip again. Olint did not make an official statement that a letter would have been sent today to club memebers informing them about payment updates ect. Nationwide reported that a source at olint told them that. Obviously their source is bad. How many times have we heard people say Their sources ect…and it turns out to nothing. So dont think its really fair to say Olint failed to keep its promise to update its members today as they (OLINT) never officially told anyone that was their plans.

  9. Yezzirr,
    I feel like a girl trying to figure out if a guy likes me or not! Reading between the lines, analyzing every word, asking other people for their analysis and opinions.
    As far as OLINT is concerned:
    “No news is NO news” unless it comes from the horses mouth (DS). As for everyone who has “sources”, all those people with “insider information” that’s “classified & top secret” can they FINALLY tell us who really killed JFK?

  10. Miami
    There is no where in the world not even the FBI
    witness protection programme that the Smiths can hide Trust me
    Catd , inhale exhale
    You are right a lot of xpectaions were built around a date when the man himself (Ds ) said
    him dont know him hope so etc

  11. junkunno said…”anyone ever try to pay for anything with $100US in the states at a regular store?”…

    I thought I was the only one with that problem! BTW, the problem is true throughtout the entire US!!!

  12. junkunno
    You have your finger on the pulse. In total agreement with you that funds were frozen from January and the “due diligence” was him trying to hustle together the information to prove that funds were untainted. In any case seems that investors will get screwed one way or other. I really wonder who DS has advising him? I mean since he has a private jet why not fly to NY and hire the best lawyers money can buy to assist in this whole excitement. You can’t take patty shop model globally. I can’t even use patty shop either because they seem to be modernizing…so lets say sky juice business model. It’s damn ridiculous…

  13. Skynes/Catd,

    2 Sources:

    1. Someone high-up at the FSC.
    2. Someone who is in the know and has US millions to lose via Olint.

    As good as I think these sources are, I still hope they are wrong for my sake, for Jamaica’s sake and for his sake.


    I agree, he’s prob hiding temporarily, and for the record and for his sake, we hope u’re just a blogkiller.


    I agree that DS is an expert trader but we must also remember that he admitted in the interview that others were trading for him. I wonder what prevented him from trading those funds via Olint. (due dili?)

  14. A lot of people made a lot of profits via Olint. At the same time, a lot of people will lose a lot.

    DS DD is BS!

  15. Noflow,

    Its the same with most ponzi’s, that is a few people win while the majority lose.

    If the reports are right that the “bigmen” got “paid”, then it highlights this point very clearly.

    Those that actually knows what is going on are paid and they sail of into the sunset.
    Those that “are not in the know,and don’t know that they are not in the know”, support
    “Olint until death”.

    Sad indeed!!

  16. I know people perosnlity who got money and they are the RICH society people thay he CANT screw with. But sad to say the Mr average Joe probably wont see a dime.


  18. REST let’s Pray:

    Many bulls surround DS and Olint;
    strong bulls of Bashan encircle DS and Olint.
    Roaring lions tearing their prey
    open their mouths wide against DS and Olint.

    DS is poured out like water,
    and all DS bones are out of joint.
    Ds heart has turned to wax;
    it has melted away within him.
    DS strength is dried up like a potsherd,
    and his tongue sticks to the roof of his mouth;
    you lay him [b] in the dust of death.

    Dogs have surrounded DS;
    a band of evil men has encircled DS,
    they have pierced [c] his hands and his feet.
    DS can count all his bones;
    people stare and gloat over DS.
    They divide DS garments among them
    and cast lots for his clothing.
    But you, O LORD, be not far off;

    O DS Strength, come quickly to help DS
    Deliver DS life and his Forex Trading from the sword, MLC, Medias, and All spirits of Jealously ALL who want to uphold poverty in high places and DS precious life from the power of the dogs.

    Rescue DS and Olint from the mouth of the lions;
    save [d] DS and Olint from the horns of the wild oxen.

  19. Greed is a Devil of a thing ? This could not have lasted .

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