F1 Investments sues May Daisy, I-Trade et al

News is surfacing, that Steve Plamer & F1 investments has filed a lawsuit in a Flordia court against Ingrid Loiten, May Daisy, I Trade FX, LLC, Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas and Turks & Caicos Banking Co. Ltd. The lawsuit is for breach of contract. The suit was filed on June 26, 2008. Indeed this is a very sensitive matter as it appears that the Steve Palmer’s F1 investments had “invested” with Ingrid Loiten’s May Daisy and like other “investors”, has failed to receive any payments in the last 6 months.

Linkages between AIS

Ingrid Loiten was named in the NFA complaint against I-Trade filed on June 30, 2008 and now we have this report. It appears May Daisy might be going the way of Cash Plus and the lawsuits are now starting to appear. This interesting case highlights something that we have been very concerned about, the possible linkages between the investment clubs. “Diversification” by investing in multiple un-regulated alternative investment schemes(AIS) does not appear to have been a wise move.

I-Trade FX a defendant too

Interestingly one of the defendants is I Trade FX, the same company subject in the an NFA complaint of June 30, 2008. You can read more at, Martinez’s (I-Trade) in Trouble with NFA – Ingrid Loiten, David Smith named.  In the NFA complaint document, item 25, the following quote appears.

Loiten’s account opening documents listed her annual income and net worth as between $25.000 and $50,000. Yet, between December 2006 and March 2007 , seventeen deposits weremade to Loiten’s account totaling over $1.7 million.

The Turks and Caicos link is also at work as the Turks & Caicos Banking Co. Ltd is listed as a co-defendant. In a Friday Afternoon interview on Nationwidenewsnetwork, David Smith admits that while knowing Ingrid Loiten and having worked with her in the past, they no longer communicate and neither she or her company has any investments with OLINT and he now understands that she is a trader too.

Ms. Loiten, who once ran a website homeworkjamaica.com, was arrested in Zambia after a few million US dollars was allegedly deposited in a bank account there. It is not clear what is the status of that case but reports suggest that the case was dropped.

If you have the funds and if you have the money you can go to http://dockets.justia.com/docket/court-flmdce/case_no-6:2008cv01040/case_id-215541/ to get the details for a small fee.

N.B. Thanks to poster who pointing out this document.


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  1. Well, well.

    The deck of cards is now crumbling.

    I have stated many many times before that this practice of “diversification” by investing in many clubs is akin to living in a fools paradise.

    As can be seen here, all the AIS who were paying 10% per month or greater appears to all be broke and its clients will be left ” holding the bag”.

    I take no pleasure or am I gratified in seeing people lose money, however I and others have been consistently warning “investors” that there faith in these schemes are miss placed and that they will suffer huge losses when the AIS crashes.

    Are we now seeing the beginning of the end for the AIS ?

    Its really sad to see what is going on, and with all that is happening I still see folks who are still vehemently supporting the principals while cursing those, who are really just trying to provide useful information .

  2. Any guess as to why the suit was filed in Florida (Federal Court – Orlando)? As oppose to Jamaica, TCI or some other locations. Is F1 based out of Florida?

  3. Dave Sin, cases are filed in Florida for a few reasons. One is that the U.S. system does not get bogged down easiliy with verbiage and jargon (like Olints many releases) and your money is likely to be returned faster.

    The other is that if you fail to show up you will be blacklisted to enter the country for the rest of your life and also for doing business with U.S. institutions. The scope is greater.

    To do something in TCI really means to do something in Britain the place that rules TCI. This is very expensive and can also get bogged down and slowed like the Jamaican system.

    If money is owed and there is a refusal to pay you can state your case in Fl under the U.S. law.

    The U.S.A. also provides the most reasonable damages and allows one to recoup your legal costs if you win.

    Have you not seen in Jamaica that when you are shot and parallysed by and agent of the state that after 15 plus years in court you are then awarded J$200,000?

    Also in a place like Ja when someone does not turn up your case is dead. As opposed to the U.S. that when the plaintiff is murdered his/her estate beneficiaries can still continue.

    This is oversimplified somewhat as this forum is not suited to go into extreme detail. But the gist is raw truth.

  4. More cases are certainly on the horizon. 8 months of nonpayment and clear administrative ineptitude on the part of the AIS’s will assure this. To trade the money is but a small part of the whole. Because you can trade you design yourself as a master of eveything. Just like a Jamaican politician who calls himself “World Class” and then clumsily displays that he/she is clearly learning along the way to the embarassment of the rest of us.

