May Daisy’s nothing explanation

May Daisy has just released the following information, that pretty much says things remains as they are. The cycles previously announced is no longer valid and there is no new timeline. There is no reference to the F1 investments issue.

Greetings Dear Partner,

We regret to inform you that there has been an unfortunate and unforeseen turn of events. Our Brokers are currently addressing compliance issues that are impacting our ability to meet our scheduled payments. Our legal team is working assiduously to resolve these issues and have advised us not to disclose any details due to the delicacy of the situation.

We have therefore decided to temporarily suspend updating the cycles while we await further information that will help us to develop a clearer strategy on the way forward. Of utmost importance to us is our credibility and we recognize that this is closely linked to being able to keep any schedule we communicate to you. As we continue to monitor events, we will indicate when a breakthrough has been made. In the meantime, we will continue to keep the communication lines open with regular updates over the coming weeks.

Below we seek to further clarify some of your most frequently asked and anticipated questions:

1-When will the cycles be updated?
As soon as the situation is resolved and we are able to proceed with the payments we will update the cycles.

2-When will payments resume?
Payments will resume as soon as the situation is resolved. We are unable to put a timeframe on this now but will keep you posted.

3-I have an emergency situation and need some funds, can I be helped?
At this time we are unable to process any payments at all. However once the situation is resolved we will place priority on these cases.

4-Will gains be posted to the accounts?
During this period of inactivity no gains can be awarded.

5-Who has my money?
All funds collected are in the custody of MayDaisy. All our members have access to our website; once your funds have been received, it is reflected on your account on the site, indicating that MayDaisy has full responsibility for those funds, which are then being traded. The Agent/ Representatives are not responsible for your funds once your account has been updated.

6-My cheque was made payable to MayDaisy but I do not have access to the website?
All our members have access to the website and we have no third party arrangements.

7-Why does Maydaisy take so long to update us?
Our practice has been to publish a monthly Communigram to our members. In light of your feedback though, we have decided to increase to a bi-weekly update.

8-Why does the Communigram not include details like other clubs?
Each club is poised differently and therefore can divulge different degrees of detail. We are guided by our legal team and seek always to protect our members as much as possible.

1 John 4: 7-8
Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God. Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.

n.b. As usual thanks to the person(s) that provided us with this information.



22 Responses

  1. You just can’t make this stuff.

    She even ends with a quote from the Bible. Wow

  2. What’s the penalty for using the Lord’s Word in a Ponzi scheme ?

    How many Commandments has MD broken ?

  3. ALL.

    This is nothing but a joke and an insult to the intelligence of the sophisticated investors like Hermes. 🙂

  4. LOL

  5. Very funny, Jay,

    Why don’t you define sophisticated investor for us. Since you know so much about what that means. I dare you! Lets see how funny it is when you use words you cant even properly define.


  6. Hermes,
    What is you thoughts on the explanation provided by May Daisy, given the present situation?

  7. the christian thing always amounts to TEEEIIFFF!!

    None don’t rob you like a christian…the christianity trumps regilar concience….God took his decision and your money gone. hahahahahaaaaa

  8. @Sirach.. is not everyone who quote Scriptures a Christian…so dont eve go there.

  9. I find it quite disconcerting that some of the AIS are quoting scriptures from the bible.It is very cultist in my opinion and seems to be trying to reach out to a certain group of diehard fanatics.

    I wish they would refrain from such utterances.Business is Business pay the people what is due and stop quote scriptures like is a church service.

  10. #5. Who has my money??

    Why is she even saying she ave mi money….Bwoy mi a tell yuh….tings we lost in de fire!!

  11. mi a laugh but it noh funny. bwoy wi tek wi hard earn money an tink wi hit jackpot, but while we a shout JACKPOT ingrid (may daisy) a shout JACKASS!!

  12. HeeeeeeHaaaaaa

  13. Well, I have learned my lesson. It is a hard one, but I will never be caught like this again. ” If it is too good to be true, it probably is.” I hope you all have also learned. So, Jay has been right all along.

    Father, please forgive all of us!

  14. Info that we already know.
    has anyone had any luck contacting them. Or no wait, their closed down too.

  15. Ms Loiten has 2 houses in South Africa upmarket area and aX5 bought cash. In Zambia she is living it up real big. Who does she think she is fooling?

  16. Who is asking about the 7 million Us that they caught her with in Zambia?

  17. Any updates on the suit filed by F1 against Maydaisy . Has it been heard in court?

    Any idea which broker they are claiming to be holding up the funds by doing due diligence?

  18. Zambesi24

    If Miss Daisy is living it up big in South Africa upmarket area , it will only be a matter of time before she becomes a fugitive if our monies aren’t returned to us!
    real soon.

  19. MayDaisy and Ingrid loiten is a Church RAT whom poor Church people had trusted through her representation at the time. Her living big is ONLY for a Time Vengance coals of fire must and shall be poured out upon her head.

    That woman; God shall DEAL with her . She refuse to pay her investors while they go hungry . She will and shall be taken down and put to real shame! The only thing saving her now is the fact that she has investors Money.

  20. It’s hard to thief people moeny and cannot enjoy it

  21. Interesting Article on IL in Zambia:

  22. i think she is enjoying every penny.. people like ingrid have no problem doing so.. i am just wondering how so many people are losing money to these idiots and no one nuh get shot yet or is it just a matter of time? this is jamaica for god sake people shoot people for bad driving dem let alone robbing them of their hard earn money so with that fact how come they have the heart to just straight jack us like that. you would think they would be afraid of a hit man….oh well, i keep telling myself they will be some revelation to all of this and our monies will be returned.

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