    When one deals with money the first and most important thing is the you have an unblemished record of truth, honesty and integrity.

    The practice of nepotism and aligning yourself publicly with the most blemished set of patronising Jamaicans in history is a reciepe for what is happening now—DISASTER.

  5. Food for thought: I have noted that many blogs are concerned mostly about the money. Such an approach is as shallow as the operators of the AIS’s themselves. Consider this:

    Taxes: If you live in Jamaica or the U.S. for example and have not paid taxes on your income (ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD) you are liable to prosecution.

    If you keep money on behalf of other people and provide them with some kind of monthly records while having no relevant licence– THAT IS ILLEGAL

    If you are investing funds with Drug Kingpins and other “blood money” sources you may be deemed an accomplice or accessory.

    If you move around batches of money US$10,000 and more without the relevant declarations you are also courting prison.

    Note: I’m not saying these things CAN NOT be done but I’m just giving you some interpretations of such actions based on past cases. There are plenty people who can give more detailed explanations. Just go to your nearest prison on visiting day.

  6. This is just the tip of the Iceberg. I heard this rumour about a week ago. There are others who want to Sue David Smith but have been convinced to wait until the end of this week to actually see if there money will be coming from Olint. That was in part what that big meeting the other week was about.

    Friend is Friend and people want evidence now and when Super Dave does not pay anybody all hell will break loose.

    Remember on Friday the money “had better be there”.

  7. Just took a look at the documents in this case and I am AMAZED at the web weaved. F1 investments (registered in Panama) is suing May Daisy (registered in Grand Cayman) and Ingrid (who resides in South Africa, Ghana, Zambia & Swaziland) for breach of contract by investing in TCI. The case can be heard in the US because Steve is a US citizen.

    Truly Jamaica gone GLOBAL with our pyramid schemes !

    The sum involved is significant, though nearly a half is the remarkable 20% per month MD was paying.

    I believe Jamaica could be on the edge of a crisis of untold proportions. It is time for DS to open up his operation to some outside reputable party to let the TRUE position of OLINT be ascertained and salvage whatever is left to the equitable benefit of all stakeholders.

  8. Sirach:
    Thk for the info! What about the post you made about “Want questions answered about Olint. Ask Sirach? What’s that about?


    How did you get access to the document. I have been trying to do so, but having a problems doing so. I sign up and willing to pay the 0.08 cents/page. I put in the case number but not getting anywhere.

    What other information could you gleam from the court docs? How much money are we talking about, etc., etc.?

  9. Marcus, the F-1 people don’t have to be U.S. citizens. They can be from Ti.mbuktu and still file a complaint/case.

    Dave Sin- I made you an offer…but you haven’t asked a question.

  10. Sirach – You are of course right. I was only trying to point out the international scope of the scam. Also, it is the main point Steve makes in his submission for the case being filed in the US.

    The claim is for US$20M.

    Dave Sin – You have to register and enter a credit card number to get a logon.

  11. Marcus, I did that. Did you search the case file by case number or name (Steve Plamer)?

  12. No one seems to want to ask questions about Olint.

  13. Go here to register:


    You will need to provide a c/c to get access.

    Then here to access the case


  14. Interesting. Ingrid Loiten was part of F1 investments, so… I’m not sure what they’re trying to accomplish.

    I would be highly skeptical that they had 20M….. I heard some things about Palmer, and he’s kind of a shyster.

    Sounds like each of these investment clubs is going to try to sue each other into the ground, and a lot of lawsuits will be tossed out when they find out they can’t go anywhere.

  15. Sirach – there are only two relevant questions:

    How much money does OLINT have ?

    What are the total obligations to members ?

    That’s all that matters ! Do you have any answers ?

  16. What was said on Nationwide by DS

  17. Marcus DS says he has in excess of 800 million. 700 approx in oanda and another 100+ or so in FXCM. No one else with the exception of on other peorson probably knows this. This is what DS says.

    DS also says that encashments (Pre June 30) amount to just over 200 Million. But this is what he says there has been …and I repeat…has been no SUBSTANTIVE PROOF OF THIS. Not even AS can tell you he got it. Niether can Heckle and Jeckle who delivered the report to AS.

    I expect encashments to have risen and continue to rise in this period. Reason being obvious. If you don’t ask for your money you have no basis to even begin to expect it.

    One more relevant question to ask yourself Marcus: If I got paid all my money tommorow does that exempt me from criminal liabilities?

  18. Marcus can you contact me at hyipmyths [at] yahoo.com

  19. I downloaded the documents from the court. 45 pages of reading, so I’m skimming quite a bit.

    It’s interesting. It seems they’re mostly suing May Daisy/Ingrid to get funds, and Deutche Bank and I-Trade are listed because they think some of the money might have gone to/through them in some capacity, so they’re requesting accounting of that money to see where it might have gone, if it was there at all. The latter part looks like guesswork – they have documents showing money being given to May Daisy, and it looks like they’re using the court to see if the money from F1 went to the latter two parties.

    Still reading docs though….

  20. Marcus- sorry DS says others have it so I answered a question that was not asked. I don’t really want to speculate but if there was an association of investors and we submitted all our statements we could at least know how much of our money he has.

    But alas everyone for them self. Having been divided by that we have been conquered. The fading hope that DS will somehow shine his light into our dark cave and draw us out one at a time keeps us servants in check.

  21. Anyway Marcus I don’t think the questions are too important because regardless of how much DS has ……Ha Ha HA……..one thing for certain ..hahaha



    Ask me how much $$$ DS has again tommorow.

  22. It seems that F1’s court action is forcing a juicy 45 pages of information. Perhaps cash plus should have been taken to court in florida. hmmm….but the raid in Jamaica prevented that (cause in Ja access to info…well you know). I wonder if CH’s arrest was orchestrated with this in mind….hmmm

    hhmmm…I wonder if we are seeing a stage set for some more orchestration?

  23. Sirach – fortunately, what I have with DS is a pittance and this whole thing won’t affect me directly, but many friends and family are heavily invested and are going to hurt (to various degrees).

    Sorry, I can’t LOL 😦

  24. Sirach.

    I have a question.
    Where is DS now and does he still have access to the jet incase he wants to go into hiding

  25. DS is in Provo and I choose not to comment on the jet. I doubt DS would need or want to hide. that is not the spirit of the man.

  26. Marcus your use of oxymoron is impressive. You “won’t be badly affected even though many of your freinds and family will be devastated. ” hhhmm I have to think about that a little. I see…I get it now. You must have cultured these relationships over years. The closeness and important role you play in their lives must be ledgendary. For if not your statement might win you the guiness world record for the most selfish bastard on the Planet.

  27. Marcus
    I hope you can appreciate good humour.

    Listen- As a Jagan If this thing goes South will “should” all feel it. That is if we still have a soul.

    hhmmm…Yes I know since AIS’S some of you actually have sports car rivetted badging like “Olint” stapled to your brains.

    The degrading behavoiur you have taken upon yourselves in the past few years while burning the money would make a lumberjack cry.

    those girls was someones pickney yu’know……hmmm.retribution time?

  28. The amount of people who have called to say,”I want to know about is my friend/family money safe.” You wpould believe that thousands of Jamaicans don’t have there own phones to call from.


  29. Guys

    Peace be still.

    Some of us like myself believe that DS and O has been particularly and unfairly targeted, and it is going to continue because of the fact that he operates from off-shore banking centres or tax haven jurisdictions (Panama and TCI).

    At the heart of the concerns raised by the document is money laundering and financing of terrorism. It can be easily inferred that the best way to trouble the waters is to block funds from being passed to such persons that they are doing their due diligence on.

    Please spend some time to read by going to the following link.

    Remember to pray the prayer for David.


  30. Sirach

    OK if he wont leave and he has no money what do you think is his end game? Will he go the route of Carlos hill?

  31. Olint-for Life

    You will fing that the term tax-haven is dated. The taxes on your intrest earned may not be taxed at the source BUT as I satated in an earlier blog The law is that in your counrty of domicile you must state your income worldwide. AND PAY TAXES ON IT. Any Jamaican who does not declare their tax liability in TCI or wherever is in breach of the law. Had it been set up properly in a non-tax haven perhaps your checks would be flowing more. Some 80’s brightalec, learn as you go Jagan should now pat themselves on the back for this mistake and no longer ponder why they cannot get employment with me to mow the lawn. All TCI banks must make declarations to BOE. The James bond days are over ….baby

    You must be proactive. To be reactive as has been the case consistently to date is a sad reality we all have to live with. The stubborness to hold a line instead of a meaningful paradigm shift in perspective shall plauge the entity even if the pay out everything tommorow.

    My Prayer for David by Thomas Aquinas

    “God grant me the serenity
    To accept the things I cannot change,
    The courage to change the things I can,
    And the wisdom to know the difference”

    And remember all “God helps those who help themselves.”

  32. Jason, I truly BELIEVE that DS has the money. Now belief is weak I know but its what I have.

    I also believe the problems are from administrative and managerial weakness. I also believe that staff chosen on a freind/family basis are not always the best choice for an organisation even though as individuals they may be supremely talented individuals.

    Improper managerial framework and delegation of authority have been lacking.

    The end Game: It is DS’s baby. His and his alone. He will have to reflect on the experiences of the past 5 years with patient meditation (A thing he can’t do the way he has set it up now). If he pays and closes…then he pays and closes. If he wants to continue the entity must be almost totally rebuilt fromthe ground to the top. With all the fundamental bricks and mortar set properly….bulletproof.

    Strategy and growth plans can be formulated and he needs at the least a board of directors based on the type recommended by Lord Cadbury. Xamount external directors etc. etc And other things that the scope here can’t provide for.

    When you build your baby like that to what DS has done it is not easy to reliquish operational control of large sections to others who may not have been there with you in the beginning. But that is life. And that is business…..he will decide

  33. Ok lets for arguments sake say he doesnt have the money. Your knowledge of the guy what do you think his endgame would be?

  34. I’m going to add a little to my previous blog. A chairman, and CEO position comes with a lot of responsibilities. The CFO can go out partying to kindom come, so can the VP sales and the head of the trading department. But at Chairman and CEO everything changes. You are now A PUBLIC FIGURE not just the centrifuge of the profit center making all the money. You have to be skilled in dealing with the public, a hectic life and always on high alert mentally so that what you say is well thought out. There is little room for mistakes. Many billionare owners spend millions to fill these positions in their companies. But in our Jagan system where people use clour and power and antics to hold positions we have hurt ourselves into believing that we no what is best. The Jamaican corporate system is largely flawed and some of the best talent will never work in it.

    When you’er a trader it can be a glamourous job and you are often admired as something special by co-workers. “what do you do?” “I’m a trader” Remember though that you have other things like Treasury, Customer service, marketing, personel, complince etc , Auxilliary etc, each part is integral. Profit center traders sometimes let the ego rise a little because its a type a competitive persons type of game. Competive people can have a hard time reading someone who is not interested in winning a race….they even become suspicious. So they them tend to quickly surround themselves with personalities they are comfortable with. Have you ever been in na room with a multitute of competitive males? Or been stopped by a female cop or immigration officer who is trying to win some kind of game with you that you are not even playing? Then you know what i mean. Ds may have lost that balance around him. Two many Type A’s in one spot and the type B’s slowly moving away. Type b’s aren’t high rollers but they are the one’s the posses the skill sets that DS needs now more than ever. the don’t trade…the trading is fine but they smooth the rough edges do negotiations and other things. Traders are unlikley to be good negotiators….for they by nature must play to win…by definition a negotiator can not pursue some absolute value win. I imagine DS with a type A law set entering a bank to communicate and I squrm…

    Then when the type A has taken on too much and begins to struggle they see that as failure. where a type be is quicker to say ” I need asistance” with no skin off their backs…in fact a type A might be in the room and incorrectly percieve this as an admission of defeat.

    The type A wants to do everything and when the dominoes fall they may streghten their resolve. Asking for help is out of the question. Because they view it as failure. It can be a vicious circle.

  35. If DS doesn’t have the money he shall face the reprucussions and responsibilities that come then. But as acompetitive person he will be devastated. Nobody can really run in this World anyway. Trust me

  36. The way of this life is to identify the categories of personality one has and then conciously through practice try to build on your weaker attributes in search of balance. That is what I pray DS can attain. then he would have won the toughest of all contests…the ones we fight inside.

  37. Look at all the players in DS’s camp. Look at the members who push up themselves. Look at the adversaries, the politicians involved the envy, bad mind greed….is all type A people running out of control. Everybody can tell you about the ego nurturing “I know somebody there in the know.” Imagine a powerful V8 car with no good suspension and no steering dampener. Lots of power…no control. Dominant personalities do not stay together to long. To much friction so they will part. Many times unamicably with both sides saying it was the other’s fault.

  38. If any of you have heard of Hostede’s work you will know that Jamaica is a masculine country. Along with other factors it is why we remain a high ego type A type of place….and its attendant problems we have including a stratospheric murder rate and abounding ignorance. Ever been to Sweeden or Norway? Femminine Places that are less hectic and heated with some of the best standards of livining in the world and a people who carry very little insecurity around like us Jagans

  39. So good luck DS because when a type B does on the very rare occassion compete for something like in this case their $$$$ they do it ferocoiusly and above an beyond the normal effort levels Type A’s can even imagine.

  40. Sirach – my point was poorly stated. It is my bank account that will not DIRECTLY be impacted by the possible demise of DS, but the mental anguish of those around me, will indeed be intense and heartbreaking. Not pretty to see people lose their dreams and/or life savings.

    Please remove me from Guiness consideration 🙂

  41. Olint-for-life

    The sentiments I am hearing from you were the very same ones I heard from the ardent CashPlus supporters.
    * Give Hill more time to restructure.
    * CashPlus had been paying for 5 yrs
    * CashPlus has been good to Jamaicans.
    * Its the bank that is fighting down the poor man.
    * The man needs time to sort out debit cards.

    * Olint promised debit card/compass card, where are they.
    * Olint has missed six months of payments due to DD

    The similarities between the final stages of CashPlus and what is now being displayed by Olint are uncanningly similar and I know that even the “Olintforlife” fans see it, but will not say it publicly.

    BTW – None of the AIS that I know of are paying anyone.

    My guess is that we are seeing the greatest EVER transfer of wealth that this country has ever witness in its history.

    When I complete the book ” The Ponzi Nation” , it would have noted that Jamaicans lost (others gained) over $200B in the “Ponzi Frenzy” that gripped the nation between 2002 – 2008.

    Estimated Loss – AIS in Jamaica

    Olint projected Loss – $72B
    CashPlus loss $32B
    HW Loss $3.6B
    MEFSL – Ricky $3.2B
    May Daisy $4.3B
    Swiss Cash $0.64B
    Min-investment $0.50B
    Carief $0.25B
    Other Int Scams $1.5B

    * Lewfam
    * Pro Capital Solutions
    * TCI FX (now Lewfam?)
    * WealthBuilders Club (Jamaica)
    * Willshaw Forex Club (St. Lucia)
    * Prominent Capital Solutions
    * FI Investments
    * UWIN Antigua International Limited (Antigua)
    * FX millionaire Club

    Anyone wants to guess how much money the above clubs had in Olint or is the figure rolled up into the US$1B allegedly under management at Olint.


    1. Who were the beneficiaries these schemes.
    2. Where they the same set of folks in diff schemes
    3. Where did all this money go, is it here or overseas.
    4. Where these “big” men or ordinary folks
    5. Can the proceeds of crime act be used to confiscate these illegal gains and turn over funds back to those who “invested more than could have afforded to lose”.

    Have a good day

  42. Any News today? Everybody got paid? RA paid back the money? Oh what a beautiful day. The so called con men seem to be vindicated. Although blacklististed we have our money. That’s cool we can trade for ourselves now.

  43. It seems to me that from a legal perspective, if May Daisy and Ingrid Loiten are not US-based entities, then there is little if any jurisdiction that a Florida court will have over them. Its kinda like suing a Jamaican in Australian courts.

    Also, If the governing documents of their agreement specifies a different legal jurisdiction for litigation, then the matter might be thrown out of FL court.

    However, if MD and IL conducted business on US soil…. for example if they met with Plamer in FL and executed their contracts in FL, then maybe that might hold up.

    Anybody knows more about the specific contract that MD has with its clients, please inform?

  44. Great news guys

    I got a rare opportunity to speak at length with Wayne (David’s brother) just now and I told him that a lot of you are in full support of David, Olint, himself, and the club’s effort. He was pleased to hear this and shared the enormous amount of stress/pressure that David, himself and others are going through because of these administrative issues that you are aware of.

    I told him of the nasty attacks and maligned statements that some bloggers here and elsewhere are making against David and the club to which he said that they are aware of them but have no time to be bothered because there are bigger and more pressing issues to attend to.

    I pointed out the unease that people are feeling at this time because of the lack of funds for 6 months and the lack of communication which feeds speculation. He wishes to assure us that these speculations are so far from the truth that we should not bother to respond to them. However, he knows the communication is poor but because everyone at Olint, bar none, is so heavily involved with various management/administrative issues, they do not have the time to formulate proper communications, which is bad. Nevertheless, he says that they will try to improve in this area.

    While I cannot go into detail about the various things we spoke about, he has given me permission to share the following with you all (at least this is a form of communication – smile).


    Their (himself/David) families and background are firmly grounded in christianity and it is these christian principles that they live by daily. On that basis, they would never seek to mislead anybody, especially as it relates to their financial status.

    There are significant amounts of administrative difficulties/hurdles that are being constantly put in their way. Nevertheless, they are holding strong and dealing with them as they arise.

    David spoke with Oanda today and has gotten assurances that requested funds are being processed. They should be getting confirmation of this soon.

    Returns for June will not be released until they are given the go ahead by their auditors. So at this time, don’t believe any rate that is not officially given.

    Olint will continue into the foreseeable future until it is not financially feasible to do, which is not any time soon.

    Trading will continue regardless of any difficulties you hear about.

    Olint was formed with a mandate to help “poor” people and christian minded individuals. These are the persons that have been the club’s most loyal supporters (not the “big man”), and it is these persons why Olint will continue to provide them with the opportunities that they never had before.


    Guys, my interpretation of the conversation is that you should remember when certain persons had predicted in the past that Olint will fail, and they cannot see that happening. Therefore, you have to wonder who is behind all these orchestrated attempts to make Olint fail.

    I leave you all to think on these things and draw your own conclusions.


  45. I forgot to tell you the most significant item.

    At the end of the day, David’s name will be cleared and it will be embarrassing to those persons who wanted him to fail.



    Those of you in Jamaica, tune in to RJR 5pm news.

    Olint is cleared by the overseas investigators.


  47. olint for life…
    you @#$#^ fool and you know. You arguments make no sense…get a grip and stop being a propandaist….

    Legal action is coming at the end of the momnth…if I do not get my@#%%%^ money…thats all I have to say about that.

  48. Olint-for-life

    There can be nothing embarrassing about getting our money. Listening to RJR while having no money

  49. olint-for-life

    I hope your confidence is not unfounded – BUT please don’t begin a defence with the “Christianity” arguement. Some of the worst people I know tell you all the time they are Christians, but their acts expose them !

    The only thing of importance is for DS to understand his FIDUCIARY obligation to members. He only has our money “in trust” and is to use it wisely (RA forgot that, but hey, he never went to “Banking” school). DS was at JMMB and for sure, Donna would have exposed him to the concept of fiduciary responsibilty. JMMB never lose anybody money yet and you can always get it when you want it.

    When OLINT sponsored Jazz & Blues in January, a serious red flag was raised in my mind. That is not a responsible thing to do with “club” money (sort of like CP sponsoring NPL). It generates no income.

    Interestingly, no one has gotten any money since then, have they.

    Still, I hope you are right. Jamaica can’t take another CP.

  50. Catd, calm down, you are going to get a heart attack. This high yield investment thing is not for you; man you can’t handle it.

    Sirach, I though you had no funds in O, so what are you worried for.

    Marcus, my post attempted to pass on a portion of the discussion. My opinion was given at the end. Try and take note of that.

    As you were everybody, but be careful that you all don’t develop high blood pressure by now or shortly after this (LOL).


  51. Who owns F1 investments? Does anyone know??



    The meeting at Braemar this thursday with DS? Is it invitation only? Can any member go? Let me know I don’t want to get down there to find out it’s a waste of time.

  53. Sirach

    You give us the impression that you are a member of O.

    Well, are you, or are you not a member of O?

    Because if you do, den call dem pan di phone and confirm dis instead of speculating, or as some would say, spreading rumours.
    Cause mi nuh tink none a wi know!!


  54. Olint for Life

    Have you ever called olint? Do you know what that’s like?
    Let me share:

    Sources at Braemar say a wire landed monday and that payments will BEGIN on Thursday.

    Javier says BOJ got $$$ today and payments will begin on Wednesday.

    DS in radio interview says MAYBE Friday


  55. By The Way

    There is NO difference between being a member or not of Olint. Non Members are given as much respect as members are. No one checks who you are if you call and NO ONE HAS EVER…EVER…IN THE CLUBS WHOLE HISTORY BEEN GIVEN A SPEC OF USEFUL OR RELEVANT INFORMATION.

    The People (with a few exceptions) are generally all mentioned in the NSF Complaint.

  56. These are the same people who move money around telling people it is theirs without ever mentioning that it belongs to us.

    Would you like them babysit an elderly parent or your children?

  57. Sirach

    I understand and share your frustration.
    By your response I take it then that you are a member.

    Anyway, I too hear things from time to time.
    The difference between you and I however, is that I refuse to come to the blogs to fuel speculation, especially if I can’t confirm or deny.

    That is why I insist that you call them when you hear things, if you are a member.


  58. Olint for life

    My days of calling them are long over. I come to the blog to motivate members to take actions that I know will lead to Olint having to deal with you properly.

    My frustrations are being dealt with as we speak. Not on the blogs but where they should be.

    Oh no my freind…….my days of calling Olint are long over and my days of not answering the phone when they begin to seek to call me are……. just beginning.

  59. The water going break by friday mid day. the people not going to teck no talk. WHY? because some of them are now facing more pressure than DS ever has. That we are at the turning point is for sure. Even the most ardent supporters of DS are not going to go to Jail, or bankruptcy court, or loose the roof over their heads for DS,TS and WS et al.

    THIS IS WHERE IT’S AT…brother Baldwin..dig?

    months ago the losing of cars and homes started….big deal…..now members facing criminal charges…..this is the end of the road brothers and sisters. DS has 2.35 DAYS TO SAVE THE PLANET….NO MORE…trust me broddas han sistas.

  60. Do you guys believe it’s only DS hiding? Some people have to be hiding long long time.

  61. If any of you really think that money can trump neccessity then tell me how come Nelson Mandela was released from prison?

  62. Is it true F1 is controlled/ owned by a jamaican in DUBAI?

  63. TheKingDome:

    On the surface, F1 is own and/run by one Steve Plamer, a US citizen. F1 was incorporated in Panama.

    Now, could he be just a figure head…I don’t know; anything is possible.

    Its interesting that you imply a Dubai link. Are you by any chance hinting at the “Higgins” Fellow? If not, who is the “Jamaican” you are refering to?

  64. Well well this whole investing game has become quite an interesting fiasco coupled with risk and trust and get rich quickly and easy only to find out that it ‘s not that easy.
    I am hoping that this will end well although the signs are not looking good.
    Remember in this capital society only 5 % of the population was designed to be wealthy once this number is breached then some thing bad will happen

  65. Sirach:

    Now that we know you live in Dubai and (assuming that you are Jamaican), are you the secret Owner of F1 that “The Kingdome” is referring to?

  66. Sirach

    Can you verify that Maydaisy/ingrid loiten has settled out of court with F! and that even he was surprised that she has so much money?

    I am told that she did not want to pay any money as she wanted to remain under the radar?

  67. I can justifiably understand the emotional stress and anger among us all; financially I am also drastically affected and F1’s lack of communication has not helped to enhance my confidence in their management. However we need to be realistic and consider the facts. F1 has filed a lawsuit against Ingrid Loiten in Federal court to recover funds (>US$20M) owed to the company. Obviously the management is doing something to recover the funds; unlike many other clubs which are just waiting on the trader outcome. Putting additional stress on a bad situation is not going to bear fruit in having our funds returned sooner if at all.

    What is it are we trying to achieve?

    Is it that we want to further tie up the funds with further investigative authorities to only find out that F1 did in fact give external traders funds in which they are trying to recover? This I believe is already proven since they obviously had acceptable documentation to file in Federal court. Emotions are getting the better of us and if not kept in check can further complicate the situation and reduce further the possibility of the return of our funds. What I support is proper communication from F1 which should keep us all abreast of the progress of the lawsuit and other pertinent information in a timely manner. Those of you who are so overcome with emotion and want to see the management of F1 under scrutiny may do so, but not at the peril of all whom which your funds were pooled. Kindly allow lawsuit to work for us and demand communication from F1, if the lawsuit bears no fruit and management remains lackadaisical, and then I will support the action you suggest

  68. Harry Fret

    I agree with you….but we need more commnication from F1 thats the key.

    I believe that the NFA,FBI,lawsuits approach will only cause things to drag out.

    In the end we all want our money back or at least a part!

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